Episode #265 - Why Men should NEVER get married: The Red Pill perspective



For whatever reason, despite the fact that every day of our lives, men see that marrying women in this country is a bad bet at best….emotional & financial suicide at worst….dudes are still walking down the aisle by the truckload. Red pill aware men AND blue pill men know what happens when you marry a woman raised in America.



Everybody knows the typical cycle of the typical marriage to American women: She gets fat, the sex stops, she doesn’t suck your dick anymore, she gets bitchy, she cheats, blames it on you, files for divorce, takes the kids and half your money. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. But dudes are still getting married despite knowing full well the odds are not in their favor in terms of not getting divorce raped and having their lives turned upside down by an ex wife.

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for whatever reason gentlemen despite

the fact that every day of our lives

men we see men marrying women in this

country we see that men marrying women

in this country is a bad bet at best

emotional and financial suicide at worst

even though we know this dudes are still

walking down the aisle by the truckload

and listen red pill aware and blue pill

men they know what happens when you

marry a woman raised in America

everybody knows the typical cycle of the

typical marriage to the typical American

woman right she gets fat the sex stops

she doesn't suck your dick anymore she

acts bitchy she cheats blames it on you

files for divorce takes the kids and

half your money rinse and repeat we see

it all the time every day we hear

stories about it we see videos articles

etc etc everybody knows this but dudes

are still out here getting married

despite knowing full well that the odds

are not in their favor in terms of not

getting divorced rape and having their

lives completely turned upside down by

an ex-wife or a soon-to-be ex-wife so

today I'm gonna go red pill 101 and talk

about the reasons that men should never

ever marry women raised in the United

States or the Western Hemisphere for

that matter I mean this probably applies

to you know British and Australian women

as well or any other country where

feminism has taken a stronghold I've

heard Sweden is a feminist hotbed as

well anyway typical dudes out here need

to hear this shit guys because red pill

aware men they do it too ok listen a lot

of you guys out here red pill aware or

not are still thinkin man there has to

be a woman out there who isn't a slut

there has to be a woman out there who

doesn't have a slutty past there has to

be woman out there who doesn't have all

these terrible habits there has to be a

woman out there who is useful outside of

sex and actually bring value to my life

as a man and again this includes red

pill and blue pill aware men and you

know what maybe there are guys right

listen I've said it before and I'll say

it again I'm sure that not every single

woman out there is a useless slut that

would make a bad wife and mother

but guys guess what those girls are one

percenters there are few and far between

meaning that you

they never find one and even if you do

she's been taken off the market now some

guys may think at this point well

Donovan if there's a chance that I could

meet a one percenter whose marriage


I gotta be prepared for that right and

to that I would say

that by living the red pill life you'd

be prepared as a matter of lifestyle and

discipline anyway embracing your

masculinity and not listen and not being

afraid to show it that will attract

attractive women who might make good

wives and mothers someday like you might

at listen by living the red pill life

you're going to attract those kinds of

women anyway but here's the rub

you're waiting for the type of woman who

makes them who makes up less than

probably 1/2 of 1% who is 99.9% likely

to be married or engaged by the time you

find her in other words it's going to be

a long wait and it is far more likely

than not that you will meet a woman like

this let alone get into a relationship

or even marry her you're literally going

to wait a lifetime for a woman you will

never meet so at some point you have to

make a choice you can either be prepared

for a woman you may encounter less than

1% at a time or you can be prepared for

the type of woman that you'll encounter

99% of the time so now that we've all

come to our senses let's drive this

point home and I'm gonna talk about the

reasons that men should never marry

marry American women specifically here's

the first reason right out the gate she

will stop trying it's in a person's

nature to take their foot off the gas

after they have accomplished a specific

goal if a guy wants to get down to 3%

body fat and he doesn't he might slip

back and shoot up to 15 because the

motivations not the same here's another

example about a rapper might grind for

years right

he's grinded for years he's out there

selling his CDs you know going to going

into you know going into CEOs office CEO

take a look at my demo he's sending out

his demo he's putting off putting in all

the groundwork

he spent 13 bucks an hour for studio

space and he's in there grease in there

laying down tracks grinding it out after

he's worked up to 12 hour shift because

he has to make a living

he finally he finally gets a record deal

and drops the hottest rap album in two

fucking decades he gets some money he

gets some fame he gets some success what

happens is the follow-up albums are not

quite the same because he's not as

hungry as he was when he was lame

down tracks everyday again after you

know after after working in a brokedown

studio that he's paying that $13 an hour

for after a 12-hour shift guys this

happens to people in all walks of life

it happens to women at a much higher

rate and it always happens soon after

she walks down the aisle if you get

married gentlemen she will get fat she's

not gonna set your dick anymore listen

she's gonna get a bitchy attitude and

before you know it you're only fucking

her once a month because she told you

she'd let you fuck her if you I don't

know butter the new iPhone or some

useless overpriced gadget she saw on TV

a woman is on her best behavior when she

senses that you might propose or when

she's trying to get you to propose for

her listen listen your relationship will

never be better when your woman thinks

that you might propose to her she stays

fit she sucks your cock she swallows all

your load she takes it in the ass she

wears slutty clothes for you she's the

perfect woman but all of that ends as

soon as the honeymoon is over the only

trait that holds over after you get down

on one knee is her fitness she wants to

listen or or I'll put it up on it see

like this the only trait that sticks

around for a little while is her fitness

level because here she wanted to look

good in her wedding dress and in the

wedding pictures but if you pay

attention all of her good behavior goes

right out the door yes she still looks

good but she won't look good for long

and even if she does look good for a

little bit she ain't suckin and fuckin

like she used to she ain't cooking and


and she's listened in and she turns it

to a bitch at that point trying to

Overton tryna trying to plan an

overpriced wedding and we'll get more

into that later

you guys know I like sports I'm a big

sports fan women are like professional

athletes in this regard when it's a

contract year for professional athlete

and this is across all major sports ok

Whitman and when we say contract here

for those of you aren't as sports

inclined that means they're in the last

year of their current contract before

they become a free agent so what happens

when they're in a contract year they

play their asses off they show up early

they show up early to practice they put

an extra time in the film room they run

extra wind sprints they're a great

teammate the whole nine they put a

career number so they get that

record-breaking 100 million dollar

contract or whatever it is you think

player X is gonna do extra squats when

he knows he's got 100 100 million

dollars in the bank you think he's gonna

stay at the team facility and watch film

all night if he knows his 20 million

dollar salary that year is guaranteed

yes there are exceptions to the rule we

all know this but again it's human


if you're not hungry you're not gonna

eat and women are exactly the same way

when they get married except they do eat

because they don't have a reason to stay

thin anymore especially if you were not

red pill aware okay all of this is

within the context of red pill versus

blue pill right you're what listen your

woman will test listen if you're a red

pill aware a male you know you're not

gonna listen you're not gonna get

married in the first place but this is

what happens you got red pillow where

I'm in thinking all right well I got red

pill game na player this is going to

happen once you put a ring on it

it is listen it's inevitable when you

put a ring out with an alpha male

strategies and I talked about this

yesterday when you marry a woman you are

you are giving her the highest form of

validation that any woman could ever

have he married he is contractually

obligated to wake up with me every day

he's not going anywhere

again there are exceptions to the rule

there are some women out there who stay

fit and suck dick and do all the things

that caused their husband to propose to

them in the first place but the reason

those men are exceptions to the rule is

because they're either red pill aware or

they are super high value as in rich

professional athlete really good-looking

has women chasing them all the time but

for the rest of us the rest of the

99.99% of men out there doesn't work

that way

here's another reason men should never

get married

your wife will use your children as

accessories and 2018 gentlemen children

are accessories to women women use their

kids to get attention for themselves

anything they do for their children is

so that she can draw attention to

herself she doesn't want to sign the kid

up for soccer to keep him active and

teach him the value of hard work

discipline teamwork and exercise she

signed him up so that she could show

everyone she's a soccer mom that's why

she did that

she doesn't want to sign the kid up for

jiu-jitsu because it builds character

character and competence and teaches the

kid at a fight she signs him up so she

can show off his trophies and his belts

this is why she does this

today's wouldn't treat their kids like

they treat their phones they put fancy

cases on their phones they buy expensive

clothes for their kids oh look how cute

my kids Jordans are look at her look at

her mini michael kors bags her Michael

Kors bag for kids in fact gentlemen I

would submit to you that the only way

social media has actually benefitted

Society is that mothers actually have to

make an effort with their kids even if

it's half-assed if not for facebook

these bitches wouldn't do anything for

their kids no baseball no swim lessons

no guitar lessons no nothing

women think that if they're not talking

about how great they are as mothers on

social media and proving it with

pictures they assume that other mothers

think their bad moms what they don't

realize is that other moms really don't

give a shit about anybody but them so

listen women don't give a shit about

anybody else on Facebook but themselves

but that's the benefit of social media

in this regard but today's women are

selfish bitches selfish bitches who only

pretend to care about their kids when

they're in front of their phones

talked about this before you guys have

heard me talk about this before women

couldn't give less of a shit about being

good moms because the world gives them

credit just for pushing the little

fuckers out right remember I talked

about the difference between being a

mother and a mom and about how Mother's

Day should be changed to mom's day

listen it's easy to get pregnant it's

easy to open your legs it's late any

nigga shoot his load and you and shit

out a kid there's not much investment in

that the real work begins after you shit

the little fucker out right that's the

difference between a mother listen there

are many mothers throughout the world

many biological mothers throughout the

world a lot of women out there given

birth to birth to kids but there are

very few good moms

anytime American Mother's think about

things they can do for their kids I

guarantee you they're subconsciously

thinking what's in it for me

what kind of Facebook post can I put

what kind of post can I put on Facebook

that will get me attention

how will I get people to call me a good

mom how can I get people to to to to

give me the ringing endorsement of being

a good mom

another reason men should never get

married and this is a big one

wives are bad investments and very

expensive and when it comes down to it

it listen they just ain't worth it if

you marry an American woman gentlemen

you'll be paying through the nose the

minute you decide to make her your wife

first you've got to buy the engagement

ring which American culture dictates

that you must spend three months salary

on then there's the wedding invitations

the wedding rehearsals there's a wedding

dress jesus fucking christ and then the

actual wedding there's a song out there

that says I don't want to I don't want

to get married or I don't want to be

married I just want a wedding I don't

know who sings that but that's fitting

listen women women want to get married

but they don't want to be married right

weddings listen wedding is one giant

shit show it is one giant look at me

show four women that's what a wedding is

every every little girl wants to get

married because they see all of the

fanfare the pomp and circumstance in the

attention oh the beautiful bride and the

priest is gonna tell the man everything

he has to do to keep me happy oh my god

well after all that's over and now you

have to actually be married and of

course women are proving every day that

they don't want to be married but they

want to get married

so by the time you reach the half hour

anniversary of your marriage

you're already out 50 large and that's

not counting the honeymoon then after

that she wants the suburban two-story

house with the two with the two-car

garage that's gonna run you 2 grand a

month for 30 years then she wants two

SUVs which is another grand a month six

months later she wants to upgrade the

kitchen and the bathroom okay that

listen that and listen that's another

wet $10,000 worth of refinancing then

she wants the biggest baddest TV and all

the fancy electronics then she has to

have the latest greatest appliances

because she saw it on HGTV what look the

property brothers are doing it right I

saw it I saw it on Trading Spaces they

have the biggest baddest TVs look look

at all these appliances I want those to

Sheila down the block has one Carla down

the street has one why can't I have one

right Bob bought Susan a TV but Bob lot

Susan a $3,000 refrigerator and a $3,000

washer and dryer set why can't we have


she wants to she wants the refrigerator

that can read a novel she wants a washer

and dryer that can do a 100 loads in

five minutes while showing a movie on

the screen then she then then she wants

to take a tropical vacation every year

that's another $5,000 out of your pocket

guys American wives are expensive guys

and there's no way that bitchy women who

won't suck your dick anymore are worth

all that fuck that noise


the next reason men should absolutely

never get married

gentlemen marriage is not a union in

holy matrimony it's a contract

it is a contract between you and the

state that legally binds you to a woman

that's all it is

weddings are simply an expensive way to

polish a turn okay you have all the

flowers the fancy dinner the wedding

vows everybody's crying everything's


you know you know the the but you know

but all honestly all the wedding does is

it dresses up a civil union between two

people and there's really nothing

romantic about that it's just a civil

union between two people who the hell

came up with the idea of a wedding

anyway right like how do they get

married back in the nineteen not back in

the 1820s they probably went to the

Justice of the Peace okay you know you

now belong to him go and make babies

together no now now we have to throw

these extravagant parties and again this

is a feminine thing weddings are for

females it's listen if it were up to

guys dude again hey listen here here's

the here's the ring you're my wife you

now have my last name you're welcome now

let's go make some babies no women want

all the pop and pomp and circumstance

they want all of that attention

women only want to get married because

they have everything to gain and nothing

to lose when women get married they get

an expensive wedding ring they get the

status of being chosen by the man they

get the sexual validation of having his

children they get a house they get a car

and all of the Restless and all the rest

of the useless junk she cons him into

buying and all of that becomes hers if

she decides she wants a divorce guys she

gets everything the kids the dog all of


she came into the marriage button with

nothing but her vagina and leaves with

everything when and if she decides for

whatever reason because those are the

rules of the modern civil union that is

a far cry from what we have been sold as

a holy matrimony and sickness and in

health my ass this is why women want to

get married so badly guys that I mean

like doesn't it make sense why wouldn't

they want to get married they have

nothing to lose while men have

everything to lose guys you never see

cartoons or memes with a man dragging a

woman down the aisle it's always a woman

dragging a man down the aisle and this

is the reason if everybody got exactly

what they came into into the marriage

with in the event of a divorce and

custody was split between the parents

which means that which means no child

support and in either direction oh I can

tell you what happened a lot less women

would want to get married because

there's nothing in it for them

shit I gotta have my kid every other

week I don't get how my god you know

what don't think I want to do that


getting married for women is a lottery


let's not MIT listen listen listen don't

kid yourselves guys when a woman gets


it is a lottery ticket it ain't dude it

ain't this holy matrimony fucking

fantasy and they all know it they bliss

they know when they're taking their vows

in sickness and in health in richer or

you know for richer or poorer dude they

know damn well they don't mean a goddamn

word of those wedding bells

like I said polishing a turd

another reason that you might not think

that I'll point out here so why men

should never get married guys you're

gonna lose the respect of your friends

and other men now stay with me here

because this one is directly tied to the

slut versus stud debate and and and and

let me explain what I mean here women

who sleep with a lot of men are sluts

because it's easy for them to give away

the pussy right there's no skill

involved all she has to be is there and

she's getting the deed

men who sleep with a lot of women get

more respect because sleeping with women

is hard even if you're good at it

women are the gatekeepers to sex men are

the gatekeepers to commitment this isn't

listen this is one of I think it's one

of the ironclad rules of wannabe I

forget what he calls it one of the

ironclad rules of Tomasi that one of the

iron rules of tomassi rollo tomassi the

rational male so when a man and a woman

give away what is easy for them to give

they lose the respect for peers okay

listen it's easy for women to give up

the pussy that's why neither men or

women respect sluts guys don't get it

twisted most slut-shaming comes from

women because women know how easy it is

to get laid

gentlemen we will never know it listen

even a red pillow we're men we know it

is dude getting getting laid for women

is easier than breathing at times even

even even beep we know this stuff even

knowing that guys it is still will never

know just how easy it is for women to

get laid by the same token it's easy for

men to give away commitment this is why

girls run for the hills when a guy asks

her to be his girlfriend after two dates

listen I've said this before a man who

gives his commitment a way too easily to

a bunch of girls that is the male

equivalent of a slut men of value listen

we don't respect girls who let us fuck

him on the first date well fuck him

we're not we're not committing to you

right same with a guy who gives away his

commitment hey you want to be my

girlfriend she's like what the fuck like

dude you just took me out to the Revenue

I haven't even sucked her dick yet you

want me to meet your mom what the fuck

now listen she may decide to be his

girlfriend while fucking other guys

because now she has someone to take care

of her non-sexual needs but she's not

looking to be with him long-term again a

man who gives away his commitment to

freely and who easily is a male version

of a slut this is why women don't

respect men who commit to them so easily

the same way men don't respect women who

give up the pussy too easily so when

women get engaged they get respect

because they know that getting a man's

commitment a man of values commitment

that ain't easy

okay listen all her friends know that

she put in the work all her friends know

she put in the time all her friends know

she put in the effort and she was

finally able to get what he is the

gatekeeper to she was finally able to

get what he made her work for you want

to know something she values that

because he made her work for it

when men sleep with a lot of women they

get respect from their friends because

again sleeping with women isn't easy his

friends know he put in the time his

friends know he put in the work in the

effort and is able to get what women are

the gatekeepers to what is not easy to

get but both of them lose respect when

they give away what is easy too easy for

them to give this is why sluts are

shamed by their friends and men who are

engaged are shamed by their friends a

man's a man's friends see him as a slut

if he gets engaged or if he gets married

especially if he's only been dating her

for six months dude you've been dating

her for four and a half months and

you've already put a ring on it what the

fuck is wrong with you

they know that he knows his life is over

but he's doing it anyway so they lose

respect for him

women lose respect for men because women

know that today's women aren't worth

marrying whether they admit it or not

this is why a man's friends will try to

talk him out of getting married okay

listen you'll never hear a woman's

friends trying to talk her out of

getting married no way hey hey hey

listen Suze I don't think you should be

marrying Brad I mean he is rich and he

is handsome but I just don't think it's

time for you right now oh no no you're

never happier never having that

conversation but Brad's homeboys right

his friend Donovan is like look Brad

this chick you're about to marry men

like dude like we like dude you know

that you know we ran a train on her

right like we told you about that right

like listen you know she went

backpacking in Europe for two years we

you know she did an internship down in

Argentina for two years right you know

what like like you know that they call

her the anal Queen right you know that

she may or may not have done a porn

right like you might want to think twice

about risking half of your finances for

this woman those conversations are

happening if you want a more in-depth

explanation of the sexual differences

between men and women guys check out I

don't remember what episode it is but I

think it's episode 256 it's entitled

Stutz versus sleds Stutz versus studs

versus sluts the red V definitive read

Tolkien clusion definitely definitely

want to check that out the last and

final obvious reason that men should

never get married guys she's gonna cheat

on you it's a mathematical certainty we

all know that women get dick thrown at

them from every direction every hour of

every day dude they're walking down the

street 10 minutes later you're hit in

the face with a dick then from the other

side to get hit in the face with another

dick on ER she looks at her phone she

gets hit in the face with dick it's

happening all the time we also know that

self-control is not something women are

known for they're not good at it you

combine those two things with the fact

that females are expert liars and

cheaters by the time you put a rig on a

gentleman it's only a matter of time

before she cheats

listen call me Bittaker you call me

bitter you can call me cynical you can

call me whatever you want guys we all

know it's true

women's sheet they all do and their

phones and devices make it easier for

them to get away with it and again I've

talked about the diabolical texting

techniques that they use to get away

with cheating now men will probably say

well Donovan how can he be so sure

she'll cheat well that's easy

cheating is now incentivized for women

not only will she cheat on you she'll

blame you for it

right then she'll file for divorce

she'll be awarded full custody the kids

look at the house the cars half your

present and future earnings which

includes your pension your 401k your

retirement count all the rest of that

and your dogs the way American laws are

written a wife is better off cheating on

her husband than staying with him this

is why the old adage goes for men it's

cheaper to keep her tattooed my wife is

fat she's not sucking my dick anymore

she's cheating on me with her personal

trainer you know I want to leave it well

you know what they say it's cheaper to

keep her

that listen that's fucking sad but it's

fucking true women with kids who cheat

on their husband end up better off than

if they stayed married women know that

they can get all the financial benefits

of being married without actually being

married I'll say that again women know

that they can get all the financial

benefits of being married without

actually being married so they cheat

they file for divorce then they get

everything now some guys will say well

what about love and companionship

someone to share my life with guys you

can get all those things without being

married we can flip the script and get

all of the benefits of being married

without actually being married we can

walk away from the relationship without

any paperwork okay no muss no fuss we

can just walk right out the door

we're at the door without any lawyers or

judges okay listen why would we get

married and tie ourselves to a woman if

we don't have to hey listen that's the

situation I'm in I'm gonna relationship

with my girlfriend yeah we live together

and it took a long time for her to earn

that privilege but make no mistake about

the fact that I can walk out that door

any fucking time I want no much dude all

the possessions I have her dude she can

have this shit dude it's just stuff

whatever you know I'm saying dude all I

need is me shit see you later

listen you want my shit cool take it no

muss no fuss no judges no paperwork no

present future earnings none of that

stuff I'm out clean why tie yourself to

a woman if you don't have to plus guys

being married it's not good for couples

guys you'll both mate listen you'll both

make an effort to stay in shape okay and

again this is if you're just

cohabitating and you know that either

one you can walk out the door you'll

both make an effort to stay in shape

she'll be motivated to look good cook

good suck your dick give you the pussy

and be on her best behavior at all times

because she knows you can bounce without

any trouble if she doesn't keep her shit


American wives an alpha male strategy

alpha male strategies and I we discussed

this very topic yesterday American wives

know that their husbands can't just up

and leave so they get fat they stop

sucking dick and they stop giving their

husbands the pussy they stop trying

because there's no consequence

if the husband decides to leave she

takes more than her pound of flesh

cheaper to keep her

at the end of the day gentlemen marriage

is financial suicide and if you're dumb

enough to sign your life over to the

state and you deserve to get divorce

rate and that's all there is to it

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