Why Men should be possessive & controlling and why females will love them for it (Episode 414)

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announcements and I've got I've actually

got quite a bit of content 40s are alive

but I've got even more content 40s are

primetime but for now let's go ahead and

get right to it there is an article that

I came across on a website called live

bold and bloom dot-com already the

website let you know what that website

is about the article that I came across

was entitled controlling men empowering

advice for women involved with bullies

ooh bullies already you guys can see

that there's a clear agenda just by

reading the title of this article the

title insinuates that women who are

involved with demanding men or indeed

being bullied so let me read you the

first couple of paragraphs here I'm

gonna read you the opening salvo the

opening statement for this particular

for this particular article it says

quote he was charming intelligent

attractive funny and kind he knew just

the right words to say to make you feel

special he was the perfect guy for you

until he wasn't

didn't happen right away at first you

thought he was being overly overly

attentive and helpful he just wanted the

best for you he's a strong decisive man

who knows what he wants and says what he

means but as time went by the

suggestions and friendly tips morphed

into criticisms and demands the charm

turned into manipulation and his

kindness hinged on your toeing the line

it turns out your perfect guy is a

control freak who demands that

everything is his way or the highway he

has an array of psychological tools at

his disposal to ensure you do what he

wants or suffer the consequences the

consequences range from ultimatums

manipulation and threats to shaming

blaming and shutting you down

controlling men aren't always the beefed

up tough guys you see in the movies who

yell and scream to get their way they

can be the soft-spoken boy next door or

the well-educated amiable extrovert they

can come from just about any background

and socioeconomic status but what they

all have in common is the need for

control and the compulsion to exert that

control in their intimate relationships

they have learned how to fool the

smartest most capable women only to

reveal their true natures once the woman

is hooked the change can come on slowly

like a low-grade fever that turns into a

full-blown virus or it can happen with

such intense with such sudden intensity

that you wonder if his body was in Velen

was invaded by an alien overnight the

most difficult part in the beginning is

the confusion and shock he was so nice

he was so loving what happened did I do

something to bring this on the short

answer she says is no you did nothing

wrong except maybe to fail to see the

early warning signs of a controlling

relationship and run for the hills and

that's where the opening statement ends

and by the way I didn't see the name of

the author but I'm assuming it's a woman

I think that's pretty obvious

anyway the article goes on

to give women ten signs your boyfriend

is a controlling bully and I will be

breaking down each one of those ten

signs on TSR prime time I'm gonna break

down five today and then I'll break down

another five tomorrow and TSR prime time

later on along with some of the comments

on that article that shines a glaring

light on a woman's true nature but I'm

but but I'm gonna break down her opening

salvo right here on CSR live follow

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one all right let's check the chat here

Winston wolf pops the cherry sharp

assist get sloppy seconds trav Hopkins

gets to fuck her in the ass

some guy named Gary Player gets to get

it all on camera sharpest this has loved

the epithet the avatar

shut up to Cory Hellfire Hell fighter

Executive Lounge

Hashim Abdullah good to see you in here

my friend Ryan Sullivan who thinks he

was first and he will soon figure out

why he was not in the not-too-distant


Mike Chenery Thaddeus Scott Moe the

Genesis good to see you in here Charles

Caballero good to see you in here as

well Lorenzo Davis saying what's up to

the chat room little rock 25:17 good to

see you in here mo the genesis asks are

men really out of order for saying they

don't want a woman with so-called male

friends a woman who goes to bars and

clubs for girls night out or even having

a gym membership no men are men are not

out of order for men are never out of

order for making for making demands of

their women

if you tell a woman listen if you have

male friends we can't be together that's

all there is to it oh my god that's an

ultimatum no it's not an ultimatum

that's a choice if you want male friends

fine but you can't be with me if you

want to be with me cool but you can't

have male friends can't have it both

ways you cannot be with me and have male

friends what's it gonna be so it is yeah

girls night out is obviously forbidden

we aren't we already know that oh my god

he's trying to control you I'm not

trying to control you I'm letting you

know that listen you can do what you

want you can go to girls night out but

if you do we're finished forever that's

it so we'll make a choice go have fun

with your girls or you can come and stay

with me oh my god that's controlling a

possessive yes that's exactly what that

is and that's what we're talking about

today the gym membership is interesting

I hired a personal trainer for Devin and

it's already paying tremendous dividends

like Devin like Devin's body is changing

right before my eyes so it's great that

he's Scott giving me props on my

spectacles appreciate that Winston wolf

says I want to see Donovan's self-censor

live I've already failed I've already

failed with the you know with the you

know acknowledging the first second


guys I stopped myself I stopped myself

in between because I knew I was like

wait a minute

all right well I guess I've already

checked this episode up so much for

keeping it clean Winston wolf called it

says sounds like a gorilla pimp to me


Minister Japanese in the house what's

going on brother Minister JEP I recently

did a show with him about the downfall

of Cynthia gee that was always a good

time Chris Von Erich

Fernando Trejo says yo guys hope

everyone is good appreciate that Johnny

Bravo says I thought that women that

giving women hundred percent freedom was

the real deal and that was the piays who

said it before no giving women listen

giving a lot of guys say take away

women's rights listen that's not gonna


right but women are self-destructive

they cannot be left to their own devices

in any situation so when you give women

complete autonomy carte blanche with it

but when you give them when you give

them a license to do anything they want

to do within the dating market with

impunity no consequences well this is

what happens this is what happens

tourists black is in the house never

never seen you in here before but but

appreciate you shoutout to you ro CJ

Lyon since I see is looking forward to

prime time yeah prime time I am really

going to break it down right now you are

listening to in essence diet

caffeine-free diet Donovan that's pretty

much how that goes I break down the

opening statement of this article and

then point out the contradictions and

lies on the other side we'll be right


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the Donovan start mobile app about a

break down five of the 10 BS signs this

woman pointed out I'm gonna point out

five signs tonight and then I'm gonna

break down the last five tomorrow but

let's go ahead and break down this

opening statement from this article and

we'll start with a contradiction right

off the bat she says quote it didn't

happen right away at first you thought

he was being overly a try overly

attentive and helpful he just wanted the

best for you he is a strong decisive man

who knows what he wants and says what he

means but as time went by the

suggestions and friendly tips morphed

into criticisms and demand the charm

turned into manipulation and his

kindness hinged on your toeing the line

so let me get this straight

females say that they want a strong

decisive man who knows what he wants and

says what he means but when he actually

shows his strength and decisiveness and

vocalize what he wants now you want to

characterize that as criticisms and

demands as if this were a bad thing

females want men like this so long as he

so long as he doesn't challenge her to

be a better female

females want men who were decisive and

go after what they want so long as he

says it in such a way that doesn't hurt

her little feelings

is that it what this is is what alpha

male strategies calls the loyal alpha

which doesn't exist females want all the

benefits of being with a five percenter

alpha males whatever you want to call

him without any of the costs costs like

having sex with him whenever he wants

costs like staying in shape costs like

dealing with other women flirting with

him and so forth well guess what if you

want a strong decisive man it knows what

he wants and says what he means you're

going to have to deal with criticisms

and demands ladies if you want a hot

body you got to watch your diet and

workout consistently that's part of the

gig you cannot have it both ways but

females seem to think that they can they

think that they can't have it both ways

and this is exactly why they freak out

when a man tells them point Blake you're

gaining weight and I will not be on a

relationship with a female who does not

take care of herself now a little

further down she says this quote it

turns out your perfect guy is a control

freak who demands that everything is his

way or the highway he has an array of

psychological tools at his disposal to

ensure you do what he wants or suffer

the consequences the consequences range

from ultimatums manipulations and

threats to shaming blaming and shutting

you down again guys this is an extension

of the earlier contradiction

they want the decisiveness and a

go-getter but they don't want to pay the

price of being with a decisive go-getter

they're characterizing these costs as

consequences again implying that these

are bad things I should be able to gain

weight and keep his sexual attraction I

should be able to act bitchy and

neurotic towards him without worrying

about him snapping back at me I should

be able to do whatever I want what I

want and how I want without any

consequences this is like a man saying

well I should be able to weigh 300

pounds and get with pretty girls I

should be wildly successful without

working my ass off for 70 plus hours a

week you see how ridiculous that sounds

when a man says things like that but

females expect men of value

to give them the benefit of our company

for nothing but sex when they know that

sex is both cheap and abundant and can

be gotten from just about every female

for next to nothing

now the last thing I wanted to highlight

were the last two statements towards the

end she says quote the most difficult

part in the beginning is the confusion

and shock he was so nice

he was so loving what happened did I do

something to bring this on the short

answer is no she continues you did

nothing wrong except maybe fail to see

the early warning signs of a controlling

relationship and run for the hills this

is the classic case of separation of

female responsibilities did I do

something wrong is a disingenuous

question to ask females will wonder out

loud to their friends why is he always

checking up on me well because he saw it

to hex conversation between you and

Kevin and sales that was inappropriate

that's why but she won't tell her

friends then she'll just lead him to

believe that he's just an insecure guy

for no reason at all and that she did

nothing to bring this on why won't he

let you come to the club with us anymore

well because the last time you went out

for girls night out he didn't hear from

you until the next afternoon but every

one of her friends knows that she hooked

up with the bouncer and stayed at his

place that night so the statement quote

you did nothing wrong except fail to see

the early warning signs that only puts

responsibility on females for not seeing

that he was a monster manipulative

monster yes sweetheart you did do

something wrong you had habits that are

conducive to infidelity he saw them and

snuff them out understand this ladies

and women already know this but but but

this has to be sent out loud a man does

not forbid you from going out with your

friends to the club unless you're going

out with your friends to the club a man

isn't gonna say well you better you

better not get fat if you've been in

great shape since she met the kind of

men females want don't take action

unless that unless he sees that there is

action that needs to be taken so

miss me with this you did nothing wrong

nonsense men and women alike both know

that that is that is extraordinarily

untrue what this article is attempting

to do gentlemen is shame men of value

out of doing what's natural and

necessary to keep our women in line men

with red pill awareness high value men

five percenters we all know that women

are self-destructive when left to their

own devices they can't help it it's just

the way they are it doesn't listen it

doesn't make them good or bad it make

some females and this is just how

females are for better or worse this is

this is what we got to deal with now to

be fair to be fair guys self-destruction

for women is actually a lot more fun

than working to become and maintain

themselves as quality women and guys

listen I'm not being facetious here I'm

being straight up it's more fun to sleep

in than to get up at 4:30 a.m. and work

out it's a lot more fun to sleep around

and have new sexual experiences with a

lot of guys than to just be having sex

with one guy it's a lot more fun to eat

pizza and ice cream and donuts and fried

chicken than to eat salad and walnuts

and unprocessed foods while watching

your calories I get it

I totally get it and if a female wants

to do these things cool man

listen women have every right to do

whatever it is they want to do but

understand this there are costs to your

decisions you can call them consequences

you can call them drawbacks you can call

them whatever you want but ladies for

every sequence there is a consequence

and just because you don't like those

consequences doesn't mean that they're

unjust or unfair life doesn't work that


feminism has programmed men to give

complete controls to females and

relationships and it has proven to be

detrimental to both men and women when a

man puts his foot down and makes demands

of his woman it's for the benefit of

them both individually and as a couple

successful relationships are not easy

gentlemen successful relationships are

not easy ladies if you're watching this

broadcast gentlemen you're already well

aware that but today's females think

that good strong

relationships should be easy which means

all of the benefits like sex

companionship and emotional connection

with no costs no consequences and

because females are wildly ignorant of

what it really takes to be in a good

relationship of consequence it is on us

as men to mitigate that ignorant females

like the characterize a healthy

relationship as one where it's easy to

cheat and act in any manner that they

want but when they get with a man who

makes it difficult for her to cheat

holds our accountable doesn't put up

with our shenanigans that's what they

like to call a toxic or unhealthy

relationship Devin and I have a

rock-solid relationship and let me tell

you guys it is not easy it was a tough

weekend for us man it was this is just

part of the gig I am extremely

controlling I am extremely possessive I

am extremely territorial and I am

extremely demanding there are times what

Devin just doesn't like me very much my

requirements are non-negotiable and it

can be exhausting trust me but Devin

absolutely loves and adores me for it

the world tells men that being

possessive or I'm sorry being passive

and supplicating is the key to a good

relationship and it seems like great

advice because in the beginning females

love not being held any kind of standard

whatsoever they love not being not not

not having to meet any demands they love

just being loved just for who they are

and in the beginning they really do like

their boyfriends but as time goes on

that passive supplicating behavior

becomes unattractive that like that's

gonna turn into disdain and will

ultimately devolve into contempt so

while it's very easy for men to let

females do whatever it is they want in

the short term this strategy always

fails in the long term how do we know

this look around look at the divorce

rates look at the sad state of early

chips between men and women today as a

man of value a man in demand a five

percenter you must be controlling you

must be possessive your woman thinks she

knows what she wants but you know what

she meets this is why they trust you

because you know what's better for her

than she does and enforcing your

boundaries making your demands clear as

well as the consequences that's right

ladies I said consequences of falling

short of those demands is not easy

gentlemen she's gonna cry she's gonna

throw fits she's gonna fall listen she's

gonna yell and scream she's gonna call

you jealous and insecure and she is not

gonna like you very much at times which

which really sucks in the short term it

sucks but men who weather these storms

and remain steadfast and they're

non-negotiable demands are the men who

gain the respect adoration and

eventually the genuine love from women

lucky enough to have them in their lives

on TSR prime time I'm gonna break down

five of the ten signs that this nameless

author pointed out as controlling men

who are bullies just like I did with the

opening statement of this article and

then tomorrow I will break down the last

five well that didn't take nearly as

long as I thought it did how about that

how about that let's check the chat one

last time J dweller is in the house Tony

or Thani Tony H wants in a wire men of

value being attacked what is the grand

conspiracy um I don't know I would say

that the grip well I'll tell you what it

is men of value are being attacked

because women want to they want to

remain in control the sexual marketplace

women right now are in total control to

sexual marketplace they call the shots

it wasn't that way back in the day back

in the day men

call the shots now women do and so when

first second third fourth fourth and a

half wave feminism whatever wave were on

came about the grand conspiracy is

putting all second taking oh I'm sorry

putting all sexual restraints on men

while taking them completely off women

while simultaneously aiding women in the

transference of resources from men to

said women that's what the grand

conspiracy is they want to bring men of

value to their knees by stacking the

deck they're trying to trump a man's

value good question they're good

question Charles cabbie arrow says

preach it on appreciate that ah this is


so evoke Olga lid on says should men be

controlling and possessive when a woman

can't go see her family or when the man

starts isolating her from every and

anyone when the man starts talking blank

talking about her family you know I have

an answer for that and I'm going to

answer that directly on TSR prime time

so evoker lit on or whatever tony on TSR

prime so i'm here in about five minutes

and i will i will essentially chop up

that weak argument and that's exactly

what that is that was a weak weak

argument and i'm gonna tell and i'm

gonna tell you why yeah of course of

course they you know he Bach is a woman

we get that we get that that's gonna do

it for this edition of TS or alive make

sure you guys subscribe to my weekly

newsletter and be sure to tune in to TSR

prime time in just a few minutes on

donovan sharp calm thanks for watching

guys we'll see you next time











just because I like fucking you doesn't

mean I actually like you rich guys and

hot guys get cheated on like everybody

else there's nothing to be afraid of

she's just a woman discovery Trump's

disclosure you lost your edge

she lost the traction it's all works

live from Philadelphia pure man

Donovan Joe what's up guys it's your man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the 414

edition of TSR prime time your

headquarters for unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it is Monday

February 25th 2019 for those of you who

have come over from TSR live it is good

to have you in and I greatly greatly

appreciate your support I never ever

ever take for granted

take your support for granted by any

stretch of the imagination and that is a

fact that is know that that is no

exaggeration you guys are the reason why

this show has come as far as it has so

far here now in now three years if you

have a question or a comment about this

article and why men should be possessive

and controlling or if you happen to have

a story or an example of a woman

responding favorable to controlling and

possessive behavior give me a call nine

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if you have an unrelated question about

girls game your relationship your

fitness finances hobbies or anything

else that pertains to increasing your

value and agency as a man book a

one-on-one consultation on donovan sharp

comm ford slash

consults earlier on t sr live i broke

down the opening statement of an article

entitled controlling men empowering

advice for women involved with bullies

now this particular article gives me you

know gives women ten signs of

controlling men and why they of course

should run for the hill and as promised

i'm gonna break those down for you right


so let's get started here with number


so the number one sign of controlling

behavior is quote they demand what they


she continues if they want to do

something and you don't too bad for you

if you want something and they don't too

bad for you

their desires needs and decisions Trump

yours unless they simply don't care and

if you try to argue or press your case

you will get an earful

they will bull you she says pout try to

make you feel guilty or refused to

acknowledge your request they will make

your life so miserable that you simply

give in over time you learn to just go

along which unfortunately trains

controlling trains the controlling man

to tighten the reins guys females are

used to getting they're used to their

their they're used to getting their lay

their weight literally all the time

they're they're taught from birth that

they are entitled to have whatever they

want and to do whatever they want they

are taught that they are the center of

the universe and anything and everything

they want should just be given to them

because they were born with a pussy and

a set of tits then they run upon a man

who has his shit together and has made

himself his own mental point of origin

now in layman's terms that means being


this means all of the decisions he makes

he thinks of himself first this shocks

the shit out of women because they're

used to being a man's mental point of

origin so yeah our needs and desires

Trump theirs

Trump their needs and desires ten times

out of ten because they bitches never

know what the fuck they want be the

things that females desire always lead

to self-destruction like drugs alcohol

and cock and see females are terrible

decision-makers then she says we'll make

their lives so miserable that they

eventually give in what she's

characterizing as miserable is a man of

value simply withdrawing his attention

nothing more there's no bullying there's

no guilt tripping and there's definitely

no pouting this

listen that kind of thing that's what

spineless men do and guess what bitches

ain't givin in to spineless men guys

they give in to dominant men when you

remove your attention from a female who

thinks that she is entitled to it for no

reason because she's never had to do

anything but give him the pussy to get

it she's gonna be miserable which is

necessary to let a woman know that it is

your way or the highway the problem is

is that females want their way but they

don't want to leave and once again with

five percenters you cannot have it both

ways and that is why they have a problem

with demanding men let's just call a

spade a spade

number two the the the second reason she

points out as to why you're with a

demanding terrible man they criticize

you constantly she says quote they don't

like what you're wearing or how you

speak they make jokes at your expense

they always find the error or flaw in

your successes you rarely feel good

enough around this person because they

always have something to correct

something you could be doing better

often a controlling man will deflect

their critical comments to make you feel

oversensitive or whiny why do you have

whiting if to make such a big deal out

of it I'm only trying to help you she

says over time you feel unloved

and always lacking guys she's right men

and demand we don't like our women

showing cleavage wearing heels and

makeup at work then come home and walk

around in sweat pants in the lazy

ponytail we know that females fuck their

co-workers all the time we don't

tolerate our women dressing casually on

dates with us while dressing slutty for

girls night out that's why we don't like

what they are wearing and this is why we

make demands and requirements for them

to change it no we don't like it when

females talk like men we don't like it

when they swear make crude jokes and try

to be fret boys to impress us we want

females who talk like females not men so

yeah we're gonna tell you to watch your

fucking mouth or you're out the fucking


females hate the term there

always room for improvement because that

means they've got to be on their P's and

Q's all the time they're more said they

would much they are much more

comfortable they would much rather just

mail it in everyday and assume that

pussy is all that's required to keep our

commitment women admire men who protect

them from themselves

this means constant criticism constant

scrutiny no it's not always fun but if

you don't like it sweetheart you've got

a decision to make you can either change

your fucking clothes or watch your

fucking mouth or you can get the fuck

out oh wait

and that would be making her life

miserable the last three signs of a

controlling men according to this

delusional sluts plus more of your

comments and hopefully your calls after

this we'll be right back

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welcome back to the 440th edition of csr

prime time good to have you guys in

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downloading the mobile app is also a

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oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you have a question or

a comment let's get back to the list

this list of controlling behaviors that

that this female author pointed out and

this one actually answers the question

that i got earlier on the TSR live chat

number three quote they try to isolate

you from others she says quote by using

subtle negative comments or overt

criticisms these men attempt to put a

wedge between you and the people you

care about and who love and support you

the bully wants you to rely on him and

him alone so you so you become dependent

on his decisions and demands without a

support without a support network of

friends and family you have only this

man to turn to and he wants to make sure

you pay full attention to his needs what

she fails to mention here with this

passage or is the reason why men attempt

to separate or isolate her from certain

friends and certain family members men

know that a girl is heavily heavily

influenced by these people

and if he knows she has slutty friends

he doesn't want them corrupting her now

David Egan who is one of my patrons sent

me an article this weekend from Chateau

Hart East entitled the perfidious Sloot

he likes to say sorry

what talks about the experiences of male

strippers the male strippers talk about

the fact that they fucked at least 50%

of their brides-to-be at bachelorette

parties you know getting their cock

sucked by every woman at the party and

so on and so forth but

the one thing he discussed that applies

to this are a female slutty friends

trying to corrupt her let me read that

passage here it says quote if you think

about it getting a nice girl to stop

being friends with her just with

disgusting cunts is the first step to

saving America I could I absolutely

could not agree more he continues I know

many such cases problem is the nice

girls get a the nice girls get a

vicarious thrill from their kunti BFFs

and the cunts love the challenge of

corrupting the nice girls if you suspect

your good girl has a slew of depraved

slore friends which is slut and whore my

advice is to quickly is to move quickly

to psychologically separate her from

them liberally make comments about how

about how other guys you know think her

slutty friends are disgusting slander by


drive that would drive the wedge in deep

between the inner labels his style of

writing is is quite interesting fight

for centers don't try to isolate their

women from friends who are a good

influence on her we're not trying to

separate them from their happily married

friends we don't want to isolate them

from friends that don't endorse slighty

behaviors we isolate our women from

friends who cheat on their boyfriends

friends who cheat on their husbands

friends who are perpetually single if

your girl is around these friends enough

eventually she will succumb to the peer

pressure and she'll start doing dumb

shit putting your relationship at risk

her slutty friends want to corrupt her

so that she can lack the sexual market

value they do see even the playing field

they've already fucked up by taking 157

cocks by the age of 23 now as far as

family is concerned a man should never

try to isolate a female from her family

but what if her family's a bad influence

on him and what if she was raised by a

single mother and a beta father well

that's why the vetting process is

critical guys just because a female

comes from a family that could influence

her in the wrong way doesn't mean they

actually do they do a lot of times but

sometimes they don't this is where you

have to use your own judgement in terms

of just how influential they are

versus how obedient they are to you but

if you see that she's just like her you

know just like her slut of a single

mother or that she doesn't respect her

father it is your fault if you commit to

her and she ends up fucking you over

that is on you guys number four they

attach conditions to love and affection

she says quote a controlling man uses

love as a tool for manipulation

he knows you crave love and affection so

he doles it out based on what he wants

from you he won't say I love you

unless you've given to his demand for a

new car he withhold sex from you because

you spent the day with your sister he

gives you the cold shoulder and the

steely eyed glare because dinner was

served too late

he uses these methods to train you like

a puppy when you obey you get a treat

when you disobey you get nothing or


listen the bitch is a hundred percent

correct on that first part we know

females crave love and affection and we

do don't let out base on what we want

from them and why shouldn't we women do

exactly the same thing guys they know

that we want exclusive access to their


so they dole it out based on what they

want from us which is wait for it

love and affection and guess what a

female's love is conditional and they

know it they like to think that their

love is unconditional but it is it has

to be otherwise all of the weak bitchy

men will be getting all the females but

because 'evil evolution requires women

to reproduce with the strongest men

unconditional love simply does not exist

because it cannot exist but the real

reason females have a problem with men

attaching good conditions to our

commitment is because once again they

feel like they are entitled to it

they've been getting all this love and

affection for free but now that they're

required to actually work for it now

there's a problem never mind the fact

that they make men jump through hoops to

get a chance at fucking their blown out

pussies oh no nevermind the fact that

they have a laundry list of requirements

of met never mind any of that if a man

attaches conditions to his commitment

now there's a problem that's

evil and manipulative and by the way by

the way who's gonna call it this

bullshit no real man is gonna ask his

woman for a fucking car he can buy one

himself he doesn't need a woman for that

and you say that you were with your

sister all day huh is that a fact

then explain why you didn't respond to

any of his calls or texts the entire day

and couldn't really give him any real

detail about your day with your sister

and if he knew that he spent the day

with your sister

he wouldn't he wouldn't withhold sex

that's just bullshit the author knows it

and here's another thing here's another

thing how many women out there are

actually serving their men dinner how

many women out there actually know how

to cook like get the fuck out of here

with this bullshit bitches ain't cooking

dude bitches ain't cooking and bitches

ain't serving dinner because most of

these bitches out here ain't really good

at anything but sucking and getting

fucked that's it

this kind of conjecture is ridiculous

females today don't buy men cars they

don't spend entire days with their

sisters females hate their fucking

sisters and they damn sure don't serve

dinner to men not in today's climate

this bitch has given examples of shit

that never happens

to justify being pissed off about

conditional love for men then right at

the end she says quote when you obey you

get a treat when you disobey you get

nothing or worse yes we daren't you're

right women need to be trained like dogs

and when a female doesn't uphold her end

of the bargain she gets nothing in

return and she shouldn't V or worse part

that's to insinuate that men will

escalate to physical violence again

trying to paint men as these violent

creatures who hit women for no reason

but what it's but what she really means

is that making her life is that making

her life miserable thing again because

he's not paying attention to you because

of your fucked up attitude and behavior

you're goddamn right I'm not giving away

my commitment for free you're goddamn

right I'm not giving away my attention

for free and yes I am gonna punish you

if you ain't acted right just like a dog

and if you don't like it there's the

fucking door bitch that's how this works

number five the last and final sign of a

controlling manipulative man they are

master guilt trippers this is funny she

says quote guilt tripping is a favorite

tool of controlling men they find your

emotional Achilles heel and play you

like a fiddle once they do interestingly

enough she's talking about weak

spineless men here guys alpha males

don't need to guilt-trip their women and

there's no there's no emotional Achilles

heel bullshit that's bullshit women are

nothing but emotion and because of that

they are walking Achilles heel which

means that men who understand this five

percenters who don't play their

emotional shenanigans when she cries

about how much she doesn't want to do

whatever it is that he's demanding her

to do now she has a problem with it so

what the author is saying here is that

men who don't pander to women

who were throwing fit or essentially

guilt-tripping because we're playing her

like a fiddle and using her emotions to

do it that's bullshit

you don't like the fact that you can't

cry or tantrum your way out of what's

required and that he sticks to his guns

by not compromising and withdrawing his

attentions when his attention when you

don't come through period they don't

like that they're being held to a

standard she continued she says and this

is still under number five she says

quote caring sensitive people don't want

to feel like they've caused someone pain

or anger especially someone they love

they want to get better they want to get

back into that their loved ones good

graces this is fine if the guilt is

merited but with a controlling man it

rarely is carrying sensitive men or weak

period these are men who are

uncomfortable with their wives or

girlfriends being pissed off at them so

they immediately try to kiss her ass

because he can't handle the heat of a

woman's fickle emotions read Phil aware

men five percenters alpha males

dude we dude we know we don't give a

shit about being back in her good graces

we are perfectly comfortable causing

pain anger and insecurity to the women

we love we know it's necessary we don't

enjoy it but we do it anyway because we

know it's what needs to be done to keep

her in line so we don't kiss her ass and

try to get out of the mythical doghouse

right nope because we don't kiss her ass

we are guilt tripping her get the fuck

out of here at that she continues she

says quote they will find a way to make

you feel bad about something you didn't

do or have no responsibility for it and

you'll do just about anything to escape

that guilty feeling bitch please dude

listen bitches always blame shift

nothing is ever a female's fault and

they're never responsible for anything

in their minds so when a man actually

calls her on her bullshit or her bad

behavior or some dumb shit she did and

she's not used to being to her feet her

feet being put to the fire chill

characterize that hill characterize it

as guilt tripping to justify it to

justify calling it bullying or


she again she says quote controlling men

have a masterful way of making you

believe that you are responsible and

that you can only make things right by

doing his bidding this is that this is

too funny this is saying that even

though it's so not your fault men have a

masterful way of making you believe that

you're responsible you don't know what

that masterful way is guys pointing it

out that's it there's no manipulation

here if you catch our texting your ex

with a heart emoji you say you're

texting your ex with a heart emoji bitch

you already know it's your fault he

didn't need you to tell he didn't need

to tell you that you already knew but

when he tells you look I'm not gonna be

in a relationship with a female who

texts their ex they call this an

ultimatum or guilt-tripping bitch I

didn't kill Tripp you I told your slutty

behavior is up dude I told you that your

slutty behavior is unacceptable and then

I will not be in a relationship with a

female who acts in this way you did the

math and you knew you had a choice to

make and because you don't like either

option because you want to be able to

text your ex but stay with your

boyfriend you call this guilt-tripping

manipulative controlling no sweetheart

this is you understanding that you are a

man who will not allow you to have it

both ways and you don't like it that's

what that's what this comes down to all

right let's check the chat here all

right excellent

yeah not as much meat on the bone here

in this in this exclusive and the

exclusive TSR lounge yeah I did I made

this move guys for many many many

reasons the first of which is not the

you know the further you know last but

certainly not least I guess is just just

getting all the trolls out of here man

you know I'm not gonna take you no I

mean I'll I mean it's just it's it's

getting old and I'd rather talk to I'd

rather talk to men who want to hear what

I have to say not men who want to come

on and start you know picking at

everything start nice and you're wrong

no and then and then when I tell him to

call into the show they never call into

the show or they'll call in the show

they're just you know

start running off to the mouth they do

what I like to call filibustering which

filibuster listen filibuster style

debate is when someone just literally

just talks the whole time and just never

stops talking when you try to interrupt

when you try to say they just continue

to sob I'm not doing that

that's what women do and on and I don't

debate women Hashim Abdullah says that

article is hilarious very good

Clayton Kuiper's says me too since I

hear so much from females about men who

are this way and they say they hate it

of course they do they hate this shit

but they can't say it out loud

otherwise you know they doesn't oh my

god you don't like that behavior what's

wrong with you you actually like a man

who demands who demand your best calls

you out on your bullshit oh my god

what's wrong with you how fighter says

sounds demanding like my mom's

Wow explains a lot about my issues yeah

yeah Molly wants to know is this the

x-rated show I don't like that comment

Molly that makes me think that you might

be an infiltrator so I'm telling you

right now if I get a dislike on this

video I'm banning you now if you're not

hit me on patreon let me know hey listen

I'm Molly I'm not a troll but yeah just

watch it with that watch it with those

sneak tip type questions is this that

you know what this is you know what this

is this is episode 414 of TSR primetime

Fernando Trejo says agree 100% Donovan

got a weed out the crap yeah man yeah

yeah like dude like I've been doing this

now shit man I think my first ever

episode of tsy I showed my face for the

very first time on Labor Day of 2017 and

it was great I mean the show took off

and you know I mean the rest is history

from there but the more successful you

get the more the more trolling you get

of course I get it on Facebook all the

goddamn time and of course you know I

pick fun at those guys but what I'm

doing my thing man what I'm trying to

impart wisdom on people I don't want to

get derailed with bullshit

that's something that and then and again

recognizing my own

in maturity my own you know my own

weakness I said you know what fuck it I

got to do something about this I got a

shrink the audience I got to show you

the audience you know that goes great

episode again today guys tomorrow like I

said I will be breaking down the last

five signs of a controlling boyfriend

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime thanks for watching guys

we'll see you next time



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