What kind of Red Pill Male do you strive to be?

When men find and digest the red pill, they don't all become the same person. Unlike women, male habits manifest themselves in many different ways.  In other words, no 2 alpha males are alike. They are all very different



By and large there are 5 main alpha male archetypes that men fall into when they fully digest and absorb the red pill. 

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how's your boyfriend look at have you

you're fucking your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet what's

up guys that your man

Donovan sharp and welcome to this

edition of TS are alive presented by

happy hippo herbals it is Monday October

30th 2017 it is the day before slutty

ween as we affectionately named it and

dubbed it yesterday as you guys can see

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added some added some cool new graphics

give you guys a little more eye candy

listen I like big tits and I like red

bikinis so I figured you know a lot of

guys out there probably share my

sentiment but had a great weekend good

productive weekend got off to a little

bit of a slow start today got a little

bit behind that's why I'm that's why I'm

starting a little bit late today but

better late than never

it's good to be in today big time sports

weekend I'll probably get into that a

little bit on a on a sports podcast but

let's go ahead and let's go ahead and

jump right into it here over the years

the the red pill community the

manosphere at large we've coined we

coined a lot of phrases that have become

regular jargon amongst its purveyors and

its beneficiaries listen we've got a

language all our own and really though

the blue pill masses are I guess largely

ignorant too pervasive red red pill

vernacular such as you know the wall cot

carousel hypergamy etc etc it's it would

seem that a lot of these concepts are

slowly beginning to make their way into

the mainstream actually tweeted out a

picture the other day from from my

television I sent a screenshot of my

television I tweeted it because

American Horror Story cult showed the

leader of the cult on the red pill

website so again you know looks like we

are starting to make our way into the

into the into the masses in terms of

mainstream media not that we haven't

been before but it seems to be

permeating a little bit more anyway the

most ubiquitous lingo of all however is

the word alpha now the goal of reaching

the be often fabled awful pined alpha

status that is the root of all things

manosphere it is it is quite literally

the basis upon which most ideas in this

sector originate this is the term that

most people that most people plugged in

or not are familiar with but few

actually have a clear-cut definition for

it because because of the broad

subjectivity its privy to now women

they're unable to describe it they can

definitely feel it in their vaginas okay

when that when their radars pick up the

signal but they're not really capable of

putting into words what an alpha what

they know an alpha and alpha to be they

can either feel it or they don't again

women women are emotion based they are

feeling space now men on the other hand

we have many different definitions

because there are many different types

now the human element is the reason for

this for this diversity in definitions

every once in a while we will bounce

opposing ideas off of each other

different schools of thoughts off of

each other and sort of an attempt to

narrow down the definition and that can

cause a lot of these discussions to

become a little bit convoluted this is

perfectly fine because we as men we

generally try to learn from each other

while we're immersed in these

discussions with multiple

interpretations and points of view and

in the end everyone usually comes out

with a little bit more in the way of

dimension as far as their own thoughts

and opinion on the matter now listen I'm

gonna tell you guys right now I'm not

going to attempt to delve into the into

the psychological elements of an alpha

male because white frankly I'm not smart

enough for that little that for that

level of mental gymnastics however I

will concentrate my efforts on the

different breeds of alphas and and try

to paint a clear picture on you know

their lifestyles their motivations and

overall satisfaction with who

and what they are so I'm gonna grade

these guys these archetypes on these

metrics number the the first metric is

gonna be the PU a game level pickup

artist game level this is gonna

encompass approaching text game should

test efficiency social skills escalation

closing the deal etc etc the next thing

is gonna be the natural game level how

their life style and persona naturally

attracts both men and women the next one

is gonna be frame this is quite simply

composure in the face of unrest when the

shit hits the fan how cool does he is he

a cool customer does he have the

wherewithal to make the right decisions

I'm also going to grade them on

congruence who they really are behind

closed doors rather than just in front

of everybody else and the last one is

going to be their overall satisfaction

which is their genuine commit

contentment as men

now I'm gonna grade all of these things

on this scale 5 being 5 being excellent

all the way down to 1 being little to

non-existent so it's gonna be a 1 to 5

grading scale 1 being the the worst and

5 being the best so now that we have our

parameters in place let's get to it

the first alpha male that most of us are

familiar with is what I have called the

player now players are all they're also

known as pickup artists or PU A's the

player gentleman has mastered the art of

betting beautiful women this guy

tirelessly studies all of the

state-of-the-art pickup techniques to

maximize his sexual encounters in this

toxic sexual landscape that exists in

the Western Hemisphere the player seemed

the player that in this day and age they

seemed to draw the most ire you know

from white knights and of course you

know the fat but the fat feminist

because because he has the ability to

accumulate notches without much monetary

or emotional investment they don't like

that now the players reputation is

well-deserved because he's able to he's

able to swat away shit tests quickly and

efficiently he's able to escalate you

know moisten a girl's panties with just

a few with just a very few well-timed

and well worded text and effort Lee

effortlessly escalate the exit I'm sorry

escalate the interaction

towards sex with a brilliant mix of keno

and charm and for those of you who don't

know who key know what keno is

definitely Google that that's the yard

up to sort of push-pull touching any way

the players notch count is its it's much

higher than most alphas because really

pussy is his main goal in life the

player understands that sex is a numbers

game so this guy approaches day and

night in any venue at any time to keep

his pipeline full now he also takes full

advantage of the ez lays available on

dating and hookup sites it in order to

minimize the dry spells

he has a carefully his carefully crafted

profile and his razor-sharp text game

sets him up and a superhero level

seduction skill knocks him down the

bottom line here is that the player is a

stone-cold assassin as far as booty is

concerned and he never feels remorse for

taking down a mark the player at the end

of the day always makes he always makes

damn sure that he is on the cutting edge

of the ever-changing hookup scene and

really devotes most of his time

perfecting his technique the players

mission in life is to his mission in

life is to tag as much tail as he can

before his drinks for his dick shrivels

up and he kicks the bucket and even then

he's gonna be hitting on the orderlies

in his nursing home until he dies so

let's go ahead and grade the player the

P way game level for the player is

obviously gonna be a 5 again guys the

player is a professional pussy pirate

who plunders his way to massive amounts

of massive amounts of pussy his Pete

listen his PU a game is airtight which

obviously translates to plenty of lays

his natural game however I put that at a

3.5 now while the players confidence in

charisma gets in plenty of action with

the ladies and draws the adoration of

men be it around someone who lives for

pussy and talks about it all the time

while fun and educational it can get a

little bit old it can grow tired

it can grow very tiresome being

one-dimensional in this manner can wear

thin on both men and women now as far as

Framus concern players can maintain

frames within the bounds of a pickup set

but they're not usually a stoic when

confronted with real-life strife staying

cool during a pick-up set is one thing

but keeping your wits about you in a


situation not involving picking up women

getting phone numbers of trying to get

the lay that's quite another congruence

wise now the players solid game

certainly makes him look like an alpha

within the context of a one-night stand

or a hookup but no one really knows who

the hell he is when the lights come back

on and a lot of times neither does he

and listen I've been in this phase

before the overall commitment of the

overall contentment the overall

satisfaction of a player ISM is at a 3.5

online pickup artists a lot of time

preach outcome independent outcome

independence from set to set from pick

up to pick up which is great advice what

that means is that you talk to a girl

without the sole intention of fucking

her if you see she's given indicators of

interest then you escalate it further

but you never approach a woman and say

I'm going to fuck this girl no that's a

girl that I would like to get to know

she looks good I could see myself

bugging her let me go over there and

strike up conversation and see what

happens if anything happens great if it

doesn't life goes on but when players

hit a slump which is a again it's a

mathematical inevitability that no

matter how much pussy you get you're

gonna hit a slump the player self-worth

takes a sharp dive which ultimately

leads to lowering their standards they

often they often resort bangin fatties

from time to time to shake themselves

free of that sexual stagnation and get

back on the saddle that doesn't do their

self-esteem any favors either guys this

is the main consequence of making pussy

their sole their sole source of

validation in their lives

a player's morale is only high so long

as he slams sluts on the regular TSR

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the Nightman says because of Western

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terr battle says congrats on 1k

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extreme says don't jinx it

Charles merchant says something

interesting he says quote the player

might become a polygamist yeah I agree

I agree

when a stray Tarleton's has found a girl

who comes from a wealthy family not a

club slut she has Instagram but posts

spam but posts but post a family and

hobbies not drinking or partying she

does drink from time to time sounds like

you might have a good one there

and Banesto a Tarleton I would suggest

because I'm I'm gonna mention this

toward the end of the show I'm releasing

this weekend on on Donovan's dead I'm

gonna be releasing part 1 of 3 of my

slut tells series so you'll definitely

want to get your hands on that this will

help you to decipher whether or whether

or not the girl who seems to be a

quality woman really is a quality woman

a lot of slut tells out there that most

men are not aware of and I think this is

gonna help you guys to to help you guys

you know recognize these slut tells so

yeah listen listen man um I mean it's

good that you found someone that you

like so

dude what 212 says could someone list

the five archetypes he hasn't named them

yet yeah yeah I'll go down the list

little by little the first one was a the

first one was a player we'll get to the

we're going to get to the other ones

here shortly too

Koby Anthony says hey Donovan sharp does

Plan B work more effective if you use it

before sex

no and I assume you're talking about the

plan b pill no if you raw dog a chick

and if you raw dog a chick just make

sure to have Plan B on hand and the best

way to do it is to take it the next


umm I don't know I don't know how

accurate that is but I know that I know

that most women when they listen most

women when they go to the club you know

your raw dog a chicken they're like oh

god I got to get the Walmart or Target

or CVS I got to get a plan b pill most

girls most girls don't think about

getting a plan b pill until after the

fact girls aren't planners they they're

very impulsive they see a guy they want

to fuck I don't care if he has a condom

I let him not all in me I don't care I

don't care I don't care then they wake

up the next day they're like oh shit he

didn't use a condom and I'm ovulating so

in order to keep from getting pregnant

now let's do something about it yeah


yeah do some research on that so

her battle says that a woman accuses

Neil deGrasse Tyson of rape listen man

the trendy thing to do these days and it

all started with it all started I guess

with Bill Cosby and he seems to be

guilty but I don't know but yeah the the

end thing to do the last few months is

to accuse celebrities and rich men of

either sexual assault sexual harassment

or rape like these men are being taken

down because a guy hit on them oh he

grabbed my ass or he called me puss he

listen you don't even have to have proof

all you have to do to say he sexually

harassed me he raped me and everyone

assumes that you're guilty until proven

innocent so

openness free Tarleton says she cooks -

there you go that's a plus

yeah I can't be with a woman who can't

cook can't do it

he says I'm catching feelings but I

don't want it to cloud my judgment

listen your feelings are gonna cloud

your judgment this is why you need TSR

alive with donovan sharp every day to

keep you on your game and listen you

need to subscribe to Donovan's den man

that shit will keep you sharp listen

when feelings are involved the chemistry

changes we all know that but as long as

you have an outside and outside

influence you'll stay you'll stay at

least close to your game it's not easy

to do but it can be done

Donnell says I make him take that shit

that night says here here baby girl take

that Plan B now Bend that ass over


felon bullet says oh I lost him hang on

a second

Belem bullet says for tought first time

here on a live show awesome yeah I

appreciate that man good to have you in

here I usually start between 5:30 and 6

o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time 2:30

to 3:00 o'clock Pacific but tonight

today I got a little bit behind getting

off to a little bit of a late start and

a full schedule didn't get much sleep

last night so good to have you in here


aka AC kg fxs TIG ol bitties love the

red bikini gift yeah goddamn right

freelance says these parties these these

these broads party fucking get high all

the time then they call it then they cry

rape duty right yeah this is what they

do men this is what they do

dude what to 12 says Donovan have you

noticed common features characteristics

in the women who are naturally attracted

to you no no I mean the only listen no

not really

not really I mean all races of women are

attracted to me I mean I've been hit on

by Indian chicks Asian shit I mean

listen I've never fucked an Indian chick

and I've never fucked an asian chick but

yeah I've been flirted with by those

kinds of chicks white girls dude white

girls like me black girls look at me

it's you know this is just out is this

just how it is okay let's move on to our

next alpha to the next number two in our

alpha archetype the next one is the

hobbyist now the hobbyist is a man who

by default does not put pussy on a

pedestal because that pedestal is

already occupied by his obsession which

is his witches to master has chosen

craft he has little time for watching

sports playing video games or mindless

fucking social media scary because he

enjoys doing things that require him to

actually get off his ass and out of the

house the hobbyists regularly engages in

things such as hunting building working

on cars practising a martial art or

anything that requires physical exertion

dedication and/or attention to detail

now because his schtick often requires

long periods of isolation and seldom

involves interaction with the opposite

sex on a social or interpersonal level

pickup game is not necessarily is not

necessarily the hobbyist strong suit

however even still men are naturally

drawn to men who are deeply involved in

masculine activity visit this is this is

what gets the hobbyist more than his

share of female attention and because he

devotes more of his time to his passion

than he does

you know pandering to pandering to women

and chasing pussy they tend to stick

around for a little while now like any

other man the hobbyist does love women

and the sexual benefits they offer him

but if given the choice between fucking

his female you know fucking a fuck but

here's were finishing a paint job on a

67 Mustang he's restored he's gonna

choose the ladder more often than not

this is exactly what keeps his women hot

for him now grade wise the be you a game

level of the hobbyist is a 2.5

now he possesses a minimal working

knowledge of certain of certain tenets

of basic game so he's not completely

ignorant when it comes to dealing with

girls but he doesn't overly concern

himself with things like text game or

how to deal with shit test because he

just doesn't have the time guys most of

his time is spent maybe cleaning his

guns or making sure his camp gear is in

tip-top shape for his next outdoor

excursion the hobbyist natural game

level is a four now as I said before

women love being in the presence of

rugged men who spend a little time on

their couches the fact that he often

chooses his hobby over her over his girl

works as a natural shit test repellent

making her all the more clingy and

listen further men who share hobbies

have a way of finding each other so the

hobbyist has no trouble attracting both

men and women into his world now as far

as frame is concerned I put this at a

4.5 get listen guys getting out of the

house on the regular will physically and

mentally test a man in many different

ways surviving and ultimately thriving

in these situations will temper him like

steel and this resulted near unshakeable

poise trust me especially when you're

talking about hunters campers and

fishers now as far as congruence is

concerned I put this at a rock-solid

five guys listen you can't fake the funk

in this neck of the woods alright posers

and wannabes are quickly exposed and

discarded you can't be you can't say

yeah I like to hunt and fish do you

gonna fucking kill somebody if you know

if not really like that

the hobbyist is the genuine article and

his audience has no bearing on who he is

the hobbyists overall satisfaction is a

four and a half

he's very satisfied with this life guy

says Morales always high because women

take a backseat to the adventure he

takes he puts women in the backseat he

knows that he certainly knows that with

a little more game that would give him a

bump and in sexual market value and he'd

certainly like to have more game but

it's not a priority game to the hobbyist

as more of a luxury than a necessity as

far as he concerned and he's good with

that the next one is the asshole now the

asshole is often referred to as a douche

bag or a meathead the asshole is a brash

selfish cocky son of a bitch guys listen

the asshole is a ballbuster

extraordinaire and never hesitates to

loudly call girls out on their

bullshit as soon as he sniffs it out

he's got sort of a jerk boy his jerk boy

game relies heavily on on nagging

teasing a mugging which is the alpha

male of the group the biggest loudest

most boisterous guy of the group all of

which are highly effective this guy

scores pussy at a high rate because as

we all know chicks can't get enough of

assholes now though the asshole doesn't

live for pussy to the degree that the

player does the disparity isn't really

that wide if he sees a girl he likes

he'll walk right up and strike up

conversation and he will make no bones

about what he's angling for he doesn't

try this little he doesn't try the in

PUA game it doesn't try pick-up line she

just walks up introduces himself hi I'm

Donovan you look good or hi I'm Donovan

you've got nice tits or whatever

now his abundance mentality has made him

immune to rejection guys getting blown

out or rejected by girls that shit

doesn't faze him in the least because

after all those what the butcher's

overthrow bro now great why's the

assholes PU a game level is a four

obviously this guy runs asshole game to

perfection plus again like I said his

non-existent approach anxiety gives him

more swings at the pinata which gives

him a substantial advantage in the field

now when girls sense that he doesn't

give a shit one way or the other they

drop their panties almost involuntarily

it's it's it's amazing how this works

now the natural game level I put in a

three the asshole can be very difficult

to be around at times as men we give

each other shit as a matter of habit but

guys that fit this archetype they often

don't know when to turn it off he's also

notoriously hot-tempered which can bring

about a lot of unwanted trouble this is

the guy think that that gets into a lot

of bar fights scuffles pushing pushing

matches shoves etc now frame I put it it

to put simply a man who lets his

emotions get the better of him is a man

who's got some growing up to do that's

all there is to it and listen I count

myself in that camp I mean I'm not gonna

I'm not gonna run from that congruence I

put this at a 4.5 listen the asshole is

the same around men and women all right

similar to the hobbyist his audience

rarely affects his behavior overall

satisfaction I put it afford the asshole

is pretty happy with who he is and if

you don't believe me

just ask them

even though his impetuous personality

can alienate himself from men other than

his enter other than his inner circle

which of course he gives zero fucks

about his act is a surefire of a giant

vacuum guys and as listen guys as long

as girls continue to reward his cocksure

attitude he's not changed in Boerne one

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fly guy says our IP house of cards you

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um I didn't read it I saw a headline I

think my girl I I think my girl might

have sent it to me but I'll have to do

some have to do some research on that

oh no but not Street Carlton says dude

up slip and I called her babe and blew

up my harem yeah you gonna watch that

you gotta watch that

dude what 212 says I am trying to learn

and reflect on what are the common

characteristics of the common women I

naturally attract my attraction

archetype of sorts yeah it's it's good

to know where your sweet spot is with


early on in game I didn't realize I

didn't realize how how drawn white girls

were to me you know these I mean dude

I'm 6 1 I'm at the time I was 240

something pounds I got these sleeve you

know I've got these tattoos or whatever

and I talk like a white guy so right out

of the gate I'm a little bit intriguing

and interesting and as soon as I see

that little bit of intrigue I walk right

up introduced myself hi my name is

Donovan and now we get to talking so

you're definitely you you definitely

need to yeah you definitely need to find

out what your lane is

that logic one says damn I need my

calculator for this shout-out to geek

assault $5 super chat says guru here

love the show congratulations on 1k keep

spreading the truth appreciate that man

thank you very much

freelance says Donovan the hobbyist is

me 100% with martial arts wrestling and

fishing yes you would be considered a

hobbyist when you do stuff like that

martial arts wrestling and fishing dude

you don't have time to be chasing pussy

all the goddamn time that's just how it

is black kid with glasses shout out to

you my friend $5 super chat appreciate

the support

jamaican peppa says cars and guns for me

yet listen cars and guns

Trump's pussy all day long all day long

and I've got a bit of a neck thing going

on here whoo

all right

all right Donnell says just followed me

on Instagram he says I eat good eye he

said he said do you eat good fam good

shit yeah listen if you guys want to see

and this is the thing man I get people

and listen I can't say I blame guys for

I don't want to call it shit testing but

yes it man like you know I've got a I've

got a pretty sizable influence you know

a lot of guys you know respect my

opinion but we all know that there are a

lot of guys who were bullshitters out

there you know they say oh yeah I fucked

these bitches and did that and there's

not any other and then when it comes

down to it they ain't shit

well I've or they'll say my bitch has to

know how to cook listen me to my bitch

has to know how to cook and to prove to

you guys that I really am the genuine

article I post pictures of the shit that

my woman cooks for me listen I posted

pictures of I posted pictures of my girl

you know I post pictures of me and my

girl all the time you guys can see that

she is a beautiful attractive white girl

a lot of black guys out there talk about

all I do is fuck white girls but then I

have a baby mama named buck weecha

back at the house and don't do fun and

don't fuck nothing but black bitches

like I don't just talk about it guys

like this is who I am this is absolute

listen I am I mean I don't have to tell

you I'm 100 I'm 100 percent congruent

through and through and if you don't ask

me talk to my girl and I also talk about

weight loss I talk about you know build

you know physical fitness well guess

what I've been fat before I've shown you

guys that I've shown you guys

before-and-after pictures of the bitches

that I used to hit on and the bitches I

hit on now this is just how it is so

it's it's it's good for you guys to know

that hey this guy knows what he's

talking about but he's speaking from

personal experience like I said a lot of

guys out there a lot of guys out there

they talk the talk but they don't walk

the walk so III I I don't do it to get

approval or validation I just want you

guys to know that this is really who I

am so like I said go to pod pics follow

me on Instagram look at my pictures if

there's any doubt if there's any doubt

in your mind as to who I am or what I do

or what I know

Chet listen check out my archive on

returning Kings check out my archive on

Negro madness fear calm and I listen I

know my shit I know what I'm talking

about and I've been living this life for

we're going on nine years now

all right let's continue

with the next alpha the next one is the

Conqueror one word describes the

conquerors purpose in life and that word

is victory this particular alpha enjoys

the thrill of overcoming challenges no

matter what they are whether it's hiking

the Appalachian Trail

you know acquiring a shit business and

turning it into a cash cow you know

training a level three shits and Shipton

level German Shepherd if it's a mountain

he's got to climb it guys that that's

all there is to it slaying dragons is

what this guy lives for and that gives

him time for little else

now his lifestyle reflects his

unflappable focus because his daily

routine quite literally revolves around

whatever his obsession is at that very

moment now the moment he captures that

flag he's on to the next conquest

because each triumph only feeds his

insatiable desire to bring more

Goliath's to their knees the conquer is

fiercely competitive and his binary

definition of life which is winning and

losing is the fuel that powers his drive

now as far as PU a game level is

concerned I put him at 1 the conquer has

better shit to do than to play silly

little texting games to tolerate or

tolerate the bratty behavior of a woman

for sex all right

he you a game ok and I'm using air

quotes pew a game is something he has

neither the time the patience nor the

desire to learn now on the flip side

he's likely to laugh at a shit test

mistaken it for a joke which ironically

is pretty solid game whether he realizes

it or not

now his natural game is a solid 5 my

friend listen scoring victories and life

guys on a consistent basis requires many

different hit it requires many different

traits a high social aptitude is one of

the most important the conquerors

ability to be socially dominant in any

situation commands the respect while

generating tingles with while generating

tingles with women it turns women on the

conquerors natural game is far more

effective than any pickup game out there

guys believe me

first frame is concerned another five

for the conquerer guys a man who's who's

got a few hard-fought victories under

his belt has no doubt experience much

adversary' much adversity on his path to

all these triumphs he has learned that

keeping a level head is paramount to

navigating his way through through

catastrophe this comes from experience

these battles guys have forged him into

an immovable object making him near

impossible to rally you can't rattle

these guys congruence also a five listen

guys like I said before his mission

permeates every aspect of his life

public and private that makes his public

and private demeanor because symmetrical

he's the same inner out his overall

satisfaction is a three and a lot of you

guys might be confused to that but but

think about this for all of the

successful conquests the conquer is

never fully satisfied with his life

right he always wants more alright now

granted he'll certainly breathe he'll

he'll celebrate his victories briefly

and enjoy the fruits of his labor on

occasion but he knows that complacency

leads to mediocrity in order to keep in

order for the conker to keep his edge he

he almost has to exist in a constant

state of malcontents the last and final

alpha is the alpha provider gentlemen if

ever there was the male a male version

of a unicorn the alpha provider is it

okay this is the one man able to fulfill

both sides of a woman's dualistic

imperative which is a near impossible

task in this day and age the alpha

provider brings home bring he brings

home enough money to provide his woman

the kind of lifestyle that gives her

validation and comfort as well as

providing for their offspring their

children keeping himself in optimal

physical condition

sure his woman of good masculine genes

making her willing to bear as many

children as he desires now the fabled

alpha provider guys is the captain he's

the captain of a ship and he has genuine

respect and adoration of both his women

and his children let me repeat that the

Alpha provider has genuine respect and

adoration of both his women and his


guys he doesn't tolerate foolishness in

his household and he is quick to punish

such shenanigans but he is equally

bountiful whereas he rewards his woman

for the nurturing of his children or

sexually loyalty and the upkeep of his

property now even though it took him a

while his patience and Redpoll wisdom

allowed him to successfully find a woman

worthy to be his first maid now a man

such as this trust me guys he is the

object of every females desire and they

listen they seldom hide it alright

they often openly flirt with him even in

the presence of his woman now this is

precisely what keeps his woman motivated

to stay fit and feminine well keeping

him sexually satisfied in his domain in

pristine condition

now the alpha the Alpha providers PUA

game level is one guys listen his pickup

muscle says have atrophied as a result

of this current state and the fact that

women throw himself throw themselves at

him on a regular basis as a result of

his natural game level which is a 5 a

true alpha male guy's exhibits all of

the physical and mental traits that make

him attractant that make him attractive

company to either sex this is men and

women his frame is a four and a half now

the one keep the one thing keeping the

alpha provider away from a 5 is his


every man permission every man has

permission to lose his shit should harm

befall one of his children other than

that he keeps his faculties under

complete control congruence another 5 a

man who is able to build and lead a

strong nuclear family in today's world

is incapable of being a beta bitch boy

outside of the confines of his castle

guys listen the Alpha provider is an

alpha male through and through

regardless of his environment his

overall satisfaction you guessed it it

is an absolute 5 having reached the

pinnacle of life the Alpha provider

literally has he literally has all he

naturally desires now he doesn't need it

but he naturally desires this he gets

this stuff out of out of life he's got a

dutiful woman willing to embrace

traditional sex roles he has children to

pass on his legacy he has enough money

for the upkeep of his investment and the

satisfaction that comes with

accomplishing this increasingly

difficult feat a man like this guy's he

truly has it all

now I'm sure these particular alphas

leave much for debate and as always I

strongly encourage you guys to voice

your opinion and input but no matter

what you agree or disagree with one

cannot deny the one trait that every one

of these office has in common they do

what they want how and when they want

and without apology

they are unafraid to be who they are and

they take what they know to be

rightfully theirs be it money women

accomplishment or anything else that

Avella and that elevates their lives as

men now we all have a little bit of

every alpha type in us now personally I

have a strong dose of hobbyist with a

dash of player an asshole if the

situation calls for it um listen I

listen I'll also readily admit that I

love to be the Alpha provider that we

all dream about and listen I'd bet my

savings that better than nine out of ten

men here would probably too if the

uppers if the opportunity presented

itself listen guys the truth is that

we're all hardwired to want a wife and

kids and I'm willing to concede that

even though this country's even though

this country's women have jaded me to

the point to where I've all been given

up on that dream I'll be honest with you

guys my hard drive hasn't been

completely wiped of its original

programming and men who are honest with

themselves would probably agree plenty

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yeah let's see here


alright ghosts okay big whoop a semaj

recent Donovan's den subscriber says

what up y'all back from trouble again

Donovan you got a PhD in this red pill

shit straight up better fucking believe


you like to make a Jamaican Peppa says

like the video do not forget though

don't do not forget to like the video

deep 1985 says those tits are like the

one you see on ecchi and fanservice type

anime I don't know if I pronounced Ikki

correctly but yeah yeah listen listen

out listen I love big Tut's I love fake

tits I love big fake texts in bikinis I

love big fake tits in bikinis on hot


but astrick Tarleton says what are the

hot girls I hang with from time to time

filled me in on some red pill truth hot

girls never hang with ugly guys that is

a hundred percent correct listen hot

girls have a rep to maintain they don't

hang out with ugly guys most of the time

they don't hang out with ugly girls but

they hang out with ugly girls when

they're in a quote/unquote slump but

dude 99.9% of hot girls don't associate

with women who are on hot girls tens

associated with tens men that that's all

there is to it

deep 1985 says just followed you on

Facebook yeah so listen send me a what

you call it

good lord I'm blinkin here send me a

message request and will establish

messaged you know on facebook Messenger

Donnell says I gotta hit the supermarket

after the gym tonight

very good Cayo fitness and coaching says

loving the topic loving the topic bruh

appreciate that

jamaican peppers has plenty hot chicks

with nobody dudes yep I did it I did an

episode on that not two not two while


Wow felon bullet says people new Kevin

Spacey was gay for years are you serious

oh my god Kevin Spacey is gay shit this

is news to me see that this is how busy

I am man I I just don't follow this

stuff like dude I have it listen I have

one I have one TV on ESPN the other one

on fs1 I new sports all day Wow Kevin

Spacey is gay

Kaiser fucking Soze about that shit


freelance Ronin putting down the red

pill knowledge says quote never take

dating advice from women they are never

honest and will only tell you pitfall

advice to keep you in check that is one

of the many reasons you do not take

dating advice from women

dude women shouldn't even take dating

advice from women well said

freelance well said

oh I guess he wasn't talking about me

damn I thought thought old boy was

talking about following me on Facebook

my bad

aunt James says I'm more of a hobbyist

with my music production skills chicks

are intrigued by create by creatively

talented guys yes they are yes they are

I did a show on that um god I forgot

what that episode was called I recently

did a show that highlighted Oh with a

man who is an a-plus that one thing will

fuck better-looking women than a man

who's a b-minus at everything and

creativity and talent is one of those a

plus traits that that women tend to be

drawn to


Ahmed Hussein says sup Donovan can you

give me a site that teaches me game

because I'm 18 and a complete virgin

beta cock yeah

Donovan sharp comm you're welcome


Koby Anthony says Wow just found out

that a woman gets hurt and when it's

robbery instead of calling police she

takes a selfie instead Wow shit Kevin

Samuel says music who makes music I'm

looking for some videos there we go do a

little bit of um do a little bit of

networking in here shout out to Eric P

in the motherfuckin house is what up D

I'm late to the show I'll catch the

replay Eagles when again do be played

like shit yesterday and we still won by

what two three touchdowns shout-out to

you Eric P my friend thanks for dropping

in appreciate that we give one last

shout out to my to my contributors here

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really do appreciate the support that

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felon bullet says Donovan when you get

it when you get the chance on YouTube

type and female illustrates hypergamy I

would like to know your opinion on this


why not i'ma check that out that's gonna

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