Tricking vs. Investing: What's the difference? (Ep. 302)


Red Pill aware Men know that you should never spend money on a woman if she doesn’t deserve it. When you arrange a meet up with this girl or that, you take her out for drinks and when you get to the bar you say “You get the first round, I’ll get the next”. If you go to the movies it’s “You buy the tickets, I’ll get the snacks” You get the idea.



But if things start to get serious with a particular female, the math has the potential to change a little bit and girls are well aware of this. There’s a big difference in taking a woman out to dinner on the first date (which is something you should NEVER do in the first place) and taking her out to celebrate your 6 month anniversary. There’s a big difference between giving your woman your time in the beginning as opposed to giving her your time AND attention 7 or 8 months into a relationship.


Investment in women (The Red Pill reddit)

Emotional investment (The Red Pill reddit)

RROI: Relationship Return On Investment (The Red Pill reddit)



how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

guys it's our man Donovan Sharpe and

welcome to the three hundred and second

edition of TSR prime side your nightly

dose of red-billed truth wisdom and

awareness it is Wednesday July 25th 2018

and spin class

absolutely kicked my fucking ass today

for those of you watching dude I burned

705 calories my average wats weren't as

high as I would have liked them to be

but 18 and almost 18 and a half miles

700 calories that listen that listen

whether or not you can appreciate that

it was fucking hard man I am still like

I am literally still recovering from

that I need to make this box a little

bit smaller there we go

so you guys can see more of my beautiful

face and of course my 1821 man-made

products there in the background that

are strategically placed to encourage

you to buy them but yeah spin class

absolutely kicked my ass I actually

screamed it live to Instagram and it was

listen it was something else the reason

I decided to stream that one live to

Instagram is because that particular

spin instructor he is the best in the


but that son of a bitch is a maniac for

those of you guys who watched the who

watched it live on Instagram listen you

you heard and saw how fucking crazy the

guy is and this is actually crazy in a

good way he you know a lot of the the

worst spin instructors incidentally

enough they're black women one black

woman you know she's a she's like a 60

year old woman short blonde hair and

great but she's and she's skinny

obviously she's in good shape she

teaches spin class at 60 but she has us

do all of this ridiculous unorthodox

bullshit riding backwards

dancing in the sea switching hands and

just doing just all kinds of create

basically she wants us to do everything

but spin then there's another black

woman who just who yells at people

she'll be like alright come on get those

rpms up to Mandy come on you guys have

to do it you're not listening I'm like

yo what the fuck but this motherfucker

Bob this dude it this dude is a maniac

in a good way

dude he kicks your ass on that bike he

is the only spin instructor that I

routinely crack 600 600 calories I've

cracked I've cracked the 700 calorie

barrier twice I've also cracked the 18

mile barrier twice both times were with

this guy so so yeah I mean again it was

it was certainly it was certainly a

sight to behold I streamed the whole

thing to to Instagram just so you can

see how crazy the guy is I was good I

was seeing all kinds of comments man

this guy's on cocaine you know what he

might be and he dude he's teaching for

spin classes today so today is

definitely his busiest day of the week

but I love the guy he also teaches a

class on Friday night and I don't like

to I don't like to do spin on Friday

nights because that's my time with Devon

but I don't want to I don't want to spin

with the fat black woman Friday morning

either so I've got some choices to make

here in the not-too-distant future but

it was good to have you guys in to

experience that with me we are straight

a minute yes we are streaming live

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let me give my shoutouts here alright

set up to the Mod Squad here on the

towers freelance Ronan legend P Manish

Sammy Sammy B we got Captain Crunch for

20 Darcy Mills Sherm Kane has Sheen 305

mr. mink general 1 near on I think

you're a first-timer good to see you and

here's n Gen X I think your first time

as well and Michael J and here as well

freelance ronan says the the fat black

women get no love dude fuck no hell no


like I am not even I'm oh my god dude

and it's it's it's so interesting

black spin instructors black women spin

instructors look like the difference

between white woman's spin instructors

and black women spend instructors or

exactly the same differences when dating

them black wit like like black women's

spin instructors they make you do shit

that they are not in shape to do like

light like this like the fat black spin

and strut and there's like three of them

I don't know how the fuck they got this

job but they'll tell us to crank it up

to this net I'm like okay I'm bringing

it out here 220 watts they don't look

like they're doing it right so number

one they expect you to do some shit that

they can't do themselves number two when

they see you're tired they keep their

foot on the gas they don't ever ever

give you a break recovery time this is

actually pretty this is actually going

to be a I might actually turn that into

a sharp short and talk about the

difference between white and black spin

instructors and see where we go from

there 911 for two oh five five three

five six is that I'm gonna call let's go

to the phone lines

area code three two three you were on

live with Donovan go ahead come ashore

my name is Colby I'm calling today

alright Kobe what's up the question on a

cassette what your new YouTube channel

is disabled you're talking about the

YouTube channel yeah yeah it probably is

but if you want to if you want to get

involved in the chat just come over to

Donovan charm calm okay you have any

videos on polygamy on your breath and

god of this game I do not I have never

and that's actually that sounds like a

good show topic but no I've never I've

never discussed polygamy of course you

know on the red pill we talk about

what's called spinning plates which is

quite literally characterized as

sleeping with more than two women at the

same time but I've never end and again I

want to let you know Coby I don't know

how long you've listened to the show but

I don't typically I don't like to

discuss things that I don't have

personal experience with so I've never

been and I've never been in a

relationship with more than one woman

who knew that I was in a relationship

with another woman anytime I mean oh

yeah well of course again but see here's

the thing

like dude the most number of women I've

ever been sleeping with it one time is

four but none of those four knew about

each other that's not polygamy that's

just yeah

yes it does listen a lot and it's funny

you bring up an interesting point

everyone's like yo y'all want to have

like six different bitches to fuck okay

listen that's all well and good but

number one you got to fuck those six

bitches on the regular and sometimes you

don't feel like fuckin number one no

that's the thing number two that's right

number two is that you have to keep them

from you have to keep them from finding

out about each other like there are a

lot of guys who don't have red pill

awareness and they sleep with a bunch of

chicks but they're always it's always

messy this bit just finding out about

that bitch etc etc dude you don't have

game you're just fucking a bunch of

chicks and being messy about it the true

players can be fucking more than two

girls and they don't know about each

other that will be same leave always

thinking about the ladies just that it's

easier about starting over and shit and

then yeah mobile bit kind of like it's

easy he's going out to have there's more

bitch Dave and I going up for the hot

you know nummy like yes it's like it's

easier you know like starting over no

listen I listened you're getting no

argument from me and a lot of people ask

me they say Donovan you used to live in


yeah this Vegas penthouse you drive this

fly ass car fucking bitches doing blow

off strippers asses why did you decide

to settle down well because I got tired

of that life I grew out of it and and I

just I discussed this actually an

episode or two before my first YouTube

channel got shut down dude going out

listen if you want a bill if you want to

have a consistent steady pipeline of

four or five six different bitches your

fucking dude you gotta be you gotta be

out there running game all the time it

is it is quite literally a full-time job


you do that for a dude I did that for

five years and as great as it was it was

a fucking grind and at some point you

just checking us like dude I'm I'm done

I don't want to I don't want to go out

there you you can't be hard to do

daughter sir and women every night

that's difficult it's very very tough

but here's the thing I was fortunate

enough to have a I didn't have a passive

income but I didn't have to punch a

clock every day I did very well I'll put

it through this way I did very well in

the in the real estate sector right so

you know it was it was basically on

autopilot even though I didn't have to

go even though I didn't have to go into

the office if I didn't want to it's

still a full-time job that was fucking

hard right question about women in this

duration I know they're all whores

that's the one thing Ellicott

ministration but their difference in the

generation the woman you're with like

your apron mics on my 20 years old is a

difference because it's a social media

effect on both generations you know yeah

absolutely this is actually this is

that's actually a very good question

here's the thing back when obviously

back when I was your age back when I was

20 years old women were very different

because when I was 20 there was no

social media I think the internet was

just starting to this is how old I am

I'm dating myself here but the internet

was just sort of getting getting under

its legs

well there are def there are differences

between women of different generations

dude I fucked women dude the post red

pill I fucked girls who were 18 19 years

old I fuck girls in their 20s 30s and

40s and to be honest with you they're

like they're obviously there are obvious

differences between them with their age

you can you can talk about things with

someone that you can't necessarily talk

about with others but to be honest with

you in the social media age if what what

social media and the in

and dating apps have done it has

literally made all women the same the

foot listen dude a forty forty listen a

forty four-year-old post wall former

party slut she's gonna be every bit as

high pergamus and solipsistic and

selfish as the 21 year old with the

three Facebook accounts they're all

they're all famous it became sort of you

hobbled that I ought to be hard for us

to think man when they get us AIDS

they'll be harmful about God now suppose

me to fuck that up no you're actually

wrong when I was when I was your age

yeah yeah listen this is where this is

the generation I'm a Jenner I'm a gen


Generation X the women and Generation X

they they were quite literally the ones

that started this they didn't start

third wave feminism but they were the

ones that's they were the ones that were

affected the most because when I went to

college guess what girls were fuck dude

they were fucking like goddamn rabbits

right they were no different and then

social media came along in there I guess

30s now you know they've all gotten new

lives so no the women in my generation

were no better than the women of this


but listen Kobe I appreciate the call

definitely call the show anytime listen

he raises a good he raises a good show

topic I've never talked about polygamy

I've never talked about polygamy because

I've never had I've never been in a

relationship with more than one woman

who knew that I was in a relationship

with another but I don't know I might

get somebody on the show who can maybe

who can maybe speak to that will we'll

see what happens

all right well let us go to the topic du

jour when men come to the manosphere to

find the red pill it's usually because

of one of it's usually because of one of

two reasons either it's either

heartbreak sexual frustration or a

combination of both and that's that's

usually what it is so they take the red

pill they digest it they start putting

everything into practice they're a

little bit better with women so they're

having a little more success and at some

point they're all faced with a decision

as to whether or not to spend money on a

woman now we all know here in the red

pill community that you should never

spend money on a woman if she doesn't

deserve it because of course red pill

awareness teaches us this when you

arrange a meet up with this girl or that

and you take her out for drinks when you

guys get to the bar you say listen you

pick up the first round I'll get the

next or if you go to the movies you buy

the tickets

I'll get the popcorn in the snacks you

guys get the idea but if things start to

get serious with any given particular

female the mat has a potential to change

quite a bit and girls are well aware of

this gentlemen understand this there is

a big difference in taking a woman out

to dinner on the first date which is

something you should never do in the

first place and taking her out to

celebrate your six seven eight month

anniversary there's a big difference

between giving your woman your time in

the beginning as opposed to giving her

giving her your time and attention seven

or eight months into a relationship now

a lot of men get tripped up at this

point and if women and if a woman sees

that that guy is not sure how to handle

the financial aspect of a relationship

that could potentially get serious

she'll start to take advantage of him

whether she knows it or not it is in

their very nature to extrapolate

resources from men it might not start

out that way

she may actually like the guy but if he

shows any ineptitude whatsoever as far

as recognizing the differences between

tricking and investing his concern she

will eventually turn him into a trick so

what I'm gonna do tonight guys I'm gonna

talk about the difference the difference

says between

tricking and investing and I'm gonna be

giving you guys plenty of real-world

examples I'm gonna be I'm gonna be

giving you guys a lot of anecdote

anecdotes I'm gonna give you guys

examples you know with me and my

girlfriend Devin so let's go ahead and

define tricking versus investing

investing let's start with that first

when a woman earns your time and

attention by doing what's necessary to

gain your trust take care of you by

cooking for you and performing other

domestic duties keeping you sexually

satisfied making an effort to look good

for you and represent you well in public

which is just a fancy way of saying she

stays in pocket you can now start

investing in her she's made herself

worth putting time effort and resources

into her to improve her as your woman

and further cultivate her qualities

which will in turn benefit you as a men

the definition of tricking is spending

money on or doing favors for a woman who

hasn't earned them or who haven't done

anything for you for the sole purpose of

winning her over with

money gifts and favors now a lot of you

guys want to know the difference between

tricking and providing right well we'll

go ahead and get to that right now just

to get this out of the way this one's

simple if a girl lives with you as your

girlfriend or as your wife and she's

upholding your end of the bargain

upholding her into the bargain as a

girlfriend or wife by taking care of you

giving you the pussy keeping your place

clean being a good woman etc etc hang

the bills and rewarding her for her good

behavior with gifts every now and again

that is definitely providing and

probably a little bit of investing too

okay I'll give you guys a quick example

give you guys a quick example you guys

know I live with my girlfriend Devin and

a couple weeks back I actually put this

on Instagram I dropped over $200 for her

to get her hair gun hair done and then

took her to dinner where I dropped

another 150 and not one of you guys said

to me ah

Donovan's out here tricking you want to

know why because you know Devin holds it

down as my girl you guys know she cooks

unbelievable meals you guys know she

takes good care of me

she gives me sex literally when where

and how I want it wearing whatever it is

I tell her to wear and you guys see that


Devin earned that day of being pampered

this is a combination of investing and

providing Devin needed to get her hair

done so I provided that for her the

better she looks okay the better she

makes me looks the better she makes me

look so that's the investment side of it

her looking good also keeps my sexual

attraction to her right where it needs

to be which is high now taking her to a

nice expensive dinner is also a

combination of providing and investing I

am providing a nice meal for her in

return for the nice meal she provides

for me and she loves getting this

treatment so if she wants his kind of

treatment to continue she will continue

to do what she needs to do to earn it so

that hundred and fifty dollars that

hundred and fifty dollar dinner that was

an investment on my end in terms of

getting a return on investment in the

way of meals sex etc simple math now

spending almost four hundred dollars in

one day on a woman who does not live

with you

that is 1000% trickin I don't keep dude

I don't care if she sucks you fucks you

let you go backdoor it will any woman

can do that you can get that anywhere

only one only

when a woman that provides you what most

women cannot and do that over an

extended period of time meaning at least

a year and earn your ironclad trust will

she have done enough to warrant your

consideration to maybe share a residence

and even then she's still gotta earn it

because Devon and I we had lived

together for almost a year before I

decided that she had earned the

privilege of me spending that much money

on her in one day listen you guys know

how I am about my money so if I'm

dropping that kind of coin on one on one

woman in one bit and on one day you can

be damn sure she earned it so at this

time I'm gonna say goodbye to my Twitter

YouTube and Facebook audience if you

guys want to watch the rest of this

episode trickin versus investing coming

over to donovan sharp calm again my

twitter youtube facebook and instagram

audiences I'm gonna say goodbye to you

guys come on over to Donovan sharp calm

to watch the rest of the episode all

right let's see who else is here in

legette oh wow we got a low red Jedi

making an appearance the jack man is in

the house good to see you got a question

here from Johnny you bring that up

quickly here Johnny says hey there a

girl I've been meeting for some months

starting to say that I have respect that

I have to respect her more and she is

feeling needy towards me how do i how do

i act on it so she's been she's been

starting to say that I have I have to

respect her more and she's give me a

little bit more detail Johnny basically

what she is telling you just based on

what I know what she is telling you is

that she wants more from you but she

doesn't want to have to she wants more

from you but she doesn't want to have to

do any more she wants in other words she

wants to get more product more attention

more time etc without her having to do

anything more that's that again just

this is this is this is red pill 101

girl listen girls want to get them and

this is for all of us we want to get

guys we want to get as much sex for as

little as possible you don't want to

spend money time effort etc well

girls do the same thing right they there

you know they're there with a guy and

they say man you know I'm working for

this guy's affection what the fuck I

gotta keep you know I'm working for


as they like to call it because you're

not working worshiping the round she

walks on so she says oh my god you don't

respect me need to respect me more no

you know this is a shit test that's all

there is to it very good ah sharp

assists with a very good comment says

the difference was gen-x chicks didn't

have the hash tag me too and rape at

formation behind them absolutely

absolutely general one says Devon earned

it yeah her name is spelled de Bo in so

just make sure you spell our name

correctly when you address her Anthony

for 1/3 is in the motherfuckin house

good to see you

UAB 101 says are you open to a fan

meetup in Atlanta when you come I don't

think so man I'm only gonna be out there

for a cup for three days two nights and

I got us dude I got a shitload of people

to what to see down there so

unfortunately probably not legend piece

says she might be trying to pull her

into her frame yeah absolutely

absolutely so what I'm gonna do now is

I'm gonna give you guys a few examples

of tricking versus investing Nair on

says being a skittles man near on it

listen that is solid fucking gold

straight out of the Chateau garden

Chateau hearties look this up be a

skittles man you guys have to look dude

this is this is rock solid 100% red pill

game Neron drop into the red pill gold

on us be a skittles man puttin skittles

man chateau heart East and read that


unbelievable unbelievable okay so I'm

gonna give you guys a few examples of

tricking versus investing right so

tricky here's an example of tricking

paying for a woman to get liposuction a

boob job or some sort of plastic surgery

to enhance her looks for you now as you

guys can imagine a lot a lot of guys do

this in Vegas like they like they get

with the girl that man oh you know I

wish her tits were a little bit bigger

so they get her fake tits and then she

leaves them this is how this works

girl's trick these dudes into paying for

a tummy tuck or plastic surgery or a

boob job with the prom

of commitment and they always bounce

after the work is done they might stay

with him for a few weeks just to make it

look good but again the moment the

moment he pays for that plastic surgery

as soon as she's off the table she's

already she's already got her exit


I made it a smokin'-hot 100% Mexican

girl long thick beautiful black hair

huge fake tits she got him at 19 years

old okay I met her weeks after her boob

job matter of fact she was still in a

relationship with the guy who paid for

her boob job when I fucked her the first

time less than a week later she dumped

him she dumped him because he was tricky

right he did something for her all she

did to get this boob job is look good

for him maybe I don't know maybe she

fucked him a few times I don't know but

as soon as she got that boob job she was

the fuck up out of there no question

about it that is one that is one example

of tricking now investing I'll give you

guys a personal example of how I invest

in Devon paying for your girl to go to

the tanning booth you guys know I like

ten though I like ten lines so I'm

investing my money so that Devon can

look the way I want her to look another

example of lower level example is

getting your girl a gym membership the

goal here obviously is to get her into

better shape or make her more attractive

so that you will want to fuck her more

or to maintain her physical

attractiveness so you'll continue to

want to fuck her instead of her getting

fat listen guys if you want a woman to

be attractive you have to make her

invest her time and her effort first

okay I'm gonna say this again if you

want to if you want your woman to be

attractive make her invest her time and

her effort first and when you see that

she is willing to put in the consistent

work then you invest your time and your

effort now when we first started dating

okay Devon paid for her own tanning and

her own or her own tanning salon

membership she actually did this before

we before we moved in together

and she made an effort to keep to keep

shit to keep tanning well recently she

expressed to me that she wanted to start

saving a little more money of course my

ears perked up cuz I'm all about saving

money so I did some thinkin I said you

know what

look I'll pay for the tanning salon so

that you can save XYZ more amount of

money every month again guys Devin pull

it in her own time effort and money

first and when she and when she told me

she wanted to be more financially

responsible the choice to take that bill

off her hands that was easy that's a

sound investment for the both of us here

freelance running with another solid

gold comment women have to put skin in

the game the pussy doesn't count listen

trust and believe listen that's coming

up I'm actually gonna address that

directly Anthony 4:13 says fake tits

depreciating asset and no no no no fake

tits are wonderful fake tan listen don't

get it twisted man don't get it twisted

like fake tits are awesome and any guy

who says fake tits are no I don't know

if anything listen I don't know if

you've ever had sex with a girl with

with fake tits

listen it's it literally is all it's

cracked up to be they're not a

depreciating asset where guys go wrong

as they say hey I'm gonna get you a pair

of fake tits and you're gonna marry me

ok I marry you soon as she's up off the

table soon as the scalpel goes back in

the in the tool box

she's a batter there every single time

example number two here's another

example your girl calls you up and asks

you to let her borrow borrow a hundred

and twenty-five dollars to pay your

electric bill freelancer Enid says my

bad bro didn't mean to ETF booty to it


I gotta get a hold of that dude man oh

yeah a little bit of ETF 42 humor there

so your girl calls you up and says $25

so I can be my electric bill trickin

would be calling The Electric Company

and paying her bill because you think

she'll get mad and dump you if you do

not by the way she will never pay you

back even if she says she will even if

she asks you to borrow the money lending

a woman lending letting a woman lending

money to a woman I don't know I guess

you gonna learn women I don't fear if

yeah if you got that kind of game but

lending money to a woman or paying

paying a bill for her guys it is

literally flushing money down the toilet

especially if she's her girlfriend you

will never ever get that money back even

if she swears on her children's lives

that she will pay you back and if you're

not fucking her yet you definitely won't

now because you've done a favor for her

without her

having earned it first and because she's

done absolutely nothing to warrant

paying her electric bill she will lose

respect for you for paying it in the

first place she'll thank you and she'll

sing your praises but she loses she

loses respect for you immediately see

red pill origins vol 3 how I tried to

turn a ho into a housewife I rented this

bitch a three-bedroom two-bathroom house

everything in my name cable electric all

that never fucked her never fucked her

oh listen thank you but she let me spend

the night every night never fucked her

definitely check that out I was a fucked

up situation no woman in the history of

womankind has ever said to another woman

you know the reason I decided to make

Anthony my boyfriend is because he paid

my electric bill that showed me that he

was serious about me gentlemen that

conversation has never ever happened now

let's take that same situation here is

what investing would be same situation

right your girl calls you up and says

she needs $125 for her electric bill

investing would be to call up I can

smell that chicken cookin the investing

would be to call up The Electric Company

with her help her to make a payment

arrangement and ask for an extension and

then offering to organize her finances

again you're investing time effort and

your knowledge to help her cultivate

better spending habits which will help

which will help you both later on if you

offer to call up and make payment

arrangements for her and go over her

finances with her and she says no you

gotta kick her ass to the curb get her

the fuck up out of there she's not

interested in saving money she's

interested in using you to pay her bills

and if she and again listen women are

spenders just because a woman needs

money to pay a bill that doesn't mean

she's a bad woman women are bad spenders

they they're they're bad with money we

get it okay that's fine

but if you offer a woman if you go to

your woman and you say all right check

this out I'm not gonna let you borrow

the money but I'll tell you what we can

do let's call the electric company okay

we'll put it on speaker we'll work out a

payment arrangement maybe break it up

into three equal payments you know that

we still have some money in your pocket

after your paycheck and if you and if

you want to let's sit down and go over

your finances to make sure this

situation doesn't happen again if she

says no no no I I know I need $125 right

now dude she's got to get the fuck up

out of there

listen that's not a woman worth

investing in if she's not gonna invest

in herself if she's not gonna try to

learn to be financially shrewd for

herself she's damaged she's not she's

damn sure not gonna do it for you

here's another conversation that has

never happened I dumped Anthony because

he didn't pay my electric bill that

makes her look like a Brooks like a

broke-ass ho who was gold-digging the

whole time now if she's a quality woman

she'd never ask him to borrow money in

the first place but for the sake of

argument I wanted to point out the

difference between tricking and

providing in this particular scenario

give me a few other quick examples

example number three take me out to eat

tricking would be okay baby investing

would be let's stay in and try that new

chicken marsala recipe we saw online the

other day and by we I mean you

and then you chuckle another example I

want you to take me to the beach

tricking okay baby investing what kind

of bikini do you have ask her what kind

of bikini she has then make her buy

slutty clothes you guys know how I feel

about slutty clothes if I'm taking a

listen and I'm taking you to the beach

guess what I'm fucking you in the ass

and you're wearing bikini and heels

maybe not on the beach but yeah you're

you're you you're listening you're gonna

earn this trip right because listen it's

I mean you know listen you both could

use a beach trip anyway example number

five can you buy me the new iPhone

trickin okay baby

investing no by yourself here's another

example can you buy me a new outfit

tricking okay maybe investing okay but I

get to pick the outfit OMG no way if I'm

paying I'm choosing sweetheart that's

how this works

take it or leave it that's how that goes

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change your life let's go back to the

chat here before we continue let's see

what else we got here oh boy this is oh

man you guys are freelance ronan says

paying them women's bills is the

quickest way to be in made but made a

betta bucks I'm trying to tell you

trying to tell you sharp assistance I've

never had a chick ask me to pay your

bills what the fuck bounced yeah that's

what I'm talking about oh yeah Michael J

this is an interesting cut this is an

interesting comment I like this is your

woman should be on lifetime probation

always make them earn your attention and

validation could not agree more

Sherman Payne I said says I bought a

chick a cell phone in my name paid bill

for a few months never fucked her bro

listen listen man it this is how it goes

red Jedi says my chick needed help with

their electric bill I suggested to

purchase an echo be smart thermostat now

her bill is lower now there you go

that's what you do man ah neuron neuron

has posted the skittles man article good

shit man good shit

very very good

all right sharp assist suffering from a

little dyslexia there no problem yes

Anthony 4:13 says women will bail if you

offer real financial advice dude they're

not here for the they're the financial

advice they want the bailout is what

they want nine one four two oh five five

three five six if you have a story about

tricking versus versus investing let's

look at another more extreme example and

I want you guys to listen closely here

let's say a man is paying a woman's

electric bill he's paying her cell phone

bill he's paying her rent right he's

making her car payment paying all her

foods taking her on trips taking her on

dates buys her clothes and in exchange

all he gets is to fuck her now this of

course is called a sugar baby sugar

daddy arrangement and as far as enter

sexual dynamics ghosts this is perfectly

fine why is this perfectly fine this is

simple it's because both parties know

and understand that him financing her

lifestyle is contingent upon giving up

upon her giving in the pussy now some of

you might think but Donovan isn't isn't

this also tricking not necessarily and

I'm not saying that it's not I'm not

saying that it is but I'm not saying

it's not either a sugar daddy knows he's

gonna get the pussy when he starts

financing her lifestyle

sugar daddies also know that sugar

babies absolutely will not fuck them

until they show her the money first it

is literally the same as a John showing

the prostitute cash before she gets

naked to make sure that he can pay for

the services that she that she's being

paid to provide for him now I've talked

to plenty of strippers about all kinds

of stuff right but I've never talked to

I've never talked to a woman that I knew

was a sugar baby at least not that I

know of but I have had plenty of

conversations with sugar daddies and

they all have told me and that is sugar

baby never ever fucks a sugar daddy

until he but until he buys her something

small or pays a bill of hers in good

faith at that point the sugar baby fucks

him one time then waits for her second

payment then she fucks him again and so

forth until they're comfortable enough

with each other to

trust that they're going to get what

they want out of the other person

consistently so it doesn't have to be

there it's got to be an exchange right

but it doesn't have to be one and then

the other at some point they get

comfortable enough to where okay I

fucked her three times so you know I

mean she you know she knows I'm gonna

make her car payment so it's all good

so to sum that up the main difference

between a sugar daddy and a trick is

that a sugar daddy knows he's getting a

pussy a trick just hope a trick just

hopes he does let's take a look at

another example let's say a man is

paying the electric bill cell phone bill

the mortgage the car payments pays for

all the food takes her on trips and

vacations takes her on dates and let's

say he even tells her if you ever have

kids I'll take care of them too now you

guys might think well goddamn he's

tricking harder than harder than the

first guy maybe but when you consider

that in exchange for funding her

lifestyle he gets exclusive access to

her pussy a home-cooked meal every night

consistent femininity respect adoration

and a woman who will help him in his

endeavors to accomplish his goals he's

not triggered at all he's invested in

her made her invest in herself and the

relationship built her into the kind of

woman they can both be proud of and he

has realized the return on investment he

never paid any of her bills he

cultivated financial discipline in her

so that she would understand the value

of a dollar which is a very attractive

trait in a female he never gave her any

money he never brought her a big you

know never bought her a big expand see

expensive gifts like iPhones or anything

like that he made her earn them that

weekend trip he took her to in Cabo he

did he did that when she'd gone two

months without forgetting to check him

it to check in and let him know where

she where she was what she was doing and

who she was doing it was that brand new

Michael Kors purse that he bought her he

gave that to her when he couldn't

remember the last time he asked her for

her phone that resulted in an argument

about her privacy

he gave her awards along the way to show

her that she could trust him to provide

for her if she upheld her end of the

bargain by taking care of him

consistently he understood that all

taken no give wouldn't keep her around

so long as he had to show her that her

hard work paid off the

he pays all of her bills is because she

was with him now she spent a year and a

half of her time investing investing her

time her energy her attention and her

emotion into becoming the woman she

needed becoming the woman she needed to

be in order to secure a commitment out

of him now you guys are probably

thinking Matt Donovan that's I mean this

has to this has to start out as tricking

because he had to show her the money -

right he had to sure that he could

provide her with a good life so he had

to at least fork over a little cash in

the beginning right wrong you want to

know why women need commitment far more

than men meet pussy guys there's free

pussy everywhere girls are giving it

away like Halloween candy so that's not

worth shit and five percenters know that

buying pussy is a waste of money because

we know we can get it for free anyway

females on the other hand know that

commitment from men worth committing to

men of value is extremely valuable and

extremely rare and because of this a man

of value doesn't have to buy her shit to

get her motivated to invest in him they

know that men of value don't have to

show her the money because she can see

that he's worth investing in and working

for because of his confidence his

self-assuredness the fact that he takes

care of himself the fact that he has

goals and is working and is working

towards them every day a woman doesn't

have to see a man's bank account to see

his value and a man's value isn't

completely tied to his networker net

worth or lack thereof it has a lot to do

with it but it's not everything so for

all you niggas out here who say your red

pill aware but steady bitching about

money matters the most

wake the fuck up and quit being lazy and

using the money as an excuse to not

learn game and improve your lives you

guys aren't fooling anybody with that


a trick pays for a finished product an

investor puts time energy and attention

into building what he wants so that he

can get a return on his investment

anybody can pay for a finished product

but very few men had the knowledge the

stick-to-itiveness the discipline and

the rock-solid frame that it takes to

build a woman into what he wants and

needs out of her then it takes even more

time and more in

has tuna fortitude to maintain her and

even fewer men are capable of that

tricks invest money and only money and

hope to get pussy and only pussy a five

percenter invests everything but money

while requiring the woman he's invested

in to take ownership in her development

he makes her invest her time her effort

her attention and yes her money and

because she now has skin of the game

like freelance wrote and said earlier

she has even more incentive to see this

through till the end you add to the you

add that to the fact that she's got skin

in the BA in the game meaning she is far

less likely to walk away plus you being

the kind of man she deems worthy of

investing in gentlemen she will move

heaven and earth to become the kind of

woman you can both be proud of and

she'll develop the stick-to-itiveness to

keep it that way

take investing in a business as an

example you can't just throw a bunch of

money in a business and expect it to

grow and make you money on its own

no you have to make sure you hire the

right people to run that business you

have to create you have to create an

environment conducive to growth to the

growth of your business and success you

have to be hands on and hold your people

accountable for the business and give

them incentive to make the business

successful guys it's the same as

investing in your woman

you can here's another example you could

buy a woman a Ferrari you could get her

a boob job rent her a condo near the

Vegas strip and give her a weekly

allowance of $1500 hey yeah

okay guess what she may fuck you for a

little while but because you didn't

require her to earn your investment

herself because you didn't require her

to earn her investment - to earn your

investment or invest in herself she

takes it all for granted and what does

that mean this means that the next guy

that comes along who can buy her a

Ferrari and a Lamborghini buy her a

penthouse on the Vegas strip and give

her a $3,000 weekly allowance she's

gonna jump to that guy because you

invested nothing but money and she

invested nothing but pussy which isn't

an investment at all because she's been

passing that around since she was 15

years old

her pussy means absolutely nothing to


that's why it's easy for women to walk

away from something they have only

invested vagina in but when she is

invested time effort energy money and

emotion she's not walking away from that

at least not easily she's got too much

invested in the relationship to walk

away giving her five percent of the

pussy that was the easy part just like

it is for every other woman to do it and

this is exactly why men need to require

more from their women than just pussy

because pussy is extremely cheap its

abundant and every girl is giving it

away for next to nothing

but cooking and cleaning looking good

for her man representing him well in

public not disrespecting him in public

or private taking care of his needs

before her and being selfless

now many girls doing that stuff these

days incidentally enough there aren't

many guys required that there aren't

many guys requiring this level of

investment from women then we got all

these weak-ass men wondering why girls

just walk away with the next shiny cock

grabs her attention a woman and listen

very carefully eyes a woman who invests

only pussy is a woman who will never

stick around long a man who demands more

than just pussy gets the ride-or-die

girl the girl who does whatever it takes

to make and keep her man happy

the girl every guy wishes he had but are

unwilling to require her to invest more

than just sex

alright let's take a look at the chat

here getting ready to wrap up the show

guys sharp assist says good point

good stuff UAB 101 almost sounds almost

almost sounds like a wife yeah I mean

listen this is how it goes damn it's

rainin in Philly I fucking hate the rain

dude I gotta tell you and you know

honestly man it hasn't really rained

here that much lately but you know

moving from the state of Nevada where we

get 363 days of sunshine every year man

it's definitely an adjustment

freelance Ronan says yep throwing money

and favors at an uninvested woman is

like giving a lazy athlete a

participation trophy that's right

they're not gonna work for that trophy

not a big get it for free

good stuff man

good stuff that was a good call um

there's actually a good call earlier I

think I talked about polygamy I might

actually I don't know like I said I've

never been in a polygamous relationship

so I don't know that might be something

to um there might be something to look


yep pussy is definitely given Wow a lot

of you guys in here tonight this is

great man the show is definitely

starting to grow very very proud of

where the show where the show has has

come to that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR primetime my thanks to

the Mod Squad as well as my callers and

commenters tune in tomorrow same

bat-time same bat-channel 40s our prime

time talk to you guys in 23


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