Why Black people need to get off the liberal political plantation with Jermain Botsio (Ep. 291)

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The Democratic Party has exploited black people for decades. The manipulation tactics they've used to create and fuel anger toward Republicans and Conservatives in order to obtain the black vote and further their agendas are obvious to African Americans who are actually paying attention and reading between the lines.



Conservative talk show host, Jermain Botsio, joins me to discuss manufactured outrage, Black Lives Matter, and other ways Democrats and liberals pretend to give a shit about the plight of the African American without actually helping our cause.


Black man, red pill

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let's get to it

my guest tonight is the host of

conservative nation with Jermaine Bock

CEO and is one of the most politically

influential black men around he's a

proud veteran of the United States Army

and though his campaign is temporarily

suspended due to an illness in his

family he is running for state

representative in Minnesota so gentlemen

please join me in welcoming Jermaine

bacio to the show Jermaine how you doing

then will fantastic listen it is it is

good to have you on the show and it's

just like you and I were talking on air

it is hard to find brothers who are

like-minded and any capacity let alone

politically because of your listen you

know as well as I do if you are

conservative black man you catch a lot

of heat mainly from the black community

oh yeah Domenic it's absolutely a treat

to find brothers just like yourself that

are around brothers who got common sense

let me tell you and growing up look just

like you say our people they bash us

they'll call us name through the roof I

mean ostracize us just because we have a

different opinion so I love that there

are more brothers waking up and seeing

the truth absolutely now I'm picking up

a little bit of a southern accent you

live in Minnesota now where are you

originally from well I lived in

Minnesota for probably the last five

years here but okay

I stayed in Missouri Fort Leonard Wood I

was in the Army for some time for about

four years I got out as a thief I've

okay I'm that's a sergeant I um I was

electrical engineer which is a 12 roam

you know if anybody knows about any army

stuff out there and you know I just

picked it out they're just hanging out

with the folks and uh doing the thing

good good stuff man now you got my

attention like I said because you are

obviously you're a black conservative

there's not many of us out there how did

you become a black observant because

here's the thing I would listen I was

liberal I went to I went to college at a

high school so naturally I was going to

be a liberal of a black

I'm in college I have to be liberal my

the very first time I voted was in 1996

I voted for Bill Clinton it to me it was

it was the right thing to do but a funny

thing happened on the way from being

broke to actually makin a little bit of

money in 2004 and this is probably

honestly this is probably the lamest

excuse for anyone going from liberal to

conservative but I was watching The

O'Reilly Factor and I'll never forget it

was Bill O'Reilly I was like well who is

this guy you know he seems to be telling

everybody off and a guy asks me he's

like can you let me finish and Bill

tells him no you can't finish because

you're full of blood was like okay yeah

I'm in I'm in on this guy

I watched him and the rest is history

and then of course you know other things

happens it happened over the course of

your life that sort of push you from the

left to the right how did what what was

your journey like or were you ever even

a Democrat to begin with did you were

you always a Republican or did you did

you start off as a liberal how did that

happen for you

well uh one thing I could tell you is my

father had a big influence in my

political views he was a staunch

conservative my parents came from Ghana

West Africa dominate okay yes they came

here in the 70s they migrated here they

started a business called Minnesota

Footwear they got naturalized as

citizens and up selling the business

getting themselves into a

bricks-and-mortar you know real estate

buying up property fixing them up

renting them out and that's our family

business here and he taught me the

values of work starting off you know

real early you know and I got that work

ethic and he also told me about just you

know about the world and how black

Americans view what conservative means

and they always believed that it's about

you know the rich versus the poor and it

has nothing to actually do with that it

has to do with the philosophy in the in

the mentality and and that's something

that he instilled in me and I took off

from there okay so you were never so you

were never a Democrat you were never a

liberal you grew up in a Republican

household yes yes sir yes sir yeah and

that's one thing that probably I got

heat for because my family was a little


in the black community you got to

understand Dominic

back in the 80s I'm a black African

young first-generation okay I go to

school they call him a name's Dominic

oh yeah you know our African booty

scratcher big night right I used to walk

in the classroom these shut off all the

lights I mean they used to go absolutely

nuts Dominic and these little folks that

say they love blacks how did you handle

that how did how did you handle being

made fun of in school or being teased in

school man AB dominant it was terrible

let me tell you you know I I always used

to run home and tell my father and he

said you know what they just mad at you

because you live in a nice house this is

what my father used to say they just mad

at you because you you're gonna do

something with your life so my father

will always be that counteractive to the

degeneracy that was around me you always

bring me back to back back to the light

as I should say absolutely absolutely

let me ask you this the V and and our

parents tell us this stuff all the time

and I handled it a little bit

differently I got made fun of in school

I didn't get me I didn't get made fun of

in school until I became a civilian my

dad was in the service for almost 30

years and so we grew up on yeah so we

were on military bases until my folks

split up when I was 15 16 years old and

for the first time 15 16 years old in

the state of North Carolina and the high

school that I went to you can I mean you

can see I mean it is racially divided

this was back in this is back in the the

early to mid 90s and I got made fun of

in school because of the way I talk now

I didn't run home and tell my mom and

they made fun of me no I got a lot of

fights I kicked I kicked a lot of

fucking ass you listen you want to make

fun you want to make fun you want to

make fun of the way I talk I'm gonna

fuck your fucking face up and I want a

lot more than that then I lost but why

do you think it is that particularly

african-americans why do they why do

they take jabs at guys like us what why

do they why do they feel the need to

demean or degrade us because listen I

know you catch it now I'm dude I'm

almost 40 I'm 40 years old I still catch

seat why

is it that we have so many haters you

know I really believe that it has to do

with the mob mentality all right um

because um especially in the black

community you you understand this

degeneracy runs very high and they

believe that is quote unquote being cool

right okay so if we deviate from that

somehow we're not part of the group

where some aliens somehow we're gonna be

stealing other folks away you don't say

in fact in their reality Wow and who

gives them this reality where does where

does this mentality come from well

Dominic I catch a lot of heat from the

black community for saying this but I'll

tell you it comes from a lot of folks

nowadays are coming from their mama

female mentality let's keep it real yeah

yeah and and you know it's the

generational poverty in the in the

generational mindset that has been taken

over and I believe it's been introduced

by the you know the Liberal Democratic

Party um you know and it is a terrible

thing and one thing I could tell you is

that the policies that they bring they

take that man out of the household and

it's just left with the woman now the

woman most of the time she's gonna be

irresponsible yes

you know I catch heat for that too as

well well guess what numbers were there

at all yeah yeah you gotta do is look at

it statistically and you'll be quiet

listen women are impulsive they're

financially irresponsible they're

sexually irresponsible thanks to the

advent of birth control they can go out

and fuck whoever they want that's why

they got you know six different kids by

18 different niggas like that mountain

this is how it goes but then when people

like you and me come on and state the

obvious no you're a coon you're a

sellout not fuck y'all I'm Donovan

fucking sharp and I tell it like it is

that's the way it goes but why does the

Liberal Democratic policy why is why is

being a liberal why is being on that

plantation why is that bad for African

Americans well one thing I could tell

you is bad for

fuckin Americans because when you're on

that liberal plantation inhibits your

ambition now a lot of that stuff they

tell you is equality and blah blah blah

all of it is a lie and it's to lower

your ambition it's to stop you from

trying and succeeding in your life now

if you look at the Democratic Party mccr

attic party they'll tell you that

there's nothing wrong with welfare it's

okay if they have what we call racism of

low expectations they don't expect

blacks to succeed so they go along with

what I call the false compassion which

hey black is okay we understand you you

guys fight and kill each other all right

don't worry about it black that's your

culture all right you know and they just

go along with it and black folks they

they're stuck in what we call a almost

emotionally based mind control and to me

that's this comes from being raised by

your mama yes your mama thinks

emotionally and a lot of these children

they're gonna see the lens of the world

through their mama's eyes damn it you

can't get away from it you know man no

you're right listen man just like you

said this the statistics bear it out but

here's the thing I don't have to have

one statistic in front of me to know

this is true walk out your door live

your life go to work

interact with people you can see that

people men and women alike who are

raised by single mothers particularly

black people have that female mindset

and these are the people that are

victimized by the democratic system

these are the people that say you know

the welfare system levels the playing


it does not level the playing field just

like you said it literally saps their

motivation Europe the the continent of

your of Europe is is is stagnant

there's no create other than Ferraris

there's no creativity going on over

there why because it's a socialist

welfare system everything is paid for by

the state so people say to themselves

well then what what incentive do I have

to get ahead why do I need to work

harder than the next guy if I'm if I'm

gonna end up with just as much as him

it's the same here in America with this

welfare system you got you've got these

welfare babies you've got snap

you've got Medicaid etc etc you got baby

mamas at home who just want to fuck

niggas all day she's Mel B motive she's

not gonna be motivated to get up and do

anything better and if she happens to

see a commercial on TV while she's at

home watching Maury Povich Povich and

let's keep it real the only commercials

on those kinds of on those kinds of TV

shows are if you've been hurt an

accident if you want if you want to

become a nail tech if you want to go to

nursing school right the baby oh well

let me pick up and go to you know Mount

Olive University or or or DeVry

University so I can get to bullshit IT

degree but they don't want to do it for

that they want to do it so that they can

ball with the rest of them right they

really want to do it to get possessions

that are out thinking about 401ks

they're not thinking about generational

wealth and they just want shit so why do

you think the welfare why do you think

the welfare system is bad particularly

for African Americans well it's bad

particularly for African Americans

because African Americans and III would

like to say I'm probably a good African

American I'm the first ones that should

be called african-american because my my

family came here that's right straight


black Americans should be called just

Americans and this is what I'm saying

okay black folks they don't they don't

know anywhere except for America okay

and black folks in this country a lot of

them don't like Africans so why would

you just steal the word it blows my mind

you're American you wherever you're born

is your citizenship stop it

unbelievable hey Dominick I mean that'll

be what I want to say is that um that

welfare system is really bad because the

black community here in America we don't

have families especially in the

inner-city there's no family structure

there so when you when you have women

making these irresponsible decisions I

mean maybe after bail I do my baby after

baby there's a baby after baby after

baby after baby Donovan I mean you can't

get around it and what they that what

they'll do is I'll call them also

state-sponsored terrorists and I got

that from

this guy named Tommy sort of my oh yeah

yeah his clips when he said that and it

made so much sense because a lot of

these baby mamas quote-unquote the

irresponsible women they're picking bad

men to begin with a Dominic drug lords

Tyrone down the streets who you know

Iraqis smoking blunts on the corner I

mean and they love those folks they'll

have babies with them and then I called

the white man on the EBT horse right

you'll throw it in like and he'll be

dispersing cash tuna to the women the

easiest boys lives there's I don't know

if you're familiar with that with red

pill vernacular we call it alpha fucks

beta box and basically what this means

is good genes versus good dad so there's

a difference between a father and a dad

anybody any man could become a father

just shoot your load in a woman any

woman can become a mother just take a

man's unprotected load but after the

baby is born that's where the real work

begins here's the problem the government

is the new beta box right and it's vist

Aizen to exactly what you just said

women are irresponsible because they can

be see back in the danger Maine women

hat listen they had to protect their

wombs because if they got knocked up by

some nigga down the block no one was

rescuing them there was no bail out mom

and dad probably shipped him off to

Grandma's house or or they move or they

took the baby put it up for adoption and

got her the hell out of there before she

got the Scarlet Letter put on her head

but now because the government bails

these bitches out well they

subconsciously think in their mind well

shit if I have six different kids by

five different niggas I'm still gonna be

alright you know so what they're doing

is they are foregoing the educated

brothers the brothers the brothers who

are gonna make something of themselves

and they go after the app they go after

the alpha dudes the Tyrone the Pookie

the ray-ray in the Dante vyas the niggas

down the block selling dope that and

again and everybody always asks well why

do they go for these why do they go for

these thugs because the government bails

them out the government is the husband

the government the government is the

baby daddy the baby's father's those are

the those are the men that these women

want to fuck women are irresponsible

because of the government and black

women have suffered the most your

you're absolutely right they suffered

the most they're a bad coach Donovan

well okay I always say this right I

always make this analogy if you had a

football team basketball team badminton

team if you will and you're losing every

guy's dartie every gosh darn game you're

losing down none of it ever got our game

right where are you gonna blame are you

gonna keep blaming the players are you

gonna try to switch up your strategy I'm

telling you man let's listen this they

all listen they're always moving they're

always moving the goalposts I'm at

listen I'm gonna give you a name right

let's go ahead and say Donald Trump okay

Donald Trump is probably he is he is the

most divisive president he's the most

polarizing not divisive he's certainly

the most polarizing president of our


my prediction is this I don't know if

he's gonna win or not but I do know this

in 2020 we are going to see the largest

voter turnout in US history more people

are going to vote in in this

presidential election I can guarantee

than the last five elections combined

what do you think of Donald Trump

because Donald Trump catches a lot of

heat from black people for no other

reason but that he's a white guy and he

runs off at the mouth what what are your

thoughts on Donald Trump is he a good

president bad president is the jury

still out what do you think well I like

Donald Trump and I like him for a whole

host of reasons first of all Donald

Trump is an alpha male yes okay he'll

say stuff and he doesn't care about your

feelings that's how men should be you

know that's the only way you can have an

honest relationship with folks if you're

able to portray what's in your mind

without that in inhibition of somebody's

feelings there and and another thing too

is that he sticks to his word he does

the correct things you know us putting a

border and in our country here I know a

lot of folks are against it and mostly

are dumb okay but you you have to secure

our nation you have to secure our

sovereignty and the only way to do that

is to have a border I mean the or else

what kind of country are we right right


see here's the thing man

I tell people this all the time if I

were Mexican I'd be trying to get over

here - dude listen I'd be one of those I

would I would be one of those I'd be one

of those essays with the backpacks on

like when they're like reporting at the

border yeah this is Diana blah blah blah

dude I be that motherfucker running

right across the camera I would strive

I'll try to sneak in America every

chance I got so I'm not saying I'm never

gonna ask Mexicans well why do you guys

want to come over course you guys want

to come over here man you ever been to

Juarez right you ever been in northern

Mexico force they want to get the fuck

over here by the same token you can't

have open borders man yeah and a lot of

people who are nationalists like you and

me we catch a lot of heat because then

they want to call us well well the this

that this country was was founded on

immigration in oh no these people did it

legally they came over here legally

listen I got no me personally I have no

problem with people immigrating to the

country but if we have open borders at

that do it at some point it's gonna have

to be marshal off we really like if we

really break it down to brass tacks you

just can't open the borders you just

can't and on top of that how about all

the people who are waiting in line to do

illegal my parents waited 10 years

Donavan 10 years okay and Jorge with a

brush can just skip off you know across

that line over here is it you know it's

not fair and it's not right we have to

vet these folks coming in and you

understand that where they live is

crappy but you gotta understand this it

they should stay in their own country

and make their own country great again

Donovan I agree all the best and

brightest can't come here stay in your

country fight

don't leave your country man that's all

I'm saying like I said if I were Mexican

I would want to leave too but I'm an

American and I'm standing right here a

lot of people the the the common

narrative on Donald Trump is that he is

a racist what are your thoughts on yeah

yeah it's to me it to me it's hilarious

because again it's it's to paint him in

this corner and I think this is I think

this is another part of the of the

liberal agenda to play to the emotions

of African Americans to again call

Donald Trump a racist why is he called a

racist and why don't you think he is

well that he's called the races because

he's a quote unquote on the rights he

ran as a Republican and he's doing yeah

hold on listen John McCain was a racist

Mitt Romney was a racist George W Bush

was a racist Ronald Reagan was a racist

at Walter mud I mean they're they're

they're all racists right yeah you know

and it's it's classic cultural Marxism

yes if you want to get really technical

with it you know they're trying to

divide folks and the thing is if you're

for nationalism if you're for religion

Christianity you're for you know a

strong defense and things of that nature

because liberals are cultural Marxist by

design yep they hate it they absolutely

hate it in a lot of black Americans I

they have anger in their heart Donavan

we have to be honest you know they've

been taught this uh what I call a racism

lie because before the word racism came

the word racism came what were they what

was it called Donovan can I can I ask

you that I think it was segregation

maybe nobody knows that you know evil it

was bad I was wrong

you know and everybody has anger in

their heart Don you know and it is just

that a lot of these folks um back in the

day you know they took advantage so III

tell folks just to get rid of all that

if you stay on colorism

you're you're always lose yes you have

to step away from it I gotta understand

how you're being controlled and what's

beneficial for you and your family and

what the left is pushing Donovan is not

beneficial for black Americans

especially the immigration not at all

the racism that they're using towards

Donald Trump it's all a ploy so that

black Americans can be stuck in this

emotion of anger and when they're

emotionally angry they can't see

straight if they take away racism

Donovan what do they have on shit they

don't have anything exactly and this is

the reason why I tell brothers

wake up without races what do they have

brother go go save some money in your

pockets I mean listen speaking of anger


black lives matter yeah okay so black

listen black lives matter is dude they

train on emotion they stop traffic and

every day what are your thoughts I mean

in black lives matter was exposed as a

fraud okay but people still people still

don't seem to they don't they don't seem

to want to give credence to you know to

this you know to to to the fact that

this is a scam okay it when it started

out they meant well but now it's being

used by the left by the by V by V

political elites as a means to an end to

do what they're to do what they've been

doing the last 50 or 60 years which is

to sway the black vote what are your

thoughts on black lives matter black

lives matter is an evil group it started

off quote-unquote to be good and I

believe that the folks who started it

probably had good intentions but right

now it's not at all when using blacks

for destruction and using that what I

call the weapon of emotion okay on black

Americans in this country because they

were raised by their mama they are

easily easily put the anger very quickly

okay because that logic isn't there and

the Democratic Party knows this they

know it because there are policies in

trained the public for this so I mean it

is something that is to me Donovan is

very terrible of what a lot of these

groups that are coming out are doing

there's another one called Democratic

socialists of America they're using the

same tactics of black lives matter which

is they wait for a quote unquote a

racial issue right a cop might have

mishandled a black eat right little

Blackie gets hurt all of a sudden they

running over there like this you know

and they got the slip-and-fall lawyers

right the civil law lawyers nowadays

right they come like Benjamin Crump he

come to their aid and it's absolutely

terrible and what they're doing is

they're diminishing that the narrative

of quote-unquote bear uh their agenda

right I mean they are gentlemen you are

listening to TSR primetime with special

guest Jermaine Bozzio his website

Facebook and Twitter can all be found on

the blog post for this episode on

donovan sharp calm at his episode two

91914 two oh five five three five six is

the number to call to tell us what's on

your mind at this time i'm gonna say

goodbye to my twitter facebook and and

youtube crime if you guys want to watch

the remainder of the show come to

donovan sharp calm so again if you're

watching on youtube twitter via

periscope or facebook this is where the

show ends if you want to watch the

remainder of the show come to donovan

sharp calm and jermaine as we seamlessly

segue to you know from black lives

matter what are your thoughts on police

brutality because listen you can't deny

the Rodney King thing um but but but

again the there's you know the

hot-button issue you say the name

Trayvon Martin Michael Brown and I've

spoken on this stuff before and I catch

a lot of heat and I'm in listen in and

here's the thing man I've listened me

myself I've been the victim of racial

profiling but by the same token I've

also been pulled over for cops because

maybe I was speeding right like what you

pulled me over because I'm black no I

pulled you over because you're doing 85

and a sixty okay so what are your

thoughts on police brutality it is is

that a real thing is it is it fabricated

is it exaggerated what are your thoughts

on that

well police brutality it does happen but

not to the extent that the media is

trying to put out there you got to

understand a lot of these children

nowadays are growing up with no sense at

all look at Trayvon Martin look at

Michael Brown all these guys are raised

by single black mommies crappy mommies

at that and what they do is they don't

teach their children any self

responsibility personal responsibility

and they act like the women in their

lives God so and when authority comes

and pulled them over to speak to them

they act irrational they overreact to

the situation and black Americans I've

always said

Donavan we have a image issue yes okay

oh yeah oh yes a big image issue because

we fail to look at ourselves and what's

going on in the media if we got most of

our black men in the media nowadays the

liberal side speaking about you know

killing and shooting each other this

trap music this rap music is is true

even though I like to listen to some of

the songs now but what I'm going to tell

you is it is damaging our youth and it's

damaging the way that we're being

portrayed out there okay and it shows in

the movies the movie roles we take yes

okay how we're belligerent out of

control look at the black woman okay

black women want to say that we're made

up to look crazy in or always angry

gosh darn it it's almost true listen man

listen you know what they say

art is usually of a reflection of

reality and here's something else

stereotypes exist for a reason and it I

love it what people say don't judge a

book by it's cover you can't listen men

blacks black men in particular there's a

negative stereotype about black men you

want to know something it's there for a


listen it's just listen just because I

taught the way I talk doesn't mean that

I don't embody some of those stereotypes

yeah I've been in a courtroom yeah I've

been in the handcuffs a few times yeah

I've been in a few fistfights right like

so I think I think what we need to do I

think what black men need to do is we

need to acknowledge yes some of these

stereotypes about us are true on that

note I caught an up dude I can't even

say this guy's name on the air because

he pisses me off this nigga went out and

did a VI made an appearance without

shame I'm talking about why black people

should not expect white people to care

about our problems these problems are on

us should white people care about black

people's problems I don't know but if

you expect them to it's gonna be a long

wait and so what I did is I I called for

black men and the african-american

community to take it upon ourselves to

to avoid these situations so for example

if we listen we know black we know white

are gonna pull over black men so before

I get in my car I made sure that both

taillights are working because how many

times how many times does a black man

get pulled over and arrested for some

outstanding warrant because he had a

taillight out right so I make sure my

taillights are good to go

I make sure my license registration if

I'm on the west coast that makes your

smog is up-to-date dude I make sure I

dot all my ice cross my T's I make sure

my seatbelt is on I make sure I follow

all traffic laws and this nigga went up

this thing I went on YouTube and called

me he called me a disingenuous lost

brother so because I so because I take

it upon myself to do what's necessary to

avoid those situations you want to call

me a sellout and a coon so what you're

telling me is that if I if I get stopped

I should get out of my car and act like

a goddamn fool and get shot in the

street to be a martyr to say see white

Cubs do shoot black people this is the

type of nigga bullshit that I'm talking

about any time someone like you or me

says hey listen yes it was wrong for

George Zimmerman's who have killed

Trayvon Martin but get but guess what

Trayvon Martin the Trayvon Martin was

complicit in his death on some level yes

George Zimmerman was guilty but let's

not let's not present that let's not

pretend that Trayvon Martin or Michael

Brown are blameless their deaths are

tragedies but again we we have to take

it upon ourselves not to put ourselves

in these particular situations what do

you think black people black men at the

african-american community should do to

avoid these situations because guess

what white people ain't bailing us out

the liberal Democrats they want to say

their bonus that guess what your main

I'm still waiting I'm still waiting if

listen if Obama didn't do it nobody's

doing it so what do we have to do to get

out of this run ourselves despite the


despite the stereotypes we got to be

honest like you said with ourselves and

what is going on Donovan we have too

many and this is what I call DeGeneres

you call them niggers are calling


you know it's just I'm on a different

platform right and we have will over run

down the business we have to be honest I

don't think it I don't mind when I get

pulled over and I live in a mostly black

city I don't mind because I understand

that hey Tyrone was right behind me and

I understand that y'all gonna pick him

up later

you are doing your job right I'm happy

listen my yard is clean down a bit

uh you know my cars are all secure my

house is secure hey if I get picked up

in the process I've been I'm fine with

it and most black most black men they

need to understand this hey you know if

I'm doing the right thing I understand

that because in the past we did not

stand up for good and when I say good

point in our other Negroes for doing bad

downright we're gonna do that no we

don't every every every racial incident

in as far as there's a white if there's

a racial incident between a white person

and a black person I call them fake-ass

Pro blacks they always jump to them now

listen the white person could have been

wrong but we would never know because we

always jump to the to the defense of the

black person no matter what here

regardless of the circumstances the

context well why did that well

white you know white cop shoots unarmed

black or white cop shoots black man well

the black man had an ak-47 right where

the black man was brandishing a gun what

did you expect to happen

listen if you yell at cops if you uh if

you assault cops if you don't treat them

if you don't give them the respect that

they deserve is law enforcement they

will put you down and listen a lot of

them do it unjustly and we know they do

it unjustly yet we still got niggas out

here acting like niggas and expecting

them to change their behavior it does

not work that way black people who

complain about the cops pulling them

over and I agree with you a hundred

percent we can complain all we want

about police officers and yes there are

bad cops all over the place yes it has

to stop but it's got to start with us

because they're not gonna do it on their


that's listen blame them that's fine

that's on them if they're morally

bankrupt fine whatever but we can't

expect them to change on their own we

have to change ourselves if if we want

to if we want to change the way we're

treated we have to change the way we act

so that's on us number one but the

reason why I'm able to walk down the

street and not and and not worry about

some dude just hit me in the face the

reason I can be in a shopping mall with

my girl and someone not just taking rape

my girl the reason the reason I can take

for granted that a bullets not gonna fly

through my window and at any time is

because of law enforcement so bitching

you pullin me over well a black person

complaining that they're getting pulled

over for speeding because they're black

is like a person complaining that their

bank stopped the transaction from going

through because you happen to be another

city or state well goddamn I mean like I

live I live in the state of Pennsylvania

I'm just down here at floor where you

stuff my shit

well because we're trying to make sure

that nobody has your fucking credit card

will fuck good didn't know nigga shut

the fuck up listen man the cops aren't

believe it or not they really are there

to protect and serve the vast majority

of police officers are good law my

upstanding law-abiding citizens yes

there are racist cops out there and yes

there are cops and wake up every day and

look for a reason to put a bullet in a

nigga but if you go act if you go out

and act like a nigga guess what you

don't give that cop a reason to put you

down you're absolutely correct Donovan

and Donovan I always ask people this how

come they're not shooting at any opposed

right how about Kofi's that's what I'm


right it's African a movie they're gonna

down listen they're gunning down

Tyrone's and in Demetri is that listen

they're not but they're not fuckin with

Africans they're not fuckin with they're

not fuckin with with with niggas from

Nairobi or Nigeria

no they're fuckin with african-americans

because niggas don't know how to act I

mean all you gotta do is you simple

logic to get to that conclusion because

if it was about color and just about

color like black he likes to say it

would be shooting Kofi's they'll be

shooting our poos in them but they're

not dinah finish it oh my god and

Tyrone's are born in May and raised in


gentlemen you were listening to TSR

primetime with special guest Jermaine

Bozzio his website Facebook and Twitter

can all be found on the blog post for

this episode on donovan sharp calm in

his episode 291 call nine one four two

oh five five three five six that tell us

what's on your mind we've got about ten

minutes left in the broadcast

let's talk Colin Kaepernick and anthem

protests okay and by the way I'll talk a

little shit my Philadelphia Eagles came

to y'all's house so we beat down the

Vikings here that we went to the Vikings

house and won the Superbowl but beside

that like I said I had to put that in

there but but aside for all jokes aside

what are your thoughts on on the Colin

Kaepernick and

the anthem protest because the NFL just

the NFL just has just came up with a new

policy if a player if a player kneels

during the national anthem and they are

on the field they can be fined by the

team okay so they can eat they so they

can wait in the locker room if they

don't want to kneel now people are

coming out saying this is racist and

this and this and that I have my

thoughts on on why this is I'm

interested to hear what your thoughts

are on the Colin Kaepernick the anthem

protest Malcolm Jenkins Eric Reid

situation you know um Colin Kaepernick

the reason why I'm not four is because

to me it's a false premise to begin with

you know Colin Kaepernick if you guys

want to you know quote unquote protest

for police brutality they would have

already done it in a different venue in

a different way and they could they're

all superstars they they can get the

platform they need you know without

without being without having to do it on

the field on the field I mean it to me

is absolutely ridiculous and then on top

of that to me it's a disrespect to the

country in to the flag and to other

black Americans because I understand

they are confused about themselves

seeing themselves as American but the

slaves that came here and and they work

and the black Americans that work and

built the White House and the railroads

and stuff like that they were Americans

and I want those black folks to

understand they were born here as well

and they are Americans because you

believe in a false doctrine of the

culture of Marx hey we we're all came on

a slave ship and we must band together I

want black folks to understand this my

parents come from God I've been to

Africa about ten times

okay several countries one thing I can

tell you is that the Africans over there

do not like black Americans okay and

then Soros the reasons okay whole host

of reasons okay and so a black Americans

got to get out of that Africa blah blah

get out of it okay because you guys

don't represent it you're not wearing


stand what you know a couple y'all think

y'all came from Wakanda oh my god Howard

fucking honesty it's a movie I like are

you kidding me with this nonsense all

right we got people doing this bro

like seriously like like you you do

realize that there's not really such a

thing as vibranium right like you do get

that unbelievable man it's you know and

I just think it's absolutely ridiculous

you're you're disrespecting the flag and

the people that fight here and then one

thing I also want to say too is that if

if they really want to do I say that go

ahead and creat your own league if

you're you're mad at the owners and

what's everything is going on call it

the national crybaby black League you

can go over there and cry play football

tell the people that support black lives

matter to go ahead and pay and help

y'all over there because one thing I'm

going to tell you is that the white

Americans and the Americans that watch

football that attend your games okay

mostly our white America mostly

patriotic yes of course and they're the

only ones who are paying two or three

hundred dollars a ticket like myself

right okay so I'm not gonna pay it if

you're gonna be doing stuff like that

and they're not gonna do it either so

there's either your change your audience

where you can have all your pro black

crap over there right all you care is

about blacks can't have it over there

and they have those folks come and

support you but if you do that I

guarantee that I almost guarantee it

will go under very quickly I agree

here's where I stand on Colin Kaepernick

I had absolutely no problem with him

kneeling for the national anthem

and the reason I didn't is because I

knew I listened his heart was in the

right place and we live in a free

country we in America we have freedom of

speech freedom of expression but here's

where the crowd loses me because the

this is where they're talking out of

both sides of their mouth yes we that

the First Amendment and this net in the

other but freedom of speech freedom of

expression does not divorce you from

freedom from consequences okay they say

our military soldiers fought and died so

that we can enjoy these

freedom's guess what yes they did but

that doesn't mean the entire cost is

paid there is a residual cost to the

bill of right there is a residual cost

for freedom of speech so yes you can

absolutely kneel you can say whatever

you want but you got to be ready for

those consequences and just like you

said the the most NFL most NFL fans are

white because you know what is it 19

percent of a 77 percent of people are

white I don't know we're we're the

minority you can't piss off the

customers so irregardless of what people

think well you're violating the

Constitution no the NFL is not violating

the Constitution by by enacting this

this national anthem policy because they

have the right to do that not only as a

private organization but as an employer

here's the thing if I have a business

okay and somebody does and I have an

employee and an employee decides to set

the flag in front of my feet on fire

they have every right to do that right

because it's America it's a free country

however disrespectful it may be they

have a right to do that but I also have

the right to fire his ass right because

that because again it's the company it's

in my company policy you can't do

anything to bring shame on my company or

I don't know piss off the customers also

if the market bears it out that's what

the this isn't about black white red

white and blue this is about the this is

about green if the NFL had allowed this

to go on long enough

eventually and it dude it started last

year it started affecting the NFL at the

NFL's bottom line and the NFL ratings

were down last year and nobody so it was

so it was as clear as day it was because

now it was an election cycle too but it

was because it was largely because of

the national anthem protest but the

liberal media doesn't want a minute well

they say it's the national anthem

protest because of its know you got you

you got players pissing off the

customers that's why people don't want

to watch so that's why people don't want

to don't want to come to the game so in

order for the NFL to help to protect the

owners they said look we got to stop the

bleeding we have to do we have to do

something to discourage these guys from

pissing off the customers dude Jerry

Jones Jesus Christ I'm kidding I'm Steve

bisciotti the owners don't give a shit

whether or not the players kneel for the

anthem or not what they care and I care

about is filling the seats and if their

employees are pissing off their patrons

that's gonna

their bottom line yeah you're absolutely

right um Donovan is all about logic I'm

hey listen you can't do that and black

Americans don't understand that a lot of

them um in they're all filled through

the NFL a lot of them came from single

black moms right that's what they had

that my frame you you didn't know what

I'm talking about Donovan a lot of these

brothers who go into sports I mean when

they get drafted down a bit who is by

their side mom it's always mom mama

right right and then and then the next

thing you know he's a Jason Tatum who

plays for the Boston Celtics is gonna

start some sort of foundation for single

moms oh my god there's always look as if

there's already a foundation for single

moms it's called the US government

there's nothing more you can do Jason

what are you doing like what are you

doing it's evil man it's dude work done

started a foundation he's a great guy

started a foundation for single mothers

brah like you're you're you're throwing

your money away and the more we continue

to help these single mothers in their

time of need the more babies listen the

more you help baby mamas the more baby

momma's you create that's just how it is

yeah you're you're absolutely right and

you get more dummies saying that hey I'm

I'm for black people while they're

destroying us at the same time

believable unbelievable

well Germaine it's been a pleasure my

friend I greatly greatly appreciate you

coming on and making time for us today

but listen like I said I was looking

I've been looking forward to this show

all weekend long man

and I don't usually talk politics on my

show I don't try to stay away from it

but it's not really my lane I don't

really know much about I don't know as

much about politics as you do but every

once in a while you know I like to have

a guest like yourself on just just just

so that people can see then hey this is

this is where Donovan stands politically

I think people know where I stand

politically but I don't really know what

I'm talking about as far as politics are

concerned so it's it's good to have you

on man thanks for coming on oh thank you

sir all right Jermaine Bhat see oh I'm

sorry Jermaine Bock CEO of Liberty won

again you guys can find his his website

his Facebook and Twitter they can all be

found on the blog

but on the blog post for this episode on

Donovan shark calm it is episode 291 all

right let's head to the Chet here

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it's unbelievable man unbelievable well

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime my thanks to sharp assist

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