Why do most Men reject The Red Pill? (Ep. 294)

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The Red Pill is not an easy pill to swallow. When a Man sees and hears insurmountable evidence that what he's been taught his entire life about life, women, and relationships is completely false he goes into a state of denial, anger, and eventually buries his head in the sand.



I can't say I blame any man who decides living The Red Pill life isn't for him. It's hard enough to change your mindset and your life but then to have to maintain it is twice as difficult. There are many, many reasons Men choose to reject The Red Pill. I will talk about the most common reasons in this episode.


The Red Pill is uncompromising rejection

Why Men take The Red Pill



you're a fucking loser you live in your

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I'm gonna quit yammering and we are

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about today today's episode I am going

to talk about why most men reject the

red pill now the interesting thing is is

that when men like late like when men

find red pill like when they find red

pill related material most of you know a

lot of them dismiss it they say uh you

know it's misogynistic there's there's

no way this stuff works but a funny

thing happens when they when they deny

the red pill it again this is why most

men reject the red pill when I say why

do most men reject the red pill I'm

talking about men who actually accept

red pill truth they know that the red

pill is speaking the truth but they

choose to reject it there are many many

reasons now some guys try to compromise

they try to be purple pill guys you're

either red pill aware you're you're

either living the red pill life or you

are not that's all there is to it there

is no purple pill listen if your purple

pill girls or girls are still gonna play

your ass look girls are gonna play your

ass even if your red bill and we're

gonna get to that here in just a second

mr. pirate brain double-dipping I see

you on the Instagram side as well as on

the YouTube side good to see you in here

but guys who find red pill content they

talk shit about it they may they try to

disparage it this is what happens and

you guys have to understand the only

time the red pill truly sinks in is if a

man seeks it out okay listen if if you

tell your buddy about the red pill it

never works out we got guys all the time

who say hey Donovan got a friend of mine

who's using a fucked-up situation I want

to tell him about the red pill what

should I do

I don't know send them a link send em

Donovan sharp comm send him the rational

male calm and let the chips fall where

they may

this is just this is just how it is you

can't say let me let me sit down and

talk to you about the red no let me tell

you what the red pill is really all

about it's never gonna work out most men

are not ready for the red pill now

more men actually find the red pill than

men who actually accept it the vast

majority of men who find the red pill

and internalize if they end up rejecting

it and never come back

so what I'm gonna do tonight is I'm

going to talk to you about the main

reasons why most men reject the red pill

and red pill truth so here we go here's

the first reason they can't handle the

truth when the red pill is digested

fully a man has to accept the truth the

whole truth and nothing but the truth

guys the truth is ugly when you actually

accept the truth and digest it it is

hard to handle when you see and hear

stories articles videos and you start to

put two and two together it's undeniable

the truth is staring you right in the

face and when when it finally becomes

evident that holy shit this is actually

like like this is actually some truth

here it's a it's a tough pill to handle

it actually reminds me of that scene in

the matrix the ferret the very first

matrix right at the right at the

beginning where neo is in the matrix for

the first time in Laurence Fishburne's

character Morpheus is telling him yeah

you know the matrix you're a battery

blah blah blah blah blah humans aren't

born they're grown etc etc so neo is you

know back it up no I don't want to hear

it I don't want to hear it pulls the you

know the needle or whatever out of his

neck he's like nah fuck you guys I don't

want to hear this this can't be real you

know he gets dizzy he pukes and he ends

up passing out a lot of men go through

this they see the truth and it's staring

them right in the face but they don't

want to accept that they want to gleet

they want to go back to their blue pill

bliss a lot of men can't handle the

truth and we are the logical sex we are

the rational sex but but most men still

can't handle it when they hear

insurmountable evidence they just block

it off they think to themselves there

has to be a better way right guys living

the red pill life is not easy and I'm

gonna get to that a little bit later

here's another reason why most men wear

the red pill they think they're not

equipped to become successful with girls

in today's dating market they think that

they think this because they just

they've realized that what they've been

taught has literally crippled them to

the point to where they are well beyond

repair they think they can't make the

changes necessary to become successful

with women right they don't want to they

don't want to believe that that women

are deceitful that women are selfish

that women use men as commodities they

think to themselves well when they

finally come around to it they think to

themselves dude how the fuck do I handle

women like this like there's no way you

can be successful with women like this

they'd rather think of women as moral

creatures made of sugar spice and

everything nice they think there's no

way I can make these changes there's no

way I could become successful with women

and go listen guys listen I found the

red pill when I was 32 right that's

almost nine years ago now I was ready

then but you got guys in their 20s

sometimes even younger than that who say

to themselves do there is no way I can

make these changes it's gonna take too

long it's way too late

I manned up check it out at that point

and they never come back TSR primetime

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all right let's see what we got going on

here in the chat before we continue mr.

Shain vicious on the YouTube site asks

why do black women reject birth control

listen I have no idea man listen listen

oh why do black women do anything they

do I don't fucking know man I mean dude

I don't I don't fuck with black women so

you know that's I don't know if anybody

has the answer his question please feel

free feel free to ask I have no idea I

mean listen I guess maybe black women

know that eventually they're gonna be

baby mamas maybe they figured hey fuck

it may as well have kids while I'm young

so that I can you know so I can have a

you know big strong healthy kid I have

no idea I have no idea Miguel on the

Twitter side says talking about the the

fat girl post that I had said it's fake

likes in real life we're all going for

fit people absolutely absolutely

absolutely okay even deluxe is in

Atlanta that's right you are in Atlanta

he even deluxe so fine if I need any

tips let me know yeah I've lived in

Atlanta twice heathen deluxe and yeah I

I know my way around there but I do

appreciate it I appreciate the offer

thank you

chafe Lobo is also in Atlanta that's

exactly right so sharp assist is

chomping at the bit been a long time

there you go chase Lobo no one can no

one can be told what the matrix is you

have to see it for yourself

couldn't agree more man Michael J good

to see you in here says accepting the

truth about female nature is the hardest

part about accepting the red pill

because of the social programming you've

been you've put under as a child bro

growing up once you accept that you'll

be better equipped

absolutely absolutely listen it's a hard

project it is a very very hard process

it is a tough pill to swallow man again

you're gonna you're gonna find out dudes

do not listen dudes do not want to take

the red pill man the truth is ugly there

is no question about it 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3

5 6 is the number to call to get on the

show give me your thoughts it's go ahead

move right along here here's another

reason why most men don't accept the red

pills they get angry men get angry at

red pill truth we're taught listen we're

telling it like it is women are not made

of sugar spice and everything nice women

these days do not make good wives and

mothers women are fucked up creatures

women are sluts they're deceitful

they're offensive there very poorly

behaved these these men believe that

women are something that they're not and

when they hear evidence when they hear

arguments to the contrary they get angry

they get upset the reason why does a lot

of these guys are raised by single

mother by single mothers they're

surrounded by women and because of their

automatic bias towards women as a result

of being raised by single mother they

see the red pill as offensive to their

mothers offensive to their aunts

offensive to their sisters grandmothers

etc when a man comes across red pill

related material he thinks to himself

well my mom wasn't a slut my sister

wasn't a slut you're not gonna talk shit

about my mom and my sister like that

fuck you guys fuck this red pill stuff I

wrote in I know I wrote an article on

return of Kings a while back a couple

couple couple years ago maybe

called the true story of a carousel

writing military wife that article was

about my mother my mother blew up our

family to chase a bad boy crackhead ass

nigga that she had been cheating with

while she was still married to my father

she left us with our incapable father in

Hawaii to move to Detroit to go chase

after this crackhead family I also have

two sisters and guess what guys both of

my sisters have had abortions one has

had multiple abortions why because they

were sluts they were irresponsible they

had unprotected sex they made bad


and they ended up paying the price they

got pregnant guys listen I love my

mother I love my sisters no question

about it dude dude I would die for my

mom and my sisters no question about it

they're my family dude I love them with

all my heart no question about it

but if you're gonna accept the red pill

you're gonna have to be able to separate

familial and emotional ties from the

truth you're a man you have you have to

have the ability to compartmentalize

these things if you see or read red pill

related content you're gonna have to

accept the fact that you know what

actually come to think of it my mom said

my dad ain't shit but I've got my mom's

last name I don't have my I don't have

my dad's last name that's my mom a side

chick and we all know that side chicks

are sluts guys you're gonna have to come

to some harsh realization you're just

gonna have to be honest with yourself

except you have to accept that the red

pill applies to all women including the

women that we love the women that are

related to us so now we come to another

section men who have accepted the red

pill but they can't live the red pill

life or they won't so now we're gonna

talk about men who have accepted red

pill truth they know the truth about

what's going on with women these days

but they either can't or won't live the

red pill life okay they think to

themselves okay

man like I fought this red pill thing as

hard as I can but I've accepted it so at

this point the very next question is is

okay well what changes do I need to make

to live the red pill life

the next question almost immediately is

am i able to make those changes

unfortunately for most men the answer is

a resounding no and here the reasons why

number one he's married with kids rollit

sannasi talks about a group of men who

find the red pill he calls them awakened

while married a man who's married with

kids probably can't live the red pill

like dude he's got kids with her he's

been married to her for seven years he's

got three kids

he discovered the red pill because he

googled why is my wife not fucking me

why haven't I had sex with my wife in

six months he figures out what's going

on with the red bill but guess what he

can't do anything about it because he

knows that if he divorces his wife she's

going to divorce rate him he knows that

85% of the time mom is gonna get custody

the kids he's gonna get full custody and

if mom gets full custody of the kids

guess what that means that means child

support right that means she's gonna be

entitled to half of his present and

future earnings and if he's been married

to her for more than ten years now he's

gonna have to pay alimony not only that

he didn't want to leave his kids if he

divorces his wife she's taking his kids

from him and most dude most ex-wives use

their kids as aid as a dagger right like

I'm not gonna let you see my kids are

gonna paint him as a bad father so now

she's taking your kids that you love you

have to pay her for those kids child

support alimony etc and then she's not

gonna let you see your kids that listen

that is that is that if that's not a

deterrent to living the red pill life as

a married man awakened while married I

don't know what is right listen

married men can think listen man the red

bill is real I'm all-in but I can't do

anything about it it's just too late

number two a lot of these guys just have

very little time going back to married

men you don't have time to work out


you don't have you can't exercise

financial discipline because your wife

is spending up all your money and kids

are expensive you don't have to listen

listen you don't have time because

you're having to put up with your wife


you have to listen you're taking the

kids to soccer practice swim lessons

you're helping them do homework when you

live the red pill life gentlemen you got

to be selfish you have to be that's the

only way to be but guys if you have kids

if you have children you got to take

care of your kids you gotta be a good

dad man you can't not take care of your

kids because all of a sudden you've

decided you wanted to you want to live

the red pill life you just can't do it

you're stuck between a rock and a hard

place literally now whether we're

there's a will there's a way

right if you can suck I don't know if

you could if you could somehow hire a

hire an attorney actually know a guy who

who knows an attorney who specializes in

keeping men from getting divorce raped

if you can find someone like that if you

live in Reno Nevada I personally

recommend Marilyn York probably the

great probably the best divorce attorney

for men who ever lived right if you want

to get up at 3:30 in the morning before

your kids get up to go work out yeah

listen where there's a will there's a

way but again it is next to impossible

to live the red pill life while you're

married if you've already decided listen

I can't divorce my wife because I don't

want to I don't want I don't I don't

want to have access to all my money I

don't want to take in my kids again rock

in a hard place guys this is how it

works number three no desire no

discipline listen you guys listen you

can accept the red pill and all its

truths all you want but if you don't

want to live that red pill life if you

don't if there's no desire if you don't

have the discipline to learn game to get

into shape make better financial

decisions then you're gonna end up right

back where you were there are scores of

men out there guys who have red pill

awareness but they're not disciplined

they're lazy guys what was it guys want

to live the red pill life they wanna

slay sluts and live a life of dominance

but they don't want to get up at 4:30 in

the morning to workout they don't want

to go to spin class they don't want to

lift weights

they don't want to refrain from buying

videogames they listen they know women

are fucked up they know it listen they

know everything they know women are

fucked up they know that the sexual

marketplace is fucked up they know women

ain't shit but they don't have the

desire the discipline to do what's

necessary to improve themselves as men

number four its financial ramifications

again we're going back to the married

guy can't divorce your wife obviously I

mean you could but if you do there's

child support and alimony not only that

we're talking about your job if you spit

red pill truth at work guys you're gonna

get fired

especially now hashtag me too hashtag

what about of these all kinds of

hashtags and shit if you start spitting

a red pill truth at work some girl is

going to hear you and as soon as she

hears something she's going straight to

HR and she's gonna say well Donovan

Heather over there heard you talking

about XYZ I've got no defense I'm out

the door they can't act on red bell

truth especially not at work or they're

gonna be fired those are financial

ramifications number five here's a very

good reason a lot of guys don't want to

be ostracized by their friends and their

family and again I can't say I blame

them I wrote another article on return

of Kings called three unintended

consequences of taking the red pill one

such consequence

one such unintended consequence of

taking the red pill is that your social

circle will shrink and the reason why is

because people don't like hearing red

pill truth it's uncomfortable it's in

your fucking face your friends and

family you can live that red pill light

but when they start to ask man Donavan

like what's gotten into you and I'm

gonna get to that in a second it's a

very difficult conversation I had with

my mom what's gotten into you and if you

tell them what's up listen man I took

the red pill bitches ain't shit

don't marry these hoes these hoes these

holes are gobble and cocks by the Dozen

every week people don't want to hear

that man the red pill truth is not

listen you think the red pill truth was

it was hard for you to accept imagine

people who are still plugged in your

friends and family members will wonder


with you when they see that you're

living that red pill life guys they're

going to separate themselves from you

they're not gonna wanna hang with you


got a gram I got out there I got a hair

tickling my gonna hair tickling my my

nostril I listen I took the red bill on

nine years ago gentleman I've lost a

shitload of friends and it fucking hurts

man might listen I lost my best friend

in college I haven't talked to him and

all but I haven't talked to him in

almost a year

he lives maybe 15 minutes from where I'm

at right now when your friends start to

see the kind of life that you're living

if you talk about the red bill they're

gonna say well you're a part of a cult

you've gone crazy you're a misogynist

when you live that red pill life your

friends the wives of your friends

they're not gonna want their husbands

around you no sir no sir and again women

have more red bill that wet women have

red pill awareness when the wives of

your friends the wives and girlfriends

of your friends see that you know what's

really up because again women don't deny

red bill truth they know what the real

deal is they know what the fuck is up

but when when when the girlfriends and

wives of your friends you don't even

have to tell him that you know red pill

truth they'll just know oh yeah this

dude knows what's up

can't have I can't have my boyfriend

around this guy can't have my husband

around this guy he's gonna take Mike

he's gonna take my gravy train they do

whatever they can to shame you in front

of your friends grass isn't always

greener on the other side

yeah he's fucking a lot of bitches but

he's probably lonely on the inside he's

probably miserable because it doesn't

have a woman to love and of course being

the blue pill man as they are they

actually buy into that deep down inside

they know that you're living a better

life than them but again you factor in

all of these things he might actually

love his wife they think to themselves

you know what we can't swim with this

guy anymore my wife doesn't like him

he's talking all this shit about women

he's a part of a cult he's gone kind of

crazy yeah sorry men can't roll the


and again that's one of the three main

unintended consequences I wrote about

blame him guys like I said it it listen

I've lost a shitload of friends to this

day it hurts it does but my contentment

as a man as far more important than

their friendship it sucks to have to say

that but guess what I'm not I'm not

gonna change my life just to have

friends I'm not gonna I'm not gonna sit

here and get into philosophical

discussions about why all women are not

like that dude no I don't have time for

that nonsense that's the price you pay

when you live the red-billed life number

six this one is kind of related to

number five guys don't want to

disappoint their relatives they don't

want to disappoint their parents I was

talking to my mom years ago I think

what's back in I don't know 2014-2015

and my mom listened my mom and I have

great I mean I think I have a decent

relationship with my mom you know we

talk when we talk we talk a lot listen

you guys know how to talk box like right

I love to hear myself talk my mom is the

same way we get on the phone more a gab

gab gab gab gab so you know I you know I

tell her about my exploits yeah fucking

this girl fucking that girl and to

finally towards the end of one of our

conversations I'll never forget this is

actually on Mother's Day

Jesus Donovan like something something's

going on with you I'm like what what is


she's what used to be such a sweet boy

used to treat women with respect you

used to be such a good man I'm

disappointed that you become a player

I'm disappointed that you seemed to be

only using women for sex where is this

coming from why are you doing this I

don't think I like what I'm seeing and

you I don't think I like who you've

become why are you like this now I tried

to deflect it I tried to deflect that I

wanted to change the subject but she

kept pushing and she kept broaden why

Donovan why what's gotten into you I I

kept trying to deflect it she kept push

and I said okay you want to know what

mom I'll tell you what I said you want

to know the true she says yes I want to

know the truth I said all right you want

to know why I'm like this the reason I'm

like this mom is because when I treated

women like my father treated you I got

shit on I got used I got cheated on

they didn't respect me but as soon as I

started treating women like Brandon

treated you and Brandon by the way was

that crackhead ass nigga bad boy that

she left us with her incapable father

for as soon as I started treating women

like Brandon treated you women started

treating me like a god

and I said her if they're gonna reward

me for shitting on them why wouldn't I

just shit on them dead fuckin silence

guys mom knew I was right

she kept poking she kept broaden she

knew I was right he immediately changed

the subject because she knew she knew I

was right she knew that I'd figured it

out month listen my mom is my mom is

nearly 60 years old she's got plenty of

Red Bull awareness you don't think she's

been around the block men don't want to

have these conversations with their

mothers they don't have these

conversations with their fathers they

don't want to say that they don't want

to say to their mothers women are fucked

up because in Emily's inevitably they're

gonna have to ask about what do you

think about your sisters I don't know

you tell me my mother and both of my

sisters have all had abortions every

female in my immediate in my immediate

family has had abortions this is just

how it is guys I love my mom and I love

my sisters but it is what it is

the seventh reason as we draw this to a

close these guys just decided it's too

fucking hard it's not worth it man guys

listen man I've talked about this before

livin the red pill life is fuckin hard

man dude you got to stay in shape

you got an exercise consistent financial

discipline or let me go back you got to

stay in shape number one right and

staying in shape takes consistency it

takes discipline and lots of it you

cannot be in good shape

if you do not work at it you got to be

financially disciplined to a fault

you have to deprive yourself of certain

indulgences and that's not easy guys

guys just don't want to do that let they

don't want to do what's hard in that

regard and a lot of men have vices they

just don't want to give up and those

very vices are keeping them from

dominating life keeping them from living

that red pill life videogames cigarette

porn useless junk alcohol drugs eating

out all the time because they're too

lazy to cook every pathetic male out

there has multiple indulgences that they

partake in that hold them back as men

that saps them financially and guys are

not willing to give up those vices

living the red pill you also have to be

ballsy with women yes that's right

gentlemen it's not easy to completely

change your approach with women when

you've been taught to do it one way your

entire lives it's not easy and even if

you're good at it you're still gonna be

failing 90% of the time I give this

example all the time when I was at the

top of my game if I approach 10 women

I'll get 7 phone numbers of those 7

girls that I got phone numbers from 4

will respond of those 4 that respond to

will agree to a meet-up and and at least

one of those 2 will flake on me if not

both and if I manage to get one of the

two girls to actually show up to the


it's anybody's guess in terms of whether

I get later on if you're listen if

you're closing it if you're closing

percentage is 10% if your bet if game

were based in baseball terms if you are

batting 100 you're a fucking God dudes

are not trying to deal with that kind of

rejection and I can't say absolute

rejection is fucking tough it fucking

sucks and it's fucking hard dudes ain't

trying to put up with that kind of


here's another put tough part of living

the red pill life you find yourself

isolated sometimes sometimes quite a bit

remember I talked about earlier your fit

your your your friends and family circle

that's gonna shrink you're gonna listen

you're gonna be alone a lot and some

dudes just can't handle it they don't

want to be alone

he got understand guys living the red

pill life can be a very lonely existence

sometimes and don't get me wrong listen

I am content for sure and I'm I've never

been more content in my entire life but

before but when I was living in Vegas

you guys know when I was living in Vegas

dude I was up to my eyeballs and women

cocaine Joe vibe dude drove a badass car

fucking 3500 all her biggest penthouse

high-rise living the life but there were

many many times right start to get a

little bit depressed because of the

isolation from my friends guys I'm human

I'm human it wears on you I'm not gonna

sit here listen now

sit here and say that I'm emotionally

invincible you find yourself and you

find yourself alone enough sometimes

it's gonna start to wear on you

here's another hard part of living the

red pill life you have to divorce your

feelings from women think and that is

extremely hard and you can try to

divorce yourself from feelings from

women all you want to we're just not

we are not naturally designed to do that

you have to force yourself not to care

about women and it doesn't always happen

you don't know why because it's not easy

you see when you start having success

with women you're gonna have more

opportunities and when you have more

opportunities you have to tell you you

have to tell yourself okay this chick is

going to cheat on me and chances are I'm

probably never gonna find out about it

guys you know it's inevitable so I've

got to be on my P's and Q's read bill

aware men know that a woman never truly

belongs to him I see it all the time

woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn your turn even my woman you

guys see all the pictures you guys see

what she does for me she does whatever

the fuck I want cooks me great meals

just is like a porn star all that guess

what she's not mine man it's just my

turn I know that she could go feral at

any time for any reason I care for her

very much but I do not take for granted

that anything at all could wipe that out

I got to be mentally prepared for that

that's not easy a man who has red pill

awareness has to divorce feelings and

it's heart guys listen I found the red

pill almost a decade ago you want to

know something I'm gonna sit here and

fake the funk and say that I never

caught feelings for a slut I was fucking

okay listen listen you think I just

fucked and chucked every girl I hooked

up with Omegas hell no dude plenty of

those girls actually got to me I caught

feelings for plenty of those girls and

when they burned me when they cheated on

me yeah that shit fucking hurt

dude I'm human not invincible we're all

human we can say whatever listen we can

say all we want to we can say well you

have to divorce feelings and bitches

ain't shit all that stuff but we're not

computers guys we're fucking human and

men we are designed we are

hardwired to seek out meaningful

emotional relationships of consequence

with the opposite sex so even when you

know a woman is gonna get over on you

sometimes you just can't help yourself

you just can't you know this shit's

gonna hit the fan but you can't do

anything about it because you actually

feel something for these sluts out there

unlock up do not I'm not gonna listen

here and lighting wall I've never caught

feelings for a slut no dad caught

feelings for plenty of sluts you kidding

me we've all been there guys including

myself all of these things that you have

to again taking the red pill it again

guys just don't really want to exit if

they don't want to do because it's too

hard and it's not worth it all of these

things you have to do and be you have to

train yourself you have to train your

you have to train the the habits out of

yourself you have to be someone you've

been trained not to be physically

emotionally financially this is not easy

to come by guys it is not easy to

cultivate and maintain a life of

dominance listen you guys read our

articles you guys watching it you guys

watch these podcasts you guys talk all

this up yeah I fucked this bitch yeah I

fucked this hot girl you know you see

fit listen you see pictures of my

girlfriend and stripper heels right

she's wearing a see-through dress a

barely there my Krathong it's basically

made out of thread right I Drive a nice

car and make a lot of money you guys

think man these guys kick these guys are

fucking awesome

these guys these they're living the

fucking life they're kicking lives ask

you wanna know you're right my life is

great I've never been happier

but trust and believe guys it ain't all

peaches and cream man live in the red

pill life is fucking hard it's dude it

took me open it took me a year and a

half to get my girl to where she is now

and it is not easy to maintain guys it's

worth it don't get me wrong I'm not

gonna stay here and say that it's not

but it's fucking hard and most men don't

feel like it's worth it me personally I

never doubt the fact that the that red

pill truth is real I've seen proof of it

for the last nine years of my life when

I'm at a low point and attrition starts

it starts to set in

listen I'm never gonna think man I'm

just gonna give up but when when when

the red pill is with rent when red pill

truth is staring me right in the face

and I you just start to get mentally

fatigued because goddamn you got to keep

this up I think to myself you know what

I understand why men reject the red pill

so if there's any guy out there who just

doesn't want to live the red pill life

dude you're getting no judgement for me


you're getting no judgment for me that's

gonna do it for this edition of TSR

primetime I actually have to be on live

with Jermaine Bozzio here in about two

minutes be sure to tune in tomorrow at

7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific on Donovan's

sharp calm thanks for listening guys

we'll see you tomorrow

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