Why doesn't my wife want to have kids with me? (Episode 381)

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experience my guest today is none other

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join us for the second time in four days

missed him on the Redman group Saturday

but he's with us tonight to discuss

women who claim not to want children

until they meet the alpha they willingly

let knock him up with their alpha C role

how you doing man good good hey sorry

about all that stuff on Friday to me I

was just that's actually that turn up it

pretty good

no that was great about you by

candlelight I went back and I started

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too bad it's a good episode man a lot of

good information and by the way for the

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rollers lights right back on yes here

let's get right to it rollin let's let's

set the scene here okay guy gets with a

girl who says I don't want kids or I'm

on birth control forever or I'm

pro-choice in case an accident happens

and all the rest of that and the guy

thinks I've got the perfect girl our

relationship is never gonna be ruined by

kids but then somehow she accidentally

gets pregnant by someone else and

decides she wants to keep the baby this

happens a lot so I'd like you to explain

to my audience what what are the

elements at play here in this

all-too-common scenario Oh first off the

primary element in any woman's sexual

strategy of course is hypergamy okay and

people say oh that's all right well as

the thing is that colors or that sets

the context for so many other things

that go on in a woman's life and really

your life as a guy because you're having

to deal with a woman's sexual strategy

now you understand that men have sexual

strategy and women have a sexual

strategy so one of the things that I

talk about in my books is there's what I

call the cardinal rule of sexual

strategies for one sexual strategy to be

completed the other the others must be

either compromised or abandoned entirely

so if if you're going to play into a

woman's frame you are going to be giving

up your your own sexual strategy if

she's gonna play into yours she's going

to you know I always you know we always

say you mean be the Alpha have a frame

house you know frame control have the

world that she wants to sort of put

herself into and so what that is is it's

almost this struggle for me you know

obviously it's a struggle for power

right but as a part of that I mean we

have to understand that what is the end

result of sexual strategies it's either

it's reproduction right okay it's how

are we gonna how how is a man going to

reproduce and how is a woman going to

reproduce what is the drive that that

that sets them to reproduce I always say

that the masculine imperative is

unlimited access to unlimited sexuality

and guys always want to want to you know

to come into the carpet for something

like that because anyway you know it's

more than that

I'm gonna bet a wife and I want a woman

who's gonna be a good mother for my kids

always thinking about those bad things

I'm not saying that whatsoever but

there's a reason that pornography is a

big Buddhist and free online pornography

and it's there's a reason why it is such

a big deal and we even talked about it

in the manosphere quite a bit why is why

is pornography a big deal because the

male imperative is unlimited access to

unlimited sexuality and that is exactly

what pornography provides to men so

there is that side let there's that the

male imperative there's that that

biologic all that the biological correct

I think it's probably a little bit

simpler because there's a kind of a dual

dualistic nature for men's sexual

strategy as well but what that what

men's sexual strategy is always going to

be is it going to be in conflict with a

woman's sexual strategy because a woman

is more interested in betting for the

for the highest quality when it was

genetic and the highest quality provider

so when one or two of those things is

not necessarily you know available in

the same guy she's going to seek that

out in some other guy she's going to

find some way to try to satisfy it try

to balance her own hypergamy that's what

I call optimizing hypergamy okay if she

could find a guy who was who look like

Brad Pitt and was super had a lot of

social proof and was at least one step

if not probably four steps above her and

sexual market value that's the ideal guy

that's the guy that she wants to settle

down with that's the guy that's going to

sort of quell that that hyper gammas

impulse in her is it going to be forever

I mean women are always going to be

dealing with hypergamy no matter what no

matter how high-quality that guy is but

depending on a woman depending on what

she's been taught but you know there's

there's a a biological aspect of

hypergamy and then there is the learned

aspect of hypergamy why that is is like

right up until about the sexual

revolution women through the pradhans

through the socialization and the

acculturation of the church or social

processes and some like there were

checks and balances against hypergamy we

have completely erased those things

right now so women are kind of like up

in the air about well do i need to you

know do i need to focus more on on beta

bucks or do i need to

more now for fucks and right now more

towards alpha fucks and so how does this

play into what what our conversation is

about today well women are looking for

that genetic side they're looking for

that that good quality right now they're

looking for the guy who's going to be

the alpha fuck side of the hyper gammas

equation because more or less the beta

buck side the provisioning side of that

people don't like when I say beta beta I

got you know I'm not saying that you

can't still be alpha and be a provider

you can but when women are looking what

women are looking for when it comes to

like creating a new life there's a

disagree yeah yeah I know if you ever

are you familiar with the sexy sons

theory uh it sounds familiar but clue me

in what people have you read the Red

Queen by Matt Ridley read Red Queen is

fantastic when it comes to like evil

evil bio and evopsych okay okay so if

you have not read in fact this is here

you want a red pill reading list this I

definitely would put this one at the top

of the list would be the Red Queen by

matter and then Selfish Gene as well but

more so the the the red queen is an

easier read but see Sons theory is that

you know this is the theory that women

select men based on what they want their

sons or what they want their offspring

to look like or what they you know the

biological benefits that can be

transferred from the genetics of a you

know a premium specimen of a guy to her

own children right it's to increase I

mean just from a Darwinist you know

perspective it's actually doesn't you

know of course it makes sense right so

you're gonna want them Walt that you can

possibly get I've women aren't going to

aren't looking for the worst guy they

can get they're looking for the best guy

that they can get now that transfers

into hypergamy and so what happens is

women are looking for that so if they if

they don't find that in the guy like you

I think one of the reasons you wanted to

talk about this today was there was that

one tweet about that guy who was saying

that his wife wanted to have kids but

just not with him like specific said

that and this is and there's just like

last week I think it was like the the

guy was like you know pouring his heart

out I think it was on reddit or

something and then it made its way onto

Twitter where the guy is saying


effective I've got a really nice hot

wife I make a lot of money but my wife

just simply does not want to have kids

with me yeah then later on that she

actually wants to find a sperm donor and

she's already selected that sperm donor

she happens to know from work or

whatever you know who is who's a hot guy

so she basically is saying I want to

cook you I want you to be a cuckold and

like I mean what I think is interesting

in this day and age is that that we have

we have what I call open hypergamy where

women are it's no longer a secret that

women are looking for alpha flux and

beta buggs know yeah it's out there

commercial TV commercials now we laugh

at it we make it we make you know comedy

sketches about it okay now what's the

next step in that the next step once

we've reached sort of peak I forgive me

is a normalization of cuckoldry and so

there's different ways that women affect

cuckoldry right now okay

there is proactive cuckoldry and there

is retroactive cuckoldry okay the

proactive one is the woman who who

marries a guy marries a beta and like

the one we're talking about here marry

zubeida finds a guy that she really

wants to have sex with and she really

wants to sort of breed with but she

doesn't want to lose the provisioning

aspects of the guy cuz he makes a lot of

money and maybe she has some sort of

emotional attachment to him as well she

just simply doesn't want to bear his

children right because that is something

that's in a woman's hindbrain she wants

to to to make sure that you know her

kids are going to be fit you know and so

in this day and age women have that

selectivity just handed to them I mean

we have sperm banks right now I'll tell

you this yeah great thing about fern

banks is this as I it's one of the dirty

little secrets as women don't select

they tend not to I should say tend not

to select men based on oh he's a doctor

or he's got an IQ of a hundred they

don't they don't choose the mate on that

they choose it based on physique so if

the guy was like a water polo champion

in college or something like that he's

ripped right those are going to be the

ones that women are going to are going

to select before they're going to select

a guy based on intelligence or

creativity or you know because I think

women and understand sort of on the root

level that it just because a guy makes a

lot of money doesn't necessarily mean


was something that he was either

responsible for right yeah because they

can't tell whether or not that is

something that can be passed on

genetically I think maybe in us as a

secondary can maybe drive determination

the primary determination is going to be

physique and it's got really

that's why tinder is what it is it's an

app and Bumble and all these is that

it's an app to facilitate hypergamy and

so when you give that woman eight

choices okay you can breed with any guy

in the world yeah all the guys that

we've got here at the sperm bank which

is a lot of guys you can breed with any

one of them who are you gonna breed with

they they almost overwhelmingly tend to

breed with the guys who are you know the

guys not doctors and lawyers dude it's

strictly Darwinistic perspective at that

point and then maybe you know if he's if

he's hot and he's an attorney or yeah

you know now you've satisfied both sides

of LA burgundy because you can't tell

whether I mean there's no real

evolutionary basis to tell whether or

not that guy is going to you know like

was it a past successes do not indicate

future you know future performance are

so bright that you actually you're never

going to be able to tell that basically

just claim her for every investment

company there is kind of as kind of

cruel as that sounds I mean that's

really the basis of you know the history

of humanity really is selecting those

things so when women don't want to have

a child with a particular man they still

want to have that provisioning they

still want to have that guys maybe

they're at like said they have an

emotion of an emotional investment in

him they have a financial investment in

him they don't you know the guys really

genuinely said she is she loves him but

she's not in love yeah how many times

have we heard that before I love you but

I'm not in love with you yeah you know

I've I've had a lot of guys who well I

got married and then I then they got

divorced and they didn't ever realize

that their their wife could be who she

turned into after that divorce or who

she turned into who she decided to start

dating once they broke up like she

starts going out with the guys she goes

out with you know Chad Thunder cock and

she goes out with the guys who are

criminals right I know where he's

been this you know nice and dutiful beta

and it has played by this old set of

rules for so long she thought he can't

Malia's cuz he's still back in his blue

pill ideals he can't believe that she

turned into who she is and it's like

that's simply part of a female human

nature there you go that's exactly right

and a lot of guys get taken by surprise

that way because they I like I think

like I said I think this whole thing

started off by the guy who was saying

that you know his wife basically wanted

to 'cold him and he was seriously and I

don't I still don't know if this was

100% legit but it sounds like it could

be legit even if it's not it's probably

happened somewhere right Oh happens but

I mean we see I can actually actually

saved up and and did these screen caps

of all the articles that I did this for

Pat Campbell's show because we talked

about this before of all the articles

where major news sources are major blogs

like you know so on MSNBC all these

other where they are promoting the idea

of normalizing cuckold REE they're

normalizing this idea that it's okay to

bring you know hey is that your is that

your kink bring a guy in and have them

breed with your wife kind of thing well

yes I understand why that is a kink in

the first place is because you don't

measure up on a biological from a

biological standards for that woman and

another guy does and so ah maybe on the

hindbrain level you get off on stuff

like that because you understand where

you fit in as far as the sexual

marketplace is consider is is but

they're trying to normalize that we've

gone from open hypergamy to open

cuckoldry and if you don't believe me I

will I'll I'll put it on my Twitter here

in a little bit there are hundreds of

different articles right now that are

really promoting this idea that it's


it's like me my wife and her boyfriend

oh my god like that's a normal or they

call it a poly relationship right we're

gonna itch is almost always at least in

the context that I'm reading about it is

almost always you know a woman who is

maybe a two or a three on the sexual

market value and she's got two beta guys

that are you know trying to out nice

each other and how

you know each other well she has the

freedom to go out put guys on the

weekends right and that's and if you

look at it's almost universally like oh

he's the same dude it's wholly the same

and because they can promote that in a

positive light because it benefits the

female you will never see articles on a

guy who's got like two wives

unless it's and it in light this is why

women hate the Muslim religion because

they have like 70 wives or something

like but if it were the opposite oh yeah

we love this religion a woman with five

husbands I believe in the eye and people

I can correct me on this but I believe

Islam allows for a man to have four

wives oh okay

it's more seventy tomato tomahto I mean

it's a polygamous eye view and if you've

read my my like my latest the reason I

wanted to talk to you about this is

because my latest blog post is about

what I call an upcoming or a neo

polyandry right now aircon leaning

towards and this is a result of open

cuckold Rhee we're leaning towards a new

social dynamic based on polyandry so

when will you know we talked about this

you know this is kind of an idiom I

think it was a I think it was puck who

said this is that women would rather

share an alpha and then have a beta

Alton sighs faithful beta right rather

share successful you know maybe an

asshole alpha they would rather do they

were rather cry over a guy that you know

that turns them on and and you know

flips those switches then have to live

with a guy who's boring right and we

live in a quest at least in Western

societies right now we live in a culture

where we where women are provided that

luxury now they make music I don't have

to worry about like all of this side of

provisioning is either met by the state

or its met by men directly or indirectly

so what's left what's left is is alpha

fucks that's what they're looking for

real quick there's a comment in here

Mike shitter he says I think they're

gonna allow poly marriages soon so women

can be happy what do you that listen

that sounds extreme what do you think of

that I I think so too

because yeah right I think it will but I

think it will only it will only be


for women because you gotta open it up

for its like you know the other thing I

was funny about when people I just want

to talk about gay marriage it's not gay

marriage its same-sex marriage yes right

you know people mistake that they don't

understand that it's not just about gays

it's about the definition of how that

marriage is put together so technically

like you and I are both heterosexual men

we like to go out and get laid you know

what you and I can get married right now

and it would and you say the terms for

for our marriage together me and Donovan

is going to be we're gonna we're gonna

be together and we're gonna be legally

whatever married but the terms of our

marriage is you get to go fuck Devon and

I get to go fuck my wife right well we

all right we can we can be heterosexual

and do whatever and people don't realize

that it's same-sex marriage it's not

Donovan Tomasi sharp right how's it

there you go and so see that's the thing

is like the state doesn't care about

right who's their arrangements they

don't care arrangements if you can't

live if you suddenly want to break up

that was they just look at it as like a

like an S corp or AA or an LLC or they

look at some sort between two people and

they don't care why you're splitting up

they just share about who's gonna get

the money and who's not you know and and

so that's it's kind of important because

again a poly in a poly relationship you

say well this is these were the terms of

my marriage and so now I want to

dissolve this marriage because he did

this or she did that and really right

now you could almost make a case for

being for having polyandrous you know

situations right now I don't see the

thing is marriages has B the marriage

rate has fallen so dramatically right

now and marriage has become such a bad

deal for guys that very few really only

beta guys are considering getting

married at this stage like oh I

shouldn't say beta blue pill guys you

guys don't use the larvae tomorrow

because that's kind of a misnomer it's

like guys guys who are still conditioned

to believe in the old social old social

contracts and this think that they are

still valid that looks like a great that


going to eventually be something that

they'll that men will consider because

they can't they can't get into a

relationship anymore where they are the

primary because there's there's zero you

know zero authority and 100%

responsibility for four men right now

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are listening to the 180 first edition

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he says just a little something for the

tip jar also Charles cabbie arrow with

the $5 contribution again guys we are

discussing matters of marriage polyandry

let me let me ask you something else

here because this is something that that

a lot of guys really seem to struggle

with right they say oh you know my girl

gives me permission to go out and fuck

other girls but then what they don't

understand is that that then gives her

permission to go out and fuck are there

guys and what ends up happening is she

ends up fucking guys but he's not

fucking other girls because of course

all you have to all you have to be as a

woman to get endless and endless supply

and dick what do you say about these

relationships where it's a quote unquote

open relationship but then the woman is

the only one that seems to be getting

more than what that my answer to that is

of the two sexes who has the

this time of hooking up in an open

relationship yeah the Phoebe of course

you know right alright and I would also

say this is that when you are in those

situations for a man any from from the

male perspective why would you get into

that in the first place

if you completely be single and see

whoever the hell you want to a night

like in your mom like your Marquis in

the back there's a bit more blades that

doesn't that was rulers idea I'm not

gonna plagiarize

why would you not date non-exclusively

and have exactly the same effect like we

were just talking about before is like

women will women will share a successful

alpha you know before they want will

want to be saddled with a faithful beta

so in in those situations we say oh I've

got an open relationship generally

generally speaking it only benefits the

woman in that situation I'm not saying

it doesn't and that there aren't there

because somebody's gonna come up with a

rare exception and say oh yeah man I oh

you know we're swingers or something

like that well okay if you're swingers I

get that but at that point it's kind of

like you're going and you're doing it

together and it's kind of your thing and

it's your kink and and if you want to

talk about that you probably want to get

texts on here because he's the one who

can't I don't think he's a swinger but I

know he's kind of kinky but I you know

and that's that's not my groove but okay

the other thing that I think that

doesn't get talked about in this and I

wrote a post called the war on paternity

and really that's what this sort of

amounts to everything we've talked about

like the normalization of cuckoldry is

this idea that we want to or that

socially we should we should normalize

this or we should want this because of

course you know it's wherever it's

everything's a blank slate and you know

human beings are all equals right but

what for for men for males who we were

just talking about their their sexual

the sexual strategy the you know their

biological imperative unlimited

sexuality unlimited okay well when a man

settles quote-unquote settles down when

a man decides on monogamy and decides

that he wants to be parentally invested

in another woman and they want to have a

kid together and they want to live


a man the risker look I should say the

cost associated with that is much higher

for a man than if he is dating

non-exclusively basically plates okay so

and this is just evolutionarily speaking

okay this is all complete Darwin who

sticks stuff so it would behoove a man

to develop this almost like this

unconscious ability to determine whether

or not that kid is his and to almost

like to the point of neurosis wants to

know that that kid is his kid because

they buy him sacrificing his sexual

imperative like we were talking about in

the cardinal rule of sexual strategies

if he is sacrificing her if he's

compromising his sexual strategy the

only thing he can get is a guarantee or

a hope for a guarantee that the kid that

he has that woman is his his okay and

and so what happens is this is this is

part of I feel this is part of men's

evolutionary biologically programmed

firmware is this desire to want to know

that the child is his child right it's

it's it's a point where like guys will

get jealous right we going to mate

guarding mode why do guys go into mate

guarding mode because we want to know

the kid is his yes where she is all the

time because if we don't there's a

possibility that the kid ain't he is

right or is acting our evolutionary past

before we had you know DNA testing and

now only have DNA testing for what like

twenty years thirty years yeah not even

that long I've been that long right and

so before that there was no guarantees

you know unless the keel unless you're

white and the kid comes out black you've

got no I was your kid right and so men

developed these psychological you know

parts of our mental firmware that was

this this desire to know that the child

is ours and I'll tell you there's a

there's this one study that I always

quote with Pat Campbell on this is when

we have this conversation is there's

this one study they did where they would

take kids children and dress them all on

the same like these school-aged kids so

they'll go like a Catholic school or

something and they're all dressed in the

same anyway well they did this test to

see whether the father

or the mothers could identify their own

children whether all dressed the same

and the only thing you can see is their

faces right and it was the men it was

the fathers who could identify the kids

out of a crowd of identically dressed

kids faster than the faster than the

mothers and they did that and the theory

is is that men have this capacity or

they have this ability to do that

because they need to know that the kid

is their fucking kid

okay they have to know that and so what

we have done socially over the years now

is we have tried to find ways to say

that that doesn't really exist and

that's not really a that's really a

social construct and men need to let go

of that and maybe just be comfortable

but being single dads and seeing a

single our system they should be dating

single mothers they should be okay with

being stepfathers and they should be you

know patted on the back or thanks for

stepping up and taking over for that for

the guy yeah that woman and you're

taking over his parental his parental

investment responsibilities we reward

that guy we say he's a real man because

he took over the responsibilities for a

guy that wouldn't well from a purely

Darwinistic perspective the guy who bang

that woman and you're taking care of

that kid he hit the fucking jackpot

because now his can go off in his jeans

are often sitting into the future and

you're taking care of that and you're

making damn sure that they do go off

into this into the future I've got three

consultation clients and this and I've

done god I've lost Cal but I have three

count of three consultation clients who

not only dated single mothers but they

got married to the single mothers who

not only got married to the single

mothers but adopted the kid they were

pressured by the the single mother's mom

and family adopt X Y Z kid be a man

given your last name etc etc they so

he'd so he does the right thing and

adopts them two out of three of them are

going through a divorce and this and the

third one a divorce is impending it

never works out man and guess what guess

what when she gets custody she is going

to be getting child support from

man who is not the biological father you

literally let the biological father off

the hook

so his only investment is his sperm

again just like he said he's at the


his jeans are off out in the distance

being taken care of and he doesn't even

have to put them and that is that's

purely the Darwinistic side of this the

social side of this is that good you

have given women so much power these

days because the right to vote because

of you know the ever since the sexual

revolution we have empowered women to

the point where they take that power and

they use that power to do one thing

optimize hypergamy so if you look at any

of these this legislation like a father

is whoever that woman says is that

father's right and unless you can test

that and write right out the gate unless

you contest that you say I want a DNA

test of this kid unless you make that

standard you'll never make that standard

no but once you do make that standard

there's there's no way that you can nor

that kid is yours or not and if your

name is on the certificate you're the

one paying for it for the rest of your

life and it doesn't matter if later you

find out that you're not actually the

biological father and she pulled a fast

one on you right you're there's there's

no guarantee now what thing one thing

that guys always like and men and women

like to say is like well the actual

instance of real quote-unquote real real

cuckoldry is very low it's only like 10%

or 15% or something like that okay fine

if you if that even you must show me the

statistics and you want to show me how

they did that okay fine I'm willing to

accept that right but it doesn't matter

because we have taken cuckoldry

and normalized it in our society we have

taken cuckoldry and said you know what

we if a woman has sex during her party

yours with her alpha guy and she has two

or three kids and then later in her

epiphany phase she ends up hooking up

with that beta blue pill guy who Enzo

over the parental investment

responsibilities for that guy that she's

screwed when she was in her party years

that is cuckoldry that is retroactive

but it is cuckoldry still so if you are

taking over those whether you do it

voluntarily or you do it you know

unwittingly right that it's still

chuckle dree so when you see we click a

what is it for

2% of children today are born out of

wedlock yeah if you go and you marry a

wife up one of those woman who have

about 42% you are engaging in and

actively participating in your own

cuckold ring and people don't like that

oh no I used to be he's adopting and

he's doing what do you know because we

sweeten it up we renamed it we redefine

it as something else we make it

something that's noble right we say that

well he's stepping up and he's being a

real man yes you know what hypergamy

doesn't care it doesn't care wasn't yeah

and so that right now what I see going

on from a social standpoint is we are

trying to de-emphasize the parental

drive in in males right now we want to

say that it doesn't matter who the

father is all you got to do is just be

present and take over for that and all

that does is facilitate the female

sexual strategy was just alpha fucks and

beta bucks what's up with this what's up

with this joby blogs on the chat says

the open relationship

ideal is going to make in cells and as

wrong as I think he is I think this is

where Jordan Peterson gets his what is

it enforced monogamy I think calls it is

because of this open polyamory this open

this open cuckoldry do you think that

eventually because again it's gonna it's

it's listen it's already creating in

cells do you think the problems gonna

get worse or do you think it's gonna get

by mean you know the red pill truth can

only get some people directly covered

what you're asking here in my most

recent post okay okay it's the post is

called the new polyandry okay the

chatter a reason that I that I called it

that is because exactly what you're

talking about in fact I even talked

about enforcement and forced monogamy

now Jordan Peterson when he talked about

enforcement on me it was really more of

he's throwing that out there to agitate

he knew damn well that people were gonna

take that the wrong way and so he's

gonna get another you know our on Joe

Rogan to to explain play the game he's

got yes he does CAA is his now his

publicist so he knows how to throw some

fire bombs out there because

they'll be taking the wrong way so he

gets free airtime for saying those

things don't don't I even I know that

so anyways but he did mention

enforcement agha me and so of course

people think oh well you know yeah we

should force women to marry men no it's

not what he means what he means is that

from the time of like agriculture from

the advent of Agriculture we have had

what has been increasing has come up to

where we are right now just one man one

woman as being the social norm of the

societal norm look in the Old Testament

of the Bible it wasn't like that it was

a back in the old days you know when

that when there were you know when we

had a more nomadic you know

hunter-gatherer societies we would have

one patriarch and that patriarch could

have four or five he could have three

wives and he could still nail all of his

main servants - yes that's right totally

cool with that there was no all that was

it was a so it was a societal thing so

what happens is once after agriculture

happens and we're farming we're staying

in one place a lot that kind of slows us

down when we're trying to you know find

mates and everything else so it comes

down to in for enforced means the

societal norm is nagas mmus it's not

polygamy it's not you know it's not men

marrying for wives and and you know

keeping them but so that societal norm

is is monogamous and we've lived in a

manned and normalized enforced monogamy

for a very long time so if somebody's

not married or if somebody has more than

one wife we don't see that as normal

right we're slowly enforcement one man

one woman right and and that's usually

again what we're talking about about the

arrangements for for marriage so if if I

step outside the marriage and I fuck

some other chick and my wife says okay

you know what time for a divorce that's

normal because we see that as well you

know you went out and you you bake the

can write the mich right well conditions

of the marriage or whatever we say that

those conditions are okay so you've got

that going on but right now we are ever

since the sexual revolution and unfetter

ingapirca me up for women and

legislating with you know free and legal


the divorce laws the Duluth model of

when you look at all of the laws that

have changed that only benefit women

what are they benefiting women they're

benefiting hypergamy they're benefiting

women to be the primary sexual selectors

in society right now they're the ones

who make the rules when it comes to how

men and how women are going to interact

and how men and women are going to breed

okay and so what we're seeing right now

is we're seeing women lean back into

polyandry right now

because we've taken care of the beta

buck side of right hyper right whether

it's the I mean all a woman has to do is

have a have a child whether if she want

my said before you got sperm banks we're

going to make it as easy as possible for

a woman to have a child we're going to

Institute's you know all kinds of

different programs so you know that

social programs that are going to

benefit her that are going to you know

in Bennett got from thank goodness maybe

she's gonna have a female child so that

female child will end up you know

benefiting from my title nine and all

this others died right yeah you got all

of this special dispensation just for

being a woman you have all the special

dispensation for being a single mother

and god forbid you should get a domestic

violence if you were ever a victim of

sexual assault then you've got access to

tons and tons more of social program so

through all of that through direct and

indirect means and maybe you've got

child support maybe that alimony maybe

you've got all this other stuff going on

or maybe you're married and your husband

still takes care of you okay you still

all of this support so let's just say

for sake of argument here and when it

comes to the sexual selection process

and it comes to sexual strategies women

have the beta bucks side of that

equation pretty much locked down you

know about that anymore what's left the

Alpha fucks the Alpha Fox right and this

is why again this is why women are as

sexually irresponsible as they have ever

been in human history because though

it's almost as though role as if the

more sexually irresponsible a woman is

the more is the more she's lauded the

more she's praised the more she gets

from society if you have two kids you

get a

bigger house if you have three kids you

get more food stamps if you have four

kids now you got all of the you've got

the healthcare and then of course

because you're single mom you're strong

and powerful and sexy there's no there

is no downside for being sexually

irresponsible so what listen what did we

expect to happen when bata bucks has

taken care of this is why girl this is

why girls can swipe right on tinder for

all the Alpha guys because just like you

said beta bucks has already been taken

care of in those even in those

polyandrous situations we were just

talking about where it's like one you

know sex smv three woman and like to

other betas that are trying to I will I

would guarantee you that even in that

situation that woman still has the

freedom to go out and fuck a guy on the

Friday now and not have to worry about

it right that's right simply because she

wants to have pretty much an open

relationship which means for a woman an

open relationship means something a

whole lot different than it does for a

guy a woman's not looking for a variety

so much as she's looking for quality

she's looking here that one who's going

to outshine these two chumps that are

paying the bills for her right now so

what happens is after you've got after

you standardize that women's you know

prime directive in their sexual strategy

is is looking for that alpha well those

alphas are only maybe 20% of the

population right we talk about the 20

role by right Sena guys are unattractive

and eighty percent of guys or betas

right so twenty percent of those other

guys might be acceptable to a woman and

even of those twenty percent of guys

maybe ten percent of those guys really

can can turn that to their advantage the

other guys are just gonna simply be

there and be you know the the focus of

women's attraction to them right so

that's why we were just saying this

before is like when a woman would rather

share an alpha than be saddled with

those betas okay so what that does is it

puts more and more women looking for

that that one apex guy they're looking

for that one guy of the twenty twenty

percent so there's way more women and

they're ignoring the beta guys in fact

they want to make it illegal for those

data even approach them together having

you with them because they wanted they

want a society where betas know better

than to approach a woman when Dane

already should know that they're betas

and they should already know that

they're unattractive and they should

know that that you want to talk about

the in cells there's there you go there

you go insults should know that they're

in cells that's what the feminine

imperative wants to legalize that's why

approaching a woman you know you know

that the cartoon of the guy who's like

this alpha Chad he says hey looking good

Susan and then you know two minutes

later this big fat kind of beta guy goes

on hey looking good Susan and she's like

hey char help you know and they women

that we laugh at that but women want to

institutionalize that and that's why we

need to right now one of the things that

I think is going up we'll come back to

that later as we say is that when you

have just to finish the thought when you

have that one apex alpha and you have

all these women going after that one

those women have to make concessions for

that they have to say well now he's an

alpha and there's you know there's only

so many of them to go around so I women

don't want a man to cheat but they love

a man who could cheats right bad guy go

out there and get after it and if he

wants to you and so when you talk about

poly polygamy when you talk about a one

guy with many what with many many girls

technically that's a poly and Greek

today because so many women have decided

that that's they don't want enforcement

agha me anymore they want sort of an

enforced polyandry right now and by

enforced I mean the 80% of guys who are

beta should never ever give them to

never even look at them they should

never be in the same hair right them

right but the guys who are the 20% alpha

they should also know that they belong

to you you know multiple women right and

so what that means is that there's going

to be fewer guys at the top and those

women are there more I like all women

are gonna go for them and they're gonna

completely ignore the betas at the

bottom whereas under enforced monogamy

those women had to at least find some

way to if they were gonna go fuck around

with the guys at one point they had to

at least go and entertain the betas at

some point in their life in order to

ensure that their lot because women's

sexual value is

is perishable okay so they know that

they're going to hit the wall at some

point so they you have to be they used

to have to entertain those betas they

used to have to like keep them on the on

the friends ladder just in case so when

they got to be thirty years old they can

say okay well I need I need I need this

chump to help me with these kids so Mary

help me with these kids and it got a um

you know start a life at some point

where they don't have to do that anymore

no that's what you're talking about with

with regard to enforce monogamy we don't

have them for where we are leaning away

from forced monogamy and we are leaning

towards an enforced polyandry that that

is instituted by a feminine primary

social order so the winter like you the

guy don't call it Dinah Central's and

whatever you want to talk about we will

make laws that will make it illegal for

those beta is to approach women but we

will also make laws that will say that

those alphas still got a fuck as many

women as they can Wow listen Dee wheeze

in the chat says being approached by a

beta is being morphed into toxic

masculinity and enemy hate crime and you

in the UK right now oh Jesus Christ is a

yeah oh my god

it's not a hate crime until you hate

fucker that's antimony 82 I hope I'm

pronouncing that correctly says average

looking men which is the majority of men

are pushed into in seldom or true forced

loneliness listen this is what is

creating your Nicolas Cruz's your Alec

Minassian z-- your Eliot Rodgers that

this is what this kind of stuff creates

and if we are hit listen man it really

does look like we are headed towards

sort of sexual Armageddon and at some

point man there listen we thought

there's shootings all the time it seems

like they happen about once every couple

of months they're gonna increase in

frequency and I remember when the

Nicholas but I remember when the

Nicholas Cruz thing happened they

pointed out all the markers raised by

single mom he was you know he was lonely

it was over a girl at cetera etc as as

this as enforced or legalized polyandry

in terms of benefiting women as that

becomes more more and more accepted and


dude listen we should thank God that in

cells are pretty much Hermits at this

point but at some point Rollo a lot of

these in cells are gonna say you know

what we're gonna fucking unite and we're

just gonna go we're just gonna go around

and shoot all not only are they gonna

shoot the hot girls they're gonna

they're gonna start shooting the chats

because they blame hot girls and hot

guys so by virtue of trying to enforce

the best genes get through these insults

are gonna wipe them out yeah well I mean

it's like the guys like Elliott Rogers

who go out there are like you got guys

who are in cells and I would say for the

vast majority of in cells are completely

harmless I mean there's a one of course

I'll complete about it let's say you

know my life sucks oh okay I get that

but there's going to be that small small

percentage of them that are going to be

homicidal and just basically saying you

know what if I can't get laid at least

I'm gonna go out trying right and and

yeah you're gonna see that I think that

when I think that is when you combine

that with the generation of quote

unquote Lost Boys who don't know how to

or been taught I should say to over

invest themselves in their emotions and

the more you do that you're looking for

at a more and more volatile situation

with with guys with kids right man

anyways because they don't know how to

deal with that they say oh I you know

you need to express yourself rename that

they they're kind of caught on this in

on the fence there you know like on one

side it's saying you know express your

emotions and and everything else but you

also you you're not you're never

entitled to sex you know right and so

guy that's one one of the reasons why

Mick tau is so popular right now one

reasons I why guys go and sell one and

I'm not making in comparison I know

there's a difference between McCown and

of course of course right yeah but I

think what you're gonna see a lot and so

how is this gonna change what's gonna

happen you know when I when a woman

tells her husband I love you I want to

stay with you I like our relationship

together but I don't want to have kids

or I have kids with you women are gonna

get to the point where like we're

already embracing open hypergamy so we

expect men to just take it on the chin

we expect men to make that that

sacrifice we expect men to say you know

what you're a guy

just gotta tough it out buster you know

that kind of shit and listen we get

those calls on the brother pill all the

time yes bitches all the time calling up

well I understand that your mother was

this and that in the other but as a man

you got the figure I don't say I said

okay well what about the stripper with

daddy issues right no we want to

chastise dad for being in and out of

prison we want to chastise dad for not

being there so you want to excuse the

females but then the males have to just

somehow figure it out there's a if you

look at the the article I told you about

the the new polyandry in there I linked

a YouTube video that somebody had sent

me on Twitter and it was called I know

if you're familiar with this but this is

show called the grapevine and right here

six black men and six black women

together and they saw you will you

should watch that whole thing actually

it's kind of interesting you know you

would you want to go oh god I'm gonna

spend an hour on this thing but no I

like this kind of content

tonight look at the if you look at the

clip that I put it I put in there it's

of this one girl I don't even know who

she is but she hasn't she has a valid

point she and people kept saying oh is

she right roll I'm like yeah she is

she's technically right because she says

that monogamy only served men for a very

long because it was and that's what it

was for monogamy was to benefit them the

most amount of beta men that it could

possibly do she she leaves out the fact

that it benefits beta men she doesn't

you know she maybe we never want to talk

about the Alpha fuck said if hypergamy

they're happy to say yo hypergamy yeah

that's when when men are women are

looking for the best provider to be the

best father hmm

no their lecture that's half of it but

the other half is the part that they

want to ignore because that's the ugly

part that only rollo tomassi talks about

and gets himself in trouble about but

what she was talking about is these guys

you know the monogamy is meant to

benefit just beta men because what it is

and when there's one man one woman you

have a more balanced more less hostile

less violent Society because if you look

at the there's also another article in

there I think was The Economist that did

this great research study about

polygamous or Paul in this case polygamy

societies versus polygamous it was the

the Economist I'll get a link here in a

little while but itself they did this

thing is called the the the war of

polygamy or something a war how the link

between war why Paulette why polygamy

breeds civil war civil war right and so

one of the reasons that I think whether

they're suggesting in this this this

research here is that one of the reasons

we switch from a polygamous marriage or

polygamous inter sexual relations to

monogamous is because polygamy tends to

lead to war and the way that they

explain that is that if you and if you

look at this from let's just say from it

from a sense of like Muslim countries

right one of the reasons Boko Haram will

go in and kidnap all the girls out of a

village is because they're gonna give

them as child brides to their fighters

and why is that

what why is that a commodity well why

are they a commodity is because if you

don't have enough money in that society

you can't get married and you can have

up to four far as I know up to four

wives if you want but most of those

young men don't have wives it's one of

the reasons you saw the Arab Spring is

because I chose go can't get married and

if they can't get married they can't get

laid because that's what the religion

teaches them they can't get laid and so

what do you do you've got what you over

here you've got one guy who's got four

wives because he's rich and he's got

enough to do it and he can have sex with

whoever he wants he got four wives

that's at least three other women that

three other guys ain't getting so those

guys get pissed off and they want to go

and they kill that guy and they start

wars and that's and basically you should

have Wars is because polygamy once you

do you guys think that the only way I'm

gonna get laid is if it's one man one

woman that's the only way I can do that

if we're in a polygamous society we're

gonna lean more toward civil war when

we're in a monogamous society we lean

less towards that because guys are

getting it guys are saying you know what

my reproductive impulses are going to be

at least in somewhat guaranteed and so

we build up fantasies around that we

built up the soul-mate myth we build up

well there's someone out there for

everyone yeah in a minute not in the

society there is someone out there

real quick man um drogue lifx just to

make a hard left turn he wants to know

if you're going to address this

alexander grace thing I think you

tweeted a you right you actually you're

actually the one that sent me the video

about red pill extremism what I got out

of this this was fucking hilarious

this was purple pill all the way this

guy was hedging the entire way I listen

I acknowledge the fact that the sexual

marketplace is fucked up but we can't

take too much action because then we're

compromising both men and women we

should be in relationships to benefit

both men at Lake it was it was he

literally hedged the entire way so I'd

like to hear her thoughts or claims that

he is a moderate red pill guy there's no

such thing definition for that is your

purple pill there you go that's it

simple as that and we've talked about

this one people to say well you just

call everybody purple pool man yeah

that's it well I do yeah because that is

the analysis that is the clinical

diagnosis of what this guy is okay when

you go out and I'm not saying that

there's stuff that I wouldn't

necessarily agree with and some of us in

some of his past videos you know he goes

out there and confirms a lot of red pill

truce but then takes those truth and say

well maybe they're not a caveat yeah

exactly and simply because we live in an

age right now where we have to we're

interested in the brand of me okay on my

my 21 convention speech we're interested

in the brand of me okay so we live in a

day where we all have our YouTube

channels we all have we're all invested

in whatever it is that we're putting out

there I sell a book you have a podcast

all this kind of stuff right there so

what what a lot of guys do is they start

building up their brand and their brand

is really not based on too much of

anything it's just audience

participation or how many guys are going

to be you know paying the next amount of

dollars so one of the reasons I tell

guys always keep your day job and never

try to make the the manosphere your

full-time gig is because what will

happen is you will end up starting to

change your message based on what you

think your audience wants to hear

so if allow you and

you can throw out Alexander Grace you

can throw out Matt Hussey you can throw

it all almost all the guys from our SD

alright throw in Tucker max you can

throw in Evan mark cats

you can throw in Pat Steadman you can

throw all of these guys and they have

built brands around sort of this

mealy-mouthed half measured red pill you

know ideas they accept red pill ideas

but then what they do is they only go

halfway and they don't want to take it

all the way in the difficult when they

say well you know the red pill has they

have extremists in it no it's only

extreme when your audience thinks that

it's extreme there you go that's right

you take that and March it back it's one

of the reasons why like I have a real I

don't have much of a respect for guys

whose prime demographic is appealing to

women you look at Matt

what does Matt Hussey do Matt Hussey

think you think you know well he's he's

trying to teach guys to be better

basically teaching them to be better

babe it's just like yeah yeah and why

because his audience is primarily women

so he's never gonna he's never gonna

accept red pill truth because his

revenue depends on him never accepting

it and so when you got this guy right

here you know he wants to call everybody

out and you know turn flinging monkey

sort of ripped him a new one if you want

to go and check out what his response

video was I thought oh yeah that'd be


it was pretty there but a lot of his

stuff he's really alex is just simply

one more purple pill guy who is

following the steps of like Pat Steadman

or oh he's nothing new I mean I I just

rattled off how many different guys you

know Mark Manson there's another one

Tucker max you know RSD all these guys

do the same thing because it's they're

more interested in their brand than they

are in the truth that's one of the

reasons why I will probably never do

this full-time oh god why I work in the

liquor industry this is not what I do

for for a living and the reason for that

is is because I don't ever want to get

to the point where I can't speak the

truth because I think that's what my my

audience wants to hear listen I take I

take tremendous tremendous pride in the

fact that my message has never changed

what a lot of guys a lot of guys who

have just now started to follow me they

probably don't realize this though

they've never really thought about it

I started my podcast back I started

record I've recorded my very first

podcast back when it was weekly and I

was only on Soundcloud in May of 2016

ok I wasn't in a long-term relationship

then matter of fact I was still living I

was actually still no actually at tell a

lie I recorded my first podcast in

September of 2016

my bad because I had already moved to

Reno so I recorded my first podcast in

Reno Episode one red pill awakening and

then on and on from there well guess

what I didn't get into a long-term

relationship with Devin until until

August of 2017 right so but even listen

even though I went from Elba from being

that you know the slut Slayer

extraordinaire to being in a long-term

relationship where I'm actually

cohabitating with my girlfriend my

message has not changed it never ever

will change oh by the way breaking news

I will be on the air Christmas day it's

gonna be a donovan sharp special I'm

gonna interview Devin live on the air so

you guys can that you guys can ask

questions and listen I don't I don't I

don't want to I don't want to you know

get sidetracked here but listen I'll put

a put you know something up on patreon

so you guys can you know pre ask

questions don't ask questions like how

many times she swallow last week because

the answer is 38 so I'm just gonna go

ahead and let you guys know right now

like if you ask me those questions I'll

just give you the answer straight up but

yeah anything you want anything you want

to know from her listen she's gonna tell

you the honest to god truth just to just

sort of put a period on the end of this

thing and say okay again a guy like Alex

Grace is nothing new

and thanks but one of the reasons I

think there's there's just two things

here the first one is is that the guy

decided that he wanted to go hard purple

pill as far as I'm concerned when when

hard purple pill right after YouTube has

decided to demonetized anyone and

everyone who had manosphere red pill

whatever these tagged terms were that

they had tagged to their videos because

right after what happened was about two

weeks ago CNN broadcast this thing on

MIG tau and in response to that because

they didn't want to be responsible for

another insell incident where like

people are going to go out and run over

you know run over

women or shoot women or whatever YouTube

took it upon themselves to go and pretty

much D monetize any and and I know this

because they do the same thing with me

and they do Redman group and probably

you to whoever had these key hat these

key tags attached to their videos

they're going to go D monetize that as

well if you're if you're a revenue

stream and I'm saying you're only

revenue stream but if a big part of how

you get paid gets cut off because

because you had those tags on there it

seems to me logical to to decide to

distance yourself from those as much as

possible if you want to restate the or

you want to reinstate that that revenue

stream now that's one thing the other

thing is this is that a lot of guy like

guys like this the first thing they want

to do is they want to say well you're

just out to sell the book or you're just

out to sell a brand or you're just out

to do this and it's like anything's like

I don't know why he really wants to do

it's like I'm like well first and

foremost I do what I do because I want

to save people's lives I want to save

men's lives I should have compost or

well yeah and you know when I go to like

when I was at the the 21 convention I

was a point where I said hey anybody in

this room who's had my book or what I've

said you know help your live or save

your libraries your hand and everybody

in the whole room raise your hands

yeah like that gets me because that's

what I started out doing and so what

what I do is I give men an unvarnished

truth and sometimes that rubs a lot of

guys the wrong way because it goes

against whatever their their their

political convictions are whatever their

social convictions are whatever their

religious convictions are whatever their

brand is you know one of the reasons RSD

comes at me hard is because what I say

is true and they've never said that it

wasn't true they just say well it's

truthful anger you know so read it but

but he's just an angry guy after that

it's like well no I'm not an angry guy

I'm giving you truth and the only reason

you have to make me seem like I'm angry

it's because the truths that I reveal

are in conflict with your revenue so you

go oh wow they're in conflict with your

feel-good message okay and so I'm not

like I'm not in the I'm not interested

in making better men I'm interested in

men making themselves better men and

giving them the tools to do that because

and you know this already is and that

you know whenever it pisses me off

whenever I listen to this kind of ship

it's like I have the image of a man with

a noose around his neck hanging from a

fucking tree

okay that that's in in here okay and the

reason that I started all this you know

so what was your red pill moment my red

pill moment was right fucking there and

so when I when I think about this stuff

and I and somebody comes up to me like

at the like Atlanta actually this year

too but this year and last year's 21

convention but guys will make trips

specifically to come out and say you

saved my life I had a plan to kill

myself and I put it off I had I had some

I had a couple come up to me and I

didn't have any idea who they were I

didn't even think they were part of the

convention they come up to me one time

in the carport when I'm waiting for my

car to come up in ballet and they're

like we just want to let you know like

they were all starstruck you know they

introduced themselves or an older couple

they're in their 70s and they come up to

me and a lady gives me a hug I'm like oh

thank you very much I rolled Tomasi she

says I wanted your ass roll oh I wanna

thank you for giving me my son back I

want to thank well because he was gonna

kill himself or he was on you know he

was gonna he got out of a nasty divorce

and he was going to get into another

really bad relationship after that and

he read your book and he turned around

he didn't do it and so she was they were

both very very hot like I guess the the

father had given the son the book and so

they said you know he was a completely

different person when he was with these

girls but then when he read your book

now he's back to being our son again so

if you want to know why I'm into doing

what I'm doing that's that's it that's

why yeah real quick just as a side note

I have never liked the 21 convention for

me it was a great experience but the one

thing that I did not see coming that I

should have was people knew who I was

but I didn't know who they were like I'd

be in the elevator and you know whoever

is in front of me like I you know like

you know I'm Steve I'm like I I'm

Donovan and the guys like yeah I know

you are like oh hey how you doing it was

and it was I tell you what man I

remember what I dude I had just landed

Devin's up in the room getting

everything situated I come into the VIP


Richard Cooper's on stage with Anthony

kind of wrapping things up after the


the black dragon guy was done he's like

yeah you know who's doing the red man

group later yeah I think Donovan's gonna

be doing the same donovan sharp just got

here Donovan raise your head and

everybody gave me a round of applause

dude my my vision went absolutely blurry

I'm like oh my god this has never ever

happened before it was really a weird to

have people starstruck when they saw me

as crazy I'd never get used to that it's

it's a humbling experience because I'll

sit in here in this exact studio and

I'll write those books that are sitting

on your deck right there I'll interact

with people sometimes I do counseling

with some guys sometimes I'll do a

podcast whatever but for the most part

I'm you know sitting in here doing what

I'm doing or I'm doing my regular day

job I ever since I started doing you

know being Rollo Tomassi it's like I

don't have a day off I got people will

hit me up like in the middle of the

night and say Rollo what would you do if

such as such you know but you know I'm

never off duty and it's like so I have

to like actually carve out time for

myself to actually you know have hobbies

and do the things that I like to do

because I'm always on but when I kind of

pull myself out of this environment and

I go out in public and I go and I talked

to you guys face to face it's it's one

of the most humbling experiences I've

ever had in my life because man on my

first my first what was my first

twenty-one convention you know having

guys there and just like you saw me

there I mean everybody mobs me as soon

as I get there and it's like well you're

a rock star rock star

I'm just no not anymore I'm not trying

to help guys out right and so you know

it's it's different when somebody writes

you something or somebody you know a

tweet you know gives you my DMS are open

probably stupidly but they're open and

people hit me up all the time you know

thank you for helping me thank you for

doing this thank you than that what can

I do to help you know what can I do and

we have this network that sort of builds

up but it's one thing to have them on

the other side of the screen and it's

heaven it's another thing to have them

like face to face right in front of you

man yeah tears falling on like listen

I'm a cocky son of a bitch I really am

and I really thought I was like yeah

this is this is gonna be cool you know

it's gonna be cool to be around people

who want my autograph and this and any

other but it was

and it's funny because professional

athletes always say oh it's a very

humbling experience and I'm like dude

you just made you know twenty million

dollars for hitting you know the

game-winning shot that's not humbling no

man it is really it's weird how it

happens how it it really kind of takes

you down a peg when people are just in

awe of your it's it's the weirdest thing

I've ever experienced in my life man

that has never the only P only play the

only other place that that has happened

to me on the regular is the Sapphire

strip club in Las Vegas but that doesn't

count yeah well it's all about I mean

really I have enough guys come at me

because they want they don't like my

attitude or they think oh you could be a

little nicer if you did this oh man fuck

you kid oh well you know it's going it's

to extremes to stir snow it's not

extreme enough dude rolls out you're not

a robot like you're a human being right

like you should Marton work like the

rest of us anybody has any question of

what I'm about read those three books I

busted my ass to put those things out

there and I bust my ass to keep them out

there and in in this day and age where

everybody's being deep platform I bust

my ass to do what I can if you want to

see where the work is the work is right

there there you go one last question

before before we wrap this up right at

the top of the show you talked about

male hyper you didn't mention male

hypergamy you talked about men also

having two sides of sexual of ever

sexual strategy sexual strategy right

right we don't I don't know we don't

call a hypergamy some guys call it hi

Pogue hypergamy or whatever the fuck I

poked at me actually what strategy is do

is it's called the pluralists strategic

pluralism theory is that mad is that the

Madonna whore complex or is this

something different that's part of it um

strategic pluralism theory is it goes as

as follows that guys who are lower and

sexual market value have a different

strategy than guys who are higher so

like we always Pareto principle so

there's 80% of guys are gonna be beta

are gonna be considered less attractive

or unattractive by women we already see

the statistics for this okay twenty that

means 20 that leaves 20% oh man who can

so what those men have to do it behooves

them to put all of their eggs in one


focus on one woman and to to say I'm

gonna be the best I can be and I'm gonna

do whatever I can to be the good husband

and I'm gonna do whatever I can't and

usually that lines up with the beta box

side if hypergamy but you got 80% of men

opting for that side of strategic

session pluralism the other side is nice

like like Andrew Tate and Christian

McQueen and right and guys who can

exploit that and actually make non you

know having sex non-exclusive not

exclusively with women like we were just

talking about how women want to create

this sort of maybe they don't realize

that they are but they're creating this

polyandrous social you know social

social society on sexual society kind of

thing where it's like they're gonna

share that one hot guy that's those are

the guys on the other side of strategic

sexual pluralism because they are the

guys that can it behooves them it's

better in their better interests to have

sex with with many women spread the seed

and then let the chumps take care of

their kids that is a sexual strategy and

you can say well that's immoral that

goes against my you know my beliefs okay

that's fine I okay I get that but it's

still a strategy and it's still the way

that they're you know technically and I

hate to say this but rape is a sexual

strategy as well it's a control over

hypergamy right and men's sexual

strategy if it's not a direct control

such as that it's going to be one or the

other it's going to be the guy who's

going to focus primarily on one woman

and try to invest as much as he can into

that one woman and hope for the best

that he's going to reproduce and this is

the basis of enforced monogamy where

those guys are like in that um I

remember in that video that I was

talking about the grapevine video you

got a watch yeah I'm gonna watch it as

soon as I'm done here saying that

because of patriarchy monogamy made sure

that even losers even because she's all

even broke chumps don't you know could

breed they could still reproduce and

that's what it was as a reproductive

imperative that's all sexual strategy is

its how can I best reproduce and so

you've got these guys who are the 80%

the low SMB 80% they have a sexual

strategy that to to try to spread their

seed is kind of ridiculous

because they're lower sexual sexual

market values so what they have to do is

they have to make necessity their virtue

and they have to say well I'm a

one-woman man you know kind of thing and

they have to and again this is in the

the new polyandry blog that I wrote but

then you got the 20% of guys who can do

that and those guys are the cads and

those guys you know women love to have

sex with them but they they can't marry

them because they're off having sex with

somebody else right yeah lock those

those guys down so that is if there's a

if there's a male it's not even

hypergamy I don't call five there's a

male sexual strategy it is strategic

pluralism theory is what guys strategic

pluralism Theory guys definitely need to

google that that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR live my thanks to Rollo

Tomassi again for for donating his

valuable time this valuable information

you know I was joking the other day with

Steve the Dean I was like you know what

half the reason oh and by the way I'm

gonna give you his number because he

says yeah we're gonna get together ok

perfect yeah but I said half the reason

I have Rollo on it's for my audience the

other half is to like and learn

something right this is kind of this is

sort of a selfish thing but yeah

excellent show shout-out to Charles

Caballero and freelance Ronan with the

$5 contributions you guys be sure to

tune in Monday through Thursday

afternoons at 5 p.m. Eastern 2 p.m.

Pacific tomorrow tomorrow at 5 I'm gonna

have Kevin Samuels on men's men's image

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best listen he is the black tenor Guzzi

or ton or tan or Guzzi as the white

Kevin Samuels both guys know their shit

he's gonna be on the show talking about

three outfits that every man needs to

have again Rollo thanks for making time

for us and I guess I will talk to you on

Saturday we will do it against him all

right brother take care

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