Why black mothers and white fathers hate when their teens date interracially (Episode 391)

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no matter what women say they live to be

objectified I don't want to fuck your

degree what else can you offer me

besides sex I don't want to fuck your

personality either women want all the

accolades to be at the boss without any

of the responsibilities fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 390

first edition of TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Thursday January 3rd

2019 we are multi casting to seven

channels simultaneously three YouTube

channels three Facebook pages and of

course Twitter we're all over the

goddamn place trying to spread the good

word it is great to have you guys in

tonight this is gonna be a good episode

so let's go ahead and get right to it

like most people yours truly had a high

school sweetheart

her name was Jill she was very pretty

extremely smart and she loved her sub

Donovan but there was one thing about

her that my mother didn't like and she

never failed to mention it whenever she

could Jill was a white girl Jill had

long blonde hair big pretty green eyes

and as you can imagine

Jill's father wasn't too keen on our

relationship either and he was always in

Jill's ear about it as much as her as

much as my mom nagged me about her now

that I'm more than what two decades away

a little more than 20 years removed from

that relationship which by the way

lasted into my college years and I look

back on it I noticed something

Jill's mother and my father didn't

really have much to say about it

maybe they approved maybe they didn't

but they were noticeably silent

during the whole thing now let's not get

ourselves here gentlemen there are many

interracial relationships in the world

but the ones that are the most

polarizing are the ones between black

males and white females let's just call

it what it is but the thing is most

people who seem to have a problem with

it are black women just like our white

men and black women just like Jill's

father and my mother and if you pay

attention you'll also notice that in

high school okay

high school-aged interracial

relationships the battle lines are drawn

much the same way white fathers and

black mothers are almost always the most

vehement dissenters when their daughters

date their black sons when they're white

daughters date their black sons so now

the question becomes why isness why is

it that black mothers that white mothers

and black father stay comparatively

silent while their spouses raise hell

about it well tonight I'm gonna break

this down from each parents point of

view and tell you what either parent is

afraid to say or admit out loud my

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alright let us go to the chat see who

we've got in the house all right Ryan

Sullivan pops the cherry Rob Cruz gets

sloppy seconds Javon smiley says this

should be good well of course you're the

one fucking her in the ass

Charles Caballero gets to finish on her

face and mr. old school writer mr. old

school writer gets to get it all on

camera been a while mr. old school right

are good to see you in here Charles

wants to know does the guy who films it

also uploads it uploads video to pornhub

I don't know maybe all right Rob Cruise

in the house got to ask Donovan what the

heck happened I don't understand Robbie

got to be a little more specific

infinite pigs shout out to you Javon

smiley good to see you in here shot

hopper is in the house Shawn in Tampa is

in the house tonight

mr. old school writer says that new

intro is fresh I appreciate it I worked

very hard on it

so I'm very very I'm very proud of it

jaesi says so the only reason a white

girl sleeps with a black eye is if her

father's at beta why are you asking me a

question or are you making a are you

making a an observation shout out to

Miami Jay with the $25 contribution says

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focus drew is new to the channel good to

see you in here Javon smiley says

hashtag keep snow bunnies all right all

right so already an interesting debate

in here JC says has the live feed

started yeah started about fifteen

minutes ago about 10 minutes ago

actually all right

Miami Jay in the house appreciate that

okay know JC is responding to Ryan

Sullivan all right my bad you guys know

I like to shoot first ask questions

later Brandon's store ball is in the

house good to see you in here been a

while Kyle Mitchell says the reason

white women sleep with black men is

because the man is me yeah fair enough

fair enough

my mej says he says this total is

probably closer yay probably closer to

$15.99 in terms of catchin Bob in

Sacramento all right well a lot of a lot

of you guys have different thoughts

hypotheses theories if you want to talk

about it like I said give me a call but

let's go ahead and get this party

started we're gonna start off with white

father's give me one second here

uh-huh that's interesting

all right oh wait a minute there it is

there it is okay got it got it got it

got it got it okay so we're gonna start

off with white father's my bad for that

for that snap oh

now when Devin and I first started

talking she told me that if I were to

meet her parents

that they would love me and they would

have no problem with our relationship


she said that they'd give us their

blessing and would be perfectly okay

with us to which I responded of course

they don't have a problem with me being

black you're past the wall and the funny

thing is okay she laughed and said cat

dim your harsh but she knew I was right

because right after she told me that she

then told me if we were dating in high

schools it would be a very different

story with her father regardless of race

gentlemen women of all races are the

most sexually viable during their

fertile years I would say between what

18 and 26 years old give or take

now Devin and her father both know that

she's not nearly as valuable as she was

10 15 years ago so he's not as

protective of her as she once was

Devin's 34 shall be 35 next month guess

what back when she was 20 she's she was

a lot hotter I've seen pictures when she

was 25 she was hot okay now of course

she's a grown woman she doesn't live at

home anymore

which are both factors in terms of why

her father doesn't feel the need to

protect her anymore but the fact remains

that because she's not in her prime her

father is much less invasive with

regards to her relationship with me but

for pretty young white girls who are in

their sexual primes there are three main

reasons white fathers are strongly

opposed to their daughters dating black

boys no it has enough some of it might

have to do

the fact that they are racist but that

seems to be the obvious thing but I'm

gonna point out three three reasons why

white fathers have a problem with their

young teenage daughters dating black

boys oh thank you can you bring me a

bottle of water too

oh my god I've got a splitting headache

and Devon just came to the rescue with a

200 count bottle of advil so whoo thank


number one reputation gentlemen white

fathers are petrified that when and if

their daughters date black boys are

starting to date black boys she will

dude she'll blast that all over social

media shout-out to rob Cruz with the $20

contribution says Donovan Ryan Sullivan

was asking when will I get my wrench I

told him I had one don't know what

happened oh shoot okay hang on a second

why does Rob Cruz not have a wrench

that's weird thank you thank you where

in the hell okay so Rob Cruz I'm gonna

get your wrench here and I'm gonna get

your wrench here and I gonna make you

one of the mods anyway white fathers are

petrified that women if their daughters

date black boys she's gonna blast it all

over social media guys should post

pictures she'll post videos and anything

she can think of to tell the world about

her boyfriend now to be fair she'd be

doing this anyway regardless of her

boyfriend's race but it's the black boys

that her dad wants her not to broadcast

let's not get it twisted here in a white

father's mind this reflects poorly on

him his friends and family will

indirectly wonder well where did he go

wrong with her yes gentlemen this really

happens number two he knows that white

boys are gonna stay away let's not beat

around the bush here guys white fathers

know that if his daughter gets a

reputation for dating black boys white

boys will stay away from her and if she

continues her

interracial dating ways she will likely

never have a relationship of consequence

with a strong high-value masculine white

male because again he knows that white

men consider most white men consider

cominging with black men as a

deal-breaker when it comes to dating

marrying and sometimes even fucking

white women straight-up ray and PG says

he loved bringing the white girls home

so did you boy number three if she has a

mixed kid dad knows her options for a

long-term relationship down the road are

limited to just black men or weak white

men neither of which in his mind or good

options for his kid I want you guys to

keep in mind that just because a white

father doesn't want his daughter to date

black boys doesn't make him a racist now

I could certainly be a strong indicator

but this isn't the way to judge that one

way or the other are you almost done the

truth is guys fathers are keenly aware

of the sexual marketplace and he knows

that if his daughter has a reputation

for dating black guys the only way

she'll be able to consolidate on a white

male is to move out of town and delete

all of her social media accounts which

by the way a lot of white girls do when

they've hit the wall and don't want

anyone to know about her extended ride

on the dark side carousel I mentioned in

a previous episode a while back that

once you go black you can't go back

white fathers know this to be true


white girls unfortunately figure this

out much later and by then it's much too

late which is the main reason why white

fathers for bit borderline forbid their

daughters from dating black boys which

only makes them want to date them more

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let's check the chat here alone revolver

is in the house good to see you in here

clayton Kuiper says white girls who

don't usually like black guys will go

will go if you're an athlete or a rapper


Clayton that's obvious and again we're

not talking in listen I listen you you

make a very good point but again that's

that that's stating the obvious right

white girls dude I've had plenty of

white girls tell me well I don't date

black guys really if my name were James

Harden or LeBron James or Kevin Durant

I'm sure you would probably relax your

standards Remmy says you mean SoundCloud

rapper come on man sound hey don't hate

on SoundCloud rappers now not that I am

one just saying explosive diarrhea says

I am Guyanese and within the Guyanese

community parents don't want their

children to date other races that is th

e IR their explosive diarrhea got to get

off the toilet hit that spell correct

explosive diarrhea says that's the intro

yes you guys remember my very first

intro the second line is of course her

parents will have a problem P being

black she's past the wall that is when

ice that was around the time I had

started talking to Devon

alright John J says if you focus on

getting your money then you can have any

woman yeah straight up spin says throw

Devon a wall themed 35th no for her 35th

birthday I'm gonna get her I've actually

got some of her stuff on the way I

bought her I think it bought her like

five or six pairs of stripper heels

today Real Talk I got her some really

really high black ones I got I got her

some black ones some pink ones some red

ones I got her some blue ones and I

can't remember what the last pair oh uh

yeah red pink black blue and then

another pair so I'm gonna get her I've

already started on her I've already

started out at 35th birthday Molly says

Devon a queen listen I appreciate the

sentiment I do I appreciate you

recognizing that my woman is good to me

but a queen she is not there's nothing

special about Devon yes she's my

girlfriend I live with her I care for

her very much

but there's nothing special about her

the only thing special about Devon is

that she's with me okay that that's how

that goes everything that is good about

Devon is because of this guy right here

so listen I appreciate the compliment

but Devon is no she's not a queen she's

she's my girl I don't call women Queens

or exalt them in that regard I look I

get it though I get it though I

appreciate the appreciate the shout out

Clayton kuiper says I know guys with

with money who can't get any females

Clayton you're right and dude there are

plenty of guys with no money who can get

out who can get any female he wants

straight up good observation there mr.

Universal Sports says I know how I know

how my Mexican father-in-law feels yeah

that's funny Clayton Kuiper's says mixed

kids kills it with white guys except

white trash like Juggalos I don't know

what that means but yes if you're

walking like if you're a white girl and

you wear hoop earrings or Jordans dude

that's a dead giveaway that's you fuck

with niggas

Kyle Mitchell says don't forget the

flight skincare his cell that's booked

up wizard pranks as Queen equals fat

black and sassy yet good observation

there to help fighter says should guys

listen to you with their girls present

that's th e ir should they let no you

not at all don't listen to don't listen

to me with your girlfriend present man

all she's gonna do and be like listen

gotta get out of here men are talking

men are talking there you go oh he

corrected it okay Rob Rob Rob to15 says

white girl with braids key sign yeah

dude if she wears Jordans if she wears

hoop earrings if she has braids if she

listens to hip-hop

Luigi Conte says that whoa Mike Vicki

chick is a mud shark I don't know that

is don't know that is good to have you

guys in tonight got a hundred and

thirty-one people watching on the main

channel I appreciate your support again

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and twenty dollars respectively let us

get to the fun part let's get to the

black mothers

we all know that black women they hate

them some white girls oh yes they do

they hate white girls with a passion now

back in the day I didn't really pay too

much attention to white girls because

they stayed in their world and black

women stayed and theirs but black women

didn't really start hating on white

girls when white girls started fucking

with black dudes because in the

beginning that was the outlier situation

outlier situation I mean listen to keep

it all the way real white girls weren't

really checking fitting is back then at

least not out in the open it happened

every once in a while not nearly as much

as you see it now but what really

started the hate for white girls among

black women was when black men started

marrying and dating white girls when

they became successful or rich the hate

has exponentially increased now because

everyday black men have started

abandoning sisters for white girls I did

that dude I have jumped I didn't realize

that I abandon him I haven't dude I

haven't dated a black woman since I was

in my early 20s so I'm going on 20 years

now the reasons for this are vast and

Dean and I've talked about it many times

on my show I detailed this and by the

e-book that I wrote for O'Shea this past

year black man's revenge the black man's

guide to dating white girls and other

non black women but one thing I've

really never really I've never really

delved into is why mothers a black boys

don't want their sons to date white

girls it's one thing for black women to

hate white girls because we as black men

we are dating and marrying them more but

it is quite another for their sons to

make that same choice black women get

pissed when their sons date white girls

they can act

like it doesn't bother them they can say

it doesn't bother them but we all know

that it does now there are shitload of

reasons why black mothers hate it when

their sons date white girls but I'm

gonna point out I'm gonna give you guys

for that they would never admit to let's

go ahead and get to it

number one it highlights their failure

as women it is an open secret that black

women are not feminine

they are mannish aggressive they are an

angry people who have not one ounce of

femininity in their veins it's as though

looking acting and moving like a female

is literally trained out of them at

birth newsflash ladies men don't want

non feminine women and this is true

across all races when a black man

chooses white girls he is indirectly

saying he doesn't want to be with a

woman like his mother who is not

feminine somewhere along the way his

masculine hard drive responded to girls

who act like actual females and it

didn't take him long to jump ship my

high school sweetheart was a white girl

and interestingly enough her father was

a very effeminate male all these years

later I now understand why she

gravitated toward black boys from an

early age her ex-boyfriend before me was

also black it's the same reason black

boys gravitate towards white girls when

they're young

it is a natural reaction for boys to be

attracted to women like their mother's

mom is the biggest influence in the

first decade and a half of his life

mothers are the only example of what a

female is to a boy then that

coincidentally shapes and molds his

preferences and female companionship if

a boy is attracted to women

who are the polar opposite of his mother

then the mother has failed her son

period a mother is supposed to be the

picture of femininity and grace but if

she isn't her sons will look for women

who are nothing like her number two the

number two reason why black mothers get

all up in arms when their black sons

date white girls but what perception as

we all know women are highly influenced

by public perception they never admit

this out loud but females are their hive

minded creatures whether they know it or

not or whether they admit it or not a

black mother with a black son who date's

a white girl that is that's akin to

that's just like The Scarlet Letter in

the black community especially among

women a black mother's friends and her

family will wonder where did she go

wrong with that boy and so on and so

forth now white father's face that same

ridicule but it's not quite as vocal

white fathers are scared to death

because if word gets out that is white

daughters dating black boys he'll be

labeled as the father whose daughter

likes black guys guys I'm telling you

this is a real fucking thing

dude go to reddit go to message boards

you will find this stuff a black mother

doesn't want those questions from

friends and family they don't want those

furtive glances that come their way when

their sons come to family get-togethers

or outings with his blond-haired

blue-eyed girlfriend she also doesn't

want questions for her own mother like

you need to set him straight her what

didn't you do or what happened public

perception is every bit as responsible

for a black mother's disdain for her son

race trading as anything else out there


the last three of reasons black mothers

hate when their sons date white girls as

well as more of your calls and comments

after the break don't go anywhere guys

we'll be right back

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damn good let's go back to the chat here

before we continue oh my god

oh no okay i don't know you okay okay

Benjamin Davis says unbeweavable that's

fucking hilarious black dude black bear

1980s who says black women hate white

girls to the point where they want to

replace them you know what I wanted to

be the center fielder for the Boston Red

Sox when I was a kid but that's not

happening either

yep Michael B Jordan Tiger Woods listen

Robert Griffin the third I mean dude any

any black male who makes it and again

let's be clear here most black men are

with black women most black men are

married to or are or are in

relationships with black women the

problem that black women have is that

the highest like the top five to six

percent of black men

they're dating non black women but

Donovan you're not a top five or six

percent er bitch you better ask somebody

look you talking about bitch I'm top two

I'm top 2% all right J entrepreneur says

if she can't use your comb don't bring

her home he heard this all the time

growing up that is such that is the most

ridiculous it's so funny this is my

listen I never heard that from my mom

god damn dude if she can't use your comb

don't bring her home siobhan smiley says

black women will do everything the other

women would do except be feminine Jevon

makes an excellent observation one of

the most tired shaming technique it's

shaming techniques black women have been

using for ages when talking shit about

black men who date white women you hate

yourself it's self hate you don't even

know what the hell that means

self-hatred the manifestation of

self-hatred is self-harm right you cut

yourself you mutilate yourself you try

to transform yourself if I hated myself

I'd date black women interestingly

enough it's the black women who exhibit

the self hate this is clearly projection

which one of us is out here trying to

dye our hair blonde and get it

straightened out snot black men other

than Sammy Sosa and he's Dominican so he

doesn't count which one of us gets skin

lightening products it's not black men

of the of the two races which of us or

of the two of the two genders black men

and black women which one of us tries to

emulate white people the most it's not

black men black women do everything that

white girls do they try to look like

them they do you want to know something

the reason they do it is because it's

easy being feminine when you're raised

not to be that's hard that's why though

they'll do everything they can to look

and act like waves

to talk like white girls but they can't

be feminine you told me where the

self-hate is coming from guys are active

in the chat

he'd Rudy says don't understand why it's

okay to a black woman to date a white

man but when black women date white

women that's disgusting the traces race

yeah we had some dude we had some bitch

call into the brother pill and she says

oh you know be it this is so funny

she says oh yeah me and my girlfriends

we swirl all the time I called our

bullshit I said number one you guys are

to swirl it if you if if you as a black

woman have to call dude nobody knows who

the fuck we are right like we're a

nobody radio show a podcast on YouTube

just like the other zillion of them but

you decided to call our show to tell us

that you swirl okay fine whatever but

then she says button it was show it's so

funny when these angry black women call

up and they try to sound sweet you can

hear the anger you can hear the angry

undercurrent in their voices anyway

later on in the call she says well she

says well you can do what you want but

you just have to understand that you're

sleeping with the enemy's daughter I

said well if I'm sleeping with the

enemy's daughter then you are sleeping

with the enemy there sweetheart so yeah

it's it's it's a clear double standard

it's a the reason why it's okay for them

to date white men but it's not okay for

us to date white women is because they

can't date white guys black what am i

sorry white dudes ain't checking for you

just because you can find a hole just

because you can find a hole Google page

of good-looking black girls with

good-looking white boys that's not the

norm y'all there is no epidemic there is

no podcast talking about oh my god

there's an epidemic but our women are

leaving us for white guys no no you're

not if you could you would we know that

but you can't so you're not white dudes

don't want you they don't well I have a

friend who okay fine good for your

friend that is the gross outlier the

reason why black women hate it when we

date white girls is because we're their

only option and they know it

Kyle Mitchell dude Kyle Mitchell sees

right through me dude

he says Donovan is ready for the weekend

I can tell he's been burning the candle

out fuck man it has been it has been it

has been a challenging fortnight but I

think it's all good I think it's all

good okay

um with the slave master blah blah okay

let me get back to the I do love reading

and responding to the chat though you

guys always come with the knowledge

let's move on to number three the third

reason why black mothers lose their shit

when their sons date white girls she

doesn't want him getting validation from

black men stay with me here guys a black

woman will never I repeat will ever

congratulate a black man for dating a

white girl that's obvious

alright fine but have you ever noticed

that black men rarely catch heat for

fucking with white girls right and the

only time we catch heat for fucking with

white girls is on the internet with all

the haters any black man who hates on

another black man for dating for fucking

with the white girls is a man who can't

date anybody that's all that is that's

easy but out and about oh no you're

never ever ever gonna get that you see

black women don't want black men

uplifting each other you want to know

why I want you to listen closely the

reason why black women don't want black

men uplifting each other is because

black women want black men to become

dependent upon the approval of black

women I will say it again black women

want black men to become dependent upon

the approval of black women this is why

black women don't want black men

uplifting each other the black

community gentlemen is overrun by female

litters by female leadership no wonder

it's in the shit these days and it's

gotten to the point where the black

community can't function without the

black woman it's almost as though black

women like black woman is the drug that

everybody is addicted to it's harmful to

the body yet the body can't live without

it make no mistake gentlemen black women

are 100% responsible for the fact that

the black community is now run by black

women they wanted the black community

they fought for it they got it but that

doesn't negate the fact that acrylic

that it creates a relationship of

obligation and black women know this yes

Jessica do I am working on a book I just

saw your name in here oh you said Jesse

Lee Peterson yeah okay let me say that

again black women are responsible for

the fact that the black community is now

run by black women they fought for it

they got it be that as it may it doesn't

negate the fact that it creates a

relationship of obligation black women

are keenly aware of this now whether

they admit it or not black men admire

other black men who date outside their

race the ones that admire us are usually

the ones who openly hate on us but

they're there they're not really fool

than anybody we know that they hate on

dudes like me because they want to be me

I know it they know it you guys know it

black women know it everybody knows it

anyway it starts when they're kids when

I was in high school I got all kinds of

love from my homeboys for a date and

Jill it also helped that she was really

jealous hot like she she was on the

typical black mother doesn't want this

because she wants her son to get his

validation from her and subsequently

black women which will eventually lead

him to seek out black women to marry in

order to get that seemingly never-ending

validation as a man that's how this


mmm a fan says sila validation I agree

did I say five four oh you want to know

something I said four reasons there are

five reasons why black women lose their

shit when their when their daughters or

when their sons date white white girls

number four black mothers know that once

he starts dating white girls he is

probably never coming back you see guys

black women know what their deficiencies

are but the fucked up thing is that

they're proud of it they characterize

themselves as strong and independent but

deep down they know they're a little

more than a giant fucking headache

niggas ain't trying to put up with a

black woman he's got to compete with we

ain't trying to deal with the bitches in

our ear about this and that all the

goddamn time black women are never happy

unless they're unhappy now to be fair

white girls are competitive with their

men too so this particular

characteristic is indicative of all

females in America but white girls try

to compete with white men because they

have about as much respect for them as

black women have for us so there's a

little symmetry there right like let's

you know let's not let's just be let's

not be dishonest let's not be

disingenuous but white girls respect

black men which means the last thing

they want to do is compete with us like

black women too and to be fair on the

other side of that black women respect

white men more than they respect us so

again just trying to be fair try to be

as impartial as I can okay black women

and white women compete with black men

and white women were spent black men and

white men respectively while they seemed

to have more respect for the

other races men be that as it may

black mothers know that white girls are

kinder she knows that white girls are

sweeter she knows that they're more

generous and she knows based on what

she's seen in her life they take care of

black men far better than black women

what but just some black mothers know

that black men are happier with white

girls they see it all around them every

day that's why they're men listen if

black men were miserable with white

girls black women wouldn't be pissed

when you guys pissed about they're

always pissed off talking all this shit

yeah it's because you guys know we're

happy she knows that if her son gets so

much as a taste of that white girl he is

not going to black he's not going back

to black girls ever that's it dude

O'Shea said it himself on his show he

said if I start fucking with white girls

I ain't fucking with black girls anymore

I ain't coming back now listen that may

that may have been a little bit of

tongue-in-cheek and for inert you know

for entertainment see but he said it

several times which leads me to believe

that there's probably a kernel of truth

to that there's a procedure there's a

pervasive saying among black girls that

we are all well aware of we all know

what it is right once you go black you

don't go back

well black women are learning to live

with another axiom they know that is

damn near 100% true and that is once he

goes white he is out of sight

Armando Moreno wants to know is that CBD

oil you're vaping no babe CD CBD oil no

you put the CBD oil under your tongue

dude oh my god dude I love this see

medial there's actually there's actually

like an extra good vibes CBD oil I might

get my hands on that am I trying to get

my hands on that one try that one out

Kyle Mitchell says all black women got

to do is be submissive it's not as

difficult as standing up for yourself

man I say this all the time dude I say

this all the time

attractiveness wise body wise okay like

body for body okay

black women have better bodies than

white women guys they just do if you're

looking for it dude if you're looking

for a woman who is shapely and no don't

listen don't get it twisted don't you

guys go to the internet say Donovan says

he likes thick women no none at all

thickest fat no know what I'm talking

about is a woman who is shaped like a

woman that's one thing that's extremely

attractive about Devin she is curvy dude

she's got a shapely ass she's got these

huge bouncy tits hourglass figure I'm

like damn she's kind of shaped like a

black woman but she's wrapped well she's

wrapped in a kind what dude where do I

sign up

right that's a fast sweetheart I gotta

train you first anyway

black women could corner black women

have already cornered the market on

black men most black men are dating

black women but if if black women wanted

to get back to top five to ten percent

of black men all they have to do is just

be submissive act like a woman act like

a female don't act like a female act

like a woman act like a lady dressed

like a lady talk like a lady move like a

lady that's all there is to it I don't

listen it's not rocket science but they

don't want to do that because iyanla

Vanzant and oprah winfrey have been

telling black women that submitting

yourself to a man is a weakness needless

to say they're both single and don't

tell me Oprah's got Stedman Steadman's

got her dude what Oprah

realize if she's a side chick my gopher

doesn't realize it yet but Stedman no no

no Stefan's got descends got a white

girl in Miami somewhere probably younger

definitely younger than Oprah Oprah is a

side bitch

yes freelance run isn't Grodin is in is

in the house john jay says i could

believe it until you let me hear the

dude you guys gotta learn to spell man

here h EA are you guys are killing me

anyway Clayton Piper says is there oh

god you guys are killing me

he says is there such thing as a

submissive feminine black woman um I

have heard I've heard that they exist

somewhere I actually heard last week

that one was spotted down in Texas there

are rumors that they're up around New

York City every once in a while but yeah

feminine submissive black women they're

an endangered species there's actually a

site called spot a feminine submissive

black woman calm and if you see one you

go to the website hey I spotted one

christow so says once you go black we

want we don't want you back I'm telling

you dude there is not at listen man

there is not a silver bullet in this

world like the silver bullet when a

white guy finds out that his white

girlfriend has black ex-boyfriends will

be trying to tell you no it's not CBD

oil guys you guys are killing me see

this is the thing Rob 215 says you can

make a black woman submissive you just

got to be on your masculine game no no

no listen some listen listen I don't I

can't put percentages on it that is

effective but here's that here's the

problem here's the problem the more

masculine you are the more masculine

black women become it's as though the

more masculine you are they feel like

they have to challenge you I remember

one guy called unto the brother pill and

said yeah you got to study your opponent

and I remember saying dude this is the

problem black men and black women have

an adversarial role you know existence

with one another so what we're talking

about studying our opponent she's not

here it's dude you're a woman it's not

supposed to be your opponent your woman

is supposed to be on your side your

woman is supposed to bring you a bottle

of water when she knows you're on the

air you forgot your bottle of water your

voice won't crack right a woman's

supposed to be on your side bring you a

bottle of Advil when she knows you've

got a splitting headache

supposed to be a fucking opponent Jesus

okay Rollo Tomassi is in the building

Willie Beamen

steamin Willie Beamen says yo I'm Pro

black love my respect truth and you on

point Javon smiley says you gotta choke

black women with their old weave to get

them to be submissive goddamn that's

fucked but true unfortunately

Darrius Matthew says Donovan I don't

date white women but the ones out here

in Bellevue Washington are thick pop

bottles riding around in new Jaguars and

Tesla's you would have a field day yeah

no no don't say thick

I don't listen man when I said I think

people I don't like thick anything I

don't like my way to be thick I like my

women to be fit okay

I don't like old man I like him thick no

thickest fat okay Devin is not thick

Devin has curves Devin is Devin is

extremely dense she is real like she's

really dense she's like she's got like

these muscular legs she weighs a lot

more than she looks it's weird she's I

mean she's literally built like a like a

brick shithouse I remember saying to her

one time um like are you sure your

father's your father she doesn't like

that but a RHIB run that every once in a


freelance ronan says black women are

basically their own worst enemy their

issue an internal issue black women lose

because they don't try I agree mr. AI

says black women don't have the best

faces though I don't know I wouldn't I

mean this listen man like black women

have pretty faces you know I mean at

that point that's probably just a

preference was her praying says lots of

cute black girls in England okay yeah

black Bearer 1982 says she has an

athletic oh wait a minute Ronda Rousey

is the true meaning of thick she has a

an athletic muscular body yeah Devon has

an athletic like but she oh my god she

did gymnastics when she was younger and

so um that and the fact that she was

blessed by the genetic gods is the

reason why she has shaped like that as a

white girl

Hashim Abdullah says question about your

new $15 patreon tier that is patreon

that is TSR silver how much detail do

you want wait o for your video responses

enough to fill a book or should I just

save those types of questions for the

consultations um

don't I mean listen if you if if there's

something you want me to address then

yeah I mean you know write me yeah I

mean see here's the thing just because

the question is long doesn't mean it

requires a long answer just because the

question is short doesn't mean it

requires a short answer so you know

listen give me background information

right so yeah you know you want to know

something yeah yeah you know what I do

want enough detail to fill a book

because if I'm gonna answer your

questions effectively I need all of the

information all of the information

alright let's go ahead and round third

and head for home with the fifth and

final reason why black mothers hate it

when their black sons date white girls

she hates white girls that's it I've

mentioned in a previous episode that

part of the reason that black women are

so angry is that they're envious of the

male attention that white women get the

minute they walk out the door guys white

girls are just about everybody's type

while black women are almost nobody's

preference this is how it is at the

bottom of the sexual totem pole shout

out to Josh Q with the $4 contribution

appreciate that Josh if you want to

contribute like Josh Q Miami J and Rob

Cruz go to the Bob and Sacramento stream

labs link WWE stream labs com4 slash

Donovan sharp and the number one anyway

obviously we've discussed a few reasons

as to why you know why as to why you

know black women seem to have a disdain

for white girls okay

or in terms of the reasons why black

mothers don't want their black sons to

date white not to date white girls but

the main reason is that black women

flat-out hate white girls guys I'm

trying to tell you oh yeah don't go on

and on about how black women are better

right they use terms like black girl

magic which is an obvious ploy to cloak

their insecurities they Yammer on about

how there's some psychological flaw in

dating outside of their race or whatever

they rationalize the Sheamus for fuckin

with white girls the difference here is

that unlike white fathers black mothers

aren't really thinking about their sons

or how his romantic decisions now will

affect him later on

oh no the typical black mother is only

thinking of her self i'ma say it again

the typical black mother is only

thinking of herself she don't think

about her son she sees her son's choice

in women as a personal affront on her as

a woman as I stated earlier and she

looked like it it's not it's got nothing

to do with his future prospects which by

the way would be better anyway

doesn't have to do with what she feels

is a bad decision because it somehow

damages him in some way no no no all

this is is straight-up selfishness black

mothers are selfish when it comes to

their sons and dating white girls is

another way it shows their true colors

as women another difference is that

black mothers aren't concerned about

black women staying away from her son as

a result of him dating white girls

she knows that black men aren't hit with

that same scarlet letter that white

girls are hit with for dating outside

their race so now the question becomes

what do white fathers and black mothers

have in common in this regard we've

talked about all the differences right

white fathers public perception dad

doesn't want to be the white father

whose daughter likes black boys she

wants it listen she want he wants is he

wants his kid to have a chance at you

know marrying maybe a high-value white

guy sometime down the line right black

mothers have their own selfish reasons

they hate white girls they know once he

goes white he's not coming back

but what do they have in common what

does the white father and the black

mother have in common in this regard the

one element that white fathers and black

mothers have in common in these

situations is that when their kids

decide to date outside their race they

both take it personally and they should

conventional wisdom gentleman states

that men and women alike choose made

similar to their mothers and fathers but

that's not what's happening and both

parents know exactly why deep down guys

white fathers know the reason their

daughters date black boys is likely

because he wasn't a strong enough father

to warrant respect from her he knows he

was pushed around he knows he was

bullied by his wife and his daughter

right the daughters bully their Madhu

daughters bully their their dads - well

daughters peep in the south for years

and at some point in her feminine

harddrive just in the background which

is designed incidentally enough to be

attracted to masculine strength her hard

drive kicked in and pointed her to males

who are nothing like her father

yes rebellion and female teenage angst

are both factors but tell they don't

hear to tell you white daughters with

strong fathers rarely date outside their

race when they are in their sexual

primes because she's seen true

masculinity okay

in her fudge she's seen true masculinity

in her father her whole life and that is

when daughters subconsciously looked for

men like their strong fathers Devin

masculine father strong father good

handshake he looks you in the eye when

he shakes your hand dude he and I had

you know great conversations he said

listen he's a masculine guy right but

I'm not the outlier I got with Devin

when she was 32 about to turn 33 right

and I tried that when she was 22 23 oh

no no no no no no no no Devin's father

would not be having any of that now

would that have stopped me I don't know

what was I like it well he'll what was I

all right so I'm seven anyway

I'm almost 30 haven't found the Reptilia

anyway this is what happens

same with black mothers right regardless

of who or what they blame their sons

problem on they know that at the end of

the day she has failed as a mother

their sons choosing to date women who

are quite literally the polar opposite

of them is a result of her personality

and lack of character that's right oh we

got a troll he says I bet Donovan is 5-1

in like real life and actually I'm like

five eight actually 511 when I wear the

heels back there

it's good guess though appreciate that

now it could be that some white girls

are just naturally attracted to black

boys for no other reason but that

they're her type I get it sure does it

have to be a

weak father doesn't have to be a

rebellious streak some white women are

just more attracted to black men because

we're just her type it happens the same

could be said about black boys just

being more attracted to white girls and

black girls but both sets of parents

know their kids preference for the

opposite race started at home with them

so my final question is is there a

solution a better question is does there

have to be a solution to something that

I myself don't perceive as a problem

obviously as far as I'm concerned that

doesn't really need to be a solution I'm

in favor of people of all races dating

whoever they want and people are also

well within their rights to date within

their race fine

everybody has their own reasons for

doing whatever it is they want to do

romantic ly that's called free will and

natural selection we're all aware of


so while interracial dating isn't a

problem per se there are measures that

white fathers and black mothers can take

if they really want their children to

choose mates like them

uncle Donovan is gonna help you out

white fathers simply need to be the

epitome of masculine dominance strength

and leadership they need to let their

daughter see that they and not their

wives or the true head of household and

the man in the house white father's what

they need to do is need to put they need

to put their fucking foot down they need

to take charge and be intolerant of

disrespect from their wives their kids

or anyone else the problem is they're

not these men dude these these guys out

here are letting their wives run the

household make all the decisions and

even emasculate them and if their

daughters see this long enough they're

not gonna choose men who look or act

like they do when they get to dating age

hence their proclivities to date outside

their race namely black men

as far as black mothers are concerned

you know what I'd be wasting my time and


why should I write they have it all

figured out

so I'm gonna do the smart thing and let

those geniuses figure it out on their

own those bitches have all the answers

so far be it for me to offer any advice

to them oh I've got a caller on the line

who has blocked their number call her if

you want to call back in yeah oh yeah

now now he or she is gone if you want to

call back in you gotta call him you

gotta call in with your real number call

with your own number listen I'm more

than happy to take phone calls from

people who disagree with my position but

but you're not gonna block your number

I'm not I don't play that I'll play that

no live shows next week guys I am kinda

sorta taking the week off so there will

be no live shows next week yes I will be

uploading videos every day new fresh

content every day they're not gonna be

hour and a half you know hour long

videos probably 15 to 20 minute snippets

um not necessarily a hiatus Hellfire

I've got some I've got some projects

that I need to start number one I think

I'm gonna try to knock out the the

mobile app next week I'm gonna try I

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have it up and running sooner than later

I know that definitely by the end of

January it will definitely be up but I'm

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app online I also need to start my book

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start with my merchandise with the with

the TSR merch all right nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call area code 404 you're on

live at Donovan gun was on as an issue

boy from issue

boy Atlanta manager Oh what's up and how

you doing man I just wanted to give you

a call man because I know you're not

gonna be on all next week you know I

look forward into my work day listening

to you I want to run two things by you

if that's okay let's do it

I first thing I want to talk about man

is let's talk about something that goes

on in the black community and we don't

talk about this shit okay let's talk

about how black mothers don't want their

sons bringing home daughters that are

too damn dark and that's some real shit

what no that can't be okay guys that's

true for real what so this is actually

you know somebody targeting phylicia

rashad dude wasn't it dude people listen

people are cosign and Real Talk wow I

had no idea she saying you know I'll sit

here lie to you man you know I'm

straight from me oh no no I mean I'm not

saying here I just thought that's just

that to me that's crazy man I'll take it

further brother all right how many

brothers are listening but there's a

program called Jack and Jill that this

is for upper-class black people and you

got to be invited so I grew up in Jack

and Jill so when I was in Jack and Jill

I was in the North Atlantic chapter dude

all light-skinned chicks we only had

maybe two dark-skinned chicks and like

not even dark-skinned like brown skin

brother right right and it was like

crazy to see and if you go to DC Jack

and Jill same thing go to Los Angeles

Chicago Jack and Jill same thing bruh

so there's an there's an affluent level

an upper-middle class level of black

people that are strictly like and that

crave light-skinned women and that's be

honest if you're an athlete in America

and you make it if you ain't with a

white woman you're with a light-skinned

black group dude

so there's others so there's like

colorism I think somebody said there's

color is Oh Jack and Jill is rife with

colorism that is crazy

see that's nutty dude what fuck black

girls who told me the only reason I

first you because you lights can be

because you read and we have some pretty

babies going to fuck out of here whoa

wow yeah so uh I want to take it a step

further all right you know me I'm

reading your comments I got a brother

brought it up in there okay what is a

black fishing black fishing is where

white women are better at being black

and black women and they go on Instagram

as a white girl they got 15,000

followers they become black and they end

up with 300 are you serious

so black so so white girls who so white

girls who act like black girls yo listen

listen I'm not gonna lie to you

no wonder black women hate white girls

man listen I don't blame white women for

uh you know that is crazy man that is so

fucking good listen I guess I'm not only

Russian bitches in South Beach or doing

the same shit dog

dude I'm in my office working the late

shift so I can go to the club this

weekend I keep running up on chicks who

I think are mixed or a fucking Hispanic

they all rush in and they come here with

their tails can start tanning and they

started putting on the makeup getting

the lip injections you don't know what

you're running up on you run up on this

chick she says her name is Maria but she

has a thick Moscow Russian accent she's

with a bunch of chicks they all got tan

and you look at her past worn out a

passport don't wake her and believe me

but let her in the country with the damn

passport Jesus listen sir listen listen

listen hold on sir Bruce he says so

white girls are better black girls and

black girls that one killed me no that's

not what he's saying well it's not it's

not even there well it's not even that

it's that when white girls act black I

guess people find it more interesting

dude nobody can yeah that to me that's

that that's kind of a novelty

say what now yeah but when they look

black yeah that's the same they don't

act lack they act just that some rachel


territory they're in it yeah look how

good she did it being black she uh she

was white the instant she got black she

married a doctor and moved on that's a

man so now white people got it to where

if you're white and you're if you're not

good at that to me is not a black woman

listen that's not attractive to me

dating these white chicks get an asian

chick you'll fucking warship at ground

you walk on Jesus Christ

ATL I appreciate the call man in here

dropping that game dude like dude I

can't like I've never dated a white girl

who acts black I've never in that to me

that's just unattractive that doesn't

make any yeah didn't make any sense

area code three four seven you're on

live with Donovan go ahead yep what's up

men and I just want uh calling them I'm

John J and uh Chad when we kind of got

on three what my spelling they're my bad

on that I get on everybody many uh

they're they're in there brother I just

want to make a few little point made so

we we grew up around the same time like

women have done this to themselves when

I was growing up if you wouldn't like we

grew up doing that Tupac area you want

no songs I know who do you really wasn't

gonna get too many flat girls to like

you but then America is not really

forgiving for black man so you only got

so many chances to get me right right so

I go up to college-educated and I go

into corporate America guess who's not

in corporate America they're young black

dude but on there the Nerds Elaine and

generally when you go off to college you

meet other women of other race so now

that you're making your money the same

black chick who got kids by poo cannery

they ain't corporate American they want

you to holla at me come fix a situation

it is like no we got

I'm gonna do that and it's like not in

so now when you fast forward to the date

the younger generation black dudes just

ain't even going but they ain't even

given him a chance

I said in your chat room my homeboy is a

high school teacher he says all these

young boys are going to the prom with

white chick and he's black he's black

chicks in the lake flipping out this

black girl parents was flipping out

calling the school complain what wait a

minute hold up so all the way they hold

the home real quick real quick so you

mean to tell me that you got black boys

going to prom with white girls and the

mothers of the black girls are so

incensed they're calling the school

complainin what are they complaining

about oh my god saying these same black

parents would not come to one pp Amy yep

we're not happy right right now you want

to call the school right crazy I didn't

believe it oh yeah yeah I was like man

that's crazy

but yeah these young look like

generations like this cuz back when we

would come out used to have to sneak it

hide if you were dating the white chick

Yeah right right right you get caught

maybe we got all kinds of names bruh

they just they don't even care man don't

y'all my workout that man is there's so

many pretty white girl my man why would

you even look at a black chief be honest

with you man what do you think that's

never feel what they had it right right

no I agree I mean listen man I mean

everybody knows and thanks for the call

area code 347 yeah man like I've made my

stance I made my stance on the sexual

relations between black men and black

women perfectly clear and so

all right so all right

that's who wove Vicki oh so Wow Vicki is

a okay so hold on no I don't want a

Google or I'm sure I'm sure

okay so um let's see here

dark suit re says black women have

become the least desirable women in

history absolutely true

dee gary says I was lucky enough to go

to prom with a blade blazing a black and

asian chick

blasian I didn't know about word fusion

yeah I don't know why the callers have

been hard to hear lately I think it's

probably yeah I think it might have

something to do with with my with my

settings I might need to actually hang

on yeah I might need to make some

adjustments but I'll fix those avatars

and all that Latinas are the best all

right guys well good episode like I said

guys I'm gonna be takin I'm gonna be

taking a one-week hiatus I'm not gonna

be doing any live shows next week but I

will still be releasing content on

schedule every day Monday through

Thursday and then of course I'll

probably release a couple of a couple of

sharp shorts things like that

I will however be on the air on Monday

night at 8 o'clock where I will be doing

the live play-by-play of The Bachelor

that's right

yours truly is going to give you the

live play-by-play red pill translation

of the shit that goes on on The Bachelor

now it would be better if I done this

with the Bachelorette this way you can

kind of see like how women operate Li

can just take one woman a dissect her

she likes him she wants to fuck him she

doesn't want that guy she's gonna marry

him but fuck him etc etc right

but now we're actually gonna be it's

just gonna be one man and what 28 women

so yeah so I'm not gonna be on the air

all next week except for Monday night at

8 o'clock

boo-ki John 6 666 just says oh that's


oh shit well then I guess the bachelor

is just gonna have to wait man dude I'm

gonna have to do it I'm gonna have to

have them oh I don't know dude I don't

know what the fuck I'm you know what to

be determined I don't know what the hell

I'm gonna do goddamn motherfuckers I'll

figure something out hey good looking

out though key John cuz I mean alright

I'll figure it out I'll figure it out

Jesse Convio wants to know what do I

think about black leadership in the u.s.

that's above my pay grade

talk about that stuff dark satori says

Donovan please stream at a UK friendly

time darks Atari 98.4% of my audience is

in the u.s. sorry dude yeah I appreciate

it guys yeah dude I need some time off

man I am I'm still gonna be working

because I'm gonna be working on the book

I'm gonna be working on the mobile app

but do what live shows man it's I love

it it's not easy though it takes a lot

of time it takes a lot of brain power

I've been dude I've been a red line in

it for the last two and a half three

weeks and so it's time for me to take a

bit of a one-week vacation take a bunch

of naps lift a bunch of weights fuck my

girl all that good stuff I will be on

the brother built now I'm gonna still

make all my regular appearances I'm

gonna be on the brother pill tonight and

I'm gonna be on the Redman group on

Saturday so you guys aren't too worried

about it and then I'll be I'll be on the

Redman group the next Saturday as well

so again stay tuned

James Oakley says Donovan you're not an

alpha male oh my god dude

why oh you apostrophe re guys listen man

listen if you're gonna troll me if

you're gonna troll me at least get the

spelling right because if you can't if

you don't know the difference between

there there and there

whether or not I'm an alpha or not

that's the least of your worries my

friend the brother pill is gonna be on

at 7 o'clock this evening we'll wait a

minute let me check my phone no no I

don't know

oops yeah it looks like you know there

are talks we're in talks but anyway

Captain Crunch 420 says do the

play-by-play afterwards you wouldn't you

want to know what I'm gonna do I'm

actually gonna do this guys I'm actually

gonna do these I'm gonna do this I'm

gonna watch the national championship

game but I'll do like I'll do a sharp

short on the first episode of The

Bachelor then the following Monday

that's when I'll do my life simulcast

boom yes I am writing a book and my

target date for my book to come out is

Valentine's Day that's right

Valentine's Day my first book is coming

out on Valentine's Day so I'm very much

looking forward to to getting started on

that so I got to get the book started

I've got to get the book started I have

to get the mobile app finished up and

I've got some other stuff and you know

you know kind of get the TSR swag and

everything but yeah I'm really really

other other than all of that I'm really

looking forward I'm really looking

forward to just taking some time off

just letting my brain relax because I

love what I do but I work hard at it

and it's gonna be everybody needs a

little bit of a vacation so thank you

guys all for tuning in tonight you guys

can see me on the brother felt like I

said later on tonight around 7 o'clock

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive be sure to subscribe to my


sure you stay in the know on all things

Donovan sharp I am off the air all next

week I will see you guys




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