Why feminism is GOOD for Men

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Feminism is the worst thing to happen in world history. Worse than The Great Depression, worse than The Civil War, worse than 9/11. Feminism has quite literally destroyed both Men AND women.



However, there are a few advantages feminism offers Men. No, it's no ideal but if a man knows and understands the true nature of females, he can exploit it to his advantage.


here feminism gentlemen is the worst

thing to happen to Western civilization

ever it's worse than the Civil War it's

worse than slavery guys it's worse than

9/11 and I guys I am dead serious about

all of that I'm not not trying to be the

shock jock I'm not trying to get cliques

feminism is the worst thing to happen in

world history

feminism guys has quite literally

destroyed heterosexual relationships

between men and women it's destroyed

it's completely destroyed the the the

the traditional nuclear family and it's

completely destroyed both men and women

it's that bad but there are a few ways

that feminism actually benefits men now

these things aren't necessarily the

foundation for to happiness but given

the state of the sexual climate in the

United States and in the Western

Hemisphere in general these things

actually work to our advantage so I'm

gonna give you guys three reasons why

feminism is actually good for men number

one is the most obvious easy sex this is

probably the best thing that feminism

has to offer men in terms of what we

actually want out of women feminism

teaches girls to be sexually open and

promiscuous but it doesn't tell them

about the consequences of being a slut

for an extended period of time

they don't tell these girls that go they

don't tell these girls going into

college that joining a sorority and

fucking every guy in a fraternity or

we're getting a train ran on it by the

basketball team will damage them

physically and psychologically before

the age of 25 it'll tell them that's

enough they don't tell these chicks

about the dangers of STDs or unwanted

pregnancies or abortions or the damage

that prolonged birth control can do to

their bodies if feminism doesn't tell

them they're gonna be on antidepressants

before they're 30 because they'll be

depressed and won't know why they don't

tell them any of this stuff they tell

these girls that it's not only good to

fuck a bunch of dudes in a short period

of time if they tell them it's the right

thing to do I mean think about that they

took they tell them that having sex with

a bunch of guys makes them strong and

independent they tell them that if

they're not sluts that they will live

with the regret of not having

experienced life

not having seen what's out there for not

being sluts now obviously we as men we

know that that's terrible advice so

rather than trying to save these hoes

which we know is impossible we fuck them

and because girls out here are panning

out pussy like it's Halloween candy we

say trick-or-treat bitches now bend over

now before I found the red pill guys I

had only fucked 18 girls do that 18 to

20 somewhere around there to that point

but after I learned after I learned game

it was easy to fuck a bunch of bitches

but half the reason it's easy to get

laid these days is because of feminism

and listen don't get me wrong guys it it

certainly takes a level of skill and

strategy to fuck pretty girls on the

regular yes we do get lucky every once

in a while but because it's because it's

easy for girls to get dick they can be a

lot more selective they can be a lot

more selective so any man who can a Kate

who can consistently sleep with

good-looking girls definitely knows what

he's doing but most of even why the

hottest girls out there are easy to fuck

is because of feminism listen a hundred

years ago the only the only men who were

able to fuck a bunch of women were due

to travel around the world sex tourists

I think that I think they like to call

it well now you don't even have to leave

your own city to rack up a double-digit

knock count all you got to do is swipe

right on tinder and you're up to your

eyeballs in pussy and that's all thanks

to feminism

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the house on this Friday night all right

very good

excellent deep 1985 shout-out to you

good to see you What's Up boss wavy

what's up fam good to see you in here

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to hit the like button as soon as you

click on the video AR for what's going

on mr. old school writer asked if I was

feeling better yeah head feels a lot

better today I did yesterday the funny

thing is is I did yesterday's show when

I started yesterday's show I had a dude

I had a screaming fucking migraine and I

took I think I take it like a 600

milligram ibuprofen I took one and a

half of those so I was at 900 milligram

I'm a big boy man like I need to kind of

pump up the volume on the painkillers

well about 3/4 of the way through the

show I felt fine so so yeah I appreciate

you asking thank you thank you thank you

freelance wrote in CSR in full effect

good to see you in here good to see you

in here mr. mink shout-out to you

Project Mayhem good to see you in here

shout-out to you boss ladies has had a

sexy Spanish chick at my job tell me her

ex dumped her cuz she was a feminist

that told me to hit it and never wife it

lol stupid ho yeah again listen man like

I fucked co-workers before but I would I

don't know just just given the climate

of today's sexual marketplace and you

know sexual harassment lawsuits I would

definitely think twice about fucking

listen now of course that you know

that's easy for me to say I don't have a

job you know I'm fortunate enough where

I don't have to work a nine-to-five so

you know I'm not I'm not in that

position and listen I've been real with

you guys I've fallen this and I've

fallen victim to do that fuck more

fucking co-workers than anybody but it

doesn't it's it's hard to get out of

those clean man a lot of awkwardness and

you're really risking your job but if

she's hot enough listen I mean maybe

I'll do a podcast on how to avoid

trouble when fucking your coworkers no

maybe maybe that's a maybe that's maybe

that's a show idea there so shout out to

you boss baby

the boy says rubbish easy sex equals STD

so that's not a benefit to men

the boy September I've never seen you in

here before but whether it's easy six or

difficult six any any sex could lead to

STDs so fuck you for that like get out

of here with that

if you're gonna disagree that's fine

don't be a dipshit me a break

mr. old fool mr. old school writer says

avoid that chick yeah that's true 247 ex

says wrap it up absolutely yeah I mean

again the boy says rubbish easy sex

equals STD yeah that's what that's what

fucking condoms for use a condom and and

use defense soap that actually you know

what I mean to hit those guys up and and

get them to sponsor the show yeah

defense soap is highly highly effective

in in avoiding illness and nothing can

keep you know I'll put the disclaimer

nothing can prevent you know you know

all STDs a holic and all that other kind

of stuff but one two things I did

consistently when I was at the peak of

my player hood as I always rap the fuck

up and I always use defense SOPA right

after fucking and I have I never have

got I've never gotten an STD in my life

so definitely wrap it up definitely use

defense up it's relatively inexpensive a

defense soap I think was originally I

don't know what the history is on that

but I know that guys who do Brazilian

jiu-jitsu mixed martial arts they use

defense so because because I think my

girl told me that on Jareau on Joe

Rogan's podcast guys we're talking about

yeah I can easily get a staph infection

or something like it if you don't use -

Femi you know from all the grapple I

mean dude you're rolling around with men

you know you're grappling and all this

other kind of stuff so wrap it up use

condoms and use defense soap absolutely

boss wavy says definitely writer she's

not even she was not even sexy to me

after she said that to me I don't even

flirt where they're good good very good

freelancer earnest says nice to get to

live show a hall pass through traffic

dude don't get a ticket brah good Lord

man or listen bring your phone with you

you know I mean this is this is on

YouTube you know open the YouTube app

you can you know I don't know just open

the YouTube app and listen listen their

terminal says feminism has exposed

women's true nature yes feminism has

exposed women's true nature to destroy

themselves when given any measure of

control in the central marketplace and

proof of that

is all around you soon as you step out

front of the door Allen LT says would

you ever do a podcast with your girl no

gokusen good to see you in here


excellent excellent Kevin Samuels a

chaos in the motherfuckin house

absolutely Air Force says women have as

much powers men allow them to have big

booty so Maj what's going on

247 ex salutes you too

the boy says I'm already sub done okay

all right well good good glad to see you

in here

at James in the motherfuckin house

definitely aunt James is one of my

patreon supporters he is he has

subscribed to Donovan's den I got a good

one coming out this weekend for you guys

aunt James freelance Rona and you guys

definitely it's going to be a good one

this weekend for sure

freelance Ronan says when you see

through the shaming to the shaming

tactics and deflections you see women

for what they are with clarity yes you

know it's funny I always equate having

knowing about red pill truth as sort of

like a superhero or as having like a

superhero power when you when you take

the red pill it's almost it's almost

like giving you x-ray vision like the

things that a girl does and says it like

like when a girl tells you something

your red pill conditioning it's almost

like it shows you the subtitle like when

a girl tells you I haven't been in a

relationship in over a year the subtitle

says she fucks a lot of dudes and

doesn't want a boyfriend because she

because she wants to fuck a lot of dudes

without having to answer to anybody

that's what that means and by the way

when a girl tells her she hasn't been in

a relationship an X amount of time and

that just means that she has that means

she's fucking a lot of dudes that just

because a woman hasn't dated in a while

that doesn't mean she's not fucking

dudes by the truckloads that is that is

absolutely how that means that's that is

absolutely what that means so semaj says

my notch count was 20 twylar the red

belt now I can't make Donovan sharp

podcast because somehow gallivantin with

these with deep with these gals yeah


absolutely Mike Vincent says you can get

charged as a as a level 1 offender for

just staring at a woman now I'm telling

you man I'm telling it's these is these

anti these rape laws yes means yes and

you got a sign I don't know no I think

California's like a yes means yes state

like basically you have to fill out

paperwork before you fuck her oh hold on

before I stick my dick in you let me

fill out some paperwork and even then it

is funny yes means yes even if you had

to sign a waiver that carries as much

weight in a courthouse as a prenuptial

agreement if a girl says well he raped

me well here's my signed consent form

build up throw that out with the prenup

they don't give a shit doesn't mean


clone one says my first live chat with

donovan sharp thumbs up people good

stuff brisbane australia 7:00 a.m. just

finished the gym alright good stuff man

will shout out to you man got guys

listening from australia good shit

very good nigel dicks in the house good

to see you later good to see good to see

you in here mister old school writer

says i used to wrap it up soap and water

wipe it down with 70% alcohol for the

bacteria and smell when you go home hmm

very good I like that I like that that's

actually pretty good that's actually

pretty good

2:47 ex says read bill equals kryptonite

to a woman that is an excellent analogy

I like that a lot that is awesome that's

awesome kryptonite to a woman then a

man's kryptonite is pussy kryptonite to

a woman is is absolutely red pill

awareness for sure ve j48 na good to see

you in here I haven't seen you in here

yet says passport Brazil bye bye western

women yeah be careful out on there out

there on those rio de janeiro streets

Manafort Brazil is no joke but the women

are hot and they let you fuck him in the

ass so bring defense soap and lots of

condoms there should be defintely s'en

man they should be selling defense up in

Brazil on the streets because they did

you just do out there let's probably

stay well out there by now absolutely

Project Mayhem says you need to get the

super tedactive Donovan yeah Project


I'm trying here's what happened Project

Mayhem my original channel

I got a community strike because I

violated the the terms and the

guidelines or at least that that's what

was told to me so I appealed it I lost

the appeal and so my main life channel

like I so what happened after that is

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bribe boss baby says where can we find

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bruh I got you oh listen google it

defense dude you can buy it on eBay

Amazon and it's it's it's relatively

inexpensive as well it really really is

it's and I mean dude my girl bought me I

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oh yeah there you go terminal says

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so yeah definitely do that

so yeah sharpest is looking out for me

there on the real alright so moving

right along let us move to the second

reason that feminism is good for men and

that is that it has made women more

useful and yesterday's show I talked

about the fact that the two most

valuable assets a woman has is her youth

and her beauty but feminism has allowed

women to become a little more useful

okay and guys let's not get it twisted

here women are more educated than it

than they've ever been in history and

and listen as a side note and education

doesn't make a person intelligent or

smart I'm not saying a woman with a with

a college degree is stupid but it

doesn't automatically make her make them

smart either

so if you're so so any woman watching

this savely you know I have a degree so

I'm intelligent argument I fucked a lot

of girls with

agrees and most of them weren't any more

intelligent than strippers or your

everyday hoes

I was running game on or or or just

everyday who was working minimum-wage

jobs anyway women have a little more

agency because of feminism my girl like

my girl for an example she is it listen

she's a top-level internet marketing

consultant she knows how to code

she's got multiple certifications as far

as SEO google out at google analytics

and she's been doing this stuff most of

her adult life and and so she's very

good at her job

she's very good at what she does and if

she really is one of the bigger reasons

why my show has been as successful as a

bit as it's been I would've had a much

tougher time growing this thing without

her help there's no doubt about that

women today are able to do a lot more

than they used to because of feminism

they're able to go to school they're

able to learn skills are able to go out

into the workforce and contribute no

don't get it twisted here guys I'm not

saying they're great leaders because

they're not women suck at leading and

they suck at being in charge they're not

like they are ill-equipped to handle

leadership so let's not mistake what I'm

saying here also I'll go ahead and add

this to most females are absolutely

fucking useless in the workforce yeah

they've got basic skills and they can do

basic office work like data entry

computer bullshit but by and large

females don't bring any to anything to

the table in a workplace other than

unwanted drama and a sexual harassment

lawsuit waiting to happen that's mainly

what they bring to the table but there

are a few women out there who are very

skilled and are real assets to companies

there their numbers are small but

they're out there and feminism is what

gave these up is what gave these women

the opportunity to get the education

necessary to learn the skills that they

can use in the workforce now on the flip

side what's been sacrificed our domestic

skills women who are above average in

terms of their overall value to a

company because because of her skill set

are well below average as far as cooking

and cleaning goes guys you can't have it

both ways there's no such thing as a

female who is an expert graphic designer

who can also cook like a Michelin star

chef and press a dresser not gonna


yes listen my girl is very good at what

she does and yes she's a good cook she

you guys no man my post photos of her

meals on Instagram and Facebook and

Twitter but guys she sucks it doing the

laundry alright

if anyone if anyone guys man or woman is

great at something other areas are going

to suffer that's just how it is

so while it's great that some women out

there can bring certain things to the

table that can benefit you as a man

their domestic skills do suffer this is

the trade-off the problem is that most

women don't have domestic skills or a

marketable trade which is why most of

them are useless to begin with but if

you're fortunate enough to get with a

woman who has one or the other or a

combination of the two feminism is

likely the reason for that number three

the third reason that feminism is good

for men is that it gave birth to the

manosphere guys like guys that we all

know about like Roush illimitable man

Rollo Tomassi but the late great Patrice

O'Neal Tom Leykis guys like me none of

us exists without feminism guys okay

feminism has allowed men like myself to

do what we like to do and make them you

know make a pretty decent living off of

it make a pretty decent living doing it

the manosphere has changed lives it

changed my life alright listen it shows

us how to live better lives it shows us

how to be more content as men it shows

us how to fuck pretty girls how to

dominate life and the more and the more

feminism ups the ante with what they do

and what they say the stronger the

manosphere gets we have evolved over the

years and today we have become the one

source that mend the world over can

count on for honest forthright

information on life we don't sugarcoat

shit guys we tell it exactly like it is

and we hold ourselves accountable all

feminism does is talk shit about men and

what we need to do to appease them right

we do the same thing but we also talk

about ways that we can improve ourselves

and become more attractive to the women

that we want to get with so if not for

feminism you'd never know who I was all

right now listen granted if feminism

never existed I'd probably be married

with kids too a good-looking woman but I

don't deal in I butt

medicals or what-ifs I deal in reality

and feminism is the reason for that last

weekend last week's Donovan's den I

talked about how to overcome your fear

of approaching pretty girls I talked

about the process I used myself to

become unafraid to talk to girls

whatever and wherever I wanted and why

it works so well well this weekend I'm

gonna talk about the shit tests that

women deploy the most on first dates and

fuck-buddy arrangements long-term

relationships and even in marriage guys

and what a lot of guys don't understand

is that feeling too many shit tests is

what starts the end of their

relationships they don't understand that

we all hear stories about guys you know

telling us to mount their women cheating

on them or disrespecting them and a lot

of times they always say things like

well I don't know when it started I

don't know why I don't know what

happened but they have no idea that

their women stepped out on them they

have no idea that the reason their women

stepped out on them is because they

failed too many shit tests they failed

one two-minute shit test and that was

the beginning of the end well I'm gonna

talk about those shit tests and how to

respond to them in order to keep your

old man's attraction and respect which

goes a long way and keeping her faithful

and actin right so subscribe to

Donovan's den for just $5 per month on

patreon and you can and you guys can

learn how to deal with these

relationship killers and avoid trouble

down the road

so let's check the chat one last time

before we round third and head for home

oh wow you guys are all very good yeah

go cusan says I check Amazon they have

everything dude you can buy everything

on a mess I'm probably buy people on

Amazon pro-style one says late to the

party what's this defense soap all about

yeah if you haven't seen it in shed and

I know I'm lagging behind on Shaq

because I'm you know doing the I'm doing

the show but yeah defense soap is what

guys and mixed martial arts used to

prevent staph infections from all the

grappling incidentally enough it also

works to protect you from STDs Mike sort

of itch actually talked about defense so

but that's I actually learned it from

him I actually got it off his website I

think it's called guerilla mindset or

something like that but yeah I learned

about it and

than ever since so you basically when

you fuck girls use condoms and defense

soap and and just to let you know

pro-style one I have never I have never

had an STD in my life ever and I mean I

mean that doesn't mean that that doesn't

mean that accidents can't happen down

the road somewhere but if you use if you

use condoms and defense so consistently

like no days off then yeah you'll avoid

most of that stuff that's that's that's

how it is clone one says you legit look

like a black Chris but with a shaved

head from yeah good-looking loser happy

hit but yeah I am

I know Christie Otis very well I don't

think I look anything like him that's

kind of weird but I guess we all same

thing I guess we all see things


Goku's son says most of these so-called

educated women work half-ass jobs that

do not require you to think much exactly

dude they're making like these women

like they come out of college and

they're making I don't know I don't know

what the fuck they're making thirty five

forty thousand dollars a year to sit at

a computer and be on fucking Facebook

all day it's unbelievable it really is

247 X says ill-equipped to deal with

criticism yep and it's so funny most

women and because I mean I've been the

boss before and I'll interview women and

they all say oh yeah I can

I love constructive criticism and then

you hire them and you say okay well you

need to change this oh my god what are

you talking about what wait a minute in

your interview you told me huh

get the fuck out of here it's like out

of here feminism feminism was only her

battle says feminism was only possible

because because of the technology that

men built yes absolutely absolutely true

battle says men done all of the heavy

lifting in society yes men also do all

of the heavy lifting in society

boss wavy says women work these bullshit

feminist jobs to get men in trouble and

cheat on their husbands with coworkers

with an alibi yep

that listen man like there are listen

don't get me wrong there are benefits to

having women in the workplace but dude

there are far more detriments to having

women in the workplace

and yes oh my god yeah listen women in

the workplace when women started working

alongside men that's when cheating

jumped up like 50 million percent

freelance run is as true I do tech

support and there are a few that are

exceptional but the but the majority or

but the majority act like preteens on

the job yes I say all the time when

women women stop maturing when they

figure out that men want to fuck them

this is why you have 24 year old girls

25 year old girls out here acting like

there are 13 14 15 16 years old okay

they start the process of maturation

again when male attention starts to

dwindle okay because when you get male

attention you don't have to be a


everything is literally handed to you on

a silver platter but when you don't have

that male sexuality male attention to

fall back and and let's not get it

twisted guys male attention for a woman

supplies them with much more than just

sexual attraction and attention it gives

women a good way of life gives them the

benefit of the doubt get some financing

get some jobs sexual attention gets gets

good-looking women so much more than

dick so this is why when they when they

first start figuring out oh wow this

guy's talking to me because he wants to

fuck me

so they stop maturing at that very

moment at 16 17 years old they fuck a

bunch of guys and then by the time

they're 34 35 36 years old you know

they're still fucking about you dudes

but they're not fucking the guys that

they were before they're not getting the

attention of the men that they were

fucking before the higher-quality guys

it kind of forces them to start to

mature again they think to themselves

subconsciously oh this male attention is

going away you know men aren't as

willing to come over and help me move

like they were when I was 23 and hot men

aren't willing to take me out buy me

drinks when I was you know the 21 year

old college girl men aren't willing to

do things for me I you know I go on job

interviews I don't get the job quite so

quickly now that I'm 34 35 36 and past

the wall so they they're forced to start

to mature they're forced to start to

become more useful this is the way it



terr battle these crazy harassment yes

means yes and title nine policies will

let men choose automation you're

probably right

247 X says salute to the black

manosphere team and contributors

appreciate that he's talking about the

Mount Rushmore the Mount Rushmore which

would be myself

O'Shea Duke Jackson Steve Devine guys

like that Tommy Sotomayor angry man

those guys absolutely thanks for the

shout out there appreciate that speaking

of O'Shea Duke Jackson I do a weekend

show I do two weekend shows a month with

him every Saturday and every Sunday so

and I've been doing them now for this

will be my I think my third or fourth

straight week I have been live on

YouTube every day for the past month I I

mean seven days a week I do not take I

haven't taken a day off this is when

we're on the grind men trying to build

our brand trying to build something

special here so true battle says

feminism is a negative side effect of

male innovation that's right that's

right listen the app tinder did that

involve men you know the making of the

iPhone the you know that making of apps

this is all men boss wavy says $5 the

month you can't beat that I will

definitely subscribe to Donovan's den

this weekend yeah man it's a good value

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freelance Ronan says the defense soap

has a strong strong tea tree oil that is

very tough on germs did not know that

did not know that


Mike Vincent says they have a they have

a new prescription drug called pre xee I

don't know if them pronouncing that

correctly that counters STDs now so they

are basically telling everyone to go

bareback perfect it listen if STDs were

completely eliminated by a pill oh my

god maybe somebody there were so many

more illegitimate pregnancies and

fucking abortions of all kinds of crazy

shit wouldn't even be funny



terminal says smaller teams and tech

will get women out of the private market


deep 1985 says have you ever thought of

doing a one-on-one with Tommy Sotomayor

uh I've act I haven't thought about that

yet I dude I am so I am so busy man like

oh my god like I do this shit from sunup

to sundown guys literally I mean like

dude like I listen guys I wake up at

4:00 in the morning listen guys I wake

up at 4:00 in the morning so I can get

my lifting in because if I don't I'm

gonna be behind man I'm gonna be behind

dude I write I do all this stuff but

yeah sometime in the not-too-distant

future I'm definitely gonna start

teaming up and getting a little bit more

exposure Tommy Sotomayor black mastic

speaks I'm already on with O'Shea twice

a week we've got up dude we've got a

kick-ass ebook coming out oh I can't

wait till that motherfucker drops y'all

black bitches gonna be mad oh my god

these bitches are gonna be mad y'all oh

you oh my god oh my goodness oh yeah man

the the name of the e-book I'll go ahead

and I'll go ahead and give you guys sort

of for preview it's called black man's

it's called black man's revenge the

black man's guide to getting with dating

fucking white girls and non black women

listen man it is gonna be brah it's

gonna be ugly

Everett listen everybody's fair fucking

game I take those black bitches down

Vijay 48 says this Saturday I mean I

don't know who you're asking but I maybe

maybe you're talking about be yes the

Saturday I'll be on with ocean new

Jackson I'm on every Saturday and on

Sunday with with ocean Duke Jackson

Vijay 48 says oh shit oh Christ

yo I'm telling you brah listen man

listen dude I took out an Uzi okay and I

dude I'm fucking splattered these hoes

on the strength yo these bitches are

gonna be so fucking mad I can't wait for

the blowback freelite Service says the

Donovan that the Donovan O'Shea tag team

comes to best thing since the Legion of

Doom yes yes Eric Lindros John macclare

rod Brenda Moore I remember the Legion

of Doom line for the Philadelphia Flyers

love that shit good good reference there

freelance Ronan that's awesome oh dude

yeah I totally annihilated those

basically uh basically I am writing an

entire book that informs black men it

gives black males a guide on how to stop

dating black women and start dating non

black women white girls in particular

yeah BJ's 48 says be careful because

they will work to take your channel down

yeah I know yeah I remember a few months

back there was a big thing where they

had gone to to Google or something and

they took down they took down a lot of

people's channels and they got him back

because they were able to uh they were

able to do something I don't know how

they they they got their channels back

but yeah yeah this is the thing like

when black women when black women go at

us we hit it with facts but when we go

at them and they strike our nerve you

know all they they talk shit and they

tattle on us to get our channels taken

down this is how that's not only black

women this is what feminists do they

don't want to fight fair they just want

to take us off the internet doesn't this

is their way of fighting back and I mean

I can't say I blame him because there's

no there's really no other option so so

yeah it's definitely in the back of my

mind that that black women are

are gonna be after me but you know

that's the that's the that's the risky

run and if I have to put everything on

patreon then so be it

so on that note definitely sign up for

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point I'll send out a newsletter say hey

this is where to find my content so

freelance writer says that's what I will

read with a glass of rum and rum and

coke jazz it a cigar yeah man I'm taking

a flamethrower to these bitches on the

real well that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS are alive with donovan

sharp guys be sure to subscribe to my

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