Why are so many women making false rape accusations? (Ep. 299)


Despite what the media would lead you to believe, it’s an open secret among Red Pill aware men that false rape accusations have become a huge problem. Women who publicly accuse men of rape have been proven to be liars time and again, yet, the public is still advocating ridiculous campaigns like #MeToo, “It’s On Us”, and “No More”.


Though there seems to be an increasing awareness of false rape accusations, women continue to make them at an increasing rate. As a result, we’re beginning to see patterns emerging with every (crocodile) tearful count of these harrowing tales of treachery.


How to Avoid False Rape Accusations

Jury awards man $8.4 million for false rape accusation




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all right well let's go ahead and get to

it guys mm-hmm despite what what

mainstream media would lead you to

believe it's an open secret at least

here in the manosphere and men who are

red pill aware that false rape

accusations are increasing in frequency

every time we turn around some dude is

getting accused of rape or a sexual

assault or sexual misconduct or whatever

else they want to add to the charges or

the rap sheet what's more is that rape

is rarely used anymore and the reason

for that is that rapist binary it either

happened or it did not now I've talked

about this in a previous episode but

women and the mainstream media they

figured this out listen women are a lot

of things guys stupid isn't one of them

we've had we've actually had a few women

exposed as liars when they're false rate

when they're when there are rape

accusations turn out to be false

Jackie Coakley comes to mind at the

University of Virginia guys remember

that Rolling Stone did a whole did a

whole article on that Emma so quits the

mattress girl at Columbia University and

of course we all remember crystal Mangum

and the Duke Lacrosse case what has

happened recently because of this is

that women are no longer saying that men

are raping them because in order for a

man to be charged with the crime of rape

all of the elements have to be met and

for those of us who aren't lawyers or

cops I'll explain it to you this way and

I'm not a lawyer a cop at all you know I

went to paralegal school for what a year

and some change of course that's where I

met Amy and my life fell apart and all

that the worst start break of my life

you know patreon.com port / Donovan

sharp anyway in order for a man to be

charged with the crime of rape or the

crime of forcible rape okay

element number one sexual intercourse

element number two is by force or by

threat and element number three is the

lack of consent by the victim all right

a meal and obviously the elements

slightly vary from jurisdiction to

jurisdiction but by and large

those are the elements that are

necessary the problem women ran into is

that the problem they're running into is

that after all of these false rape

allegations came to light is that judges

are not as quick to arrest men when they

go crying to the cops now don't get me

wrong guys they're still locking dudes

up with little to no evidence but the

story of the quote victim but but not as

much as not as much as they used to the

usage don't get me wrong they still take

women at their word hey he raped me okay

let's lock him up right but not as much

as they use as the use of field

well feminism has predictably wised up

and they've decided and they decided to

sort of broaden the definition of rape

by giving it new names and new

definitions sexual assault is the new

big one and and and and what the media

does is that they use now sexual assault

to publicly convict men now sexual

assault obviously has elements to but

the very first element is an act of

sexual violence against a person and

that is where women have added

subjectivity to these elements guys

sexual violence can be characterized it

can be characterized to mean anything

from just touching a woman's arm or even

saying something if a woman feels she's

been sexually assaulted she can go to

the cops and say an act of sexual

violence has been committed against me

he grabbed my ass that sexual assault he

said he wanted to fuck me that sexual

assault you know he texted me a dick pic

sexual assault the media has now grouped

sexual assault in with rape so a man

accused of sexual assault is also quasi

accused of rape and since of course rape

sounds a lot worse that's the word that

is used the most so the question is at

this point is why do women make false

rape accusations what's the motivation

well I'm gonna answer these questions

but the first thing we're gonna do is

we're gonna talk about how to know a

rape accusation is false and there are

three elements to just about every false

rape accusation out there there

things that just about every false rape

accusation has in common at this time if

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accusation or a woman falsely accusing

you or another man of some sort of myth

some sort of sexual misconduct give me a

call 911 for two oh five five three five

six let's go ahead and get started get

get the started here how do we know a

fault a rape accusation is false there

are three elements involved three things

that ever that most every false rape

accusation has in common

number one skipped a slide there they

tell more than one person but not

the police I'm gonna repeat that they

tell more than one person but not to the

but not the police a woman who has been

forced to have sex against her will she

feels violated and ashamed now many of

these women keep the ordeal to

themselves now this is a woman who's

truly been raped some may tell a close

friend or a confidante and leave it at

that and some they may never tell us so

they may never tell anybody not even law

enforcement but a female who has drunken

sex with a tinder match then decides it

was rape the next morning because he

left her apartment before she woke up

and hasn't heard from him since who

tells everyone but the cops that bitch

is lying girl again I said it earlier in

the show girls are a lot of things guys

stupid isn't one of them they are well

they're well aware of the fact that if

they go to the cops they'll be forced to

give details and be subjected to

questions to actually prove her claim if

she if she wasn't really raped she'll

have to fabricate a story which opens up

a whole other can of worms like like

perjury which is against the law a court

of law gentlemen requires proof the

court of public opinion however does not

again women are keenly aware of this so

what do they do they go to the court of

public opinion knowing full well that

men are guilty till proven innocent

right in a court of law they're innocent

till proven guilty or at least that can

be argued in the court of public opinion

of guilty till proven innocent another

false rape accusation tell is when asked

why she didn't report the alleged rape

to the cops the go-to statements all

seem to be like well I was embarrassed

or I didn't want to bring shame to my

family so let me get this straight you

can tell everyone you know about your

horrifying experience without shame or

embarrassment but you can't give that

same story to law enforcement or the

cops you didn't you you decided to just

keep that to yourself

you decided to tell everybody else but

the cops know if a woman accuses a man

of rape but doesn't go to the cops that

doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't

raped but if she doesn't go to the cops

but she tells other people it's probably

a false rape accusation

the second element the second way we can

tell a rape accusation

is false this one's simple the sex was


again I stated in the past guys that the

term date rape that's a myth right if a

woman is forced to have sex against her

will she has been raped it's that simple

whether or not she knew the guy who

raped her

doesn't matter neither does the fact

neither neither does the fact that she

was on a date or a meet-up

a woman was either raped or she was not

women used the turn date women used the

term date rape to muddy the waters when

it comes to the details of her sexual

encounter with the accused if she knows

that she willingly engaged in sex but

then turns around and makes a false rape

accusation she'll say she was date raped

to cover up the fact that the sex that

occurred was not forced again remember

what's the fruit what was the element

number one sexual intercourse okay she's

got that element number two has to be

forced an element number three element

number three I'll have to scroll up it

was a he didn't have consent he fucked

her okay

she gave him consent obviously at that

point the sex was consensual and it

wasn't forced well guess what since none

of the three elements are met now she's

gonna call it date rape that's what

that's another one of those subjective

analysis having the one-night stand with

a guy who never calls her texts again

isn't rape neither is a friend with

Bennet neither is a fuck buddy who ghost

on her after a few weeks so if a woman

says she was raped but then admits the

sex was consensual she is making a false

rape accusation period there are no two

ways about it

the third element to most every or the

third thing that most every false rape

accusation has in common is that her

offender is wealthy celebrity pro

athlete politicians someone with a lot

of status a lot of public pull women are

motivated women are motivated by a lot

of things and money is near the top of

that list good-looking women gentlemen

they have used their looks to acquire

money and resources for generation right

we all listen from call girls strippers

prostitutes who cash out early you know

to attractive girls who are smart enough

to take the long term strategy and marry

high-value man at a young age females

know and understand that their aesthetic

beauty is and always will be their meal

ticket when all else fails they can say

whatever they want well it's my brains

no sweetheart it's your beauty I think I

think Mike Epps said it in one film he

said it's not Djibouti

it's a beauty listen it is the booty and

the beauty when a woman falsely accuses

a celebrity a professional athlete or a

man with I don't know a seven or an

eight figure Net Worth you can bet your

ass it's a money grab today's attractive

females they feel entitled to cash and

gifts for their vaginas and when they're

fucked and sucked by a man with wealth

they accuse him of sexual assault or

rape to get paid they couldn't care less

if you could if the guy the accused

serves jail time or not they don't care

about that they don't want to prosecute

it in Criminal Court because if he goes

away to jail then guess what he's not

gonna have access to his money they're

in it for the money and nothing else a

few summers ago I wrote about then

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose's

false rape ordeal aside from the lack of

evidence what tipped me off to this

money grab was the fact that the accuser

didn't want him prosecuted criminally

she she pursued justice in civil court

and asked for millions in pain and

suffering they asked her do you want to

press charges no I don't want to press

charges I want to go to civil court as I

correctly predicted which usually isn't

too difficult to do in these cases Rose

easily won his case and didn't pay that

bitch a dime

listen Chicago Blackhawks forward

Patrick Kane was also fortunate enough

to beat a false recap rape accusation

without having to pay off the accuser

everyone knows that celebrities

professional athletes wealthy men rich

men they don't need to rape women

these guys get pussy thrown at them all

the time from every direction there's no

need to take something illegally when

it's offered up so freely and frequently

it is for that reason alone that most

people read to where otherwise know that

when a woman makes a rape accusation

against a man of financial means and

would rather be awarded in punitive

damages for her pain and suffering than

seeing her attacker put in prison that's

a false rape accusation ten times out of

ten straight up the false rape

accusation is one of the precious few


not even anymore it's one of the many

circumstances where women have a decided

advantage over men again females are

acutely aware of this and they exploit

it whenever they damn well please for

whatever reason they damn well please

and we're gonna get into that in a

second always keep the motivations that

I just listed above in the front of your

mind when fucking around with women on

any level all she has to do to turn your

life upside down is to make a false rape

accusation against you and she doesn't

lose a wink of sleep over because she

knows that the worst case scenario for

her is better than the best case

scenario for you TSR hang on a second

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the second half of the show all right

even the looks good to see you in here

even deluxe man tell your boy to call

back in so he can get roasted again on

air listen I like it when I get my like

being cross-examined on air man I like I

like to I like to verbally joust with

people as you guys you know can promote

can probably imagine I love talking with

people who disagree with me especially

especially on Red Mill truth be it

because Red Mill truth isn't in opinion

this is a fuckin fact like it's so funny

when people say well the red pill is

just an opinion no no no no no no the

red pill is the fucking truth that's why

bitches don't want dudes

that's why bitches don't want dudes not

about this stuff that's why they're

trying to shut us down why we're giving

you all the combination to the pussy

there used to look there they're used to

getting you know cash and gifts for the

pussy we're teaching on how to get it

for free they don't want that out there

and fuck up their whole game all right

sharpest Issus being a creep in his

isn't against the law and neither is

complying to a man because she feels he

is more powerful than she is

yeah that's another excuse that women

use well he's so much more powerful and

who would Billy know well then you

shouldn't have fucked him in the first

place like I just got done listening to

a to that to the latest season of ESPN's

34:30 audio they have the 34:30 on TV

and then they have the 34:30 podcast and

the first season was great all kinds of

dude all kinds of awesome stories you

you've definitely got to check that out

the latest they dedicated this entire

season to Bikram Chowdhury the guy who

invented Bikram yoga

me and all this was right is and you

guys can look this up he has been

accused of rape by I think six women six

or seven women guess what guys the LA

district attorney's office did not press

charges would you like to know why

because the elements of

rape were not met not only that Jill

Lawler the one who came forward and has

the the crazy story to tell the way she

told it was unbelievable she says that

she had gone up to it here's how it goes

here's how Co said I'm gonna and this

has everything to do with the false rape

accusation here's how it went

so NY kia says thirty four thirty is

gold totally agree here's how this went

and 408 I see you there on the line I'm

gonna get to you in just a second so she

signs up for teacher training and of

course word on the street was that

Vikram was acting inappropriate week

inappropriately appropriately with young

hot girls right he told to come up to

that room they'd rumbled down I guess he

was fucking him I don't know we don't

know here's how it went so she goes up

to his room because he summoned her to

massage him and according to her like he

told her to keep going massage you know

massaging further and further up until

he's telling her to like you know suck

his dick like my balls whatever um he

fell asleep and Jill ended up stick she

actually stayed in the room after he

fell asleep so and she said that just

like sharpest is said because she felt

that he was so much more powerful than

she was well I didn't want to get sent

home you know so I stayed in his room

okay so the next day vikrum vikrum kits

are outside and he tells her look my bad

please forgive me I was drunk

you know um you know listen not nothing

will ever happen again

I promise you just don't tell anybody

keep this between us you know I'll make

you one of my best students and I'll you

know I'll give you a contract for a new

studio like he told her all this stuff

right so at that point Jill Waller had

two choices she could either go to the

cops and she could she had three choices

she could either go to the police and

actually there were there was not a

crime committed but you know she could

either she can either accept Vikram's

apology or she could just leave and and

eliminate herself from that particular

situation she accepted Vikram's apology

what happened the very next night he

calls her up to his room again this time

it escalates and she said and I quote I

figured what the fuck I may as well get

this over with so he pressured her into

having sex and she's and according to

her she said no stop I don't want to

have sex with you he didn't rape her

she decided to have sex with him because

he was pressed

during her to have sex listen having sex

with a guy because he pressures you to

have sex that's not rape sweetheart

that is consensual sex that's not rape

here is the icing on the cake

so Jill is all damaged in this and that

any other years I think it was like a

year and a half two years later she and

you guys will have to listen to this

whole season it was just it was

unbelievable and I'm and I'm really

cutting out a lot of the details but

years later I think a year and a half

two years later she goes to India

because she - - and of course now she

she's claiming that Bikram had raped her

she hadn't come forward yet but she

wanted to get away from Bikram yoga she

threw herself into yoga and missing that

in the other so she said she needed

closure so she goes to India where

Vikram's cousin is teaching some sort of

yoga class and Vikram is in India Bikram

summons Jill Lawler to his to his studio

in India where he fucks her again and in

that thirty four thirty podcasts they

characterized it as rape so you mean to

tell me that things got inappropriate he

apologised you accepted his apology

nothing happened you went up to his room

again you fucked him went to another

country fucked him again but you want to

say he ranked you bitch dude please with

that nonsense so basically the whole

ESPN 30 for 30 season was five episodes

about Bikram Chowdhury and how much of a

creepy is right and dude Devin Devin

actually I was I'm telling Devin about

this all the time listen it's not a good

I mean just like sharpest is sad just

like sharpest has said it's not against

the law to be a creep but guess what

it's not against a lot of button dude a

guy who pressures you into sex if you

succumb to that pressure that is not

rape what you need to do is get the fuck

out of there dude if you were so scared

that he was gonna rape you why did you

go back up to the room again why did you

fuck him again in India because he

didn't rape you that's the way that goes

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call area code 408 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey what's up Donovan

good afternoon thanks for the call here

just thanks for sharing that Vikram

story I didn't know about that was

pretty enticing

messed up too but not sure I thought

they'd be relevant to today's topics and

Today Show not sure if you heard about

Snoop Dogg and get caught cheating with

that one IG thought and I thought this

would be kind of relevant because you

know the only reason why this girl you

know this thought kind of snitched on

Snoop Dogg was because you know homie

only paid her like two grand and I guess

this bitch was expecting like 10 15 or

20 grand so to get back at him

you know now he now she's going on IG

and exposing him like that so you know I

just don't understand man like these

feminists today the faculty talk about

like being strong independent woman but

then you talk about these rape

allegations being all very

counterintuitive hypocrite cuz I just

want to pick your brain just had some

had some at it this year to the show on

that thanks Donovan yeah thanks for the

call on area code for a week yeah

listen I just looked it up and hang on a

second smoo cheating with IG model yeah

Selena Powell apparently he was cheating

with an Instagram model and I guess just

like area code 408 said yeah the whore

with the most yeah right he then deluxe

as Selena Powell yeah um yeah listen and

again you guys are correctly predicting

the show like I'm gonna talk about this

later on in the show so snoop 8 Hertz so

snoop didn't pay her as much as she

thought she was gonna get so he raped me

this is what bitches do man and just

like he said bitches are all about I'm

strong and independent guess what when

they call the cops

listen if a woman thinks she's thinks

she's an imminent danger and she calls

the cops on a man she doesn't want to

women cops she wants male cops

that's who she wants 911 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call area code two four zero you're on

live with Donovan go ahead yeah hey man

mrs. schap is great for PG with Zoe

what's up brother how you doing man man

I can't call it man it's so weird it's

like every time I read one of your

articles a listen one of your show I

can't hit with the exact thing I read

about in real life there are the day I

was on reality of kings and I was

reading one of your articles about like

transactional sex yep

and it's just it just so happens another

one of my co-workers that is over him

complaining about you know he was like

oh I mean he was a complainer he's like

yeah man my girl you know I mean she's

doing this she's slapping me up you know

I get I get that sex like we have we

first met and I was thinking I was like

okay two weeks ago you were talking

about how you haven't had sex in like a

month and a half and I was just

pondering I was like I know why he just

hit like the lottery for like a thousand

to $2,500 I was like trying to use that

sex to get what she want I was like fuck

no dude of course he didn't listen

he ended up fixing her car you know and

he ended up like she came to him you

know doing with using the sex as that

like you know curl on the end of the

stick shit man and he fell for it

unbelievable and listen the article he's

referring to I believe is one of my

latest articles on return of Kings three

ways three ways women women manipulate

men I think that's what yes the three

most common manipulation tactics women

will use out of it yeah that's one and

listen sex is absolutely a way that

women will use to manipulate men

absolutely so the nigga won the lottery

now all of a sudden the bitch wants to

suck his dick trust and believe after

that money is gone listen after that

money is gone he's gonna have desert

dick again I promise you I already know

what time it is and before goes another

thing that uh I remember exact when I

get home because I took note but

everything that you say I swear the

beans like it just comes back full

circle because either I'll see it

personally or I overhear somebody at my

job and I'm like okay vomited this and

this is what's happening and it's a it's

exactly the way that you said it's gonna

be man it's just crazy like you just got

it down to a science man I'm a disciple

of Donovan now I'm not turning back man

now that I know this shit I'm not

turning back well I appreciate the

endorsement jewel and thanks for calling

me too for oh thanks for calling my show

yeah listen and a lot of people's and a

lot of people I get emails and texts all

the time you know from guys that say hey

listen like like the stuff that you talk

about it comes true like to the letter


you know this stuff y'all I've been in

the game for 10 going on 10 years man

dude if you I'm telling you right now

man you fuck with enough women if you're

around women long enough and dude I was

in the HOH capital of the world Las

Vegas Nevada for eight years you see

dude there is not a story that you don't

see or hear at least 10 times the red

pill what the red pill teaches men to do

is is is well I'm gonna put this the red

pill has so thoroughly and so accurately

dissected women and for the record women

are not complex creatures I said it the

other day on the red man group dude

women are as simple as a fucking

cardboard box man all you have to do all

you have to know is how it is is is is

what makes them tick

attention sex and money pretty much it's

more complicated than that

but women are simple creatures the red

pill so thoroughly and accurately dye

sex women as soon as it clicks for you

you know what a woman is gonna do before

she even does it like you know what's

gonna happen like if your woman mentions

a guy at work for example like for

example Devin today said yeah you know

that the the guy it's a guy's name I'm

not gonna say his name on there but he's

the head of the sales department yeah he

brought his dog in he's such a cute dog

so now I'm putting that now that that's

in the back of my mind right that's in

the back of my mind now all of a sudden

of course you know I've got I've got all

sorts of you know monitoring devices and

all that and she did this because she

wanted to UM I required it but she had

to listen she had to give me permission

and for the record never force a woman

to give you access to her phone she has

to give it to you if she wants to if she

wants to if if she wants to be

completely transparent but she mentioned

this guy for the first time out of

nowhere right asked a few questions well

how closely do you work with him bla bla

bla bla bla so guess what now he's in

the back of my mind right so now and

again am I worried about this guy taking

her from me

probably not but guess what if he does

he does that's part of the game I move

on end of discussion

but when your woman all of a sudden just

mentions a guy from work just out of the


heat listen keep an eye keep an eye on

that because women don't just mention

shit for no reason right and they

they cannot help their nature they just

can't help it um let's see

Oh gamble says red pill cuts through all

the deception the bitches beyond

straight-up I'm trying to tell you man

I'm trying to tell you

even Deluxe's whores are a walking

paradox that's funny Nikki ob no accused

two football players of sexual assault

because she wanted a game sympathy and

sympathy points from a guy she had

feelings for after getting spit dude I

swear to God spits unbelievable

unbelievable unbelievable men what dude

look you guys gonna give away the show

let's listen let's go ahead and get to

it why are so many women making false

rape accusations there are five main

reasons number one its attention okay

girls are like children guys women are

overgrown children they want all the

time they want attention all the time

whether it's positive or negative does

not matter to them women want attention

whether whether it's positive or

negative just like children like it like

if a kid isn't getting the attention

that he wants from him he or she wants

from his his or her parents at a young


they start to act up right they start to

act up so that they get the attention of

their parents and their mind negative

attention is still attention at least

they're paying attention to me right

this is what this is what they say a

girl will dress like a slut in public

and even though it gets negative

attention mostly from women of course

they still revel in that attention guys

falsely falsely accusing a man of rape

gets her attention along with sympathy

like likes wave senator just said right

and the accolades you're so brave for

coming forward Emma so quits the

mattress girl at Columbia was awarded

the Women of Courage Award a few years

ago and was at N was invited to attend

the State of the Union address as a

guest of Michelle Obama what did she do

after that she made a porn movie and

then we found out that the guy didn't


he literally just curbed her he fucked

her a few times and he didn't want to be

with her anymore and she could handle it

there's no downside there's no downside

if you go public with a rape accusation

so the number one reason number one

reason women make false rape accusations

is for attention

number two money I said this before at

the top of the show and this comes

mainly from professional athletes men of

means rich men etc etc again Patrick

Kane was falsely accused Derrick Rose

was falsely accused I wrote about that

on return of Kings listen this this this

Derrick Rose bitch she got gang-raped

for gang rape she got gangbanged by

Derrick Rose and his whole crew right

sent a bunch of dude they sent a bunch

of text message they sent about two text

messages they got that they got the text

messages he wasn't charged because the

evidence supported his image the

evidence that supported his innocence

was insurmountable they dude they had

the text message conversation was like

yo me and my homeboys waiting on you you

know what it is blah blah blah blah so

basically she got gangbanged right they

probably fucked her in the ass probably

nut it all over her face she probably

swallowed a few losed

or somebody probably gave her the the

dirty sanchez right but they could but

but because she didn't get money from

him just like the Snoop Dogg case she

decided to say that he and his homeboys

raped him rape raped her she didn't want

him prosecuted criminally she went after

him in civil court because she wanted

money let's look at the kobe bryant

situation in Eagle Colorado right Kobe

Bryant had to settle out of court

okay do you think that listen and this

was so new at that time we all we all

thought Kobe raped her Kobe Bryant

doesn't have to rape bitches go beep

dude she probably dude he probably gave

her like a diamond bracelet and that

wasn't enough for her so she decided to

say you know what he raped me and dude

Kobe Kobe has to roll over and play dead

and hope he doesn't go to jail he ended

up paying the bitch off in court no shit

big fucking surprise Garry uncomely a

few years back was drafted by the

Oakland Raiders he was formerly of Ohio


he got accused of rape before the draft

now that story magically disappeared

right because as soon as she found out

he was a first-round he

here's the thing here's the thing the

story disappeared because it was looking

more and more like a false rape

accusation now the girl probably didn't

know who he was when she first took tup

with him but as soon as she found out

that holy shit like that dude I fucked

last night is a first-round draft pick

oh yeah I think I was raped so when a

woman accuses a professional athlete of

rape it is definitely a money play

without a doubt professional athletes

gentlemen like I said they don't need to

rape women okay they get again women who

fuck professional athletes think that

they should be financially compensated

in some way a lot of them get pregnant

and set themselves up that way we don't

we've all heard about that but if she

just gets fucked and shucked and knows

he's not gonna keep her around

she'll accuse him of rape and hope for

settlement at a pole at a court women

want to be paid for their pussies

especially attractive women reason

number three why so many women are

making false rape accusations it makes

them feel attractive women want a lot of

things they want money they want the

latest clothes they want the latest

iPhones they want material possessions

they want all kinds of stuff but the

thing they want the very most is to be

desired ten out of ten women will tell

you that they that they would rather be

dumb and hot than to be smart and

unattractive hang on a second here

having some internet problems

oh boy alright alright sorry well

obviously on the replay this is this is

gonna be this is gonna be smooth as silk

I don't know what's going on obviously

my internet is going in and out but I'm

just gonna go ahead and continue on it

makes them feel attractive right and

like I said most every woman would tell

you that they would rather be dumb and

hot than to be smart and unattractive

hot women they live better lives and

unattractive ones regardless of how

smart or dumb they are okay unattractive

women who are smart would trade places

with a dumb hot woman tomorrow if they

could a false rape accusation tells the

world look at me I'm so desirable I'm so

attractive a man couldn't control

himself he wanted me so bad he raped me

he wanted me so badly he was willing to

break the law he was willing to go to

jail in exchange for fucking me most

sexual harassment claims at work come

from unattractive women the claim itself

is an automatic marker of attraction

that fatty wants people to know that she

was sexually harassed because that's

proof that she's sexually attractive

same with rape when a woman falsely

accuses a man of rape it is unspoken Val

it is an unspoken validation of their

sexual allure and their physical

attractiveness all right let me see if I

can get the internet thing straightened

out here give me two seconds guys I

don't know what's going on here I'm with

it I'm with the xfinity and we were

supposed to get a new router but for

whatever reason for whatever reason

every once in a while my internet my

internet kogo goes completely sideways I

do apologize for this guy's I'm

definitely gonna have to get this worked

out ah damn it oh my god what the fuck

hate when this shit happens there we go

there we are looks like it's still

freezing up a little bit but at least

you can hear me alright alright well

let's move right along here and

hopefully the the internet straightens

back up here

number four the number four reason why

so many women are making false rape

accusation claims is for revenge and

hurt feelings we talked about this

earlier they're pissed off they got

their feelings hurt and I talked about

this at the top of the show Duke the

Duke Lacrosse case crystal Mangum

accused David L David Evans Reade

Seligmann and Colin Finnerty of rape

because she was pissed off okay again

we'll go back to ESPN 30 for 30 the ESPN

30 for 30

fantastic lies definitely check that out

I was at a not dude I was living about

20 minutes from Durham at the time this

at the time this rape bombshell broke

anyway during during that 30 for 30 you

act they they actually played the 911

called when she was allegedly being

raped you can hear her on the phone and

her exact words were I'm just so upset I

don't know what to do

I'm John I'll say it again I'm just so

upset I don't know what to do gentlemen

she ruined those boys lives because she

got pissed off and got her feelings hurt

girls do this all the time gentlemen I

got listen a guy uses it for a one-night

stand never calls her back rape if a guy

she's sleeping with ghosts on her for no

reason rape if a guy doesn't sleep with

her rape if a guy cheats on her with her

best friend rape girls will accuse a man

of rape if they got their feelings hurt

hurt in any way shape or form it's the

one way the one way they know that they

can get back at him for having wronged

her even though they knew this shit all

the time right she knows that even if

he's not charged or convicted his life

get turned his life gets turned

completely upside down his name gets

dragged through the mud it's the same

with the Derrick Rose situation she got

pissed off because Derrick didn't want

to commit to her instead of locking her

down or getting her pregnant

he and his homeboys gang banger and he

never called her after that she got

pissed off and falsely accused him a

break the last and final reason reason

number 5 women are why so many women are

making false rape accusations this is

what cynical nights

was talking about they want to get away

with cheating

there was a story and I don't remember

where it was you probably you probably

google it it was a long time ago

probably 10-15 years ago and I remember

this was long before I'd ever known

about the blue pill or the red pill and

there was a story about a woman who had

a clue it claimed that his her her

husband's brother raped her right like

right after it happened right after it

happened okay

um right after it happened she

immediately went to her husband and say

oh you know your brother raped me bla

bla bla bla bla dude her brother didn't

rape her his brother didn't rape her

dude she wanted to fuck his brother

she had this dude she had this plan

hatched and schemed the whole time man

like get out of here with that you're

how in the world did like honestly how

can how can a brother thinks they think

that he can get away with raping your

brother's wife like are you kidding me

with that anyway it completely divided

the family destroyed the family and

guess what no one was ever charged with

rape and the brother that the husband

stood by his wife's side

he took the side of his wife so not only

did the wife not only did the wife get

away with fucking the brother she got

she she kept the loyalty of her husband

they know the only here's the thing

here's the thing women will only pull

this he raped me to get away with

cheating on blue pill guys right hey

listen listen if listen dude women know

if your red pillow where a woman knows

she wouldn't be able to get away with

that shit if my grad if Devon came to me

and told me she was she was raped by

some let's let's say she told me the guy

with the dog at work raped her I'm out

of here

but Donovan why'd you leave your woman

during this horrible OD ordeal because I

trained her not to put herself in

situations where sex could occur whether

she consents or not but what if she was

jogging and someone jumped out and raped

her well that wouldn't happen because I

would never allow her to go jogging

by herself but what if she's kidnapped

and rape if it is proven that she was

indeed kidnapped and forcibly raped I

would console her

I would offer her moral and emotional

support and when the trial ended I would

bounce like a bad fucking check because

a woman who has truly been raped is

damaged beyond repair and the

relationship would have event would have

ended eventually oh my god you're a

monster I've been called worse

women have weaponized the false rape

accusation for many many reasons and if

you think for one second that she

wouldn't use it to get away with fucking

another dude or chicken you need to go

to donovan sharp comm ASAP and binge

watch until your eyes bleed at the end

of the day guys I just said it man girls

use the false rape accusation against

men it's weaponized they use it as a

weapon there's no downside to it if a

girl if a woman accuses you of rape they

get attention they get money they get

called Braves they get awards and best

of all the public believes that she is

so sexually attractive that men commit

the crime of rape because they just

couldn't control themselves around her

these are all good things for women so

what's the real reason why so many women

are making false rape accusations is

that there's no downside there are

nothing but advantages to the false rape

accusation there is no downside it is

all upside false rape accusations have

been indirectly incentivized and I don't

have to be honest with you it's gonna

continue to be this way I don't see it

slowing down anytime soon all right

gamble says red pill is that die hard

truth damn right even delux says I'll

have him calling again we're starting a

show of our own heathen versus holier

than now how about that no I like that

he says the name is tinted that's

actually pretty good

heathen deluxe also says he didn't

deserve a whole season I've heard of him

no he listened it was a whole season but

it was just five episodes right they

literally dedicated a whole season to

trash a guy who was never

convicted or arrested for rape they

literally they just want to see this guy

go down in flames but guess what victim

Chaudhary is still charging ten thousand

dollars for teacher training he's still

making four million dollars twice a year

to train people to do his yoga in the

only reason why he's not in the United

States is because there's a warrant out

for his arrest not for the rape but

because apparently he owes back taxes or

something and he's in the middle of

filing bankruptcy and if his bankruptcy

goes through that could eliminate the

warrant which means his ass will be

right back here in the United States I

swear to god dude bitches are so fucking

scandalous man literally here's what

happened a bunch of groupies fuck Bikram

right Bikram probably made these

groupies feel like they were the only

ones they found out that he was fucking

other girls oh my god he raped me it's

the fuck out of here and bicker was an

asshole guess what it's not a crime to

be an asshole you went up there he

fucked you in the ass he fucked you in

the ass sent you back to your fucking

room took your money yeah I feel cheated

too but guess what that's not rape

that's not rape all right let's see who

else we got here suede senator says

that's the biggest reason they use it

man I'm trying to tell you guys man I'm

trying to tell you just heard from

modern life dating I just got I just got

a text message from a buddy of mine I'm

gonna tell him I'm live now on Donovan

sharp gun he told me that once I got

booted from YouTube he hasn't seen one

episode of my show and I'm letting him

know I'm letting him know that I'm live

yeah I don't think he knows that I don't

think he knows that I'm live and I

talked to this guy all the time all


excellent excellent okay yeah I guess

no I guess my laptop is having trouble

with the I don't know I don't know

what's going on man I don't really know

it's no

know what's happening here but um hey

someone's calling me via Google Hangouts

all right all right

that was actually uh was actually one

guy who had called in to the show

excellent great show tonight guys tune

in on Monday for episode 300 of TS our

primetime can't wait for that I cannot

believe that we've made it in that I've

made it this far Joseph Israel says a

quick question are there mentally ill

women or did they become like this after

they were born um

I don't know that's that's a very good


I think women women are a lot of people

say women are born mentally ill no women

are just women are just different man

like they just have a different brain

structure they are governed by their

emotions and here's here's my theory

women are governed by their emotions

because it is biologically

reproductively necessary if women were

governed by a logic instead of emotion

than half of us wouldn't be here right

women like when a woman decides to fuck

a guy nothing there is nothing logical

that goes into her decision her her

biological hard drive her computer says

he looks attractive I want to fuck him

right what her what her what her hard

drive is telling her is is you need to

have this man's babies right what she

thinks in her head is I gotta fuck this

guy that's really all there is to it

this is why and women women become

mentally ill when they fuck a bunch of

guys because they can't mentally handle

they can't mentally handle having sex

with so many guys I mean listen um sex

is so much more emotional for women and

so when they fuck a bunch of guys it's a

mine job man this is this is why 25% of

women I think over the age of 25 are on

some sort of antidepressant this is what

happens to hoes and and and there's

there's so many studies well it's for no

no no no no no it has nothing to do with

with anything except for the fact that

they are fucking hoes when a woman is a

fucking hoe when she's a fucking slut

it's a my job they should

be sluts and now they got to deal with

their existence and that's why that this

is why they're on medications so all

right well that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR primetime again tune in

this Monday at 7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific

for episode 300 hard to believe we made

it this far thanks for tuning in tonight

guys I will talk to you to Monday



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