Unconditional love is for the weak (Episode 309)


We’ve all heard the term “unconditional love” We hear and see people who want unconditional love from their significant others, we see it on movies and television, we see and hear it from our families, our friends, our coworkers, anybody we interact with on a daily basis.



Well obviously most of us here knows that is unconditional love is a misnomer because we know that love as both an action and a feeling is extremely conditional in and of itself.

On the other side of the coin some of us may not fully admit to ourselves that unconditional love is a myth….some of us may know it’s a myth but don’t know exactly why or how to put it into words or thoughts to put their finger on it.  

But most men don’t understand that unconditional love isn’t reserved for US. Unconditional love is for the weak and defenseless. Women, children, and animals. Unconditional love exists for them because they need it.

Now a lot of people might be thinking “Donovan there’s no way that’s true! There are men the world over who get unconditional love from women all the time. Their wives and girlfriends tell them all the time!” and you would be dead wrong.


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