Why Men fail when approaching women and how to correct it (Troy Francis)

Approaching women and building attraction with them can be a daunting task...especially for Men who have experienced a lot of failure. The problem is that Men continue to make the same mistakes again and again without realizing they're simply repeating bad patterns.


10 year Game veteran and Return Of Kings contributor Troy Francis joins me to discuss where Men go wrong when approaching women and how to correct these mistakes.


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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

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let's go ahead and get to it guys my

guest tonight is a fellow return of

Kings contributor

he's written he's written numerous books

on pickup and game his magnum opus has

seven laws of seduction he's also

written books called how to get hot

girls into bed and how to be an asshole

this focus is mainly on dark triad game

narcissism Machiavellianism etc

gentlemen please join me in welcoming

Troy Frances into the towers Troy how

you doing man hey oh good man good to

see you too we were just talking off the

air about the project that we did a

couple years back when I was down in

Vegas that kind of felt with a flop but

I mean what I enjoyed working with you

you look and of course now I have you

been doing with yourself since the last

time we talked ten million there's loads

of girls from all over the world it's

great for day game the night game there

as well so it's been a fantastic place

book for me and I would go over a decade

and basically what keeps sort of

corporate jobs well doing stuff while

doing game on the side and my writing

and everything else and this year they

came to a bit of a water show because I

gave up the corporate job I decided to

concentrate full-time on my writing and

on my you know my game staff and my you

know my other projects and to live a

slightly more kind of nomadic sort of

lifestyle you know so traveling around a

little bit more so while I'm still gonna

be predominantly based in

at the moment I'm in Berlin so it must

be coming Berlin Germany and you know

it's more I'm going to Russia for a few

days and there's going to be a lot more

traveling a lot right so I can sort of

taste those fruits particularly senior

different girls and and you know write

content on that which hopefully will be

helpful to what it is yeah absolutely

um now just off just at the top here do

you have experience gaming Russian girls

Ukrainian girls Polish girls etc or is

this gonna be your maiden voyage out

there no well so I have but

predominantly within London because

there's a lot of those Russian

population is massive these days yeah

very good company Ukraine goes a little

bit less but nevertheless you are dated

Ukrainian girls though so certainly I've

dated Polish girls painted a number of

Russian girls so I'm going to going to

see Russian girls tomorrow over and some

cleaners burger and I've dated Ukrainian

girls as well so what this is more about

is rather than doing it in London we're

taking it to their location sort of you

know doing it alright good stuff guys if

you have questions for Troy put them in

the chat I'm gonna read just a few texts

here I'll give a few shoutouts shout out

to the Mod Squad simply deep 1985 sharp

assist a black see you in here suede

senator good to see you in here everyday

Dre for once wasn't the first guy in the

Chad he's been them sorry this guy

everyday Dre has been the first guy in

the chat for like the last month and a

half I'm sorry he finished one two three

finished fifth

but yeah sharp assist pointed out Dre is

you know Dre is late unbelievable so uh

capital capital of France says hey I

love this guy's book so obviously your

reputation precedes you let's go ahead

and start things off here with questions

with with the first question and I've

done I've done shows I've done paid

content on this what what do you feel is

the biggest reason why most men are

afraid to approach pretty girls there's

a lot of approach anxiety

what do you feel are the biggest factors

if not the biggest factors of dudes not

being able to just walk up to a girl and

say hi I'm gone a bit hi I'm Troy yeah

absolutely well you know it's a big

question I think I think there's certain

sort of evolutionary biological reasons

for it for a start if we look if we

think back to you know how things were

you know back in sort of primeval times

where or tribal times rather where there

would actually be a physical danger

potentially and approaching a woman

because if you approach the woman from a

different try and then you know you got

rejected then potentially that could end

up when you're getting driven out of the

community or even or even killed by the

you know the Alpha guys we're sort of

protecting so you know if you think

about it from that standpoint thousands

of thousands of years ago there would

have been you know actual physical

danger involved and I think that's sort

of you know that still resonates with us

even today in 2017 however of course

these days really the reality is in most

cases there's no physical danger at all

in approaching the whole world you know

it's I mean okay yeah if you're in a

club and she's with her you know ball

you know boyfriend is 20 mates or

something then yes he's 102 kilo

something like that yes potentially but

generally speaking you know there's no

physical danger at all in approaching a

girl these days so you know that brings

the question that you're asking which is

why are guys reckon to do it and if we

discount the sort of as I say the sort

of you know the rent the remnants of

that primordial fear I think what it

really comes down to and this goes all

the way for the seduction process is I

think it's guys ego is getting in the

way because what they don't want to

happen what we all don't want to happen

is to get our ego country so at every

stage of seduction and we're afraid to

push things forward because it can push

things forward and then we get rejected

then we're gonna feel bad about

ourselves so it's yeah basically guys

are afraid of rejection we don't want to

get our feelings hurt and and listen

listen you and I we've approached enough

women you and I can probably tell

stories for hours about the worst

approaches we've ever done you know me

I got girls still I'm blowing you out

I'm not interested who the hell are you

you're to this you're to I mean I don't

take black guys I don't date guys with

small feet etcetera not that I have

small feet but yeah listen we've heard

it all we've seen it all and you know

I've been through some pretty I've been

through some pretty bad pick up some

some of them Troy are so bad that act

like in the moment I actually think this

isn't really a blow to my ego this is

fucking hilarious that this girl really

thinks this much of herself she's gonna

stand me out because I absolutely know

you know sometimes they can really bad

you know and that can be a blow to the

ego but it is ridiculous because what

you know what planet that they aren't

why they why they being like but I think

the point is that we feel rejection but

I think it's sort of it's subtle than

that in a sense in the Ferrari much

there's an infinite possibility of

things that could happen so you see that

hot girl and the Saints say you see how

a girl and maybe she even smiles at you

so she's you're on the train the

platform she kind of gives you smart now

at that point you know in your head you

can think she's finally she probably

thinks I'm cute and oh maybe we could go

dreams maybe we'll end up in bed

together this is amazing but you don't

puncture that reality that sort of

imaginary scenario because if you walk

up to her and you say hey and she says

get lost then all of a sudden you

punctured that and you're looking with

that reality the stark reality that

actually none of that's gonna happen so

a lot of guys would roll to retain that

fantasy then actually test it against

hard reality I agree and a lot of guys

that I counsel a lot of guys that I

advise the one thing and you listen you

preach this as well is outcome

independence okay when you see a pretty

girl when you see a hot girl don't don't

let your mind wander into oh my god I

wonder what it tits look like I wonder

I wonder how good she sucks dick oh my

god this girl would look amazing on my

knees with her broth nah baby time slow

down understand that she's a girl that

she would like to get to know go up and

approach you again you want to have I

don't want to say don't have any

expectations because otherwise why

approach at all but but if you become

emotionally attached to the outcome then

if and when she rejects you and most of

the time Tori this is the way it goes if

you're a veteran game your ego is gonna

be punctured to the point where a lot a

lot of guys when they first start out

when they first start out in game they

experience more rejection than they had

probably they think that if I listen to

Troy and I've listened to Donovan I'm

gonna go out talk to ten girls and get

ten phone numbers ah not quite you

probably get six or seven if you're good

and half of those girls probably won't

even respond so I think it's I think

it's very important that that guys out

there go in there outcome independent

and here's another thing you touched on

a girl you could see a hot girl at the

bus stop you know at the train station a

platform whatever the case may be the

the girl could be that girl could want

to fuck you right then and there okay

and she might still reject you maybe

she's going through something maybe

she's on her period

maybe I mean there could be any number

of reasons why she rejects you think of

them they could think of the number of

girls Troi that who had rejected you

when they were using IO eyes using

indicators of interest but she didn't

close the deal it could be any number of

reasons and guys have to understand

don't take it personally it's not you it

really is them absolutely yeah and I

mean you know there have been occasions

where I've been rejected by somebody and

then I hid them up again at some point

in the future and it's ended up you know

so I'm thinking of one girl in

particular who was a stripper a really

hot girl I met her in a club not where

she was working but just in a break in

the club and she was not only choosing

with another guy I just went up I said

hey I think they already queue or

something I mean pretty lame I mean

nothing clever by just so hey I think

you you know and she saw said yeah no

she kind of said yeah not tonight but

she she blew me out but it was she

wasn't unpleasant about it but she's

blew me out and the guy came over at

least no experi and

my bro and I stood up to the guy

actually I kind of think that that may

have had a bit of an effect cuz I think

she saw that and maybe that kind of so

some sort of seed into a mine but

anyways I then saw her again a few

nights later as well a week or so later

in a different player but I went up to

her again and I just kind of opened her

again and this song we're not making out

very nice no she gave me a number but

she was still kind of in a relationship

with somebody and it was all complicated

so then we went in for long game so then

we're kind of on texting therapy now it

was about twenty three months later but

then we end up you know get out and we

we sleep together straight away and then

we get into things you know together and

I'm not I'm not recommending that as a

template for game but at the same time

it kind of goes to show you no no

doesn't how can I put this no means no

but if you're rejected by somebody in

the first instance that doesn't

necessarily mean that at some point in

the future they're not going to be more

open so that is absent that is

absolutely right again a woman's cycle I

mean dude she listen you could approach

a woman who is on her period you might

see her again and she might be ovulating

and she might oh my god I was hoping to

see you again here's my number I need

you between my legs now listen this is

how fickle women are and I always say

destroy women are they're unstable

creatures by nature because of their

cycle in their body chemistry they are

never chemically identical from one day

to the next so you never know what could

be you'll get a perch a girl one day she

could blow you out one day the very next

day you see her at the same bus stop see

her at the same train station and she

might start talking to you you just

never know so just because a girl

rejects you right off the bat doesn't

mean she wasn't attracted to you in the

first place that's true that's

absolutely true you can't really tell

you know so only you can approach me

that's exactly right

shoutout to Eric P with the $2 super

chat he says - the Christmas tip jar

appreciate that eg f42 says love Troy's

work on our okay does it look like I

expected him to I'm sure you get that a

lot Troy listen I know I did listen

people didn't believe I was black until

actually showed my face oh my gosh it

Donavan sharp really is black holy

et f40 see also says rejection

that nor men should be taught this from

a young age what are your thoughts on

that yeah I think that's absolutely

wasted the first 18 20 years of my life

okay no because some girls too young but

when I became you know of an age where I

could have girlfriends no mic and stuff

I mean I wasted so many year it's

worrying needlessly about rejection you

know it's sort of like what if I what if

I ask this guy out but I can't possibly

ask her out because if she rejects me

Mike the whole world's gonna collapse

you know the ceilings gonna fall down

and you know whatever and now I look

back on that time I just think shit I

wish I'd have realized but I was you

know seventeen eighteen sixteen and you

know whatever because rejection really

doesn't matter it just doesn't matter

you know that's that's the thing and I

mean the sooner the guys if there's any

younger guys listening to this and they

can read they can understand that then

you know your twenties and your thirties

are gonna be so fantastically awesome

because the more that you can realize

that and you can just pull those through

and keep going then the more success

you're gonna happen and this applies by

the way winning game but it also

poisoned life in general you know yeah

it's it's it's a numbers game right I

mean I mean listen the more you step to

the plate swing the bat the more hits

are gonna get

oh that's just how it is it's Stephanie

Aries I mean I think he said the one

hand it is a numbers game but on the

other hand that's not to say that there

isn't you know and I know we have this

we had the day game of Tom sir arrow

who's based in the UK who's who doesn't

break contact and I know he said a

couple of times if you put me in Oxford

Street in London and if you put me and

another guy who was in training game in

Oxford Street in London and we both go

out and hit on a hundred girls and who's

more likely to be successful out of the

two guys and of course really it's

likely to be Tom Herrera because he

knows a lot of our thing that's

psychology he knows a lot of that game

he's been doing it for a long time who

knows SQLite knows how to spark

attraction all these things so then but

at the same time you've gotta learn

technique as well and that's why

you know game still valuable resource

absolutely like I said um I guess just a

further mic just to kind of piggyback

off what I said no you can't get as many

hits if you don't step up to the plate

that doesn't mean you can't have a high

batting average either and that's where

game comes in absolutely you need

opportunities you need skill shout outs

you to make a Pepa for the $10 super

Chet good to see you in here all right

anti-gravity 74 says damn I came in late

yeah you haven't missed too much um talk

to me Troy about your own approach

anxiety did you ever experience that and

how did you overcome your anxiety talk

of the pre girls what was what was the

strategy that you used from an early age

from 16 17 18 you know I was terrified

of approaching girls I mean I have a lot

of social anxiety anyway you know I had

my family background was there was a

problematic stuff in my family

background I was quite weak through all

I was quite so socially awkward so there

was a lot of stuff going on anyway and

even though I've got three sisters I was

brought up with girls so in theory you

know in theory I should be I should have

been cool with it but I wasn't I was

because I was so tied up in my own

self-image I'm so so tied up in this

idea if somebody rejects me it's gonna

be the end of the world it's gonna be

like Armageddon and so for a long time I

was I was terrified of approaching and I

really didn't do it very much and that's

why I contains these well as it's called

these terrible situations have sort of

like being friend-zoned kind of being

attracted to women who work or girls who

weren't interested in me you know being

obsessed with them for six months

getting blown out you know terrible

terrible terrible stuff and then when I

went to university and I started going

out I was still undecided or approaching

I mean I just literally never did never

did it and I think I don't think that's

uncool I mean I don't think for a lot of

guys that's an uncommon thing you know

so then you're kind of be then at the

mercy of the molecule because you're

just so your strategy is I'm just gonna

hang out

hope something happens you know oh yeah

listen we've all heard the guy say you

know I just play cool and that the girls

come to me that's code for I am afraid

to talk to pretty girls yeah absolutely

absolutely you know you might have

certain friends or call you to these

people you work with you kind of just

hang out and the whole strategy is just

I'm just gonna you know be here and be

alive and I'm gonna hope something

happens and for me unfortunately that

strategy just didn't work that's it you

know it just didn't work and so in terms

of how I said of going to approach me I

mean I think I think to be to be

completely honest I became less

self-conscious about all of this stuff

when I I mean I talked quite a lot of my

side about drinking and you know I was I

was a heavy drinker for a long time and

I was using other substances and stuff

so I had some issues in that area or and

done it's a double-edged sword because

that was that was a very bad thing to me

in my personal life and I mean I no

longer drink and I don't use substances

anymore as a result of that but at the

same time I had a positive effect in the

sense that it it opened the art so all

of a sudden you know I didn't like I

didn't give a shit anymore so I did

start to talk to people I did start to

talk to and I started to get some sort

of results from that but again they were

very passionate it was very sporadic

because I didn't really know what I was

doing you know I mean I got for a hurdle

of light but then I didn't really know

what I was actually doing all right well

burn a street or Elton says ah my nigga

Troy listen listen we cross all color

lights here may you don't have to be a

black man to be to be bestowed upon with

deal with the n-word thing that's the

one section is Turkish and she called me

that and wow she was kind of a hip-hop

girl and I really just called it I was

like oh looks aren't everything right I

think we I think I think we've I think

we've established that okay so we've

gone over we

we've gotten over our approach anxiety

so now we start approaching girls you

see a girl I guess in your situation you

know on the platform at the train

station whatever the case may be one of

the most common shit tests that you

encounter that men will encounter during

an initial pickup what are some of the

strategies that girls like to use to not

only shoo you away if they're not

interested but what are some of the what

are some of the shit sets that girls use

to sort of to sort of kind of filter out

the real you know the boys from the men

well I mean there are certain things

that they say I mean there's some sort

of questions that almost every girl that

I've ever either slept with or even

Daisy has asked and I mean they think

sensibly what are they I mean one of

them is they they they were always asked

your range yes let me let me cut you off

right there when I this is um and this

might be next level game but something I

have always done is as soon as like as

soon as I approach a girl in the

elevator grocery store coffee shop

whatever the case may be

hi I'm Donovan you are well my name is

Amy cool cool and I'll kind of do a kind

of looker like how old are you and I hit

him just like that

girls hate they hate it now hold on now

girls in their in their early 20s oh

they're more like 20 to tell you their

age then but women if they don't answer

directly you know that they are in their

30s and at some point they'll ask you

what your ages and that's when the game

is how well how old are you how old the

way look or how do you want me to be you

know and then they kind of chuckle them

and then it's on from there but please


then they'll often say something like I

mean another classic one is why haven't

you got a girlfriend or why you single

or why are you married so they might say

something like that I mean that might be

a little bit later on in the in the

interaction I was texting a girl tonight

actually teachers she just gave me that

exact thing so they'll try and throw in

a little bit because on the one hand

they might be impressed that you've come

up and talk to them and you've kind of

opened Ehrman you know to me that's a

marker of attraction when a girl says

well why aren't you married why don't

you have a girlfriend at that point she

is telling you that she is attracted to

so if you're this attractive why don't

you have someone well she she is but

then at the same time she might be sort

of saying well hang in a minute if

you're trying to present yourself as

this kind of dude who's a player then

why haven't you why haven't you got a

woman already now what the other baby

now what they don't understand of course

is that actually I don't necessarily

wanna go right you know I mean I don't

necessarily what you know I've had

girlfriends I don't necessarily want to

be tied down to one to one girl but they

don't really understand that they think

well you know if you're this amazing

player then surely you would have put

some really hot girl you probably would

be very tough

of course they don't realize that's not

actually what my objective is what else

do they say

I mean sometimes if it's like a day game

scenario sometimes they'll say something

like you all this is what they say he'll

always do this yes duta they do use this

on every girl I'm like well yeah I mean

I tell them oh yeah actually I do but

you know by the way just taking the

temperature how am i doing I always get

a laugh at that because guys don't do

that they just don't do it that's the

two that they always come out with so

they ask about the agent they say do you

always think they come up with some

bearing at that but of course they're

the classic the classic sort of shut

down default common that you get is I've

got a boyfriend which they say that is a

difficult one really because what can

you do about that and guys will say well

you know this girl I'm sure she said she

had a boyfriend is it true is it not

true doesn't matter exactly I mean the

reality is who knows who knows what is

true or not we back secret girl you just

met her it might be true it might not be

true whatever the case is blowing you

out so you may as well you can try and

push it a little bit but then you may as

what to say okay well whatever and then

move on so the next listen more times

than not I listen I've got me I got a

boyfriend thing a lot especially early

on but I've converted a lot of those

girls some of my go-to lines I've got a

boyfriend well he's not invited

invited to what what you don't remember

giving me your number we're going out on

Saturday right and you kind of look at

her and smirk and then and then you kind

of get a laugh out of her or she says I

or says she you know I have a boyfriend

and I'll just tell her I'll look around

and I'll be like you're lying to me

aren't you are you lying to me and

that'll always get a lot

you always have to throw it back in

their court and see and see and listen

I'll have to tell you this I guess I'm

really telling you this more for the for

the audience sake but yeah I would say

if ten girls give me the I have a

boyfriend line I could probably convert

two maybe three phone numbers out of

that and maybe start maybe continue the

conversation with six or seven so the I

am a boyfriend thing is definitely it's

one of the tougher ones especially if

they really do have a boyfriend and they

don't feel like cheating on them at that

point because at some point they feel

like cheating that that's a difficult

one but it's not impossible to overcome

I mean listen if he's not invited Wow

Wow well I've got a girlfriend actually

how well this works it's quite funny is

you say to her

hey I understand a boyfriend so how

about this we'll exchange will exchange

details and then I'll leave it for three

months and then because you know let's

face it a lot of relationships they

don't last well things happen things

change people move on so we'll leave it

three months and then in three months

I'll send you a message and if you're

still with the guy absolutely fine

no problem

and we can see what happens and I

sometimes say that and that kind of that

kind of gets a laugh and sometimes you

know generally speaking what I'm looking

to do is to at least get a face book out

front because you get a Facebook ad then

suddenly you're connected on social

media you can see her what she's posting

you can you can often get a sense that

she's broken up or not so you've got

there's a line of contact there and in

the future that may that make sense

um at the copier um it's Paul still

married yeah absolutely yeah fucking man

I couldn't be happy yeah yeah see you

ladies listen you see ladies even the

and listen Paul is he's a platinum level

player this guy is a veteran of the game

Eve listen all guy listen I mean I don't

know how you're cut out Troy and I mean

I dude I love the player life but for me

having one quality woman beats fucking

100 sluts that's how it is the only

reason why I became the way I am is

because I had to write like we had to

adjust we had to evolve and this

unfortunately is you know this is that

this is that everyone's detriment

absolutely yeah yes you know he's

obviously had the same day Delta him as

we have and yet he's met somebody well

for a start he's met a quality secondly

he's obviously made a decision

he's obviously thoughts actually this

can work and in spite of all the

naysayers and everything else I'm going

to do this because this is become a life

that I want and you know I think to some

extent I mean and then I look at myself

and I mean I talked about this on my

site a lot because at the moment I'm in

a slightly more you know coming no istic

mood about it in a sense I mean I'm a

little bit more like where it's all it's

all gone to shit so we may as well you

know come come what may this sort of

thing and I mean you know arguably if I

change my attitude about that then maybe

I'd have a better chance of making

something longer so work

you know cuz obviously it's kind of wolf

one for him up to this point but this is

a side point but you know he's it's

partly in his mind so I think that he's

managed to success

good good um ETF 42 says women think

commitment is for men's benefit he

actually took the words out of my mouth

when girls ask you or me or whoever

whatever why don't you have a boyfriend

they they assume this is one of the this

is one of the great mistakes that women

make we know as men at least we do here

in the red pill sector we know that men

and women are different okay we know

that we know that women are motivated by

different things we know that men are

motivated by different things

girls assume that their objective is

also our objective so if a pretty girl

came up talking to us I might imagine

okay you're kind you're feminine you're

beautiful why aren't you married why

don't you have a boyfriend well there's

obviously a very good reason why she

does not

girls assume that we want the same

things that they want and that's just

how that is I mean that they project

that onto us with these shit tests yeah

absolutely absolutely she had been in a

relationship with another quite

prominent sort of pickup artists kind of

guy who was one of the companies in

London so she knew a little bit about

the whole the whole thing know this Dave

in there and we were talking about our

run you know the people women dating

this kind of stuff and I said to her and

to be honest I wouldn't recommend this

cuz I was probably trying to impress her

a little bit with my plan you know I was

trying to sort of sort of project that

kind of image I'm not recommending that

guys do this but I was telling her about

the fact that here before I've been

dating five girls at the same time

because I have you know I've been dating

five girls at the same time they used to

come round here Monday to Friday

different one would come around and you

know and and that was a lot of fun

veloute sauce and I had to so I kind of

anyway I was telling her you know as

partly as

crude and subtle sort of demonstration

and now you're not seeing anything what

happened to them he said impressing her

with my pimp next do you know me in

seven five a year now I could bite

Michaels five girl's mouth back at the

same time she looks on me as a failure

EB fail she looks on it is the core

because I haven't managed to keep him of

course what she didn't understand I have

a very high boredom sorry very low

boredom threshold and a very low

attention span and you know

unfortunately he gets the point where

I'm dating a girl for a little while and

you know I'm kind of moving on to the

next thing and I'm sort of looking to

you know to move on from that so but

girls don't really understand that

because they think gentlemen you are

listening to TSR live with special guest

troy francis he can be followed on

twitter at Troy 7 laws he has written

books like the seven laws of seduction

how to get hot girls into bed and how to

be an asshole which focuses on dark

triad game narcissism Machiavellianism

etc etc he's written for return of key

how long have you written for okay at

this point cuz I started back in March

of 2013 or 2014 rather oh I think 23rd

see yeah yeah so yeah so big so it again

you know you're shit man like that's

what people need to understand in order

to write for a site like returning Kings

in order to write for guys like Rouge

you have to know what you're talking

about yeah you know for giving me that

opportunity and it's it's pretty

valuable for me to grow my writing in

that area because I mean I've written

before for other people and I've written

sort of station and different things

before but so right about gain and then

to have that discipline about writing

that game because I still don't have an

article of this week yet but I still

write every week for that site and you

know that's been pretty consistent

over those over those years and being

forced to sort of I was forcing me to do

it but you know soy she's there with a

pickaxe like yeah right yeah mice

goddamn it


but you know having that decently having

that commitment coming up new content

every week has been really useful to me

and approaching about game but also

because of my actual game because then

I'm forced to look at it and sort of try

to to analyze what I'm doing so I'd like

to explain it to the reader isn't you

know it's been so the whole thing has

been a really useful experience yeah

this is this is where I got my start

return of Kings is the very first like I

do I mean I do all sorts of stuff now I

mean I've got this show I've got I'm

gonna I'm gonna do I'm gonna restart my

sports my red pill sports podcast here

in the next few months I've got this

show obviously I've got paid content I

write for another website but it all

started with Roush so I definitely I

definitely owe many things to to him as

well so now we've gotten over approach

anxiety you're talking to a pretty girl

you're escalating now you want to ask

for a number a lot of guys out there

think to themselves they say Troy

talking to a girl I've overcome the shit

test I rip time is getting short I don't

want to spend all day talking to this

chick what's the best way to ask for a

girl's phone number what's the best way

to what's the best way to number close a


well I think basically personally on

just a summative and I'm done right you

know and what I will always try to do

and actually I make this wonderful but

to reiterate what I will always try to

do or certainly in 99% of cases I will

endeavour to do from there or to get

some contact details so even if the

interaction has been you know not very

good or it's been bland or it's been a

bit like I will at the end of it I will

almost without fail say to her something

along the lines of hey listen I've got

to go now I've got to go me some friends

I've gotta go to a meeting I'm busy this

afternoon but it's been really nice to

talk to you another time I'd love to

take you for a wine or I'd love to have

a coffee with you so let's exchange


and what I've done for the longest time

is to just you know I've had a big

thanks to the year so I just I just had

the iPhone I open it to the people you

put the number in something literally

just hand out the fire I just say let's

exchange details

hand the phone over there she takes the

phone and then and then it becomes this

almost Pavlovian response where she just

starts dialing yes listen anybody

anybody who listens to me and listen I'm

a hundred and you're episode 100 and say

I'm a hundred and seventy two episodes

in yeah well it's 172 episodes I'm

probably at 223 videos but all dude all

of my listeners viewers know I am the

hand your phone to the girl guy like

here put your number in my phone we'll

hang out sometime obviously I do it you

know you have to do it's more smoothly

than that but yes what you are doing is

you are giving you are giving a woman

instructions you are commanding her to

do something you are getting used to

being ordered well not well listen we're

in a man sphere you're getting you're

used to being ordered around you're

getting used to her being told what to

do by you and just like you said it's

almost a Pavlovian response when there

is a phone in her hand and numbers on

the pad it almost compels her to dial

that phone number a lot of number closes

and you never ever ask hey can I head

here can I have your number please

dude 10 times dude on 11 times out of 10

she's gonna say no here put your number

in my phone

you're you seem cool was nice talking to

you put your number on my phone almost

like almost make her feel it would be

sort of wrong socially for him not to do

that because you know your to your

Oracle guy she's a cool girl you're

talking you've met why not exchange

details maybe you can hang out another

time you know it shouldn't be it should

be it should be very casual but why

wouldn't you do that because you're both

leaving this town you're both cool why

wouldn't you hang out at some point you

know so that's that's kind of how I try

to present it I mean the only thing that

now and actually what another thing

what is really really important is that

it's very very very hard to know in fact

I say it's impossible to know from the

initial approach which of those are then

going to lead on so anything it's

significant in the future so I have had

amazing approaches because I have you

have all the marks you overcome all the

shit sets you get the girl's number and

she goes cold on you absolutely you know

I've been up in London I've met girls I

told them for half an hour we we've had

this amazing bond you know you walk away

you think

fucking hell you know that was amazing

give this whole thing up because I'm not

she's the one in a sort of putting her

on a pedestal white but you know you

think that was just you know she was

really into me that was perfect that was

how it should always goes and then you

message her and nothing

so listen I'm sure you've experienced

this too you open a girl she hits you

with all the shit tests you're like you

know what fuck it I'm just gonna stay in


she doesn't blow you out all right you

stay in the set she's still talking to

you so at the end listen look you seem

cool even though you think she's a bit

you put your number in my phone you but

she puts her number in the phone okay

well I'm a little bit surprised at that

but you have to go for it alright I'll

shoot her a text when I get when I get

back to the house and surprise surprise

the girl you didn't think that you were

gonna be able to get the number for

she's walking in your house wearing a

tea thong alright and then 30 minutes

after that she's on she's on your knees

sucking your dick you never know man a

girl couldn't look like she's hot for

you and go completely and listen it's

just like you is it and as veterans of

game here girls are they live in the

moment like at the vet at that very

moment when they're putting their number

in your phone they could be more than it

may could be more excited than anything

to want to get to know you to go out for

a while off for a coffee go out for a

beer whatever the case may be

dude 2 hours later she's not even she's

thinking about something else you text

her three hours later and she doesn't

remember who you are like this this is

how fickle girls are with their emotions

absolutely and of couse like they've got

a little the other distraction yes g70

the 73 other dicks that are swinging in

her directions there's no guarantee that

when she walks off the cheese though so

she can remember you but but yeah as you

say I mean exactly the other side of

that coin is approach is cracked and

surprise surprise it's really hard and

even having done this for a long time

and having dated a lot of girls of

having approached a lot of girls and you

know been in all these scenarios know

whether something's going to come off on

our heart you know the truth is really

in the pudding you know it's very hard

to tell

shout-out to Charles merchants with the

$20 super chat he says for my brother

from another mother man I'm out here

repping the 775 I should take off my

Reno Aces that put on that Vegas 51 set

appreciate the support Charles good

looking out there ETF 42 says I rarely

ask for numbers I give my number to

women and tell them to text me if she

texts she's interested what are your

thoughts on that Troy so one thing is

kind of it's a kind of a classic blow

out when a girl says to you right yeah

here's your number well I'll get I'll

take yours nah man been worth that it's

basically a polite way in which she's

trying to she's trying to blow you up so

I mean yes he's right in the sense that

if you give you a number and she does

call you then baddies she's on for it

that's fantastic but the chances of that

happening are quite slim because even if

she even if she does like you I think

the dolly is still expected to propriety

but I still expected to be picked up the

one who is pushing the the interaction

forward and unless you have her details

you can't do that you know you're

beholden to her so for me if I don't


even if I was in some scenario where I

was I could be a hundred percent sure

that she was gonna she was gonna call me

maybe if I was just I try to think of an

analogy where I could be a hundred

percent sure like it might have

introduced okay I would basically still

want to take her number because as the

guy I feel like I should be the one

pushing is right forward not only

because that's the most goals one but

also because I feel that should be my

role in the interaction my role should

be the dominant role within the

interaction but me might would agree

yeah so for me not only does I'm not

convinced that it really works to just

give out your number but secondly even

if he does on occasion work I would

rather be the person that I rather be

the one out of service who's in the

driving scene who's pushing things

because that should be my masculine role

I would I would agree I think the one

exception and I've never tried this out

but if you guys are looking for if you

guys are looking for a way to give your

number to a girl just gonna act like you

don't give a shit the whole time we're

in extreme asshole game

alright well look man those are my

friends here give me your phone wait

what give me your phone ah okay grab the

phone in here call me text me see ya

yeah oh my god that'll winter fucking

panties right yes the way all you've

always looked at it is I mean there are

best-case scenarios and then there are

what what's the minimum that I can do

when you approached a girl and this is

gonna be a one-night stand or something

like that which is you know relatively

important the 20 rather the 80% if you

like um you know you want to be

establishing the minimum that you want

to try to do is get a way that you guys

can contact each other again when you

thought of doing that is that you get

their contact details now whether that

is a phone number or if it's Facebook or

even if it's or Instagram I mean I don't

know Jordan can you snapchat you know

whatever some sort of way that you can

get into contact with now if if you

can't even do that for some logistical

reason then yes as a last-ditch attempt

why not give her your number because you

never know and actually in spite of

everything I just said just now

there are there have been occasions

where I've given my number to a girl and

she has contacted me and it's gone so

something's happened as a result of that

I can think of two in particular so

there was one there was a girl it was

actually in a strip club and I was

talking to this Lithuanian girl and it

was kind of on she liked me and

everything and I said well like I said

let's exchange numbers and she said I

can't because I can't give it out so I'm

working here and I mean that is I think

probably true I think that's often a

role that I mean that you know they can

get around it but there is I'm

abandoning that so she said give me your

number and I was like well she's clearly

not gonna give me her number because she

say she can't or you know whatever

collisions so Soviet what do I have to

lose I'll write down my number and give

it to her if I don't hear from her he

doesn't you know a few texts during our

later that night she did message me and

then we're the got to each other so you

know that works another time I was in a

restaurant this I was I think with some

work colleagues

this girl was with you know her work

colleagues there was my contact going on

but it wouldn't just be really socially

altered for me to go over it you know

hey you know could do the whole player

thing so instead I passed my number two

and again she contacted me so it can

work but it wouldn't be my go-to method

yeah it's almost like um it's almost

like an ETF 42 he actually clarified

this he says let me clarify he says I

give her an you have to give her

instructions to text you and so I forgot

what is Tariq Qing Nasheed he and he is

a veteran but I don't know if you've

ever heard of him but he's a black guy

here in the States

and dude he's been running a game on

females since before anybody can

remember that's exactly what he does and

that's what ETF 42 and actually said

that he does that

Tariq Rasheed is all about you know

giving instructions to you know to women

hey text me and that that's what works

for him I don't think that that's

something that I would be comfortable

doing because I'm a control freak I like

to be like again I like to be in control

of the interaction I like to dictate

what goes and what doesn't I like to be

able to I like to decide when I'm gonna

push the acts

forward and because girls like to listen

even though girls have 84 dicks thrown

in their direction they like to be

pursued they to me they want to be they

have more respect for a man who is gonna

put his but not to say that eta 42

doesn't put his balls on the line when

he gives women and women instructions

different strokes for different folks

there are many many ways to run game but

the way I like to run it is I like to

show a girl that I am in control I am I

am gonna push the action for it I'm

gonna ask for your number and oh he ETF

42 says he got that from Tariq and Tariq

nasheed listen his results speak for

himself so they're out obviously there

are many many there are many many ways

to get to start interactions with women

and not everything is for everybody I

can I can certainly attest to that I

mean one thing that is interesting about

about what he's saying is that I'm

becoming recently quite interested in

this idea of more interesting this idea

of dominance in terms of giving

instructions telling them what do you

know she's the little girl you're the

you'll be you're the you're the one in


and it kind of was an exam with I mean I

had a girlfriend who was very into BDSM

you know I'm not massively into that I

am I am interested I started looking in

a bit more seriously I've read some

books and things recently and um this is

certainly that is a very interesting

whole strand of that stuff that could be

pulled out for game because I mean so

many girls are into this so many girls

are submissive they are into the idea of

and I'm not just talking about you know

sort of tying up and spanking you things

like that although that can be a little

changed you know receiving instructions

being told what to do and I think

there's something very interesting all

of that stuff and I'm not saying that's

where he's coming from but it could

always link in with that because you're

leading the girl will be very dominant

you're saying okay I'm gonna give you my

number you will call me nine o'clock

tomorrow and you'll just be wearing your

white lingerie and you know you can

almost take it that far

it's an interesting one maybe I'll give

it a go I don't know I mean I think like

you I too come down on the side of

wanting to have a bit more control

certainly in the incident in the initial

you know situation because in all the

fruits of work you will have had to have

build very strong attraction from the

earth she will have to be pretty damning

to you to follow those instructions

because that only in the interaction

they need just isn't enough of a

relationship between the two of you you

know you're some random guy on the

street so clearly you know this guy's

probably very good at doing that and you

know all props to him for maybe I'll

give it a go but as I say I think my cat

fool is always gonna be to try and get a

number myself just so I got a little bit

more control over be the interaction of

the early stages now so you've got the

girl's number and one of the biggest and

I'm sure that you can probably speak to

this Troy but one of the biggest

problems or one of the biggest

challenges that men have in terms of

game so they're over there they approach

the girl they get the number they strike

up conversation they set up the meet up

then comes the flaking right this is the

this is an example that I always use

with people if I approached it when I

was at the height of my player dim

superpowers if I approach ten girls I

get seven numbers of those seven numbers

that I got four of them would text back

of the floor that would text that of the

four that would text back two of them

will agree to a meet-up of the two that

agrees to a meet-up at least one of them

is gonna flake maybe both then if I meet

up with the one I might have a one in

three or four shot of fucking them that

night that's I mean this this is what

we're up against so take my audience

inside the the strategies the method in

preventing flaking or is there I mean

when you say flaking do you mean that

they G me when they when they they don't

turn up a tool or if they cancel like an

hour before yes right those are one in

the same oh my god something came up I

can't make it tonight

yeah only happen

how can I put this without something

like an arrogant dick no filter Troy we

want you to only only haven't it's not

obscene I found that I had less problem

with blanking okay that's not to say I'm

not trying to say I'm some fucking you

know like mega player and like hold on

yes you are and that's okay that's right

hey wait listen by the way this is

something I've cut you mentioned strip

club and strippers twice in the show all

right I talked less in I lived in Vegas

for seven years man I've got a lot I

mean any guys all the guys that listen

to me no so you're definitely welcome in

the towers anytime you're gonna talk

about strip club gambhira I got you your

weapon at the towers any time but please

it hasn't been such a consistent problem

to me in the last few years that I've

found that I've had to really sort of

devise a methodology to sort of deal

with it

I mean having said that a girl flaked on

me the other that well I had a very

suspect situation last the other night

when this girl I thought why Tommy

because I went to me I basically said me

me an eight o'clock I turned up she

wasn't there like she's playing on me

and then we I texted texted that some

some bullshit and she came back and she

was giving me all this stuff about like

I was there I messaged you didn't reply

look I've got whatever but then she

agreed but then she was and then she was

going home and I was kind of stuff I was

like yet she's bunny flakes I mean you

know whatever but she was so sort of

persistent about it so then I was like

well let's let's meet up tomorrow and we

ended up meeting up bizarrely and I

wrote I'm nervous yeah bizarrely

I mentioned some sweetie because I would

never normally do this but he'll know

and they would normally never show up

but you know you got her to meet up you

got her to agree to meet up after she

flaked and she showed up Troy her

fucking god man so we went to breakfast

which is the languished under never boys

day except that the owners like did it

was because

I was leaving London to come over here

and I'm not gonna be over there now till

after Christmas so I wanted to get a

little bit of face climbing

so we met nice breakfast and you know

terrible terrible against every rule in

the PU a book but actually went pretty

well and now she's texting me sort of

using her cell phone so good anything

but going back to thinking so I don't

they don't know whether she'd actually

flaked on no maybe it was genuine


maybe I suppose oh I think what it might

be is I get in this plate but I do get a

lot of rejections and only suspect what

it might be is that because I'm being

quite direct and because I'm putting it

on the line I tend to get blown out out

of France and so that fills out the

lines it's like she might know listen

she must have been really hot you might

disagree with that because I get the

feeling that you're pretty direct as

well so maybe yes yeah yeah yeah well I

mean you know there can be another bit

of luck as well I mean I think as I say

I think what tends to happen is that

when they got through the filter to the

point where they've agreed to the Danes

hmm they probably kind of know they kind

of know what I'm about they know they

know what I'm up for and so if they've

got that far their phone will be kind of

up for it to something they're gonna

come on beat me I think that's probably

that's the only way I can theorize I

don't know if you remember this article

that I wrote for return of Kings it was

called the benefi pros and cons of game

for black men in the West that is the

that's the that's the article and to

that point I was just a guest

contributor on return of kings that was

the article that got rucious attention

because to that point he didn't know it

was black okay and we had we had just

lost Athlon McGinnis because he I think

he was the only African American writer

that we had over there so we just lost

Athlon McGinnis who was a fucking

superstar over there but we had just

lost him so you know he you know he

approached me hey you don't want to be

so anyway long story short one of the

things that I point out in terms of one

of the advantages to being a black man

in the web

one of the distinct advantages is that

women tend to test us as a matter as as

a matter of conformation rather than

actually making us prove our sexual

fitness to them they say okay black guys

are perceived to be alphas let me just

poke and prod him a little bit okay he's

an alpha I'm gonna fuck him whatever the

case may be but beforehand that's the

difficult part if I'm a black guy and I

approach all and I approach a non black

woman in public during the daytime it is

feast or famine I'm either gonna get her

phone number or she's gonna completely

she's gonna completely blow me out or

she's gonna avoid the whole situation

and the reason for that is because non

black women assumed that when black men

approached them we are trying to fuck

and they are correctly assuming that so

if they agree to a meet-up guess what

Troy they are down to fuck I I mean I

can count on maybe one hand the number

of times I've been flake now here's the

thing it's difficult to set up meet up

sometimes but I didn't often get flaked

and I think this goes to what you are

saying the better you get but whatever

alpha advantages you have you're not

going you're not gonna get flaked on

that much a guy like you obviously you

know you're very direct I'm very direct

etc etc we don't get flaked on that much

but it also comes with experience the

better you become a game the less girls

are gonna flake on you it's that simple

I think that's probably yeah I mean I

think you probably never get something I

mean of course there have been occasions

but it's not such a big thing it's not

that it's happening so much that I'm

thinking shit what do I do about flaking

you know honey there's also I mean

obviously I'm basically the UK you know

you'll guys watching this or listen to

this may be based in the States I mean

there are some sort of differences of

that kind as well but I mean I don't

think they're that much so I don't think

I don't the UK we may be Europe but it's

not like some kind of paradise over here

by any means I mean it's a Western

engine right you know it's probably I

mean from what I've seen it's probably

kind of on a par with the states really

in terms of you know that maybe you know

the kind of the cultural kind of the

datings environment so so yeah I mean I

think I think

I think you guys are suffering if you

guys are getting flaked on Allah why

might not be the case could it be

because I mean I mean let's face it if

you're gonna she's not gonna flake on

Justin Bieber she's not gonna flake

right right exactly so when it comes

down to is she just did she wasn't

attracted enough to you or a better

offer came along that's what it comes

down to sometimes it's not about you man

well it's often helpful to think about

you know so think about it celebrity I

mean of course none of this I'm I'm a

celebrity I

I confess I confess oh by the way guys

by the way nobody knows more about jay-z

than this motherfucker right here you

would never ever ever know it his name

is Troy Frances he's a white guy from

London England dude you have written

some brilliant articles on jay-z but I

think that was the case I think that's

the case with a lot of you I think with

a lot of sort of kind of an honesty

about things that you probably don't get

in a lot of the rest of the culture

that's exactly right that's exactly

oh it's probably a bit less now because

the lyrics of all rubbish yeah what

would the likes are Drake always talking

about his ex guys uh Troy Francis here

we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna go

ahead and finish things off with the

with the last and most important

question and it put it to you Troy

the title of the show are dating apps

making person-to-person approach

obsolete a guy like you right guys like

you and me we like to go out day game

this and that the other but what would

stop us from saving all the trouble

saving all the rejection just grabbing

our smartphones and swiping for us just

like everybody else

well I think you've got I think guys who

are doing just that they are missing a

trick because I mean actually yeah we do

but I am against bumble because the girl


but actually you know I thought it's

gonna be the male models we're going to

get the attention that's actually for

whatever reason may because the market

is less saturated than contender I found

I was actually getting some matches and

quality girls will miss but to the point

and the problem well the first one with

dating it's the first point with

something like tinder is that I think it

is oversaturated I think in London its

own saturated so predominantly you're

being judged on your looks so the guys

who do you smash it on tinder and I got

friends you smash it on tinder and they

are almost to a man you know six foot

four more chiseled rate looking guys and

clearly those guys because it's a very

it's at least visual medium so those

guys are gonna get great results because

you know that they're hot guys they are

you know they're visually very appealing

and and that's what tinder is

essentially so awful it

market on both ends a bigger house

because I listen I'm not gonna I'm not

gonna swipe for a fucking fat chick fuck

that so yeah absolutely so you know if

if you are that guy

and then yeah but I mean you can you can

clean up on say that you can be you know

you can be shaking as we say okay you

can be having sex girls every night

great you know but I think you're

missing a trip but certainly feel not

like oh I think you need to think about

your strategy if your summer in the

middle now you know if I have success on

tinder it's worked for me I don't I'm

not like some of these people who who

write about game who say oh you should

never use apps you know you should all

be about approaching because I mean it's

just another lead source you know I

don't really matter on tenth order

pipeline rape it's like whatever so yeah

a bit of time on tinder but it's not my

main thing and the massive advance to

cull approach is to start you see well

we're starting to go after exactly the

girls that you want and you can see what

you're getting oh god yes you don't get

that fish as we say here in the States

yeah I mean it's like wildering tons

online isn't it I mean it turns out I

had a terrible experience I've had three

terrible dates from bumble in a row


because and only one of them I think I

wrote about us on twitter and maybe I'm

a psycho and there was his girl and I

was trying to her and she looked pretty

cute and I mean the classic classic

rookie era which was that it was all

headshots that wasn't really fuck fry

but in my defense she did that when we

transferred onto what's that because

that's what you should always do you

know check them for a bit then you say

let's you know give me almost a few

spelter on that so you take off the ass

when we did that she did send me a few

pictures of you know body shots and you

know it was looking pretty good so I

thought okay this is cool now I'm

staying in service department

ten from service department fucking

London so I basically invited her

straight over there I thought sorry you

know I just I just get us straight over

and you know let's get the be done

because it was

is all very you know heavy on the

messages many things turned up and

that's not quite quite well undone oh I

love it

well I own it but she saw me and I was

sort of lying I mean I'm not averse to

being very you know rude in those

situations and just you know but it

mystically she sees me I'm gonna have to

kind of you know decent so I have to

take her up to my room where I'm staying

we sat and we sat there and choose

drinking some wine and I was looking at

faces pretty so I was kind of thinking

how can I do this chatting and this is

this is here on a plate you know I could

just be and can I do anything I was just

like I just just don't you know there is

I so I basically invented it I said look

I got it like somebody's called me over

the conference called 10 o'clock and she

oh please give me a break man think

about think about the many guys she blew

out before you did that man this is why

she doesn't listen women don't deserve

you Troy me I'm that asshole man like

I've been like I do that the I've been

hit on my like ugly chicks but this one

fat chick comes up and hits on me at the

gas station right she's like yeah what's

your name I said no no no sweetheart

move along it's it's not that kind of

party over here fat white girl I said

move along is not that kind of person is

like way you didn't have to be rude I

said yeah actually I kind of did move

along sweetie I'm out of your league oh


dude that was a complete dick about it

man I don't give a fuck with these

bitches man like did it to us you know

right funny very hard to weather the

shoes on the other foot so this girl I

mean oh that one's pretty I mean I was

this is this is me you know I'm not

taking my own advice I wasn't trying it

you know

what British lied about the source of

course and she's looking like going she

goes well we got half an hour I'll do

anything you don't do anything but it's

got to go both ways there sweetie

as long as she's really clearly not

sadly you know she was she was like well

I've got myself already and everything

nice right now and you know girls

fighting really hard when the total


yeah they don't handle rejection well at

all man yeah rejection

listen Troy I'm listen I'm so glad I did

not have to take your player card dude

because I was worried I was worried man

I was like oh no Troy please don't tell

me you did this lie to us please but

some guns give me some some shit on

Twitter because he just said well why

did you even you know bringing on the

truck I hadn't seen him before it wasn't

like I took her back to my place

I just been blighted or over and then

when she was there yeah yeah filtered

her out yeah but this is the problem

with the apps because you can't you

don't know until they turn up exactly

what what you know what you look like

physically but also is there going to be

that's fathers that is there gonna be

the chemistry there now fully contrast

when you Cole approach go for star you

know that you think she's hot because

you yeah you're seeing about 360 view

and secondly you you get a boy you know

you talk to her for a couple of minutes

or how long you gonna fight you know is

there some sort of isn't there something

between us is there a bit of spark here

is this going to be kind of fun and you

kind of know and for me that's massively

outweighs you know what you get with

with the likes of tinder so you know as

well I think I think girls are very used

to using tinder and they're very used to

using Bumble but if you do a cold of

protein you go well you still get a

massive cut through you still you know

you walk in front of a girl and you're

on point and you're confident and I mean

you know they are blown away they get

the tongue dinner bill eyes they are

massively attracted you know because you

had the I mean so I

going tomorrow to to Russia to see this

girl that I met through a cold approach

at the airport Urich and she said to me

you were so courageous she said I've

never liked guys no we don't do this you

know I did I see guys looking at me but

they don't come up and talk to me and

you cannot talk to me and you know and

she was blown away by it

now that doesn't always happen become a

fright but it happens enough that it

makes it worth what's the man I am I

tell people all the time and you and you

can vouch for this Troy yeah girls nines

and tens you'd be surprised at how much

more pleasant they are than six is seven

and eight because hot girls don't get

hit guys think that hot girls hot girls

get dick thrown at them all the time in

other words they get attention okay fair


but hot girls don't get hit on hot girls

don't get a dude like Donovan roll up hi

I'm Donovan looking him right in the eye

and making no bones about what I'm

angling for all right yeah girls don't

and that's why she said you were brave

like I'm a hot chick guys don't just

come up and talk to me like that but you

did and now shine afraid exactly exactly

and so what you get is just through the

actual action of doing the approach

itself you add some points you gain

points in your sexual market value now

if that same girl had seen me on tinder

you know maybe she would've swayed which

weighs in swipe right I've never been on

tinder before so I don't know yeah maybe

maybe she would have liked me but but

maybe not because you just a few

pictures and you want to know something

Troy any guy can swipe right it's easy

to talk it's easy to text a girl it

takes balls to approach a girl man it

takes balls to approach a girl a face to

face so just just find the act of doing

that I raised my sexual market value in

her eyes you know something I go from I

know whether you know like six or seven

or whatever we would have been two you

know two to eight or a nine or you know

whatever the fees would be but suddenly

I go up a number of points because I

just because I've done that so you know

it's it's more it's more effort

initially than contender but the

benefits that you get are greater and

you know the thing about you're saying

about hot girls a hundred percent right

I mean some of the best responses I've

had have been from the prettiest girls

yes of course

some of the whole she's blow outs sixes

and fucking sevens man unbelievable like

you're blowing me out like look at you

unbelievable man

but but the reason for this Troy is

because six and seven sixes and sevens

get hit on the most the reason they get

hit on the most is because guys assume

that sixes and sevens are easier to fuck

the nines and tens and they are right

but ninth and tenth here's that here's

the contrast 9s and 10s are easier to

approach than sixes and sevens right


fucking 9th and 10th is not easy

especially on the first date you got to

do you got to put some work in as soon

as you get past those initial shit tests

for with sixes and sevens dude fuck em

is like shooting fish in a fucking

barrel they're literally dropping their

paintings all right let's do this yeah

yeah yeah absolutely but I mean what one

thing is interesting that I've noticed

is that the the best interactions like

that tend to be the girls like I am

actually really genuinely attracted to

right rather than you know because I

mean I like try to get the numbers there

you know this is we talk about it being

a numbers game and I try to I try to get

the numbers in so I approached quite a

lot you know I want to be just I just

want to be that guy who just approach it

goes it's almost like it's funny do you

know I'm just like yeah like I'm on

loads of girls that's just my

personality you know take it or leave it

that's just how are you so I hit a

little load of girls so maybe I'll hit

on like you know ten girls in it you

know you do that for

Heinemann not all of those girls gonna

be eight or nine but just just because

so sometimes I'll be kind of I'll be

going through the motions of them do you

know I mean I'll see something I think

you know to get to always get the

numbers that but what what's really

interesting is that the ones that I'm

actually really attracted to on a really

gut sort of visceral level that's when

the interaction really sparks

often you know that's when her response

is better it's really intense between us

because there's no bullshit you know the

mean I'm not just doing but you know

it's genuine attraction there and she

can feel there and that that sort of

attracts her and those things those are

the best ones do you know the mean and

and also those are the girls you

actually want to get so it's amazing

safety guys watching or listening

don't be afraid to approach those goals

that you you took because first all

you'll regret it if you don't and

secondly you know the chances are you'll

get a better reception beneath you you

know you would have done anyway

good stuff Troy tell the people where

they can find you so if you go to my

website which is www.hyken.com stuff as

well from all occasions

various thing pieces and so on go to

that website and everyday you'll find

fresh content from me if you look me up

on YouTube I've got a very I've got a

small at the moment YouTube channel but

I'm building that out so if you search

try francis on youtube you'll find me

there and i'm uploading videos that i do

a podcast which is been a slightly

sporadic recently that I'm basically

gearing up for every week again you can

find that by my website and also just

check me out on Twitter so the place

where I'm most is Twitter so if you go

to actually seven laws on Twitter or

just just look for choice Francis then

you'll find them there do you follow me

there I'm there every day I'm posting a

lot on there getting in conversation

with you guys and so on so and just

putting and putting some like regular

updates on there as well

so if something happens I'll take a

picture stick it up there and you know

so I'll try to keep that as like as

direct and as Troy it's been a pleasure

man appreciate you coming on with us

tonight thank you no worries managed in

grey it's really great seeing towards

you talk to you guys tomorrow

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