Why are black women hating on Michael B. Jordan for not dating them?

Black women "boycotted" Black Panther because apparently, Michael B. Jordan doesn't date black women. So why are black women so mad that another successful brother has chosen to date or marry non black women? EurWeb.com writer Cory Alexander Haywood joins me to discuss this all too familiar theme.




Black Twitter boycotting Black Panther due to Michael B. Jordan? (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Michael B. Jordan dating black women (ALS project)

Wakanda women boycott Michael B. Jordan (YouTube video)



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on-air debate and what ended up

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can certainly admit when I'm wrong so

I'll go ahead and get the I'll get this

first things first out of the way this

is Corey Alexander Heywood who's on the

line with us and yeah the link that I

sent him was bad so no he didn't cop out

it didn't bitch out he was gonna come on

but the link that I sends him was bad so

Corey from from me to you Amanda man my

bad it's all good man it's all good it

happened to be in good good good stuff

man let's go ahead get right to it man

you're probably a lot more up on this

whole Michael B Jordan situation than I

am but from what I gather because I've

seen Facebook post Twitter posts etc etc

from what I gather it would appear that

black women are upset with Michael B

Jordan for allegedly not dating black

women they say they were gonna they said

that they were going to boycott Black

Panther and down with Black Panther and

Michael B Jordan is this and that

neither what is your what is your

initial take on this particular on this

particular phenomenon here well let me

ask you first you're cool with vulgar

language in personality right yeah

listen listen

this is on my platform people people can

report me all you want even man we say

nigga we say bitch we say dick pussy

literate ok these hoes a crazy as a

motherfucker and let me tell you why so

I'm scrolling I browse the energy I do

that when a daily basis because I'm a

journalist I for newspaper and it's my


so I come across this article a black

woman claiming that they helped Michael

B Jordan advance his career

oh we bought tickets to see black

panther and we've promoted some of his

other projects on social media and so he

owes us his career these black holes

actually believe that he owes them his

career and so when they saw photographs

of him when he got surrounded by white

women coming out of a club with white

women they were offended because

whatever reason in their minds the

fantasy they actually think that they

would have a chance with Michael be dry

and so you're being seen with white

women is betrayal in their eyes because

this man who they have fantasized about

um clearly in their mind doesn't want

them and that's why they're upset

so Michael B Jordan went from being the

flavor of the month in February remember

he was every bounce babe I laugh women

all across the world of with this guy

right he's sexy he's so fun he's this

and that as soon as you've seen

photograph with white women all of a

sudden he's unattractive

he's a coon he's a simp he's a square

how fickle are you bitches that within

only a few weeks time he can go from

being a babe your crush your fantasy to

being someone you would never touch with

a ten-foot pole it's ridiculous so

that's what I've observed that's

unbelievable and you know the thing is

this man in and again and what what's

what's I mean right off the bat you're

obviously a well-spoken guy this is the

first time I've ever spoken to you I've

watched a few of your videos but I've

never heard you in Iraq so I think that

you and I can can certainly see the same

in this regard this seems to me very

typical of

women and black thing is is and a lot of

people say oh don't even this is black

woman bashing yes that's what this is so

if you if you guys want to call me out

fine whatever gives you I don't give a

shit black women are at the bottom of

the sexual totem pole for many many

reasons and anytime someone has a sexual

market value deficiency what they do is

they shame what they cannot have a lot

of guys say you know a lot of guys who

are in cells who are masquerading as MIG

tiles they say Donovan you're in good

shape the reason why you the reason why

you lift weights are so you can go out

and get Plus you know these guys want

pussy they can't get it so they say me

for getting it let's say you about black

women shaming guys like Michael B Jordan

do you think and I think you touched on

this earlier do you think they do this

because they know they can't have

Michael B Jordan or they really are just

mad that he doesn't want them I think

it's both let me preface what I'm about

to say with okay where you and I gladly

disagree is I've always been attracted

to black women and I've always dated

black women and I respect the black

women who behave like ladies okay like

respect human beings okay yep but for

the watch it no love whatsoever so I

just want to distinguish the two there

was plenty of black women out there who

are great who are wonderful sure but

there are others who exist fucking

absolutely ridiculous and so these are

the women who I'm referring to right now

okay let's do it they uh Michael B

Jordan I've noticed that he has lost

muscle tone okay the photo that's all he

looked a bit softer not as muscular as

he was in Black Panther and Creed right

so black women have honed in on that

they have focusing on that or he's not

even sexy anymore because he doesn't

have his body I'm like we'll look bitch

first of all you are shaped like a

fucking linebacker

okay okay now let it rip or I go to the

gym and I only see white women in shakes

right you know women and say even Asian

women in shape the only water buffaloes

I see in their lollygaggin on treadmills

ellipticals or big

black luminous the same black women who

have been nerve criticized Michael B

Jordan know anyone's physique

image yeah not on some way in but you

might write to do that well here's the

thing and it's it's very short-sighted

because you think of an actor like

Christian Bale if you remember him an

American hustle dude he was Jabba the

fucking Hut then you go to a movie I

know the fighter he I mean he looked

like he mean he was literally a mate or

it was it was it twelve Monkeys it was

it was one movie that he was completely

emaciated this is me a lot of guys call

this method acting Michael B Jordan

could be pumped up all he wants to but

actors who take their job seriously

they're gonna change physiques for the

role he had to be a little bit more

muscular in Creed because he's a fighter

he had to be more muscular in black

panther because it's black bucking

panther so I think it's a disingenuous

statement for black women to say well

he's not sex anymore because he doesn't

have his body bitch and listen and I

agree with you a hundred percent in

terms of this in terms of this throwing

stones from a glass house this also

speaks quarry to the solipsism of black

women they want they want the nigga with

six figures they want the nigger with a

six with six-pack abs with a six-foot

dick right but then they look just like

you said but they want to be shaped like

an overweight linebacker why is it that

black women and I've got my answer for

this and and my short answer is Tyler

Perry guys like Tyler Perry Oprah

Winfrey iyanla Vanzant and Steve Harvey

but why is it that black women expected

the world but then they they don't

expect they they their standards are

much higher than what they deserve yet

they still have these high standards you

know it's funny that you mention that I

totally agree and I think it's because

um a couple of reasons

okay body shaming had a real thing right

okay so you know all new years ago it

really wasn't a good thing to be fat it

was feel disgusting and kind of nasty

sure right so when someone was more than

the obese it was viewed as unhealthy and

kind of disgusting these days but body

positivity black women have been

convinced that their thick their

voluptuous they're desirable no bitch

you're fat right

that okay if we're not really no lag is

when they have been nerve to wear tight

pants and and tank tops in and they have

this night and say you like just hanging

looking like you know when you open the

pack of sausage or some biscuits and

shit like that you have women like this

who believe they deserve a nigga who is

a combination of I don't know Boris

Kodjoe Shakespeare Iron Man right right

right right

and meanwhile did you slingin chicken

wings and hooters

you gotta do their new stocking shelves

at Walmart you want me to target that

you you have no right to be so entitled

to think that you deserve the best when

you're not qualified you aren't the best

and one more point out makes to you

black women or black men rather more the

cream of the crop we who are attractive

successful they aren't second for just

one woman right they would have a why is

he woman they'll never commit or be

faithful to one woman especially a black

woman who has a big mouth in a big ass

good no think it wants that period no no

I actually hood niggas do but even hood

niggas want multiple women right like

and again and I think healthy meal

strategies he what black women want they

want the loyal alpha they want all of

the characters of the of the

quintessential alpha male but with none

of the baggage or none of the problems

none of the costs that come with the

alpha male gentleman you are watching

TSR prime time you're actually watching

sharp shorts with special guest corey

elexander hey would he are now are you

still writing for your web he you are

web okay yeah he is it he's a lotta

pretty you are web listen the guy's a

good writer after yeah after he and I

had the dust-up we we exchanged emails

and we kind of figured out that he and I

had a lot more common than I think that

you know that I realize Cory I've often

been called a coon for a lot of

different reasons maybe it's because of

the way I talk maybe it's because I'm

light-skinned maybe it's because I hold

black people and black women in

particular accountable do you catch that

same kind of heat absolutely

why I actually wrote a book all Coon

flakes we went through that Wow yeah

ultimately absolutely I've owned the

term I've been called a coon so many

times now but I've simply owned the term

look I really have okay and I embrace it

I wear the badge of honor because what

it means is that I am not conforming to

the ridiculous beliefs and views of

black people when they say oh we're not

a monolith right we don't all think

alike no actually it's the opposite you

all do think alike specifically when it

relates to politics young issues

regarding the black community they all

think alike

and so when you have someone else who

challenges these beliefs these notions

he's immediately labeled a clean or a

traitor or no calm and so rather than

trying to make black people happy the

majority anyway I decided to do my own


people call me what you will me I'm

gonna fuck that's what's up man now

here's here's sort of a general question

why are what happened to black now

here's the thing man I'm not gonna sit

here and say that because I listen I see

black women all the time that I'm

attracted to the only reason I don't

date them is because because number one

most of them just aren't available to me

like I mean I live in Philly and most

black women you run into and it's funny

black women always points event one we

don't want y'all anyway blah bah bah bah

bah white boys are checking for us Oh

for real if and again women live their

lives an outliar TV black women are no

different what happened to black women

like black women used to be like like

the strong black women are Coretta Scott

King the Myrlie Evers right the the the

widow of the late great Medgar Evers

those were strong black feminine women

what happened to black women why what

like what happened why did they become

so undateable why did they because

become so bad and why are they not

looking to change they keep doubling

down every few years and they became

worse and worse you know when I realized

that black women had reached the point

of no return

when's that all but many when there was

something that came out you might be

familiar with it was called before the

dick challenge yes oh my god

yes lacking recorded themselves going

down a list of things they would do or

that day was a dick right right regular

I'm talking about celebrities yes he's a

Lathan yep never think would stoop to

that level or participant Erykah Badu

were participating in this foolishness

and so in my mind that's when I realize

you know what these many of these black

women have absolutely no hope whatsoever

I also blame reality TV Housewives of

Atlanta people reads urban hip-hop these

TV shows have poisoned the well they

have poison the minds of black women and

all they want now is attention okay and

they'll get it by any means necessary

unbelievable okay so you're a business

the Malcolm X's of registers you should

you should turn that into a into a hash

tag so what a blacklist is there any

hope for black women at all like what do

black women have to do to become

attractive to black men again you know

Oh glad in this twenty minute in general

I think all we really want

we're very simple people right well how

do you really want you to do is shut the

fuck up allies in the game fixit's hours

every now and then in focus when we want

simplicity that's it and they don't need

anything more than that literally but

the problem is black women require too

much of black men yes I don't encourage

black men to lower their standards I

encourage them to adjust their standards

so that they're reasonable if you want a

good black man if you want a faithful

partner who's committed to you right

then perhaps you should give a chance to

the guy who may not be 6-1 rippling

muscle right earning six figures driving

a sports car maybe you should give a

chance to the guy who's working at

t-mobile he might be a few pounds

overweight he's driving an average car

right would you be good to you

the problem is black when we need

validation yep

as many of them don't get children so

the validation they get comes from men

who can give them money men who are

good-looking so that their friends will

say all girl you got him you must be

doing your thing it's all about

validation which they claims because

really internally they're insecure

they're bitter and they're despicable

many of them

this is interesting you go to the black

community and listen I mean I'm headed

down to Atlanta which is the black Mecca

that to me that is headquarters for the

ratchet-ass black women black women look

around the black community and they see

that they are fucking miserable

one would think Cory that that one of

them would look around and say you know

what maybe I'm doing this all wrong

maybe there's something I don't know

maybe I need to look in another

direction but they keep doubling down

why why is it it is it a pride thing is

it is it is it because black men is

because they don't like black men

they're not gonna do what we're telling

them I mean why is it that black women

won't change again they're it's like

when you put your hand on a stove and

you burn it what what aren't you gonna

do you're not gonna put your hand on the

stove women black women are burning

their hands on a stone on the stove with

Pookie Ray Ray Tyrone riri they got they

got five different kids by six different

niggas and the reason why it's six

instead of five is because they don't

know if it's Tyrone's or Erie's it's

it's in it again I say that dung a Jake

but it's true why don't they change why

is it that they stay in this Lane it's

to me it's bewildering I can't figure it

out to be I think it's because the

masochist you know listen to women who

for example write R&B; singers yeah the

Keyshia Cole was in evidence of the

world in others all of those songs are

about heartbreak and now a minute Dunham

roll and how they've tried to because

women but they're cockney are broken in

they're mistreated I believe that black

women enjoy despair Wow because it all

makes sense right some complain in to be

the victim

and there's actually symptomatic of the

black community in general yeah we would

prefer really to be enabled and not

powered right because of that we cost me

portray ourselves as the victim we have

a victim mentality and that's present

within black women that's why they keep

going to no good niggas is because

really they don't value themselves whoo

Wow reach nigga this is what I'm saying

like lemon are their steady Tomba I

deserve this and I deserve that well

really if you did deserve all of these

things then you would have all of these

things but just like you said Cori they

know they don't they know they don't and

that's why they end up with no good

niggas all the time six four six six six

eight two five one nine let's go to the

phone lines I got an unknown number area

code 1 1 1 1 11 all right good stuff bye

your live with Cory and Donovan okay

thanks okay you guys was talking about

black women not having I guess any

self-respect if you guys are dealt with

the white community then you know the

white chick have the same problem no

matter how much they put on their makeup

yes I love it how much they love it the

white man the white girls do it till

argument oh listen listen check this out

I'm a baseball fan right so what you

just did you threw me four pitches the

first one was a strike the next one the

next three were ball so guess what I

know the count is three one you don't

want to put me on base because the bases

are loaded so what are you gonna do

you're gonna throw me a fastball right

down the middle and I'm doing what's

called sitting dead red the white girls

do it to argument is a weak argument you

want to know why because at least when

you fuck with white women or non black

women and I'll be honest with you more

white women get up to more bullshit than

black women why number one because they

can number two because there are more of

them right so let's go ahead and get

that out of the way white women are more

diabolical white women will fuck you

over white women will put you in jail

quicker than a black one that ever would

here's the difference look at little at

lon at least with white woman my nigga

you are getting something out of the

deal at least with white women you get

your dick sucked you get you get you get

femininity you get a little bit of

deference you get some submission so you

get submissiveness oh yeah absolutely

listen a white girl let's cheat on you

quicker than a black girl ever could

because white women simply have more

options but guess what

black women are up to the same fuckery

the difference is at least you get

something out of the deal with white

girls with black women all you get is

the fucking headache so honestly miss me

with that white girls do it - bullshit

I'm not here oh I wasn't trying to make

any comparisons I wasn't trying to bake

I'm bringing a scale of one to ten you

choose which bitch is the worst I was

just saying white women Asian women not

so much but even if it was a list any

women who have a reputation of being a

quiescent through their husbands

they're not that acquiesce they

capitulate in public but in private they

own the household so women of all

statures of all races creeds and colors

especially especially now with the the

influence of the West industrial society

for the past 60 days

women and even specially when they come

to America have that attitude of even

though they feel entitled they still

have a problem with the self respect and

self work especially when they come

across a guy who says you're not a

princess you're just a woman sure prove

to me you're worth nope I got you so let

me ask you a question let me ask you go

ahead Corey if you want to weigh in no

no I'm saying I agree I haven't any more

to say he pretty much summed it up yeah

yeah let me ask you a question if you

had a white woman Palestinian woman

Mexican Asian or Latino rather let me be

politically correct a Latina woman a

white girl and a black girl which one is

at the bottom of the totem pole which

one do you least like which one do you

least want to fuck with if I had to

choose amongst all of them I would

probably say the black chick there you

go Mike went exactly thanks for the call

he proved my point Forney not I'm sorry

six four six six six eight two five one

nine is the number to call to get in on

the conversation another private caller

here area code one one one one you are

on live with Donovan and Corey go ahead

my friend what's going on guys what's up

brother so it's a quick for the

deflection so uh deflect all other races

of women yeah I love it

I love it that it would say I thought it

would take at least five ten calls

no first leg alright do it so I just

want to add on you know Cory made a

point about black women identifying and

wallowing in pain and everything and I

made that argument to somebody just

recently I'm not familiar with um if you

remember the singer if you know the

singer mary j blige o course of course

she um she made her bones sinking you

know that whole love his pain kind of

thing and i remember i think she been

around for a while i think it's either

her third or fourth album she was

actually in love and she was you know

kind of happy and singing love songs and

i remember at the time a lot of black

women kind of didn't like what mary j

blige made that turn because they you

know they started to really identify

with her being you know what was me me

and you know my boyfriend ain't shit and

you know me because ain't said all that

stuff huh yeah so it's like they don't

even identify with happiness or you know

any kind of positivity so i think you

know you got definitely hit the nail on

that on the head with that one yeah Cory

what do you say that man like you

pointed that out exactly you said black

women ain't happy unless they ain't

happy don't look the proof is in the

pudding there with Mary Jane right bring

totally totally agree just to piggyback

on what he said briefly what they have

done is accuse us of eret happiness

they're blaming us for how they feel 11

and Manny

you've demonized black men right well

we're really hiding behind their own

insecurities bitch you're not

responsible for how you feel that you've

made right your visitor because you

choose to fuck with the wrong niggas

right they impregnate you they leave you

high and dry you're upset with your job

your some of your life your debt your

existence and you're trying to impose or

protect your feelings or meaning of the

black men we're not going to let you do

anymore we're not gonna let it happen

what are your current black do to do is

to stop elevating pussy the reason why

you know like bad niggas agreeing with

women is because they try to club

exactly that we denounce with me this is

the moment that the balance of power

will return to its natural form we

not allow these women to manipulate us

based on the fact that you give us push

because to be quite honest with you

brother you can pay for that shit in a

horrible fuck you bet in any of these

black women camp

hey listen keep keeping it 100 and

listen end to end to add on to that

here's the thing black dude and this is

not just with black women this is with

all women most women all they bring to

the table is pussy and you know what we

can sit here and blame women for being

insufferable bitches and only offering

pussy but Cory yeah again you hit the

nail on the head again the reason why is

because these but hold on decent bass

niggas urban or oh that's right

these sympathy niggas are only requiring

girls to give him the pussy as soon as

they give him the pussy all she's wifey


she's got a fat ass on the marry that

bitch I'm I put a couple of babies in

her so she don't go nowhere well guess

what if all she has to do to keep you as

pussy then guess what these bitches are

going out here gonna be out here doing

just giving up the pussy they tryna cook

they ain't trying to clean they're not

trying to be submissive all of them have

fake hair listen if we were a ward bad

behavior what else do we expect if your

dog comes in and pisses in the house and

you give the dog a treat what's the dog

gonna do next time he's in the house

it's gonna piss on the goddamn floor

that's what it is

I'll go ahead agree agree but you hit on

it earlier also Donovan you know at

least with other groups of women and

even black women from other you know non

American cultures yeah yeah at least

that they're not on sexual value of so

they at least provide some non-sexual

benefits to you you know whether its

support nurture cooking cleaning they at

least try to focus on that element of

what they bring to the table also and

black women black American women tend to

not do that a lot of course it's a white

man that they were and you know they

kind of stuff up their game if black

American women want to step up their

game for white man dude listen I'm not

honestly man this is the difference

between men and women I'm not lately as

fewer black woman and you consolidate on

a white man up listen I'm being honest

with you I I am not mad at you like for

real if your game is tight if you're

holding it down and you can go get your

white man girl listen you do you here's

the problem and this way this is good

about that oh you say the best part of

that is if they could produce more

making more

that would really be the thing but good

well younger and Megan markle's anyway

and and thanks for the call Claire I'm

gonna go ahead and finish my thought

here with as far as black women are

concerned they always think Cory I'm

sure you've heard this all the time well

fuck y'all niggas y'all each and area

code five four zero I see you on the

line I'm gonna get you in a minute

y'all wait shit we're gon jump shit I'm

sorry Cory what ship are you'll jump

into they point to Megan Margo and

Prince Harry that's a once and out dude

that's a once in a lifetime situation on

top of that mega market like you bitches

Megan Martha Lane like y'all she's cut

from a different cloth straight-up she

was born in the lap of luxury she was

born into privilege I suppose he's half

white if I'm not mistake yes oh yeah oh

yeah was uh was this position do you

remember I know you made a lot of money

doing it the entertainment industry

whatever he was doing yeah I think he

was a producer something right okay so

they're well off right into private

schools okay

in fact if memory serves did she

graduate listen she graduated from

Northwestern she actually did I think

she'd look like a summer internship down

at she lay somewhere so so she's

well-traveled she's you know educated

woman she's in a different level not to

mention she is only dated white women

throughout her entire life she's not

like you you see we job was they

co-opted mmm Megan Markel black woman no

she's one of us

I even read some dumb ass article in the

headline was Megan Marcos in Baltimore

in Detroit isn't one two bitches you not

going to find him

this is great man your dude your listen

you are you are echoing everything I

want to talk about here six four six six

six eight two five one nine is the

number to call area code 541 live with

Donovan and Corey go ahead yo what's up

Donovan this is a Jay from Facebook or

the trade man from YouTube all right

what's up JJ Thomas yeah

yes sir yes sir yes sir man I just now

chimed in on you guys and I could I

wholeheartedly agree with what you got

to say it because check this out like a

lot check out this article about black

women and saying well are the pickings

too slim or black women standards too


check this out to the average black

woman they're gonna be like oh he got to

have a job makes more than $75,000 a

year she gotta have no less in the back

to the degree he asked the driver of a

diesel BMW or Cadillac he has to have

his own house already paid for he can't

live the link II dig apartment he gotta

be six foot three 230 pounds all muscle

tattoos and a beard he got a hook told

it could be their tennis dicks and on

top of that be faithful and have a good

personality right think you don't get on

it like what the hell

I mean what the thing is they want all

that and gets the hell they come in the

table with emotional baggage no debt a

couple of badass kids and guess what

some ran through pussy you have what you

give back that's right the problem is

you expect the problem is that you

expect so much but you want to give so

little if the game don't work like that

and what my homeboy said early about

putting pussy on pesto I don't know what

men do that in the first place because

guess what

there's more men than there are limits

when I'm in out number three the one in

the United States

then on top of the fact that you know if

you count men who are over 50 and

already married if you count came in

doesn't matter the ratio admit listen

the major advantages out of listen we

still have the ratio advantages though

yes still I mean yeah but I mean you

know with those little factors in in you

know in mind still women outnumber us

but I don't wanna put pussy on a


firstly and the reason why men put pussy

on a pedestal in the first place is

because this is this is what we were

raised raised to believe we are raised

to believe that women are made of sugar

spice and everything nice that women are

good and virtuous women who always who

follow their moral compass now bitches

ain't listen back in the 1940s 1950s

maybe most of them it ain't like that

these days man the problem is niggas

minds is back in the 1940s they get with

laquanda and they think laquanda is like

her great-great great-great

grandmother who is married to her

husband I don't know Emmet for 45 years

before he died in the mine field or

something like that it's not like that

anymore in these niggas and and this is

the thing man niggas know these bitches

out here they know these bitches are out

here on some fuckery on some bullshit

they know it and they see it but they

don't have the balls to call they don't

have the balls to live their life they

don't have the balls to say you know

what fuck y'all

I'm not fuckin I'm not fuckin with y'all

anymore because pussy is the end-all

beyond that's it listen and and girls

are givin away pussy like Halloween

candy and niggas out here don't

understand the economic principle of

supply and demand if girls are out here

givin away pussy that makes pussy that

makes pussy less expensive it makes it

cheap so why are you paying a new car

price for used car pussy like what are

you doing that for me it's

counterproductive at worst quick on top

of that a woman will say if you're

taking her out if you decide to do that

because some men still treat women to

dinner and drink some things like that a

woman will say well you're paying for my

time and if you're more valuable than I

know unbelievable you're not I'm not

hurt at your time no you got my god what

we have to earn my time is to earn my

money when niggas do is they trick on

these bitches the first and second date

for the hundreds of dollars dinner

drinks movies keep whatever the fuck

they're doing to impress these broads is

why women feel like they're entitled to

our life let me tell you exactly if

women conducted themselves like glue to

my family like my grandmother women who

uh you know were back in the 40s in the

50s know back when the country was


number one were more submissive back

when wives would cook for their husbands

and clean our husbands drawers and they

were faithful and loyal supported that

is worth my money I will pay for those

things right but you bitches are taking

selfies in torque and you can't cook you

don't clean you don't do anything how

would that work anything in my wallet

it's not it's not worth any it's not

worth anything in our wallet but it's

but again this is why these simple

niggas are fucking up the game for the

rest of us right

we're expected to pay top dollar

for bargain-basement pussy jail give me

the last word yeah man let's see this is

this is another problem is that they

don't get girls with you let's just say

his name is Tyrone Tyrone ain't shit no

job no car no education criminal record

and got five kids my baby mama

yes Tyrone gets pudding just thrown that

all the time the thing is girls fuck

Tyra girl the fuck Tyrone but then they

will make the nice guy pay for all this

you know oh no he's got to know he's got

to do all this things for me he has to

do but meanwhile Tyrone has to do it

just say hey bitch get over here suck

this dick check this out

and thanks for the call J at the end of

the day and this is true of women of all

races they make rules for beta males

they break rules for alpha males they

don't listen they hold they don't hold

they don't hold the same standards for

Tyrone as they do it for a guy like her

mama no herbs got to have it all Tyrone

okay so he's got five baby mamas he

lives with his mama he doesn't have a

car but I'm still gonna fuck him but

herb he's got he listen herbs got a

$55,000 year job you know owns his own

home drives a reliable car but he still

has to have a tenant he's got to have a

10-inch dick he's got to be ripped he's

got to be this he's got to be that it's

ridiculous and this is why bitches don't

get nowhere and there we go three two

three I'm a bitch you know I really like

I said we and i'ma tell you why they go

for Cairo right okay tell you why it's

because Tyrone doesn't give in the

attention that they would go man

Tyrone that's like he has things going I

was a girl called nigga he says I'll

make a move really all he's doing is

moving from one room to the other in his

mama's house you're not making fucking

move but the bitch believes he's making

oh he's on his drive I think the key for

men and I'm no dating expert at all you

know I mean I have my challenges my

struggles too sir but men have to do

focus on their purpose well when a woman

believes that she's your everything

right your world revolves around her she

immediately loses interest fees there

you go the women who take your women who

actually want you are those who feel


not a priority fee so it becomes a

challenge for them to get your attention

a lot of these guys they get some pussy

they callin a bitch back the very next

day the very next hour it only tells her

two things number one the media's fuckin

able to you ain't got no options if the

bitch thinks that other bitches don't

want you she'll stop fuckin with you

instantly that's how it goes it's stupid

as hell but it's the truth

and it's it's fucked up that the game

has to be like this like I listen I tell

my guys all the time man in order to

keep my girl in line dude you got you

have to be a totalitarian dictator I

don't want to have to be that but you

know what I'm a man I adjust I adapt I

am Who I am because I gotta be because

I'm gonna tell you what man if my woman

if she detects any kind of bitch in me

guess what she's fuckin the next nigga

right that's how this works and to be

honest with you I don't know I don't

want a beer often to into another

conversation women reward masculinity

and when it comes down to it masculinity

is masculinity is what they're looking

for but unfortunately masculinity

masculinity comes in the way of in the

way of Tyrone and Pookie and ray-ray etc

etc and this goes to men just not being

men listen this is every bit as much our

fault as it is theirs and the reason we

listen the reason why bitches ain't shit

is because niggas ain't shit and niggas

ain't shit because niggas ain't shit

niggas need to step up their game

exactly I've been saying this oaken's on

your ground yeah focus on your purpose

or at least discover what your purpose

is me they dedicate their lives to take

some spirit or oppress women there you

guys not not exactly if you're trying to

get one of the first place no in second

of all it's really not fulfilling but

man is has fully realized his purpose if

a man is on his grind if he's making his

money he's got things going and we'll

give him the confidence and it will show

people will see it yep you know I'm

saying women I cracked it to that and

also if a man is focused on different

things he thought was always money if

he's focused on his career yes yes he

ain't going on women won't matter to him

as much so even

it doesn't call it kicks them back and

other things going that's right and

women are or other bitches going right

and listen this is that snare city this

is that scarcity mentality we preach to

this all the time in this sector the web

is having an abundance mentality you've

listened again if if your bitch gets out

of line you gotta have that rock-solid

frame to not beat into those emotional

shenanigans the way to do that is if you

got other stuff going on

you don't even here's the thing you

don't even have to be fucking multiple

bitches you just have to have multiple

irons in the fire me myself I work out

I'm in dude I'm in the gym every day I

do spin class I was doing Brazilian

jiu-jitsu now I'm looking at the baby

getting at the boxing class and doing

Krav Maga I'm working on a mobile app I

do this show all the time I'm getting

ready to go down to Atlanta I got all

kinds of stuff going on so if my woman

were to get out of line all right cool

I know it's time to pull back maybe it's

that time in the month maybe she's PMS

on I'm gonna check my I'm gonna check my

my cycle come on there okay it's PMS

well I'm gonna I'm gonna keep my

distance but I'm not trippin because I

got other shit going on women don't

respect men who are all about them they

say I want a man to be all about me

guess what that's might that might be

what you think you want but that's not

what you need sweetie

you need them again just like you said

you need a man who really is on his

grind and a man who's on his grime ain't

got no time for the nonsense

exactly they don't behalf of this shit

they say on social media they don't

fucking mean of course they don't want a

man I want him to be in touch with his

emotions I went into particularly how he

feels I want him to shower me with

attention and sections in love and

wanting to be there they don't want that

shit they cheat on those niggas really

use and abuse step on those niggas it

happens all of the time and I've had to

learn this shit the hard way because I

think that most guys if we had it our

way you know what we'd have one chick

we'd be faithful to that chick in games

they take us through so many hoops all

the drama has caused many of us to be

completely cynical you've gotta have

multiple bitches to stay sane

you said if you get close to these

bitches they into fucking you over

exactly what you and out of cousin went

through the same shit he just talked to

me about it right he moves in with his

girl and he's a pleb and he's been

playing with him for a long time all

right he he meets this girl he falls for

her all of a sudden you say he's head

over heels for her he's on Facebook and

Instagram professing his love for her to

the world I've never seen him in this

condition before my entire life and so

he began to be more expressive to her

and that turned her off eventually she

told him we'll dude you've been too

emotional you bitch insensitive what

happened you know what I'm saying right

so he learned at that moment you can't

be emotional with these bitches because

they view emotions as weakness

especially black women yes this is has

black women black men for so long we've

only expressed ourselves to effect it's

because from the time that we're

practically born our mothers and other

women in our lives they discourage us

from being emotional from expressing how

we feel we battle that shit up that were

not called slips in bitches and

weaklings by our own women so that's the

monster they have created so you have a

lot of these niggas out here now man

won't simply try to get puts it because

they know bitches ain't worth shit

otherwise there you go

six four six six six eight two five one

nine is the number to call area code 773

you're on live with Donovan and Cory go

ahead not too much mental hey dude

here's the crazy thing

I was just recommended to your channel

last night by another real red pill

brother and I catch the broadcast base

or like this is Provident and then make

it right here good stuff now here's one

thing I want to say right here is that

one thing I noticed is that man been

missing women or for like centuries and

stuff like that and then now it's come

back to fight us man

but at the same time we can't feed into

this drama of trying to cater to women

like that because historically we had to

provide for them so much because that

was our role in life and then now what

they're trying to do with

use both sides of the pits and I'm going

to be independent and be dependent at

the same time and you've got to tell

ladies like that's not gonna work hmm

both of us are working both of us are

capable adults that can take care of

ourselves and you went through this

feminist movement or you went through

this equal rights movement and now you

being treated with equal right and

honestly now you don't like it with that

listen women listen check this out

women love chivalry when it serves their

purpose right oh my god I can't believe

what I pay for my meal wait a minute I

thought you were strong and independent

I thought we were going dutch right but

but then but then we mate when they when

they cost trouble or they make a mess

they want you to jump in or when you try

to hold the door open for them I can

hold it no no they like all this stuff

that that comes easy check this out

women are never independent I'm gonna

tell you why the reason why women can be

sexually irresponsible the reason why

women can fuck niggas into the triple

digits and that I have to worry about

everything is because of the US

government you see here's the thing back

in the 20s 30s 40s and 50s if you are

ratchet asshole and got knocked up by an

by a street nigga guess what you are ass

out right like listen you were given the

scarlet letter you were ostracized from

the community you were destitute Laura

god only knows what happened to these

bitches these days it doesn't happen as

a matter of fact being a ratchet at hoe

is incentivized by the government the

government literally tells these bitches

in no uncertain terms the more kids you

have the more we're gonna take care of

you you got three kids cool we're gonna

give you a four-bedroom house you got

four kids now we're gonna give you

$1,500 worth of food stamps that you can

go and sell to niggas like me on the

third of the month at the local grocery

store we're gonna give you free and

we're gonna give you fry up free health

care and Medicaid there used to be

built-in deterrence for women not to be

ratchet-ass hos but now being a ho is

incentivized women now know that they

can have all of their non sexual needs

provided for them by the government in

these impasse niggas they can go out and

get big go out and get that alpha dick

anytime they want because they know if a

mistake were to happen they're not going

to be asked out at the end of the day

they're going to be taken care of by

either the government and/or these white

knights and pass niggas that is that

shit yep we've accepted it if

if you're a fan of the NFL in the NBA Oh

more notice that the product has dropped

you know only to watch the fucking games

because well this is the same a

cabinet-level isn't the same right I'm

not paying for tickets I'm not watching

the games because I am NOT supporting

the reduction of productivity I don't

like the way the league is going it's

the same thing that happens with these


we aren't holding them to the same

stance they're holding us to a lot of

niggas out there man who a wife up a

girl we last two or three kids and lay

up with her eating her niggas her little

sons fruit snacks and shit on her bed

watching her free cable

well like the holy shit we're Section

eight I will do this shit and be happy

about it

satisfied why be assholes with all these

damn kids that's the problem once we

begin holding them to higher standards

will actually be more satisfied with the

pool of women that are available it's

because we are allowing them we're

tolerating this bullshit once that

changes the day will change let me ask

you this because a lot in and this is

that this is a shaming tactic of women

the world over mostly black women they

see guys like Cory Haywood Donovan sharp

they say oh you guys are just bitter

what do you say to black women who call

men like us better y'all are just better

you guys are crybabies what would he say

about that you see what comes across is

it I'm I'm bitter see you're

misinterpreting how I feel so I'm a

pathetic who I literally I'm impotent

I have no feelings one way or the other

and it's because what I've observed what

I've experienced when personal level

okay I've only dated black women

exclusively because I felt at one point

like I was obligated to well that's a

black man I need to be loyal to black

women right of course black women will

always remind you well your mama's black

there you go well you know you know what

I'm saying so we can't trip you into

that shit okay well you know my mommy is

black so I guess I'll soon be dating

black woman guess what I'm not trying to

I'm not trying to fuck my mom man not

trying to fuck my mom sorry

next question I'm dating the black woman

to know and once again I want to say

there are plenty of black women who do

not fall in this category you have to

find them if it's through the trash and

find them they're out there so I don't

want to love all black women into one

category because that's unfair however

there's been a sharp increase in ratchet

ass bitches over the last I say couple

years five or ten years yes and so we

have to reject that shit and so when you

call me bitter no bitch that's not the

truth I just know the game I can review

and I'm not going to allow you to

manipulate me like you do allow these

other niggas so when I talk this way

it's not because I'm mad at you

it's because really I pity I feel sorry

for you because I know that you'll never

amount to anything

you never contribute anything

significant from your community or to

the world in general and I okay I can

only hope and pray that you'll change

that's really what you hear in my voice

it's not anger its sorrow here's the

thing they can call us angry all we want

to at the end of the day Cory if we

decide not to date black what now you

date black with me because you're you

know you're attracted to him or whatever

if if for whatever reason you just

decided not to date black women anymore

you're still gonna be alright right

because we have far more sexual options

than black women do dude listen keeping

it real the own the only niggas check-in

for black women are niggas white dudes

ain't listen just because you heard of a

friend of a friend of a friend her you

know her black cousin got with a white

guy that doesn't make it the norm just

because Megan Markel who's not y'all

married Prince Harry no no no no black

women and women in general black women

especially lived their lives through

what I call outlier TV they watch shows

like Grey's Anatomy where where the

shows one of the show's main characters

a black woman who was the head of

surgery short fat and black fake hair

and she's married she's married to an

Adonis of a husband they think they

think that this is the norm every doctor

is a woman women are in charge none at

all sweetheart that is outlier TV and

black women have to they need to

understand they need to live their lives

in the present not on TV not on reality


Basketball Wives Real Housewives of pick

up a pic and nigga City real world

Housewives of Atlanta they need to

understand that at some point they have

to live in their own world I'll give you

the last word these bitches

in the bamboo they've been affected

right now you're dead new visions have

been being convinced by the powers that

be that you're better than what you

actually are and of course I'm not

trying to tear anyone down build myself

for their black men up all I'm trying to

do is to make black women understand

that you need to be realistic about who

you are you need to make better choices

yeah because if you don't we'll continue

to repeat this vicious and unhealthy

cycle and black men on habit anymore we

are leaving in droves that's right went

into the arms of other women because we

don't give a fuck and this would be like

you know we gonna fuck with y'all

because yeah you do that effete ass

you do pretty good just because like now

the drama has become too much it's not

worth it it's not worth widened who are

smarter and it does not take it anymore

and then moving on I know niggas won't

even fucking women in general they're

like you know what oh yeah I would

rather black off and play video games to

fuck with these bitches well that's a

sorry existence but niggas been through


so he's like giving up like you know

what fuck it don't even want anymore

you know what it's interesting I don't

want a beer into another into another

topic because I think that's something

that you and I can speak on but yeah

there are a lot of men and this isn't

even a color thing this is just this is

a gender thing you got a lot of men out

here who have completely given up on

women week now a lot of people out there

think that these men call themselves MIG

tails no no no no Mick tiles are men

going their own way they're most MIG

tiles are into fucking women any MIG

Thao who has given up on women in

general is what we call an in cell and

involuntary celibate now there are a lot

of guys there are a lot of guys out

there who could be fuckin with women but

they don't because it's just it's just

not worth the headache it I mean it's

really not and here's the thing it and I

guess we'll we'll end it with this

here's the thing core you what makes

this so tragic is that black women could

corner the fucking market on black men

man black women have the very best genes

like when black women keep themselves in

shape they got the big titties they got

the nice

the nice legs athletic looking bodies

like if they would grow their natural

hair get out of this ratchet-ass hoodrat

mentality they could corner the market

on black men but but but we've got too

many simpad Snickers who've been in the

game for too long black women think they

deserve more than just like what you

said they think they deserve more than

what they actually deserve and their

value has plummeted listen man black

women are never going to improve their

sexual stock in my lifetime

I don't know me I don't know what what

say you they whine crew they want to

move because we will enforce them see we

won't require them to cheers and yeah

what is banana this actually flies

across the entire spectrum here okay

okay women in general what they have

managed to do and I'm actually impressed

by it if they have managed to prevent us

that their superior oh but they have

learning is they've given birth to a

generation of beta males right yep this

happened probably yeah baby let me get

decade or couple generations ago they

gave birth to a generation of beta males

beta males have grown up to be leaders

they've grown up to be in positions of

power in the media right in other

industries and they have changed the

narrative really so that the idea of

masculinity is toxic quote unquote it's

undesirable quote unquote so you have

men like you and me and others who

prefer women to be submissive to be

feminine ladylike elegant graceful men

like us we're evil with a bad guy you

know a lot of them willing to lower

their own standards they don't

necessarily need to conduct themselves

like ladies anymore no as they convince

the world that being a lady is

misogynistic well hurry they know what

being a lady is supposed to mean

they're men they don't know so now the

IDB lady is completely obsolete they

have managed to create a world in which

they can do what they want say what they

want right and no one has the balls of

occurence to question them and that's

why we're in the position that we're in

Cory it's been a pleasure man

this show definitely came way too late

you and I are you and I are most

certainly like-minded we've exchanged

numbers I'd listen I'd love to have you

on here in the not-too-distant future

man you really brought the Thunder today

man I appreciate it all right man take

care of Cory Alexander Heywood on here

with what's your with with your boy

Donovan sharp man Cory was droppin bombs

early but again he speaks the truth man

black women can hate on Michael B Jordan

for not dating them all they want to but

there again this is hit dawg this is hit

dog syndrome if if they really weren't

concerned if this really wasn't a

concern for them they wouldn't have said

anything they're losing their shit

because there's an element of truth in

his alleged dating options so listen

we'll we'll see what happens like I said

I don't think black women are ever going

to change in my lifetime thank you guys

all for tuning in to the this special

edition of sharp shorts of course be

sure to tune in Monday sexually I'll be

I'm doing a show Monday through

Wednesday I'm gonna be in Atlanta next

week I'm actually flying out to Atlanta

on Thursday and go on down there to

spend some time with my family and so

I'm looking looking to have a good time

down there my mother my brother and my

sister are down there so then Allah

that'll be a good time so only three

shows this week that's why I'm trying to

get them all in here on the weekend

maybe you know definitely keeping the

content up but tune in tomorrow at 7:00

Eastern 4:00 Pacific for another episode

of TSR prime time thanks for watching

guys we'll talk to you next time


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