What happened to Illimitable Man??? ILLIMITABLE MAN HIMSELF EXPLAINS! (Episode 353)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn

of course her parents don't have a

problem with me being black she's past

the wall get your fat ass off the couch

start lifting weight and Learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

frat party then fucked a football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's Amanda

sharp and welcome to the 350 3rd edition

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running my mouth my guest today is a man

who needs no introduction he is of

course now to put it lightly he has

helped thousands of men find the red

pill but then he has pissed off a

thousand more men in the red pill

community one of our item agree or

disagree I feel privileged and honored

to have this guy in my show for the 14th

time of course I am talking about none

other than the founder of illimitable

men.com illimitable man listen we say

this every time it's been far too long

but you just told me that you haven't

been on my show since May I couldn't so

so it really has been fuzzy loans yes

yes it had so much listen already we've

got people in here talking about the

fact that they want to they want to hear

your laugh


see that back that's what they come for

they don't give a fucking shit about

anything we say jump in they hear the

laugh and then they're out that's it

this is it you know what like this shit

should just get some food just like

Psalm pull mile off and just stick it on

some random shit put it on a remix and

then put Birdman in the back in the back

my name is my alter ego you know how

like you know how um Eminem's what Slim

Shady yeah I have Birdman Batman's my

guy yeah yeah Birdman to me a dude

yeah like when I caught one I can't be

bothered to come up with an argument I

just slap on a bad man give say stop

playing with my name in it all right

well let's uh let's go ahead and get

into it everybody wants to know um what

you have been up to for the last what is

it 11 - what have you been up to for the

last six months the last time you were

on my show was in May and here we are in

November what has illimitable man been

up to since the month of May the man

hasn't been doing many things he's been

a monk made predominantly just doing his

own thing reading why can out all that

good shit

just keep him to myself ready on an

extended hiatus like even even my my my

activity on social media I'm I'm not as

active on there as I was saying okay

here I go I'm not I'm not going anywhere

I've had people email me and say oh like

have you quit like you haven't posted

anything on your blog in like 15 months

or however long it is now it's been at

least a year right so like so la

Villette he's the testosterone

replacement therapy right right right

right yeah I mean and yet the only

reason I put that at a time when I when

I published the the testosterone art

school I was getting nags for about four

or five months to do that I just got

fucking fed up of getting act but I got

Nags by the manosphere

to write that so I do

so I was like but the things I wanted to

do it anyway right and if you say you're

gonna do something you should you should

deliver on it even if you are slow

asshole like me you said he was gonna

release a book like ten years ago it

still hasn't fucking released quite how

I see it is as long as I deliver

eventually then i I've kept my promise

I've done what I said I would do now I

never said I was punctual or timely in

anything that I do if I if I was a if I

was a quick deliverer I would have like

one or two articles out per week which

is like never been my style by never and

the the more my more my writing skill

has increased by I don't know if

anyone's like notice this correlation

but the the more my writings improve

over the years the the more infrequent

my my posts if you go like to the foot

if you go like right down to the bottom

of my archives and go to like the first

year of my writing I do like six

articles pop up and then it's and then

it's like four and it's like free and

that's like - that's not one and it's

like all the guy hasn't posted for like

a year and a half like listen you're

like the groggy old sword maker who

makes exactly dragons but it takes you

like a decade to do him so you got

people lined up at your door windows guy

gonna be done with swords why does he

take so long well when he started off he

was making knives but now that he makes

dragon slaying swords it's gonna take a

little while my personal favorite

article of yours is about you entitled

dominance and Submission and one-line or

concept that just blew me away this is

even post red pill you know post red

pill awareness is when you talked about

the fact that women always try to change

men and men always try to change women

but a woman will build a man or create a

man who is abhorrent someone's that that

she will grow to hate while a man will

build a woman into something that he

grows to love that it's so funny I think

your talent in your skill tells us what

we already know but you do it in such a

way that makes us you make us realize

that we know things that we didn't know

before this is why your writing

this is why a writing speaks to so many

people people look at your writing

they're like oh my god

guys absolutely right and it just blows

my mind how eloquently you put that

stuff it's it it's and like I said man I

mean you used to be what I mean

used to be one of my heroes when I first

found the red belly's to read you all

the time and I remember the first time I

was like oh my god I can't believe even

have the illimitable man on let me came

on you started laughing it's like this

guy is a fucking maniac like it was

great well I I wouldn't say I'm crazy

but I wouldn't say I'm normal either and

somewhere between normal and crazy

definitely I mean how can you create

amazing content and be normal the normal

people create amazing content I mean I

agree that's the rhetorical question I

will I will pause it there well as for

the whole men men trait like men

endeavor to create women that they will

love right so they will try to shape a

mold a woman I mean I'm not saying all

men are like benevolent amazing human

beings who don't ever like lose their

temper at a wrong time or make over any

judgment cool or whatever because

they're men they're not gods they're men

right I aspire to be gods but men are

not gods right you try out essentially

that's just an elaborate metaphor for

say I'm gonna try our best right what

are we gonna fuck up but we try our best

anyway right and in that vein of

thinking in in that you know you're not

kind of trainer for a man's predominant

occupation when he's engaged in a

relationship with a woman he's to make

her everything he needs her to be right

I'm pretty sure Patrice O'Neal was at

something like this as well yeah yes

years ago cuz I you know III didn't need

that one of my hate is a jump up out of

nowhere like whoo whoo whoo moans just

like stealing thinking from Patrice

O'Neal like because he said this on this

book class like five years ago

okay so I've said something similar so

obviously I'm like stealing or sure your

please raise your fraud I am oh you know

I I'm a bona fide fraud that's how it is

take that as a farm pool and

but know that I'm serious like a man

tries to make a woman a man doesn't try

to make a woman something he hates right

because I met at a metaphysical level

men try to impose order right so they

impose discipline rules boundaries right

the Lord a legal system was created and

invented by men women didn't make the

legal system you think if you're do you

think it all hopped up on emotions right

and you're not very good with logic are

you going to create a legal system like

you're not are you like you're not going

to do it right so men well anyway right

I mean look at the state of our legal

system now I mean that's another

discussion entirely I'm to my the

origins of the legal system not not the

contemporary legal system I mean I mean

you know I'll agree with the best of

them that the contemporary legal system

in terms of like family courts and the

the way that the courts treat men is

fucked up it's it's not equitable is it

it's not you know yet all this bullshit

talk about equality but equality is just

a buzz words now right because if you

look at outcomes either outcomes

equitable or are both parties treated in

the exact same way are they based Rita

with the same degree of fairness the

answer is no of course they're not at

least not in a family court sense the

family cut the family courts are heavily

influenced by feminist ideology and

personally I don't think ideologues

should be allowed within the legal

system as judges or or what have you

yeah that's dangerous men that's deep

because they insert they because the the

law is meant to be about logic and

adhering to the law and being a bit of a

cunning asshole who spins things too

like reinterprets events and spins

events to advocate for their client be

they the prosecution or defense right

like that like that that's what that's

what the law is essentially it's not

meant to be about injecting your

ideological beliefs into that right so

whatever whatever ideology or political


have you that you have they should be

separate from the law right but but

clearly within the family courts this is

not the case because because of because

of the app be purely because the

outcomes are so unfair like you you you

cannot you cannot say that the courts

treat men as you couldn't yet like this

is what I'm saying you cannot say the

cause treat men equally to how they

treat women or better than they treat

woman they clearly privilege women and

even if we get outside the family court

and across the entire legal system women

serve lower cent lower sentences yes so

the number of years served for the exact

same crimes as men they serve a less

harsh sentence for the exact same crime

why is that because literally because

they're women right and and men more

crude than me

would say that's them cashing in on

their pussy pass it's probably something

you would save them is they are catching

another pussy pass and women always

blame the fact that well women get

lesser sentences because they can't do

as much damage and I would I would

compare it to them in the game of

american football there are far more

concussions than there are in rugby why

will rugby players don't wear a helmet

so you would think there's more damage

done to the head wrong it's because they

don't have a helmet that they're more


women do far more damage when they

commit crimes now when we're talking

about assault and things like that of

course we're the bigger faster stronger

sex but have carte blanche to do

whatever they want they have 100%

autonomy within the legal system and we

see it every day they commit crimes far

worse than men and do far more damage

but continue to get the the the long end

of the stick in terms of the long arm of

the law

mmm yeah I think um mmm it wasn't always

this way and it certainly isn't this way

and say maybe in the Middle East and Oh

help bikini like they did back in

Singapore remember that Michael fete

incident he spray-painted something and

they came to

four times that's what we need we used

to have that you know what I mean if you

get cane ever everybody thinks Weston is

a purse but like who takes over the

world being a pussy sure right like we

never we never used to be Persis we our

civilization has degenerated but that's

what happens when you shift from a

predominantly traditional conservative

culture to a more degenerate liberal

culture that's like yeah let's just bang

sluts off tinder and teen drugs at a

time it sounds good to be okay listen

listen if you want to do that I'm not

gonna judge you for that right I know

I'm not gonna hate you for that yeah be

honest with yourself can you see if

everyone wants to do that as our

civilization have a future if everyone's

the bank sluts often don't do drugs do

we have a future I am dude listen man

you are it's so funny it's hard to

believe that it's been six months since

we talked and now by three I remember

when I think the very first episode you

were on was episode 13 I am now on

episode 353 I've done 340 episodes since

the last time you came on in shop AG you

respect on my name right you just said

what I tell everybody I get emails and

messages all the time duh because when I

first started talking to you I was still

living in Vegas dude I dude I was now I

wasn't I've never done online dating but

dude I was doing below her weekend that

was fucking different girls I was going

I was fucking strippers and all this

other kind of stuff but I ended up

meeting I had actually ended up meeting

someone who I felt could possibly take

to some quality woman training and

lolled she took to it and here we are

and people asked me Donovan why did you

give up that life well number one

because I grew out of it and it's not

sustainable oh can you do cocaine and

fuck cookies for like 40 years no you

can't post of asking that quiz question

is clearly like 20 or fucking 22 or 19

or something they think that that's the

life it I am with it's a better life

don't get me

cocaine for 30 years it's not gonna work

out the whole time no it's for you want

to set it on them is they now is a much

better life I totally agree

like why this is the thingy if you can

have a wholesome life and I I don't and

I don't say that in an idealistic way

I'm not saying it's going to be easy

right if you can have a wholesome life

you should aspire to that right because

having a family and having children and

having someone you can love and trust

that beam of that person and sustaining

that life and and creating a legacy it's

a whole lot more meaningful than getting

high and fucking random sluts and just

doing drugs

you know if you do that then you do that

alright I I'm not it's not my place to

to judge you for what you're doing

however I will I will say this if

everybody does that we don't have a


we definitely grain that the future

because the reason our civilization is

falling apart is because of the collapse

of the family right and why is the

family you why did the family unit

collapse because of feminism right and

the CIA I'm gonna get into like


I don't know sorry disparity fair let's

do it right always up for a good

conspiracy fairy on even I just want to

expand my horizons listen my mind can be

changed it's not easy but I'm always

open after my change well basically one

of the leading the first wave feminists

Gloria Steinem she had a magazine and

the CIA helped fund her and her magazine

why would an Intelligence Agency fund

some random woman with her magazine I

mean I actually don't know the answer to

that question other than my best attempt

at answering that question is to impose

a social engineering effort but I don't

actually know why the fact they did that

but they did do that and this isn't

coming from me but you can do this year

you probably find out a hundred results

on they're all more all saying the same

thing it's not you know it's not

something like made-up shit right like

it happened but white like it's a weird

thing I obviously they wanted to

propagate her why would is why would an

intelligence agency

random like this in the CIA isn't gonna

give me money to to meet to help

propagate illimitable men and health men

they're not gonna do that Holly I'm

gonna give me money but they gave Gloria

Steinem money to help propagate her

magazine and support her views so so

clearly what I hope U's world what in

line with whatever agenda they they have

in place conspiracy theory or not

there's that that's not nothing there is

something to that right I mean you know

this isn't just some random shit I just

took out my arse and decide it happened

like of such treachery by the way real

quick shout out hunter drew the family

alpha what you just said I am is

indicative of what hunter Drew does

hunter drew is the family alpha absent

pledge of meeting him at the 21

convention he is starting a podcast and

I think it correct me if I'm wrong in

the chat hunter it starts this Sunday

it's gonna be every Sunday or every

other Sunday at 7 a.m. and it's gonna be

a two hour podcast on on families that

this guy is red pill aware but his focus

is on the family and I think he's I

think he's doing maybe this is a

collaboration with Ryan stone who is

also one of the monitors I also met him

at the end of one convention

so hunter drew like listen douchebags

like me right like I get on and I talk

about how to fuck your girl and this and

that any other and you know make her

wear slutty heels and all that and

listen at this point in my life I'm not

gonna start a family I'm just not that's

just not for me maybe years ago if I

found the red pill five years before

that maybe but now I'm 41 I'm gonna my

life but hood crew go ahead if you are a

fool to you when you wrote a woman you

probably couldn't no I don't meet you

personally but if you a 41 year old

woman they transitive you conceive and

are next to no all right if I do the kid

is gonna it's it's and we talk about

genetics all the time the kids gonna be

like you're not doing the kid any favors

and this is where feminism feminism not

only fucked over women it fucked over

the offspring of those women we've got

women fucking hundreds of guys in their

20s and their 30s then they decided 38

years old I think I want to have a

family then he wonder why then you

wonder why the kid has a low birth

weight rate you wonder

kid has a million-in-one allergies you

wonder why the kid falls into the autism

and it's because you had a fucking kid

we're just a decade away from getting

your AARP card bitch like that's all it

works you don't get it you don't get it

both ways and I know he's saying the the

older you are the the the lower the

quality of your your eggs and your sperm

that as as men we um I mean I can I can

link you to a compound that will

significantly improve your sperm

parameters if having a child is

something you are interested them so

basically they're those a compound

Menken tape that will significantly

increase their LH and their FSH which

will get their testicles going into

overdrive and will allow them to create

super sperm so if you want if this is

the thing it's easier to manipulate

men's fertility than women's of course

as far as I know there are no drugs out

there that can take say a woman's like

13 and shitty eggs I didn't have a

single drug out there they can take this

woman's shitty eggs and improve her eggs

so she has already good eggs I don't

have a single drug like that the drug

improvements Pam exactly the only thing

that can be done to improve fertility is

to make her drop her eggs faster I think

that's I think that's pretty much the

size of it well baby it's like it's like

it's a it's like a retrospective thing

right it's like yeah you should have had

that came out 10 years ago but what but

what I'm saying for men is even if

you're 41 this can I prove your sperm

parameters now right between 41 and 42

right but I don't know of anything that

can do that for women I know I like to

keep aware of these things like I'm not

saying that I I can best explain

describe all the scientific papers out

there and exactly the mode of action and

all the biological functions and all

these things I'm not saying that but if

there's something that can improve your

fertility then I'm interested in that

because well the whether you have normal

fertility or you have problems

conceiving or what-have-you

if there's a drug that can three

tippity then it will improve the genetic

quality of your children right right

say III do you think women are penalized

more fought for not breeding they use

the men are and that and before any

indignant woman listening to this gets

upset that is not imposed by the

patriarchy or men that is nature

motherfucking major I and and anti

elaborate upon that women mature and

grow quicker than men do i if you

compare a fourteen-year-old girl to a

fourteen-year-old boy the

fourteen-year-old girls already like

developing tits and ass alright and a

fourteen-year-old boys probably probably

like five foot three it probably looks

about ten years old because because he

hasn't got his testosterone yeah his

boys haven't dropped his voice hasn't

dropped not nothing nothing's happened

to him yet but the girls already

developing it's purely a it's purely a

biological difference women develop

quicker but in a peeker quicker men

develop slower and then their peak is

further along I got a guy in here who's

actually a follower of mine he's getting

kind of a vibe from you he's telling me

mom says this guy it sounds not like an

alpha sounds like a crazy in cell now

I'm crazy in say I don't know and I

think you got a listen a lot of guys

don't know how to take you of course

your you're British

right and I think it changes a little

bit but I told the man I can assure you

that I am is the real deal man so like I

said love them or hate them I don't

think we I mean many people hate me

it is what it is my dick on you you know

someone's gonna say whatever and you

know that's their opinion all right

right I didn't go out of my way to swage

other people's opinions like if you

don't know what ice wages I'm you need

some google that word because you don't

know what it means that's not my fault

alright I got a question in here and

again we're we're getting questions if

you guys want to call in 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

call if you want to contribute to the

show I'm putting the the contribution

link in right now I don't take super

chats because YouTube takes thirty

percent off the top if you want to it is

it is not that that matters to me both

of my channels but you guys can donate

to stream labs.com ford slash donovan

sharp and the number one Rollo Tomassi

wants to know how long you've been in

your LTR a long time really you know

what's interesting one thing that I got

from you early on is I think you and

Hunter Drew have a lot in common

in that I think you guys place a focus

on family passing on your genes and I

think that that was one thing I remember

when I first started dating Devon and

she used to listen to my shows with you

she said you know what this guy really

sounds like he's a family guy like he

like he's figured out the red pill

obviously from your website but you're

the kind of guy who and you said it

earlier here in the show then family

structure the family dynamic is is what

suffered the most because of feminism

that's the kind of vibe that people get

I think a lot of younger guys maybe guys

who are new to the red pill think well I

am stalking about family this not the

other he's not a real alpha no no no no

you would be wrong about that whether

you're a quote-unquote alpha or not

there are many different ways to digest

and be a purveyor I mean let me put it

let me put it to you this way only only

nicest today you can don't my most

humble and considerate I'm not an alpha

tt-the the average 100 IQ mid-level

testosteron man right at my worst out my

name is violent and aggressive and most

insidiously manipulative fully leveraged

intellects on alpha as fuck say you can

take that over way iiiii

you know I I haven't fucking asked


like who the fuck asked themselves if

they're an alpha or not that's that's an

insecure question like it's like okay

like you've read the red pill right you

you made that some men are more dominant

than other men and why is that because

of testosterone levels ultimately and

because of our bringing all right so if

you have a you have good genetics and a

high natural testosterone level and your

dad's eg you're probably gonna be an

alpha all right assuming that your G dad

wasn't some of you to fuck who neglected

you and actually invested in you as a

person and an individual and shared with

you what he knew right well if you have

shit genetics and you don't need your

dad and there's a lot of fatherless guys

right I mean why does the rep do you

think if most men have adequate fathers

who were in the picture that the red

pill would even exist

and when I say adequate fathers I mean I

don't just mean a lack of single

parenthood I also mean that their

fathers aren't just these fucking

reprehensible weak disgusting

politically correct annoying or we

listen to your mother you know like

these type of I like I don't even want

to really call them men it feels wrong

to call them men but you know what I'm

saying like if the you nanograms per

deciliter I think is what right right


like basically they've got a girl who's

testosterone level like there's

something wrong with them wait yeah I

mean the rep who would not like the web

who only exists because civilization has

fucked up like if you live in a if you

if you let them a true patriarchy that

would be no ripple the ranks they've

been there the red pill life would be

status quo right I mean that would be

well the thing is right like my you know

my my granddad he's really fuckin old

now he's like 9 to 5 or some shit

ancient right

I tell him red post after him it's just

common sense he's like you know that's

how we do things right so so so to newer

generations it's like this like oh it's

like secret knowledge and like nobody

else like knew this but it's like go

back to three generations everybody knew

this shit if

it's between their generation and let's

say let's say boomers Gen X and

Millennials at the greatest generation

they call him I think well the

difference is that the the newer

generations have been brainwashed by

taboo sheer feminism right yeah and

before before let's say the 60s or 70s

people were not brainwashed by feminism

people predominantly followed biblical

values now if you if you've ever even if

you just read the Proverbs in the Bible

right the Proverbs are just like the

Maxim's you know that they're quite you

know shit you would put on Twitter by

little like little quite taboo things

right all about here it is red poo like

the Bible is Red Bull like if you read

it it will be like a man should follow

God and a woman should follow man it

doesn't say men and women are equal if

you read the Bible that's why when when

I see like Christian woman on Twitter

and they're like oh I'm a Christian

drama and I'm a feminist I might know

you're a feminist you're not Christian

because if you were Christian you'd be

following your man you wouldn't believe

you're equal to your man because the

Bible does not say you're equal to your

man the Bible says you must follow your

man and that your man must follow God

but that's how infected our civilization

is even even the church has been and I

think you can ask a railer about this by

seeing a dowel rock talks about this a

lot about how the church and

Christianity has been hijacked by

feminism but if you actually read the

verses in the Bible is there nor

egalitarian or feminist in the slightest

now I agree the Bible a lot of people

cite the Bible as as really the first

the the first red pill publication

because just like BK from the rocky says

you know he said I never thought of the

red pill being a basis for supporting

family but I can see since it places the

man at the head of new can we the

nuclear family yeah the Bible definitely

does this let's take a hard left turn

here I've got two comments here for you

one would make yourself an end Lattimore

proud this was great Ryan Sullivan

stay with me here Ryan Sullivan says I


laughs like Kefka from now final fantasy

6 was Final Fantasy 3 here yeah you know

I'm not gonna lie right so ed Lattimore

and I would be with both those big Final

Fantasy fans yeah

wait right here man well what was the

last final fan I mean I didn't believe

it till then I'll fuckin Final Fantasy

right now what what is the last Final

Fantasy you enjoyed Donovan the last

good hopefully good Fantasy Tactics

actually I love that ps1 diggin that was

on the ps1 yeah and then the one after

that was Final Fantasy 10 I haven't

played I haven't played another Final

Fantasy sets X with with Titus and Wacha

you know the Blitz bombing yeah that was

he was that the Lost Final Fantasy you

enjoyed final answer that was the last

one I enjoyed man my girlfriend got me

Final Fantasy Tactics for Valentine's

Day back in 97 when it first came out

and the replay value on that is

unbelievable I mean five years ago but

it's still a great game I mean see

here's the thing Mesa the guys listening

to this if you tell them you listened to

Final Fantasy Tactics you have a very

low testosterone level and you're not an

alpha and you're probably a mean so

you've never fucked then he goes and

you're just a retard and why should I

listen to you

right because guys IQ of 90 all the time

I don't give a fuck how hot she is the

first time she the first time she fucked


she's fucking gone like have you ever

watched J'son sure all right yeah sure

right fucking like Pauly D is a fucking

retard yet he takes and you would not

see like if you see Pauly D he's got

some muscles and shit he's a bit of a

bit of a jock and a bit of an asshole

and even he take shit from bitches yes

of course he does a bit creepy

he's got um I got another question here

under saying it somebody wants to know

they said yeah I am they said explain

your beef with turd flinging monkey this

is the first I've heard of this you got

to tell me all about it

because currently you know we had we I

wouldn't even call it a dust up we had

an argument on Twitter I challenged him

to a bait he didn't show up

I think posted him like a year ago but I

wouldn't really consider out these okay

he bet like he thought that he I die you

know it to me so you're like

inconsequential why I don't even

remember the details it was probably

about a year ago he tweet I tweeted

something and he tweeted something but

he didn't put some fucking respect on my

name okay it's it's not what he said

it's how he said it all right

so I came back at him and the thing

about tattling a monkey is would you say

turtling a monkey is an alpha male he

gets all the girls

you wouldn't say that right like if you

think I'm not an alpha male like let's

say I'm a beta right then what is

titling on monkeys I fucking like what

Omega or something right like he's like

he's got like a level 19 fucking 8000 a

cat World of Warcraft account and his

mom's basement BMI about 42 right right

if you if you think I'm not an alpha

don't comment defend entire thing a

monkey right because toughing a monkey

and she'll me right okay he's the thing

he does raise some this these are my

honest opinions on top on total thing

and monkey 1 don't hate him to think he

raises some valid points 3 do you think

he's incredibly bitter he's incredibly

bitter you cannot you cannot listen to

him and I don't say that to like trying

I detract from his points as a reasoning

you said it in one of your articles the

word bitter just this it's you said it

was an unwelcome consequence of a hard

lesson word exactly so he's burned

before all right but this is the things

I whether it's male or female if someone

is bitter they cannot help you enter a

healthy functional relationship they

cannot do that they can they cannot do

that because they they are not in that


themselves they are not like for example

if you want to be in a healthy happy a

long time relationship you want to

listen to someone like the family alpha

right because he is in a heat because

he's married he has kids right and he

may not be as brutal and as critical of

women as saying like twirling a monkey

but the difference between him and Terra

and monkey is he actually has two kids

and a wife and her singing telling him

monkey doesn't right now toilet now I'm

just need t FM which is saying totally

money with the UK accent you're killing

me yeah you're so glib on this is what

I'm saying it's like take like this is

I'm trying to make a valuable point

right listen to the people you want to

most be like so if someone doesn't have

a family and you truly in your heart do

not want a family right like if you

truly don't want that I'm not saying

that I'm not problems in Western

civilization I'm not saying the laws

aren't facts are these are not things

I'm claiming but what I am saying is

that if you want a family you should

listen to someone because has a family

because they are living in that

metaphysical paradigm so they can tell

you what it's like on what to do but

know if you if you're not interested in

having a family and honestly seriously

honestly I think most people want a

family whether they I would agree with

that my opinion on turd flinging monkey

is listen I agree with 99 percent of

what he says that that is as red pill

aware and is as eloquent as anyone on

the internet the way the way he breaks

things down to me it's like and it's

funny because I know he just doesn't

off-the-cuff still like he does it so

thoroughly and he like he's he's a

surgeon with this stuff

Danine only difference between a guy

like him and i guess other quote unquote

red pill guys is the solution this is

what Rolo says listen I agree what turd

flinging monkey stands for it's just the

solution right he is in a relationship

with a sex doll right brilliant but I

think sir I think I think turkey is

purveyor of the red pill who is simply

stuck in the anger phase and I think

well yeah the anger phase is necessary

when taking the red pill you got to get

pissed off that's the only way you're

really gonna be able to digest and

swallow the truth but a lot of guys get

stuck in that anger phase man and they

get stagnant and they stew and you know

they have a genuine contempt for women

but guys who come out of that anger

phase and we've all been there I am we

learned understand that women are

neither good nor evil they just are they

take the shape they take the shape of

the container that they're put in women

only get away with what we allow them to

get away with and as and women are

responsible for feminism but men we are

equally as responsible for facilitating

it and I think that if you can if we can

if we can sort of not own up to that but

if we can come out of the anger phase

then we're not these angry in cell types

of guys and I had this 30 minute video

kind of roasting the guy and listen that

the other because I was pissed off he

ducked me he the guy made fun of me

because I've like because I fuck a woman

with a pulse and and he fucks a sex doll

but after all the smoke cleared I can

respect the guy in his opinion I'm just

not going to let someone who fucks a sex


make fun of me for women with a blood

type I'm just not I know what you're

saying I mean I can derive a value from

his views right but you know what he his

issue is he's he's very prideful

it's a prideful and I I don't I don't we

all are but some people are more

powerful than others right like if you

if you say something to me negative

about myself

that is truthful I will accept it sure

I'm not saying that I don't have the

capacity for arrogance because I know I

do but I'm very self-aware oh are you

here are you serious all respectable men

need a capacity found worth me the

capacity for it the key word is a key

frames is a capacity for you should not

be moved by your arrogance if you're

ruled by your arrogance you will be

limited in scope right fine

I'm guilty that I can admit that like if

you want to learn things you can't be

arrogant because because if you went

because if you're arrogant when you're

learning you'll just pop out what the

fuck is this guy on about how he's

talking shit what is he saying I fucking

bitch you won't you won't listen like

your ears like you will try to listen

but you won't listen right because in

your own mind you're just like oh the

fuck is he like you just you've just got

this like combative like negative kind

of energy going on and you're like it's

it's like a defensive mechanism you're

like trying to preserve your own

integrity and whatever he's saying

something something he said like

disagrees on feeds upon your your

current worldview so you won't listen to

it you're like fuck this guy I don't

listen to this guy

Kim right but that that is not conducive

to learn so if you're arrogant you

cannot learn the only use of arrogance

is for for performance right so a truly

a truly wise man is arrogant when he's

disciplining his woman and he's arrogant

when he needs to perform but when he

wants to learn and he wants to observe

himself and be honest with himself he's

not arrogant he's humble

I see this like by cos I've seen this

dichotomy a few times like oh should I

be this like super humble like Zen by

who you know is never never open noxious

and just hates criticism and it's just

like Buddha like levitating and oh okay

thank you all right this right about

also maybe like a details like fuck you

you're a little fucking bitch oh yeah

I'm a fucking millionaire

Lamborghini it's like it's like it's

like one extreme another all right like

what do you want to do I mean they both

both those personality elements have

their uses that's why it says good good


Maurice lévy asks Donovan Rolla why do

you both care about mgtow if all they do

is reduce competition in the sexual

marketplace I'm gonna answer this

question here what Maurice lévy

just asked in in in you know forgive my

for forgive my candidness here Maurice

levy or levy you did what the equivalent

what right now you're acting like the

equivalent of black women what black

women find out the quality then they say

well why do you if you guys don't date

black women why do you care about

talking about black women because I

fucking want to has just outed himself

at the very least a low level make down

there here's the thing I am and this is

something I wanted to run by you

mmm thought all migt house or created

equal okay you have your you have I

guess regular normal migt house who

admit that they like the pursuit of

women pussy relationships etc but they

have a healthy amount of rental

knowledge I mean a lower level mgtow is

are the ones that give the rest of migt

house sort of the bad name when people

here MIG tell people assume that they're

talking about men who have just given up

on women they don't want they don't want

a relationship of consequence of any

level with women they don't hit on women

they're not trying to have sex with

women they're they're satisfied with

with with just not being with women

altogether record straight not all big

tiles are created equal so Maurice I

want you to ask me a question that is

not your ones playing that was not a

question that was a that was like a

lightweight dig I mean you know everyone

digs in make tile because they then get

pussy is this simple Islam right that's

it and and and he's the corollary

question yeah why can't there is gas

latest with Charles merchants with

sister gets a fuck this is the most

because I talk about is mean I care may

get the fuck out of here Donovan this is

the corollary this is the corollary the

adjuncts the follow-up question

do you not get Percy because you don't

want Percy or do you not get pissy

because you never could get Percy but

yeah Percy you've just decided to reject

person I am there it is there's so many

low-level big tiles who say well I'm

gonna be a mug I'm gonna beat no no no

no no no no when you are at low level

migt how you shouldn't even take on the

name Mick towel what you are is you are

an in cell masquerading as a min towel

you don't have to pussy because you

don't want it you don't go after pussy

because you feel like you can't get it

don't tell me that you have warded off

pussy because this is a choice no no if

you if you could get laid you would get


so don't don't like like people are in

cell that the word in cell is

involuntary celibate low-level Mick

towels don't want to say that they're

involuntary celibates they would have us

believe that they could get pussy it's

just not worth the trouble the juice the

things I don't believe in in cells as a

concept do you know why because you can

pay a very attractive eighteen-year-old

go a couple of hundred dollars and you

will not be celibate listen he just said

he's young sell is just $20 away from a

blowjob from our it's just for crap this

is why I don't I don't believe in is a

concept however under on the top of a

meek towel I will say this there are men

who have been with women and they've

been married and they they've been for a

whole ton of emotional shit and they've

just decided for themselves you know

what I I can't fucking do this again I

can't I can't go through without

notional turmoil again all that like all

that female emotional impulsiveness and

manipulation I just just can't do it


there's there's there's though there's

those guys who called themselves a big

towel and then it's the other guys who

call themselves Minotauro they're like

19 years old and they've never had a

girlfriend like goes don't like me so I

you know there's a lot of guys who

adhere to that label you have very very

different life experiences yeah I agree

I agree gentlemen you are listening to

the 300

third edition of TS are alive with

donovan sharp i of course have joined

here by none other than illimitable man

founder of illimitable men.com be sure

to check out his website he hasn't

posted anything there for fifteen months

and he could give 15 shits what you

think about that but there is like 87

Oscars on that say if you've never had

it before as a low fees already it's a

long catalog let me ask you about this

let me ask you about your thoughts on

Roush now you remember now you and I had

just started doing podcast together

mm-hmm ruch decided to do the to do the

meet up then of course he was banned

from countries and they had to turn

around a flight we shouldn't be banned

from anything honestly

okay like I don't think he should be

banned from anything like if you if you

ban whoosh you have like no you have

like no mental defenses like heat like

like reach isn't like how would I put

this in a time that would appeal or

resume whether whether far-left Western

liberal Russia isn't Hitler right like

he made one provocative article saying

that you should be allowed to rape a

woman on private property right which is

fucked up that's a fucked up thing to

say right but he it had the desired

effect though right he reason he said

that he wanted to he what nobody

believed like if you if you if you go

around a reptile and Sade's do believe

like say you're like a CIA or agent or

whatever and you want to like sabotage

the red pill because it's a homegrown

organic movement and what have you and

you're just like yeah fuck this like

organic me them we want to sabotage that

because it doesn't adhere to to our

agenda and you go and ask around on guys

hey do you wanna be able to like rape

chicks on your own home like 99 percent

of them are gonna say no the one percent

who say yes all fact in the head because

there's always crazy people in any damn

like if you go to their feminists out

there who literally believe most men

should be dead and that you should keep


in 1 percent of men are alive just to

use this to keep the species alive

there's all this extremist thing every

demographic in every ideology everywhere

there's no exception to that right but

the the the extremists are not

representative of the entire core of

that of that proxy ology or ideology or

Phyllis or philosophies main system of

belief right so you you cannot represent

a way of thinking by its most extreme

outliers I so for example the the the

most common feminist ideas today 50

years ago would be considered extreme

feminist beliefs so feminist in the

1970s they really just didn't want

parity in a quality in the Galit

Arianism now it's a slippery slope right

you give them a variety in the Galit

arianism right I think about it if a

woman is equal to a man but she has tits

and ass she has a beauty advantage

doesn't she if you give our orders same

equal rights under law you treat a woman

like a man an exact same way right but

she can rationalize how far bad a man

ever could write and she's more

physically attractive to the opposite

sex more than the average man is

physically attractive to the opposite


you give her equal rights under the law

it's a slippery slope

right so you give her a quality she

become supreme essentially they forgive

her quality under the law she become

supreme like a man in a in a pragmatic

sense Rollo just need and he's actually

rural and I've talked about this at

length he says as a brand and rucious

books weren't banned he was what do you

think what what what do you think of

that rat song listen I've written for

Roush since Jesus Christ 2013-2014 III

don't I mean you know reach isn't my

best friend I've never spoken to Reese

they never know reach and I have never

had a private conversation even though I

know he knows who I am sure but I don't

believe he should be banned from

anything honestly okay if you go

Eastern Europe right yeah right part of

like British stick is that he's mean to

Eastern Europe right and he's like bangs

chicks he's banged random hotties and

paying you that's not his image anymore

right now he now he had that whole wave

of whatsit neoconservatism or whatever

he called evil masculinity yeah yeah

that's it me and masculinity right but

before that he was a pickup artist right

and he went to Eastern Europe for math

all right like I don't I don't think

that we should like let me put it this

way that the average of use of the

average person in Eastern Europe a far

more offensive than anything Russia says

the West frankly in the West people are

too fucking sensitive they're too


it's just politically correct bullshit a

too sensitive you cannot you cannot say

the truth to people about them thinking

you're some ounce in a personal attack

upon them if you disagree with whatever

they fucking believe them then they

think that you're you're literally

Hitler like they have no capacity for

evaluating an opposing view like if you

went you went to university in 1950 in

the West right so so probably the final

West what's technically Western Europe

in the angle a so that's the sexual


well that pre sexual revolution if you

went to university you had a minimum IQ

115 right right right

they let you do it since University oh

you have like people were like an IQ

about one a four I mean you have an IQ

of one a free you moneyed yet you're

like you sort of the average but you

know what the university is not meant to

be for average people or dumb people

it's meant to be for smart people right

the university let seem average people

now but not not within stem not within

engineering or mathematics and physics

and all those kind of things but if you

want to do humanities like history and

sociology psychology all these kinds of

things they let in average people sure

these people don't become professors or

anything but they get degrees and they

get shit on their debt and they have

opinions right and the what we're seeing

now is a

at least two generations of people who

have gone to university who aren't

really smart enough to be there who have

been indoctrinated we've we will they

haven't been taught how to think they've

been told what to think so like like

like this is Marxism and then you have

the bourgeoisie and ippolit area and

this is how they are and the board Razia

evil and the proletariat are good right

and you don't have you bad you've know

you want to be good alright so you're

the proletariat them like they they just

have a very limited narrow view they've

never been taught logic or philosophy

they've never they never fought right

let's say there's a debate I said it's

any like this is how I perceive the

optimal education system to be see

there's any argument and either base any

issue all right anything right can be s

literally anything doesn't matter what

it is anything you take this frame and

you have your own innate viewpoint that

you agree with right like the thing that

you believe is correct now try to argue

against yourself try to sabotage

yourself try to dismantle yourself and

try let's like compete with yourself

like why am I wrong what is wrong uh I I

believe and I think this why is this

wrong what is wrong with me like all my

haters yeah they always say to me that

like all the reason he blocks people as

just people disagree with him right I'm

more philosophical and logical and

critical the most people you have a

fucking man your fucking life the reason

I block to you is you're a fucking piece

of shit

because you're not you're not a

trustworthy person because you're a

snitch right because you talk shit about

me because you're a bad actor because

you're cunning because you wish me ill

that's why your boss you're not you're

not blocks for having a different

opinion so that's a different opinion

from me and they're logical and

reasonable about it and they're not

hateful never block them never here's

another thing I am and you bring up a

very interesting point is I challenge

people to debates all the time

and dude very rarely do they ever come

on my show and call in and to be but

what this is me off the most about

people who want to debate you on Twitter

and Facebook they want to they want to

take you down they want to make you look

state not only that is their ideas what

they're telling you it's not their own

ideas right like you can tell when

someone is literally just like their

idea of research is watching a three

minute YouTube video Twitter and

Facebook memes and that's all you see

from them are these clickbait points

none one single original thought and

then of course they've got the Sun I

mean then there's all sorts of memes and

gifts it's like they're not it they

don't have their own original thoughts

getting into a debate with some when I

get into a debate with someone and they

have an opposing view of mine that's not

a problem where I do have a problem is

when you use double-talk and you're in

and you're your ideas are not your own I

can tell when your ideas are your own or

if it's something that you saw on TV or

some clickbait article you saw in

Facebook and sorta I can't stand those

fucks I hate that shit that's very

common yeah of course of course to put a

bow tie on the roush thing I think Roush

represents the evolution of the average

American red pill man when he started

out then he was 20 21 years old and I

could be wrong about this but he used to

be the pickup artist bang Ukraine main

columbia's travel all over the world and

you know he's definitely done some

extreme things but the reason why

feminists and other organizations want

to shut him up is because he's telling

the truth what the red pill has done for

men against women is when we went before

we were red pill aware we used to think

women were these shiny mystical objects

really did and the web who that is let

us behind the veil you know like that

famous scene in The Wizard of Oz wait a

minute pay no attention to that man

behind the mask we're not impressed by

women by women anymore because of guys

like yourself you know you're like that

there are many how I see is there are

many beautiful women out there be that

or see that organically and naturally

beautiful or that beautiful because

they've had surgery or they've apply

makeup or whatever but if you know if

you understand the nature of a woman you

do not

I'm not saying men don't give a shit


it's physical parents of course we do

what we do and woman and woman care

about our physical appearance team a guy

who's jacked at the fucking gym he's got

a shit ton of steroids and workout for

you so I was gonna get more chicks than

a guy he's like fucking got BM Iowa 39

and you know that's a no-brainer right

like that

that is what it is but how I see it is

once you know the truth about women you

don't want your woman to be ugly but

you're looking for psychological traits

things you're looking for mental aspects

of harm but make her appealing like you

like feels like beauty is insufficient

that she has to embody psychological

traits like like like a mental component

to her that makes her worth your come in

because you know you know I think the

fundamental thing rebel teaches anyone

I'd like the most generalized

fundamental thing the rebel teaches

anyone is that your commitment is more

valuable than her appearance of course

of course most men don't realize this

today she's so pretty she's she's

prettier than I am like or she's she's

better than me and that's why they

pedestal eyes right out of what we hear

a lot yeah oh she's beautiful her skin

so soft and smooth oh she's really cute

like and you know they had this whole

fucking they expect her beauty almost

like disarms them and just like makes

them devolve into some like fucking


but beauty is finite it's finite it

doesn't last forever goes don't stay

young forever that girl you think that's

cute at 20 if you want to marry her and

have kids off her house she can like 14

that's you know that 50 how she can I

look at 60 and your commitment must must

stay the same the entire time but still

below times still protect us you were

still believing her integrity as a woman

all right the commitment is far more

eternal and esoteric then that

physical appearance physical appearance

deteriorates with age I honestly I do

believe that is the one of them is

valuable lessons that were read for

teachers is that your commitment is more

valuable and long-lasting than her

appearance every twenty one-year-old go

even if she's a six out of ten its

conceited she's like oh yeah I'm better

than all the guys all the guys are gonna

come to me they're gonna ask me out yeah

I haven't got to approach anyone I can

have anyone I want

because guys are thirsty right because

guys have a higher sex drive and women

right so even if the girls like a six

out of ten and she's like 21 she's gonna

like guys who are like an eight or a

nine or some I rich four-year-old guy

like come up to her and like proposition

her so she has an inflated sense of self

but you're a 21 year old god you're a

six out of ten

you have nothing special about you

psychologically speaking but nothing

right but all these guys have inflated

your sense of ego and when you're 21 you

think you're a special person wait until

you're 30 wait until you're 40 like New

York what women do not age well you know

saying guys my name's like when women

aged like milk it's not a life they I

see and and Hunter drew the family alpha

both trained in Rolo says the problem is

no man really vets women in 646 I see

you on the line I'm gonna get you in a

second he continues he says we're taught

that anything critical a man might say

about a woman equals misogyny the family

alpha Greece he says how dare you have

standards and disqualify those who do

not make them misogyny I mean if you

believe all right I mean I'm gonna pay

them personally I don't believe in the

quality I believe that a man Muslim

woman and I believe to be a leader

there's no sense of equality here if I'm

in a corporate environment right and I'm

not the CEO and let's say I'm a section

manager or I'm just an associate or

whatever right and the CEO or the lead

partner or what have you they're above

me am i equal to them no doesn't mean I

don't provide value but I'm not equal to

them they need me they tell me what to

do and I have to be happy with their

judgment and their intelligence and


because if I'm not I'll probably leave

the company because nothing yeah this

guy's a dick hell and I'm a lifer this

guy but we're not equal Ally a leader

and a follower like I hear all this

weird bullshit right like all right a

leader and a follower they equal Achatz

I you know what I can sympathize with

people who have to follow if you have to

give over your agency to another human

being and trust their judgment and

leadership which is what a submissive

feminine woman has to do that's not an

easy thing to do that's right but have

you ever heard a woman ever who isn't

like plagiarizing some guy from a

manosphere oh dude

Laurie learn all these yeah of course of

course but have you ever heard a woman

who isn't plagiarizing from a manosphere

know what it's really hard to injure

woman's emotions and their random

fucking bullshit and be a leader and not

be affected by their nonsense and just

do what needs to be done anyway have you

ever heard a single woman say that never

ever knew why because roll a said it and

I said it they're still up Cystic they

don't they don't enter they don't even a

truck they don't even try Tom

metaphysically philosophically or in any

abstract sense into our minds and

imagine what it is to be us right they

don't think what is it like to be a guy

you have to need a woman who has her

crazy fuckin emotions they don't they

don't see it like that how hard is it

for him what does he have to go for or

he tries to reason with her and she

doesn't listen because he's trying to

use logic and she doesn't give a shit

about logic because she's upset about

something they don't said about

something women in you said women are

solipsistic women only try to break into

the manosphere when they feel it

benefits them um of course you know that

I'm a part of the Redman group you

actually made it in the Redman group at

one day I did right and we had a certain

rental group II call into the show and

eat like like clothes of I remember that

is six minutes and I will never get back

but the plan wasn't it's so funny you

could you could see this in action what

she wanted to do is she wanted to call

up and and get everyone impressed and I

think she wanted to parlay that into

being a regular

caller like hey here's our resident

female guests of the Redman group and

Donovan Sharples having none of that

Donovan sharks all right into it and

shut her shit down

since then she has blocked us all and

good for her because this is not a

sphere for women you as women you can't

tell us or teach us how to be men we

attract to women without trying to do

because women want to be around guys who

have their shit together I understand

because because we're not trying to

appeal to them right right most men will

say whatever they need to say to make

women happy and appeal to them right

they were tell them what they want to

hear and quite frankly although the red

pill was very insulting a woman upsets

them that's why they're attracted to it

because they're obsessed right a regular

caller my show once said this best he

says if the picture if it pisses off her

conscience if it pisses her off

consciously it turns her on subcon get

behind that okay go ahead I know I agree

okay we're gonna hate I mean trying to

Patrice O'Neal here if a woman hates you

you can fuck off

oh of course of course dude because

there's been line indeed between love

and hate and that line is lust

hey like if you think if you just like

imagine a queen right love is one side

of the coin and hey is the other side of

the coin if you possess the coin you can

have sex with a woman if you don't

possess the coin you have apathy which

means she doesn't care she doesn't care

you can't sleep or fall if she does care

positively or negatively you can sleep

over this simple as it is Christ man see

now you're making me look stupid on my

own show you got to cut that out okay

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get in on the

show let's go to area code six four six

in the u.s. you're on live with Donovan

and illimitable man hello hello sup dude

you can hear me I can hear you okay I

would like to ask the questions to both

of you Donovan and the son whisperer I

would like to ask

assuming you are a law-abiding citizen

and there's nothing wrong with ditching

because the police should protect you

and you're not part of organized crime

and that level of the game do you agree

or disagree with that statement doesn't

sound like a fully comprehend you

shouldn't snitch if you're a law-abiding

citizen or you should can you elaborate

on your question yeah sound clear to me

mhmmm okay I'm trying to say is is there

nothing wrong with niching if you're not

part of organized crime well I mean if

your neighbor is my asshole and is

creating personal problems for you

they're like okay let me put this way if

the person committing crime is create

personal problems for you and he's just

like sabotage in your neighborhood and

just being a general - then yes snitch

on a motherfucker snitch on them fuck

them right just just snitch on them but

if they have no influence in your life

they're not doing any harm to your life

but you just randomly seen a bad thing

but it's not your business just ignore

it that's my opinion you know what my

opinion is is I think that people who

snitch on other people who like I am

said have no effect on their life

whatsoever those are the people who are

envious of what they have he or she has

what you want and that's really the

laughs you're not a part of organized

crime okay I get it right but there's no

reason to bit and in listen we're men we

don't bitch we don't snitch whatever the

case may be the only time you should

really call the cops I don't really know

what this has to do with the subject

matter like is if is if you you and or

someone you love or your family is in

imminent danger

so thanks for the call area code six

four six I don't know where he was going

with that but I will Allu and if he

feels if he thinks he's in danger or his

family's in danger he should say it's a

neighbor yeah there's a violent neighbor

and they have four like gangbangers or

or drug dealers or like some crazy shit

near his house he should report I could

you want to clean up your neighborhood

right you want to you want to take care

of your neighborhood and maybe you know

you're not a G you're not gonna go out

there and like directly confront them or

whatever you know is it's like some you

know some guy earlier said I'm not an

alpha right well maybe this guy's not an

alpha over not everybody is an alpha not

everybody can be an alpha right but

maybe you're not an alpha and you want

to do something to like protect and

preserve your neighborhood right yeah

and you want to protect your family then

should you hold a piece yeah of course

you should call the P just do it name is

anonymous way possible so that via the

neighbor you wanna use my name in the

police report so they know exactly who

who reported yeah I'm not really sure

what that has to do with the red pill

but well III wanna see I don't know

either I just I just obviously this

guy's got some sort of problem going on

in his in his situation in his life and

that like this is this is what I'm

saying if you have if you have an

asshole fuckin neighbor right and he is

bringing turmoil and trouble and strife

to your neighborhood yeah you're not you

know just helping yourself you're

helping all your neighbors because

everyone in your neighborhood is scared

to snitch on this guy that loose gets a

snitch on this guy because they think if

he finds out who I am he's gonna fuck me

up right

it's neutral now motherfucker because

he's bringing trouble and strife to your

neighborhood but if he doesn't live

anywhere near and you just saw some

random guy out somewhere doing something

then just stick to your own business

it's not your problem it's not it's not

doing anything to you

why snitch on him because it has what

what are you gaining right you want to

clean up your neighborhood if you have

it you live in a shit neighborhood you

want to clean up your neighborhood right

but if this is not somebody in your

neighborhood why would you snitch on

them they're not affecting you it's not

your problem

you're being nosey that's how I hear my

opinion Rollo Tomassi wants to know

about artful and stop and I know Pat

Steadman is I don't know who artful is

mmm I didn't have a whole lot to say on

the subject I mean I think I don't have

a whole lot to say okay just all I will

say is BA the the the

see it seems to be dedicated to smearing

my my name okay right it's too you need

Birdman gif is what needs to happen I

mean you know I I haven't I haven't

spoken to either of these individuals on

a very long time alright well let me put

it this way right let's say me and

Myrlie have a fight tomorrow

alright let's say me and right I have a

fight and we decide we don't like each

other tomorrow right and then Rolo

blocks me and then two years later I'm

saying where I was a fraud he's a

fucking insult and like whenever like

someone like mentions nonsense about

Rolo will just hate some weirdo or

dislikes Rolo I like try me and I'm like

yeah wear these full of shit where is

this this and that yeah that's that

that's how awful is to me okay so he

just piles on so someone says a little

man is full of shit in our feels like

yeah full of shit

mmm exactly basically yeah

like do you know why people say I'm for

this year not because they disagree with

my opinions but because they're upside

of Blatz all the people that dislike me

on Twitter

the reason they dislike me is because

I've brought them it's not because I've

said something wrong right if you if you

challenge them you say what opinion or

things did he say that you fundamentally

disagreed with and can you rub back that

is that anything strongly intellectually

you can say it like okay so he said

women are me loyal to the strongest man

in their life and you disagree with that

opinion do you have a counter opinion no

they don't they don't have a counter

opinion course they don't because it's

not there is no counter opinion women

are attracted to the strongest men right

right but if you did you agree with you

agree with that so you agree with that

claim that surgeon right that if you

didn't leave that a surgeon or claim

you'd have to come up with some kind of

logical shit to to discount and they

can't do them a reason they hate me is

because they're dumb or they're

combative and I've blocked them so when

I block them what they do is they take a

picture of me blocking them and then

they say Oh

but this woman can't hang opinions that

accounts to hit that's always what

happens all the time man you know what I

do this is what I do man I can't oh I

can't stand this shit when fuckers what

we call them in haricots two oh four

five one six I see you guys in the Kuban

against you guys in a minute

being enter these are internet gangsters

these guys love to go back and forth and

they're all clever and witty and

charming and knowledgeable on the

Twitter but as soon as you challenge

them to a live voice to voice debate

they come up with a thousand different

reasons as to why they can't and the

ones that do maul you is use all they do

is filibuster they talk three they talk

over me because they don't really have a

point so this is why we the reason I

block people is because I'm not gonna go

back and force its heel I'll block you

on the internet but listen I'm not hard

to find right I'm right here my phone

number is nine one four two oh five five

three five six I say at the top of my

show all the time if you disagree with

me give me a call but I'm not holding my


reason why they don't call in the reason

why they don't call it is because they

don't have they don't have a logical

original explanation for why they oppose

you they just oppose you just to oppose

you there's a fucking idiot by the name

of Steve Hoka build his name off just

going after Rollo Tomassi so every time

Rollo made an appearance on a show

steena would start a companion pocket

yeah Rolo's over there talking about

women's solid sysm and it's like he

sounded like a skinny in peter van

donovan here's the things like that is

the thing if you build your name of

hating another person power you're a

parasite yep you a you're a let's say

you get some kind of like Korea or

following you owe your entire your

entire brand to that have a person you

may not like them you may not be their

friend but they did not exist your brand

would not exist all right no I always

think that if you want to create

something do it organically have your

own brand or in beliefs think what you

think advocate it put it out there be

true to your

self-right read try to be as informed as

possible obviously you or me man there

are things on the internet I said years

ago like two three four or five years

ago and someone would like post pasted

it to me now and I'll be like Jesus

fuckin Christ and I really think that

like I'm a fucking what's wrong with me

like that I really say that

like what what is that sign of if you

see something you said a long time ago

and it makes you cringe it means you've

grown as a person and you've evolved as

a pass the thing about the Internet is

the internet never forgets anything have

you say they people grow and that

opinions change have you said something

25/8 you said something 25 years ago all


25 years is a long time it ain't your

different species 25 years ago exactly

20 25 years ago I was like fuck I didn't

even know what I was doing 25 years 25

years ago I barely had a you know I

don't know maybe two or three pubes

before we get to the phone calls here


Rollo actually said something that's

very pointed here he says most of the

quote red pill women have most red pill

men block than the family alpha 100 G

says I still don't believe in the red

pill woman is a thing it's like Santa or

toxic masculinity what is your view on

the quote red pill woman because there's

not to me there's no such thing as a red

pill woman only a woman who has led by a

treadmill I for one I agree a woman

cannot be read PO unless she has a man

to govern and lead her I do I agree with

this fundamentally yeah however I think

rat poo

women are relational and a shitter logic

right I owe the woman I've dated I don't

date though I probably should date them

goes to be honest because they would

make my life easier but I only date

smart goes because unlike a lot of guys

I I want my partner to be able to

provide stimulating conversation right

III guys tell me the like you know what

will go doesn't mean to provide a

stimulating calm

you've got your you've got your boys for

that you've got your male friends for

that you don't need a you don't need a

wife or a girlfriend or what-have-you

who can be intellectually stimulating

right but one I want my partner to be

intellectually stimulating and two I

don't want a low IQ child right so I

tend to when I have relationships I have

relationships a smart woman a smart

woman a fucking annoying

oh Jesus Christ because often what I do

is prove to you that they are smart well

it's like it's not even that it's like

if you come to a conclusion they can

spot like whatever the they can spot

like the the nought point one percent

weakness and you'll come how it's not

perfect basically and homed in on and

like use it against you and just like

impose on that's what they do this is

what smart woman Dean smart woman

ah you know do you know like the big

five traits Jordan Peterson talks about

a lot no no all right so you have like

introversion and extraversion

neuroticism agreeableness but there's a

whole spectrum of personality traits

right and it said yeah essentially its

introversion and extraversion

agreeableness disagree has hot about

that at length yeah right cool

these these are important things like

these are like core facets of people's

personalities so so extraversion

obviously most people nowadays it's like

if you're outgoing right yep

introversion it's like you're not very

outgoing you prefer you don't want to

speak to too many people

Aries rather keep it to yourself

agreeableness is like you it's quite

self-explanatory you tend to agree with

Authority disagreeableness is you tend

to present Authority right

conscientiousness is being hard-working

so if you're not conscientious you're

you're a lazy person right neuroticism

is like fear and anxiety and a fuck if

you're not neurotic you're like

Zen like Buddha basically your ed

Lattimore if you're not made neurotic

you're just like we go you're just chill

this is chill right and openness to

experience is the fifth I mentioned our

openness and unevenness if you're open

you you're receptive to to new ideas and

you want to listen to new ideas and new

things like you're not you're not scared

of the unknown whereas if you're if you

have a low openness to experiences

anything that doesn't coincide with what

you were taught as a child like your

religion I say you're a Muslim or a

Christian or what the fuck you were

raised with whatever ideology or Mormon

or whatever it is if you're close to

experience and you were raised with a

specific set of programming a specific

ideology rain you will not deviate so

you can if it can be outside that

program there there are no there are no

such thing as red pill women only red

pill groupies let's go back to the phone

lines here area code to 400 you're on

live with Donovan and I am go ahead yeah

yeah I know we're a 4pg what the deal

brother mmm

oh I got so many so we touched on first

of all in the bro big fan you know I'm a

recycle I have a couple of articles in

particular that I printed out that to

keep reading just so I could have

reinforced in my mind but the first

thing I wanted to talk about is that

rayo peer women is a fallacy there's no

setting there's a whole thing one of my

solace he will always say you show me a

strong woman in a relationship and I'll

show you a weak male I mean how do you

define strong do you define strong is

like a tyrannical aggressive woman or

would you prefer as strong as a

traditionally feminine woman who knows

her place because her man imposes in a

benevolent way how she should be exactly

and I mean you know in the in the u.s.

you know I am this more along the lines

of you know especially in the

that community as always you know you

can see how to one first day she says

I'm wrong but right hang on hang

I'm een okay so by remind I'm a British

white guy right so I just just be

prepared to call me a racist but the you

know I've never liked being in like

Atlanta or Brooklyn or any like


I have never been in any like

predominantly black American community

right but based from what i've seen

online be the the issue with the the

black community in America is

fatherlessness too many single mothers


too many single mothers that is the

problem wait though the black community

in America Gina Gina Gina how many black

boys in America have a present father in

their lives growing up 2 out of 10 - so

if you know 10 black guys

two of them had their dad around ever

ate that did you know dad was King and

out of prison or they never knew their

dad like he wasn't there right is that

good for a boy right it doesn't matter

what your race is if your dad is never


is that good for your health is that

good for you it's not it's bad right and

for whites in America is 5 out of 10

right so 5 out of 10 ways in America

don't need a dance right but for blacks

is 8 out of 10 doneita that I think

every but whether you're white or black

everybody needs their dad because woman

are crazy

mom's create these masculine women and

when these women say especially black

women they like to glorify the most

strong black woman we don't need strong

black women we want honey

feminine black women and that's

something like you don't appreciate the

word feminine with strong do you no we

do not but you don't need something like


you don't need some go-to when you you

ain't here

and just like busting your balls like

that's not attractive is it yeah and you

know how they rationalize it they always

say to you they say oh no you can't

handle a strong independent woman why

would I want a strong independent if I

meant to protect you and provide for you

why would I want you to be strong I want

to be loyal

why would I mean you should be strong if

I'm protecting you and providing for you

why do you need to be strong and

independent you don't need to be strong

and independent you need to trust me I

will protect you and I will provide for

you why do you need to be strong and

independent why do you need to view me

as your enemy if we are kapu yeah I need

to trust you and love you and I need to

be able to tell you to do things and you

do those things right and her as a woman

she needs to be able to believe in me to

protect her and ensure that the things

she needs from me I give her right it's

a team effort

it's a team you're not enemies you're a

team all right

you meant to see you meant to be a team

if you viewing each other as enemies are

you gonna have a family are you gonna

have children are you gonna trust each

other no you're gonna hate one another

you're gonna have beef all the time and

that's and you know that's how I see it

an african-american community yeah black

woman black men they have a beef

constantly there's a constant beef oh

that's right they just the way that the

media portrays it is that the female you

sound saying that she's the one she's

like to oversee yeah so there's so many

commercials in ads that you know the

woman is out out at work or whatever

used to be she comes home and the man is

struggling to keep the house in order

it's bullshit you I think about you know

the symptoms yeah Homer Simpson is a

fucking idiot isn't she like he's just

like some bumbling retard

who likes all the local power hang much

and my Simpson is is like a fairy or

intellectual woman he like keeps control

of everything takes care of all the

children it's propaganda and it's

bullsháá men govern everything men deed

everything and other men are the cool

like if you look at it from a biblical

sense yeah right from a Christian sense


are the closest thing on earth to God

well women are further away from God

than men it's the truth we talk either

read the Bible read the Bible what does

the Bible say it says man a man that

says the head of man is God and a head

of woman is man right so if you were a

woman you must listen to man you're a

man you must listen to God right and why

do they say a man must listen to God

because it doesn't want man to be

narcissistic and tyrannical and a

dictator what's a man to be humble and

to have morals and to and to imposes the

wrong word but it's like to to implement

those morals on to those beneath him

until he's on to his 1 on to his woman

and on to his children to be like a

benevolent human being it's like you're

in charge but don't don't try to you

know don't don't don't abuse your power

right but that's what the Bible says but

like feminists and like black woman they

give a shit you ain't shit and they just

want to fight all the time they just

have a bad attitude and when women have

a bad attitude and one woman wants a

fight and one woman will not submit and

one woman perceive you as the enemy do

you want do you feel enamoured or dude

like do you feel loved do you want to

take care of them do you want to protect

them do you wanna be a good man you

think fuck you fuck you I have a bad

life without mom that's what you think

in your heart but cease but we're the

ones with the problem because you can't

handle a strong black woman check this

out you can handle the bratty kid

doesn't mean you want to but this is

what they're yeah exactly

you hit on a month they say you can't

handle the correct the correct sentences

I don't want to handle you're not

attractive to me I don't want you I

don't want you hashtag bitch please like

this is that that's the thing you don't

want them because then

a woman does not want a weak man right

so what if all the weak men in the world

said you know what women can't handle us

yeah they can't have you because you're

weak because your pussy's right they

caught the woman can't handle you and

they don't want to handy because you're

you're a bitch all right but let's

reverse that all the strong woman who

are arrogant and obnoxious and they say

oh you can't handle us yeah maybe they

can't it's like maybe they can't how do

you maybe they can handle you but the

the common truth is they don't want to

handle you disgusting

you're disgusting ugly you know why

would you want a woman who knows ugly

and obnoxious and challenges everything

you say and does not trust you it's it's

not it's not healthy for a relationship

is it why would you want it doesn't

matter it doesn't matter what you I mean

it's a big problem in the back of me and

I realize that but it's not it's not

exclusive and unique to the black

community it's in same in a white movie

saying Asian community it's across all

woman they all have this problem it's

that I think it's the worst end of that

community definitely I agree like the

black community and America I agree with

that they are the most like resilient

and the most define and the most

antagonistic and they want to fight and

fight and fight this is why they are at

the bottom of the sexual totem pole and

they never got on the bottom in this I

mean this is the thing imagine you're a

black woman your own men don't when I

have sex with you they'd rather have sex

a woman who looked nothing like you how

is that gonna be for your ear oh my god

you see it all over the internet every

day black women are called dude you

should and you see it I am black women

attacked me viscerally and constantly

but then they say well we don't want you

anyway nicob well actually you kind of

do that's why you're commenting on my

threads calling it what was the last

thing you wanted to point out there ray

from PG yeah yeah okay there was an

article that I am had on his website

called woman littlest woman the

complicity in his constituent parts yes

it reminds me of a story when I was in

the military and basically did the Sun


in closing what he was saying was that

how women they want to remain you know

blameless mm-hmm it wants to have they

want to have this little innocent visage

now our ability yeah yeah 0-0 kind

ability whatsoever so the girl told was

in my unit men said no let me take that

back this dude that was in my unit you

know he was married to a civilian up in

a front like Iowa some system you know

small-town America I just didn't really

it was cool but I just couldn't really

fought with him because he was just all

everything had to be revolved around her

we'd be like hey Jonas were you trying

to go he'd like I am let me see what

girl wants to do everything he was just

make a long story short she decided that

she didn't want to work anymore and he

picked up another job she is a cheating

on him he used to all you would never be

excuse my testicles are receding someone

fucking is one thing but just the way

that she went about it sound saying she

was just bro disrespectful with it and

did he do to believe that it was his

fault I had to leave him alone after

that I had to leave him alone and he's

the thing right here's that this is the

females men don't realize it's a you

know men are much bigger and physically

stronger don't women like if a man and a

woman is a fuck in a fight and you have

to bet life savings you're gonna place

all your money on the man because you

know he's gonna what hold on hold on you

didn't see that you didn't see the poll

results where they asked who would win a

fight between Ronda Rousey and Floyd


Rousey don't remember that research

would not she be she'd be one hit a over

my first mother he or she be dead yeah

like for me over like familiar but may

have a very low IQ but yeah he's very

clear what he does it will knock you out

it can't be a rocket scientist in a

professional athlete doesn't work that


uh-oh we've actually got one more caller

on the line here area code I think he's

calling from overseas you're on live

without of an aluminium Oh Matt Millen

hey Donovan Marcus how are you hey

Marcus what's going on brother are you

doing it I'm good hi limited man what's

up dude I'm okay

imagine the UK like yourself I can



mmm you sound like you're probably about

200 miles away from me say oh wow let's

not docs the guests here I am sorry I'm

not giving that any address I know an

English guy when I'm quite new to the

red pill something I'm finding a little

bit tricky here in the UK is I'm finding

when I run game on about ninety 90

percent of British women find that they

can't take it and they their appeal goes

very very quickly how do you run games

you just go to just like add some a

noxious and just like just tell them the

shit and how do you run game well very

straight straight to the point but not

I'm not a dick with it bang and your

typical ways you know I'll approach I'll

introduce myself and I kind of feel with

their mini sort of shit they're kind of

knocked out later on I'm a semi mode one

kind of guy I don't I don't I don't

really be around the bush well I'm not

going so you have direct like authentic

game you just say what you think and

feel and you challenge them and great

you may not respond well to that yeah

pretty much but say to me something

along the lines of I can't handle this

energy that you seem to possess what I

say is too deep or so you know you you

need to undermine them about and you say

well you've never had a real man before

have you because you can't handle this

this Energy's wrote this is real man

energy if you want a real man in these

be able to handle real man mg you saying

you can't handle my energy that's your

problem isn't it very Brad in a very bad

British accent right if she says handle

your energy well how do you know if you

don't try right you're too intellectual

for you then you must be you must be

dating dumbasses right like I mean what

kind of men are used to dating if you're


very good but but again you have to

throw it back at her court if women are

telling you that you're to this or to

that you tell them you're damn right I


we always agree with women even when

they're wrong just agree with them but

you don't have to agree with them in the

spiritual it has to believe them you

could just like agree you them in a

sarcastic way yeah yeah I'm right yeah

yeah I do have a small dick yeah yeah I

am 5 foot 2 you just be an asshole just

okay Wow so you're saying I'm too

aggressive yam too aggressive why are

you gonna do a buyer I like that or if

she says you're too intellectual for me

and you're kind of dumb yet here we are

if you go tells me I'm too intellectual

I would say well you're too stupid for

me and I don't want retarded children so

what are you gonna do a lot man

yeah you have to wrap around it you have

to this is this is the core point I'm

trying to meet you have to flip around

on them whatever they say is wrong with

you yes it's a flip that around and say

well actually that's a weakness of you

right so if I'm too smart you're too

dumb if I'm too hot you're too ugly

you're not easy

yeah exactly yes good to flip around

there's you know a lot of these women

like this ship I'm too short than you're

too tall well I don't date sure guys

well I don't need tall girls so I guess

what you know you don't shit you don't

make sure she doesn't date short guys

and I don't date woman who often like

him violent and aggressive and you have

new concepts of femininity so how about

that what are you gonna do I won't laugh

are you gonna be more feminine you gonna

fuck off is a confirmation of the fact

that there is only stone while so less

amount of red pills or bangle guys in

today the fancy well I mean here's the

thing like I'm a man if you could might

identify a goal right and you think

she's your kind of goal she's not she

won't be perfect right the things that

you don't like about her but if she's

good enough for your judgment and your

yourse planets then you you need to

train her like men train women with the

the I think the problem we have is that

you know the whole happy wife happy life

shit my balls are attracting alright

exact this is what I'm saying

this is what I'm trying to say right if

you're trying to like appeal to your

woman and be who she wants you to be

ultimately your relationship will fail

she yeah a healthy relationship between

a man and the woman is the woman is

trying to be good on that and appeal to

the man right now you will probably not

find a woman who checks every mark and

he's like perfect eye behavior like

adheres to everything you want a new me

you need to train her right and if she's

receptive to that made me sound creat

evening or why would I train a woman

this is like some misogynist but think

about it go back like 2,000 years yeah

and you had to like you were like

hunting are big animals and what was she

doing picking berries off a tree right

so if she wanted meat she wouldn't like

good meat decent meat

she would have to like be cured need an

alliance or an association of on man who

is capable of hunting right and the

reason I say this reason I say this is

because that evolution moves very slowly

very slowly very very slowly like the

whole family's shit has only been here

for about

seventy years if you speak to your like

great-grandfather or your

great-great-grandfather for like a

hundred years going or handed on fifty

years ago or hundred and thirty years

ago so you know what your

great-grandfather did this he probably

smacked his share of your

great-grandmother and she was probably

very obedient to him it sounds extreme

to you but that's how they lived that's

how they live not to say that you can

smack the shit out you know I'm not I'm

not advocating for domestic violence but

I'm trying to make a point

oh my god I am so due to smack a woman

I'm trying to make a point that they had

authority and leadership and he were

respected I'm not saying that UNITA

naturally I'm a freak naturally I find I

find that very easy to do with chicks up

to about the age of about 25 women

around my age very very difficult mmm at

33 you can get a younger woman yes of

course dude like might like think about

it one meant men always date younger

like think what

remember when you were at 20 yeah you

probably knew when you were 20 years old

you probably like to go who's 20 yeah

and it was a girl you knew who is 20 and

she was paying some older guys like 29

you thought why are you dating this old

guy is only certain so now you like 33

right why you only gonna date goes who

are fade free that's good that's gonna

be a guys there's gonna be a go who's 25

out there who wants a man who is more

mature who's more secure in himself who

has more money who knows what the fuck

he's doing and she wants to be she wants

that sense of like stability and

security right and she can't get that

from a young guy because young right I'm

not hating on young men but young men

are still building them developing

themselves they still have you still

have shit to do and places to go

it needs to like Enhancement prove

themselves but women never give a shit

about us and we are trying to become bad

people they just walk like one one woman

don't want the work in progress

they want the result they want to finish

they want the finished our core exactly

they want the result the result yeah so

no that's a five year old woman you're

probably very impressive like you know

like in terms of like your net worth and

your like mental or your psychological

way of looking at the world and what

have you

mm-hmm why would you get with a 33 year

old woman because a 25 year old girl

right she's gonna have less partners

than she probably I mean most 25 year

old girls of have a partner already or

one or two partners they great baggage

yeah I mean everyone's got baggage this

is the thing well I'm not saying you

should go 4-0 baggage I'm saying you

should minimize the baggage yes it's a

crime lower the difficulty level as much

as possible and plus not just that the

name is 25 your goal is going to be more

physically attractive than the average

that's for you so you'll maximize in

physical attraction maximizing physical

attractiveness and minimizing

psychological baggage and what does she

want from you that he actually gave me

hit the day indeed under girl I had to

cut him out of my life

horse they're gone of course she's gonna

give you shit for dating younger girls

because younger girls represent a better

version of her right and this is so

funny girls at 16 years old say don't

listen girls over sixteen say age ain't

nothing but a number sixteen years later

right they say oh my god you're you're

you're you're a pedophile because you

date you know girls who are young

sixteen years after that they're like oh

so what I'm a cougar sue me because

they're dating younger guys women are

always against what the best competition

is for them older women always shame

guys for dating younger girls because

they know that's what we want they're no

longer that that's why they're mad if

you're a man do you do not listen to a

woman they don't man do the advice and

inside I'm not saying there's no like if

you're a very small man you can take

value abstract value from what women say

and you can I identify with our

viewpoint yeah if your this is what this

is like a practical point

if you listen to Mesa woman and what

they have to say as a man it will not

help your life thank you for using

BlogTalkRadio goodbye alright well I

guess we used up all the time for him

let him did he like went out of life

that was blog talk

that was blog talk radio the time ended

for the for the episode but no continue

with your thought because I think you're

onto something a guy like me is like

never listen to women never listen to

women but you're like you're smarter

than I am and you understand that even

though we shouldn't listen to women if

you're a smart enough guy you can

discern the difference between a woman

just flapping her gums or between a

woman just flapping her guns and saying

you know what even though she's a woman

there is a kernel of truth in there

don't be a meathead red pill guy I never

lose to the women for anything man no no

no no there are a lot of things stupid

isn't one of them but when they're in

their emotions it's generally not a good

thing to listen to what they have to say

I would indeed have important valuable

things to say but you can't let them

lead you they baby

they can't lead you if you listen to

everything women say your life will be

fantastic you won't be a happy strong

man you won't you what they think I'm

believing whatever you'll go along with

my and how were your life and uh

essentially you're putting their needs

before your needs but like I think of

like a general in the Army if he puts

the that the needs of his troops but on

his own before his own goal strategy how

is that gonna work out it's not right

it's not gonna it's not gonna work on a

positive and conducive manner well my my

my my view is is like you should listen

to your woman

just listen to her doesn't mean to

accept him grieving them she says just

just listen to what she's got to say and

if she says something you can derive for

value from what you think she's like

touched upon something that you did not

touch upon and then fair enough but bear

in mind I do tend to date smart woman

so if you date dumb woman you don't need

to do this like just ignore yeah it's

gonna say be prepared and again listen

there are there are advantages and

disadvantages to dating smart women and

now here's the thing I am it's her it's

never the polar opposite of one another

right like yes there are dumb women and

there are smart women but most women

fall in between you know what I mean

like most women you know fall in between

you know dumb on some level this woman

is you know the smarter the woman is she

can be more of a headache but then less

and a headache then less of a headache

I dated a hard ten in Vegas I had to

explain the government to her I'd

explain how a government work I can

imagine you expelled you must she must

have had she must have been really hot

for you to explain it imagine you

explaining the government you explain

that she must be hot you know what she

looks like like I have sent you pictures

of her before nah but but yeah like like

the and you have to understand this too

and I got to draw this to a close

because I actually have a guy that I

need a consult here at the top of the

hour hmm then I say this all the time

and and guys who listen and read me know

that they know this to be true mmm hot

girls especially girls that are hot from

hot from birth they're not they are

useless because they've never had to be

useful to many guys I am have have

romanticized the the perfect girl they

want a woman to be hot and smart no no

no no no in 2018 girls aren't girls are

either hot or they're smart well I know

a hot girl who goes to Harvard yes

because she sucked the cocks of all of

her teachers like let's not get this

twisted in this in this Instagram world

we have women are rewarded more for

their beauty than their brains as they

should be right like right now this goes

so you can't expect the woman to be good

look to be both good-looking and really

really smart most women fall in between

and the closer you can get the ideal

woman is the ideal woman for men as far

as long-term relationships and marriages

are in between a six and a seven I say

this all the time I agree right

eights nines and tens are community

property I am bidding

you know and community is the key word

because she has too many options and she

will probably cheat on me because my

girlfriend Devon I tell people all the

time my girlfriend Devon is a six

she's a six in the face she's a nine in

a body I think if I try and commit to it

two ago higher than my cell phone I I'm

I just hate myself because she it's not

gonna work how is it it's not gonna work

out because she has too many options

right there you know I can send you a

song it's like some really old European

song from like the nineteen fifty is

that pre feminism unless she says never

make a pretty woman your wife the lyrics

are uphill as fuck right I make a pretty

woman your wife why is that just too

many options and she's and she's gonna

pursue like the prettier girl the the

the more she feels entitled to right

that's right right

when she thinks women control it I I

don't know man how I see is that it's

like I was trying to say earlier that

men I a rule woman Mike in our raw state

he's not someone you could trust or

believe in even the other traitors haha


a man a man will hone and craft a woman

to be an individual that he loves and

cares for he will impose his demands and

beliefs and what-have-you on to her

because he wants to make her more

attractive to him it was the care for

her and because he wants a family of her

but on the flip side when a woman impose

their demands on beliefs what do they

make a guy who's out for his fuck right

he was a fucking like Genghis Khan up in

this motherfucker who's like a like a

tyrant and he's like a fucking G no what

do they mean they they'll take some guy

who's like a total totally respectable

man and he will make him a bitch

yeah this is what you and you know what

he do that because they're insecure

because they guy is so powerful it's so

effective so many women want him I want

him for myself I don't want other woman

to want my man

I will sabotage him they don't think

this they don't think it's consciously

but this is like a subconscious for

phrases and this is how they end up

behavior today weaken their men but men

do not weaken when men do not make women

less family if a man wants a woman and

what's a woman to be his woman and beat

his number one woman he won't make her

less fun

he will make her more feminine if I'm a

woman wants a man to commit to her she

may make him less masculine and then

when he's not masculine enough for her

she will betray him and get rid of him

and dump him and tell him that he's too

much of a bitch there it is and they

never say that right like I know and I

know you've seen the cartoon where the

girl and the guy it's like a four-block

cartoon the girl and the guy see each

other and you know they you know there's

a heart they like each other the guys no

long hair he's got on like a Dharma

t-shirt in the next frame she says you

know what I wish you would you know do

something with your wardrobe so then in

the next picture she says you know what

I wish you would shave your beard then

in the last frame she says listen she

gives him a Dear John letter hey listen

I don't want you anymore because you're

not you like you're not quite baited so

you're just like oh my god tells me to

shave my beard it's been on that shit to

you like you got a trim your beard it's

tickling my nose I'm like bitch I've

been with you for you for two and a half

years you're gonna start complaining now

you better get used to it

Chi it be anything as usual it has been

a pleasure this has been a this has been

this has been one of the best episodes

we've done we actually took phone calls

for the first time we addressed the

other things dude we got to do this we

got to do this again sometime I say this

every time one just don't make it five

months man

you thought of an you my boy man I

always I always I think about who would

approach on the internet with the only

podcast I Rea I mean this is my 14th for

parents yeah yeah how many hours shit I

done a few other podcasts I've been on

one or two times but your podcast 14

times right I regularly regularly appear

in your class what you for my guys who

want to be a part of my paper I'm

actually gonna exploit you here a little

bit I owned by Oh amazing they exploit

the fuck outta me

the the library I'm gonna call it the

illimitable library and it's gonna have

all it's gonna have all of the audio

versions um podcast together all in one

module and if you want to get ahold of

it but the one where this guy was like I

got upset with this guy because he was

like he was like talking he's up from

the Caribbean him so it's you and I was

like you're a fuckin racist

oh yeah I was like why I was like you

know just like pretending I'm not here

because I'm white IQ episode do you

remember that I think that was the last

one that was me you you think cause I'm

small I'm not savage I fucking slay your

head that do not ii do i don't know a

number that is but people tuned into

that and you want to hear me get upset

with some guy like that is like a prime

episode episode i actually took that

episode down I still have that episode

in my possession

yeah man if you want if you want to do

you know what if you want to sell it up

for like $100 or something but I am lost

this year and just thought that was

everybody got loud man that was a nutty

night on that bike why why why you fuck

I was like damn my ancestors conquered

one side of this planet

fucking place what was your problem you

were me Tommy what did your ancestors do

fuck you I you know it's like you want

to be of savage I'll be a savage like

way on D right they either I did not

respect that man I don't know any but

and you know what like when he came on

the air he was talked about we are both

on the air yes yes and he's talking to

you and he's pretending I'm not dressing

nice and I said to you I was like so I

said so you hate white people I said so

you're from the Caribbean and you hate

white people I said you know I'm here

and you disregarded me don't talk

bullshit I said you know that I am

speaking for Donovan and you're

pretending I'm not here and he want to

talk shit about me fuck you yeah this is

why I said to him this dig up the

episode and listen bad man is my alter

ego for a reason it's not playing on my

name right illimitable men.com is where

you can find him on the Internet not

gonna tell you where to find him on

Twitter because I think most of you guys

I was banned from Twitter like bad I'm

not I'm not known to his hair right

there's some guy pretending to be me on

Twitter say he sounds it sounds a lot

like me and it says we're gone Twitter

sounds a lot like me and it's similar

language to me but it's not me but maybe

it is me it's definitely not me pleasure

man we gotta do this again sometime but

for real oh fuck man you know what I

would do our monthly with you I said

this I think I said this to you back in

mail April when I was like I said to you

I think I said to you I was Emma if you

want to do like a monthly episode

because I is a highly demanded by uber

people here's why we never got here's

why we never did another episode because

I lost my youtube channel like two weeks


like I like hey they banned you twice

and dude right they got me twice man But

Here I am once again I mean you know

it's like I said about whoosh no I'm not

like whooshes like baby

fan or whatever I'm not right like you

know I don't walk around my life I suck

a mystical I'm not like oh yeah no but I

think we should be allowed to say what

he says and not be censored and you

believe I don't I don't believe in

censorship the people who disagree with

me all my enemies older by far less

radicals who are like oh yeah

white people are evil claiming a race

yeah I don't want to censor any of them

let them say what they want to say yeah

but if I let them say what they want to

say let me say what I want to say and

let the people on either side say what

they want to say let people speak their

minds don't censor anybody just let

people speak

don't try to like cover anything up just

let people speak that's what that's why

I think that's what I truly think just

let people speak their minds iberia

opinion the people who can argue that

opinions best will win that's right so

if you want to silence somebody else

what does that say it means you're

scared that they will beat you that they

will win right

so if you're not scared of that you will

not sense of them that's what I believe

I got people in the chat telling me that

yeah we should definitely get together

more often let's get together around the

beginning of the month and see what

happens yeah I'm willing to do you know

everything once a month I mean you know

your your podcast is that ain't right if

you go if you look on internet and share

what other podcasters I am go on I do

I don't regularly attend any kind of you

but your podcast is almost regular

podcast I have well that's great respect

on your name this is what I'm saying if

people stop playing on my name I ain't

gonna take it this episode 353 you guys

take care of take it easy man at me

anytime you see mine you know take it


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