The racial hierarchy of the sexual marketplace (Episode 368)




a man who's an A+ at one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b-minus at everything get

this through your thick skulls ladies

bat girls are gross you don't want to

lift weights because you're lazy just

keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

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get right to it part of taking and

digesting the red pill comes with

accepting hard truths about the sexual

marketplace which also means accepting

hard truths about your own sexual

marketplace advantages and disadvantages

short guys can bitch and moan about how

it's not fair that they were born short

or that women don't like short guys but

that's how it is accepting and

understanding that helps guys that

aren't tall to sort of adjust their game

accordingly and make up for it in other

areas Asian guys for example they can

get upset about the fact that they are

at or near the bottom of the totem pole

in terms of sexual market value and then

deny it by telling themselves that women

are fair minded individuals who base

their sexual decisions based strictly on

logic and reason but that doesn't do

them any good because that's simply not


girls don't fantasize about getting

their brains fucked out by an Asian guy

they're on

that's the truth because of that Asian

guys need to step up their game in other

areas to make themselves more arousing

to the opposite sex now

let's not get sexual market value mixed

up with relationship market value guys

they are not the same for men or women a

man's sexual market value is based on

arousal it is based on women wanting to

fuck him if you were tall if you are

square jawed if you have chiseled abs

etc etc you're gonna have a higher

sexual market value than a guy who's 5/8

with a dadbod who can't grow a beard

that's just how it is

relationship market value is based on

attraction it is based on women wanting

a relationship with him and if your red

pill aware you know that just because a

woman wants a relationship with you does

not mean that she is aroused by you

attraction and arousal are two very very

different things and again those with

red pill awareness are acutely aware of

this now there are many women who are

married to men that they are not aroused

by but they're attracted to the

lifestyle they are attracted to the

financial stability so people out there

thinking to themselves well I know of a

short asian guy who's married to a a

tall blonde with huge boobs it looks

like young stormy Daniels that may well

be true but nine times out of ten that

asian guy is super-rich and that tall

blonde is well over the age of forty yes

there are exceptions to this rule but as

we all know the exception never makes

the rule so don't come at me with your

outlier arguments you can ever rebuttal

a macro argument with a micro argument

anyway over the years I've discussed the

racial elements and components of game

and living the red pill life I've never

really talked about I've never really

talked about these things at length but

I came across an article that actually

broke down the racial dating preferences

of both men and women and that article

was entitled seven surprising online


race statistics and if you'll give me

just a second I'm actually gonna put it

in the chat to give you guys a point of

reference very good there it is

seven surprising online dating race

statistics now right off the bat this

tells you that most people lie to each


when they talk about their dating

preferences in terms of race on surveys

on the other hand they generally tell

the truth because no one is around to

judge or brand the white girl is a

racist because she prefers white guy so

the title itself indicates that they're

shocked at the findings which means that

they're not aware that people are

dishonest in public when talking about

the men and women they actually want to

date now you guys know that I've never

really been one who gives too much

credence to studies and statistics but

dating preference is usually something

pretty usually something that people are

pretty honest about in surveys never in

public but on surveys they're usually

pretty honest again because it's just

them and the survey as you guys will see

in today's episode now what we talk

about here in the manosphere hang on a

second okay I thought I lost you guys

for a second there anyway yes of course

Lando Calrissian aka blaster that stormy

Daniels reference was for him anyway

what we talked about in what we've

talked about here in the manosphere

pretty much line up with what this study

suggests there are a few minor surprises

in this study and you know listen I'm

not gonna try to explain them away you

know I have my I have my suspicions

whatever alternatives whatever but by

and large everything lines up with what

we as red pill aware men have seen and

experienced ourselves so today I'm gonna

be discussing what the findings were and

how it affects both men and women in the

sexual marketplace and by the way I

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I am alpha what's going on HS Lee 169

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blaster aka Lando Calrissian says I love

stormy Daniels

oh no no no land oh you don't want

stormy Daniels as your wife dude like

you don't know no no no somebody talks

listen somebody talk some sense into

Lando you do not want stormy Daniels as

your wife stormy Daniels is a retired

porn star she has a no less than 2000


in her probably for a total of 10,000

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the red man group

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show somebody talk somebody talk Lando

Calrissian aka blaster off the stormy

Daniels ledge there is Darien D Bursar's

is going to Vanderbilt I realized for a

black guy to date white or Asian women

of value he needs to be five times as

special as the guys higher value Asian

and white men they have options of

dating a hundred percent rate he goes on

he says for example for a black guy to

be a long-term option for a high quality

white woman he needs to be an athlete or

an entertainer which are the biggest the

highest value black men black men in


Society um I'd slightly disagree you

don't listen you don't have to be an

athlete or an entertainer to to be a lot

well actually you know what actually no

darienne's right to be a long term

option for a high quality white woman

that I agree with now I'm not saying

that I'm not saying that every listen

I mean Devon and I were apparently

evidently in a long-term relationship

but I'm not an athlete or nits or an

entertainer but I'm not I'm not I'm not

a local I'm not a low-value black guy

I'm a high value high quality black man

but for young beautiful white women if

you want to make a young beautiful white

woman your wife you have to be you have

to be exquisite you gotta be if you're a

black man if you want to marry a young

pretty white girl yeah you gotta be you

gotta be high value gotta be high value

that's how this goes I wouldn't I

wouldn't take it to professional athlete

or entertainer but I don't know a lot of

professional athletes and entertainers

who are african-american have pretty

white pretty young white wives so

basically I think what he's trying to

say is if you want to be a long term

option for a young pretty white girl

your value has to be sky a lot higher

than any white guy that's for sure Susan

Jensen says interesting topic Susan

Jensen is going to be kicked out see you

later Susan female commenters are to be

not heard and not seen I don't give a

shit what your opinion is I don't need

you in here trying to sneak troll be

interesting topic women never learn

women never learned an interesting topic

so I'm supposed to legitimize that she's

trying to get me to call it like Susan

sweetie on a charge not you get the fuck

out of here

Kevin ibanez likes the shirt good to see

you in here Nazim says book fell in the

background come on man I'm an amateur

man leave me alone about the book bro I

got it I got it didn't I oh my god

that's great wow you guys are really

kicking ass in the chat I'm gonna have

to come back because I try to get all I

try to get every I tried

read every chat I don't want you guys to

think that I'm just kind of glazing over

these cuz I train and give you guys

trying to give you guys the attention

that that you guys deserve because you

listen you guys take you guys take 45

minutes to an hour out of every day to

to listen to me and a lot of you guys

pay for my content so I try to I try to

give as much attention to the chat as

possible okay so let's go ahead and get

started here and I see in Vegas I see

you on the line I'm gonna get to you

here in just a second but I want to go

ahead and get the show started before I

bring you on give you give you some meat

to give you some meat on the bone that

you want so the article is called seven

surprising online dating ray statistics

it's by a woman by the name of amber

Brooks and it looks like it was posted

back on April 16th of this year so it's

not too old so I'm just gonna read this

and it's a short article but I'm gonna

give my commentary in the article and

then of course I'm interested to know

what your thoughts are again nine one

four two oh five five three five six to

give me your thoughts on the topic it

says quote it's the introduction I was

at a party when I spied Datak lism a

number crunching book written by OkCupid

co-founder Christian rudder on an end

table now I try to avoid talking about

the dating industry about dating

industry trends in my real life but I

love this book so I couldn't help but

ask the party's host what she thought of

its many stats yeah it's interesting she

said I didn't realize how racist online

dating can be it definitely made me

think twice about who I respond to

online let me just stop right there

right so already already women can women

are because of the dating preferences of

other women that could be construed as

racist well I don't date white guys I

don't think black like if like if a

white girl says she doesn't like date

she doesn't want to date black guys and

all of a sudden she's a racist


unbelievable she continues okay first of

all online dating isn't racist the books

data reveals certain racial biases

online attractiveness vision of course

my likes of response rates but online

dating isn't at fault for user behavior

so user so online dating isn't at fault

for user behavior so also again she is

she talks as though people's dating

preferences are inherently flawed like

it's wrong to want to date a certain

kind of person it's wrong to have a type

this is akin to black women telling

black men that there's some there's

something wrong with us for wanting to

date white girls she continues racial

attitudes influenced online dating in

fundamental way she says and learning

more about those patterns can help

individuals be more conscious of their

choices and feel more open to dating

people of all races in that spirit we've

put together a list of the seven most

surprising statistics about race and

online dating gentlemen we listen I we

say this all the time in the manosphere

attraction cannot be negotiated this

particular article is trying to

negotiate attractiveness it's trying to

a negotiated traction well I don't want

to be racist so let me start liking a

black guys let me start dating Hispanic

guys if I'm a Hispanic girl let me start

dating outside of my race because if I

because if I'm only one a date inside my

race then I'm considered to be racist

so that this this article is making me

rethink no this article is not making

you rethink anything you like what you

like it turned on but what you're turned

on by you're aroused by who you're

aroused by and no online dating

statistic is going to no online dating

statistic is going to change the dating

patterns of anyone girls aren't gonna

fuck who they don't want to fuck they're

gonna fucker they want to fuck they can

sit listen they can say oh I'm not

fucking the bad boys anymore guess what

they're still gonna fuck the bad boys

right so already this is already flawed

but the reason I chose this particular

article is because again

the a lot of the a lot of the findings

are exactly what we say or what we talk

about here in the sphere so let's go to

number one number one white men and

Asian women have the highest response

rates it's as quote racial biases are

usually negative but sometimes they

involve giving preferential treatment to

particular types of people yes

attractive people get preferential

treatment this is me this is so funny

this is I think this is almost like a

sideways dig at men actually wanting to

fuck attractive women right racial

biases are usually negative what racial

biases are we talking about guys want to

fuck who they want to fuck girls want to

fuck who they want to fuck that's how it

is anyway is she continue so the good

news for white men and Asian women is

that they are the most sought after

demographics on dating sites according

to the data from Facebook app from

Facebook's app are you interested Asian

women see much higher response rates

from white Latino and black men women in

general see see three times more

interactions than men do

but Asian women were particulars were

particularly successful at catching a

man's interest clearly I'm not at the

top of my game today guys forgive me it

says additionally Asian Latino and white

women all respond more frequently to

white men maybe these guys are really

just smooth talkers or maybe patriarchal

values have influenced women's dating

preferences it's hard to tell the raw

data from exactly what's really going

exactly what's going on

but at least for now white men seem to

have an advantage over black Latino and

Asian men listen men it's no surprise

that women see three times more

interactions than men do women will

always have far more options than men

and that's all there is to it okay so

she's listen she's not telling she's not

telling us here in the sphere anything

we don't already know with that

particular statistic I don't think we

needed her to tell us that on the other

hand speaking about the racial element

here I've always said since the

beginning that all things being equal

white men are at the top of the sexual

food chain in other words white guys are

almost every woman's type one guy who

who tried to troll me he's actually told

me a couple times goes by the name of

Ralph Hayes said that if a white girl

brought LeBron home her parents wouldn't

have a problem with it and guess what

he's a hundred percent right he's LeBron

fucking James but if there were a white

equivalent of LeBron the white girl

would choose him first

should white LeBron make himself

available now this doesn't mean white

guys are any more or less valuable than

black men this doesn't listen this this

doesn't say that I hate by racism

self-hate doesn't mean I think white

guys are superior

I am simply stating a fact and that fact

is that white guys are preferred by most

women Nessus tall there's to it so this

graphic confirms what we already know

here in the red pill community what did

surprise me however was the fact that

Asian women seemed to be at the top of

the female sexual food chain now listen

the reason I listen maybe I was

surprised because I'm not a white guy

right maybe it's because Asian women

really aren't my type but I'm not really

turned on by Asian women maybe it's

because I've never done online dating

maybe it's a combination of all three

but I had no idea that Asian women were

getting that much play I was always

under the impression that white girls

were the most preferred so listen men I

stand corrected there now my best guess

is that this was probably a fairly

recent trend and as it as in maybe I

don't know the last 15 20 years you know

as feminism has caused white women to

literally devolve into insufferable fat

women insufferable fatties who act like

they're tens now you combine that with


that men are now traveling more than

ever going to other countries like Japan

China Korea you know it's said are

they're seeing higher quality women in

terms of femininity and all that

explains this seismic shift in

preference I've got Jonathan for modern

life dating coming on the show tomorrow

listen he can he can attest to that but

I would say this I would offer a strain

I'm not trying to discourage Scourge men

from dating who they want wasn't if you

got yellow fever cool whatever

but I would offer a strong word of

caution to any man who thinks they want

to you know you know start dating Asian

women because of you know the myths out

there women of Asian descent who are

born and raised in America are every bit

as flaky every bit as slutty and as

poorly behaved as the run-of-the-mill

average American white girl the

packaging is listen the packaging might

be a little bit different okay but the

product is the same asian girls raised

in America will be sluts Asian girls

raised in America will cheat they'll

play games they'll ride the carousel and

they'll look for a betta bucks to settle

down with after they've hit the wall I

would actually compare Asian women

raised in America to white girls who act

like they're black again different

packaging but you're still gonna get the

same attitude the same three baby

daddies right same welfare like black

women wear big hoop earrings white girls

who act black wear big hoop earrings

black girls wear Jordans white girls who

date nothing but black guys mud sharks

they wear Jordans again same listen

different packaging different skin tone

same ideology I also love that Amber

Brooks the author explained it's like

she she she tried to blame she tried to

blame most of females preferences for

white men on guys being smooth talkers

or the patriarchal values that have

influenced women's dating preferences

basically she's blaming the patriarchy

for brainwashing her into liking white

men which as far as she's concerned

makes her an outright racist but rather

than acknowledging a woman's biological

desire to consolidate on the highest

value males available to her which is

hypergamy and yes white guys are touted

as the highest value guys out there

doesn't make it true but perception is

reality but rather than just coming

right out and saying hey we're high

Pergamus she's blaming it on

manipulation seduction techniques and

the patriarchy not that I would expect

anything different but I thought that

was interesting to point out to say the


9 1 4 2 O 5 by 3 5 6 let's go to the

phone lines see in Vegas you're on live

at Donovan

you'll be what's going on can you hear

me what's up I can hear you

excellent bro excellent good to hear you

again um a couple of things one I'm not

sure if you said it but I remember those

are statistics from OkCupid I'll be

really interested to see the other web

sites like a match and tender you think

they're different or other things mmm

not so much but D the one thing that you

kind of pointed out that I kind of

thought because I actually have

experience with OkCupid back in the day

I almost want to call it a legacy dating

site but maybe not quite yet but it's

the older one you get what I'm saying

and there was a lot of they're just a

lot easier when populating it this is

what I noticed straight up

so that might saying that might that

might be and that might be interesting

about we just mostly agree with you

Gretchen talk about it but I didn't know

there's just a lot of Asian females

populating OkCupid it's weird because a

lot of them like me that I cosplay and

all the types of variety kind of Martina

stuff you know saying so that's why I

think don't you put emphasis on that but

it doesn't mean for some the stuff I

already know so I get what you're saying

quahogs and potat but the but you

pointed out like you said you know

saying the asian women kind of

dominating dominating that category yeah

that was news to me dude just be exactly

exactly cuz I have experienced

endodontic we gotta get done online

dating but I've had experience on it

it's a lot easier on the in like during

the cosplaying stuff like very I wanted

weird but I guess something I loved was

off the RIP while using OkCupid right


and uh if they saw another thing I want

to point out was a study my experiments

arm you know because you know I like my

preferences of black women in white

women however though did the one thing

because I listened to you by the way it

was actually I explained to finish the

episode but I listened to episode with

you and lar movement about you know

black women and why why black men are

moving away from them and stuff and one

of the things I couldn't

compatible with you on is number one you

don't want to build with you right and I

have a hard time finding a black female

and I'm taking I don't know I don't

speak did you play the rapper or did you

say to ladies

damn oh wow I heard one black woman say

Walmart L I said oh my god Wow

but also D also um also going to point

something out to you too because here's

something I know some online dating and

maybe you can expound on this or because

it's something if you kind of put some

of the things that you said for example

it's harder to find a higher quality

black woman literally because there's

less yes and also in terms of population

you said that but also on the point of

noting to be one of your money you're

kind of didn't want your rules or one of

the things that you said was the higher

quality of the woman let's say like what

only eight nine to ten did likely be

snatched up very fast like the right

resources to hire quality mates or

whatever you're saying so for black men

to find out to high quality by can be so

difficult because they can be ironically

ironically deed it would be in higher

demand which is more higher quality of

white women right get what I'm saying

yeah absolutely

absolutely so and so one of the things I

just noticed you know I'm saying one

thing I just noticed that you know it's

harder for me to find you because I'm

not doing nothing

I'm not dealing with the detritus in the

trash I'm not doing it dude you know I'm

older now so I'm not doing that bullshit

you know what I'm talking also yeah it's

just like you know so for black men if

you look at they've trying to date black

I mean I know do that I know I know how

you get down dude but I'm just saying

it's going to be very difficult because

especially online dia they like the way

I look what I write yeah it's

matter-of-factly athletes lasting I drop

the money that you get to but I actually

have a black female who's a friend of

mine and she told me this because

because you know what we're swapping

tinder stories and stuff and she tells

me that there's still guys you know on

the omelets on the dating profiles they

still have fuckin like racks of Jordan

if studies show and you know like it for

example the I thought about you what she

told me this no you have dude you have

dude standing in front of their BMWs and

stuff and when she told me that I really

thought of you when you said this sorry

Trump's this goal it is there it is

that's right discovery this discovery

Trump's face closure every time doesn't

come off like again when you disclose

this kind of information whether

directly or indirectly girls know that

you're doing it right it comes off as

thirsty carafe is low value like listen

man like if you have a if you have a

16-inch dick you're not to tell me if

you got the game you'll be able to show

me that's just how it is so exactly be

so it also into the last thing to do it

to that point to I just feel like with

this more levels I guess of white girls

D if that makes any sense whereas with

with black women this is only a couple

of levels I'm not talked about in terms

I just come out maybe you could maybe

unpack this where I just feel like I get

a lot hit some white women you know I'm

saying I'm a high fall you know my

consider say that but this different

this more levels more variety well with

black woman just variety but it's not as

many maybe maybe maybe it's a cultural

thing resources society things whatever

so it's harder to find a higher quality

black woman is a white woman and

especially sometimes to Deeks I I'm not

I'm not trying to get turned up or I'm

not I don't think like the hood

stereotype or some things that are coral

quote associated with black masculinity

in the mainstream right so that goes

that's my two cents D okay I'm saying so

I leave you with that

you the man see see in Vegas offering

the offered a good perspective as usual

yeah you know I never I never had really

thought of it that way to be to be quite

honest with you and again I stopped

dating black women in my god in my early

in my early early 20s so I can't you

know I'm not gonna sit here I'm not

gonna sit here and pretend that I have

all of this recent anecdotal this recent

anecdotal experience with black women I

mean it you know I mean I haven't dated

them in you know a good solid decade and

a half but he he actually met he makes

an interesting point I don't

I actually might have to get someone on

like a minister jab or some you know

maybe even maybe the Craig the swinger

maybe black guys who have experience

with dating white girls and black girls

because what seem Vegas just said he's

he says there's just more variety in

certain they're more there's more in

terms of variety with white girls you

get many more different kinds of white

girls but with black women there doesn't

really seem to be that much variety and

whether or not that's true I don't know

but I do know this he's right about the

fact that it's hard to find high-quality

black women out here because they are

they are at a statistical disadvantage

just by sheer no not even a statistical

disadvantage they are at a numerical


dude white girls make up 60% of all

women in the u.s. black women make up 7%

of all women in the US I mean that's

that that's huge so if there are

high-quality beautiful black women out

there do they're getting snatched up

there's not I mean there's really not

enough to go around

and so what listen what do listen I'm a

high-value black guy but I'm not fucking

Michael Jordan I'm not LeBron James I'm

not jay-z right I'm Donovan Sharpe I'm

just you know I'm just a regular guy so

listen I'm not I'm not just gonna check

out of the dating market because I can't

find a high-quality beautiful black

woman no I'm gonna go where I'm gonna go

where the water is warm I mean I'm gonna

start dating white girls this is all

there is to it okay let us move to

number two and actually have a graphic

up here we go to the slideshow here

excellent number two I think this is

Louis response rate Oh

number two black men and women have the

lowest response rates okay it says quote

Quartz's researchers studied over two

point four million heterosexual

interactions are on you interested to

determine if online daters had racial

biases and what those were overall

according to the study they found that

black men and black women receives

significantly fewer I'm interested

ratings than other races

she continues although black women

responded with the most positively

toward black women all other races

responded the least to this demographic

and all men regardless of race responded

the least to black women

OkCupid came to similar conclusions in

its assessment of race and attraction

black women replied the most yet get the

fewest get get by far the fewest replies

the dating expert said essentially every

race including other blacks singles them

out for the cold shoulder so basically

black women and black men are losing

interest in each other

and it kind of contradicts itself a

little bit later on as we'll get to in a

second and I listen I didn't delve into

these numbers I didn't break down or

crunch the numbers now here here's my

take on this no offense to my Latino and

Asian brothers you know Miami J and and

pine they're both my Latino brothers

this did cause me to sort of raise my

eyebrows and the reason for that is

because I've always been of the mind

that black men were number two on the

sexual totem pole right but according to

the study it would appear that we're at

the bottom maybe I'm not reading this

correctly it said that we get the lowest

response rates

I don't know now when I'm out and about

like living everyday life off wine

it appears that women of all races seem

to be it appears that they seem to be

attracted to black men on some level at

least more than they appear to be

checking for Latinos and Asian guys but

again listen maybe this is my own racial

bias I mean I am a black man and I've

had a lot more success with women than

any other man I have ever met dude being

at the 21 convention that was the first

time I've ever been in a room with

people who may have had more success

than women than I have I've never ever

been in my entire life I can't think of

another time in my entire life that I

have ever been in a room with a man

who's had more success with women than I

have the 21 convention was was likely

the first

anyway that said all of that that's my

own personal experience now not

everybody is donovan sharp but I have

heard guys tell me that online dating in

multiple occasions and some of you guys

in here too

I've heard them saying that online

dating is for for black men is a waste

of time

right because other than black women I

mean other than black women we don't get

much play again I've never done online

dating so I don't know but what I do

know is that as far as street game is

concerned face-to-face game Club game at

the bar strip club out and about it

would appear that black men are getting

more interest from you know all races of

women than at least Asian guys Latinos

and Indians maybe I'm wrong here's where

I'm not wrong black women I've said on

my show I've said in my articles I have

said on the brother Phil and everywhere

else that will have me on to anyone who

will listen that black women are at the

bottom of the sexual totem pole I say it

over and over again and I met with the

same names you're a coon you're a house

nigger Uncle Tom race traitor I had one

woman call me up on a shave show talking

about white girls are easy and

incidentally enough we're actually going

to be talking about that on the brother

pill tomorrow night or white girls easy

and there's no easy answer to that you

will you guys will have to tune in

shameless plug there but every time I

say this I am met with just outright

vitreous and it doesn't bother me I

don't give a fuck cuz I know what I'm

telling I know I'm telling the truth

black women are almost nobody's type

they are the least preferred now keep

this in mind I am talking about American

black women so you fake-ass Pro blacks

out there who want to talk about black

Brazilian women black dominican women

black African men women miss me with

that bullshit you all know damn well

what I'm talking about here anyway the

fact that black women reply the most but

get the fewest replies proves what I've

been saying for years guy

we have more options than black women

and no matter what black women say out

loud they know this to be true they can

talk all they want about swirling right

they can talk about listen they can talk

all this shit they want to but the

percentage of black women who regularly

date white guys is so minuscule it

doesn't make a dent in the sexual

marketplace not even close so the bottom

line here for number two is that black

men don't do very well on dating sites

I'm sure there are listen see and Vegas

does very well on dating sites I'm sure

Craig's a swinger probably does too

right but those guys are the outliers

okay those are the guys who have movie

star looks you know fitness model level

physiques but for the rest of us I mean

I do have movie star looks goddamn it we

do much better out there in the real

world now that I can personally attest

to as far as black women are concerned

this article didn't tell me or anyone

else that listens to me anything I

didn't already know

nobody wants black women period not even

black men 9/11 for two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the program let me

go in here and and try to get caught up

with the chat here

joby Wan coyote in the house is in here

as Joey Bloggs Marlo Artie says porn

stars are dead on the inside that's the

price of fame

no actually Morrow I would actually

disagree they're very much alive on the

inside they've got about probably got

about 500 different 500 different

strands of DNA we run it through their

system but of course I say that in jest

yes absolutely

porn stars have very solace solace eyes

Chris Redfield is on with bang jenna

haze and tory black but i would never

marry them i assume those are porn stars

BK from the rockies is not military but

I did college of my Fort Bragg so we

picked up on military habit too lingo

okay very good

Darrien be Brossard is very educated in

these matters social Darwinism

alright so Darien has a lot to say

obviously good good good

Guillermo Garcia says Asian women have

flat asses Yeah right exactly

Raymond Woods says Asian women are the

most submissive you know what I would

agree with that but like I said earlier

Raymond Asian women women of Asian

descent who are born and raised in

America Asian American women not to miss

it at all they are as insufferable as

they come for sure 9/11 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call to get in on the show arey code

nine five or I think this is Miami J you

would be right my friend hello again

what's going on brother how you doing

man hey just hanging out I got home from

work but to go to the gym you know weird

uh yeah yeah yeah but I wanted I wanted

to comment maybe get your thoughts do

you think possibly a lot of this has to

do with which city you're in

yes I would assume like here in Miami I

get nowhere by pointing out the fact

that I'm Hispanic everybody in their

mothers in Atlanta you would get nowhere

pointing out that your blood a lot of

the right lot of black people that why

that's secret right same thing in

Phoenix or you know a city like I don't

know probably Kansas City you would

probably not get anywhere knowing you're

white right so I'm thinking maybe a lot

like maybe white guy from blood guys

have a higher response rate here in

Miami where Hispanic guys are going to

have a huge response rate and say

Atlanta okay Dallas or something like

that I don't know no that makes sense

and and you know what it's funny I think

you have mentioned that the only two

cities where the minority is a majority

the vast majority of the the population

in Miami is Hispanic of course I mean

you're Venezuelan there's Cubans there's

Dominicans yeah but the vast majority of

the population really no duty that's

what I'm saying in Colombia women oh my

God Jesus don't get me started oh but

the vast majority that the majority of

population is a Hispanic population the

majority population in Atlanta is black

like they call that the black the black

Mecca Andre 3000 said on his tracks

Podio d-double Isha's bla bla bla bla

bla I called it nigga via USA aka BIA

Atlanta Georgia I think that you pointed

out the only two cities where the

minority is the majority so I think that

that could be skewed so very good point

there yeah kind of thinking out loud

there no that's that makes perfect sense

and by the way by the way Latino

manosphere common soon number one yes we

keep saying it but it's literally they

it's a little closer it's only it's

coming and and Rollo Tomassi and Miami

Jay are in talks to get the rational

male translated to Spanish gentlemen

that is huge yet

that's huge thing that is huge because

the Latino market is enormous in the

United sometimes close to 30% yeah Wow I

don't know deep search the other day I

went to it on a deep search the other

day and I found one blog in Spanish

talking about hypergamy just one wow

dude matter of that I looked on social

media I look everywhere yo Miami Jay

Manuel talking about it brah it's a foot

dude it's a fucking goldmine and nobody

dude no one set those explosives yet I'm

trying to tell you brother I like the

logo I'm surprised nobody picked up on

this oh thanks bro well that I mean

that's yeah we understand you're having

some production issues today you're

about to miss the playoffs in the league

so motherfucker oh my god hey listen man

hey listen I'm probably gonna yeah I'm

definitely gonna miss the playoffs

unless I I don't know a lot of things

have to happen one person loses one ties

but fights and five teams fighting for

the for the last Jesus you and I both

have a shot but not both it was they're

gonna make it it

hey listen listen at least my Eagles are

five and six so we're kinda in

what do we like the eighth seed in the

playoffs if they were to start today and

yeah my dolphin - we got a we got to

feel good a Minnesota listen at least

you guys don't have that Blake bortles

problem up in Jacksonville now we had

the panicle problem with the same

fucking thing but it doesn't his

contract end after next season no he

still on he still logged down for like

two years but I'm sure they're gonna

move on I think they're gonna release

him because the guy keeps getting

injured due to it I didn't know he had

two more years goddamn no we we gave

this guy like 1995 yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'm not this was year for another year

300 Jesus yeah you guys could he find

he signed the year Russell Wilson signed

his extension yeah guys wrapped in the

same year oh yeah rut listen Russ got

four years 84 mil he's definitely worth

it oh yeah amen check this out we got

cars listen dude the best quarterback on

our roster was not the Super Bowl MVP

last year so we have an embarrassing

position but yeah not a good year for

fantasy I've actually got to order that

trophy so I got to get in touch with you

about that and you the man Miami Jay

we'll talk soon but every time I jump on

I derail the show so I'll let you get

back to a brother all right man

Miami Jay in the house very good friend

of mine yes Miami Jay is going to be

he's in talks with Rollo Tomassi about

translating the rational male to Spanish

stay tuned 911 for two oh five five

three five six let's go back to the

phone lines

area code 8:05 you're on live at Donovan

go ahead hey can you hear me yes sir hey

so I was just calling in to give another

perspective I think it's interesting I'm

a white guy I'm I'm between 61 and 62 on

the dating sites I say six - all right

um I'm over six feet tall but I'm pretty

muscular makeover yeah listen listen the

difference between 606 - listen the

difference between six one and six -

doesn't matter when they're on the when

they're on their knees so whatever I

thought you said you were six two six

one shut up open your mouth

yeah yes exactly that but um but I'm

just giving the background because and

I'm white and I actually I actually

prefer like black woman is like pretty

high on my preference I would say oh

yeah I God man yeah it goes like Indian

Arabs black for me Wow and I find that

it's very like it's very easy to get

with them the white guy he's into them

very nice but dude it's a white guy if

you're a white guy who likes black girls

you are literally swimming like you're

doing the backstroke in pussy man like

you're up to your eyeballs and yeah dude

you're fucking more business than I ever

did I tell you that well I mean probably

not but I just I just got Reptil

recently I mean until recently till this

year I was I was literally a feminist of

a socialist Jesus and that fucked me up

really bad it was actually a

relationship with one of the one of the

more like you could say higher value

black woman you're talking about okay I

was in a relationship with a dominican

woman okay who lived in the Dominican

Republic for a while this is a long

distance relationship that I get but she

took shit tested the hell out of me and

that was what eventually led me to the

red belt but um but yeah I mean it's

it's eliezer like at the end of this

week I'm flying a girl up from Vegas

that I used to see and she's black and

that she's gonna spend the weekend with

me and then next weekend applying to New

Orleans see another one I had in Tampa


yo listen I need to call in 2:30 listen

you need to call in to the brother pill

man because listen the black women hate

me wait listen the black women they hate

me but maybe if I throw them maybe throw

them here's a piece of white meat for

you guys get off my ass right they might

let me back in our good graces accra

fish away yes please by all means get

them black bitches on me man yeah yeah

so I'm so yeah I mean and that's why I

prefer them I find that it's actually

there they have a lot less hang-ups than

other girls know like like usually when

it comes to like doing anal and stuff

they're they're more up for it

and they're more usually willing to like

bang in the first second date okay and I

just I like the features you know the

big lips and the big hips everything

good shit man hey

and you know you know what they say man

go where you wanted right go where it's

easier you know black men yeah well the

thing is this is that black men and

listen you're a white guy so black women

are gonna treat you differently than

they treat black men hey whatever I mean

do you but when you like like it doesn't

matter what race you are but if a

particular brand of woman whether it's a

woman of a certain race a woman of a

certain age if you have a better easier

time with her with them then why not

just date them right and if you like

them and they like you dude man do you


yeah yeah and I found that I found it's

a lot harder to get with white chicks um

but they're they're a lot more picky I

don't know if it's just because I'm like

in demand or whatever with black chicks

but I yeah I've always had more luck

with them too so I guess was a new give

the fuck with those girls why yeah I

really don't

I'm not gonna this weekend or next good

call man listen you should definitely

call into the brother pill man it's on

O'Shea show Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

at 7 o'clock p.m. Eastern I listen I'd

love for you to call into the show if

you're if you're if you're up and around

man because that would be that would be

a very interesting phone call to be sure

yeah yeah well and I'm actually I don't

want to give away too much Bram because

having been on the Left I know how those

those fuckers hate the red pill right um

but in my city I'm actually starting up

a red pill reading group going over

Rollo Tomassi works yeah okay yeah and

I've got like three of the three other

guys that are interested I started a

meetup group we got 13 people in it so

far I just started this weekend but

we're going to be starting with Rollo

Tomassi is the rational male in January

and then going on to some of the books

of Richard Cooper has recommended and

some of the other manosphere offers like

our authors like get the name Ivan the

guy wrote yes Ivan or one yep do all

that alan runs a very Wow Wow

a red pill reading it how often just

real quick before I let you go here how

often do you guys meet up isn't once a

month once a week well we just got

together um we we met at um kind of this

purple pill who a dating coach guy who

was doing something that was based off

of no more mr. nice guy

which was kind of a good purple pill

book sir

and but we were talking and just all

three of us were like if you read the

rational male we were like yeah yeah so

then we got together we just we just

like created the meetup group this

weekend where we started a whatsapp

group which I would highly recommend to

people who want to do this because um

I'm in tact and for those who don't know

like whatsapp is encrypted end-to-end

and there's the the groups in there

searchable so if you create a group in

it like nobody can find it except the

people that you give it to well bomb

which is good because like the leftist

and shit they love that they love to

shut you down yes yes I find you like if

you create a Facebook group or somebody

can find that and shut it down right but

they can't they can't do that two

whatsapp groups and that that really

pisses them off like if you heard about

Boston ATO the the right-wing yeah yeah


populist you one in Brazil yeah you one

because of the Facebook groups are not

Facebook because whatever that groups

how about that yeah cuz they couldn't

shut them down

yeah very good oh listen to what I'm

gonna keep your phone number because

because what you're doing this is see

this is the kind of thing that makes a

difference a lot of guys call into the

Redman group they called my show they

call O'Shea show what can we do to make

a difference this is what we do you know

what listen you don't have to start 21

convention on some grand international

global scale you start a red pill

reading group you go over Rollo Tomassi

works you go over Richard Cooper's works

this is how this is how we win like this

is how we make the difference man you're

out not all dude you're doing a service

to everybody not only are you starting

red pill groups you're distracting black

women from flag in my channel salute


listen good to talk to you I will

definitely I will definitely be in touch

because I would actually like to do a

show with you on how to create like a

whatsapp whatsapp group in order to

start these red pill red pill talking

group so yeah again I'll shoot you a

text if you have time that's fine I

don't want to you know I'm not trying to

you know hang anybody schedule up cuz

nobody works for free but I would

definitely love to have you on and just

sort of pick your brain on how men can

get into these groups and communicate

with one another yeah yeah good totally

and I'm I was I was deep into politics I

I actually worked for Obama's campaign

in 2012 okay

Peter organizer okay and I worked for

Hillary as a as a volunteer in 2016

okay even though I'm not there like I

have political organizing experience and

like I I know how important it is to get

people in touch with ya or build these

type of organizations because let me

tell you the left is really good at that

yes i minister very very good at very

very good at that and then we get our

get our shit together because we're

getting steamrolled yes we are yes we

are Wow listen I'm gonna hang on to your

phone number man I'm gonna shoot you a

text right after this show and we'll get

together and do something then yeah just

you mean a text I don't want to give it

out over there no actually I look I have

a a gmail I created specifically for

this type of shit all right I'll drop

that in the chat okay very good very


thanks for the area code 805 yeah listen

that that guy is a valuable is a

valuable valuable resource right Miami

Jay wants to know if he is is he still a

Democrat no obviously not right I mean

you can't be red pilla we're living the

red pill life and be a Democrat doesn't

work that way

but again this is how you make a

difference everybody everybody I mean

guys are so hopeless listen how do we

how do we make a difference how do we

fight how do we fight the matriarchy how

do we fight feminism listen man you

can't hit a five run homer but this is

how you start to make a dent is how you

start to make dent in the armor man very

very good definitely gonna have him on

at some point soon 911 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call area code five one two you're on

live at Donovan good

Donovan what's going on man what's up

love the show kind of want to come back

a little bit of what you were talking

about earlier with the online dating get

sistex yeah and I and I do

wholeheartedly believe that some of it

is accurate but you have to take a lot

of it with kind of like a grain of salt

as well

I do believe that white guys are of

course at the top of the food chain but

what a lot of brothers have to

understand is that that's because you're

giving women a choice it's kind of like

they're trying to dictate a

acting online right and women still kind

of really care about social stigmas what

their families are going to think and

all of this in that and I believe that

they would prefer to date a white guy if

you give them the choice but that same

woman that's not going to apply to a

black guy online if she's out shooting

in a bar or a restaurant or Susan i'ma

cut and that brother walks into the room

like that dude

she can't be attracted to him and will

probably give him a shot that's a

statistic that they can't really do

online that's something that you can

really only understand if you're when I

hate win the game and really seeing how

things really are

no I yeah listen I totally agree I

actually I actually alluded to that a

little bit earlier when it said that

black went black men and black women

have the lowest response rates I think

there's something I think there's

definitely something to what you're

saying and I think it does come down to

choice and I don't want to turn this

into you know black guys versus white

guys I know and I know you're not trying

to do it but but again all thing all

things being equal you know white guys

white guys have more perceived value

than black guys but let's not get it

twisted black men we've got more game

than white guys in it and listen well

here's the thing it could be because of

swagger culture listen I don't know what

I don't know exactly why black men have

more game than white guys but I do know

that there is definitely one reason

because we have to especially when it

comes to dating outside our race because

it was just like another guy said in our

chat listen it listen it's absolutely

possible for black men to date

high-quality beautiful white women but

guess what you got to be you got to be

bigger faster stronger you got to have

more game you got to be you have to have

higher value higher perceived value and

then the white guy like that this is

just the way it is because if she's

gonna set because if she's going to an

essence sacrifice the social listen

there is a social stigma like people can

talk about how open-minded they are dude

when I'm walking around my girl we still

get looks from black women white women

black white I mean dude it is still a

stigma for white girls to be dating

black guys so if a woman if a white

woman a high-quality as in beautiful not

high quality high value beautiful white


is gonna sacrifice be the sacrificial

lamb in terms of social stigma you

better bring your fucking a-game because

guess what if they're not together

anymore and word gets out that she dated

a black guy do you think white guys are

going near her no sir

so you better be worth the risk as in

your value better be high the black men

who have figured this out said you know

what I gotta get that game I got to get

my game on that's why the black guy who

walks into a bar and sweeps the the the

beautiful blonde white girl off her feet

that's why he's got more games than the

guy you know then the white guy at the

bar with his buddies playing fucking

beer pong shameless stereotypical but

you bet really the guy who is really at

the top of the food chain

it is a white guy where there's a white

guy with games because I put in the chat

using the fact that I love you so man

this is you all the time

game feel like you don't have whether

it's money whether it's height whether

it's good look what have you gained in

the equalizer game is to get that

running that you are not appreciate

appreciate the call man here's another

point here's another point that he just

made game definitely is the equalizer

because it doesn't matter what race a

woman she is if there's a white guy with

no game and a black guy with game she's

going with the black guy I don't care

what social stigmas tell her to do right

now now again there there there's

obviously nuance and I'm not trying to

make this over blockers oh but listen

man black men and white men both have

advantages and disadvantages in the

sexual marketplace that's just how that

is we know that what we know that white

guys have a statistical advantage

because they're simply more of them

around so there are more available but

again we do what we have to we do what

we have to to accomplish what we want so

very very good call very very good call

King Nick says dadbod doesn't work for

black guys learnt it in my early 20s got

my as in the shape right

good stuff man good episode let's go to

number three number three in the article

most men prefer Asian women except Asian

men it says quote so you know how people

say there's an exception to every rule

well it's true and online dating as well

the courts media graphic shows men of

all races except Asian men prefer Asian

women Asian men respond more to single

Latina women marking themselves as

interested in 19 percent of the time it

continues according to ok cupid's

internal data asian men receive far

fewer messages and matches overall so

maybe they simply shy away from asians

hi lip from asian women's highly

competitive online dating profiles may

be low self-esteem factors into asian

asian men's dating decisions as Zachary

Schwartz a 22 year old journalist in the

UK said quote growing up as an Asian guy

you start to think certain ways about

yourself the phraseology used when I was

growing up was quote Asian guys don't

get girls whatever the reasoning behind

it she continues Asian men don't seem to

have yellow fever the way other men on

dating sites do Elise who of NPR summed

it up best when she says the results of

this study only perpetuates social

problems for both sexes involved back in

2014 a guest columnist who wrote under

the pseudonym Stephen Kendall wrote an

article called an open letter to Asian

men of the West and in that article he

talked about the challenges that Asian

men who were born and raised in America

have in the sexual marketplace now this

particular statistic I guess if you can

call it this is as transparent as black

women who claimed that every black woman

who claims that every black woman they

know is swirling Asian men would love to

date Asian women but Asian women are

preferred by the higher-value men the

white guy

the black guys and the rule of hypergamy

gentlemen explicitly states that women

will always consolidate on the highest

value men available to them and because

asian men in the sexual marketplace are

at or near the bottom of the sexual

totem pole on average asian girls are

losing interest in asian men by the

truckload okay

listen as men we're smart okay we go

where we're wanted if asian men know

that asian women aren't checking form

they're not gonna sit there they're

gonna set their sights on other races of

women it doesn't make any sense for them

to go after women who don't want them so

common sense tells them to go after

other women that's all there is to it

the author is actually correct here I I

do believe that self-esteem factors in

the statistic shows that Asian men don't

prefer Asian women but that's not what's

happening here that's obvious no need

listen no need in shooting your shadows

at a target that's not there I think

that's I think that's fairly clear

Steven G says what is the best book for

game /pa

russia's game that's the best that's the

best rucious game that's the best I've

ever read that listen there are a lot of

really good game and pick up books out

there Troy Francis writes a shitload of

them Julien Blanc is one of the best

Paul genka is one of the best but listen

dude Russia's last book game it's as

good as it gets

911 for two oh five five three five six

is number to call if you want to get in

on the show area code five one six

you're on live at Donovan go ahead yes

five one six are either alright number

four number four this one was

extraordinarily telling most women

prefer white men except black women it

says quote black women were another

notable exception in Quartus study of

online attraction black women showed the

most interest in black men

while other races heavily preferred

white men black women seem most drawn to

the prude

to date prospects of their own race even

though black men have a low interest

rate of 16.5% to black women this is

almost identical to Asian guys

quote-unquote not preferring Asian women

black women would date white guys if

they could because remember white guys

are at the top of everyone's food chain

right listen

listen man listen I'm a black man but

guess what if black women could date

white guys they wouldn't look twice at

me fuck no they'd be looking at white

dudes but white dudes aren't looking at

then right so in other words so again

white black women would date white guys

but they can't so they don't women don't

respond well to rejection so they don't

put themselves in situations where they

could be rejected now I'm sure that if

black women knew white guys would

respond more they would probably show

more interest but they know that white

dudes eight-second form so they go after

brothers who are again like I said

before are there only consistent option

but right there at the end

amber Brooks draws blood with that last

line quote black women seem most drawn

today prospects of their own race even

though black men have a low interest

rate of 16.5% to black women she

literally says that black women want

black men but black women don't want but

but black men don't want black women and

the reason why is that black men have

more options than black women and black

women are undateable you put those two

factors together and this is what you


now listen man most black guys are with

black women but the top tier black men

the top five percenters they're not with

black women the top 10% of black men in

terms of quality and all that they're

not with black women they're with

black women because we know better 9:1

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to get in

on the show haricots two five six you're

on live at diamond go ahead hey Donovan

how's it going this is a pm in Atlanta

hey what's up brother oh man

good I got a couple of questions uh you

know the first thing you know listen to

your show and listening to you you you

provide a different dynamic because you

kind of grew up back in a multicultural

environment so my question I I've been

around a lot of black men here that

prefer black women and I think it's just

because this is just what they're used

to right and they have not been outside

this environment so I just want to get

your opinion on that no it just makes

more sense no no you're you're you're

absolutely right and here's the thing

here's the thing man you get a lot of

black men who are born and raised in

Atlanta okay and they join the military

they go all around the world but they

still prefer black women listen some

people are just turned on by certain

races of women this is just how it is

but you again you make an excellent

point in that the more choices a person

has the more apt they are to exercise

said choices right if you're used to one

thing your entire life then that's

really all you're gonna be comfortable

with I actually heard and you're you

live in Atlanta so you can maybe you can

maybe you know somebody who can speak to

this but one guy told me that there's a

that there was a guy who went to

Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Georgia

which is basically it's Spanish Harlem

in Atlanta right it's like 90% of it if

you know anything about Lawrenceville

what big big-time Cuban population out

there anyway he actually started liking

a girl that he worked with a they worked

in McDonough house she lived in

Lawrenceville and he said he liked her

but he didn't want to make a move on her

because he was scared the guy was like

well what are you scared of he's scared

of those like no I've never dated I've

never dated a non black woman I don't

know how they would react I think a lot

of black men are just afraid to put

themselves out there and and understand

that non black women are women too but I

think that's the point it's a comfort

level who wears black women it's the

same thing no

wants to be in a position where they're

completely a fish out of water right so

you know being around and I'm just

working I'm just working here in Atlanta

I'm here temporarily I'm actually from

Alabama sometimes the thing is it's an

environment it's an environmental

comfort so when you look at the average

black women not the light-skinned pretty


sure just your everyday sister they

cannot conform outside urban behavior

right so they wouldn't even be in a

concert level dating a white guy so

that's why they're not interested

whereas black man when you were saying

you were saying look at earlier at the

top 10% black men choose other women

that's because they have a they have a

lot of options and they've been exposed

yes think about this when I listen to

you say you grew up exposed to a lot of

different things right you naturally

came to the conclusion not to date black

women because it was just to inherit you

know your body just reacted a certain

way it only made sense right we as human

beings that's how we react it just makes

sense so the top 10% black men they

travel they are in environments that

don't involve black women right so it's

just a natural progression right so

anyway I just kind of want to get that

point I think we're black men who don't

they just have not been exposed because

you as black man we generally don't

write unless you know it's college

coursework to turn so there's not those

two things all your run is black women

that's all you know all you know is this

bad behavior right so you're used to it

let me ask you a question what do you

think what do you think of black men who

hate on other black men for dating non

black women the problem is they don't

understand out of it okay because I mean

listen listen the bird variety answer is

like okay well listen they're haters and

they want to date white girls and up

listen I'm sure they know that's

probably some of that but it might be

deeper than that right it's not that I

mean they are haters but it's not purely

that they don't understand say for

example you know I've worked in a lot of

corporate environment okay the average

brother that has not so he has not been

exposed to that

the experience is different you know

that for a fact right but you know

because you were here in Atlanta so

these men here generally don't know that

experience and so when you're stepping

out you're doing something you're doing

some different and whatever reason even

in my family with niggas if you're doing

something different man it's like shit

some kind of flea repellent I'm with you

I'm with you man

Wow that makes a lot of sinks for the

call area code two five six feel free to

call in anytime very good call man um I

feel very fortunate and listen you guys

know my story I talk about oh well was

me you know I bellyache and I bitching a

moan about the fact that my mom left my

dad she left to chase a bad boy listen

man to be honest with you like looking

back on that now that wasn't the worst I

mean listen there are a lot of other

people out there who had it a lot worse

than I did right just because I

bellyache and I wanna grow you know my

mom moved me dude

okay listen man outside of that I had a

wonderful childhood man I look dude I

got to live in Hawaii two times okay I

have lived and been all over the world

dude I I can't remember I think the

longest I ever attended one school year

and a half every year and a half to two

years we were moving from place to place

I've lived in New Jersey Pennsylvania

Georgia North Carolina Florida Texas

Oklahoma Hawaii twice washing I've been

all over everywhere so I consider myself

to be extremely fortunate to have the

childhood I have I feel even more

fortunate to have the family that I had

we're not perfect but we are we're very

supportive and we're very supportive to

one another in what we do me and my

brothers and sisters are as diverse as

the day is long I do this for a living

okay my sister after me owns a cake

business my brother is a principal my

sister after that is a she is literally

a fashion designer she's about to open

up her own fashion store she's going to

Fashion Week in Paris in a month and my

youngest brother is a professional chef

we could not be any more different and

whenever one of us tries to do

when I was floating the idea hey guys

you know I might try to do this radio

thing everyone was like totally cool it

wasn't like that bug repellent that that

Harry could do five six was talking

about so I feel very very fortunate that

I was raised in a family and an

environment that that doesn't look at

trying to do something different as


nut listen none of me and my brothers

and sisters none of us are in hip-hop

we don't do professional athlete stuff

we all do very different things and and

like I said man yeah listen we all had

fucked-up things happen to us in our

childhood but guess what my childhood

was kick-ass you know it's part of it's

part of what made me who I am today and

I feel very very fortunate he actually

really pointed that out I feel extremely

fortunate to have brothers and sisters

who like when I send them pictures of me

at the 21 convention they're like yo

that's awesome what are you doing it's

you know X I mean it's it's very very

cool I feel I feel sorry for any black

men in particular who was trying to do

something with his life was a family

that has that crab bucket mentality I

feel very blessed I don't use the word

blessed a lot cuz I'm not over religious

overly religious these days but I feel

very blessed to to have the family that

I do in that regard

spin Z says moving a child to Oklahoma

is child abused Oklahoma wasn't that bad

yeah it was that bad

we were there and we moved from Hawaii

to Oklahoma in 92 we got there in 93

actually and um and we ended up moving

we ended up moving to a North Carolina

in in 1994 that was a culture shock oh

my god God

we went from fuckin sunny days and

tropical weather and pool parties on

Thanksgiving and Christmas to everything

was flat right dust bunnies all around

train tracks tornadoes every other week

and and then the people there oh my god

like they had never ever seen black

people who looked or talked like us it's

like they looked at us like we were

diseased they're like where'd you come

from Hawaii what the hell you doing

here like it we we moved to a little

city called Altus Oklahoma it is right

it is right there in the in the in the

southwest corner of Oklahoma maybe an

hour away from the Texas border and it

was just it was horrid oh my god

yes yes I never heard nigger stop glad

you do

we're like what we've never been called

the n-word before what is this nigger

you speak of of course I say that a jest

but that's how that's how crazy it was

like it Holly was fucking paradise and

now we're at altas fucking Oklahoma Oh

God Jesus Christ you got guys out there

named ray and Zed oh fuck

fucking hell man yeah

little flash back there let's go back to

the phone lines

area code hang on a second Harry code

five one six you are on live with

Donovan go ahead but we hold on wait

hold on my bet

all right all right can you hear me

there's got to be a little pace to with

me no you're gonna scoop just a little

critique on the whole rachelkitty market

thing right or there is no hierarchy

thing the one thing I'll say it's going

to be more more tied to the Anglosphere

so countries like you know a great

bridge in South Africa the United States

in Australia that's where it seems we

were racial hierarchy matters but yet

outside of that area it seems to be more

about the question of exoticness like if

you are example you know white in the

United States and you're getting an

Asian woman she's partly getting because

you're right

immersion if you were to say if you're

white in midian Korea or Japan right

it's more because you're different

you're exotic you're not the norm and

you can actually introduce different

things okay so I said we can sort things

if you've got apply the hierarchy for

example if you're black you actually do

a lot better in countries like Sweden

Finland because you know

got a lot of black guys out there right

I think sometimes in the native Swedes

it's because it's like I've never seen a

black guy I wonder what he's like

no that makes all that good okay yeah

listen I think there's something to I

think there's something to what you're

saying and I'd actually like to get I

would actually like to get to statistics

on international racial hierarchy

because and we all know it's so funny if

it doesn't matter what you look like you

could look like Ringo fucking star if

you show up in the United States and you

have a British accent you can play the

guitar you're gonna smash ass you don't

have to become a part of the Beatles to

be a part of that if you're a black guy

in America and you go to England and you

have an American accent you're gonna

clean up on pussy as well if you're a

black guy in England and come to America

and you've got a British accent oh it's

over with guys like eager celibate

cetera et cetera yeah exactly but it's

not so everything is a lot of a lot of

the countries in question like South

Africa Australia in the United States

always had a weird thing about also

racial pie okay

the Australian Aboriginals in South

Africa they had the whites versus the

white made already versus the blacks and

it with the United States you had black

and whites being tied it to slavery okay

the reason why a lot of file poor right

you could never own what it cannot be

narrowed plays your lifetime why would

they want to be intended to slavery the

reason why South at least the reason why

they're very important to them is

because it always made sure that there

was somebody in the lower rung in the

social hierarchy so that's reason why

there's a whole hierarchy to begin with

in the United States and that includes

also in places like Australia and and

what he called South Africa

okay all right well listen thanks for

the call Larry code five one six yeah he

he brings the other element right he

brings not only the social element but

there's also like a legacy element to it

now we're talking about online dating

statistics in America and in America

elicits man Western culture feminist

culture etc etc you know

worried about is smashing as much ass as

possible girls are worried about getting

as much dick as humanly possible but

again he he brings up he brings up a

good point I would actually like this 90

fuckin she tells me there's 90 seconds I

would absolutely I would actually like

to see the the statistics on on

international online dating as it breaks

down to race oh okay very good

all right I'm just gonna read the last

few here number five number five it says

only ten percent of people and again I'm

reading I'm reading an article called

seven surprising online dating race

statistics just to review guys number

one white men and Asian women have the

highest response rates number two black

men and women have the lowest response

race rates number three most men prefer

Asian women except Asian men number four

what most women prefer white men except

black women number five it says only ten

percent of people would date someone

with a vocal racial bias it says quote

OkCupid has hundreds of personal

questions that it uses to create a

personality profile and match and match

percentage for every user the site has

been collecting this data for years so

it can show how user opinions on

specific issues have changed over time

when it comes to racial attitudes

OkCupid users have professed to be less

biased and more opposed to racism in

general as you can see in the graph

above in 2008 I'm not going to show it

about twenty percent seven percent of

OkCupid users reported reported that

they would date someone within with a

vocal racial bias in 2014 only ten

percent of users said they'd be willing

to entertain a racist date that's

progress I'm gonna take a one-minute pee

break because I got a pee I'll be right



all right good god it's about to piss my

fuckin piss my fucking drawers they're

um yeah listen man and again this is

where the this is where the social

justice warrior wearing comes into play

who gives a shit about whether or not

anyway the the and then there was one

here and these last few were just

irrelevant but I want to give the I want

to give the whole thing here number six

is thirty five percent of people

strongly prefer to date within their own

race says quote that same article showed

a steady decline in the number of people

who said they would prefer to date

someone within their own race in 2008

40% of OkCupid users said that they'd

prefer to keep their own keep to their

own when dating by 2014 that number had

dropped to around thirty five percent of

users the blog concludes that the blog

concludes quote answers to match

questions have been getting

significantly less biased over time side

note the person's race does influence

his or her answers to this question

because eighty five percent of

non-whites said they prefer to date

outside their race versus just sixty

five percent of white people who said

the same thing this again goes to show

that white guys are just about

everybody's type more or less and then

less than four percent you know whatever

whatever so it was an interesting

article like I said and very interesting

conversations man very very interesting

calls I like to hear I love I love

hearing from my audience because I think

that I think I've got one of the most

intelligent audiences around when it

comes to this kind of stuff let me go

back to the chat here one last time spin

Z says I am spot on with Oklahoma

Oklahoma City has large black

neighborhoods though yeah yeah

said he was around Baltimore a little

bit during the military the city is no


yeah I've been through Baltimore a few

times excellent excellent

very very good show man excellent show

excellent show I'm definitely gonna get

in touch with area code 805 because that

is a guy that's a guy who is not

suffering from the MiG towel mindset

he's a guy who is who says listen man

feminism is a problem and we're gonna do

something about it I'm very impressed

with that the fact that he's using

whatsapp because that's really the only

that's really the only place where you

can go I guess where they can't find

your group they can find your Facebook

group and and get your groups and get

your group shut down listen this is how

women fight they don't fight you with

facts they they don't fight you with

facts they literally just try to get

your platform shut down so that's

normally how they operate that's gonna

do it for this edition of TS or alive

again my show isn't on Monday through

Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern 2 p.m.

Pacific be sure to go to donovan sharp

calm and ford slash donovan

sharp any times for all of my content

thanks for watching night guys

i'll see you next time




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