Were you her first choice? (Ep. 289)

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You finally get with a girl you've been after for a while. Things are going great, you like each other, the sex is great, and things are cool. But there's always a lingering question in the back of a man's mind when it comes the woman who's committed to him: "Was I her first choice?"



Women aren't hard to read if you know what you're looking for. It's fairly easy to tell if you were your woman's first choice and I'm going to point them in this episode.


Male attention is her drug of choice

The ‘Plan A’ lover is always a woman’s preferred choice

Guy finds out that his girlfriend settled for him because Chad wouldn't commit to her


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for you it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your man what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 280 ninth edition of TSR primetime

your daily dose of red pill truth wisdom

and awareness it is Wednesday July 4th

2018 and happy 4th of July everyone I

think it's our nation's I think it's our

240 second birthday or something like

that i listen i know i'm a bad american

for not knowing that but but on a

serious tip happy 4th of July everyone I

hope that everyone is having a safe a

safe and productive 4th of July well not

necessarily productive but be safe out

there guys you know do not drink and

drive man it's it's not worth it listen

man I've certainly had my share of legal

issues in the past fortunately for me

none of it has had to do with drunk

driving or DUIs duis do DUIs will fuck

up your life obviously if you are I mean

you could kill someone you can kill

yourself somebody you love so listen man

get turned up but but do not drink and

drive guys that is absolutely that is

absolutely the wrong thing you do and

and of course if if you're gonna get

laid this 4th of July use a condom use a

condom guys wrap that shit up right like

that's how that goes

do not raw dog your check unless you

have a vasectomy even then still wrap

the shit up but but definitely have a

safe 4th of July everyone glad to be

here listen shut out to our servicemen

you know defending our country shout-out

to my brother and my father they both

served honorably in the military so a

happy 4th of July everybody hope hope

hope we're all getting hope we're all

getting drunk and fucked up and full of

steak and barbecue ribs and all that we

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introduction very good David small good

to see you

he volved Phil on the on the Twitter

side periscope side Cameron Gillian on

Facebook Sherif bowling on Facebook

Justin Sutton in the house Charles

merchants love it Charles Martin says

objectify her was Baum yes I posted

pictures of what my girlfriend is

wearing right now I posted a picture

earlier that listen I showed you guys

what she was gonna wear for the fourth

of July and she is wearing that shit and

I posted pictures straight up just

letting you know just letting you guys

know I'm walking walk and when I get off

the show I'm absolutely gonna do it I'm

gonna fuck the life out of her oh my god


listen my balls are heavy and watching

dude watching her prance around and in

in tiny and tiny panties and see through

this and heels she can barely walk in

her ass is in big trouble when the show

is over she been her hope she better

hope this goes to hours tonight but it's

not cuz my balls are heavy all right

yeah adelphia Paul Fortuna on the

Instagram side Rhetta Brooks Mozart

Gates Amari Henry on the Instagram side

regal DJ so Duke car

Jabari St Jabari NYC hustles K Tony

Chicago Brando poxy good to see you

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only Adrian very good dating mindset

game Wow a lot of you guys in on

Instagram holy smokes Nicole a lead uma

tense is currently running dread game

loving the loving the results so far CJ

as well

excellent excellent very good very good

good to have you guys all in here

shoutout to all of you let's go ahead

and get this party started here guys a

while back and I can't remember I don't

exactly remember when it's probably a

few months ago I was on with O'Shea Duke

Jackson and I was discussing why men

should never believe anything a woman

says even if she is telling the truth at

the time and an interesting question

came up from one of the viewers which

which really got me thinking that was

sort of the genesis of this episode and

he says well how do I know I was a

woman's first choice now that had

nothing to do with you know whether or

not you should believe what a woman says

and for the record you never shouldn't

believe what you see not what you hear

you know we all know red pill 101 I

don't know why he brought that up but it

was a very good question now to me as

far as I'm concerned guys it's a shame


we have to ask ourselves this because

it's what listen we know that it is a

safe assumption that when you start

fucking a female she has fucking other

dudes and don't get it twisted guys

don't come at me with thee well I know I

was the only dude fucking her right well

how do you know because she told me

right because all girls tell the truth

right girls never say one thing and do

the other right always assume that the

girl you are fucking or the girl you

have just started fucking as fucking

somebody else because when you make her

your girl and you want and you run into

one of her old friends at the bowling

alley or at the grocery store and you

find out that he was fucking her at the

same time you were don't start tripping

like you didn't know don't start

tripping like don't don't start acting

like you were surprised okay listen

girls are always juggling cocks

gentlemen always there are no exceptions

to this rule anyway the answer to the

question how do I know if I was my

girl's first choice answers itself

because if you have to ask then the

listen the answer is that you weren't

her first choice you just happened to be

the one available and she didn't want to

be alone now listen here's the thing

guys don't take it personal right like I

don't make the rules but you are not

special nobodies dude shit I'm not

special there's nothing that I have that

my girl can't get from someone else now

listen I happen to have a combination of

many traits that make men attractive to

women good looks confidence ambition I'm

self-employed relentless blah blah blah

blah blah a lot of guys out here with

one or two of these but not many of them

walking around with all of them in one

person and that's one of them that's one

of the reasons my woman is loyal to me

but even still guys even still there's

nothing unique or special about me yes

gentlemen I have fucked more girls in

the average man but that doesn't make me

God's gift to women what separates me

from most most men is the other reason

my woman is loyal to me and that is the

application of red pill awareness notice

I said the application of red pill

awareness a lot of guys had red pill

awareness gentlemen but most of them

don't apply I was talking to this with I

was talking about this with Jonathan

from modern life dating calm yesterday

there listen there are a lot of guys out

here with red pill awareness I mean most

guys know that bitches ain't shit but

most of them don't have the balls to

demand a woman's best most of them don't

have the ball they don't have the

intestinal fortitude not to be afraid of

a woman's emotional shenanigans not to

be afraid of a woman's tantrum okay a

woman's Tantrums not to be afraid to say

hey look you're wearing this you're

gonna prance around in heels and in and

in big hoop earrings and red lipstick

and when I get done one up with and what

I get done doing what I'm doing you're

gonna deep throat my cock until you

choke out that's what separates us from

95% of men out there but you the guy

who's asking well how do I know if I was

her first choice you already know you

weren't because you're asking and don't

try to fool yourself into thinking you

were because you know you weren't you

were the last man standing who was dumb

enough to make her your main chick even

after you found out that she was fucking

three other dudes the other three dude

said you want to be my girl shit you can

be my side chick but you ain't about to

be my main chick you let me fuck you in

the ass the first night

how many dude how many other niggas let

you go back door on the first night

because I know I wasn't the first you

were the thirsty dumbass who said well I

don't care what you've done in your past

I still love you we're gonna be together

forever no on the other hand on the

other side of the coin if you were her

first choice it is very obvious so

obvious in fact that you never really

have to think about it but I can

understand that there's still a shitload

of guys out there who are still a little

unsure as to whether or not you were

plan a or plan B C or D so I'm gonna

give you the signs that you are her

first choice I'm gonna I'm gonna give

you guys four signs that you were her

first choice and then with those four

signs I'm also gonna detail hey listen

I'll tell you if you know your plan a

but if she does XY and Z you know your

probably plan B C or D hmm so here we go

the first sign is she is always

available if you call her she'll be

there if you call her and say yo come

over tonight she's there she doesn't

give you any bullshit like I have plans

have worked tonight I had a long lunch I

had an early dinner I had a late lunch

my girlfriend no no if you call her a

texter to come over she comes over she

when you text her she responds quickly

none of this Mickey Mouse 20 min 20 and

30 minutes later none of this good

morning texts and then she texted you

after lunch oh I'm sorry I just got your

text no no none at all she is always

available the texts are always

enthusiastic she is very straight up

with you she doesn't play games

she isn't vague she is definitive when

you and when you tell her hey come over

tonight she doesn't say well if I don't

have anything to do tonight I might come

over no she says I'll be there in 10 if

she has plans she will inconvenience

herself to see you you say hey let's go

to the movies on Saturday right show

pause for a few seconds if she has plans

she'll be like okay is it yeah okay

let's do it those few seconds she was

remembering she had plans with her

friend but thought to herself you know

what I'll just blow her off so I can see

him and a lot of times if a girl likes

you enough she'll agree she'll agree to

a meet-up whenever or at wherever and

when the dust settles then she'll make

excuses for everybody else if you are a

woman's first choice she answers the

phone every time you call her even at

all hours of the night she will answer

the phone no question about it

she is always available to you now if

you were not her first choice if you

were Plan B C or D it's a different

story her text messages are sporadic not

always enthusiastic sometimes hours

sometimes days apart

she'll rarely pick up the phone when you

call she will flake on you she will

cancel meetups not all the time but

enough to let you know that she is

fucking someone else regardless of what

she tells you she tries to move if you

were a plan B a Plan C or a plan D she

often tries to move your meetups to

different times or different days

because you're not important enough for

her to inconvenience herself for you oh

you're still fucking her but only

because plan a isn't available and she

dick she needs some validation plan a

hasn't plan a hasn't hasn't texted her

in three hours plan a hasn't confirmed

that he wants her to come over that

night so she needs some quick validation

so so she calls her plan B C and D

that's where you come in plan a gets

what he wants whatever he wants plans B

C and D they get the leftovers

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let's hit the Chet see what else we got

in here

looks like chase LeBeau is he's got

motorcycle lessons lined up in August

very nice listen chase um I tell you

what if you ride a motorcycle dude

that's gonna increase your sexual

opportunities by about fivefold my

friend Wow very good yeah you look dude

if you're riding a motorcycle trust me

men trust me you're gonna make some

pussies wet with that so good for you

good for you and L says I think there

are more blue pill guys in the world in

red pill I think red pill guys are few

and far between

well here's the thing I think more and

more men have red no awareness thanks to

the internet and not only that girls our

girls are putting their fuckery and

their bad behavior on full display

they're not even trying to hide it

anymore I mean they're they're they're

they're so brazen and dude open

hypergamy open cuckoldry so guys know

women are fucked up but men who are but

men who are red men who have the men who

have the discipline and the intestinal

fortitude to to apply red pill awareness

to the in their lives their jobs their

businesses their work in their women

those are the guys that those are those

are those are your five percenters

Shakalaka good to see you in here I know

is uh

Annelle is reading about my betta

Donovan voice how dare you

Terence Velazquez good to see you in

here on the Facebook side Yosef Israel

says thank you for the education you

spread no problem and it is my pleasure

I mean seriously I love what I do guys I

really do man like this and this is not

easy it is very hard with all that's

involved but dude what dude I wake up

I'm ready to work every day man I'm

ready to work every day so the

pleasure's all mine guys I really like I

feel so fortunate to like never in a

million lifetimes what I have ever

thought that I would actually be doing

something that I love to do and getting

paid to do it's just it blows my mind

even to this day happy fourth of July is

really is really GLE to you Terence


says what you are special Donovan sharp

yeah Osvaldo via via Ramos I think

that's locario says that shit is so true

true indeed David small good to see you

in here mr. mink on the Instagram side

see if we have any other questions in

here ok very good

Jabari dude Jabari uh STL NYC says can

you date a single mom if she has a

fifteen-year-old daughter well yeah you

can do anything I would recommend it you

kidding me with that

no yes you listen you can date a single

mom as a 15 year old daughter but that's

that that's not something that you need

to be doing no wait listen listen listen

you've watched me long enough to know

that I'm not gonna endorse that you can

do whatever you want right but dude you

did have you date a single mom with a 15

year old daughter have fun with that

Kalulu Dumas says don't be stupid okay

see there you go there you go Coupe de

Ville TV check it in coal Sam Shabazz

1970 says niceties nice to see the man

back in action Shabazz I never went

anywhere man I listened I continued my

show on my on my website Donovan sharp

Comdr Lydon good to see you in here King

Mohammed says I'm thinking about moving

to Vegas from Phoenix Arizona what is

your opinion is that a lot of hot girls

that actually live there yes yes dude

man don't get me started talking about

don't get me started talking about Vegas

man listen the answer is yes I've been

to Phoenix twice but I haven't really I

didn't really like I've never lived in

Phoenix I was actually godly leader of

Phoenix or Philly I chose Philly but the

the the the couple of times I've been to

Phoenix yeah they're good-looking girls

around there but I can't really tell you

definitively if there are more hot girls

and Phoenix than there are in Vegas I

can tell you that dude there are hot

girls dude Vegas is swimming you will be

swimming in pussy in Vegas and listen

every hour on the hour new pussy lands

at McCarran Airport so you can strike

out with a hundred girls that day

doesn't matter under more

girls are getting off planes and hitting

the Vegas strip so I mean listen you've

got your answer for me I don't think you

can go wrong either way but but yeah

yeah if you if you if you have it listen

if you want to if it if you want to move

to a place where you're gonna have

plenty of opportunities with

good-looking women

yeah Vegas is the spot absolutely red

pill rob says love your Instagram post

today always the good stuff damn right

yep check out my Instagram my Facebook

and my Twitter I put my put my girl uh I

put my girl on full display yeah she's

good she's a she's a good looking white

girl she's got a great ass huge tits and

you guys can go and see all that I'm

gonna beat the breaks off of her after

this show the real Jay ship says went to

Louisville last week and hit two chicks

very good don't he remember their names

but I'll never see him again thanks for

the red pill education Yeah right

exactly exactly you know a lot of people

ask me where I got my name Donovan from

and people assume it because I'm an

Eagles fan that I named myself my

pseudonym is after donovan sharp calm or

ab donna bashar is after donovan mcnabb

no donovan is actually my Vegas name the

when I first started fucking pretty

girls I used to tell girls my real name

all the time and a buddy of mine was

like dude you're in Vegas you never give

your real name I'm like but dude I live

here is like no you're in Vegas you give

a fake name I let it go I'd let it go in

one ear and out the other so I'm running

game on this blonde girl and she's and I

forget what her fucking name and she's

like yeah what's her name I said I'm

Donovan it was the first thing that came

to my mind so so there are more there

are more women in Vegas who know me as

Donovan than women then then then women

who don't very few women know my real

name but more girls know Donovan than

the real Donovan so so yeah that's that

that's where the name Donovan came from

excellent excellent

Miguel asks do you have a podcast yes go

to Donovan sharp calm and you will get

access to the podcast

very good sir tricks Lots has done bro

you were so right about fucking Vegas

said my head was on a swivel out there

dude you'll get dude I swear to God if

you've never been to Vegas do you you'll

get whiplash look at it all the ass out

there it's and listen you guys think I'm

exaggerating I'm not exaggerating dude

dude honestly dude the only tube the

only two places you need to be

in Vegas is Las Vegas Boulevard the

Vegas Strip and Fremont that's it you

don't need to go anywhere else you don't

need to go to you don't need to go

anywhere else

almost oh wait a minute hang on it's

like it fucked up my fucked up my feeder

ah damn it all right let me get my let

me get my chat back here so there's

about to answer rational male says Vegas

has expensive women shout out the role

of too messy yeah Vegas some Vegas does

have expensive women if you're looking

at listen now listen I will never shame

a man for for for fucking prostitutes if

you want to hire hookers that's fine but

if if you don't want to go broke don't

fuck prostitutes in Vegas roll it too

messy Rollo Tomassi checking in on me on

the Instagram or on the on the on the

Twitter side the periscope side all

right here we go here we go trying to

get to all the chat here chase LeBeau

says we need the cocaine chronicles dude

oh my god man yeah that is something I

promise you guys isn't it dude I could

do like oh my god I could tell you some

of these stories about fucking oh Jesus


whoo had some good time some fucking

scary times oh my god cocaine is the

best worst thing ever

I am Legend says I had a good time in

Vegas last summer for the International

beer pong tournament good very good

you're very good excellent Justin Sutton

says wait Donovan so he says wait so

Donovan is your real he said so Donovan

isn't your real name yo my man Donovan

zona is on another level yeah listen man

it it took me a while to get here I know

a lot of you guys Nico Donovan is the

man he's got a hot girlfriend he fucked

all this girls guys trust me trust me go

to Donovan sharp calm dude go to go to

go to red pill origins without it dude I

used to be the beta simp right like I

rented a three-bedroom two-bathroom

house for a woman I never fucked she was

fucking her she was fucking her baby

daddy who had just gotten out of prison

while I'm paying the rent and the cable

yeah I've been there I've been there

guys I've been there Miguel says is

there a monthly income where you can

coast not give up on working but give

yourself a day off you got to be a

little bit more specific there Miguel

good question hit

me and my BMS man hit me in my DMS hit

me in my DMS so tricks a lot cosines

with Rollo Tomassi SS hookers are very

expensive out there you have to be

patient to find good cheap pussy I've

never paid for sex so I'm I'll take your

word for it I will take your word for it

if you are watching on Facebook

Instagram YouTube or Twitter come on

over to donovan sharp com2 watch the

remainder of the episode again my

facebook instagram youtube and twitter

audiences come over to donovan sharp com

to watch the rest of TSR prime time

thank you guys for tuning in on these

platforms I will see you guys over here

in just a minute

nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number to call if you

want to get in on the show I actually

saw a I actually saw area code five four


call in a little bit earlier so five

four oh if if you're out there you know

listen call it again in the question

comment anything you want to anything

you want to get off your chest I'm here

for you oh look at that to the ass smack

video yeah it's the s Mac video see this

is me smack and my girlfriend's ass on

Twitter there it is

BAM there it is so check that out

hashtag objectify her guys listen your

woman wants to be objectified it is what

she wants you want your woman to suck

your dick you want your woman to swallow

your loads objectify her she'll do

whatever you want

trust me I'm here to tell you I'm here

to tell you number two she gives you her

ass her mouth and her best sex listen

guys girls don't really want to be

fucking eight different dudes they want

to be fucking one making that listen

feminism tells them that it's empowering

to be having sex with multiple men and

that no no girls don't really want to be

doing that that is a male trait they

listen they fuck a bunch of dudes to

keep that abundance mentality and

because feminists and because feminism

tells them that they should they do it

and they end up getting fooled now my

girlfriend for example

she does whatever I want when I listen

when I first started fucking her dude

nothing was off-limits Mouse ass pussy

whatever I wanted

if listen if listen if I wanted her wear

heels she wore them thongs she warm do

jump do it I'll have her wear skirts so

short if she bends over you can see her

fucking kidneys done I like her hair

I'll tell her that I want her hair done

in a certain way dude check my twitter

facebook Instagram I give her

instructions I say I want it I want X Y

& Z I want your hair this way I want to

wear these heels I want you to wear pink

lipstick red lipstick yes sir right away


listen she didn't start dude she didn't

just start doing this she's been doing

this since day one right this is why I

knew I was her first choice that and the

fact that I'd really give her time to be

me but to be anybody else's um to really

be anybody else's was she fucking other

people I don't know if she did she's

good she kept it for me she belongs to

me now guys listen the one she is

fucking the most is the one she wants to

be with that's the plan a that's the one

she's chose that's the first choice she

spends the most time with him yes she

spends time with the others but she

gives plan ava lion's share of her time

any time he wants to fuck any time you

want to fuck if your plan a you're

available after work she'll fuck you at

lunch she'll fuck you before work she'll

fuck you weekend she'll fuck you my

girlfriend again before I made her my

main chick dude came over for

Thanksgiving fucker came over for

Christmas fucked her she was available

and she was available all the time any

time didn't matter

like I said the dude she is fucking the

most let's go to the other part is the

dudes he gives blowjobs to all the time

every time if you are plan a gentlemen

if you are the one she chose first if

you were first choice she will blow you

every time every time you fuck your cock

is in her mouth before during and after

you fuck and sometimes all three she

swallows if you want her to she takes

facials she gives you listen again my

girl swallows my loads I blasted loads

on her face before I fucked her in the

ass before you better believe it she

does whatever I want

because I'm the number one and it's been

like that since the first time I put my

dick in her I know I was planning I know

that she was the one I know that I was

her first choice and she was fucking

other dudes listen maybe she was maybe

she wasn't I don't know but if she was

they were getting what I was getting if

you are a plan B C or D okay she

probably sucked your dick the first few

times but not anymore

she's never gonna swallow maybe she'll

swallow the first night just to get you

hooked but never again after that anal

sex forget it

that's reserved for niggas like me plan

a her first choice if you think listen

if you know if you don't think that your

plan a if there's any doubt in your mind

as to whether or not you're the only guy

she's fucking dude you're not gonna fuck

her in the ass her ass is reserved for

me she's swallowing my loads not yours

that is reserved for plan a first choice

number three

chase LeBeau says he is logging into

Instagram to see that ass smack yeah

listen my girl's got a great ass it's

nice and tight like a drum somebody

actually pulled my car he actually he

noticed the fact that her ass was

already red he noticed that her ass was

already red when I smacked was like yeah

you probably smacked it a few times okay

yeah all right

took a couple of takes I wanted to get

the jiggle just right you know listen

production right gotta use social

meeting my advantage you know sue me

number three she spends money on you she

is investing in you if you are plan a if

you are her first choice she pays for

date she says hey let's go to the movies

tonight on me

she'll randomly buy you a cup of coffee

she'll tell you hey you know what

tonight's dinner is on me

she'll say let's let's order pizza my

treat when she comes over she'll bring

food she'll say hey is there anything I

can pick up on though on my way over is

there anything you would like me to cook

for you at your house okay when I was

grooming by woman to be my main chick

guess what dude when I was out of town

dude Mike dude my girl took care my

girlfriend took took better care of me

when I was out of town than most bitch

then any bits took care of me when I was

right next to him dude she would send me

food care packages dude it didn't matter

makes cookies of course this is bad for

my diet but dude on Easter she sent me

an Easter basket right like she took

good care of me whether I was here or

out of town she took good care of me

if you are playing a she will buy you

clothes she will invest in you hey I

noticed you need socks she'll buy you

socks hey what size jeans do you wear

what size shoes do you wear

my girlfriend and my girlfriend noticed

that my slides were all beat the fuck up

she bought me a brand-new pair of slides

forty dollar slides Under Armour Jesus

listen I can't look at those anymore if

you're a plan B C or need dude she's not

buying shit oh my god your slides are

fucked up you need to buy some no nah

man if your plan a if you are her first

choice she will buy those for you if you

are plan B C or D read not her first

choice you will always be paying for

everything if you are plan B you buy the

coffee every time

Plan B pays for every date if you were

Plan B she never brings over food she

asks hey what you have to eat over there

or hey where are you taking me tonight

if the girl your fucking never goes into

her wallet for you you are not her

number one you are not planet you are

not her first choice and the fourth and

final sign that you were her first

choice is that she treats you like a

boyfriend not a fuck buddy now stay with

me here because this is sort of a

gradual process okay it's when you start

fucking a girl which starts off as a

fuck buddy of my arrangement you

approach her you you know you set up the

date you fuck her blah blah blah blah

right you go over there she comes over

to your place nobody spends the night

it's great sex whatever but when you

become her number one over time you'll

start to see that you're her number one

she'll start to treat you like a

boyfriend not just a fuck buddy here's

the difference fuck buddies just fuck

that's all they do nothing bad about

that but they just fuck occasionally

fuck buddies we'll go out for liquor

right they'll go get liquor or or

occasionally do something fun outside of

you they're your places but 99% of the

time you spend with a one who is just

fucking you is spent at your place or

her place or at a hotel room if either

or neither of you either of you as

married or has a boyfriend a girlfriend

but the more she likes you the more

she'll start treating you like a

boyfriend even though you're just still

fucking she'll spend more time with you

right when she's with you she'll cook

for you if she can okay she'll get you

at listen she'll get you a 24 pack of

bottled water when she sees you're

running low or she'll buy steaks for you

hey listen if she notices anything that

you're low on anything in the fridge I

noticed you're you're low on coconut


she won't even say so let's bring it

over right if you're low on toothpaste

toilet paper body wash she'll bring that

stuff over this is girlfriend behavior

plan a behavior you are her first choice

if you are her first choice she will

want you to spend the night she will

have coffee for you and that dude my

girlfriend did this for me when I came

over here to spend the night dude she

would have the coffee ready for me my

girlfriend dude my girlfriend before I

made her my main chick she's to make

breakfast for me dude she might go out

and get she might go out and get

breakfast before you wake up

she tells her friends about you and true

and she will let you know that she is oh

yeah I told my friends about you I told

my mom and my dad about you

right yeah I'd listen I told Danielle

about Joe hey listen I was talking to

Tracy about the movie we saw the other


and of course she'll you know she'll

she'll do it haphazardly I've got a

napkin back there I hate when there's

stuff in the background that I didn't

know was there my apologies guys it's


um yeah she'll bring up her friends and

her family in conversations oh yeah I

was talking about dad about how we went

to blah blah blah and she'll try to

offhandedly snake that in there she will

treat you like a boyfriend because you

are her first choice you are plan a now

if you were a plan B Plan C plan B

you're not going anywhere with her she

does not spend a lot of time with you

you fuck her she leaves or she tells you

to leave instead of buying you

toothpaste she'll say hey by the way

your lon toothpaste

instead of buying you new socks she'll

say hey you need new socks she rarely

spends the night if ever and the only

reason she does so she doesn't get a DUI

driving home but she leaves as soon as

she Sobers up if you are a plan B C or D

she keeps you a secret she doesn't tell

anybody about you she doesn't treat you

like a boyfriend gentleman she treats

you like a fuck buddy so there you have

it the four signs the four obvious signs

that you can tell you were a woman's

first choice again if you have to ask if

you have to ask yourself was I her first

choice you already know the answer

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6

I have rounded 3rd I am headed for home

I'm gonna check the chat here one last

time before I go offline because I am

trying to fuck my girl let's see here

big whoop a in the house haven't seen

you in a while good to see you in here I

am Legend says that's true and beautiful

women approach you along when beautiful

women approach you along I think he

wants to say alone and casillas our

street that's typically yes yes right

right you know what actually I think I

did a I think I might have done as a

hooker tell segment because of course in

Vegas dude hookers are fucking

everywhere but yeah if a beautiful woman

approaches you then you know she's okay

dude dude it doesn't matter

women never approach men ever especially

not these days if she's not a hooker she

doesn't have to approach anybody men

approach her

but if a beautiful woman just outlift if

you're playing penny slots on a

beautiful him and all of a sudden just

starts chatting you up she's a hooker

she's gonna hit you with D she's gonna

hit you with an invoice at the end of

the night oh yeah you didn't mean to say

along very good very good

heathen Deluxe in the house happy fourth

good to see you in here as well his

really GLE 17 said LOL i don't know i

don't know what he said LOL about maybe

was something maybe it was about

something I said excellent well guys

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS r primetime thank

for making time to watch the show

tonight tune in tomorrow night at 7:00

Eastern where I will have Ryan stone

moderator for married red pill on the

show have a safe fourth of July guys

I'll see you tomorrow

a woman never belongs to you

oh boy so the replay the replay guys is

gonna be kind of fucked up because

somebody just called during the outro so

area code seven area code seven one

eight you listen you made it just in

time I was off the air this better be

good what you got man no you're okay

what's up man hey what's up hey what's

up how you doing man I'm good yeah great

great topic for great topic this episode

I have a question kind of wonder one by

you because I was up interesting you

talking about someone putting you first

yep now I met this girl

not even my girl but I met this girl and

we had a date planned for tomorrow okay

you know I hate her up with the game and

all that and we had the day set for


so she texted me this morning and she

said she can't come for the date cuz a

moving crew is coming by our house so to

me that smells like bullshit so what do

you say about that yeah if she a moving

crew is coming by a SUV she moving hello

yeah can you hear me yeah okay so you

said you listen regardless of whether

you think it's bullshit or not that if a

woman blinks on you and this is your

first meetup correct yeah that's it

listen if a woman flakes on you the

first time okay then that's it it's over

with it's over with because listen I

listen I don't yeah listen I'm being

right like I understand this this is why

you called him but it's obvious at this

point if listen if if a woman flakes on

you the first time you're you're not

important enough for her to change her

plans for right I'm moving a moving

crews listen and listen check this out

even if a moving crew was coming to her

house even if she was telling the truth

what she has to be there she can't put

it off if she really wanted to fuck if

she really liked you guess what she'd

reschedule that moving crew she'd resent

it was what did she give you any details

or did she just say a moving crew well

she said the crew was supposed to come

up supposed to come tomorrow for and no

tomorrow conveniently was I was gonna

meet up

yeah yeah whatever so she says she would

like to reschedule

I'm sorry bla bla no did you reply no I

I didn't reply good very good yeah um

yeah don't reply don't reply um at that

point oh yeah yeah yeah listen dude

she's got to go the only other time and

here's the thing if you guys had been on

three dates before and she gave you hey

listen I got a moving crew blah blah

blah blah blah okay because you've met

her three times you've probably already

fucked her a few times right but if a

woman flakes on you the very first time

even if the reasons legit doesn't matter

she's got to go she listen you have to

let her know that your time is valuable

to you okay the only the only time I

would recommend if she gets back with

you if she is proactive with you about

it okay then maybe but here's the thing

if the reason is if the girl likes you

enough and the reason is legit

here's what she would have said hey

listen the moving crew has come in I

know we're supposed to meet up tonight

but listen how about we meet up tomorrow

how about we meet up the next day if if

a woman if a woman really wants to see

you and she and something legitimate

comes up that's gonna that's gonna put

your date off she will immediately

suggest in ultra an alternative time to

meet up but if there's no alternative

but I mean everything until this moment

she was cooperative then all of a sudden

this morning she hit me with the text

like oh I can't you know I can't make it

let's try to reschedule the date so

that's why I didn't check the back cuz

i'll okay that smelled like bullshit

yeah yeah I'm not gonna text her back

nope don't text her back

you wait until she texts you back if she

doesn't text you back then you know that

she didn't want to see you in the first

place right but if she texts you back

right listen here's the thing she went

and again this is this is this was quasi

betta bait she's shit testing you

probably doesn't even realize she does

she's doing it when a woman says hey

let's reschedule

by you texting back and say okay well

how about tomorrow night dude your dude

you've already lost control because

what's gonna help right you understand

what I'm saying well how about this

let me hit up Don real quick yes smell

bullshit yeah yeah so so if you start

suggesting days and times oh wait a

minute I got dinner with Sally oh wait a

minute I've got something but you know

what I'll tell you what I'll get back

with you when I'm ready when when we're

ready and she's never gonna text you

again if she really really wants to see

you as badly as she says she does or as

badly as it seems

after she texts you hey I can't make it

she will then suggest hey I can't make

it let's do it on another day in time

and she'll be specific with it if she

tells you let's reschedule

listen if she tells you let's reschedule

dude guess what if she wants to come see

you now listen now you got to reach out

to me you're the one who flaked you

fucked up my time right I had my I had

my schedule blocked out for you so you

tell me what time you want to meet up

and I'll let you know if I can fit you

in it's not the other way around oh good

it's like I just think I'm just gonna

let wait for her do not text her wait

for her to text you back and I'm telling

you when she texts you back if she wants

to see you

she will text you back with a suggestion

for another day and time and if she does

let's just say let's just say she text

you back I know hey listen how about we

meet up how about we meet up you know a

couple days from now at six o'clock you

let you text her back

two words we'll see and you let her sit

on that for at least today at that point

you listen at that point you have said

listen listen at that point you have

sent her a message you flaked on me all

right you listen you already got one

timeslot you fucked it up you're not

just like you can't just start picking

and choosing what time slots are there I

got shit to do like I'm a man and demand

I can't I'm not gonna be sitting around

waiting for you you let me know what day

and time you're available and when you

do yeah we'll see that's all you have to

say and at that point at that point she

will make it very obvious to you as to

whether or not she really wants to see

you here's something else you could do

you could text her back and buy right

into her frame and now I'm telling you

right now you're gonna be fucking it up

because I promise you I promise you you

will never ever fuck this you won't fuck

this girl one time if you text her back

and tried

reschedule the date yourself you let her

try Theresa bag right back a lot insects

because he hit me up in the morning oh

yeah yeah fuck that dude

don't listen don't text her do not text

and if she doesn't text you thing guess

what she was gonna meet up with you

anyway no matter how many alternative

days you suggested that's all there is

to it man fuck exactly

hi thanks for the call thanks a lot no

problem buddy take care have a safe for

us okay well like I got him in at the

last minute that's gonna do it for TSR

live or TS our prime time with donovan

sharp like i said guys have a good safe

4th of July I'm about to go in here grab

a shower and fuck my girl in the ass

thanks for watching guys I'll see you



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