Episode #247: Why Men are happier than women

Men are happier than women...period. Yes, there are plenty of miserable, depressed men and there are also some women out there who are truly happy. But we're not talking about the outliers here. The exception never makes the rule. We're talking across the board, person for person, the average man is happier than the average woman.

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If you were to assign a number correlated with the contentment and happiness of every person, the average male score would be higher than the average female.

Let's go even further and say that Red pill aware men are far happier and content than feminists. There’s no need to qualify or quantify anything there. Feminists are fucking miserable and red pill aware men are not.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the number of females who are on antidepressants compared to males. There studies out there that say 1 in 4 women are on antidepressants compared to only 1 in 10 for men, then some statistics out there say it’s 1 in 3 to 1 in 8 and so forth. But regardless of which study you give credence to, the results are universal across the board. More women are on antidepressants and anti anxiety medications than men and the simple reason for this is that men are happier than women.

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a man who is an a-plus at one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b-minus at everything get

this through your thick skulls ladies

bat girls are gross you don't want to

lift weights because you're lazy just

keep it real you got an abortion because

you didn't want to wreck your body

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2018 and shit man let's let's go ahead

and get right into it men are happier

than women guys period yes there are

plenty of miserable depressed men out

there there are also some women out

there who are truly happy there are

quite a few of them but we're not

talking about the outliers here guys the

exception never makes the rule it makes

the rule we're talking we're talking

across the board person for person the

average man

is happier than the average woman if you

were to assign a number or a score

correlated with the contentment and the

happiness of every person the average

male score would be much higher than the

average female score I think that goes

without saying let's go even further and

say that red pilla where men are far

happier and much more content than

feminists right you have to yet yet you

have the yin and the yang you have to

peek to on the opposite ends of the

spectrum you have the feminists here you

have the red pillow where men here red

pillow where men are far happier than

feminists I think that's I think that's

pretty obvious and guys listen there's

no need to qualify anything there's no

need to quantify anything feminists are

fucking miserable

and red pillow men then red pillow where

men generally are not now anyone who

doubts this only needs to look at the

number of females who are on

antidepressants and anti-anxiety

medications as compared to males now

there are some studies out there that

say one in four women are on

antidepressants compared to you know one

in ten men then some statistics out

there say it's one in three men to want

any women and so forth listen whatever

regardless of whatever study you happen

to give credence to the results are

universal across the board more women

are on antidepressants and anti-anxiety

medications than men are and the simple

reason is that men are much happier than

women now there are many reasons for

this but I'm gonna go over the three the

three biggest and most glaring examples

in glaring reasons why men are far

happier than women here's the first one

and this one's the most obvious our

sexual primes are much longer women are

most attractive they're the most

sexually attractive between 18 and 28

years of age give or take a few years in

either direction like some girls are

really sexual listen we've listened when

we were 60 years old we saw we saw

attractive sixteen year olds in high

school right every once in a while you

see a woman who was 33 and she's still

red-hot give or take a few during that

decade a woman can sleep with and/or get

commitment from pretty much any man she

wants right like we all see this life is

great for women during their sexual

crimes during this time during this

sexual prime women can get attention

they can get dick they can get money

provisions they can get anything they

want from just about any man she wants

and she doesn't really have to be

anything special as long as she looks

good and again we're not talking just

about the nines and the tens in the

world we're talking about mildly

attractive women five six seven eights

nines and tens all she has to do is show

up put herself on a platter in some way

shape or form whether it be just her

company her body sexual favors whatever

it is that she offers up most men are

going to give her that attention most

men are going to give her that that dick

most men are going to give her those

provisions no matter what women tell you

no matter what they tell themselves or

other people female females want and

value sexual attention more than

anything else they can tell you oh I

value my friends I you know I love my

family I have to have a good career

listen all of these things may be true

but what females covet above all is

sexual attention for males they won't

admit this but this is what they want

and need the most biologically speaking

their need for sexual attention is

necessary for reproduction right be

illicit be that you know be that rush of

of validation I put it to you this way

that rush of validation that that

courses through a woman when a man fucks

her that's what she wants the most right

that's what she lives for yeah this my

woman told me last night she says listen

my sexual satisfaction is tied to your

sexual satisfaction we went through with

two or three days stretch where and you

know the interesting thing is is we hit

sort of a sexual low for a few day for

for a while because I had done some

traveling I went to North Carolina to

take care of some family stuff then the

very next week I went to DC to console a

friend and talk about some business then

when I got back I had to build my

website I had to get my patreon stuff

straight and because of that you know we

just kind of missed the boat sexually we

we we hit a stretch where we weren't

really fucking that much and when we

were fucking the sex was kind of

lackluster she almost lost her shit

because she thought holy shit what am I

doing wrong and I'm thinking of it in my

mind I'm thinking him and I'm thinking

myself well nothing's wrong and she told

me she says listen if you're not

sexually satisfied then the world stops

this is

she told me in the bedroom last night my

sexual satisfaction is tied to your

sexual satisfaction I've said this again

I wrote an article on Negro manosphere

called four reasons why you should not

give a shit about a woman's needs and

beds and mitten in bed and that is one

of the reasons 95 to 100 percent of a

woman's sexual satisfaction is tied to

your satisfaction that's what they want

and because of this because of their

need for that sexual validation that ten

years that decade of having absolute

power over men is quite literally the

best time in a woman's life especially

the good-looking ones now as men we are

the most sexually attractive between the

ages of 30 and 45 give or take a few

years now our sexual primes on the other

hand lasts at least a decade and a half

longer than a woman's okay but that's

just our sexual prime don't forget that

we are also sexually attractive ish in

our twenties we're not nearly as

sexually attractive in our 20s as when

we hit 30 but men in their 20s are still

fucking beautiful in and out they're

like this is happening now don't mistake

me guys here I want to make sure that I

make this distinction I'm not saying

that because our sexual primes are

longer than women's that our sexual

prime is better than a woman's okay

females may only have 10 or so years of

prime Beauty and fertility but their

beauty is far more effective than that

of a man's men will move heaven and high

value men guys will move heaven and

earth to secure an exquisite female

specimen specimen in terms of youth and

beauty women not so much now some women

may try futile e to move heaven and

earth to secure a high-value guy but

that but they only really start trying

if they're close to the wall like

they're getting desperate oh my god I

need to find a guy who rolled it to mass

he calls it the Epiphany stage they

start to freak out holy shit I'm 34 I'm

not married I don't have any kids

hot guys don't want to fuck me anymore I

gotta find the highest value guy I could

find okay and then they stupidly try to

lock him down - because she's 34 and not

24 he's not interested but that

that's for another day in time any given

woman's sexual prime may not last as

long as any given man's sexual prime but

hers her sexual prime will burn much

brighter and much hotter the hottest

females gentlemen will always attract

far more men than the hottest male will

attract women by a long shot

not even close guys but the fact remains

that as men our prime attractiveness

lasts at least 50% longer and even and

even before that in our twenties were

still able to fuck pretty girls maybe

not as easily as when were in our 30s

and 40s but were still every once in a

while we get lucky and fucking a to 9 or

10 in our 20s so even if a man does not

get laid until he is 20 years old he

still has at least a quarter century of

sexual peak sexual at not peak sexual

activity but he has 25 years of sexual

activity 15 of which are going to be

peak sexual activity his sexual prime as

opposed to 10 maybe 12 years for women

here's another thing we age much better

we as men we don't start approaching the

wall until we hit I don't know maybe our

late 40s if that at all now listen I'm

40 I'm about to be 41 years old dude I

am showing no signs of hitting the wall

dude I am dude I'm dude I'll be 41 this

summer right

I am I dude I am far more attractive

than I ever was in my 20s and even my

30s this is just the aging process of

men we as men we aged slowly and we age

gracefully into our 50s and even then

even in our 50s provided that we're

exercising good eating habits we're

working out our game is still tight

where it's still able to fuck top tier

women guys yes a 50 to 52 year olds out

there are fucking hot 22 and 23 year

olds it's happening a woman's sexual

prime ends very quickly and very

abruptly one day she's able to fuck just

about any guy she wants and the next

those guys aren't paying at paying her

any attention unless she

dressed like a slut and I don't know

throwing herself at these peep at these

guys and even then these women still get

rejected in favor of younger tighter


there's no aging gracefully for women

okay there's no gracefully a being into

the next stage of their lives there's

none of that women fall off the cliff

between the ages of 28 and about 32

again give or take a few years depending

upon how hard if they're super sluts

dude they start to hit the wall very

very quickly I released a video today on

patreon about the porta potti girls to

do by girls who get paid thousands of

dollars to go over to Dubai and get

butt-fucked by oil sheiks by the Dozen

like they fucking they gangbanger and

they fucking gangbanger in the ass those

girls aged very very quickly by the time

they're 27 they look like they're

probably closer to 47 and that's not an

exaggeration now that doesn't mean that

they don't still get attention from men

when they start to hit the wall and that

doesn't mean that they're not still

sluts it doesn't mean that they're not

still fucking a bunch of guys but the

men that they're that they are fucking

they aren't nearly as high-quality and

they're not nearly as high value as the

men they fuck just a few short years ago

guys yes gentlemen there are exceptions

to the rule there are some 35 women out

there who are still hot and can still

fuck a bunch of hot guys there are women

out there but that thirty-five year old

woman will never be as hot as she was

when she was 25 and she knows that not

only do we age better physically we as

men we age better mentally experience

and struggle okay that makes men more

attractive because we're seasoned we're

more mature were battle tested were

battle worn the same thing doesn't look

quite so good on a female I did a show

with a limit of a man probably about a

year ago and he dropped this nugget he

says listen experience and strife and

hardship that makes men attractive

experience trap and hardship that makes

women very unattractive makes them look

ugly makes them look warrant gives them

the thousand cock stare there's another

one of the asymmetries between men and

women experience and struggle manifests

itself in men as wisdom introspection

intelligence it manifests itself in

females with a scorned and bitter

attitude minute shit where of all the

good men gone this is why sluts in their


are always miserable and players in

their 40s men are not they never are

that's the difference as men we never

stop maturing okay so by the time we get

to our 30s we act like grown responsible

men women they stop maturing Eddie women

stop maturing at 18 or right around the

dawn of their peak sexual attractiveness

right so if a girl hits her sexual peak

at 16 years old she stops maturing at 16

if she hits it at 17

generally they hit it at 80 because

they're legal now they can go out and

fuck any guy they want right and they

keep that teenage mentality all the way

through their 20s but after the male

attention dwindles and eventually

disappears they start to mature again so

women stop maturing when they know they

can fuck any guy they want they keep

that same teenage mentality all through

their prime fertile years but as soon as

they see that attention dwindling as

soon as they figure out wait a minute I

can't fuck the same quality guys as I

was back when I was in my teens and

twenties now they start to mature again

okay this is why women this is why women

are little more than overgrown children

guys they have a teenager's mentality

until men high quality men want to stop

fucking him fucking them and when that

happens they are forced to act like

women unfortunately for them by then

it's too late they've already developed

the habits that that that can't change

at that age even the scorned

thirty-eight-year-old part former party

slut she still has the mind of a 23 year

old at that point okay

she's only and the reason why she still

has the mind of a 23 year old party slut

is because she's only she's only started

maturing and growing and growing up

again a few years ago again this is why

older women who were older women who

ever were attractive or insufferable

right like if you meet a 41 year old who

used to be smoking hot as a 22 year old

they're insufferable they're bitchy

they're oh dude they think they think

they're still hot I just said it on the

live pre-show QA

women attractive women attractive women

are always the last to know they hit the

wall this is what I call the entitlement

they've gone decades they've had men

fawning over them sexually since they

were the age of 16 and even sooner this

is why this is what debunks the myth

that Cougars are easy to fuck no dude

hot older women are not easy to fuck

dude they've had men fawning over them

for decades since the age of 16 you

think she's gonna you think she's just

gonna just drop her panties if you walk

up and say hello and buy her a drink no

it's gonna take a few more it's gonna

take a lot more than parlor tricks and

clever cheesy pickup lines to fuck that

broad okay good-looking older women our

foot are much more difficult to sleep

with than the hot young dumb 22 year old

the 22 year old still knows her value

but the 41 43 year old who still retains

a little bit of her hotness dude they

are a near impossible to fuck at times

because of that entitlement monkey and

remember she still has the mind of a 30

year old right she stopped maturing or

she stopped maturing when she was 18 she

only started at 32 when she figured out

uh-oh men aren't really as attractive to

me as they once were so you're dealing

with a 41 year old who's been I've been

who's basically been I fought by every

man since the age of 16 who might still

be a 33 year old in her mind this is why

older women are fucked up men I've said

it before that most older women most

older attractive women are far harder to

run game on than the hot 22 year old

girl men get better with age gentlemen

women do not and women know this so to

cope with the rapidly so to cope with

their rapidly decreasing desirability

trapped in a mind that will not let her

turn back the clock they go to the

doctor and they get prescribed a bunch

of meds that'll help him sleep at night

and not commit suicide when reality when

reality stares him in the face for the

fourth time that day

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chase LeBeau says that is a sign that

your girl is truly submissive Donovan

you are true red pill

this is how it has been this is how it

is man that this was one thing I love

about my girlfriend is that and again

Jesus Christ my girlfriend she didn't

just she didn't just she didn't just

shake her ass and show me your tits

and give me good head and I decided I'm

gonna be your boyfriend oh no no no no

my girlfriend earned me and I made her

earn me dude I put her through her paces

I've listened episodes 53 and 54

everything in terms of grooming your

listen you guys you guys who have

listened to me and read me for the last

five years listen to me for the last two

years you know what my requirements are

for a woman to be my main chick and the

things that I advise you guys to do like

no social media GPS on your phone key

logger on your phone in all devices all

of that stuff is exactly she abides by

that stuff to the letter she cooks for

me she cleans for me if I want her to

dress like a porn star in heels I'll

fuck her dude I fucked her in heels the

other night last night the other night I

think it was letna wasn't last night was

two nights two nights ago I fucked her

once I said you know what you're put on

these hoops put on these heels meet me

in the room boom porn star sex just like

that like this again this is again what

you have to understand this and I think

that this I think this is why I have I

hope this is why I have such a loyal

following is because I walk the walk

right I don't just sit here it bitches

ain't shit you know I do what the fuck I

say I'm gonna do if I say I'm gonna do

spin class I'm fucking doing spin class

if I say I'm doing Brazilian Jujitsu

that's exactly what the fuck I do right

like there's nothing fake or false about

me what you guys see is what you get

everything I talk about on my show are

things based on my personal experiences

everything I tell you to do with your

girl are things I do with my girl that's

why this is called the sharp reality and

I didn't just come up with that name

just to be clever no this is the sharp

reality this is my life I actually lived

this shit so it's good to see that you

guys recognize that

yes masculine says for sure I'm getting

more IO eyes which is indicators of

interest in my 50s than ever before med

I'm telling you the older you get the

more attractive you become chase LeBeau

said my dad was hitting get getting hit

on by 20-somethings in his late fifties

bra I'm here to tell you I'm here to

tell you Miami J says the jealousy of

aging women the jealousy of aging women

have for men is one of the root

political causes of the feminist

movement wow dude Miami J drop some

serious like political nuggets in here

man I'm going to I've got to get with

the crowd cast cuz I got to get them to

activate my bringing people on live like

be a video or audio cuz Miami J is

absolutely gonna be my political

correspondent to be sure Dennis from

Francis Donovan I'd rather give up my

French passport then be with a 35 plus

year-old white French woman goddamn

masculine says when a woman hits her

sexual peak she stops maturing Wow truth

yeah listen like I said women stop

maturing when they figure out men want

to fuck them and that they'll do

anything to fuck them they start

maturing again when that attention

dwindles this is how this is how the

mind of woman works

maldo says women that say they are

feminists are the first to become

clinging if you talk to them for any

length of time

ironic yet right

sharp assist comes with the knowledge he

says women have lost the art of being

gracious I mean listen they've aren't

they lost the art of being gracious and

graceful like women are crass jeopardy

Clark says damn damn Dee's setting that

Mike on fire gotta blow that off

Miami Jay says this is the episode he

needs Denis from France just dropped

major knowledge he says half of my

dozens of French exes are on xanax dude

I'm trying to tell you this is how it is

Zelda's men masculine says my fifties

have brought me the hottest women in my

life I'm telling you this is how it

works this is out words let's move on to

the second reason why men are happier

than women the more they accomplish the

less attractive they become the more

women accomplish the less attractive

they become now women are making more

money than they've ever made in history

I think that goes without saying they're

more influential they have more power

they have more influence than they've

ever had any in ministry now this is

exactly what bem inist wanted but here's

the thing what feminists didn't take

into account was the effect that all of

this money all of this power and all of

this influence would have on a woman's

value in the sexual marketplace right

and when I say sexual marketplace I'm

talking about a woman's overall

attractiveness with regards to her

beauty her femininity her personality

listen a female CEO she might be worth a

half a million dollars but guess what if

she's not sexually attractive that

doesn't really mean much the more a

woman accomplishes the more money she

makes the more power and influence she

gets pardon me the further she shrinks

her pool of potential suitors let me say

that again the more woman accomplishes

the more money a woman makes the more

power and influence she acquires the

further she shrinks her pool of

potential suitors in other words the

more status a woman has the fewer men

she'll have to choose from let me

explain what I mean by that women they

don't want to fuck down okay they don't

want to date down they don't want to

marry down women want to fuck up they

want to date up they want to marry up

they're not gonna give it they're not

gonna give the time of day to any man

who they're not gonna give the time of

day to men who have less power less

status less influence than they do

they're not and again it's not in their

DNA they just get listen you guys have

to remember guys the rule of hypergamy

is that women will always try to

consolidate on the highest value men

available to her but the caveat is that

those men have to have more values than

they do as women right so a woman can

say well this is the highest value men

available to me you're all janitors well

she's not gonna get with those guys

because if she if dude if she's even an

office worker her value is higher than

those guys in her mind give an example

Donna the executive I don't know XYZ

fortune 500 company she's not gonna fuck

the junior partner at the big law firm

she wants to fuck the guy with his name

on the door right she wants to fuck the

guy with the name on the door with his

name on the door of that firm she's not

gonna date Steve - warehouse supervisor

she wants to date the guy who owns the

company that Steve works for okay Carol

the regional vice president of ABC

multinational conglomerate she doesn't

want to marry the company accountant she

wants to marry the CEO of that company

now women might say well there's nothing

wrong with that she has to have

standards and they would be absolutely

right women do have to have standards

but here's the problem the math doesn't

add up gentlemen you see ladies there

are far more Steve's and junior partners

and CPAs out there then there are

company owners CEOs and senior partners

at big law firm there are far more super

high-value men than regular value men

that's this is just the way of the world

we need ditch-diggers we need people to

work at McDonald's then they might come

out and say well there are far more male

executives and CEOs and female

executives and CEOs and so there plenty

to go around for for these powerful

women and in fact they'd have their

they'd have their pick of the richest

and most powerful man yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah and they would be absolutely

dead fucking wrong yes

Suze slut there are way more male CEOs

and executives and females but high

value men like this they don't want to

date female vice presidents they don't

want it they don't want to marry these

high status women they don't want to

fuck women CEOs

they want relationships with they don't

want relationships with women who have

wait for it

masculine personalities well how do you

know they're masculine Donovan simple

because they are where they are here's

the thing you don't become a senior

partner at a law firm by being a

feminine kind woman you got to be a

fucking killer you got to be cut wrote

cut through you don't rise through the

ranks have become an executive at a

fortune 500 company without stepping on

a few toes without being driven without

being ultra competitive and any woman

who accomplishes who accomplishes these

things has to exhibit masculine

characteristics and do it consistently

over an extended period of time and when

she finally gets to where she wants as

soon as she reaches the pinnacle of her

chosen profession or her company or

whatever she has quite literally

forgotten how to be a woman she's

forgotten how to be a lady how to be

feminine and high-value men executives

CEOs rich guys they're not looking to be

with a woman who acts like a fucking man

they don't want to be with a woman who

has a scorned disposition from all the

from all the court battles she's fought

they're not looking to get with a woman

who's gonna try to compete with him

because she's used to being competitive

up the corporate ladder they're not

looking to put up with a woman who's

stubborn because she feels like she has

something to prove to him because that's

what she did it her company for 12 years

these men don't want women like this

these men want women who are feminine

kind ladylike submissive they want women

who were much lower on the competitive

totem pole data-entry clerks customer

service reps secretaries and they're a

menace and there are many more of them

many more of those women than there are

female executive CEOs so once again it's

the men who have their pick of the women

they want see a woman who is an

executive right she doesn't have her

pick of many men men don't women don't

want to date down they don't want to

fuck didn't want to marry down so the

higher they get they can only date men

or marry men who are equal or greater

than they are men we're not trying to

marry up or date up or fuck up we're

looking for a kind submissive woman

there are plenty more of those available

to high-value men then there are

high-value men available to high-value

see how that works that's what I meant

when I said the math doesn't add up

think about the cliche of the the CEO or

the executive fuck innocents fuckin his

secretary he's higher value than fia's

he makes more money he tells her what to

do he gives her instructions he has

power over her he gives her extra

instructions etc the secretary is in a

subservient position she does what she's

told she asks his permission she doesn't

get out of pocket she defers to him guys

that dynamic alone is conducive to

attraction on both ends this is why so

many executives fucked their secretaries

and so many secretaries fuck their

executives this is how this works so yes

Suze slut there are far more male

executives and high-powered men in

America than women but those men don't

want these women with power and money

and status and even if a male CEO

married a female CEO guess what he's

still cheating on her with her big with

his big-breasted young 22 year old

secretary okay he didn't marry her

because he loves her he married her

because it's in his financial it's in

his financial best interest he did this

to help his brand in business so if

there ever was an exception to the rule

and it because he's actually more

attracted to that kind of woman is a

powerful female woman than the kind of

women he's used to fucking on the

regular and here's the thing guys women

they're starting to figure it out and

they're starting to get pissed they feel

like they've been duped they were told

to get all this money they were told to

get all this status and influence and if

they got all these things that they'd be

able to attract any man they want okay

but the more money they get the more

power and status they get the harder it

is to find a man because they're very

female nature cannot love cannot allow

them to love and respect a man who is

not superior to her in every way

she can't do it a woman may want to

guess what her feminine hard drive not

gonna allow it nor should it and by the

way embrace the burden of performance I

put this out on Instagram and Facebook

unconditional love that's for the weak

if you're looking for a woman to love

you unconditionally

you're a weak fuck and

race the burden of performance embrace

the fact that you got to keep your shit

together to keep your woman attracted to

you embrace that conditional dude

unconditional love makes men weak and

make some fat make some make some

fucktards know you want that burden of

performance embrace that let's take it

to a lower level let's use another

example let's say a female junior

partner right at a law firm she's not

gonna date fuck or marry a law clerk a

law clerk or a first year worst case

scenario she'll date laterally and get

with another junior partner but that's

the worst case scenario what she really

wants is the senior partner right

she wants to again she wants the senior

partner at the law firm she wants to

date guys that are above her let's go

even lower than that let's take it even

lower a female supervisor at a warehouse

give me a second

a female supervisor in a warehouse

doesn't want to fuck the forklift driver


guys she doesn't even want to get with

the assistant supervisor she wants to

marry the plant manager she wants to

date the guy in charge of her now she

may fuck the forklift driver just on a

whim and may fuck him but guess what

she's not gonna let anybody know that

women don't want to be women women will

fuck lower value guys but they're not

going public with it

no way mm-hmm listen I don't make the

rules guys this is how it isn't like I

said women are starting to figure it out

going back to what I'm talking about the

high-powered female attorney she is

pissed she's pissed off big-time because

now these big-time male lawyers they

want nothing to do with her the

high-powered female executive is

miserable because she now realizes why

she's no longer she's no longer

attracted to the men who used to make

her pussy wet on the way to the

corporate ladder

remember that guy used to want to fuck

well as soon as you got more status than

him all of a sudden he doesn't do it for

you anymore

yeah these women have cars they've got

money they've got fit me and a big guy

friends they can travel anywhere and buy

pretty much anything they want

but again what women really want like I

said at the top of the episode is a man

they want sexual attention and at the

end of the night when she's laying on

our $8,000 bed with her $8,000 thread

count sheet she cries herself to sleep

because she's just now figuring out that

the more wealth the more status the more

power the more influence she acquires

the less the men that she wants want her

her taste is too expensive for her

sexual market value and it's always

going to be that way until the day she

dies so what does she do she calls up

the doctor and gets him to call in yet

another prescription for ambien to help

knock her out at night lexapro to keep

her from committing suicide and valium

to keep her anxiety about being alone at

50 years old under control


okay let's see

Dennis Francis I wasn't planning to get

married anyway yeah good choice very

good choice

sharp assist says all past content is

unpublished on YouTube links are only

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than bombarding you guys with all of the

episodes every day I'm posting another

Donovan's dan I'm just gonna put it on

there a little bit little so you guys

can keep up with it Eddie Eddie Vega

says any chance we can get audio only

replays sharp assists correctly answers

the question not going forward yeah

audio content is impossible to gain in

other words audio content I can't like I

can't put that I can't put that stuff on


like I can't how can I put this I can't

gate that content so it would be wrong

for me to make my audio make the audio

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people paying me five dollars a month to

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unfair so no not going forward James

Martinez says like you better on patreon

you talk with less limits you're goddamn

right I do I can say bitch slut whore

fuck I can see there's no such things as

lesbians that's a very that was my very

first community strike when I when I

released that episode I'll be doing a

remix of that one as well

rob crews in the house says hashtag fax

Donovan says it's not sexy at all I work

with plenty of them in my own Department

sharp assists come in with the knowledge

today says hence the censorship and

impending demise of YouTube very women

know how to be competitive at work and

submissive at home that's exactly right

that's exactly right it is it is dude

it's damn near impossible it I don't

know how women would do it

how can you be ultra competitive at work

and then come home and suck your suck

your boyfriends or husbands dick there

are women out there that do this my

girlfriend included but I don't know

like the way women are built the way

they're trained to be I don't think is

gonna happen Jacque says I've always

found female executives regardless of

looks to be unattractive could never

said never explained it explained why

until now

Miami Jay dude listen to this this is

rock-solid he asks when was the last

time we heard of a female politician

having an affair with her intern dude

spot this is what I'm talking about male

politicians fucked their interns all the

time because they are leaked because

they are on a lower level and the female

interns they want to fuck all the

congressmen and presidents and Senators

because they are a higher value you

think the male intern is looking to buck

Barbara Boxer you think a male interns

looking to fuck Nancy fucking Pelosi

even Michelle Bachman dude she is

comparatively good-looking to most two

most senators or congressmen dude men

aren't dude young men aren't looking to

fuck her Sarah Palin Marcy Kaptur no it

doesn't work that way the more the more

power and influence a woman gets the

less attractive she becomes that's how

this works very good comment by my mej

bring in the political angle to the red

pill there that's exactly right



alright let us move to the last and

final reason why men are much happier

than women we have accepted reality

women have not this is especially true

when it comes to red pill men versus

feminists any man that takes and accepts

the red pill goes through a series of

stages before he finally comes to

acceptance and congruence there's the

shock phase when we first you know come

across something on the internet that's

red pill related we can listen we can't

believe that there's something out there

that goes against everything we've been

taught then there's the anger phase when

we realize that we've been lied to our

whole lives for really and for a good

long time we're pissed off at women this

is the anger phase then there's the

gluttony phase where you're consuming

any and all red pill related content

that you can find you're refreshin the

same pages god I got you know what's

Donovan sharp put up on his on his

website returning kings etc etc now

there are few other phases in between

but eventually we as men come to the

acceptance phase okay we accept that

women aren't what we thought they were

we accept that we are every bit as

responsible you were every bit as much

to blame for the stat for the sad state

of women as women themselves are we

accept that as men okay we have to have

our shit together before we can start

making demands of women we got a lot of

men out there well women need to stop

being feminist women need to lose weight

in this night okay that's true but what

about you right like you know light like

you you ate Cheetos for dinner you play

video games 18 hours a day unless you

get your shit together you can't start

making demands of women we accept that

too we accept that the sexual market

isn't fair and doesn't care if a man is

only five nine because he didn't hit the

genetic lottery red pill aware men we

accept hard and fast truth no matter how

uncomfortable or how inconvenient they

may be okay we've accepted that in order

to get what we want we got to go get it

we got it work for it we accept that

nothing is going to be handed to us we

accept that attractive women aren't

gonna be attracted to us if we're out of

shape and financially undisciplined even

and again even men who aren't red pill

we're no

anything worth having or getting isn't

gonna be isn't gonna be easy to get okay

and that it requires hard work to get

there even if they decide to opt out and

that that's not what they're gonna do

even if they decide to become a

low-level bottom rung MIG Talon again

not all MIG tiles are created equal a

lot of good mix houses out there black

gnostics peaks and the like I'm talking

about the low level MIG towels okay

even if they decide that they don't want

to go the red pill route they talk they

don't talk about how it's not fair that

they don't have it they know that they

don't have it because I don't want it

bad enough they know that they can't

attract top-notch girls because they

don't have the discipline to wake up at

four o'clock in the morning to hit the

gym okay they mentally acknowledge that

they mentally acknowledge these truths

even if they know they're just not cut

out to be these things and at the end of

the day he is not as miserable because

he knows that he's in control of his

life and that the things he wants are

out of reach are out of reach because

he's simply not willing to put in the

work and that's perfectly fine with him

he's got nobody to blame but himself

and he knows it it may bum him out a

little bit but at least he knows this

isn't something that's outside of his

control women on the other hand they

don't have they have nowhere near that

same mentality especially feminists

feminists and women alike they think the

world should be handed to them on a

silver fucking platter for no other

reason but that they exist and that they

have vaginas that's it women believe

that no matter what they do no matter

who they are that they deserve the very

best men out there and what they have to

offer despite not offering a goddamn

thing themselves okay they don't think

to have to bring anything to disabled

but their company the world tells women

that no matter how grossly overweight

they are how unattractive they are no

matter how slutty they had no matter how

slutty they are they have the right to

the highest value men on the market and

anyone who disagrees with this notion is

a misogynist he's a woman he's a woman

hater females are delusional to a fault

but here's why they're really miserable

even though the world tells them all

these things that they deserve the best

of everything no matter what

that they deserve the benefit of the

doubt in any in all situations that they

have the right to the best men on the

market even though they're fed this

bullshit on a daily basis they're

starting to see and realize that shit

doesn't work that way they're starting

to see that they actually have to work

to get ahead in life they're seeing that

the highest value and most attractive

men are marrying young fit feminine

women who want to start families who

don't care about careers or fucking a

bunch of guys they're realizing that as

they get older fewer and fewer people

will tolerate their shitty attitudes and

behavior like men they are also figuring

out that they were lied to they were

told that if they go to college fuck a

bunch of dudes to get it out of their

system get a useless college degree then

go to work in a cubicle for 30 years

that they'd be truly happy and fulfilled

as women then seven years in they have

that aha moment where they think uh-oh

I'm at a dead-end job I hate I can't

keep a boyfriend I've had two abortions

I may have a drinking problem

and I can't stop crying for no reason

I thought I'd be happy but here I am at

nearly 30 Here I am at 30 years old and

I can't figure out why I'm depressed I'd

better go see a doctor because there has

to be something wrong if I haven't found

true happiness like everybody said that

I would



Rob Cruz says that he is in the gluttony

phase getting all of it now sharp assist

says things worth doing are rarely

convenient I listen I completely agree

I completely agree that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR live like I said

this is going to be available to the

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