What REALLY holds Men back from reaching their full potential? (Episode 338)




who had immeasurable talent immeasurable

potential but ended up becoming a

terrible players of the pro on the NFL

side names like Ryan Leaf JaMarcus

Russell Tony Mandarin Lawrenceville and

Robert Griffin the third all those guys

come to mind in the NBA we think of guys

like plummy Brown Darko Miletich Michael

Ola candy the Candyman and of course Sam

Bowie who was drafted number two overall

in the 84 draft one spot ahead of

Michael Jordan for us baseball nerds we

think of guys like Mark Prior and more


Matt Harvey the book is still out on

Matt Harvey but it's not looking good

now not every draft bust was solely

responsible for his failures right there

there were factors outside of his

control that eventually led to their


Dajuan Wagner makes me think into one

Wagner one of John Calipari asbestos

coal and removed because of severe

colitis and he was out of it and he was

out of the league and what five years

wide receiver Brandon Marshall I

wouldn't consider him to be a bust but

he could have been so much greater if

not for his mental illness and then of

course you have guys like Sam Bradford

and Greg Oden who are made out of peanut

brittle yes you have athletes that

overcome sickness you know and and still

become great athletes Mario Lemieux beat

I think it was Hodgkins nan lymphoma

came back to have a Hall of Fame career

Jon Lester who of course beat cancer and

still has a very good major league

baseball career won a World Sox won a

World Series I think with the Boston Red

Sox and of course Lance Armstrong but

by-and-large unforeseen uncontrollable

circumstances derail a lot of

professional athletic careers but the

guys who have no one to blame but

themselves the guys who were their own

worst enemy for one reason or another

were susceptible to the same things that

we are as men the very same thing that

held these guys back from reaching their

full potential holds us back as well so

today I'm going to talk about what

really holds men back from reaching

their full potential and listen I'm

gonna keep it 100 with you guys I'm

guilty of a lot of these a lot of these

things even now so listen this episode

will be as much for me as it is you guys

it is Thursday September

twenty-eight 2018 I had to change around

my schedule guys I was lifting in the

afternoons and then I changed my

Showtime start time to 10:00 a.m.

Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific and I was

running into a lot of scheduling

conflicts of course you know having a

bunch of having a bunch of software

issues that that I was dealing with as I

look for a place for my bottled water

here running into a bunch of software

issues and of course you know my time

management and everything everything was

getting out of whack because I was

lifting during the afternoon well today

I woke up at four o'clock in the morning

good old 4:00 a.m. went got all my

lifting out of the way and lo and behold

Here I am everything was smooth

everything was on time I got my live

pre-show Q&A; and so lifting in the

afternoons as long as I have this show

on in this particular time slot it's not

gonna be an option for me I'm gonna have

to start getting up at 4:00 in the

morning Devon's not gonna like that

because I'm not gonna be able to stay up

with her and watch pointless television

shows that she likes to watch but them's

the breaks them's the breaks we got Rams

and Vikings tonight a lot of people

would call this a potential NFC

Championship preview now the Rams are

the best team at football right now I

mean they're an offensive juggernaut

they're I mean listen man they've got

the human traffic jam a key I mean I'm

sorry the human traffic jam

Adamo qingxue aaron donald they have a

great line backing core their secondary

is gonna be decimated Hakeem to leave

was placed on injured reserve yesterday

so he's gonna be out for at least the

next eight weeks they hope to have him

back for the playoffs

Marcus Peters is also questionable I

think he had an ankle injury but he

probably won't play tonight he injured

his ankle on Sunday I mean what we got a

four day turnaround he's probably not

he's probably not gonna play tonight but

um a lot listen Thursday night games

used to be they steuby unwatchable it

seemed like every Thursday night game

was Cincinnati Cleveland or you know no

offense Miami Jay but Miami Buffalo just

just point you know you know if 49ers

and I don't know pick up team 49ers and

the Raiders it's all it was always widen

out 49ers and Raiders is pretty pretty

tasty but it's always too bad teams

playing each other well this year Fox

decided to jump into the Thursday Night

Football game they probably went to the

NFL and said listen dude wear it listen

we don't listen we don't want Baltimore

in Cleveland right we don't want we

don't want Buffalo and you know pick a

bad team in the NFL we don't want that

we want we want games people are gonna

watch we want Giants Eagles we want

Vikings Rams we want Patriots Cowboys we

want games people are gonna watch so the

Thursday Night Football lineup this year

on Fox is gonna be it's gonna be good

and in tonight's game is certainly going

to be certainly gonna be the start of

that a Tennessee high school athletic

director has been placed on

administrative leave for saying girls

pretty much run everything now I

actually this is actually quite funny

actually had this actually had this

queued up so so much for my so much for

my smooth radio transition give me a

second here I literally just had this

thing up where the hell did it go right

with me guys there with me there we are

Tennessee High School ad put on leave

for seeing girls pretty much run

everything so I'm reading from dirt

directly from the article Jared Hensley

the athletic director and assistant

principal and so ddz high school near

Chattanooga was placed on administrative

leave Wednesday afternoon soon after he

says quote girls pretty much ruin

everything in a video he made for the

student body not run ruin in a Wednesday

morning video addressed to the students

called a quote helping a helping of

Hensley heme ounces a ban on wearing

athletic shorts he acknowledges that

boys will be unhappy about it

but he says he had to make the rule he

said quote if you really want someone to

blame blame the girls because they

pretty much ruin everything

he adds ask Adam look at emia you can

really go back to the beginning of time

in the video which was posted to YouTube

and taken down but then uploaded by the

Chattanooga Time Times Free Press

Hensley continues it'll be like that

the rest of your life keep your mouth

shut suck it up and follow the rules the

article continues his message prompted a

sharp backlash on social media with

users calling his comments unacceptable

and misogynistic and asking followers to

contact Hamilton County Schools to

express their displeasure blah blah blah

blah blah you know it's it's it's funny

that anytime anybody anytime a measure

of truth trickles out and listen women

can say that boys ruin everything women

can go on TV and say boys are all

rapists and boys are bad and yet don't

don't eat you'd have to teach boys not

to rape like we can get our names

dragged through the mud but as soon as a

Tennessee high school athletic director

says girls pretty much ruin everything

now all of a sudden people want him to

lose his job now here's the thing he's

an idiot he exercised in bad wasn't he

this was a bad mistake this is not

something that you say this is not

something you say out loud especially if

you're employed by the state he

absolutely should not I mean I'm not

gonna say that he shouldn't I said it

but he was stupid for having done so

but women talk all the time about how

guys ruin everything but when someone

acknowledges that they ruin everything

now all of a sudden it's a problem this

to me this is just another case of women

not wanting to be called out what dude

listen Hensley was right women do ruin


women do ruin everything and part of the

part of part of that is our fault we can

sit here and say feminism is this a

feminism is that listen feminism is not

as successful as it is if men aren't

behind it I was on the brother pill

podcast yesterday and I talked about and

I talked about the fact that women can't

do anything without men women can't be

Miss sandrich without men women can't do

feminism without men feminism needs men

for feminism to survive that's just all

there is to it

but I just thought this was funny I

figured I'd bring this too I figured I'd

bring this to you guys his attention I

thought it was I thought it was actually

but that was a pretty funny story people

making a big deal out of this guy

keeping it 100 Kristine Ford is back in

the news the Brent Cavanaugh accuser

of course Christine ah say four and I

call her Christine's bored and if it's

funny it's like the fact that she uses

her middle name I don't know if it's her

maiden name but the fact that she uses

her middle name professionally that kind

of tells you all you need to know about

her right like she gets around

no she's married I don't care just use

your first and last name I know a girl

named Ashley she had a really up

last name okay fine

so she used her first and middle name

girls young girls love to use their

first and middle name to appear more

feminine they don't want to appear they

probably do this not to appear owned

right so you probably have women out

here who have facebook pages if her name

is Christina Michelle you know Hopkins

or something like that it's pretty she

probably is on Facebook as Christina

Michelle and she probably spells her

name k r YT s or I'm sorry k ry sty and

aah probably spells in some kind of

up way anyway she says the the

assault on her perpetrated by one Brett

Kavanagh has ruined I'm sorry has

altered her life says here in the press

release it is part of a written

testimony professor Christine Blasi Ford

has released before she appears at a

crucial Senate panel hearing later on

Thursday judge Cavanaugh who will also

test who will also testify has

strenuously denied the accusations

however fresh allegations which the

judge also denies have appeared have

have appeared as the hearing lose so

basically she says Moretz assault on me

drastically altered my life for a very

long time I was too afraid and ashamed

to tell anyone the details she wrote in

her prepared statement she continues

quote I tried to convince myself that

because Brett did not rape me I should

be able to move on and just pretend that

it never happened she said mr. Cavanaugh

and her friend Marc Marc judge locked

her in a bedroom during a small

gathering at a house in Washington DC in

the suburbs of the summer of 1982 both

Brett and Mark were drunkenly laughing

during the attack she said mr. judge has

denied the allegations saying he does

not recall the incident I believed that

Cavan I was waiting to eat and she said

the fact that he covered my mouth

she says terrified her the most and he

had and has had the most lasting impact

guys listen man this is all

listen what's the thing is this man

there is zero proof there's no evidence

this happened back in 1982 anybody can

come up with any sort of anybody can

anybody can accuse anybody of anything

men in in the court of public opinion

men are guilty till proven innocent okay

so a man achieves a measure of success

all of a sudden we got all these women

coming out of the woodwork so he looked

at me funny I thought he was going to

rape me how do we know that this even

happened I mean listen you were a frat

girl or a frat no no you were for Europe

you know it was a fraternity listen

you're in college you're all drunk how

do we know that how do we know Kevin all

locked her in a room and then of course

for good measure she said oh I made they

laugh during the attack so we're making

accusations on what you say you thought

I thought he was going to rape me well

that's as good as rape no it's not he

did not rape you sweetheart there is

zero proof there's zero evidence of any

of this stuff this is all man

and again notice they called a sexual

assault they have now widened the

definition of sexual assault to mean

whatever it is yeah to mean whatever it

is they want it to mean

they don't say listen they don't say

rape anymore when's the last time a

public figure is actually accused of

rape of course other than Bill Cosby of

course we've got Harvey Weinstein and I

mean listen man I mean none of us

believe none of us here believe that he

raped these women they slept with him to

further their careers I think that's I

think that's pretty obvious the attack

altered my life

no it didn't if the attack alters your

life then why did you wait 3 some odd

years to come out about it if this was

so traumatic and listen I've said this

before there are many many signs of a

false domestic violence false rape

accusation whatever the very first sign

is that she will is that she doesn't go

to the police right here's another sign

she tells she tells other people but she

does not tell the police and by the way

there it's supposedly there is no

statute of limitations on sexual assault

or rape so why hasn't Brett Kavanaugh

been arrested if there was so much

validity to her claim then why hasn't

Judge Kavanaugh been arrested had a

brother pill podcast last night with

O'Shea listen man it was straight fire I

had a good time

the the name of the podcast was called

my girlfriend has daddy issues

and things got lively things up very

very lively in there at one point

O'Shea band oh well he he put all the

women in timeout we had a lot of women

in there who were throwing shade at your

boy it's funny because these women want

to sleep with me they want me to

him but I don't want to him that's

what makes him mad so they called me all

kinds of names Uncle Tom he's a coon

he's a sellout he worships white women

he worships white people blob a blob

yeah now that I never heard before so

O'Shea decided to flex a little bit of

his quote misogynistic muscle and he put

everyone in timeout everyone a timeout

all of the women had sign out none of

them could say anything for the rest of

the show it's probably a good 30 to 45

minutes just a bunch of women in there

talking and listen listen you guys

know me I have no problem with anyone

who disagrees with me but don't talk

about me in social media

don't don't don't go back-and-forth with

me on Facebook don't come at me in the

chat give me a call I'm not hard to find

yet listen y'all punk-ass niggas y'all

bitches y'all know you listen you guys

know where to find me I'm right here 10

o'clock Eastern to 10 a.m. Eastern 7:00

Pacific Monday through Friday we're

gonna follow that up with a brother pill

podcast tonight called why black men

hate it when other black men date white

girls and the reason why we're doing

this is because we had quite a few

callers calling in who showed a little

bit of disdain about the fact that I

date white women

and it's funny it's it's I think that

you know of course they come out with oh

you know you yourself hate and this and

that in the other

no it's listen man I'll talk about it on

the show today self hate leads to

self-harm if someone really hates

themselves they engage in

self-destructive behaviors so by dating

women who are more feminine who give me

sex on command who cooked for me who are

happy to be with me by doing those

things which are all good things that

means I hate myself

it's a again that's that's not tired

rhetoric that's that tired rhetoric to

make themselves feel good about the fact

that I well he made eight white girls

but he hates himself there's something

bad we can point to whatever helps you

sleep at night

whatever lets you sleep at night if you

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Miami Jay checking in good to see you in

here as well chase Lobo says Mike

Hampton for the Braves was a huge bust

actually Mike Hampton was a huge bust

for the Braves after he went to Colorado

I remember Colorado gave him a huge

money contract and of course we all know

that that pitchers never fare well in

Colorado because of the thin air I mean

you I don't know I forgot I forget what

year it was was 93 94 probably 93 or 95

where the Rockies had four guys who all

hit 40 home runs apiece I don't know if

I remember this Larry Walker Vinny

Castilla Andres Galarraga I'm thinking

Todd Helton if anybody can think of that

fourth guy let me know Castilla

the big cat Andres Galarraga Larry

Walker I don't know maybe Ellis Burks

Dante Bichette that's who it was Dante

Bichette that's who it was and I think

Dante Bichette I think won the MVP that

year so um little little baseball

nerdism there armando says much prosper

waking up at 4 a.m. and getting your

lift on that's straight at military

status this is listen waking up at 4

a.m. was something I used to do all the

time but when I started doing my show

late it allowed me to wake up a little

bit later and looked in the afternoon

but when I moved my show back to the

morning it really really up my

schedule it really really messed that up

was like you know what I'm just gonna go

back to getting up and lift in the

mornings made all the difference in the

world all the difference in the world

Youngjae 216 good to see you in here I'm

seeing you here in a while

Massey says how was a person in charge

of teaching people so weak to let what

she claims happen destroy her whole life

by the way I don't believe I don't

believe her either I don't believe her

either like we played a drinking game he

put his dick on my face

locked me in a closet okay hey I do

believe that there was a drinking game B

I do believe that he put a dick in their

face okay but listen you're a college

girl you're drunk you're gonna get a lot

of dicks put in your face you want that

dick in your face that's why you were

there I don't believe you locked in the


he didn't almost rape anybody in a rape

anybody should probably bang him that

night unbelievable joby Juan coyote says

I'm as white as it gets and I like

Hispanic Mediterranean women because I

hate myself right like why don't it's so

funny like why don't white people ever

tell other white people you date outside

of your race because you hate yourself

that's it's it's it's disingenuous is

what it is

that whole self-hating that again the

the whole self hate thing is for their

purpose they want to feel better about

the fact that they are like like like

you're having good experience with women

of other races and to help them feel

better about the fact that you are

having a good experience after sprinkle

it well even though he's having a good


it would seem it's because he hates

himself so he cries himself to sleep

every night because he hates himself

yeah I think that'll make me feel better

and getting he write that

nonsense wayfaring man says I like

beautiful women does it matter where

they come from

I am a multicultural listen

I say it all the time man my my

proclivities to date white women has

nothing to do with the fact that the

white my lack of my the fact that I

don't date black women has nothing to do

with the fact that they're black this

isn't a skintone thing this is not a

physical sexual attraction thing this is

a feminine thing and black women just

are feminine enough for me they're not

feminine enough for a lot of people oh

you're not man enough dude listen man

it's like site on a Sean O'Shay show

last night all right I get it you got to

be you know your way of testing is

to be ultra masculine which is

counterproductive but okay if that's

what you have to do but I'm not trying

to have to I'm not trying to have to

fight you every night I'm not trying to

break through those walls to establish

my dominance every goddamn day I'm not

here for that not here for it

try not to blank we'd blank we know ho I

hope I pronounced that correctly

Ryan Sullivan says cell-fate theories

away for black women to control black

men yes yes yes yes see black women want

and this is why black women raise their

sons this way black women raise their

sons to become dependent upon the

validation of black women they want

their sons to be dependent upon black

female validation Jose SLO Donovan my

question to you is do you think I should

stick do you think you should stay

friends with your ex and use her as an

option if you're in a slump

Jose what you're asking me you're you're

I think you're looking for a blessing

for me to give you an excuse to hang

around your ex the answer to your

question is no if she's or actually your

ex girlfriend this means feelings were

involved I know I listen I know it's

it's easy to say yeah you know user as a

buddy bla bla bla bla bla

listen man your if you ever had feelings

for a girl if you ever had feelings for

a girl you can't just divorce those

feelings when it comes to sex yes sex is

much more emotional for women than it is

men but if you ever had feelings for a

girl and you break up there's no way you

can just users a buddy unless it's

years later and even then it's tough I

think what you're i think what sure I

think what you're asking I think you're

looking for permission to be around her

you're looking for permission to be

around hers if you could so that you

could possibly win her back you probably

don't think that consciously but

subconsciously there's something about

her that you want to be around which is

understandable you had feelings for her

as she is your ex-girlfriend but the

short answer to your question is no no

do Nev never ever ever stay friends with

your ex-girlfriend because here's the

thing you think that it's funny guys

think well I'm gonna keep her around in

case I need her for sex well the girl is

thinking well I'm gonna keep him around

so for things other than sex and listen

ten times out of 10 the girl is

successful you think you think you're

gonna keep her around so they even use

her use her for sex no that never

happens because she's got to keep you

out for all of her non-sexual needs so

when she asks you to give her a ride can

help me move can you help me with this

that and the third you go over there and

do that stuff that's friend stuff she's

not gonna be attracted to you anymore

you're doing that because you think you

know if I do this for her she's gonna

let me use her for sex because there's

no feelings involved now that's

that's you're looking for

permission to be around your

ex-girlfriend I'm not gonna give it to

you I'm not gonna give it to you very

good question though but the answer to

your question is no all right let us get

to the topic at hand what really holds

men back what really really holds men

back from reaching their full potential

well let's start with one of the most

ubiquitous is money bad financial

decisions bad spending habits now on a

lower level most men make bad financial

decisions on a very low level they spent

basically they spend their money on dumb

constantly they're buying video

games every month I've heard of niggas

actually having a we build he smokes so

much weed they actually have a weed bill

like maybe you spend more money on weed

than you do your electric bill there's a

problem there fast food is another time

and money suck not only is it bad for

you it's bad for you financially fast

food is cheap but if you buy it a lot it

gets expensive I get four cheeseburgers

for four dollars well how many times are

gonna do that this week in-app purchases

that's another sneaky one hey pay three

dollars for this app or pay three

dollars for this in-app feature doing

stupid like getting the extended

warranty every time you buy a TV or you

know or or a microphone there's always

some two or three dollar extended

warranty that adds up the extended

warranty isn't worth if something

happens to it send it back they'll take

it back every time smoking cigarettes

that's a bad financial decision it's

also a self-destructive tendency and


we'll get into that later making

payments on cellphones

I have no guys I have no idea for the

life of me how the hell we got here

elissa don't get me wrong listen I

bought the first iPhone I think I paid

300 bucks for paid 300 bucks

- work I paid 450 for the iPhone sorry

actually no I didn't pay 450 my homeboy

got us the iPhone 3G from a girl he was

she worked at the AT&T; store she

hooked us up with the free iPhone 3GS

the point is is we got people out here

making payments on cell phones what are

what is you doing dude dude pay 300

bucks if you have to have it this is an

eye this is an iPhone se this is the

cheapest most scaled down model of

iPhone there is it is the cheapest and

yes I'm in my underwear yeah for those

of you guys I've been in this underwear

yeah I do almost all my shows in my

underwear deal with it it's hot I'm hot

blooded you guys know that but until I

until I do not even buy that Biden bite

for me Devin got it for me for Christmas

and early Christmas prison before then I

had a windows up dude I here at a

Windows Phone for 3 years people still

look at me funny why are you carrying a

Windows Phone because I like money

listen these are that the kind of men

who spend dumb on a low level these

are what these call these are what these

these are these ain't niggas that

my guy from the 702 called it about

yesterday my guy from the 702 called in

yesterday he said listen man I

understand sisters are in a bad way

right now but brothers are really no

better you want to know something he's

right he got a lot of these ain't

niggas out here spending money on dumb

you play video games all day you

got a Wii Bill eating Cheetos

eaten out all the time smoking

cigarettes and of course the most the

most egregious financial decision

particularly black men oh my god listen

you guys already know where I'm going

with this

oh my I came to I can't even talk about

it the most egregious financial mistake

that we as black men make as a whole are

Jordans Jordans we got niggas

out here dying over Jordans we

got niggas out here skipping car

payments to get Jordans we got niggas

we got niggas out here camping out $500

in hand per Jordans well Donna

then it's a shoe culture no that's a

religion any time it dude that's

a religion based on a depreciating asset

well the the 92 Jordans are what's up

I'm not trying to hear that nonsense get

the out of here it's one thing to

spend a hundred and sixty dollars on a

really nice pair of dress shoes and I

try to make it sound like I knew what I

was talking about I was trying to think

of because I've had Kevin Samuels on a

couple times and it's a shoe brand that

starts with the letter M mogh

oh damn I totally that up

anyway it's one thing to spend 160 even

$200 on a really really good dress shoes

will last you for years and years and

years there's no problem with spending

that kind of money on dress shoes

because it serves a purpose it shows who

you are as a person but spended 350 400

$500 on Jordans Magnani there we go

there's another there's another brand

out there and that starts with an M that

he talks about a lot I tried to I tried

to be seamless with it but listen again

I'm no fashion expert I gotta have Kevin

on here pretty soon

but when you're out here spend it like

you see niggas walking down the street

with a goddamn 300 ollar chain at 500

all our pairs 500 all our pair of

Jordans riding the bus look what

your goddamn mama

nigga you ain't quits quit spending

money on Jordans I've Matt I

swear to God if niggas would spit if

niggas would stop spending money on

Jordans niggas would be rich we

dude we'd run honestly if black

people stop spending money on Jordans

like the nigga stock the black mail

stock would go right the up our net

worth would literally triple overnight

now check this out there's actually a

sale on a of course you guys know

Philly this is like this is like one of

the shoe hub this is like one of the

shoe hubs there's a it's it's an

older-style Jordan brand-new size 13 $89

right I haven't got time dude I'm so

busy I'm gonna have time to go down

there but if they're still down there

I'm gonna go cop

$89 $89 and dude retail for 400 all

right I'll but listen I'll go caught me

a pair of Jays I'm not missing a goddamn

harpy I mean I don't have a carpet I'm

not missing a car payment for it

I'm not gonna not pay my goddamn bills

for it I'm not gonna go out there and

camp out listen I could go out there any

time and if I go out there if I call up

and they're not there oh well but to pay

three figures for a pair of


man too many niggas get caught up with

this nonsense wit spending money on

Jordans I had one ignorant ass

nigga maybe a year ago put in the

comments had to unsubscribe as soon as

he said I can't wear Jordans nigga good

riddance man man listen man I'm

not listen like I'm not marketing to

guys like you I'm barking to guys who

actually want to improve their lives

let's go one level up cuz I could talk

about Jordans all they got all

goddamn day long let's go one level up

and this is where the vast majority of

people hold themselves back is living

above your means okay listen I've been

guilty of this I made great financial

decisions listen here's what happened

when I got to thinking when I got to

Vegas had 700 bucks in my pocket I lived

with a buddy of mine for two months I

got a great telemarketing job I had a

huge bonus was able to get the out

of there I almost blew the whole

bonus but I managed to get the up

out of there got a real cheap got a real

cheap apartment five hundred bucks a

month five hundred bucks a month decent

part of town right one bedroom one

bathroom it was all I needed

drove a dude drove a brokedown car dude

I bought a car for seven hundred bucks I

worked on I probably could another maybe

eight nine hundred bucks in it had it

free and clear I was good to go

then I started making money in real

estate then I bought a 2012 Audi a5 paid

that cash but paid a boatload of money

for that now looking back I'm glad I did

I did have a car payment okay that's

fine but that's not living above my

means I had the money so I bought it

free and clear 15 grand in cash right

there in his hand paper cash right

everything was going good then I started

making money hand over fist what did I


I went and got I went and stayed at a

prominent doubt it was it was an

apartment town right off the strip

thirty-five hundred bucks a month I was

there for a year 3500 bucks a month guys

uh you know what I needed to do I needed

to upgrade is what I said I gave myself

an excuse and and I was probably

spending anywhere between two and three

hundred dollars per month on concierge

yeah go get me a go get me a can of

Olives that's eight bucks dude stupid

3500 times twelve guys that is

forty two thousand dollars I am

a dumbass for having done that I

scrimped and saved for so long I was

doing so well and all it took was one

and listen I'm okay like I didn't I

didn't go broke but I could have saved

so much more money had I not and I was

not that I was well and I know maybe I

was living above my means $3,500 a month


dude the apartment was beautiful

lived on the 14th floor

we could see the whole strip bitches

loved it when I'm blown out her back

she's looking you know what I'm saying

she's looking at Harrah's you know I'm

saying she's looking at the REO up there

Caesars Palace there's the Trump Towers

amp there you go nice view any worth

$3,500 a month man it was great had a

lot of good times that's not worth it a

lot of guys out here live in apartments

that are just too expensive for them and

listen I'm not saying that every guy

lives on a $3,500 a month apartment but

if Y paid $1,500 a month for an

apartment when you could be eight or

nine hundred dollars right

do some research man rent from private

owners listen it's always better to rent

from a private owner than it is to rent

an apartment a lot of guys drive a car

they have a ridiculously high car

payment that's unwise man had to take a

swing water there but if you listen and

again don't get enamored with the new

car maybe get a car maybe five years

older and cut your car payment and a

half or you can exercise some financial

discipline save three five thousand

dollars and get a car you own outright

again I'm as guilty as anyone for living

above my means I've done it before and

it has cost me very dearly but guys put

in the work put in the research there


our options out there for sure then you

add the videogames the Jordans and the

weed you can't save any money and if you

can't save any money you're never gonna

reach your full potential guys now let's

take it let's take it one step further

on a higher level we got guys who live

from check to check which means that if

you were to miss one paycheck your life

would be up right this means you

can't save any money well Donovan I

don't make enough to save enough know

you live above your means this is why

you can't save money I like I said buy

cars in cash well I can't afford to buy

in cash that's because you're trying to

buy a $20,000 vehicle man save again

save three to $5,000 to get a comparable

vehicle with no car payment you know

what no car payment means it also means

a lower insurance premium your insurance

drops literally 70% if you own your

vehicle you have to make sacrifice you

have to make financial sacrifices for

stability down the line and listen

listen don't get it twisted man

I'm not a financial expert I'm not Suze

Orman I'm not Dave Ramsey but

guess what guys I do have a nest egg

okay like I listen I was wise when I

lived in Atlanta it listen it was no

accident that I moved to Vegas my own

boy dude my home boy was on me for three

four months moved to Vegas it's great I

said well okay Vegas is kind of

different but I did my research it's

very very cheap to live in places like

Las Vegas Phoenix Arizona low cost of

living Austin Texas low cost of living


none of these states all of these states

low state taxes or no income tax that

was that that was a conscious financial

decision I made I'm a I moved to a

tax-free state that was cheap to live in

I got lucky on a couple of real estate

deals and I was making money hand over

fist now again I made mistakes when I

was out there for sure and I'll

definitely get more into that later but

on the professional athlete side you

guys should definitely watch the ESPN 30

for 30 called broke it is a 30 for 30

about professional athletes who blew all

of their money made stupid decisions

Antoine Walker is the pose

one of the one of the many poster

children for having blown their salaries

hee hee hee famously listen keep

famously blue just about every penny of

the hundred and eight million dollars he

made in the NBA Andre Rison who used to

be married to Lisa left eye Lopes blew

all his money Chris Berg needs to call

him Andre bad moon horizon he was a bad

he was bad with money Mike

Tyson blew an estimated three hundred

and fifty million dollars and fight

money half of which was probably stolen

by Don King let's move it here over

there allen iverson right down the road

man dude AI is a God here in Philly

guess what men people a lot of money few

things hold men back from reaching their

full potential more than bad financial

decisions and bad financial habits guys

do listen do some research man watch

financial podcasts buy books

buy ebooks do whatever you listen I'm no

financial expert okay like I'm not like

I can't tell you what I can't tell you

what to do or what not to do I don't

know what your situation is but there

are plenty of people out there listen

the Internet is the Internet is

basically free there there is dude there

are so many resources out here that you

can use and put into action today to

start taking control of your financial

life you take in court you can take

control of your finances you take

control of your life if your financial

house is in order that's not gonna be

the thing that holds you back from

reaching your full potential

let's check the chat here spin says

broadcast it don't wait a minute spin

says bro lost my place spins spins e

says broadcasting in your underwear I'm

listening at a welding mass

tap shoes to the French tickler I love

it I love it

D wheeze also says strip club yes right

like so many guys blow so much money at

strip clubs dude I used to be one of it

listen I'm lucky I had an end with two

different strip clubs guys I got lucky

I'm not gonna sit here and say well no


I got lucky I became really good friends

with a bouncer I used to lift weights

with he got me in and the rest is


otherwise I'd be broke right now I would

totally be broke God what is the name of

this hold on luxury shoes hold on I

gotta look that up

luxury wait hold on dress shoes for men

that start with him

I forget with them I forget what the

name was

it's gonna do it's gonna drive

me crazy and I farik it didn't even

start with an M it started with that

ever ferragamo x' ferragamo x' it's one

thing to spend 160 dollars on a pair of

Thera gamos it's another thing to spend

$300 on a pair of Jordans there we go

better late than never Ferragamo sorry

with an M where the did I get em

from oh yeah Internet thugs is following

fashion trends in general is lame yeah I

agree I agree don't get me wrong man you

you you listen you have to look

presentable right like you have to you

have to know what your fashion profile

is and of course Kevin Samuels is your

go-to guy on that but following fashion

trends man that's the quickest way to go

broke man Winston wolf says I remember

the Kevin Samuels episode talking about

adults dressing like there's still 12

with the hood attire right I'm 41 years

old I dress like a 41 year old D wheeze

hits it right on the head listen

to this man D wheeze just put in the

comment of the episode right

here he says when you have a nice

physique you can you can wear Walmart

t-shirts and look good bra if you are v

doubt if you're in good shape dude you

can rot dude you can rock a plain white

t-shirt a pair of blue jeans some black

skateboard shoes and some aviators and

maybe it may be maybe a crazy watch like

this something unique up top with the

chain and you're good to go dude 45

bucks tops do you actually get all my

clothes I said get all my clothes at the

goodwill just a shop at thrift stores

all the goddamn time dude the first spot

the first 60

I was in Vegas got most of all my

clothes at the goodwill no shame in my

game n-no shame my dude I probably saved

thousands of dollars shopping at the

goodwill Dao Das who says how about

clubbing yeah clubbing will also SAP

your finances listen listen here's the

thing guys no one's saying that you

should never apart take in any of this

stuff right like if every once in a

while you see a pair of Jordans man

those Jordan I don't even know that

Jordan whatever I don't know that Jordan

lingo but like like myself like there's

a pair of Jordans I want that are right

down the street you can get them at a

discount by all means man like indulge

yourself every once well there's nothing

wrong with that you have to enjoy the

fruits of your labor right listen

there's nothing wrong with getting into

a little bit of foolish but there's

nothing wrong with blowing you know a

couple hundred bucks on some fun you're

human but don't do this stuff regularly

if you want to go to the strip club

every few months yeah okay go spend $250

on candy you know I'm saying get a get a

blowjob for midnight or whatever fine

whatever just don't do it every week

you're gonna go broke again bad

financial habits we all make bad

financial decisions but as long as you

don't make bad financial decisions bad

financial habits you'll still be you'll

you'll you'll be on the straight and

narrow jung-jae to 16 keeps up 100 he

says I love my Jordans but I can't but I

can't but I can afford it see there you


dude bomani Jones dude he's probably one

of the most talented he's a left-wing

liberal for sure but he's one of the

most talented on-air personalities I've

ever heard the guy is brilliant has a

closet full of Jordans well so now I'm

not getting on him the guy is worth

seven figures they're worth seven

figures and of Jordans ear thing go do

it but for the rest of us who work

day-to-day guys who live check the check

guys who weren't making a quarter

million to a million dollars a year guys

who are scraping by on 50 grand a year

dude no expensive habits will make you

go bro ah uh hikes Hayek's ghost says

$250 on a pair of Red Wings of Red Wing

boots had him over 10 years absolutely

dude a good pair of work boots will cost

you upwards of 300 bucks I've seen them

in the store


spend the money on that all day every

day and listen

$250 300 hours on a pair of Ferragamo 'z

listen no problem but when you got a

closet full of 3 and 500 pair of Jordans

and you're working in you know you're

working at Best Buy non nigga mm-hmm you

ain't I'm not trying to hear that

Marcy says Dead is the most crippling

thing in life absolutely

sharp assist says debt-free for the

first time in my adult life it's a great

feeling wow I did not know that

sharp assist huh good for you good for


Chauncey says never buy a new car get a

4-year old car you still have the

warranty I have heard that before man I

have heard that before

good Miklos agha says the first mistake

is to think that you can't get more

money like Rolla says spin plates maybe

can apply to financial issues too

listen we say this all the time the you

know seduction attraction you can you

can put red pill game into practice in

every aspect of life work finances with

your family dealing with social

situations D we says ferragamo x' will

last you 10 years absolutely Kirk listen

they're gone those are some good shoes

now that I do know that I do know thanks

to thanks of course to Kevin Samuels

very good excellent yeah you guys I'll

tell you what man this this is one thing

I've always I've always taken tremendous

pride in the fact that I've very

intelligent audience I listen man and I

listen I say this all the time I learned

just as much from you guys as you guys

learn from me like some of the comments

in here are unbelievable let Massey says

you'll never get rich by saving peanuts

living beyond your means at any income

is a different topic right here's the

thing man

I made the mistake that a lot of people

make is as you as you make more money

you feel the need to upgrade your life

this is where people go wrong at $50,000

a year you live a certain way now you're

making $75,000 a year okay

Ford a little more so I'm gonna get a

little more your more gets used to be

$600 a month now your mortgage is $800 a

month like you can't upgrade your life

every time you upgrade your finances

live within your means Joby Juan Carlos

is my financial lecturer said that a new

car is the worst procurement made by the

average household

he said you're an idiot if you try to

keep up with the Joneses truer words

never spoken men oh my god Spin Z oh

Jesus spencey says what's what's the

most disturbing living like this and

putting it on credit cards turns 400

ollar sneakers into $700 oh hell yeah

god damn man you guys are spitting

straight truth in here man very good

very good unrealistic expectations and

goals is something else that holds men

back from reaching their their their

their full potential setting unrealistic

expectations setting unrealistic

unrealistic goals definitely holds men

back challenging yourself is one thing

but there are way too many men and women

out here who are unrealistic and listen

like I understand the ambition right

they say you must reach for the stars

don't hold yourself back go for the

gusto guys new to the red pill saying I

want to be a billionaire I want a stack

cash I want to be 2% body fat I want 10

women in my rotation I want to take over

the world I want to be a billionaire I

want to own a private jet I want to own

a yacht guys quit watching music or quit

watching music videos a reality TV

that's not realistic

listen it's good to have goals and

aspirations don't want no one is

suggesting otherwise

having goals and aspirations that keeps

us motivated gives us something to

strive for but you're not gonna be a

billionaire guys that takes a lot of

time and a lot of luck even to be a

millionaire takes a lot of time and look

there's a book I read it's called out

it's called outliers written by written

by a guy by the name of Malcolm Gladwell

in that book

Bill Gates says he's been very lucky

Steve Jobs says he got a lot of lucky

breaks bill joy the co-founder of Sun

Microsystems who is worth one and a half

billion dollars always talks about how

lucky he's been luck equals opportunity

plus preparation you might be prepared

to be successful but the time might not

be right the opportunity may never

present itself when opportunity presents

itself listen that's a little bit of

luck don't mistake me guys like I don't

want you to mistake me here

challenge yourself push yourself but you

gotta be realistic setting unrealistic

goals makes them seem daunting you can't

hit a 5 run homer you can't do it you

had a three run homer in a torn home you

have to break them down so realistic

goals right if you want to be location

independent and financially independent

start an online business start small

start small work that part-time work

your full time job until it supports you

completely financially then start

another one then maybe another one after

that and in five to seven years now you

have financial and location independence

I'm gonna get down to 2% body fat okay

listen that's a great goal to have but

make it a goal to lose 20 pounds in

three months then over the next three

months maybe you lose another 20 pounds

then another 20 after that then you can

start after that after you get down to

that body weight that healthy body

weight then maybe you can start working

down on your maybe now you can start

working out of your body fat make it a

goal to get down to 20% body fat then 15

then try to get under 10 if you can

listen it takes time it takes dedication

it takes consistency and that's

something we'll get into later but if

you break these goals down into segments

realistic segments it's not so daunting

it doesn't discourage you that way if

there's a setback you know that goal is

still attainable as far as girls go no

one's gonna have a harem of 10 girls in

two months doesn't work that way but

again you got to break this up learn

game what do you do that listen make it

a goal to bang one new girl a month do

that for two months then maybe add one

to roster every two weeks then one girl

a week and so on and so forth

here's another realistic goal make it a

goal to travel more right maybe visit

one new country every year then maybe

after five years of visit to new

countries a year learn a new martial art

learn a new language break it up

be realistic guys but break it up again

so it's not so daunting sharp assists as

a goal without a plan as a wish Wow

wow that's that's actually pretty good a

goal without a plan as a wish and we

don't deal with wishes here in the

towers now here's another thing some

guys just don't have it in them they

don't have it in them to accomplish any

goal they set out and they know that

they don't have it in them but they like

to talk and dream about it knowing that

they'll never achieve it because they're

either lazy or they lack discipline and

again we're gonna get into that a little

bit later there's you know it's funny

I'm you guys know that I have a

background in sales give me one second

there I have a background in sales and

it's funny you can always tell the

customers who are broke customers who

are broke never haggle about the price

they never argue about the price well

how much is this bet it's $10,000 for

this mattress really that's a great

price well of course it's a great price

you don't have the money for it

customers don't protect what they do not

have if they don't have a problem with

the price they don't have the money to

make they don't have the money to make

the purchase so when some dude out there

says I'm gonna be a billion I'm gonna be

a baller I'm gonna buy a yacht

I'm a twenty twenty bet you

mentioned no you're not that's too easy

for you you know what it takes to get

that kind of stuff but by the time you

actually get to where you can do that

stuff you'll be so wise you're not gonna

want to do that stuff because it'll be

bet it'll be a bad financial decision

Tony yeah does a bad financial decision

private jet bad financial decision

unless you are worth eight figures dude

a private jet is not worth it

unrealistic or overly ambitious goal

it does a lot more harm than good and it

derails jord development and holds you

back from reaching your full potential I

see it all the time I see it all the


Winston wolf says the only bone I have

with Donovan and game is that he is that

he never was a shy and awkward dude so

he doesn't cover that base no I've never

been the shy and awkward dude but I was

his blue pill as a guest he's to dive in


I used to dive in headfirst listen no

I've never been shy awkward so no I

can't speak to hey how to game women if

you are shy and awkward but if you're

shy and awkward yeah gives you a sales

job that will that will absolutely that

that that will that will take you out of

your shell for sure that's for sure

and that's not a boat to pick with me I

can't help that I was never shy or

awkward come on now you're killing me oh

no sharp assistance are you kidding

ask him what instrument he played in

high school

yeah um yeah middle school and middle

school and into high school I played the

clarinet now I wasn't shy but I was a

skinny black kid who wore glasses who

played the clarinet so definitely not

shy think about it I'm a skinny kid with

glasses who plays clarinet and I'm

boozing with confidence right this

confidence tell me how awkward that is

you think I've got a lot of attention

from girls hell no they used to call me

Steve Urkel in school so shut so shy

definitely not shy definitely not

awkward yeah absolutely

nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number to call if you

want to get in on the show I'm gonna

bring in the man the myth the legend

Steve the bean Williams you guys can

find him on the Internet on the man mine

CENTCOM he is one of the most red pillow

air guys out there he knows all about

game seduction standards as it applies

to men's lives

Steve listen thanks for thanks for

making the time to to call in today if

you've been listening to the show I've

been talking about the things that hold

men back from reaching their full

potential I talked about unrealistic

expectations of course make it bad

financial decisions in your estimation

just based on your experience what are

some things that you what are some of

the biggest things that you feel that

hold men back from reaching their true

full potential Oh in a minute

Steve you there in a minute having a

problem here just give me a second hold

on Steve I can't hear you uh-huh

that's weird oh god I'm gonna mute him

and then come back in alright Steve are

you there are you muted hang on guys

huh that's weird everything seems to be

that's weird yeah Steve if you're if

you're on the line um give me a call

back and we'll I'll see if I can get you

on here

I guess we're having some sort of

technical some sort of technical


Hayek's ghostess I barely have time for

one woman right very good

hang on a second

we go back up here then silver-sweet

check him in from Germany says I have

another problem all corporate recruiters

her female feminist brings me a hard

time to find a new OB as a manager

Winston wolf says he was beating people

up all the time so even the bagpipes

would kick cancel I got a lot yes I

gotten a lot of flights in school

because I had a I had a know notorious

temper so so yeah listen man I mean

listen not all of us fun the thing is

this man men are bad with women for many

many different reasons and you know

listen I can't listen I I'm used to be

bad with men with women for many reasons

being shy and awkward was definitely not

one of them so so alright let me see if

this is see if I can get Steve on here

all right Steve can you hear me

crap what the hell is going on with my

what the hell is going on with my

software today I'm glad I haven't had

the I'm glad I haven't had the what I

haven't had this static here as of late

you know it's funny we had we

actually had a similar problem yesterday

but I think it was on the other person's

end got the right number and everything

that might be Jonathan from Modern Life

dating you know what I'm gonna do I'm

actually gonna hit the reset button on

this and let's go ahead and leave the

call I'm gonna leave the

gonna leave that page we'll jump back in

and we'll see if I can get it we'll see

if I can get it going back here in the

meantime I will continue to read the

comments Eric Sampson says Donovan is

back on YouTube you got that right you

got that right yeah yeah you know was

interesting when I got kicked off

YouTube I wasn't aware of the fact that

that I still had like two or three

YouTube channels so so yeah I'm back so

yeah that of course is BlogTalkRadio

dialling in here then silver sweets has

invest your money and passive income not

blue pill assets very good okay there

you go all right so all right Steve if

um if you want to try back one more time

definitely do that I don't really know

what's going on here today but good

advice there by Ben silvers League right

Sullivan says what holds people back fly

or die philosophy moderate improvements

work I agree yeah a lot of men have a

binary definition of success you know

it's either pass or fail know there are

many different kinds of success let's

try Steve one more time here all right

Steve are you a man now yes sir I sure

can Larry yes sir oh no I was hoping you

miss that god damn it gonna be a

goddamn thing except declare that man

and got me yeah I used to play the I

played the clarinet I went to aliamanu

Intermediate School in Hawaii and I

actually had played the clarinet since I

was 8 years old and I was awesome well

when I got to high school I decided that

I liked girls and I didn't want to play

the clarinet anymore so I ended up

playing the drums

so I was actually I didn't I didn't make

all say everything like but I was a

really really good snare drum player so

again I mean I was I was gonna get girls

playing the clarinet so yeah you

know it was never really the shy awkward

kid but yeah I mean I had some shy

awkward ways about me how you doing

Steve man I'm living in your world man I

appreciate the appreciate being on your

fan oh absolutely man so yeah I'm

talking about you know some of the

things that hold men back from reaching

their their full potential and I started

out the show of course talking about bad

financial decisions then I talked about

unrealistic goals and expectations we

got a lot of guys out here with that

nigga type attitude attitude I want to

take over the world I want to be a

billionaire I want to own a private jet

a yacht I want to be involved n

different bitches on my dick that's just

not realistic and a lot of people say

well you should never discourage one's

dreams dude get off YouTube get off of

social media quit watching reality TV

there is not a and

commenter just just made a very good

point a lot of black men in particular

have a binary definition of success they

don't see a guy who runs a warehouse

making $95,000 a year a success they

think he's a fail because it's not a

professional athlete or a recording

artist so what are some of the things

what are some of the main things in your

estimation based on your experience that

holds men back from really reaching

their true potential

well this true potential with women as

well I actually you know what I did not

define that um a man reaching his full

potential is a man who is financially

independent you don't have to be rich to

be financially independent but a man who

is content with his life he's not tied

down by anything he has a passive income

and he can do pretty much whatever it is

he wants to do well well I can hear I

mean again I'm all about the man but I'm

more you know since I'm a dating coach

it I would still excuse me I like to

talk about some of the things that are

holding them back because it's and it's

also as well as manhood but the problem

with a lot of these guys is that they

are problematic

they are slain everybody else for

everything that's going on in their

lives they're living in the past meaning

that they they they get turned down by a

woman three days ago but they'll use

that as an excuse not to talk to

somebody else

yes intellect personal development

meaning that you ought to be success you

need to be around someone that has a

thing that you want they dwell in fear

yes certainly in their comfort zone they

lack goals they don't have a plan and

then if they look up and get a woman

they have these these behaviors they

don't know how to say no right they they

always stay silent let her walk all over

them they will buy her things they'll

drop everything they're doing to do what

she wants to do they're always available

for the woman they always I mean it's

just tons of things they're do anything

for and also seek permission so those

are some of the things man I mean to go

to long but you're it's a laundry list

of things absolutely I mean do the

things that hold men back are vast

I think one of the main things what are

the main things in my estimation that

that holds men back is and it was a

you're a guy who has done well for

himself financially in his life they

don't have a plan you know like they say

okay so you make your you make your

expectations realistic but you know you

know they say the old cliche people

never plan to fail they fail to plan now

the same thing could go as far as women

are concerned to be like y'all I want to

add ten different chicks on my rotation

and this and that any other well what's

your plan you can't just go out and

start randomly hollering at chicks you

have to you can't just go holler at

chicks anywhere you have to go where

it's a target-rich environment you have

to make sure that you choose your target

area your target carefully in terms of

man success with women what does not how

does not having a plan with you with

your woman or with your women how does

that hold guys back well the thing is

we're real quick to say about the the

success you know I've been working since

9 years old

Oh picking up groceries just to get some

marbles you know I mean because I wanted

my mom didn't have the money so I had

the initiative to do it well getting

back to what you're saying about the

women the the the problem with these

guys is they have to understand this a

warrior with no blueprint or

understanding about the territory the

weapons or the enemy that he is about

the attack is a warrior that's going to

lose and what these men are doing

because they don't have any plans or

anything like that they're running


fighting tanks and jets with dirt rocks

thinking that it's gonna work right and

it doesn't work that way you've got to

you when it deals with women you've got

to not only prepare for yourself you've

got to prepare for when you come into it

when you start to interact with a woman

because based on how you think and based

on how she thinks there is what you call

tops and bottoms pimps always say bottom

bitches and things like that right who

is ever running whoever has the most

confidence when the two of you come

together is the one that's gonna be

running the show Big Dawg you go there

you go listen in and I come from a sales

background and in every interaction a

sale is going to be made you're either

going to sell them or

they're going to sell you on what to buy

from you that's how that works

well the same thing goes in

relationships there is going to be a

program a relationship is going to have

a direction you were either gonna be on

her program or she is going to be on


that's what decides direction the relay

the the the relationship is gonna go the

relationship is gonna go

any last any last any last comments on

anything that holds men back I don't

know maybe sexually that men probably

aren't thinking about what well the

absolutely see a lot of guys are what I

say stuck in Miss Crabtree's fifth grade

class B's when it comes to sex yes you

know this is a people's and this is a

vagina they're they're stuck in that so

what they do is they take that and then

you mix in all the porn that they see on

TV and they think that's how you've got

to be but like I've always said there

are different kinds of elements that

you've got to be you got to know how to

be romantic

you got to learn how to be seductive

naughty nasty freaky dirty you got to

know how the different aspects of sex

and if you don't know those things when

they turn it up when they shifted down

you're going to lose on the back end

because women not only want a man

Donovan but he wants a man that will put

her face in the pillow and have her ass

up in a straight up face down ass up I

tell I said to Devin all the time I just

told sure that face down ass up nasty

with it he is Steve the Dean Williams

making it appearance my apologies for

the for the technical issues you guys of

course can listen to him normally on

Tuesdays or Thursdays if he's not out

run in the world you guys can find him

on the man mindset calm that is the man

mindset calm don't tell anybody I played

clarinet Steve hi thank you man I won't

man all right man take care Steve the

Dean Williams making an appearance and

he listened he makes a very good point

he really really doesn't listen you guys

know my views on on sex me what works

for me is I don't I don't care about a

woman's needs in bed that has worked for

me I've never lost a woman that I know

because I because I don't give a

about her needs in bed but you have some

guys out here who and the thing is you

know you know what's interesting I think

one of the reasons I stopped giving a

about a woman's needs in bed is

because my value increased right I was

making more money I had more a game I

had more swag I had more influence I had

more people I had the respect of other

men around me it was almost it was like

it was like it was a natural progression

like the more the more value I attained

for myself the less I gave a about

whether she squirted or not I see this

all the time this I mean I've been tum

I've been told by some girls and I'm the

greatest sex God ever bla bla bla bla

bla and of course I never believed him

but I've been told some girls that I'm a

really great in bed I've been told by

some girls that I'm really bad you know

what I mean it's just how it is I don't

I don't I don't really sweat what I

can't control because the way you

one girl she may love the way you

her you may roll another way she

might not like she may not like the way

you her one size doesn't fit all

and if you spend your time worrying

about what a girl needs in bed you're

gonna drive yourself crazy now again

that works for me

that works for me different strokes for

different folks that sound that goes

then silver-sweet said i wanted to give

me one second actually made a very good

key esta cuestiĆ³n about my glasses give

me one second I always said Donovan you

use contact lenses or did you have laser

surgery here's the thing the reason I

wore glasses is because when I was eight

years old I was playing with sticks with

a friend of mine 8 years old

and he stuck me in my right eye he cut

my cornea he cut the cornea of my eye

the little pink fleshy mass in the

corner of your eye well there's a 75%

chance that I could have lost my eye so

eight-year-old Donovan sharp was rushed

off to Madigan Army Hospital where they

did emergency overnight surgery and they

saved my eye okay so I'm dude I might be

one i donovan up here if not for the if

not for dr. Chism I err that was

that dude literally saved my eye like I

almost lost my eye well of course I lost

a great deal of eye sight in that eye

over the over the next few weeks my

eyesight slowly began begin to come back

begin to begin to come back now I can

see like I'm covering up my left eye

right now and I can see right like I can

see my hand and I can even I can see the

words on my screen but it's not it's not

blurry but it's not as sharp it's an eye

it's not near sightedness it's not far

sightedness I don't really know how to

describe it but it's not nearly the same

as my left eye my left eye my vision in

my left eye because my you know what

they say if you lose one sense other

senses are heightened same with the eye

when I lost that when I lost vision in

my right eye dude my left eye I have

like 2010 vision in my left eye can see

through walls my right eye I think it's

like 2055 or something like that

so I got glasses the left lens was of

course clear and the right lens had all

the all the prescription medicine in it

and so and it wasn't when I guess when

my I got strong enough I guess to see

when it was no longer what I felt like

it was no longer needed I stopped

wearing glasses but it's interesting

that you asked me that because I'm

actually going to I'm actually gonna go

to the eye doctor here in the net within

the next few weeks when I get Devon's

gonna put me on her her health insurance

plan and I'm gonna go get my ah me to go

get my eye checked and get fitted for

one contact lens and that's going to

drastically improve my eye sight which I

think will probably help me a lot with

my headaches I suffer from my eye I've

suffered from migraine headaches for a

long time I've suffered from migraine

since I was four years old they

miraculously stopped when I was a

teenager but I do get a lot of headaches

and I think a lot of my headaches are

because this is straining so I think

getting that one contact lens is gonna

help that out so that's that's a that's

a that's a little story there rabies

sergeant says I can see what's on our

mind right exactly nine one four two oh

five five three five six is that I'm

gonna call if you want to get in on the

show area code eight three two you're on

live with Donovan sharp good god I'm a

good morning good morning yeah


alright so some sort of topic of you

know I would say you to people who hold

you back right my situation

that I come from a single-parent home

you know group with single mother I'm 20

I'll be turning 26 I look in the

upcoming week but ever since the age of

I would say 14 I've always been a guy

and you know just strive to prove

himself okay and you know as I turn

maybe 22 in a graduated college and then

I just started to you know do better I

was getting better opportunities coming

my way right I've seen the people my

family become you know a little bit more

vindictive a little bit more just trying

to consistently undercut not just myself

but also each other okay so I'm

literally live in the same city as them

but I am looking to move back you know

by the end of the year and so my

question to you is you know I think that

in a way they do hold me back um they

they don't work hard they don't you know

don't try to improve themselves and

they're constantly trying to undercut

one another it's ridiculous

yeah that's my own agenda right right

and so you know what do you recommend

you know I kind of still keeping them at

arm's length but not necessarily having

them you know when you're percent

involved in my day-to-day you know

activities or in my own or having them

kind of involved in my goals and so one

thing that I've done is you know like I

especially you know women right when not

hear me ah I can sniff out the test

I'm kind of point now I just would dump

it women general where it's not it's

just okay where's the test where

she says where's it okay there it is

right right right right and so okay and

so um you know my way of handling it cuz

I don't spend much comical is I kind of

just let it slide I don't I don't I

don't eat it you know I'm not gonna eat

this sandwich but I kind of walk

around it and

necessarily know if that's the best way

to approach the situation I think it's

safe just do the fact that I don't spend

much time with them anyways mm-hmm but

what do you recommend you know how to

engage them in a way that kind of keeps

them at bay but not you know like you

know basically and we're talking about

and we're so are we talking about women

or are we talking about your family here

yeah listen I think you answered your

own question definitely keep them at

arm's length and that's actually one

thing that I did not put on the list one

major major thing that holds men back

from reaching their true potential are

their own family members and listen we

love our families we do but it's very

hard for us to wrap our mind around the

fact that you know what maybe my brother

maybe my sister is holding me back and

it's funny because even eating like I

know you love your family even you are

afraid to say that they're holding me

back it said well they're kind of sort

of holding me back in a way now they're

holding you back and you know it this is

why this is why you have actually said

it I think your plan is perfect if you

want listen if you want to move back to

the same town as them that's fine thank

goodness for smartphones because you can

still keep in touch with your family via

you know via texture or Facebook or

whatever but just like you said keep at

arm's length you know don't have them

involved in your day-to-day activities

love them from a distance this is what

my mother and my sister had like my

mother and my youngest sister have so

much in common they hate each other

every other year one year they're

singing Kumbaya the next year they're

they want to they want to chop each

other's heads off and they call up all

the family members and we all you know

everybody's taking sides in this net

listen this is typical family

but they love each other from a distance

if they live in the same town as each

other they're gonna kill each other

but when she lives in North Carolina and

my other sister lives in Texas or if my

mom lives in Atlanta she lives in

Seattle they get along better so you

have to understand that listen

acknowledging that your family holds you

back does not mean that you're betraying

your family it doesn't mean that you're

disrespecting them you're just calling

it what it is I talked about the fact

that my mother and my sister has made

very bad sexual decisions

they acted like hoes and and I

plugged me and all that stuff

listen I love my mother and my sisters

but it is what it is just because

they're related to me by blood doesn't

negate the fact that they still acted

like women well it's the same with your

family they're your family you love them

but love them from a distance I'll

listen I'll move to the same town as you

but not really gonna hang out with you

guys that much because I'm just we're

not on the same levels that's how it is

all right got it okay yeah no definitely

um you know I I thought my way of going

about it was you know decent but you

know I always like to kind of compare

those well absolutely yeah get a second

oh right all right yeah no I think

Donovan taking my call yeah now that I

know that you're back on YouTube I'll

this will be following your channel a

lot closer yeah I'm definitely I'm

solids older brother pill okay and

aren't aren't be as well so absolutely

thanks for the call man I appreciate it

thank you all right thanks a lot I'm

very fortunate to have now listen me and

Mike listen I have two brothers and two

sisters and I listen we have our sibling

we have our sibling squabbles right we

have our we have our disagreements

listen we're all family right I have

issues with my dad my mom my mom and dad

have issues with each other they're

divorced my youngest brother has issues

with our dad my sister this is just this

is just typical family stuff right but

I'm very I am I am very very fortunate

very fortunate that I have a family of

driven individuals my dad really isn't

as driven as my siblings are but he

lives in North Carolina so that doesn't

really affect me one way or the other

but me and my siblings we are all it's

it's so weird there's five of us and

we're all driven was he you guys already

know what's up with me but my sister who

was born after me she has her own cake

business and I'm not just talking like

you know Bert no she does the that

you see on TV man like Cake Boss type

has her own cake business it was it

blows me away what she's capable of my

middle middle with an M as in Mike he is

that he is a he's a he's a school

principal he runs a school and the

he lives in I think that he will

probably be the mayor of that city I

don't know maybe in 20 25 years like

he's that driven my sister who is

younger than him my youngest sister she

has a fashion business she she makes

clothes she makes purses

she's probably anywhere between six

months to a year away from getting a

brick-and-mortar store for her fashion

business my youngest brother isn't he is

a professional chef he is exemplary it's

just amazing that all five of us are we

are exeptional so when we all get

together we don't hold it now we don't

all live in the same cities and states

obviously when you get people like that

but I'm very fortunate not to be related

to people who just aren't driven not

every not every man has that luxury a

lot of men listen man a lot of guys have

brother sisters moms and dads who hold

it back Kobe Bryant talked about his

dealings with his mom and his dad again

from the professional athlete angle you

know they got hangers on you know you're

hanging with guys who have bad

proclivities you gotta let those people

go it's and when it comes to family it's

easier said than done but it's got to be

done it's either gonna be you or it's

gonna be them that's just how it is I

actually should have added that to the

list good call there from eight three

two I think that is a texas texas area

code red jedi says what the hell a woman

mean a woman team by saying show more

passion during sex I just lay the law

yeah I don't make love to women I


spins II says I would worry about a

woman's needs in bed if she had any idea

herself I'm not chasing a ghost right

right I told this dude I've told this

story before him I remember when I first

started Devon right she used to

take all this pride in making me it and

making me have an orgasm quickly she'd

be like oh my god I'm so glad I can make

you eight nine times edited it up

then six months later she's like well

you know it's been a while since I've

had an orgasm I'm like no like no I'm

not even doing that I'm gonna you

exactly the way I you before I

don't listen listen some nights I'm a

Tilson man dude when you as much as

I do some nights I'm a two-pump chump

some nights I'm Ron

Jeremy just depends on the day but I'm

not gonna worry I'm not gonna worry

about what she wants that all men

there it is God you guys are really

coming with I swear to God you guys are

you guys are an intelligent audience

jumpy Juan coyote says people put plant

put put my plans down set them incapable

crazy and dreaming now pushing the plan

without them but the comments are still

on my mind and I am now fighting the

negativity Lu's negative people

absolutely and listen this sounds like

success porn you got to be positive and

get all the negative people out of your

life but dude you really do have to do

this you can't keep negative people

around you man

these people will hold you back and they

do it intentionally especially when they

see you're going places oh yeah yeah

then silver Swede says good idea with

the one lens health is most important

yeah yeah I get a lot of dude I eat

Advil a lot and I really really need to

stop really need to stop Paulo Barbosa

says parents want so much to protect

their children that sometimes they

overdo it they protect their fears of

life on to the children yeah I think

that's I think that's natural

I think that's natural and I think it's

healthy you know you have your

helicopter parents you know who kind of

drive you crazy but I listen I'd rather

have a parent who cares too much than a

parent that doesn't care so I agree I

agree I agree

spins II says I should bring a sibling

on as a guest ah that'd be something

that would be something

shut out to the jack man just made an

appearance so let's talk about what I

talked about earlier with Steve Devine

Williams not having a plan is something

else that holds a lot of men back even

more detrimental to having goals that

are too lofty is not having a plan okay

so you've managed to temper not temper

or manage your expectations but you've

managed to be more realistic okay you

don't want to be a millionaire with a

private jet you want to be in better

shape you want to save money maybe you

want to start your own business you want

to be better with women you want to take

up a productive hobby maybe you want to

travel well just like sharpest this says

a goal without a plan is a wish if you

don't have a plan you are far less

likely to reach your goals you want to

get if you want to get into better shape

choose a workout plan strong lists 5x5

circuit training CrossFit that is

something I have been CrossFit is

something I have been really really

kicking around like really seriously

kicking around I see the results that

these guys are getting from CrossFit

and I am I'm interested I really really

am I really am interested in CrossFit I

would love to be able to do that I

probably won't be able to start that

until around the new year because things

are crazy right now anyway have a plan

pick a diet plan go kedo go carnivore go

Paleo diet eat clean eat healthy have a

plan meal plan like I talked about

earlier if you want to save money more

read books come up with a spreadsheet

attend webinars on saving money watch

money saving podcasts come up with a

plan guys listen your money isn't gonna

save itself you have to have a plan you

can't just okay well I'll put away $60

here no look I have another hundred or

no have a plan you want to start your

own business do the research have a

financial plan learn about what laws are

involved if you want to do a

brick-and-mortar find out what permits

you need if it's an online business

educate yourself reach out to people who

who are running a business similar to

the one that you want to run or at least

if the concept is similar

he can't just say I want to start

to start a business and just start

making guys listen I didn't start

TSR by just getting online and starting

to talk I had a plan

I listened I planned I actually planned

this podcast months before I did it the

first person I ever told about this

podcast was Devin I said you know what

and this was God this was right when I

first met her I said you know what I'm

thinking about starting a podcast and it

took me I think anywhere between five

and six months to finally to finally get

it off the ground and here we are today

it's single I mean it it supports me

financially completely if you want to be

better with women you have to have a

plan and I'm guilty of this as well I so

don't want to be great with women so I

just went out and started

machine-gunning everywhere you can't

just go out and start talking to women

at random guys first you have to learn

how to talk to women learn what

motivates them you have to learn how to

escalate how to read body language

indicators of interest we call them IO

eyes then go to places that are

target-rich don't don't go hitting on

girls where girls don't want to get hit

on well I want to go hit on girls I'm

gonna go hit on girls at the gym girls

at the gym don't want to be hit on right

do your research

walk around go to singles events go to

social events take a dancing class put

yourself in position to be successful

with women setting a goal is one thing

gentlemen but you must have a plan it

listen it takes time to accomplish a

goal but it also takes a plan not having

a plan always keeps men from reaching

their full potential you may accomplish

a little something but without a plan

you're probably gonna fail 9/11 4 2 O 5

5 3 5 6 is the number to call let's go

back to the phone lines

area code 404 you're on live with

Donovan what's on your mind Donovan was

good capable

Jace what's going on brother are you

doing them oh man I'm doing much better

than that I apologize right absolutely

yeah you and I actually had that chat

dog man congratulations man

congratulations yes man all it really

took was listening you and a set of

balls and I got things done good good

very good

so is he he's a thing is to segue on to

think about you talk about

having a plan see that's all it really

took for me to do it but the main thing

is is taking that first step and I think

a lot of guys feel is because we're

afraid of failing whoo I like it I like


fear of failure all right you can't fail

if you don't try it right you know yep


I was something in my biggest fear was

that I was gonna go to the doctor see

about this case and realize they're

gonna tell me oh you got terminal

council only got like right around four

months to live because my dad died

accounts the lung cancer when I was 16

so that was in the back of my mind okay

all right and listen that's legit right

like if if there's something going on on

the inside and you have sort of a family

history of that not like going to the

doctor is that that could be a tough

pill to swallow plug definitely intended

but you bit the bullet just like you

said you had a plan you grew some balls

and everything is good like no chase

LeBeau does not have cancer as a matter

of fact chase LeBeau is in great health

because he went to the doctor so good

for you men glad to hear it

yeah because that my health was the

reason why I couldn't follow my dad's

footsteps and go grab my CDL because

they were saying oh you stealing protein

in your urine

you need you to check that out and at

the time I'll try to get that job they

were like oh well you needed doctors

signature on a piece of paper saying

this is not gonna affect you from

driving right so I missed out on a nice

job because of that this what now that I

went and got a fool appalling everything

checks out and everything the doctors

not saying like man you're not spilling

anything your blood sugar is normal even

though I'm overweight sure I'm still

working on that with it wild killer

bells are you know they say if you want

to go get a CDL yeah go Guinea if they

say if they say something funny let us

know call us we'll send them the

paperwork and everything you're good to

go so go get that CDL you're gonna be


solid listen he brings up a good point

man and and thanks for the call chase

listen you you you have to take that

first step again guys I know the sounds

like success porn Rollo Tomassi or me in

the Redman group we did

we did an episode on success porn with

Elliott Hulse who was on the podcast

with us um you know these rah rah guys

and you can do it and just and buzz it

listen okay a lot of that is all fluff

but a lot of times these guys are

speaking the truth you can't you can't

run a marathon until you take that first

step you can't be successful until you

take that first step and just like chase

said a lot of guys have fear of failure

now fear of failure it drives some

people but it also paralyzes some people

fear of failure Tom Brady is the perfect

example of fear of failure Tom Brady has

won five Super Bowls he's been to eight

he is in arguably the greatest

quarterback ever but his fear of failure

is what drives him he doesn't see

himself as the goat he still sees

himself as a hundred and ninety-nine

pick and the 2000 draft in the seventh

round that's the way he sees himself he

still sees himself as a failure if I

lose if I'm not successful then I go

right back to being pick number 199 fear

of failure drives very few men but it

paralyzes most of them good call very

very good call Paula Barbosa says plan

is good but people actually need to do

some actions Paulo doing my ETF doing

its best ETF 42 impression this leads me

to the next one lack of consistency

action and discipline this is a big one

a lot of guys have goals a lot of guys

have plans but they don't take action

they don't have consistency and they

don't have discipline listen you can

talk all you want but until you actually

get out there and do it doesn't mean a

plan doesn't mean a lot of guys

will work out for a week they'll give up

they'll start again stop again do that

on and off for six months and wonder why

they're not getting into their shape

some guys don't work on their business

every day they want to start a business

they're not consistent with it no

research for a few days and they'll stop

for a month then they'll develop an idea

and cultivate it and then stop again

some guys will watch their diet one week

then have a cheat day that turns into a

cheat week then they start another diet

guys are good

with women guys'll go out and talk to

five girls a day for two weeks then stop

because of rejection or attrition which

is understandable but it still takes

action guys listen I'm gonna tell you a

little secret man I'm gonna tell you a

little secret and I'm telling you guys

this this is a hundred percent true 100%

true anything can be accomplished most

things work most things can be

accomplished simply by sticking with it

listen as far as dieting okay listen you

don't have to be the perfect dieter okay

so you had a slice of pizza on your keto

diet so you had a doughnut for breakfast

it's not perfect but if you stay on the

diet it's gonna work so you missed a

couple of days of lifting because you

got sick get back on it you're still

gonna make games you're still gonna lose

that weight if you're always working

towards starting that online business

it's fine if you take a break just make

sure you stick with it if you

consistently talk to girls you're gonna

add girls to your roster as a matter of

simple mathematical probability this is

just how it is okay so you took a few

days off talking to girls because you

experienced some bad rejection okay lick

your wounds listen at CSR live how to

how to kill your approach anxiety and

get back out there but as far as talking

to girls concern is concerned it really

is it's a numbers game

the more you - the more girls you talk

to the more girls are gonna end up

this is just how this goes

there's an ESPN 30 for 30 out there

called the Guru of Go and it's about me

I think the 19 1990 or 1991 Loyola

Marymount basketball team featuring Bo

Kimble and Hank Gathers who tragically

died that season well Paul Westhead who

later became the coach of the Los

Angeles Lakers who was unceremoniously

fired because Magic Johnson didn't like

him he had this system he says I want

you to jack up as many shots as you can

there's a 30-second shot clock back then

he says I don't want there he says I

don't want there to be less than 20

seconds on that shot clock by the time a

shot goes up

well the concept was simple you take a

lot of shots the more you take the more

you make these guys are scoring one

hundred thirty five hundred and forty

points a game

then of course hey gathers dice

tragically on the basketball court it's

it's just unbelievable is a hard thing

and then you know of course that all in

the went to but there's no

secret to being successful just be

consistent then there is discipline guys

I'm here to tell you most men have

terrible discipline most men don't have

the discipline to get up at 4:00 a.m. to

lift weights every day most men don't

have the discipline not to eat fast food

most men don't have the discipline not

to make dumb purchases most men don't

have the discipline to always strike up

conversation with a woman that catches

his eye

consistency discipline and action those

are the three traits that separates the

top 5% from the bottom 95% I'm going to

say it again

consistency action and discipline are

the three traits that separate the top

5% from the bottom 95% man Donovan is

kicking ass what's the secret

consistency action and discipline I

didn't lose 312 pounds dude I didn't let

four I didn't go from being 312 pounds

to 230 by not being consistent not being

disciplined not taking action what's his

secret it's the same thing you can

accomplish anything with consistency and

discipline I remember a few year to

weeks back future hall-of-fame tight end

tony gonzalez was on with Colin Cowherd

when they're you know they're they're

they're rapping with each other you know

talk about guys in the league in this

and then the other Tony Gonzalez very

very good on TV anyway call and ask if

he said you know I'm just curious you

know obviously you have to be talented

to be in the NFL but how many guys

actually work hard in the NFL and Tony

says truthfully he says I would say most

guys in the NFL just do just do do just

enough to stay in the league and Colin

said really well what percentage would

you put he's like I don't not put in to

80% 80

set of guys playing in the NFL do just

enough to stay in the league now

obviously there is a talent disparity

right the more talented you are usually

the less you have to work but if you're

super talented and you're super

disciplined and you work hard listen you

had the makings to become a

hall-of-famer consistency and discipline

Tom Brady was not listen Tom Brady is

not the most talented quarterback in the

NFL he can't run he has a decent arm but

he did he works hard Aaron Rodgers I

don't know I don't know Aaron Rodgers is

probably the most talented quarterback

I've ever seen I don't know that it

works as hard as Brady nobody works as

hard as Brady but Aaron Rodgers probably

doesn't have to right cuz Aaron Rodgers

is far more talented than Brady but

Brady works harder that's why Brady's

greater consistency action and

discipline lack of all three or one of

the three though these are these are

three of the biggest factors that keeps

men from reaching their full potential

self-destructive tendencies and

behaviors this is another big one this

is another huge one that holds men back

from reaching their full potential and

guess what I am guilty of listen

substance abuse alcohol drugs listen man

guilty guilty guilty right listen I tell

a lot of great stories involving cocaine

and strippers and all the all these high

jinks and misadventures it's great fun

don't get me wrong

but it cost a lot of money it got me in

a lot of trouble and it held me back big

time for almost three and a half years

guys I did blow every weekend without

fail to eight balls a weekend I'd be up

all day set a btob of all day Friday

night all night Friday night all day

Saturday I'd be up all day Sunday sleep

it off on Sunday I get back at it on

Monday I worked my ass off Monday

through Friday building my business

Friday afternoon I'm right back up my

dealers house 2/8

he already knew I did this and again I

did this for almost three and a half

years when I realize that I might have a

problem and I kept that under control

right what I realized I might have a

problem was the weekend I did it five

days in a row I did blow fry actually

started Friday afternoon did it Saturday

did it Sunday I was like you know what I

don't really want to come down let's

just do it again I did it Monday then I

did it again on Tuesday right on

Wednesday when I finally woke up on

Wednesday and I was probably slip for 15

hours I woke up on Wednesday the first

thing that came that the first thing

that was on my mind was my dealer I said

well wait a minute it had to be

self-aware had to be so far as IQ if I

continue this I'm gonna have a problem I

need to quit while I'm ahead

and that that event along with some

other things that is what started my

transition from Vegas to Reno and then

eventually here to Philly now I'm doing

pretty well now I'm actually doing

pretty well now but I would be doing a

lot I'd be doing a lot better now than I

am then than I already am had I never

with cocaine guys okay listen I

got a nice little nest egg but it would

be substantially larger if not for all

the money I blew on blow had it not

listen had I not had an in with a bunch

of strippers my nest egg would probably

be just a jelly bean guys real

talk man real talk

on the professional athlete site Johnny

Manziel he struggled with cocaine that's

why he'll never smith the NFL again a

lot of guys in the NBA you guys all

remember the crack and cocaine epidemic

at war

some of you remember the crack cocaine

epidemic of the 80s crack cocaine heroin

that derailed a lot of NBA careers man

it really did self-destructive

tendencies a lot of guys out there a lot

of you niggas out there smoke weed on

the regular and they're proud of man I

smoked sweet faithfully that ain't

nothing to be proud of the out of

here with dead that's a time suck at an

energy suck but some people say I have I

do it for medical reasons it helps me

sleep really nigga helps you sleep all

day listen man here's the thing if you

want to smoke

we just to get high that's cool listen

I'm not gonna pass judgment on that but

weed makes you dumber it makes you lazy

it makes you want to eat all of those

things hold you back Josh Gordon

couldn't let go of the weed that's why

he was out of the league until until

just recently my guess is that he

probably had said listen he probably had

some other substance abuse issues he

could not whatever it was he couldn't

leave it alone a lot of guys drink a lot

of alcohol a lot of guys do painkillers

right dude

I had a quasi painkiller addiction when

I was living in North Carolina before I

got kicked out to Atlanta we're doing

dude I don't know dude we're probably

doing 10 11 snort and 10 11 pills a day

vicodin percocet oxycontin oxycodone

all that stuff man Newton were shooting


we used to take we used to take morphine

pills right like we were I'm serum dead

serious we used to take we used

to take a morphine pill we used to set

it in water in a spoon guys we said take

a lighter we used to melt the morphine

tablet in the water then we put then we

take it and we take the filter out of

the cigarette put it on top of the spoon

then we draw it out with a with it with

an insulin syringe we used to inject

that yeah listen I know some man

I've been to the bottom guys I've been

to the bottom I was a

druggie and dude I was a drug you like I

I've done all that a

lot of that holds guys back man

John Jones comes to mind

listen John John Jones could be the

greatest MMA fighter of all time can't

get out of his own way he can't leave

the drugs alone can't leave the steroids


other examples of self-destructive

self-destructive behaviors unprotected

sex listen man it's great to a

bunch of girls but dude you can't be raw

doggin these bitches unprotected sex

means STDs unprotected sex means kids

what do kids mean that means child


dude child support hamstrings more men

in this country than anything a lot of

men can't reach their full potential

because they don't wrap the up

over eating indulging in food that's a

self-destructive behavior pornography is

a self-destructive behavior pornography

takes her time takes her energy takes

her testosterone it takes her

motivational it takes your edge away a

lot of guys out there like to gamble

that's self-destructive that takes her

money away why do you guys out here like

to go FanDuel and draftkings dude knew a

lot of guys in Vegas who gambled all the

time they were always wanting to borrow

money no that John Daly

professional golfer he gambled all his

money away he was a notorious gambler

Charles Barkley is another notorious

gambler he's rich but God only knows how

long before he hits the bottom another

self-destructive behavior is getting

into fights I'm guilty of that too dude

I got dude I got in so many fights in

Vegas dude it's unbelievable all of

these things all of these things keep

you from reaching your full potential

self-destructive behaviors and then

people come up with excuses like Joby

Juan coyote says when people say they

function better on weed yeah I'm sure

you do what listen whatever helps you

sleep at night

investing in low-quality women

investing in low-quality women probably

one of probably one of the most

ubiquitous causes of men never reaching

their full potential

and what do I mean by low quality women

I'm talking about black women I'm

talking about single moms strippers and

or you can get the Unicorn of low

quality women the black stripper who's a

single mother okay now listen I'm not

talking about just sex I'm not talking

about just one-night stands

buddies what listen as far as listen as

far as strippers in single isset man let

the good times roll gotta get your

neckline right

no I'm talking about investing in these

women outside of your dick okay when you

invest time attention emotion money and

resources into low-quality woman's

single moms strippers hoes you will

never reach your full potential nudes

always like to say I don't do nothing

but these hoes nigga you

stay committed to these hoes and

listen man check this out I'm guilty of

this - breaking news the Carolina

Panthers have signed safety Eric Reid

and for those of you who aren't familiar

who Eric Reid is Eric Reid was one of

the guys who was I think he filed the

collusion the collusion case grievance

against the NFL

along with Colin Kaepernick because Eric

Reid was Colin Kaepernick's teammate in

San Francisco and the Carolina Panthers

have now signed Eric Reid so Eric Reid

now has a job but like I was saying I've

invested in low quality women - got 90

seconds on this quickly thanks to all of

my callers Chase LeBeau the guy in Texas

Steve the Dean Williams appreciate you

guys calling in but guys I've dated

strippers I fell in love with I've

had relationships with single mothers

and guess what

none of those relationships got me

anywhere gentlemen I'm here to tell you

man strippers are only good for having a

hot girl to look at and to and

getting free drugs and maybe some sex

right are just good for sex on

call single moms are only good for sex

if they're only good for sex then why

are we investing more than sex why are

we investing our time our energy our

resource or our emotion into women who

are worth nothing but sex investing your

most valuable commodities always holds

men back guys and we do it all for sex

we invest all of these high-value

commodities for something for something

that depreciates in value yeah we want

companionship not gonna sit here and say

that all of us just want women for sex

listen this is what we're designed to do

we're designed to want to pursue

relationships of relationships of

consequence we're all designed to pursue

companionship with women this is who we

are but me as men we handle isolation a

little bit better and men gotta wake up

listen it is better to it's better to

not be in a relationship than getting

cheated on by a stripper or I'm

here to tell you professional athletes

gentlemen they get taken down this path

all the goddamn time

brah professional athletes stay getting

taken down by these low quality women

Shawn Kim has seven kids by six women

Muhammed Ali nine kids by five different

women Willis McGahee nine kids by five

different women

he banned her Holyfield eleven kids by

eight different women

no wonder Evander Holyfield doesn't want

to retire he can't he's got too much

child support Travis Henry has 11 kids

by 10 different women Antonio Cromartie

this nigga has 12 kids by nine different

women these women will drink less

strippers single mothers black women low

quality women hoes these women

will drain you of your time your money

and your resources and guess what guys

you need listen you need all three

resources to reach your full potential

real talk

joby one coyote says tiger I'm looking

that up how many kids does Tiger Woods

have yeah I'm gonna call on

that one j-dub see Tiger Woods has two

children so yeah I mean listen man you

may not like Tiger because I don't know

I don't know I'm not trying to miss read

you here maybe you're one of the guys

that doesn't like Tiger because he made

the egregious mistake of cheating on his

wife but Tiger Woods is not in that

conversation he's just not yeah he has

to he has to but Evander Holyfield eight


I'm sorry 11 kids by eight women Travis

Henry eleven kids by ten different women

Antonia Cromartie twelve kids by nine

different women yeah Tiger listen Tiger

Woods was smart he prostitutes he

bought strippers right but guess what he

wasn't trying to have kids with him

Tiger Woods listen Tiger Woods okay but

he parties hard guess what we all party

hard there something wrong with partying

hard nothing wrong with partying ARDS

okay alright alright he likes Tiger

alright yeah Tiger what listen we can

say whatever we want about Tiger Woods

right but Tiger Woods had the world

to wrap his dick or to make sure that he

didn't get saddled with child support

like he was not about that life

but dude Shawn Kemp Muhammad Ali Willis

McGahee Evander Holyfield of course we

all know about Travis Henry Antonio

Cromartie nigga rap yo what are you

doing 12 kids bro you can't even if you

you can't afford to feed yourself

holy God tattooed Africans as well ten

different women these win don't men

don't value their lives hell no they

don't they don't value their lives they

don't value their sperm man Jesus but

listen eggs are expensive sperm is cheap

but goddamn when you're putting

babies in ten eleven different bitches

goddamn these men will never ever reach

listen Evander Holyfield heavyweight

champion of the world guess what having

11 kids by 8 different women yeah that

holds him back from reaching his full

potential everyone wondered why Evander

Holyfield keeps wanting to fight well

there's your answer

he's got 11 kids man Jesus Christ

spins e says 12 kids is illiterate damn

dude 12 kids man

oye as we round third and head for home

I'm now going to give you guys the

number one factor the number one element

that holds men back from reaching their

full potential there are two things in

America or probably in the world that

makes really smart men really dumb

number one of sports

number two is when I think about

the amount of money and time I spent

chasing in Vegas I almost get sick

to my stomach those three and a half

years that I was doing below every

weekend that was when I made the

acquisition of my full-time job

listen you guys can go to donovan sharp

dot-com our patreon.com port slash

donovan sharp

building a harem is a full-time job

that's the name of that episode it is a

full-time job all the money I spent on

clothes Cologne drinks dates clubs

tipping bouncers at clubs or bars of

strip clubs drugs again I think about my

nest egg I have a night I have a nice

nest egg right the cocaine was one thing

but the money that I spent chasing girls

my nest egg would probably be double had

I never had had I not spent so many

years chasing like the drugs I'd

be so much better off don't get me wrong

guys do not get me wrong it was great

fun man oh my god dude the eight-year

run that I had in Vegas that is listen

listen I don't regret it

I wouldn't trade it for the world but a

man who lives for is a man who's

got something grown-up to do man listen

Lisi is great but when you learn how to

get it without much effort you realize

that you've blown a stupid amount of

time and energy and money chasing

something you really don't have to chase

and pickup artists PUA 'he's right those

guys aren't alphas those guys are blue

pill yes they give us very good advice

in terms of how to get easy six out of

women but they know how to get but

they don't know what to do afterwards

men who live to only chase and

women when there's a slump and there

will be guess what happens you get

depressed you don't have anything else

going on all you're doing is chasing

gentlemen pussy's always there but

it's not always consistent you can't

count on always being around

making your life about is unwise

mentally physically and financially

empires have fallen over Samson

was brought down by Delilah David was

brought down by Bathsheba Harvey


Matt Lauer more recently Bill Cosby Bill

O'Reilly companies have been brought to

their knees by women guys listen

is wonderful man it really is there's no

listen you're getting no argument for me

about how great is

but so many men have no idea that they

are being held back by their consistent

pursuit of not realizing that if

he focused on other things like fitness

increasing his agency education

traveling learning new skills or

entrepreneurship that would make

itself available automatically anyway

let's take its a one step further

women hold us back the number one thing

that holds men back from reaching our

true potential is women now here's the

thing man I'm not gonna be too hard on


Google after one because it's because

there's a say men as men everything we

do is for women whether we admit it or

not it's the truth right like we want a

great job so we can impress women we

want to dress well so that we can

impress women don't even that's not true

really so if the world was full of men

you would still dress as well no of

course the cars we drive we lift weights

to get laid or to stay attractive to our

women I know I do yet listen it's great

to lift weights and stay healthy and

strong but one of the main reasons is to

stay attractive to my girl this is just

how it is now fortunately some of the

things we do for women are also good for

us lifting weights and of course eating

well but the reason we improve ourselves

is because we want to be successful

women on some level listen there's

nothing wrong with admitting this we're

men right but listen on some level

one-night-stands buddies friends

with benefits long-term relationships

sometimes a marriage which is a bad idea

now does wanting to be successful with

women make us beta of course not does it

make us a slave to the vagina it doesn't

make us weak low level mag tails like to

pretend that they're strong for not

pursuing women listen just because

you've checked out of the dating market

doesn't mean you don't still want to be

with women we all love women guys we all

want to be with women why because we are

biologically hardwired to want a woman's

companionship whether it's for one night

one week one month or a decade or a year

a decade guys we are designed to pursue

women we build for women we innovate for

women we fight wars

protect our women but we got men out

here putting their lives on hold for we

see women are no longer worthless

anymore that's the problem

all of those things those are great 100

years ago but now these days men put

their lives on hold for women who are

not worth putting their lives on hold

for a man gets a job offer in another

city but he sticks around because he

doesn't want to leave her a man wants to

listen a man wants to start a business

and he makes progress but it keeps

getting held up because of her

shenanigans a man wants to get into

shape but because he spends too much

time with his fuck-buddy he doesn't lift

as much as she should guilty as charged

guys guilty as charged

and here's the thing guys I'm not

bashing women women are neither good nor

bad they just are they take the shape of

the container that they're put in women

are weird and wonderful fantastic and

up all at the same time guys but

living for women chasing all the

time doing everything strictly to be

successful with women is what holds

every man back every one of them no

there's nothing wrong with taking a

dance class or an improv class on

Tuesdays and Thursdays to put yourself

in front of women to see what happens

but doing things strictly for the

purpose of women never gets you women at

least not sustainable maybe temporarily

but it's never anything substantive it's

never a relationship of consequence all

that I chased in Vegas and I never

had a decent relationship guys not one

not one I may have had some that we're a

halfway-decent never had a decent

relationship in Vegas

they were all very short-lived and now

here I am years later now I'm with Devin

but guess what I wasn't looking for her

we had a chance meeting we hit it off

the rest is history

I happened to meet her at a time when I

was making a lot of changes I was

reassessing my life I was realigning my

priorities and she happened to fit right

into what I thought I wanted to be doing

guys it's great to have women man it

really is on all levels but the best

relationships come when you don't go

looking for him when you concentrate on

things other than women win

we'll find you constantly looking for a

woman because you feel like you need a

woman or you feel like you have to have

it is futile then you wake up in

your 64 years old you seen yourself

management the last three-plus decades

chasin women and chasin you have

accomplished a few things but I'd be a

lot better now then focus so much on

women and as men we can be alone

yes the presence of a woman certainly

makes life more enjoyable but we don't

need women to be happy women and classy

holds every man back it is the

number-one thing that keeps men from

reaching their full potential always has

been always will be

alright very very good Kyle Mitchell

right police states that sex is indeed a

numbers game totally agree that Winston

wolf says Danny must have sniffed half a

bird yeah a little more net yeah a

little more net Randy Sargent says coke

never worked on me tried it twice think

oh my god dude dude cocaine is the it is

the greatest drug ever man it is the I

say it all the time man cocaine is the

best worst thing ever oh my god oh yeah

yeah I do too honestly dude I have it

done blow I did blow the first night I

was in Reno and that was back in the

fall of 2016 that was back in September


I have dude I haven't touched the stuff

since I haven't touched it since

Youngjae says he plays for the pig oh

yeah Josh Gordon yeah of course yeah we

know that Youngjae 216 says stay off the

weed Steven Naismith see mini smith Dez

86 feet 19 cents what's up Donovan glad

to catch a live show good to see you in

here man my lease is damp Donovan Trump

in reality straight up straight up

doyon says what about mixed women white

mom black that I noticed those are

usually more effeminate listen there's

some ghetto ass white girls out there it

depends on how a girl is raised listen

we all know whit white girls who act

black I don't like those girls I do not

like white girls who act black that's

just like dating a black would dad

get out of here a dead totally agree

Randy Sargent cannot believe Evander

Holyfield has 12 11 kids our mando says

yet oddly enough women love these types

of men I could not agree more men could

not agree more

then silver-sweet says Donovan the only

drug you missed back in the days was red

pills well I had taken the red pill I

had taken the red pill by the time I

really got heavy into cocaine God dude

the scum the cocaine dude I have

so many crazy stories involving

cocaine oh my god our motto says I don't

know Donovan I know a guy named TFM who

does it for sex dolls and not women

leave him alone

listen TFM is brilliant he's just a

coward he's a parolee coward berserk gut

says why does a man who is 6-3

thirty-year-old alpha male who's

successful in all areas of his life get

more action from other men's trophy

wives and women in their 30s than he

does with 23 27 year-old women is it a

generational thing or is it something

about his game that has too much

gravitas for young college girls yeah

he's 6-3 he's 30 years old he is

successful in all areas of life that guy

represents stability and young girls

they're not interested in stability at

least not Ben

the reason why that 30 year old alpha

male is more successful with trophy

wives in their thirties is because

they're ready for that stability they're

attracted to that stability young girls

they don't want or need stability they

just want to have fun this 30 year old

alpha male is probably really buttoned

up I'm sure he's probably got some game


but young girls aren't looking for

stability they're not looking for a guy

who makes they just look they're looking

to have fun

that's all there is to it that was easy

that's an easy question yeah tattooed

African says that's a great question I

just turned 30 I do notice a lot of

women married seek my attention but I

also get hit on by women in the 23 to 28

range Kyle Mitchell says coke xanax

viagra and two strippers now that is a

good Tuesday hit Miami right Lorenzo

says Donovan did you ever had have you

ever had an accidental overdose on

cocaine no never OD don't cocaine no no

I was a marathon I was a marathon

cocaine snippers man I was a Mary I was

a marathon cocaine sniffer I'm like I

would do oh my god dude and dude I do

remember I do remember I think it was

either a Friday or a Saturday I think we

had an eight ball on a Friday and then

we did the entire eight ball that entire

night and then we went back and got to

eight balls dude and to eight balls by

the way a seven gram soon we did seven

grams in like 12 hours that was oh my

god it's fun crazy but when you start to

feel you're here's the thing what people

here's the people up with cocaine

and I know this is this is bad here and

no I am not endorsing that you go out

and use cocaine cocaine is illegal but

it is wonderful people up with

cocaine because they don't eat anything

right if you feel yourself starting to

sort of lose control you feel your you

know your heart eat something eat

something you eat something you can do a

little more once and we'll assess

cocaine chronicles need to be a $10

patreon to hear right D Gary 3:15

radical says I agree with chasing women

part Don because me chasing women to

college led to me failing in college

yeah there you go men there you go

tattooed African says that's

California for you white women here act

so ghetto yeah that's true that's very

virtue tattooed African says the coke

whore night when you take when you take

too much coke and your dick doesn't

stand up yo listen I'm gonna tell you

guys one more story I would tell you

guys another story here so there's this

older woman that I was trying to

her name was Donyell okay dude she was

she is probably 46 47 years old milf in

every sense of the word huge fake boobs

long blonde hair her face looked like

she was every bit of 47 hot body

this bitch can't put me off put me off

for whatever reason no problem I was

other girls one night at random

she just texts me out of the way what

are you doing I'm like nothing she's

like hey I'm at Caesars come you know

come and meet me for drinks I'm like Oh

word up so I come to meet her for drinks

worth flirt and she has a room and I'm

like oh yes I'm gonna get the this

girl one of my homeboys hit me hits me

up and says oh god I forgot her name one

of our oh my god I forgot our name but

anyway one of our one one of his friends

was having a birthday party and they had

some high-grade cocaine up there I was

like yo I was like yo let's hit this

party so she's like alright cool so we

go to the Arya they've got like this

sweet and you know this party

dude we're doing lines whatever the case

may be you know grabbed a couple grams

we head back to Caesars right we're

kissing everything is cool dude my dick

would not respond i dude it was it was

unbelievable dude I wanted to this

girl for two years and the one time I

had the opportunity to her my dick

did not respond never got another never

got a chance to her again she

completely ghosted on me after that

cocaine wins again okay wins get got

dawn yell I remember this chicks name I

wanted to bag her so badly she was right

for the picking she probably just came

through a breakup and I dude the

was right there and my nostrils got

thirsty and the cocaine won the cocaine

won oh yeah oh my goodness oh my

goodness very very interesting episode

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live tune in tonight at 7 p.m.

Eastern 4:00 Pacific on O'Shea Duke

Jackson's channel I'm gonna be on there

with lar move are going to talk about

why black men hate on other black men

who date white girls could be a

fireworks show see you guys tonight


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