Rollo Tomassi talks about The Red Pill

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Red Pill Godfather Rollo Tomassi joins me to talk about The Red Pill



Rollo Tomassi's website: The Rational Male


what's up guys that your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of TSR

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Bitcoin okay so let's get to it here

guys my guest today is he is one of the

most influential figures in the

manosphere probably for the better part

of the last decade he has written what

can only be characterized as as a

revolutionary series of books that have

changed the lives of men the world over

including myself and more recently my

brother he has often thought of as The

Godfather of the red pill and is

definitely on the Mount Rushmore of the


gentlemen please join me in welcoming

the author as he laughs and all of this

all of these hyperbolic statements I'm

almost done listen to this me in

welcoming the author of the critically

acclaimed the rational male series and

the man behind the most one of the most

important sites on the Internet today

which is the rational male com none

other than Rollo Tomassi and Rho I'd

like to personally thank you for making

time for us today

I really appreciate you coming on then

of course of course I don't know about

Mount Rushmore but I'll tell you what

man op er was a selling you I can't

believe I'm talking to right now I feel

like and I know I know you know guys are

a little I've come uncomfortable with

that with the hero thing but but you've

changed you really have changed a lot of

lives man like when when when people

when people talk to you when people see

your face when they send you chat man

when they send you chat what goes

through your mind when you hear men say

Rollo you've changed my life you I've

seen things that he saved my life I once

was lost and now I'm found and it's all

because of you what do you say to stuff

like that like what do you say to this

it's really overwhelming for me still

I've become a little bit more of a

public figure I like showing my face a

little bit more since 2015 and I started

doing that at the man of demand

conference back in Vegas with a Cushman

relations Hannah

and and then just more recently at the

21 convention and I'll tell you the 21

convention was you know a lot of people

know I was former kind of semi-pro

musician but I've never been a rock star

and I'll tell you it was really really

overwhelming and really humbling to have

guys just hit me up and you know I I was

at this this convention in Orlando and

you know I did two talks there and they

were only like maybe hour-long talks but

I spent you know probably 10 hours

during the day just talking to guys and

doing exactly what you were saying it's

like you know people coming up to me and

just saying hey man thank you for saving

my life but you book really you know

meant a lot to me I'm signing these

books and these guys have you know

highlighted so many different pages in

and that's that's dog-ear and let me the

books but you know book was released in

2013 the first one we released in 2013

so you're talking about four year old

book I'm looking at these book guys who

bought it back in the day and Wow you

know it's like a text book or it's like

a living text is what I call it a people

keep coming back to it when they

experience something something new and

they you know it's it's almost like a

reference for them now and so it's I

know it's overwhelming for me because I

in my line of work it's usually fuck you

and here but yeah I mean it's it's it's

flattering it's it's very humbling I

have to say especially since you know I

didn't set out to to be you know the

Godfather of the manosphere or anything

like that I just set out to reveal

truths and to just connect dots and

actually you know 90% of stuff that I

put out it's it's all an aggregate from

guys you know it's on all an aggregate

from the guys who are the enemy look

back and say hey thank you you know you

know it's very it's very i don't know

i'll i think the only word I could come

up with is humbling when I have a guy

that you know hits me up and says I was

literally going to kill myself I'm gonna

had a guy I met had several guys if I

had one guy at the 21 convention say you

know I had a date planned I was going to

kill myself on such as such a date and I

was making plans to you know make sure

my my children were taken care of

ex-wife was gonna be alright and

everything else in that read your book

it literally turned me around and I'm

just like you know it gives me chills

you know just gives you chills yeah I've

already got a comment or ETF 42 says the

rational male was overwhelming and shook

my identity but it changed my life this

is this is the kind of rhetoric that

comes from men because I mean we gotta

face it he Rollo the especially the us

it's a fucked up place and the end the

one reason why the main reason why is

because of women a lot of guys catch a

lot of heat oh you guys only want pussy

listen I remember I was watching I

forget what show was it was like maybe a

Jimmy Kimmel or or Jimmy Fallon and Andy

Samberg was on there and I remember the

the host asked him well why do you what

got you into comedy what you know what

was your inspiration and they said well

why do we do anything we do it for the

girls you know yeah alright so we can

get laid and I tell people all the time

I don't hit the weight room for my

health I mean I don't I do it so I can

get laid I do it so Michael stays

attracted to me well you know when I was

when I was in my Rockstar 20s here since

I was like gosh even like my teenage

years I picked up guitar and I started

you know I was inspired to be a musician

you know I like the music and everything

but I'm not gonna lie it certainly was

for the money you know because I could

get laid so that was my game back then

that was game for me was playing a gig

and yeah that actually leads me to my my

first question here for you the red pill

community didn't have a name when when

you and I were in our teens and twenties

but clearly you discovered at some point

that what we've been told about women in

terms of what makes him tick how to

become attractive to them how to keep

them aligned etcetera if I remember

correctly just like you said you planted

a banner that gave you access to a lot

of women but were you red pill where

were you red pill aware at that point or

was it a little further down the road

what was your what was that what was the

aha moment and I everybody you know my

my notch countess is public knowledge

but a lot of people like to think you

know simply because I have this great

knowledge or I had some some

sort of epiphany to write the rational

nailer to write the blog or write the

post I've done or even really

participate in the so swap form that I

must someway have been you know an alpha

dude you know all my library he's he's

what he's a natural you know we get sort

of these mythological things we know

that guy we know that guy who is the

natural with chicks we know that guy who

just doesn't you know chicks just fall

on his dick okay that wasn't that was

not me okay when I was in you know when

I was in high school you know I didn't

have a girlfriend so I was a real

girlfriend I was seventeen I didn't get

laid so I was seventeen and for some

people I'm some guy great and powerful

road to math coming out would be but

that was Layton and I was very much

especially within that relationship I

was very much beta and very much blue

pill because I believed in that Disney

oh she must be the one I had one itis

soul-mate myth all the stuff that I go

into in the book you know it's very much

blue pill very much bad I yeah I didn't

know any different sure I thought that

you know I believed in the feminine

imperative the feminist narrative that

you're supposed to be a supportive guy

if you're not a supportive man then you

know you you're just like every other

guy you're an asshole I didn't want to

be an asshole right you know you want to

avoid being an asshole because because

there's so many of those guys and and

guys and myself included would play this

game where how can I make myself more

unique well I'm gonna be the guy that's

gonna identify with her and I'm gonna be

the guy that's gonna you know support

her choices and and make sure she gets

to the school she wants to go to and and

I'm gonna I might follow along but it's

all really about the woman because you

know we need to empower women and at the

time it was you know I realized this at

the time but you're essentially putting

your ambition and your your needs and

your you know your goals and everything

even the things that inspire you putting

all that shit on hold just so that you

can lift and pedestal eyes you know in

my case it was one girlfriend but really

most blue pill guys are uplifting you

know female womankind

in a global sense in a large scale

medicines and so at 17 years old that

was me I ended up moving off off to


city so that I could facilitate this

sexual relationship with my girlfriend

in that time within space of me moving

there and her moving there she ended up

cheating on me and you know turned into

this turned of this real shit show and

you know it took me about a year to sort

of untangle myself from all that then I

went back to Los Angeles and I started

living North Hollywood and I started

playing in bands and I started you know

China changed my life around I really at

that point I was just like you know what

I'm gonna live for the way that I want

to live and I'm gonna do the things that

I want to do and I want to be in a band

and I know how I've always wanted to

play in a band and you know here I was

like 20 21 years old somewhere around

there and it was like just as the you

know the LA metal scene was was hitting

and so I'm like why would I not you know

I might have here so I did that and you

know I mean it's not that I don't like

music something I wasn't you know into

the musician side of things I really I

still play today almost 50 years long I

still play guitar bass but but I wanted

to get into it and I didn't care what

instrument I had to play and so I just

went up and you know just to get into

the scene and like I was just telling

you it wasn't because I mean I like the

music of course but it wasn't because

you know the money was so fucking great

it was because I could get pussy on

every night that I wanted to and I

developed I didn't realize at the time I

developed this game around not giving a

shit because I didn't give a shit

because right I had if one girl wasn't

receptive or it preceptive I there's ten

other girls that I could get with that

that particular time I was a spinning

spinning plates at that time I didn't

realize those spinning plates at that

time but I just did that I kept myself

non-exclusive as I possibly could and so

at that point I would say that I went

from being sort of a beta to being more

alpha because just sort of by default

it's not like I mean I really need it so

tonight the change I'm glad I'm an alpha

right so I didn't do that but then and

as most people know after about maybe

four years of that I got into a

relationship with with a woman that is a

borderline personality disorder and I've

written quite a bit on a few occasions

about that and I got our very long term

relationship with a woman who was crazy

in bed and crazy out of

that's how they all listen the crazies I

listen to crazy bitches always give you

the best place exactly and so I went

from from being this alpha guy who was

you know loving it's been a place to

being exclusive with a borderline

personality disorder woman and I would

say that my lowest point was right

towards the end of that relationship

where I was just about to be I mean if

you go by what vox Dei calls you know

alpha beta sigma gamma but i was

approaching the omega side of things

right there i mean i was real literally

somebody that i had never been before i

didn't even realize it because it's just

this gradual progressive you know

process of getting to that point and so

once that was over i really kind of

turned myself around again and i got

back into that i don't give a fuck kind

of attitude once again and you know Here

I am a little bit older um you know 27

28 years old and at that point I just I

was yeah I would say I lean way back to

more to being more alpha and maybe not

quite as much as I was when I was back

in my my Rockstar 20s but I was

certainly more self concerned and that's

where I my turning point for what I call

mental point of origin I decided to make

me my own mental point of origin and I

said you know what women can do whatever

the fuck they want to but like I've been

with girls who are who's now have their

four-year degree from whatever college

and I have just basically spent my last

you know 10 year the last decade trying

to appease and and support and be this

you know the good guy that I thought

that we wanted me to be all this time

without focusing on Mia and that was the

point I realized that I was not my own

mental point abortion and what I mean by

that is when something comes up when

there's a major decision when there's

something that's going on in your life

with with a girlfriend or your wife or

even if you're just dating multiple

women you need to make your response to

any decisions you're gonna be make you

need to understand how it affects you

and what you want to do first and then

from there you know if you if it works

for others that's fine I believe I'm a

firm believer in what's called

enlightened self-interest I can't help

anybody until I can help myself

right and and

was of course that time when I finally

put myself and I as my first priority I

still do to this day that was when I met

my now wife right then we started dating

and I was non-exclusive with her she was

the first woman who ever said you know

we were we're dating I exclusively and

she was the first woman who ever said to

me hey I want to be with you instead of

me going hey can I be your boyfriend you

know can it was right but it was like I

was she was coming to me you know shit

was coming to me at that point and I

didn't realize until later on when I

started you know getting a little bit

more aware and I just did what you

really to be read till was I didn't

understand that that was actually the

source I was actually the reason why I

was you know that shit was happening

like things were going good for me my

career was started was starting to pick


you know the my artistic and creative

endeavors were really taken off you know

the bit what would become later my

business that was where it was all

formed and I didn't realize it until

later on you know when we sort of

formalized Redfield thoughts and Inter

sexual dynamics and game I didn't really

realize that until that point whereas I

you know what it's it's gotta be all

about me before it can be about anybody

else and then I would say right now I've

gone from being you know that blue pill

kid at 17 to being you know a man of 49

years old and I was saying a lesser

alpha at least okay so they're like

hooking up with chicks all the time but

I work or beautiful you know but I'm

working with beautiful women all the

time and it's just you know my

lifestyles not gonna be for everybody

but if I had to if I had to peg myself

in one of those categories I'd say MLS

okay so what you're saying is that you

have slept with what 20,000 women are

you gonna go on the point with that is

public public record and I have slept

with more than 40 but less than 45 there

was a time where I thought oh my god I

slept with 40 women I must be up

man-whore like that belongs to some

other guys like some like Cristiano

clear some friends of mine

I don't poke at him but like I've read

so many other you know guys blogs who

are just out there just hitting it all

the time and they're you know in the

triple digit that I got Gmail but I

didn't catch up enough I mean I guess

that you know it's it's better than

average but yeah I don't I don't really

put too much too much truck in notch

counts anyone's okay good stuff a lot of

guys roll oh they want to take half of

the red pill before they want to accept

some of the more some of the more

difficult truths but they don't want to

accept the hard truths and as a result

they become what people you know end up

being or characterized as purple pill

now I'm of the mind that you are either

red pill or you are not a lot of men

have red pill awareness but most of them

don't have the balls or the know-how to

apply it in their own lives let's say

you about the importance of accepting

and applying red pill awareness wholly

and completely without compromising who

you are as a man and red pill mindset as

it were well that's why I have a post

called purple pill and anybody who's

read my my blog long enough understands

my position when it comes to guys who

are life coaches and you know guys who

want to do a half-measure

I don't use purple pill as some sort of

epithet for guys or my on a track I

didn't really use blue pills right yeah

those are just those are designations

they're like placeholders you know I

mean they're abstract terms for an idea

it's just like alpha and beta and all

the stuff we were just talking about a

minute ago all that stuff is really just

a placeholder for you know for lack of a

better term and that we're the sea-ice I

see red pill and I see game I see that

as sort of this evolving kind of I call

it a practice ology but it's really sort

of this movement where we're still we're

still developing things I mean how long

has it been going on you know I think

really red pills started about 2002 and

at least that was from my understanding


I yeah I really think that the red pill

has become sort of a bastardized term

right now I see so many people using it

for so many different reasons like you

know you look at the alright they're

using red alright yes

what's what's the title of some sort of

movement or some kind of you know

collective goes from being a description

to being a verb rats when you know

things have changed a little bit so if I

say I got red pill well that doesn't

mean shit to me because for me to be red

pill is to understand the intricacies

and the complexities of intersectional

dynamics and have a good grasp of that

and accept it in the whole truth not you

know not the blue pill side of things

that you were conditioned for from a

very early age like we were just talking

about a little while ago you know one of

the reasons at 17 I still had all this

shit in my head was because I was

conditioned from very early age to you

know I gotta respect women it you got to

support women and you got to do this you

got a or else women are gonna like you

or they're not you're not gonna if you

don't prepare yourself it's really a

good husband later on in life then you

know you're gonna be she'll love you

this lonely old man

well I reject that I reject all that

that you know shit that I was

conditioned for for a very long time and

you know I would say I mean where I'm

talking to I'm a kid of the 80s so if

I'm a kid of the 80s and I had to deal

with that shit back in the late 80s and

early 90s think about like the kid that

was born in the mid 90s or the kid that

was you know Millennials right now and

the shit like they have it's it's

compounded machine or it's fuckin so so

I think that there is sort of a comfort

to that because a lot of guys don't want

to don't want to let go with that they

don't want to let go this Disney sort of

Pollyanna idea that's very it's very

comforting to them to think that you

know if I just do such-and-such it

doesn't matter how I look it doesn't

matter how I feel it doesn't matter what

anything so that's what's on the inside

that counts and it's like all this shit

that you see you're on friends you know

like feel comfortable and it's like that

kind of stuff that you want to go back

to that so when you take a guy who is

very very clingy to that blue pill can


that blue pill comforts and then you

give him the cold bucket of water that

the red pill is and say look all that

shit that you were thinking of and all

those ideals and all that stuff that

you've been living for for the longest

time and preparing yourself for and all

this this you know Anjelica goodness

that you thought was all you know was

about women I'm not saying there's all

they're all bad I'm just saying that

this is the reality and this is you know

if you look at hypergamy and you look at

intersectional dynamics see you look at

just the kind of the stuff that we were

conditioned to believe about women and

then you go you take all that away from

you rip all that away well a lot of guys

like what we talk about when they go

through different phases of unplugging

and so they'll go through there you know

there's the denial there's the anger

phase they're anything except it's like

the stages of grief you know it's and

literally it's like someone's dying

right your old self is dying right oh

you're gonna go through those those you

know stages of grief so there's a lot of

guys that once they get to that point

they don't get all the way through that

process of unplugging because they want

to go back to that they want to say well

I believe that the red pill is true but

women aren't all like that and Ron are

all that and all those guys are just so

full of anger and so full of you know

well you know anger is a step that's a

stage yes right I'm not angry about

getting married for 21 years I'm

certainly not angry you know I love what

my work with women all the time

you know I people think that the red

pill is something that's going to make

you hate women well I would tell you

this that the red pill it wakes you up

to what women are it's not so that you

will hate them it's so that you will not

so you won't hate them or you won't love

them for something that they cannot be

to you and that's where the blue pill

taught you what they could be or what

they should be where they ought to be

and then suddenly you get into that you

know that relationship with that girl

and and things aren't the way that you

thought they were gonna be she doesn't

love you in the same constant from the

same concept from the same idea set that

you have and that's a real that's tough

and that's right there's a very oh man

that is a very hard point for guys to

accept because a big lead for the

longest time that you know is the

soulmate thing this

this one is you know you get it we all

have right yeah well and so yeah you get

to that you really want to say okay well

I see all what you're talking about I

understand that the red pill is truth

but I would really like to go back and I

really like to you know say that you

know it's all true except for this part

or it's all true but you know maybe we

can possibly go back and achieve these

blue pill goals and achieve these blue

pill ideals coming from a red pill

perspective now my argument is always no

you cannot do that because those blue

pill goals were based on mistruths

they were based on on on ways to exploit

you and to manipulate you so all of this

hopeful shit that you had when you were

in your blue pill phase all that needs

to go away and you need to take from

your new red pill perspective and create

a new life and create new hope for

yourself and create a new you know new

goals and new you know new hopes based

on what is real not what's not real and

that's why when I think it's very very

dangerous for these guys who are you

know life coaches to go and tell other

dudes well the red pill is true but I'm

gonna show you how to live a better life

and we're gonna go back and we're gonna

see if we can make all of these blue

pill fantasies and ideals work for you

in a red pill context now I'll tell you

right now that's something that's a

waste of time and if anything it's

regressing back to something that's a

lot more dangerous particularly if you

believe in the soul-mate myth or you

believe anyone is or you believe in

others wouldn't one perfect girl for me

out there

and that I would say that that's

probably the number one biggest reason

why kid why guys put a gun to their

heads because they literally cannot live

without that woman and when that woman

goes they can't live very well that is

your when that is your belief set when

that is your blue pill conditioning to

be that supportive guy and everything

else you're in you're cut free from that

you don't know what to do your rudder

unless you're like I don't know I don't

know where I'm going to go I don't know

what I'm going to do now I got this red

pill truth but I don't know how to apply

it I don't know what to do with it for

myself I'm I'm always of the mind that

that is particular to each individual

guy there's no 12-step group to to to

teach you how to live a better life

because what's going to work for

dude I mean I'm I'm gonna be 50 next

year what's gonna work for me it's not

gonna work for you I hold your butt if

you're 20 if you're 30 or whatever

different phases of a man's life and

different you know personalities

different you know different ethnicities

different cultures different culture

Asian I'm not going to be you know

people think that I've got some super

dogmatic idea of how to how to wait guys

up and I'll tell you right now like I'm

the last person to tell you that because

I'm the one that says I don't do

prescriptions so my if I have a Dogma

it's you gotta sort that shit out with

the tools and the dots that I've

connected here for you so that you can

you know live a better life and then I

think it's working

I honestly do because I'm going to the

21 convention I get I have a you know

guys they're telling me how you saved my

life I mean I just had a guy on yeah on

the on the comments there just a moment

ago I think it's working because guys

feel like they're empowered they have

Staton they know the truth and they take

that and they motivate themselves and

they go out and they build a better life

for themselves and they do it without

some guy saying oh I've got you know buy

my t-shirt and here's the 12 steps to

get to where you need to be you know

it's like it's not one size fits all

it's not one yeah um just going back to

what you were saying about a man's age

and his stage like I just turned 40 I

turned 40 this past summer and my

priorities the things that I wanted and

needed in my life are very different

from what they were even five years ago

I found the red pill at 32 years old and

yeah I went through the anger phase and

then I figured it all out then I was

slut slaying and this and that the other

but at some point and rucious talked

about this before at some point yeah you

know fucking new girls is great but the

novelty wears off and and I believe that

every man regardless of the the state of

the sexual marketplace we have an

inherent desire and a need to be with

one girl and so and so in our minds

that's a better life that's where I am

right now but if you have if you have

red pill awareness you you have to you

have to understand it to make no mistake

about the fact that life isn't the way

it life isn't a

the cartoon it's it's not a Disney movie

it's it's very real and the fact that

you point out that women love

differently than men well you're

absolutely right and then men love

depending on whatever stage they're in

so the way I love the twenty is

different from the way I love to thirty

and it's much different from the way I

love now so I think it was very good

that you pointed out that a man's age

has to do a lot with the stage I've got

a I've got a comment here shout out to a

do a P with the five British Pound super

chat he says hey Rollo what's up with

those guys from upstream from upstream

Twitter attacking you and the red pill

lately is it's something new or just the

same shit different day

Cheers well I'll tell you this right now

the guys from upstream Twitter it only

really accounts for two guys one of them

is artful man and the other ones Pat

Stedman Pat Stedman is a very weak

limp-wristed purple Ville life coach and

if you go and you look at any of the

videos that he's got on YouTube you'll

you'll get you you'll understand and I

understand what these guys are trying to

do because I have seen this happen

before it's not they they think this

it's some novel movement that's going to

help guys you know move past they we're

gonna move beyond the purple pill well

you know what I hope that guys when they

read my book and they and my books and

they listen to what I what I have to say

or they you know they read my poster I

certainly hope that moving beyond the

red pill is what you do with that red

pill to begin with and accepting that

that that truth and using that truth to

create a meaning for yourself later on

in your life now a lot of people still

have to go through this like we were

just talking about they got to go

through this phase they got to progress

i god I'm not sure they've got to come

into their own but I think that if if

we're gonna move past the red pill I

don't think there's really any moving

past the red pill because it's it's

simply connected dots it's an aggregate

of information is a like I keep saying

and said praxeology that a collective of

guys come together and we share our

notes and I just simply have a good way

of articulating that I think that these

guys and they're not like I'm saying

they're not the first guys to do this I

mean there was if you go and you look

even just last year I have this I have a


be awareness and I was talking about

exactly this last year about how the red

pill is being it's been guys maybe guys

it appropriated I think by a different

different sets and one of those is if

you look at the guys from rst right now

Nolan dad my authority because I like

Owen and Owen I have a discourse going

on but RSD has moved from the the life

coaching and game coaching business into

a lifestyle or mindset kind of deal

because they understand that at some

point they have to push past that

because they from a financial from a

financial and a revenue situation they

have to be able to to very big I have

something else besides just hey here's

my infield videos so they're going to

Tony Robbins throughout they're going to

be I mean even like Serna bitch does

this one with a gorilla mind says all

that same I mean this stuff it people

don't realize how old that stuff is if

you go back all the way back to the

power positive thinking with norman

vincent peale we're talking the 1930s

okay you look at Ziggler you look at

Tony Robbins Hopkins

yeah all these guys were it's like it's

very high high energy picking you it's a

pep talk you know it's pep rally

whenever you go to these things and you

know but that's if that gets you off and

if that helps you change things for

yourself they more power to you I'm

about the truth and I'm about you know

understanding what's under the hood not

that the car just runs but that what's

under the hood how to build a car how to

fix the car when it's broken and I think

that a lot of these guys who get into

this life coaching shit is they get into

this with the notice some seminar where

they'll go and say oh here here's how to

make money online and they'll give you

they'll sell you a package of you know

that a Joomla template or WordPress

template blog and it's up to you to go

and market it and you know do whatever

it is but I really think that when you

get into this life coaching stuff and I

mentioned Pat Steadman but I also I

would be remiss if I did not also

mention RSD Todd or Ballentine and I'm

know if you uh if you know the situation

between RSD and Todd is basically kicked

and there's a hole and it's all this

drama I really I don't like to get into

this bullshit drama because it's like I

would rather be riding I've got a really

good post up it's coming out of the air

this afternoon actually but I would

rather be riding and doing stuff instead

of talking about the minister I'm

talking about writing but you know these

guys see me as like you know on the top

of the heap and so the only way that

they can actually turn a buck and the

only way that they can you know draw

anyone to them is to try to take a shot

the biggest guy on the biggest guy in

the yard right right and so you know I

understand what it is that they're

trying to do but I look at it from the

point from the perspective is that like

if you look at a guy like say Pat

Steadman or RSD Todd or Mark Manson even

mark Katz Tucker max is a good one too

all these guys are mark mance is a great

one because he just got married and

suddenly his message just because of 180

and you know and anyways these guys

they're their primary their job

basically and even Roush falls into this

their job is to work within the mass

barriers to work within like life

coaching and doing this kind of stuff

because who's going to hire these guys

what are they going to do outside of

this so if I'm saying here's my red pill

truth and it completely you know aspects

of it at least contradict what it is

that you're trying to sell to these guys

well they have to hear me they have to

make me look bad because if they don't

they can't sell what it is that they're

selling so that's one of the reasons why

RSD got on my case like yeah and not

just I shouldn't even just pick on Todd

but like RSD I think it was Jeff or or

maybe it was Papa I don't know but they

were always saying well it's in the you

know what what role of says is truth but

it's angry truth and after painting as

being as angry dude who who hates women

or who hates you know married for 21

years you rely on a 19 year old ah do

you really think that I hate but they

they have to do that they have to make

me look bad because it is the only way

that they can market what is or trying

to market and what we're trying to

market is those blue pill ideals those

blue pill hopes those oh you can have

you can have this perfect girlfriend


wanted when you were 17 years old and

you thought if you were supportive

enough up her and you and you you know

held her hand long enough and you

carried her books home from school long

enough that you know that that was going

to work for you and suddenly here comes

Rollo and he says you know what all that

bullshit you learned when you were 17

years old or whatever that's horseshit

and here's here's the real truth well if

you're still clinging to that dream in

those blue pill hopes that's a really

powerful selling tool for some guy who

can go and say oh well what he says is

true but if we come back to this and we

say well you can still have you know you

it doesn't matter if you have one itis

it doesn't matter if you have a salt if

you're you know falling into the

soulmate it doesn't matter if you can't

live without her you know and basically

going back to all this all this hogwash

that they had before when they were blue

pill and they're selling back to guys

who don't want to entirely commit to

rental truce because they know that if

they had to do that they would have to

they wouldn't be able to do it without

somebody holding their hand right you

know they ought to be able to do that

without you know without you know some

sort of comfort or some sort of 12-step

program or some kind of consolation for

them so that's why these guys exist

that's I mean if you look at if you look

at a guy like artful man artful man is

basically this twenty eight-year-old kid

that still lives with his mom and that's

pretty well documented I mean this in

all seriousness I really think the guy

needs to get some professional help

because the guys very much

manic-depressive I mean admits as much

that he's been manic-depressive I think

the guy has some other issues going on

for him as well but you know he he lives

his life on Twitter and has pretty much

done nothing with himself up to this

point so if that's the guy that you want

to follow those are the guys that you

think are going to you know lead you in

a positive direction you know there's

nothing I'm gonna say that's gonna

convince you I'm just gonna keep doing

what I'm doing what I'm gonna do and I'm

just I'm gonna carry it off from there

and you know I've got a fourth book

coming out too so alright very good

gentlemen you are listening the TSR live

with special guest Rollo Tomassi you can

follow him on twitter at rational mail

just like it sounds just like it's


his website the rational male calm is an

absolute must in any man's bookmarks bar

if you pee standing up you absolutely

look this guy's page you can find his

critically acclaimed series the rational

male that's volume 1 volume 2 preventive

medicine and vol 3 positive masculinity

on Amazon I'll link it in the

description when we are finished if you

have questions for rola put them in the

chat we'll get to will actually get to

and through them as quickly as we can to

make sure that we get to as many as

possible and rather I'd like that I'd

like to take a hard left turn here and

talk a little bit about relationship

management men who watch my show

regularly are well aware of some of the

extreme measures that I personally both

advocate practice and take when it comes

to keeping my own woman in line and and

just just so you're just so we're all

clear I'm under no false assumption that

my methods that my methods don't have

consequences as do all measures a man

has to take to make sure that he doesn't

get got what do you feel is necessary

and I know it's a broad question but

what do you feel is necessary to keep

today's American women in line what's

your take on what a man has to do from

being cheated on walked all over etc or

is it a mathematical inevitability that

eventually a woman is going to destroy

the relationship regardless of who she's

with when we were talking a little while

ago about different different

progressions in different areas of life

if you read my second book which is

preventive medicine I in there actually

though really the whole function of that

book was to sort of give men an

actionable timeline of things that they

can expect from women at different

phases of their maturity okay so I had

so many guys hit me up and say man I

love yourself you saved my life but I

wish I would have had this before before

I got my divorce so before I right

before I you know committed to such a

session before I had kids or I wish I

would have known all this stuff but this

should be taught in school and I'm like

okay fine fine I'll go write a book

about it and double you know hopefully

it'll get to the right you know the

younger minds beforehand but it's also

meant for for older guys too because it

helps them helps them understand

what it is that they most likely will be

contending with at different phases of

their life

so what's going to be a priority for a

woman at 22 years old is not going to be

the same priority for her when she's 32


so is it end of inevitable that a woman

is going to to completely you know

self-destruct that you know detonate the

the relationship no not necessarily I

think I mean you know back in the day we

this question was kind of you know

redundant and kind of ridiculous

you know to your to your grandparents

your great-grandparents because nobody

nobody thought in those terms but we

think in those terms today right and we

kind of have to because we're forced to

recognize and accept and acknowledge

women's women's needs and

prioritizations when it comes to inter

sexual dynamics at different ages so in

book I I say that you know and you've

ever seen my famous graph of you know

peak sexual more yes oh yeah women's

sexual market value Peaks right around

22 to 23 years old and this is also

backed up by a lot of a lot of

statistics and a lot of research just

one of the more entertaining ones as the

OkCupid information is a book called

Datak Lisbeth I think everybody ought to

read and basically they had a poll in

there as to what ages that men find

women the most attractive different ages

so okay there was a guy who's 17 he

finds 22 year-olds the most attractive

if there's another guy as 30 he still

finds 22 year-olds most right it's a guy

at 70 he finds 22 year 23 year olds more

most attractive whereas if you look at

women at different ages a woman at 27

finds between a five and a seven year

jump for for that attraction and as I go

up it stays consistent so that 28 maybe

they want somebody who's like 34 you

know yeah I have 30 they want somebody

who's 35 to 37 and and and so on so that

that to me says that for men our

evaluation of a woman as you know

whatever contributes to her sexual

market value is different than what

contributes to a woman's seeing as a

man's sexual market value which is why I

say that when a guy's between 34 and say

36 38 years old that's about the time

when he is hitting his sexual market

peak because what woman's criteria is

for sexual market value is not what

men's criteria is going before right and

at least certainly in the attraction

phases and when you're dating that

person where you're getting to know that


women can add value to themselves they

can be a good cook they can be more

feminine and they can be a more they can

control for Hyper gave me a lot of

people think oh hyper gay means there's

more screw there's no way we can get

around it it's just this you know this

juggernaut of biological reality and

we're never gonna do anything about it

I'll tell you right now

hypergamy is not a straitjacket and a

lot of guys get this wrong there

hypergamy if a guy knows about it he can

use that to his advantage and I think

that if there's a guy that's in a

relationship and you just were saying

that you were more you know monogamous

minded right now and at 40 years old I

can certainly understand that but I

think that one of the prime requisites

for men is to understand that

hypergamy is a thing but it's not going

to make or break your relationship it

will if you don't know about it it's

real if you don't go to manage it and

how to understand what's going on and

yeah that's a lot of micromanaging and I

know a lot of guys go oh man I can't

possibly think about that shit all the

time well I'll tell you right now is if

you become red pill aware and rim pill

becomes what you are it's always it's on

your mind all the time who you are you

internalize that no just I was saying a

little while ago mental point of origin

part of my mental point of origin is I

think in terms of red pill and I don't

go hmmm my wife just gave me this shit I

respond I have choice one two or three

I'm gonna go with you this time and I

don't that's that's that's rote

memorization right I'm talking about

learning and there's interesting rote

memorization and learning and I think a

lot of guys get mixed up with that in

game as well because they think that

it's scripts or they think it's

taking about something or why I gotta

calibrate right I gotta do this which is

true you do but it has to become part of

who you are so it's a natural congruous

authentic part of yourself so like I

said if something's going on with my

wife I don't I don't run down this

laundry list of things in the back of my

head that says okay what would a red

pill guy do here I just do it because

that is Who I am right now it took a

long time to get there not mine but but

I think that guys need to understand

that they have to internalize red pill

understanding before they can even

before I would even get into a

monogamous relationship you've got to

have a good firm grasp of what it is you

can expect from your woman also I don't

that and that sort of gets back to what

you were just saying right now how do

you manage how do you manage it how do

you the truth is right now I don't

manage it I don't have to manage it

because when you get to a point in your

relationship and your natural defaults

reflexive response is a red pillar

Redhill informed response I'm gonna come

out and I'm gonna say that I know that

sounds really weird right now because

people want this step-by-step thing and

I get that I wish I could give you a

step by step how to manage your life you

know now I make a million fucking

dollars if I could just come up with how

to manage your wife right or here's an

owner's manual you know and but I think

that the primary reason that guys get

into trouble is because they forget that

or it doesn't become an internalized

part of the who they are and I counseled

guys who were who been married for 10


and like before they were dating this

girl for like two or three years and she

loved him she fucked him all the time

she you know he couldn't get enough of

the guy they got married he went back to

being sort of relax go back to being

sort of blue pill and this really nice

guy doing what he a happy wife happy


you know that kind of show yes and and

trying to appease and doing all this

stuff and not making himself his own

mental point of origin I mean if there's

if there's a key again to a good

relationship you got to make yourself

your mental point of origin you have a

separate identity away from your wife

but I talked to so many guys who

backslide they go I lost the frame role

how do I get my frame back you know

and it's like well you need to go back

to the basics you need to understand you

know red pill basics and one of those

red pill basics I think is to you know

put yourself first

and make sure that you're the one that's

you're the primary and in the

relationship and you know it's it's

really easy to say well just man up well

know that yeah there's more to it has

all created that has a whole different

meaning today then it should really

within within the context of a marriage

or a relationship I think that guys need

to be grounded and based in their own

red pill understanding before they

before that should ever get into a

monogamous relationship but also if

you're going to manage a woman it's much

easier to have a woman managed herself

or to want to manage herself right for

you there's you know what I mean like

even the guys that the guys at the 21

convention were said we're we're telling

me that you know and I real I don't even

realize this because I don't think about

that but guys at the 21 convention when

they met my wife my wife came to the 21

convention when they met her they're

saying she really is into you she really

loves you cuz she's constantly looking

at me she's she admires me strong you

know she's really and she's thoroughly

in love with me if she still wants to be

I mean 20 years later she will actually

22 years later she still wants to you

know to have sex with me she still has a

you know an affinity for me and I don't

have to manage that I don't have to go

how come you will please be me I don't

negotiate desire with her on it a lot of

guys fall into that but it's so much

easier when the complementarity of the

relationship is understood it's like

it's in the back it's out it's in the

back here not in the front here right

it's like an operating system it's in

the back yes running in the background

so how do I manage my marriage that's

how I do it I stay Who I am I stay

authentic I stay congruous with what if

I was to you know let's go she would go

waiting right doing that because it's

why because it's not like me and I would

I would actually add to what you said I

think that hypergamy a lot of guys like

to down oh just like you said oh I

burger me as bad and girls are know for

me I think hypergamy is a good thing for

men if you know that if you know that

your woman if you know women are always

going to consolidate on the highest

value males available to them at any

given at any given time that motivates

you as a man to keep your mental edge

because just like we as men say hey all

these girls want you know they want all

this stuff from guys they expects us to

be perfect but they don't deserve it

well that may be true but there's

another side to that coin you don't

deserve a quality woman unless you're a

male guy yourself you want to be the

object of a woman's high Pergamus

desires okay

and the minute the moment you stop

becoming that is the minute she starts

looking elsewhere and I think and just

like you said a lot of guys they get

married they get relaxed and they

backslide thinking that they can relax

because because they have this

unconditional love and their wife or

their woman starts losing attraction for

them but if you have those if you have

the hypergamy doctrine if you if you

know if you know how women really work

in the operating system in your mind

then that helps you to keep your mental

and physical edge mm-hmm well I was also

going to say is that a lot of guys get

really just desperate but despairing

really well then they formally may first

find out about hypergamy and they

realize I'm not gonna ever be that that

super high alpha guy that women are

gonna want and my we were just saying is

my relationship doomed to failure

because I'm never gonna be that guy well

there's so much more that goes along

with that first of all turn a it should

motivate you to be the best dude you can

be and then be you have to understand

what your what your woman's

circumstances are herself right a woman

might love you know my wife might wanna

fuck Chris Hemsworth doesn't mean she's

gonna get it to do that because because

Chris Hemsworth has you know twenty

two-year-old chicks come at them all the

time right

so yeah you're what your wife or

whatever might be attracted to that or

that might be the highest scale but it

it sort of it has to be sort of buffered

I guess with you know what it is such a

woman could could attract and then

second of all the the fact

that but I lose you think I love oh you

are ok yeah that's ok numerous the other

thing I was gonna say is that like guys

who simply think that hypergamy is this

is a straightjacket for them and they're

never going to be able to measure up to

that a lot of those guys end up going

Nick towel I really think that's kind of

a shame because I think that that that

guys should still be competitive and

they still should be it should still be

on top of their game regardless of what

their circumstances is I think there's I

don't think there's a guy out there who

can't find some way to improve

themselves I don't believe in

contentment to be honest with you I

believe I'm in constructive discontent

but I don't believe in absolute true

contentment as it is but guys will say

that oh well you know if hypergamy is

true and like I'll go into this might

one of my talks at the 21 convention was

about Avila Tori shift and part of audio

to our shift is that when a woman is in

her peak fertility phase during her

menstrual cycle they tend to be more

attracted to more masculine eyes more

like the more dominant features lower

voice certain smell you know more

masculinized features because that is

evolution saying I need good genes at

this time so that I can that's so that I

can breed well the studies are that

women tend to have their if they're

going to if they're paired and they're

going to have an extra pair relationship

or they're gonna have you know alpha

fuck so they're gonna have you know

short term sex that's about the time

they're going to do that but if they're

paired and they're satisfied with the

man that they're with that's when they

are more preceptive sexually to the man

that they're with so I don't think that

a lot of guys think that is this

hopeless thing and say no if you are if

you have that mastery of that woman if

you have if you are the best that that

woman can do and her hind brain says

this guy is the best that I can do and

she comes around to her peak fertility

phase that's what she's gonna be more

into you and there's several studies by

Marty Casselton where women who describe

themselves as being in a satisfying

monogamous relationship

sexually preceptive to the men that they

were with at that time whereas the women

who were dissatisfied with their

relationships tended to look outside of

the relationship for sex during that

peak fertility phase so it's not a death

sentence okay it's not like oh my god it

doesn't matter what I do and you know

these she's gonna leave me anyway so I'm

just gonna completely check out at the

game and check out a society and fuck

women they're so hard on me you know

no fuck that you can do it it's not a

straitjacket and it's not alright listen

I know a lot of guys are happy to hear

that because I think that especially men

who come to the red pill and they they

they they they they swallow the red pill

they have they they know that it's true

they agree with it wholly then come you

know first obviously there's the you

know there's the anger phase and then

you go through all the phases and then

they come to reality wait a minute I'm

not six one two like I'm six one and two

hundred and twenty seven pounds so I'm a

yeah I'm a good-looking guy in this net

the other but what about the guy who's

five nine 175 well not so good looks

that's binary thinking though that is

apex fallacy by drive thinking and guys

are just as prone to it as women are

because we we tend to exaggerate the the

apex of something I had one of my best

friends is Filipino and he goes to he's

an American but sometimes he goes back

to the Philippine Islands so when he

gets back there he's a fucking rock star

there because he's American and he's got

money and everything and the guy maybe

comes up to here on me you know I mean

nicest dude in the world alpha as fuck I

mean most of the most Filipino guys I

know I've been pretty alpha dudes for

whatever reason but he's out there and

he can go back there and he can kill it

you know when he's when he's back in the

island he had come back here and you

know up until the point where he did

ended up he end up getting married but

up until that point he couldn't get

anywhere because the because the gauge

was different for him you see what I'm

saying like when if you were to go to

the Philippine Islands if I was to walk

there and I'm like 511 almost six feet

tall I'm standing out a crowd

sure if I go downtown right here in


whatever another dude walking down the

street they don't care

sure but there's that and I think that

if you were if you were to be the one

one tall white dude in the Philippine

Islands if you were the only way or the

imagine you're the first white dude to

ever set foot on that island and you are

you know a hand and a half taller than

any other new that's there you're

suddenly the apex but that doesn't mean

that that the other guys who are you

know in that are shorter than you or who

are you know have different qualities

and you doesn't mean that they're not

attractive it's just you're looking at

it from a different context okay okay

that makes all the sense of the world I

got a I got a question here from dude

want to 12 he says Rolla would you ever

team up and collaborate with dr. Jordan

Peterson on a project oh yeah absolutely

I definitely would I think that a lot of

people ask me I you know do you not like

Jordan Peters I see Jordan sort of

positioning himself for a life after

teaching right now and so consequently

he has to have a patreon account which

he used at public and now it's not you

know he's got a book out that's coming

out against this 12-step thing and I

think that Jordan Peterson has a lot of

truth to offer where I would split with

him is when he goes and takes that into

you know even has a book called maps of

meaning I'm more about like you know

basic hardcore truths

whereas Jordan is more about meaning and

if you've ever seen the the green

cultivate the discussion between him and

sam Harris mm-hm

you will understand the difference of

what I'm talking about if you look on

YouTube and you look for the the talk

between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris I

think it says he had a discussion of

meaning or something it's about an hour

long like if you listen to that I think

I would probably be more on the Sam

Harris side of things and I look up and

I'm not saying atheists but anyway he's

a famous atheist but I'm just saying

that I would be more empirical than

Jordan is I like Jordan Peterson a lot I

do happen to think that he's very blue

pill when it comes to when it comes to

topics about women

and I say that because whenever I listen

to him discuss matters about women or

matters about his his wife and his

growing up and how he married his

childhood sweetheart when they were

eight years old I mean the guy told his

dad I murdered that girl I had never

heard of a blue pill you know awakening

you know blue pill its context for for

marriage that would be it but I also I

also see Jordan when he discusses the

differences between men and women he

tends to put a whole lot more blame and

a whole lot more emphasis on men and

getting them to to man up and getting

them more to be better men and there's

nothing wrong with wanting to be better

men I mean wrong but I think that he

gives women a pass primarily because of

his wife because he doesn't want to

thank anything wrong with the divinity

of women and and how how perfect women

really are and it's it's just women are

only fucked up because men are like

super fucked up and I will tell you

right now that it's it's so it's a

two-way street okay I have a post called

our sisters keeper or my sister's keeper

where I discussed this in detail about

how a lot of guys want to say well the

only reason that and Jordan is one of

these guys okay the only reason these

women are so fucked up is because men

allowed I'm like well we've sort of

passed a Rubicon a long time ago where

where women are not going to go back to

so if you were to say well if every man

just like gets behind me and follows me

and just the things that I do then we

can force women back into this proper

behavior I'm saying that those days

don't exist anymore like I was one of my

jokes to seeing trad cons don't want the

red pill they want a time machine they

want to go back in time to this more

romanticized perfect day where women

were feminine and he's you know nice I'm

sure that there's you know by order

degrees there's other countries and

other cultures and other ethnicities

where where women aren't different

obviously a Latin culture is different

but hypergamy doesn't change women are

still women no matter what no matter

what or where they are they are

but I think that it is sort of barking

up the wrong tree to place all of the

blame on women's bad behavior on men

because we can only do so much

okay wait you know I can go and say I

can go and form this alliance with with

how many different aspects of the

manosphere right now and I can say we're

all going to get together we're going to

have solidarity and we're all going to

you know we're all going to these are

going to be our bylaws this is gonna be

the rules and this is what this is the

behavior we're gonna put up with you

honest to god think that women are gonna

go oh yeah okay yeah good I better do

that because if I don't I'm not gonna

get married

let me gonna do that because there's

always some schmuck who's gonna be this

beta guy who thirsty made a guy goes I'm

not like those guys I'm more identified

with women right I'm definitely in it

that's why I wait more I think we're

going to talk about this is that that's

why you see all these guys who are male

feminists coming up right now who are

being accused of sexual harassment right

because that's their beta game that's

how they want to get in so there's your

segue gonna say yes we wrap a third head

for home yeah let's talk about it man

Matt Lauer good lord Harvey Weinstein

the the list goes on and on I know a

news guy another news guy got fired what

are your thoughts on all of the sexual

harassment the sexual misconduct sexual

violation etc etc what what are your

thoughts on this because my initial

thoughts I know that I'm not gonna sit

here and say that I know that they're

all false I wasn't there so I don't know

but one thing I know to be true

especially especially with what we know

about women is that this is now becoming

a trend and I think what is happening is

that the definition of sexual misconduct

is subjective and you know listen and

believe and all this other kind of stuff

what are your thoughts on on just on the

shit show that is women saying oh XYZ

celebrity looked at my ass and all of a

sudden how he gets fired okay well

that's the me to hash tag yes there it

is when you have when you one of my one

of my sayings is that if you put the

word culture behind any word you

suddenly make whatever that term is

endemic sorry you say vulture its

endemic if we say culture of toxic

masculinity its endemic we say it's a

culture of X Y or Z that's endemic so

what that sort of what that

is that promotes a belief that there's

this outrageous constants you know

epidemic that's just you know running

like wildfire through society right now

and we saw that with there's a parallel

to this and I think you probably

remember this from the UVA University of

Virginia I guess right because Jackie

you know we know we we focus on the

hysteria about rape culture we focus on

that you know we have to believe

anything that a woman says I believe it

because we don't you know then we're

we're doing a disservice it doesn't

matter if the guy it loses his civil

rights we have to believe that woman

first and that's really the way it is on

most university campuses right now or we

have to you know we have these kangaroo

courts I think that what we're seeing in

this meets you and the sexual assault

sexual harassment sexual misconduct

whatever you want to call it this craze

I call it the great male scare of 2017

because really we've gone I said back in

in September right around the time

actually right after the time of the Las

Vegas shooting where we had this

narrative shift and the narrative shift

has gone from toxic masculinity to

masculinity itself it is toxic and so

now it's not a certain type of males

problem it's all males problems right I

don't think I think that was very subtle

and it just kind of slipped in

underneath that this right now with the

sexual harassment stuff is part of that

narrative shift right now it's funny we

should talk about as I talked about this

with Richard Cooper gosh ma'am almost

almost a month ago I think three weeks

ago or maybe a month ago and we're

talking just about this one first

started so this has been going on for a

month maybe five weeks now and we're

saying you know why does Harvey

Weinstein get get busted for sexual

assault why why is he a fat target but a

guy like gene Simmons doesn't right yeah

not worse about two weeks later gene

Simmons has when I was a Ron Jeremy same

thing yeah it's really porn star

I was poking around the guys on Twitter

so you know I can't leave the house for

two hours to go to the gym and then come

back and like two more dudes are before

you see it white listen or you see it

while you're at the what I think what I

see coming right now is I see this as

just a symptom really of that narrative

shift where we're saying that all men

are bad and we need to purge them when

we're looking really at Hollywood set

and of Hollywood's context we're seeing

a purging of getting all these guys out

of those those positions and women are

seeing that that there is a lucrative

future and yes an outing guys even if

they just simply brush across huh that's

right oh my god Vicki wanted to but um

yeah exactly so even the slightest

infraction and then now we combine that

look what we're just talking about how

we are expected to believe women's story

no matter what that's right expected to

believe the the and this went from

remember we were talking about rape

culture and the worst possible thing

that could happen to a woman she's been

raped okay we have to believe that woman

and we're going to remove the rights of

habeas corpus those men because it's

that important her testimony is a far

outweighs the suspicion of guilt or

innocence right absent any any mini some

sudden case so now we have progressed

that will progress that up to where okay

if there's sexual harassment charges we

have to believe that woman we have to

believe her now so where do we go from

there what are we gonna see in the next

in the next year you know what else do

we have to believe is it are we gonna

get to the point where men are simply

denied habeas corpus you know show me

the body and other their proven is

guilty so proven innocent till proven

guilty or we want to deny just men that

and women are going to be you know we're

gonna believe whatever they say no

matter what and the man's gonna have to

prove his innocence rather than you

prove its guilt I think that we're

really with this narrative shift we're

really pushing further and further

towards that kind of condition where

we're going to just I mean imagine this

imagine you're in a divorce court or

imagine you're my child custody court

and we're

opposed to believe the woman's testimony

about that of the man because and now

we've denied man habeas corpus so well

listen guess what Rollo it's happening


I mean that yeah it's been happening for

years I mean directly and indirectly I

mean and I can I get ya exactly but I

mean we can talk about you know why does

a guy like Hartley a schmuck and like

you know Harvey Weinstein is getting you

know run up the flagpole well he's a big

fish sure you know Jason was a big fish

too but he's got only two accusers

where's Harvey why surprise two dozen

accusers and then we just have Matt

Lauer I don't think that Matt Lauer was

any shock to anybody because the guy has

been you know accused in the past it's

just nobody real nothing really stuck

back in the past and I can remember a

time I just I have vaguely remembered

that he was in the news for cheating on

his wife or something like that he was a

show for a bit back so I don't see that

as any any big shock but I think that

right now we're in a condition where

women are you know they're they're

looking for that ticket they're looking

for that that big ticket support item

and most women most for most women that

comes in the form of a divorce

settlement that's okay so or an alimony

or divorce of an alimony 96% women get

alimony they're men

so if you look at that and you see you

think that in a woman's life her big

payout her big care big you know cash

and prizes check out is going to be in

the form of a divorce possibly maybe the

guy was an abusive asshole maybe the guy

had money you look at a guy like Elon

Musk you know yes it's a huge fish and

so Amber Heard or whoever I know I know

he was married and you know it's pre

preview and the guys is a complete he's

the perfect mark yes for it he's a

perfect mark because he is his blue pill

and romantic and has all people we got

only a tear we given me a real those

book we have to give it to him because

he's gonna you know he'll get us to the

moon he'll get us to Mars if he just has

the rational I keep saying hey you know

what I'll be all hand deliver this yeah

listen they just note that gigafactory

boy you're right outside reason so yeah

give him a free copy in person but he's

the perfect mark but I see that okay so

that's that's one thing but as marriage

becomes less and less common because

we're seeing you know divorce rates are

have always been about where they are

about you know 40 50 % but we're seeing

a marriage rate she does plummet right

now from the 1960s to where we are right

now we're seeing marriage rate plummet

and we're seeing that women if they get

married it goes later and later and

later in life right so so statistically

if a woman gets to be about 35 years old

statistically she's gonna be a never

married woman for the rest of her life

okay good um so how is that woman going

to get a cash out how is she gonna get a

payout well you go she can accuse her

boss she can accuse and you know some of

the most convenient biggest fish that

she can accuse to and it doesn't even

have to be true because no it can be it

doesn't have to you know people say well

what if it's true and you know it

doesn't matter it doesn't matter because

conviction and it doesn't matter because

we she makes the accusation and what do

we do we go back to anything a woman

says is true and anything he says he has

to prove his innocence and even when he

proves his innocence he still has that

attached to him or that suspicion that's

attached to that guy so what would you

do if you're in that situation if you

had a big company and some woman is

accusing you of sexual harassment you

pay her off make her Goldman pay her off

that's that's the big thing right so you

just all you got to do is make that

accusation that's why we see right now

men are afraid to work with women in the

workplace they're afraid they have to

have open door I was talking about this

in one of my more recent posts in the

Creek post I have a series of three

Creek program post one of them was about

Mike Pence Mike Pence has this open door

policy where it's like yes you won't

have dinner with a woman that's not his

wife unless she's there or like he has

two other witnesses that are there with

him right okay and where I also linked

to this other story about how feminism

has basically created this workplace

culture environment where

and are afraid to work with women so

there's a project they're working on

they will turn it down even if it's

lucrative or something that would

advance their career they'll turn it

down because the potential for that

harassment case or even just like the

suspicions of it is enough to ruin a

man's life and that's why they have they

have it they say powerful men hide

behind open doors today right oh yeah I

hadn't heard about that but they'd be

smart to do that yeah and it's really

just a contingency for the culture that

women and feminism has created up to

this point so what do I see in the

future I see more of this in the future

I see that this is if there if we if a

woman is single and she can't get a cash

out and a frivolous divorce the option

for a frivolous sexual assault lawsuit

or a payout or payoff is is the next

best thing to that and I see I think

that women are starting to see this as

like I said as marriage plummets as men

are like more like you know they don't

want to get married because they're

afraid that they're going to lose half

their assets or they're afraid that

they're going to you know lose their

kids the kids are never there's half

their assets it's never going to be

theirs yeah if you've ever seen that I

know you got listen to me we're on

YouTube right now so Spencer if you're

on youtube look up this I think it might

even be all on there but there's this

trailer for this documentary called

divorce incorporated and I think that

when you look at that you will

understand exactly why the marriage

rates have plummeted because there's

just such a dangerous situation for guys

to get into right now it's just I really

think that guys if they don't realize it

themselves they see somebody else going

through that

yeah divorce egg yeah divorce is it's

divorce incorporated you said yeah

divorce incorporated yeah okay

I've seen his watching the trailer it's

a divorced corporate divorce

incorporated and these divorce it might

be divorced core ok divorce court all

right well yeah I mean I want of those I

would suggest that I mean if you want a

better understand you know and we were

just talking about Jordan Peterson I

think Jordan Peterson really advocates

for marriage as if it's going to be some

you know yeah like well it's gonna fix

you know Western society we all just got


watch this documentary before you you

know buy on to what Jordans talking

about that marriage at saving Western

culture because there's there's a if you

look at the the attorneys and the guys

who are making big bucks in that

documentary you might have second you

know it's funny when when this stuff

started to happen with all of these with

all of these sexual harassment lawsuits

I immediately characterized it this is a

money play I really like last year I did

an episode and I forget what it's called

it was almost a year ago is why do why

four reasons women publicly make rape

accusations against celebrities athletes

etc it's for the payout okay and nine

times out of ten they never go to the

cops all they have to do is put it out

there because they know that a man is

going to be tried in the court of public

opinion and in the court of public

opinion Rollo the burden of proof is not

on the accuser it is on the accused and

so the easy thing to do is to pay the

woman off that and and and I mean you

make the point that women know that this

is their meal ticket I would submit to

you that they've known this for quite a

while only now are they beginning to

place so here's a thing men women are

always ahead of men and it's been like

this since birth you take the eleven you

take deal at the average twelve year old

girl and average twelve year old boy who

knows more about intersexual dynamics at

that point in their lives of course the

girl does she always does they mature

faster etcetera etcetera we are always

they're always one step ahead and the

the culmination of the culmination of

them being one step ahead manifests

itself into false rape and rape

accusations you know these big powerful

men being taken down our v Weinstein

Matt Lauer etcetera etcetera

they've always been ahead of the game

and I agree with you I don't think I

think that I think this is just a trend

and women are gonna milk this for all

it's worth and then when the next big

shiny thing comes to exploit men for

their money they're gonna jump on that

too and they already they they probably

already know what the next big thing is

before we even it we are just now

catching up a wait a minute this might

be a money play guess what they're

already planned in their next

it's resource transfers what yes yes

that's exactly the answer it's a

transfer of resources and men will do it

either directly or indirectly that's

exactly right

well role it has been a pleasure my

friend we went a little bit over in time

that's right I greatly greatly

appreciate you coming on with me my

audience does as well listen if you ever

want to do a show you're more than

welcome to come on with me any time

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fun all right take care guys

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