TSR: Throwback - Pushing the feminist agenda has finally caught up with ESPN

In March of 2017, ESPN laid off 100 employees. What shocked people was that a good number of them were household names: John Clayton, Jayson Stark, Danny Kanell, and Trent Dilfer were just a few ESPN staples that got the ax that fateful day. A lot of people were confused as to why ESPN would do such a thing? Why would they lay off so many fan favorites in one fell swoop? 


Anyone with Red Pill awareness who was paying attention saw the reason as clear as day. Since the worldwide leader in sports took a hard left turn in their narrative, it alienated a lot of their lifelong viewers. Domestic violence, rape accusations, and anything pertaining to crimes against women (among other things) turned a lot of fans away and as a result, their ratings suffered, ergo the layoffs. 


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