Why are so many Men afraid to do what's necessary to keep their women in line?

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As far as women go we live in extreme times gentlemen, there's no doubt about it. Women are as badly behaved as they have ever been in human history as we all know it. They cheat more, they commit paternity fraud, and open cuckoldry and hypergamy are in our faces constantly. So why are Men afraid to do what's necessary to keep their women in line?



Expatriate and dating coach Modern Life Dating sits down with me to discuss the measures necessary to keep women in line, why Men are afraid to put these measures in place, and what it's like living in Tokyo.


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lived in Tokyo for the past two years he

lived in Osaka for one year so he's been

in Japan for total three years he is a

dating coach who can literally help you

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joining and welcoming Jonathan for

modern life dating dot-com listen

welcome to the show man how you doing

I'm good

such a like weird nut what good pen so

I'm uh celebrating America's freedom

alone that's a big time time difference

what is it like 8 o'clock in the morning

over there 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning

I'm just getting started

Wow okay so it's time so listen TSR

prime time history we are now streaming

into the future we are streaming on two

different days at the very same time so

good day

we're making history we're making

history here in the India in the TSR

towers um listen

I'll go ahead this is the first time

you've ever been on my show this is

actually the first time you and I have

ever talked we started texting back and

forth but before we get to the reason

why we reached out to each other I

always ask my guests for the very first

time the very first time there is Joe

how did you find the red pill what was

the series of events or the event that

finally made you realize that we're all

being lied to about intersexual dynamics

between men and women

I remember that event clearly so I don't

have like the typical red pill story in

the sense that like I was always sexless

or always you know struggling or whatnot

okay I always I was always decent with

girls I compared to like you know Luke

Skywalker in the first Star Wars like I

had some awareness of the force I have a

sensei to come and teach me out sure and

I'll never forget I was I was in this

chemistry class with this girl and so

what I was doing I was seeing two girls

at the time one girl was tutoring me in

chemistry yes and I was banging her and

then I would take what she taught me and

I would go and tutor this other girl

that I was trying to bang but she had

she had a boyfriend and I didn't really

fully understand the whole red pill

dynamics at the time and she was giving

me all the buy signals but I was like I

was 23 at the time and I was like oh you

know I think I love you and I think I

want to be with you forever and and it

was like completely completely repulsed

her she's you're disgusting like that

was literally she

like Jesus like just get get away from

me and I remember I got like it just

like ruined me like I got like depressed

for like three months and I was just

like I thought if I brought her flowers

if I did the whole nine yards that you

know like I saw this on the Disney

Channel like it should work like you

know that was my reality and I always

say behind every player is a broken

heart like you know that thinks it uh it

it really messed me up but at the same

time I'm glad because you know that

moment I'll never forget that girl's

name I never forget that girl's name I

check up on her once in a while

don't we all right we all wanted air

she's doing right right right see if

they smashed him to the wall yet

absolutely absolutely

oh she's still she gots herself some

fake tits now she's doing great listen

fictive czar like ranch dressing it

makes everything taste and look better

oh yeah without a doubt

um but yeah that was my red pill moment

and then so you know I always knew that

for me I would always get girls but I I

didn't fully understand I knew that

there was like a science to it my

philosophy is like if aliens came down

and observed us like how we observed

chimpanzees in their mating season or

how we observed lions or stuff we're the

exact same way we're not special you're

not some fucking unicorn there are rules

to this game and you play by the rules

and you do certain things you'll get

certain results and that's just the

bottom line

no no III completely understand and you

know the interesting thing is is that a

lot of guys like I said they they they

have their aha moment and you know a lot

of guys wanna they wanna how they want

to evangelize the red pill they say hey

I've got a buddy who's in trouble you

know how do I know listen man the red


the only time a man truly digests the

red pill is when he seeks it out not

when somebody you know you know

evangelizes it to him listen we all we

all know people who are in trouble it

never it never ever goes well when he

when he tried to do this with certain

people you said something interesting in

that in that opener

you know you said behind every

Claire is a broken heart and it's

interesting girls always try to shame us

with the hole who hurts you digging in a

net well a lot of women have hurt me

actually or you've got a bunch of feel

for relationships you ain't shit yes

this is exactly why I am the way I am

what are your thoughts on and then

listen we know that listen and we'll get

to the guys here in a minute but but

what are your thoughts on women who

shamed the red pill community what are

your thoughts on women who try to tell

us hey you guys are full of shit you

guys don't know what you're talking

about you guys are you know

bottom-dwelling big tiles and we'll get

to that it's like what are your thoughts

on those hey it's just like going to a

magician show and be like hey he's

fuckin got a card up his sleeve you know

like you guys seen this guy card up your

sleeve I know like hey what the fuck you

doin shut up like don't reveal our

tricks don't reveal our leverage because

you know the average girl has more

dating experience and stuff of course

men are constantly approaching them so

they know how to deal with this shit you

are a fucking regular basis they're

getting practiced whether they like it

or not guys don't get that shit we plan

on a completely different level so I

mean that's what I would liken it to in

that moment like when when those girls

try to shut us up I just see them afraid

of losing the leverage that they have

and that they and that they are losing

slowly in my opinion yes yes girls know

that they have a decided advantage on

the dating market and they don't like

the fact that guys like us are putting

it out there in terms of you know hey

listen this is how to fuck pretty girls

we've got a caller on the line if you

guys want to call nine one four five I'm

sorry nine one four two zero five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get on the show area code

five zero two you were on with Donovan

and Jonathan what's up hey what's going

on brother how you doing in I'm hanging

in there better doing do that son Eagles

now I'm still a fan good good good what

you got for us men oh I was just uh

listening to the show I just want to

just kind of put my two cents in on it

uh truth I'll just talk about some rich

shit I'm a little new to it myself okay

you know yeah so what you got oh no no I

was gonna you know like you know if you

have a question or comment I was just

you know just go ahead with your with

your question or comment for either or

both of us

that was this you know I had a little

comment a little story my own as far as

my little red pill moment I found mine

dealing with my little girl mom of

course listen the baby mama drama right

give us the give us the Reader's Digest

version what what happened to that she

basically she was a fucking bitch and

it's crazy because the girl was with

before her I was an asshole right like I

didn't really appreciate her and shit oh

I'm going to any time I get Enola like

what was that and the girl that you

treated like shit she couldn't get it up

in country uh the one I treated like

shit like she don't seem like treated me

like a king I don't want you actually

fucking put up with me right so I was

gonna throw like when I got with this

one I was like okay I want to be that

asshole no more so I was like stop like

I was promised by all of the self like I

you know it's just the best way to put

it in I got a friend over and it was

kind of funny because it's like wow when

you treated like shit you did treat you

like a king and waiting there's a nice

guy you get you know Kosova shit right

it is well five oh two things for the

call things for listening to the show

and listen Jonathan he he brings up the

I guess one of the staples of the red

pill we know here in the red pill

community that the better you treat

women the worse they treat you the worse

you treat women the better they treat

you it shouldn't be that way but it is

what are your thoughts on why it is

literally the inverse like what are your

thoughts on why it is that you know the

better we treat them the worse they

treat us yeah I have a particular unique

stand on this situation um you know

living out here in Japan I would say

that like certain mindset right now is

exclusive to American girls and moron

sign of western girls these girls when

you treat them well

like they're like holy shit this guy is

like nice to me like Japanese girls

Latino girls girls from America Columbia

right grossman Korea's fucked girls like

Thailand girls from China

you know Taiwan that those girls like

when you treat them nice like cuz the

culture in itself respects men it's

different women women in Asia are so

aware of the wall like and the wall in

Asia is 25 if you're not worried but wow

your family starts asking you like are

you ok like what's wrong like you know

they call the tools the call girls in

Japan who are after 25 years old and not

married they call them Christmas cake

because in Japan nobody eats Christmas

cake what oh my god so 20 see here's the

thing that just speaks to where we are

in America we consider the wall in

America to be 30 years older or at 30

years old or older but there in Japan

it's a half a decade sooner that's

unbelievable and you said that you said

the Japanese culture respects men why is

that because you know the Japanese are

like the Vulcans from Star Trek there's

a very logical insight like I don't know

if I know it's not popular in the United

States but in the World Cup every time

the Japanese fans go like when they're

done watching a soccer game they clean

up their area like they take all their

trash they wipe down the benches I heard

about that that shit listen the Japanese

national team just lost in the World Cup

and they like there's the story that the

locker room was immaculate that's

unbelievable that's unbelievable yeah

I'm out here for a reason you know it's

um I would say that mindset but but I

will say this too though you know the

asshole thing still works out here like

I don't go around like you know like

mushing girls are like you know treat

them like blatant shit which which is so

fucking psychotic to me that that's what

it seems to be you know stimulating

American girls these days right mom like

that out here it also does

were I mean to a certain extent I would

imagine you just got to be celibate you

gotta be a man you gotta like you know

when I say be a man it's like you know

take charge take lead that you were

going here you know what I'm went out

with my lady now I I asked her I'm like

we said you know we're gonna go dinner

tonight you want burgers or Italian

she's like I want to you know I want to

go to Italian all right we're going to

burgers just let her know then you're

the guy that makes it all I love it

just to let her know who's in charge and

they like it they like the women want

people want to be led man that's what it

comes down to yeah absolutely 942 oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you have a question for

either both of us guys keep in mind that

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number if I see your number come up on

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I do have a go no no if again if you

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again I want to make sure that that the

people who are calling in to the show to

actually have that actually have a

question or comment get listen to it or

you know get answered here on the on the

Redman group a couple weeks back we had

turd flinging monkey on and to say that

that was probably one of our landmark

shows it's you know to say that this is

one of our landmark shows is an


the guy knew what he was talking about

but we figured out very quickly that he

is a bottom-dwelling migt Owl and the

reason we say that is because he has a

sex doll he is completely checked out of

this he's completely checked out he

doesn't want to he doesn't want to

compete for women anymore this is why he

fucks the sex doll listen more power to

him I'm not gonna judge any man who

fucks a sex doll absolutely

but for those men to then come after me

and tell me that they're more

disciplined than I am because they have

chosen to refrain from fucking actual

woman that's where I draw the line like

you're not getting any sympathy for me

that being said do you describe yourself

as a MIG not like where do you fall as

far as the red pill is concerned are you

a big tower you atop I mean how does

that work because because again and not

and I don't what I want to I don't want

draw this question out the word MIG tau

is sort of being grouped in within cells

you know you know guys who shoot places

up etcetera etcetera so where do you

fall on that okay

so 100% I am NOT a big town Jonathan

does not have a sex doll but when he

says his lady she is a human being she

is not inanimate object just just you

know - it's a clear the record no no I'm

I'm not big doubt but I do support their

movement because like right now in

America like the common man knows that

the average girl is just rude

insufferable like unkempt no manners and

at least these MIG tau guys at least

they're saying you know what at least at

least they're not white knighting

I would take a big towel over a white

knight any day I would have food in

Macau over having dinner with a white

knight any day of the fucking week

Jonathan goes into my vagina and from

the same page listen me guys I think

they're just a little they can't really

and if just but men slightly misled

because you can get pussy like sure I'm

not that special I'm not like some super

good-looking guy I'm not six foot tall I

don't have fucking six-pack abs but I've

been with a hundred 50 plus women so if

I can do it you can do it too right

right like listen nothing pisses me off

more than White Nights man I don't know

if you I don't know if you were able to

watch the show that that I did with

Rollo Tomassi on I did Sunday okay right

oh yeah yeah it was gonna say I think we

had a discussion about that and the guy

who called in and listen listen I

fucking hate that guy he's got my

respect because he actually called into

the show I've had many people challenge

me on social media I say hey listen call

into the show and we'll talk like men

they never call this guy actually did so

so I'll certainly give credit where


do but but but but guys who white night

for women it just it it brings out a

visceral like animal like aggression

because I can't stand these fuckers and

again listen I would listen I would much

rather have dinner with a guy who fucks

a sex doll than a guy who defends women

he doesn't even know it's just it it

blows my mind why do you think it is and

now I already know what my answer is why

do men white night for women they don't

know they're just snakes

yep they just they can't they're not if

they're not confident with who they are

and they're not confident than

masculinity they feel like no it should

be this way they're like desperately

clinging on to the blue pill like they

are too afraid to collect go and it's

pathetic and honestly I think that

visceral hate you have it's the same

thing for me

I think Rollo wrote it or somebody but

they said like you know that alpha is

like seriously hate betas and when I see

like a white knight guy or I go a simp I

just think to myself dude I fucking hate

this guy because he's full of shit he's

such a pussy like Easy's a disgrace of a

man that's the way I look at it I agree

man and and the vast majority of things

that make men sexually attractive are

under our control and when and again

simps beta males they make it harder for

all of us out here let's let's not get

let's not get that confused nine eleven

forty two zero five five three five six

is the number to call area codes eight

six five area code seven one six I'm

gonna get to you in just a second you

guys are listening to TSR primetime with

special guest jonathan with special

guest jonathan from modern life dating

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area code eight six five you are on the

air with Donovan and Jonathan

what you got for us what's going on

what's up brother not much man why

should you stay for a long time then you

no appreciation for your diversity in

the game so appreciate it appreciate it

man thank you do you but I had a couple

of quick questions

um now the guy before he says some about

the lady when you with your lady or

whatever you need a director where to go

to eat now did it before a bunch of

times but I've always ended up her dis

ordering something not eating it and

it's kind of like a waste but she would

always you always found my leash but she

would always order and not even eat the

shit the Shiva orders so I mean then I

kind of backed away so I kind of like

what what you want to eat because I

don't want to you know go out somewhere

I'm like wait wait listen I already know

so so let me just make sure I understand

this correctly so you tell your woman

we're gonna go eat at Applebee's or TGI

Fridays you get you get to where you

want to go and you order you eat she

orders something but she doesn't eat any

of it is that correct why me you know I

mean like nibbles nibble here nibble of

there I'm like is it because he's not

hungry or is it because I doesn't want

to eat where are you guys meeting I

don't know okay Cece I'm she kind of

realization where she just follow my


so she just does what I say okay okay

what your thought I had noticed when I

let her take somewhere she won't give us

your orders you eat their own Leia

that's manipulation - yep yep all right

um hey hold that thought

hold that thought Jay in Tennessee and

we'll get to your next question Jonathan

what are your thoughts on what he

because listen I already know that I

have my thoughts but what are your

thoughts on what he just said all right

I mean look if you don't like something

in a girl's behavior that you're dating

you got to correct it and if he doesn't

listen to what you're gonna say you

gotta kick her ass to the curb and

replace her that's just I mean if it

gets to the point that you know you're

taking around

you're spending money you're spending

time and you're spending like emotional

investment just to sit there and you

can't even enjoy your damn meal because

she's sitting across the table pouting

and nibbling away I mean why would you

carry that cancer around with you you

get rid of very nice very nice

but collector correct her behavior tell

her I say listen I don't appreciate you

doing this you gotta be a man because

you see they got a smell on you that

you're not afraid to walk away Oh like I

don't say just throw every girl in the

trash right but every man has to have a

line in the sand that they cannot cross

and if they do cross that and you got a

mixer and you got to find the next girl

and you got to let the next girl know

hey from the get-go this is how we do

things on my ship

I'm the captain you know you're gonna

you're gonna do things my way you can't

ride on my ship and that's the way it's

gonna be let me ask you something Jay

when so when you're at the restaurant

and she's not eating is she bratty is

she pouting is she does she look like

she's having a good time or does she

just not eat what what what is it what's

her body language like what's her mood

like vomit I mean the Meuse good picky

eater and I mean I don't want to be sure

but say telling me we got to save money

and go to different places okay check

this out hold on let me let me okay I've

heard enough

this is manipulation by your girl okay

what she is doing is she is manipulating

you right so yeah she'll follow you she

what she's doing she's not following

your lead she's she's simply following

you to the place that you want to eat so

what she's doing is she's doing she's

doing this quasi silent protest okay so

I don't want to eat at XYZ restaurant so

I'm gonna order something waste his

money and then I'm gonna not eat J fuck

that noise if she listen

check this out man you can say she's

this picky eater as she wants to be if

you let you're in Tennessee right like

you guys I mean I don't know if you're

anywhere near Nashville every place in

America has great food you can there is

something that you can find everybody

can find something that they like on the

menu at every restaurant every single


an Indian food there's something on the

menu that you can find you know no

disrespect to Indian food is it's not my

favorite but you can find something you

like your girl is trying to manipulate

you and guess what she won because what

happened next time J okay well where do

you want to eat

so when she gets to pick the place that

you guys eat she eats all her food but

when you picked the place that you guys

want to eat she doesn't eat she doesn't

eat that food is she her girlfriend

well me we was engaged not engaged no

more hold on together for a long time

how long years okay do you live with her

yeah I mean I did but I know I don't

know just had a question about them yeah

like a memory bank so no I understand

listen let me answer this question first

and then we'll go to your second

question check this out

don't take her out you understand don't

take her out you have to let her know

listen and here's the thing women are

like dogs have to train them like dogs

okay if you're not pisses on the carpet

when you're not home you come home you

find the piss you can't then look at

your dog and say bad dog the dogs not

gonna know what your reprimanding him

about because you didn't catch him in

the act

right so when your woman order something

and she doesn't eat you let her know

just like Jonathan said yo check this

out this is the first and last time

you're pulling this shit now if you

don't want if you don't want to eat

that's fine you can sit there and not

eat you can get water okay but you're

not gonna waste my money throwing a fit

because you don't want to eat here uh

and let you you can let her know listen

listen I run this right you don't pick

the restaurants I do and if you don't

want to come then you ain't got to

that's all there is to it you've been

with there for eight years so she

probably thinks that you don't have any

other options so my advice to you would

be to stop taking her out in other

honestly I would I wouldn't take her out

for a solid month and she says why

haven't we gone out lately because

because when we go to restaurants you

order food and you don't eat it just be

straight up with her and let her know

listen I'll take you out when you clean

up your act well then let me pick the

restaurant sweetheart not gonna happen

I'm the captain I pick you have to say

I'm the captain but listen I'm picking

the restaurants like if I'm paying if

I'm paying I'm picking the restaurants

that that's just all there is to it

let's go to your next question Jay what

you got for us

okay okay uh I appreciate their yeah

okay now another question it might be a

little bit off the topic but I know you

talked about I better go to Las Vegas

whoo for my birthday so I'm gonna

probably trying to like pick up some

cred oh man some credit my dad way like

yeah what's the best crowd of you can

use like for multiple trenches like a

little bit is that because I mean it is

a lot of people okay they kind of get to

it sure I understand um listen I already

know what I'm gonna I already know what

I'm gonna say yeah what say you Jonathan

do you have any you have any experience

with kratom oh the one I usually go to

is uh is happy hippo herbals and uh I

got one it was called like smooth smooth

Bali or Top Chef Bali or something yeah

top so Paulie you're speaking man with

yep yeah that actually I had like the

most mind-blowing sex of my life when I

was on that shit I was always in Osaka

at the time but I would say all you know

get the crowd um yeah definitely do that

but also I mean when you tell me that

you get a little anxiety from

approaching and shit like that just says

to me that you just haven't done it

enough there you go you need that you

need to approach more like don't don't

approach women in any sense of the way

from a position of fear because they're

gonna smell it on you you know girls are

like dogs like DOM and said in the sense

that they they can smell it fear they

say smell fear they're gonna bit I'm

gonna manipulate this light fuck yeah

man listen

Jonathan hit it on the head I listen the

title sponsor of the show is happy hippo

herbals I would personally recommend for

for anxiety top-shelf Bali I would also

recommend happy hippo one and hyper

hippo a lot of guys have all a lot of

guys have also told me that thunder

hippo is a really good one to use you

actually go to go to good-looking loser

calm or you can actually Google you can

actually Google a kratom guide guide to

kratom and it'll send you over to

good-looking loser

komm who if the guy who runs a

crystianna's owns and runs happy hippo

herbals what you what what that what

that does is it breaks down every single

strain of kratom what it's used for how

you're gonna feel it cetera et cetera

to your second point not to Jonathan's

second point he's absolutely correct the

only reason why you're anxious doing

something is because you haven't done

enough the very first time you skydive

you're scared shitless because you've

never done it before but if you've got

60 or 70 jumps you're not nervous or

anxious because you've done it enough


it's blunt force trauma repetition but

listen if you're going to Vegas you're

not gonna have anything to worry about

do they do theirs pussy dude it's insta

pussy out there man just add water you

should be okay Jay from Tennessee I

appreciate the call thanks for listening

to the show

area code give me a second area code

seven one six area code seven one six

you are on live with Jonathan and


what's he got MLB at thirty how you

doing bud oh hey this is uh this is one

of my coach clients okay yeah good stuff

man good to have you on the show Brody

and tell him thank you for everything he

did and transition from blue to red and

you know I got other issues where they

won't leave me alone so now I'm on the

other end of the planet alone there is

no good problem having the right thing

well yeah yeah pretty well after that

last call during all this spending all

that money and at least taking it out in

the carry out box and dude you know at

least for lunch on time buddy

fuck dad dude if I do the farm with my

girl and she pulls that shit on me I'm

like oh no no dude that would happen one

time and it wouldn't happen again I I

know I know

that's true but yes I give a shout out

and um and I just want to say something

else to women really do want a man that

they cannot lock down and their end and

I was messing around with my neighbor

for a little bit I don't recommend that


neighbors our co-workers he'll when

three different absolutely but she see

me uh

real and three cars you know prior to

her and she went after me you know and I

haven't stopped and she tried to you

know play my game and try to

without you can't we the other day

brought home one of the girls off tender

and Riesling should pull up my phone

with 16 pack nothing first thing I

thought was man what the hell of a guy

did that but um yeah so John is what did

they get rather hope and everything and

good chain to work with you and grow

with this and keep it up

alright man I appreciate the call Ernie

shout out to shout out to Jonathan for

for helping out my man Ernie now

Jonathan you reach again 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call to get on the show now Jonathan

you reached out to me after the Redman

group and you said what got your

attention is when I said that men need

to train their women which is one of the

which is one of the elements of

tonight's show so I'll go ahead and ask

you the question why do why do you think

men are afraid to do what's necessary to

keep their women in line because listen

there listen there are these are extreme

times okay like extreme times call for

extreme measures guys always ask well

why do girls cheat why are they horrible

but then when a guy like me you know

does something that's extreme okay then

they're like oh my god what are you

doing about why do you think men react

this way why are they afraid to do

what's necessary to to keep their women

in line I want to say just think that

right now like in society in the United

States like they've just pulled the

biggest fucking hoax on men they they

make men feel like they're the ones that

need to get their act right and that

they're and the wrong okay I went you

know when you leave the United States

and you come back you know I went I left

for two I was gone for two and a half

years I left two I was in Tokyo and then

I moved to Hawaii for one year okay and

Hawaii why is not America why is its own

fucking mess about that Hawaii's Vegas

on the water I'll say that here's the

time I lived in Hawaii twice as a kid

but I lived it from 89 to from 79 to 82

and then from 89 to 90 because my dad

was in the service I mean I've been

there once in my adult life and that was

a vacation that I took with my

girlfriend back in 16 but I didn't

realize that Hawaii was a different

animal yeah it is I mean it was

was a good time it was a good time um I

was a taxi driver out there in 2014 and

I really refined my game because I would

meet girls screamed them and pitch them

all within 10 minutes 15 minutes of

opinion like in my cab it was good time

but I'm going back to that yeah I just

feel like guys you know they're um

I just think they don't realize that the

truth is out there I feel like you know

the red pill guys are the smart guys

that are the ones that really be like

you know what I think there is freedom I

think there's something wrong I feel

like they know deep inside and everybody

who gets on the internet they search for

answers they don't like you know like

that's what that's what all of us men

will come together in this situation

right now we've all come together

because we came to a point where like I

don't think it should be this way right

and they started looking and they found

their answers and that's how I found my

answers and so to go back to that I

think the original point would be that

Society has just trained men in the

United States via media commercials you

know commercials is always some woman

correct in some food TV shows it's

always some woman shitting on her

husband women she's over the worst

reason but in real life it's the

complete fuckin opposite it's the exact

opposite so I think dudes just don't

realize the truth really I think they

just they got the biggest fast one hold

on them not only that I think they're I

think they're afraid of I think they're

afraid of losing the girl fort for

example I put up a I put up a screen

grab from an app that I that I have on

my girl's phone it's called life 360 and

what I and what life 360 does in you saw

it it literally tracks my girlfriend's

every move okay it lets me know when she

is at certain point when she's at the

Citgo station the grocery store etcetera

etc so I put so I put the screen grab up

there to let everyone know hey you know

wasn't my girl's out running errands

it's a Sunday afternoon

am i worried about where the fuck she is

or what the fuck she's doing hell no

because because of the software now this

guy on Twitter of course they're all on

Twitter you know he's he's I think he

called himself red pill life 56

followers he's a brand new red pill guy

and so he thinks he knows it all right

he's taking everything to the extreme he

doesn't understand that that red pill

concepts do have nuance not everything

is black and white there is a little bit

of gray area it is what it is but the

bottom line is is is that there are yet

that you have to provide context but I

said that was mate guarding behavior

he's obviously wrong because mate

guarding is reactive being Terry

territorial is proactive listen if I'm

listen if you don't want to get robbed

don't leave your doors open right and

the thing is this if a woman wants to

cheat she's going to cheat gentlemen you

can have all he can have all the key

loggers and and GPS trackers and and all

this other stuff on her phone on her two

phones or whatever if she wants to cheat

she's gonna cheat well let's take it to

let's take it to my listen I live in a

really nice apartment if someone and

I've got an alarm system on my apartment

but if someone wants to Robbie they're

gonna Rob me regardless of whether or

not I have an alarm if they want to bad

enough they're going to do it if you

don't but but here's the thing that

mentality means that well you know if

I'm a homeowner well listen man if

people are gonna you know people get

robbed every eighteen seconds there's a

break-in in America well if they want to

rob me if they want to I may as well

leave the door up and no no no no no

just because you know that it's

inevitable and somebody could do that if

they wanted to doesn't mean you leave

the fucking door open just because you

know your woman could cheat if she wants

to doesn't mean you give her the vehicle

or access to the vehicle with which to

cheat on you okay this is the mentality

this is the mentality of men they think

oh I don't need to keep track of my

woman because that's mate guarding

behavior or I'll get shamed for it and

it's interesting because women always

they always shame men for doing what's

necessary to keep an eye who are you

texting oh my god I can't believe you

said that are you insecure sweetheart

give me four oh my god again oh no the

reason why she's defensive is because

she has something to hide and even if

she didn't she wants to party wants to

create that margin in which to cheat so

men are literally afraid Jonathan of

doing what's necessary to keep their

women in line it's 2018 women can cheat

on you five different times in five

different ways okay

she's gonna cheat she's gonna cheat that

doesn't mean I have to make it easy on

her what or easy for her to cheat what

are your thoughts what are your thoughts

on things like that GPS tracking key

logger etc etc I think you know there I

think what you're doing ultimately is

right because girls like no matter what

the fuck they say girls like a strong

dominant possessive territorial man's

alright ok I my girl now

she calls me master and she calls me

beauty now when I you know not all the

time but you know I read it I reiterate

with her and I can let her know I'm like

you know how you tell I asked her I say

you know who do you belong to she's not

belong to eat oh there you go and when

you do this to girls if people think

like all your fucking sick or all this

is yada yada or whatever but when you do

this women feel safe and protected by

you they feel fit they want this they

want it that's why when they big cheat

on these fucking beta dude's gorgeous

like oh I want to talk about your

feelings in no I don't want to I want to

hold your hands and walk through a

fucking field of flowers and let you

fuck me in the ass of the strap-on like

you this kind of like behavior makes

women wanna vomit all over holidays they

want to be told what to do that's why

wives and shit cheat they go to the guy

who's like bitch I don't give a fuck

about you I don't give a fuck about your

husband right or drop a nice you know

suck my dick I'm not gonna use a condom

I'm gonna raw dog the fuck outta you're

gonna have my kid you're not gonna do a

goddamn thing about it yeah and they do

it they willingly do it it's so true and

the only way you can really understand

this like a lot of guys in this

community like well where's the study

worse thus where's the documentation but

there's shit you can't fucking document

there's stuff you can't just get through

signs you have to get out there and do

it and as a coach and I'm pretty sure

you know this as well as a coach the one

thing that I've learned without a shadow

of a doubt is the 80/20 percent rule 80%

of guys are not gonna put up with the

work they're gonna be betas yes and for

the 20% like us

we're good the guy Ernie that just

called in okay he's not six foot tall

he's not super rich she's not a lawyer

or a programmer his blue collar job

right okay but that kid he listen to

every fucking thing I said I said listen

if you want these results shut the fuck


don't argue with me do exactly what I

say yes one you're not gonna need me you

know he did he's a smart kid he's like

you know what fuck it Arnie doesn't call

me anymore

we barely have Skype calls good is any

good and when we do it's like hey dude

I'm getting too much pussy like what do

I do like how do I manage this shit so

you know if you that's the thing the

80/20 thing is real and I think that

again the 80% the guys they're either

afraid to do it they don't think they

can do it or they don't want to put in

the effort to do it but guess what

that's that's on you because I can say

I'm not the most like fucking handsome

guy in the world I'm not like some GQ

model I've never had six pack abs in my

life right about 14% body fat but I'm

I'm floating around 175 girls right now

and I did it to be honest I've mastered

it so much that that's why I've started

teaching it because I'm bored like I go

on dates a lot fucking me on the first

date I'm like I like what I'm really

doing it why are you even here Thank You

rais'd of my time yeah yeah exactly

exactly and you can get to this level of

mastery there's nothing inherently wrong

with you is just you haven't learned a

skill set yet and you've got a grind

you've got to put in the hours and you

can learn the shit it's a learning skill


but again back to Ernie Ernie's five

foot six all right

and he's he's running in pussy running

and pussy and he's sending me snaps he's

like dude I'll music thank you you

fucking changed my life

he could have sit there and bitch about

his high bitch about not having some

fucking fancy degree bitch about

whatever the fuck he wants to cry about

but the reality is he put into work and

now he's it barely needs me and that's

my that's my thing I don't want to milk

guys for fucking

programs and all that garbage check i

want to genuinely help guys i want to

genuinely fix them cuz it's gonna make

my fucking life easier when i'm out

there dealing with alphas rather than

dealing with like the fucking army of

betas that I deal with no listen I

totally understand oh wait a minute I

gotta go

where the hell does that come from

alright hang on okay there we go okay

that I guess that went away yeah with

regards to the statistics I totally

agree with the 80/20 rule I'll actually

take it one step further I think that

eight I think eighty percent of the male

population are generally unaware of red

pill awareness twenty percent of the

population are aware of red pill truth

only I would say probably five percent

okay five percent of all men we're gonna

go 8020 and five five percent of that

twenty percent actually put red pill red

pill awareness and to action right

because listen just because that 20

percent knows and understands what it

takes to keep women in line you listen

you said it yourself most men don't

really have what it takes

they either don't have what it takes or

they just don't want to put in the work

or they don't have the intestinal

fortitude to do it right like that's and

so I call these men five percenters like

listen you and me we're not the only

ones who know about red pill truth there

are a lot of guys out here who are aware

of the fact that women are fucked up

there are a lot of guys out here who are

well aware the fact that women like

women have to be handled a certain way

if you want to keep their loyalty and

attraction unfortunately unfortunately

95% of those guys can't put into work so

again I call the I call those guys five

percenters I listen I agree with you

100% man and the 80/20 rule listen

eighty percent of the girls are fucking

or what is it the I think there's

another there are many 80/20 rules

eighty percent of the people do twenty

percent of the work or whatever but but

twenty percent of the men are fucking

eighty percent of the of the female

population had a commenter um who asked

about the tracking software he says what

if what if she asks for that tracking

software on your phone - how to handle

that and listen I've had this before

like in mostly like like at most of the

time when I tell a woman what it takes

to be my main chick dude Jonathan they


and I never hear from them again okay no

problem I'm not forcing you anything you

don't want to do but but when I tell her

listen if you want my commitment you

need to have this tracking software on

your phone I'll let you answer this

first and then and then I'll answer the

question what would you say to a woman

who says well listen you want me to have

this tracking software on my phone so

you can Norah Matt well what about you

why can't I know where you're at I mean

well first of all I've got why are you

talking back to me but uh you know

there's just two there's two schools of

thought you can go to on this I mean you

can beg yeah you want to track me track

me but you can still do whatever the

fuck you want I mean shit right but

ultimately I would just be like no no

because that's these are the rules of

the game there you go and play my rules

you know like Patrice O'Neal said it

this is fucking good man

or you take your ball and you go home

there you go guys fuck you I'm not

dealing your shit this is my life you're

not gonna fuck me you're not gonna ruin

my shape you're not gonna make me

unhappy and I gotta fuck me in divorce

courts none of that shit

yeah do what I say you do it on my terms

or I'm leaving

there you go Dean listen to me listen to

me this is the easy answer so if a girl

says well Donovan why don't you have

software on your phone why can't I track

you because those are the rules well

that's not fair nobody said that this

was gonna be fair sweetheart this isn't

like this isn't a democracy okay this is

a totalitarian dictatorship well I don't

like that you don't have to but if you

want my commitment these are the rules

right and it's it's it's so funny like

you hear this stuff you you hear this

stuff all the time especially from

ignant of course I get the comments all

the time well well that's fine I'll put

the tracking software on my phone but

Olli if he doesn't bitch that's not a

part of the rules and listen if you

don't want to follow the rules that's

cool right

I'm letting you know that if you don't

allow me to track your phone if you

don't if you don't give me complete

transparency if you're not willing to

give up all autonomy then you're out of

here if you want the same for me you're

gonna have to find somebody else because

I'm not the one listen just like you

said dude this is my house my rules

you can either abide by the rules and

stay in the house or you can get the

fuck out that's all there is to it and

this is where guys false

is they they try to they they try this

technique on women and their value isn't

high enough they still have that

scarcity mentality she's the hottest

girl they've ever fucked and they're

afraid to say well I'd like to track

your ears up no fuck you okay okay no

problem no no no no no you have to have

that abundance mentality you literally

have to be ready to walk away that's all

there is to it um give me one second so

would that be no to having her access to

his way yes yes that would be a no to

her somebody asked Jonathan says so so

that so would that be a note to her

having that access to his phone yes that

is absolutely a no your girl does not

need to have access to your phone that's

all there is to it if she doesn't think

it listen is that fair I don't know

maybe not but it doesn't matter like

this isn't about fairness this is about

you this is about you conforming to my

frame okay this train is leaving the

station either you're on it or off it

but you're not gonna sit around and

waste my time

what's it gonna be you gonna jump are

you gonna stay on the platform okay

let's let's let's move on so let's get

to that let's get to the nitty-gritty

here man and we're gonna wrap this up

here in about 15 minutes cuz I know

you're you probably you're you're

getting your day started here and this

is an easy question but what are the

women like what's the difference between

the typical American woman and the

typical and the typical Japanese woman

oh man well where do you start

right Jesus Christ we're first of all

like fat girls are non-existent here Wow

no fat girl there are no fat girls in

Japan but there are fat Asian girls in

America said that should tell you

something yeah for all you guys they

like wanna fucking goddamn citation and

study for everything Japan has the

lowest obesity lowest obesity rate in

the world Japanese women live the

longest as well

no all human beings so I mean that that

is correlated to a low calorie intake

good but um the average Japanese girl

comes from a decent family

she's the the managed men and women

completely abide by their gender roles

out here girls want to grow up and be

nurses they want to be moms they don't

want to go to be some career woman cuz

they're smart

they realize what the fuck I don't want

to be chained to some desk working for

some company that I hate they're like I

want to stay at home watch Korean dramas

and kids you know they bet that's the

thing average girls aspirations in Japan

is to get married and have kids that's

like the average girls as well also did

I stay inside for a reason like you know

I don't go out so much because there are

so many fucking beautiful women

everywhere in this country everywhere I

go everywhere I came I got went to the

convenience store last night at 3

o'clock in the morning to grab something

and drink across the street I was just

going there to get like a thing of milk

and I see this girl she's gorgeous in a

in a full dress I guess she just came

home from I going to out drinking with

somebody true but it's like stunning

like 3 o'clock in the morning

eating's getting like some takeout ramen

from the 7-eleven though the average

girl in Japan is like a 66.5 when you go

out with girls in Japan its standard in

the country it's a societal norm to go

dutch on the dates ok ok affected okay

Japanese are way more considered and

they're way more down-to-earth like I

see American girls they're like oh you

know like a girl who's clearly obese

being like oh i'm uncorruptable

have like a like a a down-to-earth scent

like they know like oh yeah I'm kind of

fat like you know they're very

self-aware yeah right so that's a big

thing and like girls here just way more

feminine way more I think I fit in here

because I'm a very masculine dominating

guy I walk into a room and I'm like all

right so what fuck's going on here I

slept through it I kind of take control

just just kind of how am I naturally am

and I being out here with these feminine

girls really really just resonates with

me I get guys it's fun and get guys that

talk shit back home like oh yeah you

left America because you know uh

whatever you can't handle you can't

handle American girls yeah I did I left

country full of fat women we were

fucking insufferable were riddled with

diseases and fucking who who are just

like just intolerable I was there from

2016 I got there uh March 2016 and I

left and March 2017 I was a fuck this I

was like I'm not dealing with this the

rest of my life I was gonna give it a

shot I went back home I started a

business it's successful it's doing its

thing right now but after being there

from up I was like the I'm gonna fuckin

kill myself if I stay here yeah yeah

listen women have a way of doing that

right like and it's funny you hear and

again like like ruch for example you

know I'm sure you're well aware him he

tells stories all the time you know when

he goes home to DC it's just it's just a

of course he's back in DC now but it's

almost like a culture shock overload all

over again like holy shit like I can't

believe you know it you know I can't

believe women are actually this horrible

I can't believe I can't believe that

women are like this it's almost like a

it's almost like a second culture shock

do you speak Japanese

out there yeah I'm a strong beginner

okay you don't need so when we when we

uh when we won World War two we changed

a lot of the rules out here every one of

them was mandatory English education

from sixth grade til the end of high

school so every Japanese person has a

semblance of understanding English okay

okay so it's not necessary to speak

Japanese to live out there not Alyssa no

girl wants to bang you like you said if

a girl wants your attention she will

click I think you were talking about on

your bachelor covering earlier today

yeah is if a girl wants you she'll climb

a fucking mountain to get yes you will

yes you're not and if that mountain is a

language barrier table climate I've done

it plenty of times I want to take like

gesturing I'm like can you put this in

your mouth got a couple of questions

here how long did it take you to learn

the Japanese that you that you speak now

uh well the thing is I I'm not a formal

speaker okay not a formal speaker and

and that and that's part of a running

game out here is in my opinion if you

want if you want to go deep on it is you

make them speak English

good right you bring them into your

frame right I call my girlfriend a car I

say listen here you you will you

Japanese devil I said I'm gonna

symbolize you I mean he was before I'm

gonna teach you about Jesus Christ she

love that said how they do they do what

Melissa my girlfriend libs uh she lives

about like two hours away right okay and

she pays five hundred dollars a month to

come see me whoa Wow every month she

pays $500 to come see me she puts in the

time ma'am she puts in that time yeah

and like you know a lot of guys saying

like well what if she what if she's

cheating on you or blah blah blah and my

response is like I don't care okay I got

bigger fish to fry right exactly I've

read minds out here like I've got to do

my work right so if she doesn't want to

get on this she's too stupid to realize

what she has and to see where I'm going

that's on her yeah that's her loss can

you you go ahead and do what you got to

do honestly dude you can replace I'm in

a n this is this the mentality you have

to have like I could like dude like I

could have 12 of you right like you have

to understand you said listen I don't go

out anywhere cuz there's so many

beautiful women out here and I think

your girlfriend knows and understands

and this is what this is what women in

America don't have that Japanese or this

is what American women have that

Japanese girls don't American women have

the abundance mentality Japanese girls

do not right now listen Japanese girls

are not really they're not really

attracted to Japanese guys at least not

as much as they used to be you know dude

you're a white guy out there you're

probably you can be swimming and pussy

if you wanted to got another question in

here from the chat where you from we

originally from I was born in Miami and

I was uh I was raised in Miami for 13

years then we moved to Orlando for 13

years okay for our florida kid very good

I miss I miss that those Spanish girls

oh yeah dude yeah I've been to Miami a

few times man it's uh it's always a good

time down in Miami

um so we talked about the the pros what

are some of the what are some of the

cons to dating Japanese girls what are

what are some not-so-great things

because obviously you know a lot of guys

you know what a lot of guys hear this

stuff oh here's a guy

living the life he's being in Japanese

girls isn't that in the other I want to

move out there I want to go on a

vacation what are some of the what are

some of the cons with with living in

japan dating japanese girls etc uh well

i mean you know you're african-american

and you got a lot of african-american

listeners yeah uh I'm the white guy out

here and let me tell you some racism is

real okay and you think it's bad in the

States like I've walked in places with

girls and they're like sorry we're

closed we don't deserve see them you

have a chip card you see that like

blatantly so I mean but at the same time

I could I could crying like it's the

Japanese say I could cry into my bowl of

ramen noodles you know I can sit there

and cried like all this I'm impressed

and bah blah blah but you know you find

the girls that want to fuck you right

there are some Japanese girls who will

only fuck Japanese guys so like I'm not

fucking the dirty Chinese guy enough

fucking a dirty white guy I'm not

fucking those dirty Spanish guys that's

the mentality okay okay like that in

China too it's like that Korea it's like


I mean racism is all over the world so

it is not going anywhere but that's just

like it's like you just gotta accept

that part of it it's just gonna happen

and but don't use it as a fucking crutch

of course not but I would I would say

that's that's the downside you know it's

like it's a it's a double-edged sword

because sometimes you go to party like

all the girls like oh shit I don't know

fucking Americans here you know no all

right next are Justin right right Yeah


alright you probably see it too like

white girls are like like black guys you

know Shirley oh yeah you should see this

I'm gonna start playing Drake really

loud or some shit Yeah right

until they find out I listen to Boston

and Kansas then they're you know it's

interesting that you brought up the fact

that racism is real and they're a lot

less and they're live there are a group

of people here in America a large group

of people

I call them fake-ass Perot blacks these

these are black people who do nothing

but bitch about racism yeah I mean I

racism right listen listen man black men

listen there is racism in America

there's no doubt about it but black

people think that they endure the worst

kind of racism

dude you

dude you got no fucking clue man you

think a white guy looking at you funny

when you walk into a convenience store

is racism nah man like you got you got

no idea dude I remember when I was in

Atlanta I showed a video YouTube video

to to a guy I was working with in

Atlanta called the beautiful game turned

ugly and the long and the short of it is

that there are player there were fans in

Europe throwing bananas in peanuts onto

the field because there is there is a

black soccer player on the field don't

like the racism the racism overseas I've

heard is ten times worse than it is here

in America yet we got American people

talking about Walter we need you know

protests than ever you know everything

listen man listen man if and racism is

bad like we get that but but but we we

have it so good here in America we

complain about even even trace amounts

of racism that doesn't that doesn't

really affect your life one way or the

other oh he looked at her funny or this

this newspaper ad or this magazine ad

portrayed a black right now dude nigga

shut the fuck up man but listen go

overseas go overseas and take your black

ass take your black ass too you know

Europe Ukraine you want to know about

racism go to Poland right dude O'Shea

Duke Jackson will do it he'll be doing

videos feel like look I can't be doing

this too loud I don't want to risk it

jump dude racism is real but it is far

worse over season and ever will be in

American I'm glad I'm glad you pointed

that out man it's funny cuz you know I

got a black friend out here from Africa

he's a Nigerian guy same Sasa

okay and it's so funny I was like you

know so you know I wasn't worried from

it clearly here you're an African yep

Africa accent right I said wait problem

like you know he's like you know I'm

from Nigeria he's like he's like don't

ever confuse me with those Ugandan not

one of those filthy Ugandan so funny

like dude I remember I was dating a

Puerto Rican girl and I'd like I didn't

know that I didn't know that she was

Puerto Rican I was like well what are

you like are you Dominican she's like

hmm she's like don't ever call me a dumb

minikin I was like oh my god like dude

it's it okay whatever

the point is is that there is that there

is racism like people take offense to

being to being classified to being

classified as the wrong race like he's

like I'm Nigerian but don't confuse me

with those dumb Ugandan I'm thinking

dude what

cuz the difference between Nigerians and

Uganda it's like I don't know I'm

American I don't know yeah so yeah but

what I guess would say is like don't use

it as a crutch it's not a crutch you

know like the more the more things that

you notice in your dating life that you

don't tackle head-on these problems will

follow you forever I listen I tell guys

all the time cuz dude I've been all over

the world man if not now here's the

thing when I did all my world traveling

you know I did it I mean I did it before

I learned about the red pill you have a

little bit of fun but not as much fun

but but guys don't understand they think

that they can just pick up and move to

Japan or or move to Ukraine or or you or

move to Poland and all of a sudden are

gonna be up to their eyeballs and pussy

look dude if you if you can't handle

American girls you're not gonna be able

to handle girls overseas either so

you're gonna have to get your shit

straight and just like you said you're

using it as a crutch hundred fifty

percent let me tell you how Japanese

girls pimp these fucking losers that

come out here okay so let's all dude no

this this this will fucking make your

head explode all right so these dudes

they've been fucking nerds the whole

life to come out here and then they get

they finally get a girl right because

just on the fact that they or I go from

America yeah you get the foreign car but

what they don't know is that this bitch

has been conniving from day one to get

married with him right what they do is

they end up getting married and then

there is a certain traditional way of

Japanese living right where the man okay

this shit will never fucking happen in

my household but the man hands over all

of his salary to the wife and she gives

him an allowance and he controls all the

finances and she uses it for the kids

and all this stuff and these dudes end

up slaving away their whole life working

he's dead in English teaching jobs so

she can live life on her terms

you know that kind of girl to also

cheats on this kind of guy

because believe it's pimp or be pimp

like Katt Williams said yeah

relationships in business it's Pam or

maybe pimp that's it

wow that dude that is a listen I have

never heard that before

so again just just just to sort of recap

what you just said if a Japanese girl

knows that you are an American sim right

you get over there she knows that you

ain't she knows that you don't have

experience with women right she gives

you the goods oh I want to marry you

guys like oh my god it's my lucky day

so in Japanese it's Japanese tradition

right then if you live in Japan that you

hand over your entire salary to that

woman and she decides what happens to

your money like are you kidding me get

an allowance like a ten-year-olds Wow

dude you have been warned gentlemen dude

I had never heard that before man that

is unbelievable not now shake does it it

doesn't happen to because there are

Japanese alphas out here let me tell you

something dude they may have like this

global reputation of being pussies but

how big how they really run this game

it's vicious when I meet the Japanese

alphas they're like don't even fucking

look at me I met a guy Yakuza oh right

uh I've only branded - yeah cos at one

time but that that was so that's a

different story

okay my boy he was a host and basically

these guys are pimps and he would tell

me like how he ran his game like he

would he would jerk off and come on the

floor of the kitchen like you need to

lick it up while wearing this dog Carlo

oh yes oh yes deep conversion game

brother and these girls were literally

linked in that game uproar they couldn't

get enough of it and he's a little short

chubby guy you just you know just had

that ruthless gang it's all it is all up

here Wow that dude I'm telling you what

man that little ten minute stretch that

that's the best 10 minutes of the

program okay so we're gonna we're gonna

round third and head for home here it

talks about you've talked you've talked

about tripling your your ten

I don't listen I don't know I don't want

you to give that away for free but give

us a little tip if you guys want to

learn more about this go to modern life

dating comm and click on the tripling

your tinder but what is tripling your to

like like give us a little bit of a

tidbit what is that predicated on it's

basically most guys don't know ok I will

say this the the average American girl

and you could you could testify on this

for sure

the average American girl is so good at

marketing herself on yes Graham Cora

seems better than she actually is amount

of times I met a girl from Instagram and

are from tinder have been completely

happy and satisfied and not let down a

zero every time I'd be like oh fuck this

girls less hotter or less you know guys

just don't know how to market themselves

correctly they're gonna take proper

photos okay get it right reading you're

gonna write intriguing BIOS yep and also

ways to I'll give you a free hint right

now there's waste bypass tinder like the

first girls Instagram is linked on

tinder you know make sure your Instagram

game is on point and then you directly

message her through and through tinder

via her Instagram line and you filter

out is she is she and is she just on

tinder to build her Instagram following

or she on there to get fucking some dick

you know you've got to know how to alter

it out yeah but there's there's multiple

layers to this but you know it's

something I cover in that program yeah

listen again listen modern life dating


okay it's right up there triple your

tinder and listen you know fortunately

fortunately for me I've never been

listen I've never been on any kind of

dating site whatsoever you hear about

tinder and plenty of fish and OkCupid

I had the how can I put this I had the I

don't want to say the misfortune but I

learned like I learned red pill game in

Las Vegas and when you find the red pill

in Las Vegas dude you don't need a

dating app there is pussy literally

swimming everywhere all the time

oh that being said I wish I had gotten

on a dating app when I was out there

because that would dude that would have

saved me a shitload of time in a

Lona money and a lot of guy listen a lot

of guys and girls just don't really

interact that well because their faces

are always in their fucking phones all

the time and so and guys know women

ain't shit they're really not worth

spending time or money on so they're

swiping right you know swiping right for

ass and people always talk

well Millennials or halls on their

phones and nobody ever meets up anymore

and girls in particular well guys don't

know how to talk to women and that well

that's because you guys advertise

yourselves all the time you guys ain't

shit so what why would you expect a man

to invest in you if you're putting the

shit out there for free yeah like Dave

Chappelle said in his stand-up you know

you flooded the market of pussy yes yes

plus you thought the price would be

plummeting right now listen pussy is

cheap pussy is a pussy is a dime a dozen

man and with this influx of sex dolls

and listen we can sit here and make fun

of sex dolls all we want to okay that's

fine and listen I'll make fun us I'll

make fun of guys who fucks sex dolls

that's fine but guess what I don't blame

them and listen I'm telling you what man

the techno the technology is only gonna

get better dude dude in 10 12 years

you're gonna have sex dolls out here

that look talk and fuck fuck about as

close to human beings as humanly

possible it might not even be that far

off and once that happens and once that

happens dude the price of pussies going

way down now and dude regular regular

women who are flesh and blood are gonna

be shit out of luck yeah yeah no I think

right now we're at a turning point in

the culture yes not you not to get

political or anything but no I think

that the fact that Donald Trump got

elected is a huge win for men whether

these guys are like infuriated right

like oh my god why would he say that

because Donald Trump showed that America

still wants real men that's right what

was on TV saying grab her by the pussy

and he got he got to become the fucking

president fuckin got elected exactly

exactly and and in addition to that for

red pill guys what he said is a hundred

percent true because I've seen a friend

of mine I want to I want to just make a

quick point yeah right my I've seen my


my buddy has a pretty pretty very you

know touching story

he got testicular cancer two times when

he was 26 and he's 27 Oh

if mid 26 they chopped off one of his

nuts and it came back at 27 oh and he

defeated it again right so I've been

friends with him all his 20s and then he

was on a vh1 television show is on not

eight episodes of a ten episode series

and I saw him switch

I saw him become famous right we you

probably don't even know who he is okay

no you know he's like you know famous if

you would and I'm Eric took his phone

one time and I just got on tinder and I

started swiping and it was every girl

was a match every girl was a match and

every girl started hitting him up

directly and being like trying to close

him there was one girl in specific right

on her Facebook he showed me he's like

look how fucking hypocritical this

bitch's on her Facebook she's like I'm

an avid feminist like this girl's

textbook feminist tattoos on the inside

of her arms right yeah works at

Starbucks white girl frizzy hair and

just like you know women's rights and we

don't need big the patriarchy and this

girl was in my bro's DMS begging him

literally begging him please let me come

over I'll just suck your dick and leave

like this is gross interaction first

interaction she said let me come over

let me suck your dick and leave let me

suck your dick yeah yeah so like when

when the Don said that shit about like

you know gravely yeah they let you grab

them by the pussy whatever it's true so

he will be president for the next

upcoming seven years okay and we're

gonna start steam things get a little

bit better I think that the men that are

you know men like you and I now we're

doing God's work yeah and in addition to

that I think we're at a turning point

now because what we're at in in this

point in society is that we are in an

information war yes we're on the side of

and the truth always wins so for the

guys who are like worried and shit about

what's gonna happen just stick it out

stick it out do what you got to do get

yourself a few girls learn game handle

yourself and things are gonna get better

without without a shadow of a doubt

we're gonna see things change in my

opinion Jonathan it's been a pleasure

man I listen I can't thank you enough

for making the time for us this evening

or this morning where you're at

guys you listen you can find Jonathan at

modern life dating comm he does Skype

sessions he does coaching triple your

tender which is which which is what we

just talked about he often calls in to

the to the Redman groom so again you

guys can you guys can catch him on that

as well you should probably reach out to

either role or Anthony I think I think

if they knew who you were I don't see a

problem with them bringing you want as a

guest any parting any parting shots

anything you want to promote before

before you go ahead and cut off today's

broadcast I'll just say that I did talk

to Rollo and I will be on the Redman

group eventually with you good Oh Sean

okay one step ahead of me and yeah and

uh sign I would say say subscribe to my

youtube because I'm actually getting

ready to launch a new series that I'll

be doing it's a it's a video series no

one's gonna be called this is actually

exclusive only for your show nobody

knows about this okay

but I'm launching a series called

exposing feminism okay and I work on a

couple feminists right now I'm working

on one who is trying to extort Japanese

culture and like she's trying to

manipulate an aspect of Japanese culture

to look like female oppression and she's

doing it to rake in cash and I'm about

to make oh a YouTube expose on her and

lo this bitch off the water that's what

we like to see man we like exposing

bitches we exposed a bitch on the show

Sunday night Rollo and I went in on I'm

not gonna say her name again

but ever since after we did that show

this bitch blot to everybody she blocked

everybody on the Redman group a dude my

girlfriend actually had like a secret

Twitter account that she went because

this girl had blocked her - this girl

went in so my girlfriend went on and on

a secret Twitter account went on to this

girl's Twitter page she had Billy

everything that had to do with attention

whoring right so he pulled her card and

so now she's blocked everybody and now

she's on the straight and narrow until

of course the next big thing comes along

so yeah listen we tell men had to be

good with women but dude we are not

above button fucking bitches on blast

dude fuck those fucking bitches no no is

that your girl Keaton Holliday no my

girlfriend is not kidding Holliday

that's who I know but that's who I was

talking about yeah was that was

definitely definitely cutting Holliday

she blocked us all she blocked us all I

had be for her back in 2016 because I

just said hey listen bitch get off of

Twitter and go raise your fucking son

right he's already fucked up like don't

be a whore anymore you've already fucked

up his life by being single god I know I

was raised by single mom it's fucked

it's not your son is fighting an uphill

battle oh my god

yeah I'm just like bitch get go cook

your son a fucking pie

dude she's the typical groupie she's the

typical red bull groupie make America

great again and oh no no sweetheart like

it's just I dude I'm over and I'm glad

she's over us dude because she blocked

everybody and again a buddy of mine says

well listen dude well and why did she

block it like she she used our platform

to get all these thirsty followers why

would she block us I listen because guys

can't stay thirsty with dudes like us

around that's why like it the dude she

knows the jig is up she knows the jig is

up she has to you know she has to pick

up her tent and pitch it somewhere else

that's that's really all there is to it

absolutely yeah man yes this guy I'm

glad we shared mutual disdain for her oh

jesus fucking christ you know it's funny

I'm secretly hoping that she has the

balls to call into the Redman group

again oh my god that would be that would

be that would be must-see TV so again

Jonathan thank you for making time with

us for making time for us tonight dude

hit me anytime if you want if you ever

start a YouTube show dude I'm at your

disposal man if you want me to be a

guest I'll certainly be there to help

you jump it off modern life dating

dot-com is where to find his information

Jonathan thank you for being on the show

man we'll talk soon brother yeah check

me out on youtube I am on there modern

life dating thanks so much

yeah modern life dating I'm actually

gonna link it in the blog

was then I put on my website so I'll

make sure I get the word out awesome

thanks man take care all right take care

all right that was Jonathan from Modern

Life dating modern life dating calm

always good to have guys like that on

the show he is a he is he is a hardcore

he is certainly a hardcore red pillar

you know he listen he's like me

he is GPS on her phone key logger on her

phone you know make sure she doesn't get

over on you you know etc etc and listen

I'm looking forward to that to that

expose he's doing on this on this bitch

is trying to exploit Japanese culture so

I'm certainly certainly certainly

looking forward to that

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR prime time

shout out to Captain Crunch 420 mister

make NY Kea 31 red Jedi the jack man I

am Legend suede senator wizard

Darcy Mills Sammy 8 high and sharp

assist the Mod Squad in the chat thanks

for watching tonight guys I will see you



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