Why Meghan Markle is a terrible example for black women

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Meghan Markle has pulled off the greatest heist since Lufthansa back in 1979 and because of this, she's become a beacon of hope for black women. But her situation only makes matters worse for sisters. The sad part is, they don't know it yet.



Markle is the latest in a string of outlier situations that black women foolishly hang their hopes and dreams on. And until they realize that the exception never makes the rule, they will continue to toil at the bottom of the sexual totem pole.


what's up guys it's your man Donovan

Sharpe and welcome to this edition of

Sharpe source let's get to it the royal

wedding happened last Saturday and black

women have predictably used this event

to inflate their already oversized egos

now black women everywhere are rejoicing

because Meghan Markel married Prince

Harry and listen to be honest with you

they're legit they're their joy is legit

kind of

their joy is legit kind of sorry about

that guys anyway we all know that black

women are at the bottom of the sexual

totem pole in other words black women

are almost nobody's type and black women

know this no matter listen no matter no

matter how much they brag about men of

all races most notably white men you

know why pin them up by the truckload

they at the end of the day guys they

know the score and there listen there's

no denying it they can't deny it but

when Prince Harry a high-value white

male decided to make Markel his wife

black women jumped for joy because a

black woman has literally become a

princess a black woman was chosen by a

man who could have most any woman in the

world and wasn't good for them now I use

air quotes because Megan Markel is

biracial her mother is black and her

father's white which by the way further

adds to the delusion that white dudes

are checking for black chicks on the

regular but it's worth noting that black

women claim that they claim what they

claim what they define as successful

women as their own if they had even

trace amounts of african-american

heritage they'll say they'll say shit

like well her great-great-great Graham

grandfather grandmother's father once

kissed a black woman so she's a black

woman wait but she's got blonde hair and

blue eyes

fuck you nigga she black what can you

say man you can't tell these bitches

anything anyway Megan Markel has pulled

off the greatest heist in the history of

relationships by convincing a prince

that she a woman who's just a few years

away from menopause been married once

already dated a porn star and wasn't was

in a sorority in college is a better ha

is a better option than millions of

younger hotter more fertile women out

there and let's get one thing straight

guys nobody here is throwing shade at

Markel at the end of the day guys she

wins it is extremely rare for women her

age to punch that far above her weight

but she pulled it off and I give her

full marks for that

we're on throwing shade or at the black

women out

here who are characterizing this is a

watershed moment black women are calling

this a game-changer but the problem is

that it's not zoe saldana married Marco

Perego nothing changed serena williams

married alexis ohanian the founder of

reddit nothing changed nothing listen so

listen when Iman married David Bowie

back in 1992 guys nothing changed black

men are black woman's only option and

that hasn't changed but black women they

think that Meghan Mark will becoming the

Duchess of Sussex it's supposed to all

of a sudden cause of white dudes to

start banging on their doors and walking

them down the aisle and that is simply

not the case and the sad thing is is

black women don't seem to know it yet

but here's why Markel is bad news for

black women black women are already the

least feminine is the most masculine the

most entitled most stubborn and the most

bitchy women out there despite the fact

that they're the least preferred women

okay but Meghan Markel tying the knot

with a prince has given them even more

false confidence they think that their

collective sexual market value has been

increased by one outlier you guys think

that they were poorly behaved before you

guys ain't seen nothing yet guys I'm

telling you right now be ready for the

worst brand of black women in history

gentlemen it's coming listen we've got

black women out here telling their

daughters that they too can become a

princess if they want to what do you

think these girls are gonna be like when

they actually get to marrying age the

fact the fact that Markel basically sold

Prince Harry the equivalent of a 2017

Jaguar with a quarter of a million miles

on it is giving black women a false

sense of worth they don't understand

that self-worth comes from yourself it

doesn't come from what other people do

or don't do black women aren't gonna

change because they now think that there

are worth more simply because a black

woman has you know has pulled off the

greatest con job since they invented

since the invention of the pyramid


now another element to this situation is

that the Royal Wedding further dupes all

women into mistaking a man's sexual

interest for a man's interest in wiping

her up in a man's interest for a

relationship guys

ability doesn't equal marriage material

at least not as far as men of value are

concerned now beta males and Simpsons

they all those guys they want to put a

ring on it the minute a half-decent

looking woman gives them a pussy but

guys they don't count women don't want

to be with those guys they want it

listen they marry these guys because

they have to I mean listen somebody's

got it somebody's got to take care of

her three bastard kids right

but women foolishly believe that if a

man fucks her a few times and does it

consistently he's thinking about a long

term relationship with her guys and

nothing could be further from the truth

now what I'll be honest with you when I

fuck Megan Marco you bet your ass I

would but that doesn't mean I want to

marry a woman pushing 40 who's been

fucked by cocks into the triple digits

either red pill aware men know and

understand this concept we know that

women who get passed around get passed

over later in life by the men who pass

them around the men they really want to

be with we know our value guys

unfortunately Prince Harry doesn't fully

understand the extent of his own sexual

market value at least not yet

and I mean listen how else can you

explain him being dumb enough to rescue

yet another woman from her bad decisions

other than being attractive Megan Markel

has done positively nothing to show us

she'll make a good wife and trust me

when I tell you her attractiveness full

will fade away quickly as it does for

all women she not listen she has so few

redeeming qualities as a woman befitting

the title of Duchess of Sussex that

Yahoo recently wrote an article

describing her as a keeper because she

reached over and opened the side door

after Prince Harry let her into his

vintage Jaguar that's how far women have

fallen gentlemen women are making a big

deal of a simple gesture and

characterizing it as wife material as

she opened his door before he got in

she's a keeper now on the flip side just

because a woman doesn't sleep with you

on the first date doesn't mean she's not

a slut at the end of the day guys it

takes more than reaching over and

opening a man's car door from the inside

to prove that you're worthy of being

married to a prince that said all of

that said Megan Marco she deserves this

listen she managed to trick a prince

into marrying her which could not have

been easy

even though listen even though Prince

Harry is his blue pill as they come it

could not have been easier than easy for

her to pull out that beat

throwing shade at her for walking down

the aisle guys listen I'm here to tell

you you're just being hater I mean

seriously what was she supposed to say

no Harry I will not marry you because on

the former party slut whose will pass

the wall of course not a profession of

professional athletes not gonna turn got

not gonna turn down a 100 million dollar

contract because he feels his

performance is inadequate no he's gonna

sign on the dotted fucking line like he

should don't hate gentlemen congratulate

what Megan Marco was pulled off is

nothing short of a fucking miracle

but she's bad for black women because

they're gonna get worse and worse now

because now they think they're Prince

Harry's out there are all out there

looking for him we've already got black

women in like guys listen we've already

got black women lying about this fantasy

dude I had a black woman tell me on

Facebook yesterday that she was mixed

and engaged to a white guy I mean like

we got women already lying about this

this this fantasy stuff I put that

conversation on Instagram as well so be

sure to check that out

Megan Markel has only helped herself in

this situation but in the process she

has doomed black women to be - - even

more loneliness frustration and anger

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