Why most women don't deserve shit for Valentine's Day with Steve The Dean (Episode 409)

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it is Thursday February 14th 2019 today

is Valentine's Day and of course we are

joined for tough love Thursdays by my

man Steve the Dean Williams Steve how's

it going how's your Valentine's Day did

you get any chocolate you did you get

any had what's going on brother no man

just want to welcome y'all motherfuckers

the second me season it's almost over

it's a day suddenly season ends tomorrow

today today's last day of it oh wow we

already know I'm sorry tax day tax day

in this second season but yeah well

don't worry man we're almost done with

it good stuff BK from the rocky says

damn a thumbs down already the show just

friggin started well V the name of the

show is why most women don't deserve

shit for Valentine's Day so yeah that's

that that's probably gonna get a few

thumbs down if we're all being

completely honest now let me start

things off in terms of Valentine's Day

and this is just sort of this is just

sort of crib notes cliff notes you if

we're gonna look at Valentine's Day from

a Redhill perspective you have to get

your woman what she deserves

don't be meathead red pillow guy and say

I don't give a fuck I'm not sending her

shit for Valentine's Day because I don't

do Valentine's Day motherfuckers by the

same token you don't need to me well

it's Valentine's Day even though she had

to suck my dick I like a but she

deserves it no no if your woman takes

good care of you send flowers to her

office give her that validation if she

earns them that out the validation

gentlemen give it to her if you don't

she will quit working for it now now

we're gonna talk a little bit about side

chicks main chicks etc etc if you're

just fucking her if you're just fucking

a girl but you don't hate her here's

what you give to that girl give her

maybe a half-eaten box of chocolates and

maybe a funny Valentine's Day card to

keep it light if she's a side chick okay

if she is your if she is your side chick

you've got a main chick you got your

number one side chick I'm not saying

that you have to go all out but you got

to make sure you acknowledge her if you

don't if you don't at least make

contact with your side chick this shit

will blow dude she will blow up your

spot especially if she knows you got a

main chick and listen most side chicks

by the way they know you got a main

chick and by the way side chicks never

want to stay the side chicks they're

biting their time until they can find

someone better who will make her his man

chick or they can convince you to leave

your main chick and if you've got

airtight game you have given her the

impression that you may leave your main

chick to keep her around but you both

know you're never leaving your main

chick so to keep her from getting crazy

send her some listen give our balloon

send her some flowers whatever the case

may be you're not doing this because you

love her you're doing this to shutter

the fuck up and give her the impression

that you actually might like her outside

of sex fuck buddies and friends with

benefits they don't get anything except

for maybe the half-eaten box of

chocolates and that is the Donovan sharp

Valentine's Day gifting schedule Steve

your thoughts yeah I got a I got would

always tell guys a few things always

tell them that if you have a good woman

I always teach guys how to see a lot of

guys don't know if you're doing it right

Donovan you should be getting a phone

call tomorrow because your ex is

thinking about you today right and and I

got a little bit of game for them shaggy

telling you they crayons hey hey yeah

you get the Crown's reading right now

would always teach my clients a sub

Donovan is a way to not only have your

woman the center of attention but also

be wanted by other women envied by men

and it all happens when you ask for

dessert at dinner time all at that time

it's really I just give it to you real

quick let's do it I basically what's

happening right now all the women have

got all the presents already already got

all day like you were saying you hit it

on the head you got their chocolates and

their flowers and all their fucking

gifts already now if you are

motherfucking Donovan sharp yeah me or

man mindset motherfucking yeah I mean we

don't do things a little bit different

what I would say for that guys I would

get the balloons the chocolate and the

flowers okay and I would go to the

restaurant meter of the owner

find out who my waiter is meet my waiter

and tell my waiter look and when I asked

for dessert I want you to bring one item

out every five minutes so then that way

Donovan while everybody's in that packed

room because you know every restaurants

gonna be packed already have they

already had their shit earlier than the

daytime so when you ask for dessert what

do you think the reactions gonna be when

he comes out with the balloons it is

gonna be a let's gonna be a domino

effect all the guys we like tan why not

think about that all the women gonna be

like oh my god in the world and then

after that you the next five minutes

they bring out the chocolates and then

last but not least when they bring the

flowers out Donovan you stand up take

the flowers out his hand put it in put

the girl kissed on the cheek you sit

back and chill the fuck out and why that

works is because you get the call on the

15th Donovan is because most guys are

doing average shit nowadays and women

will always remember the best most

greatest time of their life and that's

why we get calls on at 15 starting

tomorrow from exes and shit that we used

to pluck whoo

dude that imma tell you what brah that

is that is rock solid game again I want

to reiterate see Valentine's Day and

Kyle Mitchell makes a very good point

here he says call it what it is it's

validation - yes valid it doesn't

valentine's day is validation day most

chicks don't deserve shit for

valentine's day guys most chicks lie

cheat and fuck other guys this is what

this is what most wives and girlfriends

do yet on February 14th of every year

Valentine's Day they expect this to be

sort of a Lifetime Achievement Award I

have been with you for six months two

years five years 12 years so by virtue

of me just being with you irregardless

of how I've been irregardless I thought

I've treated you

okay I deserve to be validated I deserve

something for Valentine's Day

unfortunately for most men they continue

to validate these women even though they

are not worthy of it

I got Devin what did I get Devin from

there I actually sent her something to

her office for Valentine's Day it didn't

get there because of a weather delay all

right big fucking deal she'll get it


or something else I got her for

Valentine's Day came today I got a

repair of stars and stripes heals rape

look at these motherfuckers she can

probably dude she's not wearing these

anywhere she's getting fucked in these

you want to know when she's gonna get

fucked in these on July 4th

Memorial Day Veterans Day all those red

white and blue all those red white and

blue barbecue holidays this is what

Devon is gonna be fucked and happy

Valentine's Day sweetie she ate that

also you know I'm actually thinking of

doing like a a Devon photo ever anyway

I'll have her wear the make women great

again you know what I'm gonna do I'm

gonna - I'm gonna tell you guys what it

is right now I just thought of this I'm

gonna have her wear the make women great

again hat backwards that I have she's

gonna be wearing these heels and a red

thong she's gonna be bending over make

women great again happy Valentine's Day

to the luscious Devon and oh by the way

1 2 3 these four items that you see here

plus red lipstick this is all Devon is

gonna be wearing when I fuck her tonight

yes those are yes absolutely so yeah

this is listen this is what Valentine's

Day is like when you're a man and it's a

shame that we have what we call a steak

and blowjob day I had no idea what steak

and blowjob day was until Devon told me

I was like what the fuck has taken

blowjob day well it's the answer to

Valentine's Day I'm like okay what what

do you talk about well what do you guys

want more than anything steak and


okay got it and women want validation so

Valentine's Day steak and blowjob day

well here's the problem I said well

that's confusing she said why well every

day a steak and blowjob day here at the

Sharpe family compound so what's the big


that's the way this should be you know

Donovan was weird is that it's

unfortunate a lot of guys don't even get

this you know every in January

Donald in January first we always

prepare our guys and the man mindset

that the week from the seventh to the

14th is the greatest week of the year

for any single guy it is when there when

the Sun the Moon the Stars lineup

because we what we try to tell our guys

to do is hit these single events

because these women are desperate

they're needy and they're more

aggressive because they want a Valentine

you know a lot of women out there buy

flowers and chocolates for themselves

they ordered a flower out yes and get it

right they would pretend like the

fucking man but when they go to no

single abyss that's happening even they

got some going on probably tonight these

bitches are thirsty and desperate and

very aggressive and this is why we

always tell guys you should be usually

but you know you're saying you good

diamond you got this a stake in the

blowjob okay motherfuckers ain't get no

ass they should be out there at these

events cleaning the fuck up because

these women are looking for somebody to

fuck and they are willing to go about

pass up their rules just to get a man

this whole week man

well again women are used to getting

what they don't deserve women are used

to getting favors gifts for no other

reason but that's their women this is

why when that when Valentine's Day comes

around and they don't have a Valentine's

Day - in a Valentine to validate them

this is why they go fucking crazy I'm

opening up the phone lines gentlemen I

want your best and worst Valentine's Day

stories okay I want the and I'm talking

about sim tales talk about how you went

all out for a girl past high school

because we all go all out in high school

or still kind of innocent then when

you're out of high school I want I want

to know the worst Valentine's Day store

I want to know about Valentine's Day

hookups I want to know about breakups

did you find out she cheated on you your

your best and worst Valentine's Day

stories nine one four two oh five five

three five six you guys are watching the

four hundred ninth edition of TSR live

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takes let's go back to the top of the

back to the top of the chat get a check

in here RP Mamba pops the cherry outcast

Druze get sloppy seconds unfortunately

Ryan Sullivan gets to fuck her in the


Luigi comes he gets to finish on her

face and get it all on camera so he's

getting that POV he's getting that POV

action going on Kyle Mitchell is

listening through the door

very good shoutout to BK from the

Rockies Winston wolf Jack bone Jack bone

says why no opening theme guys is he mad

at us

nah man when I'm on Google Hangouts I

have a Mac so I don't have I don't have

a Google hangout to plugin for obs

if I had a if I had a windows-based

computer I could have done it but it is

what it is

it is what it is a man CJ mutter is in

the house so wait senator says he

approves this message Kyle Mitchell made

the comment to the night listen to this

Steve he says Donovan is like the coke

dealer who takes his time to get back

with you I am hooked Donovan returned my

texts I need that good white bra I have

said listen I've sent I've sent that

text before yo where you at where you at

you've got me you got me I know exactly

how that goes

let's see chemey smoker Jimmy smoker

good to see you in here a little rock 2

5 1 7 Kevin E Banja shoutout to you let

me ask you something because a lot of

guys in the in the red pill community in

the red pill sector like to talk about

well if you get your woman something for

Valentine's Day that you are a beta you

are a cook and here and again this is

why I qualified this particular episode

why most women don't deserve shit for

Valentine's Day most women don't well

most women don't deserve to be validated

on validation day but there are women

out there and this is funny Steve how

many times have you heard women use the

standard okay you did this for me and

that for me and you do this but what

have you done for me lately right the

same standards should be held to women

okay so she's been a half-decent woman

for you but if she hasn't sucked your

dick in the last two weeks if she hasn't

cooked you a good meal in the last week

if all of a sudden she's acting a fool

then that's the standard what have you

done for me lately where do you think

guys go wrong Steve when they start what


lose their minds about what to get their

women for Valentine's Day well that

that's that's where they go wrong right

there what they get their woman again

they I keep trying to tell these

motherfuckers stop making it about these

fucking women stop stop making

everything about the goddamn woman make

it about you you set the standard

remember you trained everybody on how to

treat you so she should already know

that she should do four fucking things

right serve fuck you and shut the fuck

up and out in that maybe in that order

mix that shit up but that's does that'sa

standard here your ass needs to read up

when you get off of work whatever you

got to cook a fucking meal and I'm right

let me grab something frozen and pop

that shit the microwave you get your

betty crocker ass and that motherfucker

and cook a motherfucking meal if you

know i'm playing video games and i like

to have a nice little beer or my wine

there or not wine but your liquor

without a pump you drink she should have

that shit right next to you give you a

kiss take her ass in the goddamn room or

something I'm all about rewarding good

behavior and the problem with these guys

is that they are so afraid to lose the

woman that they reward bad behavior time

you know she ain't fuckin you she

running her fucking mouth she putting

your business on the street she trying

to tell you how to be a goddamn man and

what do you do you rewarded with

chocolates and flowers and shit that's

why I Donovan when it when most of these

guys girls come home they're like damn

honey you got more roses and not

expected why because all the mothers

yeah means and sit her shit at her

goddamn job and shit so I'm just saying

that these guys gotta study the problem

in our Donovan is making it about her

when you make it about yourself in the

beginning Donovan you're nothing to have

these problems cuz she knows that it's

based on your behavior just like a job

there it is if you do what you are

supposed to do submit serve fuck me and

look up know your place at the goddamn

table then guess what I will be happy to

reward you because you're showing me

good behavior deserve it you deserve it

at you

oh well you know where a lot of guys go

wrong right at the beginning of their

relationships and this does tie into

Valentine's Day

quite quite seamlessly guys always

wonder why is my girl out of pocket why

is my girl misbehaving why is it that

the more I do for her the more she

disrespects me it's because you didn't

set the precedent at the beginning of

the relationship okay you didn't make

clear to her through your actions that

good that good behavior is to be

rewarded and bad behavior is to be

punished punished guys this is this is

the difficult this is the challenging

part of having a good relationship you

must reward the good and punish the bad

consistently this doesn't mean you

reward her for every single little thing

she does right and actually I pointed

this out in a previous in a previous

episode you pray you reward her good

behavior between 60 and 70 maybe between

60 and 65 percent of the time because

you don't want her doing things strictly

to get rewarded because if that's the

case then if she doesn't want anything

she's not gonna do anything you

understand what I mean but you must

punish bad behavior 100% of the time

because if you don't she's gonna get out

of pocket well how this ties in to

Valentine's Day almost seamlessly is

that guys are literally rewarding their

women they it's almost as though

Valentine's Day Steve is the eraser it

doesn't matter what has happened the

last week the last fortnight the last

month the last six months soon as

Valentine's Day gets here it is an

understood agreement that you the man

will validate you the girlfriend here

again you regardless of what she's done

how if she's been a good woman if she's

gotten out of pocket no soon as

Valentine's Day gets here because I'm

your girl I deserve Valentine's Day and

and and again guys always wonder where

did I go wrong it starts in the

beginning and every Valentine's Day that

comes and you're getting her a bunch of

flowers and and chocolates and this and

that and the other and by the way never

get your woman chocolates for

Valentine's Day

that's definitely listen these are for

me Devon got actually Devon got me

Hershey's chocolate because I know she

knows I have a weakness

sugar got me this dude got me the

popcorn what's the really nice gourmet

popcorn got me a whole Valentine's Day

package with with the gourmet popcorn do

not buy your woman chocolates for

Valentine's Day don't do that but if

you're gonna reward your what if the

only time you should buy your woman

about any anything for Valentine's Day

she has to earn it if she hasn't earned


then fucking don't do it and if she

throws a fit right then guess what

she's she doesn't want to be with you

anyway well I broke up with Donovan why

he didn't get me anything for

Valentine's Day I can't believe it you

totally should have you totally should

have broken up with him dude if your

woman dumb if you're afraid of your

woman dumping you because you don't get

her anything for Valentine's Day that's

problem number one if she does dump you

for not getting it yet getting her

anything for Valentine's Day she's got a

fucking go she has to earn it guys she

doesn't get it because she's got a

vagina and a set of tits you're

absolutely right but they start said

Christmas but you're right a lot of a

lot of guys are off what the problem is

and this is what separates the men from

the regular guys these motherfuckers are

scared but a goddamn woman they're

scared to upset her and make her mad she

should already know she should be her

mother fucking ass you'd be thinking of

ways to please you and stay on the

roster hell yeah Murray but date but

they don't see their value in themselves

Donovan so what they do is they they

allow the disrespect they allow her to

talk in the old kind of way they allow

her to hit look a woman should talk this

way to you all the time right shit hey

when I ate if we have a problem

excuse me darling can we talk please for

a second I like to talk to you

yeah you gave my word Rock thank me I

wish your mother for the wood but that's

what I keep trying to tell these guys

they don't know the value of their last

name and that's why women get away with

this shit they get away with yes the

commercials the media the TV and stuff

are gonna push the agenda of taking care

of a bitch on Valentine's Day but

goddamn it when you do this shit right

you I'm telling you Donovan they will do

for you because you know weight everyday

is balance

they for me because guess what your

woman like mine I'm gonna go cook for

you damn right that every day's

Valentine's Day for us because she know

how to submit and serve and shut the

fuck up and whore plays at the table so

I don't just look to the 14th because

every day is Valentine's Day do you have

any special plans for Valentine's Day

I'm listen the only thing different the

only thing different about Valentine's

Day in here at the Sharpe family

compound is I make her wear red

everything and she gives me sweets

that's it

I'm a big deal about it okay so she was

gonna wear the clear stripper heels

tonight well guess what it's Valentine's

I'm gonna fuck her in these that's how

this works that's the only difference in

here here's something else again I know

we talked a lot about good behavior

versus bad behavior but while it is

important to know how to nip you know

female manipulation bad female behavior

in the bud it's it's it's it's it's

equally important to know the difference

between a woman a woman attempting to

manipulate you and a woman is exhibiting

good behavior remember you don't want

your woman doing things just to get

rewarded a selfless woman a woman

serving a man is its own reward right

because they they get the validation

they get the protection they get the

security they get all of the things that

come along with that but you have to

understand the difference between

manipulation and good behavior and the

difference between the two is that

manipulation is good behavior that

occurs close to the time when a woman

wants something so for example if all of

a sudden Sunday your wife sucks your

dick Tuesday

you know she lets you fuck her in the

ass you know yesterday she gave you a

world-class meal but guess what you're

gonna be all gung-ho for Valentine's Day

right that's manipulation if she or if

if you notice a change in your woman's

behavior before Valentine's Day before

her birthday before Christmas before a

holiday then that's manipulation good

behavior happens all the time Steven and

I'll and I'll tell you why if if you're

if your woman knows that she is good to

you and doing exactly what she needs to

do to hold it down as your girl with

regular sex cooking for you looking good

for you representing you well in public


new access to her phone staying the fuck

off social media guess what Steve she

doesn't feel the need to manipulate you

into doing something for her she doesn't

feel the need to manipulate you and to

buy it and spend $150 on Valentine's Day

gifts and then taking her out for a 300

ollar dinner no fuck that

she knows she's entitled to good

treatment from you because she's a good

woman to you this is again this is a

simple math now women who manipulate men

for Valentine's Day gifts money cash

trips iPhones flowers roses etc they

know that they are not doing what is

necessary to be a good woman women who

use manipulation tactics know that they

haven't built up enough equity with you

to simply ask you for what they want or

just wait for it to happen right you

know what I mean good women know hey

listen come Valentine's Day I know that

my guy is gonna take care of me right

but women who know women women who

resort to these manipulation tactics

deep down inside they know they're not a

good woman that's why they're trying to

that's where they're trying to con you

and to get in into you buying her roses

so so what do they do she dresses like a

slut she cooks your favorite meal or

whatever do whatever it is she thinks

she can do to manipulate you right once

she gets what she wants on Valentine's

Day Net trust me trust me a lot of guys

are happy tonight oh I'm in the best

relationship ever guess what when you

get up tomorrow when you get up tomorrow

she's gone she's gonna be the same man

she was that she was for the last week

and a half and oh by the way her and her

girlfriends are going to the club in

that new red dress that you bought her

and those new red heels that you bought

her and someone else is gonna fuck her

in those heels right women who are good

all the time they know that they have

the right to ask you for things they

know that they have the right to expect

things and they know that in order to

keep that privilege Steve they have to

continue to do what's necessary to feel

to feel entitled to good treatment from

you so many guys get this wrong and it

makes me sick you know it makes you sing

but you know what the reason you see the

thing is Donovan and this is the thing a

woman okay let's take a woman that's

treating another guy like a fucking act

like a

bitch night you know like you say all

that stuff you're saying just dizzy ease

of bitch in her eyes she's not gonna do

that to you because she knows she can't

do that to you so she's not even gonna

attempt to do it she may try to test you

deceive you a real thing there you go

authentic but after that she's gonna

realize all shit I bit that I've been to

gold and this shit ain't fool's gold

right the real thing goddamnit but what

I always tell these guys out here is

that as a young a young man or even if

you're right now every man should always

have a dog one time of his life because

you never know loyalty and I know you

have a dog and that is the realest shit

because that right now as we speak

my two rots all right in front of me

later you know guarding the door while

I'm talking right now they just right my

office chilling but what I'm saying is a

lot of men don't know loyalty or they

don't know what to look for Lord gee but

when women realize that these guys don't

know themselves Donovan when they when

they when they recognized the thirst

they they don't know what to do with

women and they don't know how to handle

women then women gotta take the reins

you know that's when they that's when

they again this is where becomes more


now again she can say well I'm gonna

leave you you shouldn't get it that way

but she's like you know what a weak male

can to have pussy dangled in his face

and he will do anything for it

but a real man you can't do that shit

your real man you can't dangle your

faces we ain't thinking about the pussy

cuz the pussy's already ours we thinking

about all you worthy of my time and your

behaviors are they worthy of my time a

lot of guys don't do this Donovan so

what happened is is is that these women

like you said you know tonight or all

their that's always how you doing your

back let me get her ass on that yeah

send you selfies and all that shit

what's tomorrow tomorrow go ahead how

would you do it are you lazy no-good

shit your mama ain't shit out of hand

and the worst part about a diamond

they'll be like Oh cable why you mad

what did I do wrong

I'm sorry John T Campbell says are those

shoes massive size tens for trans no no

no they certainly no they certainly or

not they're the closest to the camera so

they seen watch Abram outlaw cosines ray

and pgic what Ilana may gets you in a

second Abram outlaw says I truly think

that this lady at my job center sell

flowers to impress the ladies in the

office real shit man

real shit um oh soy boy this is the

comment of the night he says men think

that Valentine's Day is a window for a

woman to temporarily submit she should

already be submitted if your game is

tight there are zero perks for

Valentine's Day it's just like you said

Steve every day is Valentine's Day here

at the sharp actually every day is steak

and blowjob day here at the sharp family

compound like this is how this works

this is how this works all right let's

go to the phone lines here nine one four

two oh five five three five six I think

this is Ray and PG yeah you know goo man

I'm starting to get these numbers what's

going on ray hey doing them let's hear

him no you're good I got you okay call

me at the town and I spit I should at

least like $500 I'm talking about I had

the big big the big bouquet is the

champagne and everything man I was

talking to this girl from Pacific Island

and we were you know we were out but at

the end of the day you know I thought me

her was still cool I showed up to her

door was like everything at hand I

remember when I was walking up to the

door all the girls like her roommates

landed like right in front of my face

like on one of those TV shows and I was

just sitting there and I had to like

walk back to the car I felt that was

like one of the worst times of my life

man you sound playing long ball so why

does she do that

they had two dates in the o2i all they

had to they had me so there are two

other niggas in because because after me

and a girl stopped talking

like everybody just kept one-hit nitaac

witnessed I was like that I did I

Unleashed something with her did I do

nothing about because literally the

minute we stopped talking everybody was

like hey you know so so snowball girl I

was like dude she fucked him too is all

yeah you know like there she's like him

too but then it got real bad what she

want to do we literally called him wars


his name was Morris he's from Alabama

and he remind everybody he remind


so everybody's he reminded you of

Forrest Gump you something what you

started to do so everybody caught amours

girl once you smell with him goes to

done dude I wouldn't even want it back

even a group well they call it call a

master question was this before you

found out she was fucking all these guys

and you brought it at those gifts am i


oh afterwards okay but you say that

y'all were one ounce of my correct yeah

it was still up in the air because this

is why this is why you got a door

slammed in your face and she was sucking

at other guy's dick and this which is

tough Tuesday man I said man up in the

air as a man you know you gotta be on

point with all your shit BAM oh you

gotta know what is going on in your life

don't guess don't be like a woman or

don't be like them suckers out there

that guess things you need to know

things so then you can save your

motherfucking scrilla

and your money and I put all that shit

in that ancient bitch that's what I'm

saying to you let me ask you something

rain this obviously happened before you

found the red pill I would imagine right

yeah okay yeah listen Steve rain PvP

yeah this dude knows the deal but again

we all we all have our sim tails right

like we all have our sim tails but Jesus

Christ so let me get this straight

so you went over to this girl's house

right things were up in the air right

and you should at that point you should

now listen hindsight is twenty-twenty

should have known hey you know what you

know I should have done that but they

slammed the door in your face because

they had two other dudes in there

already tell me he would tell me the

story because she was from the islands

of Samoa right and she would tell me the


homegirl was she's talking about how

shoes to get bus all the time she's

always get tossed up I think that that

story was her and she tried to see my

reaction because she will always tell me

about this girl and I was in there after

I found out that she was running a slut

I was I think that was her she wanted to

see if I was gonna judge her or not but

yeah she was getting talked up nothing

right thanks for the call ray that

listen that one is the leader in the

clubhouse Steve yeah we have an

interesting question in the chat thanks

for calling in rayon PG Marcus says am I

the only one that feels bad when you

visit your side chick and she shows off

the gifts that her boyfriend slash simp

bought her whilst leading you to the

bedroom swear I'm gonna deal with this

tomorrow shake my head I'm gonna take

the first crack at this if you if you

feel bad that your side chick is getting

gifts from the simp of her boyfriend

okay then you need to back off because

what is beginning to happen is you're

starting to catch feelings for her and

if you're catching feelings for a side

chick that means you're spending too

much time with the side chick one of the

many rules that I have for side chicks

never fuck them more than twice a week

and dude honestly if you have a side

bitch dude fuck dude

twice a week at the very very most and

even then even then you're skating on

thin ice but what it sounds like to me

Marcus it sounds like you've been

fucking your side chick for too long it

sounds like you're fucking her more than

twice a week so you care like listen

dude like she's your side chick who

gives a fuck what her boyfriend gives to

do that listen I've had many side chicks

in my days right and I love it when

they're boyfriend when twin-twin their

sip ask boyfriends get him gifts or they

buy them food or they take him out on

dates because I'm the one getting fed

right i dude I don't give a fuck about

that stuff oh isn't this nice trying to

make me jealous I'm like yeah that looks

great she's like well when are you gonna

buy me some hits I'm not your boyfriend

now suck my dick you care too much at

this point Marcus right night 70 says do

nothing Marcus not worth it what are

your thoughts on that Steve yeah

smashing the side chick the problem I

have is that he's putting his emotions

or his feelings in

you got I mean III think that you guys

gotta learn how to separate the decide

bitch from your main shit and if you are

you if you're just fucking her fuck her

don't sit around there and cuddle don't

sit around and tell it to your your your

dreams and your aspirations no you put

your dick on her forehead you wipe it

off and you go you don't need to talk to

you about it only thing you need to talk

to you about Donald is wins the next

time you come over here and suck my dick

right when the next time I'm coming

there and bust your ass out and other

than that you keep that shit rolling

magnum opus yeah don't get caught up in

that side chick shit man cuz aside cuz

be done because the side sheets with H

what they try to do if they don't want

some sneak shit the side chicks want to

be the main girl yeah you got everywhere

the side chicks try to do is they try to

be like the main girl well you could

come talk to me and I'm here for you and

she doesn't do it is if she doesn't do

that so hey don't fall over that okey

doke man she's a side chick for reason


Jonty Campbell says don't treat her like

a girlfriend and again your mini miss

when it comes to side chick game man and

the think listen here's the thing dude

it is anybody there are a lot of guys

out here who have no game whatsoever

fucking multiple girls right but tip but

if you've ever noticed that the guy

fucking a lot of girls with no game his

life has chaos right the bitches all

know about each other they're slashing

tires there's baby mama drama

you know Keisha's pregnant again listen

there are a lot of guys out here who can

fuck a lot of bitches but the man with

game can fuck three bitches and they

don't know about each other right and

the reason they don't know about each

other is number one that's by design he

keeps it that way his game is tight and

number two he doesn't catch feelings for

these girls and the way you don't keep

catch feelings for these girls is

fucking them once a week and illicit I'm

not listen I'm not trying to get in

Marcus his ass here because the thing is

this we're human beings and the longer

you fuck someone the longer you have sex

with a human the longer you have sex

with a woman the more emotional it's

gonna become if you fuck her once a week

it's gonna take you a long time before

you start to catch feelings for her and

at that point you need to drop off but

if you're a fucking aside bits or fuck

buddy whatever the case may be

dude I've done this hundreds of time

dude up hundreds I've done

so many fucking times it's ridiculous

I'll be dating the girl and I'll have a

side chick right

and I'll dude I'll you know I'll fuck

the main chick five six times a week

right cuz she's always at my place where

I'm always at hers then I go over and

fuck the side chick two three times a


well the side chick always gives you

better pussy than the main chick a lot

of times especially if she knows she's

the side chick just like Steve said she

wants to be the main chick just she's

gonna do it all well guess what you're

gonna start like you're gonna like to

fuck her more and the more you like

fucking Earth the more you're gonna fuck

her the more you fuck her the more

likely it is that you'll catch feelings

you know Donovan I want to tell you this

now I wanna give you an example because

what happens when the side should you

say you act like you oh shit man I could

probably I feelings for her

let me give you an example how you got a

roll with your boys I'm used Arbonne as

an example

now Dava now boys and shit and I know

that if there's a woman in front of us

it's every man for himself

sorry no problem but how I'm thinking

how can I land this how we used to do it

back in the day how can I eliminate

Donovan for getting first dibs at this

bitch and I wanna know what I would do

and this is what we did man we would

train women like like football I'll be

like this dog I'm gonna a diamond I'll

give you my 9 in my six all the time you

know for your 5 in the Supplemental here

yep basically me explain what that is

he gets dibs at my 9 and my 6 that means

he'd go talk to her do whatever the fuck

you want and then his supplemental means

if Donovan are out on the street the

club at a bar and we notice a chick yep

cause I've got supplemental dibs I did

the first shot at dude hey Steve you try

to hit him with that you try to hit that

next level game I'm gonna take you one

level up great hey Steve and I are

homeboys right if we lived in the

painfully we're plugging to 3 girls

apiece yep Steve I'm like one of my

bitches is that a pocket man let me fuck

one of your bitches and when you need a

favor I'll let you fuck one of my

bitches dude me and my boys in Vegas we

used to trade bitches we citrate bitches

like video games yeah like when we

remember when we were swimming we're

moving a little steep we sit we used to

trade Nintendo games you know you let me

borrow Mega Man 2 I get to borrow

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this is

exactly how it works but again this is

this is that next level this is that

next level game shit let's go back to

the phone lines

area code 404 you're on live with

Donovan the Steve good eye sir Jim it's

validation day your boys been drinking a

little bit oh boy drugs come on with a

Kyle come on with it your boy was in a

17-year relationship and I had a bunch

of side pussy but I was never sure all

right oh my god it was only have to

prove I stand with you in 2008 Kinkos

Louise long huh

oh my god I'm alone validation day but

I'm going out tonight and I'm going to

fuck some hos and I just I just got to

be honest with y'all I'm drunk but I'm

still getting late at night hey Kyle

listen don't catch no feelings bro hey

hey listen don't let her sweetness and

go let her squeeze that pussy bro is

that a that's what gets you like you

know when you're hitting it you squeeze

that push you like oh oh shit I'm in

love there it is there it is let him

know something Kyle's hey stay safe

uber uber don't get your junk gas in a

car and wrap yourself around a telephone

pole man listen Kyle man he thought that

was a confession he said he fell in love

with he's fell in love with them hoes

man listen hos episode 361 why are hos

so easy to fall in love with man listen

I'm not gonna sit here in front like I

ain't felt I never felt fell in love

with a hoe I said fall of a hos all the

time man but you know you live and learn

right no yeah oh my god 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call area code 732 I saw you in the

queue and I think the call I think the

call dropped

I'm not I'm not sure what happened let's

go back to the let's go back to the chat

here anyway he said 31 says what's up

fellas and bitter feminist lurkers

spending tonight at home a lot spending

a spending tonight alone at home with

your cat and Netflix there are a lot of

bitches out there any bitch who says

that oh I hate valentines day right

these are bitches that are perpetually

single and if they're perpetually single

what does this mean it means they're

hoes right that's that that's that's

just how that goes Dennis in Denver this

is this is actually pretty good question


he says Donovan do you think it's a red

flag if a girl you are dating lives with

a male roommate she tells you they are

friends and have known each other for

ten years what do you think Steve uh you

know what uh let me tell you why I don't

have a problem with that because that

motherfucker was already smooth even a

fucked her the first few weeks he would

already if he had done I guess what they

wouldn't live together yeah they

wouldn't be living together right now

because she'd be all in love with his

ass and he'd be like nah bitch I want

Mooji I want me to fuck out my face so

no I listen don't be threatened by other

guys now understand this Dennis he is in

love with her he wants to be with her

but he doesn't know how and I'm me so

say this real quick this is how you can

use him to benefit oh here we go next

flip your crayons out got any crayon

the buckets check this out see the thing

is about salty motherfuckers that love

women pull afar they aren't gonna be mr.

salt or mr. uh fucking validation for

these birth either they gonna do two

things they either gonna tell her why

she shouldn't be with you or he's gonna

keep pressing the issue of why she

should be with him now Dennis don't give

a fuck about him don't even worry about

that shit

look there's Anna Dennis just father's

worried about you he's always gonna be

there because guess what she ain't gonna

be moving in your mom on crabs you gotta

live somewhere fuck that shit man

you keep your ass there with your little

you know your fruit booty ass friend if

you want to until you decide that she's

one a little bit more Dennis but until

then I'm gonna sweat that shit I don't

know what you got on em bro

Steve you are 100% correct here's what I

think uh who asked that question Dennis

here's the thing dude they've known each

other for ten years okay which means

that she which means that he's in the

friend zone

he wants to fuck her but he can't write

one thing that and I think a lot of guys

what the way they have to understand is

that girls who have men in the friend

zone they're very close very very

touchy-feely with them guys who are

friends owned by girls they get to see

him naked all the time

oh my dude listen my mind is going a

hundred miles an hour Dennis you have

nothing to worry about I'm gonna tell

you story I took a girl out on the first

date on a first meetup this was when I

was in Vegas we had a good time dude we

do we lit made out at the bar my hand

was in my hand was under her bra feeling

all her pussy all this other kind of

stuff I was like dude I know I'm gonna

fuck this girl tonight right so we pull

up and I'm getting ready to get out like

we pull up to her place I'm get ready

she's like no no you can't come inside

and I'm like well don't worry I'm gonna

wear a condom she's like no she kind of

laughed she's like no I mean you can't

come in I was like well why not she says

because you know why I was like so you

don't like what's going on like I want

to come inside you want me to come

inside she's like no she's like I don't

want you to think I'm a hobo blah I'm

like okay whatever we made out in the

car for a little while longer dude my

hands are all over her dude I'm

fingering her pussy she's moaning she's

groaning I can feel she's gonna know

like yeah I'm doing I'm going

this bitch so finally she says no no I

gotta go like she really wanted to fuck

me so she gets out of the car and she

walks a rat she gets out of my car she

walks around to to the driver side

window and she bends over Steve when she

bent over she covered her she she I can

fear did she cover herself a lot of guys

might think well why would she cover

herself as she wants to fuck you i'ma

tell you I because I'm a threat right

I'm a threat she knows if I see those

tips one more goddamn time I'm gonna

reach over I'm gonna drag her ass

through the window and I'm gonna make

her blow me that's exactly what she

wanted to do if you are a man in the

friend zone you get the dude she does

not mind being naked around you want to

know why because you're not a threat she

doesn't want to fuck you and she knows

you're not gonna try to fuck her so if

she's been friends with this guy for 10

years dude honestly he may have seen her

naked a hundred times straight up but

he's never fucked her and if he had they

would not be roommates because if a guy

fucks a girl and the shit goes sour

they're not gonna live together so no

Dennis in Denver you absolutely

positively have nothing to worry about

in fact that guy might actually help you

out he might actually take her off your

hands when you don't feel like dealing

with her that's my take same way just

you got a lot of guys don't you know

like I feel threatened by other guys

like that but remember I keep telling

you all guys look love them bitches as

much as you want to love yourself to

have much more you want to worry about

that bullshit Oh check this out hee hee

hee one up ok

he says Donovan if she has a root as she

has a male roommate and he will bringing

male friends over

is that a Concord imma let you go on

this one I already know it all right I

always tell you guys and this I I I'm

sorry I always tell you guys no always

show this right here though because this

is right here's my blue crepe for all

these motherfuckers out here I came up

with look yeah yeah is this pretty deep

and interesting but what I'm saying to

these guys are out here is this I don't

give a fuck what her roommate does and

how many dudes she bring over she better

act like she know she better act right

and if any guys are over there and she

opens she better bring her ass in the

fucking room and close that goddamn door

straight up because and again this is no

insecurity thing guys you have to

understand this when we are dating out

is Dennis dating her or they danger just

hide its culinary he's calling her his

girlfriend okay well if she's your

girlfriend Dennis then she is a

representation of your last name

that means this is how she is supposed

to behave when she is with Dennis I

don't give a fuck if his bucola too much

big flake Rockman monster the smoke

elzar unicorns all around her ass she

better act like she act like when I'm

around her and if I find out she don't

act like that way and we're gonna fall

back and she can't Nick and that'll be

it done but I'll play that shit again

not me

Oh play that shit he doesn't say their

boyfriend a girlfriend that was my

mistake he says that that he says that

that basically date ok ok they're dating

well ok they're dating then everything

is kind of up in the air then Donovan in

right now because you're you right now

y'all would I call sparring down I mean

they kind of like sparring she's kind of

filling you out to see if you know what

do you have the qualities of a man that

I need where I don't Donovan talk to the

other guys that come over here what is

he about is he about the standard is he

about his principles his narratives and

all this other stuff is he is he willing

to check my ass at the door if I get out

of line right that's what happens when

you date so I'm sorry I was saying it as

far as if they were in a relationship

right chemistry changes a little bit

right right yeah it does change yeah

when you're dating Danny dating the

relationship with two totally different

things that means she is open right now

she's got no the doors open whoever

could come in to show her whoever the

better man is basically at listen Steve

makes a very very good point the

chemistry changes when you go from just

dating to an official committed

relationship when you are dating the as

a red pill aware male there are many

things that you must observe there you

have to put her through her paces to

make sure that she's gonna make a

suitable girlfriend for you one such

trait wants such quality that she either

has or has to learn is not to put

herself in in in situations that could


infidelity ie hanging out with her

hanging out with her male roommates

friends right you don't know what goes

on when she's over there when when

they're over there right if you have a

girl if you're dating a girl who has a

male roommate and they bring over male

friends and she hangs out with those

male friends and tells you about it

later then guess what you don't give her

the status of girlfriend that is you're

gonna she's gonna stay up late she's

never gonna be

she's never gonna elevate to above the

fuck-buddy right

it's nothing personal right like well

why can't I be your girlfriend dude you

have a male roommate and it brings over

male friends well what the fuck you

don't trust me sweetheart

I don't trust anybody right here's

something else when you're in a

relationship and Steve's and Steve dude

you hit this out of the park

when you're in a relationship that

chemistry changes and you said when her

friends come over all right get her ass

in that room and he said this is not

being insecure I a hundred percent agree

and here's why I did an episode I

actually did an episode called the

difference between being territorial and

being insecure being insecure is being

reactive being territorial is proactive

and I'll use this example in insecure

man when his girlfriend calls him up and

says yeah my roommate my roommate is

going to have over you know you know

some guy named Kevin from a sales

department Dave who plays in a you know

in a garage band with him and another

guy named really I think he's a cocaine

dealer right being right being insecure

will be like what the fuck you better

get in your room no no no right he's

reacting to the situation being

territorial is being proactive and not

allowing her to put herself in that

situation in the first place oh wait I'm

sorry you've got a male roommate and he

brings him four male friends I'll tell

you what here's what's going to happen

okay and he brings over his male friends

you're gonna you're gonna come to my

place you get the fuck out of there

right why don't you trust me I don't

trust anybody so you're telling me that

if I don't come to your place when is

when his roommates come over then we

can't date anymore

I'm listening I'm not making ultimatums

I'm telling you what's going to happen

if your things happen I'm giving you a

choice you can either put yourself in a

position where you could violate my

trust or or not it's up

you if you do one or the other listen

for every sequence there's a consequence

right so listen if you listen more the

other one that you you're more than

welcome to stay over and hang out with

her but you're never going to be

elevated above a fuck money status

that's the difference between being

territorial and being insecure being

insecure is reactive being territorial

is proactive yeah you're right I I tell

you Donovan that it's that simple but

your ears the problem with a lot of

these guys they don't understand that

every phase that you go through with a

woman is a new set of rules that you

guys try to sit down and talk to her

about because sometimes see it with a

lot of guys do Donovan is they go from

just meeting a bitch and they go all the

way through everything and they don't

have any standards so they usually have

problems later on in the end well my

thing is this look either you gonna roll

with me when I let a if his name is Tuan

I'm like hey everybody anywhere peak and

he skip around the room that's cool and

all that shit but if his name is Donovan

sharp and that motherfucker's impact my

fuckin hey and you stay in there talking

to down the shark okay then you're just

going fucked Donovan I'm good

cuz I'm right no no we good we good

because you know what I'm trying to fuck

I've been trying to fuck that's why I

made we smell our own Donovan trying to

smash dancing then you got a choice look

that's cool but you ain't bring your A

game a game recognizes game that I mean

dimitri watt says quick question so I

have a girl just started talking to

another girl should I tell the side

piece that I have a chick lately she the

side piece has been acting like she

wants something serious Steve your

thoughts well I always tell you guys he

says he has a girl yet he's not a girl

and he started talking to he's got he's

got a sidepiece he's fucking her right

the game is obviously tight because now

the side piece wants to be the main

chick well you know he's got a girl so

he wants to know should I tell her I've

got a girl yeah she's just she's a side

piece for a reason no she you got it

look yeah that's your problem man when

you meet the bitch she need to know

where she is standing at where she is on

the Ross

and if you have a girl you need just let

it I know you got nothing to lose and

everything to gain I got somebody this

is my situation what you gonna do that's


look I'll hear you take your ass and go

on I find another bitch to replace you

you know like like when you're in the

store dollar when you take a little tags

and shit you know

well hey you gone next bitch up or you

gonna ride with me and get the benefits

of being with a motherfucker yeah me you

get the minute you get the benefit you

just don't get the title now that's your

choice you get to choose now but one

thing you ain't gonna be you ain't my

number one I got my number one you could

be my side look you can go out do

whatever the fuck you want to do but

when I'll come a-knockin you coming to

suck it and if you don't like it get

your ass so when I find someone else but

don't hold that shit because if you

don't tell her and you hold it back

that's when she fucks up your game

that's when she go tell the other woman

and all that other shit man you don't

want that mother I think I made do you

know this is interesting I think I think

I've made this mistake and listen I

might be able to learn something from

you this is normally the way I did it

and it interestingly enough it almost

always blew up in my face um I'd be I'd

be dating a chick like we'd be serious

boyfriend and girlfriend right and I

spark fucking somebody else what I would

do and and girls Steve

they are like girls recognized when a

man has options right she's like okay

I'm fucking this guy he fuck it makes me

squirrel all over the place you know

he's dude this guy's he's fucking smooth

he drives a really nice car he's got

this ridiculous apartment in Vegas I

know he's got to be fucking somebody

else but as long as I don't see it smell

it taste it hear about it I'm good in

other words most side chicks or Don't

Ask Don't Tell so if they never asked I

never told them so what are your

thoughts and again I'm asking you

honestly because I don't come the answer

to this what are your thoughts on guys

not telling their side chick that she is

indeed the side chick meaning that you

have a main chick if she doesn't ask

should you be proactive and say hey look

I got a girlfriend I'm just fucking or

should you just wait until she asks and

she's making her ass

see I don't want guys to play defense

dog let me tell you what I want to play

office because it is

what happens when you wit your girl and

this bridge coming knocking at your door

trying to surprise you well what happens

if you are at your job your girl pulling

out initiation come real quick

hold on Roble real quickly just so you

know I gotta try to save myself here

when you have a side chick and this is

all inside chick Commandments the ten

side chick Commandments never ever ever

tell your side chick where you live or

where you work because if he knows where

you hang your hat or where you swipe

your time card you are fuck shout out to

freelance runnin with the five dollar

contribution if she knows where you work

or where you live dude she could blow up

your spot at any time and what do we say

about side chicks before shout out to

Miami Jay with the five dollar

contribution and Eric Pineda with the

seven dollar contribution if she knows

side chicks don't want to be the side

chick they want to be the main chick and

if you're feeling some type of way and

they know where you work where you live

it's over with now

no no see nothing can't do a get you

cradle on out for this one man I'm

listening I'll get you crayons out now

if you want about guys who you guys I

didn't want to avoid this if y'all are

not strong enough to tell you tell your

side chick she's a side chick Uncle Dean

has got something for you okay

now it's gonna take you and a group of

your friends to do but if you do this

you're gonna be okay this is what we

used to do doll right Donovan we used to

do it see when I used to work for Toyota

I used to work for like that the

presidents of shit doing shit for them

so one day the one of the high execs

told me to go to like Costco or Sam's or

whatever and fill up his side apartment

with stuff and I'll a they say you got a

side apartment no shit here and then I

was like I call that my boy ain't the

merry guys you guys are in relationships

the mothers who didn't have girls

everybody and I say hey look this week I

gotta play this we're gonna do we gonna

get apartment and that has to be

submissive then happy cheap we all get

an apartment and we all gonna chip in we

gonna furnish that bitch we will for

everybody pay their share branches


you put them in the bathroom and if you

fucking will get your sheets out set

that shit I mean

Donavan then that way you don't have if

you were too afraid to tell your side

chick then you can start sitting the

side chick to the side a decide

apartment yeah me so a name then no one

you made of it you'll never had that

problem her coming up to your place cuz

she gonna think your apartment is your


hey straight up and when she and when

she comes to surprise you and one of

your homeboys answers the door should be

like oh you've got roommates alright

yeah that didn't but I never thought of

that shit here's the thing man this is


when I lived in Vegas dude the very

first job that I got was that a call

center and I lucked out because dude I

made a shitload of money at this place

there my supervisor at the time his name

his name was Eli dude coolest dude

coolest motherfucker I'd ever met my

life originally from Tijuana he you know

he you know he came to the country

illegally then got his papers and he's

fuckin living the dream right this guy's

making a hundred and fifty large 150

large a year sweet fucking gig here was

the lice problem he could not keep his

dick in his pants he was married okay

but he was fucking a girl on the sales

floor alright no problem no problem at


he started fucking another girl on the

sales floor they found out each other

about each other the wife found out

about find out about all of that it was

it was one big mess and they all ended

up fired but here's the thing I didn't

know what he was he asked me I'll never

forget he shot me taxies like Donovan

how much are the apartments where you

live at and I was living on some cheap

ring katika part I think it's being like

six seven dollars a month and I said

yeah yeah I pay $600 a month I was like

are things good between you and think

her name was Marisol things good between

you and Marysol is I go yeah yeah things

are great I'm like okay so like I mean

do you need some place to crash sheshe

keys I go no no no he's like I'm fucking

Holly and I'm like oh my god you


he never got the apartment Steve he

never did any good a fucking got that


yeah yeah Dom and I'm just saying to the

guys out there so you see DOM and

everybody came

ain't at the level to do the shit we do

Donovan so and I wanna it's me I don't

have a stomach for it right right what

are the balls to do they're just afraid

waited your phrase so do an apartment

thing is an easier way for you guys but

there are great benefits to that now

again at the end of the day I would

rather these guys be real with these

women tell them what the fuck the deal

is Donovan but not everybody can do that

so I would say for those guys you get

with your boys get that side apartment

make that the party spot make it the

fuck place make it a fuck Palace and

bring all the bitches there and you're

safe you remember the the 19 the early

nineteen nineties Cowboys yes mothers I

had to do like woven nude who was not it

Michael Irvin Nate Newton noon Deion

Sanders when he got there they were all

yo them niggas was all wiling out

fucking all these bitches they got some

little rinky-dink house it's brought

them over there and fuck this I know

that's all me yeah I'm Kyle midget of

the dunes my thing says the dudes in my

office are now watching the sharp

reality they are trippin about the show

hey man you better hope they did they

fit on a VPN don't you know this ship

will get you fired my guys down there in

the 305 in Miami on South Beach where

where Kyle Mitchell is that Kyle

Mitchell you know did the equivalent of

drunk texting but he gave us the

confession we're gonna go I'm gonna take

one last stroll through the chat and

then we're gonna bring this thing

getting to a close I can't believe we're

bein on the air for an hour and 15 this

unbelievable let me jump back up here

Winston wolf says I don't trust anybody

shut shit down absolutely absolutely

Marcus says dude spend multiple plates

and let the cream rise to the top by

themselves good women will find a way to

naturally shine through it through

without it being forced that's how it

works men if she's a good woman and a

lot of guys commit to women too soon

women are expert at putting on and guys

are good if it's two guys put on a front

to try to impress women women do it even

more what guys knew is the these girls

put on a front for two months and all of

a sudden oh my god I gotta marry I want

to move in I want to commit to her dude

it's only been two months

you need to put a woman through her

paces for no less than 12 months a woman

can fake the funk for a long time a

woman can't fake it for a year and if

she fakes it for a year then guess what

at that point she really that's who she

really is at that point she can't go

back to be in the to be in the basic ass

bum ass bitch that she was yeah not good

advice there no you know darling a lot a

lot of women decide she would try to put

these guys in a situation where they

were asking where we at where where do

we stand

well yeah where do you think we go in

and then eat guys don't even know what

the fuck to do is why I tell you get

your fucking Krauts out guys is when

you've got them tell these fucking women

I don't know you that well too right

tell you where the fuck we at right now

I'm good at what we are right now and

remember if you don't like it or you got

a problem with how things are then get

your ass on by that's a yodel

y'all don't understand how much power

you have when you could tell a woman

fucking no

and tell her to kick rocks they're not

used to motherfuckers doing that kind of

you're not a sermon I remember I was

fucking this one girl I was working with

and she had a boyfriend and I remember

we're laying there employs post-coital

bliss and she got all emotion oven what

are we doing I'm like more laying in bed

we're fucking like what the fuck do you

know you know what I mean no I don't

what don't know what you mean oh really

what are we doing here we are fucking

dude never listen man you can't go there

with a woman right you can't get are are

we gonna have this no like we're fucking

that's all this is is there something

more sweetheart we're fucking that is

literally all that we are doing it does

not and again you cannot you can't get

into her frame you just can't do it um

all right let's go let's well one last

phone call let's go but let's go to area

code seven to zero I think that isn't

Denver you're on live with Donovan and

Steve go ahead hey Dennis Dennis in

Denver Dennis what's going on brother

hey nothing much I appreciate for

anything my question yep about the

roommate okay so I've got another

question for you guys

what's doing currently dating this girl

currently dating this girl I've been on

three dates so far on the third date I

invited her over and we'll fold

we fold around but she didn't give up

her pussy and Valentine's came around

and I invited her for dinner you share

agree to the plan but when she asked hey

where are we going I said we're going to

my place I'm gonna cook we're gonna

drink wine we're gonna watch movies and

she replied she said I'm going to be

honest with you I'd rather go out

somewhere else I'm still getting to know

getting to know you and I feel like

going to your place for movies and a

wine gives you the wrong impression so

don where do you think I should take him

this place

I know roller has a like a three-date

strike rule yep rusted three or four

days to just let the girl go do you

think my response is she said hey maybe

out you should take me out to dinner so

a restroom and I said I'm not taking out

the Dillion to a restaurant so at this

point what do you think I should stay

kid should I let her go let me ask you a

couple of questions first let me ask you

a couple questions first I need you you

don't have to go into great detail but I

need you to tell me what happened on the

first three dates where did you take her

how long did the date at last did you

try to escalate first date I took her

out to a bar for drinks Gooden did not I

did not escalate second date we went ice

skating and then after that we had

drinks and I escalated we kissed and the

third day we went to play bowling and up

the ball wing and invited her over to my

place and we pulled around but she was

just arguing it resistance and I was

kind of taking back what she said listen

I'm so comfortable going to your place

when we already fold around so she's

kind of taking a step back right right

at bowling did you guys eat at bowling

or was it just bowling and drinks

bowling injury okay yeah she doesn't

want to fuck you she doesn't and the

reason I stayed this is because what

she's trying to do see this is why I

tell men never feed her before you fuck

her okay if you feed her before you fuck

her this set for the relationship you

reward me first for being a woman and

then I will reward

G with my womanhood you didn't now

here's the thing you didn't escalate

when you took her out to the bar okay we

took her out for drinks you're supposed

to escalate on the first date you gotta

check out my article why you should

always try to fuck her on the first date

okay if you don't try to fuck her on the

first date she might be scared that you

that you're that you don't want to fuck

her and I don't want to get into it the

second date you said it was ice skating

correct okay how much time was between

the first date in the second date about

a week okay your first date whereas what

day of the week was your first date on

Sunday was it with that listen this is a

big deal isn't this is listen you have

to tell me if it was Saturday or Sunday

you've got to remember was it a Saturday

night or Sunday night okay it was a

Sunday night so she had to work tomorrow

that's mistake number one your second

date was around what day so that was the

Saturday night okay so that's good that

was when you felt like you had escalate

that was the ice-skating date what was

your third date your bowling date was

what day was that on Sunday so that was

on it's Sunday so you've had to sit

here's the thing your first date and

your third date you made two mistakes on

the first date the first mistake you

made on the first date is that you took

her out on a Sunday night never ever

ever take a girl out on a first date

that is not Friday or Saturday night

okay because you can use the excuse well

I gotta work tomorrow or I got to take

care of my kid that was mistake number

one mistake number two on that first

date was that you didn't escalate and

part of the reason you might not have

escalated it is because you got to work

tomorrow right you got shit to do so

you're thinking all right well if I have

shit to do and she's got shit to do and

again you're not thinking about this

consciously you're thinking about that

subconsciously or you might have been

scared right so all right fine if you

didn't escalate on the first date you're

gonna have to understand you're fighting

an uphill battle the second day you took

her ice-skating the third date you took

her bowling so here's what's happening

Dennis is that each date is getting more

elaborate you took her for drinks that

was good okay that didn't work let me

take her ice cream that's more intimate

give her a little more attention okay


didn't work let's take her bowling so

what did you think she was going to

expect or demand on date number four of

Valentine's Day she expect few to keep

escalating what this woman is doing is

she is she is it she every with every

every time she doesn't sleep with you

she is increasing the cost of her pussy

and you keep wanting to pay it you

didn't fuck her on the first date after

the first couple drinks all right so you

so use now this is on you then you

escalated alright well that didn't work

let's see what happens if I spend more

let's see if let's see what happens if

we go on a more elaborate date you took

her ice-skating she still didn't fuck

you of course she didn't fuck you he

fooled around a bit that doesn't mean

she wanted to fuck you right the only

reason why she might have pulled around

with you just to keep you on for a third

date now she's trying to play the gambit

you're telling her listen come over

we're gonna cook well I don't want to

you know manage your expectations I've

been told that before right

that's the that's the problem she is

expecting you she's expecting you to do

a date better than bowling or ice

skating or the drinks and with and again

with each passing day she's gonna expect

more more and then she told you I want

you to take me out to dinner

Dennis she's gone charge it to the game

if she didn't listen dude if she didn't

fuck you after the second date she

doesn't want to fuck you I don't give a

frog at this point you really did did

somebody just said it you got to charge

the scroll to the game because what

she's doing is she keeps charging you

more for her company

Dennis she's a woman dude you're a man

it is her privilege to be out with you

that's how this goes right so the next

state take her to feed the ducks spend

less and less than less this is how this

works Steve what you got well it's gonna

be cutting Oh have you ever been to the

mall Dennis in the food court yeah okay

so you know where you go in the mall in

the food court they always have people

out in front of the restaurants with

samples of food right you see no saying

Dennis and you try the sample and if you

like it you know that you're gonna get

in line to buy the meal right then it's

I mean you see where I'm coming from

with that Dennis all right okay

well now I'm going to explain why all of

this is your fault it has nothing to do

with the bitch

and don't take it personally the second

part is this this tough Tuesday dog it's

tough to explain is and break it down

now I'm holding up I'm holdin up the

blueprint again let him hold up hold up

the blueprint again see there's level of

this Dennis because he's let me tell you

what you didn't do on what I call level

1 level 1 is there's a smile blush

laughs fake react okay that means

dinner's on your first day you gotta hit

at least four of those that's eighty

percent right there

eighty percent you gotta hit eighty

percent of that to move on to from

attraction where we try to pay attention

to attraction that's how we go see 80 to

100 attraction right there the problem

is Dennis let's start the beginning

right there right there

you worship women that's your number one

mistake because you worship women you

put women in front of you and because

you put women in front of you you were

always work walking on eggshells trying

to please her instead of having that

bitch try to please you so basically you

were so busy trying to tippy-toe around

that shit you never made her smile and

if you did that's good but you didn't

make her laugh

and you didn't make her think like

goddamnit I want to fuck this guy where

she will react but then it goes to level

to the level to this is where you get

the pussy because it goes smile blush

moan okay so you haven't even got here

this is why she took you out on dates

because you couldn't even hit four right

here you don't when you don't hit four

right here this is where you fall into

curiosity and attention that means

you'll hang out with you that means

you're going did a little bit of

friction going but she ain't gonna fuck

me like she would've done in the short

nope buzz Donovan shark puts himself


Donovan short not hits for when he's

with a woman he hits all five so when

you hit all five you move up to level

two level two girls the smile blush mom

think react so the problem is this big

dog and and please understand this is no

not me I'm just being honest with you

y'all guys y'all kissing game you're

eating pussy game you're making out and

your fucking game is so terrible like

that sample what you did

deniz big dog is you gave her a sample

of what it would be like to be with you

in the bedroom and that's what like guys

who understand the way you are outside

the bedroom is the same way she's gonna

see you in the bedroom Guinness and the

fact of the matter is you nut you didn't

leave the date you wasn't assertive and

you didn't show her that you were

transparent you didn't move her mind and

you didn't hit with impact and because

you didn't do that you never made her

blush you never made her giggle you

never made her think what it would be

like to sleep with you and then when you

had the second date you by that time

like done who was saying if you ain't

fucking by at least a second date you

might throw that shit you better throw

that motherfucker back in the goddamn

ocean and swim the fuck away because at

that point she knows that you know what

there's nothing special about you Dennis

and I'm not not me knocking I'm just

being honest with you there's nothing

special about you what she's thinking

you're just like all the other guys so

then you get to follow her rotation of

being able to be driven around you can

be her fucking chauffeur or shoulder to

cry on or the guy to take her out to eat

and shit like Donovan said you don't

take these bitches out the way you do

you show them how great it is to be with

you change the narrative your dentist

you lost this woman because of the fact

you couldn't make her smile think laughs

moan and react and you didn't get a

chance to make them do any of those

things like in level two dogs that make

any sense Dennis yeah I am go I didn't

okay yeah but but but listen you're a

hundred percent right the the the

chatters are actually coming in here

with some pretty strong knowledge number

one Dennis you're headed to the friend

zone okay and and again where you not

that you screwed the pooch on the first

date you took her for drinks which is a

great move yes

didn't but you didn't escalate right now

that doesn't kill you but you got to

understand that the next dude the next

time you're out you gotta escalate

here's the problem here's something else

that the chatters are saying you took

our ice skating ice skating is a

relationship date ice skating is

romantic its intimate right you don't

need anything that romantic or intimate

until after you have

doctor that's not to say that's not to

say that that how can I compare taking a

girl ice-skating I've gotten guys are

right I can't explain why that is a

relationship move right dude it take

you're on an adventure day take her to

go ride go-karts right take her to take

her bowling that was that was also that

was also a very good move but each date

was better than the last and what ended

up happening is that what ended up

happening is in like I said you screw it

you didn't screw the pooch on the first

one but she decided already at that

point and listen he said Saturday Sunday

and Sunday you're taking this girl out

every week so every week she doesn't

have a date she's like yeah you know

what I didn't get fucked on Friday or

Saturday man let's see what Dennis is up

to let's see if I can get said no no no

no no and the fact that she told you you

told her hey listen what we're gonna do

for Valentine's Day you're gonna come

you're gonna come over and we're gonna

cook and she told you nope that's too

intimate for me I'd rather go out in in

a less dangerous setting dude you listen

man you about the feeder so you could

fuck her nah man that's why she told you

no and guess what

had you taken her to Applebee's or

Outback or one of these crowded s

restaurants you're gonna spend an hour

to fucking half to wait to get a table

you still weren't going to fuck her this

would have been your fourth date number

one number two that fourth date was on a

weekday just because it's Valentine's

Day does not mean she ain't got to go to

work tomorrow dude that's it you got to

charge this one to the game that's it

that's all there is to it I wish if I

was Dennis I wish that bitch would have

pumped enough blood out of her heart to

go through her veins and muscles to form

a mouth that I did I'm not coming over

your crib after this day after I asked

her to straight up man this is where

Dennis went wrong see Dennis don't

understand that women are going to test

you all the time on sometimes she's

gonna say no to see how you're gonna

react and the fact that you gave in to

her saying well when would you say

dominate this is I don't want to do this

because it's too intimate what was the

wr-- it was excuse no see I don't want

you to get the wrong it's like I come

over there cuz I don't want you to get

the wrong I don't want to fuck you

because I don't want to fuck that was it

Donovan I think now good I think she

might have one fuck but she wanted to

see what kind of man he was

and when she says Oh understand is this

right but woman says that the Donovan

dime is like when they call me when

you're ready click hang up ring ring

ring callback well no I was just joking

with you Donovan when you want me come

over that does say dot but which all

guys do is y'all do not believe in your

fucking selves right you if I say dinner

at my place I'm not going to the movies

I'm not going to slay the Minotaur we're

never fucking play hopscotch or or

jumping jacks or all the other silly

shit y'all motherfuckers do but no if DD

boy says dinner then it's fucking dinner

and if you ain't gonna do dinner you

call my fucking ass when you ready to

come over until nin get the fuck on and

kick goddamn rocks but he didn't do that

Donovan no he did he didn't do that he

acquiesced to her so yes here's what

Venice should have said this this is

this is make or break right here well I

don't want to do I don't want to come to

your house because I'm because you know

I don't want you to get the wrong


why can't we go to Applebee's your

response Denis is you know what you can

listen you can do whatever you want I'm

gonna have dinner here at my place I'm

cooking dinner you're more than welcome

to join me that's what you do actually

pulled this with a chick I asked her to

go to the movies right and this was this

was this was a fuck but he kind of

forgot our fucking name but I remember I

shot her I got her number and I shot her

a text and I send we were texting back

and forth and finally I said hey let's

you know you know let's go to the movies

Friday night blah blah blah blah blah

she's like oh I can't do it on Friday I

feel like no she first agreed and then

the next day she tried to flake she's

like oh I feel like I'm gonna be sick on

Friday which is two days from now so can

we do it another time

I said well I'm going to the movies on

Friday night you know I said you can

either come or not if not we can just do

it another time

dude literally five minutes later she's

like you know what I think I can rally

fucked her that night you got a dude you

absolutely have to maintain your frame

do not limit

do not let women dictate to you it's

exactly what Steve said she may have

wanted to fuck him she

she may have wanted a fucking but when

she told him well I'm afraid of you know

you might get the wrong impression right

at that point you tell her all right

well I'm having dinner at my place if

you want to join that's fine if not

that's fine too

and you let the chips fall where they

may you can't have mr. women Donovan you

never tell the King how to be a fucking

king and that's these these guys as

problems the bottom line is this bitch

if you want to go to Applebee's call

that other suck-up go eat less grating

wheel yeah when you get done eating that

Applebee's and get their entrees and

that those riblets and all another

bullshit you call my motherfucking ass

up so we can fuck but other than that

take your motherfucking ass on now I

know that for a lot of guys that like oh

my god that's so mean man I I never

thought you should talk to women that

way no I'm telling them what the fucking

deal is you know you don't listen I'm

asking you to come on a date you ain't

gonna tell me what the fuck you to tell

me where the fuck I will take you out oh

look goddamned I'm not your boss man I'm

the mother fucking prize and if you want

to go to Applebee's and take your ass on

if you don't like what I'm saying

goodbye click and I promise you Donovan

he would have got a call a few minutes

later a Brady Donovan why are you such

an ass here it is yeah so so so come

over and find out um Danny Puccini this

is a very good question he says so this

is only for a chick that your intentions

are not to be in a relationship no did

your intention with every woman all

women it because when and if you end up

in a relationship with her you have set

listen you treat sight dude women that

you start having sex with you treat them

all the same you set the rules you lay

down the law because when and if you or

you happen to find yourself in a

relationship with one of these women

you've set the tone you set the tone

that you're the boss I'm not changing

plans you change plans for me very very

good question very simple notice it

sound crazy but the

you have a great relationship when you

do this is because you'll be able to do

something that you've never ever thought

you had the power to do and that's take

your dick off the table that's being

able to walk away and saying bye to the

bitch y'all don't understand how that

works but it starts in the beginning of

how you feel about yourself and what the

fuck you will and won't put up with

because I'll be goddamn every woman gets

treated the motherfucking same I don't

give a fuck who they are that's 1,000

when that dog shit bro let's go in

listen Steve it's been a pleasure

happy Valentine's Day yes sir

all you guys happy steak and blowjob day

I'm gonna have fun with these bad boys

again for those of you just joining us

this is this is part of Devin's

Valentine's Day gift another pair of

stars and stripes yields when we fuck on

red white and blue holidays Memorial Day

Labor Day fourth of July this is what

she is going to be wearing I don't know

maybe I'll make her wear like a Stars

and Stripes slingshot bikini with a make

women great again backwards head on I

might make you a photo send that over to

Anthony etc etc listen Steve I

appreciate you making time for us

tonight you guys can follow him you guys

can follow head and like him on Facebook

and Twitter just look for is the man

mindset and of course his website is the

man mindset calm any last word Steve no

I just want to say thank you DOM and I

appreciate it guys please man after you

get done listen to this

get your acid Oh single of bitch and get

your dick sucked tonight right up around

fucking around get that mother fucking

monkey meat god damn it but Donovan much

love to you man hey you two made that

real quick Jess look Dom it is guys see

y'all know Donna we dealt with Dobbins

well let me let me kind of break this

down real quick real quick all right

Donovan got heard those motherfuckers

because he's thinking five moves ahead

of the chessboard he party in July he's

already on the programming for the

mothers that we enough for it we have a

pepper major chilla dismembered his five

months I had it again

right now so y'all gonna play weird I'm

doing Donovan said himself well for five

months now doing something right now

that's how cold motherfucking sharp it

fuck with done is short and got damaged

after he's promoting yes sir sorry hey

listen when I do this when I do this

photo shoot with Devin which is gonna be

soon I think I might make those pictures

exclusive to the app I don't know we'll

see we'll see what happens

thanks again for joining Steve have a

good rest your day and I will talk to

you twice on Saturday and again next

Thursday men wear

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