What's it like dating white girls who act black?

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White girls who act black aren't hard to spot. Neither are white girls who date only black guys. They seem to be a mystery to a lot of guys...even black men. 



So what's it like dating white girls who act black? Because I have no experience with these chicks I sat down with a good friend of mine from the 702 for some insight on what his experiences were fuckin' with these girls.


What's it like dating a white girl who acts black? (Negromanosphere article)

The phenomenon of white women who only date black men (Return Of Kings)


gentlemen there is a website called fake

a baby calm you can look it up and it is

exactly what you think it is it is a

website that women can buy things to

make a man think she is pregnant with

his baby

I am not kidding you you're on the

computers look it up right now if you're

on your phones tablet look it up right


fake positive pregnancy tests fake

ultrasounds fake sonograms you name it

they've got it and I listen I'll link it

in the description at the end at the end

of this episode

now it's described on the website as a

gag gift okay but I'll bet my nest egg

that most women don't buy their products

as a joker in gang guys these women are

dangerous because if a man thinks a

woman is carrying his penis curry on

this child he feels obligated to share

his resources as he should you know

because listen that would be the right

thing to do if a woman is pregnant with

his kid but here's where the real con

happens guys if a man thinks a woman is

pregnant with his kids guess what he's

gonna start doing new don't start

fucking her without a condom thinking it

doesn't matter if he shoots his loads in

her and then when she does become


there's no news to break and now your

man don't even sharp

how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something else

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

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Christmas so time really does fly guys

it really it really really does well

let's get let's go ahead and get right

to it here I've got a lot of guys asking

me lately via email via Twitter chat etc

etc what's it like to date a white girl

who acts like she's black now personally

I don't have any I don't I don't really

have any experience with these kinds of

chicks I may have messed with two or

three white girls back in the day who

only dated black guys but but they

didn't act like black girls at least not

at least

to the degree that some white girls do

to do their level best to actually act

like black girls now most of us are

familiar with the term you know with

terms like mud shark or coal burner used

to describe white girls who only date

black guys it's anyone's guess where

these slang nicknames came from but

there's little doubt that they are used

mainly as derogatory jabs directed at

these kinds of women

now Osheaga Jackson recently pointed out

that the two most racist groups in

America are white men and black women so

it should come as no surprise that these

two groups use this term the most when

describing Caucasian females who have

swam to the dark side and have no

intention of at least trying to swim

back now identifying white girls who

only who only fuck black dudes or act

black it isn't it isn't usually too

difficult but the easiest ones to spot

are the ones who act like they're black

and guys you've seen her before the

white girl with the big hoop earrings

the cornrows the extra long fingernails

the hip-hop ringtone we all see those we

all see these kinds of chicks now when

you walk up on chicks like this it's

it's not at listen it's not a stretch to

assume that she fucks niggas on the

regular and they listen these girls love

nothing more than to broadcast this fact

to everyone around them just by the way

the act and dress and talk now a lot of

guys want to know what it's like to date

these broads they're white on the

outside and seemingly black on the

inside so they seem to be a little bit

of a mystery like I said before guys I

don't have much experience with these

kinds of chicks and and you guys know

that I'm not the guy who's gonna pretend

that he said experience with every kind

of woman in every way possible this

guy's look this is the sharp reality not

too sharp what I read on a pickup site

and now I will regurgitate it as if it

were my own experiences that's not what

you guys come here for and that's not

what you guys expect so what I did is I

reached out to a buddy of mine down in

Vegas who has a shitload of experience

with these type of chicks now go ahead

and let you guys know up front that he's

never been in a long-term relationship

with widgets as he likes to call them so

he can't really offer any insight in the

way of long-term relationship

or marriages to them but he has had

plenty of short-term flings one-time

hookups one-night stands etc so it's

it's safe to say that he's more than

qualified to speak on the most important

elements when it comes to dealing with

these girls which is approaching them

with red pill game fucking him and of

course the way they treat you obviously

there are other elements involved as is

the case with every woman out there but

those are the three main things that men

consider when when we're thinking about

expanding our horizons with other kinds

of women so let's jump right into it and

see what my buddy can offer us in the

way of finding out what these chicks are

really like so what I did is I had to I

had a conversation with him you know and

you know I'm doing my best to I recorded

the conversation I did my best to kind

of regurgitate this stuff so the first

thing I acted the first thing I asked

him and let me rewind here there we go

the first thing I asked him as I said

what was so what's the main difference

between running game on your average

black girl and white girls who act black

his response was quote the main

difference I think is that black women

are a lot harder to approach and strike

up a conversation with even if you see

even if you see that she's feeling you

for some reason black females seem to

take offense to being approached by a

black man out in the open so they tend

to make things difficult for you even if

you can see that she's attracted to you

he continues he says but we gets who are

obviously white girls who act black are

always receptive to game day or night

they act black on the outside with their

dangly earrings and crazy-ass fingernail

portraits and shit but when you step to

one all that wannabe black girl shit

disappears except for the way they talk

now my response to him was wow you know

that's kind of crazy I thought that they

were just black girls through and

through I mean you know the way they act

is convincing and his response was yeah

you know they're good at acting and

looking the part but when you start when

you start talking to them or if you

holler at them it's easy to tell that

they are still white girls at heart this

was a little bit of a surprise to me

because I assumed that we get sore black

girls who act or white girls who acted

like they're black were just like black

chicks in terms of the way that you ran

game on them but according to Chris the

act is a little did the act is a little

more than a facade

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and let's check the chat for the first

time here see who we've got in the house

alright so the Nightman says these

chicks are toxic man I had a few flings

with these chicks in North Carolina yeah

I mean listen I lived in North Carolina

myself for for quite a while I live

there on and off for for about 20 years

and I mean listen you and it's funny

like white girls who act black you see

these girls a lot in southern states so

it's listen it's no surprise that you

know that you've seen these types of

chicks down in the south there and

listen these kinds of girls are


to be quite frank but I mean listen they

seem to be there seems to be a more

concentrated there seems to be a more

concentrated population of them down and

down in the south and and like I said I

can I speak from personal experience of

course because I you know I lived in

North Carolina on and off for about 20


alright so let's continue on with my

interview here with Chris so then we

move to the subject of sex so I asked

him I said you and I know you and I both

know that black chicks are some of the

biggest hoes out there I asked him I

said our mud sharks the same way was it

easier to fuck them or was it more

difficult well Chris laughed and he says

Brandi says quote brah all chicks are

hoes you know that but seriously we get

to give it up like any other women out

there I wouldn't say it's any more or

less difficult to fuck them on the first

date or first meated or the first meetup

having good game turns turns all girls

into hoes whether they're black or white

so I said okay fair enough but do these

kinds of chicks suck dick most black

girls I've dated her fuck either didn't

like to suck dick or they complained

about it I didn't think I didn't think I

ever banged one who actually liked to

suck my cock without me actually having

to tell her he responded he says quote

I've gotten head from plenty of black

girls but I ain't gonna lie getting them

to go downtown can be a chore and even

when they do they don't do it for long

and it's subpar they basically do enough

to shut you up about it he continues he

says but I've never had that problem

with white girls and that includes the

ones who act black kind of like running

game on him that that black girl act

goes away when you when you get her back

to Europe when you get her back to your


or go to hers so then I asked him I said

well what about anal sex I told him but

listen I've never fucked a black girl in

the ass I don't think Chris says will

neither have eyes that I've tried a few

times but it's never worked for whatever

reason black girls aren't down with

letting you fuck them in the ass I think

it's the same as blowjobs they see it as

demeaning and submissive and most black

females don't like being submissive to a

man in or out of the bedroom so then I

asked him well what about we gets I mean

you ever go back door on one of them

Chris responded Oh most definitely

plenty of times if I'm fucking her for

long enough eventually I'll go for anal

and more often than not she's down for

it once again guys it appears that black

that white girls who act black are just

acting that way to get black male

attention once you get her between the

sheets she goes right back to being the

white girl she was born as so the last

part of my interview we talked about the

way the way white girls who act black

treat treat black men as opposed to as

opposed to black women so I asked him

sighs said okay Chris let's talk about

the wage way they treat you do white

girls who act black treat you the same

way typical black that typical black

women do or do they treat you like the

typical white girl his response was

quote well I've never been in a

relationship with one so I can't really

talk about their treatment of me in a

relationship so I said okay well what

about for a booty call or a fuck buddy

arrangement he says well when he put it

that way then yes one white girl I was

fucking who lived in Henderson this is

just north of Nevada used to order food

for us on nights we hooked up we fucked

on and off for a few months but she

always made sure I had something to eat

when I went out there I think she used

as an attitude set at it as an added

incentive to get me out there and keep

me away from the other booty calls I had

he continues one chick I was bangin

would give me back rubs when we'd get

together and another chick would bring

popcorn and soda for the movies we'd

while we watched at my place so then I

asked him this I said well have you ever

had a black girl do any of that stuff do

any that stuff or did a black girl do

any of that stuff for him he says quote

well one black chick I was with for a

while used to cook for me every now and

again every now and then but she's the

only one who ever did who ever did and

that was the reason I stayed with her

she was a fucking bitch but the bitch

could burn in the kitchen but other than

her no

girls don't treat me any anywhere near

as good as we get to do so then I asked

him I said so black women treated you

like shit then he says quote well I

wouldn't go that far most black women

treated me decently because they knew

that if they didn't I'd be the fuck up

out of there but they don't normally go

the extra mile like white girls who act

black do they just treats you like he

says they just treats you better than

black chicks man

I ain't saying that black girls treat

all men like shit but white girls who

act black definitely treat men better

that I can definitely say for sure well

listen I think it's safe to say guys

that messing with with white girls who

act black is I mean it listen it'sit's

the same as fucking with regular white

girls I mean it it would seem to it

would seem to me that that everything

they do everything they do to try or to

act like they're black it's just simply

an act and just listen as soon as you as

soon as you get her away from black girl

she goes right back to acting like a

white girl I can't say I'm surprised

guys but I can't say I'm not that's just

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the lineup for this Friday that should

be a lot of fun about a month ago I

talked about whether or not women should

lie about the number of men they'd slept

with and during that episode I kicked

around a formula that could give us as

men an idea as to how many men any given

girl has fucked any given how many men

any given girl has been fucked by based

on her age when she tells you what she

looks like etcetera etcetera now

obviously this is gonna be an inexact

science we'll never know exactly how

many cocks a girl has taken in her

lifetime and a lot of times they don't

even know but just because we can't

calculate the exact number doesn't mean

doesn't mean that a formula is

completely baseless listen guys it's

simple math ugly girls don't get as many

offers as decent looking girls so it's

it stands to reason that most decent

looking girls have fucked more guys than

ugly girls have

same with age a woman who's 29 has

likely fucked more guys than a 19 year

old because she's been around longer

which means she's got more opportunity

yes there are exceptions to these

factors but the exception doesn't make

the rule as we all know so tomorrow I

will be releasing the official Donovan

sharp not count formula you definitely

do not want to miss that let's go ahead

and check the chat here again

ve j48 says Henderson Nevada has a local

legal brothel Henderson Nevada has a

local legal brothel yeah listen man and

the thing is is I know that um I know

that I know that prostitution is legal

in some parts of Nevada I think I don't

think it's legal in Clark County

even though listen man prostitution

happens all the time cops look the other


that's just how it is so Barry's CEO

says what up and I know I'm on late guys

obviously we don't have nearly as many

viewers as we normally had got got

caught up I had a lot to do today but

but you know here we are we got to you

know we got to get this episode and ve

g48 says be ready for female trolls

Donovan yeah absolutely absolutely

vej 48 says many black females are a

domestic violence trap ask some of my

former clients yeah man I mean I talked

about this yesterday a little bit I

talked about the fact that that that one

of the one of the kinds of females that

you should stay away from one of the

kinds of females that you should be

afraid of our females who who are

violent and black women are some violent

fucking bitches and do they get so

violent a lot of time listen look at the

Ray Rice situation you know look at the

DeAndre jannat the Andre Johnson he got

hit by a white girl any club term but

the point is is that any time you fuck

with black women you really listen

you're gonna run the risk of a domestic

violence charge because those bitches

get violent and when push comes to shove

if you're not gonna let her beat the

shit guys aren't gonna let her beat the

shit out of you so you know and

sometimes when guys you know end up end

up defending themselves they they get

hemmed up so I would agree with you

you know black black females are

definitely a domestic violence rap

listen so are white girls you guys go

back to episode I think it's 22 I talked

about how I narrowly escaped a false

domestic violence domestic abuse

allegation I've had the wherewithal to

record I had the wherewithal to record

the conversation that her and I had

after she called after she called 911 11

deluxe good to see you in here he said

colored people time Donovan yeah yeah

then he says men ad women subtract

actually men divide with men you with

men you divide women multiply I know

what you're trying to say but yeah I

remember I remember when I was uh I

don't know I was in high school and I

have in college and I'd heard of the

rule of three however however many guys

a girl said however many guys a girl

says she's fucked you multiply that

number by three how many guys however

many girls a guy says that he's fucked

you divide that number by three men

listen that's probably that's probably

close to the truth as far as guys are

concerned but in this day and age oh no

no no there are many many more factors

involved and I'm gonna break that down

I'm gonna break that down tomorrow

Berry CEO says fan that Blackmun's

revenge ebook is gonna get you shot by

assist a great info in there yeah

O'Shea Duke Jackson is he's trickling

out the e-book it's not it's not quite

tightened up yet but all of the writing

is done and and he's doing the early

release for guys who shoot him his who

shoot him his email yeah yeah listen

black chicks aren't gonna like it at all

and if you in it I think it's like 28 to

30 pages some good information in there

and then there's a section in there

where I where I addressed black women

personally I said listen up sisters this

shit is for you listen the fuck up so

well that's gonna do it for this episode

of TS are live guys be sure to follow me

on follow me on Twitter at Donovan

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