The Red Pill conundrum with ILLIMITABLE MAN

Living the Red Pill life has many benefits. A better financial outlook, better health, having control of your own life, true contentment, and of course much more success with women. But there is a price to be paid. 


Illimitable Man joins me to discuss the Red Pill conundrum which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly side of living the Red Pill life.

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um so guys obviously without further ado

guess today his reputation precedes him

you guys can follow him on twitter at

illimitable man

you can visit his web site illimitable I of course I'm talking about I

am and and I am what we're going to talk

about today among other things is the is

the I guess what I call the red pill

conundrum we all talk about the red pill

life and yeah you're more financially

savvy and you you live a better life and

of course you're better with women but

there are costs to this there is a price

to be paid for knowing what we know and

living that red pill life so in in terms

of you just don't know I forgot what

your point of origin was as far as the

red pill is concerned but what do you

think are some of the costs associated

with knowing what we know other than the

obvious getting kicked on all platforms

and living that red pill life well I

think knowing about I look like I think

knowing the the worst aspects already

can really fuck a guy up like I they I

don't think

I actually don't think a lot of men can

handle it to be honest rape I think

needing by the need of the grave

ignorance like like you know at the

beginning like when someone say they've

just found the red pole and they get

really fucking angry because I've been

lied to

bitches ain't shit Friday just like they

just saw like rage him you know like

because all that all that's like

basically they've gone from a place of

only seeing the best and women and now

they're only seeing the worse than women

and they they start thinking that only

the worst is true because all these

things they didn't know before they now

know and they can corroborate what

they're learning but the negatives of

women that they're learning were of what

they've seen in the past and old so

that's why this happened and blah blah

blah and and they just so they just go

from they go from almost like a halo

effect to a horns of fact all right so

halo effects is like when you think

someone's shit doesn't stink and they're

an amazing person and blah blah blah and

a horns effects as well they're a piece

of shit and even if they do something

good you're like oh yeah well you're

probably only just doing that because

you want to make some money or you're

trying to trick me you know like you're

completely untrusting and you don't

think sons even capable of doing

something good so they go for up they go

for like a hundred to zero and then and

I can understand that

at the beginning but some guys is never

fucking cow that shit you know I mean I

knew this there are some really fucking

sheep there are some really shit this

fucking sheep you woman right and the

mainstream isn't gonna tell you that

they can be like dude suck women rule

that's like the fucking that's like the

mainstream I don't know

ethos or whatever but the truth is it's

a lot it's a lot more complex than like

feminine is he is a negative

has negative and positive attributes and

a lot of women are poorly raised

nowadays right because fatherlessness

affects a woman as much as it affects

men but I think men suffer more but I

think it does degrade the quality of

women okay but you if you've got some

like beat her single mother and she has

a daughter do you think she's gonna

teach her the right things about how to

be a good woman and then and then that

girl goes to a fucking school and she's

surrounded by other girls and evil will

bet single mothers as well like it's

just the fucking recipe for disaster so

of course they're gonna be like sellin

posea like 19 being my webcam girls

right and get get get attention from

fucking loser guys and the whole thing

the whole thing is classified but like

really it's um it's just that the chaos

is the decay of civilization you know

it's and also it's like if men aren't

imposing order women are gonna be fuckin


right a bad way you know like there is

like I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to

say well the reason women are like this

is because you're a bunch of faggots

right like but it but you know in a

sense in a sense that's true in a sense

right we are partly responsible for the

state of women well think about it it's

like if a child doesn't behave do you

think all this child a piece of shit

well you kind of do think that but then

you think why is the child a piece of

shit like while their parents clearly

don't discipline them right and rape

haven't told them the right way and

punish them and just let them get away

with things and blah blah blah but it's

the same with men and women are act City

they're not they're not being

disciplined they get in the way with too

much they're being rewarded when they're

exuding bad behavior yeah that's my um

sort of general opinion on it but in

terms of like the rep kill life like I

didn't see it as one like unified

lifestyle you know because you've got

the bachelors guys who just want to fuck

tons of pussy and loads of

they want to get tied down and then

you've got like the like the Triads

right they like a trend that the trying

to create a microcosm of 1950 in 2018

you know they want the white picket

fence in a nice house and monogamous

relationship and all that shit

and then you've got the guys who are

just like our women suck like I'm gonna

just stand wearing so that you know it's

um it's a multi-faceted network of

different attitudes that are all a

reaction of this is the state of things

between men and women now okay so let me

ask you actually let me ask you your

your opinion on this because I think one

of the one of the initial costs of

learning the red pill truth is something

you mentioned and that that's the anger

phase I think the anger phase and you

don't get to the anger phase until you

come to the acceptance phase right so

when when when men find the red pill

they read illimitable mancom they listen

to donovan sharp they they say okay they

go one of two ways he's either right or

he's wrong or he's maybe right or maybe

wrong either way if they give credence

to what we're talking about and all of a

sudden clicks okay this makes sense oh

shit now I'm fuckin pissed off and

Lattimore shout out to him who just said

in the chat I know you and him or our

homeboys he says quote you gotta grow

out of that phase it'll eat you alive

completely and ruin any chance of

enjoying women now I am a machine right

I'm of the mind that every man should

keep at least a low level of anger in

the back of his mind with regards to

women because that allows you to stay

vigilant of their bad behavior do you

think do you agree disagree were there

another I agree but you know the

capacity for anger and using that anger

in an intelligent manner one you're

you're being treated unfairly is

completely different to being consumed

by anger because of your worldview right

they're not the you know they're not the

same thing it's like like that's another

thing beyond the mainstream or why

didn't world I don't even know how I

didn't know how to describe it but like

polite society as Lowell make

mention angry's like you talking what do

you mean you shouldn't be angry like

we'll see don't be angry for no reason

right but if you're never angry and

you're capable of anger and you just

kind of like ring-fence anger then if

bad things happen or someone's trying to

like exploit you you're just gonna get

fucking exploited right you're not

you're not gonna do the right thing

you're not gonna do what needs to be

done you're gonna be I mean to put it in

the way that appeals to women right

you're gonna be a bad protector if

you're incapable of anger or you never

get angry like it's exactly right you

don't you don't to be some impulsive

hothead who's always looking for a fight

right at the same time you don't want to

be this like effete weaklings like by

the way what do you say I want you to do

your your girl voice at some point

because your girl voice is really good


listen man I got a lot of voices it

seems to be the number one voice yeah

yeah before I give it a couple years be

a fucking voice actor I got a mall man

for real

mmm but listen I agree with you I think

that's dumb I think that I think there's

a huge difference between being a

hothead and being a man capable of of

losing and a lot of people say oh you

know watch out you shouldn't ever lose

your cool no there are times where you

should lose your shit don't lose your

shit to the point where you almost have

to control the fire don't lose your shit

to the point to where you're doing

things recklessly because you're gonna

destroy yourself and everything around

you again and Lattimore is a

professional heavyweight boxer you have

to have listen you can't be angry in the

ring or in a street fight

you can't fight someone when you were

angry because when you were angry your

technique suffers right like you start

that you start to flail and you do

things next thing you know you're on

your back at curb-stomped it's the same

thing with relay

chips you have to have a low level of

anger but you can't let that anger

consume you to the point where you are a

danger to yourself and other people

around you and just like Edie said if

you're in a perpetual state of

high-level anger all you're you're just

going to be pissed off at women and at

the end of the day man women are neither

good nor evil they just are they're

they're like water they take the shape

of the container that they're in their

reflection their reflection right

exactly you know to go for water metal

all right if you look at water what you

see sea salt great yes absolutely

they're they're a reflection like if

like if you're if you feel weak then

she's gonna be an asshole she's gonna

nag the shit out of you she's gonna

control you and whatever but if you're

like just like the Salone latest like my

um my grandparents although really

fucking old super really old my my um

they're they're really traditional my um

my ground my grandma she's a really

sweet really sweet nice lady you know

she'll like you're going to our house or

like make your food and make sure you're

comfortable and everything and you know

she's really accommodating my granddad

fucking asshole he's a fucking dick but

you know he's look like he's a dick but

he's not he's not like abusive you know

like he's talking about you can be at

noon be abusive right right but here's a

dead like try and like like cool we try

and call you on your shit all the time

like if there's like if you're if if he


senses a bit of weakness so just like

cool you honor and then he'll just like

gauge your reactions so there's like a

total polarity between the two of them

and if he wasn't the way he is my

grandma wouldn't be this like sweet

little old lady she'd probably be this

like sour wine drinking Kat loving

fucking feminist

right because she she's the she's the

opposite of what he is because of him

like feminine feminine women do not

exist without a masculine man next like

if a woman has to fend for herself she's

not a pleasant creature she's not I've

seen some I've seen some failed woman it

could have been decent human beings but

you know they couldn't get man of

sufficient quality for whatever reason

partly their fault part because men are

fucking I mean is that there's a trust

me there's a lot of guys I mean we're

talking more than 50% of the population

I'll just affect it number 50% man I'm

trying to say like 48% of guys fucking

bosses and 52% are not no I'm saying I'm

trying to emphasize at least half a

population of men all right maybe they

they're skilled at something or you know

they have what some kind of achievement

or success in some area but in terms of

personality and their skill with women

and the like you know you got you've got

guys go I like huge and this I find it's

truly disturbing you you have a men who

think that traditional masculinity is

this like weird like over-the-top

nonsense and it's like not progressive

masculinity yes it's it dude like it's

just men like do you think it's

literally just being a man like do you

think you're fucking ancestors like a

thousand years ago who are like riding

along and fucking horses and shit and

like beheading people and like fucking

heroin people in the back of the head

like do you think they were saying all

the stuff you're saying like kidding me

and I'm blaming a declining testosterone

because because I'm telling you the

testosterone levels go down

in all men yep in all age groups 1%

every fucking year and and I know this

is gonna sound like I'm just meaning but

nobody talked about this my bet like

what they do like barely anyone talks

about this and it's a major concern

because one day imagine of that trench

just plays out over time in like 50

years right it's like 1% of the current

level and then obviously they now you

have a new variable so it's so the one

person each year is 1% of a smaller

number so it's not 50% of the current

number and 50 years but there's there

will be a huge loss of territory like if

the current trend continues and nobody

knows why it's happening but what we do

know is that the number of fucking high

voiced nasally slowly mother fuckers

sorry boys hey yeah we they're only

going to increase enough because it's

partly chemical it's partly chemical of

course of course yeah yeah and I'll tell

you something else too

I was actually gonna ask that was gonna

be my next question

why do you think the anger phase lasts

for so long and a lot of people might

say a lot of people might say well if if

if testosterone is going down then the

anger you know hypothetically speaking

wouldn't really last that long because

when you you know when you have high tea

you get angry easily but no I think the

lower the testosterone and I think

because listen all of these all of these

school shooters I'm sure you've heard

about this over the UK I mean here at

America we've got we've got some 17 year

old soy boys shooting up a school or you

know running people over in his car just

about every other day those guys those

guys are always the angry so why do you

think the anger phase of all the phases

of red pill as far as the cost of the

red pill why do you think the why do you

think the anger phase there's always the

phase that lasts so long think it's

feeling cheated okay you know it's like

playing by the rules for a long time and

think in the rules or one thing I'm

finding out they're not that thing so

like young guys will basically be fed

feminism and told oh

I struggle and be a gentleman and they

just got a whole bunch of a weird like

double standards so it's like wherever a

traditional man would have benefited or

had an advantage in an arrangement okay

that they'll they'll get rid of that so

why say it like for example a lot of men

prior to feminism who are married had

mistresses right right and in the like

in the current times oh no you can't

have a mistress and it's like it's all

it's all equal and you can't treat her

like she's beneath you or anything you

know you you can't treat her like she

needs disciplining and you're like this

like benevolent masculine figure but you

have to treat her like she's on your

level even though she's more emotional

than you are and less logical thing you

are and only likes men who are better

than her at life right did I find this

hilarious right they like men and women

are equal right but women only like men

bad they want a guy who's taller than

men who makes more money than them who

can discipline them they basically want

a superior but they're like oh well

we're the same you don't even like dudes

who are on your level you'd it like if a

man if you if a woman thinks a man is

beneath Hollow or at the same level as

her she didn't give a fuck right she

wants got bad

so it's men being Oh young men or boys

and young men what the fuck ever for

most of their young lives being told a

pack o lies and anger is finding out

they've being lied to and being pissed

off right right really taste-off evading

lighting and in plus for the first time

they don't think women are perfect

because a lot of young guys they think

oh well well

so beautiful and then they conflate that

beauty with virtue so they think I was

so beautiful so that so they're virtuous

I know these like ethereal creatures and

men are the reason for all the problems

in the world men oppress women blah blah

they literally think this like there's

so many people who think they wish I was

making it up our fucking wish I was

making out and the third well then in

the third world in in poor countries

they don't think this shit because of

course we are niggas what wait when you

live in poor conditions

Oh even if you're a rich person in a

shit country you see real life like

you're not rich enough to be that

deluded and to be controlled by an

ideology because life is constantly

bitch slapping you like constantly like

so that's why but you find dudes from

like poorer countries they tend to be

more red pale naturally because lies

constantly bitch laughing that's great I

remember a conversation we had a while

back life constantly bitch-slap some men

well guess what um and I'll never forget

when you said this you said experience

being you know being battle tested

failure experience all of that looks

good on a man that's attractive on a man

not so much on a woman like a man who's

been around the block a few times who's

fought some battles who's who's really

had to endure a lot of strife and

hardship in his life that makes a man

attractive not so much for a woman this

is the thing I'm a bully cannot become a

man without experience that's right

right and that experience is gonna be


yes it's not it's a small yeah I mean I

another thing I've said a carpet of

times is all men should get the hard

part yes and as a heart and that's a

horrible thing to say it's horrible but

it's true it's necessary

guessing you're harboring is not nice

it's fuckin shitty all right you know

what just out neither squatting 350

pounds that's too but guess what if you


if you want core strength you better get

up under that bar that's the way it goes

listen you can't get no pain no gain

right when you done the endorphins like

you're gonna feel like with tits and ass

damn it

fucking cook like free steaks and just

be a total douchebag to anyone he gives

you a bad three hours gentlemen you are

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question will Crispin success question

for illimitable man he says quote in

addition to lo T do you think the

increasingly realistic porn is having an

effect on lowering the over

energy of guys a lot of dudes literally

beat off two to three times a day which

releases prolactin 'he's making you

lethargic as fuck what do you say about


policy too much prolactin isn't good for

you because right so for people you

don't know

prolactin is the hormone that meets a

woman's breasts produce milk so it

causes lactation right okay men have

prolactin as well and when you when a

man orgasms

he's prolactin levels increase and high

levels of prolactin suppress

testosterone so prolactin and estrogen

our high levels suppress testosterone in

the body right you you want you want a

you don't want super low estrogen

because that's bad for your field shitty

and your your joints will hurt you get

joint pains you want you want some

estrogen and some prolactin but you

don't want tons of Iowa because if you

get tons of either your bloat and your

general sense of well-being won't be

good no I I I know what I know where

this guy is coming from he's saying

every time you beat like basically every

time a guy orgasms prolactin it's Creasy

so if he keeps beating off then his

prolactin levels are gonna be high and

and that's gonna be bad for them but

think about this right Genghis clown

because here's the thing when when you

orgasm it doesn't matter if your

orgasming from sex or from masturbation

an orgasm is an orgasm it practice

increasing after sex

all right so Genghis Khan was going

around the world

raping tricks literally raping chicks

and he's providing obviously listen

obviously didn't suppress its

testosterone levels because he still had

the drive to go around and rape a bunch

of chicks around the world and also tell

you this now a lot of men watching this

might use what

you said as an excuse to say hey you

know what it doesn't matter if I orgasm

through sex or by masturbation it has

the same effect no no not the same it's

okay I'll give a counter-argument okay

if you if your testosterone was low you

wouldn't feel the need to masturbate

multiple times per day okay because if

you if you have low testosterone your

libido is like so great so guys so guys

who needs to like guys need a release

all the time who are horny motherfuckers

right they they have they have decent

testosterone levels but if you have a

low testosterone level as a man you

could like you get these old women

they're like for some reason older woman

always like oh I want sex more than he

does and that's an actual thing and yeah

young guys kind of madness because like

say say you're a guy at 25 and see your

girlfriend's 25 froggen see the guy he

wants to bang way more than a goal does

the guidance the man like three times a

day or so sure of course and a guy was

probably good with like every other day

or something all right

okay with all the people saying they're

like forties or fifties the chick wants

to bang every day and if it's an average

dude he's probably good with like every

three days testosterone affects the

libido of men so if you have low tea as

a man one of the like there or see

there's many many symptoms and

byproducts of like tea but one of them

is you just not that horny like I'm

auntie Artie right if I stop if I stop

doing testosterone I just literally

stopped doing it I not be horny well I

can leash I can basically control main

sex drive but you know there days that

comes at a cost

I've noticed lost Orion in my body I'm

gonna feel like shit

tragic right so it's not right well I

mean take a while that's not getting the

press but I think the main thing is you

just sluggish and everything so fucking

sure but yeah I mean if I stop injecting

testosterone seen as I'm already doing

it my body's used again news inject

then my libido just gonna go way too far

down so yeah I mean I I hear this shit

all the time like men are like oh well

my problem you know I have low tea

because I masturbate with time it's like

what if you have like it's like a

chicken in the egg conundrum if you had

low tea you wouldn't be masturbating all

the time because you won't be horny

you're horny because you have decent

levels of tea maybe they're probably at

least medium rape that's how I see it

and as the prayer relaxing thing I think

we need to see some studies on it but um

my my my assumption would be that I

haven't this is lychees my assumption I

have no like empirical evidence the back

what I'm about to say but in terms of

prolactin I don't think there would be

an inbuilt mechanism in men but when

they all goes on they just get really

fucking sweet for an extended period of

time it doesn't make any evolutionary

sense that in craving yes increases but

for how long and to what extent and how

how quickly does it go back down and

what effects does that have on behavior

I mean you have too many we have too

many known unknowns here through driver

inclusions I agree so yeah yeah okay


and I was gonna say ed Latimer actually

said something else just to kind of

circle this back to the anger phase

before we move on to the next thing he

says because to get out of the anger

phase requires work and success this

means taking some risks which means

you're gonna get shot down and get even

more bitter he says most of these dudes

are too broken to pull to to to pull

themselves out of the gutter because

that shit hurts which brings um of

course what sharp assists said do you

blame MIG tell what are your thoughts on

MIG tell because listen the anger phase

lasts if the anger phase lasts for too

long then eventually these guys might

think you know what I'm just gonna go

big tail I'm not doing any I'm not

hitting on women I'm not I don't want

anything to do with women what do you

say about that

actually seem they're a mixed bunch

particular like Oh like I don't think

they're a uniform on group like they yes

they're not all the thing

right I think they're all coming from

different places but arriving at the

same conclusion so the conclusion is

don't associate with women it's not

worth it but laws the the legal system

sucks you know it's completely

prejudiced against men for a couple of

years the cohabitation laws kick in and

it's even though you're not married

you're treated like you're legally

married but they quit common-law

marriage bla bla bla

all this kind of stuff so they arrive at

the same conclusion but I think they're

the starting positions vastly differ so

you so for example you'll have one MIG

tau is like literally never had a

girlfriend ever right and then you'll

have another and then you have another

mcdowell who's like being divorced and

it just like fucked them up too much

right so will arrive in at the same

conclusion but coming in from different

places like if you've never had a

girlfriend I don't think you should we

make out that's what I want to say okay


you don't even because you don't you

don't have the experience because I've

never had her heart broken you can't

really tell you've never had you know

exactly I read some shit on the internet

about women being assholes so I'm gonna

read that it's like yeah woman can be

fucking asshole you need to get fucked

up but you need to get you need to get

fucked up like gee just go into it

thinking yeah I'm probably giving it

fucked up from this but you getting

fucked up teaches you stuff it teaches

it and it teaches you things in a way

that reading can't teach you right like

there are some things you just need to

experience you need to feel the emotion

you need to need to breathe it you need

to smell it you need to be there it

needs to consume you for you to truly

appreciate the the the concept right

it's a it's not like actually like for

example that's experiencing a divorce I

mean ideally you dad

you know right like actually

experiencing and divorce Llosa's reading

about a divorce completed

right OCD both suck but if you

experience it it's it's gonna educate

you way more significantly than just

reading about it and it's the same as

being a relationship indigo teach

reading about a goatee and on new versus

actually getting teeth on that fucking

light years apart so I honestly I think

every do needs to get fucked up at least


nothing you mean you may get lucky but

don't count getting lucky you make you

mean you may get like a young virgin go

and she's great and you're nice enough

to write yeah you're you're you're

you're you're pretty much you're pretty

much in there speaking of sex literally

in there so what's the Josh says he

actually asked a really good question he

says and I don't want to get into the

weeds as far as humanity is concerned an

interesting point he says quote do you

think human human birth rates will take

big time when the real robot age gets

here in the future like many guys like

guys marry quote quote unquote Westworld

style female robots well some females

lose their minds when men won't when men

don't want them he's talking about sex

robots what are your thought here's the

thing then and we got listen we got

females all over the world laughing

hahahaha sex robots I'll never replace

humans okay you know what maybe that's

not the case right now but give him

another 10 15 years and sex robots are

gonna be a welcomed alternative to men

who can't really fuck real women and

then all of a sudden you're gonna get a

lot of guys who can't fuck regular women

who are gonna see you know what why

would I deal with the bullshit that

comes with fucking a regular human woman

why don't I you know why don't I get a

woman who looks and feels like a real

woman without all of the bullshit what

are your thoughts on sex robots the

future of sex robots yeah hey I think

yeah I think you've kind of already I

don't think you've answered your own

question but you've but when you're

talking about the bullshit like that

that will be a significant


right I don't think women will be able

to lower their standards and humble

their egos enough

to compete with a robot that is equally

or more attractive than them but doesn't

have the desires and ego that they have

if that if that shit hat like if sexbots

become a thing right yeah

women are fucked there's some rule and

not fucked in the way they want to be I

mean they're fucked oh well you know

like fucked by some fucking ripped

masculine motherfucker that's the way

they want to be fucked no they're going

to be fucked in sorry you're there on

your couch with fucking empty wine boxes

strewn all across the floor and your

fucking cats meowing because it needs

feeding there fuck them that way you can

be alone like only seriously and there's

another thing to this as well we like

women enjoy attention from men that they

wouldn't fuck right right right

and if those and those men are given

them attention because they want to

smash right right but in they're never

gonna smash but the women are using them

for their their time and our energy it's

like a tree so new said they're being

time hoes you know he's like let's say

Patrice O'Neal was one of the Great's of

it he we lost a he's a fucking yeah you

know what him way to slop Ian's fucking

Oreos he's invited diabetes it's like a

tips off the back you know I should have

just fucking gotten some anabolic sand

got some kind of regime obviously that

probably would have stayed off his


yeah probably would have done but yeah I

mean now it's like he said that a man

with a man goes to a man will fuck a

whim a woman he doesn't care about and

go to the movies with a woman

whereas a woman will go to meetings with

a dude she doesn't really care about and

fuck a guy she does care about right

this is how backwards women are right

though the opposite to us we want to

spend time with women that we like but

we will fuck women we don't like whereas

yes of course women we spend time with

inmate don't really like but I mean you

want to be fucked by men they do like

universe it's the inverse that's like

that's the whole like premise behind the

you know Patrice O'Neal's little time ho

it just shows you like they're different

the different the inverse psychological

position of men and women how different

we are

but you wouldn't want to go to the

movies with a fall alright right but a

chick will go to the movies with a

fucking suey guy but then she won't have

sex and she's not gonna have sex with

him right right

yeah yeah exactly third time weightless

it's funny women will waste their time

with men they have no intention of

fucking men we actually we waste time

with women I guess the the blue pill

crowd they waste time with women they

want to fuck but then they but they end

up wasting their time women will spend

time with guys they know they will never

fuck they'll spend hours with these

dudes but the guys that they do let him

fuck they'll spend ten fifteen minutes

after the guy kicks him to the curb and

unbelievable women are women are

backwards and fucked up dude it's

unbelievable yeah sharpest he's my best

friend oh my god they are literally the

opposites gentlemen you are listening to

TSR live with special guests illimitable

man you can follow him on twitter at

illimitable man go to the plural version

illimitable where he regularly

drops red pill knowledge we're talking

about the costs of taking the red pill

what is the price this is we all know

that living the red

until life is a good life your content

more money more women etc but what are

some of the downsides and another

another downside I would like to point

out is then as a red pill aware male

especially within the context of a

sexual relationship with a female you

can't take your foot off the gas you can

never be complacent with a woman at

listen I'm not saying you have to be

perfectly red pool all the time

listen I'm a grown man and I'm in a

long-term relationship even I fail

should test sometimes but you can't do

that too much or she's got great women

are the woman the woman always gonna

shit test you and the more fucked up

they are the more they shit testing so

like if someone's would like borderline

personality disorder and I got touched

up in a fucking childhood she's gonna

like literally mentally abused you yes

her tests that's right all the time and

unless you're like a crazy guy and I

ain't in a literal sense like you're a

little bit fucked up yourself you're not

gonna enjoy that it's gonna be too much

and if you and with a woman like that if

you failed too many of her fucking oh is

he a boss tests then she's like oh you

ain't shit I don't like him on attracted

to you anymore on whatever but all this

he's like this is one of the things

about women who are fucked up right is

they they test more rigorously but

they're actually abusive they're like

they're mentally abusive from the

mentally abusive fucking creatures right

and it's a defense mechanism because

they've been through shit in their past

right and they don't want to go through

shit again and I'm not completely

mentally stable so they want to test the

guy to make sure that he's strong and

because if he if he's strong enough then

they could trust him right and I

understand but the the flip side is

dudes don't want to be subjected to

mental abuse all the fucking time

because you're insecure and you want to

make sure it's strong because I was shit

to do earn money they want to go about

their lives right if the guy's

constantly dealing with your

insecurities and you

fucking-a like aggressive mental abuse

it's gonna detract from his like doesn't

matter how how much with the G the guy

is right give me a millionaire like ten

businesses right it doesn't matter and

he could be a fucking absolute G it

doesn't matter if you're constantly

subject means that it's gonna it's gonna

affect other aspects of his life and

even if he passes your tests it's going

to downgrade its quality of life and

when he will use you as a woman and he

looks at you as a woman he's gonna think

and he does a cost-benefit analysis he's

a nothing the cost is the cost is higher

than the benefit so it's a fact that

woman who fucked themselves over because

because they test so rigorously so

rigorously and it's funny right and

there yeah the shit tests are under

their unpassable and they become they

become abusive and got and this is why

guys shoot themselves in the head and go

shoot their shoot their girlfriends I

got a ruling the same literally better

off pain make Thailand dealing with our

like a lot of guys old McTell listen man

I'm not a big towel and I am staunchly

against the low level big towels right

but by the same token I gonna sit here

and act like I don't understand where

they're coming from dude dealing with

women as a fucking headache and dude

it's a headache to deal with the good

ones man do it and then you gotta deal

with this let's it dude it's

unbelievable I got a good question here

from at Ithaca says any hope for true

feminine women in the future should you

homeschool your daughters won't

definitely okay come on if you put them

in a if you put them in a state school

they're gonna get whatever is on the

curriculum you know really nice and

what's on the curriculum well it's it's

an agreed-upon set of information but

but it's political in nature like for

example in a number of states in the

u.s. there's like compulsory Holocaust

education so your kids going to learn

about the Holocaust right and all this

shit to do with Jews all right but like

do you want

kids know that right is it is it

necessary for your kid to know this shit

no well why are they going to teach it

to your kid well because their

significant political influence from

that group within certain states so

there and they've leveraged their power

to put that into the curriculum saying

kids are going to learn it and then

they're going to go out to the adults

and then they're going to have sympathy

for this group

so there's they when you go into the

state education system your child's

young flexible impressionable mind is

being shaped by groups and forces that

you may not agree with as a parent so I

and and and that's just one aspect there

the other aspect is your child can be

around children who are from broken

homes violent abusive parents parents

with drug problems parents with drink

problems single-parent families like any

like anyone who's lived in a pool area

who is gone and who has gone to a school

where all kids from a poor area know

their school's fucking suck they don't

get they don't get good education right

half the time that the teachers are are

just shouting at kids and times like

half the time is literally trying to

maintain order and not actually teaching

anything right well like Whitewood you

you don't want you don't want your kid

fucking being surrounded by that shit

it's a school is meant to be a place of

learning no place of violence and abuse

and aggression ideologist yeah and an

ideology like yeah I think it's I think

eventually I'm not turning it to

conspiratorial here but I think I'm

eventually they're you know they're

gonna like crack down on home school and

they like no you you're gonna send your

kids to state schools like you get

because I like it I don't come up dude

they'll come up with a bullshit reason

as to why they should you should send

your kids to a state school right

they'll come up with a but illegal to

home school your kid just to make sure

that your kid gets in doctrine

I honestly what what you want is you

want a woman who isn't a dumbass because

you want you want your woman to teach

your kids at home and everything you and

your women to agree upon a curriculum

but if this is the thing I like I always

get guy sends me like all I rather be

with a dumb woman then then a smart

woman because they're they're more

agreeable they're less annoying they

don't challenge you as much

that's true but like generally more

intelligent woman are more disagreeable

and they fucking testable and it's

fucking annoying I I can see I see where

guys are coming from so they're like you

know like if I'm a smart guy I rather

just have an average woman because she's

easier to maintain and we need tested

less or whatever the thing is if you get

if you breed with a smart woman

then your kids won't be as smart as they

could be they're gonna have a lower

fucking IQ and then if you're

homeschooling how capacity to educate

them is going to be lower because all

right use llama all right so it's like

if it's like deed like if you're gonna

be selfish and you want an easier life

and you don't want so much shit from

your woman so you get a dumb a woman

then you you pay on the flip side by

having a dumber kid and if you

homeschool capacity to properly educate

them is gonna be a lower whereas if you

have a smart woman you're gonna pay him

more annoyance

a more argumentation and dispute but

then your kid's gonna be smarter and if

she homeschools the kid she's gonna do a

bad job so it's like if you if you take

if you take more of the struggle and

pain as a man your your kid's gonna

benefit more but if you as a man want an

easier life so you go for a dumb old

woman your kid's gonna pay so look who's

gonna pay you or your kid that's my pity

it has to be you you can't make your kid

quite agree sharp a sister should listen

as far as homeschooling says concerned

sharp assist just as a dumbass wife

can't educate anyone I mean it's like

like so dumb women

so um all right it's okay let's be

generous it's the average woman who

become teachers you know they work in

elementary because you're teaching

things at a lower level right a basic

level math like subtraction addition

division multiplication right kind of

thing it's not it's not like you're

trying to teach physics to someone then

like once he gets to say maybe like

college college kind of a level that

they're no good it's to it's beyond the

capability of the woman so she can't

teach what's too difficult for her to

her kids and so so what do you do then

you send them to state school so they

get indoctrinated no you just need to

get a smart fucking woman as your and

get listen getting a smart woman is not

easy so just like you said good annoying

well they are annoying

listen you ask the question and we a

great name the answer you know your

kid's gonna pay it's true I'll tell you

something it's not one that a fucking

annoying and they breed less and done

women because not only are they more

annoying that the it's that I'm not

making this shit up it's a statistical

fact you can google it right dumb woman

are not only more up there

smart woman are not only more annoying

than dumb woman they have higher

standards than done right of course so

so they're more annoying and they have

higher standards because if you're a

dumb woman you're like oh I want to go

smile on me right so well he'll the

oyster so so a dumb woman say let's say

let's put some numbers on that sill Oh a

woman with an IQ about 90 so she lower

and lower end of average she'll think a

guy with an IQ of like 105 110 smart but

ready he's just above average right a

woman with an IQ of 125 she's like well

I want a guy who's like 140 I want like

some professor motherfucker because well

noise when women like because they

always want soup they always want to

superiority it oh man yes and they're

gonna be annoying as fuck

they're gonna be at they're gonna be

annoying as fuck about it I got a

question here from the red prince he

says should a man in his early twenties

focus more on women for the experience

or on developing themselves for their

thirties I've seen men who are focused

on their career only but are beta when

it comes to women and the opposite is

true with men who are experienced with

women from when I was from what I have

observed what are your thoughts on that

so so what should a man focus on in his

early 20s I don't think it's true I

think you can prioritize without

excluding anything so the way that

questions framed is that I overdo a

hundred percent of one thing and zero

percent or so over a hundred percent

while myself or 0% woman or a hundred

percent women and zero percent on myself

okay and I didn't agree with either of

those outcomes I would say 80 or 75 80

percent on yourself and 20 25 percent a

woman but you need you need it you need

experience with sure of course of course

but you don't want to make woman your

life as a young man well because when

you 101 like unless you have like

supermodel genetics like young young

woman and she like shit because you're

not you know established in life like

you don't you don't you don't have

experience as a man you don't have

wisdom as a man you have grit as a man

you have lots of money

you're more you're not sufficiently

cunning you you lack in so many ways and

this this goes back to we sing earlier

about men benefit benefiting from

experience and woman not like I'm like a

manage a managed bill and his hardships

and it strikes life right and I've said

this before this piece is this actually

big pieces woman like not all women buy

a lot of woman that it really pisses

them off like like it men go through in

life they become become better that's

work is their lesson because they're

less innocent right

but with women go through a lot of shit

they degrade they deteriorate for the

same reason because they're less

innocent innocence in a man isn't

masculine innocence in a woman is femme

that's right he senses in innocence as a

metaphysical concept is intrinsically

feminine all right so we're all innocent

as children right and I'm we grow up

right and then if a man loses his

innocence he his masculinity strength

girls way up right but but if a what if

the woman loses her innocence she

masculine eise's who wants a masculine

woman fucking no one I mean okay maybe

there's some like freak out those are oh

yeah I like bitches to do something they

like bitches who tell them what to do

with whips and chains for like an hour

and then they want to go back to their

wife like nobody wants to have women get

wet for guys that are arrogant but most

men find arrogant women absolutely

insufferable insufferable you like you

literally rather go make towel and just

order some takeout and just play video

games then fucking deal with that shit

and in this we linked this shit back to

the sex box with the sexbots the sexbots

aren't gonna be annoying and they're

gonna be hot as fuck right right and

they're not annoying that's a win this

is the more annoying thing is really

important because Matt meant when women

test men doesn't matter if the man is is

a G or if he's an or if he's soy it

doesn't matter when women are constantly

test and Men and I'm it's a natural

thing but it's stressful for men like if

you test any human being a man or a

woman and you keep testing them and you

have them in this condition it's

existential state of being I'm testing

you I'm testing you I'm testing you know

it's a it's a constant it's increasing

cortisol it's stressful and the day and

there's a cut-off point where dude is

just like fuck yeah I'm gonna watch some

fucking porn and I can't be fucking

bothered with you

you're fucking annoying

all right just just fuck off and

sometimes dude writes like sometimes

I've got a man and a woman you know

they'll be doing the dance and whatever

and she'll test 2fast we'll go too far

yep and a girl just loser usually tamed

I'll just lose your Chevrolet fuck off

Rios go fuck he's just just go fuck


right like he'll just just what whatever

you know I don't care and then all of

the sudden she starts getting regretful

she's like shitty like he's willing to

let me go and then she starts Taemin

over hay miedo as a response to that if

she's not too egotistical if she's super

egotistical she'll just go and get other

guys like to give her a validation and

attention to like here for social media

you get like 10 fucking soy bullies that

tell her she's an amazing person to like

compensate for the ego loss she just had

from some guy to learn how to go fuck

yourself is women who are arrogant and I

use air quotes women women aren't are

incapable of being arrogant because

arrogance in a woman that's just false

confidence all you gotta do is solution

it's delusion false confidence you want

to know how to deal with an arrogant

woman and this is a game tip for you

guys if you ever meet an arrogant woman

just neg the shit out of you know what I

actually thought your ass really isn't

that nice oh my god now we're it so we

act in one of two ways leader tries to

qualify herself to you by actually

showing oh no actually my ass looks good

or show or shall go into Medusa mode

will still say well you have a big nose

or you're ugly too either way it's it

you you you poke a hole in her ego with

regards to insufferable women everything

you described is a hundred percent true

and even still you got women out there

who are bitchy and annoying who don't

flood their boyfriends or husbands then

come home completely fucking annoying

they're not they're not fucking their

husbands then cheat on me because

they're fucking annoying and you didn't

suck his dick you stop fucking at one

you know makes me laugh when women

complain that man cheats on them and

you're like whoa how often where you

haven't set right

and there's like one so it's not once a

week or last it's like ciao horny dudes

all right even if he loves you he's

gonna cheat on you because you're not

giving them pussy frequently enough like

what did you what's gonna happen if

you're fucking your husband once a week

honestly what did you think happen like

lychee a man can love you as a woman

have been with you for many many years

and you'll give them pussy once a week

and he's not low testosterone right if

he's high testosterone or even average

testosteron his testosterone affects

libido and men right and no woman needs

to be overly testosterone man he's gonna

cheat on you because he needs person you

Nene you're more giving them enough

person you're being an asshole right but

you're literally making him to you he

can't help it he needs to get laid you

not giving them enough pussy she's gonna

achieve and women never say but because

he's a dog or this their or the other

right no because you're not fucking him

enough I've got a few questions here

I forget who asked as he says what's the

best way to discipline yourself if you

or be you if you are a beginner audio

Didac I don't even know if I'm

pronouncing that correctly that

basically makes teasing yourself say

that yourself already dogs lorraine

autodidact how does what approach this

for the first time i don't know if you

have any experience social media I see

personally Twitter significantly

decreases my productivity however it is


yeah exactly that's was about to say

it's integral to my to my brand so if

you don't have a bright way if you don't

have a brand on most of you won't get

the fuck off social media which means

I'm gonna get less likes and retweets on

you first just get the fuck off that

shit right just and just like have your

phone turned off or whatever if you have

a lock on your door it lock your door

right gets get some earplugs or awesome

what you know those on noise cancelling


yeah yeah you just need to get into your

zone and do your thing read right you

know you just you need to enter a flow

they need to be alone with yourself

though that's how that's how you create

discipline see minimize distractions I

mean the most distractions if like if

you work I mean you know that that that

works how I described it that works for

writing obviously I write I haven't

published them in fact in dangerous ones

the light

I just not publish people saying are you

gonna release anything this year I just

reply no even though even though I am

but I'm just like no fuck off because I

know what they're trying to say

passively aggressively bitch and I

haven't released anything in a while so

fuck you crate insult discipline on

minimal distractions or social media is

a big one meditation is very good often

when you say about meditation people say

well how do I meditate there are many

ways to meditate there are many methods

of meditation the the simplest one is

just sit there in the lotus position

with your fucking motors cross-like yes

with your fucking Buddha right yeah

right and close your eyes and try and

this is actually really hard and I'm and

it's not a technically perfect statement

but it'll make sense to people who who

don't meditate try to think about

nothing it's really hard to try and

think about nothing because basically

all that you think you are your thoughts

but you're not your thoughts you've

experienced you experience your thoughts

and you think you are your thoughts but

you're actually not your thoughts and is

that meditation teaches you this because

when you try to meditate your your will

that your will is think of nothing and

you still think things like random

fortress pop into your head and you're

like well I'm not I'm not trying to do

this I'm trying to not think of anything

and yeah I have random thoughts like

flowing through my head and then that

teaches you that you are not your force

then you experience your force and

identify with your flaws so what when

you're when you're meditating just

concentrate on your breathing and oh by

the way try not to fall back asleep some

people actually fall asleep they get so

relaxed they can add a bad thing well I

mean if you have sleeping problems it's

not a bad thing but the objective isn't

cool asleep it's it's it's to meditate

or the mind right right exactly clear in

the mind and clear in the mind means

being absent of thought and it's what

will happen is is you just focus on your

breathing and think of nothing

your your will your willpower your

intent is Finkle nothing and what what

you'll find is force will keep popping

into your head and when I fall pops into

your head I can't explain it in a bad

way than this but try to you don't think

anything but you like usual

concentration to try and push the four

out of your head and when you push it

out of your head you get emptiness again

and then you'll be in emptiness for a

while and then another thought randomly

appear in your head then you concentrate

and you push that out and what you find

is you keep having random thoughts just

that you're not even trying to think

these things they just appear and then

you keep pushing them out and focusing

on your breathing that that that is the

best way I can describe a basic way of

meditation okay very good

I've got a few questions here from rigor

and they're all sort of related to one

another he wants to know he basically

wants some recommendations as far as the

best book for pick up all the also wants

to know about the recommendations for

philosophy and then he

wants to know will your well your boy

your book have newly written content or

just some of your old posts if you can

answer those those three on there okay

firstly pick up books never and a pickup

book I'm not I don't I'm not big more

really into the whole pickup thing you

know looks like it's got open is in it

and I sorry I can't answer that question

and can ask for a lot as full philosophy

that depends on your personal needs most

men in most men who are in the rebel

community find stoicism particularly

useful they like the Stoics right so

they like Marcus Aurelius strong favor

right right and the pictus yeah fucking

we yeah it's even worse than the limited

a pictus limit of all bear dude it took

me like it took me like six months to be

able to say without stuttering

my name's a Loki IQ test they think if

they can't get to it and spell it then

I'm like what was the name is below the

last night was oh he wanted to know if

your newly written book gonna be just a

compilation of old posters well the

basically I already have enough content

for two books good I want to make I want

to me

I want to make the first book polished

essays from my blog and I want to make

the second book my selection of my best

tweets but I want to structure it in a

way that gives it its own mmm how do you

say that I want to structure it like I'm

not just gonna copy and paste it okay


I want like I want to I want to be


hopefully no errors that maybe one or

two but when it's a flow well I want the

chapters to seamlessly integrate and

make good logical sense and to answer

the core of his question I'm not going

to write an entire new book like I could

but like if I did then you wouldn't hear

from me fuck majors right yeah six

months to come out with a pose right

what things I I could could you i I can

produce a new essay in like a week there

you go sure but yeah I mean if I'm what

if I'm working on if I'm working on an

entire new book

I mean basically like my general kind of

thing is make the first book you know

like you know like car Rollo Tomassi his

but some like just like essay selection

sure of course

foot from hit from his blog right my

first my first book was was going to be

essay selections and my second book was

going to be my best tweets but I'm not

just gonna copy and paste the tweets

like I intend to I expound like extend

the tweets and describe them in more

detail but then have them in a good

light formatic so like you'd have a

theme right so you'd have like say like

a chapter on like money a chapter on

like women a chapter on like

self-improvement and and just like order

in in that way so it's more gonna be

completely new but if you can remember

every essay I've ever written and every

good tweet I've ever written and you

have access to that in an ordered format

then I don't fucking believe you

because not even I do what you're

describing to me sounds it sounds like

you're fifty shades of red posts you you

basically oh yeah those are yeah those

were those are some good ones fifty

shades of red fifty shades of red man

yeah so

women like the Fifty Shades oh my god I

would so let Kristen whatever the fuck

his name is rape the shit out of me

we're going Christian Christian Grey

yeah Christian Graham I gotta let him

tie me up or when Chris Brown beat the

shit that Arianna not gonna lie I'd let

Chris Brown beat me like dude bitches

were always talking about right hang on

a second I'm not big on celebrity gossip

you know the whole one Rianne a Chris

Brown thing shit

this is what you don't hear she hit him

first she's from she's from fucking

Trinidad right yeah these bitches are

abusive man she's basically Rihanna hit

Chris Brown and he smacked her back but

you never like people never say why did

Chris Brown hit Rihanna they never never

never asked why like I'll be just you

know he was just just walking around and

he was like yeah she's annoying me I'm

gonna smack her

no that's not how men work right she

wasn't two of them making pancakes in

the kitchen and Chris Brown's deciding

milk and cookies first she had mercy

yeah the vast majority of men we are

we're fair minded individuals we never

asked why he cheated on her we never

asked why he hit her we never asked we

just say oh my god had cheated on her

he's bet he hit her he's bad blah blah

blah blah we never asked why but if a

woman cheats on a man there's all sorts

of excuses babe well he was on an

inattentive he was never available he

was never home he was abusive or any lie

they decided any any life there's always

excuse never excuses for men I and you

yeah I know I agree a hundred percent

and there's a very low boss like he was

abusive oh how is he abusive right

normally for like four days fuck out of


like he was like busy working and he was

like slow replying to texts and I got

lonely so it's a combination not abuse

it's like

honestly today I think I'd actually

think it comes from the whole egg and

sperm thing so like biologically

speaking eggs are more valuable than spa

all right - yeah you and I make like a

bajillion sperm in a day all right yeah

that women have a very limited quantity

of eggs I talk about this all the time

and they can only drop those says eggs

during a finite time and when that's

over they go through menopause they're

infertile before menopause like say say

even ten years before menopause the eggs

they have a shit quality yep like

they're either not gonna have a kid or

they're gonna have a kid that won't

reach its maximum genetic potential

because there's a lower egg quality so

the kid could have like autism or I'll

have a lower IQ or whatever because the

the woman was like hey you know what I'm

gonna have a career then I'll finally

breathe like fucking 39-41 it's like

well why don't you have a kid at 24 well

be partying yeah they were gettin gettin

fucked by the fraternity yes because the

fucking idiots like it with women like

modern women don't they're really dumb

when it comes to their fertility like

they they're like oh I like even if

they're smart they're like well I want

to study and I want to earn money it's

like a man will take care of you and he

went and he will enjoy like women don't

want to take care of men like

financially no like women don't want to

pay for them what do well and I'm not

saying nation I'm not saying they should

right well what I am saying I'm trying

to highlight difference is that okay a

man doesn't mind paying for a woman that

that he views as valuable like a height

like high quality woman that he's

attracted to and has a good

psychological report he wants to take

care of her like that's his instant

right he wants to protect her he wants

to provide for her right but a woman

there's one of

we'll provide from her it's not her

anything it's a completely different

thing so young woman are like oh I need

to earn money and what the fuck am i

it's like no you don't know you don't

know you don't exactly you need to find

a guy who's not fucking loser

he'll take care of you and you can have

kids right you can have fucking kids and

if your academic or intellectual what I

like basically have have kids when your

eggs don't suck right so yeah it's true

it's true because like I thought when

you say to me well men's sperm quality

degrades as they get older you know

there's literally drugs but no it is

true it's true or at men's sperm quality

does degrade with age same way that

woman's egg quality degrades with age

but not to the same extent and there are

drugs that can give men like super sperm

like amazing sperm like like like like

literally like an 18 year old guy with

like the best genetics right like

literally that you take like a 55 year

old guy and put them on a specific drug

regimen and he'll have amazing sperm

like amazing like fast swimmers

intelligent whatever like yes its

morphology motility etc etcetera right

there is nothing no drug no treatment no

surgery that can make an old woman's

eggs good doesn't exist it's hard it's

harder to improve a woman's fertility

than a man's just like it is harder to

improve a woman's physicality than a

man's as men we can take testosterone

and be better in every way there's no

such drug fucking jacket and listen here

listen I don't know if you remember me

talking about this as far as like um as

far as sperm and fertility and and all

this stuff but I think that don't we why

Allah anything about this a lot of

professional athletes in America

particularly NBA players and NFL players

they come they come from single to

single by their homes right there's a

lot of stories are similar my mom had me

when she was 14 15 16 years old

dude neighbor and what did that who did

they fuck when they were 14 15 16 they

fucked super alpha guys who were

obviously not gonna stick around so you

think to yourself how can a guy grow to

be six foot nine and 260 pounds and

that's exactly I'm thinking nine LeBron

is 692 60

why cause Gators is LeBron six nothing

dude LeBron is six nine 860 pounds he's

built like an NF duties built like a

defensive end only in basketball

look LeBron is literally a walking

fucking tree he's six foot nine is giant

like like how I see is like after six

foot three deeds

I no longer tall they're like they're

just giants they look they're like

frickin they're like freakishly

outlandish okay it's all but you - all

right you just you just look we play

rugby but the only motherfucker I'm six

foot two right and he was six or five

he's the only motherfucker I've ever had

to look up to I mean he's in basketball

right so good for that sir you you want

to be a giant ambassadors it's good for

your sport it's good for your craft but

imagine imagine being in a plane at six

oh my god or even like custom-made beds

and shit like Easy's legs you might hang

off the end no I'm at Dean as a kid I

was a big wrestling one okay well Andre

the Giant obviously you know died of

gigantism whatever they were telling

stories the world isn't made for giant

people and they said they used to tell

stories about when he'd go wrestle in

hotels or whatever he was too big to

shit on the toilet right he was too big

to shit even in the bathtub so we have

to take shits and like in like blankets

right because because

was a big-enough the world Jesus Christ

what was it made for it for big people

my point is is with regards to fertile

eggs I think that that endless and I'm

just I'm just this is just being this is

just you know a theory but I think

that's the reason why a lot of our

American professional athletes

specifically guys who play in the NBA

and the NFL are the size they are it

does have to do with genetics but it

also has to do with the fact that their

mothers had them at such a young age I

think the younger the younger up listen

when you get into your when you when you

get into your you know 14 15 16 years

old your eggs are fertilized

you get inseminated by by an alpha guy

yeah you're gonna be shitting out kids

who were you know who were genetic I

know I know he's trying to say that the

younger the the woman the higher high

quality of course and obviously young

young women don't young young women

don't copulate with fucking alpha male

yeah so you got this lame right guy work

out for his fuck genetics he's like 6:15

he's a fucking asshole yep he's like

what banging it it's a bang in the

shower she's like super young that's the

that's the thing right if a guy I think

this bit I think this is what I'm saying

on the show

look if a what if a woman thinks you're

like an alpha or high quality or a G or

Whammer she will want you to come beside

her right right like instinctively but

if she doesn't she won she'll be like

you know super I can't my kitties

whatever right so I mean that's just the

thing guy should know she doesn't want

you to come inside her she doesn't

respect you she doesn't really know him

she's like on a genetic level she's like

I you know he's like he slips bitch a

genetic I'll tell you something else two

men I think that abortion abortion is

that is the ultimate sign of hypergamy

by you and she doesn't want to take she

doesn't want to carry your kid the firm

dude you ain't Alpana you man if some

woman having the size enough to carry on

like it's how I'm an avatar you know dad

what thank you my jeans are amazing I'm

English listening to this are live a

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ask him a question i've got a question

here from corn hunt 80 from car nut 888

he says what advice would you offer to a

red people father of a growing daughter

should she take advantage of my

knowledge of what not to do Oh obvious

answer is yes okay okay can we get more

cut he sat he sounds like he has

something on his mind but he doesn't

want to say what it is if they saying

should I teach my daughter what I know

about life and men like well yeah but by

the thing about the thing about women is

they're not good at fucking stuff up but

they're easy fat that yeah alright so

like I always try and say like dudes are

like well woman a cunning and blah blah

blah which is true but they're easily

fact that like tea

like a gaming kind of mouthful like in

video games you get like the wizard and

the wizard always has a really high

attack so can i fuck you up but has a

really low defense or gets easily fact

that women are like wizards they can

fuck you up there really easily fucked

up if I say say you you you've got it

you if you want to if you want to teach

a girl about the the demons in the world

you don't like robber over innocence or

whatever like yeah you know it's not

yeah yeah yeah I agree that's what it is

it's a balance on that so yeah that

requires finesse and I'll see it depends

on age but you uni I I think I think you

actually need to guide a woman more than

a man because they're less logical and

women trust their emotions too much like

they trust them too much like with women

think emotions are legit they're like

thing it's like oh it's like I feel

something so it's true do you know how

many like feelings I've had but I just

fucking bullshit like I feel it

but it's bullshit it's like if I go with

this feeling I'm fucking myself over we

don't have that self-awareness they just

get resolved white a feeling like no no

no it's not reason that's a bad idea

you don't listen I agree with you but

listen I'll submit this to you I am I'll

submit this to you it's women yeah

act on emotion and feelings then guess

what then that would be then a lot of us

wouldn't be here right if women were

logical about their single activities

then the world's population would be a

three and a half billion instead of

seven plug I mean I don't know because

if you think about it what women a

pretty rigorous in there and who they

meet with well I mean they're rigorous

that we meet but when they meet men that

they're physically to attract if you

want a primal level they've already made

that decision all of the reasoning goes

out the door he's got three mamas

he's uneducated you know whatever the

case may be he's living at home he

didn't have two nickels to rub together

but if he arouses her dude at that point

then all logic goes out the door because

her emotions have now been activated

there's no reason we should fuck that

guy but she will with women's soccer

logic anyway that's why none of them are

fucking bitch grandmasters none of them

the chess grandmasters they can't see

you like 20 steps ahead and plan

everything and blah blah blah maybe some

like weird outlier woman somewhere the

fucking autism he can but you know she's

an outlier like here's the thing most

women suck at logic and of the woman who

don't psychologically don't eat those

women don't even prefer logic so it's

like a little bit more specific since

I'm trying to decide what knowledge to

drop on her here's the thing I

understand what he was asking right

obviously you want to impart your wisdom

on your daughter I think what he's

asking is how would you raise a daughter

in 2018 as a man with red pill awareness

what would you tell her to do what would

you tell her not to do oh very general

question both first star I would tell

I'm not to be a fault

what's that me daddy means that hoe over

there so don't have your hair sure I

don't don't believe in feminism because

it's bullshit don't get with a guy who's

weak okay

do do read books do you try to expand

your mind do you take care of yourself

don't do fucking drugs right they like

just I mean it obviously it's more than

that but there's I actually think I

think more important is what not to do

them what to do I was just going there I

was just going there listen I did an

episode a long time ago abound and

now listen for those of you who are not

familiar cuz me and i--i but we've done

a lot of shows together some of our most

explosive incendiary shows have come as

a result of the race okay Jamaicans oh

my god fucking hate rate he's like do

white just because of your accent but

but as a father again you have to you

have to lead by example and here's what

I mean when I went up when I'm bringing

race into it a lot of guys a lot of

people wonder why white girls why young

white girls 14 15 16 years old are

starting to date black guys at seemingly

at a higher clip seemingly well it's

because they had week they have week

white father's the only masculinity that

they see are in people you don't look

like their father so in other words if

you want you if you don't want your

daughter dating outside her race as a

white father need to be a strong white

feathers the same thing with black

mothers black mothers lose their shit

when their black sons date white women

just like white fathers lose their shit

when they're white daughters date black

boys if you're a black mother be be the

embodiment of a feminine woman a

feminine woman who is worthy of being

treated like a woman and your son will

in turn seek out women who are like you

same with you as a father if you want

your if you want your daughter to sneak

out good just strong masculine men then

guess what you got to be that example

and that's and that's actually not even

a racial thing at that point if you want

your daughter not too deep that's a date

weak men don't be a weak man but to your

point space of what you said let's do it

one one I think one of the reasons black

men white women and I say bright man I

think I know what it is and literally

I've literally never been in a

majority-black area in the United States

however I do have a Twitter account and

I've experienced black holes with oh

here we go here we go black black black

fuck Twitter

these fucking bitches so arrogant and

insufferable oh my god just nasty and

they just dismiss everything just

dismiss everything you telling them is

true from shit ever and they're just

horrible human beings like they're just

not feminine right so right what I see

this is my fear and I'm open to being

corrected on what I seriously don't

think I'm wrong I think the reason that

a lot of black dudes rather date white

goes or just basically any chick who

isn't black whatever you hit it on the

head black girls are constantly hitting

me all over the place well we don't want

you out there too arrogant

ameri-ghen they're too arrogant and

they're not feminine and here's the

thing I decided a long time and it was

funny because it wasn't a conscious

decision I just didn't decide you know

what I'm just gonna stop dating black

women know when I took the red pill and

and I started to progress in my in my

red pill development

black women became less and less

attractive to me as a natural byproduct

and that if there's a black woman right

and she's feminine so she's she's

accommodating and she's sweet and she's

sensitive on whatever she's gonna be

worth a lot more than some chick who's

like you ain't shit nigger and all this

is just like right just bein just being

an asshole and just like constantly

giving you shit all the time like that

like a woman who constantly gives you

shit in time who is Eric is like the

female equivalent of a guy who is weak

what ice we got there you go it's the

female equivalent there you go man

and that's the flipside why are white

goes dating non-white men because white

guys are being too personally the

justá-- position is like the inverse

juxtaposition it's poetic

we as black men we don't date white girl


don't date white girls because they're

white we date white girls because

they're not black white girls date black

dudes not because they're black they'd

eat them because they're not weak white

guys it's maximum like that you know

that they in a tattooed black guy he's

probably like sold some crack they're

not they're not dating the awkward black

guy who he marries a skinny motherfucker

and doesn't adzes or two girls cuz there

are you know there are there are some

black guys she hurt you on that master

they doing dick I mean they're they're

rare but they exist and those aren't

black guys that those chicks are going

out with like women will just women are

just attracted to masculinity I don't

get it and it doesn't know why I fucking

they just said matter you could be you

could be Chinese or Indian Asian or

Indian and we both know that those guys

were at the bottom of politics but he's

a thing he's a thing right so in Japan a

lot of the guys I get in really like

fucking soy they call them herbivores oh

my just like they basically they play

video games watch anime and they like

hardly ever leave their houses you like

hentai pay no like yeah you know like

yeah yeah they're into like hentai and

anime and like video games and they just

live at home with their parents and I

like faithful and they obviously the

woman I'm feeling that shit right so I

mean the Japanese are very really racist

like they don't they don't like dating

outside their own people so it's not

it's not even like I'm Asian so I don't

like being our whites or Mexicans or

whatever it's like I'm Japanese so I

only wanted a Japanese people but

they're so like there's so many of these

hope of all guys the Japanese goes

actually day in western times that's

right same with if it wasn't the same

with Indian and Asian girls we're same

with Indian and Asian girls Indian and

Asian girls don't want Indian and Asian

men anymore like this is and it has

nothing to do with

nationality and everything to do with

their masculinity this is why black men

don't date black women because black

women are too masculine that's all there

is to it

ridiculous if you're a feminine woman it

doesn't matter if you're black or

fucking Asian or whatever if you're a

feminine woman men will like you any

answer and for men it doesn't matter if

whatever the fuck you are if you're

masculine women will like you all right

you have to be you have to be true to

your your to your sex if you're if

you're a man you need to be masculine

for a woman you need to be feminine like

you this this actually Louise me also I

can't do anything about it I just notice

it but I find this quite rich you get

these masculine women and they complain

about guys who aren't very like you're

too feminine it's like bitch you ain't

even feminine you complaining this guy's

not masculine you know him feminine so

why do you do what why do you deserve

like you I saw you live it you have a

higher T levels than me right now is 950

nanograms per deciliter nigga what's a

deciliter go get your tests check you'll

know this is what this is honestly it's

really how I see it it's really simple

they need to be masculine when they need

to be found in if woman is feminine she

will have no problem getting a man of a

like please every woman's like I want a

guy who's like a total fucking G he's

like really arrogant and he makes tons

of money and he's smart and he's at

least six like women have ridiculous

standards and I think and I think women

who are honest with themselves know like

that like there's some chick somewhere

right she's like got an eye here like 90

five right she works as a waitress and

she lives in like a shit part of town

and she thinks she deserves Christian

fucking great right women bring men have

more like men obviously men like be a

woman no one's gonna serve that but but

men have more rational expectations

relative to their own position where is

like a woman who is like six out of ten

like in all regards in terms of like

intellect achievements Beauty fertility

etc think she should have like fucking

mr. big miss the center of the universe

you know mr. fucking I've got five

businesses and I'm a Qi and I have a

fucking six pack and my networks like

more than twenty twenty million dollars

and I Drive the fucking Lamborghini

every like Lane women think they deserve

this I understand he's attractive to you

right but it's like a man who is like a

six out of ten right and no he's he's a

six out of ten

even though he's attracted to a

supermodel woman he knows he's never

gonna you know he's never gonna get hurt

that's right we're so much let's think

in that regard

yeah but a woman who just sits out

sounds like no I won't settle for

anything less than this fucking like

Marcia you're you're you're you're

betraying yourself this what they have

less realistic expectations yes and we

do why they expectations because though

I'm bargaining

there hypergamy and the world tells them

that no matter what you look like girl

you are beautiful you deserved you

deserve bullshit things put my nigga

with the with plenty of a 9-inch dick

making eight figures driving at them

he's a thing women age like shit have

you seen women age we've seen many

compare how many women listen dude

George Clooney do George Clooney Tom

Cruise who's another guy dude Johnny I

you want to do what the kicker is men

don't even wear makeup

we still aged well and women are like

smothered and makeup and like pretty

dresses and they still aging like shit

yeah it's it's but it cannot they have

so much their their higher their

standards are so much higher than ours

but it's ridiculous it's understand like

I understand while a biologically

evolutionarily speaking it's because

eggs are more valuable to spam but

here's the thing old eggs and probably

won't even fertilize I'm serious if

you're a full year old woman the chance

your eggs successfully fertilized from a

guy's a total fucking genius about 5%

every month

therefore 5% transfer having the kid on

40 weight and if you want to have IVF

that's you know poor people can't even

afford it it's gonna cost you hundreds

of thousands of dollars and you've not

even guaranteed to have a child but you

left it too late because you're a

fucking idiot because you spent your

fucking twenties like dude like oh I was

studying and then I went into a

corporate job where you're a fucking

idiot you should add a kid in your

twenties and you could have got a job

and you could have gone to university

later your guy would have taken care of

you you believe in you or now now now

you're your ends or now your eggs were

like rotten eggs or Berenice shit you

can't have kids I didn't take any

pleasure and sand seriously done yeah I

don't think it's not listen your your

listen you're a better man than me I

take Greek I think you ain't shit I

think you know I think one of the

biggest betrayal feminism is to women

not telling them the the capriciousness

the fragility the temporary nature of

their fertility women think they can

just go forever and have a kid it's like

no like a man can have a kid at 60 yes

you can

No you've already been through menopause

a woman's fertility window is

significantly shorter than a man's

am i can basically have kids from with

your father

yes we can father an infinite number of

children dude if I listen if a man wear

a hat were to have unprotected sex five

six times a day with five different five

six different women dude that's an

infinite number of kids women can't do

that ergo the the angel what you said

eggs are more valuable than sperm but at

a certain age the eggs are not quite as

valuable as sperm that's how it is don't

sing I think they're any fat cutting is

the last so but let's say for argument's

sake a woman goes through menopause at

50 all right

there's different ages for different

woman there's someone that's like 48 for

I have a woman it's like 54 or 52

whatever there's like a range to it so

we'll just say it's 50 frogs sake right

say a woman goes through menopause at 50

what does a menopause mean that means

she stops releasing eggs and she can't

have children because she has no eggs

left she's used a low eggs right sure

well 10 years before she goes through

menopause is extremely hard for her to

conceive so if she goes through

menopause at 50 at 40 she has a 5%

chance of her eggs successfully

fertilized so you I like a woman trying

to have a kid after 35

it's like a pointless man well it's like

you've had 35 years already and what did

you do we doing what were you doing

mommy so yeah just getting just get a

bunch of dick carousel Express it's like

but this is honestly I think this is the

biggest way in which feminism has

betrayed a woman because it because for

feminism feminism is literally in your

most fertile years when you're in your

early 20s

yep just don't do you know you you don't

need men go and study and make a ton of

money right and that's an so it's

wasting and use and appellees fertile


and in feminism feminism doesn't tell

women Oh have a child when you young and

your fertility still go blah blah blah

no total opposite incorrect I actually

think feminism is an ideology is

fertility negative whereas religion as

an ideology is facility positive so

religion encourages women to reproduce

and to reproduce at a young age and you

know so like like to to be subservient

to a man took to a righteous strong and

benevolent man I'm blah blah blah

feminism just like man you know fucking

you don't need men to know you got time

yeah you know fish needs a bicycle which

is bullshit you do you think you think a

woman in a jungle or in a Savannah or

what the fuck ever would have survived

without men you seen woman's of muscle

mass woman a woman wrestle a fucking

tiger not only that it's it's this is

why women it here's something else

here's another way that feminism has

betrayed women it doesn't tell women it

doesn't it doesn't tell women about the

mental and physical drawbacks of being a

slut all through your 20s let listen

ABB's let's not even talk about it let's

not even talk about the fact that you've

had so much sperm shot in you you've got

the DNA of hundreds of men in you which

could probably be passed on to your kid

and some let's not even talk about that

let's talk about the emotional and

psychological effects you get fucked by

enough guys you cannot you cannot

mentally or physically para bond with a

men we've all heard of the thing in a

marriage called the 7-year itch the

7-year itch seven years probably the

seven month itch now here in 2018 but

this is what this is why this is the

main reason marriages don't last is

because women they get fucked all

through their 20s they finally decide to

settle down when they're 30 years old

anything to themselves why am I not

attracted to my husband anymore like why

do I still want to fuck other guys like

what's wrong with me what's like why

like why am I not satisfied by my

husband because you are broken mentally

sex is emotional for women no matter how

no matter how they slice women with

women can't detach from sex La Manga no

like the big thing yet absolutely cannot

when women have no no I love women they

have an inferiority complex yes this was

my feminism born in the first place they

they the average like the average IQ of

a woman is free points lower than the

average IQ of a man

yeah sure than men they're not as

physically strong as men and women who

want to win I'm what to dominate i want

to conquer and want to be in charge and

what power they hate shit I wish I was a


feminism this is a bunch of women who

wish they were men like literally the

dominant lesbian females wear fake dicks

they literally wish it were me it's like

they literally with they do then like

it's like it's like the denial of the

value of femininity there there there is

value in femininity yes you're not

you're not the strongest or whatever we

don't need to be you need to be strong

because of your feminine you will

attract masculine strong men like that's

what habits men men are looking for

someone stronger than them no it won't

someone stronger than them in a fight

like a lot more than a them scene so

fucking understand it's like I wanna see

it just right from from what from where

I work from where I'm standing it's this

just seems to be this massive like

absence of with I'm just I'm just here

I'm like how do you not know this right

how can write how can you go through

your life and not know this it's like

wow it's like no you have woman going

around and they think what they want in

a man it's what a man wants in a woman

right right every time so every so a

woman wants a man who makes a lot money

and has a good job whatever so they're

like well I have a really good job they

say men give a shit we don't care right

we don't care

yeah they don't they don't fucking get

it do they

feminism feminism indirectly tells women

that hey get masculine qualities

masculine traits and you will attract

men and and so um and so what would

happen is if they go and they do all

these things and then they don't get

they don't get a man they don't get a

man they're like well what happened like

why can't I get a man you know what I

mean tell me mine my I've decided and my

if I if and when I have a daughter she's

not gonna be a fuckin idiot and he is

I'm just gonna X Allah

just leave her and I had some white girl

flipped in the hood calm right my

brother Tyrone says come here little

girl you lost yes I'm lost I don't know

I live my dad's off in the hood what can

I do to go right home this is the thing

there's only so much you can do all

right there's only so much you can do as

a parent if your kids gonna be a retard


there's only so much and it doesn't

doesn't matter from what your races or a

fuck ever is that as a father as like a

as like a benevolent kind of like don't

dominant altruistic figure there's only

so much wisdom and guidance you can

provide and if your kids just gonna

assume you have the worst intentions for

them and just rebel against you

irrespective fuck them okay I've got my

I've got my own as a man I have my own

sense of honour right I have my own

sense of dignity and I feel and if I do

my best for you and you disrespect that

by being a fucking thought right by

going around just giving your pussy to

whatever fucking guys who want your

pussy guess what fuck you that's my


all right I've given you like if I if

I've given you

I bet I've done everything for you right

I've tried really fucking hard and

you're still a four then I'm taking the

L I'm I'm just I'm just like fuck it


enjoy your life go and have daddy issues

because I'm done okay I've got my limits

man you can't just some people you know

people who are more so like oh well you

can't do that that's not nice

you gotta forgive them you gotta be

patient it's like forty-year right so I

spend he's raising this child I gave

them I I provide for them I protected

them I gave them food I gave them

guidance I gave him wisdom I did my best

and he still became a fucker man fuck

you just fuck you just fuck you I don't

know that's the harsh thing to say but

it's like you you do pain you can't you

you can't you can't you can't support

and facilitate and maintain the generous

e within you or within your Drive annual

rate within your family if something

goes wrong for what every like your see

you've got to try your best right but if

if you try your best and it's still

fuck's up you just gotta cut a cancel

off and that's hard a lot of people

can't do that

they will just you know they will keep

the connection right they'll keep the

connection and they will go down with

the ship man they will go down with the

ship man yeah I'm a thurible even

lobotomizing cancer I agree listen just

like I said listen

easier said than done it still got to be

done that's the sound savages fuck

believe and I know most people won't do

that really want a whole woman in your


he was just like date like just like say

you see your daughter's like 27 and

she's just like they in these guys who

are fucking idiots you know just like I

don't know fuck like type guys who are

just like dumb as hell and then what's

she gonna do she's gonna have a kid by

him and then he's gonna disappear and

you've gotta like be like the surrogate

father even though you're like the


of her kid because she chose poorly even

they you told her a million times no you

don't want to be that guy and she's just

like a fucking perpetual adolescent and

she's like well that doesn't like him so

I'm gonna be with him

it's like fucking just fuck you yeah you

know it's like you're not entitled to

infinite benevolence and forgiveness

you're just not great you either listen

what you don't like you you've got to

have limits and people tend to think

with their kids oh well I'll just

forgive my kids cuz they're my kids on

math you know it doesn't work that way

you will go down with the ship there's

something else peaking of what you were

talking about there's something that I

like to call outlier TV and and let me

let me let me explain let me let me

explain what I mean by this here captain

Cap'n Crunch 420 says once you

completely once you've completely

internalized the red pill you will see

the blue pill world as lines of code of

course we all know that's a sentence

that is say that is a minute ryx

reference but here's the thing there one

of the main reasons why one of the main

reasons why the women have such high

standards and the reason why they have

such lofty goals and expectations for

themselves is because of what I call

outlier TV and listen I'm a liar TV

sells right like and what I mean by

outlier TV is that television programs

movies are all based on the extreme

outlier situations listen can women

learn what will hold a key and women

becomes doctors absolutely can women

become powerful and and this and that

and the other and attract powerful men

absolutely those are the exceptions to

the rule and women base their mantras

their lifestyles their goals their

expectations on exceptions to the rule

the Grey's Anatomy is a perfect example

the whole fuckin Hospital nothing but

female surgeons the fuck dude they're

the the female ahead of listen the head

of surgery is an option that black woman

who's they're just big attractive

marriages that's all outlier TV well she

does it on TV so I can do it well X Y Z

in an X Y Z movie Steve jumped on the

party bus and so she was 35 years old


and had it and had a and had a family

why can't I

women are basing their that women are

basing real-world expectations and

real-world goals on shit that's

make-believe it's unbelievable yeah yeah

oh yeah woman have a propensity for

thinking they can be average or

above-average and just get again who is

like elite they they they're a nice that

they're nice obviously it's hypergamy

but that's a cognitive bias that like

like like negativity bias is like you

remember and pay more attention to

things that are negative on positive

because they are potential threats they

they they could affect your survival or

as a positive thing cannot a positive

thing isn't going to has no chance of

undermining your survival so we tend to

notice negative things a lot of positive

things as negativity bias right Oh what

what what woman's like I don't even like

hypergolic bias is thinking oh I can be

average or slightly above average I

don't have a guy's a fucking G he's just

gonna love great right and they don't

get that because and then they blame it

on the patriarchy

listen got a question actually got a few

questions coming in here the first ones

from the red prince he says did you have

to groom your girl to be a G you have to

have he says you have to have a good

girl as you mentioned in Twitter so what

so was that how she was when you met her

or did you make her standards very clear

to her and groomed her into the G she is

I'm gonna quickly answer this whatever

goes G there's no such thing is really a

quality woman especially in this

environment you're not gonna meet many

women who are just automatically gonna

be quality women you have to make her

that way you have to groom her properly

you have to set the boundaries of

standards this is exactly what I did

I listened I did a two part I did a two

part episode I'll actually release that

on patron here pretty soon how to groom

a woman to be your main chick the do's

and the don'ts so my girlfriend now when

I met her she was just like every other

American girl

out there but now she's not and it took

a good year year and a half to get her

to where she is you would kind of

climbing because I'm training and listen

and listen you were there from the start

man like dude I was telling you about

her and this and the other and now we're

at a point where you have a good

relationship so let's say you did you

groom your girl to be your main chick or

did she go well okay so I think an

underlying Wow okay so if I answer that

question by rightly I'm actually quite

lucky my um my go is not perfect and

obviously there's things I need to train

in my book sure I'm her fan I'm a first

man so she has no baggage yeah you did

yeah I know I know so but it doesn't

mean there's no training to be done but

what it does mean it means this no

deprogramming to be done means you don't

need to it means you don't need to run

me like that it means she hasn't learnt

things that are negative or detrimental

to her that you need to remove from and

and it's a lower difficulty level I

agree I mean when I mean she's almost

like a clean canvas almost like a blank

slate you just have to make sure not to

fuck it up right right I mean you know

I'm not trying to base with Mike and I'm

not I'm not trying to like pedestal I

Saraiva but my my my guy was not a good

example because she's an outlier in many

ways sure like you know she's like

naturally said me see if she has like no

baggage it's never been with a man

before me it's not it's not really

representative of what most men have to

deal with right so you don't see it at


all the time well I mean I like being an

asshole anyway because I'm a good girl

or not all girls like assholes oh yeah

I mean even if she's not even if they

goes not um not an asshole

Oh girls love assholes man they they

love them I mean if you're an asshole

you're gonna get way more pussy from

your girl than if you're not an asshole

that's right just yeah it's in that DNA

like this guy's an asshole given person

another question here from from will

Chrisman six one six weapon for both of

you how bold can you be in person

talking to women these days without

getting hit with a quote sexual

harassment lawsuit this is a non

workplace environment I'll let you go

first you can be bought as fuck of

course you can listen check this out

bold masculine men don't get accused of

sexual harassment they don't get accused

of rape well the thing is even if you do

she doesn't name name nope you should

not workplace environment right so she

doesn't know your name she has no

information about you she doesn't know

where you live so she's gonna be a

weirdo and be like oh this guy was super

masculine to me and I want to like file

an official complaint in a bar I mean

the thing is the thing I personally I I

think as a man it like for a man's own

like internal sense of health mental

health and intrinsics mental stability

you need about a man needs to balance

his ego against his intelligence right

and I'm not saying that ego is

unintelligent but I'm saying ego the

arrogance of the ego leads to

foolishness so a man has to be able to

because when you're really arrogant

you're like fuck it I don't care I'm

gonna do that anyway and you don't

properly evaluate the risks and the

threats because you just think you're a

G right and where is the only opposite

side of that is you

just don't you're just cautious and you

don't commit to anything I'll make any

decisions here on the infinite

procrastinator because you you're just

stuck in your head and you don't take

any risk so a ban has like um the Zen of

a man or like the being balanced as a

man is knowing when to be an arrogant


there you go but but also knowing when

not to be an hour and that's hard that's

really hard it's hard it's it's um it's

especially especially within the context

of dealing with a woman like sometimes

it's hard to know when to turn on and

off the asshole faucet but that just

takes experience thing is with women

I think women reward eager teeth and

they can't help it all right you can't

help it's an alter you can volunteer

it's an email you're not doing it


it's the nature and I'm not making

excuses for them these this is what I've

observed it's their nature women reward

arrogance like if I'm a total asshole

for a goal and I'm just like you're ugly

you're T suck fuck you and I'm just like

an abusive fucking piece of shit she is

she seriously I'm like you better if

she's gonna treat you better than if

she's gonna love me if and this is

fucked up I actually think this is

fucked up but I'm not lying it's true

but if I'm if I'm if I treat her fairly

and you know I mean I'm sensitive and

gentle to to her weaknesses but I'm

slightly an asshole now and again she

she won't respect me as much as if I'm

just a complete ass all the fucking time

that's a flaw and I perceive that as a

floor in women women disproportionately

reward evil and arrogance like like

sociopaths have no problem again Posey

right like like D do you just treat

women like shit and just like salt them


don't give a fuck about their feelings

and I just complete cunts right women

just let bend over right you know it's

interesting I think and and and you you

probably can answer this question I

think that evil and arrogance is

perceived as masculine I thought that


yes power right I think women perceive

evil and arrogance and as Hillary as

because a woman's never gonna come out

and say listen I love arrogant men but

what they want is is is masculinity and

it seems like the heroes that are

sensitive and you know they have a

strong sense of justice and this and

that and the other it would it would

appear that they have a lot of beta

traits about them which is why evil and

arrogant men are rewarded with far more

pussy than these heroes out there

well what evil Americans I would say all

negatively masculine it's the calm right

Fred between negatively masculine evil

arrogance dominance they love dominance

that's right it's a it's like how a

woman wants to be treated in the bedroom

yep if he foreshadowed that

psychologically in your interactions she

wants a guy who keeps her in her place

and she wouldn't tell you that this is I

mean guys are like well water what women

tell me what they want it's like because

if a woman tells you what she wants and

she's being dominant and she wants you

to be you might think you want that but

you don't really want that by the way I

need to emphasize this I'm gonna tell my

son this I'm gonna tell my son all this

shit right a lot of guys they're not

they're not getting told anything useful

I don't know what I don't know what

fathers are doing these things but

they're not they're not probably doing

it right

no no I don't know the fuck they do I

like what do they know anyway like

seriously you shouldn't you should need

to go on Twitter and fucking read tweets

Makaveli avatar to learn about women


you know your dad should be telling your

father yes this is your father

this Cooper's job it is it is and you

know I don't have kids yeah but I like

I'm projecting ahead and I'm thinking

and feeling or thinking and feeling but

when I do you have kids that this is my

job to teach them they stuff personally

right like I don't want my kids learning

this shit off a dude on Twitter I from

me right always I will be a shit father

and I have a property before my

responsibility as a man right yeah fuck

it deeply upsets me that like the

responsibility of like a generation of

men to pass on knowledge to their sons

my wisdom and obviously your your son's

gonna fuck up and yes he's gonna wake up

late but you shouldn't go in completely

blind like maybe you give him the

knowledge and he knows it and he makes

the mistake anyway and he's like okay

well that noise was correct but that's

completely different from true

never having no knowledge and going into

a shear situation and then have to try

and work out the whole thing from his

cell fuck for himself

based upon the mistakes he made like

parental guidance is really fucking

important and then specifically

fatherly guidance fatherly guarded is

most important like I'm at the far I

believe that beyond the age of like 10

or 11 years old women aren't much good

to children especially sons okay

they just they suck at logic woman about

logic and I took they're too emotional

it's like like how I like how I see is

well as men we're not really too

interested in young little children it's

fair annoying you think you've changed

the diapers when he gets that AIDS when

he can turn a reggie outlets yeah I'm

gonna be that's my god I'm just like

that for the first like ten years that's

your job all right

tell me when the kids ten okay obviously

I'm gonna pay for stuff but I'm like

tell me when the kids ten and then I'll

stop talking to it because you can't

have a deeper enriching conversation

with a very sick child right but IIIi

feel like children outgrow their mothers

they are cut off I have my boy bullies

do anyway like sons like thank you

you're a teenage boy and you're with a

single mother so you're like a 14 year

old boy yeah well how does she feel

other than feeding you and you and you

need guidance from your mother about

life she can't she can't she can't give

it to you

she cost you oh she will she'll just

give you shall give you severely flawed

advice hey Don there's this girl I like

a school what am I supposed to do just

like oh it's like no you tell our brush

sinks and pull a hair slippery-ass yeah

yours forever

thank you mama mama be like a gentleman

it's like mom dad's didn't get here

being a gentleman he's a fucking asshole

gentlemen you are eliciting to TSR live

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calm rather and as we as we bring this

thing to a close the one thing I wanted

to ask you about is what happens in yes

the Royal Wedding

I knew it I do it what are your thoughts

on the royal wedding Megan listen one of

us one of ours got over on one of

y'all's let's listen let's talk let's

call this what it is

this is a victory this is a victory for

Megan Marco dude this chick is gonna be

37 in less than three months

this bitch managed to hammer a who is

too stupid to understand how high his

value really is so what is it once on

the rag I'm gonna get conspiratorial I

think this is like we'd kind of like

soil wow it's weird it's really because

if we think my prince william he's his

girlfriend slash wife his missus

whatever she's like a very sort of like

refined yes claim lady she's the leader

she exactly she's respected mega mark

was a banged out thought oh my god

banged out dated a porn star and and

then there's like the race component

like everyone's like oh she's black I

say I'm not when I look her she doesn't

know black to me like she doesn't look

European she looks like she's mixed but

she is really she is super likes like

super luxe you like she is she's not

white but she's not black either she's

like she's like lighter than the

lightest black but darker than white she

select and white you know what I'm

saying yes because it's just black for

Twitter's like Oh black ops compressing

France in Christ there yes it's like

have you seen make a mark like if she's

black she's like prepare this black

person in the world

this is outlier TV listen right a36

going on here old post walls woman star

was in a sorority and in college or at


lived in Barcelona doing it she studied

abroad in Barcelona Spain did an

internship in Argentina so basically she

got banged out by European and

Argentinean dudes this sis manages to

luck out and marry a prince and the only

reason why she lucked out is because

this Prince simply doesn't know any

better now girls think just like you

said black thought Twitter they think CD

black now bitch you ain't marrying a

motherfucking Prince they hatin on black

guys fuck you my girlfriend's way the

good black girls all the time something

nigga we don't want you anyway good I

don't care the thing is this is what

black girls don't feel to realize we are

a black woman's only option okay their

only option and listen are there black

women out there who can date white guys

regular semi-regularly sure they are few

and far between and even those girls

have a hard time dating white guys

because white guys hold white girls

here's the thing we as black men we're

attracted to women of all races so when

black women come at me with some

bullshit like we're about to jump ship

we're done fucking with niggas okay

that's all well and good but what ship

are y'all jump into like who is gonna

fuck just a name it's just arrogance man

it's a two-hour banana Dolph being that

works it's just we're not being rational

like if we if if we if we are fair and

realistic about things

Asian guys right apart from like the

very high tier ones right

most nation on black men I'm gonna fuck

that with say they need to stop talking

shit the Richter we wanted but one of

the biggest reasons guys will have a

racist song this is a - arrogant -

arrogant the - fucking arrogant and I

did as a white guy I don't like

fucking arrogant white woman I didn't

like arrogant woman of any race right I

don't to me is masculine like if you're

if you're gonna if you can meet arrogant

to me I can just fuck off because what

my life is better without you any giving

me your Aragon bullshit and I'm sure

black guys through the same way about

black woman they look for this bitch

you're like what like if you're a black

guy yeah and some and he's black woman

oh just giving you shit and I be mad

whatever fuck this I'm gonna find a girl

who's not like that if she's white where

she's Asian or what the fuck ever she is

then good I just don't want to deal with

it do you just don't want to deal with

Aragon bullshit from woman and if a guy

can get a woman who's not gonna give him

Aragon bullshit he's gonna choose her

over one who's gonna give her maragon

bullshit wanna see black woman in

America they need they need you got a

cut assassin the bullshit and I honestly

I don't think they're gonna do it III

think they're gonna condemn themselves

and they're gonna live in their bitter

weed fucking arrogant bubble of

delusional nonsense perpetually I wish

they wouldn't because I want them to be


I want to find a nice man I've never

physically met them so I don't hate them

you got to deal with them so you're

probably like fucker yeah it's not it's

not black female arrogance when they

come back and say well we don't want you

guys at cetera et cetera et cetera the

the problem the problem is this is then

there they may clap back or they talk

shit to Satan mate because deep down

inside they really know the score but

they can't say you know what

all right so black men don't want to

date us anymore that sucks for us they

can't say that out loud they have to say

well you know what we're gonna start

dating other races of men you guys ain't

shit anyway they have to do they have to

do this to save face and to make it and

and and to make it look as though

they're not bothered by what's by the

writing that's on the wall it is obvious

that black women are at the bottom of

the sexual totem pole but they don't

want to admit it and this is why

they had that false arrogance on on

social media he's the thing that there's

a matter of woman's black or whatever

arrogance but I believe them at least in

America I think black women as a group

are probably more arrogant than women of

other groups and guess what that's

gotten them it's gotten them nowhere no

what no it's got them a whole lot of

welfare and a whole lot of have some

baby daddies right you got that right

but but arrogance is not good on a woman

. but period no of course not doesn't

matter what race you are like like

arrogance on a woman is like so e on a

man they don't realize they don't

realize this no they do not

it's the same thing it's the same thing

as a guy it the male a male version of a

slut is a man who gives up the

commitment too easily right so we go out

on a first date with a girl we fuck on

the first date we we we we fuck on the

first date okay well we want to consume

you fucking about what not we're not

gonna wipe we're not thinking about her

for a long-term commitment because we

know she's a slut she focused on the

first date well it's the same as a guy

going out with a girl and when he walks

up to the port saying hey would you like

to see my girl for an answer for the

first date she's not attracted to that

you gave up the commitment too soon

women think women think that what what

makes them attractive to men is the same

thing that's gonna make us attractive to

them it does not work that way black

women think that the more arrogant and

asshole ish that they are they think

they're going to be attractive to men of

all races and they're not the day that

they then know deadly delusional against

themselves interests right there maybe

seriously oh like obviously I'm all

black woman but if I was and I had my

and I still had the mind I have now

which I wouldn't if I was a Bible

because I'd be a crazy fucking bitch

great ah but if I was a black woman and

they had the mind I have now I use some

kind of fucking common sense and logic I

would be like well I would try to

understand what men want and I would try

to give them that but at the same time I

would also try to evaluate the risks

that come with being with a man so like

what do I not like him man what doing

not wanting them how do I need to

protect myself from them and at the same

time how do I appeal to men I wouldn't

just be like oh you know what fuck it

I'm gonna compensate with arrogance and

only men who can conquer my arrogance or

worry of like that's a really shit

strategy but they don't they don't they

don't miss at all they don't and it's

like it's like wait like I've literally

never met an african-american woman my

entire life ever right and you're

putting in that's a good thing you don't

want to meet one but I've had these

bitches tweet me right and even from

their tweets I'm just like fuck you like

I don't like it's ridiculous it is

absolutely ridiculous it's just it's

it's one thing after the other I got one

last question here this is actually an

interest this is actually an interesting

question the guy wants to know he says

Donovan has it ever gone well for you

red pilling a woman like explaining the

sexual strategy um the answer to that

question and again and listen rigor I

know you want to show off your newfound

red tool knowledge dude no never explain

the sexual strategy to women because

they're because explaining a woman's

sexual strategy to a woman puts her in a

negative light she's gonna deny

everything she says because she realizes

wait a minute this isn't right

this is not what we do women are fair

and just an honorable and virtuous

creatures for you

before you are incorrect the again don't

talk red pill truth okay don't talk red

pill truth you have to live red pill

truth and so when it comes to red

pilling a woman yet I mean and don't

explain things to her hey listen you're

gonna delete everything you're gonna

delete your social media if you want to

be with me oh my god why are you doing

it because I fucking said so well they

can text just like everything else

that's how you read till a woman is by

is by having ironclad ironclad

boundaries just be completely convey

have have a steadfast conviction in your

belief system the red pill belief system

and you will sort of invert a

inadvertently red pill um but you don't

sit down a woman to say well listen let

me explain to you the let me explain to

you what I per give me means you have

alpha flux and beta bucks she'll know

exactly what you're talking about but

dude she's she's not going to give

credence to that she's not gonna do it

verbally any Wade will really III have

just under ethic currently have just

under thirty seven thousand followers on

Twitter alright and time I sell my

followers are female so it's slightly

under thirty seven thousand but we'll

round up so we'll say it's fatty so for

argument's sake say it's fans at seven

thousand all right and ten percent of

FINA which means three thousand seven

hundred women phone right it's all there

all the exception to the rule like if

you said yeah the concept of hypergamy

to a woman well that's not the way I do

it now get out of here you get any makes

women are gonna listen to you know like

it's like what's it the game is to be

sold and not to be told right so it

means you can perform it but if you've

explained it you'll get disconnect so if

you perform so if you perform or you

will be successful but if you tell what

you know

you will be unsuccessful so I wouldn't

try to I I would have got my ways trying

to explain it

don't listen don't tell her about red

pill knowledge but you want you you want

to show her that you have red pill

knowledge right like performing

explaining yeah like so perform red pill

don't explain rip oh I guess that's the

best way to put it

yep there it is there it is you know

just be edgy

don't try and start explain all these

concepts and staff just just you might

be be they just just be the fuckin alpha

they don't try and explain these

dynamics to her even if she's even if

she's not done she's probably not gonna

appreciate it and the thing is if you

explain it takes the magic away from you

know it seriousness away of course it's

what I said yeah most of it like mostly

woman that following the fucking windows

greatly blade out their outliers die

like they're like super smart or they're

like they were Tom Tom boyish as as

little girls or whatever you know

they're not they're not average women so

they have slightly higher they've got -

right but if you try and like talk about

a CPAP - typical women it's not gonna go

well for you like I don't really don't

recommend it good good stuff well that

is gonna do it for this edition of TSR

live listened dude I am once again man I

think we just about two and a half hours

so we do then get by and again it's only

a matter of time but see the thing is

now is is I and I've actually explained

this on my show and on other shows when

you put when you put your material your

your your podcast material on another

platform you don't own your audience

they do know they do and they can and

they can you own the content but you

don't own the audience make him snap

your fingers and dude I had almost

10,000 subscribers on YouTube they're

all gone now

fucking it is what it is so so what I've

done is listen I'm gonna stream directly

to YouTube

here on out and for any feminist or

whatever watching this thinking that

you're gonna flag this channel that's

fine I've got software

I have software outside is where I can

screams live to my channel the only

reason why this is the only reason why

now is because I still have I still have

to work out you know how to how to do

certain things but dude I'm already one

step ahead of you guys and I mean for in

and dude I've got I've got it honestly

at this point I probably got 8 to 10

YouTube channels I can go to I can go

live right now so as soon as this one is

over dude I'm pulling the show so you

can flag it all you want to it's gonna

be gone by the time YouTube gets around

to it so so for you feminists watching

this and trying to troll or whatever you

guys are never gonna take down my you

guys aren't taking that my website you

guys aren't taking me down but others do


one of them's G and it's been a pleasure

man we got we got to do this again

sometime brother a pleasure talking to

you man I hope you take care of yourself

all right all right man we'll talk to it


P sorry


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