Translating "Haterese": What haters say vs. What haters mean (Episode 377)

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you probably have a two inch cock you

sound like a white guy for what you're

probably a virgin so that's a no for

Netflix and chill fuck you talk about

how women ate shit what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 370 seventh edition of TSR live your

daily dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday December 10th

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know I brought the look for I don't know

a couple of months a few weeks but it's

time to it's time to let it go it's time

to let go of these childish things need

to close an application here because it

looks like I am lip-synching like a

motherfucker guys let me know in the

chat yeah okay freelance says I'm a bit

out of sync give me a second I just need

to close some windows I probably should

have restarted probably should have

restarted my computer before I started

this this year a live stream and any

time you are streaming with OBS a lot of

times you you get you get buffering you

get a lot of lip synching because

everything you know things are happening

very quickly all at the same time so let

me close up of these applications again

I know this is bad radio but I am

working as fast as I can

man oh man this is

I am still behind huh you know what I

should have restarted my computer all

right I'm a little bit more caught up

still lip-syncing though okay all right

it looks like I'm kind of caught up I'm

a little bit behind I'll be cool it

close a few more windows here

forgive me guys I know that this is bad

radio but I haven't restarted my

computer in a few days and I probably

should have done that before I came on

the air I mean look and make sure that

nothing else is running in the


man I am still fucking behind health

fighter says I'm good sharp assist says

I'm good okay all right okay all right

well if you guys say I'm good I guess

I'm good

it doesn't looks like I'm still

lip-synching on my end but who gives a

shit what I see it's all about you guys

and the audience all right well let's go

ahead and get started here let's get

right to it I started writing for the

manosphere somewhere in 2013 my first

ever article was the horse shit tests

rocky passed rocky pass to win Adrian of

course I discussed that at length me

being a rocky fan from Philadelphia I

loved Ivan Drago and cetera etc now

during that time I used to never really

pay attention to the comment section and

I knew that I was getting a lot I hate

or that I would get a lot I hate even

though I was sort of a fledgling writer

at that point but most of the time I was

accused of lying or embellishing like

Donovan these stories can't be true you

said you fucked this nigh and she's

probably a 5 etc etc Donovan you don't

know what you're talking about you're

contradicting yourself right XYZ guy

says you should do it this way and then

of course writing for return of Kings I

got all of the you know I got you know I

got I got a few of the racist comments

as well nigger you don't know anything

you don't know anything about white guy

is bla bla bla bla and whatever let that

stuff roll off my back

well a few years later I started my very

own podcast and I started out on

soundcloud now my brand started to grow

but it was very very slow right and so I

said okay well I need to move to YouTube

I had a conversation with O'Shea back

around it was right it was the the week

of Thanksgiving 2016 I had actually

visited with obsidian face-to-face at

that time and he told me about tunes to

tube so I said all right I'm gonna

record my I'm gonna record my sound

uploaded to tubes tunes to tube and

we're good to go

now I was completely ignorant at that

point in terms of how to grow I had no

idea that I had no idea how to girl all

I knew all I'd all I knew that I knew

how to do was how to talk and how to

write I was really good at writing and I

was very good at talking so I figured

you know what let's try this thing and

originally this thing just started out

as a hobby I just wanted to make my dent

in the world wanted to help people out

with girls field a few questions you

know maybe have a weekly podcast well

all of that changed when I released the

Lavar ball versus Kristine Leahy video

was all sound okay was no video all

sound that got something like 30,000

views and I said to myself you know what

I might actually be onto something here

I got 30,000 views for just sound of

course the topic was relevant I did the

broadcast just a few hours after the

whole of our ball Kristine Leahy thing

happened but I said to myself if I can

get those kinds of views then you know

what I might actually be onto something

here I might actually be able to gain a

little bit of following again I wasn't

thinking anything grand scale 21

convention you know all that stuff no

that stuff was in view just wanted to

make sure that I could create something

that could stick around for a while

well Labor Day 2017 I showed my face on

the internet for the very first time and

that changed everything in seven months

I gained thirteen thousand subscribers

between both channels before losing my

two channels now 13,000 subscribers that

was not really a big deal right okay

thirteen thousand subscribers you know

they're guys alpha-male strategies

probably has a million

PewDiePie 'he's got 54 million

markiplier all these video I mean listen

plenty of guys out here hundreds of

thousands of you know subscribers and

it's not any other but for a guy who

didn't really know how to grow 13,000

subscribers in just a few months that

was a big deal to be not only that I had

a very loyal following I love you guys

you guys are the reason why my podcast

has grown from me sitting in my tiny

little Reno Nevada apartment recording

my very first podcast on my iPad to

sitting in a legit studio complete with

you know a boom stand a microphone you

know I've got a big-screen TV showing

off my girl's ass I mean things are


today my podcast is very very successful

I still have a long way to go but I like

where I'm headed

I'm a part of the brother pill podcast

I'm on that Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm a

part of the Redman group and of course

my crowning achievement was being asked

to be a part of the 21 convention which

was wildly successful aside from that

I've made a lot of friends and a lot of

great connections Rollo Tomassi O'Shea

Duke Jackson Minister Japp Anthony

Johnson Kyle trouble Tony Macey oh I

mean I mean dude gay Lou Boyle

illimitable man who else do I have on my

show regularly drew Bay Richard I mean

you know I'm a made man more or less I'm

a made man I'm one of the I'm one of the

main red pill superstars at least as far

as I'm concerned maybe I'm living in a

bubble but the 21 convention is the

end-all be-all in terms of manosphere

related material and being a part of

that yeah my main man I can admit that

however with success comes with haters

and a lot of them and the more success I

have the more hate I get gentlemen hate

is just nd playing it simple okay and as

you guys all well know trolls have been

a weakness of mine okay I think it was

Ben's silver swag who rightfully called

me out about going after trolls he says

look dude you gotta quit going after

these trolls man it fuck's up the

lecture fuck's up the continuity in the

lecture and he's right he's right

again lecture or lectures

trolls are a hate of mine our patrols

random Jesus Christ trolls are a

weakness of mine I'm working on it I'm

listen I'm an imperfect figure I get it

I will certainly try to work on it

all of that said what I'm going to do

tonight is I'm going to decipher a

little bit of hater ease and I'm gonna

translate I think about 20 of the most

ubiquitous hater rhetoric and tell you

what these people actually really mean

when they hurl hate in my direction now

like woman ease like woman ease what

they say is actually very different from

what they mean so I'm gonna translate

some hater ease today for you guys am i

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today guys I thought I had everything

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we go I'm signed in I'm gonna go to the

main chat here you guys will excuse me

very good excellent

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guys all know that once what listen at

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replace it with the abbreviated version

so again and again this is what I have

to do because of course my content is

always under fire I have no idea why it

is I am getting such a terrible fucking

lag like this doesn't like I am way way

out there I'm gonna try and slow things

down here just a little bit let me know

if my audios in sync guys cuz it's

definitely not in sync on my end but it

doesn't matter what I see it matters

what you see I thought I had it taken

care of but again once I do any once I

do any browser searching or or anything

like that that's when it gets that's

when it really gets out of control

I don't want to get started until I know

my audio is at least halfway decent

because my god man yeah I should have

restarted my computer before I came on

the air this is this is nutty this is


all right well bug bed says it's not in

sync but we can work with it for sure

listen if you want to listen to thee if

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Trump right let's go to the chat before

we get started here Ryan Sullivan pops

the cherry freelance Ronan it's actually

freelance Ronan got sloppy seconds

health fighter thought he got sloppy


Kevin Whaley says look I don't really

know what that means

spins spins II says having haters means

you are living well yeah yeah listen man

um anytime you catch a lot of hate it

just means that you're doing something

right that's all there is to it we'll

get into that we'll get into that after

a little while of course Kevin Samuels

never calls me Kevin never calls me

unless I'm on the fucking air I swear to

god dude this dude never this guy calls

me when I'm on the air all the time it's

fucking hilarious he'll fighter wants to

know for real fellas ever get hate from

close friends or family me personally no

like I remember my sister found out

about my show and she listened to this

is the feminist sister she listened to

you know the the intro to my show and

she's like yeah you know I support you

Donovan as long as you're not talking

shit about black women I'm like well I'm

not gonna tell you that I'm talking

about women then that's just how that

goes but now I'm good I'm good

but I'm sure you know I'm sure that I'm

sure a lot of you guys out there who

speak you know who who speak red-billed

truth probably do get a lot of hate from

friends and family read bill through

scares the shit out of people - all

there's to it

Ryan Sullivan's has PUA haters used to

be Christians now they're straight up in

cells truer words never spoken

Ryan Sullivan Ryan by the way

Ryan is a vodka expert he recommended

Tito's and kettle one because they're

filtered like seven times right

vodka always gives me a fuckin hangover

I promise I'm gonna get to that I'm

gonna get to the topic guys just need to

get through this Ryan what about

Amsterdam 100 proof is that is that is

that good vodka will that not give you a

crazy hangover because every time I

drink a lot of vodka I have the worst

hangover has ever please put that in the

chat Jerome says what's up my brother

from another mother

Jay Jay Jay Rome Smoove what's Donovan's

girlfriend's name I forgot her name is

Devon Devon Devon Devon Ryan wants to

know who is the pop figurine next to the

Eagles helmet that would be Joelle M

bead Center for the Philadelphia 76ers

JoEllen bead Center for this

Philadelphia 76ers Brendan wish him says

love you man no homo no sweat don't

worry about it man what about it

good stuff freelance Ronan says black

label logic I don't know his what is his

black label logic in here all right make

yourself though Brian wants to know if I

am I gonna put my 21 speech on patreon I

do not own my 21 convention speech that

is in the ownership of one Anthony

Johnson and he is going to be releasing

I don't know when he's gonna be able

releasing my 21 convention speech but it

is gonna be sooner than later sooner

than later good question though BK from

the Rockies good to see you in here 911

for two oh five five three five six guys

give me a call give me a call

Bruno goats how long do you see these

big Silicon Valley oligarchs catering to

the ephemeral to the feminine operative

as long as it is profitable as long as

its profitable the only one says restart

your computer man yeah there's this one

problem dude I'm on the air all right

I'm not gonna restart my computer on the

air good god I've done 377 to these men

I mean listen you guys just got the deal

a little bit of lip sync that's all

there is to it lesson learned I'll

restart my computer after an entire

weekend until then fucking deal with it

or just don't look at me stand to

nineteen cosines on tito's it's a one

Rickey Cortez mass as I hope I

pronounced that right says Donovan how

important is height in the dating game

height is only as important as you make

it if you're a short guy just gonna have

to make up for it in other ways that's

all there is to it Jerome says Donovan

if you don't go with the flow of things

are you you are an extremist I don't

know what that means don't know that

means well freelancer and says I'm

actually back in sync all right cool

cool excellent 9/11 for two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the show let's go

ahead and get this party started

hey Therese number one when they say

your girl is ugly what they mean is I

wish I had a girl with a body like that

had a guy who is a Bitcoin Millie

they're on Twitter hit me with

she's a five at best talking about Devin

so I told him quote translation I wish I

had a girl in the body like that this

numb nut says put your money where your

mouth is I'll bet you you know he says

I'll bet you money my girl is hunter

than yours we'll put it on there we put

it on the Twitter pool put your money

where your mouth is then he takes a

picture of the gearshifter of a Porsche

911 Turbo I guess to prove that he's got


he says based on my meals doesn't sound

like you have the money if you listen

listen Devin is it Devin is obviously

Devin is obviously so not ugly

that dudes give themselves they give

themselves away when they talk shit

about her right even like even if Devin

were a butter face which she clearly is

not right when oh when you have seen

you've seen every parts of Devin you've

seen all but you've seen every part of

Devin except for her face but you want

to call her a five at best that's a dead

giveaway it's a dead giveaway you

remember when you were third or third

grader or fourth grader right and you

had a crush on a girl this is when you

were starting to like girls right third

third fourth grade that's when I started

taking interest in girls the first girl

I ever ever had a crush on I'll never

forget in her me her name was Martha

Romero Mendoza right she's Mexican right

again I'm living on the military they

said a crush on her what did I do to get

her attention I go over and pull her


right I play tricks on her I'd make fun

of her hahaha Martha that ended up

that's what I did right that's what we

did to get attention I don't know I

don't know what game wasn't fucking

third fourth grade eight nine years old

I give a shit you know you get our

attention by any means necessary that's

what these guys are doing right they

want it's as though there's as though

they know they know my girls attractive

so they're gonna call her ugly oh you're

ugly I said tell Martha she was ugly all

the time I didn't think she was ugly

it's a dead giveaway

when they say Donovan you're a beta male

what they mean is that Donovan you have


qualities I like or want to have but I

don't want to admit it when girls tell

me online that I'm a beta male right

they're attracted to me when guys say

that I'm a beta male they want to be me

I reference again my little spat with

turd flinging look at my little spat

with TFM he said don't get emotional

it's no Theory moose kuelen I'm like

dude you fuck a sex doll you are not the

foremost expert on masculinity guys like

TFM they make fun of what they do not

have so when they call me now am i an

alpha male I don't I don't call myself

an alpha male right you know listen I

fucked I probably fucked more girls in

the average man right does that make me

an alpha male I don't know yes I'm an

alpha male listen man listen some days

I'm alpha some days I'm a sniveling

fucking beta this is it is what it is

I'm a grown man but I know nine and a

half days out of ten nine and a half

days out of ten I'm living the red pill

life and we do not have time for a beta

traits Judi socket is in the houses I am

a newbie and now you are a gonee

if you are a woman do not do not comment

in the chat I'm not looking for women

who want attention the only reason why

women come to men's channels and start

to chat is because they want attention

hi Judy get the fuck out of here watch

my show don't chat get out when they say

I wouldn't fuck you they mean I would

fuck you there was an old lady who

called into the brother pillow maybe

about a week and a half ago actually she

called him twice her name is Jackie and

she's from Louisiana and she's going on

and on and on an area code three one two

I see you in the ICU in the Kuban to get

to you just a second and she's going on

and on and on about how I'm not shit

Donovan you're not shit you're obsessed

with black women bla bla bla bla bla

you're not attractive you're this mad I

wouldn't bet it at it out then she gives

herself away she says Donovan you're one

of those fuck niggas you one of those

fuck boys

when girls just want some dick they come

to you but then when they want to settle

down for a relationship that's when they

look at the real men like lar and O'Shea

Duke Jackson and lar was mad behind that

bullshit because he knows is a man with

red pill awareness

he knows that Jackie just gave herself

away la our movement was not impressed

he was not proud to be the guy that she

decides to settle down with after I blow

her back out Jackie called up twice

actually and she kept telling me oh I

wouldn't fuck your head and fuckin then

right at the end you know what you're

the kind of guy that girls would fuck if

they just want some quick dick but for a

long-term relationship they turn to

noble men like a lar movement lar I love

you dude I guess you can have the sloppy

seconds when girls say they would never

fuck you it means they want to fuck you

and here's another game tip the more a

girl tries to convince you that they

wouldn't fuck XYZ guy oh I'd never

fucked my boss he's too fat he's too

this I'd never fuck Jeremy down at the

at the at the coffee shop he's you know

he's too skinnies did I'd never fuck

Kevin in the sales department he's so

arrogant and cocky and he drives fast

all the time

that means they want to fuck him the

more a girl tries to convince you that

they are not sexually attracted to any

male the more attracted they are to said

male that's how that is Javon smiley

says keep that banhammer righteous

you're goddamn right I don't need women

coming in here and hijack in the chat

nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number to call Harry

code three one two you're on live at

Donovan go ahead what's up brother are

you doing them that is what's up man

gonna hear from you get in here good

listen I got my little story about our

hater hater ease let's do it let's hear

it imma keep it brief I'm in security

field and uh I work the dock area and uh

his brother who's who

he's a rover which basically means is

the kind of roams around the build and

you know having different situations and

uh work for the department and in that

dark area a lot of shipments come in

things of that nature and uh somebody

came in to deliver some who for their

festivities and this particular person

there was a female free and an old

female friend I hadn't seen in years and

kind of fine I said I'm busy something

catering business and then you know upon

our exit I go and we you know we hug up

and and no sleep really exchange from

those things our nation's Red Rover

comes in after she leaves you know it's

like ah I see what you're doing back

here you you know you know you the man

you the man

basically that Trent place who I'm

jealous too we reassure having I don't

know how you know but you know how it

got don't I want what you have

all right see I'm one of those worldwide

keeps myself no by them and by the Bible

II but stuff might open wide an issue

straight up now by the way real talk

like did you end up smashing like did

you end up fucking her

oh so that see so that was old pussy

this dude is this dude is sweating you

over some old pussy here's something

else 3-1 to that guys like to say to

disqualify your success right after

about the third or fourth story about

the third or fourth barrage you fuck for

the fuck that month the guy in the group

who says yeah you know she wasn't that

hot right or a man these girls must be

really stupid to be falling for you

right listen to the rest of this episode

go to donovan sharp calm thanks for



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