Who's the GOAT? MJ or LeBron?: The definitive conclusion

The age old debate about who the greatest NBA player of all time is never fails to light up the phone lines of any radio station when it comes up. People far and wide call in droves to give their opinions and they're seldom calm about it.


Well I'm gonna settle this debate one and for all and give the definitive conclusion about where Michael Jordan and LeBron James belong in the annals of NBA history. 


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Friday freakin weekend here guys it is

Friday October 20th 2017 and it was a

busy day in sports yesterday yesterday

is the only day this year where all four

major sports were in action and played

games that played actual games that


no preseason games no you know no summer

league no preseason camp scrimmage or

anything every all of the games that

were played yesterday counted and it's

the first day I think it's the first and

only day in this calendar year where all

four major sports were in action so the

Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City

Chiefs last night by one great game

Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch got

ejected from the game for making contact

with a with a with a referee I'm sure a

fine and/or suspension is coming for him

but it was a good game

what this means is that my Philadelphia

Eagles now have the best record in

football which is a shock to me because

I didn't expect this to be this good it

is obviously it is still early in the

season but I am listen I'm encouraged by

what I see were a balanced football team

Carson Wentz is making great strides he

looks like he's the real deal

we've got a good offense we got good

offensive and defensive lines we're the

best were the best third down team in

football we've got a rock-solid defense

and we could run the football when we

need to and we can score points man we

can we can put up some points now we've

got the Redskins at home this Monday

night if we win that game we will be in

control of the NFC East so I like where

I like where we're headed listen guys

you never know when football things

could definitely change in a hurry you

think about it like this the Chiefs were

undefeated on Saturday night but now

five days later they've lost as many

games as the Miami Dolphins they've lost

two games in five days and and of course

any team is just one injury away from

ending their season just that's the

Green Bay Packer so again I'm encouraged

by what I see and at this point I am

cautiously optimistic about my

Philadelphia Eagles the LA Dodgers are


World Series for the first time since

1988 they absolutely spanked the Cubs

last night in Wrigley Field they won

that series four games to one and rikka

Hernandez was out of his mind yesterday

he hit three home runs drove in seven


I hope they played the Yankees in the

World Series because that to me that

would be much better TV but they've got

to beat the Astros in Houston either

tonight or tomorrow night so we'll see

what happens there my Flyers lost to the

Nashville Predators last night at home

which was a bummer we went to straight

before then but Nashville has got a

legit team man

they were in the Stanley Cup Finals last

year against the Pittsburgh Penguins so

they're a good team so you know I won't

take that loss too badly at this point

you know we're four and three it's still

very early in the season we've got 75

games to go so we'll see if the Flyers

can make the playoffs this season but

let's go ahead and get to what I want to

talk about here and that is the LeBron

vs. MJ debate any sports fan knows that

there's always a raging debate on the

greatest players of all time in any

sport is it Tom Brady or Joe Montana is

a Michael Jordan or LeBron is a

Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonel Messi or is

it Pele the lists go on and on and on

and you know they are fun topics to

debate especially when people tend to

know their shit they can go back and

forth because a lot of times you know

what what other perspectives can change

your own but there are some people out

there and I would actually say most

people who call any player that goad

it's usually a player they like or

player in their hometown or home city

every living soul in Boston will

probably tell you that Brady's that that

Brady's the greatest of all time and

then people in the Bay Area will tell

you that it's Montana then you have the

generational bias like the people who

watched Jordan play his entire career

versus sports fans who grew up watching

LeBron and then there are the

championships ring speed the

championship rings people who say well

Jordan has six rings LeBron has three so

Jordans better or Brady's got five Super

Bowls but Montana's only got four and so

on and so forth the flaw in the

championships argument is that if we

went by that alone then Bill Russell

would be the goat because he's got 11 -

Jordan 6

Robert Horry also has seven rings

compared to MJ six and clearly or has

never been considered one of the grace

with one of the greatest players of all


where this debate really or where

certain debates really get muddled is

when people start talking about stats

well player X had more home runs than

player Y so player Y is better or so

player X is better or player X had more

touchdowns and so on and so forth again

this is a flawed argument because going

back to Jordan who's again considered to

be the greatest player in NBA history he

doesn't he hasn't scored the most points

ever okay he doesn't have the most

assists or the most rebounds those

records belong to Karim Stockton and

Wilt Chamberlain the only statistical

category that Jordan leads in in his

careers points per game and that's and

he's only five one hundredths of a point

ahead of Wilt Chamberlain and then of

course he's five short in the

championship department to Bill Russell

and finally you have these people out

here who move the goal posts because of

their personal biases Rob Parker who

used to be a writer for the Detroit Free

Press he works for four FS one now he

says that Brady isn't the goat but then

says Michael Jordan's better than LeBron

because he's got more rings so which is


now listen Rob Parker's a guy that goes

against the grain just because I

guarantee you that if the overall

narrative on Brady was that he was not

the greatest quarterback ever he pushed

back and say that Brady was because the

ring robbed heart honestly Rob Parker's

just one of those dudes who makes a

living being a contrarian whatever that

whatever the public says he goes against

is he could ever really trust a guy like

that to be objective and bring a strong

opinion based solely on facts but back

to Jordan he's clearly a better player

than Bill Russell but again Russell's

got 11 titles and that's where I want to

settle this debate once and for all when

it comes to the greatest of all time

taking the rings out of it Michael

Jordan was a better player than Bill

Russell Jordan is a far better player

than Robert Horry so on that note we

need to split this up into two

categories the greatest of all time and

the best of all time now the greatest of

all time in my book is the most

accomplished well the best of all time

in my book is the most talent

so for example Dan Marino is clearly

more talented than Tom Brady Marino's

got a better arm he's got better feet

marito is actually much more mobile in

his crib early in his career before his

knees went out but Brady is better in

just about every statistical category so

Brady is greater than Marino but Marino

was more talented so he was a better

player in terms of physical talent

another example is Clayton Kershaw who

is a pitcher for the LA Dodgers he is

one of the best pitchers of all time

listen this guy's went almost 150 games

he struck out over 2000 batters he's ok

he has a career er a of 236 which is

absolutely unheard of in this day and

age and he's won three sayang Awards and

he's not even 30 yet but he has not won

a World Series and until this season he

really hasn't performed that well in the

postseason now to be fair most of most

of Kershaw playoff failures have come at

the hands of the st. at the st. Louis


I think he's 6 and 3 against all the

other teams in the playoffs and things

like oh and three are o and four with

like a 70 re against the Cardinals be

that as it may if he wins a World Series

or two Kershaw will be considered one of

the greatest pitchers ever right now he

is easily one of the best they comparing

to guys like Pedro Martinez Sandy Koufax

etc but when he wins a ringer - he'll be

considered one of the greatest because

he'll have more accomplishments now I'm

not gonna apply this to baseball or

hockey because there are way too many

candidates for the goat as far as

baseball is concerned some people say

it's Babe Ruth some Saints Willie Mays

some say Barry Bonds and then you factor

in pitchers and do they qualify if

they're not positioned players they're

not playing every day I mean that

conversation to me that's way too

convoluted and hockey

very few disagree very few people

disagree that Wayne Gretzky is the

greatest player ever so there's no

debate there he is the great one and

there is no debate about that but the

two most widely debated goats are in

basketball and in football and in

football they talk about the greatest

players of all time but in football when

you talk about the goat you're talking

about the greatest quarterback the

quarterback is the most glorified high

profile position and also

and so when we talk about the goat in

football we're talking about

quarterbacks as far as I'm concerned Tom

Brady is the greatest quarterback of all

time and Aaron Rodgers is the best

Brady's got the most regular-season wins

ever he's got the most playoff wins ever

he's got the most Super Bowl appearances

ever with seven he's won the most Super

Bowls as a quarterback with five but

Aaron Rodgers is a far better player in

terms of talent and in my book he is the

best to ever play the position guys he's

got one of the best arms as far as

velocity he is easily what he is easily

one of the most accurate he's the he's

one of these also the best one of the

best throwers of the football yet if you

guys watch him play if you watch him

play every pass he throws is a cool

tight spiral he's extreme it's he throws

a very very catchable ball he's also

extremely mobile you guys have seen him

scramble around and he's got the best

touchdown to interception ratio in NFL

history which means not only is he

throwing the ball down the field with

accuracy he can reap defenses okay so

nobody's picking him off now he doesn't

have Marino's arm but he's close and

some people might even say he has a

better arm than Murray no he's not

Michael Vick when he leaves the pocket

but he's a lot better than most Aaron

Rodgers is by far and away the best

quarterback to ever play the position

while Brady is easily the greatest so

now we come to LeBron versus MJ and in

my book this one's simple LeBron is a

better player than Jordan but Jordan is

greater Jordan's got six rings to

LeBrons three Jordan has far more

playoff success Jordans win more MVPs

he's won more Finals MVPs

but LeBron is a far better plays a far

better player than Jordan especially

listen if LeBron LeBron could score 59

if he wanted to okay but he doesn't

because he he concentrates on his

overall game that that's just not LeBron

is more magic than Michael and and

people want to say well Jordan is a

better score okay Jordan is a better

score because that's what he wanted to

love with LeBron could score 4045 a

night if he wanted to but he doesn't he

could if he wanted to let's just keep

that in mind now at 18 years old Jordan

was a freshman at North Carolina

bran played his first NBA game at 18

years old and scored 25 points had nine

assists and I think like six or seven

rebounds LeBron has more rebounds and

total assists over his career and to

this point they've both played 15

seasons and LeBron has a higher career

average than Jordan in assists blocks

rebounds and field goal percentage

LeBron is a bigger player and much more

physically athletic than Jordan now

Jordan apologists are usually LeBron

haters let's just let's just call a

spade a spade if you're a Jordan

apologist you'll probably a LeBron hater

and they say things they make excuses

they say things like well LeBrons played

since he was 18 and Jordan didn't come

into the league until he was 21

so what slipper I'm supposed to do

apologize for me in six seven at 18 and

ready for the NBA Jordan was cut from

his high school team as a sophomore

everyone knew that LeBron would be the

number on overall pick when he was a

sophomore in high school and probably

even before then LeBron haters will also

say now LeBron haters will also say well

Jordan retired twice so that has given

LeBron more opportunities well that's on

Jordan Michael chose to do that and if

LeBron chose to retire at 32 to play

another sport guys he would be fucking

eviscerated LeBron gets enough hate for

nothing as it is

imagine if LeBron did what Jordan did

back in 93 and retired from the game of

basketball to play soccer or baseball

like Jordan did not that LeBron isn't

oficer rated already now you've got the

Jordan haters and the LeBrons apologists

who always point to well Jordan had Phil

Jackson and then you have the Phil

Jackson haters who said that that say

well Phil Jackson is at one of the

greatest because he had LeBron because

he had Michael Jordan and he got to

coach Kobe Bryant guys all that's

bullshit and the way I equate that is

this the best team doesn't always win

the championship the best player doesn't

always win the game the best car doesn't

always win the race and and I'll give

you guys an example I'll use it I'll use

a driver that everybody knows if Jeff

Gordon were to go outside right now and

take my car and race it on

in the Daytona 500 there's no way he

would win because my car is obviously

not equipped to be on to Daytona Motor

Speedway now that's an extreme example

but if Jeff Gordon if Jeff Gordon had a

crappy let's say he drove a stock car

right just regular stock carb NASCAR

whatever if he had the slowest car if he

didn't have the best car he wouldn't win

I mean barring unforeseen circumstances

like everybody head of him crash that

he's probably he's not gonna win that

race let's go vise versa if you were to

put me in the rainbow 24 and put me on

the Daytona Motor Speedway then I

wouldn't win that race because I

probably crashed out a half a lap in

okay I've never driven a car 209 miles

an hour alright the point is is that you

have to have the driver a combination of

the driver and the car to win the race a

great driver like Jeff Gordon Jimmie

Johnson Martin Truex Jr they have to be

great drivers but guess what they also

have to have great equipment to win the


those guys is as good a driver as Kyle

Busch's guess what he wouldn't win the

races that he wins if his cars were

shitty if he had a shitty race team you

have to have talent and equipment around

you to win titles to win races it's the

same with Michael Jordan and Phil

Jackson people say well Jordan wouldn't

have won all those titles without Phil

Jackson and then people say well Phil

Jackson wouldn't want all those titles

without Jordan guys you can't make

excuses for one or the other

Jordan is great Phil Jackson is great

they happen to be on the same team at

the same time that's what made them

great same with Bill Belichick and Tom

Brady great coaches need great players

and vice versa

okay people would say well Bill

Belichick's not the greatest coach of

all time the only reason why he's won

all those Super Bowls is because of

Brady and then people will say well

Brady's won all the Super Bowls because

of Bill Belichick guys Belichick doesn't

win anything without Brady umbria

doesn't win anything without Belichick

if Jordan doesn't have Phil Jackson if

Jordan doesn't have Phil Jackson and

Scottie Pippen and the triangle offense

Jordan maybe wins a title or two maybe

three scattered about but he would not

have had the success that he had if not

for Phil Jackson same with Tom Brady and

Tom Brady man and not to take anything

away from him the fire burns within him

man like he was drafted 199th overall in

the sixth round he worked his arse off

he really really did but he was helped

by a great Patriots defense

then of course there was the there was

the Tuck rule remember the remember in

the playoff game against the against the

Oakland Raiders in the snow where he

fumbled the football but they said that

his arm wasn't coming forward so they

had the Tuck rule so that was that was

kind of fortunate all right not to take

anything away from Brady but yeah I mean

listen things have to fall into place

like coaches and players

you can't Tom Brady's not supposed to

apologize that he got Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick's not supposed to

apologize that he that they had the

foresight to draft Tom Brady in the

sixth round it just doesn't work that

way okay you can't just not like

somebody nobody can do it on nobody can

do it on their own and when you consider

LeBron James I mean listen clearly

Michael Jordan's had better coaches than

LeBron right listen Michael Jordan only

one with Phil Jackson LeBron James won

two titles with Erik Spoelstra and one

with tyronn lue both guys aren't

considered to be either of the greatest

coaches of all time or not or even

talked about so all you LeBron haters

out there who want to say well Jordan is

the great as well

you know I'll listen I still think

Jordan is the greatest but you can't

take anything away from LeBron you can't

say you can't say it's not one of the

greatest players ever he's clearly the

best player because you can't say he's

not one of the greatest ever because

he's one with subpar coaches yes Erik

Spoelstra and tyronn lue have to know

what they're doing they are far above

average coaches but they're not Phil

Jackson let's just keep it real here

back to LeBron versus MJ here the

standard is different for LeBron because

he's played in the age of social media

unlike Michael Jordan every one of

LeBrons possessions every shot he takes

and every game he plays is a referendum

on his greatness and because of that no

one can ever really have an honest

conversation about whether or not he's

greater than Jordan also taken to

account that Jordan was one of the first

athletes to transcend sports and become

a marketing icon so that clouds people's

judgments so rather than going back and

forth and moving the goalposts and

listening to people who clearly have

agendas or they have a personal bias one

way the other I'm gonna call it right

now Jordans the goat LeBron's the boat

Jordan is the greatest player in

be a history and LeBron is the best

player in NBA history and guys I don't

have a dog in the fight I'm not from

Cleveland I'm not from Chicago all right

I'll do i watch Michael Jordan when I

was a kid I was heavily influenced by

him I wanted to be like Mike I saw the

Gatorade commercials the Nakul

McDonald's commercials he did with Larry

Bird I saw all of that

but I'm from Billie okay doesn't really

matter I don't have an agenda I don't

have a dog in the fight I'm being as

objective as I can be

Jordans the greatest LeBron to the best

and a lot of times which we'll also find

in sports debates politics or anything

else as you will find that a person

stands a lot of times as more about the

opposition than the stance itself a lot

of people out there who say that Jordan

is the greatest of all time they

absolutely hate LeBron they people hate

LeBron more than they like Jordan okay

it's the same thing with people who

support Donald Trump all right

people support Donald Trump because they

wanted to be President but I mean people

who people who support Donald Trump do

so I think more so out of a hatred for

Hillary and vice versa

people hate Donald Trump so much that

they decided to vote for Hillary they

liked Hillary but they hate Donald Trump

more than they like Hillary it's the

same thing with this LeBron versus MJ

people hate LeBron more than they like

Michael Jordan and vice versa some

people hate Michael Jordan then then

they hate Michael Jordan more than they

like LeBron you can't you can't trust

those people you can't you can't take

a-you can take any know you can take any

statistic and bend it any way you want

to say whatever it is that you want use

the eyeball test guys LeBron is the

bigger faster stronger player he's a

better distributor a better rebounder he

could lead the league in scoring every

year if he wanted to Michael Jordan has

the iron will he is that he is the

greatest he's the most accomplished

player of all time all those MVPs all

the Finals MVPs he decided one year to

be the Defensive Player of the Year and

he went out and he did it

Jordan is absolutely talented LeBron is

more talented LeBron is the far better

player physically talent wise court

vision everything then Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the greatest because

he has clearly accomplished much more

let me check the chat here and see what

you guys have to say about this before I

sign off

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kuqali says don't be respectful Donovan

it is MJ well yes MJ's the greatest

LeBron is the best LeBron is better than

MJ MJ is greater than LeBron cool colby

also says babe whoo Babe Ruth and Wayne


I think listen I didn't watch Babe Ruth

play it and watch Willie Mays play it's

a bet the greatest baseball player I

ever saw was Barry Bonds steroids are

not he was absolutely he was absolutely


kuqali says Brady's a fucking cheater

Spygate deflategate okay I mean you can

call him a cheater he's still won five

Super Bowl rings man I mean this is this

is just how it is again this is the

narrative that I'm talking about my

guest cool Kohli and no disrespect here

is that you don't live in Boston you

don't live in New England everyone

inside of New England they don't talk

about Spygate or deflategate they say

well you know he didn't need that stuff

to win whether he did or not doesn't

matter you cannot deny five Super Bowl

rings and seven Super Bowl appearances

say what you want about Spyder

deflategate that's going to be part of

the oh yeah you're from New York okay

well there we go we'll see there we go

there we go

so and listened I'm listen I'm a Philly

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