Episode #264: The pros and cons of pursuing white women as a Black man with Red Pill game


White girls put different races of men in generally the same category EXCEPT for black men. We’re in a different category as far as they’re concerned. This isn’t good or bad or better or worse IT JUST IS. And knowing these differences can really help increase your success rate with white girls if you know what they’re thinking when you approach one of them, strike up conversation, and get the digits.



Now you guys know I’ve fucked a shit load of white girls but order to fuck these bitches, I’ll say it again,  I had to approach ‘em first. In all the years of approaching white girls datin’ ‘em fuckin’ em, and so forth I started to notice a few obvious patterns….there were some things that were advantages, and somethings that weren’t so advantageous.

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the pros and cons of pursuing white

women as a black man with red pill game

what's black white and red all over now

I talked about the advantages a lot of

dating white girls as opposed to fucking

with black girls all the time well

documented right I talked about how

white girls are less selfish I talked

about how they're much more generous I

talked about how white girls are more

effeminate how white girls do more in

bed they treats you better at cetera etc

but you guys have to understand that

dating white girls and approaching white

girls are two very different activities

now I'm at a long-term relationship with

a white girl myself and when you go from

a casual fuck-buddy arrangement to a

committed relationship there are certain

things that change obviously but before

you're in a relationship with a white

girl you have to approach her okay yeah

you have to approach her you got to get

the digits you got to set the meet up

and there are a lot of difference in the

mindsets of white women when they are

approached approached by black men as

opposed to white men or really any other

race for that matter here are the facts

guys white girls put different races of

men in generally the same category

except for black men we as black men we

are in a different category as far as

they're concerned now this isn't good or

bad right

this isn't better or worse that doesn't

make us this doesn't make us better or

worse than white guys I'm not gonna make

this up a racial discussion okay it just

is this is just how it is we say all the

time women are neither good nor bad they

just are this is just how it is and

knowing these differences knowing the

differences between approaching a white

woman as a black man oh no and as white

man knowing these differences as a black

man can really help increase your

success with white girls if you know

what they're thinking when you approach

one of them strike a conversation with

him and of course subsequently get the

digits now you guys know I fuck this

shit little white girls but in order to

fuck these bitches I'll say it again

guys I had to approach them first in all

of my years of approaching white girls


fucking them and so forth I started to

notice a few obvious patterns there were

some things that worked in my favor and

some things that weren't quite so

advantageous so today I'm gonna talk

about a few situations in terms of the

mindsets of white women when they get

approached by black men and I'm gonna

point out the pros and the cons of each

situation and how it applies to us as

black men a lot of you guys tell me I

get emails all the time I haven't had

sex I haven't had much success with

white girls and I'm starting to wonder

why well today's episode will hopefully

give you some rock-solid insight as to

why this is and will definitely help you

to convert at a higher rate and start

fucking more of these girls as we go so

here we go the first thing I noticed

about approaching white women is that

white girls assume that black men are

natural alphas now the first thing

you'll notice when use when you start

approaching white women as a black man

is that women often assume that black

men are natural alphas like we like we

hear this all the time well most white

men gentlemen have to prove their

masculinity and manhood to women there

is an unspoken sentiment and unspoken

undercurrent that black men are natural

alphas now obviously I think we all know

that not all black men are natural

alphas but the assumption is that man

for men black men are more masculine

than any other race now demographically

speaking that assumption usually applies

at or near the extreme poles of the

financial hierarchy essentially rich

black men and niggas from the hood those

are the guys we're talking about now the

hip-hop culture the ghettos black

professional athletes those things make

compelling arguments for that assumption

but the truth is no one really knows for


again it's just a stereotype that

doesn't necessarily mean it's not true

because because stereotypes do exist for

a reason but we can all understand that

perception is reality especially when it

comes to women anyway here's the

advantage of this assumption the assumed

alpha assumption will push white women

to shit test as a function of

confirmation as opposed to discovery or

qualification let me explain what I mean

for example

a man let's not give away his race yet

right any given man will approach a

white girl they start talking she starts

to become attracted to him and when that

happens her female hard drive

automatically tells her to shit test and

remember guys women don't shit test men

they're not attracted to if you approach

a woman and you get her number in like a

minute and a half and she didn't shit

test you she's not interested

when a woman shit test you she is

looking to find out if you are who you

present herself to be she's thinking

subconsciously okay I like this guy but

let's see if he's the real deal let's

see if he is as attractive as he appears

to be let's see if he's a boy or a man

anyway white girls will shit test white

guys by saying something like I have a


whereas to a black man she'll say

something like you're totally a player

and she'll do that with a smile while

keeping eye contact and brushing her

hair behind her ear which is a telltale

sign of sexual attraction now the white

guy gets the tougher shit test because a

the white girl's been hit on by white

guys her whole life and most of them

just aren't masculine enough and be the

world tells her that white guys aren't

masculine enough you see guys the

mindset of a woman is shaped by the

influences around her yes her

experiences do play a role as they do

with everyone but women are hive minded

creatures gentlemen which means they

have a herd mentality so if everyone and

everything around her tells her that

white guys just aren't alpha enough

she'll internalize that as truth and

because of that she will deploy the

tougher shit test for him to overcome to

prove her per seat to prove her

preconceived notions wrong she won't

listen she shit test the guy because she

wants to know that he doesn't fit that

beta white that white beta male

stereotype now the black man however

gets the easier shit test

I guess we'll call it the more

challenging shit test when a woman

accuses you of being a player gentlemen

listen up dude

she is quite literally telling you that

she wants you to fuck her that's right

guys listen we all know men and women

alike we all know that players get a lot

of pussy because players are attractive

they have game they know how to handle

women so when a white girl tells a man

so when a white girl tells a black man

LMG or totally a player or sometimes

she'll ask him if he's a player what she

really is saying is listen I know you

fuck a lot of girls and I can see why

this is what she's telling him at that


all a black man has to do is say

something like you've got an eye for

talent I use that all the time or take

the opposite approach and say how can

you say that I'm saving myself for

marriage okay

in either case gentlemen it is much

easier to overcome the you're a player

shit test then the I have a boyfriend

shit test went in and listen let's call

it what it is

the you're a player shit test is more of

a compliment and flat-out acknowledgment

of her attractiveness to you so that's

really not a shit test that's just for

opening the door hey listen I'm going to

open the door for you to close the deal

it's up to you to walk through it

the I have a boyfriend shit test that's

a little trickier to get around we've

all been in this situations so while

white women tend to give black men the

benefit of the doubt as far as masculine

congruence is concerned there because of

this their shit tests are much more

benign at least in the beginning now

here's the disadvantage zero margin for

error when white women assume that black

men are natural alphas you have no

margin for error guys listen up if you

do fail us at a shit test you are beyond

finished when everything around a woman

tells her that black men have natural

alpha tendencies her attractiveness or

traction level disappears almost

immediately if she gets even the

slightest idea that you are not as

masculine as she has been raised to

believe understand this guy's nothing is

more unattractive than a black beta male

a black beta male a black simp ass nigga

is far more unattractive than a white

beta male and I'll tell you this guy

speaking from personal experience most

times when I have failed a single shit

test gentleman I have rarely been given

a chance to redeem myself if at all

listen even when my game was airtight to

that point if I failed even the

slightest shit test gentlemen I'd listen

I could dude I could almost see the

attraction drain out of her body like

you can see it even though black men

seemingly have the assumed alpha

advantage when approaching like I said

guys the margin for error is razor thin

it's non-existent

okay listen getting blown out for the

slightest midst missteps that moded me

that motivated me to tighten up my game

rather quickly and effectively but only

because I was highly motivated to be

successful with girls because here are

the facts guys most men drop out at this

stage because of the sheer volume of

rejection early on in their red pill

develop ill development this is how this


the next thing I figured out the next

pattern I started to I started to

recognize when gaming white women as a

black man is that white girls expect

black men to push for sex now the

natural alpha myth impressed upon white

women about black men sets a lot of

expectations in terms of what to expect

beyond or upon rather being approached

by us okay

they'll assume we'll be forthright they

assume we'll be bold they assume we'll

be be fearless which is which is

absolutely correct this is the way we

are they also ask expect black men to

escalate the interaction towards sex

much more quickly and in a lot of cases

they're right here's the advantage less

pressure okay guys listen it takes a

tremendous amount of pressure off

knowing that women expect this means

that if they're receptive to your game

when you approach them and then they

give up the digits and then they don't

flake on the meet up you know she's

definitely gonna give up the pussy you

know this to be true the disadvantage to

this of course is that day game is X it

is extraordinarily difficult see when

you approach a woman at a bar or club

she's gonna be much more receptive to

game because that's why she's there in

the first place

you guys listen she's there to meet guys

and get dick that's what she's there for

so what listen whether you're black

white Hispanic girls aren't gonna have

their slut shields up because their very

presence at the bar the club or some

social scene lets everyone know that

they're there for like this is an open

secret we are all at the club because we

are looking for people to get fucked by

this is what happens daygame however is

very difficult especially for black men

guys I'm here to tell you that it is not

easy so work past the to work past the

sluts deals of a white girl when they

hold this assumption now don't get me

wrong guys it's not impossible but ultra

smooth game guys is absolutely necessary

when trying to strike up a seemingly

innocuous conversation with a hot white

girl in order to gain trust and then

subsequently build the attraction

now granted most men regardless of race

have to do this anyway because

good-looking girls they correctly assume

that you know the reason most men talk

to them in the first place

is to try to fuck them but they are damn

near 100% certain of the intent when


by black men so they fortified their

defenses accordingly which makes day

game very very tough sometimes

now this presumption gentlemen puts all

of our cards out on the table

women can either be receptive our of our

game or they can choose not to because

in their minds sex is inevitable when

they agree to meet up with a black man

but like I said okay it's a major plus

on the alpha fucks side which leads me

to my next observation which is that

white girls rarely think of black men as

husband's or for long-term relationships

today's women are encouraged to ride the

cock carousel

fuck around get it out of her system

until she's well into her 30s and then

settle down with a beta schlub to

fulfill all of her non-sexual needs

provisions resources companionship money

etc etc now most of the time that

unlucky person is a white guy a white

male especially if the former party slut

is attractive

now this country has come a long way as

far as the overall acceptance of

interracial dating is concern obviously

specifically between black men and white

women but it does still carry a measure

of taboo yes people seem to be accepting

of it in public but listen there's still


there's still Facebook posts and all

that stuff that clearly show that white

men and black women are diametrically

opposed to black dudes fucking with

white girls say what you want say what

you want this is the truth now I've been

dating white girls my entire life but

guys guess what even I still do a

double-take when I see a black man with

a white girl because as common as it is

these days it's still a relative novelty

for that reason gentlemen

we as black men we are viewed as mainly

a phase when seen with a young white

girl a young pretty white girl and when

we're seen with an older white woman

we're thought of as the still got it

girl phase or the I'm finally coming to

the dark side phase in either case

very few people including white women

themselves assume that relationships

between white women and black women

based them that they're temporary

now outside of the rich outside of the

wealthy it is highly uncommon for women

to think of black men as long-term

partners or husbands and the reason for

this is illicit the perceived lack of

future future provisioning potential

meaning that they believe that black men

don't have as many opportunities for

financial stability in the future along

with the social stigma those are both

major deterrence for attractive white

women as far as marriage and settling

down is concerned but white women around

the world guys seem to be almost

mystified and stupefied by the lure of

the perceived sexual prowess of the

black male they want to Steve they

listen they want to see if the once you

go black you don't go back

axiom it's true here's the advantage to

that a lot of easy pussy s listen

especially with today's slutty white

girls now guys listen

obviously not all black men have 19-inch

dicks and fuck like porn stars and make

women squirt all over the place and

listen anyway listen any white girl okay

who has experience with more than one

black man they know this but women who

have never fucked black guys can fake

just can't help themselves they have to

know so as soon as an opportunity

presents itself to a woman who is even a

little bit curious and they drop their

panties almost involuntarily when they

run up on a black guy who knows how to

game her who knows how to build

attraction so what's the disadvantage

what's the upside here or I'm sorry

what's the downside here well unless you

believe in ridiculous notions like soul

mate or finding that special girl girl

or the American dream guys there is no

downside even though white girls almost

never fantasize about suburban white

picket fence life with black men most of

them do fantasize about short term

flings that involve getting their hair

pulled getting their asses smacked while

getting pounded into submission those

fantasies make a lot of white girls just

about as easy to game as single mothers

and I am NOT listen I'm not exaggerating

this is just how it is sometimes and

because we're not thought of as

long-term boyfriends or husbands this

leads me to my last observation

which is there is very little waste of


now because I know that I'm not often

thought of as long-term relationship

material I've resigned myself to the

fact that my race makes me a little more

than a novelty my sexual market value is

of the exotic variety more often than

not no this doesn't mean I that this

doesn't mean I don't value myself no no

this doesn't mean I hate myself it

doesn't mean that I don't think I'm

worthy of being a woman's boyfriend your

husband like let let let lets let's

let's let's not get that twisted but

guys part of having red pill awareness

is acknowledging hard and fast truths

about my own sexual market value guys I

don't get all emotional or talk about

how it isn't fair or start bitching to

complain and like fake Pro blacks do who

believe that black people are the

superior race in any and all situations

I simply come to grips with the fact

that white girls are that white guys

rather are at the top of most women's

lists as far as long-term relationship

material is concerned and trust me when

I tell you given the state of today's

relationships and marriages I am more

than okay with that believe me here's

the advantage it's a very little it's a

very little waste of time you got to

approach more women when I used to when

I used to approach girls day or night

they usually made it very very clear

whether or not they're interested if

they were interested

David shamelessly flirt away with me and

we let the good times roll if they

weren't they didn't waste much time

leave me on and because of this I was

able to approach a lot more women which

led to a lot more success it's like the

1990 Loyola Marymount College basketball

team with Bo Kimble Hank Gathers running

the offense that Paul Westhead employed

Paul Westhead who later got fired by

Magic Johnson and then of course you

know Pat Riley came along and all that

stuff so Paul Westhead wanted his team

to take as many shots as they possibly

could in as little time as they could

and that and listen the concept was

simple the more shots you take the more

shots you make it's the same with women

the more women you approach the more

success you'll have as a basic principle

of mathematics now here's the

disadvantage to little waste of time a

lot of rejection

now most white girls have probably put

the number at two out of three most most

hot white girls just aren't into black

guys that's how it is listen you can

watch all the interracial

want those ratios are skewed right

that's how that is now the silver lining

to this disadvantage is that it destroys

approach anxiety pretty goddamn quick

molest wasted time means more approaches

over the course of any given day but

that also means more swings and misses

now listen I've never been shy about

telling you guys about the fact that

I've been turned by I've been turned

down by a shitload of white girls over

the years especially in the early stages

of learning read fill game but for me

getting getting rejected by a high

number of women early in my red pill

development decreased my learning curve

which made me almost numb to rejection

that's why I was able to go out in the

hall our girls for four or five hours a

day so to close this thing out

one of my best friends and I've talked

about him before I call him one of my

best friends is a white guy I've known

for over 20 years known and known him

since I was back in college guys listen

he's a tall blond haired he's tall blond

hair blue eyes looks like an underwear

model makes great money basically every

white sluts dream now when we used to go

out he consistently pulled high quality

ass a lot easier than I did even though

my game level is much higher than his


Paul has a little bit of game but he

naturally attracts women to him because

of the way he looks so he's never really

had to work too tight in his game I

always had to work a little bit harder

to pull hot chicks than he did which is

perfectly okay because I now have a

deeper understanding of how the game

works thanks to having red pill


acknowledging and accepting both your

advantages and your limitations or

paramount for survival in every part of

your life guys work women hobbies money

etc and it crosses all races doesn't

matter it doesn't matter what your skin

tone is it's also important to

understand that men of all races have a

unique set of strengths and weaknesses

that work for them

and some that work against them when it

comes to women understanding what these

things are will help a man come to terms

with a lot of the lingering questions

that he's had for a lot front for a long

time about why things happen like as far

as women go right he has these questions

these questions lingering about why

things happen the way they do with women

good or bad when dealing with women and

when he fit him when he finally figures

those things out his success with women

drastically improves and a lot less and

in a lot of cases doesn't really take

that long


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