The House always wins: Why marriage is a bad bet for Men with Quintus Curtius (Ep. 277)


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The movie Divorce, Corp. was a wakeup call for Men who were still in the dark about the true nature of women combined with the court's obvious favoritism toward them. Still, Men are walking down the aisle in droves not realizing the imminent peril that awaits should his future ex-wife decide she wants to cash in her lottery ticket.


Return Of Kings contributor Quintus Curtius sits down with me to discuss how the marriage deck is stacked against Men and why they seem to be ignoring the obvious warnings that discourage them from essentially putting their lives in a woman's hands.


Visit Quintus' website

Quintus' books:

Thirty-Seven: Essays on Life, Wisdom, and Masculinity

Pantheon: Adventures in history, biography, and the mind

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the callin number is 904 two oh five

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want to come on live with a question or

comment okay let's go ahead and get to

it my guest tonight is a longtime

contributor for return of kings Khan he

hasn't written there lately but he was

one of the longest tenured contributors

there he's written several books such as

Pantheon pathways and 37 which can all

be found on his website Q courteous

dot-com he is what I describe as a


historian who brilliantly ties red pill

truths with history philosophy and

theology he can be followed on Twitter

at Quintus courteous so please join me

in welcoming none other than the man who

writes articles you have to read at

least twice to understand quit does how

you do it men a pretty good Jonathan

tation thanks for having me man great

intro always tell people that like we

talk about guys like Rollo Tomassi

illimitable man etc etc those guys are

brilliant minds but you are I mean like

the stuff you write about it's it's just

unbelievable and you have to you have to

read this stuff twice to be able to

understand it you know I don't know man

I don't know I mean I guess yeah I guess

I mean it you know you know everybody

writes about the things that they like

and the things that move them and and

matter to them and that's really all

that I do and and sometimes if it comes

out a certain way I guess I can't make

any apologies for that but it's

everybody gets it eventually it's the

the point is not that hard to grasp it

gist it just might be a little bit

different from what they're used to

seeing that's all of course absolutely

absolutely well I'd like to take the

time I'd like to thank you first of all

for taking the time to join us here

tonight listen you're a busy guy I don't

know if you want to divulge what you do

for a living but I know well actually I

just go ahead and tell everyone Quintus

is a hit man okay oh no I make no I I

make no there's no hiding or anything

I'm a I'm an attorney Donovan and I live

in the in the Kansas City area and I've

been practicing for almost 20 years now

so you know I enjoy doing that basically

it's a it's a life of correcting

problems fixing problems and standing up

standing up for the little guy basically

is what it comes down to so that's

that's what that's what I do good good

obviously lawyers get a get a get a bad

rap you know for for a lot of different

reasons but

oh yeah yeah until they need one

everybody hates lawyers until they waive

the law right excellent excellent now

what a lot of what a lot of my viewers

don't realize is that you were my very

first guest we actually did a show yeah

we actually did a show back in January

of 2017 well yeah when I first got this

thing off the ground and here we are

better than you know what a year and a

half later and we're on the air again so

what have you been up to since the last

time we did a show together yeah you

know I hadn't thought of that Donovan

but you know I really like I really like

your show I kind of like the way you put

things together I think you've got a

great delivery a great great hosting

style and but you know since then since

2017 pretty much just kind of more the

same I am you know you're working during

the during the day and then you know at

night I come home and I do my writing

and working on my books just a couple I

was in Italy in May which I posted a

couple articles about that I visited and

part of the reason was to you know get

some photos for this upcoming

translation that I've got coming out in

in late fall or early winter and it was

a great time you know I was in I was in

Italy for about just a little over a

week and I was in Rome for a few days

and then drove down the Amalfi Coast

drove to Napoli and it was just a great

time and you know and it just kind of

I've been to Italy once before but I had

not really gotten out of Rome and this

was the first time I really kind of the

the countryside I was I was very lucky I

had a friend drive across the Alps to

meet me there from from Slovenia so

things just worked out really well man

you know the photos are on around my

blog so yeah cute q courteous Q

courteous comm for sure so listen it's

it's it's like I said it's it's good to

have you with us it's always and

obviously most of my talk about has to

do with with with women game pickup you

know self-improvement etc etc but but

we're going to talk about

and let me go ahead and remind the the

viewers 942 oh five five three five six

is the number to call in if you have a

question or comment for either or both

of us and quinces I'd like to go ahead

and get into what we're gonna discuss

tonight and that is the failed

institution of marriage specifically in

America now the red pill obviously tells

men not to get married for obvious

reasons and we'll certainly talk about

that tonight but the majority of men who

aren't plugg who are not unplugged from

the matrix still think it's a good idea

to get married then the movie divorce

Corp which was released last year that

sort of open people's eyes a little bit

and it seemed to have a profound effect

on men but only for a little while it

was kind of the same effect that easy

ease death that easy ease death had back

in 95 which of course you know oh yeah

all of a sudden everybody started using

condoms and practicing safe sex more but

after a little while things went right

back to where they were and people were

raw dog and everybody like that's just

how it went men are still walking down

the aisle in droves and they simply do

not understand why this is a financial

and emotional death sentence for them

even though conventional wisdom quintus

points out the obvious reasons mentioned

never get married so what do you

attribute to men simply not waking up

and realizing that marriage is just a

bad bet you know you

that's a great question Donovan and you

know I have to say you've you've touched

on the one question that I think is the

one problem the one question that I just

can't yet in my life wrap my wrap my

mind around and really come up with a

definitive answer and let me describe

what I mean by that I think men in to

some extent women are caught in this

sort of existential bind really with

this on the one hand we want permanent

relationships we want right the

stability we want we one what we think

we should be getting out of a permanent

stable life partnership you know but at

the same time we live in a society that

really has eroded the concepts of duties

and obligations where we

lip-service to these obligations and and

requirements but the reality is Donovan

from what I see and get I was I was

married for two years from 2005 to 2007

so I I was unable to make it work but

that was really you know kind of my bad

decision I made sure frankly just a bad

decision but in any ways the the

overriding problem that I see and I

don't I don't do domestic law thank God

but from what I from what I do see is

that people are not brought up in a

culture where they understand that you

have to try it you have to make things

work we just there's just too many easy

escapes there's too many easy ways to

get out of it but the problem is society

sticks men I think disproportionately

with all of the responsibilities of

marriage but none of the benefits right

so you know you're gonna have and this I

see this over and over and over again

you'll see it you'll have a man come out

of a marriage where he saddled with huge

financial obligations where the legal

system is living in an America that no

longer exists mmm but yet at the same

time you know there's no benefits like

there's no the shortest way to put it is

you have all all of the the these - all

of the the downside but none of the

upside and it's just it's uh it's hard

it's very very difficult for me to say

to somebody hey you know just go ahead

and just take the plunge and see what

happen No having said that I'm not I'm

not willing to go as far as a lot of

other guys are and say oh never get

married and never because I'm still

there is part of me that still holds out

hope - the ice they're still deep down I

still am an idealist and I still think

that it is it can work under certain

circumstances if you if you if you you

know do all the rites or if you just

have the right circumstances but but for

most guys I really think that they just

enter into it far too lightly they do

not understand what they're getting into

that's exactly right it's a it's a very

tough thing Donovan it's very it's very

because how do you on the other hand you

know part of life I think is you have to

kind of do things you're not gonna have

guarantees about everything in life

you're not gonna you know you're not get

some people they want to they want to go

into everything they wanted to go into

the military or a job or this or that or

what they want to make sure they want to

cover their asses right and in some ways

you you can't so I think all you can

really do is take reasonable precautions

evaluate your potential spouse over a

number of years make sure you know what

you're getting into right and that's

really all you can that you can't do

much more than that it's a very tough

question I mean I you know I I still

haven't it's the one problem that I

can't solve and I think it's good that

we're talking about it because I think

it'll help us at least identify sticking

points yeah yeah I mean I would agree

and the the interesting thing is is that

it would appear that the that the

purpose of marriage at least for for

women is concerned in and you hit the

nail on the head as men we have

everything to lose and absolutely

nothing to gain okay you get married you

have a couple of kids

okay great that that's all well and good

but thanks to the thinks of the advent

of the no-fault divorce women can decide

to call it quits for whatever reason

however reason and it's obviously you

know listen we all know that when a

woman decides to call it quits she's

usually fucking somebody else already so

she so basically she gets away with

cheating she gets the kids 85% of the

time child support etc etc in listen we

there's there are no internet memes with

men dragging women down the aisle right

like it just doesn't work that way women

are the ones dragging men down the aisle

because of course the system is set up

the system is set up to transfer

resources from men to women and the

vehicle with which women do this one of

the many vehicles is through marriage

yeah yeah I mean and and I think that

that in itself you combine that with a

culture that really it doesn't it

doesn't tell people to tough it out I

mean right I think in the in the old

days that this is one of the best things

I think people should do is talk to

older people talk to people that

are in their 70s and 80s and you'll find

when you talk to them that in those days

people were held in people were justice

is unstable and as crazy and as volatile

maybe well maybe I don't know maybe not

as much but okay there were there were

always these emotional issues going on

but in in in the old days you had people

kept in check by by society by clan by

family by institutions by all these

where there was no where there's no

there was no way to go I mean if you if

you basically just gave your spouse a

middle finger you you were on your own I

mean there was no way to support

yourself so there was an incentive and

and I think in many ways you know people

need to I hate to say it but people need

to be forced I think in many ways to do

things against their will sometimes I

don't I don't think our choices are

always the best for ourselves and I

think if you've if you've made the

decision to have a family I think the

kids are gonna be better off in most

cases just with even even if the parents

are develops up lives or no longer

really our intimate

I really wonder sometimes if they're

better off that with that than with you

know just a complete dissolution of the

marriage I don't know it's a tough it's

a tough question it's it's very you know

because when you read history you

realize okay in the old days like in the

pre-modern era you know spouses would I

mean because the because of the the

rules of the the Catholic Church you

were not allowed to get divorced so

people just ignored their marriage but

at the same time at least there was a

familial unit in some way so I don't I

don't know and it's again people could

go back and forth on this but I think

our our desire to exalt freedom of

choice over everything else I think has

consequences no I'm I would I would

agree and and again we live in a

microwave society and it's very easy for

people to and it starts when they're

young right like okay so you started

writing soccer Oh mommy I don't like


okay we'll pull you out no

not taught to like children are not

taught to see things through and listen

marriage is a big step but because it's

so easy to just get out of marriage for

it for whatever reason oh my god he's

not my soulmate da-da-da-da-da which is

code for you no I found a man who's who

who I feel is more attractive that's

their reason to get out of it gentlemen

you are watching TSR primetime with

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Donovan sharp calm and let's continue

here Quintus we actually have a couple

of we've got a few viewer questions here

Edward Cruz and this is an interesting


Edward Cruz US this is actually state

and he says if women use unhappiness as

a reason to get out of marriage how can

a man judge if a woman is happy enough

to be suitable marriage material

please also address the increase in

women self-medicating through alcohol

and coffee to increase their their

happiness enough to make it through

their quote tough day he continues he

says I'm in a four-year long term

relationship my girlfriend is pushing

for marriage but my concern is that she

doesn't have good habits to foster happy

happiness but instead uses coffee and

alcohol to bring the happy and unquote

he says she also creates a false ideal

that marriage and children will solve

her unhappiness problem which is a big

leap of faith on my part she has other

good qualities that makes me want to

work with her I consistently suggest and

reinforce good habits such as working

out eating healthy developing good

friendships abandoning bad friends etc

she appears to be improving but my

concern is that just like a drug addict

habits will not take if she will revert

back to her old self especially when we

hit a rough patch what do you say what

do you say to something like that yeah

it's a tough it's a tough thing done of

it I mean my observations have been or

my experience has been that if someone

is considering marriage there shouldn't

be any doubt at all I mean at the very

minimum you should be going into it like

with the the knowledge that you that

that this this person is is is

completely suitable for the

responsibilities of marriage there

shouldn't be any doubt gentleman is

already starting to see warning signs

about medication usage or he needs to

understand that any of these problems

are only gonna get worse as you because

I'd say that the party's over as soon as

the bills start coming in yes so as soon

as as soon as the rent check is becoming

love is you know Fonzie well everything

is fun z1z everything is love everything

is everything is I love you and you're

great and but you know what you know

fair where they're friends man you know

it's like Tom Payne's essay on the Sun

the sunshine soldier and the the

sunshine patriot or whatever whatever he

said it's easy to be hardcore when the

sun is shining right but when the bills

start coming in when you know the

in-laws start screaming at you when the

diapers need to be changed when you know

the husband gets fired from his job for

calling the boss a PUD whack you know

those are those are those are those are

the times that try people's souls and I

just think a man needs to really examine

the character yeah of his woman yeah

character is so important toughness you

know because look life is not as you

know donald life is not fun z1z you know

life is not a bunch of games life life

can life because it can be very

difficult can be very cruel and if

people are not equipped with adapt adapt

ation skills and problem-solving skills

they're gonna fold at the first sign of

pressure that's right you know and I

think guys need to

ugh you know the only the only thing

that I think the argument that I that

people will come am I'm 49 now I'm gonna

be 50 in a few in this fall and people

will always say well uh you know I know

I've never met anyone who's older and

who's single and who's happy and normal

and you know I'm not so sure about that

man I don't think I don't believe I

think you as long as you stay in good

health um you know I think I mean

ultimately I think you know I think it's

I don't I don't think it's very good for

a man long-term to stay alone for

forever I think that's but how you

square that circle there are many ways

to square that circle there are many

ways to do that and I just don't know

anymore you know I I because I think

that a lot of the conventional rules are

out the window we're and we're living in

a different world man man it is this is

the postman the job yeah this is not

1985 this is night and this that isn't

even 1995 man this is brave new world

this is Aldous Huxley soma you know

throw a throw a wrench at the cat the

telescreen here we're enough we're in a

whole different planet yeah you're right

and I think that it's interesting the

environment the environment has evolved

and so so have people but I don't even

want to say the environment has evolved

along with people I would say that it is

they have devolved and that's that

listen this is one of the main reasons

why we are in the shit right now as far

as marriage is concerned I've got a

couple of comments here my mej says

marriage is marriage as the worst

mistake a man can make you can quote

share a life with a woman all you want

but why do you need government paperwork

for it a lot of guys share his sentiment

cuentas they say hey listen yeah

it's hard to it's hard to disagree with

him you know it's uh it's very hard to

disagree with that and I I don't have a

good answer for that I mean I've I'm

single and I guess I've I guess my

actions have my actions right now is

judgment on my opinion but it's looking

at he's right I mean I all I can say is

all I can say is that if somebody really


to have a family if some and there are

some guys out there who really want to

be dad's there was some guys really want

that and I respect that and I would

never ever criticize that and if if

that's what your goal is that I think

marriage is the best way to do it but if

you're not sure or if you're on the

fence then you should not do it I think

no listen I totally agree again the

title of the show is it's a bad bet for

men listen man like man listen it's easy

to walk into a casino and gamble away

$500 when you get married you're you're

putting a lot more than $500 on the line

you're putting your finances your your

your health a lot of times your you know

your freedom in some cases if you're

late on child support payments then they

go yeah I'll take you to jail or there

or they'll they'll they'll they'll take

your driver's license etc etc we had

another comment here Sherm Cain says

marriage is like playing Russian

roulette I have worked with guys who get

castrated by their that by their wives

the risk is not worth it the reward

again and I listen and and obviously my

audience is my audience is obviously

they know more than the masses but but

here's the thing blue pill blue pill men

out there they know this yet they still

walk down the aisle what needs to happen

to get these guys to say hey I'm like

I'm not getting married at least not to

an American woman in America wait listen

we all see the memes the ball and chain

and oh your life is overrun I guess

you're you know you're gonna have desert

dick itis etc etc yet guys still walk

down the aisle what needs I mean doesn't

have to get better before it gets worse

or I mean or we could I mean how's this

gonna change if it's if it's got a

chance to be whatever well I think look

in many ways you can't you can't blame a

lot of guys for wanting to be optimistic

because let's face it some of this stuff

is dark I mean you really understand

some of this stuff if you try to explain

this it's it's it's pretty dark Donovan

and I think a lot of guys a lot of

people not just guys but we would prefer

not to really see the dark truth that

that we ignorant is bliss man you know


and you know and I think I think we have

to also understand that not everybody is

us not everybody thinks like you do or I

do not everybody really has the depth of

experience as has traveled as the

knowledge a lot of them a lot of guys I

think they they probably just I think a

lot of them think that hey this is as

good as it gets

this seems like the right thing to do

and so might as well do it what's the

worst that could happen that's what they


yeah and you know the hold that phrase

what's the worst that could happen I

mean that that nothing good ever came

out of that right it's you know so I

mean I can't you know in some ways man

knowledge has to come everybody has to

learn at their own speed right and if

some of this stuff you can't teach it

you can't explain on because until

you've been at the receiving end of the

firehose of insanity you're not gonna

get it you're not gonna understand a lot

you you would if you tried to explain

this to someone they wouldn't believe

you no they wouldn't

some listen a lot of lessons can be

taught but most of them have to be

learned like this is the way it goes

like experience really and truly is the

best teacher I think I think as we as we

ball as we all have learned you were

watching TSR prime time with special

guest Quintus courteous again he can be

followed on Twitter at Quintus curious

and you can find all of his work on Q

courteous com including his books and

his articles if you have a question for

either or both of us put it in the chat

or give us a call at 904-247-1818 me and

I gotta sit up there and lie in sickness

and in health for for rich or for poor

what responsibility do you put on the on

the ridiculousness of these outlandish

weddings to give women

yet more attention because listen after

the honeymoon is over she thinks to

herself holy shit I gotta live with this

guy now the wedding is over the gifts

are over the you know I don't get any no

more cool pictures now we actually got

to live this life yeah that's right like

I said and III again Donovan I I blame

the culture here and the media here

because if you look at the way the

culture operates here women are not and

have not from at first a number of

decades ever been brought up with the

idea of responsibilities and boundaries

and rules you and I have them yes have

responsibilities you have boundaries you

have rules and and and believe me as we

all know society is not shy at all about

reminding us every minute of day what

are we what the what are our boundaries

are which ones we better not cross the

women have women have no boundary none

they there are no rules there are no

boundaries there are no restraints and

so when you have this you have basically

just emotionalism just running rampant

and insanity running rampant and this is

this is a fact I mean this is this is

not something that you can really debate

of course you know I'm sure you're

always going to get an argument about

that but at the end of the day it comes

down to the land and if you talk to

older people if you know or if you go

abroad you talk to foreign friends that

live in foreign countries they'll tell

you like their mothers we will take them

aside and say hey look before you get

mad you need to know how to do this you

need to know how to do that you need to

do this and though tell them they'll say

sometimes you got to be wrong in a

relationship sometimes you could

sometimes you would I mean what American

mother would tell her daughter that now

sometimes you got to suck it up and be

wrong I mean I remember I've sat in him

when I and I lived in Japan for number

of years and I also lived I you know in

in a few other countries but I remember

hearing mothers and grandmothers toluca

sometimes you got to suck it up and you

got a you got to take the heat even if

you're wrong right but here that's not

that's not taught basically here you're

expendable and I'm expendable we are

we're nothing and they're everything and

everything follows from that it's it's

about it's about the whole

I mean look Father's Day was just

yesterday wasn't it yeah it was

yesterday right there you can find

articles on the internet in mainstream

not non fringe size but mainstream sites

that say do we really need a Father's

Day anymore do we really even need

unbelievable I mean it's such an I'm not

even a father and it's the outrage that

the anger that you when you when you see

that so what is it because what well

your what your country is telling you is

is you don't matter you're not important

you're irrelevant right you're you're an

appendage you're a bank account you mean

nothing right your money your country

when your country is telling you this

when your country it's it's hard not to

feel a deep sense of grievance a real

deep-seated sense of resentment and it's

not going to change until frankly until

the social consequences of this are

truly felt yeah and and the social

consequences of this truly being felt a

critical mass rock bottom that is it

it's almost honestly cuentas it's like

we are living in a dystopian time with

regards to our marriage and

relationships like we think of dystopia

as you know you know you know broken

buildings and you know there's a there

you know there's some sort of

dictatorship and guess what the

building's might still be in good shape

but there is a dictatorship there is an

ultra restive dictatorship and it is

called feminism and marriage and

relationships are no longer taken

seriously women are raised to believe

that all they have to bring to the table

is their pussy tits and ass and they are

deserving of a man who has it all a

six-inch dick a six-pack abs and a

six-figure income and he has eyes for

nobody but her and if he falls anywhere

short of that up you know what got a

couple of his kids time to file a

no-fault divorce and move on to the next

target yeah yeah it's and it's heard I

remember I saw an interview once I

forget where this was a few years back

and some interviewer was asking some

young girl about you know corresponding

dues like she they asked her okay what

do you you know what do you think your

husband's duties are gonna be in this

marriage and she rattled off a list of

you know to have a decent wages and

provide for support and and and

protection and all

and then he asked okay what are you what

are your duties and basically she gave

him this blank look and said well to be

all I can be Hey

and you save yourself well what the fuck

does that mean right y'all being all you

can be that's not a duty no that is not

another that no do you do what do what

are you gonna do what tangible benefits

are you bringing to the table here and

this is the problem this is the this is

the problem and so and the reason why

this situation has has happened is over

the past 50 or 60 years or whatever the

all of the institutions that used to

provide these guidances were like

religious institutions educational

institutions schools families churches

ethnic communities whatever all of this

has been destroyed and replaced by the

mass media the media now the the


you know the the cellphone now which is

even place to mass media and basically

this this is extremely destructive it's

it's it's basically rapport it's turned

narcissism into the the primary go to

impulsive of everyone but but but but

unfortunately laws on the books are

still in place that that we they they

still think we're living in 1920 not

know we aren't we most certainly or not

got a comment here from Denis in France

and he penny points out he makes a very

good makes a very good comment and then

there's a follow-up comment I want to

get your I want to get your I want to

get your thoughts on this because now

we're going outside of America so he

says not such a bad bet for Muslim guys

you should mention it their divorce rate

is 10 times lower than average among

Christians in France at least and they

thrive and produced etc etc etc then

another guy said Muslims still have a

high divorce rate here in the US

obviously that's because of the culture

then another guy Anton says I myself

come from a Muslim populated part of

Russia and it's a fact that they have

family traditions that somewhat help

them keep a married couple together

family ties play a major role in

determining a couple success in marriage

both a man and understand and accept

gender roles by default although as

Dennis mentioned Western Way of life

it's taking its toll

every society these days slowly but

surely so even in even in traditional

strongholds like the I guess the Muslim

community in Russia even they're

starting to feel the effects slowly but

surely but it's still happening that's


I would absolutely agree with that I

think I think when it comes to the

Islamic world I think it's it's very

clear you have a very a very strong

sense of religious obligations and

identities that everyone going in knows

what the deal is when you have a couple

there you know if you're talking Middle

East sub-saharan Africa Asia there were

rules and and it's not it's not just

abstract rules that they're there

everyone knows going very clear black

and white right it's it's it's black and

white and unfortunately in the West we

have a different God that we worship we

worship the god of consumerism I guess

for lack of a better word ya know and

which basically says that I'm special

and you can't tell me to do anything and

I can get I can just do whatever I want

and and so it's it's it's uh it's a I

don't you know I wish I had an answer

all I can say is that history seems to

suggest that societies that are subject

to social decay and to loss of the

masculine virtues and to denigration of

men and the martial virtues are

eventually going to be conquered and

replaced right we're gonna are going to

be are going to be destroyed so so

either the problem either we've either

the problem is fixed or someone fixes it

for us right so there's there's no

there's no you know and we can't really

shed too many tears over that because

the system here has been given many

opportunities to change and and alright

listen we can solve all the shit we want

about women and feminism and this and

the other guess what man listen if we

can acknowledge that women can't be

successful that without men and that is

absolutely true men can be successful

without women men women can not be

successful without men

then we have to acknowledge our role in

the rise of feminism feminism would not

where it is these laws wouldn't be where

they are without without men to sign off

and approve on these things so so if if

I mean yeah we consider your bitching

complain don't get me wrong man like

we're all born with a fundamental

understanding between right and wrong oh

well no matter what feminism tells women

they know that it's not the right thing

to be fucking around on your husband

they know it's not the right thing to be

passing their pussies around no matter

what they say they know it's listen they

know it's not the right thing to do to

be fucking 8 guys at the same time they

know this so I'm not I'm certainly not

going to absorb feminism or women who

women who practice this stuff but by the

same token we have to take listen we

have to own up to our role in the

responsibility of the demise of the

Western marriage we have to oh yeah no I

I absolutely agree with you Donovan I

I've never been in fact I blame us more

than then I mean as you as you said I

mean the feminism and these these other

ideologies the political correctness all

of this stuff this would never have

gotten as far as I did without men

enabling it at all it all comes down to

fear they're afraid to stand up and say

what they think is true or right because

they're afraid of the backlash and so

this stuff just gets they keep selling

us out the ones at the top they keep

selling us out they keep selling us out

they keep selling us out throwing us

under the bus and literally now we've

got a hollowed-out shell and like you

said they did the gem where the you know

men and when we need each other we're

not doing that's the funny thing I've

never I know you I think you'll probably

agree with me I've never heard a guy I'm

no matter how as much as they try to

criticize never heard any guys say that

I mean you know oh we don't we don't

need women I can get along I mean and

you're always gonna maybe there are nut

cases out there that believe that but

most cuz the vast vast majority know

that we men and women need each other

but yeah what all they're asking for is

a sense of shared obligations and gender

roles and boundaries exactly a man

should not have to compete with his

spouse you should not have to you know

constantly be fighting with people but

the problem is the media here it pits

the genders against each other right

the media is constantly stirring the pot

constantly agitating constantly

instilling a sense of grievance among

women that they're victims of oppression

and it's it's very it's just very very

bad it's it's it's very bad and I don't

know I I don't I listen I'll say very

discouraging it's it's gonna get it's

gonna have to get worse before it gets

better and dude thing things are so bad

right now listen I've resolved myself to

the fact that dude I will be listen man

I will be dead and there I will be Six

Feet Under

oh I will have been buried for a hundred

years before things start to change

because everything yeah and I mean and I

mean everything it like you look at TV

commercials you look at what like the

new um the new Incredibles movie

everybody thinks it's all cute guess

what the incredible movies is based on

now the mother is now she's gonna be the

lead superhero and the father who used

to be the big gun now has to stay at

home with the kids

no the the the the Smurfs movie

Smurfette had to go out and explore a

new meaning and she finds another Smurf

village that is nothing but females and

their Smurfs village is so much more

it's like a technological marvel the

buildings are bigger everything's more

beautiful right women are constantly

dude kids program women are constantly

told subliminally and subconsciously

that they are better than men so it

should come as no surprise that they

don't think they need us but if we were

to snap our fingers and men were to

disappear again things would go to shit

now I'm not gonna say the same thing

wouldn't happen with men but I think

that I think that we would get on better

than women if they were if all women

were to disappear you're right women

absolutely meet women and men we

absolutely need each other we complement

each other well but women are raised not

to believe that women are raised to

believe they don't need men and men are

but men are raised to believe that they

just can't live without women and that

was it that's the crux of the situation

right there yeah no you're right I mean

but you know it's primarily just here in

the US and in some Western countries I

think I think y know you've traveled a

lot oh yeah Donovan III know you've been

to Eastern Europe I think if I remember


yeah so it's it it's easy to get very

pessimistic when you're just here I

think you're right the the encroaching

the creeping westernization is happening

everywhere but it it may still hold

together in our lifetime but you know I

wish I had a good answer for you all I

will say is that I've tried to fight

against it I mean every every book that

I've written you know I've tried to

really remind men of the traditional

masculine virtues and and they're their

real sense of worth that you know don't

you ever apologize for what you are

don't you ever is obsequious ly beg

permission from anybody you don't have

to apologize to anybody for anything

Donovan you know I usually come from a

long line of great men and we all do and

we should never ever lose sight of that

and anyone that doesn't give you the

chance to prove yourself you know is not

worth you even condescending to look at

them agree so a great we have to remind

because it's being purged out of the

schools I mean the men or boys are not

being taught about and that's why I've

tried to write about these subjects over

and over and over again B I mean besides

the fact that I like them it's just it's

it's basically a way to restore the

balance to some small extent to the just

the unbelievable corruption of history

that's been going on right right no

listen up that's a whole other subject

it is a whole other subject but you you

you make a you make a good observation

as far as it's starting in school and I

don't want to get too far in the weeds

here but obviously there been a lot of

mass shootings and in cells have been

making the news in this and that and the

other and people are all over the place

as to as to whose fault it is and listen

listen there are many reasons why you

know boys and men shoot up you know

shoot up schools and you know movie

theaters and run people over but here's

the thing if we stop marginalizing boys

from birth guess what we reduce the mass

shootings like this again that this this

is what it comes down to what all of

these men have in common the calm

denominator for these mass shootings is

that they were is that they are not good

with women women have somehow let them

down they've somehow been insulted their

manhood etc etc oh wait a minute oh

never mind I guess guess we lost George

there for a second George you still

there uh Quinta I'm still okay yeah yeah

yeah I can hear you

but yeah the thing is is that a lot of

people a lot of people don't realize

that these mass shootings start at

school we're not T again if a boy shows

too much energy we put him on Ritalin

but girls are taught that hey listen all

you have to do is is is ask for

something and it's going to be given to

you so it starts at the school level

that's where the indoctrination begins

this is why we've got a generation of

mamby-pamby boys who have things don't

go their way they pick up an ak-47 and

kill 48 people clintus you with me

well I think we've lost Quinta's up

there we are I can kind of hear you know


okay yeah okay I don't know what

happened no I'm sorry let me do me this

is this is this is the Internet got a

couple of comments we got a couple of

comments here Dennis from France says

the legal brothels are booming in

Germany and girls don't get shattered up

in the clubs cuz guys don't want to

bother anymore why Mary if why'd get

married if pussy is cheap and effortless

I've said this before this is the real

reason why women are against

prostitution it has nothing to do with

the fact that they're concerned with the

exploitation of women because let's keep

it real most women who work in the sex

trade do so because they want to they do

so of that own free will delicious women

being sold into the innocent that's the

but that's the one percenters right we

know human trafficking happens yes it's

bad but the reason why women don't are

against prostitution is because it

lowers the values of their vaginas they

can no longer leverage that for for

goods and services and resources I think

it comes down to control I think yeah I

think yeah I think you've hit on a you

know very very good point Donovan I

think it comes down to control you know

this is a very interesting subject the

question of prostitution you know it

used to be if you read

American history it used to be frankly

either either legal or tolerated in you

know almost every city every large city

and I mean now it may not have been

theoretically legal in a lot of places

but it was it was at least tolerated

right but now there is this this

sweeping Puritan eye

well a masquerades as Puritanism and

morality but really what it comes down

to is I think a desire to control to

control men's behavior yes to basically

to institute these draconian control

measures to to basically to crush your

spirit yes half do you know you you you

have to accept a the options that we

give you or else so you know options and

so you know I I don't I don't know what

the what the I know I I don't I don't

think that just visiting prostitutes

indefinitely is a is a great substitute

for a social life certainly no and I

don't think anyone's arguing that I but

I get his point I think what he's trying

to say is there's a pressure valve that

could have been released maybe with some

a lot of there are some people that are

completely dysfunctional that that need

a so I don't know I mean it it all comes

down to it's all it's all tied together

it comes down to I think a lot of this

control I think this this idea of

restricting men's freedom of you know

when when women travel abroad it's all

about discovery and exploring theirs but

when you do it or some other guy does

next door is Bruce right like rears gets

called a sex storage forest right

exactly right so so you know it's it's

it's a very very malicious double

standard and we all know it absolutely

but uh you know you have to you you

cannot you have to do the thing about

being a man now is like I feel really

bad for young boys growing up now I I

just I just did a tweet it's funny you

mentioned I just did it I did a tweet

that I put out a couple hours ago and it

basically said boys in 1982

you know there's how they spend their


they got a summer job they you know hung

out with their friends they worked on

their cars

you know maybe they just did normal

things you know summers now if you're a

boy you got to take cram classes to get

into some class now you take lessons to

do a some stupid instrument that you

hate take Chinese lessons cram classes

all the everybody's program now there's

no free there's no it's a stifling sense

of just loss of autonomy that's really

depressing absolutely you have to break

free of those chains man you do

gentlemen you are watching CSR parent

I'm a special guest Quintus Korea's he

can be followed on Twitter at Quintus

courteous you can also find all of his

work on Q courteous comm including his

articles and and his books if you have a

question for either or both of us put it

in the chat or give us a call at


for my mistakes there you say well you

did this wrong and you did it you did

therefore you did this and they just

start criticizing and they don't listen

what they make to anything you say

so what can we do to help friends of

ours that may be getting into these

situations without really thinking about

it well there's a couple things I mean I

get a few thoughts on that and I can let

Donovan talk but a couple things man

first of all you have to recognize a few

elemental truths number one you cannot

make people do the right thing one of

the most frustrating things about life

and one of the most frustrating things

about say my job if you can see the way

through the door but if someone won't

listen if someone won't voluntarily take

it upon themselves to listen there's

only so much you can do so you have to

learn that as is agonizing it as it is

there's only so much you can do and they

will they will the world will teach them

I wrote an essay about this called the

world will teach you the world will

teach them one way or another so that's

one point now the second point is about

assurance ensure there are no 100%

guarantees in life you're never gonna

know no matter what you do you know I'm

not advocating for risk-free mentality

here a defect-free mentality in some

ways you almost have to go into marriage

with a little bit of delusional opt

unless you're delusionally optimistic

you're never gonna make it you have to

think you can get over that top that

over that that hill even though the

bullets are flying around you so let's

let's not let's not become too

risk-averse let's not become too much of

a chicken shit that's that's the other

point I would say but I I know what

you're saying man I know that it's very

difficult but you have to internalize

those things state your opinion and then

leave it leave them alone leave it alone

just leave it alone all right yeah I

would agree with I would agree with you

Quintus and I would I would actually

take it one step further and this

actually has a game application so you

you know you know you see a pretty girl

you want to talk to you when I get to

know her you want to fuck or hang out

with her or whatever the case may be

well what we teach in the game in the

game the PUA community is outcome

independence you approach her with the

intent of building attraction but if she

is not feeling your game if she's not

attracted to you if you fall flat on

your face it's not the end of the world

in other words you don't really not that

you don't go in trying to be successful

but you go in

knowing that that this is more than

likely not you're more than likely the

outcome that you want to happen is

probably not gonna happen

handle your friends the same way you

understand that when you tell your

friends hey listen you shouldn't get

married one of two things is gonna

happen they're either gonna say yeah I

know I totally understand it or they're

gonna say hey Miami J is off his rocker

fuck you never talked to me again etc

etc etc etc listen it's probably a bit

happy right exactly exactly dude listen

and this is probably part partly my

fault I loved and I lost a very good

friend of mine recently yes yeah well he

came out to Vegas and and compete you

mad they do they do and but but anyway

the right exactly some people get mad

because because they feel like you're

insulting them as a person like wait I

know what I'm doing I know exactly what

I'm doing I hear about the stuff all the


my wife is different there's no way

Michele would ever do this to me and I

you know this and that any other another

reason why people get upset when you try

to drop a red pill truth on them is

because when people need to understand

that the red pill does not it does not

what's the word I'm looking it does not

eat excuse your mother it does not

exclude your mother's and your sisters

like listen and Quintus you I don't know

if you remember this article that I

wrote the the true story the carousel

riding military wife and at the end at

the end I revealed that that woman was

my mother loved my mother loved my

sisters but guess what feminism has

infected them too that the culture has

infected them too they have made bad

decisions in their lives very bad

decisions in their lives I love them

both to death but that does not that

doesn't excuse them that doesn't exclude

them from the truth so when you talk to

your friends about you know about hey

listen here here are the reasons why you

probably shouldn't get married a lot of

them take it personally and listen we're

men and we have the ability to reason we

can we can compartmentalize you know

some things some things not so much but

as men we're not stupid we're logical

rational creatures but when you talk to

a man about something he shouldn't be

doing a lot of times they take it

personally and think you know what I

know what I'm doing I'm gonna do what I

do so yeah

it's so true again

I'm funny enough you mentioned the

article you wrote about your mother doll

and a lot of these like I believe the

three friends right now that I'm trying

to cancel on this they're all in the

military men getting deployed and then

getting taken to the cleaners when they

get back with all that yeah yep what's

your experience quintus I mean no no I

know man I was I would look I was on

active duty from 1994 I'm sorry 1990 to

1995 and and so I mean I overseas the

whole nine yards but I wasn't married

but I saw other guys and and yeah it's a

it's a it's it's been a problem for for

a long time and there's really not much

that you know again it's what are you

gonna say I mean you can some of these

things you know you have like I said you

you all you can do is you can try to

offer your sympathy and your advice in a

in a measured delicate way yeah in a in

a non judgment be but some like I said

some guys you they're just you're not

you just can't reach

no I'm guys you just can't reach all you

can do man at the end of the day is

listen when they fall and they well dude

all you can offer them is an ear and a

bottle of whiskey man that's really what

it comes down to it that's really what

it comes down to Miami gee I appreciate

the call man and yeah absolutely we

definitely we definitely need to talk we

got a lot to talk about

Miami J is one of the TSR towers TSR

towers oh geez

I've known him I've actually known him

for a little while actually had him on

the show talking politics the other day

as we round third and head for home

here Quintus I want to go back to the

movie divorce core in the movie and it

was very interesting because even though

this movie was obviously meant to shed a

light on the egregious mistake that

getting married is for men it

highlighted the the same number of men

who had bad experiences with marriage

and this and that in the other it was

the same number of women like we heard

these sob stories from women and yes we

hear about women's bad stories but

here's the thing

they are the outliers men

get screwed by the system at a much

higher rate than women yeah which is why

women do all the pressuring to get

married in the first place listen you're

an attorney you listen you've got a

front-row seat to this stuff oh yeah

yeah I know it uh you know like I said

earlier Donovan you know it's it's the

one problem that it's just it's a one

problem that we cannot solve and it's

we're all trying to make the best of it

we're all trying to find ways to adapt

to this brave new world of 2018 and

beyond where the old gender roles are

being eroded gradually but yet nothing

is being put in place to replace them so

exactly you know until then I think this

I think it's a very wise posture to take

a very defensive posture to take a very

cautious posture to wait and see what

the lay of the land is because the

consequences of of making a misstep I

mean I was very lucky I mean I got I was

divorced after only two years of

marriage and Wow luckily you really yeah

I did not last very long but luckily

there was no ha I was in a situation

where there was no there was no children

there was no financial really effect but

that isn't that is not the norm and I

just think that um you know we've we've

it's you know it's a it's a hard keep I

know I keep saying that but I just wish

I wish I had a better listen it's it's

an impossible paradox man um listen the

answer is there are no there is no

answer man this is this is like a virus

this is like a this is like a sickness

it has to run its course you know that

the body has to writ and listen of

course you know I don't want to get

medical here because I'm not a doctor

mighty stretch of the imagination

but we have to start to develop the

antibody so that we can guard against

this kind of in the future and the

antibodies are start listen the

antibodies are starting to kind of

develop with the Red Bull community in

the manosphere but you know we we get

tamp down like listen I just lost my

youtube channel that's just that's just

how it is well I think you're right I

think what you just said is a very very

very good point that

you have to count on history swings and

in cycles and even though we may not

live to see it

periods of excessive license are usually

followed by periods of excessive maybe

Puritanism I mean you saw that in

Elizabethan England where you had you

know before the Puritans there's during

the Elizabethan era there was a lot of

sort of wild and craziness and then that

prompted a backlash I'd say I mean you

have and there are other examples where

you have periods of real wild and

craziness and then you've got all

training periods of kind of extreme

conservatism so it's cyclical and like

an election the problem exactly but the

problem is its small consolation to the

average guy who's living when you're

when you you know you don't have if you

don't have a choice when you get to pick

in that cycle so I write I think I think

you just have to just basically just

realize that look the way you draw

consolation is like other guys have had

to go through this sometimes you're just

born in a period of history where

there's just just is just a lot of

turbulence where this is the age of

turbulence you know no I agree I agree

and and at this point like I said I

think it's pretty clear that it's gonna

get worse before it gets better

Quintus as always man it has been a

pleasure it's been oh yeah and listen

thing again you're you're an attorney

slash you know you may or may not be a

hit man I'll you know I'll let that leg

but listen thank you for making time to

come on here and answer questions man

like I said your your listen you're

definitely one of the smartest people I

know like the stuff you talk about I'm

like Jesus Christ like I didn't even

know this this realm existed you're too

kind man but no thank you for having me

absolutely appreciate it and anytime at

any time I pledge lutely absolutely

follow cuentas on twitter at Quintus

courteous you can visit his website Q

courteous dot-com you can find all of

his books all of his works all of his

articles again Quintus thank you very

much for making the time for us today we

got to do this again sometime we'll talk

soon my friend thanks man you take care

too I about you too thank you winters


ladies and gentlemen Quintus courteous


wait a minute give me one second there

we go Quintus Curtis courteous ladies

and gentlemen always good always great

to have him to have him on the show it's

it's always good to you know it's always

good to have guys like that on the show

just sort of to sort of give us a to

sort of give us a different perspective

Quintus Quintus no doubt is absolutely

one of the most cerebral people I've

ever met in my life I mean the guy is

the guy is just absolutely he's

absolutely brilliant if you go to his

website Q courteous calm and I wasn't

joking listen I wasn't joking what I

said I wasn't joking when I said that

listen you have to read his articles

twice to be able to to be able to

understand it like that's how deep this

guy gets he listen he's a he's

extraordinarily smart he's brilliant and

he listen he's not a guy who's gonna put

things in layman's terms he's gonna make

you he's up he's certainly gonna make

you figure it out for yourself my thanks

to my thanks to my viewers my audience

for tuning in for TSR prime time

tomorrow night the great Rollo Tomassi

is going to be joining me the theme for

tomorrow's show is called from alpha

from beta to alpha back to beta we are

going to discuss we are going to discuss

how men who find the red pill they use

it to their advantage they they they

they enjoy all the spoils all the

benefits etc of being a red pill aware

male they get that they get into a

long-term relationship and then all of a

sudden everything that they've learned

goes right out the window so that's

gonna be that's gonna be a great show

tomorrow with Rollo Tomassi so you

certainly do not want to miss that

thank you guys for thank you guys for

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