Why Men always have the last laugh (Episode 379)

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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome

so you got drunk at a frat party then

fuck the football team you're not a rape

victim sweetheart you're a slut what's

up guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to the 370 ninth edition of TSR

live your daily dose of red pill truth

wisdom and awareness it is Wednesday

December 12th 2018 we are coming at you

live from the to15 philadelphia PA TS

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right let's get right to it in the end

gentlemen we as men we always have the

last laugh always yes there are plenty

of miserable depressed men and there are

also some women out there who are truly

happy but we're not talking about the

outlier serum

okay the exception as we always talked

about never makes the rule we're talking

about across-the-board person for person

the average man is happier than the

average woman in the end if you were to

assign a number correlated with the

contentment and happiness of every

person the average male would score the

average male score would be higher than

that of the average female let's go even

further down the rabbit hole as it were

and say that red pillow where men are

far happier and far more content and

always end up winning in the end than

feminists there

no need to qualify or quantify anything

here there's no need to break out

statistics or graphics or anything of

the sort

feminists are fucking miserable and red

pillow are men generally are not now

there are a lot of red pill aware men

that are miserable they're still in the

anger phase they understand that the

sexual marketplace is fucked up they

understand that in order to be extremely

good with women that you have to undo

what you've been taught undo what you've

been told since birth we know and

understand this this causes a lot of

anxiety causes a lot of depression guys

are afraid guys are scared enough to

talk to girls in the first place let

alone have to deal with the sheer volume

of rejection that's involved with that's

involved with becoming good with women

we don't understand that but at the end

of the day when you take and digest the

red pill when you understand what is

truly necessary to live a Content life

men always win in the end

when men figure out that we don't need

women to be content we always win in the

end does the presence of a feminine

beautiful woman who takes good care of

you whom you can trust who sexually

loyal to you who's kind do these women

have the potential to elevate your life

of course they do this is how it is

we understand that but by the same token

we as men we understand that women are

not nearly as necessary to our

contentment as we are to theirs

anyone who doubts this only needs to

look at the number of females who were

on antidepressants compared to males

there are studies out there that say one

in four women are on antidepressants

compared to one in ten men and ten for

men some stats out say Sarah say it's

one in three some say it's you know one

and eight and so forth but regardless of

which study you give credence to the

results are universal across the board

more women are on antidepressants and

anti-anxiety medications than men and

the simple reason for this is that we as

men are happier than women now a lot of

you guys might think well what about

those in cells who are in their 20s what

about those what about those men who are

not good with women what about men who

haven't taken the red pill yet well

obviously a man has to fight a man has

to have some sort of red pill awareness

number one number two you have to live

that red pill life right like listen

I've always maintained that there are a

lot of guys out there more men than we

are aware of have red pill awareness

right an even smaller amount of men

acknowledge the presence of red pill

truth but an even smaller percentage of

men actually live that red pill life

these are the guys that I like to call

five percenters so what I'm gonna talk

about today what I'm gonna talk about

today is why men always end up winning

in the end I don't like to qualify

things generally because I like to make

bold statements but men always win in

the end especially if they are red pill

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the show oh she actually did something

yesterday during the brother pill

podcast that I really liked and this was

the location shout-out so in the chat if

you would in the chat guys I want to

know where you're from give me the city

and state that you're from or this the

the city in the country that you're from

so I can know who my audience is where

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that I will now I will now check the

chat hell fighter pops the cherry I

think hello fighters popped the cherry a

couple of times king nick gets the

sloppy seconds BK from the rockies had

the privilege of speaking with him on

the phone during the show yesterday good

to see you Tobi blog says great gig on

O'Shea's last night a real eye-opener on

the issues of porn and being a jerk-off

yeah yesterday we talked about on the

brother pill podcast last night we

talked about the ways your life will

change when you stop jerking off to

pornography when you stop masturbating

to pornography there are many many

changes that your body in your mind goes

through yes I've done a video on this I

think it's called 11 ways your life will

change when you stop masturbating to

porn you guys definitely wanna check

that out on donovan sharp calm or

patreon.com 4/9 of a shark but that that

show last night that was incredible that

was incredible a lot listened a lot of

good information and listen man a lot of

guys in there kept at 100 yo check it

I'm gonna choke the chicken for life

like all kinds of stuff so definitely

check that out on O'Shea Duke Jackson's

channel the O'Shea vlog good stuff

he'll fighter says become a patreon on

Negro manosphere feels like I'm part of

the movement and financing amazing

articles loving this movement ATL here

we come good to see ya all right

shout out the hell fight are good to see

you in here miami jay is in the house as


Dorian Nance says your intro is fire

appreciate that Luigi Conte called me up

yesterday I thought Luigi might be a

troll but thankfully he was not

hornswogglers shout out to you Miguel

Santiago what's going on HS Lee 169 of

course with the $5 donation shout out to

you Ryan Sullivan says you stand to be

corrected only alpha males get the last

laugh being beta is a miserable life to

live I stand corrected

Ryan Sullivan is correct Rollo Tomassi

the Godfather making an appearance

unlearn that which you have learned

absolutely oh it looks like we have a

looks like looks like we have a

loudmouth in here Maurice levy levy how

many men marry the first woman that is

nice to them okay this looks women are

on SSD eyes because they are available I

guess Maurice was timed out because he

was just typing too much yeah Maurice

listen man you know I listen I like when

you have to say things but try not to

hijack the chat I appreciate that

Corolla some Isis says unless you're a

tool like Alexander Gracie oh my god

Rollo did you I saw that in the what was

that what was that what what chat was

that in it was then the 21 can Jesus

Christ the Redman group chat we have on

Twitter I what dude that was such

nonsense and if you notice where

although the guy had 1200 thumbs down on

likes and 300 likes that's because the

guy was hedging the entire time dude it

was it was a fucking joke was ridiculous

Joseph Israel says good evening died of

a man of mystery shows fam gonna be back

good to see you in here man yeah then

the red pill has gone too far as

unbelievable Luigi says he is working

his ass off to become 5% hornswogglers

says hyper hippo is insane dude hyper

hippo is insanity Thunder hippo is even

thunder hippo is fucking crazy if you

didn't get sleep last night dude take

you to three grams of thunder of thunder

hippo you're gonna get more work done

than you've ever gotten done before oh

wait a minute all right excellent


spins spins good to see you in here yeah

spins ICV welcome to the live chat

banter I see that in here as well

Raekwon wimbush says dawn at this point

we do not care about production you've

reached pester status with this red bill

game as long as we hear the daily word

we're happy preciate that all right

let's see where you guys are from hell

fighter is from Canada we got Berkeley

California Chicago Illinois

Thaddius got you're at the bar you're at

there by Minister Japp who by the way is

gonna be on the show Saturday night

Saturday night Minister Jeb is gonna be

on the show you want to know why cuz

Minister Japp got him a white girl

that's all right gentlemen Minister Japp

Minister Jeb Hussein of Chicago Illinois

got him a white girl and he wants to

come on the show and tell me all about


that's gonna be some that's gonna be

crazy Seattle Washington Johnny Hilson

Las Vegas love to see that Berkeley

California got Oslo Norway Jackson

Michigan Chicago San Fran Long Island

down there in islands Pompano Beach

Chicago very good excellent

Denver Colorado San Antonio Texas

Brooklyn is in the house

excellent excellent Fresno the Bay Area

Harlem world excellent excellent

Toby black says that Paris trick was

annoying as fuck yeah you know the thing

is is Paris Milan like I roasted her

because I didn't believe that she was

the girl in her profile photo

turns out she was and dude after just

like you know Paris is fine Paris is

find the bitch kept rolling me she's

like oh you've got this girl cuz I've

got this is it on my face you know I

don't read for that right like I get

acne I'm auntie Artie it happens but she

kept rolling like she kept talking shit

I was like dude like leave me it like I

didn't go off and I just like bitch

leave me alone like you win that's the

thing about women man like if you like

like that was an ego like I popped her

ego like I'm the one guy who doesn't

just bow down to her I'm like bitch just

get the fuck out of here she wouldn't

leave me alone as I look bitch you got

the W like you win I have a zit on my

face and you are like like I have a zit

on my face and you are I guess you're

fine according to them like you win I

don't know what more I don't know what

more you want from me Rollo Tomassi

checking infirmary no DC VA Philly

another guy from Las Vegas

we got Miami Jay we got 305 and

excellency you guys are all from all

over the place

Ryan Sullivan says Paris Milan

like a stripper name you know what I

wish I had thought of that I wish I'd

thought of that

help fighter SEDs it equals hdcam yeah

yeah like I like the fact that I got

this logitech Brio but actually my set

doesn't look as bad as it did yesterday

but yeah I mean listen these are the

perils of high definition high quality

shit what can I say what can I say 9 1 4

2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call if

you want to if you want to get in on the

show let's go to the phone lines see in

Vegas you're on live with Donovan go

ahead hey what's going on I'll be

checking in what's going on brother how

you doing man hey by the way you said he

said the name he said her name was Paris

Milan that's her that's her her youtube

name Paris Milan listen nobody believes

that that's a real game you know no

about to say like why do you why do you

why you need up there city in the

country just win anyway right

yeah but um because you're just talking

about info usual my Enzo just now I just

wonder so much content about that and

about how much how many last laugh I

think Intel's you know and now the other

arrows on this one I'm ready

I think infos are the or or the

definition of toxic masculinity that's

just in my opinion in so you know

there's it's like they're lost cause you

gave everything because they revel in

self-pity in how they'll never get you

know how they'll never get a you know

women or the leverage upgrade themselves

and and as we've seen because you

covered it before right well some people

and stuff to me that's just like you

know like know as men this is one of the

few things as men do we go out and you

know and tackle problems you know I take

the initiative if there is a problem I

think let me don't do whatever probably

is nobody started my one right now it's

about men and you know I'm saying they

don't want to do that to me that's toxic

masculinity you know I'm saying and and

there's no there's no fucking excuse me

sitting on your ass crying about not

giving women that's ridiculous right no

I agree and good

yeah what's gonna say lar mu or it was

only our movement or somebody else who

had called about in cells

it's involuntary celibate but here's the

thing you don't have to be celibate

because you can go out and buy pussy

like dude you're in Las Vegas even

listen we know that prostitution is

detected it's technically technically

illegal in Clark County dude see they're

fucking prostitutes all around you in

Vegas like if you really wanted to get

pussy you could get pussy so I mean

don't get me wrong I mean it and here's

where the beta male and them comes out

well I want the search to be I want the

sex to mean something oh my god do you

want to get laid or do you want it to

mean something like you listen man

sometimes you just can't always but also

do that another thing together Carl well

you oh I'm going to be no that's the

nice guys yes nice guy front yes give me

a break your line do I

you go out of yourself right but you

can't lie to me that's why I feel like

you know that's I just feel like you

know that's the only reason why I do

with you the reason one of the reason

why I love these because like you don't

really don't wrong you talk to big toes

and stuff like that I said it but I just

think Mako is just one step away from

itself or they're on the borderline and

you know we gotta go out there you gotta

lift weight you got to be on your

purpose and you got to do your thing

that's right like um I got some of our

big toes in so this is like dude oh no

no no no no get off your ass and get

please not I get some no forget I plan

on getting married so maybe that'll make

me a big toe maybe I don't know I'm kind

of getting married or you know but I'm

not going to check out that week no

checking out is just weakness in my

opinion and last thing the last thing it

was a sports question real quick Carson

went he heard again yeah yep he's got

one more yeah one more injury for when I

don't even remember I don't even know

when that happened I don't know how

severe the injury is - Carson Wentz but

my guess is that if we if we were eight

and four right now instead of six and

seven and staring down the barrel of not

making the playoffs I think he plays yet

I think what the Eagles are doing I

don't think that I don't think the

injury is severe but they know at this

point it's a lost season so and and to

be honest with you cars and hit the

Carson Wentz

wasn't probably wasn't fully recovered

from that ACL surgery until maybe three

weeks ago when he came back when he came

back he was mobile enough and he was

scrambling around but you can tell he

just wasn't the same guy even though the

Eagles have been sort of on the

downtrend Carson Wentz is not the


yes he throws interceptions yes he

fumbles the football but every

quarterback does that I'm not making

excuses what Carson Wentz is not the

reason the Eagles are 6 and 7 they're 6

and 7 because their offensive line is a

sieve they lost their offensive

coordinator Frank Reich who by the way

has the Indianapolis Colts in the thick

of the AFC playoff race and of course

it's the Super Bowl Hangul you guys just

aren't as hungry which to me makes what

the Patriots have done all the more

impressive dude I mean dude it's been

nothing but eagles mania here in Philly

they got a P and again dude guys are

writing books for and dogmas we're

getting drunk and dressing like genies

and Costantino you know person Kirsten

at Philadelphia Eagles your hands so and

you know the city of Philly but you know

we were very happy about the Super Bowl

I knew it was gonna be Super Bowl

hangover a little part of me was hoping

that there wouldn't be a Super Bowl

hangover because whence came back he

wasn't on the field when when we won the

Super Bowl

Ben hey listen man it was and it was a

lost season and you want to know

something dude barring any unforeseen

circumstances I think the Eagles are

probably gonna be favored to win the NFC

East next year the Cowboys will probably

have a lot to say about that depending

upon what happens with the whole dak

Prescott situation but it's gonna it's

going to be it's gonna be a - it's gonna

be a two-man dogfight for the NFC East

next year

Eagles are not gonna be as bad next year

as they are this year at least they're

better not because I say it's course

someone's questionable if he gets more

injured I'll say question right now yeah

and get more injury it's the big

question also some say I did not think

you know I'm a Giants guy I did not see

the Giants dump-truckin dump-truckin the

Redskins that badly 40 16 that was a

crash but also the other one I didn't

see was the Giants beating the Bears

that wasn't supposed to happen

yeah that was definitely not supposed up

because then the Bears turn around and

beat the Rams I know it's crazy how this

piece of going I hope is anymore

alright yeah thanks for the call see in

Vegas see and Las Vegas checking in

giving us the giving us the rundown yeah

going back to what he was talking about

about big tiles being one step away from

being an n sell a lot of MIG tiles are

in sells right like a lot of MIG towels

are in sells we had everyone said oh I

can't remember I'm on so many I'm on so

many shows him on the red man group I'm

on the brother pillow I'm on this show

there was one guy who was in the chat

who kept saying yes yes yeah no it was

false repay who's yesterday how to avoid

a false rape accusation and I remember

him putting in the chat so many times

yes this is why I go MIG towel so to

avoid false rape accusations that guy is

a low-level MIG tile which is an N sell

guys who say this is why I go mgtow to

avoid trouble with women those are the

guys who give with the real MIG taos bad

names if you're a MIG tau who who has

opted out of the sexual marketplace

you're not a MIG towel you are now in

involuntary celibate okay and again

don't act like you don't want pussy you

do want pussy but you're not willing to

do what it takes to to mitigate the risk

right like a lot of guys out there a lot

of a lot of em sells and a lot of you

know internet personalities like to make

fun of guys well you know you think you

think you're so big and bad because your

risk hauler

be risk averse no you need to be a

little bit of both right you don't need

to commit to the purple haired slut with

the boring but by the same token you

have to do things I mean even if you

have what appears to be a girl who's not

terrible what needs to happen is you

there it needs to be certain things put

into place to mitigate the inherent

risks that come with dealing with

today's American women you really can't

have it both ways

just because I decide just because I

don't decide to just completely check

out of the dating market doesn't mean

I'm just going in with my eyes with my

doesn't mean that I'm not going into

this stuff with my eyes wide open no I'm

not flying blind I know what I'm doing

I do things to make sure that my life

doesn't get turned upside down but doing

that like it's funny in cells like -

it's a black and white thing to them you

either stop messing with women

altogether or if you mess with women up

you're an idiot because she's gonna turn

your life upside down no I have dude I

fucked with many women who didn't turn

my life upside down

this is listen I fuck with plenty of


who did I've had many bad experiences of

women but I've had many good experiences

of experiences with with women and

because I have red pill awareness I am

now in a position to where I can tell a

lot of different stories about a lot of

different women

none of them fortunately for me have

really taken their pound of flesh yeah

I've got a few scars from my blue pill

pasts but I'm no worse for the wear I

don't have any kids that I know of I

wasn't divorce raped I'm not paying

alimony life is good

so again if you're an n cell I

understand not wanting to be called and

in sell a lot of guys like to call

themselves monks as well just don't call

it MIG tau that don't say well this is

why I go MIG tau because women can

divorce are a B no no I don't know what

to call it that's on you guys but there

are a lot of MIG tiles out there whoo

there are a lot of guys out there who

call themselves MIG towels that have a

lot to offer to the red pill community

and they they they speak a lot of truth

and one of those truths is that listen

man a lot of guys say the juice is worth

the squeeze but I still want the juice

so I'm gonna do what's necessary to get

as much juice as I can get the highest

quality juice as I can without much cost

that's really what living the red pill

life is all about that's what this comes

down to okay let's go ahead and get this

party started here there are how many

reasons do I have there are four main

reasons why men always win in the end

and we're gonna go over if we're gonna

go over all four of those tonight let me

check my time here yes we're gonna go

over all four of those tonight but

before we get into actually you know

what I'll go over number one and then

I'll say goodbye to my Twitter and

Facebook audience number one the number

one reason the first reason why men

always win in the end is that the sexual

prime of a woman ends abruptly and

unexpectedly women are the most sexually

attractive between 18 and 28 years of

age give or take a few years in either

direction during that decade plus a

woman can sleep with and/or get

commitment from just about any man she


man she wants now during this time women

can get attention they can get dick they

can get money they can get provisions

from just about any man she chooses to

all she has to do is show up put herself

on a platter in some way shape or form

whether it be just her her company her

body sexual favors whatever she offers

up and most men are going to end up

giving her that attention most men are

gonna give her that dick most men are

gonna give her that commitment no matter

what women tell you no matter what they

tell themselves no matter what they tell

other people females want and value

sexual attention more than anything else

they won't admit it but this is what

they want and need the most now

biologically speaking their need for

sexual attention is necessary for

reproduction but that rush of validation

that horses through a woman when a man

fucks her is what she wants the most and

because of this that ten plus years of

having absolute power over a man over

men is quite literally the best time of

a woman's life especially the

good-looking ones women's women all the

time talk about the fact that God when I

was in my 20s life was great like

everything was perfect I could sleep

with who I want to guys were doing

things for me etc etc now as men we are

the most sexually attractive between the

ages of I would say thirty to forty five

maybe forty seven give or take a few

years in either direction now our sexual

power our sexual primes last at least a

decade and a half longer than a woman's

but that's just our sexual prime guys

don't forget we are also sexual somewhat

sexually attractive in our twenties

not nearly as sexually attractive as

when we hit 30 but men in their 20s are

still sleeping with beautiful women out

there they're still fucking hot girls

now don't mistake me here guys I want to

make this clear I'm not saying that a

man's sexual prime is better than a

woman's females may only have ten years

of prime Beauty and fertility but their

beauty is far more effective than that

of a man men will move listen I'm

telling you guys right now men will

move heaven and earth to secure an

exquisite female in terms of youth and

beauty women not so much now some women

may move heaven and earth to try to

consolidate on the man depending upon

how close they are to or from the wall

but I digress any any given woman's

sexual prime may not last as long as any

given man's but her sexual prime will

burn much much brighter and much much

hotter make no mistake gentlemen the

hottest female the hottest females will

always attract far more men than the

hottest male will attract women by a


it's not close it's not close but the

fact remains that as men our prime

attractiveness lasts 50% longer and even

before that in our 20s we are still able

to fuck pretty girls listen when I was

in my 20s I fucked a lot of girls maybe

not too many 8's 9s or 10s maybe an

eighth or two mostly five sixes and

sevens right

but in my 30s a fucking fucking eights

nines and tens on the regular so even if

a man doesn't get laid until he's twenty

years old until he's two decades old he

still has at least a quarter of a

century of peak sexual activity as

opposed to 10 maybe 12 years for women

again give or take a few years in either

direction depending upon genetics and

habits plus we age as men we age much

much better we don't start approaching

the wall until we're probably in our

early to mid 50s we age slowly and

gracefully into our 50s and even then

we're still even even in our late 50s

we're still able to fuck top tier women

a woman's sexual prime on the other hand

ends very quickly and very abruptly one

day she's able to fuck any guy she wants

and the next those same guys aren't

paying her any attention unless she's

dressed like a slut and throwing herself

at him and even then they get rejected

in favor of a younger hot of younger

tighter girls

there's no graceful aging for women

there's no there's no slowly ebbing into

the next phase of their lives there's

none of that women fall off the cliff

between the ages of 28 and 30 that

doesn't mean they don't still get

attention for men and that doesn't mean

that they're not still sluts but the men

they're fucking at that age aren't

nearly as high quality and high value as

the men they fuck just a few years ago

yes gentlemen there are some 35 year-old

women out there who are still hot but

that woman will never be as hot as she

was when she was 24 and she knows it

Devin's gonna be 25 in February Devin's

gonna be 35 in February you look at

pictures of her when she was 25 she was

a fucking smoke show dude Devin's a six

six and a half honestly when she was 25

she's probably eight and a half the wall

affects everybody yes even the Great and

Powerful Devin not only do we age better

physically we age better mentally

experience and struggle makes men more

attractive because we are seasoned we've

matured experience and struggle makes

women unattractive experience and

struggle manifests itself in men as

wisdom introspection intelligence the

list goes on it manifests itself in

females with a scorned and bitter

attitude this is why sluts in their 40s

are always miserable and players in

their 40s never are as men we never stop

maturing okay so by the time we hit our

30s we act like grown responsible men

women they stopped maturing around 18

which happens to be or at around the

start of their peak sexual

attractiveness and they keep that

teenage mentality all the way through

their 20s guys but after male attention

dwindles and eventually disappears they

start to mature again this is why women

this is why women are a little more than

overgrown children we say this all the

time they have a teenager's mentality

until high-quality men want to stop

wanting to fuck them and when that


they are forced to act like women but

unfortunately for them by then it's too

late they've already developed bad

habits that cannot be changed at any age

even listen even that score in 38 year

old former party slut has the mind of a

23 year old at that point having only

started maturing and growing up again

just a few years ago again this is why

older women who are ever attractive are

insufferable guys think oh yeah I'm

gonna go to the John I'm gonna go to the

jungle and I'm gonna hunt Cougars I want

to fuck the milfs

ez lays no sir no sir

you think that listen man if you think

the hot 44 year old who's beginning I

fuck by every man since she was essence

she was at the the tender young age of

15 probably younger is just gonna lift

up her skirt if you just walk up say

hello and buy her a drink oh no that is

not the case my friend fucking hot

quote-unquote fucking attractive 44 year

olds is much more difficult than fucking

that hot 21 22 year old trust and

believe guys I've seen it you think

Cougars and milfs are easier to fuck no

sir any man who says milfs and Cougars

are easier to fuck have net you have

never fucked and you have never fucked

an older attractive women not trying to

hear it miss me with that bullshit again

I've said I've said before that most

older attractive women are far more

difficult to run game on than the 23 24

year old hot girl we as men we get

better with age women do not and women

know this so in order to cope with the

rapidly decreasing desirability trapped

in a mind that won't let her turn back

the clock they go to a doctor and they

get prescribed a bunch of medications to

help him sleep at night and help him not

to commit suicide when reality stares

him in the face for the fourth time that

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so that is done all right let's hit the

chat the chat is lively today love it

when you guys are lively man love it

when you guys are Lively

tockman clan Killa one nig 7 says wasn't

installed Donovan involuntary celibate

that is what that means Oh No

Lorenzo Dave Lorenzo Davis says the Rams

will end the Eagles season completely

this Sunday yes they will yes they will

yeah listen it is what it is man it is

what it is

hey we got a ring you know we're still a

we're still the defending Super Bowl

champs so Scorpion King wants to know

how that 34:30 was last night yes the 34

30 42 to 1 was awesome it told the story

about James Buster Douglas beating Mike

Tyson back on February 11th 1990 that

was and still is the greatest upset in

the history of American sports a lot of

guys talk about you know Villanova over

Georgetown in 1985 in the n-c-double-a

championship a lot of guys talked about

North Carolina State over Houston in the

n-c-double-a championship in 1983 guys

talk about the Miracle on Ice the United

States are feeding Russia in the 1980

Olympic Games in Lake Placid

Douglas / Tyson is the single that is

the greatest upset in the history of

American sports nobody thought Douglass

was gonna win that dude James Buster

Douglas didn't think he was gonna win

that fight Rob says that's what makes

you a great teacher Donovan because if

your scars with women appreciate that

william fries calls them neck beards

that's good

Wow a lot of uh Mike Larry wants to know

what is big towel that's Mick towel men

going their own way Jota mozzies as

women mistakenly believe that their

sexual prime is in their early 30s like

what the fuck

I just don't here's the thing Rollo I

actually I disagree with that

women say they want to believe that

their sexual prime is in their early 30s

but they know it's not they have to know

like women can't be that stupid can they

oh you know what ro look reuleaux added

to it he says

they want men to believe that they're

more fun in bed after the Epiphany face

actually Rollo they are because they're

much more sexually experienced like due


a girl is 19 20 years old yeah she's a

good fuck because she's young hot and

tight but dude the 39 year old dude she

will suck the fucking colour off your

dick even if you're a white boy

straight-up swayed senator making an

appearance good to see you in here let

me check my all right very good

excellent chat today guys love it when

you guys are involved I'm actually

getting used to doing the show without

looking at myself actually like this

better because I'm not obsessed with

looking at myself yes that is not


oh and by the way I did check out that

Shannon Sharpe checking check in Jenny

Taft on the whole Kareem hunt situation

that was fucking brilliant I love that


loved it if you want to support the show

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contributions to come directly to the

towers my stream labs link is the best

way to do it Rollo Tomassi says Devon

cannot compete with the Devon of 25 no

she cannot and I met Devon ten years ago

I wouldn't oh my god there's oh my if I

had met Devon at 31 like I'm 41 she's 34

if I had met her 10 years ago no way

that would not have worked I might have

been able to fuck her but she's been

fucking other dudes she so it goes

excellent excellent Dennis in Denver

says some of the girls who rejected me

when I was in my mid-20s now want to

date me as they approach the wall and I

am approaching my sexual market value

peak I'm like no thank you I want to I

know you there's no thanks I want 21

year olds shout out to double X says Don

I don't know why but I'm banned huh

all right double X if you would oh I

don't know why either maybe you got

maybe you got banned on accident send me

an email double X send me an email too

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and send me e-mail or you can go to

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will unban you I don't know why that is

I don't know King dick says they're much

more exciting in bed because they have

to be right they better do they better

see they better suck your dick they

better suck the head off your dick

yeah but going back to Dennis in Denver

yeah that that's the typical that's the

typical arc of the red pillow air mail a

John Stark says I think they fired Jenny

teff because we haven't seen her since I

don't know look you know what let me

look that up right now I don't think

they would fire her for saying that

Kareem hunt deserves a lifetime ban let

me Jenny Taft she haven't sharp checked

her but I can't see a network firing a

woman I can't see a network firing a

woman because she called for because she

called for a player to be banned for -

for a lifetime ban a former collegiate

athlete yeah she's still as far as I

know she's still with Fox Sports 1 so I

don't know what I mean I'm not gonna

call for somebody's job you know

whatever she made an Indian she made an

idiotic statement whatever mix let Meg

self says girl can be trained to be good

in bed in 20s - but it is on the man -

bring it out of her won't happen by

itself totally true you know what else

will train a woman in bed the cock

carousel my carousel is the best sex

trainer for women ok let's continue why

does it keep going back - there we go

the second reason why men always have

the last laugh is that women never

accept reality until it smacks them in

the face and it's way too late this is

especially true when it comes to red

pill aware men or red pill men men live

in that red pill life versus feminists

okay any man that takes and accepts the

red pill any man that takes and accepts

the red pill goes through a series of

stages before he finally comes to

acceptance acceptance right first

there's the shock phase that's when we

come across something red pill related

we can't believe there's something out

there that goes against everything we've

been taught then there's the anger phase

when we realize we've been lied to our

entire lives and for a good long while

we're pissed off at women this is the

anger phase it's necessary then there's

the gluttony phase we're consuming any

and all red pill content you can find I

was stuck in the gluttony phase for

quite some time now there are a few

other phases in between but eventually

we all come to the acceptance phase we

accept that women aren't what we thought

they were we accept that we are every

bit as much to blame for the sad state

of women as women are we accept that we

as men okay we have to have our shit

together before we can start making

demands of women we accept that the

sexual marketplace isn't fair we accept

the fact that the sexual marketplace

doesn't give a shit if a man's only five

nine because he didn't hit the genetic

lottery we accept that fact red pill

aware men men who live the red pill life

we accept hard and fast truth no matter

how uncomfortable or how inconvenient

they may be we've accepted that in order

to get what we want we've got to go get

it we got to work for it we accept

listen we accept that nothing's gonna be

handed to us we accept that attractive

women aren't going to be attracted to us

if we're out of shape and undisciplined

even men who aren't red pill aware and

know that anything worth getting or

having isn't going to be easy to get and

that it requires hard work to get there

even if they decide it's not what they

want to do they don't talk about how

it's not fair

that they don't have it now this is

where your low-level mig towels come

into place

low-level MIG towels in cells make towel

monks like to bitching a plane about

guys like us because we know how to get

women with little to no investment what

that really comes down to is they don't

think it's fair that we get what they

want the problem is is they're just not

what they're just not willing to work

they're not willing to put in the work

to get what we have we make it look easy

but I can assure you that it's not

low-level MIG towels in cells they're

looking for the cheat code they want the

magic word the magic phrase that just

makes them all drop their panty panties

it doesn't exist I don't know maybe I

have a billion dollars but even then

even then that doesn't guarantee

faithfulness anyway these guys know they

don't have it because they don't want it

bad enough they know that they can't

attract top-notch girls because they

don't have the discipline to wake up at

four in the morning to hit the gym or

eat clean they mentally acknowledge

these truths even though they listen

even though they know they're not about

to cut out and be these things they're

not cut out to be these things and at

the end of the day the insel who knows

why he's an in cell and isn't really a

hey listen I don't have what it takes

even even he is not as miserable because

he knows he's in control of his life and

that the things he wants are out of

reach because he's not willing to put in

the work and that's perfectly fine with

him okay he's got nobody to blame but

himself and he knows it and again listen

man I've said this before if you've

decided that you're not willing to put

in the work to do what's necessary to be

attractive to attractive women hey dude

you're getting no argument for me not

every man is cut out to shoulder the

masculine burden of performance that's

fine man not all men are created equal

no matter what the Constitution says it

may be it may bum that guy out a little

bit but at least he knows this isn't

something outside of his control women

on the other hand they are not the same

in this regard

mentally specially feminists women think

that the world should be handed to them

on a silver platter for no other reason

but that they exist and that they have

vaginas women believe that no matter

what they

do no matter who they are no matter what

they deserve the very best men out there

and what they have to offer despite not

offering a damn thing themselves they

don't think they have to bring anything

to the table but their company right the

world tells them that no matter how

grossly overweight they are no matter

how unattractive they are no matter how

slutty they might have been they have

the right to the highest value men on

the market and anyone who disagrees is

an OMG misogynist females are delusional

to a fault but here is why they're

miserable even though the world tells

them these things that they deserve the

best of everything no matter what that

they deserve the benefit of the doubt in

any and all situations that they have a

right to the best men on the market even

though they're fed this bullshit on a

daily basis they are starting to see

that it don't work that way they're

starting to see that they actually have

to work to get ahead in life they're

seeing the highest value and most

attractive men marrying young fit

feminine women who want to start

families who don't care about careers or

fucking around they're realizing that as

they get older fewer and fewer people

namely men will tolerate their shitty

attitudes and behavior like men these

women are also figuring out that they've

been lied to as well these women were

told that if they go to college fuck a

bunch of dudes to get it out of their

system graduate with a useless degree

then go work in a cubicle for 30 years

that they'd be truly happy and fulfilled

as women then seven years in they have

that aha moment right where they think

oh oh I'm at a dead-end job that I hate

I can't keep a boyfriend I may have a

drinking problem and I can't stop crying

for no reason I thought I'd be happy but

Here I am

I'm almost 30 years old and I can't

figure out why I'm depressed I better go

see a doctor because there's got to be

something wrong with me if I haven't

found true happiness like everybody said

I would that's not winning at all

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

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contribute to the show let's go to the

chat here Rollo Tomassi dropping

dropping more knowledge Wow

roll it to my Z says this is real this

this this is this is the realest shit

I've heard all night Rollo Tomassi says

quote when a woman consciously

acknowledges she cannot compete with her

with her younger self that is when she

hits the wall that is the realest shit

I've heard all night long man

Wow Wow red samurai good to see you in

here he says quote South Asian Southeast

Asian women will try to lock a man down

before they turn 25 they know that after

28 they will never marry Jonathan from

modern life dating talked about this on

my on my show yesterday and that's

available right now on patreon.com

forward slash donovan sharp $8 patrons

and above

he says japanese girls who are 25 and

not married are called christmas cake

and the reason they're called christmas

cake is because chris there's always

leftovers christmas cake has always

leftover I guess they eat Christmas cake

in Japan and because they don't gorge

themselves like we do as Americans on

sweets and goodies there's always

leftover Christmas cake so of year so if

you're a Japanese girl living in Japan

and you're not married by the age of 25

they call you Christmas cake Romulo gene

says Holi is fire holly sonders i don't


william free says the majority of

Americans would agree with Jenny let me

just go ahead and and you're right

I'm gonna call you bill freeze I'm gonna

call you Billy freeze because that just

sounds cooler so what Billy freeze says

is a hundred percent correct the

argument that Shannon Sharpe used was


so Jenny Taff says well I think that

should never be given an opportunity in

the NFL again because he was you know

domestic violence Shannon Sharpe said

okay well if you're gonna suspend him

for the rest of his life then we need to

say we need to suspend and ban doctors

lawyers police officers and any other

man out there that is guilty of or

accused of domestic violence she's and

she says well now that's not the same

thing because they're held to a higher

standard he says in doctors and lawyers

and pharmacists and and other men of

power they're not held to a high

standard like he literally checkmated

her so and again he pointed out he he he

what he did is he he put her argument

back in her court okay listen I'll

endorse you suspending Kareem hunt or

Ray Rice or whoever kick him out in the

NFL for life but if we're gonna be doing

this with all men who are accused of or

found guilty of domestic violence and

guess what then no man every man who's

accused of domestic violence in any

other profession needs to be suspended

for life needs to be given a lifetime

ban and of course she says well it's the

standard and you know no no no no no no

no there's a heist as a matter of fact I

would say that doctors I would say that

doctors attorneys pilots men and power

they have a higher standard than that of

NFL players NFL players aren't held to a

high standard get that out of here as

long as they rush for a thousand yards

every year and they show up every Sunday

that's the only standard they need to

meet so it was good that Shannon Sharpe

checked Jenny Taft on that dude he

absolutely roasted her with that she had

nothing left to say she had nothing left

to say made me make an adjustment on my

menu here because I'm seeing that what

is it the backlight give me a second

guys I'm gonna make sure this is yeah

that's that's not that's weird

I gotta tone down the brightness give me

a second I know this is bad radio all

right all right fuck it I'll fuck with

that later I'm a Nazi about this stuff

guys everything has to be on 2% right

Kotori says he's about to hit 36 unless

of the week I've never been happier

that's right Devon smiley says this is

where porn comes in to save them yeah

right entitlement syndrome absolutely

gluttony phase for life

Mike Chenery says LTR is still very

attractive but 41 is going through all

phases yeah Rollo Tomassi says doctor

baby love is the prime example of this I

need to find out who this doctor babe

love is I need to find out who that is

Stacy Howard says 47 female worked my

ass off more confident than ever still

look fabulous and expect nothing to be

handed to me

this is humorous you want to know what

else is humorous is that you're 47 and

you think you look fabulous fabulous

that that to me is listen I'm happy for

you I'm happy that you're 47 and work

your ass off and I'm happy that you're

confident but at 47 you you don't look

you don't look fabulous sweetheart it

was like that dude who called in the red

man group said that his girl was a nine

him and later on we found out she was 44

years old we're all like whoa wait a


no such thing as a 44 year old nine

let's continue

listen hit dogs syndrome with Stacy

right she's watching the show she knows

this is true if if if you have to if you

have to if you have to come in here and

tell me that you still look fabulous

then you probably don't look fabulous

that would be like me watching a you

watching a video of girls talking about

oh my god all these guys with these

small dicks and me going into that and

saying you know what I don't have a

small dick I'm 41 years old and I got a

41 inch cock right that's really kind of

what Stacy did

47 and stole a fabulous no no no you

don't listen listen I'm sure you look

very nice I'm sure you look very nice

but you look nothing like you did when

you were 27 47 Jesus Christ shit dude I

mean she's probably in menopause at this

point right oh yeah Wow

47 it still look fabulous you see how

delusional women are right yeah Dee Gary

says it listen good energy though you

know she came in with the hot fire

number three the third reason why men

always have the last laugh like I just

did with Stacey who's probably still at

work because she is 47 fabulous and

works her ass off and this is directly

tied to Stacey I love it when females

comment in this regard and give me the

and just make things poetic the more

they accomplish the less attractive they

are the more they accomplish the less

attractive they are this is the third

reason why men always win in the end

Stacey if you're watching listen up

women are making more than they've ever

made in history

but they're making more money than

they've ever made ever they're more

influential and they have more power

than they've ever had the power and

influence and money that women have

today is unprecedented now this is

exactly what feminists wanted but what

they didn't take into account what they

didn't take into account was the effect

that all of this money and power and

influence would have on a woman's value

in the sexual marketplace and when I say

sexual marketplace I'm talking about a

woman's overall attractiveness with

regards to beauty her femininity her

personality etc Stacey says she's 47 and

fabulous but are you married right you

have a boyfriend yeah I didn't think so

you see the more a woman accomplishes

the more money she makes the more power

and influence she gets the further she

shrinks her pool of potential suitors in

other words the more status a woman has

the fume the fewer the men shall have to

choose from Stacey doesn't want to fuck

down Stacey doesn't want a date down she

doesn't want to marry down space he

wants to fuck up she wants to date up

she wants to marry up space it's not

that Stacey is not gonna give the time

of day to men who have less money less

power less status than they do it's not

in their DNA

remember guys remember the rule of

hypergamy is that women will always try

to consolidate on the highest value men

available to her but the caveat is that

most of those men have to have more

value than they do as women

so while Stacey at 47 still looks

fabulous and works her ass off she's not

gonna be attracted to the janitor Donna

the executive at XYZ fortune 500 company

she's not gonna fuck the janitor or

rather she's not gonna fuck the junior

partner at a big law firm she wants to

fuck the guy with his name on the door

of that law firm she's not gonna date

Steve the warehouse supervisor she wants

to date the guy who owns the company

Steve works for okay Carol the regional

vice president of ABC multinational

conglomerate doesn't want to marry the

company accountant she wants to marry

the CEO now some women might say well

there's nothing wrong with that she has

to have standards and they would be

absolutely right

Touche but here's the problem Stacy the

math doesn't work you see Stacey there

are four more Steve's

and junior partners and CPAs out there

then there are company owners CEOs and

senior partners at big law firms then

Stacey might come out and say well there

are far more male executive and CEOs

than female executives as CEO so there

are plenty to go around for all of the

powerful women in fact they'd have their

pick of all of the most rich and

powerful men they'd be a power couple

and two

that you would be absolutely wrong

Stacey yes there are way more male CEOs

and executives and females you know that

whole male priviledge thing right but

high-value men like this don't want to

date female vice president Stacy they

don't want to marry these high status

women they don't want to fuck women CEOs

they don't want relationships with 47

year old women who work their asses off

who think they still look fabulous

they don't want relationships with women

who have masculine personalities well

how do you know they're masculine

Donovan because they are where they are

you don't become a senior partner at a

law firm by being a feminine kind woman

you gotta be a fucking killer you got to

be cutthroat you don't rise through the

ranks to become an executive of a

fortune 500 company without being driven

and ultra competitive and any woman who

accomplishes these things has to exhibit

masculine characteristics and do it

consistently and do it for a while and

when she finally gets to where she wants

as soon as she reaches the pinnacle of

her company she has quite literally

forgotten how to be a woman how to be a

lady how to be feminine and high-value

men executives CEOs rich men they're not

looking to be with a woman who acts like

a man they don't want to be with a woman

with a scoring disposition they don't

want to be with 47 year old women who

were fabulous and worked their asses off

they're not looking to get with women

who are gonna compete with him or a

woman who's stubborn because she feels

like she has something to prove to him

these men don't want women like Stacy

they want Stacy from 25 years ago

they want the Stacy who was feminine

kind ladylike submissive they want Stacy

they want Stacy before Stacy went off to

college right they want women who are

much lower on the competitive totem pole

data data entry clerks customer service

reps secretaries guess what there are

many more of them than there are female

executives in CEOs so once again it's

the men who have the pick of the women

they want think about the cliche we all

know about the Cleese

J of the of the CEO fuckin his secretary

right we all know the CEO fuckin a

secretary Don Draper and all that right

he's higher value than she is he makes

more money he tells her what to do he

has power he gives her instructions etc

the secretary is in a subservient

position she does what she's told she

asks his permission she doesn't get out

of pocket she defers to him

that dynamic alone is conducive to

physical attraction on both ends he's

dominant she submissive of course the

CEOs gonna fuck his secretary it's


so yes Stacy there are more male

executives and high-powered men in

America than women but those men don't

want these women with power money and

status and even if even if a male CEO

married a female CEO he's cheating on

her with his 23 year old secretary he

didn't marry this woman because he loves

her he married her because it's

beneficial to his brand in his business

so if ever there was an exception to the

rule and ain't because he's actually

more attracted to that kind of woman

than the kind of woman he's used to

fucking and here's the thing women are

starting to figure it out and they're

pissed they feel like they've been duped

they were told to get all this money and

all this status and all this influence

and may be able to attract any man they

want and the more they get the harder it

is to find a man because they're very

female nature cannot love and respect a

man who is not superior to her in every

way it can't be done let's take it to a

lower level a female junior partner at a

law firm isn't gonna date fuck or marry

a law clerk or first year

worst case scenario she'll de laterally

and maybe get with another junior

partner but that's the worst case

scenario what she really wants is the

senior partner let's go even lower than

that a female supervisor at a warehouse

doesn't want to fuck the forklift driver

she doesn't even want to get with the

assistant supervisor she wants to marry

the plant manager she wants to date the

guy in charge of her I don't make the

rules guys Stacy I don't make the rules

so we know

this is how it is and like I said women

are starting to figure it out the

high-powered female attorney is pissed

off big time because big time male

attorneys want nothing to do with her

the female executive is fucking

miserable because she now knows why she

is no longer attracted to the men who

used to make her pussy wet on her way up

the corporate ladder okay

alright Stacy you've got cars you've got

money you've got friends you can travel

and you can buy pretty much anything you

want you work your ass off right you're

47 and fabulous but again what you

really want stacy is a man and at the

end of the night when stacy is laying in

her $8,000 bed with her 8,000 thread

count sheets she cries herself to sleep

because she's now she's just now

figuring out that the more wealth status

and power and influence she gets the

less the men that she wants will want

her her taste is too expensive for her

sexual market value and it's always

going to be that way so what does Stacy

do she calls up her doctor and gets him

to call in yet another prescription for

ambien to help knock her out at night

lexapro to keep her from committing

suicide and value valium to keep her

anxiety about being alone at 47 years

old under control alright let's let's go

back to the chat here

yes wait senator says Shannon ended her

with that line yeah shannon sharpe

definitely took it to her for sure that

was dude that was beautiful that dude

that was a stroke of brilliance you you

very rarely see male broadcaster

standing up to female broadcasters but

because Shannon Sharpe is black he can

do that

listen black black sportscasters have a

lot more latitude than white male

sportscasters yes Steven Naismith got a

slap on the wrist but that was because

he veered into the realm of domestic

violence he basically told bitches hey

don't put your hands on a man he put

won't put your hands on you and that was

that supremely sublime says I've known

low-wage females trying to get with CEO

as it pisses me off when men with power

validate any woman that's attractive

women vet men smarter than the way we

guys vent women absolutely absolutely

see here's the thing the way men vet

most women is if she looks good then

it's all good

no man dude oh dude eights nines and

tens belongs to the fucking game partner

you want a long-term relationship you

need to look at listen eights nines and

tens are community property fuck them

all you want don't fucking put a ring on

it don't put a ring on it no matter what

don't get into relationships with eights

nines or tens man their community

properly property our mando Rory no says

I'm not gonna lie though JLo still looks

good at 50 yeah listen JLo is an

exception to the rule and she's she's

had plastic surgery

so yeah ramela Jean says JLo has had

worked on yeah listen I mean hey you

know I mean that doesn't disqualify a

the way she looks right if a woman has

nice tits we're not gonna say okay but

her tits are fake so I'm not as a trend

off course dude hide fuck JLo you know

I'm sayin she looks good

suede senator says no man wants to fuck

a woman's master's degree freelance

Burnett says Stacy was howling like a

werewolf hit by a silver red pill bullet

yeah dude she was feeling some type of

way I'm 47 I still looked fabulous and I

worked my ass off I what I was supposed

to say was oh I'm sorry Stacy my mistake

will be in the broadcast now because

clearly I'm wrong bitch please

ooh Kyle Mitchell says so do you want

JLo now or in 92 yeah I'll take 1992 Jay

in living color Jay JLo black guru

strikes with the $5 donation says man

you are breaking some hearts right now

you know women cannot handle this kind

of truth bro hey listen man that's why

this show ain't for women no bitches

allowed homey like women can handle this

man they come in here they have their

say and then I then I take 15 minutes

slashing their weak-ass arguments shot

at the black guru for hooking your boy

up with a $5 donation appreciate that

Charles Spurgeon says a woman educates

herself right out of being white but

serial right

Real Talk man

these women have been lied to dude

especially black women dude black women

I have a degree and who the fuck Billy

fries says I don't care about a woman's

degree or job and at a tenant McDonald's

is better than five minutes I'm making

60 K right it's funny

Billy fries his name reminds me I used

to bowl with a guy his name was Johnny

blizzard and I I said dude that cannot

be a real name

fucking showed me his license Johnny

blizzard I said why you fuckin a rock

star name what's your name blizzard

Johnny blizzard he's a cool guy

hey John Starks says or Aegon Stark a

Jonin Oh says that shit has no value to

us absolutely

Meg's Allah Meg selves Meg's selves says

I really want to listen to the Stasi

woman link

I don't know that stacy has a link I

don't know time uptown says women are

selfish yeah we're all selfish men

pretend not to be selfish to be more

attractive for women

mm light says you are speaking facts

it's just hard for hard for it's just

hard to digest for some people all I

offers the truth

James Nobel says that guy at the top

wants the best they'd rather have a 10

that's young and feminine and a

secretary that old ooh Devon is making

boneless buffalo bites oh my god I just

made my mouth water almost Buffalo bites

jeez and dude I'm fucking starving I've

started this new thing guys where I

don't eat that much during the day right

for breakfast I have a I have an apple

and a handful of mixed nuts then for

lunch I have a very small salad and then

I don't eat anything until after my show

this actually helps to keep me

clear-headed because when I eat a lot of

calories you know how it is man you get

I mean you get tired and you go into a

brain fog and I remember pine told me

I'm one of our many conversations that

people used to fast back in the day for

clarity of mind and it's weird because

it works for me like the less I eat

during the day the more clear-headed and

focused I am nine one four two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call to get in on the show let's go to

the phone lines area code two two nine

you're on live at Donovan go ahead

Donovan Shawn what's up brother hey man

I saw your uh topic today and I couldn't

help but yet calling again

is there another story let's do it so

the whole last last thing man it's kind

of funny because I see uh it's when you

were talking about food to I when I was

about 16 I got it my heaviest

really overweight and it was so funny

cuz obviously you know girls wanted

nothing to do with me right they see

that and like oh yeah he's overweight

hot guys football players all that stuff

so that's what the girls went for well

funny story as I started you know

discovering exercise and proper

nutrition lost weight gotten better

shape sorry you know playing

professional ins musician when I came

back home around highschool reunion time

it actually didn't show in my hometown

up in Georgia a couple of girls that

basically dude keep in mind I never met

these girls but I went to school with

him he crushes on it I knew of them but

they didn't know I existed it's so funny

broke they show up at the show and they

walk up and they're like hey Sean how's

it going and I just put my hand out and

say nice to meet you I'm Sean and

they're like oh stop that shot you we

know who you are I'm like no no no when

people meet for the first time they say

nice to meet you you guys we never

talked in school we never met none night

right but dude they totally started

flirting so the running game and I start

deed I dig a little there pass find out

you know well first of all they put on

some lb back on some way these brain so

fucking hot and and keep my they're like

27 28 right

approaching the wall they may have

already packed already packed on the

fuckin love handles and they got kids

they got a beta male husband and these

girls used to be the fucking cream of

the crop they were so hot oh god every

guy wanted them and they didn't know I

existed so I thought it was just kind of

funny how they come full circle and like

Richard Cooper says girls don't care

about the struggle they wait the finish

line sorry the winners sad thing is they

don't realize they got how much their

value declines but they're not going to

get those winners over dude true listen

truer words were never spoken

I think it's interesting Sean that these

girls who went to high school with you

they think they know who you are because

they went to school here like no no you

don't get it sweetheart like you don't

really know me dude you'd have been

blown away like the look on her face

when I put my hand out you know just

like you shake someone's hand in this

culture okay hey I'm Sean nice to meet


they were like oh you stop that you

I was like nah we never met this is what

people do when they meet so you think

that I'll just buckle and just go oh my

god that now the drill that's uh yeah oh

my god my crush now was paying attention

to me

like no do you not interesting you went

from you know and you're in your peak

sexual market value you went from being

possibly like a seven five maybe an

eight five down to the fucking four not

interested you know go get on what's on

par with you with what you got you know

go back to that beta so yeah I just want

to call it man and you know think that

is funny guys you if they keep their

value high they focus on their purpose

you get the last laugh you call it an

ego thing sure fuck it

Sean in Tampa thanks for the call you

know interesting story is my ex-wife

Darcy she got married almost immediately

after our divorce was final and the guys

she married had a crush on her in high

school so she ended up this she didn't

pay she didn't give him the time of day

so there she what was I I was told as I

was 32 Darcy was one year older than I

was so she was 33 so at 33 she's way

past the wall and Darcy listen when I

married Darcy she was she was hot like

she was attractive but dude she got

unattractive very very quickly and so

this guy must have thought it was his

lucky fucking day oh my god

Darcy from XYZ High School now wants to

be of course he put a ring on it dude

had five fucking kids and the joke is on

them both waiting happily ever after

area code eight one seven and eight one

three I'm gonna come to you guys in just

a second let me update the chat here and

lights as men will save a chick from

McDonald's if she acts right let me get

access because of looks not career

success straight up

Kevin Samuels is in the house as I'm

rocket leather jeans boots and bracelets

Kevin Samuel is the best dressed man in

the towers 92nd minute hey guys

on the line eight one seven eight one

three don't pay attention to

BlogTalkRadio that means 90 seconds to

get in on the cue

even when it

tells you 60 seconds 30 seconds this has

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Buffalo bites or freezer no no no no no

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dude Devin doesn't do freezer food man

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i am not married not a chance shoutout

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appreciate that no I'm not married

Devin and I are in a long-term

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7 you're on live at Donovan thanks for

holding and you go ahead Hispanic

Christmas attic brought listen I saw you

listen I saw your your comic I saw

either was common or a message on

patreon that says a wind your live show

going on and I I wouldn't I tried to

find it I couldn't find it for whatever


oh yeah no right when I was asking the

question I was listening to your

previous show we started saying your

times and what time you came on and I

thought oh no man I want to call it and

say thank you because man it's like you

said you like it when guys call in and

say you changed my life

yeah you changed my life bro and and red

man group changed my life I mean I got

rolling Tomasi book yeah a lot of you

know man I'm in the ages of

rollo tomassi I'm like 52 ok but my

whole life is like a blue blue pill but

knowing that I was supposed to be read

to you know you grow up here in the

South you know how you should be a man

as far as like grow up religious right

and so but you just I don't know what

the deal is man it's just maybe they

don't preach it as like they should or

they used to because most men that a

religious these days they're just man

let the women walk all over them and do

whatever so I was one of those guys

right right that's what they teach you

in religion yeah so I was like I mean

but it's not the truth it's not what's

really in the Bible which is really

crazy it's like they're not teaching

what it is really shown so oh man I just

been doing that's funny because I

listened to one of your your shows and I

said I'm gonna try that on my wife and

it works out like okay you know what the

one about okay don't argue with women

right I love that I listened to the low

don't argue with me so I don't argue on

my wife anymore I just do hear the

action there you just do it is you can

have man or action

and I've been doing that and she's just

like goodnight she don't know what to do

of course not and so she just caught

she's just following into line like you

say she goes back into my frame and I

was no way she's back into my frame I

don't understand she didn't get us you

know what the fuck is going on right

right but she's doing it and it's like

hey Mendes that's - she's supposed to

see automatic it's like what is like we

already have the tools to be men you

know but we you grow up like daddy grew

up with fathers I don't know how to be a

man right now right and but I already

have the tools so listening to you guys

it's oh that's the tool we got this -

Annette - we got it we got a workout you

got to get your shit together so I got

it you know all that stuff that our

grandparents used to grandfather used to

tell me it's like okay I remember that

oh man this a this people guys listen

incision on the offense you need to

follow these guys you need to buy this

stuff especially the books and oh it's

so great stuff great stuff thank you

very much absolutely man Hispanic

Christa thanks for calling and listen

Colin to the show anytime man we'd like

to hear we like to hear stories would

like to hear updates man I appreciate

the call area code eight one three I'm

gonna get you in just a second um sport

guys says do I have kids no I don't know

why you would ask me that but no I do

not well actually do I have kids none

that I know of

I'll just put it to you that way I'm not

paying child support Luigi County wants

to know did I like Creed - yeah Crete it

was pretty cool man I liked it a lot

Victor Drago Ivan Drago's son it was

cool because he gave us a little bit of

the backstory and the one thing that I

will talk about in terms of Creed -

without giving away any spoilers is the

years have been unkind to Brigitte

Nielsen the years have been very unkind

to Brigitte Nielsen who was Brigitte

Nielsen you ask Brigitte Nielsen played

Drago's wife in rocky for Ludmila a

vuelven Drago and in a rocky four back

in 1985 she was fully hot like dude she

even though she had short hair she was a


she looks like the Cryptkeeper with

blonde hair I could not believe she was

in the movie you look at Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Dolph Lundgren still looks Dolph

Lundgren is 61 years old he's still in

phenomenal shape still doing movies

still doing movies Brigitte Nielsen is

she looks like death hell fighter says

no spoilers what about mrs. Huxtable

phylicia rashad still looks good she

still looks good I mean listen obviously

she's past the wall but yeah yeah yeah

yeah NY key 31 says Brigitte Nielsen was

Amazon's think she played Red Sonja but

yeah Brigitte Nielsen was Brigitte

Nielsen was married to Stallone when

they filmed rocky 4 so yeah the woman

who played so Ludmila volbeat Drago made

an appearance in rocky Finn in in creed

2 and dude she she is dude she's hit the

wall twice it's unbelievable

Miami J talks about the fact that the

Latino manosphere is going to be fully

online very very soon I'm actually gonna

have him on the show Friday

I don't do Friday shows but I'm gonna do

a special live broadcast with Miami J

he's gonna tell us all about the Latino

manosphere I think the Latino manosphere

is important and I'm gonna do everything

in my power to promote the hell out of

it Miami J is a very very good friend of

mine met him down at the 21 convention

he's helped me out with some some things

on my show he actually Miami J actually

designed the new logo for the show we

exchanged stories back and forth and

Miami J has he's become a very good

friend of mine so when he told me he

wanted to do the Latino manosphere I

said listen man anything you need on

there so I will actually link the Latino

manosphere on my website I'll promote

the hell out I'm gonna have him on the

show for a special broadcast on Friday

night to talk about the Latino

manosphere that's that that is gonna be

good that is gonna be very good I think

the Latino manosphere is needed and I

think it's relevant definitely relevant

yeah draw yeah she yet she dated Flavor

Flav III

all right let's go to our last phone

call of the evening Harry code eight one

three you're on live with Donovan go

ahead hey Donna mr. Vaughn smiley from

Sam hey what's going on man how you

doing not bad not bad I just wanted to

call in her first phone call and then

let you know I tried that that period

tracker geopolitical and Twitter yes

fucking work bro game changer right yeah

I can hear you it's a game changer

yeah I had the best sex of my life I was

like you know what you're tracking a

little but anyway the main reason I want

the call was telling guys that last lap

shit is totally true I remember back in

high school right I asked her out to go

to homecoming right and she turned down

for another guy on the football team

cuz we already bought the tickets there

I'll just pray back my belief feels like

it's right and come to find out right

like so now I'm 29 so I got a good job

got my own place no no no come on y'all

build myself up and all that stuff right

so now it's Nippon Facebook how about AI

doing well this isn't that you know we

should hook up sometime cuz if I just

got like wait three kids

what three kids by two minutes that if

she's trying to hit you like I said I

appreciate this guys especially as a

black man because you know how did a

black man yeah um who you are like most

of us are raised by single moms I think

yeah and they're all they all my friends

that way it's my single bonds yeah you

know they always feel like creeping like

worse at the black women she's like a

guy that this isn't that and we are

those bitches ain't shit sure more just

really on a daily basis so I just want

to call and tell you guys that story and

like I said you always have the last


keep spinning plates don't trust any of

those that's it good call man appreciate

to Devon smiley checking in from the

eight one three

Tampa Florida you know it's it's I think

it's hilarious that women still I don't

know to their credit they're probably


that a lot of guys think that girls that

rejected them in their teens and 20s

their high school years who all of a

sudden come out of the blue and hit him

on Twitter or Facebook or whatever oh

yeah I see you're doing well let's get

together they think holy shit I'm doing

something right

no no no no no the only reason why she

hit you is now she's looking for a

parachute she spent her teens and 20s

getting fucked by every Tom literal Dick

and Harry and now she's looking for a

parachute she's looking for a way out

and that way out is you and it's funny

how they always go after guys they know

used to have a crush on them that's no

accident they know he had a crush on me

so let me hit him up and a lot of times

it works I can promise you Darcy's but

Darcy sought out the guy she married I

can promise you she reached out to him

and he was thinking to himself oh my god

I can't believe Dorsey the hottie

I think Darcy was the homecoming queen

or something like that I don't know I

didn't pay attention but he probably

thought it was his lucky fucking day of

course he did he probably do he probably

married her without delay when guys take

and digest the red pill guys no fault

dude guys who are in the know guys who

are red pill aware man they ain't fallin

for that shit anymore man

they are dude they're they're not

falling they're not falling for that

shit anymore

guys are talking about the Nicki Minaj

situation I guess I'll have to I guess

I'll have to look that up see what's

going on

see what's going on with that tomorrow's

show I'm going to talk about what I'm

going to talk about what I learned being

the side nigga being the side dude

episode 280 is going to be what I

learned being the side dude a lot of

guys listen we find the red pill we find

the red pill because of heartbreak or

sexual frustration right the heartbreak

is usually up my wife cheated on me my

girlfriend cheated on me I'm heartbroken

let me find the red pill

now when you find the right tool you

learn a lot about women etc etc but I

have always contended I have always

contended that you learn much more about

women you learn a lot about women when

they cheat on you but you'd be surprised

at what you learn about women when they

cheat with you so that's what tomorrow's

show is going to be about busy day for

your boy tomorrow I've got Jonathan from

modern life dating coming on tomorrow

morning at 10:00 a.m. we're gonna

discuss some of the most ubiquitous

myths about life in Japan as American

men then at five o'clock Eastern to

Pacific I'm gonna talk about what I

learned being the other man decide do

decide nigga decide dick and then later

on that evening I'm gonna do the brother

pill podcast with O'Shea Duke Jackson

and lar movement so busy day tomorrow

then on Friday I'm gonna do a special

broadcast with Miami J in conjunction

with the law with with the launch of the

Latino manosphere exciting things to

come then on Saturday I'm on the air

with a Redman group at ten o'clock a m--

eastern 7 a.m. Pacific then later on

that night I'm gonna be doing a

broadcast with Minister Japp I haven't

done a broadcast with him in a while

Minister Japp gentlemen has got him a

white girl he got him a snow bunny got

him a little pink foot and he wants to

come on the air and talk and tell me all

about it that promises to be an

unbelievable show so your boy is working

hard he's busy as usual if you want to

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chances are she probably won't a

shout-out to her for putting herself in

the crosshairs pun definitely intended

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a woman never so Stacy wants to know if

I would entertain this is this is funny

because I normally don't look at the

chat I'm actually recording things right

Stacy wants to know would I entertain a

call-in that's real cute she would wait

until after the show ends this is how

this is how these bitches always do

right gangster bone bone gangsters a

gangster's Stacy if you wanted to call

in you'd have done it a long time ago

but don't worry I'll be back I'll be

back tomorrow at 5:00 you're more than

welcome to call in thanks for watching

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