Episode #253: Why you fail with women



If you Google “why men fail with women” you’ll get a bunch of bullshit answers like “You don’t communicate enough”, “You don’t treat her well enough” or “You don’t open up to her” and so forth. The problem with these “answers” is that most men already do these things.

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Most men go out of their way to communicate with women as often as they can. Most men treat their women really well and most of those guys always make it a point to open up to their women and show vulnerability. Men are already doing all the things that the world tells them they should do to be successful with women and surprise, surprise, most men are still failing miserably with women ALL THE TIME. Which goes to show that neither men OR women should take relationship advice from women and men who are not red pill aware….it’s always a bad idea.  

Consistent failure with women leads to sexual frustration, heartbreak or a combination of both and those are the two main reasons most men find The Red Pill. There are many, many reasons men consistently fail with women. Eventually their failures become insurmountable and they hit critical mass. They either give up on women altogether, or attempt to learn Red Pill style game.

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a man who is an a-plus if one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b- at everything get this

through your thick skulls ladies that

girls are gross you don't want to lift

weights because you're lazy just keep it


you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's forum and ottoman sharp and welcome

to the TSR live your daily dose of red

coal truth wisdom and awareness it is

Thursday May 10th 2018 and as you as you

guys may have may have noticed I have

retired my Sixers gear as these Sixers

were ousted yesterday by the Boston

Celtics 114 to 112 they won that series

four games to one and I gotta admit that

I did listen I did not see that coming

honestly I listened I thought the Sixers

are at least gonna go to the Eastern

Conference Finals I wasn't I wasn't one

of these guys who say hey the Sixers are

gonna go to the the NBA Finals because

listen LeBron is still in the East and

he owns the East but I certainly did not

expect to get beat by the Kyrie less

Jalen moonless Boston Celtics and lose

that series four games to one listen we

had more talent like I said the the the

Celtics were were certainly hobbled we

just got outcoached and I think I think

that this particular series is a

microcosm it's a microcosm of how it's

it's the quintessential example of why

coaching is important in the NBA listen

you can have listen you know you can

have all the greatest talent in the

world I can't just roll the ball out

there and win 82 games you have to like

you you have to have good coaching

Michael Jordan never won a Michael

Jordan never won an NBA title until he

got Phil Jackson and guess what Phil

Jackson Phil Jackson never won an NBA

title before he had Michael Jordan so so

yeah congratulations to the Boston

Celtics they they are moving on to the

Eastern Conference Finals where I expect

them to be manhandled by the Cleveland

Cavaliers but one never knows who know

so it'll be it'll be interesting to

you know the interesting thing is is is

now that we now that the the Sixers are

out you've got all these trolls out here

oh you know what what about the process

you know what about the process now the

the process failed these people are

fucking idiots okay

I was never one that really harped on

the whole trust the process thing

because listen man like I've watched the

Sixers for years since I was a kid and

it sucked to see that they were losing

games on purpose but listen Sam oh my

god Sam hinkie had a plan and listen we

may have gotten beaten in the second

round but guess what the process work we

went from being perennial we went from

being at perennial perennial II in the

basement like we sucked

we're losing 50 60 games a year to all

of a sudden now we are a real contender

okay so a lot of people a lot of people

are saying you know you know making fun

of the Sixers oh they didn't win a title

the process failed did you fuck you guys

you guys are being disingenuous

Smart's fans it's interesting sports

fans it's very clear now that sports

fans are now running the sports media

because the it's it's I put this the

sports media always they always want

something bad to talk about like like

like a specific player like for example

in the NBA they you know something it's

always something right crime element now

Carmelo Anthony is not really a great

player anymore and he was he never

really is a great scorer but he was

allergic to defense but the knock on

Carmelo Anthony's that he never got to

the second round what like like like

what now we're measuring people on

whether or not to get to the second

round at the NBA Playoffs

then then then they got on Chris Paul

for never making it to the second round

so then he makes it to the second round

well now he's never been to the 2d cut

to the Conference Finals look dude

listen up a player's career has never

made or broken on the ability to get to

the Conference Finals unless of course

you're talking about Super Bowls Jim

Kelly went to four straight Super Bowls

went to Super Bowls what 25 through 25

through 29 I think something like that

25 through 28 lost all four of those

he's a Hall of Fame quarterback okay but

there's there's always there's always

something for them bad to talk about

it's they always want to say they always

want to say yeah but so a quarterback

breaks all sorts of records 5,000 yards

passing 50 touchdowns 10 interceptions

you know record completion percentage

yeah but he's never been to the playoffs

okay so the quarterback makes he gets to

the playoffs oh well if he gets to the

playoffs well that quarterbacks never

won a playoff game okay so he wants a

playoff game Wow well you know he's but

he wanted to play again but he's never

won a Super Bowl so then he goes and

wins a Super Bowl even then they're not

satisfied well you know quarterback XYZ

may have won a Super Bowl but he's owned

six on the road outdoors when the

temperatures below 32 on odd numbers

Sundays in even-numbered years it's

always something

it is always something so when these

with these idiots out here are talking

about all the process didn't work you

fucking idiots of course the process

worked we were the three seed in the

east okay like dude we were tattooed

we're losing 50 60 games a season we are

now a contender yes we lost a series we

should not have lost this is part of the

growing process Jordan had the Pistons

he had to overcome back in the late 80s

early 90s

LeBron had the Boston Celtics he had to

just recently overcome to breakthrough

win the title the Philadelphia

Philadelphia 76ers gonna have to

overcome the Celtics do and probably the

Cavaliers it's a growing process our

players are young the process worked

guys we are loaded with talent we are

absolutely contender so listen to guys

who are out here trying to troll oh you

know the process didn't work there you

guys are full of shit full of shit I am

on the air early for the second straight

day because of course I am keeping I am

keeping the the spin class streak alive

I've spun for five straight days I've

gone five straight days going to

spinning class you guys see my Instagram

and Facebook posts I'm going for six in

a row and I'm going to go at least eight

straight days spinning when I started

when I started when I started spin class

when I started my streak which was

Saturday I was I was a shade over 235

almost 236 pounds so we're gonna see how

much we're gonna see how much weight

I've dropped of course you know muscle

and all that comes into it too but but

my fitness level my fitness level has

definitely has definitely increased and

you know a lot of people's man Donovan

how in the world are you able to spend

five days like

one guy on Instagram said ma'am like I

can I can spend two week two days a week

max well the reason I Donovan sharp I'm

able to spin five straight days actually

six of the last seven day I'd say say it

all the time it is because of

testosterone and HGH if I'm not on

testosterone and HDH guys guess what I'm

not able to do this testosterone and HGH

is the Fountain of Youth nobody's paying

me to say this I'm a living proof of

this dude I'll be 41 this summer I don't

look a day over 35 okay yeah I'm

listening yes genetics do you have to do

with it but I take good care of myself

and I'm probably gonna look exactly like

this or close to it until I'm about 50

so and up and I'll feel this way too so

so yeah listen if you haven't gotten on

testosterone in HGH yet you absolutely

need to do so if you have questions

about it hit me on Donovan syrup come

let us get to the topic at hand why you

fail with women now

if you guys google why men fail with

women you'll get a you lend up getting a

bunch of bullshit answers like you don't

communicate enough or you don't treat

her well enough or you don't open up to

her and so on and so forth

the problem with these quote unquote

answers guys is that most ammendment

they already do these things okay wait a

minute my lighting is up here forgive me

most men already do these things most

men literally go out of their way to

communicate with their women as often as

possible albeit the wrong way but

they're still trying to communicate most

men treat their women very well and most

of those guys make it a point to open up

to their women and show this

vulnerability that they're begging us to

show them all the time okay men are

already doing all the things the world

tells them what they should do to be

successful with women and surprise


most men are still failing miserably

with women all the time which get wet

which by the way goes to show that

neither men or women should ever take

relationship advice from women or men

who are not read till aware it is always

a bad idea

listen I don't care who you are I don't

care if you're a relationship counselor

I don't care if you're a certified life

coach if you're a woman if you are a

woman or you are a man who does not have

red pill awareness you should not be

giving relationship advice and if you

were a man you should not be taking a

relationship advice from any man from

any person who has not read pill aware

who doesn't pee standing up anyway

consistent failure with limit women

leads to sexual frustration at least a

heartbreak or a really a combination of

both and those are the two main reasons

most men end up finding the red pill in

the first place guys there are many many

reasons men consistently fail with women

now eventually their failures become

insurmountable and they hit critical

mass they either give up on women

altogether and just go completely mgtow

or they attempt to learn red pill style

game if men were aware of the real

reasons the real reasons they

consistently fail with women and then

correct those habits their lives would

be much better along with the lives of

their women okay so what I'm about to

tell you guys it's gonna be hard to hear

but believe it or not it's al it's

probably a little bit easier to

implement or to correct than you might

think so what I'm gonna do guys as I

fuck with my lighting here is I'm gonna

give you guys there we go much better

I'm gonna give you guys the seven

biggest reasons most men fail with women

all right let me go through the chat

here before we get started

James Martinez says they retired

themselves yeah yeah yeah masculine good

to see you in here

Miami J wants to know if I'm gonna

broadcast spin class again I don't know

I might you know I don't know if I could

I don't know if I can do it on this one

tonight spin instructor I hate tonight's

spin instructor it's an old black lady

who's really skinny for dude this woman

has to be 60 years old has the lungs of

probably a 20 year old and she seems

intent on making us do shit other than

actually ride the bike like there's all

these unorthodox techniques and shit

like she makes us put our arms up and

all this it's just a bunch of bullshit

like I do not like spin instructors like

that I am there for it I am there to

challenge myself cardiovascularly I'm

not there to work on my shoulders or my

traps that's what I lift weights for but

this woman seems intent on making this

an aerobic workout on a bike and I would

have spun this morning but I had

obligations this morning so I wasn't

able to get to spin class this morning

to avoid this particular woman so at 6

o'clock I'm gonna have to grin and bear

it and hopefully I can avoid her I can

avoid her at all costs coming up so

we'll we'll see what happens all right

let us get to the number one reason men

fail with women number one

you focused solely on women now the red

pill give me one second here guys

are you guys seeing me you guys see me

live yeah let me know in the chat

let me know in the chat I can't let me

know in the chat if you guys can see me

for whatever reason my phone seems to be

acting up wait a minute

my phone seems to be acting up can you

guys see me just let me know if you guys

can see me and hear me because I can't

see you guys on my phone

all right well I'll continue until I'll

continue until a until I hear otherwise

anyway number one your main focus is on

women the red pill gentlemen

we teach what we teach something called

multi-dimensional agency in other words

we teach you we teach you about fitness

finances hobby skills that you can learn

learning a second language etc etc the

reason we do all this is - it is - is to

make you guys understand that women are

merely a side effect to living the red

pill life yes we all find the red pill

because of women okay

sexual frustration and heartbreak those

are the two main motivating factors for

finding the red pill but when you figure

out that women aren't necessary for your

happiness chasing pussy should move down

the list all right if you claim that you

are a red pill aware male but then you

want to turn around and say some shit

like well I have to be in a relationship

or I you know I feel like I should get

married or I have to get married no no

no you don't have to get married to be

happy you don't need to be in a

long-term relationship to be happy you

don't need to be in a monogamous

relationship to be happy we as men we

are designed to function much better

alone than women are yes the presence of

a woman listen the presence of a woman

makes your life more enjoyable there is

no doubt about it

but they are not if they're not

necessary to a man's overall contentment

and happiness

so yes women are enjoyable but women do

not complete us as men okay they listen

they are they are unable to even if we

wanted them to even if we wanted a woman

to complete us they are unable to

complete this this is why when mental

women you complete me they lose

attraction because they don't want a man

that they have to be around to complete

they want a man who's already put

together they're not what they're not

looking to to be the missing piece of

the puzzle they want a train to jump

onto they're not trying to be the

copilot they want to be a passenger no

matter what they say women don't want to

complete men nor are they capable of

completing men when you focus on women

okay and go through a slump and you will

trust me there will come a time where

you will go through a slump you're gonna

get depressed because your focus is only

on women but when you live the true red

pill life a brief a brief slump doesn't

phase you guys okay if you haven't

gotten laid in three days you can focus

on learning Spanish or working on you

know restoring that vintage hot rod or

learning about learning more about

astronomy writing a book starting a blog

starting a podcast etc men who are the

most successful with women never make

them a priority ever if you talked to a

man who has women at his feet all the

time it's supplying the men the more

women it's weird how this works but this

is how it is the more women are

available to you as a result of essa' as

a natural byproduct of living the rental

life the less important they become

because they're around all the time

you can almost take them for granted

right it's the abundance mentality this

is why women don't this is why women

don't prioritize men because you got

dudes hollering at them all the time

this this is what happens women have the

ultimate abundance mentality

well you as a man you have to have that

abundance mentality the more women are

available to you the less important they

should become if you have women

available to you all the time you're

still focusing on women do you gonna

shoot yourself in the foot well Donovan

how do I make women more available to me

you focus on other you focus on things

other than women it's that simple you

live the red pill life women are going

to be attracted to you as a natural

byproduct of your lifestyle do not

prioritize women

number two you are afraid to approach

women yes listen guys I get it I've been


okay rejection sucks that dude I've been

rejected I've been rejected so many

times dude I've rejected girls who told

me hey hi I'm Donovan

just stop I don't want you like I've

been blown out like that before like

dude like I'll walk up to a girl and she

knows that I'm gonna pretty she's like

dude just keep walking just keep walking

now of course these are the nines and

tens of the world who are bitchy but the

point is is I've been rejected before I

listen you guys hear all you guys hear

about mostly about my successes I tell

you about how this girl I fucked but

that girl I fucked her I approached this

girl at a casino or this girl saw me in

a grocery store fucked this girl at the

club this and that any other for every

success that I tell you guys about I can

promise you there are 15 to 20 failures

rejections you have to become numb to it

to rejection in order to in order to be

in order to in order to conquer your

fear of approaching xiety I had a guy

ask me in the Instagram preshow Q&A; he

said listen once I start talking to girl

that's never a problem

it's the approaching part that always

gets me listen the solution is talk to

as many girls as you can right with

absolutely no beat outcome independent

just introduce yourself hi I'm Donovan

hi I'm Donovan hi I'm Donovan okay now I

actually talked about this in episode 1

of Donovan's den which you can find now

right here on patreon I also talked

about it and how to stop symfon in 24

hours that is also the go to O'Shea

nigra mediscare comm shoot him an email

and he will get you a free copy either

way even if you fail by going for it

with a woman even if you go even if you

actually go for it like go for the phone

number go for the number close the rush

of going for it going all-in with a

pretty girl it's pretty satisfying even

if you get rejected you can say dude I

talked to a 10 for 15 minutes now I

didn't get the phone number she has a

boyfriend I would have a bullshit excuse

she told me but dude she was digging my

game I couldn't close the deal but I

went for it okay guys listen it is

better to regret something you did than

something you did not this is something

that men should

by not women too many women live by this

adage thinking that it's it's as

beneficial to them as it is men when a

woman says it's better to regret

something you did then something you

didn't every single time they're talking

about getting fucked by a guy well it's

better to regret something you did than

something you didn't when else do they

use that or say that in their minds or

to other people if it's not talking

about fucking a guy like when girls

don't tech girls never ever ever take

risks in life unless it comes to dick so

this whole it's better it's better to

regret something you did them something

you didn't that applies to men and men

alone because there are so many more

things that we apply to girls only apply

it to sex anyway you can't listen you

can't hit a homerun if you don't take

your if you don't take the bat off your

shoulder guys you can't hit the

game-winning shot if you don't shoot

okay it's better to strike out swinging

than to look at strike three the

backwards K for all you sports nuts out

there rejects listen and and hear what

I'm saying here rejection Trump's regret

okay it is always better to get rejected

than to agretti to her in the first

place if you don't approach girls that

you are turned on by you will never ever

have consistent success with women this

is why you this is another reason you

fail with women is because you are

afraid to approach don't be afraid to

approach girls are people too

a hot girl listen hot girls are not

aliens they're not robots they're not

perfect they've burp fart shit just like

the rest of us they they have boogers

just like the rest of us they're just

people who happened to be wrapped in who

happened to have a much prettier wrapper

than most people go up an approach she

has anxiety she has fears

she has fall she has frailties just like

everybody else just because she looks

better doesn't mean she is better number

three now we are into the now we are

into the into the relationship

relationship back aspect of things here

and the deal is this guy's weight and

how can I put this women have no respect

for men these days because they're not

afraid of us anymore women are not

physically afraid of men anymore

and the main reason for that is because

of domestic violence laws all a woman

has to do is accuse us of anything and

we're in jail for 72 hours guaranteed no

proof is even needed right and listen in

episode 24 I talked about how I narrowly

escaped a false domestic a false

domestic abuse claim the reason why I

the reason why I got out of that

situation is I happened to record the

conversation after she called the cops

if I didn't have that recording guys

guess what I'd have been in jail for

three days guaranteed no proof he

slapped me he choked me really alright

come let's go she's a white girl I'm a

black man that was that was my saving

grace okay but all of that said you can

still put your foot down without laying

a hand on her remember guys your value

is higher than hers and I'll get into

this later she is no matter what she

looks like she is lucky to be with you

so if she doesn't act right she's got to

know your ass is out the door a lot of

bitches out here texts in their exes

okay but niggas but but niggas are too

afraid to look at her and tell her look

chick you keep that shit up and I'm out


now the reasons for this are vast okay

but being afraid to put your foot down

causes your woman to lose respect for

you and guys respect is the number one

element with regards to attraction all

right women cannot be attracted to a man

she does not respect all right so if

she's texting your ex tell her to stop

tell her to stop it or she's fucking

gone okay and I mean that guys you go

you gotta mean that shit if you are too

tired to go out if you're too tired to

go out tell her you're too tired to go

out and if she throws a fit stand you're

fucking around don't fall dude don't

don't buy into her don't don't fall into

her emotional shenanigans guys don't let

her get away with that shit too many

dudes out here

let their women walk all over them all

the time because they are free to assert

themselves as the dominant as the

dominant male in the relationship you

wear the pants not her and she needs to

understand that you can convey that

without laying a single hand on her

let's do a quick check of the chat

before you move on here

okay everybody can see me all right good

good good good good good yeah everything

everything looks good it was like it

didn't look I mean it looked fine on my

computer but um yeah okay

so everything everything is good I keep

an eye on my phone just just so that I

can see what you guys are seeing

all right masculine says men failed with

women because they listen when people

tell them that they objectify women too

much the problem is that men don't

objectify women enough

abso-fucking-lutely I've talked about

this before I've talked about this

before ten ways women unknowingly

sabotage their relationships they deny

their desire to be objectified by men

women want to be objectified by men they

want to be objectified by the right men

right they don't want to be objectified

by betaf fucking losers they don't wait

they don't want to be objectified by

booger eaters they want to be

objectified by attractive men so when

women say I don't want to be objectified

no you don't want to be objectified by

losers and listen if I were a woman I

wouldn't want to be objectified by a by

a loser either so the best way to get

over that is to not be a loser

ie the red pill


rebus asks basically focusing on the

things you can control versus things you

cannot that's exactly right

that's exactly right good observation

very very good observation


okay moving right along to the number

four reason you and most other men fail

with women

number four you don't make her work for

your commitment you don't make her work

for your attention and affection way too

many niggas out here doing this shit


they send their flower they send their

woman flowers at work just because just

because non nigga she needs to earn that

shit if you give your woman attention

and affection without her doing any

doing anything for it they're not going

to value it well what if she's given me

the pussy Donovan doesn't that count

fuck no bitches are out here giving away

pussy like it's Halloween candy it ain't

nothing for these bitches to open their

legs and take dick that takes zero

effort plus giving you the pussy isn't

something she never done before and

listen a lot of niggas she gave the

pussy didn't do shit for her okay so why

the fuck would you reward why would you

were fuck why the fuck would you reward

your girl for something she's doing as a

matter of basic requirement to be with

you that she's done for a hundred other

niggas before why would you do that

that's like paying for something that's

free okay you gave me some head big

fucking deal you want to impress me you

want my attention and affection swallow

you swallow my load then make me a

partnership then make me parmesan and

crusted pork chops and then we can talk

about maybe letting you spend the night

tonight okay so you let me fuck you in

the ass big fucking deal you want to

impress me wash your ass then make me a

grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar

cheese and a diet coke and then ask me

what I'd like to watch on TV and then we

can talk about what you'll be wearing

when I take you out to dinner okay

gentlemen understand this ironclad game

doctrine and one of the most important

sayings sentences ever in the manosphere

never deprive a woman the privilege of

working for your attention and affection

I will say it again

never deprive a woman the privilege of

working for your attention and affection

guys women what to work for your

attention because they want to know it's

worth something if you give it to her

for just having a vagina she's not gonna

value it she's not gonna take it

seriously Oh she'll appreciate it in the

beginning like

things like most people do and they get

shit for free but after a while the

novelty wears off because they haven't

put in anything to get it people value

the most what they are required to work

for this is women included women value

the men that make them work for their

commitment they don't value men who say

hey would you like to meet my mom

after the first date they don't value

commitment from it well you know I had a

really good time let's be Blane friend a

girlfriend after date number two

they don't value that tickets they

didn't work for it all they did was show

up eat dinner sucked down girly drinks

and run up the tab

that doesn't count I'll give you an

example right you got two girls two

girls that that turn turn turn 16 years

old one girl got a BMW for her sweet 16

for bureaux dead right she Blanche she's

a flute dad is rich okay the other girl

busted her ass mowing lawns

okay babysitting doing odd jobs to save

up to save up maybe a thousand dollars

to buy junk bucket 1984 Honda Accord

which girl values her car more is it the

girl with the BMW or the girl with the

broke down Honda Accord of course it's

the girl with the broke down Honda

Accord because she worked for it the BMW

is worth more on the open market

but the Honda is worth more to the girl

because she worked for it this is a guys

this is this is a basic principle this

is a basic principle in the human

condition you value what you are

required to work for if you give a woman

your commitment without her working for

it she's not going to value it this is

why women's sheet this is why women run

around if you don't make a woman if you

don't make her work for your time and

attention she will find someone else who

will guys but she will continue to to

monopolize your time and your attention

and your resource and your resources for

absolutely nothing

not even do not even pussy because guess

what she'll be given the set she'll be

given that to someone else she's not

giving you the pussy anymore

number five and this is an important one

that this reason why most men fail

miserably with women you do not correct

bad behavior you never correct it early

or otherwise you let her get away with

shit now when you first started dating

your woman she was on her best behavior

she had good manners she never got

bitchy she's dressing up all the time

she's fucking all the time she always

sucked her dick lets you fuck her in the


etc cetera it was always please and

thank you good morning texts she'd asked

permission to go places scheanette

listen perfect girlfriend never did

anything out of pocket now you're

completely blinded because of the

honeymoon period but she is not guys

because check this out when you're not

paying attention during this honeymoon

phase she's texting her ex okay she's

disappeared disappeared for hours at a

time and after a while she starts to

talk back she starts disrespecting you

and I'm sorry this is not during the

honeymoon period this is after a while

because you haven't checked her right

she questions your judgment she burps in

front of you she wears granny panties


she wears flip-flops on a date etc then

six months down the road there's no sex

she's bitching all the time about the

about dumb shit she hangs out with her

girlfriend every Tuesday and Thursday

night from 6 to 9 she disrespects you in

front of her friends while flirting with

your friends and stays out of pocket why

because you didn't nip her bad behavior

in the bud gentlemen this goes back to

not being afraid to put your foot down

okay in the beginning is the most

important time to correct bad behavior

because it sets the tone for the

relationship okay if you don't show her

if you show her that you were going to

that you won't allow her to get away

with bad behavior early she will respect

you guaranteed listen you ever seen a

dude who's been with a girl for two

years smoking hot and she's still good

to him right she still cooks for him

she's alt listen she's always dressed to

the nines when she's with him

represents him well never disrespects

him okay

like you can tell she's still into him

one of the reasons is that he nipped her

bad behavior in the bud now you're gonna

have to understand this guy's every girl

is gonna is she's gonna try you at some

point and most do it right in the

beginning okay the reason they do it in

the beginning because they because

because they know that in the beginning

during the honeymoon period that's the

time where you were most likely not to

do anything about it she's on her best


she's sex all the time she's dressed it

up for you all the time who are you

texting oh it's just my ex you know he's

just wondering oh no problem

you're still that marital bliss no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no you let

her know listen um if you want to be

with me you're not gonna text that guy

anymore and I can not be more serious

you need to put your foot down and if

she says oh my god you're possessive yes

I am possessive so what's it gonna be

you want to be with me or do you want to

text him well it's not like I'm fucking

him I listen this isn't up for debate if

you if you want to text that guy that's

fine I'm not gonna tell you what you can

or can't do but you're not gonna be with

me so make a choice because I got shit

to do now what's it gonna be like that's

how you have to put your foot down guys

look you can't make any bones about it

you can't skirt around it well I kind of

sort it don't like you text no quit

texting your fucking ex or I'm out of

here like you have to make it crystal

clear to her do not be ambiguous do not

be vague if X then Y if you continue to

text your ex then I will be gone and you

need to be ready to be gone so like I

said every girl is gonna try you

especially in the beginning of the

relationship because that she knows that

you are still wrapped up in the in the

honeymoon period okay but if you don't

correct bad behavior early guys I'm

telling you it will be a problem later

on and it never takes long for her

behavior to escalate guys if she texts

her ex tell her keep texting her and

your keep texting your ex and you're

gonna be single again I'm telling you

guys how to handle this stuff now okay

if she burps look her dead in the eye

and say that shit's gross you're a woman

act like it another go-to favorite of

mine is not feminine here's something

else you could say if she burps are you

a man or a woman right dude don't let

her get away with gross shit like that

if she talks back to you in a

disrespectful way you calmly tell her

you know what you talk to me like that

again and you'll be single again

and you maintain eye-contact doesn't

matter what she says afterwards just

look at her

you don't need explain shit to her if

she wears granny panties for the second

day in a row tell her listen I'm not

fucking you if you're wearing those

either take them off either take them

off or put on a thong and be written and

be ready guys to withhold sex dude don't

fuck your girl if she's not wearing

something sexy don't let her get away

with coming to come into bed with granny

panties don't let dude uh-huh

no no no no no no sir don't let her go

dude if she's not wearing a thong or no

panties that I'll do you keep your dick

to yourself fuck that you got to earn

this dick not just gonna give it to you

for showing up

these are all very direct effective ways

of correcting behavior without being

physically threatening or bullying you

simply give her choices you simply give

her choices and letting her you let her

know the consequences of said choices

and again girls will test you even

further and they'll say well I don't

like ultimatums your response you don't

have to like them but you've got a

choice to make

sometimes I tell them listen sometimes

ultimatums are necessary it's either one

of the other make a choice dude I've had

dude I've had dude I've had dozens of

these conversations every dude every do

it listen if you take the tact that I'm

telling you guys to take either this or

that listen you're gonna stop doing that

or I've done I don't like ultimatums

well you don't have to but you got a

choice to make

sweetheart you're putting me in a bad

position it's not supposed to be

comfortable sweetheart make a choice

like you have to be ironclad and guys

guess what listen sometimes they walk

away sometimes end up saying you know

what you're too controlling you're too

much of a tyrant hey you know what no


knot it listen not a beaver listen not a

lot of women are cut out to be with

Donovan sharp and I'm okay with that but

I'm not gonna let a woman get away with

behavior only to burn me with it down

the road dude fuck that I'm not the one

not a chance

most men gentlemen they don't nip bad

behavior in the bud and this is exactly

why most wives and girlfriends are

fucking their personal trainers fucking

their co-workers fucking Kevin and sales

fucking Billy the cocaine dealer down

the block fucking their bosses and so

forth oh my god how could you do this to

me how could I not see this coming you

didn't tip or a bad behavior on the bun

Tommy and that's your fault

let's check the chat here

we'll well Kristen says again he says a

girl a girl I said was a dumbass a girl

said I was a dumbass because I told her

the word slut wasn't a swear word he

says how retarded it yeah yeah well

whatever no slut isn't a swear word slut

is an adjective and an accurate one for

most women

oh shit you know what I don't think I

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Rob Cruz my bad fucking shit man I swear

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my bad Rob that was my fault

Anton says these Commandments I'm

listening I'm willing to listen to over

and over yeah mmm this is good shit

sharpest this will tilt what's going on

brother good to see you in here

will says you were stuck in the anger

phase of the red pill and never truly

got over the fact that women are sluts

and it just is what it is

listen man sometimes listen the anger

phase is real when you're digesting the

red pill but guess what guys having

beaten I don't want to say don't say

stuck in the anger phase but all of us

here listen even me listen I found the

red pill almost nine years ago right a

little part of me is still stuck in the

interphase and sometimes that's a good

thing too

all right listen I wrote an article on

Negro Menace fear calm called why it is

why it's good for for black men to stay

in the anger phase of the brother pill

right I'm not saying they have to be

angry with women all the time but when

you're just a little bit angry you stay

vigilant of what women have done to you

and that makes you that makes you much

less susceptible to their to their to

their fuckery to the bullshit they put

you through

Miami Jay says bitch got confused by my

treatment the other night said quote

what the hell is going on here you're

supposed to work to earn me she said on

the way to get me a sandwich and a Red

Bull oh my god she knows what the hell

is going on she's working for your

affection fuck dad

hopefully was the sugar-free Red Bull


Rob listen man like I'm you guys I'm a

Nazi about about my show man like I

really really do endless and I'm not a

professional right I'm an amateur at


you know like dude and my girl dude my

girl knows how to code she gets listen

my girlfriend gets paid to she gets paid

good money to to help big companies find

their websites like she knows what the

hell she's doing and I have a newfound

respect for what she does because dude

doing this shit

oh my see before it was on YouTube I

could just you know you know create the

content do the video maybe put it a

couple of keywords a summary and I'm

good to go but YouTube took care of

because YouTube took care of everything

they took care of the disability they

took care of the SEO well now all that

is on me and dude listen my patreon is

growing by leaps and bounds like I'm

right now I'm on pace to break to break

last month's record last month I got

like a hundred and twenty something

patrons and it looks like I'm gonna blow

that away this month it takes work it

really really does I'm gonna I'm gonna

have to find a way to streamline the

process or consolidate the work or

something but by the same token I am

fortunate that that my content hasn't

suffered at least not as far as I can

tell so

samarth says you always have to

demonstrate high value to her the moment

you stop doing that she takes you for

granted it is a full-time job 1,000%

truth this is the masculine conundrum it

guys I'm telling you it is a full-time

job to keep a woman in line as it is

it's a full-time job to keep your value

man to demonstrate high value dude and

listen dude my woman and I have the past

couple of nights we've had a couple of

dust ups okay we've had a couple of dust

ups where she kind of sorted she didn't

step over the line but she was kind of

working on it right perfectly natural

perfectly normal she's a woman we've

been together for a while and she's

gonna test those boundaries guess what

and nigga had to put his foot down now

listen this is what's necessary right

this is what ask this is what has to

happen it is a full-time job because the

minute you put your foot off that minute

you take your foot off the gas the

minute your woman thinks that you might

not have the same edge that you came

into the relationship with dude she's

off looking for somebody else and it's

not something they do consciously it is

a subconscious thing women are the the

the the beacon is always gonna be

pointing towards or the radars always

gonna be pointing towards the most

dominant male figure in their life and

if you cease to be that person that

beacon that transponder is gonna be off

of you okay you have to have that

transponder on your part man

absolutely the jack man good to see you

in here

good to see you guys in here

good episode so far very good episode so


okay good so we're still all right so

the video feed is still the video feed

is still it's still rock solid so so

we're good to go here

how cool I can see the chat on my phone

excellent okay that works

okay perfect perfect excellent okay

moving on to number six the number six

reason why most men fail with women your

two red pill okay you're all given no

take you run too much asshole game etc

when a man gets good at sleeping with

women he gets a big head right he gets

confidence well he thinks that asshole

game is all he needs now asshole game

gets him a fair amount of pussy but at

some point asshole game wears very thin

on girls who are actually worth keeping

around and this again this is a life

hack gentlemen this is a actually that

was a bad term this is a this is a pro

tip if you have to be how can I put this

the worst you have to treat a girl how

can I put this I'm trying to put this

into word I'm trying to put this into

words here we go if a woman responds

favorably to bad treatment within the

context of a sexual relationship that is

a woman not worth keeping around I'll

say it again if a woman responds

favorably to poor treatment by you in a

relationship she's not good for long

term relationship material okay you

don't want to have to be a complete dick

to you and listen I've dated a lot of

women like this right if you if you even

show them a sliver a sliver of humanity

a sliver of gentlemen Asst a sliver of

kindness they will walk all over you so

you got a treat do you gotta fucking

treat them like absolute fucking dogshit

suck my cock bitch bend your ass over

I'm fucking you in the ass I'm giving

you a stew mouth I'm gonna I'm gonna

blow my load in your face fuck you get

the fuck out of my house they can't get

enough of that shit and guess what you

cannot you absolutely cannot be in a

long-term relationship with that woman

okay so that's just sort of a pro game

tip between between you and me

so asshole game gets him a fair amount

of pussy but treating girls like shit

just like I said that shit works on

super sluts

okay the more cocks a girl is taken the

longer she'll tolerate asshole game it

at some point

asshole gain at some point asshole game

has required a hundred percent of the

time because she will have she will have

hit the point of no return okay and

listen to this guy's girls who have

taken a hundred plus cocks know that

they don't deserve to be treated well

and they don't like and they don't like

being treated well they need to be

treated like absolute dogshit they need

to be treated like absolute dogshit to

feel anything they need that drama they

need that dread they need that verbal

abuse they need that degradation to feel

anything okay but girls who are actually

decent that doesn't work that shit

doesn't work on these girls okay yes it

works in the beginning when you are

establishing that you are not one to be

fucked with but after she gets the

marriage the asshole game really has to

be deployed kind of sparingly okay

like you can't deploy it all the time so

wannabe red pillar say let's say shit

like it'll cure her hood she is if she

does XYZ she's fucking gone right right

fucking idiot no she's not okay

dude especially if the dude if she's hot

she's gonna drop your dumb ass dude she

has no interest being around a guy who

doesn't know how to turn the asshole

faucet on or off okay wanna be red

pillars also like to do also like to

give they like to take more than they

give okay their girl cooks for him every

night okay she sucks his cock every

night for two weeks but he gives her a

coupon for a steak dinner at a casino

buffet that shit doesn't work if your

girl is good to you you've got to be

good to your girl but only if she's good

to you dude never do something for your

girl for nothing it's just like I said

earlier in the episode make her earn

your affection make her work for your

attention make her earn your attention

your your commitment okay yes we all

know girls say well I dumped him because

he was a total douchebag and most of the

time they're lying but every once in a

while a half-decent girl will get a dude

who thinks he's being mistress

supa fucking alpha-male and he over

plays his hand so unless you're rich

you're worth eight figures treating a

girl like shit will get you cheated on

and dumped okay by decent women if she

listen if she's a slut dude treat her

like absolute dogshit she'll never leave

you alone okay a lot of guys out there

can attract women because of asshole

game the asshole game intrigues her

right it gets him the pussy he doesn't

give her shit so she thinks okay well

I'm working for his attention and

affection so she tries harder the

problem is is that the payoff never

comes okay he'll throw her bone every

once in a while and you know he'll throw

or bone every now and then but after a

while she'll get tired of not being

rewarded for their good behavior guys

again as important as it is to punish

bad behavior it is equally as important

to reward the good behavior albeit

sparingly and not as frequently but it

still has to be doled out nonetheless

they're way too many fucking dudes out

here trying to be super alpha red pill

red pill fucking super guys and they

take it three steps too far and they end

up failing miserably with women let's

take a look at the chat here


yet started early today sharp assist

I've got a spin class

I got a spin class at 6 o'clock and I

knew today's show was probably gun going

to run a little bit long so I decided to

come on a little bit early so that I

could I decided to come on a little bit

early to give myself bus and lead time

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can I get a copy of black man's revenge

go to donovan sharp calm go to the

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so mark do assess Donovan according to

you what is the ideal ratio of asshole

game and a gentleman for the girls who

are worth keeping around how would you

go about it

excellent question excellent excellent


Samarth those are the kinds of questions

I'm talking about my friend

so mark do I just asked a very very good

question that might actually that might

actually merit an entire episode but

I'll try to answer this as succinctly as

I possibly can

so the ratio as far as let me see if I

can break this down the ratio as far as

the asshole game to gentlemanly game

reward versus punishment so asshole game

is this I keep asshole game 2 3 2 1

sometimes even four to one and here's

what I mean by this for every 3 things

she does for you you do one nice thing

in return

ok so don't keep it to 1 to 1 because

then you'll lose her attraction if she

sucks your dick if she sucks her dick

you're not gonna buy her flowers ok

you're not gonna do anything nice for

her she has to suck your dick she has to

let's say let's say let's put it this

way let's say she wears

you know slutty clothes she sucks your

dick and she cooks you dinner that's

three things ok so she did 3 good things

for you now you let her spend the night


if she does 3 now if you want to run

extreme asshole game make it 4 to 1 so

if she sucks your dick if she wears

slutty clothes if she cooks you dinner

then sticks around and makes you

breakfast because you let her spend the

night then maybe you spend a little more

time with her later that day ok maybe

you sent her that good-morning text

maybe maybe at that point maybe you take

her to dinner ok but you can't be 1 to 1

so a stream asshole game is for every

for every 3 to 4 good things she does

for you you do one in return ok as far

as gentlemanly game is concerned you

need to go to 2 to 1

ok two to one keeps them motivated but

it keeps them rewarded right 2 to 1

makes sure that she doesn't take you for

granted and by any stretch of the

imagination sometimes even three to two

like if you're at a long-term

relationship you guys been together for

a while maybe 3 to 2 so for every 3

things she does for

you you do too in return okay so those

are those yeah listen I agree with you

masculine that would be a very very good

show topic so just to review the the the

ratio for asshole gain is for every

three good things every three to four

good things she does for you you do one

in return okay so if she how can I put

this OH

Miami Jay asks her doing nice things

before you without being told yes the

answer yes sharp assists absolutely okay

sharp assist sharp assist answer that

very very correct he answered that

correctly if she if she let's see and

i'm god there's so many oh dude I'll use

my woman as an example now I use my

fucking woman as an example for example

um if if when I get done with the show

my woman makes me a big steak dinner

later on she wears you know slutty

pornstar clothes sucks my dick and lets

me fuck her in the ass guess what I will

take her to dinner tomorrow night right

she did those four good things for me

if my woman goes the whole day never

misses a check-in never gets out of

pocket maybe sends me a tit shot and you

know comes home and makes me another

great steak dinner then maybe I'll take

her to the movies right it's three to

four to one now with my woman be the

ratio is a little bit it's a little bit

smaller my woman doesn't quite my woman

doesn't have to work quite as hard to

get favorable treatment from me because

she's my woman right like listen trust

me she hurts she earned it man

for those of you guys who are not

familiar with my work sir my writing the

the one that I am in a long-term

relationship with she earned me dude she

knows she's with thought of in Sharpe

she knows who I am she knows what I do

okay I didn't just decide up you've got

big tips you're attractive you know how

to cook you know I'll be your I'll be

your boyfriend no no no no no no no dude

I put this woman through the wringer and

she was with it every step of the way

yeah there were hookups and yeah there

were points I'm pretty sure she wanted

to quit but she stayed the course okay

so she didn't just become my girlfriend

because she has big tits and you know

she gives up no no no it was a lot more

than that so because of the work that

she did it because of because of the

quality of woman she continues to be and

like I said there are slip-ups every now

and again she's human we had a couple of

dust-ups for the past couple nights

which I have corrected those things are

gonna happen okay but my woman doesn't

have to work my woman doesn't have to

work quite so hard to get good treatment

for me okay

I'm not gonna make it three to one I'm

not gonna make it four to one I'm not

going to be because that's unreasonable

right like she's put in the work she can

ten used to put in the work but for your

average garden-variety slut okay but you

happen to be fucking on the side dude

before you do anything for that hoe

before you do anything you make that you

dude you make that bitch work for your

attention and affection without a doubt

because if you don't because here's the

thing a lot of women think that hey I'm

a woman and I look good

so all I need to get sexual attention

from my men is just to be there no not

listen maybe that works in the beginning

right okay so the pussy's new everything

is fresh everything is good I'm seeing

your body for the first time we both

like having sex but at some point she's

gonna have to step up her game at some

point it's just it's gonna take a lot

more than you just laying in bed to get

the dick okay yeah I'm gonna make you

wear short skirts of course behind

closed doors but yeah I'm gonna make you

wear short skirts short skirts I'm gonna

make you wear slutty heels I'm gonna

make you look like a porn star I want

you to walk into the room wearing next

to nothing I want you to look hot right

like you're not just gonna get lit

you're not just gonna get the dick just

because you're a woman anymore you got

to work for that sexual attention she's

got to work for your attention she has

to work for your sexual attention you

don't get that yet you don't get to just

have sex because you're a woman and

you're there it should not work that way

that does not work that way with me okay

and if I ever get if I ever get the

impression that my woman stops trying to

keep my attend to keep my sexual

attention dude she knows dude she knows

I'm out the door and I have verbalized

as much abso-fucking-lutely

Charles CJ Daniel says give me a second


Charles cdata CJ Daniel says hey Donovan

what if a girl is sweet in the beginning

and loving but you get into an argument

and now she is cold and not initiating

conversations or seems like she is being

spiteful that my friend is a shit test

if you and her get into an argument and

I don't know about the argument I don't

know what the I don't really have the

proper context for the argument but if

she's being cold and not initiating

conversations you need to withdraw your

attention okay don't run dred game on

her right doesn't matter who was wrong

or right about the argument you need to

withdraw your attention don't call her

don't text her and if she calls her

texts you give her one-word answer like

hey what are you up to busy Hey are you

you know are you having a good day yes

right like listen women play these but

dude that women are such fuckin bitches

they play these fucking games all the

goddamn time oh really he pissed me off

in an argument he dared to defy me well

I'm gonna give him the silent treatment

no bitch fuck you fuck you you want to

play that game let's play that fucking

game and new do you need to be ready to

walk away man dude dude and that meant

dude do not play that bitch's fucking

games man if she's gonna be cold bitch


fuck you you're a woman you're gonna

dude you're gonna hit the wall at

fucking forty years old I've got 20

years left of attractiveness like get

the fuck out of here I'm the one with

the leverage not you you're gonna sit

dude you're gonna sit here and be

spiteful to a bitch spot dude there are

28,000 girls who want my cock right I

don't have to do I don't need to deal

with this so she wants to be cold and

spiteful and not initiate conversations

bitch fuck you then I won't either play

that game right along with her man you

played that fucking drag game and she

asks you what's wrong with you

you know it's funny I was I would ask

you the same thing and let it go from

there you need to let her know dude you

need to let her know that you were not

to be fucked with and Michael hits it

right on the head then when she comes

back make her submit to you sexually

100% truth man 100%

100 words that dude when I hear about

that stuff man that stuff pisses me the

fuck off

women have been pulling the same

bullshit tricks on men for fucking years

know when he's gonna we're gonna get in

an argument for you oh I'm just gonna be


all right cool you want to be spiteful

to complete that fucking game fucking


looks like the feed is still looking


I've been having some issues with the

internet lately it's just been

yeah we're still solid for those of you

guys who are watching on your on your

mobile devices you can actually watch

this you can actually oh my god a

frickin drawn a blank here you can

actually request to come live well I

don't want you to request to come alive

on the show but if I if I send you a if

I send you a request to come live you

can actually come live on the show

through your phone so that'll be

something that that'll be something that

we that'll be something that were that

that we'll work on here in the

not-too-distant future good comment

there Michael thank you for the question

there CJ Daniel excellent question by

samarth - ah excellent question that

might actually spawn an episode and I am

not kidding the the ratios the ratios

alright number seven the number seven

and final reason why most men fail with

women and this actually has to do this

actually ties in very nicely with what

Charles asked about his woman in terms

of my answer the number seven reason men

fail miserably with women is you place

her value above your own you place her

value above your value now biologically

speaking women are far more valuable

than women women are far more valuable

than men I talked about this in in in a

recent episode talking about the the

double standard myth now

the reason women are more valuable

biologically than we are is because we

as men we can father an infinite number

of children until we die women can only

give birth to so many offspring and they

have a very small window in which to do


so in short eggs are expensive sperm is

cheap but pragmatically speaking men are

far more valuable than women guys we are

bigger we are faster we are stronger

we're smarter we're more rational we're

not governed by our emotions we're less

impulsive etcetera okay let's keep going

we age better our sexual shelf lives are

much longer and struggle makes us more

attractive to women

okay I've said this before to struggle

looks good on men struggle doesn't

look good on women experience looks

great on men experience doesn't look

good on women the only other advantage

that women may have over men aside from

their biological value is their maybe

their perceptiveness women seem to read

they tend to read people much better as

a matter of survival because they are

this they are the weaker slower less

intelligent sex so God had to give him

something other than pussy to survive on

right like he had to okay fine fuck it

I'll make you guys more perceptive yes

pussy is a powerful thing but we got to

even the playing field somehow we got to

give you guys something else besides you

pussies here's the problem

dudes are out here acting like women are

more valuable than they are okay guys

listen I talked about the scroll all the

time her name is Chrissy drop-dead


20 year old Mexican girls who she had

just turned 21 I met her could have any

man in the world she wanted and honestly

she might actually have that man I shot

her a text message right after the Vegas

shooting I haven't heard from her I have

not heard from her okay so obviously her

attention is somewhere else could not

give less of a shit never once did I

ever think to myself the entire time I

was with her I am so lucky to have her

she's so beautiful you want to know why

guys she brought zero value to my life

except for a good-looking hole that I

stick my dick in did I stick my dick in

every day and pre-selection when we went

out that was it

other than that guy she was a fucking

headache she brought no value to my life

she wasn't oh my god no value at all

okay so she was good arm candy okay

she's a good-looking girl I got the fuck

every night other than that she was

useless now most women aren't gonna be

they're not gonna be to this extreme but

guess what guys it's pretty goddamn

close okay I mean really think about

your woman and see her yourself how does

she improve my life besides sex besides

sex what does she offer me that I can't

offer myself again fortunately for me I

happen to fine listen I never I never I

never how can I put this as far as my

woman is concerned my woman is who and

where she is who and what she is because

of me because of my training because of

my red pill awareness because of my

because of my iron fist dude my might my

metronomic activities my will

consistency etc but guess what I still

listen she still had to be there right

like I had to find a woman who was

attractive enough to keep my attention I

had to find a woman who was willing to

go through the training because women

women are going to take themselves off

the market unless you unless you give

them a reason to I gave her a good

reason to take herself up off the market

and she did and my woman at my woman is

an attractive woman who actually happens

to have agency outside of just the way

she looks in sex she's a world-class

chef guys you guys have seen pictures of

the things she cooks for me on my on my

Facebook and Twitter feed and Instagram

world clap dude the woman could fuckin

burn and and she's an Internet SEO

expert yes the company she works for

pays her big money so that other

companies cheap though how can I put

that some getting lost in my thoughts

here she gets paid good money to get

organic traffic for big companies web

sites this is what she does okay so when

I asked myself well what how does my

woman improve my life outside of sex

well I can have a good I mean believe it

or not we actually can have good

conversations with with one another

she's intelligent right she adds value

to my life outside I said she's an

excellent cook keeps me fed helps me of

them it helps you with my shell helps me

helps me with my website that's how this

works okay so I was fortunate that she

had all of these all of did all of this

other agency besides the things that now

she's still a woman

yes she's impulsive no she's not yes she

is very bad with money right yeah she

does get out of pocket yeah she does

shit test me she is a woman okay but she

offers me value outside of the way she

looks and this is one of the reasons I

am in a long-term relationship with her

but if you ask yourself well what does

my woman offer me that I can't offer

myself guys if you're honest with

yourself you will struggle to come up

with three things okay well she's smart

not as smart as you dude I have enough

cerebral a cerebral brawn for the both

of us

well she's strong not as strong as you

and if she were she'd be your personal

trainer okay well she's up she's an

amazing person

nah bruh just because she looks great

naked and sucks a grin sucks a mean cock

does not mean she's an amazing person

just because she gives amazing jobs does

not mean she's an amazing person okay

listen my girlfriend looks great naked

okay we have great sex or at least or at

least I enjoyed I'm not really sure

about her but I like it okay none of

that has anything to do with her

character or personality as far as I'm

concerned that's just how this goes

like I said does she bring values in my

life of course she does because if she

didn't I wouldn't be with her I can get

pussy anywhere okay I can find a girl

who looks great naked anywhere but my

girlfriend cooks better than I do okay

she's easy to be around I can have an

intelligent conversation with her which

isn't a requirement but it helps and she

makes a great living which means I don't

have to carry us financially okay

there's listen there's tremendous value

in these things but make no mistake

about the fact that regardless of the

position my girl has at her job

regardless of the money she makes or

doesn't make no matter what my value is

higher than hers and she knows it and

she likes it that way

okay listen you could be dating Cheryl

fucking Sandberg the CEO of Facebook

your value as a man is still higher than

hers because she's ugly she's old and

she's bitter Sandberg would be lucky

she'd be lucky to date any of us

watching the show right now okay

I did a sharp short a while back

probably bout a year ago that talked

about no matter how hot she is she will

never be out of your league okay um I

can't remember when it was I'll probably

repost it you guys should definitely

check that out when I when I do that and

it's a hundred percent true okay I

listen I don't care if you are Joe Blow

and you are dating stormy fucking

Daniels your value is higher than hers

okay I don't do it I don't care if

you're I don't care if you're an I don't

care if you're some Marth doís and

you're dating scarlet fucking Johansen

your value is higher than hers

I don't give a fuck but Scarlett

Johansson is rich and beautiful number

one she's a few years away from hitting

the wall and she might be there already

and number two money doesn't make a

woman valuable youth beauty and

femininity do okay the more of that a

woman has the more value she had the

more valuable she is but no matter how

much she has it will never be more

valuable then the multi-dimensional

agency that you bring to the table as a

man never men are the superior sex in

every way and women know this this is

why they spent the last 40 50 plus years

trying to convince us of the opposite

and most guys have bought into the

bullshit which is why they place their

value higher than a woman place a

woman's value higher than theirs we got

dudes out here running around thinking

about how lucky they are to have a girl

who lets him fuck her on the regular

that's this is what we call putting

pussy on a pedestal and once you put her

pussy on a pedestal guys she loses all

respect and all attraction for you she

ends up cheating on you she needs up

cheating on you on you and you fail with

yet another woman so placing a woman's

value above your own is one of the

biggest reasons that you are

consistently failing with women and it's

not going to change until you do


yes yes

so marked duo says one of the biggest

tips he says exactly when a man is

afraid to walk out on the relationship

is exactly when he when he actually

fucks up wait a minute

reframe that I think I know where you're

going with that some are three rephrase

that because I don't want to see I want

to make sure I want to make sure I'm

telling them right I know where you're

going but I want to make sure here I

want to make sure 32 in the towers good

we were very good yeah the audience the

audience seems to be increasing the

audience would be even bigger if my dumb

ass hadn't forgotten to place the

fucking live link in in patreon as I as

I always I normally as I as for whatever

reason I've forgotten to do the last

couple days I'll definitely try to

tighten that up so yeah um I've got spin

class here in 45 minutes um I don't know

I might um I might Briah I actually

might broadcast it live on on Facebook

should i broadcast it live on Facebook

or listen it's it's no great shakes I

not to be honest with you the reason I

broadcasted it live is just so that you

could see that yes I really am going to

spin class and you know the the intro in

it it's it's like I know I do a lot of

things to prove to prove what I say is

true and a lot of people would miss

characterize that as validation seeking

that's not validation seeking it's just

that I know there are a lot of dudes who

do what I do claim a lot of things and a

lot of things aren't true okay I've met

a couple of red pill I've met I met one

quote-unquote red pillar in particular

I'm not gonna say who he is but I met

him and he was not even close to what it

you know was so funny I actually met I

actually met him a while back um I

brought the woman the woman that I'm

dating now she was she was physically

with me at the time and when we met each

other we were both shocked I was shocked

because his woman was a fat single

mother who had lost custody of all of

her children she was huge right he was

shocked because I'm actually who I

portrayed myself to be

so we did a live show together he's like

man like the first thing I noticed about

having Donovan studios like Matt

Donovan's a big guy you know like he's

you know he's a big strapping young man

and I'm like what the fuck did you

expect he looked at me dude the woman

that I was with my woman now dude she

brought listen she was the perfect lady

dressed feminine Lee dressed nicely

right brought cookies you know she

brought cookies to the to the broadcast

dude she represented me so well this guy

could not believe it he just couldn't

believe he's look at me like dude like

what the hell and so we're sitting there

having a conversation and every time I

said something that had red pill

connotations him and his woman would

look at each other like oh my god did he

just say that and I remember looking at

my girl thinking why is this surprise

why is this such a surprise to him like

why is this all such a shock

like if you're mr. fuckin red doll if

we're gonna live this life and why is it

surprising that I'm actually like

walking the walk right so that's the

reason that's the reason I do a lot to

show you guys hey this is true you know

hey you want to see a text conversation

of girls I used to fuck go to go to pod

pics right I've got all sorts of

pictures of girls I've you know I've

been fucking you know girls at the club

this is that any other just just to show

you guys that I'm not full of shit man

because I know there are a lot of guys

out there who would lead you to believe

they talked to talk they do not walk the

walk lotta guys say yeah I'm gonna hit

the gym I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do

that but they never really do it right

I'm not that guy if I say I'm gonna do

it I fucking do it I fuckin do it

Meek Mill said it michael says Meek Mill

said it best quote fuck you like a porn

star just don't lose your cool nigga

pussy tastes good but it don't be it

don't feed you it won't feed you like no

food nigga straight up straight up and


Lorenzo Davis listen to this guy drop it

down the godly he said $100 sir can you

do jujitsu for three times a week for

three months that might be a challenge I

might have to take you up on man

No Miami J it absolutely positively was

not Rollo Tomassi not listen no no no no

the red pill guy I'm talking about was

not Rollo Tomassi not even clone oh no

no no no no no you do not have to worry

it was not rola too messy it's actually

a fringe red pill guy like he doesn't he


um how can I put this he doesn't he

doesn't fashion himself a red told guy

but you know he talks a lot about the

what's wrong with women in particular so

it's not Rollo Tomassi it's no listen

it's not roll it's a messy it's not

Rouge it's not um who else who else have

I met it's not Quintus courteous it's

not Matt Forney it's um

Jesus Christ it's not aviator it's none

of those guys none of that none of the

return of kings guys guys trust and

believe that listen all of us return to

King's guys all those all of us are okay

guys a hundred percent congruent hunter

per second grew up he said think I would

dude miami-dade is good but he's about

to be like I'm living a lie


that's gonna do it for this episode of

TSR live thank you guys all for watching

thank you for the 32 live participants

we had hopefully the hopefully the

obviou the audience grows so while this

episode is I'm actually gonna go to spin

class I'm gonna spin from 6 to 7 so that

gives that gives people about

I don't know like a two-hour window to

watch this show live before it goes to

patreon so you know for those of you who

are who are getting in late you'll be

able to watch the episode live for about

another hour hour and a half

possibly two hours but after that it

goes directly to patreon you can only

watch the replays you can only watch the

replays on on patreon thank you guys all

for your comments like I said man III I

greatly greatly appreciate your support

and hopefully I can remember to post the

live link and patreon for my man Rob

Cruz my bad on that man thanks for

watching guys


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