EPISODE #272: There is no such thing as "female strength"

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“Strong women” these days are being touted as the best option for men. Wife up a strong woman and you’ll never have problems! She can lift you up when you’re down! She’ll challenge you to be your best! And on and on and on.



The problem is, these women are only good options in movies and television and the relationships that occur on screen are fictional and false. A marriage or long term relationship with a woman who is “strong”, has a career, and attempts to exhibit masculine level strength never works out…ever.


Male strength vs. Female strength (Negromanosphere article)


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posted in the chat Miami Jay making an

appearance as always

tonight I'm gonna talk about the myth a

female strength compared to what real

female strength is and what it should be

now the female strength peddled to us by

television peddled to us by movies in

social media I'm talking about real-life

honest-to-goodness feminine strength

that real women should embrace but

before I do that I'm gonna compare male

strength to female string strong women

and of course I'm using air quotes for

those of you guys watching strong women

these days are touted as the best option

for men wipe up a strong woman and

you'll never have problems this is what

they tell us she can lift you up when

you're down she'll challenge you to be

your best and on and on and on the

problem is these women are only good

options in the movies there are only

good options in television and and the

relationships that occur on screen are

fictional and false there's nothing real

about them a marriage or a long-term

relationship with a woman who is a

strong leader who has a career and

attempts to exhibit exhibit masculine

level strength never works out guys ever

never works out well I know a couple

who's been married for 35 years and

she's a strong woman

okay maybe they've been married for 35

years but how many times has he cheated

on her how many times has she cheated on


how happy are they did they stay

together just because of the kids listen

just because a marriage lasted 35 40 50

years does not mean that that is a good

marriage just because it's long doesn't

mean it's good so what I'm gonna do guys

is I'm gonna examine the difference like

I said between male and female string

all right I'm also gonna talk about how

females try to emulate male strength and

how it sabotages their lives and

relationships and destroys their chance

at happiness let's talk first about

physical strength let's just get down to

the nitty-gritty male physical strength

is fairly simple and straightforward the

things that make a man strong have to be

earned which means it takes discipline

and experience to build real-world

masculine level physical strength men

are born bigger faster and stronger than

women the disparity in terms of how raw

physical strength between men and women

the the the the disparity is vast guys

men can further cultivate the strength

by lifting weights taking up a martial

art or any number of things that he can

he can build up as that he can use to

build up his body and make himself

physically stronger now men like this

strong physical men are revered and

respected throughout the world because a

physically strong male is more

attractive and more capable of defending

himself and of course protecting his

woman and offspring from danger not to

mention the fact that they are feared

which of course is another form of

respect as far as women are concerned

women attempt to copy this physical

strength by touting themselves as

physical equals again movies in

television consistently portrays women

fighting toe-to-toe with men and most of

the time winning those fights I go to

the Mission Impossible series I watch

the I think it was back in 2015 it's

called Mission Impossible rogue nation

you had a female character fight a

bigger faster stronger male one-on-one

and she ended up winning the fight I

just watched I think it was Captain

America Civil War Scarlett Johansson's

character agent Romanoff

I watched her I watched her a human

physical a human being a physical a

physical woman take on I think it was

for bigger stronger faster men who had

weapons and body armor she took them all

down women internalized this stuff and

they actually believe that women are

physically stronger than men now

females want the reverence they want the

respect and they want the fear that

strong men have as those are favorable

traits to have as a person physical

strength where the disconnect happens

guys is that women simply cannot elicit

those same feelings regardless of how

many steroids they pump themselves up

with all right I remember watching you

guys can look this up on YouTube it's

like a woman who's a bodybuilder she had

on an ocean 30 inch arms or something

like that she was Rommel and she lost in

an arm wrestling match to a regular guy

I don't know he was bad no maybe five

nine five ten hundred eighty-five pounds

he destroyed her in an arm wrestling

contest she was she was clearly

physically bigger than him she looked

stronger than he was but he destroyed

her in an arm wrestling contest I

remember discussing mmm

with a female a while back this was this

was back when I was still in Vegas and I

remember that ESPN had put up a poll

asking people who would win in a fight

Floyd Mayweather jr. or Ronda Rousey not

surprisingly 77% of the people polled

chose Rousey and when that happened I

voiced my amusement I think I forget

where this was by voice my muezzin I

think it was on somebody's phone or

something like that the girl said that

she could this is the funny thing when I

voiced my amusement the girl that I was

talking to said that Ronda Rousey could

easily defeat Mayweather and she could

beat me I laughed even harder then she

then then she asked me Ronda Rousey's a

professional fighter

you were not she would beat you because

she's a professional I laughed again I

said sweetheart I'm 6 1 to 30 Rousey's

5/7 135 and that's her fighting weight I

said I would end her inside of 15

seconds because I am a man and I weigh

almost a hundred pounds than she does a

hundred pounds more than she does we

have it back and forth for a little

while I mean and she grew increasingly

agitated that I would not concede defeat

in my mythical match against rather she

kept it's funny she kept trying to sort

of a nicer no come on

like she would beat you on something

like no sweetheart no she's a woman

she's not gonna beat me I don't care how

I don't care if she's a professional

fighter or not I would destroy Rousey

and any man would but the point is is

that women at whip there are women out

here who actually believe that women are

equally as strong as men even women who

are giving away a hundred pounds to a

grown-ass man all one has to do is a

quick youtube search for men do a quick

youtube search for men hitting women

back and you will see scores of

reminders that a man could crush a woman

in an instant if he chose to out listen

I'll save you the trouble

um I'll actually save you the trouble

and and talk about that I forget the

first video that I pulled up but it was

it was unbelievable we've all seen the

bus driver room where he uppercuts her

anytime a woman hits a man and he hits

her back the fight ends quickly she has

no chance

now obviously chicks who fight men

no chance a lot of them are bigger than

the men they accost but they still get

their asses kicked

the bottom line is that no matter what

women do no matter what they say no

matter what they think men are

physically superior in every way shape

form and situation

the sooner they acknowledge this in

their actions the better off we will all

be Hashim says owning your own platform

is the future they kicked illimitable

man off of Twitter yeah I actually tried

reaching out to him and he's in Britain

so he's what six hours ahead of me so

it's always it's always tough for her

for us to get for us to get together but

yeah yeah illimitable man is actually

now on gab and I actually saw a gab post

that he put up there he's thinking he

said he's close to monetizing his gab

feed so we'll we'll see what happens

from there sharp assists correctly

points out that my main Twitter account

was banned as well yep they kicked me

off Twitter as well yep absolutely okay

all right Miami Jay says men's physical

superiority is evident in the military

Miami Jay is a military veteran he says

women's standards format for massing and

maxing their physical training tests are

well below those of men absolutely shout

out to mr. mink very good

Miami Jay says plus five nine hundred

eighty-five pound men are fierce oh my


freelance run incest he B tries to make

those women out to be superhuman as a

martial artist and wrestler seeing that

shit drives me nuts seeing that on TV

and the movies yeah exactly

totally agree totally agree Miami Jay

talks about that movie alias oh my god

yeah yeah or the the the TV show alias

yes Sydney Bristow was was the was the

name of her character Sydney Bristow was

the it was the name of her character I

remember that freelance Ronan points out

the prime example like they're doing

with Star Wars now more like sdw where's

yeah the last Jedi happens to be a woman

I forget who wrote about it on return of

Kings but you guys can check out the

article on return of Kings about the

last Jedi it's it's absolutely

ridiculous Sherm cane says women just

need to accept the fact that men don't

fear women take away the law and we

would see I would absolutely agree I

would absolutely agree

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shit let's move along here let's talk

about the mental strength as far as men

and women are concerned a man's mental

strength is what separates him from most

men now jeans obviously have a lot to do

with a man's physical makeup but mental

fortitude is something that is built

through experience and upbringing a

mannix a man experiences a little strife

or a man who experiences rather little

strife or a little unrest

a man who doesn't experience hardship

will be will be far weaker upstairs in

the brain then a man who's been through

and has seen some shit in his life like

physical strength gentlemen your

psychological durability is something

that you can build and cultivate now

martial arts can certainly help you in

this area as both your body and your

mind are under constant to rest at

learning a new language or a new skill

reading or purposely putting yourself in

uncomfortable circumstances are two very

good ways to increase your mental

strength men are mentally superior to

women period

not only are we smarter on average we

are more rational we are more reasonable

we aren't we are not governed by our

emotions nearly as often as women are

this explains why women make stupid

decisions at a much higher rate than men

because they base a lot of their choices

on feelings or more or most recently

whatever other females are doing which

is usually the wrong thing now another

reason for our advantage in as far as

cerebral puranas concern is chemistry

and biology now diseases and mental

illnesses or disorders notwithstanding

men we as men we are chemically

identical from one day to the next yes

we have emotions just like everyone else

but by and large we're the same upstairs

just about every day now women on the

other hand are all over the map if you

doubt this for one second just take a

look at a woman's menstrual cycle

one-third of the month she's bleeding

out of her pussy which means cramps

bloating all of that causes agitation

irritability and lack of focus another

third of the month her body is preparing

for the upcoming period called pre

called premenstrual syndrome otherwise

known as PMS we all know about this this

is when women are bitchy short-tempered

and otherwise insufferable the last

third of the month is when they're

ovulating which sends a woman into heat

this is the time when this is the time

when women are thinking about cock 24/7

and will stop at nothing to get it

the point is guys is that women are not

even close to mental consistency and we

haven't even talked about their feminine

hard drive which doesn't really do of

any favors either this is why most women

fail miserably in positions of

leadership during a 30-day period women

experience 30 different variations of 30

different moods and handle them 30

different ways let me ask you this would

you entrust your fortune 500 company to

a creature who's in a perpetual state of

chemical change and imbalance yeah me


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Meeks says even ocean's 8 yeah I saw

that ridiculous ocean's 8 preview it's

like every it's it's so funny girls

women are always talking about Oh

anything you can do I can do better in

this net and we don't need men blah blah

blah blah bitches are always trying to

emulate men unbelievable sharp assists

rightfully points out fucking hell

ocean's 8 what a waste of time exactly I

mean seriously what are they gonna do

fuck their way into the vault like the

only way they're gonna be able to pull

off this heist or whatever the hell it

is that they're trying to do they're

just basically just gonna be sucking and

fucking the whole time right oh your

security guard here let me show you my

ass you want to do anal all right let's

do it

kingís bj sm says a ship in Harbor is

safe but that is not what ships are

built for why be a little rowboat when

you can be a warship that makes sense

Miami J says show me a 30 something

single mom who hasn't taken an

antidepressant in her life totally agree

kingsby says Amen she can be the eye she

can be the eye can be sunbathing on the

deck but she doesn't belong below deck

operating the engine-room are worse at

the helm okay yeah I get I get the

analogy I guess we're being I guess

we're being intelligent Juan's Dave

Jones says Juan's de Jones and says dude

I love the way Donovan breaks shit down

appreciate that appreciate that one also

says he'll know I would which is why I

didn't want Hillary to win to win

imagine having a president who never can

rationally think I agree I totally agree

I totally agree sharpest system and

sharpest says D listen

this he goes in on ghosts but he says

one movie that these remakes always be

will always be failures is the

Ghostbusters remake yeah the

Ghostbusters remake was an abject

fucking disaster

it was a fucking failure was

unbelievable it's ridiculous okay

let's let's move right along here again

five one six six six six nine nine six

eight - call up and tell me what's on

your mind so now that we know that

female strength is nothing like male

strength let's talk about what real

female strength is let's talk about the

strength that real females should have

real female strength is standing by her

man when the chips are down no he

doesn't need her to be his rock or his

foundation if he did she wouldn't be

with him in the first place

men are built to withstand high levels

of physical and mental strength stress

and when it arrives and it will we don't

need a woman who lifts us up what we

need is her support and compliance

during during times of strife and lots

and lots of sex you know what you know

what we need from women when times are

tough we need food and we need sex we

need food sex and silence just like

Chris Rock famously said feed me fuck me

shut the fuck up what we need it and

here's the thing guys it takes a strong

woman to stick by a man who's going

through a shit storm because that's the

difficult thing to do weak women jump

ship when shit gets real because that's

the easy thing to do it's easy to bail

when a man is going through tough times

guys it's much harder to stick around

and see things through which is why most

women don't do this real female strength

is understanding the difference between

male and female infidelity and this is

the this is a big one with multiple

layers to it male and female infidelity

women who are women who are truly strong

in a feminine sense knows they deep down

they know that just because her husband

steps out on her doesn't mean he doesn't

still love her there are thousands of

women out there married to millionaires

billionaires profession

athlete celebrity recording artists and

they all know and understand that men

are biologically hardwired to seek out

and fuck young hot girls they understand

that men and women are not created

sexually equal a strong woman

acknowledges these differences accepts

them and doesn't use it as an excuse to

act up or get out of pocket again very

difficult to do gentlemen and don't kid

yourselves this is far from easy

which is why weak men which is why weak

women okay

make life as difficult as possible for

the men who cheat on them because hey

she doesn't understand the difference

between male and female infidelity and

be even if she did she doesn't want to

acknowledge it because it's not easy to

think about this guy's men who cheat on

their wives never leave their wives for

the side chick okay

nor do they have the desire to and when

I say never 99.9% of the time right when

we as men we cheat gentlemen we cheat

mainly for sex and that's it love and

sex are not synonymous with each other

in the mind of a man just because just

because he's fucking one woman okay just

because he's fucking a woman other than

his wife or his main chick doesn't mean

he doesn't still love his wife or his

main chick okay love and sex are very

separate for men but women however who

cheat on their boyfriends or husbands

either end up leaving them for the dude

they're fucking they fall in love with

that dude or at least they make an

attempt to leave their husbands she can

have the Alpha fucks and the beta box

without having to live with the beta

bucks which is exactly why women

initiate divorce more than 80% of the

time they've got the Alpha cock in all

their holes while getting child support

payments from the ex-husband the point

is this guys love and sex are the same

with women so when they cheat they do it

for sex and many many other reasons

which is why they closed off emotionally

from the men they're cheating on this is

how it works and there's another element

to this part of real female strength as

it applies to male and female infidelity

and pay attention guys because this is


important for both men and women to

understand women want a man who is 6:4

with movie star looks washboard abs a

10-inch cock in a 10 figure salary we

listen we all know about the mythical

man who is the object of every woman's

unrealistic desires right we've all

heard of it but here's the real delusion

with women they also want this man this

unicorn to be a hundred percent

faithful alpha male strategies calls

this phenomenon a loyal alpha newsflash

any man with the stats that I just

listed ain't gonna be faithful

why because other chicks want to fuck

him other women want to be with him you

listen you married to mr. alpha fuckin

male you're not the only woman attracted

to him and you know damn well you're not

the only woman he's attracted ooh

expecting a man like this to stay

faithful is like having a stake in your

dog's crate and expecting him not to eat


okay listen I've got a Cavalier King

Charles Spaniel who is always looking

for food if there's food on the floor

he's gonna eat it and what well we'll

call our dog's name but why did you eat

this blob up listen we got to check

ourselves because we left food on the

floor we left food accessible to him he

is going to get it it's in a dog's

nature to eat the steak it is an our

nature to fuck multiple women it's in

our nature to be polygamous it is not in

a woman's nature to fuck multiple men

because it is not in her neck because it

is in her nature to be monogamous which

is why most of today's women are fucking

miserable think about it they're not

made to be polygamous they're made to be

monogamous oh all these hoes out here

fucking around and thinking everything

is all good they're fucking miserable

because this is not what they're

designed to be any man who's fucking a

bunch of chicks is satisfied and happy

with life and himself even if he never

gets married or has kids he's usually

generally pretty content he may have

regrets about not starting a family or

having a son to carry on his name but it

doesn't keep him up at night and it

doesn't cause emotional suicide women

who are sleeping around

however sleeping around with a bunch of

dudes are never happy these hoes are

never had

a woman who never gets married or has

kids is anxious and depressed the

biological purpose of a woman is to

procreate and when they can't or won't

they're sad and fucking miserable until

death a man not regretting having a

family it's not gonna fuck him up

mentally or but let me put it this way

I'm sorry a man regretting not having a

family it's not gonna fuck him up

mentally it absolutely mind fucks

females and if you don't believe me talk

to any spinster you know you can see the

sadness in her face now these women who

are slutting around being hoes riding

the cock carousel they always seem to be

happy when they're talking to their

friends about the eight dudes they're

fucking but they're not happy because

they're hardwired to desire to be with

one man exclusively

this isn't listen this is an immutable

fact this is a fact this is not how

women are designed guys there is no

sexual double standard here a woman can

give birth let's talk about this

biologically a woman can give birth to a

certain number of offspring during a

certain amount of time certain amount of

years but we as men we can impregnate

women until the day we die

so when you apply the simple math and

biology to sexuality there is no other

conclusion to draw real female strength

is understanding and acknowledging this

truth no matter how difficult it may be

for her to deal with emotionally no

women don't want to get cheated on guys

they don't but women who belong to the

five percenters of the world know and

understand that this is a part of the

bargain nothing comes free nothing comes

easy nothing comes free guys every woman

alive every woman alive would rather get

cheated on by a five percenter than to

be worshipped by a ninety five percent

and they all fucking know it

and saying that out and saying that out

loud as a woman doesn't make you weak it

makes you a woman as hard as it is to

say and acknowledge it out loud it's the

gospel truth and they fucking know it

real female strength is giving your man

sex whenever he wants it a woman with

real female strength know

that if a man needs sex that it is her

duty to give it to him regardless of how

she feels

headache tiredness not in the mood or

any other reason that would otherwise

prevent her from giving it up or no

excuse in her mind if he wants it he

gets it every single time my woman is

exactly the same way if I want to fuck

we are fucking headache period doesn't

matter if I want it I fucking get it

strong women

real female strength real strong women

know the important of importance of sex

for men and they know that if he doesn't

get it from her he's gonna get it from

somewhere else now given up the pussy

when you're not feeling it but I put it

to you this way guys given up the pussy

and I'm speaking to the ladies here

giving up the pussy when you're not when

you're not feeling when you're not

feeling it that isn't hard okay but it's

not easy right if you're not in the mood

given up the pussy isn't the most

difficult thing to do in the world but

it's not really the easiest imagine

trying to fuck with a limp dick when

you're not horny at that very moment

okay but real women with real feminine

strength they put on their big-girl

panties then they take them off and then

they take your cock of course

after if they take off their panties or

even pull them to the side which

whichever you choose weak women

gentlemen take the easy way out and use

male desire to misbehave and to end it

or and attempt to manipulate him

sexually I've talked about this in past

episodes then she wants to lose her shit

when he finds out he's fucking the

waitress at Red Lobster and posts on

Facebook that she can't understand why

he would do such a thing and that all

met her cheating dicks for no reason

even though she was the perfect woman

five one six six six six nine nine six

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your life let's go to the Chet let's go

back to the Chet here

sharp assist says female slack

continuity and grace these days oh yeah

you better believe it

Miami Jay says only need his v4 villian

to get back in here yeah yeah I don't

know where he's at

I don't know where he's at yeah ETF 42

yeah ETF 42 yeah mr. show ruin her cat

to him dude anytime I would mention what

I'm about to talk about ETF 42 would be

putting it in the comments well seven

reasons all women are sluts well here's

number one through seven I'm like

goddamn do what are you doing you're

killing the show oh good okay you saw

okay so freelance lawmen O'Shea's chat

excellent excellent excellent very very

good excellent very very good five one

six six six six nine nine six eight is

the call and number if you want to call

up tell me what is on your mind

moving right along real female strength

gentleman is not succumbing to the easy

choice to be a slut in today's world

listen it's easy for women to fuck a

bunch of dudes it's easy for them to

give in to the temptation and do what

every other female out there is doing

it's easy to swipe right when they're in

heat or feeling depressed or feeling

happy or for whatever reason they

rationalize being a slut being a slut is

one of the easiest things a woman can do

these days but strong women

abstain from behaviors that decrease

their value as potential long-term mates

for five percenters they see the

long-term benefits of not being sluts

and conduct themselves as such again

guys wheat women give in to temptation

far more often than not and then

rationalize their bad choices by telling

themselves and everyone else who's doing

it that she can simply hide her past

when she's had her fill of random dick

butt real female strength is doing

what's not easy guys listen man

women have high sex drives - women want

to have sex as much as we do listen

maybe not as often but trust me women

get horny too you think it's listen you

think it's easy to fuck Richard in the

warehouse or I'm sorry you think it's

easy not to fuck Richard in the

warehouse who's been flirting with her

and I fucking her for the last six

months with the six pack abs you think

it's not easy to jump on tinder and rent

a cock for a night because she's

ovulating we can say whatever we want

about women and we can slut-shame them

all we want but not being a slut is much

harder than being a slut is easy let me

say that again not being a slut is much

harder than being a slut is easy so if a

woman makes a conscious choice not to be

a ho that is real feminine strength now

none of what I just mentioned has

anything to do with masculine strength

or or channeling masculine traits okay

these are all these are all feminine

qualities and feminine strengths now

going back to comparing men and women

male strength is mostly proactive and

female strength is mostly temperance let

me explain so for example women don't

have to go to the gym to be physically

attractive they just have to not eat

crap all day and worst case scenario is

that they're attractive now if she wants

to be hot she's got to hit the gym squat

eat clean and all the rest of that then

you know then you know if she's got good

genes you know all right great

but being attractive as a woman doesn't

take any proactive effort just don't eat

junk food all the time that's it that's

all she has to do as men we don't have

that luxury we have to hit the gym and

work on building up our bodies

to be physically attractive to women a

man who only watches what he eats but

doesn't work out isn't getting attention

from women we have to be proactive to be

physically attractive all women have to

do is exercise self-discipline in their

eating habits that's all they got to do

another example is personality all right

I'll put it to you guys this way a

female could have the personality of a

fucking doorknob but so long as she's

not bitchy not aggressive not a

loudmouth not disrespectful and so on

and so forth

men will find her easy to talk to

they'll find her easy to be around

they'll find her attractive right

stimulating conversation as men we can't

be that way we can't be boring to women

we have to be outgoing we have to be

take charge we have to be assertive

domineering demanding confident the list

goes on most men don't naturally have

these personality traits so they have to

be learned and cultivated in order to

keep women attracted to them guys we're

the ones who have to steer this who has

the steer the ship and start stimulating

conversations with our women and make

them think and challenge them we're the

ones that have to learn how to do that

stuff but women don't all they have to

do is refrain from being insufferable

and they're good to go and don't give me

this well well my woman has to be able

to have an intelligent conversation with

me and expand my mind and challenge me

mentally and nigga that's a bunch of

fucking bullshit and you know it because

women like that are epic fucking bitches

a woman who challenges you and I'm

putting that in air quotes is just a

woman looking a ruffle your feathers to

watch you get flustered dude fuck that

you don't need that and you damn sure

don't want it so don't give me that shit

just because a woman can't have in-depth

discussions with you about astrophysics

or the hidden I am big contender within

the works of Edgar Allan Poe doesn't

mean she's a fucking dummy all females

know how to socialize and as long as

they're not fucking bitches about it

that's more than enough for men in the

end guys women are nowhere close to the

same as men especially when it comes to

strength which includes mentally

physically spiritually even and

emotionally at

at cetera and we're a hell of a lot

smarter too okay listen

open your eyes and quit buying into the

bullshit myth that male and female

strength is the same thing our strengths

are very different from one another and

it's meant to be that way in order to

complement each other within the

construct of a sexual relationship

this creates a harmonious and balanced

existence with the opposite sex but

unfortunately for women they want their

strength to be respected as male

strength and that's one of the main

reasons sexual relations are fucked up

in this part of the world let's go back

to the chat here freelance says he's

gonna definitely keep an eye out for

both him and B for felony yeah yeah if

we if we can get our hands on those guys

that would that would be great that

would be great chase LeBeau says he beat

the hashtag me too case and landed a

giant landed a new job as a dispatcher

yeah listen if you don't mind calling in

yet listen call in and tell us about it

I mean you know listen if you're not

comfortable talking about the kind of

stuff on air you know I mean it's

between you me I mean we've only got 27

people watching right but yeah

congratulations man it's listen it's not

easy oh my god it is it is not easy to

beat a sexual harassment case or a

hashtag me too as you are guilty till

proven innocent so congratulations to

you my friend congratulations to you

sharp assist rightfully points out women

want the role not the responsibility

yeah women want all the accolades they

want all of the rewards they want all of

the benefits that come with masculine

traits they just don't want to put in

the work that's required to acquire

masculine strength it's just not how it


Kings key kingís bjs em says the burden

of responsibility makes it easier for

guys worth fucking to separate

themselves from those not worth fucking

totally agree totally agree because not

listen not many men are trying to

shoulder the burden listen there are so

many guys who say well it's not fair

that we have to lift and we have to do

this girls won't have to do anything to

be attractive to man listen embrace the

burden of performance okay listen

such such as the burden of masculinity

embrace the burden of performance I like

the fact that my fucking woman will walk

right out the fucking door

if I cease to be Who I am I like that

that helps me to keep my edge because if

I cease to be Who I am guess what she's

gonna go out there she's gonna start

fucking someone who is like I used to be

no fuck that I listen I like the fact

that it is performance base let's go to

the phone lines here and go to area code

404 404 you were on the line with

Donovan sharp what's on your mind men

Jase what's up brother how you doing man

doing good man so are you comfortable

talk about this hashtag me too bullshit

that you went through

yeah because here's the thing it was

just a bunch of yellow sea that was gone

on at a job because they know that from

my job performance I've made supervised

within six months and there was people

out there they've been out there three

years at their job and then someone's

gotten a piston ready oh my god so are

you telling me are you telling me that

men had it just to make sure I'm

understanding this correctly

jealousy probably came from men are you

telling you that men had something to do

with this hashtag me to bullshit on you

oh absolutely some guy over got some

older guys - had the nerve to company

and - and face that I was trying to push

up on this little young girl that was

working out there so she asked me did I

find her outfit attractive and I just

looked at it and said hmm I don't know

what to say cuz I can't see it so they

just made that's good but you know they

had issues with me looking at that

girl's picture I'm like it's not even

that serious you know that girl is like

20-some I'm person 40 I'm 36 yeah I

don't want that girl it is wrecked you

know loud ratchet and then here's the

thing the account manager was a

man-hating lesbians hmm

take that what you will Oh God Jesus


so if well yeah listen man like all it

was in all HR Human Resources Couser or

man-hating lesbians you know on in some

way shape or form so let me ask you this

again I don't want you to divulge any

information that could be damaging to

you or your job or career but how did

that bit what was the determining factor

how exactly did you beat this this

hashtag me to witch-hunt like what

happened oh

basically I just told my but I told my

branch manager said I just was gonna

attend the meeting without my attorney

oh okay

Wow so so you lawyered up okay whatever

listen just because you say you can say

listen I'm calling my attorney okay well

I even look in the look online and go

find an attorney now so so you bluffed

and they bought the bluff so basically

you said listen I'm not attending the

meeting without my attorney and they

probably said to themselves oh shit he's

got a lawyer involved which means oh no

we actually have to prove this we

actually have to prove the sexual

harassment case and that scared them off

how did they tell you that it

/ they said my branch manager said hey

if you want to let you would take our

suspension and would allow you to come

on the work and I had already picked up

another job then uniformed

as an editor service I was like now I'm

cool I could see the chapter 7 and all

that so you know just clean up my record

punish those people how you see fit

if you want to I'm already cool but you

know I'm alright from here yeah you know

this is the second big deal I had to

fight at the company I was done then

yeah once is a coincidence

twice is a trend if they tried to get

you hemmed up one if they try to get you

ended up twice it was only a matter of

time before they were they were gonna

get something that stuck but you made

the smart move and you said hey listen

I'm not attending the meeting without my

lawyer and that freaked him out now I

don't know that there's yeah I don't

know that there's anything against the

law as far as you know making a false

you know sexual harassment claim but it

scared them enough to to you know to

tell you a look you know we're gonna let

you off suspension but you did but again

you had the last laugh said nah my

fuckers I'm cool I'm good like y'all can

have that job you know keep you a little

22 year old where and whatever now

here's the thing chase let me let me let

me correct you on one thing you said I

don't want that young girl that thing

she's 22 I'm pushing 36 nah brah listen

check this out man as a listen and it

doesn't matter how old you are we are

all entitled to young hot girls and I

don't want to use the word entitled but

if we are attracted to young hot listen

um dude I'll be 41 this summer right and

back in my boat bill days you guys have

you guys have all heard about the story

ain't me I was 31 years old at the time

I met her she was 19 right and people

say well what would a 31 year old one

yes yeah what would a 31 year old want

to do with a 19 she was young and hot of

course she was she's of legal I don't

give a shit if you're 55 years old if an

18 year old girl wants to run up on you

guess what you better tag and bag that

shit like don't again don't let these

people out here know I'm some man I'm

being straight up don't let these people

out here try to shame you into not going

after younger hotter tighter girls dude

fuck that and here's the thing you're 36

she's 22 that's only a 14-year

difference I mean for I mean for an

obviously not gonna make you something

at work but yeah if you see a young

little thing out in the street and she's


working at your job dude run up on her

man like fuck that well yeah Lin it's

funny it's funny when I was um when I

was in Vegas in my heyday

you know he's dude I used to hit on me I

was hitting on anything that moved any

attractive girl that I thought was

attractive or not every once in a while

you would question like how old they

were I would never ever ever go if there

was any question though if if I'm

thinking about her hey let me know no

I'm not going near those girls but every

once in a while you run up on a 23 24

year old girl and you know I think I was

like 35 37 at the time that girl's like

well I don't really date guys your age

I'm like not yet you don't

and you just sit there and look right at

him so so so what are we drinking right

don't let the world shame you into

thinking you have to date 36 year old

women dude fuck that dude go after the

hottest youngest tightest girls you can

man its dude if she is 18 years old or

older than dude run that game I don't

give a fuck and hold you Armand okay bet

I could I never knew that I knew that

women like you know older men so how old

is too old cuz I missed my 20 players

stage due to taking care of my elderly

parents the days like that but not as

you tell me that I could be 40 top bitch

bro listen let me let me tell you

something you are in the listen you were

in the prison you are in the prime of

your life again dude I'm in my for I'm

in my early 40s I'll be 41 this summer

dude I have never been more at Renault

ever been more physically attractive

than than I am right now we are in the

physical prime of our life and dude

you're 36 you're 36 dude you are you are

in the sweet spot when we're in our 20s

dude we don't know shit right we still

have this young youthful adolescent look

but dude once we get into earth once we

get into our 30s late 30s early 40s yeah

that's a we can start tagging them and

bagging them so don't again you're in

the prime of your life dude you'll be a

you will be in your sexual prime until

your late 40s and maybe even early 50s

if you have good if you have good habits

my dad was 56 when I came down the pike

see that you see that that's how that


and if you

and you got the jeans and if your dad

can do it you can too

hell yes that's what I needed so here's

the thing I'm right about now I'm in the

transition a movie so what I want to do

also is bill to look Jim home Jim knows

I want the bar bills and all right right

now I just want it in the bedroom so I

was thinking about squat stands and you

know a bar bill whatever I'm gonna try

to snatch it I'm gonna try to get a

six-foot Olympic in there because I know

I could do it okay even if I shrink my

bed some how do you feel about Pavel

scottoline workout programs you know

kettlebell simply sinister yeah you know

what's the other one I'm well power to

the people would make it warriors yep

yep heard of all those every workout

plan okay every physical workout plan

works just like every the South Beach

Diet the keto diet the pain all of these

things work what they all have to have

in common in order for them to work is

consistency as long as you do it

consistently you are going to get

results right like that's all this work

people say well I try this diet and that

diet night try this workout and none of

them work that's because you didn't

stick with them as long as you stick

with it as long and it's the same thing

with anything in life if you

consistently stick with game eventually

your game is going to come to you if you

continue to haul our pretty girls

eventually you're going to get good at

it you stick with a diet or exercise

program or both preferably both you're

gonna get results consistency is the key

in in all aspects of life

including diet and exercise daddy

okay you know one last question um

doctor skin from those so um

when I get my farm tattoos am I stuck

with all the darker colors or maybe I

could get some red and green in it


yeah I mean I don't know you probably

have to talk to a tattoo artist about


I mean I'm light-skinned so if you guys

are looking at if you guys are looking

at the screen I mean all of all of my

tattoos show up yeah I mean I don't I

don't really have an answer I don't

really have an answer for that now I do

know that I do know that there is white


out there if you look up you can

actually oval yeah you can google you

can actually Google white ink tattoos on

dark skin and there are some really cool

whiting tattoos so yeah you could

probably go you

probably go in that direction so okay

yes I want some some of my form like

barbed wire or samurai sword a real

plumber in that feedback I'm out looking

trying to track them nineteen-year-olds

huh yeah they called me a quick like oh


yeah yeah right yeah yeah listen good

listen you call the creep you gotta


no no hold on you call me a creep I call

it and I call it an opportunity I call

it an opportunist now what are you

drinking are you buying no you're buying

yeah that's how that works

chase I appreciate the call chase LeBeau

ladies and gentlemen the first time I

have the first time I've spoken to chase

LeBeau again guys five one six six six

six nine nine sixteen I'll keep the

phone lines open for just a few more

minutes as we draw this show to a close

let me go back to the let me go back to

the chat see what we got going on here

freelance rodent says Donovan there are

a lot of old Simpson mangina

Sandman Chyna's in these streets brah

I'm here to tell you I'm here listen

simps sims aren't just for they're not

just young guys man like they're simp

side here there's Simpson here that are

old guys right they think they're they

think that they're protecting the honor

of these of these young girls and it's

it's dude it's it's a shame this is just

how it is that's how it is you you never

ever know you never know like like

honestly we thought that this hashtag me

too thing was caused by a woman and it

would appear that it was caused by men

men will sabotage you farc dude women

are always looking to sabotage men men

will dude they will throw salt all in

your game and they do not give a damn

they do not give a damn

Miami Jay wants to know is Donovan a

subscriber to the grass on the field

play ball no dude fuck that no no no no

if it's legal its equal the edits

that's cute I'm gonna steer away from

this conversation sharp assist talks

about strong lifts flight by five

absolutely Hashim says I know a chick

who's dating a guy who's younger than

her kids she's 52 and looks like she's

10 to 15 years younger right that's how

that is

that's how that is sharpest is find a

girl without tattoos I challenge you

absolutely Miami J says in the 1970s

Venezuela my 32 year old somebody

married dad and got with my 16 year old

mom they are still happily married right

right and it's so funny women have this

is a double standard that women have

right so when women are younger when

girls are younger every teenage girl

wants to fuck guys in their 20s right

like this is how it works

14 and 15 year old girls aren't

attracted to 14 and 15 year old guys

they're attracted to 25 26 and 27 year

old guys so when they're fucking these

guys like Aliya and our Kelly back in

the mid-90s what does she want to say

age ain't nothing but a number right

like age ain't nothing but a number we

love each other it's just a number you

know and you know I'm a younger girl

he's an older guy doesn't matter age is

nothing but a number well guess what

when men start dating younger hotter

chicks now all of a sudden they have a

problem with it oh my god he's 36 years

old he's got a twenty-one girls

girlfriend what does he want with her at

21 she's younger and hotter than you are

and when you were 21 you were fucking

that 36 year old guy talking about age

ain't nothing but a number such as they

such as these such as the double

standard with with today's women that's

gonna do it for this edition of TSR live

my thanks to chase Lobo for calling in

today like I said guys become a $5

patron to get access to the archive from

TSR prime time I think I call the TSR

alive again to get access to all

episodes of TSR prime time and of course

be sure to visit donovan sharp com for

all things dove in sharp thanks for

watching guys we'll talk to you tomorrow


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