Why are Men still getting married with Rian Stone (Episode 411)

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my guest this evening is married read

til moderator and founder of for our

consulting oh you keep saying that and

they booted me read it booted me out for

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up because you're okay well joining me

this evening is former Mary dreadful

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Ryan underscore stone alright Ryan let's

go ahead and get right to what we're

talking about here your boots

what's that fill your boots well here's

the what does that mean you've never

heard that before it it's like calve

adder fill your boots Oh Julia boots man

alright yeah yeah alright I'm gonna fill

my boots here I've never ever heard of

that in my life I thought it was a

Canadian thing but then I thought maybe

it was a Canadian military thing I don't

know but listen right we guys in this

country red pill aware blue pill aware

they all know that marriage is a bad


even when men see irrefutable

irrefutable evidence that marriage is a

bad bet for men they still continue to

jump into marriages why why do men

continue to get married even though they

know it's a terrible war see that's

funny that's one of the questions that

everybody's been asking himself for as

long as I've been around

and we even had to go and ask the fuck

ask the wimp our mother to swear on this

I forget oh dude of course this goes

right to patreon man oh good good I had

no idea we had chicks that hate us too

like why the fuck and the only answer

we've ever come up with is because a

girl will hold it at threat point like

the marriages for her but she has a

threat point over the guy saying if you

don't marry me I'm gonna leave now the

fact that a guy is like willing to fall

for an ultimatum like that ultimately on

him because in you guys this is for your

audience do how many people are on here

I can't see the audience I'm talking but

ironically we've got 69 people watching

nice so ask yourself this what do you

get with marriage that you don't already

get in a long-term relationship like

worse where's the value add for that

extra step past the ring and past the

piece of paper

I've never gotten I've never even gotten

an dis satisfactory answer to it I've

never gotten any answer people just tend

to ignore it and like I said it's only

because she would leave if you don't

because high quality women won't give

you the cow for free unless you marry it

but I don't buy that I mean obviously I

don't buy that no no yeah why buy the

cow when you can get the milk for free

is certainly a pervasive saying amongst

all men you actually brought up an

interesting question you said what can

you get out of marriage that you can't

get out of a long-term relationship and

that is the very question that that

answers the very question as to why men

still get married and the answer is

pussy and the average man's mind in the

average males mind if I don't agree to

marry this girl she is not going to let

me fuck her anymore so in order to

continue fucking her I have to agree to

marry her the only reason why in my

opinion Ryan that man who married is so

that they can continue having sex with

the woman they've been having sex with

the last six months year two years

whatever the case may be I think it's

just pussy well I'm sure it is here's

the thing though and I Donny I've been

trying to figure this out for the

longest time so I get thirst like some

guys think is the only woman there

ever gonna have I get cost sunk fallacy

I've already given you a year of my time

so I don't want to give all that up as

if that's an investment but like I'm I

want to say it's kind of like one of

those subtle social cons like not a

social construct like a mental model we

have in our heads nobody always believed

in your head like the white picket fence

where card play hard and I think

marriage is one of those things so it's

an idealistic it's almost like an

idealistic thing for a man like like a

life script right ok all right I got you

look it's just what you do I get and i

lump it the same thing where you know

you never hit a woman and that's kind of

something that it's it's an unspoken

agreement that men have sure like there

is no reason for it especially nowadays

like the other then you don't assault

people right but that's this is

different well here's the thing I kind

of lump it with those little

compartmentalization 'he's ok all right

I'm going back to what you said there

are plenty of reasons to hit women but

you still frankly shouldn't hit anybody

but that's not what people say people

they don't hit people they say don't

don't hit women right well that's you

can tell right there it's something

different than just don't be violent

which I think anybody can get behind

that i would not like hitting anybody

well here's the thing like I said there

are plenty of reasons to hit women that

being said they all the one and only

reason you should never hit a woman the

one and only reason and those of you who

follow me can read between the lines the

only reason you should never hit a woman

is because it is illegal and you will

get thrown in jail that's the only

reason you should never hit a woman I

would add to that I'll give you a second

one so you can say this - its I remember

it came up in the red pill a lot of the

time when were talking about that and

guys were saying well if strategy

immoral why don't I just beat a girl and

take her to my cave it's like well there

is no greater loss of frame for a man

than having to resort to violence to get

what you want and I thought that was

really profound because it's again you

still have that same moral I don't hit

people I don't hit women but it's not

from like a validation perspective it's

strictly from like if I have to hit you

that means I haven't done my job to

persuade you or get the fuck out of your

face and that's why you said that

hitting men is definitely different from

hitting women began obviously I mean

right the only you know men hit women

for many

different reasons men hit men for very

few reasons right and those few and

those few reasons are you looked at me

funny we stared too long or you know you

took too long to do something or

whatever the case may be all of that

being said just going back to going back

to what your point was as far as as far

as men sort of commodifying vagina what

was the other reason that you were going

to tell me that men get married like you

get the thirst you get the you get the

pussy you get you know the only woman

that you're ever going to be with but

what is that I thought that you were

onto onto smells like mental models you

think about it Jesus tells you to get

married get married have a bunch of kids

Mormon Jesus says that Catholic Jesus

says that Protestant Jesus says that

Muslim Jesus says that all the Jesus's

say that the G's I I think is plural

isn't that ha ha ha yeah or Jesus says

Jesus yeah so I get that he does the

thing like you tell these guy you tell a

kid that since he's 6 years old of

course he's gonna have that internalized

he's not even gonna think twice about it

it's just like I have to get married cuz

that's what you do and you ask somebody

to think it through and they can't think

it through like what about that your

dad's divorce and everybody put that

bullet in his mouth yeah but and then

they kind of hum and haw that shit away

it's frustrating in a way cuz you

realize that whole NPC thing we are

crapping into that you're trying to fly

have an argument with lizard brain and

it's just useless cuz lizard brain ain't

listening no no no lizard brain is just

thinking about is obviously just

thinking about lizard brain again I

remember when I was a kid you know my

mom and my mom and dad were separated

actually once before then they got back

together then they finally divorced I

think the reason why the reason why I

got married is was the that was the that

I forgot you were married you know yeah

don't know why I forgot you've mentioned

it like four times in front of like the

convention and stuff well then we really

pay more attention see listen a lot of

people you know tend to forget that I

used to be married that I that actually

was married at one point because of the

way I am now I am so like I am oh my god

I'm another species of person then I was

when I was married and it is it is very

obvious to the people who've know me my

entire life but but people who hear me

and see me now listen I mean you can

vouch for this on the same we met at the

21 convention I'm the same guy off the

camera as I am on camera I'm not I'm not

anymore or luck dude that's my favorite

part of like you Karl Rollo is that your

honor that what you see what you get

thing that's exactly right and so you

know I guess this quote-unquote persona

people think I have no this is the real

me and the real me like you would meet

me and talk to me you would never think

that I actually was dumb enough to put a

ring on a woman's finger so I think the

reason why a lot of guys like Donovan

you were married I'm like yet dude like

I've mentioned that several times but

you know people tend to you know be they

they tended to not really believe it

because they I just don't strike people

now is the kind of guy who would ever

get married oh hey one sec you got this

guy in your chat mr. e 1976 some guys

married to avoid paying child support I

sincerely hope that's not a reason Wow

so what mr. e is saying 1976 that's

exactly what he's saying right and I

would I would rather put up with the

bitch then have to pay her for the kid

but that again listen this is this is

now number one and I'm not gonna be the

guy who shows up at a burning house with

the mom you know you know well you know

you shouldn't have left the stove on I'm

not gonna be that guy I'm not gonna be

the guy well you shouldn't be raw Doug

and you know these hood bitches or these

or these trailer-trash oh yeah they

could have what a shit I think right

exactly so we're not we're not gonna

operate in that realm but what do you

think of that what cuz because a lot of

guys in chat in the chat guys let me

know give me a call you give me a call

if you have an opinion if you if you

accidentally get a girl pregnant would

you married you rather marry her or pay

child support what do you think what

would you do Ryan he said you already

know this cuz my really good friend and

my my one of my to ship wives from when

I sailed he did do that he knocked up a

girl after they broke up and it was just

one of those drunk fucks and he did the

right thing and that's the thing there's

a social pressure to it to his the rents

their parents everybody was like well


out of merrier now as if it's like some

kind of a punishment well you knocked

her up you know you know what has to

happen now right but to tap onto that

whole like marry to avoid child paying

child support that reminds me of a

saying lighting yourself on fire to keep

others warm and that's exactly what that

is I like it because I mean yeah you

could earn money and as a single guy you

have a chance to earn more money so you

could pay the child support you to make

that stuff work but you actively make a

choice to make your life worse to help

somebody else now I'm not saying I'm

saying the wife I don't say the kid cuz

you know I'm not like parents get

attached to their children that's kind

of what they're supposed to do but I

don't think you have to live with your

woman to have that relationship with

your child being a child of divorce

myself my mom's two divorces in my dad

was only one my stepdad had three I

think he's on his fourth marriage now

it's like divorced parents is a normal

enough thing that you can make it work

right but then when you choose not to

and I know everybody relies in that

statistic but children with two parents

are better off first off nobody has ever

changed their life based on a statistic

I've never seen it no Mystics is that

thing you can throw at somebody when you

want to call them and ask do you

disagree with someone calling you an


yeah the I am right calm there you go

five hundred assholes told me that might

what I did is right so fuck you right

statistically right yeah so in 909 I see

you in the queue and it gets you and I'm

gonna get to you in two seconds dinos

says as far as this whole do you marry

her do you pay child support he says the

decision is money or time you will lose

one or the other if that's the case you

know what I agree with that so you want

to know something I'd rather lose money

than time because money can be made and

lost you listen I can make money my

whole life time is not something I'm

gonna have and like you're in your mid

so I think you're in your mid to late

30s 40s right I turned 42 in August and

I say this all the time the older I get

the more valuable the commodity of time

becomes and so I find myself spending

more money so that I can have more time

I spend I also I'll pay an extra 15 20

bucks to have my groceries delivered

rather than having to take the time and

go out and shop for them myself do you

like that by the way I do I love it

dude I have no listen dude I have no

time to do anything with all that I do

working out you know and of course I

work out with Devin now and in her

personal trainer doing the show working

on my book like like yes it is and then

on weekends those are supposed to be my

rest time by the way I've got to

broadcast I've got three broadcast this

weekend and then Sunday I feel like I

have to get ahead so Sunday is my

planning day so I planned my entire week

so I almost get no time off so if I have

seen an hour and a half on a Saturday or

Sunday and pay 15 bucks to get my

groceries delivered you better believe

I'm gonna do it every time fair enough

that's funny first off isn't it

hilarious that as an entrepreneur your

weekends tend to be the fuckin busiest

time for the week I swear a lot of guys

say I want to be my own boss hey listen

I've I've been an entrepreneur now I've

been an entrepreneur this is my third

stint being an entrepreneur the very

first time I owned a mattress shop free

and clear ran that bad boy for two years

sold it a shit-ton yeah yeah it was


the second time I own several properties

in the Las Vegas Nevada area didn't work

for anybody was on my own and this this

is the third time what guys have to

understand in 909 and nine 100 I see you

in the human it gets you guys and just a

second I swear to God though the one

thing you gotta understand is that when

you go from when you go from from

working for somebody else to being an

entrepreneur you go from having one boss

to have it about 20 bosses and again

this is still good you still have your

time you still have your independence

but as an entrepreneur you work a lot

harder I like it it - the difference

between renting and owning see when you

rent you pay a little bit more money and

people often get caught up with you well

I don't want to pay somebody else's

mortgage well guess what if if the okay

go ahead and buy that property you're

not gonna pay as much on the mortgage as

you will for rent but guess what you've

got your yearly property taxes guess

what number two if it goes up listen if

the toilet goes out or you have some

sort of a plumbing problem you can't

call the landlord you can't call the

complex you got to hire somebody to come

out there and fix it if you get a hole

in your roof

or for shingles missing guess what

that's not on the complex that's on you

so so again there are it cost to be the

boss right

so goodbye that your own property you

want your name on the deed okay it's

gonna be a little bit more money it's

the same with being an entrepreneur dude

I work more hours now than I ever did

working for somebody else I would say

that but the military really did run me

hard put me away wet I'll tie it back

into your topic though with the time

thing all right these guys that marry

the girl because that's the right thing

to do and for the kids and the step and

you say it's time or money decision I

guarantee you if you take that subset of

guys that marry the girl she knocked

they knocked up I bet you they're a

disproportionate amount of those guys

that are that 50% divorce statistics so

what I what I would think then is that's

kicking the can down the road you're

gonna be divorced and paying child

support anyway why not do it at the

front end and buy your time back instead

of wasting those couple years beforehand

to get treated like shit until you do to

screen up very short terms like the

marshmallow experiment can you like can

you do some long term gratification on

this one listen I got another analogy

for you 909 I'm coming to you next after

this this is like you're about to file

bankruptcy right your debt is more than

you can pay so you're like okay I'm

gonna pay my attorney to file bankruptcy

but then you keep paying your you keep

paying on your credit cards while the

bankruptcy thing is going on dude why

are you paying your credit card company

will do that included people do that

they fire their lawyers not telling them

not to do that listen my hand to the man

I don't know why but I've heard of so

many people doing this if you know

you're gonna file bankruptcy what the

hell are you paying your credit card

bill for so if you know you're not gonna

end up with your baby mama at some point

in the future you know divorce is

eminent why marry her in the first place

it just doesn't make any sense

time is more much more valuable than

money nine one four two zero five five

three five six is the number to call

area code 905 with Donovan and right go

ahead I'm gonna call you 56 for shorty

how you doing today men happy that this

topic I was I follow a fellow youtuber

he's going to a rough patch in his

marriage right now he does full reviews

and right now he's like told him the

house that he bought eat

get out by this weekend why is this all

of a sudden oh all of a sudden going on

I mean you know it shows like you where

he shows it that they never cheated

neither one of them has but now she's

all of a sudden that's not true hold on

let me call her let me stop you right

there and I'll let you continue number

one this you need to be out of the house

that you paid for by the weekend that

didn't just come out of nowhere okay

number two which ties to number one you

said he says that neither of them

cheated that's wishful thinking she has

absolutely cheated on him and here's how

I know why here's how I know she's

cheated a woman never truly leaves of

the man she's with unless there was

someone else

this is a hot listen women never leave a

man unless they have someone else lined

up women listen women don't want to be

in a relationship but they don't want to

be alone I don't care what god I've got

three clients that would hardcore agree

with that that's why they ended up on my

door stop right here let's take let's

take 56 here at his word literally it's

exactly as you say why does now she

could say whatever the fuck she wants

sure why the fuck is he leaving there is

not a lawyer I've spoken to on the

matter that says leaving the marital

home is a good idea

no she is not legally obliged she cannot

legally command him he's not legally

obliged to listen he's a food reviewer

so chances are he's too fat for her to

throw out the house here's another thing

caller what what a lot of guys the

mistake that a lot of men make when

their wives or girlfriends - or their

when their wives tell them you got to

get out of the house and when they leave

guess what she's gonna tell the judge in

family court he abandoned us right there

you go he abandoned her and he's and

listen he's gonna hold on hold on he's

gonna say well you told me to get out of

the house you know she's gonna do she's

gonna look at him and say she's like no

I didn't write unless he even if even if

he unless he has it documented on text

message or conversation he still wasn't

like she didn't have the legal power to

throw him out of the house and for all

they know she could have told him that

he could stay because but because

there's no proof of either she can say

well he abandoned us me and my kids were

left to pay the mortgage alone naw man

there's a ton of divorce tricks like

this like a whole domestic violence

charge yes I guess a lot of those that

hold the best domestic violence

statistic of men that are

beaten women at epic proportions a lot

of that is divorced guys getting accused

of that so she can kick him out of a

house or get better custody of the kids

that's exactly right so let him know let

him know watch out for that and listen

Ryan call her I can promise you I can

promise you she's got that in mind if he

refuses to be out of the house this

weekend listen dude there's still time

it's only Tuesday you need to let

another one listen seriously dude listen

I just like how Tuesday was it's Tuesday

you have one more day dude bro listen

listen women are dude that bit just five

steps ahead you need to let him know a

couple things number one you don't have

to go anywhere

this goddamn name is on the fucking deed

number one number two you need to let

him know that if he leaves that she

could accuse him of abandonment in

Family Court number three she might see

that coming and do exactly what Ryan

said to do oh you're not leaving guess


nine-one-one yeah my husband's beating

me now she gets a restraining order and

now he can't come near her or the kids

which means what because that's her only

domicile she's gotten I've got nowhere

else to go I'm a battered wife she's

staying right there in his house

meanwhile he's at the fucking Econo

Lodge living off a hot dogs and frozen

tater tots nah man straining order

attached to his own place dude oh my god

listen this happens all the time you

need to tell your friend to get a lawyer

get a lawyer and tell him how to

safeguard himself against being put out

of the house or a false domestic

violence accusation he needs to get out

in front of this because once she picks

up the once she picks up that phone dude

it's too late it is way too late he

needs to he needs to have his plan in

place because I can guarantee you she's

got hers in place now fifty-six is

another thing too even if let's say the

wife oh she would never do that she's

very kind he's not smart enough yeah

that's irrelevant if she has a friend

that's divorced or if she's already

spoken to a lawyer guarantee one of

those two will put the thought in her

head about what to do and they built up

this huge justified narrative as to why

it doesn't make her a bad person to do

that that's another reason why and if

you see this on divorce statistics the

biggest indicator of whether somebody

gets a divorce well one of the is as job

loss of a guy but like one of the top

five was is there somebody else in their

social circle that's divorced that one

will spread it like a plague because

misery loves company and she will fill

that other girl's head with everything

she learned that's their own informal

red pill Network

divorce chicks helping other chicks get

divorced so they have somebody to have

crantini with on two on Wednesdays hence

the you got to get it done it's only


great oh wow very good I like that um

one other thing

Miami J listen whatever attorney he

actually mentions this get a female

lawyer at listen caller you to google

she needs to get a female attorney

listen that attorney he showed us two

that on the you know there are you know

listen Marilyn York listen caller you

need to YouTube

Marilyn York ma ryl oh my god

ma RI ly n York sports player and we

know this all the way fuckin real dude

Jonathan's name is Marilyn New York

you're just gonna he's gonna take my

word for it but listen he needs to get a

female attorney he needs to understand

that he isn't that he that he does not

have to leave the house he needs to

understand that if he does she can

accuse him of abandonment and number

four he needs to be ready for that false

domestic violence accusation because I

promise you once he stands his ground

it's a wrap that's a wrap

dude she's hitting the panic button and

the cops gonna be in his house he's

gonna turn his fucking life upside down

and he's not gonna be on YouTube for a

month he's gonna be looking for it

looking for another student thanks for

the call area code 909 let's get the

area code nine one oh I don't know

you're on live with Donovan and Ryan go

ahead what's going on

what's up man Ryan hey hey CJ hey what's

up man you on the bike tonight

no not tonight man all right it was a

long night last night but I know hey I'm

married twice right

so first and foremost I think you know

your background you know single parent

single mother growing up so the you know

that whole fucking dynamic of having the

mom so I could try to be the dad and all

that so yeah we're on all this stuff

the man of the house at four years old

they like to do that like minded no no

no no they like to say that you're the

man of the house but they still have all

day they still get all the say-so right

good all right absolutely no so anyway

my mom fucking still not in a

relationship until like literally after

my brother and I went to college you

know I AB Merle but at the same time you

know the damage was already done because

she didn't really know you know that

there needed to be some kind of male

role model in the house but regardless

she drove like four hours to fucking

meet with me and my fiance and like

begged us to not fucking didn't marry

like hey do you not get married right

now you're too young and it was almost

kind of like right and you finally set

up to your mom congratulations that'll

teach her seven years later

luckily no kids she got fat fucking that

I just kind of went out the door but the

second one was the fucking what was my

Medusa and this shit you know

you know I red pill you know we're now

but total blue pill fucking you know

shit and everything else with how you

know being in the house being around

divorced you know friends you know she

had a new group of friends because it

moved to a new a new house a new a new

area and she had to fucking like

divorcee groupies and you know the

thoughts are get in the head you know

right and that shit I'm telling you

right now man that that stuff was

fucking paramount because as soon as she

started grouping herself around she

started looking at the friends yep and

looking at the boyfriend hey fucking

hypergamy kicks in fucking next thing

you know I tell you what though the best

thing and the best advice I ever got

that was more probably red pill at the

time but you know kind of unaware was my

buddy and coworker was like do not go

back home or do not because I was

working out of state so I was driving

you know all the weeks all right dawn

drop you guys commute out of state but

that was a yeah like for work yeah you

Americans and your work I think that's


hey we got people listen we got people

who live here in downtown Philly they

cross the bridge to work in Cherry Hill

or you know or what Marlton Haddon

Township you guys are shooting each

other at those rates man I'd be pissed

if I had that kind of committing hours


and that wasn't just daily that was like

once a week so Monday and Broadway

anyway and regardless you know anyway

you know so you get there and you know

the friends advice was great get a

lawyer man I tell you what when you

start giving these fucking and you know

these stories the guys who have been

divorced and then burned and they give

you the great advice but you don't want

to take because you're so fucking blue

pill yep that stuff you know it's toxic

in your mind yeah you probably sounded

unbelievable to you at the time didn't

it okay like there's no way that happens

there's no way I bet you I bet you

anything that's what you said there's no

way that's how it happened or she

wouldn't do that to me oh but she would

do it military we heard that every time

there was always some crusty master

seaman who's like explained how he got

fucked over by the system and it was

such an unbelievable story that people

would just laugh him off and I used to

be that guy but then I got hit I said

I'm like oh right I think you remember I

don't know but yeah yeah this guy was

that guy so you know fellow sailor you

know so anyway I've been divorced twice

and he's like hey man don't go home kids

are resilient they're gonna fuckin pick

back up and you know what happened like

shit like probably about six seven

months ago his seventeen year olds right

he's coming up he was getting excited

because he's getting ready to stop

paying child support and because he was

living this hyung was living with his

mom and he saw a once-a-year that


saw her in her element every day and

fucking now the tides have changed and

now all he wants to do is be around pops

you know I mean the best years of his

life 18 plus Tommy it's just it's a good

point sorry could we put a pin in that

one Donny I wanted to talk about the

after we're done here on the call yeah

go ahead

sorry HT keep going because you know

it's totally crazy because kids

especially men won't fucking see that

shit for what it is you know and they

will come around because you know what's

funny is just like you said you're the

house right the house buying or renting

yeah it is so fucking much more relaxing

and you know what when I do get my kids

you know every three weeks shit is so

fucking awesome they are having a

fucking great time there's no tension


fucking man it's the best fucking thing

since sliced bread I mean if I had to do

it over again I wouldn't have kids of

course fucking great

no it's funny you brought that up and I

hope you don't mind I'm gonna preach

from the mountaintop here on your show

Donnie for a minute if you don't mind um

yep a lot of divorce guys are finding

this that at least I know they haven't

can it I don't know if they have it down

there but once a child gets to be a

certain age I want to say 13 but I could

be mistaken that they can willingly

choose which parent they want to live

with yeah go live with one parent or the

other yeah it's like quasi Emancipation

kind of sort of but not really yeah so

here's the thing when you talk about

custody that means from a legal

perspective who's responsible for the

child and a legal level child can still

stay at whichever parent they want

now since divorce tends to make the girl

make the girl the primary custodian or

50/50 at best what a lot of guys find is

if they're willing to suck up the first

couple years of you know being estranged

from their children while the moms

weaponizing that especially when the kid

turns 13 they realize that mom's a bitch

I hate her and then they start living

with dad and if dad is is put together a

good role model for daughters if he's

the kind of guy that they could aspire

to date like that archetype a guy or for

a guys like I would rather hang with Dad

than have mom shit on me for you know

whatever the fuck she's shitting on

right eventually you kind of I call it

like backend custody now I'm not we

don't have a lot of data points on it

yet but it seems like a viable path for

guys when they have the kids that are

like 7 to 10 years old during the

divorce if it's it's better off

financially if they take say the hundred

thousand dollars and store on that

number out that it would take to win 50%

custody to take the El on that put that

money towards a college fund or a great

place that your kid can stay here you go

give it a couple years until mom fucks

up the relationship with the kids and

then you're kind of there to help guide

the kid as they get older yeah that's

that's that's a that's a good strategy

the hard Oaks I know a lot of guys like

not being able to see your kids sleep

every night makes them very very sad

very emotional so I know it's it's a bit

of a colder suggestion to make well not

only that it's that not only do they not

get to watch their kids go to sleep at

night they MA

is also in their ear about dad if she's

the kind of mom who's eventually gonna

fuck up the relationship with the kid

she's also the kind of mom who's gonna

badmouth dad all the time

your dad shit your dad did this like

your mom could dude your mom can tell

you anything about your dad that she

wants to oh you don't believe it she's

the most important person in your life

or you go that's exactly right my mother

told us all the time your father's

selfish your father's selfish that's all

she told him yet when I look back every

one of my mom's decisions when it came

to us were selfish decisions we up dude

I grew up my entire life think of my dad

and listen we're all selfish to an

extent but my mother was the most

selfish individual I've ever met in my

life and for the longest time I thought

that was my father

that just goes to show that moms have

tremendous influence over their kid

especially when they have full custody

yeah like I got lucky on that one my mom

never did badmouth my father like ever

well and she if anything she had good

reason to - he's a bit of a gambler it's

kind of why they divorce but it was

something that was nice she did that

whole man of the house at four years old

and then like you said she still did all

the stuff that men do but for me that I

just associated that with being

emotional support for mom which is a

horrible horrible thing - yes on a

child's shoulders my mom also did the

she also bequeathed me the man of the

house only problem was as I wasn't

really the man of the house she wanted

me to be the man of the house so that I

could do all of these shores around the

house but she still got to call the

shots oh and of course when you're when

your mom tells you that you're the man

of the house she's and she's never going


she's never gonna relinquish control

she's your mother she's engineer six you

have no frame of reference to you that's

just okay that's the thing and then

whatever if he tells you it is that's

what it is

there you go that's why you're screwed

up later cuz to be the man to you meant

to be the guy who does chores and seeks

validation from mom horribly it sets you

up horribly now I don't want to play it

as like a victim thing either at some

point I'm gonna be you know what look at

all the new past it but I've got a

question here from um give me a second


it comes from Rob else as Ryan Donovan

do you want kids me no I don't well

that's a weird question I don't know

what to tell you

Wow a weird question tell us why I talk

through this think out loud I like I

like I like I like keeping some things

close to my chest

with that ha ha ha this is great

breaking news Ryan is unsure about

children he says the question is weird

no it's more it's more of that one it's

like that one's an off-limits topic so

alright fair enough fair enough yeah

mine is well this is not an awful in its

topic for me but it's definitely an

awful in its discussion because the

answer is no I do not want kids I don't

think I've ever wanted kids to be to be

quite honest with you I actually hear a

lot of guys have that bedbug where it's

like a drive which I've never had that

so I don't get it grab that yeah yeah I

just would love to have it explained to

me in a way I could understand but I've

never I think it's I think it also I

think that is I think that's just a part

of our makeup some guy listen some guys

are born with bigger heads some guys are

born with bigger but some guys have

great genes some guys don't I think

there's also a variation in a man's

desire to spread his seed and pass on

his legacy I couldn't give less of a

shit if there's a Donovan sharp the fist

I don't care like I just I'm just not

interested or you know

Sagan there's for Donovan sharks right

now actually yeah there are three

actually yeah there are three oh so what

happened to the fourth one that you're

gonna make the fifth is this like that

Leonard part six where you can't talk

about the other five you're gonna live

yeah right I can't believe you were you

know what Leonard part six is holy I

just made up a random number but yeah I

mean you know I am a third right because

my grandfather has the same name as my

dad and I have this has the same you and

I have the same name as my dad you know

my grandfather's name was Romeo I mean

how cool is that

his name is Romeo Romeo and a Baptist

preacher and a farmer I think the only

other person I've ever known

the only real person I've ever known

whose name is Romeo is Romeo Crennel and

he's a defensive coordinator in the NFL

that said 911 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call let's go

to area code 404 yarn live with Ryan and


what's that 404 hey what's going on down

at the man what's going on is this my

man Kyle yeah I just wonder one

something by you real quick this is not

this comment in this society I want to

say two things one concerning clear and

one concerning why you want to get there

okay now

unlike most people my mom and dad were

together to the day my dad died I never

saw them really argue they always worked

together my mom didn't she

well they never belittle each other

Captain America come on they on saw you

from the ice yeah oh god she was a pro

this is this this is that dude that's

perfect it gets deeper I was there my

mom tried it she looked at my father and

said you were good I love you

now that was always my goal with women

outside only me well I slept with more

than 100 kids but whenever I was serious

with a woman that was my goal because

that's what I saw also I didn't want my

kids to be a bastard I didn't ever want

anybody to come to my kids did you oh

you're a bastard right so I don't have

any kids but that was my goal I've been

married I was married for 17 years Wow

no kids

yeah no luckily divorced no alimony

don't know so if you don't want me

asking why did your why did it not why

did you guys get listen obviously the

reason you guys got a divorce is because

your wife was clearly not like your

mother right like he can't treat women

today like you know like we could treat

him back in the day you know the fact

that your father was married to your

mother until his dying day and that she

was a virgin bride that was common back

in his day

that's dude that is that's an that's

probably an extinct or at the you know

best-case scenario an endangered species

I have never heard of that outside of

like a film script never even my

grandparents my grandmother was married

three times widowed twice Wow and they

were like holy church-going they sang

they sang gospel when they were making

dinner and stuff like Jesus you know

like like what what happened to these


dude can I can I come over and just like

look through your house like a museum

for this like Grandparent artifacts like

I really but it is the red pill or the

red pill museum right it's like saying

you found aliens I'm like I wanna see it

yeah what you got on the kids eye Kyle

real quick on the kids man now listen

I'm older I'm 43 so I'm a little bit

older than you the kids they're warning

the kids thing that's gonna start when

you get about 41 42 because then you

start to realize man that you know

you're just getting older and things

become kind of pointless when you're

just still earning money in your 60s you

really don't have anybody to give your

wisdom to and that's my urge to have

children but I'm not gonna have them

here so I just want to get my two cents

in love to show man and y'all keep doing

it Kyle you do appreciate you calling in

a pleasure yeah Kyle's a good dude man I

don't want to call him a liar but like

it is really a fantastic story it really

is dude I mean that's a that is a very

you don't hear about that you don't

really well now see that's his mother

and father yeah yeah it obviously got

divorced but my grandmother like my

grandfather died guess what is white he

was married to my grandmother until his

dying day my grandmother is now 95 years

old I think my grandfather died six

maybe seven years ago and but these are

but but again they are in my debt my

father was born in my father was born in


I think and I know that my grandmother

had my father when she was 20 and so let

me think so she must have met my

grandfather in 1938 right it was a very

different time back in 1938 and that's

probably why that's probably why you

know this is this is such a rarity we've

got another call here area code 502 hold

on area code 502 you're on live with

Donovan and Ryan go ahead 502 how's it

going man greetings mortals I was a

frame what's going on brother how you

doing man

this is my you probably wondering when I

was going to show up yes I was I was

actually and the reason why is because

no now in our conversations I let it

slip that I have been married for

several decades right to a woman I marry

daddy when she was 20 very good very

good well there's a detail I'm just

gonna tell I'm just gonna say I'm

another one like

the father of the previous caller that

drove that one off the dealers a lot and

I'm gonna keep it until the wheels fall

off that's the good news the bad news is

they don't make them like that anymore

right and this is why I can say don't do

as I do

do as I say do another role approach I

like it whole subject

why do men marry women because women

want it yes right

why didn't why do women leave them in

because they can so it really is quite

simple and marriage now is the ultimate

frame game if you get if you agree to

marry you are stepping into her frame

yes and unless you haven't unless you

have established incredibly strong frame

where your where your expectations are

Abril front yep and and my expect our

expectation was when we first got

married and the only way out of this is

in a box

I don't divorce i widowed my buddy said

that one all the time

no I didn't I did I didn't I didn't go

yeah you know what she might kill me who

knows but at least I'll die happy um but

honestly I would say this I lived in the

States for over two decades and I have

yet to find a woman work leaving my wife

for wow wow that explains it I was

trying to place your accent and I

couldn't but it makes sense if you moved

I want to say it's Britain it sounds

kind of posh but it could be like a

weird version of Australian but then 20

years in the state's I can see you tryna

driftin I know it's totally up I'm just

curious yeah I was born I was born and

raised in London came over the city over

London though yes mm-hmm London Boyd

Bowman right good wizard listen wizard

prang calm is where you guys can find

his work he writes about all kinds of

stuff he actually has a couple of red

pill articles on there and he was he

actually gave me the idea for one of my

for one of my episodes

we round third in head for home I got a

Oh sharp assist says women want security

so they can so they can get lazy and

stop trying yeah it's interesting I

wrote an article and did a bit of

broadcast called girlfriends are better

than wives girlfriends are better than

wives and marriage is the reason why

girlfriends are better than wise wizard

praying says bottom bottom line guys

don't do it so so now that we've you

know let's go ahead and put a bow on

this bad boy what can men do other than

the obvious answer right red pill

awareness etc etc what can men do so if

a guy says alright I'm in a situation my

girlfriend wants to get married I doubt

she's given me an ultimatum

I either marry her or we're finished

guys will say well how can I not marry

her but keep it going but I want to

continue to fuck her Ryan stone how do I

handle that I think they're delusion is

real if you're playing a game of chicken

somebody's gonna have to swerve and if

it's gonna be you she will not flinch

women have all the cards

they're not gonna flinch you're gonna

walk into it and if you're waiting for

her to dump you first I'd say just wait

for her to do that

yep all you guys go with bucha book a

book where it's like keep two in the

kitty that's right abundance it's

amazing how much abundance solves all

these little stupid problems these are

all opt-in problems by the way there's

very few problems men have today that

you don't have to opt into which kind of

makes it I don't want to say fault

cuz fault and blame that's like

childhood stuff but it does mean be kind

of we kind of set ourselves up for

failure in a way it's kind of sad really

cool it is but it's sad but it's true

you know how that goes I've got one last

question here how long should you be in

a relationship if you do want to get

married beforehand I think that's a

question really for I think that's a

question for a woman guys are any man

who is in a rush to get married is

inevitably going to get divorce if

you're a guy who goes in well I'm

looking for a wife and this and the

other girls are not really gonna take

you they're not gonna take you seriously

so that is a good point uei McGill one

of the older mods at the married red

pill we used to talk about it all the

time and we like how we got into our

relationships is we just

constantly looked for a reason to booter

food our women out some red flag cross a

boundary and they just never did so as

far as how long does it take mmm so far

it takes at least 10 years yeah I'm uh

Devon and I are coming up on it'll be

two years in July and in July I will

actually have known her for three and a

half years but I been hurt well we'll

see here's the thing I vetted her and

we've been sleeping together forever but

I vetted her and I trained her for a

year and a half before I gave her the

the commitment so and no we definitely

did not I mean obviously we're

definitely not married but yeah look I

never plan to get married but good

answer by you but you know ELISA good

should you be in a relationship if you

do want to get married beforehand if

you're a man I should never want to get

married beforehand of the first place

you're gonna you're gonna shoot yourself

in the foot Ryan listen man it's been a

pleasure as always thanks for these are

always fun Matt and you got as far as

audiences go man you've got the how do I

put this

the most flavorful yes yes I do yeah

I've got a lot of fun a lot of fun a lot

of yeah a lot a lot of characters but

but I have one of the more intelligent

audiences while prang had the Queen's

English of course yes of course well yes

or si he certainly adds a level of

intelligence and then of course Kyle

Kyle Mitchell listen he's been in the

game forever he's got a 404 area code

but he was down there in South Beach

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latina ass looks for in day out 404 is

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