Why Black Men are leaving the black church

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Black Men are starting to leave the black church in droves. What used to be a staple in the congregations of African American churches are becoming an endangered species. Talk to any Black Man who's left the black church and he'll give you a laundry list of why he no longer attends.



Religion in America has become more of an industry than an actual religion. In cities like Atlanta, for example, there are more billboards for churches than anything else. It's for this reason, and many others, why Black Men have become disenfranchised by the black church.

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so today I'm gonna talk about why men

are abandoning the church black men in

particular are abandoning the church at

an increasing rate these days religion

has always been a staple in the in the

American culture and having been raised

in the church myself I was raised in the

Baptist Church it seemed like everyone

that I knew went to church I think I saw

I think I saw a stat a while back that

said something like 85% of Americans

identified themselves as Christians I'm

not sure how accurate that was at the

time but I'm pretty sure it's nowhere

close to that now and I think that most

people who have stopped going to church

and have all have pretty much abandoned

religion are probably black men now I

could be biased because I am a black man

but from a red pill point of view it

certainly seems that way at least from

my vantage point so years ago I lived in

when I lived in Atlanta I noticed that

there seemed to be more billboards

advertising churches more than any other

any any other business out there yes

there were listen there was the

occasional ad for a plumber or some sort

of service or goods but the majority of

the advertisements it seemed were for

churches in the aisle and the Greater

Atlanta area so I started thinking about

that all of the experiences that have

had with different churches throughout

my life and it finally dawned on me that

religion wasn't really a religion

anymore it was an industry black might

have started to figure this out actually

this is men of all colors but black men

again more particularly because the

number of black men are declining in

American churches and this is across all

denominations this is just how it is the

bottom line is that black men have

become disenfranchised with the black

church we've been talking if you guys go

to any if you guys go to any sort of if

you guys look at any black youtuber

O'Shea Duke Jackson

Tommy Sotomayor Jada Black etc etc you

can go to the website called slaying

evil we've been talking about black

church fuckery for years but the

Internet's allowed the internet sort of

allowed people to share stories and talk

about their experiences it's as though

it's as though black men started to

figure out that hey this

it doesn't just happen at my church so

we you know so we've stopped going all

together then there's the issue of

whether or not men believe in the

existence of God I mean I happen to be

in a bit of a transitional period myself

again I was raised and I was raised in

the church as a kid but the older I get

the more the more the more the con the

more that the very concept of a deity as

we define it as a people seems unlikely

I'm not saying I believe there's a god

I'm not saying I don't but I'm not

nearly as certain as I once was and a

lot of men out there feel the same way a

lot of men are a lot of men out there or

I don't want to say they're afraid but

but but that seems to be religion as far

as whether there's a God or not that's a

very polarizing topic unless you want to

I mean it doesn't matter whoever you're

arguing with if they believe there's a

god or if they don't believe there's a

god it's always gonna be it's just not

worth getting into a debate over you're

not gonna change anyone's mind and

they're damn sure not gonna nothing that

anybody says is gonna change your mind

unless it's profound experience changes

people same with the red-billed you know

notice any we can st. we can talk all we

want about the red pill the red pill

sinks in sinks in for men who seek it

men who have had things done to them

sexual frustration heartbreak etcetera

anyway I talked about my transitional

period way back in episode seven so guys

way back in episode 7 this was actually

around last Christmas so be sure to go

and check that out but getting back to

the church there are many reasons why

men have stopped going but rather than

getting into all of the psychological

and ecumenical you know theological

reasons I'll just talk about a few the

simple ones that have that have started

a mass exodus of exodus of black men

from church here in the States and the

first reason I think which is one of the

biggest is that today's churches are

there nothing they're nothing more than

a money hustle that's what they are I'll

never forget a conversation I had with a

guy I was working in a warehouse in in

Atlanta it was it was it was it was it

was at a warehouse in McDonough

which is just outside of Atlanta one of

the skirts and he and I had become good

friends because we had a Latin come

anyway were talking about some church

that his girl had talked him into into

trying but it but he told me that it


just once service for them to decide not

to go back and all the reasons had to do

with money and I thought to myself okay

all of the reasons as in plural I only

ask for tithe that once a service don't

they well he told me when they walked

into this church he said it looked like

a palace it was like a it was it was

like a warehouse on the outside it was

that big and then on the inside

everything was fancy he talked about

marble floors mahogany this velvet that

palatial Church but soon as he walks in

to ATMs in a lobby and he and he also

said that there was a Starbucks Coffee a

a full a full service Starbucks coffee

shop in a church and two ATMs all right

so that that right there you've got red

flags going off listen I like ATM

machines and I like Starbucks but I

don't want if if if I were a

church-going individual I wouldn't want

to mix those two together I love

spaghetti I like peanut butter I'm not

mixing spaghetti in the peanut butter

that's kind of how this equates to me so

anyway when the service started the

pastor started talking about some

project they needed money for and he

told me that the reason he had started

talking about the project is originally

they needed a half a million dollars for

this project now I forget what he told

me it was but the preacher had to tell

the parishioners to stop giving money

because they had reached because they

had given over $750,000 3/4 of 1 million

dollars when they asked for a half a

million dollars that's how suckered

these be and this is a huge Church 2530

thousand member congregation so anyway

he says before the service you know the

sermon began you know the Deacons

you know passed around the collection

plate and all that good stuff and so my

buddy and his girlfriend filled out the

new parishioner cards and you know they

dropped it in the plate which of course

was filled to the brim with cash and

checks as he put it now he said the

sermon was great he didn't specify which

church he went to my god I don't know

you might he might have gone to creflo

dollar's or Eddie Long's that this was

back in this was back in hope for 2004

so it's been a while anyway but he said

you know the people seemed all right it

seemed like it seemed to be his kind of

his kind of church but he said that

later that week he said it was like

middle of the week Tuesday or Wednesday

or whatever they got a phone call from

someone working at the church call

center asking why they hadn't

that week and when to expect last year's

dub w2's presumably to accurately

calculate their weekly tide that church

demanded money

at every turn before during and after

the service and even when they were at

home was unbelievable that sort of thing

is off-putting to people anyway

regardless of race but the prevalence of

these money grabs is much more

pronounced in black churches and

Blackford and these days black preachers

don't even try to hide in it you hear

about preachers in the Atlanta area just

like I said Eddie long who actually died

this past January I think I think you've

died in late January and of course

creflo dollar who owns these guys they

own these multimillion-dollar mansions

they have like these fleet of luxury

vehicles they've got their network their

net worth has seven eight figures these

guys don't even make an effort to hide

their money they're out there flying on

private jets they've got all this

expensive jewelry bodyguards limousines

all these possessions and they're not

out here there they are not here for

being modest they're not here for that

black Petes black black preachers black

pastors are the most flamboyant out

there when it comes to flaunting what

they have financially and the reason for

this is that the reason they have this

wealth is because they they build their

wealth on the backs of the black

community and black men are tired of

finance and their lifestyles yes guys

money is necessary to keep a church

afloat but when a pastor is networth

Kreeft when a pastor's net worth is near

to a third thirty million dollars I

think creflo dollar's net worth is worth

twenty seven million dollars that rubs

people the wrong way especially

especially the the average everyday

brother who who just wants a church led

by someone he can identify with and

lives a comparatively modest lifestyle

no preachers don't have to drive a

Toyota Camry but goddamn do you have to

be flying private jets I mean do you

have to take a Mercedes limousine

Hummers stretch limo to church like

there's no need for that and at the end

of the day men being hustled by

preachers men are being hustled by

preachers in the name of God and they're

pissed off about it

so they've stopped going to church you

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who is in the house here let's see what

we've got going on here right wait a



all right

there we go alright so alright you go

wow you guys have started off you guys

have started off strong excellent too

thick the wall I'm just gonna call you

TTL says salute huge fan good to see you

boss wave me what's going on

everything's good man everything's good

deep 1985 shoutout to you masa wave he

did have a three-day weekend

alright good said just been getting some

good sleep and get my workout in up

fortunate I'm fortunate enough in my

situation now that I don't have to work

a job I don't have to I don't have to

have a nine-to-five so you know I get

seven day weekends

true battle says this chick is looking

everywhere I swear to god she's got look

the bitch had two lazy eyes you ever

seen a bitch with two lazy eyes or you

know what you ever seen a bitch with two

a zealot two lazy eyes talking about

hell no I'm not gonna do this like bitch

like you is ugly like if any man wants

to stick his dick in you it would it

would behoove you to do whatever the

fuck he wants to keep his ass around

Jesus Christ mas baby says she can look

at mine I don't care lol she's a thot

because she's got men in the double

digits trying to fuck mostly simp

straight-up freelance running in the

house good to see you Eric P do what

Eric P says hit the Lights gentlemen

shout out to Eric P terminal says if not

Kristin lots definitely lots identify as

Protestants boss lady says ATL the land

of hoes and homosexuals s mhm yeah the

the city of Atlanta has a very high

homosexual population that's for sure

good stuff

says the black Christian Church is

losing the more zealous men to groups

like the Hebrew Israelites I now I'm not

on I'm not up on the church or you know

theological discussions but if that's

the truth and that's that is very

interesting very interesting

freelance ronan says damn pumpkin spice

jesus said madame de listed this was

back in oh and the reason i remember

this being back in o4 is because that

was the eagle stream season where we

went to the Super Bowl and lost to the

Patriots but yeah like that was like

when he told me this stuff IRA dude I

remember I was on my was actually not a

forklift it was uh it was a reach truck

so it was a high lift we used to go all

the way up to like the six level and be

pulling down you know product or

whatever and I'm sitting there and my

Forks are like I don't know 20 feet in

the air of course that's a safety hazard

but I'm sitting there in my mouth as

wide fucking open as he's telling me

this shit I'm like holy fucking shit man


ah her battle says many men desire a

masculine call-to-action the black

church no longer provides that no it

does not no it does not that's a that's

a that's a very good point very good


geoffery aces I hear that some churches

even have ATMs yes yeah that's exactly

what it's just that's exactly what I was

just talking about


free let's run it says you're he's

agreeing what's her battle he says write

your rights for battle the black church

is now very emasculated more hungry well

think about this guys what is the black

church a track that attracts black women

what do black women like to do they like

to emasculate black man you think black

men are gonna stick around for that shit

fuck no semaj says what up y'all I love

Church a good only a good one only

points out the parallels between red

pill and Christianity a good one okay

maybe Jeff says some of these black

pastors are simps we might get into that

ETF 42 says the black church died with

the rest of the black community back in

the 1960s you know I was talking to

someone about that the other day and he

equates the decline of the black church

with the decline of the black community

I don't know if I agree with it I don't

know I don't know what I don't but I

know that as soon as churches and this

is churches of all denominations of all

racial makeups is that the church

started going downhill when they started

pandering to women that listen back when

I was Catholic me and my ex-wife Darcy

we went to we we went to this one church

it was out in Clayton North Carolina

it's called st. Anne is out in Clayton

North Carolina and they had like they

had they had altar girls like female

altar girls like where the hell do you

find female altar girls it was

unbelievable it's like everybody's

trying to keep up it's like even

religion now is is succumbing to the

feminist narrative in the black church

most especially

okay hang on a second

give me a second oh wait a minute wow

you guys are texting you guys are

texting fast

Dominic Lewis says what's up Donovan had

to say something about the bitch you put

on blast that bitch is built like Armond

deemed dangerous couch fella yeah dude

just too lazy eyes straight up true

battle says the black church is for

women and soft hearted men there you go

that is absolutely right that's

absolutely right

whew Charles merchant come at strong

says there is no such thing as a black

Christian Church there are pastors and

charlatans love it love it

Kevin Samuels what's up shout out to you

Augustus Caesars is what I used to go to

church my church was full of fags and

post wall women who went all in for

Jesus after 500 guys went all in their

pussy we'll get into that later too

her firstborn son says I have a

spiritual relationship with God I would

never step foot in a church ever unless

I'm getting married to go to a funeral

fair enough

Dominic Lewis says who was so who the

fuck is she to talk she looks like she

beep wrote says that it gets low

calories brush she protests against low

calories and exercise I'm telling you

man her battle again the church no

longer offers a positive male identity

I'm telling you the only positive male

identity is Jesus Christ and even then

they're starting undermined him it's

unbelievable even Alexis a and inna de

luxe says as a straight Atlanta resident

I can confirm some of us are still

fighting the good fight well you know

oh he says don't remind me that Super

Bowl you went to high school it - honey

Jill it's about that I remember - honey

Jones I had a short stint with the

bangles but yeah yeah God Almighty we

had the better dude we had the better

team man we were the better we were we

were a better team than the Patriots

that day we had everybody we had

everybody tomato says when the Pope and

the rest of the churches started

accepting anything and demand nothing in

terms of behavior just money and

parishioners no longer respected yeah

that whole new wave or second wave

Catholicism thing man they really they

really turned a lot of people away you

know a lot of a lot of people wanted to

keep it old-school so Alex Garcia says

agree the church definitely does not

offer a positive identity I used to be a

crazy religious altar boy for three

years then in a class we watched this

movie called I the zeitgeist says made

me question everything I'm probably not

pronouncing that correctly I've never

heard of that

Lewis Key correctly points out I stopped

going to church they offer no real-world

solutions they only sell hope women are

the biggest buyers guys Lewis Key nailed

it the church sells hope they sell

emotions there's no practical

application with today's religion

believe in God trust in God live the

right life it's all it's all theories

and feelings and this is why women buy

into it the most they the church can

never offer any any sort of hard like

hey here is what you do to live a better

life shit meant dude dude TSR live will

teach you more shit than the church ever

would about real life and the way real

shit is get out of here with that good

point louis k very good good point

Charles Murchison says the black church

is a microcosm of the community a

whoremonger male fronting for a

matriarchy yeah yeah did you even hurt

do you even hear of of women preachers

now like women pastors like what the

fuck is that

like Dwyane Wade's mob like Dwayne wave

love who went to Marquette Miami Heat

guys now at the cavalier says his his

mother was a preacher like what the fuck

I couldn't imagine that couldn't imagine


freelance says there are no solutions

just emotional as doctrine it's a weekly

pep rally yep that's what it's come down


that is what Oh okay so I did pronounce

right the zeitgeist had no idea her

petals as many churches are clubs for

old people I would actually I would

actually raise you and say many churches

are clubs period there's a thinly dude

my ex-wife used to listen to Jimmy

Buffett and one song that she's to

listen to his fruitcakes well one line

he said this there's a thin light

there's a thin line between Saturday

night and Sunday morning and he was

absolutely telling the truth okay so

moving right along another reason why

black men have abandoned at the the the

black church guys this one's easy

preachers dude preachers are fucking

wives and girlfriends on the regular a

woman's true nature guys will always

drive her to consolidate on the highest

value males available to her again this

is this is this is what we define as

hypergamy it's not good it's not bad it

just is we can all hate on well women

married him because he's rich or she

left the fat guy for an in shape guy or

she cheated on her husband with someone

who is richer better looking at a bit

cockle guys this is this is the circle

of life this is how it works you have to

this is why game is necessary game and

masculinity game and masculinity is

necessary for you to be successful with

women if you don't if you don't stay if

you don't stay in shape then guess what

your woman's gonna leave and you got to

take care of your shit anyway

it's the same way with women it's it's

how women are wired okay it's it's

similar to the way men are wired to fuck

as many pretty girls that are that are

available to us that's not good it's not

bad this is just how we are same thing

guys pastors are rich they're

charismatic they have status and a lot

of them have a measure of celebrity

within the confines of their community

and because of this dude those these

guys are crushing more pussy than dudes

like me who have actually dedicated time

and effort to fucking pretty girls

preach it listen preachers never have to

run game the pussy literally just comes

to them think about this the average

congregation is full of females who

salivate over the idea of just being in

the presence of a celebrity preacher

when they get like a hello or even a

handshake it's a turn-on it's a turn-on

for women you guys could see it you ever

noticed that women are always the ones

who insist on saying hi to the pastor on

the way out all right dudes are never

like hey let's go completely out of our

way stand in line be late for kickoff or

late to lunch just to say hi to Pastor

John it never happens

okay you guys that still go to church

pay attention to a woman's body language

when she's shaken hands with wit with

with the preacher during that post to

service greeting that'll tell you all

you need to know and at that point all

it takes is for the pastor to do is to

make a few moves and the next thing you

know Pastor John's cock isn't is balls

deep in your wife's or girlfriend's ass

this is how it works and because most

women who attend the church aren't

single the pastor ends up fucking a lot

of wives and a lot of girlfriends guys

black dudes

listen dudes ain't trying to expose

their women and their relationships to

that kind of risk

so they stay the fuck away


the last and final reason that I will

point out here in terms of white black

men are now staying away are

disenfranchised with the black church

it's all the fake shift going on I mean

let's just call it what it is guys

listen we see the shenanigans that go on

in churches on television all the time

you see these paralyzed people right we

see these paralyzed people they're being

wheeled onto a stage where the pastor

touches him or her on the head and then

they're they're suddenly magically

healed and they get up they start

breakdancing like Michael Jackson with

everyone looking on in amazement as if

the whole thing wasn't just staged like

five minutes ago all right speaking in

tongues that's another ridiculous

fucking charade these black churches

engage it to show that they're feeling

the spirit Oh hallelujah the fuck out of

here with that we as men were a lot of

things okay

we're shallow we're selfish were violent

we're greedy we're all that bad shit but

we ain't dumb man anyone with a half a

fucking brain knows that someone sitting

next to them shaking like a fucking leaf

with their eyes rolled in the back of

their head and mumbling some sort of

gibberish they're not feeling anything

outside of the sweat in their armpits

that's what the fuck they're feeling the

fact that we're expected to join in and

at the very least believe that what

we're seeing is some sort of miracle or

supernatural occurrence that's an insult

to our collective intelligence as men

guys that's what that comes down to

black now here's the thing black women

they don't buy they don't buy into that

shit either

but the hive minded tendencies they have

don't allow them to stay away and it

doesn't allow them to vocalize it to

vocalize that they're wise to what's

really going on as men we have enough

counterfeit we have enough counterfeit

to bullshit or a counterfeit bullshit to

sift through on a daily basis to make

sure that we don't get got by women and

the feminist culture all around us all


dealing with it dealing with all that

stuff at church that's not worth it

anymore so then you have to ask yourself

is there a change in sight well no there

is it guys because as long as status

money and power and women are the

rewards for becoming a preacher in one

of these megachurches

mega churches in a black community these

are these guys are continue these guys

are going to continue to pop it pop up

and continue the cycle of pastors who

amass great wealth and

whatever females they want in their

congregation that's how it goes that's

all there is to it and that's the end of

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Donovan's den today so let's jump back

in the chat here

Wow holy moly you guys are you guys are

kicking you guys are kicking ass here

aunt James says what up Donnie says I

left the black church years ago when a

pastor asked of every family for a

hundred dollars for his anniversary what

are you serious with that shit like a

pastor actually asked all he asked every

family for a hundred bucks for his it

like Jesus but just when you think

you've heard it all and shout out to

Aunt James he is aunt James has

subscribed to Donovan stead so as

freelance Ronan he is also subscribed to

Donovan stem as has Lewis key so

shout-out to you guys for subscribing to

Donovan's den I definitely appreciate

your contributions and I'm gonna

definitely bring the fire every weekend

for you guys

freelance Foreman ronan says this show

is fire already you're goddamn right it

is not to mock anybody but you know the

funny thing is man is like ice dam like

I said man I'm I've been in a little bit

of a transitional period in my life with

regards to whether or not I think

there's a god I'm just not I'm not guys

I'm I'm not sure I want to believe man

but like like like you think of them I

don't know you think of it like this

right if there was a if there was a

woman in in the Middle East who became

pregnant and and who became pregnant and

but she told everyone that she is a

virgin would we believe that no we'd

laugh our asses off so what makes us

think even without the internet or

technology like people I don't know man

like to me that I'm not saying it's

impossible I mean I'm probably going to

hell if there isn't god I'm probably

going to hell for this particular show

anyway but to me that kind of stuff is

just hard to believe like Moses and the

parting of the Red Sea like how exactly

did that happen you know like I don't I

don't know man like some of this stuff

some of this stuff is really really hard

to believe man it really is and I want

to believe but the older I get

the older I get the tougher it is to

believe man it's just a no no no no


let's see Charles merchant says I could

never stomach bastard churches they keep

people as sheep yeah they all are her

battle says any long was touching these

boys you know I heard about that um you

know he was under some sort of

investigation but you know he's either

at listen I'll tell you what he's either

in heaven hell or purgatory now so boss

baby says all they want to do is dance

and fuck the church members in power

example the pastor of the deacon

acquired her oh yeah dude the pastor the

deacon and the choir director yo those

guys are fucking all the bitches man

dude the pastor the Deacons and the

choir director the second most powerful

man in the church is the choir director

that guy that guy gets the slap you like

the pastor gets his first pick of all

the bitches after he gets done fucking

all the bitches then he passes them to

the choir director and then the choir

director passes him to the Deacons like

they passed these bitches around and

it's funny we can sit here make fun of

it but this is how it really happens we

think it's so funny people are under the

impression that just because it's a

church and that it's a place of God and

there's fellowship and worship and all

this stuff means that it is exempt from

the the doctrines of the red pill guys

red pill truth is still in the church

okay the best looking men the highest

status men the richest men those guys

are fucking all the best bitches in the

church this is how it goes

doesn't this it doesn't matter if you're

a creflo dollar stretcher in a Baptist

Church or in your or if you're in a cult

or in a Tana Sunday school class or at a

class at a community college the red

pill hierarchy never it never fails man

like this is how it is just because your

inch dude make no mistake about the fact

that the preacher will absolutely fuck

your wife in the ass if given half the

chance and trust and believe your wife

would absolutely let that happen

don't get it twisted well he's the

preacher he would never Oh trust me he

absolutely would and he probably has if

you start to suspect it believe me

yep Charles much I just said it the true

church pastors are not to be alone with

female parishioners right if if it

really were a true church and if they

really were about helping people

then then everyone would know what the

dynamic is nah man you can't be alone

with female parishioners shit man five

minutes later his dicks in her mouth

fuck that fuck out of here aunt James

says the church is good at feminizing

men 100% agree 100% agree Mike Vinson

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John Creasy I like that name that's

funny sweep the leg

John Creasy says instead instead of the

church extending morality into the black

community the church is incorporating

immorality in the black community into

itself you have pastors pop-locking and

rap I know it's dude it's crazy and it

all started with Kirk Franklin right

remember Kirk Franklin in the family he

was dude he was fucking every bitch he

was singing with man get out of here

with that

ah like that freelance Ronin says I

called the church just to their branch

of the matrix it's there to keep the men

emasculated shame and a check while

their money is fleeced out of their

pockets and the preachers deacons and

choir directors fuck their wives listen


the preachers the Deacons are the choir

directors they exploit the men they

emasculate men while taking their money

and fucking their women that's what this

is that's what the church is now

straight up


Dominic Lewis says that shit is totally

fake and they actually believe that

supernatural bullshit they really won't

they really would judge you just because

you don't react yeah I would do it oh my

god I will never forget this shit and it

that this is along the same lines it was

no supernatural shit but I remember I

was like maybe 21 22 and I went to this

church that by the way was absolutely

dude the church was split into two

because the pastor was fucking lives in

the audience yes they were and a good

and dude and good friends of mine at the

time their mothers were victims of this

you would have never thought this shit

anyway I remember I'm at this youth

group right because you know everyone

there is 21 22 you had few teenagers in

there high schoolers whatever and

everyone was feeling the spirit and you

know confessing their sins right to put

all their arenäôt all their dirty

laundry and that that was the very

moment at that point I was like dude

like this is this is bullshit like these

people are airing up their in their

dirty laundry I said this is nothing

more then this is nothing more than a

strategy to tell the youth directors

what their demons are so they can go

back and tell the parents like fuck that

so I'm back there in the back I'm

chilling and I remember this dude comes

up and says son anytime you want to be a

part of this she just led me now I was

like oh my god get the fuck out of here

like did nobody's buying that bullshit

me a break

semaj says I love this conversation was

gonna play devil's advocate but then I

realized that this topic is about the

black church changes everything

listen there are a lot of churches that

are like this like make no mistake about

this semaj a lot of churches engage in

this sort of fuckery but it seems to be

much more prevalent in black churches

you know us believe the man you know as

niggas man we got to do everything

bigger and better right I said that

that's how this goes

freelance Ronan says I listen the

donivans den it was a cool video yeah

man straight up straight up I'm telling

you listen I in the first volume of

Donovan's den I told you guys how I

crushed my approach anxiety it was a

step by step approach it would and it

took a little over a month but now

listen I'm fearless when I talk to girls

man like it it there is no problem with

me talking to pretty girls whether or

not I want to fuck him not that I was

ever a shy person but when you were

approaching a woman with the intent of

sleeping with her yeah the chemistry

changes a little bit and some of that

has to do with putting that stuff out of

your mind so that's a little bit of a

preview on volume one Donovan's den

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a day Charles Martin says tides are not

even biblical today there's a good point

oh my god aunt James says yes it was

true the the preacher who has everybody

400 bus he said it was lit less than 30

people in the church men I bet you that

pastor was counting on that three grand

bronze like I met I bet he was telling

his wife yeah you know its my

anniversary I'm gonna get a hundred

bucks out of these dumbass motherfuckers

you watch unbelievable man

yes do what Mike Vincent says hit that

like button guys hit that like button

et f42 says the Bible is not supposed to

be taken literally its meta truth you

know I've heard I've heard stuff like

that because the Bible does have

metaphors you know the parables and

everything like that so

well.all says and I'm Muslim and my

problem with religion is that religion

is the patient's factor my father used

to always say be patients and let being

slide it's like their conditioning us to

be victims and that's part of it

Dominic Lua says I left the church

because my grandmother's pastor a woman

pastor asked everyone for everyone for

money so she can travel the world just

to preach I swear to God I swear to God

like they're outright telling people hey

I need to travel the world so that I can

preach so I need money bitch if you

don't get the fuck out of here

oh god freelance Ronan says Eddie lung

was bathing with boys's well he was

fruitier than a whole fruits Oh goddamn

it that's true that's gross

yeah yeah that's gross man that is gross

terr battle says the church used to be a

place to find a wife hell no not anymore

you can find a wife in church find a way

to find a wife who's got a built-in

cheating strategy freelance ronan says

black preachers are usually ex pimps and

ex dope dealers that's why they're so

convincing man I'm telling you got to

have that panache man you got to have

that you gotta have that gravitas that

Moxie dude if you're a do if you're a

dope dealer yeah you got that Moxie


Jr roses good to see you in here shutout

says in Jamaica the past nurses have sex

with underage girls and now boys and the

church will defend the pastor for his

actions unbelievable


good lord man Darren brown says I'm a

Mormon in Utah all churches try to

govern the way you think yeah yeah that

is I don't know man the the church is

having trouble with the internet now


here we go all right Internet's playing

games in the air

oh man I'm telling you I keep putting

off getting an ethernet cable and I

think I'm just gonna go ahead and do it

the church is now oh let's Elena hold on

wait a minute wait a minute aah

so John Creasy John Creasy says yeah

jehovah's witnesses in NYC use the

hottest chicks they have to hand out the

Watchtower magazine and attend and

attack the miniature yeah you know

that's just how it is




well that's gonna do it for TSR live for

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