Red Pill Origins Vol. 3: My failed marriage

"Darcy" wasn't a terrible least that's what I thought prior to taking The Red Pill. It wasn't until I found The Red Pill that I realized the slew of red flags she had that ultimately ended our marriage. 



I didn't think my marriage was all that bad until I found the Manosphere (Return Of Kings article)

Who killed marriage?

A guy was whining about his sexless marriage. I am new to The Red Pill



what's up guys at remand donovan sharp

and welcome to retinal origins vol 3 for

those of you unfamiliar with my read

bill origin series it's going to be a

four part series detailing the four most

significant relationships with women

that were the most instrumental in

helping me to find the red pill vol 1

was about susie a mexican girl that i

messed around with my first job in las

vegas she was actually the reason why I

ended up googling why do girls get over

breakup so easily and of course the rest

is history

yes can go and check that out on Donovan

Sharpe calm or for slash

Donovan Sharpe volume 2 of course was

about the worst heartbreak of my life

that was that was a me that was I mean

this was a 19 20 year-old girl who

absolutely took me for a ride now these

are not in chronological order but these

are the four most significant

relationships well today is gonna be

volume 3 this is gonna be about my

marriage to Darcy and you know what the

interesting thing is is I didn't really

realize how bad my marriage to Darcy was

until I until I found the red pill

because my merits to Darcy the way it

ended it didn't end like the typical

American marriage neither of us had any

money we didn't have any kids

and so our divorce was relatively

painless our divorce literally cost us

$12 I think that was the filing fee down

there in Johnston County North Carolina

we appeared in front of the judge he

asked us if we wanted to be divorced we

both said yes he stamped his paper and

we were off that was literally it so I'm

very fortunate that my marriage ended in

a way that allowed me to move on with my

life that being said that doesn't mean

the marriage wasn't still bad and again

I didn't really didn't really realize

how bad my marriage was until I found

the red pill so without further ado here

is red pill origins vol 3 my marriage to

Darcy and joy gentlemen

today I'm gonna talk about my marriage

to a woman who had a slew of red flags

and baggage that ultimately ended our

relationship now the interesting thing

here is that I didn't realize how bad

our marriage really was until I had

taken the red pill which was years after

we split up by all accounts our divorce

was really as amicable as it could have

been okay we were both broke we didn't

have any children together and we didn't

hate each other so things ended

relatively drama-free and for me I got

now clean I didn't she didn't divorce

right me I didn't have anything for her

to take but looking back through the

looking back through my red pill goggles

sort of made me realize that my marriage

was rife with red pill confirmations and

again I didn't realize this at the time

but when but when you look at things

through a red pill lens things sort of

jump out to you so like episode 4 when I

talked about my relationship with Amy

I'm just gonna sort of take you from

start to finish to my marriage with who

will call Darcy the future ex mrs. sharp

and hopefully you guys can sort of learn

again some of the lessons that I had to

learn the hard way now just to let you

guys know I was certainly stole at betta

blue pill mail but this particular

relationship didn't take as much of a

toll not nearly as much of a toll as my

relationship with Amy I certainly loved

my wife while I was married to her but

it wasn't the same kind of love that I

had for Amy it was just different that

that's just the way that she means you

know sometimes you love a woman more

than another woman they don't have to be

married for her you don't have to be

married to her to love someone more but

but I did and so we'll go ahead and get

started now so I met my future ex-wife

at a warehouse I was working at in my

early 20s I was 20 I was 24 years old

and it was cool because it was the very

first blue-collar job I had ever had up

until that point I had always worked in

retail I had like I worked at a

halloween Express store

for a short time back when I think when

I was like 21 or 22 it was in the town

that I went to college at I had always

done you know telemarketing job so I was

always in some sort of some sort of

sales job but this was the first time I

had ever worked at a blue-collar job so

I had my steel toed boots you know hard

hats forklifts you know heavy boxes

soggy sandwiches telling dirty and this

was the cool thing about a blue pillow

job is that you can be much more liberal

with the jokes that you tell like in

other words you know we didn't really

have to worry about HR because most of

the people that I worked solder to

shoulder with we're men you know we can

we can we can talk about girls oh this

girl had big tits and yeah I fucked this

girl and dumped that girl or you know my

buddy got divorced raped by his land

whale of an ex-wife like we could tell

stories like that and not have to worry

about because we're out in the warehouse

away from everybody nobody was privy to

those conversations and these were you

know these were everyday blue-collar

rough-and-tumble type-a men and it was

quite refreshing this was kind of cool

this was sort of this was sort of

America at its core so Darcy first

caught my eye when I walked into the

shipping office to check on a load I

think it was running late or something

and she don't really pay me any mind

because she was already involved with

someone else on another shift and we'll

talk about this a little bit later so

what I decided to do I knew I wanted I

knew I wanted to get at her so I decided

to quote unquote you know wait until the

opportunity presented itself in other

words doesn't have any game if I had any

balls I would have I would have chatted

her up I didn't have any game so I

decided to wait until the opportunity

presented itself basically just an

excuse not to act on impulse

but listen she definitely had my

attention beautiful girl again she was

she was 25 when I met her I was 24

pretty face long curly brown hair nice

big tits I mean she was I mean she was

probably a solid eight at that point so

over the first you know over over the

first few months you know we started

talking you know a little bit more

because at that point I had gotten a

promotion to checker so I wasn't out on

the floor like I was out on the floor

most of the time but part of my new job

as a checker involved a lot more a lot

more interaction with her in the

shipping office and so you know a few

months later I found out that her and

her boyfriend had parted ways and I

finally said to myself hey look it's

it's now or never if I don't ask her out

somebody else will and I'll be playing

the waiting game again so I'll never

forget I were outside smoking a

cigarette and you know again we're sort

of it's basically small talk at this

point it wasn't anything significant or

substantial it was just kind of all it

was all just kind of platonic and

aboveboard I didn't know how to escalate

so I just went in for yesterday Darcy I

said look um would you like to go out

and you know have dinner sometime and

she took her cigarette out and she kind

of surveyed me kind of looked me up and

down and says you know what yeah she

said I'd like that and I was surprised

because again I didn't have any game and

have any money I was driving a beat-up

broken car she had I mean again she was

that she was that she was the prettiest

girl that worked there she was the

hottest chick that worked over one of

the hottest chick that worked that she

could have been with anybody but for

some reason she decided to go out with

me I didn't know if it's because she was

easy but of course looking back on it

now again she was a slut she was she was

the warehouse slut she probably is just

she was probably gonna date the next guy

who asked her out and that next person

happened to be me

so the first date it was pretty standard

you know sit-down restaurant you know

conversation about ourselves what we're

looking for in a relationship etcetera

well during the conversation she

revealed that she lived with her parents

okay she had a daughter that she didn't

currently have custody of and that her

ex-husband used to beat her she

literally means she told me yeah you

know my ex-husband used to beat me up

like I'm the victim of domestic violence

after that first date I wanted so badly

to be her knight in shining armor and

rescue her from the horrible and

hard-luck life that she led and again of

course post red pill Renaissance this

sounds silly but this is really how I

felt and and this is how men are made

when we see that a woman is in any sort

of trouble or

providers instinct sort of kicks in but

in 2016

men know at least red pill aware men

know that rescuing a damsel in distress

is a fool's errand on a lot of different

levels I mean you could you yourself

could get hurt or possibly killed it

could lead to some sort of lie mean

again no good deed goes unpunished

especially when it comes to women so but

again this wasn't this wasn't on my mind

I wanted to rescue her

I wanted to rescue her I wanted to make

her mine so you know other than a few

minor hiccups things actually went

pretty smoothly you know for a couple

who had just met and so a month later I

decided to move her into my place you

know we worked identical 12-hour shifts

so again we were around each other 24/7

and one would think that we'd be ready

to kill each other and be at each

other's throats because we around each

other all the time but it never happened

I mean we had a few minor hiccups but

other than a short verbal spat here and

there we got along pretty well and

things seemed to be working out

and so one year after our one-year

anniversary I proposed on I proposed to

her and she accepted and and it was

really cool because we quit our jobs we

put in our two weeks notice you know we

got married and we moved to Florida and

we actually eloped we we packed up all

our things she drove a she drove like a

small Suzuki we packed everything we

could into that Suzuki Grand Vitara so

it was a small SUV and we drove to

Dillon South Carolina where we went to

the justice of the peace paid two

hundred eighty eight dollars got our

marriage license and we were a mr. and

mrs. sharp and from there we moved to we

moved to a small town right outside of

Tampa now for a small and again for a

small for a girl from a small country

town in the south it was kind of like a

fairy tale romance because here I was

again I was broke and I didn't have any

game to speak of it didn't have any

money but you know I was this I was this

different I was this different dude that

she would that she had met all of the

men that she had ever dated they were

all country boys

really didn't really go anywhere didn't

really see much and she had probably

never left a County but you know I by

the time I met her by the time I was in

my mid-20s already I had already lived

in 1415 different states and so I had a

lot of cool stories to tell and she sort

of saw me as this new shiny thing maybe

I can hitch my wagon unto that my first

marriage didn't work out but this guy

seems exciting he seems to be going


so let's consolidate on him and so right

after we read after we you know set our

vows at the at the Dillon in Dillon

South Carolina

you know she we get the car and she's

like you know stuff you know stuff like

this doesn't happen to girls like me you

know she thanked me told me she loved me

I mean I really thought I was the

luckiest man I live I said man this is

like a fairy tale like I rescued this

girl from her you know from her bad life

and I'm taking her to another place

taking her to Florida we're gonna have

fun in the Sun we're gonna have a bunch

of kids we're gonna live happily ever

after well of course as we all know

that's quite the opposite of what

happened it didn't it didn't take long

for things to change after we actually

got to Florida over I would say about a

2-week to maybe about a three-week

period the sex dropped off almost

completely I mean we were fucking you

know two three times a day when we were

dating but as soon as we tied the knot

the sex was completely cut off

she got bitchy I mean all of a sudden it

just seemed like we didn't get along as

well as we used to I I felt like it was

completely blindsided and again I'm a 24

year old kid I don't I mean hell I don't

know what's I don't know what's what at

this point so I said all right well

listen maybe she just has cold feet

maybe she's not sure that she really

wants to be married so I'm gonna I'm

gonna give her a little bit of space and

try to sort of let her feel or kind of

let her feel her way around and get used

to being married again I remember one

morning when I was getting ready for

work and this was a few months down the

line I'd gotten a job at a retail sales

job and I was I was a little late I was

a little late getting ready for work and

so I asked Darci to iron

and she said no and so I start throwing

a fit like I'm going to work every day

and you don't have a job doesn't that in

the other

I threw a fit tried to tell her to do it

she didn't budge and so I ended up

ironing my shirt but I was seething I

mean I was pissed because in my mind the

least she could do for me was was help

me to get ready for work because she

didn't have a job and she wouldn't work

for at least another another few years

but she would do no such thing she did

not want to iron my shirt and the reason

why is because I wasn't again I wasn't

the man I should have just said yo iron

my shirt had I had red pill knowledge

had I been the man that I am today she

would have she would have done it

without question but it was obvious at

that point that I was not the man that I

needed to be and if you're not a real

man women aren't going to treat you like

one including ironing your shirt and

taking care of you so I'm all pissed off

and throwing a fit huffing and puffing

I'm in the kitchen making my coffee when

she started bitching and complaining

about something and I took the bait I

was like you know what fuck this so we

go back and forth and after a few

minutes I you know I fucking had it

I let her talk for about maybe 15-20

seconds when I finally just erupted I

told her shut the fuck up I mean I

yelled at her I had never spoken to her

like that before and as soon as I said

it I was scared I said ho shit man like

and my back was turned when I said it

and so I couldn't see her facial

expression nor did I want to but and and

I waited for her to scream back and I

just knew we were gonna get into this

knock-down drag-out war but she never

said anything she fell silent she didn't

say anything to me until I stormed out

the door it again I didn't want to

appear weak so I'm still getting ready

after and she's still silent I'm getting

ready so as as soon as I get ready to go

out they go out the door to work she

said have a good day I worked on it then

I love you I slammed the door and I

didn't say shit back I was still pissed

off because in my mind she was it was

just a pitiful disingenuous attempt at

making up with me for being a complete

fucking bitch the entire morning I was

like you know what fuck your apology

fuck you I'm out of here I'm just going


and I'm just gonna go to fucking work

and we'll talk about this when we get

back that was my attitude and of course

no part me guys I had a bad day at work

because I was prepared for the worst

when I got home I cursed at her slam the

door I didn't tell her that I loved her

when she told me she loved me so I knew

that as soon as I got home I was in for

it I knew that I knew that the argument

was probably going to continue well when

I got home to my surprise like like the

smell of fresh roasted chicken hit me in

the face and I'm you know kind of

walking around the house is clean

everything everything is clean I take

off my work clothes all of my clothes

were ironed and there is Darcy in the

kitchen making mashed potatoes and and

baked chicken like there was a chicken

in the oven it was kind of roasting away

and Darcy was a very good cook and so I

go into the living room and on the TV I

mean she turned on baseball and as soon

as I saw that the game was on I walked

back in the kitchen she offered me a

beer which of course I I gladly accepted

but I was still a little apprehensive

because she had never acted like this

before but there she was sort of doing

her sort of being super wife being June

Cleaver after I'd yelled at her via the

whole night guys I waited for the other

shoe to drop but it never did okay Darcy

was on her best behavior that night she

was extremely affectionate I never had

an empty beer in my hand for more than a

few seconds and when the game when the

game was finally over she literally

threw at if she threw herself at me and

dude I fucked her six way for six ways

from Sunday I mean it was I mean it's

probably the best sex we ever had

now this continued for about another

week but I never apologized for yelling

at her not that not because I knew that

it would constitute his breaking frame

which of course I didn't know at the

time but it was because it was because I

was afraid that the great treatment

would stop my blue pill brain thought

that she was putting on

and waiting for the right opportunity to

sort of pull the rug out from under me

and that an apology would give her that

chance I had no idea guys that I had

actually done the right thing that

morning okay

but my dumb ass didn't put two and two

together I thought that Darcy had

finally recognized what a what a great

husband I was realize the air in her

ways and when I yelled at her she

decided to finally shape up and be a

good wife that's what I thought so I

went back to being the nice guy that I

thought she was showing appreciation for

well little did I know I'd never I'd

never get another beer or a blowjob from

her at least not in the same night for

the next half decade five six seven

years the bottom line guys is that the

red pill stared me right in the face and

I flat-out ignored it thinking that her

behavior was sort of an accumulative

appreciation of how great a husband I

was now this continued on for the next

this continued off in the next five six


okay Darcy she went back to her bitchy

ways and of course we all know the

better I treated her the worse she

treated me but instead of exploding on

her again I tapped down my anger and

frustration because again I didn't

realize that that was the way that I

should have handled it you know I tried

to express my feelings I tried to tell

her hey Darcy this isn't working you

know we need to look out for each other

didn't get me anywhere I called I called

my I was on the phone with my mom every

week telling her this story or that

asking her what I should do asking her

how I should treat of course you know

listen you can't take relationship

advice from other women even your own

mother my mother gave me the politically

correct advice well you have to buy

flowers for her women want to be

cherished blah blah blah blah blah that

of course got me absolutely nowhere I

tried everything I could to get her to

be at least halfway decent to me but

nothing worked okay and again this

continued this continue for the rest of

our relationship the straw that broke

the camel's back is when my dad came to

town now my dad and I we didn't have the

best relationship we would go years at a

time without talking to

one another but listen you stole my

father I loved him and you know I wanted

to bury the hatchet after a few years of

not speaking so you know when my sister

called and said that you know he was at

her place and just to sort of catch you

guys up by now we're back in North

Carolina so my sister called me up and

she said hey you know dad's here and you

know he's gonna be flying out a few

hours and he'd like to see you so I'm

like okay great I finally get to put

this family get to put our Feud behind

us once and for all

so I go and I get dressed and I'm ready

to go and Darcy of course decides to

throw another one of her fits she's

storming around the house trying on a

bunch of outfits bitching about how cold

it is outside complaining that we had to

drive an hour

I remember her asking me at one point

well why can't you just talk to him on

the phone just just being as difficult

as she could possibly fucking be now

when she was finally ready to go I knew

that it was already too late to see my

dad that day she put it she purposely

delayed so that we couldn't go to see my

dad but at that I mean I was already

pissed off but I figured we may as well

go anyway because my nieces and nephews

at least would be a good consolation but

the damage had been done okay and the

entire drive to my sister's place I said

not a single word to Darcy this is not

the kind of behavior she was used to I

was always I was always being nice to

her I was always trying to make

conversation that was not the case this

time she tried making conversation

she tried offering me cigarettes she

trained apologizing for taking too long

but that was it guys I was done Darcy

knew how important this was to me but

she sabotaged it without any regard for

how it would affect me and to this day I

still have I still have no idea why on

earth she did that to me I mean I've

never asked her about it I just I I'll

never know why but I didn't give a shit

I just remember thinking on the way to

my sister's house all of the times in

ways that this woman had shit on me I

thought about I thought about her shitty

treatment of me despite my best efforts

to please her the physical the physical

sacrifice is the mental sacrifices that

I made to provide her as comfortable a

life as I could I was always working two

jobs I was I always had a full-time

sales job and then another part-time job

I thought about the time she wanted to

do online

her legal school I paid for that I

thought at the time she wanted to start

a little craft business I helped her

with that I'm up at 5:30 on Sunday

mornings to take her stuff to the swap

meet or the flea market the sell because

she wanted to now be a swap meet bender

anything that she wanted to do I was

there and supported her 100% and still

at this point she still didn't have a

job she was literally just living off of

me but anything I tried anything I

wanted to do what I started when I

wanted to start a business she always

shot it down if I wanted to do something

new or try to better my life in any way

she shot it down but I was always I was

always supporting her she it was all it

was a one-way street there was even a

one-year period probably a little more

than that that we didn't even have sex

because we were in the process of

joining the Catholic Church and you

can't live in sin and again all of these

things all of these things sort of sort

of hit me at once and when she finally

when she pulled that stunt that she did

that might when my dad came to town I

decided that I had it well a few months

later you know I I saw my dad made up

with him so so that you know that story

had a happy ending my dad and I we don't

really talk that much but you know we

buried the hatchet and you know that's

that but in the months that followed her

sabotage of the visit with my father she

went back to June Cleaver mode remember

when I yelled at her before work a few

years ago when I came home she's got

chicken in the oven and everything is

great she's sucking my dick every night

giving me beers she went back to doing

that but that only confirmed my decision

the end of two to end the marriage I

remember I'm on the phone with my mother

when I'm telling her that hey I'm you

know I'm gonna file for divorce with

Narcy I told her I don't want to be with

a woman I have to treat like shit to be

treated well now gentlemen that is the

embodiment of the quintessential blue

pill mail what a man knows that he has

to treat a woman like shit in order to

be treated well but he refuses to do so

or refuses to be a pushover that's when

you know it's the end that's what

you know it's time to take the red pill

unfortunately for me I did I didn't

discover the red pill at that point

because I still want it I still thought

that if you treated women well that they

would treat you well in return I had

just picked the wrong one so what did I

learn nothing okay at least not yet I

mean listen I was every bit the I was

every bit that beta male I was after arm

you know divorce was finalized as the

day we set our wedding vows okay and

again our divorce was quick it was


and you know like I said in the end we

didn't hate each other we just kind of

chalked it up to the fact that we just

weren't right for each other we said hey

look this is nobody's fault and we're

just better off going our separate ways

I remember we our divorce took ten

minutes we went to the we went to some

window we filled it out we said hey we

want a no-fault divorce we felt that

paperwork went in front of the judge

basically nodded our headed

I would nodded our heads and he stamped

his little stamp and we were divorced we

walked down the stairs even actually we

walked to the - to a Starbucks had a

coffee and a sandwich and said our

good-byes or there were no tears it was

all good now again though I didn't

experience you know the anguish that I

went through and my breakup with Amy I'd

be lying to you guys if I said I wasn't

at least a little bit saddened by her

because I'd known this woman for the

better part you know the last seven

eight years and even though our marriage

sucked and at this but now by this point

I was balls deep and Amy you know at the

time like I already started fucking her

but it was still it was still kind of

sad it was still kind of a bummer to see

that it it all sort of came to an end

after you know after all these years now

I'm not gonna get into the chronological

timeline of my journey and subsequent

you know discovery you know at the red

pill because again it's it's well

documented on returning Kings you guys

didn't certainly check that out but

shortly after discovering the red pill

actually finding return of kings and

other red pill related sites her Darcys

red flags became as clear as day the

first red flag I mentioned before she

didn't have her daughter all right she

didn't have custody of her daughter now

I didn't think much of this when she

revealed this to me

on our first date because again at this

point I was just like yeah I was just

happy to be like my pretty girl but her

daughter at the time I think was like 6

or 7 she was in the custody it was in

the custody of her ex-husband but I

never pressed her on the reasons because

you know I was largely aware I was

largely unaware rather of the court

systems biased towards women so I didn't

realize that hey I mean if you're a

woman you have custody of your kids

you're a bad fucking mom and of course I

figured I'd you know I found out that

she didn't have custody of her kids

because of course red flag number two

she is a drug addict during our first

month together she told me she had sort

of quote dabbled in crystal meth for a

while and that the court system

quote/unquote screwed her over the

details were you know the details were

fuzzy but the bottom line is that I now

know that she had to be a fucking

terrible mother because again women

routinely receive favorable outcomes

from judges Nate even when they're drug


Family Court judges will still let

mother's keep their children it's it's a

crying shame red flag number three and

this was a big one

her daughter was a result of paternity

fraud so while she was married she had

an affair with someone else and had that

person's kid and so her ex-husband now

her ex-husband believes that his quote

daughter is his biologically and it is

not and even though I was a blue pill

beta at the time I didn't have to have

red pill awareness to know that that was

fucked up another red flag was even

before he got together is that I knew

she made around to work okay and again

like I told you guys before I knew I

knew that I wasn't the first dude you

know who had fucked her at you know at

our job but the longer we dated the more

aware that I became of just hominid just

like just how many dudes she'd fucked at

the warehouse you know and again my

co-workers like while I was dating her

they told her hey look dude just one to

warn you upfront like this chicks a slut

man like she gets around my dumbass wife

grew up anyway and of course you know

that ended up being a bad decision you

know she had her ex's initials tattooed

on her you know I asked her to cover it

up she didn't

and of course the last red flag I guess

is that it seemed to be too easy to

marry her you know listen back then I

mean I'm a good-looking guy okay but

other than that I didn't have anything

going for me guys didn't have any game I

didn't have any money I'd have anything

I would clean

I was just another a forklift driver

making 13 bucks an hour yet she offered

no resistance to moving in with me which

was a huge step for any relationship

that's barely a month old and she didn't

I mean she didn't object and marry me

when I popped the question

you know just a year after we started

dating okay but looking back it's it's

not pretty obvious that look here's the

deal the red pill truth is this she was

closing in on the wall guys okay she was

26 when I married her so she knew that

at some point the party was gonna be

over and she needed a sucker who was

unaware of her past or unaware that her

past made her damaged goods so that they

would wipe her up and sort of you know

give her a good life or found again she

was looking for someone who could sort

of overlook her past

you know girls do that trickle truth and

when she listened after revealing this

to me and seeing that I would still

stick around

despite heard her drug habit her machine

I mean despite all of these red flags

that she revealed to me and that I knew

she knew that she had her sucker she

said okay yeah if this guy proposes I'm

definitely gonna say yeah and of course

I did it I guess to sort of wrap this up

like I said before guys I had always

thought that my marriage to Darcy wasn't

all that bad but the moment I discovered

the manosphere all of that changed okay

the bottom line is that marrying a

divorced drug addict okay who had

committed the paternity fraud in her

last marriage that's on me we can all

sit here and talk shit oh you know she

was a slut no no no no no if and again

I'm not trying to absolve her of any of

her bad decisions but I don't hold that

against her again that's on me

if these are red flags that stared me in

the face as clear as day yet I ignored

it and married her anyway and

I can chalk that up to the fact that I

was a blue pill beta but and and again

and now and I'll give myself sort of a

pass for that I'm glad that again I

didn't suffer any financial or emotional

collateral you know collateral damage or

anything like that

but but again at the end of the day I

still have you still have to reach down

and grab your Y chromosome and we all

know hey if I knew then what I knew now

then I wouldn't have done X Y or Z I'm

very very fortunate that the I mean

things could have I mean and at the time

she listened she couldn't have any kids

after she had her first kid the her

first husband was in the military after

she had her first kid she got on birth

control and I guess it fucked up her

reproductive system somehow and she was

unable to have kids at that point so in

seven years of having unprotected sex

with my wife she never got pregnant

again or she never got pregnant so that

was that was good um as far as Darcy is

concerned I mean she seems to be doing

okay for herself her her brother and I

were so cool you know so we still talk

from time to time a husband she of

course she managed to find another

husband this guy he's a certified public

accountant or something makes great

money the only catch is that this dude

had five kids

okay so Darcy ended up getting picked up

in and this was a guy who had a major

crush on her in high school and so and

again this is the class it's so funny

it's it's so poetic how this happened

there was this dude in at her high

school who had this crush on her but he

was his egg-headed nerd and of course

you know Darcy's making the rounds it's

you know making the rounds of school she

slutting it up around school she sledded

it up in college you know she ends up

working at a warehouse backing her you

know podunk hometown she's fucking a

bunch of dudes at the warehouse she's

married twice has a kid she commits

paternity fraud has a kid out of wedlock

and now she's back in her hometown

divorced you know now for the second

time and here is this guy now who has

five kids of his own but he's like hey

you know what you know the the the queen

of XYZ County is now available I'm sure

you know he felt like the luckiest guy

in the world but listen I don't know

what their relationship is like I don't


but all I know is that she's she's out

of my hair and you know I'm sure she's

having the time of her life you know

reason those five kids now people may

think well you know I'd never be so

stupid as to put a ring on you know a

woman like that like I'd never do that

but like I said guys hindsight is always

20/20 and at the end of the day I'm just

glad that I didn't have a pound of flesh

for her to take that concludes this

episode of the sharp reality again

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