Why are THOTS so easy to fall in love with? (Episode 361)




a man who is an a-plus it one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b-minus at everything get

this through your thick skulls ladies

that girls are gross you don't want to

lift weights because you're lazy just

keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's our man Donovan sharp and welcome

to the 360 first edition of TSR live

your daily dose of red pills truth

wisdom and awareness it is Wednesday

November 14th 2018 we are presented by

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let's get right to it

most women in America are sluts there

are no two ways about it I can't give

you percentages I can't give you

statistics I can't give you any of that


because I really don't need to men and

women alike in this country are well

aware of the fact that most women in the

United States have slept with men into

the double digits and that automatically

qualifies them as sluts don't want to

hear it now most of you watching and

listening now you guys know that sluts

make terrible wives and girlfriends they

make bad mothers I'm not breaking news

here I'm not telling you guys anything

you don't already know if you're here

you understand this very clearly now we

also know that sluts are good for

literally nothing but sex nothing more

and believing anything different we'll

get you burned every single time again

we all know and understand this very

clearly something else that we know and

acknowledge to be an immutable truth

specifically in the manosphere an

undeniable reality in today's sexual

marketplace is that falling in love with

a slut always leads to trouble

heartbreak financial ruin paternity

fraud divorce rate the list goes on and

on with all of this knowledge and

understanding why then do we continue to

fall in love with sluts

can all be the meathead red pill guy and

say well I'd never fall in love with a

slut but all that but but all of that

okay is in the past

like we know meathead red pill guy falls

at fault fallen over sluts almost

constantly now I'm as guilty as anybody

for falling in love with sluts I'm not

gonna sit here in front like I'm captain

fucking red pill and tell you guys that

I didn't fall for a woman I knew I had

no business falling for I'm not gonna

sit here and tell you guys that when I

found the red pill I became completely

impervious to the wiles and temptations

that only a slut can provide I'm a man

just like you I am I am as susceptible

as in right now on November 14 2018 I

donovan sharp a mess susceptible to the

things that sluts tempt us with as

anybody out there and post red pill I

have fallen into this trap many many

times so now we ask the question why do

we fall in love with sluts well the

answer to that is that it's almost too

easy so fall in love with a slut and

that brings us to a more important

question which is why are sluts so easy

to fall in love with that's the question

I intend to answer in today's episode as

well as how to reduce the odds of making

the egregious mistake that is the

incredibly difficult task that is

falling in love with a slut even for red

pill superstars like myself my opening

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guys all know that I was on a little bit

early yesterday because I went to go see

the Flyers against the Florida Panthers

unfortunately we took the El we lost the

game two to one but I'm not gonna have

my girl voice for a while I was good to

go until we actually scored and this

period I yelled my voice out but it was

great fun

listen I'm definitely this is the first

Flyers game I've ever been to I've been

to plenty of NHL hockey games first

flyer first Flyers home game first

Flyers game I've ever seen first Flyers

game I've ever been privy to that was

that was great fun if we make the

playoffs this season I will definitely

definitely make an appearance if you

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let's give a shout out to the Mod Squad

here before we get started undisclosed

usernames shout out to you JC with the

joke of the day the obvious joke of the

day be interested be interesting to hear

this to hear his thoughts on thoughts HS

Li 169 good to see you in here Nick

Louis agha wants to know about the game

in the post game I was so worn out last

night it was interesting I suffer from

chronic migraine headaches that's one of

the reasons why I take credit and I

actually believe it or not believe it or

not there was the wrong word to use

there and incidentally enough I got some

CBD oil from one of my good friends at

Lattimore and so far so good

I took some CBD oil and it literally not

it was a really bad headache it was a

cluster headache that that only it was

in one part of my head and it was killin

it didn't start to KITT it didn't start

to hurt until we started filing out

of the Wells Fargo Center from the

hockey game last night so I took an

entire scooper an entire what dropper of

the CBD oil and by the time I went to

Seoul by the time it was time to go to


it was the that particular that that hit

might my headache was damn near gone so

I'm very very I'm extremely thankful for


I didn't there I didn't really sleep

that well last night but the CBD oil has

kept me awake I don't know how that's

working maybe I'll pass out on the

brother pill later on this evening on

the o'shea duke jackson channel you guys

should definitely tune into that hold on

real quick cuz O'Shea told me what the

topic of tonight's episode is we were

going to obviously he wanted to do it

last night but of course because because

I went to the hockey game last night

okay it's black women don't want him but

don't want white women to have him whoo


black women don't want black men but

they don't want white women to have

black men that should be an inspired

episode I look forward to taking calls

my god I swear to god dude that

episode's going straight to patreon that

niggas always warning me Donavan don't

set it off don't put it on patreon the

fuck's this nigga expect man like black

women don't want him but don't want

white women to have him like what am I

supposed to do I can't keep that clean

oh my god that's gonna be a very that's

gonna be a great episode man that's

gonna be great Miami Jay check it in

Andhra is 305 who is Miami Jay starting

up Latino manosphere com can't wait to

can't wait to see that can't wait to see

that happen Miami Jay is a very good

friend of mine and I'm very much looking

forward to him to helping him I'm listen

I'm not gonna be involved in that I'm

not gonna put my name or stay I'm not

trying to not trying to get publicity

Miami Jay is a good dude he listen he's


one of the TSR OGIS men him and

freelance ronin have been with me since

the beginning met up at the 21

convention he's a rock solid dude so I'm

very much looking forward to helping him

out with that unfortunately he and I

cannot come to a consensus on what it's

gonna take to trade Cam Newton so we're

kind of kind of stuck in a stalemate


he beat me in fantasy this past Sunday

fortunately for me listen I started Ben

well I started Cam Newton over Ben

Roethlisberger but I didn't have two

points to beat him even if I had started

Big Ben he still would have beaten me so

I don't feel quite so bad about that so

hopefully Miami Jay will not have our

friendship ruined over Cam Newton

Whizzer prang is in the house good to

see you in here Marcus says what's up

dude I'm sure the main thing will be the

sex yeah it'll be a few Armando Moreno

good to see you in here

mr. Universal Sports sharp assist

checking in from five o'clock traffic

wow I guess sharp assist is on his way

back from work Kevin Ibanez gonna see

you in here uh-oh

JC doing his best ETF 42 impression says

sluts make you feel like a masculine sex

God I'm not gonna say that that's

exactly how I worded it but that does

have a lot to do with why we fall in

love of sluts became from the rocky says

thoughts are the salesman of to Hale

they give you what you want for the

price of attention insanity hahahaha you

guys are coming with the strong digs

today very good Thaddeus Scott could

have see you in here he'll fight are

good to see you in here Hogan red bill I

think this is the first time I've seen

you in here if not welcome back spin Z

says CBD soft gels are a great

alternative to a leave and Tylenol okay

alright Andre Silva says thoughts make

the blue pill

do inside every man have to surface men

love sluts because they give us the

pleasure we want without having to make

a lot of effort but they are not more

than that very good BK from the rocky

says the brother pill will be live

tonight that is an understatement you

can be sure mr. Universal Sports has

golf or Newton for fantasy football hmm

wow that's a tough one right now go with

Jared Goff he's not the duel threat that

Cam Newton is but what I figured out

about Cam Newton versus Big Ben

Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger has

more weapons Cam Newton has Christian

McCaffrey and himself that's it

Big Ben has James Conner he's got

Antonio Brown he's got juju Smiths

Schuster he's got Jesse James I mean

he's got me he's got a plethora of

weapons to throw to

so when debating on which quarterback to

start think about who they have weapon

wise on the other hand let's go with

Jared Goff he's got Robert woods he's

got uh what's his name Brandon cooks and

he has Todd Gurley I've got Robert woods

and Todd Gurley on my squad so I would

go with Jared Goff over Cam Newton mm

once Susur says hey Donovan first time

catching you live I'll love you patreon

shit appreciate that man I appreciate

that and if you just signed up for

patreon if I haven't sent you a personal

video message already be on the lookout

for that Hogan reptil says I'm always

listening Ben I've been listening to you

for a while brother appreciate that very


okay Hogan okay Hogan read till says I

don't comment a lot I'm just a listener

all right 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to get on the

show let's go to the phone lines

area code 702 I think this is see in

Vegas see in Vegas hurry with me dude

what's going on brother my man what's

going on see hey title so I had to call

in yes sir this is very simple very

simple ok um one lack of

one two minds oh okay you follow up with

dots you fall in love with dots because

you're on abundance mindset if you have

three in the pipeline if you're out

there playing you feel like it's

supposed to

this will the tenses of this happening

decrease rapidly right just point blank

period number two Donovan I think social

media when you're on social media time

Instagram and you know on talked about

sir oh yeah on Facebook you know but you

know you're programming your mind for

thirst cuz you know the women out there

to looking better than ever

you know right the film he hasn't all

that stuff right exactly exactly so as a

man look some people have better

willpower than others but it may be a

five percenter you know you have to

deprogram yourself at least D couple

yourself on this because you know you

let it get seep into your mind and you

know you're you're exposing yourself to

these things so again more likely to be

thirsty and fall over thoughts and just

a third thing down and I just think um

like you said before consistency action

and discipline if you're wrong the

purpose cuz let us be clear you know I'm

saying you know there's women these

bitches whatever then decides right you

know what doctor for oh yeah I know what

doctor for of course if you're on your

purpose if you're on your grind your

change the consistency action and

discipline you know what they're for

therefore you know what to do it and

there's no gray area will be better to

do to my girls and you never Lucy you

never lose sight of that either like you

never make the egregious mistake if you

were on your purpose is alpha male

strategies like exactly yeah exactly

also India fails lasting our job but

going back to your point this is this is

a full-time mental exercise yes this is

a full-time job being on your grind so

if you it's gonna be hard to do this you

might you might fall back in my

backslide whatever just be clear but

you've always been clear about it but I

just need in your forces this is

something that this is willful action it

it takes consistency yes action and this

I love the way you said that by the way

brother just consistency action and

discipline that's what it takes you if

you can't do I understand that but

nothing this is what it takes in two

full times out keep doing your thing

brother appreciate it man thank you for

the call see you ladies

he listens he and Vegas always comes

with the knowledge I always appreciate


I always appreciate it when he calls he

and I are a lot of like men he and I

have a lot of similarities in terms of

in terms of just the way we see things

as far as like women are concerned yeah

you know listen we have differing

political views but you know what I know

a lot of people with differing political

views that does not that does not affect

our friendship whatsoever so shut up

that's to see in Vegas forgive me a call

okay let's go ahead and get started

there are five main reasons why we fall

in love with sluts so easily number one

there it because they're attractive the

first reason the first reason we fall in

love with sluts is because they're hot

they're or they're attractive not all of

them are hot but they're attractive and

guys listen don't come at me with the

fat ugly sluts nobody falls in love with

fat ugly sluts except for extremely low

value men who are not interested in

raising their value yes I have low value

men who listen watch and read me but you

guys are the guys that are interested in

raising your value and approving as men

whether you're high value or aspiring to

be high value you're not falling in love

with fat ugly sluts at best you use them

for the occasional slump-buster but

getting back to the point the reason why

we follow them as sluts is because

they're attractive and as men we want to

be with attractive women guys not

difficult to understand they're a lot of

sluts are attractive some are very

attractive and some sluts out there are

hot and the hotter the slut the easier

you fall in love you know it I know it

and guess what the hot sluts know it too

and don't be meathead red pill guy and

come at me with I don't care how hot she

is yeah you do we all do we're men and

we are visually motivated only when you

understand what motivates you as a man

can you be self-aware enough to

understand that the reason you're

catching feelings for the purple haired

tattooed slut that you're banging

because she's got big tits a flat

stomach and a pretty face that looks

even prettier when it's wrapped around

your dick

number two the second reason it's very

easy to fall in love with sluts and a

couple of guys have already talked about

this so let's know how to fuck gentlemen

they know Adam but listen so let's have

had years and years of practice honing

their skills in bed practice and

practice makes perfect as we all well

know and I could listen when I listen

trust me when I tell you the best sex

you will ever have is with sluts

without a doubt and again don't come at

me with yeah but owed rose or be with a

virgin we all would right but I'm told

me personally that sex with virgins is

terrible I'm sure they get better with


but the more experienced a woman is

between the sheets the better experience

the better a sexual experience she can

provide us gentleman sluts

will drain your balls like no other they

know how to move they know how to

squeeze your dick with their pussies

they know how to contort their bodies in

every position they know how to look

good during sex they point their toes

they push up their tits they know how to

sound they know what to say they give

unbelievable blowjobs they swallow our

loads they'll let you blast their loads

and that well they'll let you blast your

loads in their face

these bitches give you the pornstar

experience because they have as much if

not more sexual experience than porn

stars themselves

now speaking of porn every one of us has

spanked the monkey to porn and a lot of

us either have or have had a porn

addiction the things that female porn

stars do on screen it's it's listen it's

nothing short of magical yes I said

magical and don't be the porn guy porn

is awesome and we all know it you've got

the hottest girls with the hottest

bodies beautiful faces performing sexual

acts and looking great while doing it

that's why it's great and that's why

it's addictive

let's not MIT listen let's not make any

let's not make any mistake here

when you get with a girl who sucks fucks

moans swallows and lets you do anything

you want to her that's addictive and if

she's even half decent looking if she's

even a six he'll get hooked and before

you know it your brain is releasing

dopamine which is exactly the same

chemical it releases when you're feeling

what you think is love I remember one

girl I used to fuck I forget her name

but she this chick lived for just

absolutely being abused in bed I think

I've talked about her before on my show

Isis slap her he's a joker I spit in her

face call her all kinds of names I put

like I pull her hair she'd be laying on

the bed waiting for me to blast in her

face I'd reach under her head and I pull

up I fucking pull her hair so her face

is like contorted well and I'm like when

I'm nothing in her faces just pull her

hair and be like you fucking worthless


right she told me she loved painful anal

sex and she would do she would beg me to

pound her harder and she would literally

cry while I was doing it we'd have hot

sweaty sex on these dude I used to tell

her lick the sweat off me and she she's

the lick the sweat off me like she was

dying a thirst I mean this chick was

damaged beyond repair in every way shape

or form

I loved fucking that chick and I can

guarantee you her notch count was

probably pushing quadruple figures so

let's know how to fuck guys

area code six one five I see you in the

cumin to get to you in just a second

let's move to number three the third

reason why sluts are so easy to fall in

love with they tell us things to bypass

our common sense and rationality this is


and again open your ears guys because

this is very important sluts are

professionals at bypassing a man's

rational thinking and activating that

provider instinct that causes us to

become possessive over her what I mean

by that is that sluts know exactly what

to do and say that will cause a man's

common sense to be overridden by his

biological hard drive to possess a

woman's body now we've already talked

about two things that they do which is

looking good and fucking good the better

listen the better the better a woman

looks the more leeway we tend to give

her in terms of bad behavior right the

better a woman fucks the longer we keep

around despite the fact that she's

terrible company simple that not hard

not not hard to it not hard to deduce

but because of the internet more

specifically the red pill more and more

men are becoming aware that great

looking women women who are great in bed

or both are almost guaranteed to be

poorly bathed that doesn't mean we're

not still suckered in by her good looks

and great blowjob skills but the fact

that we're just the fact that we're more

cognizant of the fact that these women

are a fucking handful makes us just a

tiny bit less susceptible to their

foolishness not enough to make that big

a difference right men are still gonna

fall in love of sluts but enough to make

them step up their game with what they

say to regain full control of the male

kid we all have our password right we

all have that one thing that a woman can

say to us that will completely disarm us

and make us completely ignore her red

flags I'll tell you what mine is or what

mine used to be I feel safe with you

woohoo listen man dude I get myself a

boner even listening to myself saying

when a woman says this to me it it just

about over right

listen it literally overrides all of my

programming and makes me completely

vulnerable to to whatever it is she

wants to do I remember this one

Ukrainian girl I was fucking when I was

in Vegas actually I don't know she made

I don't know I can't remember she may

have been Russian I can't remember but

her name was Tessie on him listen

beautiful girl long blonde hair was

almost white like her hair was it was so

blonde dude gorgeous light blue eyes

like dude she had a really small tit but

she was fucking gorgeous like just raw

beauty anyway I remember we were walking

down Flamingo Road I'll never forget

this I'll never ever forget this just

got a cramp in my hamstring there and we

go across that we go to cross the street

and I pulled her back to the sidewalk

because there was a motorcycle speeding

along the side of the road now Tatiana

was I don't know she was she was small

she was like maybe 105 106 after she a

shrink salad which was her favorite food

in the world so I was able just the

anchor back and she looked at me and

said Donovan I feel so safe with you

heavy Ukrainian or Russian accent

whatever was and I remember thinking no

it was dude it was like when Achilles

caught that arrow in his Achilles heel I

knew I knew she had disarmed me I knew

that she had just bypassed all of my red

pill conditioning but there's nothing I

can do about it guys I'm four years into

the red pill when this happened it was

like Hayden Christensen's character in

the movie awake right when he woke up

mid surgery but because he couldn't move

or walk he could still feel everything

he knew he was vulnerable but he could

do nothing about it well turns out

tatiana had a boyfriend the entire time

I was fucking her and when I found out

about it guys I was fucking sick oh my

god jesus fucking christ listen she had

scores of red flags but when she told me

she felt safe with me it blinded me to

all of those things and she's able to

play me like a fiddle

I was the side dude who thought he was

the main dude right gentleman that's a

rude awakening

it took me a while to get over her

because I really loved her like I really

did I thought she was different in a lot

of ways but only only because I thought

the only the only reason I thought this

was because of her accent and the fact

that she was Russian or Ukrainian or


from another country right right girls

from Eastern Europe are quality women

all right she had too thick heavy accent

but she had lived in the States for

almost ten years

he can't bring a girl from South America

and expect her to retain her South

American morals girls say shit like I

have so much fun with you I've never met

anyone like you before stop e if you've

heard these before guys I could see us

together in the future I love to give

you your first tile you make me feel

like no one else ever has

I'm Afra here's another one I'm afraid

of you because you can hurt me or the

big one I think I'm falling in love with

you listen a lot of guys share that

password used to be one of mine before I

found the red pill

I remember once tatiana told me that she

would love to have a little boy who was

just like me she said donovan i want a

small copy of you guys i'm four years

into the red pill and I'm actually

thinking serious thoughts about having a

kid with this girl I'm not kidding I'm

not kidding

like we used to send each other pictures

back and forth of mixed babies it was

unbelievable like if this is four years

into my red pill awakening guys there

are dozens more of these kind of hacks

to the male brain and every one up and

every one of them has at least one that

a woman could or has used to make you

ignore the fact that she's got blue hair

a neck tattoo two kids an alpha

ex-boyfriend she can't stop talking shit

about and disappears from Friday night

to Sunday morning Tatiana had a high

paying job made a hot date 150 something

thousand dollars a year she worked in a

field that required her to travel she

was constantly surrounded by

the men alpha males and only FaceTime me

when she was on the porch smoking red

flags is clear as fucking day gentlemen

but because she felt safe with me and

she wanted a small copy of me I ignored

all of it and she ended up burning me


truth be told man like now that I'm

thinking about it my breakup with her

hurt me almost as much as my breakup

with Amy real fucking talk guys I'm

keeping it all the way all the way real

here know what your password is guys

find out what your hack is and beware of

what it is because sluts will find out

they will find out what it is and here's

something that's really gonna make your

noodle nine and a half times out of ten

they find out before you do and when

they do it is game over I speak from

personal experience gentlemen do not

ignore this advice 911 for two oh five

five three five six let's go back to the

phone lines I think this is Craig

naswinger Craig is this you Donovan it

is Craig all right I'm due for two

episode yeah I had to call in I'm like

oh shit I got I gotta call in from the

knowledge on me brother once again you

mentioned virgins versus sluts yes and I

have my very very very first girlfriend

in college with a total virgin anal

every never had done this shit never had

an orgasm nothing fucking nothing had

been inside her so I I went to hold and

we were a very very good match okay that

skews things a little bit sexually okay

um but it's a lot of fucking work too

sheesh and again if your games tightened

all that said she will bend to whatever

position you want her to do right but

it's a god damn it it's it's a lot of

work man so tough so if people say I

want a virgin

be careful what you fucking wish for

yeah listen you got a turn actually what

you want and like I said there's a big

difference sexually between listen

virgins the only the only thing that

sluts have on virgins is the sexual

experience they can provide you that's

it and unfortunately for a lot of guys

who don't have a lot of sex don't have a

lot of sexual experience a lot of time

that's a month that's that's enough

absolutely absolutely and you mentioned

about the probing you're you know or

them them figuring out your your

password oh yeah I I think it's almost

like hypergamy like it's innate like

it's a it's running in the background

they're probing your fucking lines

continuously man I'm telling you dude

you're not kidding

you do not see the goddamn sappers in

the fucking wire but they're out there

they're laying landmines they're there

they're fucking chicken okz let's check

the right side let's check the left side

let me let me run this oh I feel so safe

with you okay now that didn't wear okay

okay yes let me let me sex them up

really good oh you're the best of it

right now okay hope that didn't work Oh

real fuckin thug right they are

constantly and you you have to like this

is why it like shit like this show robot

like all of this stuff you need to be

very very very self-aware and have the

ability to step back sometimes and say

damn it I think I think we got some

fucking I think we got some fucking it

you know enemy behind the gates here

wait a minute what the hell in wait I

think I'm I'm giving up the game here

this is this is hey guys and this is

where you could talk to Mike Donovan

listen I met this girl

maybe you meet her and then you know we

gonna go out for dinner and I want to

get your opinion on her okay that's

worth you know a good dude will pull you

aside and say look she's working again

right right exactly you know you can't

see it no you know yeah when you're when

you're with her no way no fucking way

she's got the password bro he's got the

brain yeah she's got the brain act like

you're you're useless you're useless and

a lot of times guys and this is funny

guys don't think they're self-aware but

they really are which is why they don't

reach out to guys like me dude I had

friends in Vegas who got burned all the

time right and I used to tell him listen

dude like why didn't you come to me man

like I kind of like I could have told

you this and I kind of give me this look

that says you know what if I had come to

you you would have told me what I

probably already knew

right and you you you and you know it

but the good sex the the sweet-talking

they use me as you want I'm your haulage

it that shit will push you over the edge

and turn off your common sense man I'm


hey you know any other time you'd be

pulling back but they say that shit they

hack the password a little bit babe

they've been probing your ass hospital

she was the first fucking time they met

you they've been pushing pushing

checking the right checking the left

digging a little tunnel underneath

they've been pushing all wrapping the

lines the whole time listen yeah listen

you have no idea you make an

unbelievable point and this is something

I hadn't thought about right women and

it's interesting sluts are always

probing right just like you said they'll

try every password of the book it's like

they're sitting at the computer right

and I actually just recently watched

this this movie called unfriended -

Devin and I said on a watch that you

know where's feeling silly I think we

were probably drunk and the guy was

sitting there trying all these passwords

and finally he figured out the password

but this is again this is what women do

they they try your pass what it's

exactly what you said they'll try to say

oh you're the biggest dick I've ever had

nope that didn't work um I think I'm

falling over in love with you no that

didn't work I feel safe with you they

they look for those and listen don't get

it twisted guys women are experts at

reading body language they are experts

at picking up on micro expressions that

lets them know bling you got the

password right and dude and she will

bang that drum until you finally submit

in the form of bypassing all of your

common sense and completely falling for

ya and it's just insidious don't see it

it's criminal you don't yes fucking

coming nope totally agree

I'll give you me I'll give an example

this this one chick I was in cap bag

France I'm probably pronouncing that

wrong but it's a nudist swinger village

in Suncoast de France okay

this American chick they're pretty

freaking looking pretty cute you know

mid 20s or so you know where we're

heading on this bus to the to this

resort and you she heard us talking so

oh you guys must be Americans

yeah cool cool you're American I'm no

like the rain five Americans here and uh

she's you know we get to talk in and she

basically said she's what - she's

married to this American soldier and I

was in the army so I kind of felt bad

like damn right she's like I lied to my

husband every night yeah I tell him I'm

you know he doesn't like he doesn't want

me here

he doesn't want me working at a strip

club or being a promo girl standing

around a bikini and shit like he doesn't

want me doing that so I just tell him

I'm bartending

I call him that's you know check in

every night he's in Oklahoma

she's from France so she would she would

go back there and family so that was

kind of the cover story but she's like I

live him every night no problem telling

us no fucking hesitation right and she

was out there stripping sliding on a

pole upside that down there into all

that shit show me pictures like wow

she's got some talent but they they man

they fucking get you you gotta be

self-aware and I'm with you like it's

hard it's hard it's pretty good it's

tough even when you see it coming you

know it's coming you can see it but

again male by all dude our male

programming betrays us man and again

this is evolutionarily necessary if men

and women exercise common sense when it

comes to just sexual encounters then we

would be extinct right because no we

would list this is just how it is this

is just how it is Craig listen man I

appreciate a call

I don't know bad one more thought go

ahead yep well good that biology can

flip back and forth - right yes a man is

taking care of business if you have low

body fat visible abs hell yes that

you're flipping that switch the other

way you know so make sure i canta canta

get your ass to the gym

let's fucking weights mind your fucking

diet and do some damn cardio

creig the swinger thanks for calling in

brother I appreciate it man listen he

the the the point he makes is so

critical is women will try they will

keep trying the passwords right like

they keep trying until they get the


they'll try everything I've never met

anyone like you before okay that didn't

work you make me feel like no one else

ever has

okay Anton warden I'm afraid of you

because you could hurt me

bingo that's the one then she'll start

to trade on her fear who she's afraid of

me I could hurt her and when girls when

girls figure out what your password is

it makes you feel like you are special

or unique or that you or that she would

never cheat on you or run around on you

because she has given you the impression

that she can't find what she has with

you anywhere else well again I've fallen

victim to this many many times nine one

four two oh five five three five six is

the number to call if you want to get in

on the show let us move to number four

the fourth reason sluts are so easy to

fall in love with they are extremely

affectionate so let's love to use

affection to get their hooks in you they

know that physical touch is extremely

effective in making you feel like you

have a connection with them that they

don't have anyone else I remember I was

fucking this one girl her name was Dini

she's actually listen DD actually tried

to get me locked up with a false

domestic violence accusation I actually

talked about her in a previous episode I

can't remember what episode that was but

I wrote about it in detail in return of

kings you guys can google it the title

is how I avoided a false domestic abuse

charge anyway DD was very affectionate

she loved holding my hand she was a she

was very touchy-feely she used to bury

her head in my chest we slept in bed

together she made me feel like I was the

only one now

I was a hundred percent sure she was

fucking her there guys

right buddies to think well she might be

fucking so-and-so but she holds my hand

she spoons with me and men she treats me

like a boyfriend in public she might be

fucking three other dudes but I'm the

one she likes to fuck the most because

she's the most affectionate with me be

aware of women who are extremely

affectionate early on in your dealings

with him they may genuinely like you but

that doesn't mean that she's not using

affectionate touching as a means to an

end which is to lock you down I always

maintain I've always maintained that sex

is always transactional for women even

when they like having sex with you

there's always an ulterior motive even

listen even when Devin fucks me she

fucks me with an ulterior motive the

motive which is I'm giving him the pussy

so he doesn't fuck anybody else I'm

giving him the pussy so he doesn't leave

me for a woman who gives up the pussy

Devin never turns me down for sex there

are nights where I know she does not

want to have sex there are nights where

I know she cannot bring her AGame but

she's a trooper because she knows that

if she turns me down for sex I'm gonna

go out and find a girl who does not yes

that is transaction transactional sex

it's the right kind of transactional sex

but it's transactional nonetheless Devin

fucks me for pleasure and purpose as all

women do to some degree physical touch

is exactly the same way guys

sluts love a fit listen sluts love

affection just like any other woman out

there they like holding hands because it

makes him feel like they mix it makes

them feel loved and wanted they like to

be touchy-feely because it makes them

feel good to be with you to belong to

you they like to spoon in bed because

they love the idea of waking up with a

man in the morning but do not get it

twisted gentlemen they know that this

behavior also ropes you in they know

that physical touch and physical

affection is very effective at bypassing

your comments

and ignoring their red flags which makes

it easier to lock you down before I get

to number five here let's go to the

let's go to the chat 911 42 oh five five

three five six you have just under nine

minutes to get in the call queue wizard

prang says a tight posse is absolutely

critical he says yes I said posse he

says that's why women do not want men to

talk listen why do you think that my

content is under constant attack why do

you think that the red pill subreddit is

currently quarantined why do you think

channels like mine are constantly being

taken off of YouTube and characterized

as misogynistic because they know that

once men get together and exchange ideas

and experiences we're gonna figure them

out women don't want you to have the

cheat codes they don't want you to have

the listen women love having the cheat

codes they don't want men to have the

cheat codes

they don't want men to know what's

really going on behind the scenes they

don't want us to have this information

women want to continue to have that

unfair advantage never mind the fact

listen they've already got an unfair

advantage they have vaginas wars have

been fought over pussy men have killed

each other in the name of vagina women

men have ended lifelong friendships for

a piece of ass men invent men create men

build for women

I remember Andy Samberg he's on Saturday

Night Live I think his main show is

Brooklyn nine-nine funny fucker he once

did a video with Justin Timberlake

called dick in a box you can't find it

anywhere on the internet it was like

dude that was dude honestly that was

dick in a box of some of the funny shit

the some of the funny shit I've ever


but I remember he was on a talk show it

might have been Letterman or Jay Leno

and I think they asked him well why do

you do what you do like what like what

got you in the comedy like where did you

start they're trying to find out what

his origin story was like his humble

beginnings and Andy Samberg said well

why do why do we do anything why do men

do anything girls right this is why we

do what we do

low-level MIG tiles like to say well you

shouldn't do anything for women the only

reason why you get in the gym to workout

is to get late yes yes we do I workout

to make sure Devon still wants to fuck

me I worked out so that I could increase

the odds of getting laid that doesn't

make me a pussy beggar doesn't make me a

slave to a vagina that makes me a man of

course we work out to get late yes we do

it so we can be physically stronger yes

we work out so that we can live longer

and be healthier but the main reason is

to be more attractive to the opposite

sex it is what it is this is why men do

what we do is for girls doesn't make you

a pussy to admit that it makes you a man

but when men get together and we discuss

things when we exchange ideas this makes

us much more forum

double against uh against women jesus

fucking christ i got these two fucking

guys going back and forth on goddamn

facebook on one of my posts I'm getting

fucking and I'm getting I'm getting

notifications like every fucking minute

Jesus Christ guys and that's my fault I

shouldn't bitch about that hang on a

second I'm gonna get in the middle of

this this is this is get on my goddamn

nerves hold on this is like jesus

fucking christ guys look what the feel

like you know what I'm gonna go I can't

wait to see what they're going back and

forth about problem good day to you sir

I say good day grown-ass man who invited

his oh okay so what are we talking about

oh I posted something something on the

Washington Post that says where are

black men in the fight for black women

and of course I posted it with the

comment with non black women because we

got tired of fucking with y'all dirty

asses so the fact that they're going

back and forth okay all right here we go

over emotional and ignorant James McTell

who invited this ignorant okay all right

listen I know this is drama I need to

figure out I need to figure out who I'm

getting ready to block here leave prison

Inez Clinton's fuck these non libera

Boulton okay wait a minute hold on is

again speak proper English want to talk

drugs probably find someone you're

talking about this is about a prison

policy okay all right I think I see if

you want a boot like if you want a boot

like for Trump knock yourself out

oh okay looks like

okay just give me a second guys cuz

these guys are going these guys are

going back and forth this is a woman

behind this account okay lemon Harris

this is some hotep shit got it peace

well I think what they're dicks justjust

just give me second guys because I can't

stand these fake pro-black

fucks I can't stand these niggas I

cannot stand these niggas and I'm trying

to figure out I'm trying to figure out

who the I'm trying to figure out who the

trying to figure out who the who the

fake-ass pro black is fuck Trump and his

white know there is its lemon Harris

alright alright this is it

blocked you're a fake-ass Pro black

black be gone so lemon Harris on

Facebook is now going to be blocked just

give me a second I'm gonna block his ass

cuz this nigga will not quit goin back

and forth and by the way for any of you

guys who are I know this is bad radio

but like these these niggas will not

keep going back and forth

lemon Harris aka Ronnie Starr oh yeah

yeah this this this guy is definitely a

fake-ass pro-black let me block this

nigga real quick please singer Ronnie

Starr blah blah blah blah yeah your ear

out you're done you're done

goddamn it

I'm running OBS I'm running OBS at the

same time let me block this nigga see

you later

this and I apologize this has taken

longer than it should cause I'm running

a bunch of shit at the same time

confirm we're so you had this experience

see you later okay that should that

should end that for those of you who are

my patreon supporters friends on my

Facebook friends on my 92nd that's 90

seconds to get in the queue for any of

you guys who are my Facebook friends

Twitter followers patreon z' etc if you

think that I'm some pro black if you

think I'm if you think I'm gonna become

a fake-ass Pro black seriously don't

listen to my shit unsubscribe delete

your pledge on patreon I don't have time

for it like I'm not here for that matter

of fact 62nd there is actually a dude on

my end we'll get to number 5 here in

just a second but IIIi just I want to

call this dude out this guy this guy

commented on one of my videos he says

Donovan you are a good egg

and I like your general philosophy so he

qualified that instead of saying I love

you I'm a big failures no I like your i

like your general philosophy he said a

tip from me to you I X and II the black

victim angle is all cut and I'll cost

there will never be a better day than

the day black guy step it up and get

shit done high road period think true

civil rights guys like Bill Cosby who

preached achievement and execution in

home that can embrace it lead and

prosper young Donovan the soft bigotry

of low expectation is a plaque on black

folks so I didn't quite a quite

understand I didn't quite understand um

what he was talking about

so I asked him I said explain he says IX

and E some Latin thing I know I spelled

it wrong he says like I said I'm a big

fan of yours and you are in position you

are in position to move the needle man I

will hold you accountable based on that

my very best to you so my response to

him was is I would strongly advise you

to manage your expectations I don't do

what I do for the black community I am

NOT building my brand to promote Pro

black causes or be the guy who talks

about racial inequities all the time not

that I'm not concerned with these things

but I do what I do for the male species

I said you can hold me accountable for

whatever you want but I'm not doing but

but I'm doing this for a men of all

races put someone else in that box

because I am far from interested in what

you are going to hold me accountable for

no disrespect but you've got the wrong

guy this dude wanted to put me in a box

he wanted to say Donovan you're in a

position to lead black men and be a

Probie all for pearl black causes nah

nigga not here for that

nope That's not me and if you think that

makes me a sellout thief that makes me a

coon then get the fuck off my channel I

don't give a fuck John de John says are

you mad at people who are proud to be

black John de John that is not what I

said that is not what I said

freelance Ronan says because it's

Donovan there is a group of Pro black

simps out there that are reaming up an

attempt to flag red pill channels yeah

I'm aware of that I'm aware of that Yeah


this is not a race war like I'm not late

again man like there are guys out there

who are about that life that's not me

listen listen I'm not a political guy

I'm not like I'm not into this

us-versus-them type stuff right I do the

brother pill and then I do the Redman

group this isn't me trying to play both

sides this is just me trying this is me

trying to do things for the male species

and I don't like it when fake-ass

pro-black niggas like that dude says

Donavan I love your work he tried to

pump me up and and tell me it I love

your work and you are in a unique

position to position to lead like I'm

not trying to lead black I'm not trying

to lead black man I'm trying to lead men

I'm trying to encourage men to change

their lives I write for the Negro

manosphere I also write for I also write

for return of Kings and when Roush

reprises returned to King's

I'll put articles on there to shout-out

to Chris Hill with the $20 donation he

says keep bringing them he says keep

bringing the heat Donovan fuck'em

totally agree

totally agree and listen anyone who is

watching or listening to me defer that

for the first time if you think that

because I'm black that I'm gonna be mr.

Pro black and talk about and be and take

the side of black people no no no no no

nope not here for that I am NOT the guy

who's gonna take the blacks I'm not the

guy who's gonna take the side of black

people just because we share the same

skin tone oh no no no that is not me I

will hold black people accountable for

their for their role in whatever

perceived racial inequity there is and I

will hold white people accountable

accountable for the same thing there are

too many fake-ass Pro black niggas out

there who take the side of black people

just because they're black straight-up

I'm not that guy

I'm not that guy see the holy devil said

he got red-billed by a white guy yeah

what are you talking about yeah Charles

Cavallaro says he was giving me a

backhanded compliment yeah yeah he was

trying to manipulate me he was trying to

say hey I love your work who this guy

loves my work nigga

I'm listen I listen man and whoever you

are are B or whatever the fuck your name


when and if you watch this video he'll

see my comment I don't do what I do for

your validation I don't need the

validation of white people I don't need

the validation of black people I don't

need the validation of any goddamn body

I'm here to help men improve their lives

I'm not here to talk about

black or racial inequities I'm not here

to do that every once in a while I will

do that on the brother pill because

sometimes listen sometimes that stuff

doesn't need to be talked about

that's not listen that's not my brand

that's not my brand

Thaddeus Scott says he was looking for

your password boom there it is

ooh he likes my work let me try to let

let me fish let me do what it takes to

get more of his compliments not fuck

that not no no not me I'm not that guy

shout out to Jonathan from Modern Life

dating who has arrived

love it lashauwn Jefferson says I'm not

gonna be mad non black women want me

winning here girl I don't know who

you're talking about

alright anyway let's go to number five

the number five reason why why sluts are

so easy to fall in love with sluts are

submissive right guys listen nothing and

I mean nothing will make you feel more

like a man than a woman who is

submissive and I don't mean I don't just

mean submissive during sex I mean

submissive in all aspects

sluts will ask you permission to do

things hey babe do you mind if I run to

the store and pick up some water that

makes a man feel like a man when his

woman asks him permission to do even the

most inconsequential things and sluts

are acutely aware of this this is why

they do this sluts will also make

indirect public declarations of your

authority at the expense of her

submission to you sluts will grab your

hand and walk slightly behind you in


which is the ultimate sign of submission

in public they'll show you message

they'll show you a text message thread

with their girlfriends that say let me

ask Donovan if it's okay with him it's

okay with me I remember this one girl I

was fucking her name was Jennifer I

actually liked her a lot we traveled a

lot together we go to LA San Diego was

great anyway I remember we were driving

to Santa Monica one weekend and she's

showing me this email conversation that

she's having with an orbiter of hers

who've been trying to get with her

forever he's trying to get at it forever

and I think it was trying to get her to

come to some party that he was throwing

at the Aria or something I don't

remember exactly but I remember she

emailed him well I'm with Donovan right

now and he wants to go to the beach and

whatever he says goes that right there

honestly made me feel like I own her

because telling someone that whatever I

say goes that's another form of public

submission where I went wrong with her

was we were laying in bed one afternoon

and she says to me should I tell my

mother I'm not going to see her tomorrow

because I'm with my boyfriend now I

paused when she asked me this because my

red pill conditioning picked up on that

buzzword boyfriend but because Jennifer

had overridden my common-sense with her

right she overrode my common sense with

her ultra submissive as submissiveness

making me feel like I actually owned her

and caused me to ignore the fact that

she had four tattoos lived alone didn't

have kids and admitted to me that she

cheated on her ex-husband before and

during their marriage my dumbass said

yeah tell her you're with your boyfriend

and that was the beginning of the end

yes sluts are submissive in bed but so

are feminists so or want to be alpha

females all females are biologically

hardwired to sexually submit to male's

whether they admit it or not right

listen man women enjoy sex a lot more

when they are being dominated which

means they are which means they are

submitting but we're sluts step it up is

that they are said

in and out of bed and that's what gets

us tripped up Maria Alejandro says but

you can't own anyone know you can't

Maria of course not keep it coming Maria

oh wow she's getting timed up by

everybody what all of these things have

in common one through five

the reasons why sluts are so easy to

fall in love with is that they are all

synonymous with the things that non

slutty women do when they genuinely like

you and want a relationship with you

there aren't many out of there

there aren't many out there but they do

exist right yes they have to be

attractive to get our attention which is

the number-one requirement of course non

slutty women tell us non slutty women

tell us that we make them feel like no

man that no other man ever has well

because because it's true they tell you

they love you and want to have your kids

because they really do love you and want

to have a family with you women of

quality are affectionate they love

holding your hand they love spooning

with you

non slutty women are also submissive to

men who are dominant and have high value

granted they might not have the

experience in the bedroom to give you

that porn star sex that you want to get

debt that you get from sluts but trust

and believe they will they will try

because they want to keep you around the

bottom line guys is that sluts have an

advantage over women of quality in terms

of making you fall in love with them

because they simply have more practice

they fucked hundreds of men they've had

dozens of boyfriends and by virtue of

sheer volume and extensive experience

which again means more practice they

have perfected the behaviors that

override a man's common sense and in

some cases a man's red pill awareness

that would otherwise tell him that he

would be an idiot to commit to them and

we are all susceptible to this stuff

guys don't don't get it twisted I don't

care if you're new to the red pill or

your red velvet

at the end of the day we're men and like

women all men are like that guys we all

operate the same way which is why slits

know exactly what makes us tick and more

importantly the cheat codes that allow

them to bypass all of the knowledge and

all of the experience that tells us to

run in the other direction when she

tells us she hasn't been in a

relationship in two years when she tells

us she feels safe with us

we sweep the fact we sweep the fact that

she's been sport fucking dudes by the

Dozen in the last two years which is the

reason she purposely avoided

relationships for the past two years

sluts know that men are designed to want

long-term relationships with women and

they trade on this beef by becoming

hyper efficient in the behaviors that

make them appear to be suitable for long

term relationships again they have years

of practice and that's why every one of

us here has fallen for a slut listen

again I've fallen for listen I've fallen

for sluts more times than I care to

admit and I'm Donovan fucking sharp so

now the question becomes well how do we

keep this from happening how can we keep

ourselves from falling in love with

sluts how can we keep from doing what's

so easy for us to do well number one the

first way is to never reciprocate her

level of investment don't reciprocate

her affection don't reciprocate her time

don't reciprocate her feelings easier

said than done but again if you're aware

that you'll be much less likely to allow

it to happen if you get burned a few

times and actually apply your red pill

awareness because the minute you

reciprocate her level of investment the

party's over guys just like when

Jennifer indirectly asked me to be her

boyfriend she wanted to be my boy she

wanted to be my girlfriend and because I

reciprocated that desire that into the

relationship very quickly the second way

is to tell yourself that the party will

eventually be over slut tells are easy

to spot and ignoring them by convincing

yourself that this might be different

will lead to your downfall

fight that impulse guys apply your red

pill conditioning and admit to yourself

that the relationship that you have with

a pink haired girl with the bull ring

who also has a great set of tits and

sucks your dick way better than any girl

you've ever been with is eventually

going to end because she's a slut

they always end I remember in the movie

I think was the hangover 3 or the

hangover 2 Ken Jong's character they

said man why'd he do this stuff like how

did this happen he said I'm an

international criminal it always end

like this in a in a very bad ken Jeong

Asian accent right it's the same way

with sluts and always ends like this

guys the only way to prolong the great

treatment that you get from sluts is to

never fall for the trap and thinking

that you will be together forever just

because you know she's a slut doesn't

mean you can't keep her out for a while

but understand that the more time you

spend with a woman the more sex you have

with her the more vulnerable you become

and the easier it will be for her to

trick you into thinking she actually

loves you enough to remain faithful to

you because once you convince yourself

of this you fall in love and commit and

as we all know once that happens it is

all downhill from there

but the most effective way to avoid

falling in love with sluts is to

deprogram ourselves of who and what we

are biologically and what we've been

taught understand this gentleman

feminism doesn't rewire male biology

it simply exploits it we as men we

haven't changed it we want we want

beautiful submissive women who know

their roles are loyal and give us their

best that didn't change with first

second or third wave feminism what did

change was that it exploited male desire

by telling us that we could have these

things by doing the complete opposite of

what it actually takes be vulnerable

they tell you treat women as your equal

give her the world before she earns that

right simply because she's a woman and

she deserves it

trust her implicitly before she earns it

digesting the red pill is incredibly

difficult because you are literally

going against who you are and what you

are biologically in what you've been


that's why listen this is why they're

five percenter this is why 5% of men who

have red pill awareness actually apply

red pill awareness it's tough you have

to do the same with women and that is

not easy and unfortunately even with red

pill awareness sluts are always one step

ahead but at least at least with red

pill awareness and self awareness you

can see it come before it comes you can

see it coming before it comes and at

that point if you get burned enough

maybe you have a chance not to allow it

to happen again guys be sure to tune in

to the brother pill later tonight should

be the explosive episode Jonathan from

modern life dating says shutting down

haters shutting haters down in one

second yeah that's the way it goes

that's gonna do it for this edition of

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