Why females love possessive & controlling Men - Part 2 (Episode 415)




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Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

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day later on on TSR prime time I'm gonna

break down the last five signs that you

are a toxic bully according to a female

author on live bold and bloom calm now I

broke down the first five last night I'm

gonna break down the last five tonight

at 5:30 Eastern on Donovan sharp calm

during the show

TSR prime time today I'm gonna talk

about the end of that article when the

author asked her disembodied audience a

few questions like can these

relationship problems be fixed what can

I do about it and can he change so let's

go ahead and get right to it the first

question that she asks is can these

relationship problems be changed the

fact that females these days are

characterized being in a relationship

with a controlling man speak to the very

denial of their female nature feminism

more or less has females thinking that

being with a passive supplicating man or

passive supplicating men will make them

happy it is reinforced to them every

minute of every

de facebook memes Twitter posts TV shows

Instagram movies all of these mediums

consistently push the false narrative

that women desire men who have no

backbone and are afraid of women and

that being in relationships with these

men will lead to happiness and

satisfaction but if you're watching the

show right now you know that that's not

even close to being true but a lot of

you guys often wonder why women are so

poorly behaved that when they get with

men who fit the ideal they've been

tricked into pursuing by the gynocentric

culture well the answer is simple it's

because most females in this part of the

world are highly promiscuous but most

men in this part of the world treat them

as if they are not okay Donovan I get

that but why is that a problem why does

why does why does this cause women to

misbehave in relationships with men who

seemingly check off all the boxes

according to healthy relationships

according to the tropes of feminism now

this answer isn't so simple but it's not

really complicated either the reason why

women or the reason why today's women

rather misbehave in relationships with

men that they think are perfect is that

these perfect men cheat they treat them

as women of quality and promiscuous

females are not women of quality not

even close you see guys treating a

promiscuous female like a woman of

quality subconsciously upsets her upsets

her because in her mind as far as she's

concerned the man she's with cannot

differentiate the difference or cannot

differentiate between females like her

and women of quality promiscuous females

are very uncomfortable with being

treated like women of quality because

deep down they know that they don't

deserve it deep down they know that they

have to keep up the charade in order to

keep getting the good treatment coming

and they don't like it they don't like

the fact that they'll have to act like a

woman of quality to continue to continue

being treated like one

and doing something like this guys is

very difficult and as we all know women

are allergic to doing what's difficult

especially when it comes to men now the

other reason this is a problem is that

promiscuous females will punish men who

cannot differentiate females like

between females like her and females who

and and the women who actually deserve

this treatment they subconsciously think

to themselves this dude is clueless

I slept with 10 guys in the last ten

weeks but he's treating me like I'm some

virgin bride this upsets her because she

now knows that you don't know how to

handle women properly you treat all

females the same simply because they are

females females dislike a lot of

supplicating male behavior but they

positively loathe men who are clueless

about how to handle women and how to

properly treat them according to what

they deserve this is why promiscuous

females punish men who treat them like

there are these virtuous unicorn

princesses who are above reproach and

can do no wrong so in promiscuous

females subconsciously ask themselves

why am I losing attraction to this guy

he's tall dark and handsome has a great

job come somebody get great family he

worships the ground I walk on and he

treats me like a goddess why am I not

happy with him anymore what is wrong

they honestly have no idea that their

feminine part that they're feminine hard

drive will not allow them to love

respect and adore a man who is afraid to

treat her the way she deserves to be

treated which is with caution

trepidation and a firm hand which brings

us back to the original question why is

a controlling man a problem in a

relationship why is this why is a man

who is controlling why is this a problem

to be solved or taken care of in a

relationship I will answer that question

right after the break we'll be right

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welcome back to the 400 15th edition of

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chart mobile app I'm gonna break down

the I'm gonna break down the last five

of those ten BS signs that this chick

who live who writes for this web site

live bold and bloom which sounds like a

chick website these are the signs that

she believes make men toxic and

controlling let's check the chat here

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stayed up all night he says I am spot on

on controlling a possession this is what

you love good to see you when you're BK

from the Rockies good to see you in here

Colin Camry good to see you in here spin

Z or spins says female dominated

relationships are everywhere aren't

those just as toxic no dude no no no

there's no such thing as a toxic

relationship at least not as far as men

are concerned any man who describes his

relationship as toxic as a man who is

not a control of his woman that's all

there is to it oh my god my my

relationship is so toxic well the reason

why it's toxic is because she's doing

things that you don't want her to do and

you're not putting your foot down if you

put your foot down held her to a certain

standard or make her you know make her

earn your commitment demand her best

that's not a toxic relationship there's

no such thing as a toxic relationship as

far as a man is concerned you either

want to be in the relationship where you

don't that's that's how it goes women

describe toxic relationships as

relationships that are easy or that are

hard to cheat on

right a healthy relationship as a

relationship where it's easy for them to

explore their options and you know sleep

with their co-workers in their bosses

toxic relationship is a man who keeps

her in her place both the Genesis says

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Von Erich is in the house Dennis says

set some rules okay I think that's I

think that's pretty obvious Farid ma ma

jube says no such thing as toxic

masculinity actually yeah there is an a

caller pointing this out a while back

the only toxic masculinity that I that

we see is the toxic masculinity

displayed by women that's what that

comes down to Donny Whitlock don't think

I've seen you in here shout out to you

says these women say they want a man to

cater to them and then then goes out to

bang a jerk yeah exactly that's what

goes that's what that's what happens

somebody timeout can PD like a million

times I don't want to hear that go make

town nonsense in my jet can be somebody

time about time I'm out dude time I'm

out for the rest of the show for

whatever reason my banhammer seems to be

off I think it's probably because I'm

logged into another account again it is

good to have you in today let's go ahead

and go back to what I asked during the

break which is why is a controlling man

a problem in a relationship well the

answer is that it's not and females who

are in relationships with controlling

and possessive men tend to stick around

far more often than not for the exact

same reason they cheat on the men who

roll out the red carpet for him and that

is that and that is the feminine hard

drive guys

gentlemen make no mistake women love


ador they they love worship adore they

love these men guys they love

controlling men but they're not out but

they're not allowed to say it or show it

in public otherwise they're seen as

damaged or mentally ill right oh my god

she's trapped in a vicious cycle of

manipulation and intimidation these

females subconsciously ask themself this

guy is a control freak he dictates what

I do how I dress and how I act so why

can I not leave why do I find myself

drawn to him am i damaged do I have low


well what ends up happening is that

these females sabotage their

relationship because the world tells

them that they are psychologically

damaged females with low self-esteem

because they allow themselves to be in

these emotionally abusive relationships

with the with these controlling men when

in actuality she actually loved him she

truly loved him because of his

controlling and possessive nature and

and possessive nature as mother nature


but it's characterized as a problem

because feminism tell them tells them

that it is now the second question the

author asked is well what can I do about


well the solution she gives is exactly

what I just talked about she says quote

if you are not married to this person or

otherwise committed either financially

or with children then the answer is

leave now get away from this person as

fast as you can yes you may still love

him and think he has tons of potential

if only he didn't show his bad side and

there is that sabotage gentlemen there

is that sabotage get away from this

person as fast as you can so a man who

demands a woman's best has no qualms

vocalizing his requirements and a zero

issue with enforcing his boundaries and

falling short of his expectations is his

bad side again this woman is wanting all

of the benefits of being in a

relationship of consequence with a man

of value without any of the costs that

come with it

at the beginning of the article if you

guys remember yesterday she

characterized her good qualities as a

man who was strong and decisive who

knows what he wants and says what he

means but then at the end of the article

she's calling these habits that make him

attractive his bad side because you

happened to be the only thing in his

life that is perfect and doesn't mean

changing shout-out to freelancer with

the five dollar contribution says

congratulations on the upgrades TSR in

effect I appreciate that

freelance Ronin thank you so much anyway

we wonder why females cheat with their

exes all the time right we wonder why

they pined for their controlling and

abusive ex boyfriends and ex-husbands

when they get with their new

supplicating boyfriends who do all of

this complaining you love this man and

he has tons of potential but because he

shows his bad side you have to leave as

soon as possible these women are the

alpha widows of the world guys well

Donovan may have been verbally abusive

but I miss his domineering take-charge

personality that didn't allow me to

slack off yes sweetheart you need to

stop reading articles like this the

third question she asks is can he change

and her answer is quote not likely a

controlling man must be highly motivated

to change his behavior and he must be

highly motivated to maintain new healthy

behaviors once he acknowledges his

controlling personality she continues

why would a controlling man change when

he changed when he has all of the perks

of being controlling he has the feeling

of power that comes with control he gets

his way on just about everything he has

trained you she puts this in quote and

your kids to do his bidding he is the

center of attention he controls the

finances he looks great to friends and

family who don't know about his dr.

Jekyll mr. Hyde behaviors now I'm going

to break this down sort of line by line

and we're gonna start with thee not

likely when she asked can he change or

what kid nor can he change now this

answer directly points to the fact that

despite how much females try to change

you they don't really want to change you

they want you to stand your ground they

want you to remain steadfast in your

beliefs if you don't they will come to

resent you and they'll have no idea why

guy why do I hate him shell ask herself

he's done everything I've asked him to

do he's become the man I've told him

I've always wanted needed but now that

he is I just don't feel the same why why

don't I love him anymore

well my good friend illimitable man

gives us the answer to this question in

an article entitled dominance and

Submission you guys should check that

out on illimitable men.com Google search

dominance and Submission he hasn't put

anything up there like a decade plus so

it should be near the top I have my levy

dude you know I gotta bust your balls

about this anyway here's a short passage

from that article that gives us that

answer it says quote the man must act

upon and mold a woman more than she does

him for if the woman is to act upon and

mold the man she will create something

she finds abhorrent more simply and

explicitly stated a woman will mold a

man into something she despises but a

man will mold a woman into something he


females believe that the answer not

likely is a bad thing but when females

try to change a man's controlling

behavior they never realized that

failure is a good thing in this regard

and that success is a bad thing they

have no idea they have no idea that what

they think they want that what they

think they want will make them miserable

and what they think they don't need will

actually make them happy if she manages


to change his controlling behavior

she'll lose a traction form because a

she knows she can change him and females

cannot respect her love men that they

can change B the fact that she's changes

if a bit his behavior says to her that

he was in congruent meaning that this

whole controlling thing this whole frame

thing that he read on the red pill was

just a facade just a mask the same way

pickup artists lose their false

confidence and charm when the Sun comes

up the next morning then she says quote

a controlling man must be highly

motivated to change his behavior and he

must be highly motivated to maintain new

healthy behaviors once he acknowledges

his controlling personality why would a

controlling man change when he has all

of the perks of being controlling I will

address this and the rest of her closing

statement along with the last five signs

she points out as controlling toxic

behavior in just a few minutes at the

bottom of the hour on TSR prime time

which starts at 5:30 Eastern today which

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just because I'm like fuckin Yin doesn't

mean I actually like you rich guys and

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else there's nothing to be afraid of

she's just discovery Trump's disclosure

you lost your edge you lost the traction

it's all works live from Philadelphia

your man

Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

man Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the

415 that edition of TS our primetime

your headquarters were unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit read Phil

truth wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday

February 26 2019 for those of you who

have come over from TSR alive good to

have you guys in tonight and thank you

for your support again I never ever ever

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you can absolutely believe that without

you guys I don't have a show that's just

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phone calls tonight I need to figure out

what's going on with thee with the slow

of speed and everything like that but if

you do have questions about girls game

your relationship Fitness finances

hobbies or anything else that pertains

to increasing your value and agency as a

man okay one on one consult on Donovan

sharp comm ford slash consoles earlier

on t sr live i talked about the end of

the article I discussed yesterday and I

left off I actually left off with a

quote from this author on TSR line it

says quote a controlling man must be

highly motivated to change his behavior

and he must be highly motivated to

maintain new healthy behaviors once he

acknowledges his controlling personality

why would a controlling man change when

he has all of the perks of being


that was what I left off with on on t sr

live and so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break

this down I'm gonna break down the rest

of her statement I'm going to address

this of course along with the rest of

her closing statement and after that I'm

gonna talk about the last five signs or

a controlling and toxic bully according

to the feminist cunt who penned this

article so let's go ahead and get

started here

gentlemen bitches stay calm themselves

control freaks right as if it were a

badge of fucking honor now it's a good

thing if females have all the perks of

being controlling but it's a bad thing

when men do let's continue he has the

feeling of power that comes with control

she says sweetheart everybody has the

feeling of power that comes with control

that's just stating a fact that is

universal regardless of gender

that's like saying he has the feeling of

being full after he eats but after he

eats a big meal this kind of narrative

is just fluff to make inconsequential

symmetrical facts sound like it's

something bad typical female rhetoric

she goes on to say he gets his way on

just about everything yes honey strong

and decisive men who know what they want

and say what they mean just like you

said you said this was attractive

those guys tend to get what they want

your problem is that you don't give him

what he wants simply because he wants it

because it puts him in the dominant

position which puts you in the

submissive State

pretending not to like it is

contradicting the fact that you said

that you like to strengthen decisiveness

when you met him

par for the course she goes on he has

trained you and your kids to do his


most of now children are involved which

opens the door to the nebulous

definition of child abuse children

aren't trained to do a man's bidding

they aren't told they're taught to be

obedient and to do what their parents

tell them to do sluts on the other hand

are trained to do our bidding because


children sluts are not innocent you

can't train a child who doesn't know any

better you can teach them by the same

token you can't teach a female who has

habits conducive to promiscuity and

infidelity you got to train those ho

tendencies out of these bitches so I'll

give her credit for being half right on

this one he's the center of attention

she says scathingly yeah we are the

world fucking revolves around us

interestingly enough most sluts think

exactly the same way but the only reason

the author has a problem with a man

being the center in the center of

attention in any relationship is because

it's not the female anymore guys this is

also fluff there's never been a problem

with a female being the center of

attention but clearly a man of value

being the center of a woman's universe

and subsequently her attention is toxic

and unhealthy he controls the finances

ooh more boogey man stuff fuck yeah we

do we control finances because bitches

are fucking terrible with money men of

value recognize that females are

terrible with money and we act


which is to take control the finances to

keep her from bankrupting the both of

you now this is another case of a female

not realizing that relinquishing control

in any way shape or form is good for

both her and her significant other so

what if he's managed to help her help

you save $9,000 when you've never been

able to save 90 bucks and live check the

check before he got with him he's in

control and he must be stopped he looks

great to friends and family who don't

know about his Jekyll and Hyde behaviors

as I love statements like this because

females are utterly clueless about their

own nature and the way the world really

works and the Jekyll & Hyde thing this

Jekyll and Hyde argument that bitches

like to make is the quintessential

example of this in action and

why there's a pervasive cliche out here

that people don't really want to know

how the sausage is made they just want

the sausage well I would actually take

it one step further we don't care how

the sausage is made we may feel but we

may feel bad for about 45 seconds if we

found out that maybe a nine-year-old

manufactures our shoes but after that we

go back to our lives because we simply

do not care females don't give a fuck

about how the sausage is made they just

want the sausage they don't give a shit

about how you got rich they care that

you are rich it makes no difference

whether you're the CEO of a

multinational conglomerate or a Pablo

Escobar's right-hand man in the Medellin

drug cartel you're rich how you got

there is immaterial to women you know

back in the day girls used to go to

finishing school to learn how to become

ladies women they're taught how to cook

them clean they're taught how to act

they're taught in a talk and sit walk

like a lady and how to become the best

possible the prospect the best possible

prospect for the best man out there well

most girls went through the training

process of finishing school rather

smoothly because feminism didn't exist

back then so finishing school didn't

have to undertake the rigorous and

arduous task of training bad behaviors

out of girls which can be rather

unpleasant well guys there's no more

finishing school so guess what we got to

be the finishing school men that's on us

and unlike females of a yesteryear

today's females are steeped in feminists

sewage since birth which means we have

to undertake the seemingly impossible

task of turning a female who has no idea

how to be a lady into a lady and trust

me when I tell you guys the process is

ugly there is a lot of yelling there's a

lot of crying there's a lot of strong

language that's cursing there's fit

throwing there's things being thrown and

there are definitely growing pains and

guess when and guess what all these

things are guys that's right this is how


is made we saw guys like Roger Clemens

win seven fucking siyoung Awards we saw

his innings go up while his er ei went

down as he got older we all know that

that is not the typical career arc of a

professional athlete but we didn't want

to see how the sausage was made all we

wanted to see was him striking out dudes

and winning ball games all right listen

I know I did I think of his shit and I

didn't give a shit that Mark McGwire and

Sammy Sosa were juicing I wanted to see

the dude chicks dig the long ball that

was that was the quote we'd like to see

homeruns we like offense women see guys

who have their shit together

they see men who are in great shape make

a lot of money drive nice cars and have

created a very great and comfortable

lives for them fuck life for themselves

but they have no idea what it takes to

accomplish this nor do they care

why because like I said they don't care

how the sausage is made and get this

neither do their families if we're gonna

bring it full circle what a woman's

family sees that she is happy when they

see that she looks good when she when

they see she's in good health and happy

to be with you they're never thinking of

themselves she seems really happy so

something must not be right no they're

happy that their daughter is happy

a female slutty friends on the other

hand that's a different story

a female slutty friends pretend to care

how the how the sausage is made for no

other reason but to drive a riff between

you and your girl in an attempt to

sabotage your relationship because they

know they can't have what she has

because she's forgotten more guys she's

fucked than even the sluttiest of whores

and as far as they're concerned if they

can't be happy that nobody can this is

all bitches are guys and this includes

their friends or in who who are in

relationships that they any so they make

statements like well yeah he seems happy

she seems happy I bet he's a tyrant

behind closed doors in other words

you're a jet you're a dr. Jekyll in

public but mr. Hyde and private

newsflash ladies and I know there's no

ladies watching here there's a mr.

fucking hide in every successful

person's private life a successful

businessman is charming and gregarious

when meeting potential clients in public

but behind closed doors he is demanding

of his subordinates to the point of

tyranny because that's what's paramount

to his success you go to a bakery see

all these gorgeous these gorgeous works

of culinary art and they taste even more

magnificent than they look every bite is

more delicious than the last what you

don't see is the Baker is the bakery

owners not c-level attention to detail

and the enforcement the draconian of

enforcement of his unwavering standards

which required draconian rules and

consequences for not performing at the

level he requires for success a docile

submissive woman who is feminine

attractive attentive and happy to be

these things for her man in public when

he is dr. Jekyll

absolutely positively comes with dealing

with mr. Hyde at home guys that's what's

necessary in 2019 the only reason sluts

care about how the sausage is made is

when they don't have is where they can't

have that sausage and that sausage is

almost always the relationship their

friend has with a man like you so no

friends and family don't see the dr.

Jekyll mr. Hyde act because like the

children who make our clothes like the

rebellious girls who go to finishing

school and come back home as feminine

obedient young women like Roger Clemens

who got better as he got older like the

business man who always closes the deal

and the bakery owner who is owner who

has earned two Michelin stars nobody

cares how the sausage is made no matter

how much they pretend to they know

there's a dr. Jekyll behind closed doors

guys they just don't care because dr.

Jekyll has his shit together and his

woman happily follows his lead

I break down the last five signs that

you are a bullying monster plus more of

your comments after the break we'll be

right back

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welcome back to the cold hundred-fifty

position of TSR primetime good to have

you guys in tonight not taking phone

calls this evening because of course I

think BlogTalkRadio is the main culprit

behind the slow the slow speed

let's check the chat here for the first

time on prime-time to see what I did


many Shh pops the cherry CJ mutter gets

sloppy seconds Winston wolf haha that's


Winston wolf who says that my cheetah

has got the cherry no no listen man no

dirty Mackin here man if I know I could

fuck the girl but then there's somebody

behind me who might not have as much

success dude listen hey you got it you

got it

Whitsun wolf by the way gets the fuck

her in the ass looks like James Martinez

gets to finish on her face and Jimmy

Himalaya gets to get it all on camera

CJ mutter says like my tinder dates

photo always five years old and massive

filter he's at these hoes will lie even

when they know they will get caught I

swear to god dude oh my god Woodson wolf

is in the house says I like the app I

get to I get to zoom in and out on the

page unlike on YouTube directly I did

not know that let me try that

that is very dude if that is really

what's kickin with the app those issues

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you can now go on - oh wow you can't do

that can't you about that yeah so you

can now go on the app and where you can

you can download the app it was locking

people out because the company that I

paid a lot of money to failed to tell me

that there was a 25 device limit on iOS

users so I told them flat out I was like

I want my fucking money back I said dude

nobody told me dude I was dude that was

it I was gonna get my fucking money back

less than 24 hours later they said hey

good news we can we and we can increase

your limit to 500 500 iOS users so iOS


news for you guys you guys can now

download the app without any problems

and when I get close to 500 I will

upgrade I'll upgrade the app and

increase the limit there so we're good

there I'm also in I'm also in the midst

of getting an apple oh my god an apple

Enterprise developer license what this

what this license allows me to do is I

can distribute the app privately which

means only two people I want to have the

app ie my patrons and I can hide my

proprietary information so if an

infiltrator somehow gets the Apple let

me go to the develop develop a page and

see what's going on

there's no developer page I can keep

that I can keep that away from my


further when I get my Apple enterprise

developer app might my developer license

I can then send push notifications to

iOS users so within the next month or so

I will have acquired my Apple enterprise

developer license and and will be and

things will run along smoothie smoothly

like I was ready to walk away I was dude

I was ready to say hey look man like

that's it I'm not I want my money back

that's it you guys misled me fuck it but

they came correct you see what happens

when you have the abundance mentality

it's like that's a girl like this is

like a girl who says well you well you

can only fuck me 25 times before you

commit to me all right so I fucker the

25th time ok can't do it anymore bitch

bye ok I'll let the limit to 500 you can

fuck me 500 times before it before you

have to commit yeah ok sure sure you got

it 500 times

why buns are down 475 to go by the time

I get to number 500 dude I probably

honestly I fucked it dude if I fuck the

girl 25 times that would probably I

probably would have dumped her by then I

can't really think of too many girls I

fucked 25 times anyway Chris Kayson says

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Mike shitter he's in the house good to

see you here Winston wolf is telling

Mike that the show is legit as ever now

yeah man I really really really have

come a long way man and it's going to

like I said I've we've we seem to have

weeded out all of the would be all of

the would-be trolls and all that so I'll

have to deal with that bullshit in here

I can swear I can say fuck shit anal sex

I can say you know I can say whatever

the fuck I want and and nothing you know

nothing's gonna happen J man wants to

know my thoughts on Robert Kraft I don't

have any thoughts of Robert Kraft toot

we're listen Robert Kraft you think

Robert Kraft is the only owner of a

sports franchise that fucks hookers of

course not

you think Tiger Woods was the only guy

on the PGA Tour that was fuckin escorts

of course not but Tiger Woods was sloppy

that's why he got caught Robert Kraft I

guess was unfortunately the the the

brothel or the you know the massage

parlor that was fronting as that was

fronting as a broth or whatever happened

to be in the sting man I don't care I

don't think any more or less of Robert

Kraft fuck it dude if I were 77 years

old and worth six point six billion

dollars dude I'm going fuck I gonna get

the you know the rub and tug with the

happy ending to not even listening

Winston Wolf's Astana Ben what's this

about you

Armando Moreno asks is it safe to assume

that we are not mods on this channel um

I'll start modding people if I need to

but I don't really I mean I've muttered

sharp assists because he's been with me

since the start but other than that I

don't think it's necessary to be honest

Winston wolf says the mods are elite no

doubt this is like a gated community no

trolls getting and that's exactly

correct I should you know I should call

this the gated community that would be

funny you guys want to come through the

velvet rope and watch TSR primetime

later on getting rave reviews on the

roush interview appreciate that

you know I enjoyed talking to Roush I

really did I've listened I've known him

for a while now I've known him now for

Jesus Christ six seven years you know so

yeah like you know he and I have had you

know private conversations and all that

good stuff but but yeah yeah that was

that was that was a good interview man

and he's actually asking me about my

studio setup and and all that so so and

I'll be I'll actually have him on

probably with the next couple months or

so some child of the Most High Glover

says great hat bro make women great

again where can i buy that hat at uh

yeah twenty-one studios.com that is that

is the brand of Anthony Johnson that is

the brand of Anthony Johnson of 21

studios he's the guy that came up with

that he actually unveiled that at the 21

convention this past this past October

okay let us continue with the sixth sign

this feminist slut makes you thinks

makes you a toxic male who gets off on

controlling women number six they

constantly check up on you she says

quote they want to know where you are

that she says quote they want to know

where you are going when you'll return

who you are texting what you are saying

and every plan you are making they will

look through your purse snoop through

your snoop through your emails sneak

peeks at your phone and right

through your stuff they feel they have

the right to know everything about you

and believe you have no right to privacy

they are looking for ways you might be

exerting control over your own life if

they find something that potentially

undermines their control you'll hear

about it these are the these are the

words and thoughts of a typical slut who

not only wants to be with a man of value

without having to proactively build

trust but also fails to mention once

again why men check up on you

spoiler alert it's not for no reason

anytime a female has a problem with

being transparent and giving up all

autonomy guys she's a bona fide slut no

doubt now if a female doesn't here's the

thing if a female doesn't want to give

you access to her phone or check in with

you to let you know you know where she

is what she's doing who she's doing it

with and when she'll be home she doesn't

have to five percenters we don't have to

put a gun to anybody's head because we

don't need to if she doesn't comply fine

we might find another girl who will we

may not but we're not gonna compromise

and we will replace you with four other

women men of value and listen I'm

assuming this bitch is talking about men

Evalia can imagine that she's talking

about men she's not attracted to but men

of value know how slutty females are

they know they act like they don't but

they do and because of men and because

men of value are territorial and not

insecure meaning we prevent these issues

before they become issues we require

access to your phone check-ins letting

us know where you are and so forth

access to your email and anything else

that would prevent us from being

informed of cheating or potential

cheating now don't get me wrong we know

that nothing can stop cheating but we

are not gonna be made to look like an

idiot so we require that a female give

up all autonomy if they want to be in a

long-term relationship with us and if a

female has a problem with it no problem

she has just saved you both it load of

time and has made the decision to keep

herself in the fuck friend category

that's it

number seven they are possessive and

jealous she hears her quote quote part

of their snooping and isolation efforts

as mentioned in part one yesterday I

think that was number four come from

feelings of intense jealousy at first

their jealousy is appealing because it

shows you how much they must love you

but over time it just turns dark and

twisty they are constantly suspicious of

your motives and actions and view the

most innocent interactions as flirting

they want to control any interaction you

have with others because they are

paranoid about you're straying away


there's that proactive Shaymin to keep

you from making cheating difficult the

snooping and isolation efforts don't

come from feelings of intense jealousy

bitch they come from experience in the

world around us yes we are constantly

suspicious of your motives and actions

because we know that there are no such

things as innocent interactions when it

comes to other men there is always an

ulterior motive when females interact

with men other than their significant

others outside of work and nine-time

well actually not even outside of work

and nine times out of 10 that motive is

to get his attention so that they can

fuck him let's just call it what it is

it's as simple as that any man who

doesn't believe work knowledge this is a

pussy nothing more

we control your interactions you have

with men and your slutty friends not

because we're afraid you'll stray it's

because we know you're impulsive and you

will fuck up a fuck up a good thing for

no good reason if the right man runs the

right lines and you happen to be

ovulating and we know that your slutty

friends are constantly encouraging you

to cheat we're not jealous or insecure


we are territorial now to be fair to be

fair there is some truth to what she

says here with regards to men with a

scarcity mindset man that smells good

whatever Devin's making is good Wow

scare of mindset my bad females love

females love it

when men are territorial so long as his

value is high enough and he continues to

demand her best make her work for his

attention and does not feed into her

emotional shenanigans but if you get out

of shape if you lose your edge you start

making bad financial decisions and so

forth she will look to upgrade a man she

will look look to upgrade to a man who

is who you used to be a little bit of

truth there number eight they don't care

about your point of view she says quote

if you express an opinion or belief they

will shut you down or ignore you nothing

you say is relevant unless you echo

you're controlling partners exact

opinions or thoughts he will dominate a

conversation he will interrupt you or

make snide comments about what you've

said if you try to point this out to him

he'll dismiss your concern concerns or

turn the tables to make you feel guilty

or wrong no we don't give a shit about

your point of view at least not on

anything that matters because we know

that females don't make decisions and

form opinions based on fact and

rationale you based decisions you based

decisions on feelings and emotions which

is why most females are in the fucked up

situations they are now dominant men

aren't interested in the opinion or the

beliefs of females because we know your

beliefs and opinions aren't your own and

if they were they'd be rooted in emotion

rather than logic I make this mistake

with Devon all the time when it comes to

the show right like I'll run an idea by

her and her opinions on my ideas are

almost always based on how she feels

about it now it pisses me off but I'm

never really pissed off at her I'm

pissed off at myself for thinking that I

can get a logical opinion from a woman

about my show's contents and business

moves which are based around men now

don't get me wrong guys Devon is no

she's in listen Devon is an internet

marketing ace of a decade and a half

standing don't get it twisted listen

when I need advice on internet marketing

or keywords or SEO yeah she's my go-to I

don't question that

that's her lane hey if that's what you

think works best we'll do that she

listened she built my website I think in

an hour and a half flat from the ground

up and I'm pretty sure she was watching

TV while she did it she listen she is so

good she is so good she half asked it

and built and built an above average

website for me I can only imagine what

she would do if actually paid her with

money based on market value rather than

cock every night but I digress

yes we do dominate conversations yes we

do interrupt but we don't make snide

comments we don't make backhanded

compliments underhanded statements

nobbut we straight-up tell you that you

are full of shit we straight-up tell you

to your face that what you said made no

sense whatsoever because we're not

afraid of you

you're just a fucking female fuck you

gonna do leave because I hurt your

little feelings about acting because I

hurt your little feelings about not

acting like what you said was a

Shakespearean level sonnet profound fuck

no and we don't have to turn the tables

to make dumb ass females feel guilty

about the dumb shit that comes out of

their mouth they already know it they

just don't like being called out for it

a woman who belongs to a red pill man is

to be seen and not heard she knows this

she loves this she's not worried about

sounding smart or having an opinion or

sounding smarter or better than her man

at all she's worried about whether or

not he still wants to fuck her which is

exactly what she should be concerned


number nine they have a little respect

for any of your needs

woo she says quote if you want to be

alone he'll barge in and demand your

attention if you want to walk he'll turn

on if you want to talk rather he'll turn

on the TV and ignore you if you're tired

he'll complain he's hungry and needs his

dinner now like these bitches

cooking dinner right if you need a hug

he'll tell you to get a grip the idea

she continues that you have individual

needs beyond responding to his needs

rarely occurs to him if he does he uses

your needs as a tool for manipulating


this is fucking hilarious guys the needs

she talks about and that little quote

right there they're all bullshit they

don't exist this is more fluff for the

sake of fluff guys just some shit she

thought of the thought of up the top of

her head and a Google search females

need their time alone and men of value

have absolutely zero issue giving it to

them because we need more a long time

than they do and 11 times out of 10

they're barging in on you this past

Sunday man this is funny Devon if you're

watching I'm gonna tell any guy I got a

talk shit this past Sunday I had a

shitload of work to get done and Devon

knew this she knew she had a shitload to

get work to get done to she had do the

meal planning she had to she had to do

it she had to do the online grocery

shopping I think we got our groceries on

Saturday she did she was doing the

laundry she had other shit to do right

but every five minutes she kept

interrupting me because she wanted my

attention now that's a good prob to have

guys because if your girl leaves you

alone all the time then she doesn't

value the time she has with you or she

takes you for granted both are bad

things and I can sit here and complain

about if it was so funny cuz she kept

coming in and I'm like fuck I'm trying

to work about the eighth or ninth time

she barges it on me I started to feel

bad I started feel bad about yelling I

was like look sweetheart I got shit to

get done I'll I'll come in there when

I'm damn good and ready but you gotta

quit fucking interrupting me again good

problem to have good problem the point

is is that men who are control freaks

have zero need or issue to crowd or

become clingy to women this is a hundred

percent bullshit guys no man of value is

ever up a woman's ass ever like is this

bitch out of her fucking mind what

hold on if you want to be alone he'll

barge in and demand your attention no

bitch that's you that's fuckin females

tell my god like these like these these

bitches I hear that write these articles

they are literally just lying there

talking out of their asses this is you

can tell that a lot of these articles

you can tell you can tell that a lot of

these articles as James Martinez says

what happened to the abundance mentality

when when de smells food cooking well

played sir well played

Touche James Touche it's starting to

smell really good I have no idea what

the hell it is

anyway anyway as far as wanting to talk

this is another misleading reason if

your woman has put in the work and the

time and has proven herself to be

beneficial to you within the construct

of a sexual sexual relationship then she

deserves your ear provided that she

provided that what she wants to talk

about isn't mindless nonsense

listen to your woman if she genuinely

wants to have a conversation with you

but if she wants to talk about the

Kardashian the Kardashians or some bitch

at work she can't stand or other dramas

in her life dude

that's we turn on the TV this author the

author would lead us to believe that

today's women only want intelligent

conversation and that's false that's

false Mochis most bitches out here

talking nonsense including our

significant others when Devin tries to

talk to me about mindless nonsense I

shut that shit down if she wants to have

a good conversation or talk about a

concern she has about work that doesn't

have to do with drama I'm all ears

Devin has earned that then the idea that

she has needs outside of what we want

and need as men that occurs to us all

the time we know a woman's wants and

needs but we don't use that to

manipulate her no no we use that to

leverage the very axiom that every

relationship is based on whether the

couple knows it or not

and that is quid pro quo you scratch my

back I scratch her once again guys this

bitch wants something for nothing

and the fact that a man would actually

require a woman to meet certain

standards and do certain things to earn

the privilege of our attention that is

foreign to females this is why they

characterize this as using our using her

needs as a tool for manipulation

this isn't manipulation this is

understanding that we're more valuable

than your slutty ass and you don't like

to wear our what that we are aware of it

and acting accordingly number 10

they wear you down to the nub shed at

the Fresno State 1776 with the five

dollar contributions as Donovan given

all the options girls have do you think

a girl in her early 20s can be trained

to the extent you trained your

girlfriend Devon abso-fucking-lutely and

here's why the reason why they can be is

because they haven't had their bad

habits for as long Devon was 32 when I

met her all right it took me dude it

took me uh it took me a substantial

amount of time to train her bad habits

out of her and she had some bad habits

yeah hey listen man Devon loved you to

death you know it but Devon know she had

some ho tendencies yes she did and it

took quite a while to train those ho

tendencies out of her well young hot

girls in their twenties definitely have

ho tendencies but they haven't had them

for his long even if she started fucking

at 14 years old she's had him for what

six years six seven years right those

are tough habits to break

but Devon was 32 if I'm assuming that

she lost her virginity when she was 15

or 16 years old that's 16 plus years of

bad tendencies that's why it took longer

but the younger the girl the easier it

is well I'll tell you this the younger

the girl the more likely it is that

you'll be successful in training those

bad habits out of her doesn't mean it

seemed easier she's young and hot she's

not listen Devon at 22 had a lot more

options at Devon at 32 but Devon at 32

still had a lot of fucking options she

got my attention

she got my attention didn't she

good question there by Fresno State 1776

getting back to the question in the

pretend they wear you down to the nub

she says quote controlling men can be

relentless in their in their tactics

they will argue until your eyes roll in

the back of your head

they'll steamroll you with their demands

ad nauseam they can turn the screws of

guilt so tight you'll beg for relief

she continues most men most controlling

men have much more stamina for their

shenanigans than you have the energy to

put up with them eventually you go belly

up and allow them to have their away

24/7 this is the perfect scenario for

the controller all me all the time and

Cory in the chat hits it right on the

fucking head

this is 1,000 Wow very good this is a

thousand percent

Freudian projection if this were so bad

then why do these bitches stay with

controlling men if the screws are so

tight then why not seek relief in

another man who will never put your feet

to the fire like the big bed like the

big bed toxic monster I'll tell you why

because again they want the high-value

male without paying the high-value male

price guys guys like me are gonna be

relentless in our demands

guys like me will never ever compromise

our standards and when women try to we

tighten the screws of standards not

guilt allowing a man to have his way

24/7 that's not going Billy up oh no

sweetheart that's finally realizing that

there was a man that they've always been

afraid to admit that they want in need

these women stay with these men of their

own free will and volition

nobody's for some to do anything we're

not holding guns to these bitches head

butt cunts like this would lead MIT

would lead women to believe that they're

being held at gunpoint when they know

they think of just up and walk out the

door whenever they damn well please

just like Kitty Jones and Asante McGee

walked out on our Kelly's place when

they had enough at the end of the day

guys men like us are gonna face


the outside about who we are and how we

operate but that criticism comes in

public post red pill awareness I've had

plenty girls tell me OMG Donovan you are

so controlling and possessive and my

responses and I never get a response

from any of them and they stuck and

fucked around I have never ever lost a

female over being control it over being

a control of possessive territorial

asshole I'm gonna say that again I have

never ever lost a female over being a

controlling possessive territorial

asshole and the reason why is because I

didn't apologize

the minute you apologize to a woman when

she tries to shame you this way you lose

do not be afraid to be possessive do not

be afraid to be controlling because no

matter what women say they love men like

this and they prove it every day by

sticking around all right let's hit the

chat here one last time man that smells

really fucking good in there what that

I'm gonna send Devin attacks be like

what the fuck are you cooking so wait

senator wants to know who is the

gatekeeper well that would be that would

be your boy that would be me mr. Meeks

says sounds like she took the Donovan

start playbook and just reversed the

gender is lazy pepper that's actually

that's actually quite true but any man

who allows a woman to control him to

that extent that's not a red pill where

male he's now he's lost he's done

Steve Stevenson interesting name says

I'm killing it tonight

once involes wolf says that man is

coaching sharp assists that the author

is Donovan's ex whew that's a good one

sharp as sharp as this gets credit for

the comment of the night that's funny

you should you know it's interesting I

don't I never saw the the title to that

article it's that's kind of weird

actually James Martinez at the common

tonight he says what happened to the

abundance mentality when Diaz smells

food cooking right once and wolf says

there are control freaks out of

insecurity and out of self-respect of

course we are not discussing the former

absolutely absolutely yes we men listen

we do have a weakness for for good

cookin that's that is for sure

Winston wolf says 2020 goals who are

twenty Twenty twenty four are like drugs

dude are you fucking up of meters like

yeah I mean don't get me wrong I'm not

saying that it's not great to fuck you

know twenty twenty four year olds but

you know I mean like everything that you

do a lot you know the novelty wears off

except for cocaine technology meth

cocaine that novelty never wore off on

me goddamn how long has it been since

I've I stopped doing cocaine on think

though I flew I moved from Vegas I

landed in Reno I think on September the

6th or the 7th and I did blow that night

in Reno I haven't done it since so this

was 2016 so it's about dude it's been

over two years

freelance Ronan says I only had one that

could really cook and it was mesmerizing

that was when I was young a dumb though

I have I have actually had the good

fortune of um let's see how many women

have I been with who could actually cook

obviously Devin my ex-wife Darcy she

could she could she could cook Devin's a

much better you know Darcy was a very

good cook but Devin is much she's much

more refined she has a much wider skill

set I think that's it those are the only

two women I've ever been serious with

who can actually cook

Fernando Trejo says that's my Vegas drug

ain't that the truth that's gonna do it

for this edition of TS r primetime

thanks for watching guys I'll see you









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