Wanna fuck hotter girls? Become an A+ at just ONE THING

When it comes to having consistent success with women, The Red Pill preaches getting fit, saving money, cultivating skills, learning how to handle women, etc. But a Man who is an A+ at just ONE THING will fuck hotter women than a Man who is a B- at everything.




If you're an A+ at one thing, you'll sleep with hotter girls than if you were a B- at everything

In order to successfully get hot girls, you have to actually want to get hot girls


today on the sharp reality I'm gonna

tell you guys why you will fuck

better-looking women if you are an A+ at

one thing than a b-minus at everything

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good stuff

most men foolishly believe today that

they have to live a balanced lifestyle

to attract and arouse women now while

there is some truth to that on some

level balanced men they don't fuck hot

females they just don't they never have

they never will and I'll give you an

example let's say Marcus has a solid job

making $40,000 a year driving the


he drives a decent reliable car he's not

in great shape but he's not overweight

either average to above-average bill

Marcus lives in an apartment in a decent

part of town he's pretty good-looking

knows a little bit about Hannah hint how

to handle women in 2017 he's got a

little bit of game well now let's go to

Andre Andre works odd jobs here and

there but he you know but it doesn't

make much money and doesn't have a

consistent income his car is in and out

of the shop on the regular so he rides

the bus or I just by quite a bit

he lives with one of his baby mamas in

the projects because he cannot afford a

place of his own the only thing he does

persistently is work out and because of

this he is ripped as in 3% body fat

ripped now going back to Marcus he

probably does all right with the ladies

he probably mainly fucks fives and sixes

if he's not in a relationship which

isn't bad but you know it isn't really

good either Audrey on the other hand he

fucks knives and tends of course much to

the dismay of his baby mamas his baby's

mama who continues to house and feed him

he has the underlying loyalty of nines

and tens know what no matter what his

situation is now Marcus is a b-minus in

every metric of attraction and arousal

Andre on the other hand is an F in just

about all of these measures but he's an

a-plus in fitness and that's what

separates him from most men out there

women are attracted to women are

attracted to men who are averaged to

above average and everything but they

are aroused by men who do one thing and

do that one thing extremely well so

let's take a look at the traits that men

used to fuck the prettiest girls out

there the first one is obviously

physical fitness now that example that I

just gave you guys with Marcus and Andre

that is that's the perfect example of

this particular axiom and action I have

actually overheard conversations with

countless girls talking about how a dude

they met on tinder or some online dating

app telling their friends about despite

the fact that the guy had no job live

with his parents had the personality of

a doorknob and zero intelligence to

speak of they're giving him a chance

because he was hella hot I have heard

them seeing this before well he's not

really this that or the other but oh

he's hella fine he so hot so I think I'm

gonna date him I think I'm gonna date

him for a little while being an

above-average shaped guy's separates you

from 90% of the men out there being in

peak physical condition guys will get

you more opportunities with women than

you can imagine

okay plus plus you're your elite

physique we'll cover up any holes in

your game that you may or may not have

if you've got washboard abs meaning you

have an A+ physique girls will forgive

just about anything and that is no


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good question there

all right well let's move right along

the second trait that you can become an

A+ in is of courses you know it's it's

definitely money I don't know if you I

don't know how many of you guys have

been to Los Angeles or the Vegas Strip

but if you take a stroll in the ritzy

part of LA or down the you know the

Vegas Strip you'll see no shortage of

six and seven-figure sports cars being

driven by grossly unattractive men with

hot girls in the passenger seat fat men

balding men ugly men old men every every

man in between they are accompanied by

these long-haired fake breasts and ample

ass the own girls who could be pornstar

strippers or both now anybody who sees a

man like this who is physically if sees

a woman a man with a woman like this who

is perceived to be out of his league I

actually did a show on that not too long

ago um they know with 100% certainty

she's with him because of his money

which isn't a bad thing this is what

girls are supposed to do now that's a

subject for another that's a subject for

another post but the point is is that

these men are an a-plus and finances

irregardless of their physicality their

game or any other markers of Attraction

rich men fuck the hottest women on the

planet everybody knows it's always the

way it's been another trait that you

could be an a-plus in our high status

guys high status guys fucked again they

fuck the hottest girls on the planet

this is what happens and a lot of cases

guys status equals money but there are

just as many cases where status doesn't

necessarily mean is it doesn't

necessarily mean a man is rich or is

even close to being rich now fortunately

for men who have status but don't have

you know a matching bank account girl's

value this trait as much as money itself

and and and physical fitness you know in

terms of attraction and arousal physical

fitness status those are one in the same

a guy who's a local garage band legend

in the town that he lives in he's a

celebrity in that town all right think

he doesn't fuck the best-looking girls

in that city all right listen girls want

to be with and be seen with men with

celebrity great or small because it

reflects on them positively

subconsciously every woman who

seize her with that guy thinks herself

she must have something to be able to

lock that guy down and the women and the

women with this guy they know that

that's what they're thinking guys he

could be as broke as a joke but his

celebrity will get him more pussy than

the guy who isn't a job downtown make up

six figures

the last trait that makes you

irresistible to women is talent pretty

girls adore men who are talented at

something anything you could be a great

singer you could be a BMX writer you

could be a tattoo artist a glass blower

or whatever it doesn't matter if you are

supremely talented at one thing females

are drawn to that talent hat and the

reason for this is that talent has the

potential for celebrity and then

celebrity has the potential for money

down the road not to mention being able

to do something that most men aren't

able to do with that level is something

that separates something is something

that separates these talented men from

most of their men out there use the

example that I used earlier with Marcus

and Andre Andre could be out of shape

okay but if he's known in the community

or online as the guy who could paint

unbelievable pictures in five minutes or

less he's still gonna fuck on her women

than Marcus that's just how it is at the

end of the day guys you have to develop

an a-plus train if you do not have the

genetics to build a top 20 physique and

you don't want to do steroids then

concentrate on you know a technology

blog but you've been thinking about if

you don't have an IQ of 160 all right or

you don't have the wit or the metal

quickness to talk to girls hit the gym

and build up your body listen there are

a lot of guys out there who are 2 or 2

percent body fat who are as dumb as a

box of fucking rocks they still fuck on

girls this is just how it is no matter

who you are or what you do you can

develop and/or cultivate a trait that

will make you more attractive to

attractive women there are very few men

out here guys who have a 7-figure net

worth are at 2% body fat when the 17

inch cock with movie star looks with

tighter game than Donovan's sharp if any

these men are mythical and they don't

exist but the man who seems to sort of

have it all right we've all seen that

before we saw a man that guy has it all

and is in the presence of hot girls all

the time he's never had it all

he is an A+ at one or more things

possibly more than that and that's what

gets him in abundance of pussy and

that's gonna continue to do so until he

decides otherwise you don't need to be

an a-plus and everything you don't need

to be in such a fantastic shape you

don't need to have a 12 inch cock you

don't need to be worth seven figures you

need to be an a-plus at one thing and

you will fuck hotter women than men who

are a b-minus

at everything

okay let's see who else is in the house


right Charles merchants in the house

good to see you in here

uh yeah Kevin Samuels says Donovan image

gives any man two to three points I

agree I listen Kevin Samuel and Kevin I

hit you in YouTube earlier today man I

would like to have you on the show to

discuss style and image a lot of guys

have been asking me about you know

fashion and style and image and how to

how to project that's that that sort of

image that's not really something that I

know too much about I mean when I get

dressed I mean I know what makes me look

good and what doesn't but you take it

you absolutely take it to the next level

cuz I've watched like I've watched some

of your videos and I've I was on with

you and O'Shea at one point I would I

would absolutely love to what to have

you on a show at some point in the

not-too-distant future so so Kevin hit

me in the hit me and actually email me

Donovan Sharpe are okay at gmail.com

that's Donovan Sharpe are okay that's

Romeo Oscar kilo at gmail.com and yeah

we'll set up a time man and I'd love to

have you on it and we'll do a we'll do a

show here for the guys well go ahead and

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