Why do so many women hate Kim Kardashian?

Kim K catches heat from women no matter what she does. She's a THOT for years? "Kim K's a slut" even though the women who call her these things are sluts themselves. Kim K gets married to Kanye? "She's a gold digger!" even though her net worth is higher.



She can't catch a break from women to save her life. But why do women hate Kim Kardashian? The answer is they don't. They pretend to hate her because they wanna be her...


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but I'm gonna start today by talking

about the reasons why women why so many

women hate or quote-unquote hate Kim

Kardashian the the the long of the short

of Kim K's rise to stardom is that she

recorded herself getting fucked by Ray J

that video went via that video where it

went viral and that spawned the the

beginning of the Kardashian Empire we're

all familiar with today

now I'm not mad at Kim k for what she

does listen she's a good-looking woman

who gets paid for just living her life

if people are gonna pay for her products

if people are gonna watch her on TV if

the press is gonna be interested in

everything she does all the time then

I'm not gonna hate on her she's

capitalizing on her fame that's what

she's doing Pete listen people can say

she has no talent and that may or may

not be true but people companies and

television networks are paying her for

something so she's doing something right

anyway most of the camp most of the most

of the Kim Kardashian haters are women

which obviously isn't surprising to

anyone here because we know bitches hate

each other so I'm gonna give you guys my

top three reasons why women hate Kim

Kardashian so let's get into it number

one she gets paid for being a woman this

is one of those deals where a person

male or female hates on someone who's

successful because they're doing what

they could do

it's the same with women Kim Kim K dude

Kim Kardashian she's she's a basic ass

bitch no shade okay I mean yeah she's a

celebrity yeah she's got money yes she's

famous but at her core she's a basic

bitch just so just like everybody else

just like most women

she's always involved in some sort of

drama which women do she's always

posting to her social media account

she's an attention whore she's always on

her phone and the only thing she seems

to be good at is shopping and getting

fucked and telling people about it

that's generally this is generally how

women work these days well guess what

most women do all of these things and

most of them don't make a dime doing it

I mean sure some women out there if

they're above average looking those

they'll start some bullshit YouTube

channel a channel worth will where

they'll do some sort of video log on the

best bikinis bullshit or something like

that you know or some bullshit workout

basically any excuse they can think of

to show their tits and ass without

actually being naked and yell don't make

a few bucks and get a few orbiters who

are dumb enough to subscribe to her

exclusive content but Kim K's getting

paid for being a vapid slut too and

she's taken that to another level

hurva pity and otherwise typical female

lifestyle it's made her and her entire

family millionaires and women hate her

for it because she's getting paid to

just exist and do all the things the

typical female does on a daily basis

that's why they're pissed out loud girls

say Kim Kardashian's famous for being

famous she's a talentless airhead who

makes money for just being herself but

inside their thinking she gets paid for

doing what I do and as we all know women

want everything they see without

consideration for what it takes to get

there and the circumstances that have to

be in place for those things to happen

yeah Kim Kardashian was in the right

place at the right time but she had the

ball listen she had the balls to do a

porn and put it on the Internet and it's

made her rich it was the perfect storm

that she's it's the perfect storm and in

what she has done is she has written

that storm all the way to a net worth I

think up north of a hundred million

dollars so if you ladies want to be

famous like Kim K it's a process or it's

a process that requires work on your

part and a little bit of luck number one

you got to be hot if you're ugly or fat

you're out if you're average-looking

you're out you have to be hot you've got

to be a nine or a ten

number two you've got to get on a

reality show and gained some notoriety

go on Survivor go on The Bachelor go on

the bachelor in paradise

a bachelor in paradise and make a slut

out of yourself make a fool out of

yourself get people talking about you so

that you can then slide into number

three which is get fucked on camera and

put it on the internet and if the stars

align you could be on your way and

people might laugh and chuckle and think

I'm joking no that's really it for women

who think to themselves man how did Kim

Kardashian do what she did like why like

why can't I do that

well it's easy you got to be hot get on

a real and get on a reality show makeup

make an ass out of yourself make a fool

out of yourself fuck a bunch of guys

make out with a bunch of guys just be

the average of a bad woman

then get fucked on camera and make a sex

tape and put it out for the world to see

and if the stars align then maybe you

can find maybe you're the next Kim

Kardashian but that's a huge reason that

women hate on Kim K she lives the life

that they live but she gets paid for it

that's the difference the difference is

that she did what it took to get there

and women being women they never they

never consider what it takes to become

successful in any regard okay they think

they're entitled to success without

working for it and Kim Kardashian

reminds him of that every day

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check of the media a first check of the

chat and see who's in the house see we

got going on here see we got the usual

suspects in here Jason Vaughn shout-out

to you appreciate you appreciate you

encouraging people to hit that like


deep 1985 what's going on shout out to

you good to see her in there

mr. old spell writer says turn your

Wi-Fi on and off Donovan yeah that's

actually what I have to do before I go

on this weekend I'm gonna I'm gonna go

out and I don't know buy like a 50 foot

Ethernet ethernet cable so that I can

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computer so I don't experience the the

buffering or the slowdowns but good

looking out there I appreciate it

ETF 42 you nailed it man women don't

like Kim K because she's getting paid

for what they would for what they do for

free exactly that's exactly right good

call there they are for shout out to you

Eric P says Kim Eric P says Kim K and

her prime was 2007 when she posed for

Playboy yeah you know what I forgot

about that that's exactly right so

number one be hot number two get on a

reality show number three do a sex tape

number four pose for Playboy Maxim you

know I don't Evan eNOS hustler still

around I don't know if they're still

around but yeah basically you got to be

hot and you got to get naked that's how

you become Kim Kardashian and listen

listen like I said guys no shade on Kim

like I'm not gonna sit here and say well

any woman could do that nah not any

woman could do that she took advantage

of she took advantage of unique

circumstances at the time and she struck

while the iron's hot and listen she's

built an empire she has and I listen I

listen I can't hate on a skilled hustler

mister old-school writer says black

women are the ones hating on Kim and

trying to look like her at the same time

difference is Kim is a hustler and I

want to just want to look like they're

doing good hos getting mad at hos

straight up that's what I talked about

at the end of at the end of that at the

end of that last segment women always

they always want the success but they're

unwilling to put in the work to get it

we all see Kim K on Instagram and

Facebook and Twitter we all see her

chilling out in her I don't know million

dollar mansion in LA or wherever it is

they live or where they shoot Keeping Up

with the Kardashians but do it behind

the scenes that bitch is a hustler she

puts in the work man it was listen it

was not easy for her to get where she is

and and kris kardashian the mother that

i guess the the de-facto matriarch of

the family she's behind the scenes to

like listen men say what you want about

the Kardashian families those bitches

are hustlers man they know which side

their bread is buttered on and they make

sure it stays buttered I can

on them for that price style one says

first time catching the live stream

while it's live good to have you in here

ps1 loyalty loyalty shout out to you he

the deluxe my man hovering salivating

betas have propped up these socialities

I owe these socialites do I can't read

to some level of sick celebrity Yeah

right it's funny when I hear women

describe themselves as socialites it's

it's it's quite something

Jason Vaughn says I know why oh wait a

minute Jason Vaughn says I know why

women hate Kim K Kim Kardashian she's

happily married she is loyal to her

husband and defends him you know what

that's not on my list but yeah like a

lot of people out there seem to think

that Kim K is some sort of a feminist no

she is not a feminist she is a loyal

submissive woman man now just listen

yeah she's done her dirt and she and

listen once a slut always a slut Kanye

Kanye West married a slut but I think

they have what did they have one or two

kids on top eight sent to this stupid

dude yeah she's a writer die bitch for

her husband men and do Kanye he is as

crazy as it gets he really is but dude

her dude she stands by her men she stand

listen she stands by her men come hell

or high water even delux says that

contrived quote porn was a half a notch

above late-night Cinemax remember we

used to call that skinemax back in my


yeah dude back in my beta days dude I

used to do nice to jerk off to skinemax

all the time man oh my god

titties on what do like like titties on

TV I ought to go to the Internet for

this what Jason Vaughn says my

connections good I appreciate that good

good thank you thank you guys very much

Oh sharpest sisters in the house

excellent excellent

Jason Vaughn said she said from day one

she wanted to copy what Paris Hilton did

and somehow it worked so that so that

was a plan she thought of it worked like

a charm

I was unaware that I did not know that

that Kim K strategy was by design I

didn't know that but I'm not surprised

listen don't get it twisted fellas the

Kardashians there and listen those

bitches ain't stupid like those those

bitches know what's up like I'm like I

said dude I'm not gonna hate I'm not

gonna hate on them they have they built

an empire they've done it off of they've

done it off a thirsty betas and in basic

ass bitches

and women and women hate on her because

just like I think it was even deluxe or

just like ETF 40s you said and just like

I said their number what do Chi gets

paid to do what most women can already

do would just be a basic ass bitch can't

be mad at her

good to help you guys in today tomorrow

of course is Friday

it is the freakin weekend I've got some

plans went apple picking last weekend

and that was actually a pretty good time

for those of you guys who follow me I

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I've eaten - I eat oh my god we have so

many apples right now man I ate three

yesterday I think I ate another two

today and by the time I got done with

all these apples I'm not gonna be sick

of apples so so alright well let's let's

keep the train going and let's move to

the number two reason why women hate Kim

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like it I like the way it looks I think

I think it looks pretty cool and I think

I think I'm gonna keep it this way for a

while so moving on to number two the

number two reason that women hate Kim

Kardashian so much or pretend to hate

Kim Kardashian is she's dated black men

but she hasn't paid the quote price

even though Kim K is Armenian her

nationality or her race or whatever a

mainstream America considers her a white

girl and black girls definitely think of

Kim K as a white girl because in a black

woman's mind any woman who isn't black

is white I've heard this on more than

one occasion it's fuckin ridiculous I'm

like dude she's Mexican I don't care

she's still a white girl are you fucking

serious like dude like she's friend like

dude she's fresh off the boat man like

like dude this bitch is a wetback like

she got here click to get her ten

minutes ago call her a white girl of

course you know I say that

tongue-in-cheek but this is how black

chicks are anyway most non black women

Western non black women they fantasize

about being with black men on some level

some of them fantasize about having sex

with us you know whether it's a

one-night stand or whatever some women

fantasize about relationships with us

affairs whatever and some even fantasize

being married to us now those women are

rare indeed but they are out there but

the problem that the average non black

woman has is that once they're labeled

as the white girl who hooks up with

black guys they are radioactive two

white guys and I've talked about this

before regardless of what they say white

girls know that if they are spotted with

a black guy they know that unless they

delete all their social media accounts

and move to the opposite coast white

dudes aren't going near him for anything

period and they know this they know this

very well

well Kim Kardashian's been able to ride

the black cock carousel and she hasn't

paid the price on the sexual market okay

her sexual market value apparently

hasn't gone down dude she got fucked on

camera by Ray J but then turned around

and was able to date and fuck Nick

Lachey she's dude she's dated Nick

Cannon she's dated Reggie Bush he was

fucking Miles Austin for a while Miles

Austin used to be a receiver for the

Dallas Cowboys

well you know Reggie Bush went to USC

Nick Cannon we all knew he is used to be

married to Mariah Carey she's fucked

those guys and other black celebrities

and athletes but she was still able to

get married to Chris Humphries and

Gabriel Aubry both of which who are

white they hate that Kim Kardashian

catches from women on this front is

because she can she can publicly date

and fuck black dudes and still go back

to white

men if she wants to I've said before

that white girls are always talking

about once you go black you don't go

back well the actual truth to that

statement that that statement is false

in most cases it's once you go black you

can't go back but because they don't

want to characterize their situation as

a how can I put this because they don't

because they would that they would have

the world to believe that they have a

choice in the matter as if they could go

back to white guys if they wanted to

they coined this phrase once you go

black you don't go back as if they had a


well Kim Kardashian is listen cheap she

follows the rule yeah once she goes back

once she goes black she doesn't go back

she's dated white guys but she ended up

she's married she married Kris Humphries

I think that lasted two years

but dude she she was married to a black

guy I think when she was 20 21 years old

and now she's married to Kanye West

most Western non black women want to see

what it's like to date or fuck a black

guy and a lot of them have I mean let's

keep it real any but any and little and

again any non black woman who wants to

date or fuck a black guy she can if she

wants to I mean dude you know listen

black men like myself we're dude we're

jumping ship we're not fucking black

dudes anymore so the white girls the

Mexican girls the Asian girls Indian

girls whatever you know come ride the

train but the thing is is that a lot of

them are afraid to at least in public

because again they know that committing

they know they'll be committing sexual

market suicide so to speak if they want

to eventually marry or date white guys

in the future they wish they could open

up about fucking black dudes without

paying the price Kim Kardashian gets to

have the experience updating black men

and still be attractive to white men

guys she could divorce Kanye right now

and she'd have a line of white

celebrities and white athletes and white

rich guys waiting around the block to be

with her and and listen women know this

and they fucking hate him for it

now black women hate Kim Kardashian

because she can date because she can

date any black dude she wants which is

something the average black woman isn't

clothes can't come close to doing they

can't do that and I mean high-value

black men not some ratchet ass nigga

from the hood they can have that they

can have those niggas alright guys I'm

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check the chat and see what else we got

going on here

Eric B says Eric P says looks good yeah

I like the new format man I like I like

that I kind of tinkered with it a little

bit I probably spent a little bit more

time on it than I should have but I like

it I like I like you guys being able to

see everything you know the opacity you

know was kind of caving me in here now

you guys can like when I use air quotes

I don't have to put it in here I can put

it way up here and you guys can still

see that you guys can still see my hand

so I like I like the I like the

translucent look Jason Vaughn says an an

Armenian woman defense for black husband

I know that must take that must make

black women so mad Kim K destroy Taylor


yeah dude like dude black this is listen

black women hate Kim Kardashian dude

dude she oh my god dude she fucks dude

she fucks more high value black men than

high value black women like straight up

dude straight up yeah he even deluxe

says Humphries is biracial to be fair

you know what it's funny I was trying to

look up his nationality before I came on

and I figured one of you would point

that it you can kind of tell that he's

got something else in him so yeah yeah

thanks for pointing that out

HD appreciate that Nigel dick says they

hate her because they want to do the

same shit she didn't get paid yep

pointed that out in the beginning Eric P

says it's funny I remember Kris

Humphries getting booed at every

basketball game he started for the nets

I guess just jealousy or hating yeah

look listen Kim K's a badass bitch I'm

gonna get I'm gonna get into that in

just a second don't get it twisted aunt

James good to see you in the house black

women no they won't ever have the same

beating options as non black women

exactly and Kim Kardashian is the human

manifestation of that reality and that's

why they fucking hate her

deep 1985 continues that thought other

races would love to fuck black men but

they really love but they really love to

fuck a dark or darker skinned black

dudes I guess skin tone is an African

feature thing yeah maybe maybe as you

guys can see I'm a light skinned guy so

I don't know I don't know loyalty

loyalty squared says Mariah Carey did

the same thing with Nick now she's with

a rich white guy exactly as that works

but she got fat though like dude all

right Kerry used to be bad but she is oh

yeah there you go Mariah Carey is obese

and single okay all right well there we

go big would a semaj back in the house

up and see you in here in quite some

time good to have you guys in today good

to have you guys in yeah um I thought

that um yes is Mariah Carey's not with

that white guy anymore she screwed that


all right well either way dude if Mariah

Carey loses weight do chicken have any

white guys she wants men she can have

any white guys she wants straight up

straight up deep 1985's I'm sure they

will fuck you too I don't know Matt dude

Kim card at dude Kim K would never fuck

with the dude like me man dude

like if I pull up my wallet like right

now I think I've got like a $5 bill in

my wallet Shh please

she'd be like nigga I only messed with

ballers I'll be like well because you

wouldn't fuck with me it is what it is

that's nyet do that that's the S P baby

the sexual marketplace don't get mad at

it just deal with it that's how it works

okay moving right along let's go to the

third and final reason that women hate

Kim King she's hot guys she looks good

that's why they hate her it's funny when

you hear when you hear women talk about

Kim how about how Kim Kardashian isn't

beautiful I remember one job one job I

had in Vegas that wasn't a call center

or something

we were talking about something having

to do with Kim K and and I said I'd do

her and this chick said oh my god she

would and I looked at her and I said and

like she had a sack I said what are you

talking about then she went on about how

she's not really pretty about how Kim

K's got a fake ass and a great makeup

artist and all that basically saying

that Kim that Kim Kardashian's not hot

and just making excuses

for like she's accidentally beautiful so

when she got done I said okay well would

you rather look like Kim Kardashian or

look like you okay and everyone in the

smoking area this is where we everyone

in the smoking there was like oh shit

and the girl shut the fuck up now I got

written up for it and the girl never

spoke to me again which isn't a big deal

because she was maybe a five I bet best

but the point is that women hate on Kim

K because she looks good because she's

hot guys we all know she's hot all right

it dude she's 36 37 years old she's

still hot guys like she is still a solid

nine all right and dudes like Radio

Flyer who had to put on blast the other

week says will I wouldn't fuck her but

he would we all would yes Kim K's

insufferable yes she's an attention

whore but she's still attractive and

we'd all fuck her guys the border wants

what the boater wants it doesn't say

well she's 36 and a vapid slut who got

fucked on camera so I'm no longer

interested no it says Kim K is hot I

want to fuck her okay listen the cock

doesn't care about all the stuff we say

it cares about or that we want it to

care about saying that shit out loud

like Radio Flyer did last week doesn't

mean we believe you admitting Kim

Kardashian is attractive and that we'd

fucker doesn't mean anything but that

she's fuckable women try to shame dudes

and they say uh you've got a lot of

standards low standards like all I'm

talking about is fucking her I'm not

talking about wife and her up and

putting a couple of kids and unexpected

her to be the world's greatest wife fuck

outta here with that and women can hate

on her because of the way she got famous

but guess what that's how it is okay and

just because you as women and ladies I'm

talking to you because you don't like

that that she got famous in a way you

wish you would have or could have

doesn't mean she's not attractive okay

women know she's hot okay let look at

the dude she's dated man she dates

ballers rich guys pro athletes if she

weren't hot she wouldn't been able to

fuck with those guys we all know this

get out of here with that she's not

pretty that bitch down the biggest

wishes she looked half as good as Kim K

fucking hell man and and here's the

thing guys ugly girls hate pretty girls

because they're pretty period okay

you'll hear some chicks say well I don't

like her and if you ask her

you know give a bunch of bullshit

answers but the real reason is that

she's hot and you're not sweetheart

that's it just keep it real and say hey

look I don't like her because she's

prettier prettier than I am and leave it

at that at the end of the day guys

women hate Kim Kardashian because they

want to be Kim Kardashian they wish they

were as hot as she was they wish they

could be married to a man worth almost

150 million dollars they wish they had

almost 200 million followers on social

media they wish they could ride the

black cock carousel and still be

attractive to white men they wish they

could be Kim Kardashian and that's why

they hate her and ironically it's those

very same women that hate her

that also make her rich they're the ones

who watch her shows there are the ones

who buy our products they're the they're

the reason she's rich the funny thing

about women is that they is that they

hate each other because they want to be

each other but they can't help but

indirectly support each other whether

they know it like it or not stupid

bitches plenty of ways to support the

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another check of the chat before we get

to the red pill booster shut post

says I brought up a great point in a

previous stream you're gonna have to

you're gonna have to be more specific

yeah let me know what that is and James

says you gotta have that Kanye I'm gonna

to keep around yes yes

listen Kim K is rich and she's fucking

gorgeous yeah you gotta have that Kanye

money straight up you gotta have that

Kanye money you gotta have that Puff

Daddy I listen I still call it Puff

Daddy I'll call him P Diddy did I do

that was a teenager in the mid nineties

man it was all about it was all about

puffy Puff Daddy I still call Puff Daddy

deep 1985 says even if Kim K hits the

wall she'll still have more options than

black women exactly dude Kim K will be

able to fuck more black guys at 50 years

old then most black women can fuck at 20

years old that is the truth straight up

that's a good tweet actually appreciate

that oh I'll put you in the bibliography

deep 1985 I'll make sure I give you

credit want to be plagiarizing here even

deluxe ed repulsive men detest

attractive stylish men for the same

reason x2 dumped bra I'm telling you man

it's like if you have any sort of style

with you and he sort of swagger dude say

it on you man

they really do like dude fuck that guy

in all of his tattoos and his big watch

in his hand cuff chain you pokin one in

whatever dude you wish she could be me

fuck out of here hostile one says black

women want to be Kim K minority women

are buying a fuck ton of her products

that's why her net worth is crazy high

male on head this is why she's rich man

this is why she's rich

Charles merchant in the house oh you're

an Albuquerque shit man

Wow yes he

the fuck out of agus loyalty squared

says what's the name of the app to

monitor your girl's phone it is called

hover watch hover watch HOV er watc H

you can monitor and listen this is the

best fucking software out there you can

monitor her phone you can monitor her

computer you can monitor her tablet you

will see all of her keystrokes and that

also monitors monitors her location you

can tell where she is how long she's

there what time she got there what time

she left etc etc so that is hover watch

hover watch HOV er watc H that listen

that's the that that's the software that

my girl uses that I got on my girl's

phone and tablet and an computer the

only way around that is to have a burner

phone which I'm fairly certain she

doesn't have one but you know one never

knows what never knows

Eric P says I'm wondering why the

Kardashian sisters didn't put her

brother up on game Rob Kay's a total

simp oh my god I don't know man

I really don't know I don't know like

dude you would figure that Kourtney or

Khloe or Kim or Kylie and well they're

all fucking case the Kris whatever you

would figure at some point even if they

didn't put him up on game like he's

around him all the time like he sees how

these bitches do men like he hasn't

picked like when blac chyna hooked up

with Rob Kardashian I was like oh my god

like dude like do people not like do

people not see what's going on here like

do you see that she's not trying to have

his kids so that she can get a piece of

that Kardashian Empire like nobody I

don't know no but yeah that's that's a

very good point that's a good point

see merch men um good to see you in here

good to see you in here man

big will taste so Maj says bluh bluh

blower back out straight-up so what

you're supposed to do all right guys it

is time for the red pill booster shot

here we go men cannot afford to get

complacent in relationships this article

is gonna help you stay on your game and

keep her in line you lost your edge she

lost attraction for you so it works it

doesn't matter how long you've been

together the game never ends ever this

is the red pill booster shot segment I

try to do these once a week you know

every once in a while I don't know maybe

once a week once every couple of weeks

when I come across the blog or if I

think of a blog that has helped me in in

my particular red pill development so

let's get to it

today's red pill booster shot is a blog

that I read back in 2000

just a couple of years after after I

found the red pill and after reading

this blog and its entirety it I mean

guys it literally changed my life it was

I was two years into the red pill and it

was a it was as though I found the red

pill all over again it had that much of

an impact on me and what it did is it

confirmed and solidified everything I've

learned about the red pill at that point

and gave me the ironclad mindset about

everything that I still have today it's

because of this particular blog that I

it's because of this particular blog

that I don't like my mindset is stuck

like I don't like I know the truth and I

know beyond the shadow of a doubt that

red bull truth is indeed the truth the

name of this blog is called the Salomon

2 blog that's Sol om om the number 2 as

in Roman numeral 2 blog Solomon 2 blog

and it was written back in oh 9 by a man

who called himself Solomon who we all

know now to be Dal Rock who runs a blog

today and I'll include the link in the

description anyway he launched a blog

called the Solomon group now when he

released the Solomon 2 blog it was only

it was only in circulation was only on

the internet for about 6 months but the

in the impact represented a paradigm

shift in the manosphere as we know it

and guys I'm not exaggerating here ok

this is one of the most powerful

impactful pieces of work ever put

together by anyone ever and even though

it's almost a decade old people still

refer to it as the red pill Bible now

nobody knows what happened to the actual

blog and nobody knows where the original

blog went but you guys can find copies

of it everywhere on the internet you can

find bootleg copies of it and I'll and

I'll link the the free PDF download in

the description anyway guys the solomon

2 blog is a 100% must read for any and

every man who lives the red pill life or

aspires to because this dude covers

everything from top to bottom as far as

red pill awareness goes he talks about

the true nature of women how to tell in

their lying

the myth of the slut versus the versus

stud double standard daddy issues

jealousy on

texting anything and everything you can

think of the Solomon to block colours

covers all of it and I mean all of it

but the crown jewel of the entire blog

is is a is a section called

drive-through boyfriend that section

more or less breaks down the sexual

lifespan of today's females so

accurately it's almost scary because

you'll think about girls you know who

are in various stages of that

drive-through boyfriend that

drive-through boyfriend stage in their

life the way he does it the way he

breaks this down guys is a work of art

and you can actually find that section

separately if you just you know google

drive through boyfriend you can also

find that on red pill reddit the Solomon

to blog is 93 pages long but I read it

in one night okay listen it was that

powerful man I mean I could not stop

reading it I would highly highly highly

recommend that any man who is new to the

red pill who's been in the red pill for

a little while been in the game for a

wild game veteran or wherever you are in

your development to read reread and read

it again and make sure you read it at

least once a month okay

this shit's gonna help you stay razor

sharp and all but eliminate any blue

pill remnants or beliefs you may have I

can personally assure you that again

it's called the Solomon to block you can

find that online you can find it in the

description of this show so that is this

week's red pill booster shot like I said

I'm gonna try to get maybe one a weekend

you know sometime you know sometimes I

don't really find one or think of one

that I think could you know that I think

could help men but I've got a lot in the

chamber but I try to you know I'm trying

to bring you guys you know current

current stuff more recent blogs more

recent post etc etc and then generally

if I can't find one I just go to the go

twos the Solomon to blog is absolutely a

must read for any man who wants to live

the red pill life to be sure let's check

the chat one more time as we round third

and head for home

even the deluxe says Donovan what are

your thoughts on Kylie Jenner Oh Kylie

that's the other one getting knocked up

by knocked up at 20 in a flash by the

pan rapper I don't know anything about

that but I mean I really don't know

anything about that listen man like dude

the Kardashians they fuck black dudes

and they have their kids this is what

happens this is what happens Charles

Martin says Kim K was way finer before

the surgeries maybe maybe like she

looked good like don't get me wrong she

looked good but but I'm not gonna say

she looks better or worse but but her

surgeries have helped her maintain her

her youthful appearance to be sure

there's the mean there's there's no

doubt about that for sure but astray

Tarleton says bro I went on a first date

last week and at a good time and only

got a hug on man

what happened Tarleton what happened

brother did she shit test you did you

fail a shit test put that in the chat

come on out with it

fellas sorry it wasn't meant don't be

listen don't be ashamed dude I bet man I

can't tell you how many fucking first

dates I've tried Deb like like what dude

one time this is actually post red pill

I hooked up with this I hooked up

quote-unquote with this older chick that

I've been trying to fuck for like a year

finally she calls me up and she says

yeah you know my ex-boyfriend the guy's

name was Bart he lived in California or

something like that so dude like she had

a like sheesh dude she got a hotel room

for us at Caesar's Palace and everything

but a friend of mine was having a

birthday party and she had cocaine at

the birthday party so we went and got an

eight ball of cocaine and guess what

after I after we did the fuckin eight

ball of coke my dick wouldn't work

that's one of the reasons I got out of

Vegas man I was - man I was heavy into

the blow but yeah like it was it was

embarrassing like I tried to fuck her

and I'm like oh my dick doesn't work so

yeah like that's that that's an

embarrassing story I'll probably do a

probably do a show on that Talton

he continues he says I'm confused

because she's eager to hang out with me


kino she hold my hand you know what

Tolson hit me yeah hit me in the email

me the situation Tarleton Donovan sharp

are okay at gmail.com you can go to the

sharp reality comm go to the contact tab

and and drop me the whole story and I'll

let you know what's going on with that

she held your hand I don't know those

sound like good signs but I need a

little bit more I need a little bit they

need a little bit more yeah he said your

game was a one and listen that's that's

one of the things about game that men

have to understand is that dude you

could be with a hot girl and your game

could be airtight and for reasons that

are outside of your control you might

not be able to fuck her you might not be

able to close the deal that's just how

at hands but you said how do I play the

second date we're going bowling and

grabbing drinks yeah um continue to

escalate and find a reason quote-unquote

to bring you back to her place hey you

want to come back to my place to look at

my record collection or you know you

mentioned you had a goldfish why don't I

come and check out your goldfish she'll

know what you're angling at but you are

giving her plausible deniability in case

she's will wait a minute you're moving

too fast look I just wanted you to come

to see my record collection like what

the fuck that's how you play that but

yeah and ECF 42 is absolutely right Reid

Allen Roger Curry's book mode one

absolutely absolutely and and make sure

you make sure you go heavy on the drinks

you know lower those inhibitions lower

those flood shields deep 1985 says great

show Donovan as usual and you look like

the type of dude who would pull some

revenge stuff on a chick no not violent

stuff but more embarrassing you have

done that divest somach says what up

y'all banned busy traveling like crazy

good to rejoin y'all it's refreshing to

be with like-minded gentlemen absolutely

man abso-fuckin'-lutely good to have you

back hadn't seen you here in a while

good to have you back good to have you

back ETF 42 yeah let her know what you

want yeah ETF 42 you sound like you're

up on game man sound like you're up on

game even Alexis every time I'm in Vegas

I find I find cocaine a necessity to

endure endure the dells of duty yet the

deluge of douches yeah dude dude cocaine

in Vegas is easier to find than milk man

like oh my god dude

on it dude I haven't done I did now when

I moved to Reno I did blow I think the

first night I was the first thought I

was in Reno I did blow I hadn't done it

since and it's it's been a while so but

yeah I had to I had to get the fuck off

of that stuff man whoo good good Kobi

Anthony says you blow uh no you can't

blow the other dude absolutely not man

like listen some guys when they're on

when some guys are on blow they can fuck

for hours dude me I want to fuck for

hours but dude she dude she she gets the

cook spaghetti man she wants the

uncooked spaghetti it is like

non-existent and I want to fuck her so

bad but my dick will not respond listen

this is how Lamar Odom almost killed

himself he um he um he was doing a bunch

of blow and he had like a bag full of

Viagra well that fucks up your system

that's how he almost died

Lamar Odom is just like me when he does

blow his dick gets soft so he said oh I

know what I'll do I'll try it this way

and it didn't listen I've done it listen

I've taken a hundred milligram viagra

and I've done I'd all do like two grams

of cocaine dick will not work does it

doesn't work it does it absolutely does

not work tarleton says she's paying half

good good good yeah tell her tell her

listen you get the drinks I'll pick up

the bowling that's how that works

freelance reading good to see you in

here man says he's gonna catch me on the

replay absolutely absolutely well that's

gonna do it for this edition of TS are

alive guys be sure to like the video

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