Why black men should stop hating on Derrick Jaxn

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Most of the black community are well aware of Derrick Jaxn, who he is, and what he represents. For those of you a little late to the party, let me give you the Reader’s Digest version: Derrick Jaxn is an internet personality who focuses on uplifting black women, while denigrating black men.



But for all of Derrick Jaxn’s accolades, there is a swelling under current of dissent…most notably with black men and it needs to stop.


Why black men need to quit hatin' on Derrick Jaxn (Negromanosphere article)




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all right wives and girlfriends cheat on

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do I have studies or statistics to back

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cheap for the men well the answer is

common fucking sense and basic

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here I know this is bad I know this is

bad radio but I need to make sure that I

get this up here so the topic at hand

guys while I fix this minor error is

Derek Jackson and most most guys here

and the black community are well aware

of who Derek Jackson is they know who he

is what he what he represents etc there

we go

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good show yesterday yes yesterday's show

was a good one got a comment from a guy

who has a son who looks just like

Trayvon Martin he abandoned all he

abandon all reason and Sensibility took

everything personally

I mean like like when I get comments

from guys like this he's basically says

your position is wrong

bla bla bla bla bla bla no fuck you

nigga no my position is not wrong as a

matter of fact you know something I'm

actually going to I'm actually gonna

call this dude out before we get to this

Derrick Jackson thing because it's

niggas like this that pissed me off man

this is where this is where black people

are like fucking females sometimes as

they abandon all reason and logic and

base it purely on a motion and BAE BAE

BAE BAE securely on emotion let me just

read this comment to you guys because

this is just some ignorant ass bullshit

where's it at where is this nigga his

name is Jack bone

he says Trayvon Martin was a child dude

I have a son who looks like Martin did I

would have still been killing Zimmerman

for killing my son

abandoned this point your position is

incorrect you ignorant ass fuck you

ignorant ass nigga if george zimmerman

had killed my son you better believe i

would have chopped that motherfuckers

head off that is not that was not my

point my position was that trayvon

martin was not a school boy the fact

that we abandoned talking about that the

fact that we we dia ties and we

canonized these victims we make them we

make them seem like Saints right like

Trayvon Martin was on his way to choir

practice walking to his father's house

on the way from the grocery store with

milk and no no no no no no Trayvon

Martin should not have been killed but

that doesn't mean that he wasn't

complicit in what happened you guys can

say whatever the fuck you want about me

I don't give a shit if your son's name

is Trayvon Martin my position is and

will always be it is irresponsible

to leave out the fact that as

african-american men we must not put

ourselves in positions for these things

to happen no it's not Trayvon's fault

that he got shot and killed I would have

chopped George Zimmerman's head off too

but this is where this nigga gets this

wrong he says your position is incorrect

he that he doesn't even talk about what

my position is all my position is that

my position as far as he's concerned is

that Trayvon Martin is not an angel he's

not a saint he didn't do everything

perfectly okay this is what I'm talking

about this guy this this nigga Jack bone

unsubscribe from my channel fuck you

fuck out of here abandon your position

nigga fuck you you don't man you don't

know shit man you don't know shit if I

had a son who was killed by George

Zimmerman a dude of course I'm gonna

shoot that motherfucker in the head are

you kidding me this this niggas gonna

act like I said well because Trayvon

Martin might have been in the wrong then

that no no no no no

stupid ass niggas man unbelievable this

is the kind of shit this is the kind of

shit that I get from these from from

these Pro blacks I'm not black enough

right anyway

no way here we go hang on a second this

guy wants to be in a live video with me

get out of here with this anyway let me

get on to what I was talking about like

I said most of us are well aware of who

Derek Jackson is and for those of you

guys who aren't really aware of who he

is I'll give you guys the Reader's

Digest version

Derek Jackson is an internet personality

who focuses on uplifting black women

while denigrating black men

that's listen that's about the size of

it okay there are other elements

involved in he's written books and this

and that and the other alright but

that's that's really basically who he is

there's nothing profound or special

about what he does only that he is a

strong advocate of black women of black

women and a strong opponent a black men

his signature piece his signature book

that he just released single moms are

for grown men only they drew a lot of

attention obviously mostly positive

now predictably black single mothers and

Simms hailed its release and I'm gonna

read you some of the reviews quote I

really want to thank you for this book

it brought out so many points that I

needed to realize as a single mother as

I continue to love myself I will try

harder to keep an open mind that my

grown man is out there not bitch you had

it right the first time your grown man

is not out there

niggas ain't checking for single moms

anymore niggas ain't trying to fuck with

my wit with baby momma's who got who got

baby daddy drama like for serious keep

an open mind sweetie there's nothing to

keep an open mind about you are a single

mom you're dating options are limited

here's another one mr. Jackson should be

commended for his courage to speak

honestly about single mothers and add

common sense back into the conversation

that makes zero sense what it's common

sense that we should be wiping up single

moms these fucking hoes here's one more

I would definitely recommend this book

to newly single mothers it touches on

many of the things you go through now to

be fair guys you would expect single

mothers to give this book rave reviews

right I mean after all who would

disagree or disparage something written

about them in a positive light but by

the same token you would also expect

Sims to fall in line with their

programming and cosign on this

particular book as well well for all of

Derrick Jackson's accolades there's a

swelling there's almost like a

groundswell is it's like an undercurrent

of dissent most notably with black men

okay even black women have started

jumping on the hate Derrick Jackson

train so while while people create

videos exposing Derrick Jackson as a

fraud I would submit to you guys that if

you believe that Derrick Jackson

believes what he talks about he's got

you fooled

Derrick Jackson wins listen Derrick

Jackson is a good-looking dude there's

note there there's no doubt about it

and good-looking men have options like

this is red pill 101 men who looked like

Derrick Jackson ate chicken for black

single moms guys they are not like

seriously if you look like Derrick

Jackson why would you put up with

self-righteous entitled spoiled bitches

with four baby daddies when you can fuck

with you can fuck with white girls with

none of that baggage why would you do


and it appears that Derek Jackson is

well aware of a sexual market value and

proof of this is all over the internet

rightie takes pictures of himself and

muscles and stretch mark lover and all

this other kind of stuff wifebeaters

alright Kawai listen men I'm mad at you

right the guy hits the gym do you all of

that said guys hating on Derek Jackson

makes you look weak it makes you look

stupid and it makes you look inadequate

the droves of black women who adore this

nigga are always quick to point out that

the men who put out scathing remarks

against him are envious of him you want

to know something they're right if you

hate on Derek Jackson that is a you


Derek Jackson is a skilled hustler he is

like a stripper he is like a woman he's

like he's like a 22 year old bombshell

of a woman who gets married to a 47 year

old rich guy and decides to cash out

early you gotta use what your mama gave

you this is what Derek Jackson does so

something men might say okay Donovan we

get it but why should we stop talking

shit about a man who talks shit about us

why shouldn't we call him out for lying

to black women and making thing and

making them worse for black men right

because what Derek Jackson does to black

women he doesn't do anything for black

women he does things to him to them

right he makes black women worse which

in turn trickles down to us well

fortunately for us we have more options

than black women so really he's hurting

them more than he's hurting us he's not

hurting black men well the answer is

very simple as to the reason why we

should stop talking shit about Derek

Jackson is that Derek Jackson is simply

exploiting black women this is what he

is doing guys guys listen Derek Jackson

let me move my monitor over a little bit

just to get there we go

just to get the right perspective here

there we go there we go I think this

looks a little bit better let me view

this request I don't like it when for

whatever reason I guess I have to put

this disclaimer out there if I'm on

Instagram don't request to come live on

my show

with me like come on man anyway

Derek Jackson's a smart guy and it

appears that he's he's a solid

businessman to boot right he recognized

that his good looks combined with

telling a group of thirsty ass bitches

what they want to hear would create a

life-changing financial windfall for him

it has made him rich guys we can call

him a sellout we can call him a simp we

can call him a coon we can call him

whatever we want at the end of the day

gentlemen the fact of the matter is that

he doesn't give a shit what any of us

call him because he's laughing all the

way to the bank

he's damaging black women by the hour

with his act you want to know something

guys he does not care this dude is

making 50 large a month right so why

should he care if black women are dumb

enough to buy his books and watch his

videos and buy into the bullshit that

he's taught and swallow the bullshit and

like the taste why would he not take

that payday what why would he not do

that we can all sit here and say well I

would never sell out like a nigga like

that I'd keep it 100 and keep us moving

nigga please listen listen man if you're

a good-lookin black dude and you see the

life Derek Jackson lives you cannot say

unequivocally that you wouldn't at the

very least consider selling at least a

piece of your soul for a better life in

what it's not even a piece of his soul

Derek Jackson is not selling any of his

soul he is he's just lying to black

women ain't getting paid for it and they

ain't costing him a goddamn thing

he makes crappy videos from his car and

as he's all patrocle and do it a little

bit cool man like do you like if that's

what listen if that's what pays the

bills I ain't mad at you

so I guess the next question is is how

do we know that Derrick Jackson is a

fraud I wouldn't say that

Derrick Jackson is a fraud per se what I

am saying is that it is it is clearly

obvious to me another five percenters

red pill aware men like myself that he

doesn't endorse what he is telling two

black women I think about this guy's

do you think a man who looks like him

would wipe up a fat black woman riddled

with stretch marks who's broke and has

three baby daddies of course not

but he tells black men that they should

like if you wouldn't do it why you

telling us to do it any man who doesn't

do what he tells other people to do any

man who doesn't practice what he

preaches is in essence I guess a fraud

there are a lot of snake oil salesmen

out here there are a lot of people out

here who listen whatever do as I say not

as I do I understand I'm not gonna I'm

not passing judgment on that that said

that said just because he is a fraud

doesn't mean that we shouldn't hate on

him we as black men we shouldn't hate on

Derrick Jackson he's not hurting us he's

hurting black women they should be the

ones that have the problem with Derrick

Jackson not us yes he talks about these

bum ass niggers who ain't got a job got

three baby mamas live lives with his

momma and never takes a queen on a date

at a restaurant that doesn't have a

drive-through but if you as a man know

that he's not describing you why would

you give a shit why would you care right

like that's why I don't get mad at Derek

Jackson because he's not talking about

me why should I give a shit I'm winning

I'm good

and the funny thing is is that his

overly theatrical renditions of the

stereotypical black man ruffles the

feathers of those he is accurately

describing guys this isn't to say that

black men doing response videos to him

fall into this category but like the old

saying go guy goes guys a hit dog always

barks if you outwardly hate Derrick

Jackson because of the shit that he

talks about men maybe it's time to look

in the mirror and think about whether or

not at the very least that some of what

he says isn't true about you right like

that's again I'm keeping it 100 Derrick

Jackson doesn't piss me off because I

know I'm not I'm not these people is

it's it's the same thing with black

women who get all up in arms with guys

like me minister jab O'Shea when we talk

shit on 18 reasons why you shouldn't

date black women and then black bitches

are all in my mentions Oh nigga you

don't know shit why are you getting mad

like and it's funny because black women

say well I'm married to a white man and

I'm dissing okay well if you're none of

the things that I just described and why

why are you why are you getting upset

right like why like why do you care like

if this if none of this applies to you

why are you wasting your breath talking

shit to me that's not this works guys

this is common sense hmm at the end of

the day guys and again I'm keeping the

show high and tight because of course

tonight is bowling night Derrick Derrick

Derrick Jackson is profiting off of a

target-rich environment that's what this

is there are scores of black women who

are lonely they're bitter they're angry

they're looking for someone to cape up

for them because God knows the men that

are actually willing to keep up for them

they're dwindling by the day the man

then truly cape up for them though

listen those numbers are dwindling

Derrick jet listen Derrick Jackson

doesn't believe the shit that he talks

but there are men out there that

actually endorsed the Derrick Jackson

mindset like for real Derrick Jackson

doesn't believe the shit that he says

about black women but there are actual

black men out there who believe who

believe who believe this shit Derrick

Jackson's not one of these men but there

are men out there who really do believe

this stuff

well guess what their numbers their

numbers are shrinking black men are

starting to wake up and starting to

figure out that black women aren't worth

the paper they're fucking printed on

black men are now here's the thing black

men are still checking for sisters as a

matter of fact most black men are

checking for sisters the problem is

right this is why black women are still

single because the men that are checking

for him ain't shit

high-value black men black men that are

actually worth something black men that

are that are actually out there making

something of themselves black men who

have something going on black men who

are going places black men who are in

these places ain't checking for black

chicks man they're not doing it

that listen there most black men out

there are our Pro black women they want

to fuck like women they want black

families but that number shrinks

exponentially by the hour gentlemen well

this is where Derek Jackson comes in a

good-looking brother who tells black

women that they are Queens who are

worthy of everything they deserve and

more just because they're black women

listen guys Derek Jackson is merely

listen he is the right guy in the right

place at the right time and he is taking

full advantage of a misguided gullible

customer base let's not let's not

mistake we're talking about here

customer base black women are not like

he doesn't see black women as Queens he

sees them as customers he sees them as

marks he sees them as targets customer

base that is too stupid to realize that

he is just telling them what they want

to hear in order to extract money out of

them and he's pulling it off guys

black men who hate on Derrick Jackson

y'all need to check yourselves if you

don't fall into the bum ass nigga

category that he consistently roasts on

then don't trip it's a waste of time and

energy now me personally I'm not saying

that I would ever have a beer with Eric

Jackson but at the same time I'm not

gonna hate on someone who has absolutely

positively no effect on my life

whatsoever the only impact Derrick

Jackson has on my life is that I am

sitting right here right now talking

about him on my show but after I hit the

stop streaming button and I go put on my

bowling shoes and hit the lanes I ain't

thinking about Derrick Jackson man and

neither that's how this works

honest dude if if I'm listen if I'm

keeping it 100 if I hadn't found the red

pill Donovan sharp might have been Derek

Jackson before Derek Jackson like if I'm

keeping it real right it's a lot more

profitable to be Derek Jackson than it

is to be donovan sharp you can believe

that black men who hate on him are just

mad that they didn't think of his hustle

first guys don't hate the player

gentlemen hate the game Derek Jackson is

winning and I don't give a shit one way

or the other and neither should you

shoutout to rob crews with the $5 super

Chet said supporting his military law

enforcement members share your views

Donovan got the email thank you yes

finally got up with Rob Cruz

like I said Derek Jackson doesn't

believe this shit and here's another

thing here's another thing here's

another reason why Derek Jackson is

winning because he gets much he gets

most of his publicity from black men

black men who do all within listen I

wrote a hit piece on Derek Jackson but

that was to tell people to stop hating

on Derek Jackson you guys can find the

article version of this particular

podcast episode number 207 on Negro

manosphere com dropped this this Sunday

while I was in South Florida he gets

most of his publicity from black men

black men are giving him free

advertisement Oh Derek Jackson ESA's

happen now due to leave that nigga alone

man leave him alone let him make his

money and black women bless their souls

they flock to Derek Jackson even more

because in their minds well he'll if

black men hate it then we love it right

they love Derek Jackson just to spite

black men like I said guys

Derek Jackson is winnin and he is gonna

continue to win listen dude he ain't

going anywhere there's nothing you can

do about it quit and hate quit hating on

this nigga for real

let's go to the let's go to the towers

here quickly

freelance Ronin shout-out to you my

friend or Garner 526 what's up guys I

had a migraine and listen Real Talk I

had a migraine headache ten minutes

before the show man like my head was

killing me dude my god I took 3 Gore I

took three grams of happy hippo to happy

hippo kratom oh my girl brought me some

roll-ups she / umm drawing a fucking

blank here she bought me salami and ham

roll-ups with like ham and him cuz I'm

you know do with the keto thing I did

that took some kratom had some

sugar-free kool-aid I think it's Crystal

Light or whatever and I feel 100% better

so not only does again and again guys

listen yes happy hippo kratom that's a

sponsor but my guys I use this stuff

it's good for mood enhancement it's good

for energy it's good for focus it's good

for all that helps me with my headaches

guys I've suffered from migraine

headaches since I was four years old

since I was four years old and happy

hippo kratom helps me with that let me

go let me see what I got here from the

from the Instagram crowd Carlton 7:26

says dude should never hate on he hate

says dude should never hate on other

dudes that is a feminine trait abyssal

fucking lutely thumbs up Carlton 726 man

could not have said it better myself

stealer Rob stealer rod the biller the

nigga who tried to get on live with me

says yeah he's trying he's trying to

Steve Harvey in a way get all women to

love and it was really yes yes Steve

Harvey's the same way Steve Harvey

doesn't believe half the shit he tells

black women he does it for profitability

that's all there is to it shout out to

Mike Oakland or coal Coon I can't

pronounce yeah I swear to god you guys

got to come up with some bet with some

names that are readable shout out to Eli

Nebel it for subscribing Ozzie 411 wants

to know what the topic is about talking

about Derrick Jackson Ozzy and why we

shouldn't hate on Derrick Jackson good

to have you in here as well

let's check the towers see what's going

on razor's edge quadruple a

I'm tired of the BS 2178 says Derek

Jackson as King simp

no it's not Derek Jackson's aha Derek

Jackson is a skilled hustler man like

dude the listen I'm hatin on Derek

Jackson because I didn't think of it

first like a dude if I knew if I knew

that I could make a mint off of just

telling black women what they want to

hear telling black women that I love

stretch marks I love fat women with

three baby daddies dude honestly like I

said I might have been Derek Jackson

before Derek Jackson I ain't gonna lie

to y'all like straight up I'd be out

here doing exactly like he's doing all

black let me holla Queens niggas need to

man up and get with y'all

fuck man fuck those niggas man single

moms is for grown men only I love y'all

and steady fucking white girls on the

side you better believe it

I'd be hustlin the hell out these

bitches men the only reason why I'm

hating on Derrick Jackson Jackson if he

beat me to the hustle game recognizes


mr. old school writer in the house good

to see you in here haven't seen you in a


Miami J and the motherfucking house

Andrew cribs says I appreciate all your

content you are the best again shout out

to you with that $20 super Jim and I

appreciate it

he Hawthorne a says read the article was

a good one good very good very good

mr. old school mr. old school writers as

I hate that zip and shit that Dean

Jackson be saying but these hoes like to

be sold dreams like that's what I'm

saying man that's what I'm saying like

these like these and listen black women

are starting to wake up but not enough

to really make a dent in his pockets

like he is damaging these women dude

he's telling black women girl you ain't

got to change a thing stay fat stay

beautiful stay my rotund Queen and I'm a

fuck I'm a fuck y'all asleep like uh she

said that's all y'all got to do then he

sits in his car with these videos y'all

need to go to her like he's so like he's

so theatrical

it's like he's he is over-the-top

theatrical and I think to myself how can

anyone take him seriously but dude they

black women take him seriously you go to

his channel like the guy is the guy is

women like I'm not even dude I'm not

even mad at that I'm really not dude if

I look like there are Jackson you best

below my god please dude dude I'd be a

full time being a part-time simp to be a

full time red pillar I'm not saying I

wouldn't take it I wouldn't I'm not

saying I wouldn't take a pizza a piece

of that excessive sixty five says DJ's

Asim Derek Jackson plays the role of a

sim right

it's like these boy bands who whose sing

about like like it's all R&B; singers

right they have all these betas symp

songs in this net like everybody gets on

Drake because he's a sim Drake is not a

sim ladies and gentlemen he does

simplest things and he has sympathy eyes

do drink his rich man like he's rich

she's women when you're that rich you

can be a simp Derrick Jackson's not a

simpie plays the role of a sim that is

his character on camera off camera

Derrick Jackson is as red bill as every

other as any other nigga out there

straight-up you think dude you think

he's fucking fat baby mamas fuck now

he's fucking big titty blonde white

girls just like the rest of us niggas

out here Donnell says Derrick Jackson is

a pip straight-up

Nike in why Kia 31 says he is a

professional cent that is a good way to

say it

Derrick Jackson is a professional sim he

gets paid very well to be a sim

William says he's just trying to sell

books absolutely Donnell says he is

pimping these women and being paid

handsomely I'm sure at listen listen

I've talked to people Derek Jackson

makes at least 50 large a month straight

up Donnell says I don't hate him I just

know he's full of shit

Phillip Brown says fatality haha Donovan

sharp wins yeah my kisses 31 so

basically he's like tarik nasheed I

don't think so

I don't think so tarik um just talk

about tarik King nasheed I actually read

tarik machine years and years ago right

before I went all through my shit with

with AMI and I was just I was on the

cusp of finding the red pill when I

started reading tarik Nasheed then I

started then I started paralegal school

and all that took a backseat then of

course I went through all what I went


Anthony Rosa says 50k a month I'm about

to sell out starting tomorrow right

like straight-up man like listen don't

hate the player guys hate the game he's

figured it out

John Paul says Donovan keep giving him

that work straight up yeah freelance

writer says funny thing is is he has two

baby mamas from what I hear yes to white

baby mamas yes deric Jess and has two

kids by two white girls come on like is

anybody surprised and I've seen pieces

on there oh my god Derrick Jackson is a

fraud he's knocked up two white girls

why is this a surprise to anybody like

you guys didn't see this coming

Oh Frank em says never wife a whale hell

no fuck no Mod Squad in this bitch love


dude what 212 says he's a Salesman

absolutely Corey Scarborough says I

don't get mad I don't get upset if Derek

Jackson talks about black men it doesn't

bother me and some of these black women

be upset cuz the red pill doesn't want

them that's what it is dude

Derek Jackson is the guy that tells

these rejected black women and the vast

majority of them are projected black

women keep your head up baby girl he

just doesn't see you for the jewel that

she wore he doesn't see you for the

Queen that you are right these broke-ass

niggas you they don't deserve you you

were queen niggas who look like me what

a wife y'all up now if y'all excuse me I

got to go back there and fuck Becky

Derrick Jax is a funny dude man he

really is

dude wat 212 says Jackson definitely has

some simple way though you must admit no

I listen listen Darren Jackson is not a

cent guys he plays the role of a sip

maybe he's a simp in real life I don't

know but he's knocked up two white girls

and my guess is that them two white

girls are too good-looking white girls

Derrick Jackson is not fucking ugly

bitches guys he's not doing it

how do I know because I know I'm fucking

red like that dude the sexual market

never lies that's just how it goes



haha this is great I get a hundred and

twenty five people watching 125 people

watching I'm 35 minutes in and I got 125

people watch because I'm talking about

Derek Jackson guys don't hate on Derek

Jackson man like for real dude don't

hate emulate right like it listen listen

honestly and I'm being dead serious

about this if you're a good-looking

brother right go out and get on steroids

a little bit you know lift some weights

get all swole get you a night get you a

nice car get you an iPhone be like look

Cistus right and just become another

Derek Jackson right and if you fuck with

white girls don't let nobody find out

that's all you got to do that's all you

got to do

freelance likes my rotund Queen I love

my portly sisters more cushion for the

pushin baby girl

let me put another baby in you for real

Lorenzo Davis says professor Donovan I

am back on TIA

I'm back on the TSR had food poisoning

from Jack in the crack damn that sucks

so Jack in the Box gave him food

poisoning that that really fuckin sucks

article in C says Drake wouldn't commit

to Serena Williams of course he wouldn't

commit to Serena Williams cuz Drake has

other younger hotter options and for the

record Serena Williams is not attractive

dude she's got a I guess she's got a

nice body she's built like an Amazon

dude too muscular shut up - KJ

Stinkmeaner with the $2 super chet says

like these fake pastors peddling Jesus

in a o.o peddling jesus in a benz

straight-up well I am off to go and

claim our thousand dollar prize for

winning the league my thanks to all of

my super chatters my thanks to Andrew


my thanks to Rob Cruz my thanks to KJ

stink meter for their donations via

super Chet

thanks for watching

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