Episode #256: Why Red Pill Men should stop caring the sexual needs of women



Conventional wisdom says that you have to please a woman in bed if you want to keep fucking her. The more you satisfy her needs between the sheets, the better the chances she’ll stick around. After all, a man who has the loyalty of a woman must mean he’s holding it down, at the very least, when it comes to sex right? 100% Wrong.



Believe it or not sex isn’t as important to women within the context of a relationship as it is to men. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important but in terms of where it ranks on a woman’s list of priorities when it comes to her man. But sex is much further down the list than most might think.

So long as he keeps her in line, demands her best, makes her feel attractive, protected, and increases her social status, great sex is just an added bonus as far as she’s concerned. His inability to make her squirt or shake is far from a deal breaker provided everything else is rock solid.

That said, men need to stop caring so much about a woman’s needs in bed and realize that not fucking her like a porn star is perfectly okay. Movies and television tell us that to keep a woman happy one of the eight million things we have to get perfectly right is to hit her G spot every time and be her best sex ever.

Fortunately for us, that statement is patently false and this afternoon at 4EST/1PST on DonovanSharpe.com I’m going to talk about why. I’ll put the link in the description. See you guys later today.

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if you take your girl to a club or a bar

you are asking for trouble if you don't

have a budget plan in place you're gonna

overspend every single time what the

hell are you spending 300 bucks on a

pair of sneakers for a great physique is

a game changer if you were drunk when he

fucks you it's still cheating and

awareness it's Tuesday May 15th 2018

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as as we keep going they got my second

YouTube channel guys my second YouTube

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tried to mass the name I got my third

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something like that so my my other

YouTube channel is gone that's another

reason I'm switching over to Vimeo

YouTube is at this point YouTube has

proven itself to be extraordinarily

volatile I cannot I cannot rely on

YouTube I can't rely on YouTube anymore

I just can't do it I can't put anything

I can't put any I can't make anything

available to the public via YouTube I

can't even do it through SoundCloud now

I got I got a I got an email from

SoundCloud that I've been getting

complaints about my content so so so I

had that slide to pull down you know

most of most of my most of my past

SoundCloud content so it looks like

there's an all-out assault on on yours

truly and listen I'm not worried about

it all that means is that I'm doing

something right

listen if nobody hates what you're doing

you're certainly not doing right dude

I've been banned from youtube twice I've

gotten two channels taken down I've been

on Facebook jail a number of times I've

got will so I got banned from Twitter I

lost 3000 followers on Twitter I'm back

on Twitter now but I mean this listen

this this is this is this is the red

pill life you know when you talk about

when you talk about hard

when you when you call women out for

their bad behavior people are gonna like

that so so fuck them all they're doing

is making my content more scarce and

unfortunately for the masses man the

only people who are gonna have access to

my content are people who have a few

bucks a month to spend so so so you know

listen feminists you know simps whatever

white knights you know they're really

fucking it up for everybody else but I

mean on the flip side the less people

that know red pill truth the better it

is for red pill guys the more the more

bitches we can fuck so so they got my

second YouTube channel I gentlemen I am

going to watch I'm sorry I'm gonna watch


I am going to attempt to do two spin

classes in one day I actually put this

up on Facebook and and an Instagram I am

going and my dog one of my dogs is going

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whatever the case may be spin class has

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in terms of in terms of in terms of my

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eight straight days I did a spin class

it was actually nine to the last ten

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mask you lion

my man DIY Captain Crunch 420 shout-out

to all you guys

angel Munez

mr. mink got your email today mr. mink

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Miami Jay wants to know is does Vimeo

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Captain Crunch 4/20 says interesting

slut tell never thought of that one

before my slut tell number 28 for those

of you guys who are not watching on


or donovan Starcom slut tall number 28

her pockets are longer than her shorts

alright so basically she wears really

short shorts and a lot of these sluts

out here you know walk around with with

their shorts are so short that their

pockets are longer than their shorts so

anytime you can see her ass cheeks you

know from the bottom of her shorts and

her pockets were longer than her shorts

definitely a slut definitely a slit

probably an anal slut to be honest with

you probably

I could probably probably come up with

an anal slut sell out of that for sure

the jack man says salute to Donovan

sharp and the fellow lions here in the

dead appreciate that

ooh Michael said the YouTube god O'Shea

- dude I hadn't heard about that um

actually I don't know like O'Shea listen

O'Shea and I talked a little earlier

today I don't know that they got his

other channels yet oh actually yes right

now he's right now he's got a couple of

community strikes so he can't stream

live so if that's what you're talking

about yeah yeah listen listen guys I'm

trying to get O'Shea to come over to

patreon full-time you know I'm over here

because I have to be I can't do it I

can't be anywhere near YouTube if

anybody named if anybody mentions the

name Donovan or sharp on YouTube they

come and they kill your family they

exile you to another freaking Island

it's absolutely crazy so I listen I'm

done with YouTube I'm switching over to

Vimeo yeah it's gonna cost me some money

to use it but Vimeo has some

unbelievable features the best of which

the two best features of Vimeo are going

to be a I can stream directly to my

website so again for those of you guys

joining us late I'm streaming directly

through my website on Vimeo this is

probably gonna be right around the end

of the month I'll probably make an

announcement I'll give an exact date

I'll make an announcement probably

probably you know maybe we can have for

two weeks but number one I can stream

directly to the website so you guys

don't have to jump through any hoops you

don't have to you don't have to download

any apps you don't have to have any

passwords email addresses no 4 o'clock

p.m. Eastern Standard Time 1 Pacific on

Donavan sharp calm I'll be streaming TSR

live right there on my website pull it

right up on your smart phone and watch

live on my website every weekday at 4

o'clock p.m. Eastern 1 p.m. Pacific so

that's the first thing the second thing

is is of course there is also a live

chat feature so you guys can interact

with me we out you know we can talk I

always pride myself on having one of the

one of the most intelligent audiences in

the manosphere

I listen I learn from you guys just as

much as you learn for me I think it's I

think it's a very good exchange very

good exchange

Jeffrey says what's up Donovan happy to

catch you live good to see you in here

masculine says women can post all of the

kill all men videos they want speak up

for men and it's banning yeah such is

the life of the red pillar totally agree

freelance Ronan says Donovan you will

always have my support yeah

freelance Ronan dude freelance Ronan

Miami J those guys are the those guys

are some of the some of the TSR oh geez

masculine definitely written for written

for the towers for a while

I definitely miss guys you guys remember

the old-school guys man Charles

merchants um you know beef rebellion

those guys you know hopefully we can get

it we can we can reach out oh oh she is

live right now oh shit are you serious

hold up man hold up hold the buck up if

O'Shea is live that is what the fuck is

up which means the brother pill is

definitely gonna be back in full effect

let me check this nigga only see what's

going to yeah there he is

I'll be goddamned alright so O'Shea's

listen O'Shea is back know she has lime

so I guess he won his appeal and and he

is gutless and I'm gonna send i'ma shoot

him a Facebook message i'ma ask him real

quick and we'll get started on

everything whose dick did you suck to

get your channel

back live Co she is better than he's

better at playing the YouTube game than

I am he knows the right way to appeal he

knows the right words to save me I don't

give a shit man like if they banned me

dude fuck him I mean honestly IRA at

this point I could not give less of a

shit all of my content is is 1,000%

backed up I haven't lost I dude I

haven't lost one sentence one megabyte

of content the TSR the TSR train is

definitely staying on the tracks for


so yeah shoutout to freelance is um yeah

okay excellent so so so O'Shea is back

online so there you go there's a small

victory for the manosphere

yeah to make him Peppa haven't seen him

here in a while we'll see what happens

but alright well let's go ahead and get

to today's topic

and again I'll keep my facebook live and

my Instagram crowd on here for for just

a few minutes give you guys a taste and

if you guys want to listen to the rest

of the show watch the rest of the show

head over to donovan sharp calm and

there you will find that link today the

256 edition of TSR live is why men

should stop caring about the sexual

needs of women oh my god Donovan you

mean don't give a shit about a woman's

needs a bed that's exactly what I'm

talking about

conventional wisdom gentlemen states

that you have to please a woman in bed

if you want to keep fucking her people

tell us everyone around us tells us that

the more you satisfy a woman and her

needs between the sheets the better

chances the better the better our

chances she'll stick around after all a

man who has the loyalty of a woman means

he must be holding it down at least in

the bed right that dick game must be on

point right 100% wrong believe it or not

gentlemen sex is not as important to

women within the context of a sexual

relationship as it is to men don't get

me wrong

sex is important to women but in terms

of where it ranks on a woman's list of

priorities as far as when it comes to

her man sex is much further down the

list for women than it is men really as

long as the man keeps her in line so

long as he demands her best makes her

feel attractive makes her feel protected

increases her social status great sex as

far as women are concerned is just an

added bonus

right his inability to make her squirt

or give her the silent shakes or give

her toe-curling

girl orgasms those are not deal-breakers

as a matter of fact that is as far from

a deal-breaker as it gets

provided everything else is rock-solid

now up here here's what I'm not saying

I'm not saying that you're that you can

be a fat ass living in your mom's


whose diet is Cheetos and Pepsi okay who

doesn't get up to work out whose

financial portfolio is all over the

place who's a broke nigga with with a

net worth of seven dollars and 64 cents

listen if that's the case guess what

your dick game better be on point listen

we all wait listen we always we always

bitch and complain about these bitches

out here fucking all these niggas Pookie

and Ray Ray who got eight baby mamas

they're walking their cat

the bus ain't got shit but a wife-beater

with a hole in it

ain't got two nickels to rub together

always bum the money off of people but

guess what they're steady fucking

bitches why because their dick game is

on point okay you're an a-plus at one

thing you'll fuck better-looking women

than a man who's a b-minus at everything

well they say it's the same with women

if your whole listen if you were holding

again if you're holding it down as her

man okay if you keep her a line if you

make sure you demand her best if you

know I had a handle er as a woman if you

don't let her get out of pocket if she

respects you guys great sex is just an

added bonus now all of that said men

need to stop caring so much about a

woman's needs in bed and realize that

fuckin are like a porn star is not

fucking her rather like a porn star it's

perfectly okay all right movies and

television and and the culture tells us

that to keep a woman happy one of the

eight million things we have to get

perfectly right every single time we got

a hitter g-spot every time we have to

hit those erogenous zones every time we

got a maker squirt we got to make her

shape we got to make her eyes roll to

the back of her head we got to make her

toes curl in order to keep a woman happy

and keep her around we got to give her

the best sex ever well fortunately for

us that statement is patently false and

I'm gonna give you guys the reasons you

should absolutely positively not give a

shit about a woman's needs in bed here's

the first reason it is needy and

supplicating guys I'm here to tell you I

stood be that guy nothing turns off a

woman like a man on looking up and

eating her pussy asking her am i doing

it right baby

am I eat your pussy all right other

statements like that dry up their

pussies okay

your other statements like was that good

or what can I do better guys women want

a man who takes charge in bed which

means not taking direction from her

about how to fuck her they don't want


asking what she likes or how she wants

it puts you in a submissive State and it

puts her in a dominant state why because

you're asking for orders and asking for

orders is a feminine

trait and feminine traits are not

attractive to women

period girls don't want to fuck feminine

men who were overly concerned about

whether or not she's enjoying his his

cunnilingus are eating her out okay they

want to be fucked by masculine men who

flip her over

smacks her ass pulls her hair and fucks

her the wake he wants to fuck her

without asking her a goddamn thing

bend over bitch I'm about to fuck you in

your ass okay that's what they do every

single time

don't get it twisted guys one that women

want this stuff trying too hard to

please your woman in bed get this guy's

it's like failing a shit test

she didn't deploy okay now some men out

there would disagree with this assertion

but here's the thing guys I'm selfish

this fucking bed I don't give a shit

about a woman's needs in bed and to be

quite honest with you I can't remember

the last time I licked the vagina I

can't remember the last time I ate pussy

and it has yet to cost me a woman women

respect sexually selfish men infinitely

more than sexually generous ones period

caring about a woman's needs in bed is

needy and absolutely supplicating

without a doubt fuck what she wants do

what you need XANA toast clutch is in

the house I did a show of zanatos on

O'Shea's channel I think it was last

week sometime and that was actually Xena

so if I'm not mistaken if I'm not

mistaken that's the video that dude that

video caught a community strike man we

caught a community strike for that video

the benefits of talking like a white boy

was unbelievable unbelievable good to

see Zanna toast collection here man

definitely good to see you in here

James James Martinez I spit see James

Martinez is that guy James of Martinez

right now is doing his best ETF 42

impersonation right so he is foreshadow

he's foot - look James Martinez is

fucking up the show

he's already telling everybody what's

coming he says a woman gets her pleasure

from you she is satisfied sexually if

you were satisfied sexually James Shh

quit with that we're gonna get to that

I'm explaining that in a minute nobody

listened to James

nobody listened to James he's fucking up

the show shout out to James Martinez

showing that Claire blant red pill truth

a la ETF 42 somebody get in contact with

that guy we got to get him back we got

to get him on the show all right guys

I'm going to say goodbye to my Instagram

and Facebook crowd if you guys want it

listen if you guys want to listen to the

rest of show you guys want to watch the

rest of the show go to donovan sharp com

go to donovan sharp calm the link is

right there hit the link it'll shoot you

right the crowd cast you guys to be able

to watch the rest of the show absolutely

live Donovan Sharpe calm my thanks to my

facebook crowd who is leaving who's

going bye-bye

my thanks to my Instagram crowd who is

also going bye-bye

very good oh wait a minute there we are

excellent okay so that's that I think

that I think that worked out pretty well

freelance run it says never ask the


command the woman I could not agree 100%

Miami J says choke her pull her hair

smack her ass

come on her and have her get you a towel

and a sammich she'll come back every

time dude I'm here to tell you I'm here

to tell you dude the worse you degrade

these bitches the dude the more they

want it dude dude I listen I told you

about a fucking a chick I was fucking

when I was in Vegas this girl wanted

dude this girl wanted me to absolutely

just degrade the shit out of her like

dude she wanted me that dude she wanted

me to ask fucker while choking her from

behind pulling her hair and like

whispering cruel things like you're a

fucking slut like you're like dude G oh

my god I used to tell her you're nothing

you're a piece of shit oh my god she

couldn't get enough she could not get

enough and some of them would say oh my

god I would never like that okay maybe

not but you would take that over the

supplication uterus to Dubai like that

that's a good name for it is uterus do

freelance run and says it may be ETF 42

in disguise I just got listen I just got

a goddamn I just got a message from

O'Shea says I pimped the appeal nigga

goddamn this nigga oh shit alright so

O'Shea like I said man O'Shea knows how

to play the game so much better than I


he listened he really does he really

does um

okay now he wants to know where I'm live

fuck now I got ass in this shit though

Shay there it is

alright so oh she might be coming to the


I guess he's I guess he's off of I guess

he's done with his live show Michael

says women get off on that shit more

than trying to more than you trying to

please them absolutely Michael listen

I'm telling you I could not I could not

agree more it is like that every single

time let's move to the next reason why


should stop caring about a woman's

sexual needs in bed it does nothing for

you as a man back to licking pussy guys

let's talk about that for a little bit

what's that doing for you

right it's certainly not keeping your

dick hard

unless you're stroking it the only thing

eating pussy gets you is a wet beard and

pubes in your teeth for those of you

guys who have beards neither of which

gets your dick hard which is her job and

hers alone and the guys listen prolonged

foreplay is the same thing it's the same

way now listen if that's your thing and

it gets you off okay and get you warmed

up then go for it right listen

some guys genuinely like eatin pussy

some guys like the prolonged foreplay

I'm not one of those guys but spending a

half an hour trying to find all of her

erogenous zones guys that's a waste of

your time especially if you're putting

in too much effort to do it

and guys listen putting in too much

effort between the sheets in order to

please her like I told you before number

one it is supplicating and approval

seeking now listen some men out there

and we got a lot of bullshitters out

here who like to do this something out

here like to proclaim how much they love

eating boy I love eating pussy I think I

saw this Facebook meme says and I'd like

a steak and bacon I'm like a hamburger

and then pussy

I could eat all four of these every day

nigga shut the fuck up you're just

saying that to impress women the fuck

outta there yes there are men out there

who genuinely get off on licking a

woman's vagina but guess what guys most

of us don't really like it it is simply

a means to an end most men think that in

order to get a blowjob you have to eat

the pussy so when a man says well I love

eating pussy what he's really saying is

I eat pussy so I can get head okay dude

i've been with dude I've been with my

girl now for dude probably go on aw dude

going on a year-and-a-half

I liked her pussy one time and I did it

because I lost a bet I'll never make

that bet again I don't like pussy men I

don't and guess what

she blows me every fucking time most men

out here think well in order to get a

blowjob I gotta eat the pussy wrong if a

woman is attracted enough to you she

will suck your dick whether you go down

south or not guys listen

females love sucking the cocks of men

they love and respect and those men

don't have to do anything to get head

but pull their dicks out they don't the

sittin off the Lincoln Eva Jenna for 15

minutes end but do that nonsense they

pulled their dick out

blowme and she fucking does what she's

got it and she does what the fuck she's

supposed to do guys listen and stop

listen to these bitches out here tell us

we have to give head to get head they

know damn well they've gone down on more

men than men have gone down on them fuck

those fucking bitches

number three as James Martinez so

eloquently pointed out the third reason

why men should stop caring about the

sexual needs of women is that her

satisfaction depends on his satisfaction

I'm gonna paint you guys two scenarios

here scenario number one man fucks a

woman makes her orgasm she squirts all

over the place she gets the shakes gives

her the best sex she has ever had but

she doesn't come more but he doesn't


okay here's scenario number two a man

fucks a woman she doesn't orgasm but he

blows multiple loads guys ten out of ten

women would choose the second scenario

what's the reason is because 99.9

percent of a woman's sexual satisfaction

is tied to her man satisfaction and she

knows it okay today's women talk all

this shit about men have to make him

squirt and give him great sex in order

to keep them interested but guys I'm

here to tell you nothing could be

further from the truth the fact is is

that she is on it the fact is that if

she is unable to bring a man to orgasm

okay that sexual encounter as far as

she's concerned is a failure she could

have the greatest sex on earth at the

end of it if the sheets are soaked and

her hair is messed up and her lipstick

is all smudged and she's feeling all

satisfied did you come and the guy says

well no she's gonna say god damn that

was great sex but he had come is he

really attracted to me if she's sucking

your dick and you can't stay hard she

takes it personally if you have to fuck

her for 45 minutes before you blow your

first load she's wondering what's wrong

with her if she thinks for one second

that you are not turned on her turned on

by her rather or have a strong sexual

attraction for her she's asking herself

what the fuck is wrong with me she's not

blaming it well you're gonna come the

fuck is wrong with you nigga nuh-uh huh

they internalized that they take that

personally now this has happened to me

more times than I can count and one girl

I was fucking even dude she even dropped

me she dropped me because she

think I was as hot for her as she was

for me and I'm actually gonna show you

the text conversation and for those of

you just watching listening I'll read

this too but those of you guys that are

watching pay close attention here again

so it's a girl named Michelle then I was

fucking and incidentally enough is the

last girl I have it's actually the last

time ever did cocaine so this was this

was quite a while back anyway so she

soon she tried to call me I didn't

answer because I was busy or whatever

she says hey

answer your phone We Need to Talk my

response was I'm busy what's up she says

to me quote I don't think we should see

each other anymore I like hanging out

and all but I don't feel like you're

attracted to me and of course I said the

question mark I'm not gonna be like well

why I'm just at a question mark listen

explain yourself okay then she asks well

what are you questioning and I said

listen I'm questioning attraction in

other words I don't fuck ugly chicks her

response was I know but you take so long

to come

it makes me think you are not super hot

for me or something.idk means I don't

know I just want to feel like you want

me really badly I ain't complaining

because a lot of guys are like to pump

chumps but you last almost too long and

I'm starting to think that it's because

you aren't hot for me I don't know so I

said okay no problem it's been fun

take care no big deal right like dude

most of time girls ghost on me whatever

she says okay good so you're not mad

then and of course I joke with I'm

bawling my eyes out like I'm crying my

eyes out she responds with an lol then

she then she then she says again listen

I don't want to make you think I didn't

like hanging out with you

she continues she says like I love to

sex but if I come three or four times

and you haven't after fucking for that

long it just makes me think that you're

not hot for me it's weird I know but I

want to feel lusted after and you don't

make me feel that way you know so I said

okay that makes sense well take care

then of course she you know thanks for

understanding miss you

you know kissy-face if you're ever you

know what the restaurant she worked at

I'll hook you up put this and that any

other and that was that was about the

size of it guys okay

Michele loved the sex that we had

together she acknowledged it

I made her orgasm all the time and for

the record she was a silent shaker and

sometimes she would apologize she was

weird like I'd be fucking her TV like oh

I'm sorry I'm sorry didn't last long I'm

like she she'd be like I'm so sorry I'm

like dude like you don't have to last

long if listen if I bust a nut the sex

is over if you orgasm that doesn't end

anything and I'll get to that in a

minute too

but because I took too long to blow my

first load she took it to mean that my

attraction to her wasn't as strong as

she needed it to me okay I gave her

great sex but because my stamina gave

her a complex it made her feel

unattractive and because of that she

ended our arrangement now if I were

busting loads all over the place while

she failed to orgasm I might listen I

might have been fucking her for a lot

longer the bottom line here guys is that

women are definitely more concerned with

her man satisfaction than her own so

there's no need stressing out about

whether or not you're doing it right and

guys listen even I feel he might fall

victim to this sometimes right like dude

a couple of weeks ago I was telling my

girl listen I'd like to last a little

bit longer

I'd like to last a little bit longer so

that you know so that you can get a

little bit more out of sex and she said

Donovan that's not necessary she says as

long as you're happy I'm happy

right and a people would say well

Donovan why would you wanna do it listen

my girl does a lot for me man I mean the

least I can do is I don't know maybe

give her the silent shakes I don't know

just listen she's not the type as far as

I know she's not really the type of girl

who orgasms at least not with me

right so I allowed myself to care just a

little bit and she said look good well

look I'm gonna keep it real with you she

kept the real she's a red pill aware

woman she says look man you can make me

cum all you want to but if you aren't

happy if you're not satisfied the world

stops she says do what you need to do I

don't care

you fucked me just fine I like pleasing

you this is the kind of women this is

the kind of woman we should all aspire

to have

going back to the chat mr. mink says

that's what they say I'd never do that

meanwhile watch what they do not what

they say oh dude yeah of course of

course dude dude I flex so many girls

who say well I'm not sleeping with you

tonight 35 minutes later my dicks in her

ass freelancer it says eating pussy also

puts the nose close too close to her ass


zennith dose clutch says if she needs

for longed-for play I'll stick to lickin

on some tits right and what I like to do

dude is I like to leave hickey on a

bitch's tits like here's the way to mark

your territory if you just start fucking

a girl dude

leave a hickey on her tit right should

be a lunch she'll be a little shit

listen now some girls are just epic

sluts sometimes listen I've had girls

come oh dude I've had girls come over

and fuck and this and that any other

they've got hickeys and marks all over

the place right that doesn't happen too

often but it has happened dude mark up

your girl do leave bruises on her legs

leave hickeys on her tits right leave

marks dude leave marks on her throat

right so when she's thinking about going

to fuck you know whoever else oh wait a

minute I'm gonna wait till this hickey

goes away oh you know what

Donovan's Texan again means we'll go

ahead and fuck him he knows he made

these marks just just look just a little

pro game tip word to the wise there guys

Michael asks Donovan do you think this

is any different when it comes to black

women versus other race of women no this

is absolutely no different black women

are exactly the same way but again guys

it's the right kind of men in I guess I

should have prefaced all this with why

red pill aware men should stop caring

about the sexual needs of women because

here's the thing if you're a beta male

if you're a low-value male if you're

supplicating if you put the pussy on a

pedestal well of course she's gonna of

course she's gonna tighten the screw so

you don't fuck me good enough and I

don't orgasm blah blah well that's

because your frame isn't tight that's

because your game isn't tight that's

because she's done in line but dude if

you're a fucking alpha dude if you're a

fucking five percenter if your value

aside if you keep her ass in line dude

she's not complaining as long as you do

it as long as you're fucking her it just

means you're not fucking anybody else

doesn't Matt dude you could last for

three minutes or thirty minutes she does

not give a shit so long as you're

fucking her and nobody else she

conceives herself man this is the worst

sex ever but you want to know something

he blows 18 loads I'm good so no white

women black women

dude Mexicans do have fucked every race

of woman except for Indians or Asians

they're all the same they all like rough

sex that if you've game and Framus type

they could not give less of a shit about

their satisfaction I'm here to tell you

I listen I used to be that supplicating

guy I listen I used to be and girls used

to complain all the goddamn time guess


as I became read pull aware it didn't

complain anymore

I'm checking my phone here guys because

I'm trying to

trying to get into trying to get in the

spin class here

damn so I was a little late signing up

for tonight's spin class and so

tonight's spin class at 6 o'clock is

booked solid but I put myself on the

waiting list and

I put myself on the waiting list

all right


excellent excellent so yeah I put myself

on the waiting list so you know

hopefully somebody boughs out of the of

the six o'clock spin class

the Tuesday and Thursday night classes

they always fill up quickly I don't I

don't really I don't really know why I

don't really know why that is but but

yeah you know such as life you know

can't be on time all the time

that's how it goes

excellent stream today freelance Ronan

says leave handprints on her ass yes yes

yes yes that dude abso-fucking-lutely

dude oh my god

again the chick that absolutely wanted

me to just treat her like absolute dajin

dude I remember one time dude I just

fucked this girl doggy style for like a

half an hour dude i dude i smacked her

ass so many fucking times two days later

like this her ass the sight of her ass

was all black and blue

it was unbelievable she never said owl

not even once and dude I was dude I was

striking the squirrel with all my mic

she could not dude this girl was

sadistic and dude you could tell she was

an absolute super slut dude she liked it

this bitch like that dude she liked it

so rough I was almost uncomfortable with

doing this I was like goddamn I'm glad

I'm recording this shit like I always

had to get that verbal confirmation do

you like that she'd be like yes would be

like okay that keeps me away from a rape

conviction then another five or ten

minutes would go by as I can't wait a

minute wait a minute if they're

listening to this they're gonna need

another they're gonna need another voice

marker like that's how that's how god

what's uncomfortable

alright let's move right along here the

last and final reason why men read pilla

where men should stop caring about the

sexual needs of women is biology the

biological purpose of life gentlemen is

procreation a woman becoming pregnant is

of course contingent upon male

ejaculation hey guys listen we've all

heard theories you know on increasing

the odds of pregnancy like doing it

doggy style doing it standing up deep

missionary all that stuff but one that

seems to be making the rounds as of late

is female orgasms right in other words

the world at large is telling us that a

woman having an orgasm increases the

chance of pregnancy now my instincts

tells me that this was complete and

utter bullshit to design to make men yet

more supplicating during sex whether or

not this is true I don't know I'm not a

scientist so I'm not certain as to

whether or not there's any truth to that

to this statement but I do know this no

sperm no baby guys a female can squirt

and shake all night long but if a man

doesn't blow his load in her she ain't

getting pregnant and that's all there is

to it

if I'll put it to you this way guys a

female orgasm were requirement for

pregnancy most of us probably wouldn't

be here another reason biology dictates

that we not care about a woman's sexual

satisfaction is that pregnancy for women

validates her sexual allure okay just

like a rock-hard dick in her mouth

during a blowjob is continuous

validation and certification of her

desirability and his arousal a baby in

her stomach is the same thing a pregnant

woman okay a woman that is pregnant with

a baby is proof that she was sexually

attractive enough for a man to fuck her

enough to get her pregnant and women

loves us okay yes listen guys there's no

doubt about it

motherhood and the opportunity to

nurture and take care of her offspring

contributes to that motherly glow that

she has on her face during that magical

nine month period but make no mistake

about the fact that in the back of her

mind she knows that when people see her

stomach they know that a man lusted

after her enough to raw dog her enough

times to put a baby in her okay and at

the end of the day if Mother Nature

doesn't give a shit about a woman's

needs in bed then neither should you

now I want you guys to keep in mind that

I'm not telling men to go out of their

way to make sex unenjoyable for women


listen doing that takes probably takes

as much effort if not if not more than

giving too many shits about her

satisfaction but making it your mission

to be her best sexual partner ever guys

that is dude that is you're running a

fool's errand it's never gonna happen

you're never gonna be the biggest you're

never gonna be the best same what's my

girl man I don't got the biggest dick my

girl's ever taken I know I'm not the

best might my girls ever take it has

ever had as far as sex is concerned I

don't care doesn't matter to me okay now

while you're down there slurping away

and her pussy she's thinking why is he

trying so hard why see trying so hard to

please me all I did was take off my

clothes and suck his dick for a few

minutes I wish he'd hurry up so I can

suck his dick right then after a while

she'll lose the urge to deep throat your

cock because you're acting like a

supplicating bitch boy who's indirectly

placing her value above yours guys Plus

no matter what you do to please a woman

she always wants more she starts

complaining about what you are or our

doing or both guys it's not worth it

okay be selfish in bed do what you want

and pay no attention to her needs right

listen I stated before the paying no

attention to what she wants or requests

has never cost me a woman ever think

about that guys if you are the most

selfless lover in the world if you are

the most generous lover in the world

you're gonna get cheated are you gonna

get left but niggas who are selfishness

fucking bed suck my dick bitch take my

cock in the ass bitch shut the fuck up

bitch to take my cock dude those bitches

aren't going anywhere this is what women

like stop caring about her needs in bed

Miami Jay says scientifically female

orgasm is designed to lubricate nothing

more complete bullshit yeah I mean yeah

that that's just how it is Oh female

worry if you want to have a baby she's

gotta orgasm - bitch shut the fuck up

and bend over my own orgasm and shit

don't wait a minute I just got here we

go here we go at the fun controls

oh this is too funny that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR live with

donovan sharp hopefully hopefully I can

get to a spin class tonight hopefully

somebody gives up their spot

hopefully somebody is a no-show so I can

slide in there if not it doesn't matter

like I said tomorrow I am going to do

two spin classes in one day that's right

to count on two spin classes tomorrow

I've got one at 9:30 in the morning and

then another and then another one at six

o'clock again for those of you guys who

just joined TSR live has moved up by

half an hour I'm going to start weekdays

at 4 o'clock p.m. 1 o'clock p.m. Pacific

on Donavan sharp calm and again gonna be

making some changes here I'm only gonna

be using crowdcast for another couple of

weeks three weeks at the very most I'm

gonna be switching over to Vimeo which

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stream this live to crowdcast I might

just actually I might just actually put

the put the put the live embed link on

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gonna be a lot cleaner thanks for

watching guys thanks for watching today

you guys I'll talk to you in 23 hours


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