Why do most women choose to be single (Episode 308)


We all know that the divorce rates are way up, cheating is commonplace in most if not all relationships, and as Anthony Dream Johnson pointed out on the Red Man group a while back, that the dating market is a shit show. As men we’ve figured this out and have decided to opt out of marriage and men who go MGTOW opt out of relationships altogether which is understandable considering the way things are now.



Now women, have predictably have followed suit because of course they always do what men do...they’re always emulating us thinking they’ll achieve male contentment and all the rest of that which is for another show, but the main reasons they choose to remain single are very different from the reasons men do.

More men are deciding to stay single because many of them have had their eyes opened as to who and what women really are which is a far cry from who we have been raised to believe that they are. Some men are obviously single because they have to be,  then you have men who are never getting married because they have red pill awareness and of course you have men who are never getting married because they fail miserably in the dating market.

The reasons more men and women are choosing to be single or very different… But women are opting for the Single life for extremely selfish reasons. No some people might say “but Donovan, men are staying single for selfish reasons to“ and you would be right… The difference is that men would not be selfish if we didn’t have to be. In other words if women weren’t so poorly behaved, low-quality and just not worth investing time emotion and resources into them most men would settle down like they used to back in the day. And I think the vast majority of men out there would agree. We as men can talk all we want to about how great it is to sleep with many different women, but at the end of the day we know that settling down with one quality female that we can rely on to be loyal is a much better life… if being the operative word.

The thing is, is that girls don’t intend to be single forever. Eventually they would all like to settle down and have kids. But for now they are spending most of their fertile years and peak physical attractiveness fucking anything with a dick. They put off marriage and family is because they CAN….unlike men who do so because we HAVE to and men with red pill awareness are never taking that plunge.


The truth about quality women who complain about being single (The Red Pill reddit)

On the bitterness of single women (The Red Pill reddit)


he wrote an article called don't hate on

a skilled hustler and he talked

specifically about Brent Cameron who now

has a kid with both Matt Leinart and

Blake Griffin we can sit here and talk

about how women have fucked up the game

listen man beautiful girl she decided to

optimize her looks and said hey you know

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna

have kids with the highest value male

that I can possibly find Brent camera

doesn't have to work another day in our

life this is how it is we know this is

what these bitches are out here doing so

shit listen

Blake Griffin can bitch and complain all

he wants to I don't feel sorry for not

one bit

not one bit he knew he knows how these

bitches are so don't come crying to me

like dude we know how these bitches are

so while you're raw doggin these bitches

and then or you just may be fake dude

like what did you think was gonna happen

what did you think he was just gonna let

her walk with no money of course not and

now your man donovan sharp a woman never

belongs to you it's just your turn of

course her parents don't have a problem

with me being black she's past the wall

get your fat ass off the couch start

lifting weights and learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut

what's up guys it's a man donovan sharp

and welcome to the 308 edition of TS r

primetime your nightly dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness let's get

right to it gentlemen we all know that

the divorce rates are way up we also

know that cheating is commonplace in

most if not all relationships and as

Anthony dream Johnson pointed out in a

red man group a while back the dating

market is a shit show that listen this

is not an exaggeration now as men we

have figured out we have figured this

out and we've decided red pill we're men

we've decided to opt out of marriage and

men who go mgtow or a bottom

mgtow let's make sure i make the

distinction there they opted out of

relationships with females altogether

which of course is understandable

considering the way things are now now

women have predictably followed suit

because of course they always have to do

what men do they're always emulating us

thinking that they'll achieve male

contentment and all the rest of that and

you know listen that topic is for

another show another day in time but the

main reasons they choose to remain

single are very different from the

reasons men do more men are deciding to

stay single because many of them have

had their eyes open as to who and what

women are who and what women really are

which obviously is a far cry from what

we've been raised to believe now someone

are obviously single because they have

to be right we call those guys in cells

then you have men who are never getting


because of course they have red pill

awareness and then of course you have

men who are never getting married

because they failed miserably in the

dating market again we're talking about

our in cells the reasons that more men

and women are choosing to be single are

very very different but women are opting

for the single life for extremely

selfish reasons now some people might

say but Donavan men are sting maimie the

men are staying single for selfish

reasons too and you would be right

here's the difference men as men we

would not be selfish if we didn't have

to be in other words if women weren't so

poorly behaved if they weren't so

low-quality if they weren't so slutty if

they just weren't if if they weren't

worth the tie of you know the time you

know investing of emotions and resources

most men we would settle down like we

used to back in the day and I think the

vast majority of men out here would

agree we as men we can talk all we want

about how great it is to fuck a bunch of

different women right but at the end of

the day we know that settling down with

one quality female that we can rely on

to be loyal and faithful is a much

better life of course if being the

operative word here's the thing girls

don't want to stay single forever they

don't intend to stay single forever

eventually they would all love to settle

down and have kids but for now what

they're doing is they're spending most

of their fertile you

and their peak physical attractiveness

fucking anything with the dick they put

off marriage and family because they can

unlike men who do so we do it because we

have to amend with red pill awareness

we're never taken back not a fucking

chance it is Monday August 6 2018 of

course if you guys watch the show

yesterday I had a couple and a couple of

streams had one talking about the whole

Urban Meyer situation so definitely be

sure to check that out of course

president Trump is going back and forth

with LeBron James and and if of course

ESPN is all over it again listen I watch

ESPN because you know I guess they're

the world wide leader but I know at some

point I'm gonna have to wean myself off

that narcotic I mean the social justice

warrior is everywhere with these people

oh wait a minute I've got static I've

got static alright so what I'm gonna do

now is I'm going to cut off

BlogTalkRadio so I've been told that

I've got static so let me know if I

still have static all right all right I

don't know if I the Hank I'm saying no I

think I think I'm good I think I'm good

ok so the static stopped okay perfect

perfect yeah okay so we've we figured

out the problem

and the problem is of course

BlogTalkRadio so yeah Hashim 305 says it

was only for a second I'll pull it back

up and and see if I can't see if I can't

get it back going on here but if I can't

it's no big deal it's no big deal at all

but yeah

Miami J says he stopped watching ESPN

completely I mean yet listen you you

just can't get away with it you can't

get away from it man it's it's I mean

literally all they talk about is

domestic violence rape accusations

you know player X did this coach why did


Urban Meyer now Urban Meyer is gonna be

fired because he knew about a an alleged

domestic violence situation so because

he knew about it now he's gonna be fired

and I you know you guys can go and check

this out but the reason why I banned

Meyer is going to be fired is because

the social justice warriors want more

blood you see Zack Smith was an

assistant to an assistant coach he was a


well Urban Meyer found out about this

domestic violence situation found out I

guess that he'd been charged what if I

don't I don't know what the facts are

and he fired him and a lot of people say

well he just fired him because he didn't

want to get in trouble yes this is the

reason why coaches fire coaches and they

kick players off the team it has nothing

to do with the fact that they don't want

them on the team they just they know

that the lynch mob is gonna come for

them if they find out oh my god you

found out you heard it you heard a

two-minute conversation about about

sexual you know sexual misconduct or

domestic violence and you didn't pull

out a gun and shoot the guy right then

and there you didn't fire the guy you

didn't put him in a headlock you didn't

just beat the shit out of him all it

takes is an allegation so that's what

that's what's going on in in the Urban

Meyer situation and of course like I

said president Trump LeBron James huh of

course ESPN ESPN mistake on the side of

LeBron James fucking ESPN Jesus Christ

they let me down every time Amber Rose

sent down a tweet recently and I think

it went somewhat something to this

effect women fuck who they want men fuck

who they can women a red bill is fuck

aren't they listen I'm gonna tell you

what the women that are the most red

pill aware out here are fucking hoes

like listen seriously though hoes are

hoes are as red pill aware as their more

red pill aware as anybody and the reason

why is because they this is interesting

men who have a lot of experience with

women at some point hang on a second end

up being red pill aware and that's me

trying to dial back into BlogTalkRadio

pay no attention to that but women who

have also had a lot of experience with


they're also red biller but but but

here's the thing women are born women

are born

oh never mind

women are all women are already born

with a strong sense of rent pel

awareness as soon as they figure out as

soon as they figure out that men want to

fuck them like it all could all comes

together for them they know what makes

men tick it's so funny women think

they're so smart oh I know how to figure

out a man no sweetheart we want to fuck

you and as long as you don't fuck it up

as long as you keep it on the road we're

going to fuck you there's nothing there

to figure out and women you guys are

simple to just exhibit consistent max

you masculinity and you're already in

there but Amber Rose of course the super

thought and lately she can't find a man

she's having a hard time with men taking

her seriously you don't with OPP says

some hoes are straight-up dumb no listen

most most hoes are dumb but one thing

they know how to do is get dick

unfortunately for them getting dick is

easy if you have a reason as to why you

think most men most women are choosing

to be single

you may call 911 for two oh five five

three five six again that's a 911 for

two oh five five three five six I've got

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code six seven eight you're on live with

donovan good hey Donovan how's it going

hey what's up brother that they remain

single okay

how's some claim to their delusions

Society tells them from the get-go while

distracting us and preventing us from

developing our retro knowledge that

they're so valuable they're to have this

and a third throwing at them just

because they got a vagina and all this

shit then they get older and they can't

find a man and they as much as I hate to

admit it they don't really want to deal

with a woman matter of fact I've met

bisexual females that say they still

prefer men because females are too much

bullshit so when they realize what they

found with a man no man wants to deal

with them they try to just keep to

themselves and then you get stuff online

like I tried giving up man for months

and even that didn't

well they they can tell themselves oh

well I'm intimidating oh well I'm too

good for him

oh well maybe he just he's not ready for

me he ain't man enough for me

the Helsinki keep posted a bullshit

Society tells them because they don't

want to face reality yeah listen um

you're absolutely right and you know

you'reyou're kind of foreshadowing the

very first reason and and I'll get into

that here in just a second but listen

you're absolutely right women the reason

why women stay single is because they

think they have all the time in the

world right like like our the culture

tells them that they are like wine and

they get better with age

well I think you know I think oh yeah in

the red pill sector we know that men age

like wine women aged like milk like we

get that we obviously understand that

but women don't and then of course we

have the the hashtag Cougar life where

hey you know a woman gets better with

age and you should date Cougars because

they're experienced and because they

have kids you already know they're gonna

be good mothers it's just men and women

alike are sold a bad bill of goods and

both men and women are suffering the

only ones who really make it out with

any sort of semblance of sanity are men

who are red pill aware because listen

these these women are gonna they're not

gonna do anything different they're

gonna continue to be hoes until they're

until their dick turning assets shrivel

up the way it goes oh that won't even

stop no no bitch you'll try to listen

you're absolutely right then okay the

thirst is real that's for sure doesn't

it yeah I got a cousin or fucking an

older bitch and then it's like you try

to tell them anything even when they're

younger they don't want to listen they

are that damn wall nope nope yeah

there's no hope and it's gonna get worse

before it gets better I always say this

and thanks for the call area code six

seven eight it's gonna get worse before

it gets better I know that that feminism

is the way the sexual marketplace is now

it's not gonna change for the better in

my lifetime I know I'll be dead buried

before things start to change I don't

know like you know Devin I mean she

seems to think that you know there's

gonna be some pushback we're actually

sitting down watching TV the other day

and we just we saw three straight

commercials where it was just men being

emasculated women are strong men are

weak and like even like she even she

sees it she's like she is funny she said

to me there's there's gonna be pushback

like like like this isn't going

unnoticed people are so people are

seeing this happening right now and I'd

like to say that I agree with her but I

don't know and I don't know social

justice warriors they're the minority

and I think that I think that that was

on full display with the election I

think that um I think the election

proved that that the vast majority of

people at least the people that matter

you know maybe then you know they might

have red pill traditional values but

we'll see we'll see what happens well

Hillary won the popular vote I guess

what the bitch lost the elections will

fuck you if you are watching on Facebook

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over to donovan sharp calm to watch the

remainder of the episode again my

facebook instagram youtube and twitter

audience come on over to donovan sharp

calm to watch the rest of the 308

edition of TSR prime time my thanks to

you guys for tuning in and I will see

you over here in just a few minutes and

as we go to the chat let me get a

shout-out to my Mod Squad here Wow

I'll tell you what it is lively in here

today Hashim 305 red Jedi

Sammy B Yosef Israel Miami J Manish

suede senator freelance Ronin Zen

jeddaks rules zero dead young Thea you

know young Theo

actually makes a very good point he says

the red bill makes me sad he says feels

like everything is damned if you do

damned if I don't yeah listen you're

you're a hundred percent right man one

of the stages of the red pill is

obviously you know we go through the

anger phase because we then realize that

we've been sold a bad bill of goods but

at some point you know knowing the truth

about who and what women really are it

can be quite depressing you know

especially when you absorb red pill

truth when you finally figure out holy

shit there's actually some truth to this

stuff it can be depressing it really is

like to go through the metamorphosis to

become everything that you have to be to

become successful with women

it sucks you're gonna have some scars


it is a fucking mine job and part of

that mine job is a little bit of

depression man a little bit of


shout out to Rollo Tomassi in the house

good to see him in here looks like he

dropped a link for a documentary that

explained something Miami Jay says the

leftist institutionalized victimhood in

America I totally agree totally agree

shrim kane says meghan marco was groomed

to date white men not bunk weecha from

the block sorry yeah it's funny I had

Corey Haywood on this show yesterday

that nigga was dropping bombs he was

talking about bit just talking about why

Megan Markel gives black women hope he's

like bitch he pretty ain't marrying you

hey Marian Swan Tasha Tanisha Kiki titi

mm he's not marrying y'all bitches but

hope for what some white boy fuckin

trailer trash name's ed with a tattoo on

his fucking eyelid get the fuck out of


yeah okay yeah yeah I mean if I give you

hope for that sure McCain says it is a

buyers market when it comes to pussy I

love it I love it good stuff man good

stuff all right excellent Wow Wow

modern like dating said they banned

Infowars that I had no idea what that is

so if somebody could give me a call or

explain it to me in the chat I've heard

I've actually heard the name before but

I don't really know what Infowars okay

swayed senator okay um

modern life dating says amber roses they

do nothing slut she got all her fame

being pumped and dumped by Wiz Khalifa

straight-up man straight-up and now

she's back on the dating market and

she's complaining and I actually wrote

about this on Negro manosphere comvee

the name of the episode is called

surprise surprise Amber Rose can't find

a man will win you're a slut

for ten plus years and let a bunch of

niggas keating you for ten plus years of

course niggas ain't gonna take you

seriously like seriously like all you

are is a bad hairdo when a fat ass like

that's literally all she is she is good

for nothing she do she's been on slut

walks you know and now she's crying

about how it's not fair that she can't

find a man and people shouldn't be

judged by those set their sexual pasts

yes they should women should men and

women alike should be judged by their

sexual pasts if a man has limited sexual

experience then guess what you lack

masculinity if a woman has extensive

sexual extensive sexual

guess what you lack femininity that's

just the way it goes oh my god that's

not fair slut sir so that's a shame

studs are admonished yeah that's life

welcome to life totally agree freelance

run into the house good to see you guys

in here alright well let's go ahead and

get to the main topic of today's show

why women choose to be single I've got

three reasons here and if you think

you've got a reason give me a call nine

one four two oh five five three five six

here we go reason number one and be

caller from the ATL actually touched on

this a little earlier is they think they

have time and I'm here to let him know

that they don't have time you see back

in the day a woman who was single was

single for a reason maybe she had some

sort of a disease maybe word got out

that she was an emergent meaning she had

the scarlet letter being a slut

maybe she couldn't have children

whatever the case was a female who was

unwed by the time she was in her early

to mid 20s right

sometimes even younger than that was

more or less looked down upon by the

community things today are quite

literally the opposite if a young woman

gets engaged and let's say she's I don't

know 20 22 years old everyone is

confused as to why she's getting married

at such a young age her friends are

asking her things like why are you

jumping into this they'll you know or

less you're still young why don't

youwait why don't youwait why don't you

date around why don't you play the field

women who get married young and by young

i mean late teens early 20s I'm talking

18 19 20 21 years old they are the

exception unfortunately most girls wait

until they're in their 30s before they

even start thinking about settling down

and the reason they do this is because

in their minds they have time and

they're mostly right they do have time

but not in the way they think and here's

what I mean

most women the vast majority of women

99.9% of women will find a man who's

willing to wife her up when she starts

losing her attractiveness it doesn't

matter if she's been a slut for a decade

doesn't matter that she can't cook

anything but hot dogs and undercooked

tater tots it doesn't matter that she's

got a bitchy disposition it doesn't

respect men if a woman is even half

decent looking she'll find a man to

commit to her

no doubt but here is the flaw in that

plan the men available to a woman who

waits to get married are not the men who

are available to her when she was

younger and more attractive the men who

are still interested in her when she's

35 are not the men she wants when

females are young and attractive they

think the same quality of men will be

around when she is older which is which

is mind-boggling to me because they know

that the older they get the less

attractive they become but for some

reason for some crazy reason not only

then every woman seems to think that

they are the exception to the rule

meaning that she still thinks that

she'll be able to attract the same kind

of men even though they can see with

their own two eyes what really happens

they see their tip starting to sag they

see their asses starting to sag

cellulite on the back of their thighs

they see all this stuff

not only that they see their sisters

they see their mothers their friends

they see all these females all around

them who are unable to attract

high-value men when they get older but

they think not gonna happen to me I'm

hot I've got good genetics it's amazing

that every woman thinks this and

honestly blows me away how ignorant

bitches are Amber Rose is the

quintessential example Amber Rose was

getting passed around by nigga after

nigga and she made it a point to let

people know I don't use condoms so you

mean to tell me you're letting all these

rappers and all these hip-hop stars and

all these professional athletes raw dog

your ass into submission you're out

there with your fat ass in your Cisco

buzzcut being on slut walks and all yeah

I love being a slut I love it when they

blow it all in my face but now that

you're 34 35 years old now you're

looking for a relationship of substance

and now you want to be mad that men are

taking me seriously and here's the thing

it is as though she really is confused

bitches like Amber Rose are that

ignorant they honestly believe that

their sexual pests have no bearing on

their sexual futures so yes ladies you

do have time a man at some point will

put a ring on it

but the longer you wait the lower the

caliber of men who are willing to commit

to you in the long term these young

girls are here when a party they want to


they want to go out they want to live

that single life they want to feel you

they want to butt-fuck the DJ they want

to give a guy a blowjob in a club

parking lot and hold out onto the last

possible minute before they start taking

their futures with men more seriously

and one day they wake up they look in

the mirror

they've got crow's feet of fat around

their eyes their tits aren't as perky

their skin isn't as tight their asses

are starting to Sag and all of a sudden

they realize holy shit I'm 36 and I'm

still single

but by then it's too late for them to

get with a man they can respect and love

because they've waited too long they

didn't have time they wasted their prime

fertile years being hoes and didn't

realize that the men they were used to

getting attention from wouldn't pay him

any sort of attention once they hit the

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nine one four two oh five five three

five six that's nine eleven four two oh

five five three five six let's go back

to the chat here briefly freelance wrote

him he likes my bad hair doing a fat ass

I mean that's that's all it takes

I mean the thirst is really got thirsty

ass niggas that dude that don't fucking

hit anything wrong man Oh Devon told me

about this earlier Alex Jones of

Infowars okay all right I don't know

anything about it

I don't know anything about it honestly

man I'm so busy these days I it's hard

for me to keep up with any of this stuff

rule zero dead says she just can't

relinquish any control the desire to be

the center of attention is a full-time

job I agree I agree Yosef says that it

is really it really is depressing hose

fail to realize when they get a man's

attention by flashing their tits and ass

the man will not marry them could not

have said that any better rule 0 dad

says society condones women being whores

hypergamy doesn't give a fuck we have an

ETF 42 sighting in the house rule 0 dad

has just fucked up the show spoiler

alert somebody banned rule 0 dad of

course I kid because I care machine 305

says like illimitable man says women

have the burden of beauty and they love

shaming men who try to uphold them to

that burden wow I have never heard him

say that that is that is profound

my friend profound let's move along to

the second reason why most women choose

to stay single marriage and motherhood

are shamed I did a show with Alan Roger

curry a while back and he said something

that really stuck out to me and what he

said was that most women don't identify

as feminists per se but most of them

have feminist beliefs and he is

absolutely right I can't tell you guys

how many dates or how many meetups I've

had with girls who went out of their way

to tell me that they weren't looking to

get married or start a family anytime -

any time soon it is as though someone

told them that that's what - say it to a

guy on a first date to get him to like

it it's the craziest thing they sit

there and they talk shit about how

miserable it must be to be a

stay-at-home mom or about how they'd

regret getting married and having kids

young because they'd always wonder what

else is out there for them well listen

guys there's no mystery as to why these

chicks are talking like this and it's

because our culture Shane's mother and

Merritt mother I'm sorry it shames

marriage and motherhood now we can say

that feminism is

responsible for that and we'd be right

but most females have bought into the

idea of marriage and motherhood is bored

that that marriage and motherhood is

borderline slavery and that getting

married and having children is beneath

them and that it's degrading and

oppressing guys most women actually

think this so they choose to be single

rather than being what they

characterizes as as married slate as

married slate forced to have a man's

children against her will and ruin her

body it's a bunch of bullshit nine one

four two oh five five three five six is

the number to call let's go to the phone


area code six six one you were on live

with Donovan go ahead what's going on

Donna Venus de maiz in a while what's up

bro let man so I see the top is about um

lot of women choose to be single user so

this is my take on a man I feel like

it's not necessarily that women choose

to be single what I feel that it is is a

lot of women can get the man that they

want so what they do is they minimize it

by saying that they were okay with being

single because they can't get the Alpha

man that they want yeah I like it I like

it you know it's funny a lot of like if

you want a chateau heartiest illimitable

man like you like some of the hardcore

you know red pill pickup sites is they

make fun of fat girls who are on tinder

OkCupid plenty of fish and what they'll

do is they'll say yes I'm a foodie I'm

pleasingly plump and if you can't handle

my curves don't even talk to me it's

almost like they're trying to insulate

themselves from the rejection in other

words I'm fat and I know it and if you

don't like fatties then don't humiliate

me so what they're trying to do is

they're trying to characterize they're

they're trying to characterize their

deficiencies it's confidence if you

can't handle my curves as though your

curbs are worth handling that don't even

talk to me I agree with you

hundred percent unbelievable man

yeah man I mean it's kind of like in

Reverse like with the mid tail like you

know a lot of guys I understand it's

good you feel me like I always have rep

he'll gain even before I knew what red

pill game was but the whole thing is

like I feel it's good too

just get the information and know how to

deal with the women and identities of

them in that way you can pimp

accordingly there you go I don't agree

with motherfuckers saying oh I don't

want pussy no more like you're not

affecting the women right there's plenty

of subdues they're going to get the

attention whether we bound together or

not it's still gonna be motherfuckers

ass Gumby Pam deals in pimping that's

right so a lot of guys are going mix

I'll just justify are you going to make

that motherfucker or can you not get

bitches and you're justifying it yo

check this out no habla said I'm with

you hundred percent thanks for the call

area code 661 this is it is so

interesting that he brings this up you

guys know about the minor beef that I

had with turd flinging monkey

he started hurling insults at me we had

a discussion we started he started

hurling insults at me

you guys know my move as soon as

somebody starts to get that bravado

starts to become an Internet gangster

okay let's see how much of a gangster

you really are and come onto my show

we'll debate this man-to-man turn

flinging monkey says get a hold of my

producer even though I'm in the middle

the guy ducked me anyway what I pointed

out was that guys like turd flinging

monkey he doesn't matter okay like like

my channels always get shut down

Minister Japp Tommy Sotomayor the reason

why our channels get shut down is

because we're a threat okay we change

men's lives we tweet we give men the

cheat codes here's how to get the pussy

without being a sip here's how to get

the pussy without investing money time

or emotion right the feminists don't

want that they don't want they don't

want cheap they don't want guys paying

market value prefer for pussy which is

nothing plus it's not worth anything

bitches are giving it away for free but

we're teaching guys how to get it for

free feminism doesn't like that well

there's a reason why he turned flinging

one he still has his channel and over

200,000 subscribers the son of a bitch

doesn't matter he is he is instructing

men who couldn't otherwise get laid to

opt out of the dating market right so

and girls are laughing they're like well

fuck you guys we weren't fucking y'all

anyway so that's not making a difference

one way or the other

I said all that to say this Turk guys

like turd flinging monkey fees low-level

MiG's and by the way I don't even think

that they should be identified as big

towels turn flinging monkey is not a MiG

towel he is an in cell who is masquerade

as a MIG towel because Jonathan from

modern life dating is a MIG towel and

trust me he gets more ass than a fucking

toilet seat so let's keep it real here

any man who opts out of the dating

market from here forward will be known

as an in sell and it's just like area

code 661 said the way they talk with all

their you know with all their fancy

words and all that bravado

yeah we're opting out of the dating

market no bra that's not your choice

there is no migt how MUC you didn't

choose that life the reason you don't

want pussies because you can't get pussy

this is why fat girls talk shit about

hot guys oh he's so vain oh no you want

the hot guy but you can't get him so you

make fun of him it's just like he said

guys like turd flinging Micah home the

juices the douche isn't worth the

squeeze he's got a fucking list no the

same juice isn't available to you as it

is to me right let's don't sit here and

don't sit here and act like you could

get pussy if you want well I can get

pussy if I wanted to but I've chose I'm

not telling big table no no you fucking


you were a fucking Insel you are not big

town honestly they should he should

change it he should change his acronym

to MIG tell a tu-22m sell turd flinging

monkey is not a MIG tau he is in Intel

he is the king of the in sells he

happens to he happens to be the most

intelligent of him cells involuntary

Sullivans so miss me with that bullshit

he's absolute he is absolutely right

these bitches out here talking about

well I'd rather be single knob bitch I

said at the top of the show every woman

wants a relationship but those who can't

pretend that they don't want it very

good call 911 for two oh five five three

five six let's go back to the phone

lines area code eight five six you're in

my neck of the woods go ahead you're

online with Donovan hey what's going on

my guy what's up brother I thought this

is Jamal Jamal what's going on man yeah

didn't you and I have a people I like

I'm like wow I'm sorry I can hear you no

go ahead man good yeah yeah you actually

had a good piece on uh you know and the

uh you know as far as being single by I

think what a lot of what goes on

basically the more I always hated this

better you are in position you know

basically I mean it's you know the

better off you are you really don't use

the comments be in control of the

circumstances right right yeah and I

think that and it's funny I think men

and women alike weak-minded men they

make fun of what they can't have

they see a guy with tattoos oh fuck that

guy he's a douchebag what does he have

tattoos no you're just afraid of needles

right well I don't want tattoos no

you're just afraid to get them well I

don't want

I've been faked it who the fuck wants a

girl with fake tits every guy wants a

girl with fake tits don't make fun of

because you can't have it

exactly exactly but it was a thing as

last year's quota says uh he said uh you

know women's fuck who do you want yeah


fuck booty can yes and then it and a guy

basically says you know men marry who

they want women marry who they can oh

there it is Wow so Amber Rose said women

fuck who they want men fuck who they can

but then on the other side it's men

marry who they wants women marry who

they can I like that that's very good

that's actually the answer very good

answer very good if they can if that

will yeah of course if they can well be

of course we're talking assuming that

they're that high value men but it's

interesting though even men who are low

value in their 20s even if they don't

physically improve themselves even if

they never find the red pill by virtue a

father time a man a masses more value

anyway even if he stays blue pill even

if he's have any fees a simp ass nigga

guess what

he's got more sexual market value at 35

min they ever did at 25 can't say the

same for women can you that not at all

good strike no the age like keys yes

well this years the best marketable

years between the ages of 17 yeah and I

would say 23 yes after that pretty much

it's downhill I mean they're really the

only thing they're really good for is

being like I was like a special

apartment that's it that's it the full

of the the in and again and I actually

actually tweeted something out like this

as men we have to build value right and

that's hard this is why most men this is

why most men can't do it in order to be

sexually attractive to women we have to

build value that's why most men can't

know because it's hard women all they

have to do is preserve all they have to

do is not fuck it up don't eat junk food

don't don't don't don't be a glutton for

dicks don't fuck every nigga you were


every nigga you run into don't get a

tattoo don't get crazy-ass piercings if

you make it to 21 sweetheart you've hit

the lottery and all you've done is

refrain from doing things but that's

easy right

which but unfortunately most most women

don't do that Jamal thanks for the call

I appreciate you calling in 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call let's go back to the

phone lines you're on live with Donovan

go ahead hello yes sir

hey it's Jonathan Jonathan what's going

on bro dude I'm not a big towel all

right for the record my panel isn't for

the record I feel as if you've told me

this like a hundred times and for

whatever reason I keep calling you a

fuckin big deal man Jesus Christ I'm

like I'm catching my catch a stroke over

here all right listen listen Jonathan

from modern life dating is not amygdale

let's get that straight you know I got

Rollo in the chat man I can't I have

roll of fucking picking up some tip Oh

oh yeah right yeah listen by the way um

he's trying to get you on to the to the

red man group dude I'm ready to roll

listen I wanted to call in on two things

but one you get so popular now that your

chat here it says too many users are

connected and I can't connect I would

like to participate but I just wanted to

give you a heads up yeah yeah okay

yeah I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to

make a change might have to actually

spend some money now huh I mean yeah I

know dude I know the show's gonna blow

up I know I've no talent when I see it

and this shit is just gonna get fucking

bigger and better and second thing I

just wanted to chime in to the guys give

them a semblance of hope okay right when

you live in America like society the

media I I know I sound like some crazy

conspiracy theorist but I swear to god

I'm not there is a definite agenda

against men and they trying to make men

think that they're worthless and that

they're useless and that you guys that's

a fucking lie

you're not useless if you're a man you

have power men went to the goddamn

in moon that's right we took a car up

there we fucking drove around cuz we

can't because we're men that's right

so don't believe this shit the ones that

are really bummed are american chicks

yes and the world is a big place you can

go and live other places in the world

and live out your years and find a good

woman or good women or whatever right

but don't go around with the defeatist

mentality thinking that you're just some

fucking loser the problem is these women

some of you guys the problem is you but

a large part of it I'd have to say is

the women in America and the society

that causes shitting on men I just want

to give a message of hope out there to

use absolutely listen I would like to

have you on the show I'm God I'm gonna

be an Atlanta this weekend and I need to

get you on the show next week because a

lot of guys send me emails hey Jonathan

from Modern Life dating lives in Tokyo I

like I'd like to know the journey of you

know I'd like to know the process in

terms of how he made that happen with no

wimp what what was the last straw what

went into the decision-making process

the paperwork you know lodging etc etc I

need to get you on a show and and sort

of give us a roadmap in terms of how and

when and why you decided to move to

Tokyo because dude you're living the

life you're living that expat life that

a lot of guys in America want to live

yeah I'll give you a quick synopsis room

okay four to five seconds all right so

so basically I had my I was 26 I had my

own job I had my own place had my own

car I had everything and I just didn't

feel like a man I just did not feel like

a man so I started researching manhood

and I read about rite of passage and I

read that you know you had to do

something in the tribal times in order

to become a man you have to go out to

the woods and like kill a wolf and bring

his fur back and then you came back and

people like okay you're a man right so I

said to myself if I can go to Japan with

2,500 dollars in my pocket no friends no

family no support and survive for two

years I'll consider myself a man when I

came out here and was so fucking hard

but I did it I'm a man and that's why

I've got so much fucking confidence I

believe in myself

I want to preach this message to other

young men who are struggling out there

that's why I'm dude I don't need to do


I can go out fucking get all the pussy I

want right and just live the life but I

feel morally obligated to my fellow man

to help free their mind let them know

what's going on yes absolutely man um

listen I text me right after the show

because I got a I got a book you I think

that's because I think a lot of men I

don't want to keep you on because I know

it's like 3 o'clock in the morning out

there or what is it like next week or

something out there that time zones the

time zones are ok I was like Thursday

morning out there I don't know but but a

lot of guys who live in America they

really do lose hope because they believe

that there are no other options but they

listen you know about Kyle trouble he

lives you know he lives in Eastern

Europe he's got a Ukrainian girlfriend

move it you know live-in girlfriend he's

living the fucking life we all know

about Roush O'Shea Duke Jackson lives in

Poland I mean you know a lot of these

and of course Roush is back here in

America but I mean he still got his

place he's still got his place out in

Poland a lot of guys really like they

see guys like you and they think it's a

fantasy they don't think they can really

do it but when I have guys like you on

the show I want you to let them know

guys yes you can do this go down to the

passport office get your passport save

two or three thousand dollars and just

go somewhere and change your life it's

and it sounds simple oh gosh that sounds

simple Donovan yeah actually it is

making the decision is simple not gonna

be easy but you want to know it's not

easy putting up with these fucking

American bitches hundred percent bro

you're spitting the truth as usual I'm

gonna text you after the show dude I

gotta get you on the show brother thanks

for want to let you know man I love this

show and I want this chat and you were

monkey on my cell it might be my

computer but uh definitely just show and

I'm gonna hang up now let me look do

your thing noted Mick town Jonathan from

my real life dating in the house pigs

for garlic brother we'll talk soon man

so Jonathan from modern life dating is

not a MIG down just so we get that just

so we get that straight yeah listen um

Devin and I are going to Atlanta this

weekend we're gonna go down there and

meet some of my family members my

brother my sister my mom and we are

going to we're gonna go to the Georgia

Aquarium which is really cool or gonna

see whale sharks I'm gonna take some I'm

gonna take some videos for Jonathan from

modern life dating or for martyr for

Jonathan from modern life dating it's

gonna be a good time it really really is

I go so hard at this stuff I need a

vacation man I'm cranking out a lot of

content I love what I do but you know

listen I need a little bit of a break

haven't seen haven't seen the family

since since Thanksgiving so yeah it'll

be good too it'll be good to go down

there to the ATL and I'm gonna drop by

the place that I worked at when I got

kicked out of North Carolina so it'll be

good to see that guy all right let's go

ahead and wrap this bad boy up and talk

about the third reason women in America

choose to stay single why most women

choose to say this to state to stay

single the single life is glamorized

girls want to be single because it looks

a lot more fun than being married and

they're right being single is a lot more

fun than being married I mean listen

what let's call it what it is right they

can do it listen if they can come and go

as they please they can date whoever

they want they can fuck whoever they

want they can go wherever they want no

responsibilities no one to have to

answer to none of that nonsense the list

goes on and on but what gets left out of

the single life promotional video about

how much fun it is is that they always

fail to mention that the single life is

not a sustainable lifestyle women who

are perpetually single are only happy

for maybe the first few years but once

they hit their mid to late-20s it stops

being fun because they've been fucked by

so many cocks they've lost the ability

to actually love a man right the club

scene and the bar scene gets old and

they get tired of sleeping alone it may

get tired of feeling like they're alone

like a girl is laying in her bed she's

like I fucked five guys this week why do

I feel alone yes the single life is fun

for a while

but as far as women goes the long-term

effects are ear

first of all even when they get married

at some point down the line and they

will guys they're just not gonna be


they'll be on antidepressants there'll

be on anti-anxiety medications because

depression and anxiety are a side effect

of being a slut a few months ago I did a


comparing rescue dogs to sluts and one

of the comparisons that I made was the

single life versus the shelter and you

guys can go and check that on it so I

forget what the I forget what the

episode number is on that I think it's

perpetually single women are like

shelter dogs or something to that effect

anyway no matter what women say they

want no matter what women think they

want they don't want to be fucking a

bunch of guys they want to belong to one

man and one man only but when they see

the single life glamorizes is this

awesome life and it's all fun without

any of the consequences they're gonna

think they want to be single one of the

worst things one of the worst things

that feminism has done to women is may

then think that they want to do and be

the opposite of what they are designed

to do and be women don't want to be

single but feminism has convinced them

that the single life is better than

being in a committed relationship or

married and it's funny when you listen

to girls in their 20s who are

good-looking enough to marry a high

value man right now talking about how

much they love being single and about

how they couldn't imagine being tied

down then to listen to those same women

in their 30s wondering where all the

good men have gone it's fucking

hilarious great show tonight guys shout

out to area code 6 7 8 6 6 1 Jonathan

from modern life dating who is

absolutely not a big towel I think we

had a couple of other callers in there

let's take one last let's take one last

stroll down the chat I'm gonna have to

do something about the chat guys I

really am cuz I'm getting I'm getting a

lot of those codes man and it sucks

because Jonathan from MLD man he's uh

he's a he's a good chatter he really is

sharpest says says it's like saying what

I cook doesn't taste good so fuck food

oh wow you've been seeing that all over

Instagram Jesus Christ

looks like Rollo Tomassi hoarding to

rule 0 dad says peak sexual market value

for women is 23:36 for men I agree I

agree Yosef Israel says I am changing

lives Donovan yeah listen to sort of

piggyback off of what Jonathan from

Modern Life dating talked about is that

I have reached the level of contentment

in my life that I never thought possible

and I listen I'm not playing around man

like I am as content in my life as I

have ever been and you know like when I

started this thing I just I just started

off as a as an author for returning

Kings one thing led to another and now

this takes up so much of my time it

actually it actually pays me well I love

doing this stuff man I really really do

I really really do 911 for 205 5 3 5 6

is the number to call we got one last

caller on the line

area code 408 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey what's going on

Donovan this is Armando Collin from the

Bay Area it was about being the live

chat here I you definitely touched on

some things about how feminism is

conditioning women today and thinking

you know the opposite and we talked a

little bit about this on the redneck

roof actually on Saturday and how

basically feminism today is really

conditioning women to to equip

themselves and male roles right they

wearing that career ISM career ISM you

know all this progression and they think

that though all these accomplishments

like an MBA is going to get a die hard

and really that that's not the case at

all and I don't know if this is just be

a good topic to associate that with

today's kind of talk but I think that

might contribute to it as to why many

emails are being single like they look

at man

well hey if man can fuck all these

bitches and then I can't keep right wait

cuz what man do what man do is going to

make other woman that attracted or you

know this is just kind of dyslexic

thought or distorted thought actually

that because what man do woman are gonna

do now me they're gonna think that's

gonna make them attract this so I just

thought I'd bring that up yeah I feel

like there's a strong association with

that so thank you Donna Donna Armando

thanks for the call man thanks for

calling the show listen he makes an

excellent point he makes it he makes a

very good point and this goes back to

the slut versus studs conundrum why is

it that when a woman sleeps with a lot

of guys she's called the slut why is it

that when a lot of guy it wasn't when a

guy sleeps with a lot of girls he's a

stud there are many reasons for this but

the main one is that being a slut is

easy all woman has to be is there in

order for a guy to be a stud he's gotta

make good money he's got to be

good-looking he's gonna have a 12-inch

dick right he's got to have game he's

got to have a future he has to he has to

be dashing I mean they're all these

things have to be in place for a man to

be a stud and even with all of those

factors in place if he's successful ten

percent of the time he's a fucking god

a woman can go out and talk to ten guys

and get ten dicks easy all day that's

the main reason but what our mondo

brought up is that women think well if

guys can fuck around then why can't we

as women well because women aren't

designed to be fucking a lot of guys men

are designed to be polygamous we are

designed to fuck many women women are

only women are designed to fuck only one

guy this is why men who have extensive

sexual experience with women don't end

up as head cases and women who are sluts

end up his head cases I watched a

two-part series called when porn ends

eula the average female porn star the

average retired female porn star her

life is in shambles she's on drugs she's

lost her kids she's on antidepressants

she's suicidal last year five porn stars

died tragically five of them in a month

and a half five porn stars I might

actually release that I might actually

released that um that particular episode

this week five female porn stars that

proves that women

shouldn't be fucking a lot of dudes you

look at any other any retired male porn

star they're doing okay right I remember

one guy the inner but he said yeah you

know what I would have liked to have had

some kids but you know whatever but you

look at at Janine Janine Lindemulder

dude fucking drug addict lost her kids

was dragged through court right and I

think she had a kid with like a

celebrity or something or something like


JC Elaine she's oh my god she is

absolutely like these these chicks have

bottomed out man having sex with

multiple men destroys women it destroys

them physically mentally psychologically

and it's so funny when you see women

talking about well if a guy has a high

notch count I'm not interested yes you

are yes you are that is the most

disingenuous thing I've ever heard well

you fucked over a hundred girls Donovan

well I'm not attracted to you Mitch do

you want to suck my dick come on man men

and women are not the same swayed

senator says release it Donovan that was

classic I'm gonna release it I think I'm

gonna release it tonight I'm gonna

release it tonight

five dead porn stars proves why women

shouldn't be fuckin around women women

honestly believe that taking blow off

and take out a thousand dicks and then

live a normal life it doesn't work that

way men can fuck a thousand pussies were

just fine because this is the way we're

designed to be

sex is more emotional for women it's

about much more than just the physical

contact with men she looks good she's

got great tits nice ass all right let's

fuck this is why men who have cheating

wives this is why they're crushed women

who have cheating husbands they're

crushed but most the time I stick around

why because they know that men cheat

mainly just for sex when a woman cheats

she falls in love with the guy she's

cheating with when a guy cheats he's not

falling in love with that hoe you

kidding me the fuck out of here

very good call very very good call

Armando in Northern California yeah I'm

gonna release that episode a little bit

later tonight

yes rule zero dead Jesse James's ex

that's right he and Sandra Bullock went

to court against Janeane Mulder uh Linda

Mulder and she ended up losing the kid

yeah kevin says anyone seen Jenna

Jameson lately she looks like a fucking

middle school lunch lady hold up man Oh

them I gotta look this shit up I need to

do a screams I need to figure how to do

a screen share jenna jameson to see I

recognize these names because I use dice

the truck off the Beast

Isis jerk off to these bitches all the

time let's see what jenna jameson looks

like oh oh oh my god oh my god yo she's

heads oh yo what the oh my god oh this

is sad whoo yo Jenna dude she said so

much plastic surgery she looks like a

cat oh oh oh oh my god her tits are down

to her navel

oh and she still thinks she's sexy oh my

god oh yeah yeah yeah oh my god see horn

destroys women it destroys women man

that's it

listen miss Briggs says JC Lane and

Janine Lindemulder dude the chicks I

used to fight the chicks like the

jerk-off man dude all the usual suspects

jenna jameson aja Carrera Tara Patrick

uh oh god dude chasey Lane you guys you

guys remember all of a man

Stephanie valance I'm like dude like all

the old school boy I don't know I don't

know who any of the porn stars you

haven't jerked off the poor in fucking

years man yeah you go back and take a

look at all these bitches who are

important who who used to be important

bree olson you guys remember that a few

years back she went on this media tour

oh my god nobody takes me seriously

because I used to be a porn star if

you're a young girl I'm telling you

don't do porn oh shit when you take a

thousand dicks on it on camera that's

what happens you are damaged goods dude


yeah I'm gonna release that episode

I'm gonna I'm gonna release that episode

on patreon man I think that's I think

that's gonna be a very good one I

actually got a community strike on

YouTube for that one

oh my goodness well that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR primetime I got

to go watch the season finale of The

Bachelorette with my lady gotta find out

who Becca chooses that should that

should be a good one thanks for

listening guys I'll talk to you tomorrow

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