What being The Other Man taught me about women (Episode 380)

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how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet never

believe everything a woman tells you

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys what's

up guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to the three hundred and

eightieth edition of TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Thursday December 13th

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let's get right to it there isn't a man

alive who hasn't had his heart broken by

a woman we've all been used we've all

been cheated on we've all been hurt

standard you know par for the course

that's why we're all here you guys all

know the story about Amy the girl who

caused me the most emotional anguish I

talked about her and red pill origins

vol 2 you know about Carla who used me

to rent her a house and pay her bills

while she was sleeping with her baby

daddy who had just gotten out of prison

that of course is in red pill origins

vol 3 and of course you guys all know

about my ex-wife Darcy who was an ex

meth head who had committed paternity

fraud had been married twice

before the age of 24 before I met her

that of course is in red pill origins I

think volume 1 Mamie

then of course you guys know about Susy

the Mexican five I was in a three-week

relationship with before I dumped her

only to find out that she was on a date

a few short hours later incidentally

enough that was the most insignificant

of my fantastic 4 in terms of

relationships that led me to the red

pill and the relationship with Susy is

the one that caused me to go in Google

why do girls get over breakup so easily

and the rest is history now I'm fairly

certain that Darcy cheated on me

I know Amy did Susie I'm not so sure

about but I wouldn't be surprised if she

did and Karla I never even got a chance

to fuck her as we were never in a

relationship to begin with now I learned

a lot about women by getting cheated on

which was to be expected if you've been

cheated on as much as I have you know

what to look for and eventually you

begin to figure out how to mitigate the

risk and just remove yourself from those

situations all together but what I

didn't expect was what I learned about

women being the guy that women cheated

with when I got good with good-looking

women out guys I was fucking him left

and right ok and looking back I would

probably estimate that I'm gonna write

around maybe 60% of the women that I

hooked up with we're probably in

relationships that that's right guys I

would say that 6 out of 10 women that I

had one-night stands with or fuck-buddy

arrangements with we're either married

or in long-term relationships with other

men and because of this ok I learned so

much more about women being the paramour

than being the sim the paramour of

course being the other man the guy that

women cheated with ok don't don't get me

wrong here guys getting cheated on

teaches you a lot about women there's no

question about it

but most guys just don't have the

experience that I do that doesn't make

me any better than better or worse than

you guys but I fuck more girls than the

average men that's back I lived in Vegas

for almost nine years and I found the

red pill exactly one month after I moved

there and the eight-year run that I had

when I was living there that was nothing

short of a magic carpet

right dude I can tell you guys stories

for days and of course I share those

stories with you guys during my shows

but today I am simply going to talk

about the things that I learned about

women being the side dude the side nigga

the dude on the side the paramour the

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from hell fighter pops the cherry today

fattiest Scott gets sloppy seconds I was

good to talk to Thad on the lines

yesterday l original 650 says right on

time I don't think I have ever seen you

before unless you're somebody else

co-fighter says no chat who popped the

cherry yep that would be you hell


he also says great show this a.m. of

course because he is in Montreal Quebec

I don't know Montreal I think is I think

Montreal is I don't know which I don't

know what time zone Montreal is in but

it's definitely not the morning you must

have you must have must be you must have

must have been a typo shout-out to Kevin

at Bunya Stephen G says glad to see this

episode I'm this kind of dude because of

you thinks Donovan no problem man love

doing what I do Kenneth Davis check it

in from Kentucky 27 bugs checking in

from the to15 outlaw TZ Denton Texas

Cap'n Crunch 420 is down in Orlando

he'll fighter from Montreal Stephen G

from Brooklyn

the 907 dude I think New York City has

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Armando Moreno checking in from the Bay

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good Willie Cobbs checking in from the

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somebody else from Texas Stephen G says

oh it's the six for six

darhk's Atari who may or may not be a

troll I can't really get a read on darks

Atari I don't know if he's a troll

sometimes he spits knowledge sometimes

he's a little bit trollee on a no I

don't know I appreciate him in here

anyway good to see you all in here oh


so he's from the he's from he's from the

UK excellent Stanley

checking in from the 702 checking in

from Vegas my home away from home it's

funny Devon Devon asks me all the time

and now she doesn't do this all the time

and by the way Devon's actually getting

her hair did today getting her hair did

today so shout out to Devon shoutout to

Travis her hairdresser who routinely

turns Devon from a six and a half to an

eight like it's amazing like she'll go

in like if she goes in on a Saturday or

something like that

all he like just plays with her hair and

her hair instantly looks better before

he even sits her down in the chair I'm

like dude this guy's got fucking magic

fingers so shoutouts Travis who elevates

my girlfriend's sexual market value by

at least a point and a half by just

putting in the hands of course she today

she's getting a little bit of a touch-up

getting to her her did dark Satori wants

to know my thoughts on fury Wilder yes

you actually missed the post show that I

did with with Ed Lattimore that was

unbelievably I think we're on the air

for about it a little over an hour yeah

I was a bad decision Tyson Fury won the


Deontay Wilder is lucky to have squeezed

out a draw

anyone who says anyone who says that

Deontay Wilder won that fight or that

Deonte while there should have gotten

the decision or that Deontay Wilder

should have gotten the draw you're

watching with your emotions and your

black not one white person not one white

person is saying Tyson Fury did not win

that fight everybody who thinks

quote-unquote thinks Deontay Wilder won

that fight is black just like the vast

majority of people who think Oh Jay was

innocent is black

you're judging with your emotions people

listen I want to Deontay Wilder to win

the fight because I'm black I root for

the black guy right I'm not gonna sit

here and I'm not gonna sit here and act

like I'm objective with these things


I wanted Wilder to win because he's a

black Afridi's an african-american male

I relate more to him than I do Tyson

Fury right now after seeing all the

specials and watching Tyson Fury I

actually like Tyson Fury better than

wild there because Tyson Fury is a

fucking kook he is absolutely a kook it

is unbelievable I love the guy he is

great and the heavyweight division is

definitely in good hands but Tyson Fury

won the fight and anybody who says that

he didn't win that fight is black and is

watching that fight with his emotions

who wins the rematch

if Deontay Wilder can learn to box he's

got a better chance but fury wins the

rematch going away he's not a in fury

has not yet fury doesn't have the

knockout power Deontay Wilder has the

greatest right hand probably in the

history of professional boxing I think

maybe Joe Louis Rocky Marciano have a

dude Deontay Wilder is right hand with

knockout a fucking bull but as he threw

them fury

saw him coming a mile away and both

right hands he hit Fury with here's the

thing man Dion say Wilders right hand is

so powerful he never hit fury on the

button because if he had if he had hit

Tyson Fury on the button with any of

those right hands fury rogue on to sleep

the first right hand he hit him with I

think it was in the night the 8th or the

9th round he hit him on the top of the

head I think fury just lost his balance

they gave him a knockdown the second

right hand that Wilder hit Fury with

again over the top he caught him at the

end then he hit him again with the left

and put Tyson Fury down now the reason

why fury woke up and was able to rally

in the 12th round is because it was a

left that knocked him down

but if Wilder catches fury square in the

jaw with that right hand he's putting

him to sleep do not care do not care so

in the rematch and you have to

understand this is why Fury is

definitely gonna win the rematch because

Tyson Fury a year ago is 400 pound

he was addicted to cocaine and he was at

a boxing one year later he is in the

ring okay he's in the ring against a

champion and managed to he won that

fight he got a draw he got screwed but

the decisions decision it was a draw

let's just call it what it is

so you give Tyson Fury who is now

focused another six months to prepare

for another fight and in Wilder who was

fresh in the best shape of his life he's

always in good shape while there's

always in great shape as long as he can

continue to stay away from that right

hand if Deontay Wilder then then Fury is

going to pick them apart Tyson Fury is -

Tyson Fury is like the heavyweight Floyd

Mayweather I mean it's just it's it's

it's unbelievable

it's fun it is unbelievable how in Titan

Tyson Fury doesn't even look like a

fighter he's fat he's got bitch tits

he's got love handles he's a goofy guy

he's ugly as homemade sin but the son of

a bitch can fucking box he's got that

Triphammer jaw it's unbelievable it's

unbelievable and he's fucking crazy as

hell I am here for Tyson Fury I'd

watched a few of his matches I saw him

beat Klitschko

a while back but I had no I like I had

no idea that he was this and for him to

get up off the couch put the blow away

put the cheeseburgers and the fucking

pints of Guinness away get himself into

shape in fighting shape and in just over

a year and go toe-to-toe with one of the

heavyweight champions of the world and

absolutely just jab the shit out of him

got caught with a couple of right hands

yeah the rematch with with Deontay

Wilder is going to be one-sided

if Dianna say while there can learn to

box if he can add a jab if he can if

listen if he can add a curveball and a

changeup to that fastball he'll be

dangerous don't think he can somebody

said that Deontay Wilder is probably

maxed out hey you know what and you know

people call Wilder a one-trick pony

that's true but it's a hell of a trick

so yeah dark Satori says yeah I agree

with you dark Satori I think I think

Wilder has probably reached his limit

skill wise if I'm Wilders camp I'm

telling him no don't take the fight

against well money-wise you gotta take

the fight against Fury I think it's

gonna it's gonna be even better so

anyway I don't want to make this a

sports talk show

but a very good question darhk's Atari

very very good question

excellent ok so dark sorry nose his nose

is boxing

very good very good 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6

yes drogue lifx says not to mention

suicidal yeah Tyson Fury suffers from

suffers from mental illness man he gets

depressed so yeah yeah listen this

doesn't mean Beyonce while there's

chopped liver there I mean listen dude

like I wouldn't fight Beyonce a wild are

you kidding me like that is absolutely

nutty but he's not the boxer that Tyson

Fury is 27 bugs wants to know is Carson

Wentz a bust no of course he's not a

bust he got his ACL torn in a freak

accident injury last season looks like

he's got a fractured vertebrae but no

Deonte let me dance a while there Carson

Wentz is not a bus he was last years MVP

before he got hurt in Los Angeles we

have the world's greatest backup no

Carson Wentz is not even close to a bust

he was actually statistically ZUP in a

better season this year then he had last

year but like I said in yesterday's

episode the Eagles are 6 and 7 but it's

not because of lens it's because of a

Super Bowl hangover that's all there is

to it once he'll be back and and I'm not

worried about wins I'm not worried about

him at all not worried about him at all

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call if you want to get in on the show

let's get in to what I learned being

that side nigga that side big the side

dude the first thing I learned gentlemen

is that women or expert cheaters a while

back I did an episode called women and

talked about how women are helping each

other cheat and I told the story about a

married woman I I was I was having an

affair with where she was having an

affair with me I was just fucking her by

the name of Sabrina I talked about

briefly way back in episode 80 take a

listen I was fucking this married chick

and I'll go ahead and say her name her

name is Sabrina I mean there are

hundreds of girls in Vegas named Sabrina

so I you know I can I feel like I can

say her name anyway I fucked her for a

few months but I only fucked her on

weekends now it was either it was either

us it was either Saturday afternoon or

Sunday afternoon we never fucked at

night or at least not normally well

Sabrina was married with two kids

she had a bed a fucking husband like

this is the kind of guy that would give

her his paycheck when he got paid and I

think he was like a cop or or or maybe

he was a cop and Treeing I don't

remember exactly but I know that he was

training for some sort of job in law

enforcement anyway there was this one

one afternoon after you know I gun after

I got done fucking her a couple of times

her phone kept buzzing I assumed it was

her husband or friends so I told her it

looks arena put your fucking phone away

when you're with me you're on my time if

you feel the need to be on your phone

then I gotta go I got better shit to do

than to watch you fuck around in your

phone and so she says no no no it's it's

nothing it's nothing like that like you

don't have to worry about anything I was

like no I'm not worried about it like

what'd you do on your time you're not

with me is not my business but you're

not gonna be setting shit up why while

you're with me do that shit on your own

time I don't care who you fuck how you

fuck him just don't do it in front of me

just keep the shit out of my face she

kept telling me no no it's my friend and

every time she tags me in a picture my

phone goes off because she was talking

about Facebook and I was like and at

that point she had my curiosity I said

why is your friend tagging you in

pictures here was the deal this is

unbelievable guys check this out this

chick told me that her and her friend

took pictures at a restaurant or a store

or or wherever and her friend would save

those pictures and not post them to

Facebook or Instagram or whatever other

social media so on the day she came to

see me she would tell her husband that

she was going with her friend to the

place they took the pictures and she'd

wear the same outfit as she did and the

pictures so while I'm blowing loads in

her face her friend is posting pictures

of the two of them and tagging her in

those pictures knowing that her husband

who of course his Facebook friends with

both of them will see them and assume

they're together and doing whatever it

is they want him to believe that they're

doing the husband thinks

his wife is at Starbucks or rubber but

my cocks in her ass and he's got no idea

because he thinks they're at Starbucks

she said she did this every single time

she came to see me guys think about that

guys you can't even trust Facebook or

social media anymore because women have

figured out how to use it

to get away with cheating I remember

this one that is that's probably one of

the most unbelievable there we are sorry

about that

soundbite snafu there um what that

experience with Sabrina taught me is

that just like I said in that sound clip

is that women are expert cheaters

another strategy that I learned and

again the reason I knew this stuff is

because a lot of the women that I was

sleeping with they were in relationships

I learned about the car switch technique

I used to fuck this girl on her lunch

break and she and I knew that her

husband I knew she lived with her

husband or her boyfriend and what she

would do if she is she would use her

friend would come to her place okay and

how did she do this her friend no no she

would take her friend she would take her

car to work okay and her friend would

then how did you how the hell did she do

this it was the car switch technique No

so she used to go to work right and to

come into so to sort of come and have

snacks if this was a dude this was a

greater range least the fuck on Tuesday

and Thursday afternoons she would pay

for the hotel room on Tuesdays and

Thursdays which was great because she

would she would go and get the hotel

room and then like after I got done

fucking her on her lunch break dude I

have the hotel room until the next

morning I think checkout was like 11:00

a.m. so yeah I fuck her for a nap half

an hour 45 minutes she cleaned up go

back to work that's what she leave me

with the key right now she the funny

thing is is she actually ended up

ghosting on me I don't know maybe your

husband found out maybe she found a guy

with a bigger dick I don't know anyway

so what she used to do is she used to

get to work at work she used to come and

she's - she used to bring her car she's

- I actually thought she drove is like a

Honda Accord or a Honda Civic

well one afternoon she showed up in like

a white Toyota Camry and I'm like whose

car is

and she says well this is my car I said

well whose car have you been driving

your boyfriend's and I'm thinking maybe

his like a GPS and I'm like looking

around this motherfuckers gonna show up

she's like no that's my friends at work

so what she would do to come see me on

the regular is she would get to work and

when she came to see me her friend would

give her her key to her car and she

would come and fuck me at this hotel

right so if her husband who we knew was

was suspicious would drive by her place

of work she would see her car in the

parking lot the car switch trick women

aw dude women are so fucking creative

when it comes to cheating it is

unbelievable and guys you know all about

listen I've got a GPS on Devin's phone

and all this other kind of stuff and to

be honest with you guys these days most

of the time I don't even look at it

I don't even look at it up dude I look

at the keylogger maybe every couple of

weeks and the reason why is I just don't

have the fucking time man you know I

mean if there's something that's a

little bit off I'll go back and I'll

check the Lots but dude I'm not sitting

here with my phone okay who did Devin


oh no dude I checked that shit every two

and a half weeks dude if that I don't

have to do a jinan of the time right

even if I did

Devin could cheat Devin could definitely

cheat on me if she wanted to

I get trolled by bitches all the time

well if you think that if you think that

having a GPS on your woman's phone is

gonna make sure she doesn't cheat make

sure and stay loyal to you then you're


well you're right the fact that I've got

all of this you know spy software

Devin's phone that doesn't mean a

goddamn thing all it means is that I

know what she's up to

could she cheat absolutely okay like

putting all that stuff on her phone

doesn't mean that she doesn't have the

urge to cheat now if she did decide to

cheat she could get away with it but at

that point it would be very difficult

for her to do that okay and so if she

decided that she wanted a cheat now

she's got a decision to make

she can either just keep it 100 do the

easy thing and tell me hey look Donovan

I don't release a man like I'm starting

to like this guy his name is Kevin he

works in the sales department I really

want to be with him and I want to be

with you anymore right because that

would be a lot easier than jumping

through all the hoops and going through

all the red tape that it would take to

actually get away with cheating on me

and as we all know women do what's

easier so the purpose of putting GPS and

key loggers and all the stuff on your

woman's phone is not to keep her from


it's to make cheating more difficult for

her so that at some point if she decided

that she wanted out eventually she would

just have to tell you because if she

really wanted a cheat

it would really it would really be too

much trouble for her she'd be like you

know what dude like what the fuck like

she can get away with it it would just

be so much trouble and if the dick is

worth that she could get away with it

but at that point she has to make the

decision dude it is really just to fuck

it's too much trouble to cheat so let me

just do the easier thing which is just

keep it 100 with Donovan and then I can

just go off and fuck whoever this is

just how it is

women also do the weekend trips right

women use their jobs to cheat oh you

know you know me and Kevin and sales

we've got this weekend seminar you know

down in Indian Springs or you know or

whatever the case may be business trips

that are false yeah you know we've got

another conference up and up in

Cleveland another conference up in

Toronto or whatever the case may be

women dude women who travel for work

always are always fucking around in

their husbands dude how do I know this

because I have fucked so many women

listen Las Vegas is like the conference

epicenter of the world right dude you go

to Caesar's Palace after five o'clock

p.m. dude the fucking dude all of the

bars are filled with women they've got

the pants skirt they've got the they've

got the pant they've got the pantsuit on

they've got the adage a the fucking

laptop computers they've got a wedding

ring dude they are down to fuck straight

up straight up hey you know I'm Donovan

ba ba ba ba ba next thing you know

you're headed up you know you're headed

up to room 211 you're fucking her for 30

45 minutes she's out she goes - she goes

back home after after having fucked a

dude like me her husband's none the

wiser I think my cat is I gotta make

sure my cat is not chewing through my

wires anyway yes so that was the first

that was the first thing that I learned

about women being the other man is that

women are expert cheaters they are

absolutely listen women are so women are

so good at cheating dude they're always

one step ahead of them they're one step

ahead of the jail

man straight up 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is

the number to call to get in on the show

arrey code 3 1 2 you're on live with

Donovan good hey what's up brother how

you doing man

miss patty of cottage Aaron Braille

Siegen Oh Thaddeus what's going on man

how you doing

so my cosplay story time okay man

my last conversation I met you know what

I was in security field and this is

another story you know I was working at

this nursing sooner

crazy house at home met this chick found

out that she was married

you know I ain't mad abut it didn't

matter because I wanted it when I wanted

and we can or we ended up doing things

obviously at the job because what for

our positions require that we work

overnight you know everybody please

donate you crazy thing is I'll actually

live down the street from the from the

job you know less than you know seven

miles so she would bring me home every

morning yeah yeah you know conversations

going on and so I know it you know see

you know sonic tasted just a favor the

coop in partnership trying to get a

things that it's a bad dick you know

from back to fucking in vehicle and we

even graduated to the hotel you know at

this point this at this point is when I

found out something at a special gift

that's the guilt let's just say that the

people who had to clean up the room

afterwards they hate it that we were in

you may now scape and earn their goddamn

money is that it it wouldn't matter

today was hopeful at home with our

female ejaculation all of the play

we still slept in this shed like the

holes were found out but he was I don't

want to call my beta laughs I don't sure

about him what he what he did try to you

know that that direct technique and most

husbands or boyfriends do and I say hey

you know Gill you know where I'm at and

then I'll tell you where I'm at and I'm

I'm here whatever you need to you know

whatever you want conversation I'll be

waiting for you right but man you know

that was my my person a part of my last

score with them with the marriage too

because I didn't really want to do the

marry thing because I'm like maybe I may

be married one day and be that that dude

that stuff to me but well thanks for the

call Thaddeus man that was a good I'm

gonna I'm gonna dedicate a segment to

you called story time with Thaddeus

Scott man I remember this one bitch I

was fuckin alright um if you are

watching on Twitter or Facebook or one

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all right so I have shrink the audience

very good all right perfect perfect

excellent all right let's check the chat

see we've got going on here actually

just deleted my notes so give me a

second to go back

well that is coming up Jose s shout out

to you says a woman never belongs to you

it's just your turn that stuck in my

head forever yeah a lot of guys a lot of

guys say that that is the that's the

that's the Donovan Sharpe catchphrase I

didn't even make that up that wasn't

that wasn't even original I think I saw

it on probably saw it on the red pill

subreddit but I think the way I say it

just resonates with people just because

of the way my voice sounds and the

conviction with which I speak darks

Atari asks Donovan does your girl agree

to having the spy software yeah yeah she

does as a matter of fact I didn't have

to ask her to do it she volunteered that

I do it um when I train like I've asked

three like like I've asked many a dude

I've asked probably about a dozen women

I've told him listen in order to be in a

long-term relationship with me got to

have the spy software right nine of them

nine of them just didn't work out okay

dude some of them laugh at me some of

them say fuck know something try to

negotiate listen it's my way or the

highway right well I've had three other

women that actually agreed to it

one woman agreed to it and it lasted for

about two weeks and then she decided she

doesn't want to do that anymore so I had

to let her go the second woman tried to

figure out a way around it and when I

found out about about that I had to let

her go that lasted about maybe week week

and a half the third woman volunteered

it and that's Devin Devin and I had a we

had a I think it was Jill I think was

January of 2017 we've been seeing each

other for a few months and and and she

wanted you know the interesting thing is

is I had been kicking around the idea of

a long-term relationship

with her but I didn't really know if

that's what she and if I had been paying

attention I would have seen it but as

soon as I as soon as I mentioned you

know hey why don't we try it as she was

like yes let's do it

I'll do whatever it takes I was like all

right well here's what you have to do

blah blah blah blah blah I didn't even

get to the spy software yet but she says

listen you can I'll give you a dude

keylogger eyelid to spy on my phone who

I'm talking talking me access to my

video camera system on my you know in my

my home security system I didn't even

ask for all that but she volunteered all

that and so yeah yeah so most of the

time listen a woman is not gonna not

gonna agree to that I'm not saying that

that's what you guys should do although

I have set a make her do this that and a

third and make her put spice offered no

you don't have to do that because you're

not Donovan right you can't really you

can't really do you can't really do that

if you don't have like ultra tight red

pill game but I'm sticking to my guns

and again this isn't to keep my woman

loyal this is just to make it as

difficult for her to cheat as humanly

possible the saying goes if you don't

want to get robbed don't leave your

doors unlocked right well this is just

kind of the same thing if somebody wants

to rob you if someone who wants to break

into your house they can do it but

having a security system in your house

makes it a little bit more difficult if

a woman wants to cheat on you she will

cheat on you but having this by software

on on her phone makes it a little more

difficult okay listen burglars can get

away with breaking into your house they

can certainly do that Devon can get away

with cheating it's just gonna be all

it's just gonna be a lot more difficult

and at that point the burglars have to

decide listen do we really want to rob

this house or just want to move to the

other one Devon's gonna write Devon's

gonna have to decide do I really want to

cheat on Donovan or should I just keep

it 100 and just say hey listen listen

it's over with it's all there is to it

Charles merchant said years ago I had a

girlfriend that went to Dallas on a

yearly retreat she was getting screwed

raw I had to dump her ass yeah it's

funny wives and girlfriends always want

to fuck you raw it's unbelievable man


when a woman cheats on you she never

does it with a common with a condom dude

never that's how it is

shoutout to Marcus says what's up all

sorry to hear he got shadow band yeah

I'm I think I probably got shadow man a

lot of guys are thinking a lot of guys

are telling me hey Donovan I'm not

getting the notifications that you are

going alive and I can't really think of

any other reason but that I've been

shadow band and I don't know what being

shadow band I don't know what's involved

being shadow band on YouTube but my

guess is that the notifications just

don't go out but again you guys can have

you guys can have you guys can you guys

can you guys can rely on the fact that

Monday through Thursday at 5 o'clock

sharp right usually around 5 o'clock 505

at the latest this is where you come for

my show so whether you get the

notification or not this is where you

can come at 5 o'clock in the afternoon

Monday through Thursday you don't really

need the you don't really need the the

notification Kevin Ivana says is banging

married women for advanced players yes

yes yes yes yes if you want to bang

married women that that's next-level

game that's next-level game I've written

about that on return of kings I've also

done it's done a video called the 10

slideshow commandments you know to you

know 10 rules - banging married women or

women and relationships yeah that is

next-level game if you're new to the red

pill knowingly banging married chicks is

gonna get you him DUP you need you need

at least 2 2 to 3 years of experience

Marcus says what being the other man

taught me about women quite simply the

conniving and deceptive ways they cheat

and get away with the smallest of things

all she needs is 20 minutes 20 spare

minutes if that I agree I agree Patrick

Campbell says I had a badass quote about

this the other day it went like this she

was never really yours it was your turn

let that smack you in the face with a

shovel yeah a woman never belongs to you

it's just your turn

darks atari says what does it mean if a

girl happily does as two mouths this

means that you are not the first guy to

give her ass to mouth and that i would

think very carefully about kissing her

happily does asked about fucking hell

jose s has the spy software a standard

if you plan on going into an LTR and

being successful agree can't erase a bet

he's answering dark Satori's question

means you better have some mouthwash

handy you're goddamn right you said

happily does Astin mouth god damn I know

I've given plenty of girls ask to mouth

and the girls that I gave ass to mouth

never fucked him again I cannot respect

a woman who allows me to give her ass to

mouth I just can't do it I mean listen

it's hot I appreciate it

you know I'm saying like I you know but

if I give a woman asked about that is

the last time I'm ever gonna fuck her I

cannot trust that mouth again I remember

I'm oh yeah yeah yeah yeah fuck that

it's all fun and games and it's all

nested it's pornstar but yeah dark suit

Ari says how do you put the software on

without her knowing no dark suit Ari you

don't put it on there without her

knowing the point is is that you have to

see this is the thing putting spy

software on a woman's phone doesn't it

it doesn't have the same effect if she

doesn't know right now now I know what

you're probably thinking well if she

doesn't know what's on there she's going

to be much more honest guess what guys

your girl is gonna say and do things

like I'm sure that Devin does and says

things that if I knew about them I'd be

fucking livid I'd probably dump her

right like I mean let's just keep it 100

she's not perfect you know she's a good

woman but she's not perfect this is just

how it is right you know I know she's

got Ho tendencies that are you know that

linger she doesn't show him around me

she damn well she damn well better not

but you don't want to know what a woman

is thinking and texting if she knew if

she doesn't know their spy software on

her phone the point is that she knows

that it's there if your woman knows that

you can see what she is doing on her


it makes her think twice about doing the

things that she does so if when and if

she decides to cheat on you or decides

to bram swing at that point has a choice

to make should I should I go through the

trouble of branch swinging or or do I

just keep it all the way real yeah never

put out but never listen you can you

could put put software on your woman's

phone without without her knowing but if

you do dude you go looking for trouble

you're gonna find it no let her know hey

listen in order to be in her long-term

relationship with me right you've got to

have this on your phone I gotta know

what you're doing where you are etcetera


she's either going to agree with it but

most of the time she won't that's just

how it is if she won't find but again

that is that is next next next next

level game I do not suggest that you do

this with your women I'm able to do that

with my woman with why women because I

me like this is this is what it you know

I've got a I've got a decade plus in the

game I'm confident enough right like if

Devon were to dump me tomorrow it would

be a bummer but I'll be all right

you know I'm Zen like Mike my pickup

game muscles and all that sit that has

an atrophied like a dude I know I can go

out there and get ass not worried about


freelance wrote in

freelancer and said you better wrap it

in latex or she's gonna get your

paychecks I like that I like that Kyle

Mitchell says first night ask two mouths

know that you were not the first to do


very wise sharp assist says it worked

for him today I don't know

our mando Moreno says these hoes have no

remorse neither you do know they do not

wear a condom always I must learn the

hard way Kyle Mitchell says but Donovan

she respects you if she takes ass to


yes she does but I'm not gonna respect

her after that not gonna respect her Sam

Aponte's a simple way to get around spy

software and tighten up the game it's

called a throwaway phone like the drug

dealers dude never trust bitches ever

yes Sam

totally agree listen Devon could have

see here's the thing

Devon could have a now here's the thing

I understand what Samba Ponty is doing

but again he I think you're missing the

point here is let's see Devon has a

throwaway phone right she can text

whoever whatever she can go fuck whoever

wherever well guess what right here's

what happens so her her regular cell

phone tells me that she is at work right

if all of it if if I don't hear from her

for I don't know half an hour or an hour

cuz Devon she's in contact with me all

the time right not to say that she

couldn't get away of it but it would be

very hard for her to get away with it

right so I fight Tex Devon and she takes

45 minutes to get back with me I'm

thinking all right something's up right

like you can tell what the patterns are

so yeah she listened Devon could have a

throwaway phone yeah that that's that's

a simple way around a spy that that's a

simple way around spy software right

like she could leave her phone at work

to make me think that she is at work but

if you don't hear from your girlfriend

at a certain period of time at some

point you're gonna catch on you go to

her workplace she's not there whatever

the case may be eventually she's gonna

get caught eventually she's gonna get

caught again listen Sam I get it but if

you're probably you probably just tuned

in the point of spy software is not to

keep her from cheating if a girl wants

the cheap she's gonna cheat you could

have a fucking GPS on everything she

does if she wants to cheat she'll get

around to it the point is to make it as

difficult as possible so yeah if she

wants to if she wants to get a throwaway

phone guess what that's an extra that's

an extra expense then she has to come up

with an excuse as to why she was gone as

to why she spent her lunch hour at her

desk right like there listen there's a

lot of things you would still have to do

oh no she can just turn off the GPS

really that's why

I get the alert hey GPS has been turned

off there's no more signal so yeah

appreciate that Sam yeah listen

like I said I mean spy software does not

discourage women from cheating it just

makes it very very difficult motive says

look guys what a genuine alpha really

care about cheating I think not motive

is being motive motive is being meat

head red pill guy he also says not sure

if being married women his next level

only say that because marry chicks who

want to cheat seemed easier than single

younger chicks at least for me to marry

chicks yeah you know listen man

banging married chicks is not next level

but it required see here's the thing

here's the thing motive banging married

chicks is easy right like there's no

doubt about that

it's banging them and getting out of it

clean that's what separates that's what

separates the keyboard gangsters from

the true players you understand what I

mean so we can all bang marry chicks and

girls in relationships all we want to

but it's the getting out clean part that

trips most guys up and this is why I've

done multiple episodes on banging on

banging married chicks that's just

that's just how it goes

he says a genuine alpha what was another

thing that he said a genuine alpha what

a genuine alpha genuinely care about

cheating I think not well you're wrong

out listen dude quote-unquote alpha

males they're human too right alpha

males are human too like alpha listen

alpha males can genuinely care about and

love their significant others if his

woman cheats

he's gonna fucking care right now listen

alpha males invest in women all the time

if Devon were to cheat on me yeah it

would hurt of course it would okay I'm

not gonna add what's in out listen am I

an alpha male I don't know maybe maybe

I'm a maybe I'm an alpha maybe I'm a

beta with a - I don't know who fucking

knows all I know is that I have the I

have the respect of the men and women in

my life if that makes me an awful I

don't care I don't give a fuck what

people say that I'm an alpha or not but

yeah like ask any quote-unquote alpha

male hey look if your wife or girlfriend

were to cheat on you would it hurt of

course he would care of course it would

freelancer Onan said married women are

messy you're goddamn right okay let's

move on

to the next thing that I learned you

guys are men you guys are really good in

the chat you guys are good me a lot of

good content a lot of good content hmm

let me go to the next one

ah yes yes yes yes yes yes here is

another thing I learned being the

paramour the other man the side dick the

side nigga

women lie about everything they lie

about everything okay women lie about

shit that they don't need to lie about

I remember one girl I was fucking I

think she had a boyfriend I'm pretty

sure she had a boyfriend she told me her

grandmother was dead and it turned out

that her grandmother wasn't dead right


when I find out when I found out that

her grandmother wasn't dead I was like

dude why would you lie about that

she just kind of shrugged her shoulders

and looked confused okay not that she

and the thing is is not that she died

but that she was already I mean it was

weird like she didn't she didn't even

know she didn't even know about she

didn't know why she lied right but she

told me during a conversation that her

grandmother had died a while back you

know what I mean so it was almost like

yeah my grandmother died bah bah blah

blah blah then I found a wait a minute

did you say that grandmother died why

did you like you know women lie about

everything you see him on the dude you

see him on the phones with their

boyfriends and husbands swearing up and

down that they're not up to anything Hey

look I swear to God like don't be on the

phones listen I'm at bla bla bla house

or I'm at work and I'm sitting there

like like I've still got like female

juice on my dick like bitch like I just

fucking nut it all over your face right

and she's on the phone they're boyfriend

flight up dude real fucking talk fucking

sperm dripping off her mouth right I'm

sitting there fucking her she's like

that's my husband that's my boyfriend

I'm like fuck it pulled my dick out but

I loved her face she picks up the

fucking line she's like hello and I

could hear him what do you sound so

tired uh you know I just you know went

for a brisk walk and they fucking buy it

it's unbelievable

my phone was on silent it's just it's

just unbelievable how much they lie and

about how much their husbands buy it's


it's ridiculous time uptown says I hate

when they talk about their husband I

don't care dude I don't give a shit when

you fuck married women dude you're gonna

get you're gonna get the bet you're

gonna get their best sex cuz they're not

fucking their husbands or their given

them the starfish sex married women give

the bet they give the best head they

fuck you the best men straight up number

three the third thing I learned about

women being the the paramour is that

women cheat for many reasons they cheat

for a lot of reasons man

women cheat now men we as men we cheat

for sex right sex and sex alone most of

the time we as men we cheat because we

don't want to fuck our wives or

girlfriends anymore maybe she's too fat

maybe we're tired of fucking her we

cheat for sex and sex alone now women

now women cheat for sex too but there

are many many other reasons they cheat

for validation they cheat to prove that

they're still sexually attractive they

cheat for revenge they cheat for

emotional reasons etc they cheat for

many many reasons men cheat we cheat for

sex and sex alone women cheat for many

many reasons

number four the fourth thing that I

learned about women being the guy she

cheated with is I learned about the

female rationalization hamster right and

it's funny like when you find out when

when when when you find out Samba Bondy

says she was somewhere she was not

talked she was not while talking to her

friends right it's funny like when women

when you find out that they have a lot

that they have husbands or boyfriends

every time they say don't judge you know

we have an open relationship right he

fucks other women I fuck other men we

have an open relationship

now before she beats you to the punch if

a woman ever tells you she has an open

relationship ask her this question well

does he sleep with other women too does

he sleep with other women listen you've

checked mated her because if she says he

I sleep with other women that means

indirectly that she is not sexually

attractive enough to be the only woman

he's fucking if he's not sleeping with

other women well then their little

arrangement goes from an open marriage

and open relationship to her just

fucking other guys with his permission

either way they know it makes her look

like a slut so if a woman says oh I'm in

an open relationship ask her does he

sleep with other women but yeah they'll

hamster this stuff yeah we're in an open

relationship that's the hamster

rationalizing their bad behavior well he

cheated on me so I get the cheat too if

that's even true right like women say

that their he cheated on me bla bla bla

bla bla

no man if your husband cheated on you

unless he's a fucking unless he's a bona

fide alpha male you're not trying to

cheat on him you cheat on your husband

because you're not attracted in any or

that's just all there is to it man no I

don't lie to my husband we have an open

relationship he cheated on me too

really that's why you just lied to your

husband about where you are that's why

there's did that that's why my fucking

cum is on that's why your phone is

smudge with gum because you decided to

pick up the phone just after I got done

blowing a load all your face get the

fuck out here you learn a lot about the

female rationalization hamster when you

fuck married women and women in

relationships I'm listening I'm telling

you I'm telling you most of what I

learned about women came from fucking

married women and fucking women and

relationships Real Talk number five the

fifth thing I learned about women being

the other man they may fall in love with

you but they will never leave their

husbands or boyfriends unless they think

they can be in a relationship with you

now married women will never leave their

husbands okay ever ever ever ever ever

ever ever okay now assuming they're not

fucking anyone else right and by the way

here's a pro tip here's a pro tip if a

married woman or a woman in a

relationship doesn't tell you that she

loves you within two months of you

starting to fuck her

she's fucking someone else and that's

not her husband or her boyfriend I'm

gonna say this again I'm gonna say this

again if you start fucking a married

woman or a woman in a relationship if

she doesn't tell you that she loves you

within two months

she is definitely fucking other people

she's definitely fucking people other

than her husband or boyfriend okay if

she's only fucking you she will fall in

love with you at some point because sex

is just more emotional for women okay

now it takes us longer to fall in love

with women of course depending upon your

thirst but if you're the only guy other

than her husband or boyfriend that she's

fucking eventually she's gonna fall in

love with you but if married women do

fall in love with you they will never

ever leave their husbands dude I've seen

so many guys fucking married women and

they think to themselves yeah you know

Chelsea's definitely gonna leave her

husband she says she's gonna tell him

doesn't Chelsea have two kids in a house

and two cars yeah but she's gonna leave

him Chelsea's not leaving her husband

guys MMA fan 3 says never especially if

he's financially set abso-fucking-lutely

guys girlfriends branch swing right if

you're fucking a girl with a if you're

fucking a girl who has a boyfriend okay

eventually she's gonna make a play to be

with you exclusively because that she's

just the guy she's just the guy's

girlfriend there's no marital contract

even if she has kids with him it doesn't

matter it's just old branch Lane wives

they just cheat wise they're not going

to give up the perfect related married

wives who are cheating or in a perfect

relationship they've got a man who takes

care of her sexual needs the paramour

and a man who takes care of her

non-sexual needs her husband women who

are married and cheating are the

happiest they're the happiest alpha

fucks beta bucks man they've achieved it

let me go to the chat here before we

move on hell of a show that we are

having here tonight again if you guys

want to support the show you guys want

to show me some love throw a little

something in the tip jar ww stream webs

calm for its lush donovan sharp and the

number one that stream labs.com

ford slash donovan sharp and the number

one okay let's see Alfred says he'd

support a Hitler policy and gassing

people for adultery that's just


he says degenerates deserve the gas

he'll relax

Alfred relax dude Alfred sounds like he

is uh he's he's dangerously close to

being an in cell listen man trust me

I've been pissed off at girls for

cheating on me but you know infidelity

is not grounds for getting sent to the


dude Alfred's a fucking Jesus gasps the

bitches gasp those fuckers relax relax

degenerates deserves a gasps Wow Wow

Joey Bloggs says focus on yourself and

cold approach women you come by

absolutely tit for tat

Jose says rationalisation hamster good

quote from solomon - that was a really

good article and it really opened my

eyes how women think yes the solomon to

blog bike dal rock that is a must read

that is I'm telling you that is red pill

that is red pill reading 101 the Solomon

to blog by del rock that is one of the

best red pill publications out there

duty probably publish this six seven

years ago still under the best still

wanted the best

DRO glyphic says she's gonna get way

more guys than the man gonna get women

of course it's funny when when when men

state the fact that women cheat more

than men and then women come out and say

that's not true men cheat more than

women and then I posed the question to

them if you gave a man and a woman 24

hours to fuck as many people of the

opposite sex who would end up fucking

war and they never answered because they

know the answer is women because it's

very easy for women to get dick not so

easy for men to get pussy even men who

are even men who are good at getting

pussy it's still incredibly difficult

all women have to be is there and they

get dick Cantore says how long into a

marriage does a wife usually start

cheating on average I have no idea I

have no idea

Alfred Deakin says Sharpe is English

right he don't look English Alfred

fuck off fuck off fuck the fuck off

you're a fucking troll the fuck outta

here you're a dumbass

dumbass do you really think I'm gonna

use my real name on the air you fucking

idiot Alfred might be a woman gassim he

doesn't look English Yeah right got it

I listen I let you slide with that

gassim thing but fuck you let's get out

of here you're a bitch fuck out of here

men you'll fuckin jerk off to hentai

porn with Jonathan and like go jerk off

with Jonathan from Modern Life Danny who

admitted that he was totally into

anti-porn today Kent uh wait a minute

ain't no half Stefan says ridesharing is

a nonchalant way to find out about

female nature that is very true that is

very true yeah taxi cab drivers right

sure guys yeah women talk about their

exploits with men in taxis all the time

or there yeah yeah no that that's very

very true yep time uptown response to

can't Toria says women will cheat before

and after marriage yes before during and

after you better believe it I don't know

if there are stats on that can't or is

that I would be very listen you're never

we're never gonna find the true

statistics on that because women are

never honest how long does it take

before you start eating on your husband

or boyfriend 95 percent of them I don't

cheat anyway so I can't answer that

question very good Jose says I just

think she's not willing to go with the

program and let you do the spy software

then she's just a pump and dump you can

never trust a one absolutely absolutely

freelance says I keep the Solomon blog

on my damn phone it's a hell of a read

telling you guys spray spray your face

has relationships are a terrible idea in

this day and age I concur BK from the

Rockies good to see you in here Kyle

Mitchell says I am a sexual degenerate

do not hate watch out

Kyle Alfred Deakin wants to gas you

sexual degenerates 27 book says why are

hoes so easy to fall for I actually did

a an episode called why are sluts why

are thoughts

so easy to fall in love with I would

advise you to check that out Luigi

Gandhi says I've learned how to get got

by Donovan better believe it read Beast

haven't seen you in here in a while says

when would a man hit the wall I think

men hit the wall in their early 50s no I

understand what you mean Luigi not to

get got I got you bro I got you yeah men

hit the wall depending on your your

habits if you take good care of yourself

men hit the wall around 50 early 50s and

even then you're still able to fuck

extremely attractive women yeah

fifty-five I would say yeah I'm 41 years

old I'm nowhere near the wall I'm dude

I'm 41 I don't look a day over 36 so I'm

doing good I'm doing good and doing very

good Joby blog says when you think

they're separated and she accidentally

says my husband I've never had that

happen to me before that's actually

quite funny wait a minute I thought you

were divorced

oh um darks Atari says I never smoked

drink eat clean gym sleep yeah then

you're not gonna hit the gym until

you're about nine or you're not gonna

hit the wall till you're about 90 red

beast says been awhile Donovan by the

way keep that beard it's a good look

sorry to disappoint you red Beast I'm

actually growing it out I keep the

sickle and daggers look for about a

month and a half maybe two months and

then I grow it back out I bring it

around every other year so I do like to

look but you guys can see that it is

starting to grow in that is by design

got to keep the novelty gotta keep the

novelty okay let's move along here's

something else I learned about women

being the side dude the other man the

side nigga the side dick the paramour

most women in relationships cheat like I

said before I've told you guys this

before anywhere between 60 to 70% of

hookups I've had and I'm talking

one-night stands you know fuck buddy

arrangements etc most of those women are

in relationships okay and the reason I

know this is because you'll go to three

you'll go to like you'll go to reddit's

relationship reddit's red pill blue pill

purple pill red pill women two


and you'll see countless threads about

women wondering why they can't keep a

man okay and they say things like I cook

I clean I have sex with him I don't

cheat on my boyfriend

one incredibly

means most girls cheat right when I say

60 to 70% of women cheat on their

boyfriends or husbands you get a lot of

pushback but then when you go on to

Reddit and you see all these girls

saying oh no I'm a I'm a great

girlfriend I cook I clean I fuck him and

I don't cheat on him

wait a minute you shouldn't be cheating

on him anyway guys it's so easy to cheat

it's ridiculous I know because I've been

the side dude I've been the hookup okay

I've been the fuck buddy I've been the

one-night stand

and again if you don't believe me if you

don't believe me about the fact that

most women in relationships dude go to

reddit go to two x-chromosomes you'll

see it man you will see it go to any go

to any breaded thread that concentrates

on relationships almost every post is he

asked me my boyfriend of doing great

maybe my husband are great but there's

this thing I cheated on him most women

cheat in relationships that's that

that's just all there is to it

dark suit Arie says my thoughts on red

pill women yeah that's that's red pill

lemon is bullshit there's no such thing

as a red pill woman the only time a red

pill is the only time a woman is truly

red pills when she is owned owned by a

red pill aware mail once she ceases to

be owned she's no longer red pill same

with red pill women right but red pill

women are red pill women are a little

bit they're a little bit more hesitant

to be truthful with their infidelity

all right Sam Stein I'm gonna hide you

on this channel you're gonna have to

create another Google account because

I'm not gonna have dudes in here with a

fucking swastika as a goddamn as a

goddamn avatar like seriously you think

you're gonna come in here with a

swastika as an avatar get the fuck out

of here man like seriously come on dude

fuck out here fuck out of here man dark

suit ari said he got banned after his

first post haha yeah wouldn't surprise

me would not surprise me

red B says Donovan would you recommend

testosterone replacement therapy to

boost my height I'm 5'4 and in my late

teens there's nothing that you can do to

increase your height testosterone

replacement therapy I'm on trt as well

as HGH and it has worked wonders for me

if you don't believe me look at my

before and after pictures right that's

just how this is Marcus says no bro if

anything gh and anabolics will stunt

your growth yes if you do testosterone

replacement therapy in your late teens

or HGH in your late teens you will stunt

your growth you should never ever ever

do HGH or testosterone replacement

therapy if you are under the age of 35

or if your testosterone levels are less

than 300 nanograms per deciliter go to

your local doctor 27 book says

philadelphia women are the gold standard

for cheating

Jose wants to know will TSR be active

during Christmas week yes absolutely yes

I work holidays man I was on the air on

Thanksgiving Day this season this year I

was on the air Thanksgiving Day this in

2018 I was on the air Christmas etc etc

anyway anyway now I'm sure that some

women who are watching this will say

you're wrong most women are faithful to

those women I just say you just hold on

yourself how would you know what every

woman is doing no you said that to

defend yourself

any woman who says any woman who

disagrees outwardly disagrees that most

women cheat in in relationships they are

displaying classic hit dog syndrome

that's all there is to it anytime you

suggest that women cheat more than men

the ones that squawk the loudest are the

ones who cheat the most no women are

our faithful I'm faithful I got a man

bitch I can promise you you were on some

niggas dick 30 minutes before you put

that in a lot of times a lot of times

you think you're the boyfriend right

but you find out that you're the side

dude and most of the time you don't find

most the time you don't find out but

every once in a while you do this

actually happened to me I found out I

found out okay that I was the side dude

it was a girl by the name of Tatiana

it's the one time I found out that I was

a side dude when I thought I was the

main dude I actually talked about this

in my episode why are sluts why are


so easy to fall in love with take a

listen I remember this one Ukrainian

girl I was fucking when I was in Vegas

actually I know she made I don't know I

can't remember she may have been Russian

I can't remember but her name was

Tatiana people listen beautiful girl

long blonde hair was almost white like

her hair was it was so blond dude

gorgeous light blue eyes like dude she

had a really small tits but she was

fucking gorgeous like just raw beauty

anyway I remember we were walking down

to Lincoln Road I'll never forget this

and we go across that we go to cross the

street and I pulled her back to the

sidewalk because there is a motorcycle

speeding along the side of the road now

Tatiana was I don't know she was she was

small she's like maybe 105 106 after she

a shrink salad which was her favorite

food in the world so I was able just the

anchor back and she looked at me and

said heavy Ukrainian or Russian accent

and I remember thinking no it was dude

it was like when Achilles caught that

arrow in his Achilles heel I knew I knew

she had disarmed me I knew that she had

just bypassed all of my retinal

conditioning but there's nothing I can

do about it guys I'm four years into the

red pill when this happened well turns

out Tatiana had a boyfriend the entire

time I was fucking her and when I found

out about it guys I was fucking

oh my god jesus-fuckin'-christ listen

she had scores of red flags but when she

told me she felt safe with me it blinded

me to all of those things and she's able

to play me like a fiddle

I was the side dude who thought he was

the main dude

yeah that shit listen that was a hell of

a time that was L of a time the point is

guys is that most women in relationships

cheat and that is all there is to it

time up town says men we cheat the most

nope time up town you're wrong I know

why you would think that you're probably

a high-value guy who has cheated a lot

which means you're in a bubble but more

women cheat like buy shit I'm not even

gonna go by volume when you take up when

you take the percentage of men who cheat

versus the percentage of women who cheat

the percentage of women who cheat cheat

dude it's the the percentages are not

even close now the top 5% of men cheat a

lot more than the top 5% of women in

terms of value looks at cetera etc but

the bottom 95% of men don't cheat nearly

as much as the nut as the bottom 95% of

women the average the average joe's so

it makes sense that you would think that

but I'm here to tell you man it's not

true it's not true

I forget what number I'm in but we're

gonna call it number six the six thing

that I learned actually there are seven

things there are six things that I

learned seven things that I learned

again you learn what not to do okay when

a woman when a woman cheats on her man a

lot of times they complain to their

friends right now I'll put it to you

this way when women complain about men

in a certain way you're on there you're

on your way to the friendzone if a woman

complaints to you about the fact oh my

man cheats on me oh he's an asshole he

never calls he is a player he treats me

like shit he fucked my best friend

that's when you know that used that she

still loves him and that you're in the

friend zone or on your way to it these

are the things you should listen the but

but when you start fucking her okay when

you start fucking her or before you

start fucking her let's just say before

we start fucking her all my boyfriend's

lazy heat

fuck me right he's balding he's not

motivated that's when you know she's

checked out and she's making a play to

fuck you right like that's how it goes

you know she's checked out by the way

those are the things that you should not

do don't be lazy and here's another

thing he doesn't fuck me right listen

man Jonathan from Modern Life dating

actually actually made fun of him for

this the other day on red man group guys

were you know calling in hey how do I be

better with women and Jonathan from

Modern Life dating says you know the

secret you have to give her great sex

yeah like if you want to make sure she

doesn't go anywhere give her great sex

no shit Sherlock

right like you know what I mean I had to

give him a shit about that hey you guys

and listen check this out if you really

want to keep a woman around the secret

to fucking as many women as humanly

possible all you guys have to do is is

you have to be you have to be hot you

have to have six-pack abs you have to

have a huge Vicki have to have money

that's it problem solved that's all you

got to do that is the equivalent of what

Jonathan from modern life dating said on

the red man group no fucking shit if you

give a woman good sex she's gonna come

back around but here's the thing you

don't have any control over whether a

woman likes sex with you or not but all

women want to be dominated you dominate

a woman in bed you dominate a woman

between the sheets and she's gonna

characterize that as good sex I talked

about that in a previous episode how to

dominate a woman sexually you dominate a

woman sexually she's gonna characterize

that as good sex anyway when she talks

about oh he doesn't fuck me right he's

balding is not motivated those are the

things you should not do don't be lazy

if you're balding get propecia get hair

plugs whatever the case may be or just

take a razor to it stay motivated be a

red pill guy most of what I learned

about what not to do with women came

from women I was cheating with I'm

telling you right now this is how it


we hit the chat one last time before I

talk about number seven Jose says she's

crying eating her bowl of ice cream yeah

Kevin wants to know did I feel bad for

the husband's when I was the side dude

no I did not I didn't I did not read

Beast says when you work in customer

service you tend to listen to some

people's conversations and some of the

things you hear tend to confirm what's

in the red pill women gossiping about


there you go men time up town says they

talk about their husbands a lot I'm not

your shrink lady but you will learn why

she does it

there you go there you go joby says when

they complain to me I will give them a

mild red pill but then tell them they

probably won't get it then guide them to

Richard Cooper speech yeah if you're

fucking a married woman and she said oh

my husband dude listen whoa whoa I don't

want to know about all that right like

dude I remember when I first started

fucking with Devon she's talked shit

about her ex right uh-oh that means that

she might have still had a thing for him

right maybe she did maybe she didn't I

didn't care because at that point I

didn't give a shit I was just fucking

her at that time so oh yeah my ex uh I

forgot what the fuck the guy's name is

oh my ex-boyfriend of this that look

look Devon I don't give a fuck about

what happened yeah but he did this

listen they're two sites every Tori

story sweetheart and if we're both

keeping at 100 you weren't the perfect

girlfriend either and I think we both

know that so you're not gonna sit here

and trash him to me like I'm not I'm not

here for that I don't want to know what

he did or didn't do

I'm just worried about me and you right

now like fuck what you heard/fuck what

you heard never ever ever let a woman to

talk about her ex around you I've sent a

dude I've talked about this ad nauseam

in many of my shows

okay the last and final fit listen I

learned many things fuckin with women in

relationships but the last and final

thing that I learned about women being

the other man is that women don't need

men women don't need men anymore guys

back in the day women used to need men

do you listen they needed us for money

than it is for food shelter they needed

us to work on the railroad all the live

long day while they stay at home and

take care of the the house and the kids

but they don't need us for that anymore

they don't need it they don't need us

for that anymore because these days most

of the workforce is women I think

something like two out of every three

sixty-six percent of the workforce are

women right let's take it one step

further birth control okay

contraception and Welfare this is why

women don't need us anymore they can

have the babies they want with whomever

they want and if they decide to have

those babies with whomever they want and

don't have a man the government is there

to help them out they get free health

care free and free housing free food the

government literally rewards a woman's

sexual irresponsibility

ergo women don't need men gentlemen the

government is the new beta box man we

talked about the dualistic sides of a

woman's high Pergamus imperative alpha

flex beta bucks alpha luxe takes care of

all of her sexual needs beta bucks takes

care of all of her non-sexual needs well

guess what the beta bucks is now the

government because it provides her with

all of her non-sexual needs the Alpha

fucks are the top 20 the top 20 percent

of men the top 20 percent of men and

listen we talked about the 20 the 80/20

rule it's true 20 percent of the men are

fucking 80 percent of the women this is

why the top 20 percent of men believe

that men cheat more than women of course

they think that

a top 20% er right the guys that they

hang around with her top 20 percenters

everybody's fuckin everybody oh you know

we're all married we have girlfriends

what we're always cheating now you're

not there at the bottom 80% of guys who

are getting cheated on the government is

the beta bucks the top 20% are alpha

flux dude married women don't even need

their husbands married women benefit

from their husbands they benefit from

being married how how

well once she shits out the first kid

she owns him that's it she's got him

then if they hit the 10-year mark

she definitely owns him and by year 10

by year 10 she's probably had two maybe

three kids so if she got married at the

tender age of 20 21 years old she has

three kids on her 20s she decides don't

let my husband anymore I'm gonna start

fucking that hot guy in sales by the

name of Kevin the guy down the street

Billy we get the cocaine from and I

think his I think his friend Dave is

pretty hot too does he even have a job I

don't think he has a home but he's

really hot I love the way he strums that

guitar I want to fuck him too now

they're 31 years old with three kids

they don't need their husbands anymore

because when she decides to divorce rate

him and she can no-fault divorce right

she gets the house she gets the dog she

gets the kids she gets half of his

present and future earnings and she said

she does not need her husband women

don't need men women don't need men

that's just all there is to it these are

the things that I learned about women

being the dude on the side we all learn

a lesson we all learn a lot about women

getting cheated on we do but once you

get really good with women if you get

really good with women a very few men

get really really really good with women

but the ones who have fucked more women

than the average man you know and

understand man that you learn a lot more

about a woman's true nature being the

dude she being

do cheat sheets with than being the do

cheat sheets on to review number one the

first thing I learned women are expert


women are expert cheaters number two

women cheat for many many reasons

number three women lie about everything

number four you learn about the

rationalization hamster number five

husbands may fall I mean I'm sorry women

let me start over number five if they

don't fall in love with you if a woman

that you are sleeping with who is

married or in a relationship if she

doesn't tell you she loves you within

two months she you're not the only guy

she's fucking again as a side note if

you're fucking a girl who just isn't a

relationship with a boyfriend she's

going to try to branch swing to you

if she's fucking you she wants to be

your girl a wife was fucking you will

never ever leave her husband ever ever

ever especially especially if they're

financially secure especially if they're

financially provide secure she will

never leave you don't count out she'll

tell you she want listen she will want

to and we all know women are emotionally

do impulsive things but when it comes to

their love lies we'll love lives women

are surprisingly rational and pragmatic

see we as men we say well women are

irrational and emotional and yes they

are except for when it comes to love and

sex they're not stupid they think very

clearly when it comes to love and sex

they'll emotionally fuck you they'll

make the impulsive decision to fuck you

in her car but when he say hey listen

you need to leave Steve for me she'll

say yes I want to leave and she may mean

it when she tells you she may plan to

soon as he pulls into the driveway she

thinks whoa wait I can't fucking leave

Steve what the fuck am I thinking right

do we got a foot dude we got this

beautiful home we have two cars I've got

three great kids

I'm not leaving his ass fuck dad I've

got the perfect arrangement I've got the

album fucks and the beta buds I'm just

gonna continue fucking Donovan and

living with Steve none will be the

vizor number six most women in

relationships cheat actually that was

number five or six I can't remember most

women in relationships cheat straight up

and a lot of times you are the side dude

most the time you don't find out but if

you find out that you were the side dude

when you thought you were the main dude

it's a motherfucker I'm here to tell you

I'm here to tell you number six and a

half you learned what not to do

depending upon the way she complains

about her man Oh eat cheese he's an

asshole he never calls me he's a player

teach me like shit he fucks my best

friend you're in the friend zone but if

she says eyes lazy he doesn't fuck me

right he's balding he's not motivated

that's what you know he can fuck her and

of course last and certainly not least

women do not need men women don't need

men anymore guys

they simply do not got a couple of calls

in the queue

9 1 4 205 5 actually no there's only one

call in the queue 911 for two oh five

five three five six let's go to area

code seven five four you're on live with

Donovan go ahead

what's up Donovan thanks for taking my

call Jerry and a Fort Lauderdale

what's up Jerry how you doing him all

right so I wanted to make this comment

about my ex cool for now is with her for

about two years and you know just didn't

work out she I don't know if she ain't

cheat on me not that I know of but one

thing one thing that I kind of always

never all she wanted to get married but

I didn't want to marry her and this is

the reason why is because when I met her

she was married and she's like oh yeah

I'm separated from my husband on all

this stuff but I I never got a chance to

speak to this guy or even talk to this

guy right so I'm like I never got the

other I don't know what the truth was so

that that's the thing about a woman they

should always keep you in the dark and

that's the reason why I could never I

could never trust or never commit to her

on that level so I just wanted to share

that comment and

also ask you could you ever could you

ever be in a long-term relationship or

ever consider woman seriously if she is

a cheat or has cheated the past on other

relationships yeah of course but you

have to understand listen and this is a

very good question Gerry

first of all if she'll cheat with you

she'll cheat on you I think that's

pretty obvious

secondly yeah all women cheat all of

them cheat right like all women are

sluts so to ask the question hey would

you ever consider a long-term

relationship with a woman who has

cheated in the past you are asking would

you consider a long-term relationship

with an American woman because every

woman is cheated every woman that I have

been with in my life I'm sure has

cheated Devin has cheated on boyfriends

Dorsey cheated on boyfriends and

husbands obviously Amy damn sure cheated

on boyfriends and and Susie she cheated

on her husband before I hooked up with

her in Vegas all women cheat they all do

that missus just all there is to it and

don't be fooled by the girl who says oh

I haven't been in a relationship in two

years what she's telling you is that

she's been fucking around for two years

she's been on the cock carousel so to

ask the question hey would you ever

consider being in a long-term

relationship yeah this is all women

cheat the short answer to that is yes

I'm in a relationship with Devin and I

know she has cheated right she's

admitted to me yes I've cheated blah

blah blah blah blah but again this is

where red pill game comes in okay to be

in a long-term relationship with a woman

in this thing and in this day and age

Darian thanks for the call in this day

and age to be in a long-term

relationship with a woman a successful

long-term relationship with a woman you

have to have airtight red pill game and

even then the shit can still go sideways

rollo tomassi and I both listen rollo

tomassi and I both talked about the fact

that we listen we are the exceptions

listen he's the exception to the rule

I've only been with Devin for a year and

a half okay

August late July July 29th 2017 this is

when we moved in together so we've been

together for about a year and a half

okay dude she can go feral tomorrow for

all I know

Rolla Tomas has been married for 22

years mrs. Tomas he could run off with

another man for all he knows that's

listen you can do everything right and


whatever reason she could just cheat on

you you just don't have control over

that so yes of course you would consider

a long-term relationship with a woman

but don't seek it out when I first

looked up with Devon I wasn't thinking

about a long-term relationship and this

is what this a lot of guys make this

mistaken listen dude I used to be in

that camp every girl that I fucked or

hooked up with if I fucked her more than

once if we're just kind of hanging out

we're having sex with it for a week or

two I would instantly start thinking

about her as a girlfriend right like I

wonder what this girl would like would

be like it's not even caught it's not

even conscious that it's it's a

subconscious thing it's like we don't

even realize that we're thinking about a

long-term relationship with a woman that

we've only been fucking for two weeks

but this is just how we are right it's

not a flaw this is how were this is how

we're hardwired to think like like we

don't want late like men we're designed

to seek out meaningful relationships

with women women aren't the only ones

who want relationships men want them too

and for us to deny that like you're

don't be meathead red pill guy well I

would never consider Lefcourt dude if we

all want relationships being in a

relationship with a woman is a better

life than fucking a bunch of random

women yes there are exceptions to the

rule there are guys out there who love

the player for life they travel around

okay fine relationship paying for you

but for the rest of us we're late being

and living this light it's just a better

life this is just this is all there is

to it but in order to be in a successful

and a successful relationship in

2018-2019 gotta have ironclad rock-solid

red pill game area code 404 I see you in

the queue but I'm gonna go to see in

Vegas you're on live with Donovan what's

going on brother D what's going on

actually had something to contribute to

this one I'll do it

just backpedal quick to what you said

about you know because I had this before

I had this before way a long time ago

and uh when she's again I'll leave the

boyfriend or I'll eat the husband to

come with you or whatnot deed that

really reminds me of that is some guy's

passwords right that is a password

Wow brother real fucking talk man yes

yes there's something very proud D just

never understand

the masculine feeling of taking

somebody's woman from another man or

cancelling him out that's a very

seductive trait and she can use that to

manipulate you or make you but like you

said you may be said in spur the moment

after you know you guys got ahead real

good no pounds session or whatever you

get what I'm saying but then she might

go home and rationalize but that is

that's some guys passwords because we

don't forget I said specially see it out

here too in Vegas where there's just

guys who order the armor prowl for women

who are committed that's that's their

thing you get what I'm singing that

night password I've seen it before so

you gotta be very careful about that and

just on a side note they'll jump real

quick be blue glow off the wall copy

real quick I was thinking about I was

watching video Ronnie Coleman just some

workout motivation ma'am I do Bonnie

call me with Stu fucking Ronnie Clayton

is the booty listen he's the greatest

bodybuilder of all time this guy was at

297 almost 300 pounds at 2% body fat

that will never be accomplished again in

DLC is lasting two I think almost is my


despite number two because you know why

do I look at Ronnie Coleman every time I

listed wherever I might do like a

monochrome indeed it's like I need to be

looking every weeks right now why am I

sitting here watching to see anything

heavyweight split with Arnold because

more like it's the fun about it almost

almost pumping iron and do anything he's

fucking on I love that shit dude I love

the team and I guess it gets you juice

man it really does yeah be careful guys

because dead is that is a password that

a woman will use hands do or you know or

to try to manipulate you that's my

that's my take did you take care hey way

to go man

listen um hang on a second cuz O'Shea is

calling me hey O'Shea I'm on the air man

let me give you a call right back no

yeah I'm on the air right now

okay alright alright yeah we usually I

usually talk to O'Shea about the brother

pill right around right around this time

by the way I'm doing the brother pill

over on O'Shea Duke Jackson's channel in

about a half an hour so but yeah listen

real fuckin talk what c and Vegas just

talked about is I'm gonna leave my huh

I'm gonna leave my

husband for you that's a password like

that listen again taking another man's

woman that's an ego trip that's an ego

boost man whoa real fucking talk man see

in Vegas drop in some game there let's

go to the last phone call of the evening

area code 404 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead

what's up Jonathan man I'm here at work

this is Atlanta man word up man I'm down

here Miami

I just want to relay a couple quick

stories do I live on South Beach and

last weekend a couple weekends ago

absolutely my homeboys a promoter he had

a bachelorette party in town and there

was like four or five of them he got us

into story and then we didn't see him

for the rest of the night running to him

the next day

turns out he Bank all five of them are

you gonna bright of course of course and

and that's what happens when you're out

of town and to see a guy who just spoke

I want to give you another quick story a

a couple of months ago in September I

ran into a really hot indian chick first

night everything on let me stop it right

now what's her name

was her name Priya oh okay cause every

Indian girl's name is a label but uh

she's Miss India globe look that shit

man rod she's missing the globe for this

year so this fraud man after she says

all this shit first night tells me she's

gonna dump her boyfriend

for about a week you must have put it

down wouldn't you know it I look at my

underwear when I'm taking this shit and

it looked like somebody blew their nose

and so of course she gave me something

and this chick to top it all off was an

attorney had all of her shit together

drove a Porsche everything Wow or I

could call her to tell her we need to go

to the goddamn doctor she calls me to

break up because she was cited she wants

to bang another dude that's even more

high status there you go so don't get it

twisted with each church man and you

know and keep in mind I lost my

virginity in the ad from an old school


so I've been going through this one

minute man don't think that just because

you're the guy the other guy that it

makes you fucking man you're just in her


you're just what's happening right now

right now Ryder and to take you to a

further point I want to get in my

professional status but let's just say

I'm a real professional high low I'm a

brother - okay I'm gonna let y'all know

something don't think that because

you're a doctor because you're a lawyer

because you're a partner in the firm

because you are a CEO could that protect

you from a cheating on you or leaving

you leaning it makes you a bigger target

for check to come fuck you take what she

can let it be alimony or kid will bounce

on your ass so I'm just letting you know

like it's like a bulletproof vest don't

think as you're running into a gun fight

with a bulletproof vest to stop

bulletproof it's bullet resistant right

right right gun goes through that their

best thing to do don't get in the

fucking gunfight in the first one god

damn dude real fuckin I love your

content you got a fan all the way back

from the days of return to King's

brother you stay up and keep producing

it and I'll keep watching appreciate it

man thanks for the call man area code

404 dropping that knowledge hey listen

you heard it here first

this brother told you man listen he's a

high-level professional just because

you're rich or you're a CEO or you're

some high status high-level dude don't

think that that makes you immune to a

woman's fuckery right listen I just got

done telling you women don't need men

man they don't need you they don't need

your money they get plenty listen man

they get plenty of money and plenty of

resources from from all over the place

so these bitches are out here looking

for dick this woman had her shit

together had a Porsche had all that

stuff even if she even if she didn't

have all that she still doesn't listen

she still don't need you she does not

need you women wants you they don't need

you listen again dude that's the perfect

analogy red pill game is not a

bulletproof vests it's bullet resistant

but I've told you guys many many many

many stories about even though I had

rock-solid red pill game guys listen I

still got got that's how that goes that

is how that goes man listen real talk

from the 404 man straight up great

episode tonight make sure you guys tune

in to the brother pill podcast which is

gonna be going on the air in about 20

minutes on those che Duke Jackson's vlog

Channel it's the one that has he's got

two channels one that has 50,000

subscribers one that has right around

thirty thousand subscribers I have no

idea what we're gonna be talking about

but whatever it is whatever it is

whatever it is I'm sure it'll be

interesting sure it'll be interesting

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive my thanks to the Mod Squad

in the house like I said tune into the

brother pill tonight at 7:00 Eastern I

will then be on the red man group on

Saturday at 10:00 a.m. thanks for

watching guys I will see you Monday





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