What does your wardrobe say about you as a Man? Kevin Samuels explains (Episode 351)




you're done guys its remand on Ivan

sharp and welcome to the 350 first

edition of TSR live your daily dose of

red pill truth wisdom and awareness

happy Halloween guys no I do not dress

like this every day walk around the

house as you guys can see for for those

of you guys listening on the replay I

would strongly advise that you certainly

watch the video replay I of course em

you know I don't know what you call it a

judo master karate master or whatever

but but I'm celebrating Halloween of

course my guest tonight is a man who

always looks good silent mr. 25 silent a

mr. 25 says sweep the leg you know what

I actually need to change my sign -

hashtag sweep like I actually had a bit

of a stomach issue this morning and all

day today and I had that in my mind to

put hashtag sweet sweep the leg on my

side but when I go on the brother pill a

bit later on I think I might do that

classic fucking movie Kevin listen man I

think you and I are about you we're of

the same generation do you remember

Karate Kid dude I have three black belts

yeah yeah yeah I remember cried a kid

very well I was born in 69 but yeah in

the 80s you know many fuckers are

actually fought who tried to use their

damn creme I know where I'm like I swear

to god dude nobody ever tried to use it

I enjoyed the mesh listen I'll also tell

you this there is a youtube series about

it's like a continuation like 35 years

later oh yes yes

kid yeah one kid who got kicked in the

face by you know by the crane or

whatever mm-hmm he starts up like the

Cobra Kai dojo and everything dude I saw

it binge watched it I've been to watch

Cobra Kai is it any good

dude let me tell you something Cobra Kai

is YouTube red is going to is going to

be a thing Cobra Kai I watched one

episode thing he was gonna be cheesy I

found myself 13 hours later fucking

pumped I felt like a white dude who

started rocky for the first time oh I

was like I was back in the 80s back in

my shit on my gig and the show was great

it was absolutely I have

to check it out because it's funny I saw

the the commercial and we'll get to what

we're talking about here in just a

minute I remember the commercial starts

out with the final scene in the first

Karate Kid where he does the crane

mm-hmm it doesn't really do anything you

just kind of inches forward

Daniel kicks him in the face and then

it's over well when he drops you know he

kicks him in the face and then the

screen kind of pans out and all of a

sudden the blond kid I don't even know

what the guy's name is he wakes up he's

got beers around him you know he's I

don't know 40-something years old and

Daniel Russo is now the successful car

salesman and he does and he meets up

with like these punk teenage kids that

he kicks their asses I'm starting up

Cobra Kai again I was like yo I am in

I'm here for it man so I'm glad to hear

that it's I'm glad to hear that it's

actually a pretty good series man I

might check that out I think his name

was Johnny

yeah Johnny I mean all I know is like I

said hashtag sweep the leg we are

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Bitcoin Kevin the reason I have you on

today is we had a very short

conversation yesterday and one thing

that I have one thing that that that

that that I always have our

conversations are very productive they

don't last very long yesterday I

discussed with you

the reason I wanted to have you on the

show and a lot of guys say okay I don't

know how to dress you know I want to be

more attractive to women

and so I hire a a style consultant guy I

hire Kevin saying

Tanner Guzzi or anyone else who or

anyone else who knows that address they

spend all of these they spend all this

money on these clothes and one one show

actually comes to mind Kevin I'm sure

you're probably aware but it's called

Queer Eye for the straight guy yeah and

yeah and these guys look so good

afterwards but something is weird about

the way they look they're not

necessarily congruent and then for that

is because their style preferences off

yes you look great in what you wear but

your personality or lifestyle what you

are trying to convey is not matching up

with what you are wearing so the name

the the name of this episode is what do

your clothes say about you as a man tell

me Kevin what do your clothes say about

you as a man I've already got a

compliment any or Kevin is looking clean

as usual by fitness for life okay so I

just took off the jacket so I can

actually visually show guys understand

something your image or your style is a

language have you ever gone up to those

martial arts schools since you talk

about karate kid' se9 martial arts style

todd is one right okay that's like

saying speaking nine different languages

Todd is one do you think you could speak

Mandarin French Latin Greek and etc in

one sentence in the mat have it make

sense no same thing that that concept

doesn't make any sense there are nine

different style personalities a shirt is

a shirt is a shirt but it's the style

personality that fits into which is the

language that it communicates okay so

like our first episode we talked about

drop the Jordans yes oh god a lot of

heat about that don't don't wear Jordans

if you want to be thinking serious but

here's the thing now for you for you who

know me and for the guys who typically

watch me if I busted up on this live

stream in some off-white or some supreme

some shit like that and I had on some

retro Jordan's shit would be clean but

but would blue would it make sense for

who you know you look at me and be like

it went cool but that's that's not you

right right I will be speaking a

different color

language than who I am you are congruent

you actually your image actually makes

sense when the person you are here is

reflected out here yes and that's why

that queer art thing doesn't work they

basically put a guy in a costume today

is the Halloween I could put you in a

costume and it could be a a bespoke

$10,000 double-breasted suit but it's

still a costume if it doesn't fit your

style personality so you mean to tell me

I can't wear this getup the other 364

days a year Kevin well I'm hitting post

today I was like I was like if I was

like today is the only day were the

average black with a lot of black

women's hair makes sense

girly makes it so Halloween there's a

problem purple is not a normal thing you

you oh yes sharpest this asks are we

taking calls today yes 911 for two oh

five five three five six if you have a

question for Kevin you can either call

the number or you can put it in the chat

Kevin you hit the nail on the head and

for all you sisters and listen there are

a lot of white girls out there too that

have some fucked up hair if your hair

only makes sense on October 31st then

you probably got the wrong hair and you

just got something going on so the whole

thing comes down to style personality

style personality just means who you

altima are in your heart of hearts and

then what that means what there's the

boots that donovan sharp with his

bad-boy style personality will be

drastically different than the boots

Kevin Samuels puts on with his European

style personality right but it's still a

boot and that's the difference okay so

how does one and I know you guys can't

see me on the screen you can only see

Kevin I'm gonna change it here in just a

second how does how does a man go about

because I think that's the most

important thing Kevin I think that I

think that it's great to look good but

how does one decide what their style

personality is this is a difficult

question because over the average guy

okay it's hard for anyone to figure out

their style personality professionals or


okay there said the average person does

not wear seventy to eighty percent of

their clothing

the reason yep because I say Donovan if

I were to tell you we're gonna go meet

any particular situation we're gonna

meet this person we're gonna go on this

business meeting we're gonna do these

things you would automatically know what

in your closet actually would work for

that situation to put you in the mindset

you need to be in right that's exactly

right so like when you're about to go

and let's say if we're gonna go out of

town let's say you lived in I lived in

New York City you lived in Miami and I

said Donovan we're gonna have a fellas

trip we're gonna go out of the fellows

trip to Vegas but right you you know

what the fuck you go in your closet to

get in pack for Vegas right because it

has to work in Vegas to get you the most

opportunities to have that great weekend

so 70 to 80 percent of our stuff doesn't

work because it's that not speaking the

right language okay what I seek to do

with the style personality is basically

make almost a hundred percent of

everything you were fit it the easiest

way to get your style personality is

actually work with a consultant okay and

I'll tell you why okay

in one hour I or someone like myself can

tell you what your style personality is

and you can invest a net in one hour

versus you go into the store and having

them all tell you this shirt or this or

this jacket and you can't make but each

one of those you have to hope they're

right you have to you can't make a

mistake how many times have you bought

something then you thought it was a good

idea or you know people that bought

something you thought was a good idea

and they turned around and never wore it

has tags on it I've done that before so

that's a wait so that money would have

been better spent investigating to a

style consultant so they could have said

yeah that's not just our personality a

lot of times my biggest value for guys

is telling them what not to what doesn't

work for them oh okay so so and the

interesting thing is is I see that most

guys know what does look good and it's

just like game like we can actually

relate this to the red pill lifestyle we

all know what we want in a woman we want

looks good cooks good sucks good stays

in pocket etc etc but where a lot of

guys get tripped up is they pay for

don't know what not to look for we know

all of the slut tells purple hair you


nose rings you know tattoos etc but it's

it's the it's the the nondescript slut

that the the undercover slut tells if

she lives by herself if she was out at a

meathead gym if she works in a call

center these were all things that are

that are normal everyday parts of life

according to the feminist standard today

so how does that relate to what guys

think in terms of what they wear they

know what you wear for the most part but

they don't know what not to wear and we

see some pretty you see some pretty

terrible examples out there well first a

horses the horses the horses a horse no

knowing what if you're gonna wear boots

knowing what boots to wear like I just

gave the example right that means more

than anything else but knowing that even

if you can't say well you know what I

need a black leather jacket and I need

some some boots right all right even if

you can't find the ones you need to but

you know they're not cowboy boots you

know that your black leather jacket is

not the kind that looks like you know

like the Fonz would wear or some shit it

just depends on you wouldn't know yeah

oh yeah saying you need a suit or you

need a shirt or you need a sweater

knowing that just our personalities bad

boy you know Brooks Brothers is not

gonna be a shit so you can just go ahead

and mark anything Brooks Brothers off

your list forever so if somebody came

along and said Donna but Brooks Brothers

is having a ninety nine percent off sale

and you can get any like great but I

don't wear books

I don't wear these white shoes look like

I'd fit on a golf car that's not me so I

can just skip it knowing what to skip

helps you not have a bunch of waste

right and I like I like leather like

yeah I mean you've seen what my watch

looks like my watch is a it's a big

thick leather cuff the one I mean

they're they're they're shell casings

from from from a 38 caliber Winchester

also you know a 12-gauge shotgun and

that of course I've got the you know

got the cuff you know I've got the

handcuff necklace oh yeah that would not

look good with a with a Brooks Brothers

suit um we've actually got a caller on

the line let's go to the phone lines

here area code 205 you're on live with

Donovan and special guests Kevin Samuels

go ahead okay how y'all doing tonight

doing good man is this red Jedi oh man I

thought I was ready to die again what's

up man are you doing you know what the

funny thing about it you know I was

trying to explain some of these things

these principals to my nephew the first

thing when I look at Kevin your ass

casual but what he's wearing

it's his physique right there so what I

tried it but what I try to explain is

first of all get in shape so Kevin's in

shape now he's not like super buff but

he's feeling it lean and so his clothes

reflect that that's why I think that's

the thing first of all get us and shake

fit over fashion well the one coming to

my channel I try to make complicated

concepts simple right so every day guys

you don't have to be a fucking master

fashion just remember what I say bit

over fashion which means fit is more

important in a brand a $5 t-shirt that

fits is better than a $5,000 suit

doesn't fit over fashion then quality is

better than quantity right better to

have good the best quality you can

afford with the best fit then a bunch of

name-brand expensive shit that looks

terrible and then after that it's really

just a matter of style preference if

guys can really focus on the three FS

you can look good and differentiate

yourself from other men Footwear frames

fragrance and we'll get more into that

later on Flair are frames and fragrance

mm-hmm and my guess is that Kevin give

me one second Kevin looks good right now

because of the frames actually like your

glasses man the glasses are clean

Footwear I'm sure you're probably

wearing some some really nice shoes and

then of course fragrance you look like

you smell good

right by the way Kevin does have a

YouTube channel this guy's got 24,000

subscribers so I'm gonna put this have

been Samuels channel you guys these you

guys need to subscribe to this guy this

guy knows his shit that I was not a that

this guy was not dumb enough to get his

YouTube channel taken away unfortunately

I unfortunately couldn't help myself

haricots 205 when you're talking to your

nephew about now actually let me let me

ask you're both of your opinion because

you guys both seem to know what you're

talking about at least in terms of fit

over fashion a lot of guys like myself I

would like to think well hey I've told

people hey listen if you're in good

shape if you're in great shape no matter

what you wear you're gonna look good if

you're in good shape you can wear a V

you can wear a white v-neck t-shirt you

know a clean pick you know a good clean

pair of blue jeans that fit that look

good and I don't know a pair of I don't

know $40.00 skateboard shoes maybe a

watch and some aviator shades and you're

looking good what do you think heaven

doesn't matter what you're wearing or

does or does fit really Trump all when

it comes to that stuff bit Trump's

everything because you can be in great

shape but your body proportion let's say

you have broad shoulders let's say you

have a you made your shoulders maybe one

size your waist is another all right if

you automatically run around in a xxx to

fit your shoulders what does it gonna

say around your waist it's gonna be

flapping in the wind

what so going and get things nipped and

tucked to where it actually accentuates

your shape and helps you maintain that

masculine silhouette and masculine frame

that's all they would have comes down to

fit it just means your clothes should

not be a distraction your clothes should

be an enhancement and they should really

help just move the conversation on to

where they're not focusing on that's

something not quite right about this

presentation right right this actually

this this segues perfectly into this

into this into this next question Joby

Juan coyote says can we discuss

peacocking and of course Kevin I'm sure

you know all about peacocking right you

probably see it in the fashion industry

all that's

is peacocking good is it bad is it is it

90s cheesy PA what are your thoughts on

that your clothes should not be the

centerpiece okay there we go

a man needs to pick his clothes out with


be purposeful and putting them on and

then forget about it

if I come up and start hollering at a

chick and then real we're not talking to

PU a stuff but if I come gonna start

talking to somebody a chick or a

business or business colleague I should

just look credible in their eyes it

should not be to the point where my

cologne is screaming to the point of

like okay the smells good but it's too

much I should not be worrying you know

I'm in a business meeting but I'm in a

fucking white tug white tie entails

that's a bit much right you know I

shouldn't be going to you know sit at my

kids literally game and I'm in a

double-breasted suit nor should I go to

the office and I'm in linen plants and

some flip-flops and a t-shirt we all we

all know we all work on archetypes just

like you talked about the slut tails


we have archetypes in our mind and map

and you have to if you're gonna be in

that position you have to map to the

archetype case in point if me you in 205

were in a different city or dip in a

different city and we were completely

lost we were you know we were in a law

in a mall and we were lost and we were

trying to find out where to go there's a

man in the suit there's a guy in

flip-flops tennis shoes and a t-shirt

there's a girl over there who's you know

got purple hair and everything else who

do you go ask for directions we're gonna

ask for even ask someone who's familiar

with the area we're gonna look at that

and you're gonna look at these three

people and which one of those three

people would you ask for directions most

people to go to the guy in the suit

because we associate the suit with being

a boss being a manager and somebody an

authority you you sit back and say well

which one of these people is going to be

able to give me the directions now that

person maybe the least that made that

person may just be there but that's what

we work towards it's online it works

toward these archetypes

the question about fit it's bit more

than anything else and if guys can just

focus on sizing down in their everything

sizing down one tends to help a lot of

guys okay biggest problem is most guys

want to feel bigger than they are

you know I'm 6 foot 4 195 pounds for the

how many people in a chat room do we

have right now I've got 56 looking right

now so if I ask the 56 people that chat

room right now quickly what size shirt

do our work quickly I'm 6 for almost 200

pounds get man I have no idea

and let you see what happens you'd be


I've actually got someone in the chat

who's 5 7 155 pounds Stefan or Stephan

not as much of a 25 year old black male

where now here's the thing Kevin and

I've got a caller I'm gonna get to them

in just a second is this Kevin a lot of

people uh and again fit over fashion for


there there is there is no doubt about

that the problem is is that yeah five

seven one thing is is that there are so

many more questions that need to be

asked to figure out someone's style

preference right well I mean we you know

what what looks good on you what kind of

things are you interested in what cup

what is your personality right like you

can't let like you can't now nobody

wants to you know peacocking obviously

is a thing in the past but if you're

gonna pull it off you can't be a guy

who's an introvert you know what I mean

if you're gonna if you're really gonna

do something as lardy's peacocking you

better have the a better have the

personality to match it mm-hmm with the

rugged outdoorsman look if you're a

homebody so what kind of questions would

you ask someone to ask themselves hey we

need to find out what your style

preference so what questions are you

gonna ask someone who's trying to find

out what their style preferences you're

giving away my secrets uh oh because

when I deal with somebody they have to

answer a lot of questions I happen to

have a questionnaire but the

questionnaire in and of itself is not a

B arlindo to I ask guys one simple

question you need to know who you really


so here's a question if I was an animal

what kind of animal would I be now that

answer only makes sense if you know why

it's asked here's something you can ask

yourself whose style do I dialed in

popular media do I like and why what do

I like about it and then try to emulate

that see a lot of black men when he

asked that question one of the one of

the things that comes back more often

not is in Giselle book I like it just

Alba style yeah but did you sell beware

oh wow yes you know he was a hunk doll

he's been this is like when you say it

yourself but what they most people mean

you mean stringer bell on the wire yeah

that is yourself I'm like well that's

you got a you got a really get down so

asking yourself who style you like and

why and then just saying I like it

because it's it's masculine but it's

functional right right and then knowing

the nine style personalities and what

falls into them into the categories is

more than anything else and and here's

the thing guys that's why I say there's

so much better use of time to actually

just work with a consultant to help them

map it out for you

because by the time you spend ten twelve

you're gonna spend a lot of time doing

this and you can't be wrong that's the

thing you can't you have no margin for

error doing it on your own let's see in

the chat room we got you got a guess

Allie Brown says seventeen neck 37

sleeve for your dude shirt so here's

medium medium another I said medium

medium large large most people I like

we're between the medium and a small

okay between the medium and a small

my but the thing is that's just these

American shirt sizes but the thing is I

said it before guy needs to know his

measurements next size his arm length

his chest size and his waist now then

you can know what should fit you and

then kind of go from there now go ahead

yeah let's uh let's go back to the phone

lines here a call

who has blocked their number or calling

from outside the country you are on live

with Donovan and Kevin go ahead could be

a troller mm-hmm

we'll find out here in a second caller

are you with me all right I guess not

I didn't hear anything on the other I

didn't hear anything so did we want to

get what we gonna do within the 3s but

three EPs me okay

yeah the frames the the the footwear and

the fragrance okay and I agree with you

I think those and the reason I agree

with you is because you know style

preference I don't why are those things

and I think I might know why but I want

you to tell us because you obviously

know what you're talking about okay why

do you think that these three things are

the most important in terms of style all

right so guys understand something right

now are you looking at what I have on

right now it is a black cashmere t-shirt

black cashmere sweater and I have on

black jeans right this is what I will

call a canvas okay I can wear this and

look good what the difference is

what is your Footwear gonna say if I

have one two shoes or something like

that if I don't Jordan to something like

that this will look completely different

right right right I can change this look

so much just by choosing a different

color boot so right there I pulled out a

shit-ton of boots because with each with

right now I'm wearing black boots this

outfit looks different with this versus

this versus this okay

versus these it's all Footwear and the

footwear a guy wears let's focus on

Footwear your Footwear communicate so

much and listen before you get started

you just pulled out five pairs of shoes

you're wearing one you pulled out four

pairs of shoes that's five different

outfits mm-hmm like that so your

Footwear communicate status

it communicates to a certain degree

perceived wealth right shoes back in the

day used to be only most people didn't

have shoes so only the richest people or

the wealthy people had good Footwear and

especially as a man when you have on

groan damn man shoes you can you get

people look at you differently people

who follow my channel watch this often

now all of those are just boots but it's

you know it really matters about like I

said it's the foundation of every every

outfit and and of course if you've ever

if you how many girls do you know women

love their shoes and their bags they do

so they pay attention to your shoes in

your bag too but men do it too I can

take guy I've taken client to Chamber of

Commerce meetings and I said I want you

to look the look at the decision makers

or the owners look in their eyes and

watch how they'll imperceptibly

keep looking down at a guy's shoes if

they look bad cuz they because guys like

guys don't really look at it and but

once they get clued in they're like

Timmy does keep looking down and just

using like yeah cuz it doesn't he's got

on a busted dusty shoes and he's got on

a suit but you got to think do I want

this guy to be my consultant or not do I

want to give this guy any money if he

couldn't even shine it it sends a bad

message it's not congruent so it's like

am I gonna invest my money here but then

you get some guy that comes in with a

suit from suit supply which I love and

they just woman with a pair of shoes

this has a nice shine oh no it's like

okay this makes sense I will be I'd be

happy to do that hires and fitness for

life my guess is probably a probably a

personal trainer I'm gonna have another

guy that I met at the 21 convention by

the name of May he's gonna be on the

show tomorrow it's almost like putting

your trust in someone who like if you

want to hire someone to help you out

with fitness they got to be in good


yep what's someone who is a financial

adviser they can't they can't be driving

a busted you know 1984 Nissan Sentra

that they can barely pay for you have to

you have to

the part you have to be the part let's

go back to the full lines here area code

404 you're on live with Donovan good

Donovan was good take the bow chase Bob

oh what's going on brother

oh it's all good hold on real quick

chase now I know you're calling from

Atlanta and I hear sirens in the

background so like you're either in

College Park East Point or dare I say

bacon you in one of those areas okay


I'm Jeff north of the amphitheater and

just Apple will you be trying to feel

okay gotcha okay okay so you're good

you're good actually stayed out there

when I went to Atlanta I stayed at the

Centennial the Ramada Centennial at

Centennial Park right across from where

Muhammad Ali lit the torch shitty hotel

by the way I don't mean to give them you

know fat advertisement but listen if you

were calling me from Clayton County

that'd be all right but if you're

calling me from bang kinda be like yo

chase get off the phone save yourself

call me back later right how about


I'm doing good man what about you Kevin

I'm good man I'm sitting here working

just working what we got putting out

force all right here's what we got and

you may not you all may not know this

but I'm a long scene and in my bloopio

days I wasted cuttings of money I'm

trying to find the perfect fragrance Oh

fragrances and and I gave away and sold

more than I want so my question is how

do I find out what clones are right for

me without breaking the bank

because I tried fit birth with it birth

doesn't help the ladies stuff out yet so

I'm trying to figure out what can I do

v out these fragrances see was people

what I like with other people find and

complimentary off oh well like anything

else imma put the camera directly on

Kevin so that he can see cuz I saw I saw

what you just did there with all the

like anything else you got to know know

what you like like for me I know the

fragrance notes I like I like rose

I like amber

and I like food now those are my

fragrances but you gotta know why you're

wearing a fragrance is are you going to

work are you going out on a date are you

going to are you going where are you

gonna be

you got to pick a fragrance based on

occasion and then what you dig

I do fragrance reviews all the time so

what I do is I review a fragrance and

tell you how well it's complimented how

well it performs where to wear it what

kind of style personality best goes with

it and in my overall opinion in general

all right

a man can always wear clean fresh

inoffensive the the show sponsored 18:21

men made yes is the one fragrance i

think that every guy should own because

this camp comes from a company that

doesn't even specialize in fragrances

this thing is a panty-dropper it

performs they have an entire line of

body products and i'm not sponsored but

this shit just smells incredible it

smells incredible at the end of the day

dude you want to if you trying to

attract them what is what is your goal

are you trying to just smell good all

the time for you or you're trying to get

choosing signals from folks are you

trying to stir what is it that's what

you need to know oh well yeah we see my

main focus is no matter where I'm going

what I'm doing I'm trying to turn heads

will turn women's hands like oh that

guy's good

I want to he tastes as good at these

nails that's my main focus

hey you can wear 18:21 man made school

tobacco spirits and do that see here's

the one thing I miss for living so you

don't need a fragrance collection I just

showed you maybe 2% of my fragrance

collection that's on that little done

that's 2% I got I got over a thousand

miles of fragrance you don't need that

you need the average guy needs about six

one for the fall one for the winter one

for the spring one for the summer one

signature scent that goes all year-round

and then one that special occasion date

night that is a full fragrance


oh good well I would say I already chose

my signature that dolce gabbana that's

the most I got which which one then okay

Kabbalah Pour Homme I think okay you

okay so yeah so that's a Fuji R so

basically what that fits into is clean

fresh bright so things that are fit in

that category would be aqua dijo for

formal things that will fit in that

category things are like Prada Rome

what are some other stuff that will fit

in that category

I like Sauvage bye bye New York D or D

or the dealer that will fit in their

category yeah do your Sahaj

well it wouldn't fit in that category

but that is damn sure that is one

fragrance I recommend a lot of guys do

savage and then blue de Chanel because

they're just universally inoffensive and

they have a compliment but women love

these things

yes but the things he's talking about he

that's more leans more towards like a

barbershop kind of it's got a Fuji air

you don't need to know that but I'm just

throw out there for so what you would

want to do is because you have one

category covered then you would want a

hat make sure you have something that's

like a little bit more sweet I liked for

date night again something like this if

you have Dolce & Gabbana poor arm to

wear in the daytime Dolce and Gabanna

the one or the Python it's a great date

night panty-dropper romantic fragrance

ain't not kidding it's the six

fragrances you need Plus making sure

they're well rounded will set most guys

and where to buy fragrances I detest

buying paying retail I hate it but find

the fragrance you like and then go

online to a place like fragrance net or

fragrance X or to you know forever looks

all these companies who actually sell

online you can come to my channel and I

have several different places where I

buy from I won't pay retail if I have if

I can avoid it

why why give that money away it's the

same juice at the end of the day stuff


excellent information there to screen

the Deadpool account is it well thanks

for the call chase you can call him to

the show anytime um actually I'm

actually hearing something Kevin mm-hmm

yes that's right

it is the dip police TSR towers favorite

troll area code for 1/3 the freaking you

know I'm gonna call you the Puerto Rican

judge I love this guy likes to call on

he likes to give me a call coming names

he likes to call me Coons what's going

on four on three what you got for me

today aha yessir are you are you

celebrating a white house a fake you

fell coolly man at least I think so man

you about this good do it man still

doing it you know the interesting thing

is literally know what Halloween is a

white holiday I know it's a pagan

holiday but I mean I am wearing a white

D so I guess that does count is mikuni

yeah it's pagan that's what it is yes

appreciate it but why are you calling

yeah not gonna answer that I love this

guy listen believe it or not man I've

actually talked to him a few times on

o'shea show he's very adversarial

exactly he's actually starting to grow

on me a little bit man understand

something you're you're trolls work for

you they're your best marketing I swear

to God Allah and by the way area code

403 if you're still listening I'm

actually gonna put together an

introduction featuring you so understand

something I have a troll that he he's my

best employee everything I dropped he's

right there as soon as I'm he's part of

the notification squad anything else I'm

like yeah I'm like you I was like and

here's a funny thing but you fuckers who

don't know this a dislike counts one and

a half times more than a like L yes in

the algorithm yes you believe

I look he always my ratings always jump

up at 50 listen I had 56 viewers it just

jumped up to 65 so I appreciate that

area code for late 404 1-3

I call him Porto Rican Judgment Day

let's go back to the phone lines back to

area code 205 you're on live it Donovan

go ahead I've called a few minutes ago

oh yeah I want yeah I want to make

another point okay I am in a fitness I'm

a personal trainer so here's the thing

like listening to your shows that you

know some of the things you know the red

pill knowledge get yourself in shape is

your finances once you get in shape most

anything looks good on you far as the

fragrances I use Jimmy to when I'm going

out to meet you man intense when I'm in

a gym the savage by Dior but here's the

thing attracting non black women they

respect style not overdone but style the

way Kevin is dressing now that's the way

I dress all the time and non black women

will stop me and talk to me just based

on the drift based on the shoes and

they'll tell you they'll tell me but you

don't even have to spend a lot of money

it's just when you're in shape

everything looks good on you yes because

most clothes are fit most clothes are

made off of them of a mold so the closer

you can get to the mold that that's good

but the thing is when you look good your

mind is good you feel better when you're

looking good smelling good you feel

better so you're actually drawing more

positive energy more attracting more

things you're being more positive now as

far as dressing to attract outside of a

race I've always known that the way I

dress makes me universally attractive

right it just simply does it makes me

universally attractive because I've fit

an archetype you look clean professional

dis that it just fits

now if you dress in traditional dress in

any race you're going to attract more of

that race if you want to attract the

broadest segment of people you need to

become the broad is representation while

still maintaining your style which is

why the three EPs are so important we

already hit Footwear Footwear is

critically important fragrance I meet

two or five everybody in the chat room

we could all have on shoes all worth is

canvas a black top and black jeans we

could all look like Smith what's the it

but if everybody closed their eyes and

walk down the line of all of us they

couldn't see a damn one of us but if

they win they could smell the one

wearing 1821 man-made sweet tobacco

spirit and this is that one the first

census that develops when you're in

outside the womb the sense of smell

smell can take you back to your

grandma's cookies it can take you back

to so many different places smell those

things are the only music and those kind

of things you can hear something to take

you back this is the post-assad to

memory of Lee importantly a lot of guys

don't pay enough attention to the scent

and listen I was one of those I was one

of these guys Kevin mmm I remember that

I'll never forget the very first time I

had you one was episode 141 episode 351

but it was episode 140 I can't tell you

how much I learned the first thing I

went out and did is I've got in touch

with 1821 man-made done they send me

free shit all the time and I went and I

got my smell game I've got aqua - oh

I've got Sauvage by Christian Dior the

smell game the smell game has to be

tight and listen I got a girlfriend I

want my girlfriend to be attracted to my

smell you hmm I want to smell good with

her and I think a lot of guys get lazy

because they figure I got a girlfriend a

wife it doesn't matter it matters well

they want you to smell good too yeah so

and the thing is Footwear means more

shoes mean more to women that they do to

men but you can still have the six basic

shoes you need make sure they're quality

and you're good then fragrance is a way

for you to season yourself you know some

people like hot sauce some people like

putting pepper on it this is up your

fragrance season yourself

your woman wants to walk by what you

smell and survive so she can do damn my

man smells good but she also like other

bitches smelling you but like that is

that bitch is like yeah that's mine

women adieu that women are internet and

if you guys have noticed I've been

changing my glasses throughout because

frames is the last thing guys we can't

change our hair that quickly

we just can't the way a man can change

his face is with facial hair or frames

as a man whether you were glasses or not

I mean prescription glasses not is

irrelevant all you need is these yo

those arc yo those are so clean those

are clean man one pair of awesome

aviator glasses for any guy so Donovan

could have exactly what I'm wearing on

what right now again let's look at it

black shirt black pants black jeans this

is the bad boy look it's the European

look it's the rugged look in every style

personality well see the watch is

whether you have the watch on or not I'm

just saying to basics it would all fit

so it's Footwear frames fragrance and

you walk out of the door now I didn't

get lasix because I wanted to switch my

glasses so let's say I'm sitting in

front of you and I'm wearing bees right

these frames say something completely

different than these Wow man like you

completely changed

look just with you my work and those say

something different than these you're

the guy you on the show with O'Shea on

the brother pill he's changed his

complete look up just by throwing on

frames and there's and honestly when I

first talked to her I was like you know

one of the things you could do to switch

up your look I'll get you frame right

now just just changing and each one of

these frames say something a little bit

different what about a guy like me who

doesn't normally wear glasses

I mean yeah I got you so you know the

Aviators I had on yes their glasses

we will go from this to that yeah those

are clean man actually I'm actually

trying to step up my step up my game on

my show because I see she kind of does

it kind of he got to make some mockery

out of he's got the new glasses on or

whatever but you know I mean you can

only go so far with the wife beater and

the you know I mean you know I mean I'm

comfortable but hey I mean you got to

look good too right or yeah and or you

go to something like this as a

transition so in the indie in the office

they're clear but when I go outside this

lens turns into a sunglass this is

actually a converted pair of sunglasses

and I turned them into optical so

instead of having to switch glasses

indoors and outdoors this is an indoor

and outdoor pair you don't have to have

prescription lenses in these things you

can get a prescription pair and just

turn them into a pair of sunglasses and

the reason why the reason I stepped

through all that is to show guys

how different my face looked with each

one of these glasses telling you like

you're it's like you're being a

transformer like I don't know if you

guys remember transformer there was a

transfer renamed six-shot mmm-hmm

different things like that's what you

just did so and you cannot as a man one

pair of glasses will always work this

black horn-rimmed glasses works any

decade any season any reason and then

that first pair of glasses that aviator

will always work now regardless to where

you live you can always have Footwear

frames and fragrance and then just be

out of the door but we're in the fall

and the fall is my favorite season

because you get to wear one item that is

quintessentially masculine and rugged

I'm about to show you guys that now okay

well when I started the show out it gets

you you actually took this off but

Donovan saw this you saw this oh yeah

when I first got on a channel this is a

denim this is a denim jacket and it's

this is a blazer this is more my style

personality it would work for Donovan

but what it worked for everybody

I'm not sure but the next item the next


items every guy needs to have in his

wardrobe okay ready let's go all right

every guy needs to have in his wardrobe

hey brown oh my god bomber type jacket

or I actually use this ism

it's more of a moto jacket yeah a brown

suede jacket of some sort look at how

well that works on this canvas this

black and brown and this is perfect this

time of year suede is more important

especially in a brown this is the second

most important jacket you need but the

first one is this one second

yeah fitness for life says that jacket

is cold hell yeah that jacket is clean

as a motherfucker I'm gonna get to

listen I see all your questions in this

oh there it is that's what you need

right there it's the black leather

jacket yes sir the black leather jacket

is quintessentially masculine sexy and

makes everybody style personality just

look good just like everybody can wear a

leather jacket regardless you just said

it regardless of what your style

personality is so and this is and

honestly what I just did is I just

connect it with Donovan this style leans

more bad-boy everything that I put on

before he could appreciate but this is

probably one of the few things that he

could say I could wear this because it

is a black leather jacket it's bad boy

it's every styles version of the head


so black jeans black leather jacket

quintessentially masculine and how you

wear it with your frames says it all you

you don't want to wear this look with

some Poindexter rims ah oh there we go

yeah there you go

yep there you go so that's why I brought

all this to the felt so you could see it

in then when somebody sees that from

far and they get up on you and you're

smelling good they're like talk just


yeah they're done they've chosen you at

that point all you have to do is not

fuck it up there you go just don't trip

let's go to the phone lines here area

code two for oh thanks for holding man

you're on live at Donovan go ahead oh

yeah hey ray from PG what's going on man

Prince George's County out there in the

merry land no man I'm glad that you had

mr. Sandra's on just because this is

something that I take serious I have a

story to tell when I was 25 I bought my

first suit I was so excited I was at the

tailor and I was just excited you know

you could just tell his radiant and when

I actually wasn't too I had to go to

school that day

right when I stepped out of the car from

the time that I actually left through

that day I had countless complement

countless compliments I was talking to

girls and because my because of me

wearing this suit it's like I

transformed there's something to say the

least I got at least like four numbers

that day right only because man they

were like you know you know when you're

wearing a suit their vocabulary changes

instead of good oh you look nice and I

never forget my teacher I had a

presentation that's why I had a person

that's why I wore my suit so I'll get in

there I'll take off my pea coat I had

the belt the matching shoes with the

watch and my face was just like oh okay

mr. Betancourt you're smelling good you

know the pink game you have to step oh

man you still wearing curved and cool

water I do college days man you know I

don't play no games with the popular


and all the one which introduced me to

create about my killing them have game

your cologne game you dress you game up

if you're a grown man you still wearing

sneakers that does rubble

sneakers and stuff like that but you had

to have the dressed gamer own hand

shoot-'em-up ray real quick man real


you said the suit was cleaned the

teacher was impressed you fucked the

teacher didn't you leave to the girls

that gave me their number that day I was

in the mid that's what's up yeah matter

of fact one day a week I was master and

this is all when I say when I tell you I

guard their car my man Nicholas Cage on

face off

yes yes that was like me castor Troy I

think was a disciple a Donovan teaching

these rare blue shoes keep doing what

you're doing mrs. Samuel aim and I'll

forward your channel to max he's doing a

chador do appreciate PG ladies and

gentlemen dropping that knowledge hey


he makes a remakes a great point man if

and again I'm not I'm not a suit guy but

I know that there's a there that there

will be a time where I have to wear suit

my presentation for the 21 convention

next year I might just wear a suit you

know what I mean just to come off a

little more clean depending upon what

the subject matter is but I think that

every man I think that every man should

wear it shit should should own at least

one suit all you need is one yeah well

cut dark suit and then every style

personality has their version of a suit

that's not a suit meaning if you're a

corporate style personality that kind of

thing yeah if you're in a suit most the

time you're gonna own more than one suit

but there has to be something for a man

that's not sweat so athletic wear and

not a suit see what I'm around right now

was I call it the canvas black pants

those pants could have been jeans or

they could have been trousers it could

have been a black long-sleeve t-shirt in

this case today it's a cashmere sweater

I could throw that jacket I had on

before I got the leather jacket wanna

throw that jacket on that's behind me

and still look good now the shoes are

right now they're like a motorcycle boot

but for this particular outfit I've

thrown like this black suede like boot

okay so that is sweet yeah yeah yeah and

then we're ready to go out and thing is

it's a first for men my wardrobe is not

massively large I have a lot of

different shoes and a lot of different

frames but the canvas I paint on is very

small it's just when I throw this jacket

on versus the for the brown one you got

a different field versus the blue one

it's a different field versus the white

one it's a different field that's

because they fit my style personality

where did I invest most of the money

Footwear and in my frames and then like

this jacket right here it's an

investment item right you're gonna help

I don't need right I don't need a lot of

black leather jackets but the one I put

on I need it to fucking stop traffic for

me so I will put more money I will put

more money in this then I will put it in

through this damn sweater let me show

you one more thing is I don't know keep

them going while I show something else

no I got you um I got I think I've got

seeing Vegas on the line I'm gonna get

you in just a second area code eight six

five I'm gonna get you in a second um

let me see what questions I've got here

yeah Lorenzo Davis I see I see your

question about Armani being a good

cologne for fifth year old men were

gonna ask him as soon as he as soon as

he baek-moo tasted Maj has a couple of

has a couple questions in here so we're

gonna get we're gonna get to all your

questions here in a minute

again you guys all listen to me the TSR

live without of its sharp a special

guest Kevin Samuels you guys can check

him out by Kevin Samuels calm he's a

fashion and image consultant he's

definitely one of the foremost leaders

in fashion and imaging and image

consulting yes could definitely check

out his YouTube channel I put it in the

chat my boss I'm also gonna put it in

the description

guys listen the guy knows his shit you

guys need a book you guys need to book

your image consulted it listen it's a

free it's a it's a free what is it 15

minute consultation definitely all right

be worth the time so like for you going

to speak at the 21 Commission hey killer


do the job eight right right yeah I got

a fitted black t-shirt and throw on this

and you would look dressed up you go

I mean a suit is just a pants image and

a jacket made out of the same material

with the time that's it and honestly

we're changing so much sore not wearing

ties you can throw on a white t-shirt

some dark denim jeans and throw on a

blazer or jacket or a sports coat all

the same things in a changeable language

and look great and still casual and

dressed down it's it's so simple so

simple questions here Lorenzo Davis says

mr. Kevin is our model alone your old

man to wear 50 yeah yeah I'm 50

ok ha beep it in March all right

honestly I thought you were about my

agent that you're like 45 46 years yeah

yeah yeah see don't crack and and I've

still fuck women in their 20s and that's

a beautiful thing being my 8 another

thing about men's style

so many men have not had a roadmap to

actually go from teens to their 30s 40s

and 50s we that's why we tend to dress

down because we don't see men's style

being something to aspire just like I

don't want to it see that I'm gonna be a

hot young dude or you're fucking


no there has to be something in between

he and you at my age I'm getting a

coming or going

ok I'm getting them coming and going

because we're my age they know in order

to fuck with me they gotta had their

shit together I'm not dealing with

troglodytes you gotta be at least an 8

in my age range to fuck around me and

then younger women are like oh you smell

good have fun with them too and it's all

of my terms

guys dressing like a modern I talk

talked about this year they dressed like

a modern Savage it's always going to


a modern savages a gentleman warrior

scholar that's all it is being a man who

can and you look like a man who can

handle this shit in the bedroom in the

boardroom in an on the beach or

the Octagon that's it and then and the

damn show in that point and if you got

that's another subject but if you guys

don't know how to fight you need to

learn I agree I totally agree

got another question from big would say

semaj says what brand are those aviators

I need something that fits a larger head

company called Dida Dida di ta and these

are talent what you really need to do is

go on to a website is it high class USA

or contacts easy contacts USA they have

a program where you can actually upload

you can take a picture of your face and

it can actually digitize the disc your

your face and it shows you the optimum

frames for your face see that's another

thing sunglasses and all that kind of

thing they your face is different so if

you have a fuller face you're gonna need

a bigger lens and then knowing your

pupil distance that's why it is so

important people and I was on

Abyssinians channel the other day hiring

a professional they know all this stuff

so at a glance right I said this before

and I'll say it again at 25 after 25

years old you should own your purpose

doing your shit hopefully your time is

worth more than your money knowing what

to do even if you got to spend a couple

of hundred dollars just to have somebody

point you in the right direction knowing

what not to do is more important don't

have a do I have a book out for age

range thirty not a book I'm working on

it okay let's go I'm gonna go back and

forth so let's go to the phone lines I

think this is in Vegas thanks bald man

you're on live at thought of it Oh pine

its pine in Vegas with the biggest one

number pine what's going on weather how

you doing man not much just calling to

give you both endless bug because I've

done consultations with Bolton yes he

does have stepped up my game tremendous

hood going up again hey thanks for

turning me onto the magnani shoes oh

yeah this was a monk said I was wearing

we're 21 convention and just last

weekend I was presiding over a wedding

in a suit that I had to build on the fly

which I used one of your videos for so

thank you very much there you go

man McNally is the best actually they

fly me out to Barcelona to their plant

because I talk about them so much

my mom Johnny is it's pronounced

apparently I call him McNally and so it

looked like to me they're the best you

value for the money in my opinion also I

had a big hit the other day I was

wearing a chiffon or lump into a tip

fillet I got a compliment wait

pine hold on up and say that again one

more time I want to make sure I want to

make sure Kevin can hear this pine say

that one more time what did you wear

into a chick-fil-a

what what you guys are talking about

I'll let you guys do that great it's a

it's a fragrance it's under 30 bucks

I've been waiting for 20 plus years and

it is just killer it is just killer it

is just killer this is my Johnny sit

like this shoe Donovan you a pair of

blue jeans and a white t-shirt this is

that just killed a game again it's that

con yeah color brown that every guy can

wear you can be a fucking lame and look

good in this stuff and you and it will

up your cool points up your style points

and make you feel better and here's a

funny thing even if you don't believe it

people around you will be like no you

look good you smell good and it just

does something for to do good stuff man

I'm gonna leave Pine on the line here on

another just a second here pine did you

have anything else no I just wanted to

pick the shout out to you guys and thank

you both for everything you've done and

you know thanks to Kevin for getting we

turned on some great fragrances like

molecule one he's got all my classics

there man and pinus high-profile man if

you guys haven't find in person I'm

actually gonna have pine on on an

episode next week why your diet doesn't

work pine is the foremost expert in in

the keto diet and he is also the he's

also worked security for the ax for the

21 commit

he was literally the security director

so you guys will get to meet him in

person next year so thanks for calling

in pine and I'll be in touch with you

soon brother

all right brother take it easy all right

man thank you Kevin later man that guy

knows his shit like him dude that guy is

more knowledgeable about the keto diet

than anything um Kevin Ibanez says so to

start revamping your style where do you

start for shoes okay look without that

that was easy

so you're so if you wanna and I don't

know maybe you're you're better suited

to answer this so if you want to restart

your if you're looking to revamp your

style the three F's Footwear frames and


those are good places to start and you

can just fill everything else in does

that sound about right and you want to

start at the footwear the footwear is

the foundation to everything again you

can wear jeans and a t-shirt they're

gonna be Levi's jeans and a Haines for

Hanes t-shirt

get out - reco 9-1-1 by the way with the

$5 donation if you guys want to donate

to the show I don't take super chat

because YouTube takes 30% off the top

that's there right labs.com ford slash

donovan sharp and the number one I'm

putting it in the chat now stream

labs.com ford slash doesn't sharpen the

number one shout outs a reco 1911 for

the ax for the five dollar donation go

ahead Kevin so you could be wearing just

blue jeans from Levi's you could wear

Hanes for a loom t-shirt like Tom Ford

does when he's at home and throw on

these McNerney chelsea boots and look so

much better than you would would still

run over to the meal run over the side

New Balance they could even be simple

Stan Smith's but as long as they're


starting with shoes boots and chelsea

boots and double monk straps okay are

two sexy shoes that men get a hell of a

lot of mileage in screw lace-ups I don't

want to say screw laces lace-ups don't

you really focus on those and at first I

was a guy starting out going from

athletic where I will grab a pair of

black Chelsea boots I will I will grab a

pair of brown

or con yak color like this double monk

strap shoes then I go grab another pair

of boots like this time of year whether

it's a work boot hell somebody in the

chat room said Timberland timberlands

work for street wear or street wear kind

of style or rugged style personality

that what you're really or Mike what

you're really focusing on is getting

them if you get good shoes trust me if

you get good shoes and you want to put

more money in your shoes don't pay

retail though like those boots retail

for $600 my fav 219 bucks oh wow

Wow okay I had them in two days and

you'll have them for a forever

y'all oven for a while I've had some of

my shoes up to 20 years take care of

your step they'll take care of you see I

believe that we're dressing men so like

these glasses these Dida glasses yeah

they were $300 but I only need this pair

I have all this because I'm an image

consultant not changed my looks up but

this is the only pair I would need and

you know what if you're dropping and

you're closed and fucking up your

clothes like that I you would take

better care of yourself if you put a

little bit more thought into it I'm not

gonna say money because I'm not a brand

tool for you right um let's see Oh chase

LeBeau who we just talked to hopefully

he wasn't out there in Bankhead bling

bling and ass niggas he says where does

the King gold Tropic 504 hat fit in the

fit in with the rugged or bad boy light

at the bad boy style that's the Tropic

McCain Gold Tropic 504 head again I have

to look that up is that which and I mean

I don't know which have you specifically

talking about but see here's the thing

I'm gonna put in the link see but I will

say this before I answer those kind of

questions I always like to know how do

you know your style personality is what

it is

see a lot of times guys will come and

say well how do I do this for the bad

boy Stoppers name how do you know your

style this bad boy well I want it to be

it doesn't matter if you want it to be

if it's not you who let me out of these

style personalities would you want to be

boss would you want to be European

would you want to be Americana would you

want to be adventurer would you want to

be Street where would you want to be bad

boy would you want to be prepster would

you want to be player or would you want

to be rake most guys are gonna say I'd

want to be boss I want a bad boy some

younger guys are gonna be like I'd

rather have more hip-hop style street

wear but who actually picks prepster

most have no pick prepster but but that

is a lot of people style personality

every guy wants the feel the word

bad-boy just has that countercultural

edge to it what it doesn't make sense

for everybody I am NOT a bad boy style

personality I have just am NOT it will

come off as disingenuous try hard and

incongruent if I wouldn't mmm

Donovan's handcuff necklace what makes

sense for me and it doesn't matter that

I have pretty black belts enough fight

full-contact about my fucking style

please listen you got to be a hothead

like me right you got everybody in the

eye that that's really the only way to

pull that off by the way the the Kangol

tropic 504 hat is what everybody refers

to as the Kangol it's the samuel

l.jackson wears it a lot

I know it's bit I mean I knew was I knew

his big in New York City back in back in

the back in the 90s I know biggie

the the now biggie wore it the biggie

wore at the forward way so so yeah chase

um I don't know and honestly I don't

know I mean I don't know if my my style

personality is the bad boy whatever but

maybe you're thinking the bad boy label

right maybe you know bad boy I don't

know but no I wouldn't wear that and

I've got I guess according to Kevin I've

got the bad boy style personality me

personally I would wear that so there's

always a newsboy Callahan right there

okay so this is more it's really it's a

newsboys when it's called

okay so this is a denim newsboy but this

fits my style personality and a newsboy

they were fit for Donovan would be a

something like a denim or could even be

like a rugged kind of twee look a

corduroy but it would fit his style

aesthetic that particular style of hand

it's like seeing a fedora fedoras to be

been a bad boy style personality we need

to have a zipper on um or something

something that's gonna be a little bit

countercultural that versus for a for a

boss they would need to be made out a

rabbit or fur felt

okay and all these different and but

again it's still a fedora aren't you in


no actually in Philly now Billy okay so

the last piece I forgot because somebody

mentioned a car coat or a pea coat oh no

that was Pyare MGP had on the pea coat

for his presentation every guy needs to

have what I consider is a car coat or a

Piko Piko good with the what the Hat

wouldn't it hmm this is just a coat

that's 3/4 length and it cuts out right

you know halfway between my crotch and

my knee okay and this is just worn at

car length not everybody is going to be

in a climate to where they need a big

heavy overcoat right you got to have

something that's warmer than those

leather jackets and not and like I said

with I like to show the car coat because

they you see that that's black ones

brown and this is great if we want to

change up your outerwear and puts them a

little bit more personality into it

because your your clothing items don't

need to be bullring right obviously or

even your even your seasonal stuff so

alright that's what that is cool let's

go back to the phone lines

area code 865 you're on live with

Donovan and Kevin what's going on

brother are you doing in cellar is but

I'm trying to incorporate the red pill

and dealing with better better quality

women I had a question I'm wondering

like how would you deal with like the

women is kind of picky on eating ladies

okay to compromise Whittle you said

picky about I feel I feel like I'm I'm


no comrades in too much okay what are

you compartment you said women who are

pinky about eating or women who are just

picky in general uh I mean you know that

they pick y'all way around but a lot of

things but the eating part kind of

getting a little too picky on the eating

part like going out to eat stuff like

this okay I can actually I can actually

answer the first part of this question

and then Kevin can answer the second

part of this question because we're

actually talking about what what do your

clothes say about you as a man so we've

got image consultant Kevin Samuels on

the show and I think that I think that

what will cut down on what what will

sort of get past a lot of picky women is

the way you dress and I'll I'll like em

and answer that question in terms of

women who are picky about what they eat

that's on them right and you're probably

the kind of guy who and I used to be

this way too

the first thing that I would advise you

to do is never allow her to pick the

restaurant number one women want to know

women like a man with a plan

women don't want to pick the date they

don't want to make that they don't want

to make the plans I don't want to do the

schedule they want a man they just want

to sit back look good relax suck dick go

home and that'd be that but if you're

running into women who are picky about

what they eat what you do is you order

for them but you order what they tell

you to so let's say you're sitting in a

restaurant with a with a woman and she's

like well I don't eat this and I don't

eat that and blah blah blah I mean

listen there's nothing that you can do

about that she's going I mean at some

point he's gonna have to eat something

and and if she really is too picky just

make fun of her be like well are you

gonna eat anything like like I mean and

you know what that you don't have to

have you don't have to have

attitude about it but I think what I'm

trying to tell you is just don't give

too much credence to that don't don't

say now here's what you absolutely

should not do don't try to correct it

well what about this well no that's too

hot what about that well no that's two

women who are way too picky about what

they eat at restaurants paid them no

attention they if they're hungry enough

they will figure something out so don't

put too much don't don't put too much

time and effort on a woman's complaints

a woman who is complaining to you about

eating that's a shit test yeah yes men

we're you know we want to fix things

this is what we do this was one of those

things we just need to step back if

you're at if you're at a restaurant with

a woman and this better be the fifth or

sixth date after you have fucked or five

or six times I don't like this and I

don't like that I don't like this dude

pay no attention to her as a matter of

fact available you know I'm gonna go

with I'm gonna go with the steak and

potatoes and I'm gonna do this and blah

blah blah just let me know what you want

to eat and I'll relay that to the waiter

waitress you know my question would be

this you should know what this woman and

if you she's going on a date you should

already know that before you go out

right because like Donovan said I'm not

taking into brought out that I'm not in

a relationship with I'm not taking you

out to dinner

oh and before I decide to be in a

relationship with you damn sure fucker

we've had sex and I know what your

temperament is if you're a vegetarian

okay cool I'll decide if I just want to

date a vegetarian maybe I don't want to

do that I'm not gonna sit back and go

someplace and have her dictate shit to

me I've done that and my sipping days

and shit does nothing for me if I'm

taking you out it's because I'm treating

you and you're gonna fucking sit there

and tell me what that's new so maybe

maybe the question that I think the

answer is better vetting upfront not

only that Kevin I believe that the

better you're dressed I think the more

well behaved women are with you and and

listen you are the quintessential

example of that if you're dressed like

an eight shit nigga bitches are gonna

treat you like an ancient Nega so if you

show up to a day for made-up dress like

Kevin if you've been fucking her for you

know a week and a half or so and you

decide okay she's been a good woman I

think I'll take her out on a dinner date

and you show up dressed like Kevin

he might have complaints about the food

but she's not gonna vocalize it to you

because you look like you're about your

shit so if she is a vegetarian or if she

does have an allergy to peanuts just say

you know what I'm gonna do the chicken

salad without the chicken and by the way

area code 865 I have a peanut allergy so

make sure that you know if you would ask

the waiter waitress is there any is

there any peanut oils or peanut in there

but the main thing is is dress dress the

part and don't feed into their emotional

shenanigans if women are picky about

what they eat fine there are women

they're supposed to be picky but at the

end of the day there's nothing you can

do about a woman's eating preferences

but do not succumb to the pressure that

comes with okay well if she's gonna be a

picky eater

let me let her pick the restaurant I can

promise you she will have even more

complaints because she picked the

restaurant she's not gonna be relaxed

thanks for the call like I guess they'll

be better quick three main things they

all need to compromise with when it

comes to eating

Lamy with girls I'm dating I didn't say

that last part again I say this like

three main things I need to do like to

not compromise compromise with when it

comes to eating okay I mean with girls

you know you date you fucking and sure

and listen and again I'll just sum it up

like this what she eats or doesn't eat

has absolutely no bearing on your

relationship or lack thereof with her it

has and I mean listen if she's a picky

eater fine you're gonna order what you

order I got I actually got a comment in

the chat doyon says I would just order

my own food and whenever she's ready to

order hers tell her you know tell the

server if she's taking if she takes too

long I'm done eating I'll call for the

check right I mean you know I mean again

and I know that this is a concern but

but trust me what I tell you if you're

dating a woman who is a picky eater it

is inconsequential

if anything if she's a picky eater she's

much more likely than not to stay in

good shape and that's what this is

mm-hmm thanks for the call area code 865

area code 404 I see you in the queue I

see an eye there is another num there's

another there's somebody else in the

queue and I've

ready to bring them on it's given me all

sorts of letters and numbers I tried to

bring them on it's not let me do it but

to air code 404 but it gets you in just

a second got another question here from

area code 205 whose fitness for life he

says what about we he said what about

belts Kevin I struggle with belts and

where to and where to buy brim type hats

hats and belts okay

so belts I buy like Bailey's of

Hollywood they have a variety hats for

all style personalities and reasonable

prices and as far as belts don't wear

them with suits actually I'm getting

away from wearing so many belts because

you know belts do one thing they make a

line in your clothing and there's a

point of delineation if you're wearing

belts you need to be wearing belts with

like more casual clothes like jeans with

some trousers

but when and I'm gonna take it out here

if you're in the gym and you're working

out and you and you have a your body

isn't you know proportion well you tuck

your pant you do better like this what

I'm wearing right now I took my sweater

in my trousers I don't wear a belt

okay okay because it first of all this

is a belts are a new thing so the answer

for my question is I'm not even wearing

belt so much but also because I am I'm

in a better shape I can tuck my pant my

shirt and I look good that way too if

you want to wear a belt make sure it's

the same color and the same leather as

your shoes and the same finish mean

don't wear glossy your shoes and they

wear a dollar bill

hmm that's hard to do right and I think

that's I think that's where a lot of

guys have problems with belts your belt

ask the match for shoes and it's hard to

get now what's blacks it's pretty

standard it's just blacks but when

you're talking about Browns if you've

got the leather double monk strap shoes

it's gonna be hard to wear a belt that

matches your shoes that also matches

that jacket right well then there are

companies that make belts that have this

latching system to where you can

actually change the

built and the buckle out at the same

time let me go ahead and put drop this

in a chatroom to where you don't have to

spend a shit ton of money on belts belt

systems I think I showed on last the

last time I was on here

men's belt systems Anson belts belts

without holes so yeah so Anson belt you

can like get three Bilt's and two

buckles and it and that gives you what

six different belts so you can get a

brown leather black leather gray leather

and then get two buckles and you can

change the buckle with these three this

with these three and even keep on mixing

and matching see you don't want to put a

tremendous amount of money into belting

and things the belts are some of the

last things you buy you put money into

your shoes and then get that one well

cut dark suit this time of year where

we're talking about outerwear so get a

killer leather jacket and you know and

then that kind of stuff the belts will

kind of come along second part of the

question where to buy brim type hats

brims Bailey's of Hollywood right

Bailey's of Hollywood see brims that's a

that's a broad thing most guys are

calling fedora brim but barely a


I like the poet series but in Bailey

they have like 200 plus hats you can

pick choose mix and match okay okay I

got another question here by the way a

couple of compliments William free says

that's a nice blazer nick says oh my god

that works so well in Europe and I don't

know what he's talking about but I'm

assuming it's everything that he's seen

walking once and it's not even Kevin

what is your take on fitted and bucket

hats fit in hats again that's more than

hip hop street style okay

most guys aren't really wearing hats

these days the only style personality

that really focuses a lot on hat is that

hip hop street and here's the disconnect

for that if you're not in the industry

if you're not a rapper or a musician and

you wearing fitted and all that

kind of stuff past h25 you're working

against yourself because that is a more

youthful style okay it's like guys get

mad at me but the truth is black men

tend to try to hold on to this far too

long our first show was the whole drop

the Jordan thing yes the Jordans are

only in this style personality and there

is no group of men anywhere that fights

to hold on to a youthful style

expression but we have all been in a

club and seen an old dude in the club

like what the fuck's he doing here

like you 40 and still fucking around

when you know 21 and up you know like

dude graduate on up even like Russell

Simmons Russell Simmons is in in hip-hop

he is graduated he stopped jay-z jay-z's

gone from Hawaiian Church to the whole

when he was doing the big paper stuff

now he has a more adult a more adult

style expression he's a big Tom Ford

wearer to answer the question about that

hat thing it's really it fits a small

small segment and if your style

personality is not authentically hip-hop

Street you do better finding your real

style personality and just doubling down

on that what stuff man um real quick

Rico 19:11 wants to know what your

stream labs leak is we can drop

something in the tin there for you well

you think somebody put it in there


okay very good excellent Kevin the banya

is wants to know what kind of pants go

with cameo jackets that's a very good


camo camouflage jackets James work with

everything okay jeans work with camo

jackets but again I'm gonna go back the

same thing camouflage camouflage jacket

very very not very functional not very

functional and certainly not long-term

no no I think it's got more of a militia

type I think he said camp it said Cammy

y'all never heard of a cammeo jacket but

camo jackets you know camping out I

don't know what a cameo jacket he's

always talking about but a ffs cool

I actually met up with him in DC it's


here um let's see hang on one second I

thought I had some okay perfect

all right let's go back to the phone

lines here area code for Au Ford you're

on live with Kevin and Donovan what's

going on doing good man good that's good

that's good

actually you guys kind of just talked

about my question my question was about

to be about was that was about Jordans

because I know in the past you guys have

talked a lot about why men didn't

warnings and I never got into I never

watched those particular videos as to

why I mentioned what why men shouldn't

wear Jordans because personally and not

because of this but personally I wear

now I mean I'm a young guy I'm 21 so I'm

a young guy Yeah right but I wear I was

you know Jordans Kobe's Kate Katie's you

know Kyrie

I like basketball shoes I'm saying okay

but that being said why is it why is it

I want to know why you guys especially

arms specifically for Kevin to Lucas

because you're Emma's consultant

why is it that you say that black men

should start wearing Jordans and you

know basketball shoes and finish it so

by that cloud were a lot of that what

you're 21 it's 21 yeah that's that's the

answer till you're 21 so let me answer

their question you're 21 21 is the age

where you can dress at H&M; ASOS and you

can wear training set at 21 you can wear

a fauxhawk

at 21 you can wear a long line T 21 you

can wear Yeezys and 21 you can wear

ultra boost at 21 you can wear supreme

and off white you can wear all these

trends but the closer you get to 25 you

got to start turning back off of that

stuff because no matter what age you are

you will at one day be a 30 year old man

and then age 30 you reach the age of

respect black men already have an

inherent problem like it or not being

respected by all other groups of men you

are at the bottom there is an article

written by a young black writer who

worked for BuzzFeed talking about he did

his own style experiment

I will put the link in the chat room and

he's talked about how he went Monday

through Friday to the same places during

the same things at the same time and he

chronicled day in and day out how

differently he was treated when he was

wearing Jordans and that kind of stuff

versus when he was just dressed business

casual or more appropriate wasn't

dressed any he was dressed appropriate

for his style personality in his age but

he just wasn't wearing asking street

wear and what he noticed is he got

treated 180 degrees different at the end

of the article you can actually read how

his own entire internal dialogue I don't

like this because it's uncomfortable its

bougie I feel it's this I feel it's that

I feel it's this but it was all about

how he felt about what that stuff looked

like now the treatment he got treated so

much better just being more

appropriately being dressed like it like

a damn man versus dressing like a

youthful a youth you 21

if you were thirty this would be a

different conversation and here's

another thing I'm 41

I am literally twice your age I was

today not Devon Devon worked from home

today and we had some we had some

errands to run so I you know I wore a

nice pair of jeans I wore it just I wore

a t-shirt I wore them I wore my watch

through out of court listen beard was

tight I made sure I was smelling good

but I wasn't really there to impress

anybody you know what I mean like I

wasn't trying to give off an image so so

when we say no I think what we said is

don't wear Jordans if you want to be

taken seriously right if you're just out

with your homeboys are hanging out or if

you're running errands with your

girlfriend at the age of 41 yeah by all

means wear it maybe wear Jordans all you

want to but it but Jordans just like any

other type of shoe or Footwear it really

depends upon where you are what you're

doing what the purpose is and the older

you get the less you will find out that

it's really not appropriate where not

appropriate but the older you get the

more situations you find yourself in

we're wearing Jordans just isn't really

what you should do well I could have I

could have easily said flip-flops

right here's the thing and most people

who are Joab we're not this this is

really dead it push towards the

sneakerheads yes there are people who

come to my channel who watched that

broadcast flame me and couldn't stand me

until they realize what I was saying

don't have 20 30 40 50 70 90 pair of

Jordans and not have one will cut dark

suit they're men who come to my channel

who had upwards of 75 pair of sneakers

and did not have dress shoes right that

is a damn problem because you have no

balance you're leaning too far in one

side let's say you are listen now if you

are sneaker head or if you're if you're

a guy who collects shoes if you go to

conventions yeah by all means that's the

proper that's the proper place so I mean

listen I just bought a pair of Jordans

for $75 $89 $89 with tax so again and I

guess you know I didn't want to be

hyperbolic but it's not that if you wear

Jordans no one will take you seriously

it's just that it really depends upon

the situation and you're a young guy you

can wear Jordans wherever you want but

just like Kevin said the closer you get

to 30 the in Rollo Tomassi who's that

who's the Godfather of the red pill says

men don't become men until they're 30 so

listen all means enjoy your twenties man

wear them out don't throw them away but

when you turn 30 when you get to be 30

35 when you start to be when you start

coming into your own as a man wear the

Jordans with your homeboys when you're

when you're out doing whatever just

understand that the older you get the

less you're going to have to wear them

again if you want to be taken seriously

um thanks for the call Eric Rhodes for

that's actually a really good question I

mean it's good that he it's good that he

cleared that up because I think a lot of

guys they read the title listen Rollo

Tomassi asked his Donavan trying out for

dolomite today yes all I need is the

Afro and I would totally be Jim Kelly

right dragonfly Jones yeah absolutely

oh we got one more caller here cuz I got

a B on the brother pill in 20 minutes

area code 865 you're alive with Donovan

and Kevin

okay I love he said he's just listening

oh look yep okay all right very good

oops I accidentally hung up on him my

bad eight six five call back if you're

just listening when it comes right down

to see a lot of times guys have a

problem with image and style because

they feel like they are conforming right

I hate to be told what to do so somebody

comes on and say hey man you need to

dress you can't tell me what I got to do

I don't you right I can't tell you what

to do but what I am saying is whatever

you decide to put on your body as a man

you got to choose the outcome I'd say

this as a man you need to think about

what you're wearing and seriously as you

would think about a tattoo you put on

your body because I could have a tattoo

I can have a badass dragon on an 18 inch

bicep that's gonna say one thing but if

I have fucking Minnie Mouse it's gonna

say another thing it's still tattoo it's

communication and like what your style

personality Jordans working the bad boy

style personality

bad boy style personality is bent around

rude but is based around rebellion

rebellion is what it's based around you

know what you know won't be the version

of George and the bad boy style

personality fucking black wingtip

Oxford's who that really that will be

the thing that would stick out like a

sore thumb if you bust it up in a pair

of fucking pleated slacks with cuffs a

polo shirt and a pair of black wingtip


I wouldn't know who the hell Donovan

shabwa well Kevin I appreciate you

making time for us tonight man a lot of

listen a lot of my guys ask me all the

time hey when is Kevin coming back on

and I mean dude Kevin and I it's funny

ever since like I said you were on my

very you are on episode 140 and ever

since then we have both I mean we both

of course I lost my youtube channel but

I was close to a vegan was a little over

10,000 subscribers

I've got almost I've got over 500

patrons now and people certainly know

who I am you're a hard guy to get a hold

of because you're I mean dude you're

flying to Paris to go to some plant for

some right shoemaker I'm not I can't

pronounce so it's hard for it's hard for

you and I to what to get up with each

other but we have each other's phone

numbers and listen man I think we owe it

to the audience to do a little more of

these collabs these are always very

educational not only for my guys but for

me like I learned just as much as you do

who I'm trying to put this link in the

chat room on up I can't because I'm not

a moderator well obviously a chat and

I'll make you mine okay see if I can put

it in there y'all making that way if

you're ever in the chat you can you know

you King Nick wants to know would you

happen to have that BuzzFeed link this

time so if you put if you make a mod

I'll just drop it okay they're gonna fix

it all right yeah just type you know

testing and I'll make you mad no I'll

drop that link somebody asked how much

is a consultation guys go to buy Kevin

Samuels calm go to buy kevin Samuels

calm and alright you are officially

modded i dub thee a 30 hours moderator

there we go

yeah go to by Kevin Samuels calm and

you'll find out how much all of his all

of his consultations and everything our

King dick also says flip-flops are just

slap yeah flip-flops up for the beach

for the beach there's the link to that

BuzzFeed article really good reading

guys okay my young black man in LA so

and I understand here's the thing I

understand why a lot of guys don't get

image manhood has been under assault for

the last 30 years don't I know it and

you know and baby boomers baby boomers

my father's generation they spent their

time rebelling against the tradition of

their fathers the greatest generation is

where a lot of Generation X people

actually have to look back to for style

we had to emancipate our style because

our fathers if they were there did not

teach us didn't he just had a shaved and

teach us the

it's of classical men's fashion with

three generations out from the last

generation that actually took men's

image and something serious that's why I

show like Mad Men resonated with so many

pets we saw men dressing like men doing

man shit drinking smoking slapping

chicks on their hands getting deals done

notice the men were dressed well so

generation this next generation necks

are Generation Z the Millennials when

they went after Millennials they're

actually wanting to learn more about how

to use their image as a tool to get what

they want and still be able to dress

comfortably so that's this resurgence

happening and that's what that article

represents a young man who saw that he

needed to have a different outcome but

he had to deal with his thought process

is about how men's fashion of style

looked and when he really realized a lot

of ways men look at style it's based a

lot throughout their mothers raised them

a real disconnect your mama didn't value

men you can almost guarantee your sense

of style is gonna be less than a manhood

standard let me ask you one last

question before you Emma stand I think I

think it's extremely important um a guy

who I'm gonna have on my show next week

his name is Jonathan he's from modern

life dating calm he and my girlfriend

Devon have both told me on separate

occasions the tide is beginning to turn

Emin ISM is on its way or I don't think

he said feminism is on its way out but

they said people are starting to wake up

people are starting to people are

starting to understand that feminism is

no longer feminism and it is quite

literally a hate group that promotes

hate speech what do you think of the way

people dress he just referenced Mad Men

that was a revolutionary television show

that harken back to the days where men

dressed like men they did man shit they

smoked drank in the office they're

fucking their secretaries etc etc what

do you think about men's fashion is is

our guys and again it's not just men's

fashion this is your image in fashion is

a female term right like it's fat no no

this is image consulting mm-hmm Evan

Samuels is not a fashion guy he is an

image consultant he works in the

image where do you think men's image is

headed where I mean is I mean is it I

mean are we are we on the upswing are we

on the downswing well they're up we're

we're on the upswing fashion is fashion

is temporary style is a life time the

way you dress is your style because

that's who Donovan is and now we're on

the upswing because so many because of

the red pill move with Midtown so many

is stepping away but what happens when

men are part of red pill is not just

learning female nature is also

reaffirming your masculine age and a

part of that is the way you protamine

present yourself to the world and how

you present yourself to you so now we're

having more men finally for the first

time finally or for the first time ask

what do you want why do you like what

you like why do you do what you do so

guys are really tuning in and having

permission to be men this is a great

time okay big time if people are gonna

look back over they're gonna study this

last the previous four years then the

next four years this 10-year window

they're gonna study this for the next

hundreds hundreds of years to come we

have undergone the largest change in

human communication since the printing

press we're in the middle of it we can't

realize it but we are literally building

an airplane as they're flying it this

show was being beamed around the world

and guys no matter what probably finding

those in can find a little kernel of red

pill truth to sustain them basically

what I'm saying is look good smell great

be the best version yourself each and

every day for you not for bitch for you

right be a man just like a man do man

shit for you and if the bras come they

come if not they don't but you still

like who you see in the mirror that's

that I don't remember that message being

said in my lifetime Wow

let me ask you something Kevin um you're

on Twitter correct I'm on Twitter but

I'm not really on Twitter there's a guy

that I need that I wouldn't let that I'd

like you to hook up with man his name is

Tanner Guzzi oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'll be seeing all about him okay

yeah you guys definitely need to get

together because you guys are like I

mean it's like it's like men's image

consultant overloads Roger Macallan 3

says Donovan your live shows are getting

better and better yeah that's probably

because I'm having more guests right so

basically what Roger Macallan is selling

me hey Donovan when you shut the fuck up

and let other people talk your show kids

I love it

Kevin man listen as always thank you for

dropping this rock-solid wisdom I'm

actually not gonna put this show on

patreon I'm gonna let this stay right

here on YouTube

because I think a lot of I think a lot

of guys need to understand that image

Andre Agassi said it best I think back

in the 1980s when he was the world's

greatest tennis player he says image is

everything man he's right you know

people want to say well images and

everything it's what you have inside no

people aren't gonna know what you have

inside unless they're interested in the

outside that's the world we live in

so Kevin I appreciate you coming on with

us today tell everyone where they can

find you how they can book you etc you

can find me at a YouTube it by Kevin

Samuels comm or the web site by Kevin

Sam is calm and all the way you can and

in the link on any video you can find

the links to the scale consultation

patreon all that good stuff I'm always

around in YouTube you'll find me I'm out

here network you demand Kevin hey again

thanks for making time for us tonight

you guys want to see more of Donovan Jim

Kelly Cobra Kai whatever the case may be

dragonfly Jones I'm gonna be on O'Shea's

channel here in less than 10 minutes I'm

gonna go eat some Halloween candy real

quick cuz that's gonna be my dinner

hopefully I can keep that down and I

will see you guys in about 10 minutes

take care of Kevin peace later

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