TSR: SPECIAL WITH ROLLO TOMASSI Why do Men kill their pregnant wives? + The Myth of the "Alpha Female"

Colorado resident Chris Watts has been charged with the murder of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two young daughters Bella (3 yrs. old) and Celeste (4 yrs. old). Nothing justifies killing your pregnant wife and two innocent young daughters but the things that drive a man to commit a crime like this is dripping with Red Pill truth. Rollo Tomassi joins me to discuss the case and the Myth of the "Alpha Female.



The Myth Of The Alpha Female (by Rollo Tomassi)



never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys after man

donovan sharp and welcome to the special

friday edition of csr primetime your

nightly dose of red Phil truth wisdom

and awareness my guest tonight is of

course none other than the founder of

the rational male calm Rollo Tomassi and

Rollo you're here to talk about actually

a couple of things for we're gonna start

things off with the whole with the whole

Colorado you know the the the Colorado

you know husband who you know who killed

his who killed his pregnant wife then

we're gonna move on to the alpha female

but initially let's get into that let's

get into this Colorado story the long

and the short of what has happened is a

guy by the name of oh god I had all the

appear I had to restart my computer but

yeah his name is Chris something Chris

Conway I got it right but you know I'm

getting the NECA up hang on let me turn

myself down a little bit here hang on

guys there we go let's see if that works

they're super watts Christopher watts

and it's Shannon yeah it's it's Shannon

it's yeah it's so basically Chris Watts

Christopher watts

has been charged with the murder of his

one of his wife his unborn as she was

fifteen months pregnant she you know

fifteen weeks fifteen oh my listen that

goes right there yeah very overdue but

that shows you that I did that I

definitely do not have kids and a couple

of pregnancy scares but no but no kids

but yeah fifteen fifteen weeks pregnant

but the tragic part about this is that

he killed his two young daughters

Celeste who was four years old and Bella

who was three years old

and I saw that you tweeted this morning

you said I hate being right about these

things and we're and I'm gonna get into

that in a second but i retweeted that

out and i said something to the effect

of hey look man like we can all sit here

like nothing justifies killing your

family I think that I think that's

pretty obvious but it would be

disingenuous of me not to talk about the

red pill connotations on this so go

ahead and talk a little bit about what

you said that you were right about last

week it's just I every time something

like this happens I can't help but feel

like I should be speculating about it or

say and I understand it's probably bad

to do and I tried to sort of curb my my

habit of just sort of jumping out there

ahead of everything and going you know

what here's here's what I think is going

on yeah from a red pill perspective or

using a red pill lens and that's one of

the things we guys talk about it's like

once you get unplugged and you're more

red pill aware you can open world with

what we call the red pill in yeah right

so you see like you ever see what was it

that that moved that old movie they live

and it was like rowdy roddy piper would

put on the glasses and it's like all

this going on around me take it off

it's just like normal put it back on and

then you can see the aliens and they can

see all these you know all this

propaganda says yo Bey and Boris this

other and it's it's almost like

that it's almost like putting on those

those glasses from they live and uh and

so you see this kind of stuff and it's

kind of like a blessing and a curse

particularly for me because I'm always

writing about this stuff where I was

talking about this stuff and so this

morning I was on Pat Campbell show and

we talked about this briefly and I

really don't feel like we gave it its

due so I'm glad we have an opportunity

to talk about it here a little bit more

but what I mean is when I see something

like this whenever I see a guy who is a

murder/suicide whenever he kills his

wife or he kills his kids and then his

wife or then he kills his kids and

himself and his wife I always run

through this series of okay what led up

to tears Oh incidentally you go and the

reason like I feel like I have to do

this these days is and get out ahead of

things a little bit more is because if I

don't the FEM stream media is going to

get out ahead of that first thing that

they're going to do is they're going to

go oh here we go another white man

or another man whose privileges or

whatever you know and and then what

happens is we we get this sort of

progression of this narrative it'll go

from this is what man are all about

today and this is what they do

here's another man who just killed his

wife and his kids right you know and

then here's here's another example of

toxic masculinity and then it's not that

it's like no all masculinity is toxic

and it wasn't for these guys then then

if it wasn't for these guys learning you

know male chauvinism and and misogyny

and everything else they wouldn't feel

entitled to kill their wives and I'll

guarantee you we're gonna see something

like that come Monday morning we will

whole things sort of ended on that you

know Friday's the end of the news cycle

so I would say probably by Monday you'll

get all of the articles that all these

women are going to write about and to

explain to us that it's all about toxic

mascot let me let me let me go ahead and

interject this and it's it's good for

you to get out ahead of this because

you're you're you're certainly going to

accurately predict a narrative here's

what here's what I submit to you and of

course listen nobody really knows what

happened right we're gonna find out

during the trial etc etc but here's the

thing Rollo men don't just off up and

kill their wives for no reason man most


most men are were mentally sound enough

not to take the life of another person

let alone your wife even if somewhat

like there are men who have been so

royally over by their wives in so

many ways they do nothing about it right

now every once in a while you get a

woman who over the wrong guy and

something like this happens I'm not

saying here's the thing I can sit here

and say well I'm not saying that this is

the case but you want to know something

roll I'm gonna jump out there and I'm

gonna say that it is if a woman kills

her husband everyone says oh she killed

her husband well it must have been

self-defense what did he do why why did

she kill him he must have been abusive

but meant when a man kills his wife none

of those questions are asked again

nothing justifies killing your your

pregnant wife your unborn child and your

two innocent little girls nothing

justifies that but it would be

disingenuous of us not to say that he

didn't just

for no reason he didn't just come home

and decide you know what I think I'm

gonna off my pregnant wife and my two

innocent little girls for no reason an

area code seven one three I see when the

key were gonna get to you in a second so

I would submit to you that and listen I

can't predict this with 100% accuracy

but I think there was infidelity I think

there's a chance that that that she is

pregnant by someone who is not her by

someone who was not her husband Chris

and I think they said that she had had

problems with the marriage there was

talk of them maybe breaking up or her

leaving my guess is that she was

probably gonna leave him for the baby

daddy now I don't want to hear all the I

told you so's if I'm just a little bit

off but we're gonna find out that he

didn't just kill her for nothing again

not saying that he should have killed

her because nothing justifies killing

any the only time the only time the only

thing that the only justification for

killing someone is in self-defense

if someone wrongs you there's no need to

kill them if someone kills my mom guess

what I'm gonna kill them if somebody

with my family somebody kills my

brother my sister whatever I'm gonna go

and kill them but nothing justifies

killing your wife but again he didn't

just do it for no reason that's what I'm

talking about and I think this is

important to understand that this is on

on the heels of another case that was

just like this I think probably two

weeks ago that guy had killed I believe

it was his two daughters and his wife

his wife wasn't pregnant and I think she

was four they were from as a couple from

Indiana and it was another thing that I

just sort of got on top of because Pat

had had told me about it

so you've got that you've got this

you've got that guy who just jumped in

that airplane in Oregon not to like just

this week I think he got into that or

not Oregon it was a Seattle it was in a

Seattle Washington guy gets in the plane

flies around he takes a joyride in the

plane says he's sorry you know he's just

a screwed-up guy and then crashing the

plane and I'm thinking they probably

shot the plane down and then within like

24 hours 48 hours of that another dude

in Utah gets picked up for like domestic

domestic violence or a domestic dispute

or something like that they release him

from the from the the police station

what does he do he goes to his

apparently has a pilot's license or

whatever goes grabs a private plane

flies the plane into his house because

you'd had some dispute with his wife and

he had a daughter as well kills himself

his wife and his kid got it got out but

here you have Zack this is not just some

like madness it's not like something

that's in the water okay there's

something there something that is a

catalyst for this and there's something

that that that sets these guys off that

you know that they think that that's

sort of a solution where they're gonna

what what I always say is that these

guys are zeroed out they get to a point

where they end up building theirs their

lives or their fantasy lives up I and

I'm always I always kind of take this

personally simply because like my my

brother-in-law did very much the same

thing he ended up killing himself hung

himself had had two kids

it was they've been married for almost

about 20 years his the the worst thing

that could possibly happen for him is

for him to lose his wife the kids are

going off to college he and his wife

decides that it's time for her to sort

of up her game it's funny we always talk

about how you know men go for a trophy

wives will sometimes those those wives

go for trophy husband's right well and

so when we when we was looking at that

and then you know so I always kind of

take it personally cuz I guy ended up

killing himself because he did what I

call he invested himself in what I call

relational equity and so what this means

is this particularly for blue pill beta

guys is they build up this life they

they everything that they do revolves

around you know raising the kids

creating a future for him and his wife

once the kids are away and they're empty

nesters and you'll see a lot of this

right now is a phenomenon called gray

divorce and you'll see these couples who

have been together for you know maybe 30

years the kids are finally away and then

they look at each other across the

dining room table and they go who are

you you know they're they don't they're

only they're only common interest was

raising the kids and once those kids are

gone that's when they split up well what

happens is if a guy is very much

involved and invested into his his wife

and his wife with her and what he's

going to do like to the point where he's

like building you know building a house

and building a building a job or

building a business and everything and

hoping that that's going to be enough

to be an insurance policy really against

her going off and trying you know her

hypergamy basically so that she doesn't

trade up and tried to you know get

things yeah upgrade from from the guy

that she's with because maybe she made

bad decisions with him back in the

beginning but now those decisions don't

really hold as much weight anymore and

so they they end up splitting up for

whatever reason whether it's infidelity

or it's just simply because she just

doesn't want to have anything to do with

the guy anymore and when guys are

invested in a woman to this degree when

it's their soulmate when it's their one

itis that they're living with and

they're doing everything they can

possibly do to satisfy that and nothing

they do works everything they do

everything they can buy them everything

they can say do all the chores do

whatever and nothing works and so that's

when that I loses it that's when that

guy realizes that he can't live without

her literally cannot live without this

woman so if she leaves or she's going

off where she's you know she's decided

to take off from him that might be the

catalyst that sets a guy off like this

who's gonna go and kill himself whatever

but is that what happened with this guy

this particular dude I don't know

there's a lot of weird weird that's

going on with this because the more like

the day or gold goes on and the more

like I get these stories like I was just

looking at it was daily Daily Mail calm

the guy was let's see they what the

is this it's they were bankrupt in 2015

the woman had both of them have criminal

records now unlike where the if you look

at the pictures you go haven't at

least people have criminal records

here's the thing listen if you look at

the picture the picture that I have up

on there and it's sort of like a

hologram they both have on a nicotine

patch right in there oh that's that's

not a nicotine patch that is a it's like

a fad or a weight-loss kind of patch or

something like that because she worked

for a multi-level marketing company like

one of these like you know herbal life

kind of you know they're like

wanna blow up oh dude yeah listen we're

putting the pieces together right these

multi-level marketing these pyramid

schemes it's ripe with people

each other right remember the joy

remember the hole Jodi arias thing right

yes she killed the guy but she was in a

multi-level marketing scheme with lists

again we don't know what the case is but

I'm gonna throw a theory out there that

might be the case what she's probably

let me just let me just read these to

you real quick okay she had 15

arrests he had five jail with 13 arrests

was it motive remains a mystery haha in

murder of xiangshan and Watson the $2

husband Christopher Watts confessed to

killing Wednesday investigators have not

revealed a modem we of Shannon's

extensive social media posts offer a

window to the couple's lives they had

another thing about their Instagram and

her Facebook we're still up like you

know 24 hours after all this I'm like

money we have a policy to check this out

man listen they do but this is so funny

everybody knows everybody knows that

everybody lies on Facebook especially

women right women what dude I have dude

oh my god I have so many girls

and I'll go and I'll look at their

Facebook page and they wax poetic about

how much they love their husbands or

their boyfriends and then two minutes

later she's sucking my dick right yeah

so so now all of a sudden now that a man

is now that a man has confessed to

murder oh well they I don't know why she

would I don't know why he would kill her

because according to her facebook posts

which we all know are 100% authentic

because it's on the internet everything

seemed dandy no as a matter of fact when

a woman this is actually there's

actually something I should have

mentioned yesterday one in an undercover

reason not so obvious sign that your

woman is cheating is when she goes to

Facebook or Instagram or some sort of

social media and she lets the world know

how much she loves you that you're her

soul mate etc etc meanwhile she's

a dude like me in a hotel off

the Vegas strip I don't listen they can

give as much credence as they want to

they know that's fake as I'm not

buying well I was gonna say you know

when I was funny my wife is the one that

like told me that about this story and I

was talking to her about it and the

first thing out of her mouth was that I

bet you that baby wasn't his oh that you

any of that babe that baby was not his I

was I thought about that for a minute

like okay she's 15 months pregnant right

oh okay so that means she got would have

got knocked up right around April okay

okay and so cuz that you know you go

back in

me 15 weeks fracking weeks right here no

I didn't like ready yeah so you rewind

that all the way back and you get to be

about April and so if you go and you

look at where she was and what she was

doing in April she's at like some

seminar some like vacation spot where

they when they where they pump everybody

up with these these multi-level

marketing oh my god code in the case

right now dude listen check this out she

went to this business trip she a

guy got pregnant and and he found out

about it and he killed her right

here we go here go mom of two seemed to

be living the high life with a

multi-level marketing firm the work

often took her out of town and dominated

her social media post which you can

imagine it would because that's what she

does meanwhile husband was working for

oil and gas drilling company and Darko

Anadarko and often cared for the girls

while she traveled for a world she won't

show I continue shall I keep going here

it's it's it's it's almost like for this

not to have been something I will

guarantee you I'm again this is

conjecture I'm speculating here but I

would say she probably hooked up with

some guy at one of these multi-level

marketing seminars back in April she got

knocked up she started out with this I'm

also looking at a post here she has of

her whereas uh on her Instagram where

she's like celebrate I celebrates you

Chris you're the best thing that's ever

happen to me and it's like it's all

these pictures of them together business

control it's like if a chick is doing

that I mean that almost seems like she's

trying it's like it's like when you

up and you give your you give

your wife flowers you give your

girlfriend flowers to like make up for

the thing that you up on and she

doesn't know that you up on

something you know that's the thing I

like most beta's will do as a lot though

no that's why it doesn't like okay I

up flowers but let me tell you I

women this is their hi the same

thing listen women it's so funny women

think they're old and here's the thing

most men are grossly unaware of this

stuff but when you're looking through

the world where you're looking at the

world through the red pill ins the stuff

is as clear as day right like listen


we sat here we literally set here and we

cracked the case now

you wait until the details come out man

you wait until the business now ready is

attenuated that's when you tweeted that

stuff out

I went dude I went night so I took a

three-minute skim of that I took a

three-minute skin I said dude like it's

obvious dude they were having marital

problems because she was cheating the

the the the kid she's pregnant with is

not the kid is not his is not Chris's

and she was probably planning to leave

him for the baby daddy he wanted a boy

bubbles filed for bankruptcy in 2015

okay problems surfaced this summer and

co-workers of Shannon can another said

they may have been headed for divorce

Hubbell had a heart to heart when she

returned from a work trip before he is

believed to have killed him Oh Horace

our hearts aren't right so mom I got

babies not yours this guy in April

and I know that the baby isn't Christmas

so what should I do

that was the heart to heart like we sat

here and we cracked the case let me give

a few shoutouts here we're streaming

live right now on Facebook Twitter as

well Facebook Twitter and of course

YouTube I'm streaming on my three

YouTube channels and of course right

here at Donovan sharp calm

shout out to Christopher Markovic says

hey we're live J Cass the native

says hello guys thanks for this space in

your time watching from Medellin


so welcome from Colombia Jason J says it

was probably a Jay Simpson storyline

jealous jealous rage after she cheated

that a freelance Ronan level 3 pitch

beta male etcetera etcetera Jason J says

April is uncuffed season so what I'm

gonna do now if you're watching on if

you're watching on Facebook or Twitter

or YouTube what I'm gonna do now I'm

gonna go ahead and cut the feed if you

want to watch the rest of the show come

to donovan sharp calm you can watch live

on my website again if you're watching

on Facebook YouTube or Twitter come on

over to donovan sharp calm if you want

to watch the rest of the show so I want

to talk about this whole April is

uncovering season with Jason J I think

you probably know something about that

me basically and it's funny I forgot

what the term was

we're the winter time comes and girls

they're a bunch of guys during

the summer but now that the winter time

is here they want to hook up with a guy

for the holidays for Christmas for

birthdays or whatever that if their

birthdays are in the winter I don't is

that called cuffing season is that what

that is not that that's the first time

I've heard it referred to as that but I

get what he's saying because what I even

have there's a there's a rational male

post for every eventuality there's one

for this too I wrote a post called like

something about Spring Break I think it

was and the reason I wrote it was

because I saw these stats of the the

unlike like the Brit like women breaking

up with with with their boyfriends via

like what their what the relationship

status was according to Facebook and so

and I should I should put it on air here

it's um it will show you like the the

hide the peak seasons for women breaking

up with guys and it's almost always like

right before spring break that's one of

the other one is right a right around

when summer when college goes gets out

for the summer yep and then if you look

at the the the lower points the lower

points are as you said right around

Christmastime because it's like too

cruel to break up with the guy around

Christmas time and they had according

together so that uncoupling I guess is

what yeah but but but see here's the

thing so so spring so the spring break

right into the summer they're a

bunch of guys September rolls around

October rolls around now and and

freelance Ronin on Donovan sharp calm

says yes it is called cuffing season it

goes all the way through Valentine's Day

this all this this all makes this all

makes absolute perfect sense girls want

to have a boyfriend during those cold

winter months and that's might that

might sound like rhetoric but that's

really how it is you don't want to be

boyfriend lists on Halloween to dress up

dress up with your boyfriend you don't

want to be boyfriend list on

Thanksgiving because now your family's

gonna start asking you what you're not

with a guy right now you don't want to

be boyfriend list for Christmas you

definitely don't wanna be boyfriend list

on on on Valentine's Day but just like

you said as soon as the weather starts

to get a little bit more we're going to

Lake Havasu there you

all hell breaks yeah I gotta be single

when I'm in Lake Havasu all right when

I'm at what Panama Beach let me pitch

this to you one thing about multi-level

marketing guys and my viewers know of a

of a mythical character that I like to

call I like to refer to as Kevin in

sales Kevin and sales is the guy who

all the bitches right I just like

he gets a lot of ass he's wives

he's girlfriends why because

Kevin's a salesperson he's charismatic

he's dynamic he's in your face he's bold

he's loud he's almost part he's like a

cartoonish alpha and girls are drawn to

that what kind of guys what kind of top

level guys are in multi-level marketing

it's full of Kevin's and sales and this

woman her name is Shannon but she

probably honestly I'll bet here's

another thing an area code seven six

women to get to you in just a second

here's something else I guarantee you if

we look at Shannon's birth certificate

that's not how her name was spelled her

name was spelled Sh n n om she spelled

that Sh n a n n attention whoring 101

spell your name and an entre I mean like

this check out all the cells all

over the place but but again multi-level

marketing schemes are full of Kevin and

sales dynamic in-your-face guys are in

their suit their hair it looks good

they're talking to the crowd women are

drawn to men with status and Shannon is

no different and the better they are at

that Oh more effective they are at yeah

that's exactly right

I always tell guys if you want to get

good at game get a get a job in sales

911 for two oh five five three five six

area code seven one three if you're

still out there I do apologize I didn't

get to you know you're on hold for a

while give us a call back we're gonna go

to area code seven six zero you're on

live with Donovan and roll oh go ahead

hey guys it's Andrew hey what's up hey

you know going back to that whole before

with the whole Facebook thing how women

if women post how great their boyfriends

are then they go in and Chima at the

same time you know that's that's like

the telltale sign of anybody that's

doing something wrong and then it's even

guys and girls out there they like to

pretty much tell everybody how great

they are and then at the same

they're going out and doing everything

it's a complete opposite I think

definitely with this with the situation

its it stinks it stinks a lot like

cheating yes definitely something that

mean probably you know I mean if you

look at what happened Anthony Bourdain I

mean the same thing you know he doesn't

commit homicide you know george ento and

we find out that hey you know she was

cheating on him got videos of her you

know plenty of people calling her out

and then what does she do she has you

know she's forcing people to pull photos

off of Instagram of her and the guy

that's holding hands with so I mean it

it's probably something guys don't

really I was at a point in my life

before girl doesn't you know I'm

suspicious with her cheating on me you

know I get emotional things happen you

know in this situation unfortunately

gets to the point of you know someone

murdering someone else but I don't think

it's going to be like what what you guys

are talking about earlier there's gonna

be a lot of you know feminists out there

complaining about toxic masculinity but

that this is going to be you know it's

women play this game and you know men

are suckers and we get emotional we

relapse out and a lot of it has to do

with this you know feminization of our

society you know one of those things

that I think is is it's kind of hard for

the guys to to realize this but I've

been talked to a lot of my friends you

know I've been reading a lot of this

your guys's work women control a lot

more than they're led to believe by the

pendulum and in these types of

situations something like this happens

we and unfortunately the shitty thing

about this that it just feeds the media

more yes and it's gonna be more

man-hating and more and what and what is

gonna be even more triggering is the

fact that he went and killed the two

girls plus the baby that she had any

view when when you put the the kids on

the line into that that's that again

it's gonna raise so much femme

famous fear BER that you won't even know

what to do with it

got it listen got it got a sharp assist

is dropping some some knowledge in here

listen dude we are literally cracking

this case on the air listen to this

listen to this the company had also okay

hold on a second she we got a crazy we

got a case to crack listen dude anybody

with red pill awareness can do this

check this out so one year after the

couple I'm sorry the company had also

sent the young mother on earned okay so

so one year after the couple filed for

bankruptcy Shannon landed her $80,000 a

year with love with lavell and made this

year she had been an Interpol blah blah

blah blah the company had also sent the

young mother on earned lifestyle

getaways to New Orleans Toronto let's

see Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

Las Vegas and San Diego she had written

all inclusive no work all fun vacations

it continues it continues where she had

revealed that she had gone from being a

caretaker to from everyone else to being

happier with her new job she said quote

my role as a caretaker and to make

people feel better yet I was wiped out

listen to this in late June this year

the couple and their children travel to

North Carolina to visit Shannon's family

as it was planned Chris went back to

Colorado after a week but according to

her post on social media Shannon and her

children stayed for another six weeks

she confessed to her mother when she was

there that her marriage was in trouble

that the that the concerned mother had

told her to her and Shannon where Chris

robot were planning separate she said

that Shannon listen to this Shannon

according to her mother was one of those

people when she walked into a room it

was just like sunshine Chris was very

standoffish he didn't really say

anything to anyone she traveled to

Scottsdale Arizona for a LaBelle event

on August 10th Wow

and a photo that was taken from the yard

house in Scottsdale shows Shannon with

her co-workers on the trip Christopher

had told authorities that her two

children had been at home with him

according to him and I'll end it here

Shannon had been dropped off at the

family home around 1:45 a.m. on Monday

by a co-worker and the couple had been

up most of the night having an emotional

conversation and

he left at 5:15 a.m. for work dude she

listen man this is obvious the writing

is on the wall where although like noon

I didn't even know about all this we

already solved the case man yeah yeah

well I'm and of course the there's a

benefit to sort of waiting for all this

information to come out before you kind

of string things together but when

something like this happens even when

Anthony Bourdain happened and then that

other really damn near any one of these

cases where the guys that comercio aside

whatever the first thing I'm thinking is

that this guy was one more crazy ass

bata blue pill guy who got put into who

got zeroed out didn't know you know

couldn't face the idea of living without

his one itis or living without you know

living in a world without his kids and

and you know all the stuff that he's you

know invested himself into and so the

the the next question after all this is

like why do that why kill the kids why

kill the lady why not simply do that

well the thing is is like first of all

you how are you gonna can't really

explain that to a guy who's like in the

moment right there trying to figure out

what he's gonna do with himself but

being faced with that is literally like

being faced with just dying anyways most

guys will just simply off themselves

they would just simply say you know what

screw it I'm out I'm gonna just kill


and you know anyway even to the point

where they're going to try not to

inconvenience anybody by you know by

their suicide this guy was and this

you've got a guy like this who might

kill the your wife has an unborn baby

and there's a there's a lot more tragic

I think one of the things is is this

incident happens a lot more than we are

with we are really willing to accept

right now but the reason that we're

looking at this is because it was so

heinous I mean there's just so much you

know that the two girls the unborn baby

and it's gonna it's gonna make a real

appeal to women who have that mother

that mothering instinct right and so

it's like well why couldn't he just say

you know just broken up with her and

divorced her and well that's not how

these guys work that's not how I really

you know psycho blue pill guy is and

that's the thing I'm gonna I'm certain

we're gonna have to fight against this

because there's going to be so many

women are gonna say well you know

men think that they're entitled to

women's bodies are they're entitled to

women's lives or they have some sort of

you know sense of ownership over their

over their women and so when their that

ownership is challenged and suddenly

they just they they want to instead of

instead of dealing with village they

they do you know the equivalent of

taking their ball and going home they

kill everybody and themselves and I will

guarantee you that they will in some way

try to twist this so that it turns it

into some issue of toxic masculinity

when in fact it is guys exactly the

kinds of guys that we've been trying to

reach with with the rational male with a

red pill with red man group with

everything we're trying to do this

outreach and get you know talk to these

guys and say look you know what you need

to have a more realistic idea of how

intersexual dynamics are actually works

because it can literally be a matter of

life and death

I agree and I'm gonna end this I'm gonna

end this particular I'm gonna end this

portion of the show of the show here but

but but but I'm gonna say this and you

can sort of and you can weigh in on this

and I mean listen man I'm probably gonna

catch some heat on this but it is what

it is look check this out man women have

been getting away with fuckery for - for

- for two goddamn long man listen man

Chris listen Chris shouldn't have killed

his wife shouldn't kill his unborn child

and he shouldn't have killed his two

little girls okay but this is what

happens when women's with win hyper Gwen

not this isn't even hypergamy when

women's bad behavior goes unchecked

women dude women guys over to the

nth degree

all the time they will go and do they go

and cheat on their husbands with their

brothers their friends paternity fraud

like like guys are sick and tired of

being over by women and women are

told that it's okay you go girl

right if if if the man goes off and has

a kid with somebody else oh him he

should pay child support he's not

but if a woman goes off and commits

fraternity fraud well he didn't well

well she should have done that he didn't

he didn't attend to her needs dude I'm

telling you man

this should be fair warning and i'ma say

it right now this should be thorough

whining its warning to women who are

people over man

men are sick and tired of this and

it listen it takes over the raw

one before a world of hurt before they

have a world of hurt here's the fact I

had a guy that when I was talking about

this and the first tweet that I tweeted

about this and the guy said well hey

maybe now women will take this a little

bit more serious and almost like I was

like well first of all the guy killed

his kids so I can't endorse and I'll

tell you even just me talking about that

I had there's so many people who wanted

to sort of corral me into this well I

guess he was right and killing her then

no he was not right course not he

certainly killed her of course not

should not have killed her and was and

just even just saying you know even

having the discussion that we might have

in some way a an inkling as to like to

try to understand this guy's head they

don't care about that they just know

they know it is two babies are dead and

if you if you even have if you even want

to understand this that means you

sympathize with a guy no it does not

does not mean that doesn't mean the guy

the guy's a piece of and you know

there's there's my statement for that

and he's a piece of because he

didn't have his sorted out he

wasn't you know it wasn't red pill where

I can tell you that right now he was it

was simply reacting to in the exact same

way that a guy who is invested in

relational equity would react I've seen

it I've seen this for so long we're

seeing it more right now because we live

in the Internet age that's right and you

can pass around a whole lot quicker but

this has been happening for a very

very long time and now we're getting to

a point excuse me where we're women

feet you're right I think in this day

and age women have a false sense of

security zall right they they will they

were and this would actually probably be

a good a good show for you at some point

is in my line of work I'm working around

people who are drinking a lot okay right

and if I'm at out of promo or if I'm at

a martini fest or something like that it

doesn't matter what the gig is it's it

could be just you know selling beer wine

or you know hard liquor or whatever it

could be like upscale it could be just

sort of like dressed down kind of thing

doesn't matter every one of these women

once you put two drinks in them they

suddenly feel like they can they can

test the limits

and up a woman if a woman is kind of

like fat and sassy or if she's kind of

like thinks that God forbid us you know

another woman actually get in her face

and try org or look at her the wrong way

but what I think these women have is a

false sense of security and they think

that guys are gonna come to their

defense and they think that they can get

away with with certain things you know

maybe like this maybe like this Shannon

woman who was doing okay well they

aren't going away with it and they are

getting away with it but it for the most

part but every once in a while man a

woman over the wrong one and

something like this happens listen this

should be a listen this should be a

warning man I'm telling you man

and it's getting to the point that

thanks to the internet more men are

privy to the fuckery of women right now

I wouldn't call it I would not call it a

warning I would say it's a caution it's

something to think about because when

you see when you start calling your

warning what's the first thing people

are gonna say they're gonna go oh well

Shannon Rolla we're saying that if you

don't if you don't shape up then uh you

know your husband might kill you or

he-he's justified in killing you you

know he was not justified in killing it

wasn't just by telling him this you have

auction this is something to think what

subdued for every sequin for every

sequence there's a consequence and you

nailed it right on the head man women

have a false sense of security they get

away with dude they get away

with guys over in the worst ways

and they suffer zero consequences

whatsoever this isolate

I've seen women start fights just

because they know that their man was

right there behind them or they knew

that it has other guys who jump in I

think I showed you that one I think I

put it in I posted this on Twitter not

too long ago or that one that Debbie's a

black girl who was like slapping on that

one guy like Applebee's or some and

then there was that other one where

there's this one girl who was slapping

this one guy and she was like literally

I mean closed fist punching this guy

like she was gonna like really take this

guy out and she knew damn well that if

this dude had defended himself there

would be ten other guys around there to

just you know beat him that much that

much more so what does a guy do he just

kind of covers and and and gets out of

that right I mean it is any police any

judge would say that is assault

and battery and I would go to jail for

that but

no cop is called no one jumps or nobody

nobody he doesn't do anything allow it

to happen because they know this woman

feels that she's entitled to go and be

violent she's entitled to get in

people's faces because she knows that

somebody's gonna jump her jump in and

take over the situation for her and I

think even that in this day we're

starting to see this false sense of

security it's right that ain't gonna

last forever no that's like a last

forever and listen for as many videos

there as many videos as you see a woman

beating up a guy and him not doing back

there are the same number of videos

where the guy doesn't not do anything

about it yeah like there are plenty of

videos out there with a dude just

beating a bitch's ass like dude enough

like enough is enough

and so to relate it to this um it's it's

it's it's caught it it's not the same

thing but it's kind of the same thing

because women again dude paternity fraud

infidelity it dude just royally

guys over lying to the cops

false domestic violence accusations

getting guys fired from their job

nothing happens to these women there are

no consequences but here's the thing man

like I said this is a consequence and I

I agree whew I think this I think that

this is this should serve as a

cautionary tale

listen venture guy properly because if

listen if you know you're the type of

woman who has who has proclivities for

infidelity then you might want to think

twice about getting with yeah and the

other thing is and if there is a to add

to this cautionary tale here women if

women are watching this and the message

here is understand who you are

dealing with especially if you have a

guy and especially if you got a guy who

is very invested himself emotionally and

spiritually financially

watch out family wise and he just

basically you know centers his life on

making you happy and making the making

the marriage work and he's one of these

guys who just completely bought into his

you know his indentured servitude to

like make things work for you all the

time that guy is probably more dangerous

than the guy that you know is gonna beat

you up that the guy that you know who is

abusive at least you know that the guy

who is

a dedicated dutiful beta that guy who

invests it and you you put you take that

away from him that's the guy that's for

the guy 63 yeah that's gonna stab you 63

times and cut you into 63 pieces and put

you in the freezer and go to the cops

yes yes my wife is in the freezer in 63


nine one four two oh five five three

five six two the number to call to get

in on the conversation let's switch

gears here your latest article the myth

of the alpha female you you you based

this on a call that we got on the Redman

group partially and partially a couple

weeks back she she really seemed

distraught and you know of course listen

man i man the phones you know how I am

about women call it into a man show it

was a little I was a little bit prickly

at first but then I said okay wait a


really seems like this that this woman

is confused and it sounded like the

quagmire she was in was okay all men are

looking for are looks but I want to be a

business owner I want to start a

non-profit over she was and she

was selling us so what I think what we

have what we told her is that you can't

have it both ways you can either be

feminine or you can be masculine you

can't you can't have feminine

masculinity doesn't work that way men

are not attractive that what was the

what what was the what why did you write

this article and saw what it I actually

had I would say probably about a third

of this article already written and it

was sitting in my draft I ended up

writing it because I kept getting into

these discussions with a few of them you

know on Twitter about I'm an alpha

female and here's why I can't find a

date because guys are threatened by me

or the other the other story was I'm an

alpha female but I'm also feminine and I

I have a really tough time because I I'm

also I'm a I'm a great woman and I'm

very feminine and I'm you know I'm you

know my late 30s I still haven't gotten

married but but I'm still an alpha alpha

female and so that's what's scaring

these guys off I'm like no the reason

first of all there's no such thing as an

alpha female and then second of all it's

like you just like you were saying you

don't get it both ways that's right so

you can be if that's what you choose and

I like people always say oh don't roll

oh don't you think that you should

that a woman should have a right to vote

and all this I think you know that's

fine I have no problem with women doing

whatever the that's really want to

do what I have a problem with is when

men I'll have to foot the bill for that

when they have to pay the consequences

sorta and when they're expected to do

that and they're expect with men to know

that they're expected to do to be doing

that and so I basically I laid out this

this whole just the whole structure of

how women come to this idea that they

are in some way alpha females and what

it comes down to is that women have been

masculine masculinizing themselves for

so long right now that they just take it

for granted that if they are more like a

man if they're more like an alpha male

then that makes them more alpha female

and so they they get the wrong idea that

the the things that would make for a you

know a high sexual market value male is

what is going to be attractive to other

guys so it's like a woman goes and she

wants to be a CEO and she wants to be

and I get the I I walk like the boss and

talk like the boat you know that kind of

yeah and she has that you know

she's she's maybe in some sort of middle

management or supervisor or maybe she

has her own you know her own business

whatever I mean I think Elizabeth Holmes

would be a good example here you have

this woman who is just this complete

Charlotte's I mean complot yes but we

build data we love that image there's a

in a feminine primary society we love

the idea that there could possibly be a

female version of Steve Jobs right we

love the idea that we we throw out these

all of this praise for somebody like

Sheryl Sandberg well Sandberg didn't

start Facebook okay right it's not her

company she just happens to be the CEO

of it because Mark Zuckerberg said yeah

why don't you come on in it'll look good

you know as a PR you know scandal or it

was you look good for for coming in and

doing this but we we don't we don't

qualify that we just like that image we

like the idea of women other women like

the idea that a powerful woman is in the

boardroom and she's making the tough

decisions and she's hiring and firing

and all this other but she can come

home and still you know

with the kids and be a woman for her man

and the thing is that doesn't happen if

you can't serve two masters just like

the Bible says you will hate one and you

will love the other and when a woman is

in us in a position of power when she's

in that hey more power to you but don't

expect to have a fantastic family life

we see all these women freezing their

eggs right now yes why are they doing


not because they're so super

professional it's because and the on

God's honest truth is they can't find a

guy to get paired with that's really

can't do that and so what do they do

they freeze an egg they get artificial

insemination later on and then they

realize that the forty years old and

they can't carry a pregnancy to term and

so you got women who are constantly

building this up and building this and

it's tragic because it's selling women

on that lie you know that they can have

it all but not is that they can have it

all but they can be it all too and so

that they can be the masculine ideal as

well as being the feminine ideal and

it's and that's the problem

what happens is women get into this idea

that well if a man if these are the

qualities that make up what makes an

alpha male and I have that and I'm

already attracted to these men well it

must be those aspects that men would

also be attractive right but they post

because rolly were all equals right they

don't believe in gender differences they

don't believe in gender roles or

anything like that is certainly not if

they're getting into you know some sort

of powerful executive you know CEO

position they obviously don't believe in

in in quote-unquote stereotypical you

know what I call conventional gender

roles they think they live in some sort

of egalitarian utopia

and so they they get bright you know

what's they get to be about their

mid-30s and they realize that are past

the wall and that's when they start real

you know they kind of are forced into

this acknowledgment that hey maybe it's

not gonna work out for me

maybe you've got mail holy maybe

the things that make a man attractive

don't actually make a woman attractive

as well yeah the problem is the

forty-five years old by the time they

figure it out exactly and then so what

the the thing that kind of set me off on

this whole thing is that women base what

they believe should make for an alpha

male on a masculine met by a masculine


okay so if things that they like are you

know dominance decisiveness you know

some sort of status is somebody that

they somebody that they would admire

they think that that's they conflate

that with sex appeal because that's what

sexy for women right I has those those

are some very attractive qualities but

those qualities are good for men because

why let's say it men and women are

different okay and so what I was saying

is like if there is if there even is

such a thing as an alpha female it's the

one it's the girl who looks like Renee

Sommerfeld it's the chick who is this

ideal physical look because that is what

attracts men and when you look at like

the statistics for this I think there

was an it was in a data collision

there's a graph of the data Klose MS

this aggregate of information that was

taken from like dating sites and tinder

and Cupid and all this other stuff and

so this just like a bunch of stats

according to what you know women like

men like men at every age from like

fifteen to eighteen ninety years old

they all find women between the ages of

22 and 24 the most attractor and that's

what they're about it doesn't matter

what age they are okay for women it's

different it's always if they are like

say for example it's a it's always their

own age plus 5 to 7 years so if a woman

is 23 then she's gonna really dig on a

guy who is anywhere between like say 30

26 and 30 somewhere and somewhere in

there that's gonna be the ideal age

range for that chick and it's staggers

as it goes up so if a woman is say 40

years old she finds men who are you know

but right around 45 47 the most

appealing as far as what they you know

what they're looking for at that

particular time in their lives so men

what I want to focus on here is men are

always looking for that that physical

appeal and that physical appeal is

manifest in women right where I said it

would be and the SP or SMB peak years

are 23 years old so at 22 23 24 years

old exactly where I said it would be

what happens is women conflate like the

girl that had called in the girl that

had called them she was just oh she just

described because she was gonna cry

because she was just so upset that all

all men one is this physical appeal all

they want is sex appeal and we all

that's right about that is because you

were sold a bill of goods that told you

that it was something different that's

right I told you that it the more you

act like a man the more you start a

business the more you do things that are

more masculine that those qualities that

you find attractive a man well maybe

because we're all equals right so men

and women are the same so you're going

to you're gonna believe that the reverse

must be must be the same or must be true

and the fact of the matter is it is not

true and if there is such a thing as an

alpha female it's that chick who is 23

years old that's what has the best sex

appeal who has a nice ass who has you

know the hourglass figure all the all of

the things that make up conventional

beauty that is your alpha female right

there it's not the girl in the boardroom

it's not Sheryl Sandberg

oh it's Renee some of that's who it is

check this out the more a woman

accomplishes rollo but now everybody is

looking up Renee summer yes listen my

viewers are about to cut in half cuz I

was gonna start stroking off to her in a

summer field here's the thing man the

more a woman accomplishes the more money

she makes the more power and influence

she gets the further she shrinks her

pool of potential suitors in other words

the more status a woman has the fewer

men she'll have to choose from here's

the thing dude and again and I'm not

telling you anything you don't already

know but the thing is this women don't

want to down they don't want to

date down they don't want to marry down

they want to fight up they want to marry

up hyper hyper gummi does not seek its

own level that's always a club and if

it's bat then it's always looking that's

right there listen they're not gonna

give the time of day to men who have

less money less power less that'ss than

they do it's not in their DNA just like

you said it's hypergamy you guys have to

remember it's just like Rolla said the

rule of hypergamy is that women will

always try to consolidate on the highest

value men available to her but the

caveat is is that those men have to have

more value than they do as women okay

check this out Donna the executive at

the XYZ fortune 500 company she's not

gonna the junior partner

the big law firm she wants to the

guy with his name on the door of that

firm right she's not gonna date Steve

the warehouse supervisor she wants to

date the guy who owns the company Steve

works for Carol yes unless the company

Sarah unless the guy who works in the

warehouse is hot yes so Peter

proliferates oh listen so him

she's not gonna marry a bell right she's

still again she's still looking for even

if it's even if it's somebody who is you

know I've always made this separation

there is arousal and there's attraction

it's right and so a woman wants the peak

in arousal and in the peak in an

attraction and by attraction I mean

long-term quality or I think somebody

that's gonna be powerful somebody's

gonna be a good long-term prospect for

arousal it might be a short term might

be a guy that she wants to play cougar

with but that guy is still well above

the average SMB of the average guy so

she's still looking for that because

remember hypergamy had consist of two


alpha fox and beta bucks right she wants

the best of both of those she'll never

find them in the same guy you know lame

but she wants the best of both of those

and she thinks she deserves it now

here's the thing roll it's just like you

said women might say well there's

nothing wrong with that she has to have

standards and guess what they're

absolutely right here's here's the

problem the math doesn't work it doesn't

add up there are far more Steve's and

junior partners and CPAs then there are

company owners CEOs and senior partners

at big law firms right then they might

sell well they're far more you know male

executives and CEOs than female

executives I see it so there's plenty to

go around right you know in fact they'd

have their pick of the litter and the

riches and most powerful men wrong yes

there are more male CEOs and executives

and females but high-value men don't

want to they don't want to female

vice presidents they don't want to marry

these high status women they don't want

to women CEOs they don't want women

who have they don't want we don't want

relationships with women who have

masculine personality then they ask well

how do you know they're masculine

Donovan because they are where they are

you don't be listen here's the thing

dude you don't become a senior partner

at a law firm by being a feminine kind

woman you got to be a killer you

got to be cutthroat you don't rise

through the ranks and become an

executive at a fortune 500 company

without being driven and

for competitive and any woman who

accomplishes these things were alone she

has to exhibit masculine characteristics

and do it consistently for a while and

when she finally gets to where she wants

as soon as she reaches the pinnacle of

her company she has quite literally

forgotten how to be a woman how to be a

lady how to be feminine and high-value

men executives CEOs rich guys there look

they're not looking to be with a woman

who acts like a man they don't

want a woman with a scorned disposition


they're looking to get with a woman

they're not looking to get with a woman

who wants to compete with them or

challenge them or a woman who wants to

be stubborn these men don't want women

like this they want women who are high

value high value men have choices they

have the more opportunity and they have

more selective capacity than just the

average guy okay

so uh another thing that they that women

really kind of hobble themselves by is

they believe right now it's it's my

opinion that most women believe that

they are alpha females they're all the

things that they are yes but in to

varying degrees but like they all

believe because because what have they

been sold for the last you know four

decades is this strong independent woman

narrative yes and they have been taught

and like I was said we were talking

about the the the woman who called in

they've been taught that they don't need

anything they don't need no man they

don't need a you know they don't need

anybody to pay their bill to do it today

they're gonna they're gonna they're

gonna pay their own bills you know and

they but they still want that they still

want that guy in their lives but they

can't figure out why those guys don't

want them because they still also

believe in the lie of egalitarian and

equal ism they think that everything is

it's all even-steven so if if this is

what we're going to base attraction on

then that guy should want me but then

they find out that biology plays a dirty

trick on them and that men want younger

hotter tighter that's what they're

looking for and what so what do they do

to to sort of protect their ego they

have to make up what I call social

conventions and those social conventions

are sort of rationales or reasonings why

this guy would reject her this

high-value guy here's a high-value woman

and here's this high-value guy man I got

a guy he wants to go her in a

summer feel he doesn't want to you

well that high value woman has to think

of well it must be social because

is they don't believe that gender is is

biological that it's all everything's a

social construction so they have to go

back to social constructionism and what

what does that lead them to well these

men must have been taught to want to go

after this my baby has taught them that

they want television and movies

brainwashing men and they want and so

what do they do they say well those men

are just infantile those men fragile

egos yes those men don't know how to

deal how to how to handle a real me so

it's this and you notice that it's

always this tearing down in shaming of

men well at the same time it's building

women up it's holding it up because

because the long and short of it is on

some level of consciousness women

understand that they're past the wall

and they understand this because they

see it coming at you they see it coming

at them all the time and they

don't realize and I wrote this in the

band this is one of the things I wanted

to touch on I wrote this let the last

couple of paragraphs directly to women I

know I don't do this I don't I don't

write before anybody period but I

directed at women I said look if you

want a guy in your life you need to

understand this you need to understand

the bill of goods that you've been sold

and you need to unlearn that

and it doesn't mean you are supplicating

it doesn't mean you are you know

knuckling under the massage and all this

horrible it means that you have the

humility to say you know what I was

wrong and I want to I want to make

myself more valuable to these guys

because we don't teach women the concept

of value-added today that's why this

woman who had called in and says all

guys think of his sex and all they want

to do is just you know they only care if

the girl is hot and good-looking if

she's sexually available like yeah that

is absolutely 100% true but the

thing is is what else do you bring and I

ask these two questions in the in the

piece I said you know what do you bring

to the table beyond your ass what do you

bring to the table beyond your tits what

do you bring to the table and like here

we have the manosphere and we have red

pillow guys and we have like a misguided

as they may be in some sense is we got

guys like trying to be better guys right

we have a very strong community of guys

who want to focus on self-improvement

and instant you know we try to say okay

well it's not for it's for

and I saw four women and that's

absolutely true and that's the way it

should be but guess what the byproduct

of you improving yourself is that a

woman might actually want to get with

you you might get laid and you might

start a family and you might have a

pretty cool life by doing that right but

there is no manosphere for women there

is no like hey girls you know what

things are really up how can we

be better for our men how can we how can

we improve ourselves and add some value

to us beyond what oh you're so oh

there's no rather do that because yeah

they'll never do that because they have

made themselves sexual commodities and

they'll say oh it's men who did that men

made a sexual commodities you

made yourself a sexual commodity because

there's nothing else there if you say I

don't need no man well how can you

expect a man to want to be with if you

don't need a men need to be needed men

need to have some sort of sense that

they're they've got some sort of purpose

going for them and they need to say hey

you know what you got a flat tire let me

go and fix the flat tire

for you

you know that is we have this purpose we

want to feel like we're needed but if a

woman is just this autonomous thing and

the only thing that she needs a man for

is reproduction well guess what you do

the same thing you're complaining

about that's good you don't need a guy

because you're this autonomous just

walking around thing then then why why

is any guy going to have anything to do

with you beyond the sexual yeah guys

want to get laid but you know what

beyond that what else do you offer most

women can't say they cannot say what the

they offer beyond you know he said

well I cook and I can do this and I can

do that it's like well okay great but

you know what most women won't even say

that because for so long for like

five six decades we have taught

the strong independent woman thing but

as a part of that we have taught women

that it is a failure for them to do

anything for the express pleasure of a

man like when they dress up they I don't

dress for you this is for me like when

you go and see these walks not

asking for it

well what the are you what are you

driving with waving all right if I go

home and I find you vacuuming the house

you're not gonna be in this outfit

jeez that's not for you you're doing

your dressing up for some reason and

it's sure the isn't for you know

you know your personal satisfaction I'm

just looking like a cut you know you

know that's the thing they don't want to

admit see here's the thing they do dress

for male attention but they don't


admit that they're dressing for

meal attention and this is something

that you say because because it's a

failure because it's for the purpose the

purpose of pleasing them there it is and

God forbid a woman do anything for the

sole purpose of pleasing a man right


like that's how that is think about this

that this is interesting I always talk

about this think about the think about

the cliche of the executive or the CEO

a secretary the reason that

dynamic works is that he has higher

value than she is he makes more money he

tells her what to do he has power he

gives her extra instructions etc the

secretary is in a subservient position

she does what she's told she asks his

permission she doesn't get out of pocket

she defers to him that dynamic alone is

conducive to attraction on both ends so

once again women are always shaming well

you know my husband left me for his

secretary yes because she's younger and

here's the thing and a lot of people say

well he just left her because she was

younger okay listen

there guys out there and a lot of women

complain well what happens if you get

married young and it doesn't work out

listen there is no perfect system but I

will tell you this things wouldn't be as

up as they are now if more women

would get married young yes there gonna

be some guys out there who cheat on

their women and have kids with other

women listen you can follow the rules

and not buy into feminism and you can

still have a you can still have a

up life that's just the luck of the draw

that's just how it is

but but but most of the time the CEO or

whatever he starts a secretary

if he leaves his wife for the secretary

it's usually because she's not a good

wife right in here see here's the thing

when men when we cheat we do it mainly

for sex okay a man is never gonna leave

his woman if he loves his wife and he

starts someone else that doesn't

mean that he doesn't still love his wife

he's not leaving he's not leaving the

mother of his three kids for some

side no way the only way

he would do that is if his wife was an

insufferable bitch she she she didn't

cook her clean she got fat she was

bitchy she cheated on him so of course

he's gonna leave so the narrative is

always oh he cheated on me and he left

for the younger Hunter tighter secretary

yeah because you ballooned up to 300

pounds you started the personal

trainer your hide to get you hired to

get thinner for him and you spent all of

his goddamn money you gotta tell the

whole story well I was used to say that

a couple things here that

is that it's a de femme inist trope that

like guys all have this secret fantasy

to to get a trophy wife or to their

secretary and you know and marry their

secretary or something because that's if

they want to say that well men are just

they're just pigs and they just they

don't you know they don't care about our

feelings they don't care about all this

other and it's interesting because

that's sort of a reverse of what we're

talking about before which is relational

equity yes um but so but what women do

is and the reason that is so effective

is first of all it creates indignation

which women crave and then second of all

second of all what it does is it's it's

only it just perpetuates what's called

the apex fallacy and so it's only these

guys who are at the top topmost level

who can actually who can do you right

now the reason I say that is because

there's so many guys that I work with

and I've got a seer it's in the actually

in the third book I've got a series of

posts and four chapters in am positive

masculinity and it's called the

reconstruction and it was directly

written so that I could help these guys

who were in marriages and they didn't

want to leave their marriages they liked

what they let they love their wives but

they couldn't get them to them they

loved their wives but their wives we're

never gonna see them as alpha was never

gonna so these guys are what we call

awakened while marry that's right and

riot rung and rhinestone would be a good

guy to talk to about this but these guys

they don't want to leave their wives

they they want to make it work more than

anything you know and so well what's

interesting to me is I work with a

couple of other guys here - who who like

would get into like these divorces after

they've been in a really kind of

insufferable marriage for like 15 or 20

years where their wives had sex with

them before and then just kind of turned

off the the sex spigot yeah and and so

when these guys finally get get out and

they you know they get they get divorced

and that's another thing so we talked

about trophy wives but I'll tell you

there's far more women who are

initiating divorce on their husbands

than there are trying to say is um so

what's interesting and this I I don't

think I've ever talked about this before

is breaking nose

and I'm just doing this because I just

ran into this issue

with the guys I'm working with he's he's

divorced and he has he's getting back in

the game and he's learning game I'm

teaching him you know how did you know

make things work for him and so he's

been divorced I think probably like six

weeks now maybe maybe two months okay

and he finally I finally got him laid

and I finally had sex and he had sex

with a chick that was that wanted to

him that had a genuine enthusiastic

desire to him and let me tell you

something this does something to a guy's

head when he has been in the desert and

hasn't had any kind of for it from

his wife that he really loves and he

really wanted to stay with but doesn't

you know that's it's just simply not

working for him because if that's the

deal-breaker but once that guy has has

like really good enthusiastic sex with a

woman and it reminds him of what it felt

like ladies if you're with you if you're

the wife in this scenario you're done be

worried that yeah that because that guy

has just had you know it's like it's

like a starving man in the desert who

just ate a big nice you know filet

mignon steak and he ain't going back to

the desert again he's gonna keep going

back to where he's gonna be fed and it's

I think that that's a really powerful

thing to remember for guys because

because it also makes them vulnerable to

manipulations of the women who finally

give them the sex that they are starving

towards one of the reasons I think like

strippers and prostitutes are so

successful because that that sex act or

that enjoying that desire even if it's

paid for it's better than going back to

the desert

that was their sexless marriage you want

to know something man we can actually we

can actually tie the spec to Chris Watts

uh-huh all right check this out if Chris


if okay so he finds out that his wife

may be cheating if Chris Watts or a man

because here's the thing let's not get

it twisted there are a lot of high-value

guys who have trophy subservient wives

guess what those guys wives cheat on him

too right that's the price they pay

listen the CEO of a fortune 500 company

professional athlete he's on the road a

lot right he travels a lot he can't be

at home all the time that's the price

you pay well if you you got to be out

making money guess what wife gets alone

and she's gonna

but if Chris Watts were a high-value guy

if he had options and women then then do

you want to know what Shannon Watts and

her two little girls would be on today

alive he'll be a lifetime and I'll tell

you that is one thing that JIT you want

you want to rub salt in the wounds of

feminists that's how you do it you say

you know what game would have saved this

guy's life force do this guy if this guy

had learned how to spin plates if this

guy had learned to keep up you know keep

a sense of polarity in his marriage he

would be God if this guy had learned

some sort of game this guy had any any

other options going for him yeah

probably would not kill her now again

should not have kill them she didn't

deserve it of course she didn't deserve

it but the thing is is had this guy

learned game had this guy actually been

red pill aware I think all those P would

still be like I totally agree I totally


Rolo as usual man thanks for coming on

man sure this was the this was a great

show and I'm glad we got to you know

yeah and tomorrow we're doing red man

group yeah yes yeah I was gonna say you

got to get the bed well I don't know

what tomorrow's gonna be a hot show -

yes man because we're talking about

single moms talking about single mothers

and rich rich Cooper we got we got some

stories for you and I guarantee you

we're gonna have some female callers in

on that it's gonna get heated I can't

wait man dude bring him on man you all

handle those bitches Rolla

thanks for coming on and I will see you

bright and early at 7 o'clock p.m. or 7

o'clock a.m. Pacific time yeah yeah

that's me

all right all right brother take care

man all right roll it so messy

of the rational male weighing in on

weighing in on tonight's episode yeah

yeah listen man just to sort of echo

what he was talking about

nobody condones nobody condones killing

your family again let's get the Kris

watch did not have killed his family

let's let's let's get that right but

again let's not pretend that he just did

it for no reason Kris Watts didn't kill

Shannon watts

Celeste Watts and and Bella watts

just because Kris Watts is an evil human


okay again that doesn't mean listen

again he shouldn't have killed her

nobody listen if a woman cheats on a

husband commits a paternity fraud that

doesn't mean she deserves to die let's

let's just get that straight and there

are many more things that are worse than

death for one I can I can think of a

couple of things that are worse than

death for a cheating female is a man who

has game leaves are at like let's just

play this out best-case scenario right

let's just say that Chris Watts had red

pill game if he had red pill game

Shannon Watts wouldn't and she wouldn't

have cheated on him in the first place

but let's just say everything happened

the way it was

Chris Watts would have hooked up with a

younger hotter tighter girl he would

have red he would have run the paternity

test he would have seen that the the the

baby that Shannon Watts was carrying

wasn't his he would have sued for full

custody for Bella and N Celeste he would

have taken those two kids with his

younger Hunter Titor wife started a

family and left Shannon to fend for

herself with her new baby daddy okay so

again just like Rollo says man game

saves lives gentlemen and again this

this is another this is another tragedy

man like for listen man because because

men don't understand the true they don't

understand interest the real inter

sexual dynamics between men and women

for for baby basically four and a half

lives were lost Chris well I don't know

what I don't know what the death penalty

laws are in Colorado no I don't know if

they exercise the death penalty or not

but dude five lives were lost man you

know Shannon the unborn kid the two kids

Chris watts is going to jail forever or

he's gonna get the electric chair you

know dude red pill games say dude game

saves lives and we shouldn't even call

it game knowing how to handle women

saves lives when you call it game people

think it's you know can rehearse lines

and all this cheesy pick-up stuff no

game is simply understanding female

nature knowing how to mitigate it and

protect a woman from herself from to

protect a woman from herself and protect

your family so of course we have to we

have to call it we have to make it as

succinct as possible so we call it game

read bill games so good up is so tonight

I you know thank you to roll it to Messi

for calling in area code seven six oh

thanks for calling in shout out to the

Mod Squad in the house

and so it was a very very good show

tonight guys thanks for watching that's

gonna do it for this edition of TS r

primetime be sure to tune in tomorrow at

10:00 a.m. Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific on

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we're gonna be talking about why men

date single moms it's gonna be a lot of

fun I'll see you guys then

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