Why hot girls are useless + Your ex DOES NOT LOVE YOU you if she wants you back

The hotter the girl, the more useless she is. Hot girls are useless because they don't have to be useful. Females who are pretty from birth are even worse. The only benefit an extremely beautiful woman brings to the table is her beauty. Nothing more. If you're expecting more, you'll be sorely disappointed.



If your ex tries to get back together with you, it's NOT because she loves you. There are other reasons at play, sure, and she may actually look forward to your company, having sex with you, and other benefits you provide her. But it's inevitable that she will leave once you've given her what she needs.

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coming up on the sharp reality I talk

about why hot girls are completely

useless I'm also gonna talk about why

your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend really

tries to get back with you plus I

address more haters see us our life

starts right now shall never tell you

that she had a one-night stand with her


or that she went home with some dude

from the from the club and forgot to

take the morning-after pill after he

after she let him raw daughter all night

she'll never tell you that her boyfriend

her husband found out that she was

fucking multiple foods for over a year

and wasn't sure if all of his children

were biologically his so he left her ass

she'll never tell you that

so never tell you that she decided to

divorce rape him after she started

fucking her personal trainer at the gym

no it is always the very worst case

scenario and she bears no responsibility

or accountability for her single

motherhood and now you're man what's up

guys that your men

Donovan sharp and welcome to this

edition of PS are live this is gonna be

the first official edition of TSR live

I'm gonna air this bad boy weekdays at

five o'clock Eastern I'm a little bit

late because some idiot in our apartment

tower decided to start cooking started

burning shit and their fire alarm went

off and there was noise in the

background there's there's smoke in the

hallways I go out there I'd knock on the

door they answered the door I'm like

what the fuck's going on apparently they

called maintenance everything's fine but

crisis averted

at any rate today like I said is the

first official edition of TSR live with

Donovan sharp it's gonna be weekdays at

5 o'clock p.m. that's gonna be 5 o'clock

p.m. Eastern Standard Time 2 p.m. 2 p.m.

Pacific you can also you guys all know

where to follow me on Twitter at Donovan

underscore sharp so let's go ahead and

get right to it here most of us who are

our sports fans or are of a certain age

remember the phenomenon that

was Michael Vick we all remember for my

money Michael Vick is easily well he is

easily probably the most electrifying

college football player I ever saw I

know a lot of people will probably point

out guys like Barry Sanders Eric

Dickerson was unbelievable at SMU of

course there you know there was Tim

Tebow but you know it was more the hype

surrounding him but I have never seen a

college football player quite as

electrifying quite as athletic as

Michael Vick guys he was awesome he was

unstoppable he was he was hurt a lot but

as a freshman he took his Virginia Tech

team all the way to the national

championship game were they were they

lost to Florida State I think it was the

Sugar Bowl but that was the de facto

national championship game and if if my

memory serves me and it usually does I

think two of the Florida State safeties

ended up tearing their ACL Xand under

their careers or whatever trying to

chase him down anyway Michael Vick like

I said is he's one of the greatest

college football players ever and then

of course he becomes the number one

overall pick of the Atlanta Falcons now

all through Michael Vick's high school

career and all through his college

career he relied mainly on his

athleticism and that worked very very

well and when he was drafted by the

Atlanta Falcons a year later that worked

well for him as well but as defensive

coordinators begin to study tape on him

they begin to see what he did right what

he did wrong his strengths his

weaknesses as all defensive coordinators

do what they what they did a lot of

times as they would stack the box

against him and though in other words

they told they said Michael Vick we know

you can run your you're the fastest guy

on the field at all times but you're

gonna have to beat us through the air in

other words you're gonna have to show us

that you can read defenses make and make

reads and hit receivers and stride to

throw receivers open etc etc well

unfortunately for Vick he never learned

that skill and the reason he never

learned that skill is because he never

had to you think about this all through

high school Michael Vick did exactly

what it was what it is he wanted to

he ran all over defense's if somebody

was open yeah he'd hit him if they were

wide open he would hit him and he again

Vick is that he's an exceptional athlete

but he never learned to read defenses in

high school because didn't have too well

in college same deal never had to read

defenses he rely purely on his

athleticism he gets to the NFL and he's

wildly successful for the first two for

the first few years but then he hit the

buddy but then he sort of hit a wall I

think the the pinnacle of his NFL career

was with the Atlanta Falcons back in

2004 when he led the Falcons to the NFC

title game against the Philadelphia

Eagles and the Eagles absolutely

demolished the Falcons because they

figured out what the rest of the NFL

knew that was that Michael Vick was a

superior exceptional athlete but it not

read defenses he probably had the best

arm in the league and he probably had

the best arm in the NFL for a good five

six years and he could still fling it

but he didn't learn how to read defenses

and the reason he didn't learn how to

read defenses is because he didn't have

to so we all know about the dogfighting

incident he comes out my Philadelphia

Eagles we get him he takes us on a magic

carpet ride in 2010 we lose to the

Packers in the playoffs but Michael

Vick's still had not really learned to

read defenses he was older and he was

more mature and he was a veteran he

learned a little bit about the NFL game

pocket passing in this net in the other

but he didn't run as much and the reason

he didn't run as much is because he was

older yeah he was still fast and yeah he

was still athletic but he was not the

Michael Vick at Virginia Tech or the

Atlanta Falcons how this relates to hot

girls is that hot girls don't develop

them silent they don't develop

themselves outside of sex because they

don't have to everything is easy for hot

girls and a lot of you out there might

be thinking well Donovan you know you're

using hyperbole nah I'm here to tell you

life for super attractive women is in in

the United States and in the Western

Hemisphere it is fantastic the girl on

your screen right now I can guarantee

you she probably hasn't bought a drink

in her life she's probably never but she

probably has never bought a drink or a

pack of cigarettes she's probably never

paid for drugs she I don't know she kind

of looks I she looks like she looks like

she's high on on

on cocaine whatever she's ion I can

promise you that she didn't pay for and

the reason why she doesn't pay for these

things is because she's hot

everything everything hot girls get

attention okay they get boyfriends they

get purple they get oh listen I know a

shitload of strippers down in Vegas who

are all guys they are all hard tens

great tits a lot of them fake perfect

asses flat stomach long legs pretty

faces you name it they are all in their

sexual prime they're all in there I mean

most of them in their early to mid-20s

prime listen these women can have any

man they want okay these girls get rich

men wanting to marry them they they they

come to these girls marry me I will move

you to another country you live in a

castle you'll you'll never you'll never

want for anything in your life despite

them not being good at anything but

shaking their asses onstage that's the

power of female beauty

now decent looking girls on the other

hand they have to develop themselves

outside of sex decent looking girls like

this one okay yeah she looks she looks

okay okay I don't I probably put under

six maybe a seven but I can promise you

that that but that the girl on your

screen probably cooks a hell of a lot

better than this chick okay the girl on

your screen right now all right

she's had to pay for a few drinks this

girl has never had to pay for a drink in

her life the girl on this screen would

treat you infinitely better than this

chick right here and the reason why and

the reason why hot girls don't have to

treat men well is because they don't

have to if a man has the balls to say

you know what bitch fuck you I'm not

taking this anymore you know what she's

just gonna shrug her shoulders and look

in her phone and look at the other 200

numbers that she has in there and she

will and she will replace you women who

look like this okay do not have the

skill and agency of women who look like

that all right yeah like I said it is it

is a female beauty thing and to relate

this to sports let's go to Tom Brady Tom

Brady is he's the glisten I'm not gonna

sit here and debate anything all right

the numbers speak for themselves I'm not

gonna make this a sports debate but Tom

Brady is one of the greatest

quarterbacks in history if not the

greatest but guess what go back and look

at his combine team Tom Brady was paste

he didn't have any muscle he was

unathletic he was slow he had to develop

himself alright he was he's not the

biggest he's not the strongest but he

has the will and this was because he was

overlooked time and again and in college

he played behind drew Henson he was

passed over in college passed over in

the NFL drafted in the sixth round what

did he end up doing he used that fuel

and desire beat to become the greatest

to become the greatest quarterback ever

well girls that don't girls that aren't

so hot they have to have the same fire

they have to figure it out they have to

say to themselves okay I was not blessed

by the genetic gods but I can get my ass

in the gym I can get my ass in shape I

can learn to cook I can be feminine I

can find and hopefully lock down a

quality guy who wants more who wants

more in a woman than physical beauty

now don't get don't get me wrong okay a

woman like this yeah she absolutely

looks good there's no doubt about it but

we all really want women who look like

this alright but this girl has a lot

more agency than this girl okay this

girl is definitely hot alright but she's

probably not as good between the sheets

as this chick this chick has to work a

little bit harder to please her men all

this chick has to do all this chick has

to be is there she takes off her clothes

and the guys already blowing his load

all over her face this girl's got to

work a little harder okay this girl's

got to give you a toe curling blowjob

she's got to give you that after sex

sandwich alright she has to work she has

to work much harder than this girl

because this girl's beautiful let's call

it what it is guys beauty is people like

to talk about the fact that all you guys

men all you men care about is the way a

woman looks yeah absolutely that doesn't

necessarily mean that we don't care

about everything else but if you are not

attractive we are not interested I've

said it before you could have you could

be the brainiest and even if you're a

brainy chick even if you are quote

unquote smart woman it doesn't really

matter but you can have the greatest

personality you could have a great job

you could be the most sincere feminine

kind selfless generous woman out there

and we may love to spend time with you

but if we are not attracted to you we're

never gonna find out what those

personality traits are we'll put you in

the friend zone we are not trying to

fuck you that's the power of female

beauty that is all there is to it

so when it comes down to it men who are

new to game yeah you want to fuck girls

who look like this alright but in the

end you'll probably end up with a girl

who looks like this right here alright

yes we we can fuck plenty of these girls

but you have to understand these girls

are not gonna offer you much they're not

gonna offer you much in a relationship

outside of the way they look and most of

the time they don't even fuck that well

listen guys I've been with plenty of

beautiful women and I've had great sex

with a lot of beautiful women but sevens

and eights they fuck better than 9s and

10s sixes and sevens fuck better than

seven sevens and eights that's just the

way of the world

women only do what they are required to

do if a woman is not required to develop

herself outside of her sexual allure

she's not going to if she's getting

everything she could ever want and need

anytime she wants just by showing up

because of the way she looks there is no

logical reason for her to develop

herself outside of sex that's all there

is to it guys you can follow me on

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course is specific to youtube so

definitely definitely be on the lookout

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the the sharp reality alright let's take

a look in chat and see let's see who's

in the house who taste some

let's see one of my exes is hit me up

all of a sudden ya semaj will definitely

get to that that's that's gonna be a

little bit later and yeah I'm gonna talk

about why women why your ex-girlfriend

ur ex-wife really really wants to get

back with you see see what's going on

like see you as always

simply deep 1985 what's going on see

merch Charles merchant man my brother

from another mother in the 702 what's

going on Edward II sterling said you

read my articles at return of Kings

outstanding thank you very much yeah

cool Kohli kukuli says Virginia Tech

Vick was crazy listen guys Virginia Tech

Michael Vick just go to youtube man and

Google Virginia Tech highlights Michael

Vick he was he was a man among boys he

was Superman he was unbelievable he was

unbelievable alright very silent Lord

says just subscribe to the channel and

got a and got a lot more content to

catch up on yeah man I've got um I've

got quite I've got 106 now episodes but

right now I think I got like 140

something videos at that point let's see

alright yeah like I said Vick was

definitely the hot girl he never had to

read defenses because he was never

required to so you know I got you guys

know that I'm a that I'm a big-time

sports fan and I you know I know that I

know not everybody's a supports fan but

sports and women go hand in hand in a

lot of different ways so logic wins my

man what's going on good to see you in

here alright excellent excellent

alright well it is good to have you guys

in today like I said this is the first

official this is the first official TSR

live with Donovan Sharpe here on the

sharp reality on my on my youtube

channel alright let's go ahead and get

to the next segment this next segment is

called you still think may Walt what I'm

gonna do here guys and this is part this

is gonna be a weekly segment what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna pick out an

article or a blog or a post and I'm

gonna take it from The Huffington Post

or Jezebel order fills those word

Kilis let's over red pill women two


a lot of guys out there including some

of my listeners and some of my viewers

still or you guys are still holding out

the idea of not all women are like that

and what I intend to do with this

particular segment is to show you how no

farías how slutty how conniving women

really are because women are truthful

women are truthful most of the time but

they're truthful online especially under

the guise of anonymity so without

further ado here is you still think nae

Walt my sex number doesn't matter should

I get another report

sorry about that guys let's let's try

that again here we go my sex number

doesn't matter should I get another


yeah it sheeted on him but it was

totally his fault how can I get him to

trust me after I cheated on him alright

well today's you still think nay Walt's

article comes to us from two

x-chromosomes now for those of you

watching you can see it on your screen

but for those of you listening what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna read this short

post and then I'm gonna give you the red

pill breakdown on what's really going on

so this one here was submitted actually

it looks like it was submitted three

years ago by rad Benjamin the title has

kicked my ex out of my apartment tonight

she says quote he came over talking

about her ex and in parentheses it says

I know he shouldn't even know where I

live but I'm a slow learner and started

telling me how much he missed me loved

me blah blah blah blah blah

she goes on the same this is the one who

broke up with me when I was raped

because I quote cheated on him he kept

yelling at me and he didn't believe it

and without raising my voice I took his

keys wallet phone off my table and told

him to leave I didn't yell I didn't have

to yell I didn't cry my voice didn't

shake I was just done with it done with

him wanted him out of course I called a

friend and I'm writing this and I'm

writing this from that friend's

apartment just in case that ex comes

back but I stood up to him and I am okay

feels good I figured that if there was

any place I

share it it'd be here oh boy where do we

start well let's go ahead and break this

down dawn of a sharp style the first

thing she does right out of the gate is

she she shows her hand so her

ex-boyfriend who treated her like shit

obviously came over and started telling

her how much how much how much he missed

how much he missed her blah blah blah

blah blah now maybe she fucked him maybe

he didn't but she's leaving out a lot of

different details she says in the second

paragraph this the one who broke up with

me because I was you know when I was

raped when I cheated on him well we all

know that any woman who proclaims that

she was raped is probably lying and her

boyfriend knew that she was probably

lying she went off and she fucked

somebody and decided to blame it on rape

and thought that he would buy the story

but because he didn't buy the story he

broke up with her so he dumped her

obviously she said he kept yelling at me

and my guess is that there's more to the

story but she says she took his keys and

wallet and told him to leave now here's

the thing she says she didn't have to

yell she didn't cry her voice didn't

shake she says I was just done with it

done with him and wanted him out now

there is only one reason and one reason

only a woman will ever truly be

completely finished with a guy and that

is of course if she is fucking another

guy so her next paragraph she she lets

us know exactly what's up she says of

course I called a friend and I'm writing

this from that friend's apartment now

guys when a girl is telling you a story

and she leaves out the sex of her friend

you can bet sure you can bet the fucking

farm that it is a guy and I'd be willing

to bet my life on the fact that the

friend's apartment that she's at is the

guy that fucked her

it is so obvious because she says I'm

writing it from that friend's apartment

just in case that ex comes back but I

stood up to him and I am ok guys this is

what girls do on the regular anytime

they tell a story about their ex

boyfriend ex husband or whatever they'll

say my ex boyfriend came over and and

and he busted out the window in my car

ok that may be true but he may have

found out that the kid that he thought

was his that you had was not his like

guys listen there are a lot of crazy men

out there and a lot of

do a lot of stupid shit there is no

doubt about it but but men don't just

decide to go crazy on women for no

reason the old one of the very few

reasons men go apeshit on women is

because of money possessions or sex and

in this day and age it's usually about

sex listen she cheated on her boyfriend

he did the right thing and he dumped her

well he did the well she obviously

grovelled to get him back this is all

right I'll probably use her as a side

chick he caught feelings for her again

maybe decided to forgive her but by then

she was already fucking the dude that

she cheated on him with on the regular

but he's the bad guy so she kicked him

out of her apartment

and she was so scared that she's writing

it from that friend's apartment what's

the over-under on the minutes that pass

before she was sucking her quote

friend's dick after she wrote this post

un-fuckin'-believable men all bitches

are like that men we all definitely

should've listened we all know by now

how women are all right like I said

before I am now on Instagram I haven't

posted anything on Instagram yet at this

point but but I'll probably I'm gonna

get my social media muscles going on

there let's let's take a look and see

what you guys are talking about in here

let's see yeah yeah definitely branch

swinging your god am i right yep yep

Silent Lord says nothing like and like a

thick asian well I don't think I've ever

seen the only thick Asian women I've

ever seen silent Lord have been fat ones

and I'm not trying to fuck fat chicks so

that's how that goes yep

semaj says branch sling and yeah this is

what girls do girls always branch sling

in any in any in all situation okay very

good excellent okay well I want to get

to an email that I got from a that I got

from a from from a listener and I've

changed this name you know just to you

know keep his identity just just to keep

his identity you know separate from all

this stuff and this leads me to my next

topic which is the real reasons your

ex-wife or

ex-girlfriend tries to get back with you

so he wrecked and he says hi Donovan

said my name is Dennis I just started

listening to your podcast and it's great

he says but I have a question my ex-wife

has started to contact me and we have

been hanging out I guess I wanted to

know her intentions with me we haven't

had sex and she hasn't showed me any

obvious signs that she wanted to go that

route should I make an attempt to have

sex with her or should I just leave it

alone well at that point I sent a

response I asked him how long they'd

been physically separated he responded

he said well we've been physically

separated since 2009 we tried to get

back together in 2012 but it didn't work

out we talked every now and then until

recently we started hanging out again

and talking more I just want to know

what her intentions are with me well

Dennis I told you - I told you to listen

so that you can get the response and

listen man I'm gonna I'm gonna offer you

the truth here

you're not gonna like what you hear but

this is this is why you're here so let's

let's go ahead and get to this Dennis

your white your ex-wife does not love

you she doesn't love you the reason she

is reaching out to you as do all

ex-girlfriends and wives is to keep you

on the back burner or keep her in orbit

or maybe she's gone through a bad

breakup which I'll get to here in just a

second when you guys separated in oh

nine she was fucking other dudes all


again I'd bet the farm on it because

this is what all women do and there are

no exceptions she reached out to you in

2012 because she probably went through a

bad breakup and needed a familiar face

to help her through it again women do

this all the time they break up with a

guy or they leave their husband or

whatever they ride the cock carousel for

a little while and when a guy she

actually likes breaks her little heart

she'll end up back with her ex but only

after she realizes that it's really over

with the other guy meaning she probably

fucked up a few times to get to try to

get him back and then realize he was

just using her for sex or he moved on

either way she's not getting back with

you because she really wants to get back

with you she's getting back with him

because she really knows it's over well

that's where you came into the picture

back in 2012 only when she knew that the

dude or dude she was fucking work

option anymore she reached out to you as

soon as she felt good enough to get back

on the cot carousel she left this is why

things didn't quote work out now she can

say whatever she wants I mean and I

wouldn't confront her with this

information but she could say whatever

she wants you can think whatever you


this is what happens 95% of the time


I'm here to tell you I've seen it and

I've experienced it so now the same

thing has happened here in 2017 you

bailed her out emotionally and probably

financially five years ago if we listen

if we're keeping it 100 if you're being

honest if we're keeping it real yeah you

you you slit her a little bit of dough

and she's looking to pull that same

trick you wanted you wanted me that you

wanted you what you asked me what her

intentions are those are her intentions

all right regardless of what she tells

you she is not looking at you as a

long-term option you tried twice and it

didn't work out either time at this

point Dennis you are merely a stopgap

and a band-aid to help her get through

another breakup or some sort of Epiphany

she's having none of which has anything

to do with the fact that she really

wants to get back with you because she

loves you and wants to be with you

long-term I said it once and I'll say it

again hurry hurry her reaching out to

you like this has little to nothing to

do with you and everything to do with

her you are you are simply a means to an

end and as soon as she reaches that end

Dennis she'll be done with you again and

by taking her back again you're telling

her that you have no other options which

makes you even less attractive to her by

default yeah I know this isn't easy to

hear Dennis and I know you probably

still love her all right I've been there

but if you want to save yourself some

time some money in your heart and and

some heartache stay the fuck away from

your ex-wife she's done listen fool me

once shame on you fool me twice shame on


don't let her pull the wool over your

eyes again men now the predictable cycle

of a woman after separation it's it's

predictable because it's typical she she

separates from her husband she moves out

or he moves out or whatever

as soon listen as soon as she gets the

keys to her new place or as soon as she

starts staying at her friend's house

because my husband beat me and I can't

take it anymore whatever

bullshit lie she tells to her friends

she's just she jumps on the carousel she

starts she starts fucking any dude who

gives her attention she can be at the

bar she's giving out her number at the

grocery store she's fucking the guy at

the grocery store it does not matter and

I've I've said this before and I'll say

it again recently divorced or recently

separated women are the are some of the

easiest targets out there you show her

even trace amounts of masculinity dude

and she is sucking your cock before she

even knows what your name is at some

point she gets tired of fucking

different dudes so she eventually tries

to find a boyfriend she starts fucking

up listen a woman can be fucking eight

guys there's one guy that she really

wants to be with and that's the one guy

that she'll try to consolidate on this

is the guy she cooks for if this is the

guy she does laundry for this is the guy

she she makes this is the guy she brings

to lunch if it brings lunch to him at

work this is the guy who gets the best

treatment all the other guys are still

fucking her but he's the guy she wants

because he treats because she treats him

the best she she swallows his loads okay

she lets him fuck her in this none of

the other guys have the privilege that

this guy does we'll eventually if a girl

listen if a girl swallows enough your

loads and if you go back door enough and

she shows above-average culinary faculty

well as the man you say will help let's

jump in let's do this headfirst well at

some point for whatever reason the

relationship is gonna go awry and they

break up and it's usually the guy who

ends up leavin he finds out she cheats

whatever the case may be now she gets

her heart broken okay now she's

wondering oh my god I you know what am I

doing wrong I was fucking this guy I

thought he liked me and he dumped me or

he cheated on me well now she's looking

for something now she's looking for

something familiar maybe her

ex-boyfriend maybe her ex-husband she

gets back with the ex to recovery

emotionally and a lot of times

financially when she's done she leaves

and gets right back on the carousel

rinse and repeat I cannot be any more

clear when I tell you that when when I

tell you about this guys and listen when

I went through my divorce with Darcy

after I physically separated with Darcy

yeah I fucked her a few times okay

listen I was in the same I was in this

predicament she didn't have a job she

did have a job when we separated I

kicked her out and she went to her

parents house O'Donovan I you know I

need money this and that any other yeah

I was still fucking her listen we've all

been in situations where we've had sex

with our exes women have sex with their

exes for many reasons none of which have

anything to do with her wanting to be

with you in the long term especially if

she's the one that leaves no no there's

no well I think I made a mistake let me

get back with you no no no no no there

is there is nothing in her mind that is

telling her that the right thing to do

is to be with you long-term she is like

I said she is merely using you as a

stopgap she needs sex she needs

attention she needs the dick she needs

money as a stopgap she needs to bridge

that gap and when she becomes whole

again after that breakup she's out the

door and if you're that motherfucker

who's gonna bail her out every time

she's never gonna have respect for you

and you're gonna be heartbroken and

broke never at listen just like I said

what to do when your ex texts you I

forget what episode that was I'm sure

somebody and the chat will let me know

never ever ever get back with an ex that

you have made your main chick and this

includes marriage the highest status she

should have is the highest status she

should have is a fucking side chick and

that's just all there is to it

all right um yeah logic wins this logic

wins this preach Carlton that's funny I

don't know if he's talking about me or


yes logic reign supreme says women are

opportunists yes absolutely

semaj says side-chick er yeah yeah

totally agree totally agree excellent

excellent okay all right I'm gonna

introduce another segment here here we

go men cannot afford to get complacent

in relationships this article is gonna

help you stay on your game and keep her

in line

you lost your edge she lost attraction

for you so it works it doesn't matter

how long you've been together if the

game never ends ever all right guys I

want to call this Donovan's weekly

booster shot what this is is I am going

to I'm gonna point out an article a red

pill article that I feel like men should

read to stay on top of their game even

myself you know I'm a red pill this or

that or the other I've got my own show

and you know I've written for return of

kings and I know more than most and yeah


listen I'm a human being and you know I

every once in a while I slip into bad

habits too and I think it would be it

would behoove a man to at least once a

week just refresh himself just sort of

hit the reset button on his red pill

conditioning and so that's what this

segment is gonna be about so every week

I'm gonna introduce you guys to the to a

red pill article that will definitely

stay on your game and the very first one

is called the a Walt misconception

written by written by my friend I am who

is the founder of alittle illimitable


the a Walt misconception is easily one

of the most brilliant red pill articles

I have ever read and that's why I've

decided to lead off the show with it so

let's just go ahead and get to the

highlights here so the first the first

paragraph that I want to point out is

since it says quote a Walt does not

claim that all women are the same

this is patently false and is such an

absurd claim to make rather a Walt

presupposes that women are collectively

governed by a set of underlying

principles that drives their behavior it

then alludes to the principles as well

as their behaviors which result from

said principles whenever they become

relevant in discussion what is trying to

say there or I'll just put my spin on it

men who say not all women are like that

are saying that not all females have a

hard drive that they that there's that

there's that there's some that there are

some that simply aren't females because

they don't act on female impulses and

behaviors but given half the chance guys

as we all know most of them do but all

of them have these impulses there's no

doubt about it

later on in the article that says quote

this does not mean that all women act on

these behavioral drivers in the same way

or that said behaviors manifest to the

same degree or frequency the degree to

which and the frequency of which AWOL

traits manifest certainly differs from

woman to woman but that is all that

differs the degree and frequency of

behavior not the type of behaviors this

is a brilliant this is a brilliant

passage because female behavior guys

that different since it differs in

frequency and type as we all know a

woman you could have two women right

they could be on they could be one could

have ten relationships into in in two


one could just have two relationships in

two years both branch swing but one did

it more frequently frequently than the

other that doesn't mean that the one who

did it less frequently falls into the

unicorn category so that's another

brilliant observation thereby I am he

goes on to say quote well hypergamy

always manifest in one exact manner no

of course not it is not that all women

are the same it is more of a case

of women all have the same instincts and

are therefore predisposed to specific

kinds of behavior

what is it dressing their guys is our

men and women who like to point out the

outliers they'll say things like she's

been in a relationship for five years

and hasn't branch long see not all women

are like that

guys even if she did it right when

breaking up with him doesn't mean she

won't do it a second or third time or

sometime down the road just because a

woman doesn't engage in typical female

behavior one time and you happen to be

there to see it doesn't mean she's not

quote like that

another passage I wanted to point out it

says you may know a woman who often

takes responsibilities for her actions

but AWOL claims women are notorious

blame shifters that specific woman

justifies a Walt in this one aspect this

does not mean that she doesn't branch

swing isn't high Pergamus or doesn't

friendzone men so she can have boyfriend

level commitment without actually dating

this one woman who divided who defies

this one aspect of a Walt does not

disprove a Walt she is merely the

exception to one aspect of it I can't

guys cuz you may know of a woman who

doesn't put dudes in the friendzone but

that doesn't mean that the female

operating system isn't still working in

the background like this excerpt said

guys she's still hamsters she's still

looking to upgrade she still has all the

behaviors and thoughts that support the

feminine imperative sure she's the

exception to this one rule this one time

you may have seen her do it but at the

end of the day guys she's still a

fucking woman he goes on it says quote

no matter how terrible women can be men

want to enjoy them in spite of

themselves that if they're driven to for

men are the true romantics men may not

love as easily as women but when they do

they do so more deeply it is out of this

desire to be happy with a woman that men

will deny a Walt or exempt a particular

woman from it this is why

psychologically love is a particularly

risky proposition for a man for he is

prone to lose his sanity in order to

drink from the poisoned chalice of

fantasy I swear to god man this guy just

dude this guy fucking mind

fucks me every time I'm telling you this

guy is that I am as one of the most

brilliant writers I've ever read

guys listen I've always said that having

one quality woman is much better than

having ten sluts and most men would

agree a man's desire to love one woman

and one woman only it it quite literally

blinds him to all of her obvious red

flags like a man might subconsciously

subconsciously think okay she's got

three kids by three different men she's

told me she's cheated on both of her

both of her husband's she said she had a

drug problem a few years back and may or

may not have done some porn while she

was in college but I'm tired of going to

bars and clubs and she seems ready to

settle down she cooks well and she says

she's looking for something long-term

with me guys this is how stupid we get

when it comes to women because no matter

how bad they are we want to see the best

in them and we justify canned and we

justify committing to them this is how

our male hamsters work females can talk

all the shit about these these angry

guys in the manosphere no we want women

to be quality women but we're tired of

women giving us the fucking finger

despite our best efforts to help them

they say fuck us we say fuck you to the

last excerpt that I want to point out is

this is a good one it says quote perhaps

some men are bitter but bitter rarely

means wrong if anything bitterness is

the unwelcome byproduct of a

hard-learned lesson

it is neither unwarranted nor devoid of

wisdom this is not to encourage

bitterness but rather to give credit

where credit is due

guys this is the most powerful passage

this is the most powerful passage in

this column most of our haters out there

like to throw around phrases like those

guys are just bitter they're angry

they're jaded and it's meant to shame us

into not using past experiences in

common sense when dealing with today's

women they'll say they'll say things

like well I'm not sure X I'm not your ex

girlfriend or not every woman's gonna

hurt you like she did or my favorite my

sister used to tell me you're dating the

wrong women now man all women aren't the

same but they all have the same

operating system and they've been

proving it to us for decades for us to

just hit the

reset button and not use what we've

learned and mitigate minimize and

sometimes even eliminate getting got by

women would be fucking foolish and they

know it but they would have us

completely abandon all of our

sensibilities because they know that if

we don't most women don't really stand a

chance in terms of getting away with the

shenanigans they've been getting away

with all these years

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see what we've got in Chet here

yeah Edward II sterling says this is

great you can't get this shit on TV

you're goddamn right you can't and it's

not because it's not because we can't

it's because they won't let the shit on

TV I don't know

semaj says oops a married woman is

texting me barbecue pics though talking

about I'll save you a plate oh good god

yeah you need to go ahead and smash that

semaj okay very good man you guys are

Lively I like this this is very very

good yeah

yo yo i'ma tell you what man I am that

is listen he is one crazy son of a bitch

and that's what makes him great

listen go back and listen to the

episodes that I've done with him man the

guy the guy he is a crazy son of a bitch

and the way the gota illimitable men.com

and read his work it's almost like I

don't believe that the guy who writes

for a limit oppa men calm is the same

guy who comes on with me once a month

it's like it's like an it's like on his

website he acts like the king and then

then in person on my podcast he's them

he's the court jester it's not fucking

believable this guy is absolutely nuts

man okay all right well it is time to

get to hate mail as you guys know a lot

of us here in the manosphere are not

liked by a lot of people meet mostly

women you know a lot of men seem to hate

us so I'm gonna try one in this problem

that this problem we won't be that hard

because I get all kinds of hate mail but

he'll let's uh let's go ahead and get to

the eight mail you're a fucking loser

live in your mom's beast you probably

have a too much come have you ever seen

a pussy you're probably a virgin sounds

like a white guy so that's a no for

Netflix and chill this time for hate

mail these are all the bitches and the

simps that the neckbeards the

motherfuckers living in their mom's

basement who cannot get laid and are mad

at me because I can get laid and I'm

letting y'all know how to get laid well

really the reason they hate us is

because we tell the fucking truth here

let's not waste any time let's get to it

blessing Beyonce says you ain't even

black just a racist white loser with no

life who tries to destroy the black

community with lies and manipulate them

self-hating Coons shakin my head yeah

typical black woman responds when she

gets hit where it hurts

which is the truth

I don't know the name of this person but

this person says I'm still waiting to

hear the explanation for why the black

male white female dynamic does not work

out is consistently messy and has such a

high divorce rate the highest of all

interracial couplings despite the

platitudes also explain the high

domestic violence rates if you are

trying you trying to use any woman for

sex she should be hostile and give you

attitude for her own protection this was

a very narcissistic read and you never

mentioned what you bring what you as a

man bring to the table beyond your ego

black women have been involved in the

quote process of supporting black men he

didn't have wealth or power for

thousands of years last I checked and

much longer than white women time to

ditch the white Savior syndrome if you

marry the white woman you also marry

yourself to the white man a

disempowering move you can't have one

without the other

oh my god sweetheart you're gonna choke

on those long words listen divorce rate

is high regardless of race nor do you

have the stats to back up your bullshit

black male white female privilege next

yeah that was a narcissist a

narcissistic rant because I'm a

narcissistic motherfucker so you got me

there I can't deny that but you and I

both know that you drop your drawers for

me and all I'd have to bring to the

table is my ego and we both know it now

as far as your amateur psychoanalysis of

this quote dynamic sweetheart you are

just parroting like every other black

woman who got hurt by this you don't

know what damn thing about what you just

said come back when you have ideas of

your own

stupid bitch sharika Knowles says you

couldn't get no black pussy unless you

hate sharika I wouldn't fuck the typical

black woman if she paid me let's try

that one again

Oh sharika again she says a fat black

woman can fuck a fine top-notch in shape

man and have him eating her out I've

seen it you saw it on porn sweetheart

nice try logic this isn't logic wins

this is actually she says lol why not

show yourself well here I am

quote logic and listen use your real

picture sweetheart listen nobody

believes this you because if it was you

you wouldn't be commenting on a YouTube

video that hurt your feelings you'll

find Cherie can take a selfie or


Oh BCE says death black knickers dude

you've got to come stronger than that

like seriously the n-word is played out

try again oh my god eeehm says I like

your stuff but I always thought

something was wrong with your ass but

yeah this topic confirmed my suspicions

I will not stop tuning in but man I've

had the first dose I've had my first

dose of white puss of this year and I

can't get over it

but then I realized it's just a fetish

you just have a fetish man I will never

get up any woman for any woman I don't

know what he said there listen yeah


a fetish is being into weird shit okay

being into pooping on people golden

showers whips chains

that's a fetish avoiding overweight

masculine women who don't get it give

head but somehow have five kids isn't a

fetish it's common fucking sense but

listen don't take my word for it you

listen you can fuck all the black chicks

you want you can let me know how that

works out for you

like my vibe says so that makes this guy

qualified to give such a heavy opinion

this dude already exposed himself during

a podcast he had with O'Shea that says

he has mum issues that contributed to

him not liking black women clearly this

dude has very poor judgment of character

if he can't spot good character is a

whole race of black women I didn't make

any sense shake my head everyone should

take this take what this guy says with a

grain of salt

this niggas just trying to spread his

own philosophies without tangible facts

attached to them yes like my vibe my

mother had a lot to do with my disdain

for black women of course it did I'm a

human I'm not some psychological anomaly

who isn't affected by my upbringing my

makeup here is the same as everybody

else's now what makes me qualified is my

experience with black chicks and if you

need tangible facts just walk the

fucking streets you know I'm telling the


but go on a cape up for these bitches

you can bang listen you can bang them as

much as you want you can bang these

bitches as much as you want because

there will be plenty of them there'll be

plenty of them out there for you yeah

Vanessa CSS Jesus you're a demon white

man come come out for up dude what the

fuck is with us

come out from hiding and show your face


Vaness se yes here's my face clearly not

white obviously another black woman

typical too cool for school says this

bitch s motherfucker won't even show his

black face why are we listening to this

bullshit well too cool for school this

is this is funny man this will show your

face response is nothing more than

people looking for something to respond

back with they can't argue because they

know that what I talk about is the truth

so they say shit like show your face

because until now I hadn't well here's

my face now come with a strong opinion

and to own it instead of acting like a

woman with no argument i'll sharika

noses back yeah right nobody wants your

ass oh good god guys listen this is what

black women do when you hit the bull's

eye they say things like we hate

ourselves we have no factual evidence

nobody wants you I wouldn't fuck you

blah blah blah

listen sweetheart in the future if you

don't want to tip your hand stay away

from the black woman playbook alright

listen the shit you guys say in here

tells everyone in here in no uncertain

terms that what I have said has struck a

nerve and if it struck a nerve you react

in the way that you've reacted three

times one two three times now just

acknowledge the truth make improvements

to yourself and move on call it listen

call any names I've been called most of

my life isn't gonna do a damn thing for

either one of us except for make me

laugh the fuck out of here with that

show rekindles there was a beyonce and

her sharika knowles these bitches are

worship and beyonce an old I have no

idea why un-fuckin'-believable

so that was hate mail I get a lot of

those I got a lot of that shit I get a

lot of that shit every fucking week

unbelievable alright let's take a look

and see what we've got here in the in

the Chet

yeah logic reign supreme says black men

need to build more wealth and avoid

black women yeah we need to listen we

need if we avoid black women we will

build more wealth that's all there is to


one of those haters one of those haters

said that black one

have been behind black men for centuries

than any other yeah the only bind is now

so fuck y'all listen you weren't around

when black women were behind black men

don't hear that oh I don't know Ike you

people too cool for school is probably

about twelve yeah maybe yeah Brian yeah

Brian Shelby says these people can't

spell and/or proper grammar listen man

I'm anything about the grammar police

I'm not I'm not perfect in that regard

but goddamn if you're gonna send hate

mail I mean it makes me make sure you're

grammatically or America Lee correct

shit oh you guys are dog okay very good

Lord reigns supreme says Western women

are not worth a damn yeah that listen

that's what this that's what this is all

about no I mean there I mean there's no

question that I mean listen that's what

the entire manosphere is about in the

first place isn't it I mean that's kind

of what it is guys make sure you support

the show like I said you guys can you

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guys well that is going to do it for

this edition of TSR live thank you guys

very much for tuning in keep that hate

mail coming in if you guys have any

questions comments show ideas or

personal stories you'd like to share go

to my website the sharp reality comm or

hit me at hashtag TSR live with donovan

sharp thanks for listening guys talk to

you next time


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