Episode #258: Why Black Men shouldn't blame black women for being angry



Everybody knows that black women are angry. People deny it and say things like “this is a stereotype” or “Do you know every single black woman?” or any other argument they can come up with to refute the obvious.



Stereotypes exist for a reason guys. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule but Stereotypes are a part of life…..I wouldn’t even say they’re a necessary evil because Stereotypes help us to decide on which people to avoid, and which people to associate with on many different levels and that’s a topic for another show…

Anyway, the assertion that the typical black woman is angry pisses them off almost instantly because deep down they all know it’s true…...how do we know this is true? The proof is all around us every day.

Black women look angry, they sound angry, they talk angry. Go online and look for girl fights and most of those fights are between black women...you can also search for restaurant confrontations….black women dominate these videos….customer service blow ups….black women….the list goes on and on….that’s anger gentlemen.

Even when they’re trying to act kind and docile their anger is still written all over their faces and body language. Hiding one’s anger is as useless as a person with bad breath popping in a breath mint thinking it’ll help but it doesn’t. It smells like mint flavored halitosis...doesn’t help one bit.

All of that said, I can’t say I blame black women for being angry and neither should you guys. Don’t get me wrong...I’m not saying we should absolve black women for their behavior. I’m not saying their behavior and mentality should be pardoned….not even close. Black female anger affects us as black men because they project that inherent anger onto us in many different ways. In relationships, in everyday interactions, at work, you name it, black women are always looking to make black men pay for what THEY believe are the wrongs that have been done to them. They do this to US because we don’t have really have any immediate recourse. If a black woman gets in our faces or puts hands on us or give us attitude what are we gonna do? Knock ‘em out? Yell back? We’re easy targets for them because they know we’re probably not gonna do shit….at least we’re not gonna do anything to stop the behavior. Now the last 20 years or so we’ve started dating other races of women , most notably white girls and that seems to have pissed them off even more but the point is that we as black men have decided we just don’t wanna deal with black women anymore. So instead of dealing with their shit, we’ve decided to check out and date white girls and I’ve written many articles on why black men should date white women, including an ebook entitled “black man’s revenge, the black man’s guide to dating white girls and non black women” but I digress….

The point is that even though black women are insufferable we shouldn’t blame them for being angry and the reason is that these women are shit on by society in just about every conceivable way nearly every minute of every day of their lives so it’s no wonder they wake up pissed off.

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how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet never

believe everything a woman tells you she

will always leave something out you're

always broke because you spend your

money on dumb shit every month if you've

only slept with five guys then why was

it so easy to fuck what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 258 Edition up TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Thursday May 17th 2018

yesterday I accomplished something that

I don't think I have ever known of

anyone else to accomplish is I completed

two spin classes in one day I did two

spin classes and one day yesterday I had

my first spin class at 9:30 in the


my second spin class was at 6 o'clock in

the evening and I conquered both and

between the two spin classes

I rode a little over 27 miles total and

burned almost a thousand calories listen

I'm sure that there have been people I'm

sure that there are people out there who

have done two spin classes in one day

but I've never seen or heard of it you

know I haven't googled hey how many

people have done to spin classes in one

day but I've never seen or heard of

anybody doing two spin classes in one

day I'll probably google it but right

now as far as I'm concerned I'm the only

ones who have ever done it in the

history of mankind and I would like to

hold that title until until I actually

google it and see that you know maybe 20

million other people have already done

it but proud of myself for doing it I'm

probably gonna do it again this Friday

I'm gonna do Stu I'm gonna do two spin

classes on Friday same timeframe I'm

gonna do one at probably do one at 9:00

probably eight thirty nine thirty then

I'll do one between 5:30 and 6 o'clock

and and if I survive I think I'm gonna

make this a regular part of my regimen

at least for the next month or so that I

mean it doesn't make any sense for one

to put I mean listen you want to push

your body to the

all the time but doing to spend classes

in one day is not something that one

should do regularly for an extended

period of time if you're trying to cut

weight like I am like right now I'm

right now I'm probably around 230 I'd

like to be around 220 maybe 215 that's

when I look my best and so and so I

think spin class extreme cardio will

certainly will certainly help me to get

there there again there's no way I can

do two spin classes three times a week

you know for six months straight I mean

I'll probably I know I mean I'll

probably be in phenomenal shape and I

know I don't have the time I just don't

have the time for that

I will over the next thirty maybe forty

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miami jay says brah the celtics dude

dude who that dude who the hell saw this


who in the hell saw the celtics being up

to nothing on the cleveland cavaliers

right now listen the old cliche goes is

that a series doesn't start until the

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notes you out listen I expected the Cavs

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Kevin Stovall good to see you in here

Robert Nolan says Houston a Boston fan

Houston and Boston would make an awesome

finals um maybe but that's not what

America wants to see America wants to

see Golden State Cleveland part 4 for

sure yeah I mean listen listen now I

just enlisted Robert you're a smart guy

but Houston in Boston that would not be

a compelling finals Houston would

absolutely dumptruck Boston listen Brad

Stevens is an unbelievable coach but

Houston has what Cleveland does not and

that's Talent he used to do kept the

club the Cavaliers have LeBron and

that's it they got Rodney hood who

doesn't want to play right they've got

jr. Smith who I and I love jr. Smith I

love JR Smith he shoots too much Kevin

Love is a shell of himself Cleveland

does not have the horses that the

Houston Rockets do but listen the

Rockets aren't listen the Rockets aren't

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Miami Jay who is double dipping here

only Adrian Joseph Rick Claire the

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see you in here man haven't talked to

you in a while

FMC jr. 60 Landel

J Joseph asks would you recommend spin

while muscle-building yes that keeps you


well she B says my buddies and bits

while doing weights that's the way it

goes now land LG actually disagrees he

says nah bro if you want to build muscle

cut back on cardio unless you bolt and

want to cut and get shredded that makes

sense it and here's the thing and I

think a lot of guys just just to get off

on a tangent here we'll get started in

just a second year I agree with what

land L is talking about but when people

talk about muscle building most people

aren't most people think that you're

talking about muscle building as a

bodybuilder I want to get big ok but

what we really mean is we want to tone

right we want to build a little bit of

muscle but we really want to shred the

fat we want we want to cut without

sacrificing our muscle we want to get

bigger but we don't want the fat either

I didn't listen

I just watched one of the World's

Strongest Man competitions on Saturdays

on Saturday those guys aren't shredded

those guys are they look like big fat

guys but their strongest men in the

world well they're covered with a layer

of fat so it's it's fine to build muscle

while doing cardio but here's the thing

you how can I put this if you want to

build muscle and shred fat okay you have

to lift heavy so if you're gonna do

cardio you absolutely have to lift heavy

so so first so in other words the the

physique that we're going for you want a

lean balanced ripped physique you don't

want to be you know listen you're not

gonna look like a bodybuilder you're not

gonna look like Ronnie Coleman you're

not gonna look like Jay Cutler you're

not gonna be this 300 pound behemoth at

2% body fat right like listen we all

know that none of us are ever gonna

accomplish that

you know absent heavy steroids right we

all get that so what I think what I

think in Lando I I totally agree if you

want to build muscle yeah you do have to

cut back on cardio but but I think what

I think what his question was is listen

does doing cardio eat away at my muscle

no not if you're lifting heavy and not

if you're putting the right kind of

calories into your body so good question

there and good advice there by Landel

listen if you're getting ready for a

bodybuilding competition then yeah I

guess you'd have to cut down on the

cardio but then again you can't be at

10% body fat for a muscle for for a for

competition you got to be below 4 or 5

percent body fat sometimes - 3 % body

fat so so cutting back on cardio like I

I agree with what you're

I agree with what you're saying

conceptually but me I've never been one

to cut back on cardio when I'm muscle

building when I'm in the bulking phase

cardio to me is as important as lifting

weights because listen you want to build

the muscle but what good is what good is

being strong if you don't look like it

right like there's no need and having

all this muscle if it's covered if it's

covered in fat no you want to look as

you want to look as ripped as possible

you want to look as muscular as possible

the less fat you carry the leaner you

are the more muscular you look oh yeah

Lando says just my opinion I'm no expert

not listen me neither man I'm not a I'm

not a certified personal trainer either

and listen listen and it really depends

on your genetics some guys genetics

respond better to to less cardio some

men like myself respond better to more

cardio and here's the thing I've done I

did two spin classes yesterday

and let's see I did one Monday one

Tuesday so I've done spore spin classes

in three days I'm doing another one

after I get off the show so I'm gonna do

five spin classes in four days and I'm

gonna do another two tomorrow right so

I'm gonna do seven spin classes in seven

days but in in in five days guys guess

what it costs me not one ounce of my

muscle number one because I do number

one because I lift and I you know I try

to put the right kind of calories in my

body but the second reason is is that

I'm genetically predisposed to not lose

muscle when I do heavy cardio so you

really do you really I don't know you

have to play with it you have to play

with it so a good advice there by

Lyndell good advice there Falcon black

McTell says how many grams of meat do

you take per serving brother dawn of

kratom two to three grams or yeah two to

three grams Afra masculinity Kevin here

Falcon black says I'm a maniac I guess

he's talking about my uh my doing two

spin classes in one day Chris Williamson

app 250 mr. pirate brain app by 30 do I

like the Phillies yes I like all Philly

sports teams the Phillies the Sixers the

Flyers and of course the Eagles your

Super Bowl champions

Chris Williamson wants to know if my or

my patreon videos downloadable no they

are not

mr. pirate brain says fasting helps yea

fasting does help intermittent fasting

look that up the real ship says depends

on what kind of car do you do low

intensity drawn-out cardio cuts out

muscle high intensity interval keeps

muscle now that I did not know so

basically I think if I if I'm not if I'm

understanding this correctly if you walk

on a treadmill for two hours that's

gonna take that's gonna that's gonna

that's gonna eat at your muscle but if

you do a spin class high-intensity for

3045 minutes you'll keep your muscle

okay I can agree with that sharp assists

in the house what's good with you


alright guys well enough yammering on

enough yammering on Abram outlaw Antoine

Ramone this is on the Facebook side

Yosef ex Israel on the Facebook side on

the Facebook side Nathaniel Devante

Harris jock me Troutman golden Bishop

Eric out bridge Steven Mitchell Justin


good to see you guys in here well let us

get to the topic at hand enough of me

running my mouth today I'm going to talk

about why black men shouldn't blame

black women for being angry now everyone

knows that black women are very angry we

all know this people and people like to

deny it they like to say things like

well this is a stereotype or do you know

every single black woman do you know

that every single black woman is is

angry they say these things that of

course every other argument that they

can come up with to sort of refute the

obvious now here's the deal guys

stereotypes exist for reason we all know

this yes there are exceptions to the

rule but stereotypes are part of life

right listen then honestly I wouldn't

even say that stereotypes are a

necessary evil because stereotypes help

us to decide on which people to avoid

and which people to associate with on

many many different levels and that's a

topic that listen that that's a topic

for another show

anyway the assertion that the typical

black woman is angry pisses black women

off almost instantly because deep down

they know it's all true okay how do we

know it's true well the proof is all

around us everyday guys black women look

angry black women sound angry they talk

angry dude go online and look for girl

flights and most of those fights are

between black women you can also do

search for restaurant confrontations

restaurant fights black women dominate

those videos customer survey the

customer service blow ups like I think

we've all seen the video we've all seen

multiple videos of these fucking black

limited bitching and complaining in

McDonald's right in a McDonald's

drive-through my cookies weren't hot

enough my McNuggets weren't fresh my

fries didn't have salt on them they're

making a big deal out of nothing right

listen all of these things all of these

things are dominated by black women the

list goes on and on

guys listen that's anger that's what

this is they're there there's no other

way to define this behavior other than

just inherent anger even when black

women are trying to act kind and docile

the anger is still written all over

their faces and body language hiding

one's anger guys is as its as useless as

a person with bad breath just pop it in

a breath mint thinking it'll vanquish

their bad breath no it doesn't help it

smells like mint flavored halitosis

it doesn't help one bit that's how

useless it is for black women to try to

act like they're not angry all of that

said I can't say that I blame black

women for being angry and neither should

you guys okay listen before you guys

jump all over me don't get me wrong I'm

not saying that we should absolve black

women for their egregious behavior okay

I'm not saying that their behavior or

their mentalities should be pardoned not

even close

okay guys listen black female anger

affects us as black men because they

project that inherent anger onto us in

many different ways you guys know what

I'm talking about right in relationships

everyday interactions at work with our

kids you name it black women are always

looking to make black men pay for what

they believe are wrongs that have been

done to them okay they do this to us

because we don't really have an

immediate recourse think about it like

this if a black woman gets in our faces

or puts our hands on us or give us this

attitude what are we gonna do knock them

out well if you do that we're in jail

for 72 hours mandatory what are you

gonna do yell back all that's gonna do

is make her more angry and then she puts

our hands on you we are easy targets for

black women because they know that we're

probably not gonna do shit at least

we're not gonna do anything to stop the

behavior that is now the last 20 years

or so 20 25 30 years we started dating

other races of women most notably white

girls and that seems to epistemology in

any more guys so instead of dealing with

their shit we've decided to

check out and date white girls and of

course you guys know I've written many

articles on why black men should date

white women including one of my

signature piece ebooks that I wrote for

the Negro manosphere entitled black

man's revenge the black man's guide to

dating white girls and non black women

but I digress

the point is is that even though black

women are insufferable even though they

are stubborn even though they are

notoriously impossible to deal with on

any level we shouldn't blame them for

being angry and the reason and the

reason is the reason why they're so

angry is because think about it guys

black dude these women black women they

are shit on by society in just about

every conceivable way

nearly every minute of every day of

their lives so it's no wonder they wake

up pissed off listen it's easy for us to

say well why are black women so angry

yes shouldn't be so angry you know what

I'm not feeling sorry for them but I'm

saying black women gets shit on all the

time and unless it listen it's just like

with white people why people say well

well like a lot like like with getting

pulled over right like my girlfriend is


she can't understand why I'm so careful

before during and after I Drive like I

like before I get in like before I get

in my car I look to make sure that the

taillights are good I checked my

registration I make sure dude I make

sure my seat belts on I make sure all my

eyes are done in all my T's are crossed

there's a red light right in front of

our place it says do not make a right on

red dude people steady make a right on

red I won't make that right on red she's

like I'll just go ahead and blow through

it I'm like sweetheart you're a white

woman I'm a black man cops let you get

away with more than I do she just she

just doesn't understand my mentality I

listen I've been through that racial

profiling I've been through cops pulling

me over for failure to come to a

complete stop before making a right on

red I've been pulled over because my

taillight was out right I've been

racially profiled my girlfriend who's a

white woman she doesn't understand that

nor should I nor should I expect her to

understand that so when we say well why

are black women so angry listen slow

your roll man I'm not saying we should

feel sorry for him because listen listen

I don't feel sorry for black women not

one bit like fuck those bitches fuck

those hoes by the same token

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm

not gonna sit here and act like I don't

understand why they're angry okay so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give you

guys and there are many many reasons why

black there are many reasons what we as

black men should not blame black women

for being angry but I'm just gonna go

over the three most prevalent let's go

ahead and get started here number one

black women or at the bottom of the

sexual food chain that's right gentlemen

I said black women are at the bottom of

the sexual food chain the hard and

simple reality for black women is that

most men just don't prefer black women

they don't yes a man might use a black

woman every once in a while for a

one-night stand on occasion because

maybe he's in a slump or maybe he wants

to experience the exotic or forbidden

fruit right maybe he wants to try that

at least once in his life but by and

large black chicks are almost nobody's

tight guys when men think about the

woman when the typical man thinks about

the woman he wants to share his life

with a woman that he falls in love with

has a family with taken to his golden

years he seldom fantasizes about black

women this includes black men yes at

least these days and I'll get into more

this later guys there are scores of

reasons for this and like us guys listen

they've been discussed ad nauseam across

you know across shows like this right

YouTube channels YouTube channels Negro

manosphere calm or turn of Kings etc etc

and honestly there's no need to belabor

the point as to why black women are

aren't are not worth committing to these

days but here's the thing I can't save

that I wouldn't be pissed off too if I

knew that most women I encounter were

not entertaining thoughts of so much as

a quick roll in the hay right like

honestly think of let's let's do a

little bit of a role reversal right

let's say that black women and black men

switch roles as far as our sexual

options now we as black men we have far

more sexual options than black women

will ever have that's part of the reason

they're pissed off well let's just take

for instance let's say that black men

were almost nobody

type yeah we'd be pissed off too right

honestly we'd be pissed off like dude

the oh you mean to tell me the only

people that really want to have sex with

me or even a relationship remit let my

only option is black women that would

piss us off guess what black women are

realizing you know what black men are

datin white girl so we can do it - no

you can't sweetheart the swirling

movement guys that's a myth

like what do black women can't date

white guys well I know a black woman who

dates listen that's one in a zillion yes

there are white men out there who date

black women that is the exception to the

rule that is the outlier situation you

walk outside your door you see black do

you see niggas with white girls all the


you don't see white dudes with black

girls too often man black girls are

almost nobody's option

illimitable ban of illimitable men.com

we discussed a while back we talked

about how Asian and Indian men are the

least attractive males on the planet and

that they Asian men and indian men have

the least have the least amount of

options when it comes to women gay Asian

and Indian women these days honestly

think about this Asian Asian women and

Indian women they don't even want agen

in Indian men so it stands to reason why

these men are angry on the inside guys

black women are no different unlike we

as black men they don't have listen

here's the theme unlike other races of

women black women don't have the luxury

of leaving their houses every day and

fielding offers from scores of men that

they come across every day like their

Caucasians like light like white girls

Hispanic girls Asian girls Indian girls

all these other girls get hollered at

all the time black women do not pisses

him off the hard truth guys like I said

that is never that hard truth is never

lost on black women they can say

whatever they want they know that

they're almost nobody's type and you can

bet your ass that it is absolutely one

of the main reasons they are always

seething with anger beneath the surface

aunt life asks how come black women

don't like nerdy black men but they will

date a nerdy white goofy-looking guy

listen I'm not a black woman so I mean I

can't answer that question but I mean I

don't know ask a black woman why won't

you dated I don't know like you like you

think about this a lot of black women

a lot of black women will try to date

white guys for any reason okay he's a

nerdy white guy but he's a white guy I'm

gonna show I'm gonna show everybody out

here that I can date white guys to write

that I mean I don't know maybe it's a

trophy and white and listen black women

like to say well you're just like white

girls because they're it no no no no no

we don't date white girls because

they're white girls we date white girls

because they are not black women black

women date white guys to get black man's

attention so if a black woman wants to

get the attention of a black man she'll

date a nerdy white guy I don't know I'm

again I'm just theorizing you know who

knows who knows like I said I'm not a

black woman so I don't know I don't

really know

aunt leaf also says I don't know why

they swear they are on top of the sexual

food chain black women know that they're

not on top of the sexual food chain

they're almost nobody's type dude and

they know this that's like their that's

like a dude with the 2-inch dick tell em

I got a 15-inch dick really if you had

such a big dick white have to tell

everybody all the time black women are

all dude they're all the time talking

about while I'm down with the swirling

movement no you're not sweetheart you

want the attention of black men this is

why you steady talk about you want to

swirl that's the only reason why

all right well I am going to say goodbye

to my Instagram audience and my Facebook

audience thank you for tuning in for the

first part of TSR live if you guys want

to watch the rest of the show go to

donovan sharp comm and join us on

crowdcast i will see you guys tomorrow

as i say goodbye to both people here all

right excellent

moving right along to the reasons why

black men shouldn't blame black women

for being so angry here's another reason

why guys

black women are miserable but they have

no idea why listen the average black

woman is fucking miserable she doesn't

live the life she thinks she deserves

she doesn't have the romantic option she

wants and she has zero clue as to why

this just she doesn't know why she has

no idea as to why it is she's miserable

and she's not close to figuring that out

you see here's the thing guys the world

tells women that they need to be strong

and independent to be attractive now the

black community they go one step further

and indirectly and sometimes directly

tells them that they also need to be

masculine in addition to being strong

and independent so the black community

quite literally tells black women if you

want to be attractive to black men you

have to act like black men

now listen guys I could point to any

number of sources that black women get

this information from but one needs not

look any further and then Tyler Perry

movies and the two that jumped to my

mind immediately are why did I get

married and why did I get married to the

very worst offender in terms of the

character who perpetuates the

masculinity equals attraction is none

other than Angela played by Tasha Smith

guys like we all know what movie I'm

talking about this chick white literally

bitches she yells she complains

throughout the movie and her husband

Marcus which is played by Michael Jai

White basically every black woman's

object of desire now you would think

that a woman's incessant nagging and

bitching would earn her an early divorce

but not Angela know what happens to her

what happens to her for her bad behavior

she is actually rewarded with yet more

loyalty and detention by her 3% body fat

husband this kind of thing tells women

in no uncertain terms to be as

insufferable as humanly possible and men

will treat you well and it's so funny

women always say well that's just the

movies we know the difference not the

way you guys are acting the way you guys

are acting out here you make it you make

it look like you're actually listening

to this stuff Tyler Perry Oprah Iyanla

Steve Harvey they all have that same

message act like or Think Like a Man act

like a woman I think Steve Harvey says

bullshit can't act like a man if you're

not a man

I can't think like a woman because guess

what I'm not a woman I don't give a shit

about thinking like a woman I think like

a man because I am a man

now the problem is of course is that

it's not working

scissors are out here acted like Angela

and they're expecting dozens of shemar

Mors and Mors chitnis - chestnuts to be

beating down their doors but they're not

so now they're angry and confused as to

why they are miserable and even here's

the thing guys even if they all of a

sudden just realized why booth it just

came to them they never admitted in

public because black women are the most

prideful stubborn people out there and

admitting that their entire ideology as

flawed is something they are

ill-equipped to do

the last and final reason why I can't

blame black women for being angry and

this is the biggest one black men no

longer want or need black women I said I

was gonna get to this we're here whether

black women admit it or not we as black

men we are their only option now they'll

be quick to point out women like Paula

Patton or Serena Williams right both

marrieds of white guys or have married

white guys but they know as well as

anyone that using outliers as examples

that's being intellectually dishonest

okay they are well aware that their only

viable option for long-term

relationships and even it and even more

and even more aware that we're finding

greener pastures with other races of

women these days most notably white

girls I talked about this earlier if the

situation's were reversed that is black

women stop dating black men at the rate

that we as black men are abandoning

relationships with with black girls

today we'd be more than alright we'd be

just fine women of all races guys they

find black men attractive so if black

chicks and black chicks start a jumping

ship and to what ship they would jump to

I have no idea but whatever okay we

would have more than enough options to

keep our collective dicks wet right fuck

this I'm not dating black men anymore

bye see you we're good but the average

black woman isn't attractive to the

average black into the average man of

any other race and black men we're

starting to realize that these chicks

aren't there they're not worth the time

of day for any reason

it's become plainly obvious that that

that that black women it's but it's it's

be completely obvious to black women

that black men not only no longer want

them we don't need them okay we know

that they're not worth marrying because

they're insufferable bitches who will do

little more than emasculate you and do

everything in their power to make your

life as difficult and as and as

inconvenient as possible

they're not worth they're not worth

dating because they expect you to give

them the world okay they expect you to

worship the ground they walk on for no

other reason but that they're women now

some people may say well that's the same

with white girls too yes it is but

here's the difference at least with

white girls you get your dick sucked at

least with white girls you get treated

well yes white girls are every bit as

nefarious they're every bit as bitchy

and flaky and bad behaving as black

women there's no doubt about it but with

white girls at least there's a trade-off

okay so she cheated on me she treated me

like shit at least I got the fucker at

least she cooked for me black women has

she cheated on me this and that any

other but she never sucked my dick she

fucked me once a week she never cooked

for me she said that that was too

degrading so this whole white girls do

it too that's a bad argument

at least with white girls there's a

trade-off dude honestly black women

black women aren't even they're not even

worth fucking because they honestly

think about this guys this is funny they

seem to get pregnant if a man so much as

looks in their general direction B and

as most of them have a bunch of kids

it's a it's it's weird man it's a it is

as though the vagina the pussy of a

black woman sucks

they sucks the semen out of a man's dick

through the eight condoms he's wearing

okay and then they end up getting

pregnant now I see that tongue-in-cheek

all jokes aside we all know that black

women are the most fertile fucking

females out there so unless you want a

bunch of kids keep your cocks away from

these chicks the bottom line here is

that our lives are better without black

women and they know it they can pretend

all they want but deep down inside guys

they know the score seeing an increasing

number of black men with non black women

is is a constant yet sobering reminder

that we no longer want or need them and

that makes them fucking furious guys all

of that said all of what I said the

anger of a black woman is not our

problem yes gentlemen they have valid

reasons as to why they are in a

perpetual state of anger there's no

doubt about it okay there are valid

reasons as to why they are in a

perpetual state of extreme malcontent

but they couldn't give less of a shit

about what we as black men go through on

a regular basis on a daily basis to add

insult to injury they blame us they talk

shit about us and just about everything

else they can do to drive us further

away from them it's like they don't

understand that we're their only option

so what do they do they're gonna drive

us further away fucking idiots black

women would do well to abide by the

Golden Rule

so maybe attempt to reel us back into

our life back and do better to reel them

back into our lives okay

like most things they need to do I'm not

gonna hold my breath not for these


all right

see we got here wizard praying says

black met black women and Asian men yeah

I remember Issa Rae caught a bunch of

heat for encouraging black women to date

Asian men what are we all losing our

minds for you're talking dude you're

talking dude you were talking about

you're talking about two of the most

you're talking about two of the most

undesirable classes of people dating

each other what's the problem there oh

my god I can't believe she I can't

believe she wants black women to date

Asian men who gives a shit because guess

what Asian men aren't attracted to black

women and black women aren't attracted

to Asian men where's the harm in that

it's not gonna do anything she's just


was there praying says I got a black

friend married to a white girl black

girls hiss at her when they see them

together yeah

dude when me and my girl are out in

public do we get looks for black girls

all the time then dude black women dude

it's so funny dude like if you have a

white girl on you're a black guy black


dude black women will steady look at you

like look at this nigga taking our mid

bitch I don't belong to you like if you

suck dick maybe you'd have one of me

is why not says hey Donovan is that

table of content coming up soon be a

little bit more specific there is why

not I'm not really sure what you're


Kevin Stovall says great show Donovan

continued to kick that beef cent in

their faces yeah fuck me so is dude fuck

these hoes not know don't fuck these

hoes to sleep right because I'm not

attracted to these hoes

is why not since he says perhaps black

woman could try some submissive Indian

guys for a change no I mean listen they

could try it but dude that that's not

gonna help man

black women listen man black black women

again we're their only option dude they

can try dating other guys is not gonna

be the same it's not gonna be the same

James Martinez says does this go for

women who grew up in a two-parent home

well it depends on the two-parent home

if if a black woman grows up in the

typical two-parent black home she's

gonna act like the mother right

the mother black women walk black wives

walk all over their black husbands so if

these if these black couples have black

daughters guess what she's gonna mimic

the black mother she's gonna think that

that's the way to a successful

relationship bitch bitch at the husband

demean him degrade him and masc him

guess what it's gonna come out the same


jeopardy Clark coming in late says he

was fuckin a single mom hope used a


good to have you guys in here today I

have a few questions on on Instagram but

I cut the feed and so that one is no

longer up


no they got erased they got erased

Miami Chasez The Cleveland Show yes yes

whatever happened at the Cleveland Show

like I used to watch that years ago and

yes the Cleveland listen Cleveland Brown

for those of you guys are familiar at

that Cleveland Brown quintessential

example man

that's why Roberta is gonna be in love

Roberta dates a white guy obviously

because her black father is he ain't

shit right I mean yeah you know decent

show all the typical black stuff going

on that's going to do it for this

edition of TSR live

I've got my spin class at at six o'clock

this evening so I've got a little bit of

time I can stretch out actually is why

not if you would if you're still


you ask me is that table of contents is

that table of content coming through so

yeah please if you would before I jump

off the air here be a little bit more


Miami J asks is Vimeo gonna help me with

calls and guests um no but I can again I

can buy a mixer or I can buy a software

called loop net or a loopback which

allows me to which allows me to take

calls on air so I mean I can buy a sound

mixer or I can just buy the loopback

software either way either way when when

my audience when my audience grows to a

certain point I'm I will I will

definitely i'll definitely start taking

calls on air i might I don't know I

might take calls on air

I don't know once a week well we'll see

how that goes it might make that patreon

only but but we'll see we'll see but

Vimeo is definitely Vimeo seems to be

it's a little more expensive but the

software seems to it seems to fit my

needs a little bit better than nothing



the jack man says this one is why I'm

meeting with a female lawyer on the

2030s if you ever get divorced it's the

only time I endorse hiring a female for

anything okay

if you IR female for anything hire a

female attorney to free your divorce is

why not says I met the table of content

of your patreon content no I am NOT

doing a table of contents my table of

contents is my website so yeah I said

it's getting hard to keep track at all

of my patreon content is directly

correlated with my website so again if

you don't want to scroll through all the

patreon stuff just go to donovan sharp

calm everything on donovan sharp calm is

also on patreon so so that that's

donovan sharp calm as is my de facto is

my de facto table of contents that's

that's what I'm using there wizard

praying says also black women are among

the fattest in the country yeah yeah I

actually pointed that out in a in a

return of Kings article that I wrote

five reasons why I no longer take black

women and the one of the reasons was

that they're fat right like we all know

most women in this country are fat guess

what black women lead the league in FGM

percentage fat girl percentage

the vast majority of black women are

grossly overweight yes there are a lot

of fat white girls or a lot of fat women

in this country fat women or black women

lead the league in in fat girls to be

sure to be sure that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS r Alive I will see

you guys in 23 hours thanks for watching



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