Why it's important to vet women before committing to them - Part Two (Episode 393)

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just because I'm like fucking it doesn't

mean I actually like you rich guys and

hot guys get cheated on like everybody

else there's nothing to be afraid of

she's just a woman discovery Trump's

disclosure you lost your edge

she lost the traction it's all works

live from Philadelphia pure man

Donovan show hey what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome back

to the 390 third edition of TSR live

your daily dose of red-billed truth

wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday

January 15 2009 teen we are multi

casting live to three YouTube channels

three facebook pages and twitter via

periscope hopefully the technical issues

are over I can't make any promises guys

I don't know what the fuck is going on

but we're gonna try to soldier on and if

this is something that is outside of my

control and I will make the appropriate

phone call so that I can control it but

because it is show time and I don't have

I don't really have the time at least

not right now to call up my internet

service provider and air them out the

show goes on till they say otherwise so

I'm sure it's something minor I do I get

extremely extremely pissed when things

that are outside of my control and acted

right that is whoa Matt because I work I

work very very hard to make sure things

go right and smoothly I dot all my eyes

I cross all my T's and when something

like that appears to be throttling on

internet that I pay a shitload of money

for when things like that get in the way

I tend to lose my shit I can not listen

I elicit man we talk about alpha males

need to hold frame and this and that any

other all that listen that's all well

and good but there are some situations I

don't really hold frame I don't really

hold frame very well and slow internet

is one of them especially as much money

as we pay these fuckers anyway getting

back to it is long-term relationship

here at TSR towers and like I said

yesterday we talked about the vetting

process we talked about prerequisites we

discussed circumstances characteristics

etc etc well today we're gonna continue

talking about netting women betting

women is the single most important

element when it comes to choosing a

woman for a potential relationship but

because most men are lazy because most

men are thirsty because most men are


and in a hurry they rarely do they

rarely oh boy here we go now I've got

microphone problems oh yeah yeah is

anything is everything good on the mic

and guys Jesus fuckin hell man anyway

because men don't want to do they don't

want to take the time that's necessary

to vet a woman properly they end up

getting Berg 11 times out of 10 they end

up getting burned most of the time so

getting back to know what getting back

to what I was talking about those of you

guys who are sports fans are aware of

the quarterback tandems

that are often debated about in the NFL

Draft Andrew Luck versus Robert Griffin

the third 2012 the Colts suck Andrew

Luck first Redskins took RG three second

Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers from back

in five the 49ers selected Alex Smith

first Aaron Rodgers drops all the way

down to 22 gets picked up by the Packers

then of course more recently Jared Goff

or Carson wets the list goes on

well slight buzz when I talk how

guys is there anymore it's really really

beginning to you want to see me come

apart at the seams man this is it any

listen anybody who wants it - anybody

who wants to tune in and see Donovan

sharp meltdown this would be the day

okay I'm being told it's good all right

what's it man listen if anything else

happens if it's buzzin if the internet

is slow fuck it I'm just gonna do the

show just as a matter of exercise just

are gonna feel like I did everything I

was supposed to do I felt like I was

supposed to do today anyway

anyway 1998 was no different the Colts

the Indianapolis Colts all right now I'm

being told that I don't you guys don't

hear me enough all right so there's the

gain okay

testing testing testing testing there we

go how about that okay there we go

that's really loud all right how's this

guys that sounds a little bit that looks

a little bit too loud how's that guys

I'm gonna have to cut all this out this

is okay yeah okay all right all right

oh yeah all right so we're good all

right Jesus fuck dude all of us want to

go back and just redo it just redo the

just redo the whole thing

fuck it I'm going out I don't give a

shit anyway the Indianapolis Colts had

the number one overall pick and the word

on the street the word around NFL

circles Adam Schefter etc etc was that

they were torn in terms of which

quarterback they were gonna take him the

draft course Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning

now the Colts ended up taking Manning

number one overall and the San Diego

Chargers took Leaf at number two now

after they made the pick and I think it

was Suzy Kolber who had the post draft

interview with Bill Polian who was the

general manager of the Indianapolis

Colts Hall of Fame general manager the

Indianapolis Colts and by the way Bill

Polian was the GM of the Buffalo Bills

back in the glory days back when the

bills made their run to four straight

Super Bowls he put those uh he put those

teams together Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas

Andre Reed oh my

God Darryl Talley Bruce Smith Keith

Mackellar Marc Kelso Kent Hall was the

center of that team and an all-star dude

James Lofton I mean he put those teams

together so Bill Polian knows what he's


so Suzy Kolber goes and asked him she

says well listen bill what what made you

draft Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf Ryan

Leaf clearly has a stronger arm he's

bigger he's more athletic at least

thicker his pac-10 Offensive Player of

the Year and Bill Polian answer was

simple he said we did our homework and

Peyton was the clear choice so the Colts

were never in doubt as far as who their

guy was they knew they were going with

Manning the entire time now Peyton

Manning of course goes on to be one of

the greatest quarterbacks ever he wins

two Super Bowl sets all kinds of records

he's gonna walk into Canton but Ryan

Leaf is considered to be one of the

biggest if not the biggest draft bust in

NFL history he's mentioned up there with

guys like Tony man Derek JaMarcus

Russell Steve emp'd men those guys and a

lot of guys put leaf number one there

are a lot of draft busts a lot of Andre

wares out there right a lot of Chris

Winkies a lot of Jason White's Ryan Leaf

stands alone and a lot of people's Ricky

Bobby JaMarcus Russell getting a

nomination yeah JaMarcus Russell was bad

a lot of people say Ryan Leaf was worse

but I think it was because of his

temperament attitude anyway Ryan leaves

career lasted for very short years he

played with four different teams

he threw 14 touchdowns and 36

interceptions and flamed completely out

of league now since he retired he's been

in trouble with the law he's got an

opioid dependency got caught trying to

steal pills from a pharmacy or something

like that went to prison for two years

and all the rest of that now since then

he's gotten his life back together Ryan

Leaf now works with an organization that

helps people with addiction he went back

and finished his degree at Washington

State University he's got a radio show

he does some consultants and financial

consulting and he works as a college

football analyst so he got his shit back

together so good for Ryan Leaf good good

for him for getting back on the horse

but going back

- what Bill Polian said when he said we

did our homework and Payton was the

clear choice what we all found out later

that the Colts knew beforehand is that

Ryan Leaf was a wreck upstairs yeah yet

all the physical tools he had all the

physical gifts but his coaches talked

about how sullen and short-tempered

Ryan Leaf was in high school it was also

said it was rumored nothing on record

but it was rumored that he was diagnosed

with severe depression his junior year

in high school and people who knew him

often described him as troubled the

Colts did their homework and learn all

that they learned all of this stuff and

said no thanks

we're gonna take the guy who comes from

a stable football family with a strong

father and stayed in college until he

graduated Peyton Manning the San Diego

Chargers didn't do their homework on

Ryan Leaf all they saw was a big

athletic kid with a rocket arm and they

fell in love now some of you might

rightfully point out yeah but Donovan

they had to take leaf number two overall

if the Colts got him at number one at

Manning at number one right

Shawn Salisbury was a terrible

quarterback who led them to a four and

twelve record or something like that I

think this was back in 97 so they had to

take him right and that is exactly this

is exactly where men go wrong men get

into relationships with women for the

wrong reasons they just got dumped

they're lonely they're thirsty whatever

the reason they just have to have a

girlfriend just like the Chargers had to

have Ryan Leaf we're four and twelve

Sean Salisbury's our quarterback well

Ryan leaves the next best guy let's just

go ahead and grab him so what do we as

men do what do you as men do you commit

to the first half decent looking girl

who pays you attention you don't ask

questions you don't observe you're not

patient you just dumped it you just

jumped onto into it with her having no

idea who she really is then three years

later you are sitting in jail because

your child support is later because your

child support is late your baby mama is

that your place fucking the dude she

cheated on you with letting him drive

your car and emptying your bank account

because you foolishly opened a joint

bank account with her all of this could

have been avoided had you just taken the

time to vet her this is

number one mistake that men would make

with women and this is not betting women

the San Diego Chargers made that same

mistake two decades ago and lucky for

them they drafted Drew Brees four years

later than Philip Rivers three years

after that and neither one of those guys

have any off-the-field issues whatsoever

drew Brees might win his second Super

Bowl this year and Philip Rivers is

probably a Hall of Famer the Chargers

the San Diego Chargers learn their

lesson they understood that they

shouldn't be enamored with just talent

alone they learned that they have to do

their research and vet players

especially quarterbacks before drafting

them listen if you dropped a linebacker

that comes from a chaotic household okay

you've got a bonta's perfect guy who'd

get suspended about once every couple of

years knock somebody's head off gets

fined okay vantes Burfict is still one

of the best linebackers in football you

can deal with a guy who's got a few

loose screws but at the quarterback

position you can't afford that can't do


gentlemen you would be well to do the

same we've all been the 98 San Diego

Chargers we've all been there myself

included we've all been hypnotized by a

woman's looks now not every girl is

quote Peyton Manning but that doesn't

mean we have to just run out and go wipe

up all the Ryan Leafs because there are

no Peyton Manning's left that doesn't we

don't have to do that either take your

time do your homework and wait on a Drew

Brees wait on a Phillip Rivers my

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there we go

see you are you there see you in Vegas

see in Vegas

all right looks like the phone lines are

gonna be down I guess I just the the

internet the internet snafu probably

disconnected me

sorry about that see I'll definitely

take your calls tomorrow all right let's

just go ahead and check the chat here

you go ahead and shrink my audience we

are off to a little bit of a rough start

like the New Orleans Saints were against

my Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night

but the Saints got their shit together

and ended up eliminating my team from

the playoffs so I am hoping to be like

Drew Brees and recovered nicely and end

up having a good show right now I'm down

14 nothing and Nick Foles is driving to

put us down 21 to nothing

I need my defense to step up and pick

off Nick Foles

so I can have a good show all right

let's go back to the top here mr. mink

pops the cherry T oaken ha ah get sloppy

seconds he'll fighter says new Gillette

he'll fighter gets to fuck her in the


sweet editor gets the finish on her face

a Chesley 169 cuts to get it all on film

alone revolver Nick Louise agha good to

see you guys in here again am I sound a

my sounding okay guys because it sounds

like I look like I'm sounding good but I

want to make sure you guys could really

hear me Mike chénier says rosebud was a

he just didn't hear the whole

conversation yeah I was on with Steve

the Dean briefly I was hung with Steve

the Dean Williams briefly and yeah you

know listen man rosebud is an older guy

and you know there listen there there

are some things that you know I mean

listen man it's you know it's just one

of those deals man we just he just

doesn't see things the way the way we do

no big deal no big deal right and

Sullivan thinks that Google is out to

get me dude Google's been out to get me


to be honest with you I'm surprised they

haven't mix this channel yet I keep dude

I keep waiting on an email or a text

message yo your channels gone down all

right well time to activate one of the

other fourteen-year more Garcia says the

mic is clean for him loud clear audio is

great okay all right yeah fuckin with

the okay very very good very good

sharpest assists stop whining all right

Dennis in Denver in the house Lorenzo

Davis Guillermo Garcia says female

football analysts are the worst yeah

it's funny when they put these female

football analysts on the screen and

they're breaking down you know like the

three-four defense versus the 4-3

defense or zone blitz I'm like pitcher

blonde with big tits like you don't know

shit about football

somebody is feeding it into your ear

there's a script you were reading

there's listen there's no way you're

ever gonna convince me that women pay

enough attention to football to have

that level of understanding I don't give

a shit I don't give a shit and for the

record Suzy Kolber doesn't really talk

about that stuff Suzy Kolber is really

just a host I don't have a problem with

her um I really don't because she

doesn't really try to be she's not

Michelle Beadle she doesn't try to be

opinionated she doesn't she she doesn't

try to be like Molly kiram who wants us

all to think that she knows what she's

talking about got this thing in your ear


like everybody come on god dude first

tank would be so much better if Molly

kirim was not on it because she is just

in Jesus Christ

I mean shout out to Jaylin rose from Fab

five for wife and Iran but god damn dude

she is a real engineer says Ryan Leaf

the Attic yes yeah Ryan Leaf was Ryan

Leaf was he was he was a wreck up from

the neck up men wizard prank sisters

saying the Chargers got one itis that's

exactly that's exactly what they that's

exactly what they had ah Kyle Mitchell

says Charles Woodson was also in that

draft yes Charles Woodson was drafted by

the Raiders Charles Woodson if I'm not

mistaken is the last defensive player to

win the Heisman Trophy the world thought

that Peyton Manning was gonna win it and

I'll never forget dude I'm a High Point

University in my dorm room waiting for

Peyton Manning to win the Heisman gave

it the Charles Woodson correct me if I'm

wrong there I think Charles Woodson is

the is the last defensive player to win

the Heisman Trophy

all right Kido for life says he made it

over from Facebook appreciate that Mike

shitter he says here at work listening

live oh watch out Mike watch out dude

don't do that overcook listen don't do

that over the the company Wi-Fi don't do

that over on the company computer man

fuck around and get an H or summons

alright so excellent excellent mr. e

1976 very good guys they're saying you

guys hearing mic feedback and all that

good stuff I don't know I don't know

what to do about it now I mean the I

don't really know it's what's happening

but I'll let the fuck with the settings

later but for now you guys just gonna

have to deal with it all right so what

we're gonna do now we're going to

discuss a few of the a few more vetting

procedures and what we're gonna do first

is we are going to talk about a few

questions that you have to ask yourself

about as a woman that you are

considering for a long term relationship

material now granted she does have to

meet those eight prerequisites that we

talked about at the very least those

eight prerequisites then of course we

talked a little more about some other

stuff well in part two we're gonna ask

questions and we're gonna have three

more requirements that a woman has to

have to be put in the running for a

potential long term relationship so the

first question needed to ask is does she

have a clean place does she keep her

apartment clean does she keep her house

clean a long time ago

fellow return of Kings right or a be

later fucking great guy dude

love that guy he wrote an article called

if there's a mess on her floor she's

probably a whore and he's right women

with messy apartments

are always sluts women who for what

Ellison I can't listen I can't explain

it if any of you have some sort of a

psychological explanation as to why as

to why women who have dirty apartments

dirty houses or sluts please tell me

because I can't explain it

you know the type use listen you've been

doing girls house right for a


just clothes on the floor everywhere the

trash is always full dirty dishes are

always in the sink

it's nothing scientific but if she

doesn't take care of where she lives

then chances are she probably doesn't

take care of herself

okay so maybe she goes to the gym that

works out maybe she does those things

maybe she makes decent food decisions

but this girl girls who have messy

apartments usually drink a lot okay they

use drugs cocaine marijuana etc etc they

have unprotected sex listen all that

stuff is messy and it is reflective in

their cleanliness again I can't listen

it's a maybe it's a psychological thing

I don't know but I've never met a girl

who has a messy apartment who wasn't a

slut ever the second question that you

need to ask about your woman and don't

ask your woman this stuff by the way

like don't hey by the way no no no you

have to ask this of yourself and again

remember this takes time you're not

gonna be able to answer any you're not

gonna be able to answer these questions

in a month two months no this takes time

any girl can fake the funk for a few

months but you need to make sure that

that's who she is at all times so the

second question they need to ask

yourself about your woman is does she

offer to assist you in your endeavors

your projects does she supports you now

to be clear a man doesn't need a woman's

support to be successful we don't we

don't need women to be successful I

think that goes without saying but it

certainly helps

the antithesis of that is a woman who is

non supportive

a woman who is non supportive or

adversarial when it comes to your

projects your endeavors your goals and

so forth it's like an anchor Darci my

ex-wife did this to me a lot she didn't

want me to open up a mattress shop

that's all I said Darcy I know

everything I need to know about that

mattress business I think I can open up

a mattress shop and make a shitload of

money she says no you shouldn't do it

blah blah blah blah blah I think a pitch

to two or two or three times she can't

shoot me down well I did it anyway I did

it anyway open up the mattress shop

after I open up the mattress shop and

became successful then she came and

supported me after she saw it was

successful and dude I'll never forget my

very first week I sold not one mattress

and I'm thinking to myself holy shit

like I need help like I did I did a

little bit of advertising but really not

that much right late-night TV

advertising stuff like that so I hired a

guy incidentally enough he lived right

here in Philly I'm in North Carolina

hired a guy to post craigslist ads for

me he says listen man I can put 30 to 40

ads up on Craigslist for you this was a

long time ago before Craigslist had all

the bots the very first day the very

first day he posted craigslist ads for

me I did $1,500 in gross sales just like

that was unbelievable long story short

it was a very successful mattress

business I ended up selling it for three

times what I initially invested for it

had it open for two years I think I made

a total of like a hundred and seventy

four thousand dollars in profit over the

two-year period very successful no I

would have done the mattress shop with

or without Darcy I would have been

successful with or without her I didn't

need her to help me with my master shop

I opened that shit on my own did having

her around helped doing the paperwork

and things like that sure but if she

didn't do it I would have hired someone

else who did but it but

had she been more supportive life would

have been better at least in the onset

again it's not necessary for your woman

to support you if you need a woman to

support you to reach her goals then the

woman's not the problem you're the

that's a you problem you shouldn't need

a woman to kick you in the ass you

shouldn't need a woman to inspire and

motivate you know that should be right

here and right here so a woman it's not

necessary for success but pushing back

and telling you things like you

shouldn't be doing XYZ or trying ABC

that's a deal-breaker you listen you

cannot be in a relationship with a woman

like this it can't be done

Devon on the other hand definitely

supports me number one she floated the

idea of doing a podcast don't get me

wrong I'd given it thought before but

I'd never set it out well I'll never

forget we're on the phone and she says

you know what you should start a podcast

right I get the idea around for a few

months and eventually I did

Devon also built my website Devon Devon

is an expert level I'm not exaggerating

expert level internet marketer she works

for a company that pays her big money to

get people's businesses websites traffic

and she does very she does a very very

good job in 2018 she got two raises and

a promotion anyway she built my website

she she she made my shirt made my hoodie

I'm gonna be doing obviously I'm gonna

be selling that stuff they do in summer

cheer pretty soon she came to the 21

convention supported me represented me

well and listen if we're still together

for this next twenty-one convince' the

twenty one conventions after that I

assume that she'll be going there too

she'll be going again with me

this is listen the fact that she is so

supportive of what I do makes a huge

difference and to be honest with you

that's probably in the top three reasons

in terms of why I made her my girlfriend

real talk again listen if I weren't

listen if I had never met Devon I still

would had a podcast maybe I'm

broadcasting from Phoenix instead of

Philly but the fact that she was

supportive made my journey a lot more

enjoyable and she definitely added to my

life in that regard if you have listened

I'm not saying that a woman has to be

right or die for what you want to do but

don't be adversarial right listen if

she's neutral cool fine fine

you're not gonna agree or disagree with

what I do you're gonna live your life

I'm gonna live mine I'm gonna do what I

do but when you have a woman that pushes

back woman who literally tries to hold

you back no can't do it can't do it

here's another question that you need to

ask about your potential main chick has

she had an abortion I'm gonna jump all

over the place with these guys with

these women who have willfully had an

abortion gentlemen are damaged beyond


any woman who Lou who willfully kills a

human being growing within her has no

soul and guess what it's never for a

good reason

the only reason 99.999 with a bar over

it for those of you in high school

percent of the time the reason a woman

has an abortion is because she doesn't

want to ruin her body I don't give a

fuck what she says well I don't want to

bring a child into this world wait a

minute you're a selfish bitch now all of

a sudden you care you care so much about

your kid not being born into this world

you're willing to kill the kid to spare

them from this cruel world well I'm not

ready to be a parent you should have you

should have thought about that before

you let him raw dog you I don't want to

be a parent yeah next time you let him

fuck you raw think about do I want to be

a parent or not I don't want it to be in

foster care that cruel world excuse

again my body my choice oh so when you

want an abortion it's your choice

in your choice of wont you can make that

unilaterally but if you decide that you

want to have the kid now

you want me involved now you want my

money now you want child support

well the mother's health is at risk

bitch it is twenty nineteen nineteen

twenty women don't die during childbirth

anymore try again well what if she was

raped regret sexism raped

guys getting raw dog in a club bathroom

by the DJ that's not rape having

consensual sex while under the influence

of alcohol with a guy you've known for

exactly forty eight minutes isn't rape

any woman who has had an abortion is

extremely selfish and if those of you

who watched yesterday guess what if you

are selfish you cannot be with me I'll

fuck you all day long I'll shoot loads

in your face all day long but I am not

about to commit to you fuck you the next

question you should ask yourself about a

woman and this is kind of a

multi-faceted multi-part question does

she take care of herself is she fed is

her mom fat or her family members fat if

that listen if they have fat family

members they likely have bad eating

habits which means she'll eventually get

fat ask yourself this on in in the same

vein in terms of does she take care of

herself does she smoke gentlemen listen

smoking is a deal-breaker

as far as long-term relationships are

concerned if you're a fuck buddy if

you're a friend with benefit One Nights

and I don't give a fuck dudes

dude smoke to your eyes get cataracts so

what do you get lung cancer I don't give

a fuck not for long-term relationships

here's another question under the does

she take care of herself does she work

out does she exercise does she watch

what she eats this is where Devon falls


gentlemen I talk about it listen I talk

about her accolades but you guys know

listen man I keep it all the way real

Devon doesn't work out Devon is very

fortunate that she hit the genetic

lottery and is still extremely sick

really attractive at 34 years old guess

what and it'll be that way forever

I know it and she knows it she's on the

wrong side of 30 and if she continues

with this pattern

she knows what happens but I'm not

completely cruel and heartless okay i

donovan sharp i'm going to invest in

devon i am going to hire a personal

trainer for her she's gonna be a female

personal trainer she's gonna come to our

apartment building and she's gonna be

one-on-one with Devon for one hour one

hour three times a week this is gonna

cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of

$600 a month now listen Devon lacks

motivation in terms of working out she's

a woman that's how it is right well if

she but that's a deal-breaker listen man

she has Devon has a lot of redeeming

qualities that make it worth it to be

with her for now and dude we have this

conversation all the time

listen sweetheart you're still very

sexually attractive but like you're

turning 35 next month like you do

understand it's not gonna list like at

some point the party's gonna be over you

need to extend that party Devon

understands how important this is I tell

another story like this you guys

remember Crissy the big tittied Mexican

ten I invested in her too I paid three

hundred and fifty dollars for cooking

classes Crissy improved not one bit and

I never considered Crissy to be a

candidate for long term relationships so

Devon understands clearly what's at

stake here now thankfully Devon eats

like a hamster right she doesn't really

eat that much she'll pick up my food

every now and again so she's got that

going for and genetics but does she work

out does she follow your lead as far as

fitness does she keep her hair and her

nails done women who were sloppy they

were sweats all the time they've always

got their hair in a ponytail nails are

never done hair is never done out of the


you got to represent yourself well and

you have to represent me well in public

here's another question that you need to

ask about your potential main chick is

she genuinely kind not the fake kind

when she's only nice to you when she

wants something

no Darcys to do that to me all the time

anytime she wanted me to take her to

baskin-robbins for these cappuccino

blasts all of a sudden she was nice as

soon as I got in the car and handed it

to her as like she would like them she

turned on the bitch switch no I'm

talking about real kindness right

because it's who she is

wizard praying wants to know how does

she dress when she goes to Walmart she

doesn't go to Walmart all girls are kind

at first until the new wears off till

they get used to you or they smell the

thirst and desperation on you under the

same is she genuinely kind

how does she react when you raise your

voice at her does she raised her voice

back or does she state her case

respectfully girls who are kind do the

latter they stay respectful was it

praying says that was a rhetorical

question my bad dude my bed

bitch is on the other hand sluts always

clapping back you raise your voice at

them they want to raise their voice at

you and if your woman raises her voice

at you that speaks to both of you she's

a bitch and she doesn't have your

respect if she didn't have your respect

then that's on you I have laid into

Devin plenty plenty of times

I've known Devin almost three years now

and I have air I can't even tell how

many times I've aired her out both on

the phone face to face I'm talking top

of the lungs point in the fingers veins

bulging out of my head my heart you know

my heart is thumping cuz I'm so pissed

plenty of times

Devin has never ever clapped back well

you know what I tell Ally

she did one time

we first started talking suffice it to

say she's never done that again she

hasn't clapped back since

now does dev get upset of course she


right on me yelling at her she's human

does she vocalize concerns and raise

questions yes this is what I want I want

a woman not a sex doll right listen

Devin sees things I don't normal I'm

sometimes I don't see and vice versa I'm

smarter than she is I'm running the

relationship but guess what every once

in a while I could use her input but

when she does she does it with kindness

and respect she's not fake she's docile

I don't do aggressive chicks the last

three vetting procedures plus more of

your comments on the other side we'll be

right back TSR live with donovan sharp

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Chet cat girl says you deserve a good

slap that's what bye wait wait hold on

you guys time to round hold up man she

says bye weirdo time to catch up with

the times

it's funny when these girls and when you

look at cat girl's picture like her her

avatar picture you know that's not what

she looks like cap girl is like a fat

ugly she's a fat ugly chick with like

chin hair it's so funny these dude all

these bitches who try to come in here

and troll me they always pick like the

most like dude that's not you cat girl

and if that really was you you wouldn't

be trolling some random dude on the

Internet at 6:00 at night

geez time to catch up with the times

all right let's scroll back up Kyle

Mitchell says Donovan is describing all

the women I date Wow

BK from the Rockies says and usually

those chicks are chaotic in their

day-to-day lives absolutely

hey listen crazy pussy is good pussy

chaotic pussy is good pussy damaged

pussy is good pussy

daddy is Scott like in the retro Super

Mario Brothers t-shirt hashtag Nintendo

Dennis and Denver says if her car is

dirty inside red flag totally agree

totally agree holy moly

oh yeah like if her car is like fucking

dirty on the inside oh yeah

Marcus haven't seen you in here in a

while good to see you or either that

have been paying attention says facts no

interest in how you got there or what

you did are you there or not that's all

that matters

it's the few that see potential and

stick around that deserve a clap totally

agree he was answering Charles cab a a

turtle who's said earlier women don't

care about the process they only care

about the finished product yeah listen

this is this is this is who they are and

we as men and a lot of ways are the same

way right we see a girl with a great

body and a huge set it's it's wait a

minute her tits are fake your tits are

fake I am no longer attracted to you I

no longer want to stick my dick and you

know you got big fucking perky tits we

have a fuck if it's silicone or the real

thing sticking my dick between them but

yes women are women are far more

concerned with outcomes than journeys to

be fair Ryan Sullivan says

have Devon on how to internet marketing

no can't do that Chris Knight says what

if she wants to build a future um give

me a little context Chris what if she

wants to build a future give me a little

bit more context James says it's worse

if she had an abortion young because her

parents made her do it

she is Loco Real Talk my sister my

sister who is born who is my she's the

one down for me she's the second old

some the oldest of five I took her to

get her first abortion yep I'm at High

Point University my mom calls me up she

says Donovan I have an emergency you

have to come home right now she wouldn't

tell me what it was I get there yep you

need to take your sister to get an

abortion yeah that was fucked up that

was fucked up man and apparently my mom

made the decision I guess my sister

didn't want to make the decision so my

mom made it for I don't know okay listen

I don't care how you got the abortion

99.9 percent of the time they make the

choice to get it Chris Knight says I

agree women shouldn't have abortions but

women need to take proper care when

sleeping with people especially black

women yeah you're right but they're not

going to so you know like listen you can

all sit here and talk about how nice it

was back in the 1950s like the big towns

like to do it ain't the 1950s man it's

the 20 teens this is how it is Chris

Knight says I dread

take a chick who had one abortion over a

chick that has multiple kids with

multiple men now that that is a very

that's a very good dichotomy put it in

the chat gun to your head and don't say

well if it's a gun to my head just shoot

me no know which is which is the more

Blissett chicks with abortions and

chicks with multiple kids by multiple

baby daddies you're not your listen

you're not gonna you're not gonna be in

long-term relationships with them but

which is worse right which is the lesser

of two evils it's very interesting Kyle

Mitchell says he can smoke weed knocks

not cigarettes yeah okay BK from the

rock he says like how Chris Jones a pump

chaser said a while back about chicks

working out if she doesn't work out we

don't work out yeah listen I agree I


so wait senator says good call getting a

female personal trainer most guys would

hire a male personal trainer and we all

know what happens with that

well yeah dude I knew so many personal

trainers down at Vegas they're all dude

they're all fucking their clients like

they pass these bitches around it's

unbelievable then Johnny P says Devon is

gonna need to be on that three bottles

of water three bottles of water a day

program no Devon actually drinks about

five to six bottles of water per day so

and listen Devon's eating habits and her

genetics or the reason why her ass still

looks like that at age 34 there's no

doubt but we need to get out ahead of

this thing I want to make sure that she

stays fuckable so I'm putting her on HGH

and getting her a personal trainer

that's right I am putting Devon on HGH

and anyone who says oh my god I can't

believe you're doing that listen man

before you shoot me before you start

talking shit Google benefits health

benefits physical benefits for women on

human growth hormone Johnny P says then

she realized Donovan isn't the one I

guess Johnny P E is a troll listen and

listen if whether you're trying to troll

or not that's actually real talk at

point defin might wake up and say you

know what Donovan's I don't think he's

the one for me this listen this could

happen I could invest all this money get

her a personal trainer and she might

start feeling herself a little bit right

you know what I think I can do better

than Donovan I guess what she's well

within her high pergamus rights to do so

now she's not going to write and it will

be fun to watch her try from a distance

but at the end of the day man listen

women are gonna do whatever it is they

want to do that's how that goes so yeah

listen listen those of you guys who have

listened and watched me for any student

period of time I am under no impression

that Devon is gonna just love me forever

and ever no sweet no no no dude Devon's

a woman yeah she's my woman I care for

her very much she in a snowflake she no

fucking uniform she is out here on the

cock carousel just like all just like

everybody else Devon happens to have a

lot of qualities that I value in a woman

at this stage of my life she's very

attractive she cooks for me she wears

and does whatever I want in bed okay and

as long as these things stay in place in

and that includes her physical

attractiveness we have a chance to last

but guess what that's not just my call

if Devon wakes up and decides you know

what don't want to be with none of

anymore I guess um you know I guess I

guess that's it I mean I don't know I

guess I don't know she can move up she

won't sleep she can leave it is what it

is my whole not gonna anybody said and

James says I'm gonna use that code that

soap is the shit dude I love tactical so

man I love that shit oh wow okay alright

so let's go here

okay here we go


Thaddeus got life like the chin here

raela bot wants to know do I plan to do

in-person live show um no I mean I live

in Philly and none of my guests that I

have on regularly live in Philly so no

red beast wants to know if I ever played

Super Smash Brothers of course ugly red

beast come on man

of course I played Smash Brothers man

what the hell kind of question is that

dude that is an n64 classic and out yo I

was horrified with Lake dude nobody

could stop me when I use link it was

either link or or sometimes Jigglypuff I

will fuck you up with Jigglypuff

straight up and every once in a while

I'll switch to Samus but dude link that

was my guy okay Ricky Bobby says he'll

take the abortion broad wizard praying

says multiple kids equals irresponsible


Richard Appleton abortion ryan sullivan

multiple children is worse let's you

know miami jay says I take neither not

for long-term but with a gun to my head

I take the single mom ray Lamont

you women with feminist views are toxic

for relationship ray listen I appreciate

the question but that's remedial that's

a remedial question or listening to TS

are alive of course listen man I'm not

gonna describe a woman's feminist views

as toxic because it's a non-factor if a

woman has feminist views I'm not gonna

be in a relationship with you I'm gonna

fuck you I'm gonna nut in your face I'm

gonna fuck you in the ass many of you

asked him out I'm gonna give you the

dirty sanchez but dude I'm not being in

a long-term relationship with you no

fuck that absolutely not Oh Johnny P

says I was referring when she talks back

to you you lost

Johnny you lost me when she talks back

to me

yeah um take me back take me back

Charles kebaya role says I say Devon is

doing the HDH in order to keep herself

worthy yeah absolutely

absolutely oh no a Chesley 169 asks the

impossible question in smash smash

brothers link or Jigglypuff

god damn it I don't know I don't know

who oh my god dude oh my god dude I will

fuck you up with Jigglypuff but I was I

was surgical with link you guys are you

guys are you guys are fuckin up the show

Goldeneye listen people are talking

about Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 dude that

was the game of all games my guy was

double oh six Alec Trevelyan

dude I was unstoppable with that

motherfucker with the pp sevens the dish

no BAE we called him the destroyers oh

Jesus Christ and then there was a gun

that would soak that we call it the

killer B's blue

license to kill oh oh you go no no no no

no oh you guys are gonna get me way you

guys gonna get me way off topic here man

oh no ask me questions about Nintendo or

Sega oh no I'm sorry no no no can't do


tenor tanara says dumbass question

she is poised okay well scenario you

gotta learn to spell dear and do you

mean poison I don't know I don't know

okay all right oh yes the chops the

chops dude dude the peepee sevens dude

the peepee sevens all right all right

i'ma hold on I listen I do - uh you guys

gonna fuck around and I'm gonna be

talking about this shit all night long

okay so to this point to this point

we've gone over the prerequisites we

talked about traits we talked about

circumstances you talked about

characteristics that tells us a woman

has the potential to be considered for a

long-term relationship and of course

we've asked a few questions we're gonna

finish this off by talking about three

very important traits that women with

potential absolutely have to have in

order to be considered for a long-term

relationship and I want you to keep in

mind that these are non-negotiable

gentlemen that's not to say that what

we've talked about to this point is is

negotiable but these last three elements

have to be in place if even one is not

then we are never elevating her past a

fuck-buddy period that's it number one

she rewards good treatment now let's not

mistake good treatment for beta

treatment beta male behavior is

supplicating beta male behavior is

disingenuous and manipulate which is why

women despise beta male behavior they

know that you don't give a shit about

her astrophysics class that she's taking

online that she's feeling she knows

you're pretending to care because you

want to fuck her oh you guys stop all

right I know I listen I can't do it you

guys are fucked you guys are fucking me

up I'm looking at the chat last last

answer he said Mortal Kombat choice

rating her Sub Zero Sub Zero all the way

sub-zero is my guy I got to minimize the

jack cuz you guys are gonna you guys

gonna fuck around and hijack the goddamn

show Mortal Kombat was my game dude oh

my god alright alright anyway beta male

behavior is passive aggressiveness not

being direct beta male behavior is

complimenting her when she doesn't

deserve it

oh I love that outfit

you both know it looks terrible why does

it look terrible because it's a pair of

dirty jeans and a wrinkled t-shirt made

a male behaviorist telling her you love


after a week it's just because you want

to fuck her beta male behavior is not

attractive and it's not masculine and

this is why women friends on these guys

women who have potential rewards you for

being a gentleman

if if she earns it and let's not get it

twisted here guys girls are not entitled

to being treated like a lady if they

haven't proved that they are if a woman

hasn't proven she's a lady I'm not

treating like a lady I'm treating like a

slut I'm gonna give you a stew mouth and

I'm never gonna talk to you again well

you have to prove that you're a

gentleman first wrong sweetheart my

value is higher than yours and we both

know it this is why women go out of

their way to prove they're ladies first

they know the score and so do you

bitches gentlemanly masculine

gentlemanly gestures holding the door

open for pulling her chair out for her

before dinner

opening her car door not allowing her to

drive ordering for her at restaurants I

listen I do this with Devin all the time

with dude when Devin and I go out to go

out to dinner to sit down restaurant I

do all the talking the only person she

talks to is me I do all the ordering I

do all the talking when we check-in at

hotels room service on the plane the

flight attendant everywhere Devin loves

it why because she can just sit back

turn her brain off and just be a dumb

hot blonde with big tits who happens to

be with a black guy that's all she was

dude this is what women want they just

want to sit back and relax and enjoy the

ride that's what they want so when the

relationship starts and she has earned


this is when you become a masculine

gentleman treating her like a lady when

she deserves it calling her beautiful

when she's beautiful and by the way I

never called Devin beautiful matter of

fact she actually picked out she bought

a dress and a fucking a hot pair of

fucking heels that I fucked her in later


and I didn't tell her oh my god you look

so beautiful no I said you look fucking

hot tonight I'm gonna get back up here

as soon as possible taking your woman on

dates when she's earned it guys what I'm

talking about is treating your woman

with kindness fairness and treating her

like a lady because she earned it and

deserves it

women with potential reward this

behavior if you're the typist that

censor that good morning text good

morning beautiful she text you right

back and asks you how you slept when you

tell her she looks good or that she

looks beautiful she blushes and says

thank you so do you when you take her on

a dinner date she gives you the blowjob

of your life and lets you fuck her six

ways from Sunday then makes you

breakfast in the morning before you wake

up women with potential always

reciprocate good treatment women without

potential do the opposite if you send a

slut a good morning text she'll wait

until after she's fucked Kevin in sales

in the parking lot in his Porsche to

text you back if you text if you call a

slut beautiful she'll say yeah I know

or she'll say everyone who's been

telling me that lately take a slut on a

date she'll run up the tab with

expensive drinks then she'll tell you

she's got to go console her friend who's

going through a bad breakup and go get

ass fucked by Dave the unemployed garage

player garage band player who may or may

not actually live in the garage the

better you treat a slut the worse she

treats you every time and the reason why

sluts treat you so badly guys is because

she knows she's not worthy of good

treatment no matter what sluts say they

know they're trash they know this they

know that they don't deserve to be

treated like ladies because they don't

act like ladies and any man in a sluts

mind who is too stupid to recognize

sluts for

and what they really are or punished to

the full extent of the slut law with bad

behavior sluts are literally telling the

world listen to this guy's sluts

literally literally tell the world I am

a slut I am NOT a lady and if you treat

me like one I will teach you that

treating women like myself as though we

are wife worthy females is something you

should not do and I will do this by

wrecking your fucking life so let's know

they don't deserve being treated like


which is why they misbehave when a man

treats her like a lady you see how that

works guys always ask well why do sluts

treat you so well when you treat them so

badly easy

so let's know that you're giving them

what they deserve which is ass to mouth

and an uber ride home they appreciate

the fact that you understand who they

really are and then they reward you with

that great treatment because you have

the foresight to know that she's not a

lady she's not worthy of being treated

like one it's that simple

women with potential reward good

treatment women with no potential punish

it all right oh no mother fucker oh my


oh no oh god you motherfuckers okay I'm

gonna go I'm gonna go

Oh mutt oh jesus fucking christ I'm

seeing killer instinct I'm seeing - oh

my god you motherfuckers alright here we

go dude more combat all day absolutely

you guys are trolling me with gaming

yeah exactly get yet listen aunt James

says Raiden was dangerous right dude

Raiden was unbeatable if you knew how to

use them but I love me some sub-zero

street fighter all the way absolutely

Street Fighter 5 yes sir Ryu or Ken 100

unit neither Ken or Ryu I'm an Akuma

guide love Akuma Akuma

Miami Jay says I vote for post show show

Mortal Kombat I'm gonna I'm gonna get a

lot of complaints from guys don't have

in your Auto pick too much

Ryan Sullivan says in Street Fighter 2

Ryu blows Ken all the way yep

Pyne says I've seen you with Devon it's

all true yes lion went with me and Devon

for dinner at a really nice restaurant

in Orlando when we were down there

Marcus says Ryu has the clicker sweeps

and low kicks which would keep you away

with no recourse okay

Oh God evil Rai oh my god dude evil Ryu

man Hellfighters says hashtag Kevin in

sales t-shirt yeah that is in the works

and I'm not kidding oh you motherfucker

oh god damn it dude I can't talk man I

can't talk about this shit all day yes

you must defeat Sheng long to stand a

chance yes yes look look G Russell feel

young Lee says oh is this a gamer

channel sorry no not really

not really aunt James says but who could

beat the game with Balrog I've never

seen anybody beat Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter 5 with Balrog I've seen

dudes do it with bison Vega Saget or

Sagat sweet senator says Zangief was my

guy in Street Fighter shoutout to HS Lee

169 with the $5 contribution he says

chun-li for life oh this is great dude I

liked C I didn't really like using shun

lean I like using Blancas it like in the

original Street Fighter 2 is Ken and

Blanca ken and Blanca alright alright

that's it enough gamer talk let us move

to number 2 we're gonna talk about no

Jesus fuck I got it I got

so we're talking about how to vet a

woman for a long-term relationship and

retro-gaming streetfighter to goldeneye

and the like

number two she appreciates the little

things when I was a teenager I treated

my high school sweetheart like solid

gold her name was Jill long pretty blond

hair beautiful emerald green eyes she's

a smoke show I dated her until we went

to college and we cheated on each other

but I digress

actually she cheated on me first and I

took her back foolishly and then I

cheated on her to get back at her and

then you know anyway anyone when Jill

and I were in high school I wrote her

notes every day I gave her a rose every

other Thursday was a lot it was a

tradition long story for Valentine's Day

I bought her balloons flowers chocolates

the whole night I did all that sappy

shit all the sappy shit you see on

romantic comedies and she loved it you

want to know why because we were young I

was 16 Jill was 15 and the reason that

significant is because she hadn't had

the innocence fucked out of her yet of

course she liked all that sappy shit

she'd never experienced it before I was

Jill's first everything I was the first

guy to kiss her the first guy to take

her on a date the first guy to fuck her

the first guy the first boyfriend she

had during Christmas first Valentine's

Day first everything she absolutely

adored what I did for her because she

had never had this kind of treatment now

how does this relate to women Donovan

I'm glad you asked they take a sip here

women who appreciate the little things

are far less superficial and when I say

superficial I'm not talking about will

of God women are not attracted to

unattractive men no they're not just

like we as men are not attracted to

unattractive women she's superficial all

she cares about is looks well that means

need it the way no superficial women

have all been there and done that and

they say it out loud let me talk to

their friends and they'll say any had

flowers for me when I got home and I

appreciated it but I was like been there

done that

now obviously Courtney the slut

has had many many men buy her flowers

and her unfortunate husband is the

latest in a long line of men who had

done this for her but her reaction

wasn't the same when she got them for

the very first time or the second time

were the third time but every time a man

does something romantic for her like

leave a post-it note on her car telling

her that he loves her or sending her a

short video to let her know that she's

on his mind or surprising her by taking

her to grab an ice cream cone or for a

walk in the park she becomes more and

more desensitized to it because she's

experiencing it more no that's not a

revolt if we want to be fair the more

you experience something the less of a

novelty it is no matter what it is which

incidentally enough also includes sex

the more sex you have or you become

desensitized to it I love fucking I'm

always gonna love fucking but guess what

this is why girls who take a lot of dick

make bad wives and mothers but women who

truly appreciate gestures like this the

little things those are the girls

potentially worth committing to why

because it shows that she hasn't

experienced it much which also means she

may not have had a bunch of boyfriends

or husbands that doesn't mean she

wouldn't fucking around at the time

there are a lot of girls out there who

have fucked a lot of guys but haven't

really been exposed to the truly

romantic things like the the little

things women like that appreciate that

there's a commercial that I saw just a

little while back just recently it's an

extra it's an extra commercial right and

I think they're in the car and like they

kissed or something and then he starts

drawing on the little piece of paper and

then he leaves it on our mailbox and she

comes out the next morning she's like

gosh she's all swooning now a slut would

have been like hey been there done that

Robbie did that for me the week before

Donovan said he thought about it but but

decided against it

etc etc the girl on the commercial

smiled and blushed and we get the warm

fuzzies thinking about that man that's

the kind of girl I want

unfortunately gentlemen that's not how

it works there are girls out here who

appreciate stuff like that

the bitch only smiled because it's a

commercial but if the commercial were

accurate it would have cut to another

scene where she's telling her friends oh

it was so cute but I don't really feel a

chemistry with him like I do with the

guy who butt fucked me in the bathroom

at the club last weekend I think I'm in

love with that guy it was real sweet for

him to draw the picture but God the

guy's dick was so big and if that's so

great am i oh my god has he called yet

no I haven't heard from him but I'm sure

he'll come around

women with potential always appreciate

the little things they love that sappy

romantic shit they recognize that it

takes time and effort and thought okay

that doesn't mean that she doesn't have

a high notch kennel but there's

something to be said about a woman who

swoons over a simple gift like a quick

ice cream date or surprising her at her

place with Chinese food and a 10 pack of

condoms you might think it's a stretch

to make this assumption but I can assure

you that it is not girls without

potential have had the innocence and

naivety literally fucked out of them

these are the bitter so and women who've

experienced a lot of good and bad men

irregardless it's a lot of men which

means slut these are the girls who say

things like I don't like flowers to try

to sound like they're strong and

progressive know that six that say well

flowers die or I don't like the way they

smell or where would I put them if a

girl ever pro and by the way never buy a

woman flowers right but if a woman ever

proactively tells you that she doesn't

like flowers here to the fuck out of

there man I don't give a fuck who you

are if you're a woman you'll women all

women love flowers but the reason why

she's telling you she doesn't like

flowers because so many men have bought

her flowers did they say this to the

first guy who ever bought her flowers

did she tell the first guy who ever left

her a love letter

you're wasting paper of course not so

when you do romantic little things for a

woman and she blushes and smiles

it's another mark on the pro side in

terms of her being worthy of commitment

sluts will give you excuses as to why

you shouldn't have well shouldn't do it

again sluts are never impressed by the

little things they need much bigger much

more extravagant gifts to impress them

like the size of a dick the mud like the

size of a dick the more cocks she's

taken the bigger a cock she needs to be




number three and I want to go back to

this one from yesterday because I

thought about it a little more today and

I've got a little more to add to this

thought so I decided to put this back in

here right she spoils you she takes good

care of you and doesn't keep score I

talked about this yesterday now to

review obviously a staple of femininity

is putting the needs of your man before

your own making sure he's taken care of

a woman who prepares her plate hands it

to him before sitting down to eat right

having his favorite drink ready when he

gets home being unselfish in bed

swallowing that salty load you know it

was it swallowing that salty load even

though it takes bet tastes mad taking it

in the ass even though it hurts making

sure he blows his load and not bitching

about how you didn't come shoutout to

Ricky Bobby with the $5 contribution

another great show greetings from the

305 shake and bake appreciate that RB

we discussed all of that yesterday but a

woman to add to this now

a woman who has potential to be your

girl does these things who because she

genuinely enjoys doing them for you

she doesn't require anything in return

she does them because she loves her men

she loves you and she wants to make you

happy now before you guys start before

you guys pop out your chest yeah you

should love taking care of me cuz you're

a woman and I'm a man

slow your roll play up there is a

trade-off and that trade-off is that a

woman isn't gonna spoil a man who is not

worth spoiling she wants a man who loves

her obviously but she also wants a man

who protects her who desires her makes

her feel relaxed makes all the decisions

and handles his shit and her shit

relationships are trade-offs gentlemen

that doesn't mean a woman who spoils a

man expects anything in return

she was already getting it to begin with

she saw that you were strong she saw

that you were masculine saw that you

were a gentleman saw that she had your

shit together she already felt desired

and protected and relaxed and you have

to prove that to women that you have

that true masculinity no supposed to do

anything for women obviously but if

you're not in good shape if you don't

know how to handle women if you don't

have a good financial outlook guess what

women are not gonna be impressed with

you to begin with right so do these

things for yourself and benefit from the

natural side effect of more female

attention you can't expect a quality

woman if you're not a quality man you

can't expect a high-value woman if

you're not a high-value man but once a

woman recognizes your value she spoils

you because you provide her with these

things not in order to get them let me

say that one more time

when a woman recognizes your value she

will spoil you because you are already

providing her with the masculinity she

wants and needs in her life she doesn't

spoil you to get them she spoils you

because she is getting them because she

sees that in you and this is where

spotting disingenuous sluts come into

play and I need you to listen to me

closely sluts

they spoil you from the jump before

you've proven yourself she only thinks

you're high-value because of the car you

drive or because of the watch you wear

she sees you as a ride not something

that she can ride with something she can

sustain what can I get out of him before

I move to my next target so she takes

good care of you to get you to commit to

her right she'll look great all the time

she'll cook she'll blow you every night

all that fun stuff

but the difference between girls with

potential and girls without potential is

that girls with potential wait to spoil

you because they don't want to waste

their time on a man who is unworthy of a

woman's femininity slut spoil men

immediately because she thinks she'll

get something out of it like gifts trips

getting asked to move in god forbid a

ring and when a slut doesn't get what

she wants after having spoiled you

she'll start to spoil she'll start to

point to that scoreboard Donovan what

the fuck I cooked for you I do your

laundry I suck your cock I'm always

available I give you access to my phone

I swallow your loads I'd let you but

fuck me I always let you spend the night

I come over ever you want I do this I do

that but it's been six months and you

haven't asked me to move in there

that's what sluts do gentlemen this is

what imposters do girl's worth girls

with potential worth committing to spoil

you only after you have proven that you

are worth spoiling but guess what those

women are keeping score because they do

it because they want to a woman that has

potential will never say Donovan I did X

so now you owe me she'll say I do this

for you because I love you and why does

she love you because you have proven

yourself to be a dominant masculine

dependable protective man she wants and

needs girls with potential spoil you and

don't keep score

slut spoil you to get something out of

you and when they don't they throw a fit

and reveal themselves as fakes girls

with potential will only spoil you after

you have proven that you are the goods

so let's spoil you from the jump so try

to get you to realize your potential

and by the way women with potential

don't stop the behaviors once you

actually commit to her all right let's

see what's going on in the chat dude the

damn yeah aunt James spent said to

Chumlee had them sarena legs hell yeah

dude yeah dude Chumlee was fucking fast

like nobody could catch her Oh No Kito

for life fucking up the chat says Tecmo

Bowl jackson in excellent condition

bo Jackson on the first tech bubble is

the most dominant video game football

player of all time bo Jackson was

unstoppable and when you were playing

the computer bo Jackson was even better

bo Jackson Jesus Christ

okay let's see here Kyle Mitchell is all

about that Islam life hashtag 72 virgins

people are still talking about smash

brothers you know what actually I saw

that somebody clarified their question

give me one second here

okay there we go

Oh Chris Knight says how does she not

clap back is it because she is afraid

and I think you asked that won't let me

go all the way and won't let me scroll

up I think it said I think you asked me

what I did when she clapped back that

first time and why she never does that

and why she never claps back after that

now I forget what the conversation was

like but this is when we had first

started talking right and Jesus Christ I

said something to her and she says well

bla bla bla bla bla

she said something oh no I do I remember

exactly what the fuck it was about so

we're sitting here talking about like

different girls that I was dating

because he was very interested in the

business I was fucking in Vegas right

and you know she tried to get like she

almost like she felt very she was she

was feeling herself because she had my

attention right and so she's asking me

about these girls and I said yeah you

know this girl has this you know these

kind of kids she's got a nice ass blah

blah blah blah blah and then I said yeah

this one has this one actually has nicer

tits then even you do and she says well

you're still talking to me I said look


I said you talked to me like that one

more time we're never talking again and

that was it that was all there is to it

right off the bat Devon knew that she

was not gonna be clapping back at me is

she afraid of me yeah probably but at

this point I've never really given her a

physical reason to be afraid of me other

than my sheer size so there you go there

you go

Charles Caballero says real talks let's

doing nice things for you at the start

for relationships are the same as beta

sense doing nice things to women for sex

actually I know where you're going I

know where you're going but sluts

who are extra slutty in bed right so if

you've been fucking a girl for a week

she swallows her load you're fucking her

in the ass she lets you literally do

whatever she wants that is the

equivalent of a betta simp do of a betta

simp treating a woman like a queen when

she hasn't earned it yet neither

respects the other dude if a girl let's

me but fuck her on the first date listen

dude I'm gonna blow my load all over

your face I'm gonna give you asked him

out I appreciate it but I don't really

respect you after that like you let me

fuck you in the ass on night one like

for real like that's how this is going

so listen I appreciate it I like it but

I'm not gonna like I've lost a lot of

respect for you you'd have given so many

fucking girls ass to mouth on a first

date it's unbelievable and then they

wonder why I never call him like us so

it was just a hit it and quit it when

I'm done right and I'm just like dude

I'm ignoring that like and I think to

myself dude like my dick wasn't your ass

and I put it in your mouth and you

pretended to like it no I'm not gonna

call your nasty ass back yet of your

mind the fuck out of here with that but

the way I see those girls that I give

ass to mouth on the first date with it's

the same way that girls see guys who

show up on the first date with flowers

after the second date they were they

they want you to meet their mother

things of that nature so I agree with

you Charles I agree with you but kind of

flipping around men lose a lot of

respect for women who do nasty shit

sexually upfront we listen we lose

respect for all women who let us fuck

them on the first date women lose

respect for men who treated like

princesses on the first date listen

we're the gatekeepers to commitment

women are the gatekeepers to sex a man

who takes a woman out on one date and

all of a sudden wants to get serious

that is the male version of a slut we've

only been out on one

and you already want to be my girl and

you already want me to be your

girlfriend you don't even know me like

you just bought me you just paid eighty

five bucks for dinner on you and you

want to be my girlfriend or you want to

be my boyfriend get the fuck out of here

what's the same with guys dude you let

me fuck you on the first date like I've

literally slayed eyes on you for an hour

and a half and and you want me to

respect you no no no doesn't work that

way don't work that way tomorrow's show

will be about setting boundaries and

expectations with women with potential

plus I am going to give my take on the


documentary so you definitely do not

want to miss that that's gonna do it for

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