Why is my ex girlfriend texting me?? I'll give you 7 reasons why (Ep. 297)


Most of us have experienced getting that random text out of the blue from our ex girlfriends. We’re at the gym, we’re at work, at the grocery store, maybe with another girl, we hear our phone buzz and we see a number we recognize as our ex accompanied by a text that says something like “hey” or “What are you up to” or something to that effect.



What most men assume when their ex texts them out of the blue is that sex is usually right around the corner and in a lot of cases you’re right. I’ve fucked just about all my ex girlfriends at some point or another. Biggie said it best, sex with the ex makes sex spectacular and he wasn’t lying. Ex sex is awesome.

But you also have to realize that when your ex hits you out of nowhere there’s usually an ulterior motive. Yes, she may want to fuck you but as we all know, sex is always transactional for women. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy sex, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something else up their sleeve. It’s never about just sex for women. There is ALWAYS something else at play.


Red Pill Theory: Ex text me after a year

To those men who are getting over their ex. You are a drug addict.



you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go through the deadlift

is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut



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live without I've been good I had great

I cannot complain good and was so funny

you know I was listening to the ever so

you had with gay Lube all yeah and now

which is in it I was in the gym

listening to it what's so funny about it

I was just like listen to what I was

saying and that was just focused in my

zone you had these girls doing know how

to do them know thing where they were

working out but everybody not working

yes yes well hold on let me let me cut

you off right there anytime a girl was

working out at the gym where there are

other men it's unbelievable every every

exercise they do it requires them to

stick out their tits or their ass it's

just it's unbelievable they're literally

listen they're just putting them there

they're making themselves they're

getting themselves ready for an auction

but anyway go ahead I just wanted to add

that little little tidbit in there yeah

it was just funny man how everything

just was funny because I'm sitting and

listening to it and I was just looking

at you know slut signs and all this

other things and once she won't plug

it's like everything comes full circle

you know you had like when I first start

looking at mature you you had the yeah

episode on congruence test yeah and the

other day I was there work and there was

a lady she saw me reading some combo and

my coworker she's like you really combin

he must be gay in a minute she said it

is instantly clicked and I said oh I'm

not on my boyfriend there ah very nice

finish we don't know what to say

no course not of course not funny is

like you know it happen instantly

because I reaches stuff constant so this

happened when I said that her one of her

homegirls like she owned you me but it

was the fact that I know did they do

this stuff so agree amplified you know

the fact that you're not responses to

the emotional outbursts or all sorts of

other stuff like it works and what I'm

about to say about your maturity what I

like about it the motions that it's

nothing about it's not even about

females it's about men becoming a

minister post to the females are

byproduct of your success there you go

exactly right man like daily is helped

me out tremendously good good good well

listen man I appreciate you calling the

show haricots to for it what was your

name again

Ray Ray Ray I definitely appreciate the

call listen if you have any other

stories do it feel free to call and I

always like hearing from guys who say

yeah you know I'm Red Bull aware and

here's what happened in my life that

confirms the red pill so definitely

thank you for calling ray and and thank

you for sharing that red pill that red

pill story with us

ain't nothing I will be calling well

yeah I take it easy man listen what this

man has hey you have a good one yes sir

man take care yes so listen what raised

it what Rhea was describing just then

it's it's it's quite funny because in

goodbye to soup-bone who thought that he

or she could get in here soup-bone if

listen the only way you're gonna be able

to get on the show is if you call in so

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chatting if you're on Facebook Instagram

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banned so this is the last time I'm

gonna say her name on the air unless you

actually call in 942 oh five five three

five six but what ray is describing it's

it's it's actually it's actually quite

it's quite amazing like it's almost like

learning a foreign language and you know

you're starting to catch on to that

foreign language when somebody says

something to you in that foreign

language and you respond to them without

thinking about it so he was reading some

sort of comic book or something and a

girl says oh you read those what are you

guys like no but my boyfriend is he

didn't even think about it this is what

happens when when when men turn the

corner with regards to red pill

awareness when you don't even think

about your responses when you don't even

think about what you're doing that's

when you know the red pill is coming in

so shout out shout out to Ray for

calling in with that unbelievable story

man listen man the red pill is all

around us everyday men all around us

everyday so um so it's good to hear from

good to hear from you guys there okay

now to the topic at hand

why is my ex-girlfriend texting me seven

reasons why your girlfriend texts you

out of the blue now most of us have

experienced getting that random text out

of the blue from our ex-girlfriends

we're at the gym right the word work or

at the grocery store may be where that

may be we're with another girl you know

maybe you know we hear our phone buzz we

see a number we obviously recognize the

phone number off you hopefully you

blocked the number as she is your ex and

we see a text message that says

something like hey or what are you up to

some are a little bit more forward like

I miss you less let's hang out or

something to that effect what most men

assume when their ex texts them out of

the blue is that

is that sex is usually right around the

corner and in a lot of cases you would

be right I mean personally I fuck just

about all of my ex-girlfriends at some

point or another

I mean biggie said it best sex with the

ex makes the sex spectacular and he

wasn't lying guys fucking your dude

there's nothing like xxxx dude fucking

your ex is unbelievable but you also

have to realize that when your ex just

hits you out of nowhere there is usually

an ulterior motive yes she may want to

fuck right but as we all know sex is

always transactional for women that

doesn't mean that women don't enjoy sex

but that doesn't mean they don't have

something else up their sleeves it's

never just about sex for women there is

always an ulterior motive always if you

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find out vii the top seven reasons your

ex-girlfriend texts you out of the blue

come to donovan sharp calm and you will

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here 9 1 4 2 o 5 5 3 5 6 is the number

to call if you have a story about how

your ex text did you added the blue give

me a call let's talk about it 9 1 4 2 o

5 5 3 5 6 I'd love to here's I'd love to

hear your story just like ray did red

pill stories red pill confirmations your

ex texting you out of the blue anything

and everything you can think of give me

a call nine one four two oh five five

three five six well let's go ahead and

get to it the number one reason that

your ex-girlfriend texts you out of the

blue she's horny now the average female

sex drive is substantially lower than

the average male sex drive and listen

there are some women out there who are

in a perpetual state of ovulation they

meet cock in them all that

I'm 24/7 area code 651 I see you in

there I'll get to you in just a second

but when your ex-girlfriend is 40 when

they when they ovulate they're horny and

by the way protip give a cycle calendar

for all of your women well all cycle

calendars are totally free you can treat

you can keep track of her cycle you can

you know when she's gonna be on your

period when she's ovulating PMS this way

you know how to deal with her Rollo

Tomassi actually has an article that

talks specifically that he gets more in

depth about how to treat your woman

during different cycles during different

phases of her cycle it is absolutely

brilliant I scratched the surface this

guy gets deep so listen I have done this

for years I've kept a cycle calendar on

whoever I'm fucking for years and it's

always served me well anyway when you're

when your ex-girlfriend is ovulating

okay she wants to fuck and we're gonna

get to the other reasons why she reaches

out to you but she reaches out to you

because you're familiar you're safe she

needs that she needs the dick in the

worst way and listen maybe her boyfriend

isn't fucking her good maybe she maybe

you fucked her

maybe you fucked her better than her

boyfriend did right if you if you and

here's the thing if you and her had

great sex during your relationship there

is she will at some point reach out to

you for a hookup okay listen whether you

cheated or she cheated however the

relationship ended if you and her had a

great sex life she will reach out to you

inevitably doesn't matter if she has a

boyfriend doesn't matter if she's

married listen I've had a few

ex-girlfriends reached out to me after

they're married talking about hey you

want to hang out now one time I'll tell

you this one time when I was I was

brand-new to the red pill I just started

fucking hot girls and I made the

egregious mistake of saying well aren't

you married and it taught it it

completely turned her off because I

pointed out the obvious that she was

cheating on her husband girls don't let

girls don't want you to know or think

that they're sluts

she knows she's married but if she

thinks you don't know then she won't

feel like a slut and not feeling like or

looking like a slut is important to

women even slut so so like I said there

could be any number of

your girlfriend reaches out to you

because she is Hori we're gonna get to

those in a second that's always the

number one reason 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is

the number to call if you want to get on

the show

area code 6 5 1 you were on with Donovan

go ahead hey Donovan I love your show

man it was all the time I should

probably start contributing paper money

thank you um I have much experience back

school friends getting back up with me

numbers too but most of them were Korean

one was white so I guess the question is

like how did you get good at sexing

cheesing corneas hell why yeah we're all

different ages though what point is you

turn the corner and get really good at

banging chicks you know the interesting

thing is is that the three things that I

tell guys and your in one thing you're

gonna have to understand you're never

gonna be the biggest dick your girl has

ever taken you're never gonna be her

best lover because girls have fucked so

many times you're right you're you're

just never you're just never gonna be

the best the the they're only a few

things to really make sex enjoyable for

women and this is my go-to fucker as

hard as you can you pull her hair and

you smack her ass

that's listen and again this isn't

rocket science you don't have to hit her

g-spot you don't have to look for

erogenous zones

fucker as hard as you can pull her hair

and smack her ass if you do those three

things you won't be the war you won't be

the worst man that she's ever fucked

that's really that that's really my only

advice oh all right you said you would

call into the show I saw that on

Instagram it's good to finally talk to

you man all right so talen bailar Colin

into the show long time long time

Twitter follower of mine actually he

follows me on facebook Instagram and

YouTube so or Facebook Instagram and and

and Twitter so good to finally good to

finally hear his voice number two the

number two reason your ex reaches out to

you and text you out of nowhere

her pipeline is dry what this means is

that the men that she has on her

carousel in her phone are not available

every girl has a stable of guys five six

seven ten guys that she could text and a

moment's notice and he'll be over there

with his cock in her mouth every one of

and here's the thing if ugly girls can

have a stable of cocks dude good-looking

girls have a farm of them even ugly

girls gentlemen have men into the double

digits that are ready willing and able

to come over and fuck them in three

texts or less now as far as her pipeline

being dry it doesn't happen often but

every once in a blue moon none of her

dicks are available to her and it's

almost like the stars align

so on any given day maybe the dude she

fucks the most is out of town and maybe

that may be her number two guy is with

this girlfriend for that weekend and

maybe guy number three isn't returning

her texts for whatever reason any time

her access to dick is impeded they

reached out to ex-boyfriends that would

be you to bridge the gap and validate to

herself sexually and say see even though

my guys aren't available to me other men

still want to fuck me so if your

girlfriend's pipeline is dry she's

basically using you as a stopgap number

three she realizes she fucked up and she

wants you back now if you're watching

you can see that there's an asterisk on

the screen and that asterisk denotes

that she will branch lling I'm gonna

explain this to you now keep in mind I

want you guys to keep in mind that she

doesn't want you back because she

realizes that you are that you are a

better man than she thought you were

she's doing this because you have become

a better man than you were when she

cheated on you she broke your heart she

cheated on you you googled why or girl

sluts you found Donovan sharp calm you

followed my advice and you're on your

way to being the best version of

yourself which is a much better version

of who you were when she left or when

she cheated

now if now here's the thing if she left

you if she decided to break up with you

she came up with the well maybe we

should see other people or let's take a

break whatever the case may be if she

breaks up with you if she texts you back

it is likely not to get back together

if you dumped her she might want you

back so again if she dumped you and she

texts you back I'm not saying that she

definitely does not want you back

but chances are she probably doesn't

maybe she wants you back because she

sees you're a red pill guy maybe she

doesn't just understand if she left you

she cheated on you she dumped you and

she texts you back it's probably it's

probably not because she wants you back

obviously you have to do some fishing at

that point but if she dumped you

chances are she does not want to get you

back she doesn't want to get back with

you however there are exceptions to the

rule however rare they may be so let's

let's play off this scenario right let's

say that you guys are dating she cheats

on you she tells you it's time to take a

break bla bla bla bla bla and you know

she's gonna be up under somebody that

night Matt Forney wrote an article that

says all women all girls have sex within

24 hours of a breakup 2,000 percent true

anyway at some point a girl will figure

out well you know what the grass really

isn't greener on the other side normally

it is because if they're upgrading the

guy is usually better half the time it

is half the time it isn't your girl

obviously she wanted to upgrade as they

all do because you either lost frame or

she found a better guy and she left you

for him

well sometimes gentlemen she figures out

that the dude isn't all he's cracked up

to be

he also red red pill game but instead of

becoming that red pill aware male he

used pickup lines because he had limited

time with her right she thought he was a

high-value male but now that she's in a

relationship with him now that she's

spending more time with him she's

starting to see that he's not quite as

impressive as she thought he was she's

starting to see chinks in the armor that

fully dude that hot ass car he drove

that Audi a7 that he drove that wasn't

really his that was just his brothers

that he let his brother let him borrow

that car he used to live in a really

nice luxury apartment but the lease

ended two months ago and he decided on a

more conservative place to save money

then she finds out that high paying job

II had that was just a contract position

and only temporary and now he's back on

the job market Reed unemployed Plus

here's another thing fucking him in a

relationship it's not as much fun

anymore in other words when she was

cheating on you with him it was fun

they're sneaking around there's an

excitement there's some sort of risk

right well cheating is more fun when


risk but now that they're now that

they're exclusive they can fuck just to

fuck because they're in a relationship

it's not as much fun it's almost like

when you turn 21 and you think oh man I

can't wait till I turn 21 drink is gonna

be awesome because I can drink beer I

can walk into any store and drink beer

not quite so much listen drinking is

awesome but you find that it's not there

there's not as much taboo there's not as

much risk not as much not as much

excitement when you are doing something

legally right like we all drink when we

before 21 it's great I you know we're

not supposed to be drinking but we're

drinking when you turn 21 it still as

much fun fun but not quite as much fun

because now you are legally able to do

it so she realizes that she doesn't like

him as much as she thought she did so

she reaches out to you here's the caveat

she is going to try to branch swing back

to you when a woman realizes that she

made a mistake and decides she wants you

back she's not just gonna dump him and

get back with you gentlemen oh no no no

no no no she's gonna do him exactly the

same way she did you which is branch

swing she's gonna try to start fucking

you and once she's sure that you will

take her back then she'll dump the other

guy just like she did to you

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a story about your ex texting you let's

move to number four the number four

reason your ex-girlfriend reaches out to

you she wants to cheat right most of us

know that when a woman cheats on you a

lot of times it's with her ex-boyfriend

and this is especially prevalent with

with single mothers single moms cheat on

their boyfriends all the time and nine

times out of ten they do with their baby

daddies but if you're that ex who used

to fuck her brains out if you're that ex

who used to make her squirt if you're

that ex who used to give her the silent

shakes she will hit you up when she's

ready to step out on her man now similar

to number three she probably realizes

that she doesn't like him as much but

maybe he buys her shit maybe he has a

nice place

maybe he's financially stable right so

she's not looking to get with you she

just wants to fuck you she is trying to

make you the Alpha bucks but if you guys

are watching there's another asterisk on

the screen it says she wants you to

cheat but she doesn't want you back

gentlemen do not make the mistake of

thinking that just because your

ex-girlfriend wants you to fuck her

means that she wants you back a lot of

guys make this mistake they'll be like

well does this mean we're back together

she'll be like uh no I'm sorry Donovan

there dude there's no way I'm leaving

Steve like this is just a one-time thing

or we're just fucking I'm not

leaving him a lot of alpha fucks become

beta bucks thinking that women who use

them for sidekick actually want

relationships with them when in

actuality they just want the dick and

I'll tell you a quick story

so a quick story now that I'm thinking

about it they did a girl in Vegas that

was a hot hot summer romance i dude I

think I met her at a cookout I think we

knew a friend of a friend as a mutual

friend doesn't matter I met her I asked

elated we started fucking me or fuck

buddies well the interesting thing was

is that we were more than just fuck

buddies and the reason I say that is

because we spent a lot of time together

I spent the night at her place she spent

the night at my place we're probably

together three maybe four nights a week

we texted each other every day good

morning texts good night texts we take

trips together you know we fly out to LA

we've even spent a weekend in Santa

Monica I mean we had a really great time

together list I mean dude the sex was

good you know she was kind you know she

took good care of me now she's a little

older she was I think she was like 32 or

33 but she was far more attractive than

the average 32 or 33 year old in Las

Vegas trust me anyway

the end of the summer came and things

ended amicably at the end of the summer

and it was I was the one that initiated

I said listen you know you're getting

ready to go back to school and I think

she was I don't know she I think she was

going to IT schooler and that's

something to do with with computers but

I knew she was gonna be at school she

was gonna be studying and a lot of her

time was gonna be taken up it was fun it

was fun but the relationship had ran its


no hard feelings there were no tears we

had one last good fuck for the road made

a totally clean break no muss no fuss

well a few week well a few months later

there's probably a few months a few

weeks before Thanksgiving she hits me up

out of the blue she says hey what are

you up to now

like I was telling you guys she was a

little bit different from most girls

that I had fucked with in Vegas so I

didn't just blow her off with the

one-word answer is like you know that

who are you or or if she tells me that

her name was you know Monica okay and

and by the way pro game tip if an ex

fuck buddy

texts you out of the blue and you know

who it is ask her who this is and she

says oh my name is Monica okay is this

Monica Johnson Monica Sanchez or Monica

or Monica Jackson make sure you put her

last name in there so she knows you're

fucking with more than one Monica just a

pro game time I do I used to do that all

the time George drives girls crazy

anyway I didn't just blow her off I said

yeah you know I said I'm doing actually

wanted to engage her I said yeah you

know I'm doing great

you don't thinking about investing in

some real estate you know I'm looking at

buying a second property you know maybe

renting it out to see where that goes um

I think I told her that I was doing some

writing and this was actually a few

months before I started writing for

attorney Kings my first article

published in March the following year so

it was right around that time so it's

telling her things like that I mean it

was actually kind of happy to hear from

her and I have any problem with you know

telling her what I was up to and what

was going on in my life so she says yeah

that's all well and good she says well

let's meet up for drinks so I'm like

okay well obviously you know she wants

to fuck right fucked other ex-girlfriend

sex fuck buddies before no problem so we

meet up so we met up and we fought we

meet up a few days later and we fucked

again we were gonna meet up again that

weekend and I see you in the queue

haricots two to nine and two one eight

I'll be with you guys in just a second

we were gonna meet up again but then she

texted me and says she can't make it


I'm like all right no big deal I would I

mean I was fucking somebody else at the

time and I was working on another girl

so no problem then she texts me back

she's like well don't you want to know


and I remember texting well know if you

can't make it you can't make it like you

know we're not fucking anymore you know

it's none of my business why you can't

make it we'll just do it another time

she says no this is gonna have to end I

said okay no problem

she kept bushy says yeah I kind of have

a boyfriend and we kind of got in a

fight and I wanted to get back at him

and I remember that I missed you and I

felt happy and relaxed when I was with

you and that's why I reached out guys

this was no this wasn't in there there

wasn't anything different about that

particular situation I fucked her during

the summer she started fucking somebody

else after we made a clean break

presumably with someone she went to

school with so when she got lonely or

when she got in a fight with a boyfriend

she reached out to me for some quick

dick and I was happy to oblige but she

had no intention of leaving her

boyfriend nor did I want her to I'd

already moved on but again I told you

that to tell you this just because an ex

fling ex-girlfriend whatever reaches out

to you does not mean she wants to turn

back the clock and start things up

that was a summer romance gentlemen and

it would not have been the same as far

as I was concerned and I think we both

realize that 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to get on the

show area code 2 2 9 you are on live

with Donovan go ahead hey what's up

brother how you doing then hey I'm good

man I just want to call them again I was

listening to the show your suckers out

like X is reaching out again yeah and I

find you that they start coming what

I've learned is if you left the

relationship where it ended on any type

of frame where you had value or

perceived value in her eyes

yes regardless of how it ends it doesn't

matter if you come back she will keep

tabs on you they are yes yes

they keep tabs on every guy that left an

imprint frame it has value and they'll

always come back around they always they

slope in the background line kind of

cool curtly and they just kind of bubble

up out of nowhere like I said whenever

the boyfriend have trusted and they'll

hit you up

we had like some plausible deniability

like hey just want to see how you do it

nothing serious is checking in you seem

to be doing great it's all bullshit

there it is no I agree in son you're the

guitar player in floor not correct okay

I just want to make sure I had the right

guy you know interestingly enough Shawn

I don't know if you watched the the

episode where am I at where I actually

called my ex I actually called Carla the

girl that I foolishly tried to turn I

tried to turn a ho into a housewife and

you break it up a little bit Shawn so

I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and I'm

gonna go ahead and mute you here

and shout out to Shawn for that for that

rock-solid game he's a hundred percent

right if you leave the relationship with

any type of game or frame she will reach

back out to you anytime your girl breaks

up with you and you left an imprint or

an impression or if you had alpha frame

she's gonna keep tabs on you dude if

you're on Facebook Instagram Twitter it

doesn't matter she's gonna keep tabs on

you and when you're when your value

reaches a certain threshold she is going

to reach out this is just all the

English she could be in a

happy relationship she still wants that

alpha dick she still wants she still

wants you especially if you had good sex

but this is exactly what Carla did right

she texted me just out of the blue and

then when I called her as you guys can

see she's like well you called me and

I'm like now bitch I didn't text you

well it was somebody Nevada - sweetheart

it was not me

well you're the only person I know

Nevada no no no sweetheart the reason

you texted me is because you wanted to

reach out but you wanted me but you want

it you wanted to give the impression

that well I'm texting you because you're

bitch get the fuck out of here you

fucking ratchet ass ho are you fucking I

didn't even have her number and she said

so anyway it's just like Sean said if

you have any sort of value or when your

girl realizes that you have value she's

gonna get back with you

942 oh five five three five six area

code two one eight you were on live with

Donovan go ahead Donovan it's angel hey

what's up brother topic of discussion

and where no reason that the rope and

the AppStore I know that's what comes

back there's a most awesome 0.4 no -

Houser like some sort of reliable source

that they attacked the husband over

poison has and that she does it most

often in that money is was the

ex-girlfriend alright comfort but if

they have some form of food some form of

reliable source usually the ex or wife

comes over tries to get it every single

time thanks for the call angel listen

he's making a very good point

if there listen a girlfriend will do the

girl will never girls know which side

their bread is buttered on it's just

like I said she might reach out to you

for the Alpha fucks that doesn't mean

she's gonna leave her beta but dude she

may be in love with you guess what she's

not leaving him if she can get she can

get a steady supply of alpha dick from

you and keep him on the side she's gonna

do it a woman is the man American woman

is the most happy when she has a husband

and a boyfriend

alpha fucks beta but that's how this

goes Harry code 408 you were on with

Donovan go ahead

hey what's going on Donovan real quick

just you know had a girl reached out my

ex-girl reached out to me once but what

I found particularly interesting on this

matter was that you know she moved out

of state and now she knew that before

before life we you know we kind of left

off and then broke it off and and I mean

it just kind of makes me think like what

the hell did she think that I was gonna

do like just move out of state with her

I know did she think that I was gonna

she's gonna convince me some way but if

you don't mind also I like to hear your

response and I don't really have access

to the phone right now because I'm

driving so if you don't mind if I could

just kind of hear your response

yeah I'll leave you unquestioned yeah

yeah I'll leave you on so what's your a

sin no no no problem so what you're

asking is that she moved out of state

but she reached out to you yeah she

moved out of state she got another job

obviously things didn't really work out

because the interesting interesting

thing was I was discovering red pill

when I was in this relationship to him I

kind of saved my I saved my ass actually

because you know I did I didn't really

show too much attachment to this girl

and obviously when they don't get their

way you know they get this you know she

kind of tapped out she she knew that

there wasn't gonna be any seriousness

within the relationship I mean she knew

that I she knew that I wasn't gonna pass

on tapping on that ass obviously but she

wanted something more so she finally you

know trying to play the trick for me to

follow her and and Dido called me out of

nowhere I say no yeah so I'm in Seattle

now you know and and it's like what the

fuck like okay anyway she's trying to

just kind of you know put that on me but

so shy story so she's sober she is she

back in the same state as you know so

she's trying to get you to move out

there with her yeah hear from you yeah


the thing man when if a again she's out

of state right so she moved out of state

obviously she's right Seattle right

obviously she's fucking other guys but

again if just like Sean said if you ever

if you left an imprint on her if there

is something about you that a girl just

can't live without her if there's

something about you that she just can't

get from other guys dude she's gonna

reach out now at this point her

priorities are out of whack she is

putting her career over her happiness

with you and listen girls listen to this

mate you know might say something like

well she's got listen that's fine but

five ten years down the line she's gonna

be like you know what god damn dude like

maybe I should have stayed in whatever

state he was in maybe at me you know

maybe I could have found another remote

job because I haven't been able to find

anyone else to measure up listen dude

you are her number one because she might

even be alpha widowed at this point

because I this is the first time I've

ever heard of this I have never heard a

story of a woman moving out of state for

a job breaking up with a guy moving out

of state for a for a job and then

calling the guy in another state and

then trying to use the pussy to lure you

to said state I've never heard that

before I mean I mean what do you have

like a 15 inch dick no nothing like that

you know I don't want to say like I'm a

unicorn but I got my shit together right

the blue pill fucking mentality that was

was really making me to that alpha state

of mind that I needed but other than

that you know I went to school I played

sports I mean I don't have a fucking

six-pack or anything but you know I keep

myself in shape I'm I'm not like

overweight or anything like that but but

yeah I mean I was a good dude and I

think I was like a combination of alpha

and beta buggs invaders young a little

bit of both obviously because you know

I'm not like a tall dude either you know

and and she's oh she's a hot girl you

know she's probably one of the hottest

girlfriends I've ever had yeah but guess

what dude you can get kind of any dude

but I think I think she was like zeroed

out because I mean one of the reasons

why I didn't want to pursue anything

with there is because her her man and

this is why I wanted to bring this up as

well okay her real man was a beta dude

right and and which she was just itching

at eight

for another guy that she could you know

maybe pursue something with because the

guy had no no ambition lacked ambition

and and had no future you know she would

always complain about him like nag about

how he would just you know not really

care about life and all nonchalant about

it so I think she got zeroed out and I

was like man I can't get nothing from my

from my man and then this guy you know I

can't get him to get pussy-whipped

I got a move I gotta get out of here so

now I don't like my job and I just gotta

go and you know open my hypergamy

basically optimize that shit right and

now she's reaching back out to you area

code 408 I appreciate the call thanks

for calling in to the show he mentioned

something very very interesting a lot of

guys even guys who claim to be red pill

aware they say I need a woman I can

count on I need a woman who supports me

I need a woman to pick me up when I fall

down I need a woman that no no no no no

no no no you don't need a woman to be

your rock you do not need a woman to be

your foundation you don't even need your

woman to support you listen it all your

woman has to do is stay the fuck out of

the way right listen if she doesn't have

to support listen I'm very fortunate

Devin supports me a hundred percent in

this right so I'm very fortunate in that

regard but if she were to say look

Donovan I don't like what you do I'm

just gonna stay out of the way great

guess what our relationship would not

have changed the point is is you a man

doesn't need a woman to motivate him I

remember Jennifer Lopez came up with a

song we're way back in 2000 she said

tell you uh she says you like the way I

hate the way she says you like the way I

dress the way I wear my hair show me off

to all your friends and baby I don't

care just as long as you tell them Who I

am tell them tell them I'm the one who

made you give a damn you had the wrong

guy JLo like any guy any man that you

have to make give a damn that's not the

guy for you women want men who have

their shit together women want men who

are going places women want a man with a

plan they listen you don't need to be at

the pinnacle of your profession you

don't need to be at the top of

Mount Everest you just need to have a

plan and you need you need to be going

places if you don't have any motivation

dude that is one reason a girl will dude

you'll cheat on you with impunity if she

feels like she has to motivate you dude

my girl never has to get me out of bed

hell no dude I'm the one getting my girl

out of bed Devin's never Donovan wake up

no no no I'm at dude I'm out of bed long

before she is if your girl here's

another thing if you and this is I just

thought of this if your girl wakes up

before you do eventually she's gonna

cheat on you let's move to number five

the number five reason your ex reaches

back out to you she got dumped and she

needs validation gentlemen women have

extraordinarily fragile egos nothing

damages a woman's ego more than being

dumped when they get dumped dude they'll

get depressed

no dude they close off from everything a

breakup for a woman especially if it's

from a guy she loves or if it was a

long-term relationship it consumes every

part of her life it is all she can think

about at that point she is so desperate

she'll fuck anybody just to make herself

feel better this is where you come in so

when you get that hey let's hang out

texts from your ex this could be the

reason she just got dumped and she needs

validation she has a confidence problem

and she needs you to solve it understand

now here understand this if this is the

case you're only gonna fuck her once

maybe twice at the very most but after

she has her after she gets her

confidence back she doesn't need you

anymore she's going right back to the

carousel I'll tell you another quick

story I counseled a guy whose wife

cheated on him right

so they got divorced she left them for

another for another guy but they got

back together twice they were boyfriend

and girlfriend - I see so they divorced

back in 2010 in 2012 they got back

together as boyfriend and girlfriend

that lasted a year she left him then

came back in 2015 and 2016 she left him

again they became boyfriend and

girlfriend twice after being married

okay here's the only thing she was doing

was using him for validation using him

to get her confidence back the

that she left him for the first time he

fucked her over she didn't want to be

with her anymore

so she came running back to familiar she

didn't want to fuck with strange anymore

so he probably took her back hey baby

you know you're beautiful you're this of

that he's lucky he's a fool dah dah dah

dah dah he built her back up she got her

confidence back oh you know what you

know I am the shit you know don't need

him anymore to go back on the carousel

got with another guy the same thing

happened dude took her back again and

this final time she again she did it


he built her all the way back up and

when she had the confidence to get back

out on the dating market she didn't have

any use for him anymore so when your ex

texts you out of the blue it might be

because she got dumped and she needs

validation give her about dude give her

a validation in the form of dick but

understand that as soon as she gets her

confidence back she's gonna be back on

that carousel she does not want to get

back with you reason number 6

she is shit testing you a woman's radar

and haricots 2 to 9 I see you there in

the queue I'll be with you in just a

second a woman's radar for male

attention and validation is always on

whether they know it admit it or not

even when they are happily married or in

a great relationship they are always on

the lookout for the next dude for the

next dude - branch lane - in case things

go south with her man like they have

with their other 70 78 boyfriend's so

when your ex reaches out to you she'll

make conversation she'll bring up the

good old days right and be otherwise

Pleasant in an attempt to make you go in

for the kill and make you suggest that

the two of you hang out at that dude

guys guess what if this is what - a nun

she has no intention of hooking up with

you again if you refrain from suggesting

that meet up or I'm sorry if you if if

you are the one who suggests that you

meet up all attraction is out the door

because now you're thirsty hey remember

the good old times yeah let's meet up

for drinks never fuck your ex if she

doesn't suggest it you don't suggest it

you make her sit just she came crawling


you make her suggested but by not

suggesting the meet up you will have

passed the shit test which will in

essence make you more attractive to her

when a woman sees that you are not

desperate to get back with her it says

to her that you are fucking another


you were living your life you're going

about your business rushing to impress

her and trying to meet up for drinks is

failing a shit test at which point she

will simply move to the next guy in her

phone to get the dick the out of

validation the Alpha fucks whatever

reason it is she's texting other dudes

behind her boys back her boyfriend's

back okay looks like we just lost uh

looks like we just not Scott got a

minute oh boy

all right there we go all right okay

looks like I just lost BlogTalkRadio

there for a second so area code two to

nine if you're on the line I don't know

if I'm gonna be able to get back with


let us move - give me one second here

yeah it looks like looks like blog talk

just dropped off line let's go ahead and

move to the seventh and final reason

your ex reaches out to you out of the

blue she's keeping she's gauging your

interest for a potential back-up plan

let's go back to the ex who got let's go

back to the ex who got with the new dude

right she realizes that she's not going

to stay with him for too much longer but

wants to stick around

Alissa wants to stick around long enough

to benefit from his money his car his

posh lifestyle etc etc right she's gonna

stay she's gonna stay with him this is

that out this is that alpha fucks beta

bucks thing when she calls or texts you

out of the blue she is gauging your

interest in her despite her being in a

relationship that she likely started

before she ended things with you if you

show her that you would entertain

thoughts of getting back with her she'll

stay in contact with you just to keep

you on line just to keep you on ice

again it depends on the situation the

point is guys is that women always have

a back-up plan in place and she will not

hesitate to use you or her ex as the

back-up plan in the end guys your ex

making contact with you after a

significant amount of time has gone by

isn't because she likes you or wants to

rekindle that flame yes number three was

that she wants you know she wants you


but any man with red pill awareness no

that just because the next girlfriend

wants you back doesn't necessarily mean

that she still likes you okay she wants

to get back with you okay

that doesn't necessarily mean she loves

you or wants to get back with maybe she

maybe she's just trying to branch 'wing

there are a lot of girls out there who

can't be alone they always have to have

a boyfriend

I remember Suzy the the big tittied

Mexican bitches I fucked around on that

I fucked with in Vegas who eventually

led me to the right bill

I remember her specifically telling me I

can't not be without a boyfriend I have

to have a man I have to have a boyfriend

there are more women out there like this

than you think and if your ex-girlfriend

is with a man she knows she's not gonna

be with she needs a branch to swing to

ASAP and you're that guy that does not

mean she likes you that just means

you're available women need to be in a

relationship or casually fucking or or

at least casually fucking a man

regularly any woman who doesn't have a

boyfriend or a husband is likely fucking

at least two guys at the very least this

makes her feel wanted and validation and

and validated and the status of her

lover's the status of the guys who were

fucking her is of little consequence so

long as he is so long as he or they are

sticking their cocks in her on the

regular do yourself a favor when your ex

texts you and ignore it gentlemen there

is way too much pussy out there to be

going back to your ex who's probably

been fucked by dudes in the into the

double digits

once you guys split you've got better

shit to do than to entertain thoughts of

getting back with your slut of an

ex-girlfriend alright let's go back to

the chat one last time here sure I'm

Cain says I call that backend pussy okay

let's see here

alright Wow okay

Captain Crunch 4/20 says this this topic

is interesting because I had my ex hit

me up out of the blue two years ago

interesting experience what it was

xx is wild but I'm telling you man those

ex Crowe dude ex-girlfriends will suck

the color off your dick even if you're a

white boy straight-up

dude they'll suck your dick so hard

it'll be clear they seeds are after that

shrimp Cain says I keep forgetting

you're 40 yeah listen I look good for 40

I'm almost 41 years old

good genes I take good care of myself

and I am on human growth hormone I am on

HGH which is literally the Fountain of

Youth like yeah I'm yeah I don't I don't

look 40 at all and why Kia 31 says by

the way you were right I didn't respond

to my ex's text last month haven't heard

from her since I don't need that drama

dude fuck that noise man to hell with

that okay

Kratos the God says what if her cycler

is messed up because of something like

PCOS I know a girl can't have a period

without taking a pill sharp assists asks

is she fat no she's in the gym six days

a week to deal with it and tell her to

take the pill problem solved yet exactly


chase Lobo says Dabra let her take the

pill but wear a condom that shit makes

her cycle unpredictable yeah dude that's

for sure girls who were on the pill and

like girls who were on the shot their

period comes like clockwork I mean that

listen that's my experience well girls

are on the pill dude like don't miss

period their periods will be extra

bloody dude the pill fucks with your

hormones too goddamn much dude I mean

dude girls are fucked up in the head

they're fucked up in the head enough as

it is man like the pill just makes it

worth worse Jesus Christ good advice

there chase good good advice there NY

Kia 31 says she sounds like a hot mess I

guess he's talked about the girl in

Seattle Sherm cane says a lot of chicks

sleep with their exes and cheat with

until they find a new boyfriend because

in their mind keeps their body count low

I never even thought about that never

even thought about that I sorta god

these fucking bitches dude these fucking

bitches well that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR primetime I'm gonna go

and eat my zucchini pasta spaghetti and

watch the all-star game thank you all

for tuning in tonight thank you to all

of my callers I will see you guys

tomorrow evening