Why the fuck are Men afraid of women?? with Steve The Dean (Episode 405)

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again that's nine one four two oh five

five three five six and let me just make

sure that we're okay we're on the right

channel I was like dude what the hell is

going on with this my guest this evening

is none other than the man the myth the

legend Steve Steve the Dean Williams and

Steve the the show topic tonight is why

the fuck so many men are afraid of women

now this is kind of it's not similar but

a lot of men will make the argument the

same argument I had Kevin Samuels on

last week and we were talking about why

so many why so many grown men are living

with their mothers and a lot of guys

were like well you know it's expensive

you have to be making XYZ amount of

money per year to live by yourself which

was all complete bullshit you don't need

to be making 65 70 grand a year to live

by yourself well people say people will

make the excuses that men are afraid of

women because of hashtag me to false

rape accusations false domestic violence

accusations I've been a victim of of

almost being falsely accused of domestic

violence luckily

me I had my phone I recorded the ensuing

conversation after she got off the phone

with 9-1-1 they detained her on her if

they arrested her I'd never talked to

her again but Steve why do you think men

are so afraid of women and why do you

think they continue to make excuses as

to why they are well they never have me

on I mean it cop it in the car but in

the the reason why they have the issues

and the problems it's not the me to

because a lot of these guys can't even

get to the me to point of talking to a

woman the truth of the matter is again

it has nothing to do with the woman and

always I believe it has everything to do

with the guy but it's really deep

because if you look at guys today

Donovan you've got you got the guy that

walks out his door kicking himself in

the ass telling himself he's bad you've

got the guy that can't approach the

woman so he's afraid because he doesn't

know how to talk to the woman right then

you got the guy who can approach a woman

but when he gets to her he doesn't know

what to say so he's afraid because if he

said something wrong go Fe's don't feel

like a fool then you guys a guy that

could do that and then you know transfer

information but he don't know what to

say to her face-to-face or on a date on

the telephone things like that let me

hurry long then it goes to the guy that

don't know how to do the date and last

but not least at the end of the day what

all of them have in common is and this

is gonna sound crazy but it's real they

don't know how to fuck they don't know

how to eat pussy they don't know how to

talk to the pussy they look they think

what they see on porn is fucking here

but they they they don't have what I

call see they think confidence is the

end all be all but I teach people

there's this thing called sexual

confidence that these guys don't have or

and again they don't know how to kiss

they don't know I talk yakking or ear to

make a play yourself over there yes they

don't have to smack her ass they don't

have to put her in a place so because

they're afraid and because of the lack

of knowledge

they always got to walk with eggs

because of the lack of skills they have

sir listen I dude I could not agree I

could not agree more I absolutely

positively could not agree more there is

a big difference between real confidence

and sexual confidence listen and you got

to have both yes you can have all the

sexual confidence in the world if you

can't if you're not confident enough to

approach and talk to women you're never

gonna get a chance to fucker dude you

could have a 13 inch snake right you

could be I don't know whatever black

pornstars in emails keying anaconda or

whatever the case may be because what if

you don't have the gift of gab if you're

afraid to talk to women then you're not

going to get a chance to fuck her by the

same token if you don't have sexual

confidence you're gonna be afraid to

talk to women anyway because oh my god

what if I'm successful what if she

actually wants to fuck me and I've said

this before and I'll say it again never

I don't pay attention to a woman's needs

in bed I stopped doing that a long time

ago I don't give a fuck dude now listen

different people at different opinions

about eating pussy some guys like to eat

pussy I don't so I don't the point is is

that there are many many reasons why men

are I guess I think men now are

inherently afraid of women and I and I

believe that that's because of the

culture but going back to what you said

there's a difference between confidence

and sexual confidence and I think a lot

of guys listen a lot of guys like if you

lack confidence and sexual confidence

Steve you're not talking to Eddie you're

not talking to people who even look like

females well you know what Donovan's a

few more things and then that was I mean

I'm just hitting them all a lot of guys

don't know how to make women smile get

lot of guys are not to make women blush

a lot of guys know how to make women

laugh a lot of guys don't make hey women

think a lot of guys don't even notice

and this goes back to the sexual

conference they see they are a one-trick


they don't know that there's two sides

of the spectrum as far as sexual

confidence goes they don't know about

their nasty side they're freaky kinky

naughty and dirty side they don't know

about their Siddiq their seductive

sexual romantic and sensual side see

anything they just one thing but they

don't know they are made up of so many

things they don't know those things so

what happens is when they meet a woman

because of the lack of knowledge or the

bad notes because a lot of guys are

looking for the answers okay yes

go to you they go to me but here's the

worst part about it we're giving them

fresh milk but with these guys will do

is they will go to other people who

don't know about women who don't know

about the pussy between their ears who

don't know how to talk yet so what

they'll try to do is they'll try to take

all these little pieces and put them

together then they get more frustrated

so it is really deep when it comes to

this Donovan listen you just said

something that made my ears perk up a

pussy between her ears explain to my

audience what that is

okay the pussy between our ears is

basically this when I meet a woman

I'm never going see most guys think

women have one pussy and that's the one

between their legs and that's the one

they buy drinks for they buy dinners for

they fight over their friends for it

wars have been started over that thing

between their legs what I have been

taught from my mentor is I learn how to

go after the pussy between our ears

because that has access to everything it

is being able to being able to paint a

picture in our mind that taps into her

emotional and sexual mindset where I go

in I'm not trying to fuck you because

I've already I'm going to fuck you

when I text you right now for each

inclusion right it's a foregone

conclusion but a lot of guys don't know

that because a lot of guys again I don't

want to say because I don't want people

to say well you're black and only black

people have the mouthpiece and all this

uh stuff know it yet or say yak or

whatever your mouthpiece you know well

yeah you know what I mean let me say for

those that that feel like we we are

different because we're black and we're

smooth and all this other stuff this is

any race any color Donavan turn it's

just knowing yourself number one Donovan

knows Donovan Sharpe know better than

anybody else but Donovan's shot with

separates down the shop from everybody


his Donovan shop can present himself to

a woman in a way where ear ad where he

is the one that's on the throne where

she has got to prove herself to Donovan

she's got to work hard too for your time

and for for your your time your

dick and your mouthpiece she's got to

work for that but a lot of guys can't

connect that dot B go listen I'm gonna

make a I'm gonna make a sports analogy

that explains the the appearance of the

difference between black men and white

men as far as game are concerned yes it

appears that black men are smoother and

they're more debonair and they've got

more game and to an extent that's true

now part of that reason is because we're

black men right black men are and in my

estimation white guys are at the top of

the sexual totem pole black men are

black men are second and the gap is

definitely is definitely closing maybe

that's a little bit of bias on my part

but if any black man wants to sleep with

non black women you gotta have tighter

game because all things being equal most

girls prefer white guys even bland women

that's one reason so yes and listen

blackulas black men will always

acknowledge hey listen we have to work

twice as hard to get half as far okay

that's fine but then you can't turn

around and admit the same thing about

women like women listen white girls

aren't just gonna pull down their pants

just because you're a nigga and you walk

up and say what's up doesn't work that

one I mean I'm not do it unless you're

Russell Westbrook unless you're a

professional athlete something like that

let me make a sports analogy in terms of

the main difference between between

black men and everyone else and this

isn't to say that black men have better

game or more game it's just a different

game and I'm gonna explain the

difference at the beginning of Super

Bowl xlviii okay this is the Broncos and

the Seahawks okay it was readily

apparent from the very start that the

Seahawks were going to vote race the

Broncos and the and I remember the one

play it was in the first quarter I knew

it was over Peyton Manning drops back to

pass Demaryius Thomas goes over the

middle Peyton Manning hits Demaryius

Thomas over the middle out of nowhere

here comes the pterodactyl himself kam

chancellor Wow not dude knocks Demaryius

Thomas in tune into the next Super Bowl

right then and there I knew the Seahawks

were faster they were better they were

stronger they were better prepared they

played with more urgency you understand

what I mean and a lot of people think

that a sense of urgency means thirst no

no Alan Roger curry talks about this a

lot especially with mode 1 he and I had

a week he and I had a disagreement and

when and after the

agreement we kind of talked about it off

the air and on the phone and it it made

perfect sense it's listen man

he said mode one doesn't work the mode

one can work for everybody but there are

certain situations where mode one is the

most effective such as if you are in

another city listen I don't have time

for games I'm not gonna wine dine in 69

you I'm here in Las Vegas or Miami or LA

for you know for two nights okay I'm

trying to fuck if you're trying to fuck

cool let's do it that's a sense of

urgency when you have a sense of urgency

your senses are heightened right all of

a sudden now you're running that

airtight mode one game this is what

black men are known for we don't like to

bullshit around yes we'll do the

indirect approach hey what's your name

blah blah blah blah seven and a half

minutes in I'm already telling you to

give me your number because this is this

is just how we roll dude we go all in

that I think is one of the main

differences between you know the black

man's game so to speak and everyone else

but that doesn't net but but just

because you aren't black doesn't mean

you can't run the same style of game you

can't be afraid to talk to girls because

you don't look like me or you don't look

like Steve it doesn't work that way but

you know what Donovan

I always tell guys who aren't black

there is a white smooth motherfucker

that you we see all the time James Bond

don't like smooth as hell hey that that

that white motherfucking guy is so

smooth he just walked up to the bitches

and be like my name is bond Jerry -

that's it that's it she already knows

much more bit more black asses and

niggas she knows that he can fuck see

the thing is and this goes back to the

fear Donovan we always talk about

there's two great fears and a lot of

guys is the fear of failure that's the

one a lot of guys have the majority but

I would say that there was no a high

percentage but the majority of these

guys have the fear of success

yeah because and their problem is this

if I get her if she starts talking to me

what am I gonna say that guy if I get

her information what am I gonna say to

her if I go on a date what am I gonna do

if she comes over when do I touch her in

how do I touch her in and why do I make

this move so what they do

they say themselves you know what

instead of stressing myself out I rather

just stay home stay on the sidelines or

make up an excuse brother I totally

agree you guys are listening to the 450

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special guest Steve the Dean Williams

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you guys definitely definitely need to

check this out here is another reason

why and I'm not gonna plagiarize I'm

gonna give you credit for this here's

another reason why people or men are

afraid of women men are afraid to talk

to women it's porn porn and in porn is

equivalent to romantic comedies okay

porn for men is akin to romantic

comedies to women that's not real life

guys if anything pornography is a more

accurate and healthy portrayal of a

healthy relationship than romantic

comedies romantic comedies are all about

feelings and all this other listen john

cusack hugh jackman they're not walking

through that door any more than you know

pick up you know pick up you know a

10-inch dick porn star men who watch

porn and this is the one of the reasons

what this is one of the many reasons why

I tell guys listen man if you're gonna

masturbate masturbate to your space you

shouldn't masturbate anyway but listen I

know guys got to do it so fine but if

you're gonna masturbate due to the spank

bank if you watch porn on a regular

basis Steve you're watching these dudes

with these huge dicks fucking these

little 90 pound girls who are acting

like they're having the time of their

lives and it gives them a complex right

so when you walk up on a pretty girl

you're like ooh I don't have a yes I

don't have it I don't have a nine and a

half inch dick I don't really this goes

back to that sexual confidence I think

that porn is a big reason why men are

afraid of women you know and I'm gonna

make you chuckle on this because you're

here you're right but the first time I

tell you wrong

tell you wrong you don't chuckle and be

like oh yes Steve you're right Donovan

is right what he's saying about the porn

you're a thousand percent right but

where I disagree with Donovan he's about

to laugh is this and this is what y'all

guys understand you see in porn

they have categories of what the women

do right the of all different categories

okay right and what these guys

understand is the keyword and it always

will be is man yes you see a woman will

do those things that you see in porn but

she won't do it to the average guy who

doesn't know what he's doing

she will do it to the Donovan Sharps of

the world because the thing about the

dynamesh artists of the world is this

one thing that they will do see if they

finally get a woman and she's like well

you know I like they validate I want to

use handcuffs or I want to dress up like

a schoolgirl I want you to dress up in a

bunny out for the will to fuck right the

first thing the regular guys are going

to do is like judge them why would you

dress that way well you know just judge

them and shame them and not doing it now

the dollar resource of the world

we embrace their sexuality right we

embrace their dirty this which then

makes them do every to emulate

everything that you see in porn or we as

men are capable of getting that but well

let me say to meet that but let me baby

make this be clear now okay this is not

where Donovan Sharpe walks up to a woman

and says how you doing my name is

Donovan Sharpe the porn music comes on

and she starts sucking his dick doesn't

work that way now it might work

sometimes or not all the time well we're

saying is this as sex starts when you

first meet that's why I always tell guys

Donovan when I meet a woman I'm shaking

her hand because I want to make contact

with right most guys are just you know

keeping that friendzone gap that's right

I want to make sexual contact winner I

want to have my conversation sexually

the never be filthy but it could be for


Mantic dirty whatever I want when I text

her the same thing hey sexy how you

doing I am NOT here to waste my time nor

you've done we don't waste our time but

the fact that we do that makes women

want to peel back the curtain and they

are then willing and open enough to do

the stuff you see in porn but it doesn't

just happen but it's a process I didn't

even go to long but no no listen by all

means be long-winded here's a here is a

here is a next-level game tip I actually

spoke about this when I had Jonathan for

modern life dating and what Steve says

is hyper hyper important you want to

make you want to make physical

skin-to-skin contact with a woman so

that she gets used to being touched by

you you have something on your face

what's on your mouth we I mean you know

those who have been in the game for a

little while they know about those

techniques here are two here are two

other techniques especially especially

if you're out for drinks or if you

happen to be out on I didn't listen just

because you're fucking a girl doesn't

mean you stop flirting or Thor when you

take her out right so here's what you do

if you're out for drinks here's what you

do you bite you guys both get your

drinks she's got a vodka coke you've got

a whiskey sour right you'll reach over

you grab her drink you take a drink um

that's actually not bad here try mine

she tries yeah yeah not bad

you both go back to drinking your drinks

guess what she knows that's you you have

now drink from her glass and she has

drink from yours you guys have exchanged

bodily fluids that's listen that might

sound like it's no big deal but there's

something very very powerful about a

woman drinking after you about you

drinking after a woman if a woman does

not want to fuck you this is a very good

indicator on the first date that she is

thinking about sex if she doesn't allow

you to drink after her or if she doesn't

let or she doesn't drink after you

there's a pretty damn good chance that

she's probably not trying to fuck you

that night right that doesn't mean she

won't okay but if she doesn't allow you

to exchange bodily fit if a woman

doesn't want to drink after you what

makes you think you're gonna kiss her

here's another way let's say you're out

on a dinner date with a girl you take

her hey how's that taste you grab her

fork dip it in there that's actually

pretty good here try my same spoon boom

you're swapping bodily fluids so again

it's chase Ruby this has got a

break that boundary absolutely so men

are afraid to touch women women men are

Froyo huts when it's unbelievable don't

I don't understand now I'm gonna take

what you said to another level ain't

even ready for this shit but get it


all right night see like you say she

orders her drain you order yours you're

right you know you take a sip of hers

and then she takes a sip of yours but

the smooth motherfucker at that point

he's gonna be like you know what you

know what that really tasted good but I

want to know how it tastes on you and

I'll lean in for the kill I'm saying oh

that's what I'm saying that's that

that's the stuff they will do things for

but see a lot of these guys don't know

how to make the necessary moves because

they choose not to learn women and

understand that women are different they

think every woman is the same okay

Donovan and that is their biggest

mistake because if we had a woman in a

red dress a white dress in a blue dress

which one's a slut who's the whore who's

a good girl you don't know a dress well

yeah everybody I'm just saying you don't

know but what I'm saying is is that

because maybe the woman in the red dress

just like a slut is a good girl who's

just trying to be a slut you don't know

right we don't know until you talk to

them enough to get them calm to let to

let their defences down and realize that

you're not the creepy guy or the

inexperienced one this one I always want

to say see the thing is is what these

guys understand is I always call it

sexually safe okay basically at this if

I say it Donovan if I said Donovan come

visit me in Texas and you got on the

plane and you looked in the cockpit you

see three blind motherfuckers with a

stick touching the testing the air the

Dupre's buttons and shit you ain't gonna

get on that airplane you're no fucking I

ain't trying to die but if you got on

that plane look at the couch with her

like break it break it to 5/9 you know

we had enough fun in five nights you

don't like to get a job you got a shit

date you just hit the word when you

always see what these guys understand is

it's not when you over your mouth


it's the way you approach and look

because it tells them the story yes

because if you look at a woman and you

look away she knows you're scary right

if you look at a woman you keep staring

at her or if you like something and you

don't go after a Donovan she knows that

you are real quick things

let me show me an example no you're

right listen I know exactly where you're

going right on point go ahead you got it

where you guys go to the club you don't

understand that you are being judged as

soon as you walk through that door as

soon as you walk through that door

you're going to do one of three things

that one the guy that goes to the bar is

the guy that needs liquid courage to get

a woman the guy that goes to the

bathroom is always nervous the guy that

goes on the wall is the creepy guy they

already know you before you walk in

there based off of your behaviors but

you know what

Donovan sharp walking that motherfucker

with me we talked to the first group of

beautiful fucking women we see because

we ain't here to bullshit these wins

right and that's what gives us value me

go to LA but listen listen go as long as

you want

young pz says quote hell no I'll never

drink behind a woman on the first date

you trippin brah is that right see young

peace has just let go hold on hold on

hold on listen I get first dibs right so

young PZ what have us believe that he

would never drink after a woman on a

first date so I guess you're not trying

to kiss her on a first date either like

what exactly is the difference between

kissing a woman and drinking after woman

see this right here this guy young PZ

has just told us two things number one

he's probably fucked exactly two women

in his life one of what she's probably

related to right and number two he's

afraid of women right oh I've never to

go after her on a first date

you're a meathead guy you would have us

believe that you were so picky and

selective about women that you would

never drink after a woman on on on a

first date

listen you're you're full of shit your

life of course you would drink after

woman on the first day if you would kiss

her and if you wouldn't drink up for a

woman on a first date thing you're not

gonna kiss her which means you're not

gonna fuck her you're afraid of women

nice try

this this is what shows and this is why

I hope young peas you can understand if

Donovan and I can sense the weakness in

you think how fast a woman's senses you

and you big dog by the statement that

you made because regardless if you're

drinking her after her or kissing her

you are exchanging bodily fluids period

so if you're telling me you won't drink

after her then you're telling me you

won't kiss her and the fact that you sat

there and see the thing with a lot of

you guys we all lose is that you think

you know it all and you know nothing at

all and that's why you lose that is the

most asinine weak spineless excuse my

language bitch has come and I've ever

heard out of a motherfucker Tom how I'm

not gonna drink out to a motherfucking

woman matter of fact you're you're right

he's not gonna drink after a woman you

want to know why Donovan he's never

gonna get a woman you ain't you can't

drink out the bitch if you can't get a

mother fuck a bitch I don't want to hear

that shit listen man we get guys in here

like that all the time right well I'll

never do this for a Mon I'll never do

that would limit the guys full of shit

he he wants us to believe it he would

never drink after a woman on a first

date what he's trying to convey is that

he is so old for picky he's so selective

he has such aretaking knew I would never

drink after a woman on a first date

nigga you stupid bra like come on like

honestly do you really think we're that

stupid you wouldn't drink after a woman

on the first date but you'd lick and you

know what this I bet you that's the kind

of guy the kind of guy that eats ass

right oh man I love to eat the booty but

I'll never drink after a woman on the

first date no no not here I ain't having

that let me go back to the let me go up

to let me go scroll through the comments

section here real quick just to give

some shoutouts rob cruz pops the cherry

Lorenzo Davis gets sloppy seconds JC

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we do this every show Steve welcome

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Khaleel mac and an injury prone Aaron

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Aaron Rodgers Thaddeus Scott is in the


here we are smart rm1 says Donovan or

Steve what is your favorite response if

a woman you approach says she has a

boyfriend well my favorite responses

well he's not invited well okay my thing

to see what a lot of you guys don't

understand this might be a long-winded

one here okay this is a little bit of

gang 101 for you guys see that thing I

always ask you guys is this why do you

think single women wear wedding rings

well why do you think women tell you

they have boyfriends because which all

guys understand is women out there love

to fuck and women that are married women

that are relationships love for what to

have one-night stands and the reason

they sometimes say they have a boyfriend

and the reason they sometimes say or

they have a wedding ring is because they

want to separate the guys who want

commitment from the guys who just want

the one-night stand now for me and I

always teach my clients if she says she

has a boyfriend to me I always go after

to nose because the first note to me is

the test you tell me you have a

boyfriend you're mayor whatever you know

what here's my number whenever you want

to have fun whenever you want to get

away from it all

whenever you want to have a good time

whenever you want to call it text

whenever you want to laugh whenever you

want to blush whenever you want to think

I'd lay it all out hey here's my number

this is a willy wonka gold ticket you

can't stand in you good to go

then if she says no the second time

Donovan then you know what I'm not gonna

push it get you know Big O that's it

that's what this is I'll actually like

in this particular situation to to ship

testing and customers a lot and I've

been in many many sales jobs and a lot

of times I've had all have customers

come in to a mattress shop or you know

I'll use a mattress as an example the

highest the most expensive mattress I

ever sold what's called the silver

dreams okay was it was a it was called

the silt it was called the silver dream

is made by Stearns and Foster who is the

a luxury brand of Sealy so Toyota is so

Lexus IS to Toyota Stearns and Foster is

to see Lee and

way I went through the whole thing I

said hey what's going on how you doing

blah blah blah blah blah and at the end

of the death at the end you know they

asked me well how much is it right not

these people but just people this is

12,000 this is 12 999 $13,000 oh that's

a pretty good price

wait what you don't have any other

questions about the mattress you don't

meet you almond ask me how many coils

are you don't want to try to negotiate

price well the reason why those

particular customers don't have a

problem with the price is because they

don't have the money right you can walk

on to a Lamborghini dealership I don't

have 2.3 million dollars to buy a

Koenigsegg Agera all right how much is

this how much is this how much is this

Aston Martin

four million four million dollar so

that's a great price I don't have four

million dollars of course it's gonna be

a great price the point is that

customers don't protect what they don't

have if you if you tell a customer a

price and they fight back on it a little

bit it means two things they have the

money and they want the product so if

you're talking to a girl okay

and she doesn't push back and she

doesn't say hey I've got a boyfriend or

I don't take black guys or I don't date

tall guys or you seem like a player if

she doesn't push back she's not

attracted to you and she doesn't want

you to be there in the first or she

doesn't want you to be there sexually

man I talked to this girl and I got her

number everything was great really how'd

it go oh dude she didn't push back and

everything my game was tight then you

wonder why she doesn't call you back

well she puts you in the friend zone

what man where did I go wrong you went

wrong because you assumed that because

she did the shit test you because she

said because she didn't tell you she had

a boyfriend because she didn't shit test

you that she was feeling your game women

only shit test you if they are attracted

to you that's the bottom line

no that's a dime and that's the whole

point about it they got to see what kind

of guy you are because there's so many

gars so many guys and women like men and

male I mean male men excuse me males in

men outfits right so many guys out here

trying to portray their man they talk to

yak like their man yep but then when

they get around a bitch they buckle so

she's seeking just a woman came fuck

every dick out there now she of course

you can yes she can she's a whore

whenever yummy trust me right she came

from every guy said she's got to be

quote-unquote what they call selective

she's got to be selective in who she

mates with the

here's a thing too many you

motherfuckers are creepy insecure needy

fucking cupcaking

helicopter handcuffing these bitches and

they don't like that shit man well not

only that women have a lot more at stake

when it comes to sex not all of the if

they're on birth control and it's absent

birth control women women still can get

pregnant number one number two sex is

far more emotional for women no matter

no matter how much they want to deny it

and number three eggs are expensive

sperm is cheap so women by virtue of

their biology has to be more selective

if for no other reason but that there

are women this this is just how this

goes but a lot of guys what a lot of men

fail to understand is that if a woman

doesn't push back she's not interested

guys are looking for that lay down sale

okay they're looking for a girl who's

not gonna push back a girl girl who's

just gonna humor them and just let him

talk to him for a half an hour no no it

doesn't work that way

it doesn't work that way at all shout

out to Blaster aka what was his name in

this his name is uh his name is blaster

he comes in under another name he's in

love with stormy Daniels I still have no

idea why she's a porn star who is way

past her prime but hey these are he's

our he's our resident stormy Daniels

he's all resident stormy Daniels right

there's another reason why men are

afraid of women

this is younger men inherently afraid of


single mothers okay men are men are

afraid of women because a single mom is

what they it's what they equate to these

strong woman a lot of times it's the

strong black woman okay single mothers

don't raise productive adults this is

just all there is to it single mothers

try to put the fear of God in their sons

to try to make them respect women and if

single mothers scare their kids scare

their sons right don't talk to girls

like this you're gonna respect me I'm

the mom that's not any other when he

gets out into the real world and guess

what he's not I mean he's not really

gonna do it hey Johnny hold on Johnny

Calhoun shut the fuck up

steve is like that goddamn uber driver

you dumb fuck get the fuck out

here and I hate niggas like this man get

the fuck out of here you fucking faggot

that's what I said faggot you fucking

faggot this shit is going dude this

shit's going to patreon anyway fuck you

man get the fuck out of here

niggas imma tell you what Steve this is

so funny you catch a lot of heat from a

lot of guys right and the reason why you

catch so much heat is because they they

can't really find anything else to get

you on they're sitting here waiting for

that one little thing Oh Steve's an uber

driver not oh my god it's

un-fuckin'-believable you don't know

what the fuck steve is up to me you know

what I know what you're up to

because you and I had a conversation

about this probably maybe that half an

hour you it pays a lot better than a

goddamn uber driver yeah there's a lot

of caves in that one if you know I mean

my superior get the fuck out of here you

fucking faggot what do you say hey okay

go and suck your father's fucking dick

fucking faggot man I'm tired now I swear

to god I'm tired of these bitch-ass

trolls man get the fuck out of here

whoo oh oh dear that reaction yeah

they're goddamn right come at you the

fury of a thousand fucking sons you

fucking fat faggot fuck get the fuck out

of here man see see the thing is is that

a lot of these guys don't know what's

going on man hey hold on

you look easy don't you fuck it you know

what young PZ give me a fucking call I

already put the goddamn number there

nine one two all five five thirty five

six you fucking faggot I'll open up the

fucking phone line Jake call by fucking

air your pussy ass out fuck you man I

can't stand niggas like this open up the

phone line Jek

nigga fuck you know what i'ma bang you

for my channel you're gonna give me a

fucking call and I'll fucking air your

punk ass out you want to know what

you're not gonna fucking call you

fucking faggot the fuck out of here man

give me a coffee

young PZ I'm not gonna drink her after

her nigga fuck you drink after whoo who

the fuck are you taking out man

Jesus Christ Maxwell classified you get

the fuck out of here you people crack me



you you're also a fucking faggot fuck

all y'all well well well you know what

we may crack him up but he at home

cracking up by yourself that's the

problem you know you're right we crack

you up but you you listen to us

motherfucker we ain't listen you're

watching me man hey we ain't waiting on

your stat channel watching your bitch

ass but that's the answer child will

understand y'all motherfuckers are

watching us cuz we got pussy we get

fucking women y'all like getting

motherfucking bitches like y'all say

y'all do that's why y'all motherfuckers

in here trying to soak up this goddamn


we got you working Reggie Reginald VA

says oh that's Reginald I thought your

Regina's about Lewis but that gets you

to but the kids with you oh yeah you're

talking about you were talking about the

fact that you know haters gonna hate

right well no more than what the thing

is the thing is so beautiful about them

is that they want to be us so bad they

they just want our attention and shit

that's all they did they they just it

sucks being them and they want to be us

that's how this goes man like fuck you

fucking fuck these guys man like like

these guys sit around and wait for 5

o'clock 5:30 to come in here and troll

me dude I'm not having it like dude I'm

listening all my snipers man if you see

any if you see anyone in here that we

don't normally see and they use this

emoji right here mmm or they say oh my

this is fit no no no get them the fuck

out of here man like I can't man oh my

god this is a weakness of mine you want

to know why mmm you want to know why

this is a weakness of mine mmm my

oblique muscle is fucking seasoned up

because I tense the fuck up so got him

fucking crabs on my own bleak but this

is a weakness of mind because I don't I

have a I have a special kind of fury

when it comes to people who say things

to you online that they would never

otherwise say to you face-to-face

I had this motherfucka I administer Jap

on the other day and this motherfucker

calls up so you talking shit to me say

to my face what so I'm supposed to fly

out there to say something to your face

and nigga do you know what the fuck I

look do you know what the fuck I look

like when I stand up but

wrong with people man yeah well well

here nano well not like a diamond I mean

you you know what's going on but the

thing is a lot of these guys they they

worried about all the wrong things yes

because whether you were in the cockpit

we're at right now or outside you can

get bitches whether I'm in this car I

can get bitches doesn't matter what the

fuck I'm doing but they worried about

the wrong shit and that's the problem

yeah yeah but that goes back to why they

scared though it all goes back because

you just said oh what's the number I put

the number everybody knows everybody

knows the number men so you'll call

anonymous you'll get all my interactions

come on man it's your why oh you

apostrophe re come on oh listen listen

I'm kind of a grammar nazi it is what it

is you know it is what it is here is

another reason why men are afraid of

women and Steve you and I have talked

about this at length on this show fear

of rejection okay yeah dude I this is

what I love about you is you focus on

the man right yes yes eeep why does this

girl do this and why does this girl do

that and da-da-da-da-da no no Steve's

like bro you got it all wrong you're

worried too much about the woman neither

worried about herself

you were the prize to be won not her

don't worry about her you can't control

it she does but you can control what you

do men who are afraid of rejection are

afraid of what they cannot control you

you can have the most airtight

rock-solid game the stars could be alive

she could be in her ovulatory shift you

could look and smell and act like her

ex-boyfriend and guess what for whatever

reason dude she might not be feeling

your game that's just how it goes what

say you what Donovan I'm so I'm so

focused on winning I don't care about

the loss I don't care about losing um

you know I get a lot of guys that come

on our show or I get a lot of clients

you know you know I'd do anything to

text message you know give me a text

message from a bitch and I'll probably

get the pussy for you in a few few

messages whatever but they've already

defeated themselves they were matter of

fact Donovan we had a guy on our show


that just you want to give up he wanted

some pussy in the middle she wanted to

fuck him he wanted to take her out for

ice cream

and then after that he's in this funny

she started bullshitting with him but

guess what she easily let me take over

and that's nothing and a few things to

the bitch he ended up fucking her

because I'm about to victory I'm eight

but gentlemen I'm about not wasting my

time either and that's what a lot of

these motherfuckers do waste a time all

right we got a couple of callers on the

line and I hope to god it's one of these

troll ass motherfucker

motherfucking a thug's the first one I

don't think is Airy code 9 5 4 is this

Jerry hello oh it's not what's going on

man you're on live at Donovan go ahead


all right go ahead speak your piece

what's going on do that infinite do that

nigga you ain't talking over me bruh

ok I'm a mute your ass I'm gonna say

what the fuck I gotta say then I will

let you talk so let me get this straight

so you're telling me you wouldn't drink

after a woman but you'll kiss woman on

the first date now you can talk you said

one nice - I don't hum ass busy alright

this is what this is what I'm talking


you're swapping fucking Oh what's the

front line okay anything right now you

wait what'd he say he said well he

wanted to say swapping fluids yeah thank

you you're swapping for oh sorry yeah

you're swapping fluids whether you drink

after the bitch or you kiss her so what

is he talking about he doesn't know what

he's talking about

Rick Lou says Rick Lou says it's funny

how Steve should never show us his wife

but he shows his kids hello well yeah


I mean I let me answer that with Donovan

I mean see the thing here is let me tell

you why don't I show my wife because my

wife is none of your motherfucking

business that's why I'll show my wife

number one and number two my wife knows

her fucking role she ain't on the

internet like you're well you ain't

probably got no bitch cuz you worried

about my bitch instead of your bitch so

that tells me I got no bitch but look

here why don't you worry about your

motherfucking self don't worry about

what the fuck I got because at any time

you want to I can step outside my house

you step outside your apartment let's

see who live in the bright light you

worried about my wife don't worry about

our motherfucker that's why you lose it

because let's niggas in the chat talking

shit about you oh yeah exactly you know

boys thank you yeah appreciate that yeah

how are you feel about me is none of my

business don't let me tell you something

once this show cuts off man I can still

go out there and pick as many fucking

business as I want you gotta go back to

your mommy's house you gotta go back to

living your loser life don't worry about

my life motherfucker I'm good I'm sorry

Donovan oh oh oh but he is listen I get

this a lot too and this is funny you

know what dude this is fucking hilarious

Steve doesn't show his wife right but

then I get the same niggas that talk

about what we want to see Devon's face

no you don't the only reason why you

want to see Devon's face is so that we

can blow her privacy I don't show

Devon's face because our privacy that's

how that goes listen again and and you

know listen guys know the reason dude

I'll show her ass I'll show her body

that's fine right that's not proprietary

information she doesn't she didn't have

any tattoos so there's nothing

distinctive about our body other than

the fact that is that she has a really

nice body we want to see her face no you

don't you just you're trying to Doc's me

you're trying to troll me or trying to

put her face what the Internet these

these motherfuckers know the reason I

don't show Devon's face and you don't

show your show her wife is for safety

concerns man we don't want our woman's

face all over the goddamn web that's

obvious right and you know we're a

here's the thing here's the thing what

does my wife have to do

with the man mindset it's not called

Steve's wife mindset it's called the man

mindset and I have shown improving every

time I'm on my show how I can pull

motherfucking bitches so what does my

wife have to do with anything

that's right that that doesn't look that

is that I feel sorry for that month you

know I've done it I really feel sorry

for guys like that because they just

they just don't get women and he's so

mad that we get pussy that they just

just look with shit it's crazy

listen Ryan Sullivan Ryan Sullivan he is

the resident Donovan stay in your lane

he says quote trolls are ruining the

show all right he's right all right

roles I'm done with trolls if we see

trolls shoot those fuckers down shoot

those fuckers down here is another

reason why men are afraid of women they

cannot converse and the reason it and

it's funny you hear a lot of this from

guys they say well I'm in introvert this

is why this is why i'm not good with

women guys it doesn't matter if you are

an introvert or an extrovert okay not

all women are feverishly attracted to

guys who own the room there are a lot of

women out there who like the quote

unquote strong silent type you still

have that you still have to have game

about you you still have to know to talk

you still have to know how to talk about

talk to women but you don't have to be

this large hilarious larger-than-life

personality to be attractive to women

what do you think but what darvon

another excuse for these guys is you're

absolutely right see all you're doing is

using excuse me because I know a lot of

introverted guys that are fucking wimp I

know a lot of guys who are outgoing

better fucking women because of the

thought see again guys and this is what

it's called it's called a mindset it's

not the fact that you could be

introverted all you want to be but it's

how you feel about yourself when it

comes to your confidence and what you

can do you can be as introverted as you

want to be but you can fuck a lot of

women you just a shot look who is the

who isn't one shit Prince shy

motherfucker right but he's smashing

that's right it was fine as a lot of


yeah here's a lot of musicians out there

that are shy but they smash it so it's

just a sadly another excuse to me though

no listen and I had a conversation with

one of my consultation clients today the

difference between a reason and an

excuse is that an excuse is a

circumstance you have control over

Donavan why are you late for what you

know my you know that the Sun didn't

come up my shower wasn't hot my alarm

didn't go off my phone was my phone died

those are excuses I've control over all

of those things a reason is something

you don't Donovan

why didn't you come to work today

because I got t-boned by a Ford f-150

and now I'm in the hospital with a

broken fucking with a shattered arm that

is a reason it being the guys think that

because they're introverts they think

that that is a reason that they can't

converse with women no that is an excuse

that's how that works as real men as as

real is see a lot of the guys again it's

a lot of frustrated guys out there that

and I have always told you that the the

fear the fear that the reason why I

Donovan guys like you and me get a lot

of flack from men we get more flak from

men and women were yes but I never

reported me say that again we get more

flak from men than women because of the

fear because our what we're saying to

them we're challenging them to step

outside of their comfort zone and the

reaction thing is instead of listening

to the messages the voices in their hand

because of the fear because of the

anxiety because they're stuck they don't

know women is to lash out like mommy see

a lot of these guys that you can see

that lash out at us what what type of

individual bleeds once a month is a clue

yeah that is emotional that is bitter

angry and their feelings are up and down

there catty gossipy and drama-filled it


a motherfucking man it's mommy

so what happens is when we're talking

about getting pussy we're talking about

mommy and it's a trigger for them to

protect mommy doll this is a check the

salad this is the comment of the night

Ryan Sullivan says there is a huge

difference between being an introvert

and being bad at game introversion means

you do poorly in large social settings

I'm an introvert but I am not shy I

think a lot again see this is funny guys

will say well I'm an introvert well when

you're on your homeboys are all allowed

and gregarious no no no no right right

out of women but listen women quiet

around women that doesn't mean you're an

introvert this means you're afraid to

talk to girls right I'm an introvert but

I'm not shy that makes all the sense in

the world know that that's Donovan you

hit the thing on the head these guys

just want to make the excuse that look

it's odd and crazy how you get around

your boys like you said Donovan and they

could talk laugh giggle talk about

smashing women and fucking women pushing

each other around all that you know

acting like men grant puts up that's

right putting to put a piece of a piece

of ass and titties walk bond they buckle

up because of the lack of knowledge that

they have for women but the ones who are

gone who have a chance okay because

there are a lot of guys that are listen

to the show the ones that have a chance

are the ones that soak up the knowledge

that you and I are giving them the ones

that are writing this stuff down the

ones that are implementing the stuff

that we're saying they're gonna have a

chance but the ones that are focusing on

your hat and what you have for breakfast

this morning and you know what time did

you brush your teeth and what color's

your girl's hair they're always going to

lose because they're unteachable that's

the problem man that comes with the

fears well brother let's go back to the

phone lines area the phone number to

call is 904 two oh five five three five

six area code two one four you're on

live with Donovan Steve go ahead hey

Donovan C this is JC hey what's up man

how you doing

I'm doing good hey divorced after 20

years of marriage for my first date last

week I was nervous as fuck all the

hallmarks that somebody's been out of

the game for 20 years before I got

married my body count was consistently

I'm not bragging it was over 30

yes earth married for 20 years but I'm

telling you I was nervous as hell we

talked three and a half hours now this

week he's talking about me spending the


so I overcame my fear anxiety and but

when you're out that long man I'm

telling you it's it's weird be married

that long and then have to get back out

yeah many world yeah maybe it's a little

bit different than being scared but yeah

I was scared I was scared because the

game has told the internet wasn't even

going when I got there oh good god yeah

so maybe y'all can offer something for

brothers who've been out of it for a

long time and you start to date again it

yes it's different these women are

different then well I think oh the call

dropped he says that women are different

gonna know women are young women have

always been the way they are but now in

2019 they have the vehicles with which

to to really be themselves dude you

don't think that if smartphones existed

way back in the day 2,000 years with

Jesus Christ women wouldn't be slutty of

course they would be slutty women

haven't dude men and women have never

changed throughout human history yes the

technology and the medicine and the

science all of that has changed our

environment buildings but female nature

and male nature has never has never ever

changed what what men who have what men

who have been out of the game for a

while need to understand is the ease

with which women can cheat and I'ma tell

you something else here there was

another comment in the chat by Pedro


and oh he says I feel depressed and

anxious now that I discovered the the

red pill and I'm always thinking that

girls are cheating on me is it normal

not only is it normal

yes your girl is dude and I say this all

the time

most women that I just had casual flings

hookups one-night stands with were

already in relationships while I was

fucking them this is how it goes okay

so yes it is if you're if you're worried

that that women are you're always

thinking that girls are cheating on you

yeah so you want to know what you need

to embrace that feeling because if you

are thinking that your girl is always

cheating on you that gives you the right

mindset to move forward and do exactly

what it is you need to do Jonathan from

modern life dating says this all the

time he says whenever you start to catch

feelings for a girl he says just

understand just think about when she's

not with you that she's just gobble and

dicks just think every moment you're a

woman is not with you she's fucking

somebody else because har she probably

is what Donovan here here's a problem I

have with that young man and this is

where y'all gotta understand the

language that it's the shit y'all say

that is amazing why do you give a fuck I

mean I don't care I mean look if she's

doing something so what but you've

already it's like a woman is already

gonna tell that you have a scary

mentality that you don't walk on

eggshells because you don't want to lose

a woman based off of how you think and

how you behave man the statement that

you made sounded to me done I'm just

saying to me it sounded like someone who

doesn't know anything about woman women

or not more or less Donovan he doesn't

know about himself because when you're

sitting on a fucking throne you can't

put a bitch on a pedestal you don't give

him fun with that mother fucking say it

would she do Donovan I don't give it

listen if she cheats she cheat I don't

give a fuck I don't care but I'm not

gonna sound like a victim I'm not gonna

make an excuse and it just it just it

shows where these guys need help man yes

I see that if you're always worried and

again I said this earlier

you can't control what a woman does you

can't do it right yeah listen you guys

hear me talk about how I've trained Evan

this night the other listen at the end

of the day if Devin didn't want to be

trained I would not have trained her

Devin does what she does of her own free

will and volition okay this is just out

if she has that she has that she has the

healthy respect for me our relationship

that's part that's part of the process

but what a lot of

guys feet under and listen that's a good

statement by that's a good statement by

Pedro but just like you said you have to

really worry about yourself

and a lot less about these women I'm

gonna bring in another color I think

this is Kyle in Miami

Kyle Mitchell in Miami you there what's

going on brother are you doing hey Steve

Kyle Mitchell's got all that game he's

down there fucking them big booty big

booty Cuban bitches down there yeah man

cow shit hey I just wanted to clarify

something in the comments I said you

were who were in an spittin fire game I

was not trying to goad you I was okay a

guy whose thing I use no one I don't

want to give it I don't want to put my

business on the street but it's not what

you think it is I wish I could tell you

don't say it's business 100 I'm just

doing some business I just think it's

care of business right now yeah you know

what Steve is an uber driver actually

let's just go ahead and put that no no

no I do do that listen anything I always

tell you guys to over lift and do Amazon

flex and make some sidebar money oh

you're up that fucking flex bra

oh you all do yeah all right oh man I'm

a cake on that but what I'm saying is is

that uh this is more this is on this

this is this is this is business I

wouldn't have this on because I would

lose money because I have a client right

so you got things is something else

going on I just can't I just can't

discuss but nothing is but not us I mean

in a rut you man what you want to say

brother hey how many you got I got you

try to make sure everybody here knows

man I'm trying to respect man listen

this a big dog it's all loving here's

the thing

I don't mind the joking in in and all

that stuff and having fun that's what

all this is about as men we celebrate we

have fun it's the it bothers me that it

bothers me it's sad that when people

worry about things that have

to do with themselves or getting

themselves to be better men that's what

I'm saying I'm gonna let the cat out of

the bag he is steve is on the border and

he he literally just transported 50

kilos of hi you meddling kids we're

gonna take the last call today here area

code four one five you're on live with

Donovan state good hello ninety yeah

what's up men

Oh a Chesley what's going on brother hey

olan good good

first of all thanks for having me it's

just it's awesome whatever reason he's

got great message this is probably a

real simple question I got really bad

approach anxiety what am I doing wrong

and what action should I take I'll give

you I'll actually give you my answer and

then Steve will give you his answer

carries over carries over extra hours

okay oh yeah you're right you're right

almost forgot about that know the reason

why you have approach anxiety is because

you haven't done it enough okay um I

don't know if anybody I mean I'm sure

plenty guys have gotten into fights one

of the most unpleasant things a man can

experience is getting hit in the face

okay getting hit in the face it fucking

sucks dude I've had dude I've had a

black I've had a bloody nose fortunately

for me I've never had my nose broken

I've been listen I've been in a lot of

fights I've won a lot more than I lost

but I have lost fights that shit sucks

I'm not afraid to get in the fight

because I'm not afraid to get hit in the

face guys who are afraid to fight are

guys who have never been hit in the face

before they have no idea what it's like

to have another man's fist in your face

well the same that the same concept is

with women the reason you have approach

anxiety is because you haven't failed an

hombre command at some point at some

point when you fail enough with women

you become a callous to it you become

impervious to it so if you go out and

approach 100 women and you get blown out

a hundred times you fail a hundred times

no problem you're at that point if you

approach woman number 101 if you're

successful great if you're not guess

what you failed a hundred times before

your improve you do that and I'll make

one more reference remember that movie

bloodsport Steve

yes yes sir for what jean-claude Van

Damme it to strengthen his kick that

should have that bamboo there is a

bamboo tree okay so what he did is he

wanted to deaden the nerves of the shins

so that he could throw so that he could

throw that kick so he can throw that

kick with bad intentions with impunity

consequences he's near that bamboo until

he literally could not feel his leg

anymore when he started I'm betting I'm

sure it fucking hurt and he probably

couldn't sleep that very first night for

me I sent it down taking Cody but

eventually eventually he did deaden the

nerve so when he finally fought Tiger

Tong PO in the last scene and spoiler

alert Van Damme wins he says without

fear the same works with approach

anxiety you're gonna later you're going

to fail a lot more than you succeed this

is just part of the gig but if you fail

enough eventually you become impervious

to it doesn't really bother you anymore

what are you Steve yeah okay I'm being a

little long-winded on this one real

quick hc' first off much love to you man

let me help you out here brother let me

explain what's going on with you and

it's a lot of guys it's not the fact

that you can't have the anxiety big dog

it's the fact you just don't know what

to do and what to say when you get in

front of a woman that is going to make

her interested in you now again I'm not

saying you can't say anything it's just

when you guys talk to women you all

throw shit up on the wall hoping

something sticks so you don't know how

to get your point across and what

happens is a lot of you guys are going

from your from your instead of going

from your dick to your feet you're going

your dick to your head because as soon

as you see her you automatically she's

got a boyfriend she doesn't like me I'm

too short or too tall okay I'm let's

solve that and I'm gonna give you what I

call one in the chamber okay

humble Dee Dee's got your back HC I got

your fan check this out what I tell all

my clients to do the end result of a

woman's face in a pillow on her ass in

the air starts with the skill on hello

and that's something all understand

hello is a skill that you must master

just like counting from one to ten and

what I mean by that is if you see a

woman HC and you want to put a dick in

her mouth you want to put your dick your

dick in our forehead you want

I'm all over you want to fuck her

anything you want to do to her now with

our permission of course that right Bri

oh of course right we like all I want

you to do HC is just say hi that's all

of what you do and do to have five women

today let me explain the numbers five a

day 35 a week 140 a month and if you get

10 a month that's 120 a year numbers

don't lie screen it starts off with five

a day so what I'm saying is is this

right here I'm not telling you to talk

to her I'm not telling you to split the

air atom or or cure cancer all I want

you to do is if you see her walking your

way and you want to fuck her just say hi

because once you begin to learn that

skill you're gonna have what I call as a

fuck you Steve moment and let me tell

you what that is a fuck you Steve moment

is where you talk to five women in two

minutes and then you got 23 hours and 58

minutes left in the day you like you

know what damn I want to talk to a 6-1

fuck Steve I want to talk to a secular

one and an eighth one and a nice one and

then I want to send you home autopilot

but let me tell you this that is

important now what a lot of you guys

don't understand y'all got to get this

up notice there are a lot of women out

there that look at you like UHC and guys

like you and you know what they say see

I would suck his dick I would fuck that

guy he looks like he could do some

damage in the bedroom I'll probably

swallow his nut so lick his balls I just

want him to talk to me just say

something to me I'm not gonna make the

first move

say something to me just say hi and let

me explain something real quick see when

you guys do the five women a day one day

I don't know when it is the woman is

gonna stop hc' and this is where it

becomes important okay I'm not gonna

tell you everything but this is where I

got the one in the chamber and the man

mindset I've got the approaching boot

camp that's absolutely free on the front

page so if she's

hi to UHC if she says hi and I'm just

gonna give you a quick few things what

I'm trying to get you to do is make a

smile giggle laugh fake blush and react

by your approach and if you can do that

HC by your approach meaning that it's a

little bit longer Doug okay so a see

this is what I'm saying to you

ac get a piece of paper out let me let

me break some game to you could get a

piece of paper out real quick I hope you

grant peacemakers we and we wrote down

of a time don't we got long go get a

piece paper AC

oh okay HC you there hey sig its crayon

out yeah I do okay

alright what I want you to do is draw a

and then to the to the right of it draw

a beat okay okay and then when I want

you to do is I want to draw a line from

A to B now once you have right there big

dog is the blueprint oh wait and then

below the egg put a below the egg so a

2a below to a a below to a then you have

an A to B okay and I'm explaining this

to you yeah what you see right there is

the blueprint on every fucking woman in

the goddamn world right there

the woman is either doing two things

either she is moving from point A to

point B many she's walking jogging

driving she's doing something she's

going somewhere okay or she's she's a 2a

okay meaning she's just standing still

sitting down reading a book sipping on

coffee so she's either moving or she's

standing still okay we will be big-oh

you ever so forth

yep okay so now we're now can we agree

on that we we got that down right there

we got that down right yeah yeah okay

now what I want you to do between that a

and B draw a circle right there that's

what I call a window or square okay

now the thing that you got to understand

is this

you only have a small opportunity to get

in and get out

but what you need to say to a woman okay

remember when a woman is going from

point A to point B she's got somewhere

to go you know I mean she's doing

something all right can we agree on that

HC you feeling me yep

okay that window is is that she will

stop and she will see what you got to

say that this is the formula I'm giving

a quick formula here the first thing I

always tell you to do is be courteous

why because you know she's busy doing

something she's not waiting for you

she's got shit to do right so instead of

saying hey baby yo mama what's up girl

and on another silly shit what you do is

say excuse me I don't mean to be rude I

know you're busy is that not true

she's going somewhere right is that not

a true statement right I know your other

busy or I see you right here either

reading your book drinking your coffee

right there you're giving her an honest

statement right that's the first step

right okay and then the next thing you

know I'm not here to waste your time why

because you're really or her time right


okay so then after that point a see what

a lot of guys don't do this is key here

this is when you go introduce yourself

to her and shake your hand how you doing

my name is HC and your name is you get

her name and you make this sexual

contact with her okay HC by shaking her

help by taking her hand

so okay HC so you feeling me support you

feeling me yeah okay then when you get

her name let's say her name is Kim okay

that's when you news her name in the

synthesis as a reinforcement and I gotta

say it Kim I know you're busy that's

powerful but but here's the key thing

they're like guys don't do you they

never tell these bitches the reason why

they came over to talk to him in the

first place

this is the reason I came over here

Kelly was because you either caught my

eye I like the way you walking I learn

whatever your whatever your reason is of

stopping her

you let

or no this is why I'm stopping you the

reason I'm coming over here you know I

know you're busy but I had to talk to

you because of maybe it was your eyes

maybe was your smile

may was the cover your ass I don't know

whatever it is HD dealer's choice okay

but then after you do that HC that's

when you go in without call for the keel

let her know what is you know what this

is why I stopped you but this is what

I'm planning on doing I want to take you

out sometime not to do it your HP and

old dinner on these bitches you got a

choice HC coffee tea ice cream or

feeding the fucking ducks that's it

nothing else because the reason I'm

making it cheap AC because you're doing

this for all the bitches you meet every

woman you walk and talk to this is that

what you're going to do because why

you're getting to you're being direct

you're getting right to the point you're

not being dirty you're not being nasty

you're just being laid back and the last

thing I want to say real quick is that's

when you offer her your number now

remember she's already smiling she's

already blushing by the fact you telling

her that this is why I came over there

she's already giggling because you said

some smooth shit to her then what makes

her think is when you say call me HT let

me ask a question a guide is getting a

lot of pussy you think he will ask the

bitch for her number or you think you'll

give it you if you fucking a lot of

women aren't you gonna be arrogant cocky

conceited narcissistic another say call

me you see the same spam and what he's

saying is they won't listen up here's my

number if you have time later on today

would you please call me no you give her

a number you say call me here's my

number call me and that's it Kim like I

said it was great me to meet you I'll

talk to you later goodbye and going to

the next bitch a see that's how easy it

is but remember a see it all starts with

you saying hello without her smelling

the fear the anxiety and lack of

confidence that's why I'm a

see it's gonna be scary your hearts

gonna be pumping you'll get nervous your

hands might be sweaty you'll see that

beautiful ass woman she's gonna walk by

you you'll say alright I'm gonna do this

one time fuck I'm gonna do this one

thing to detail me I'm gonna say hide

your oh shit oh shit here we go hey how

you doing

and she'll say hi you like goddamn that

wasn't that bad

right right right it was there when you

say whoa whoa hey how you doing hi oh

hey are you doing and then a see she

might stop and say hi and look you dead

in your face and that's when you roll in

- hey how you doing it I don't mean to

be rude I know you're busy and then you

roll right into an H see it's that

simple brother but it's we got a more

death on the website but I'm just trying

to give you a quick one cuz i i know

domme has got it going on that but I

just wanted to give you a quick rundown

HT but are you feeling that HT that was

rock solid man yeah HL you feeling that

brother yeah so yeah but ain't she think

about it it's clear concise and

impactful that's what I want you to hit


I don't want listen that one thing real

quick Donovan the one thing you guys

don't do is you don't stand on your

words you don't own it and sometimes you

don't even know why the fuck you say

what you say then you know done how many

times you get talking so Donovan and

you're like well why'd you say that it'd

be like I don't know right let me tell

you something if you don't know why you

said what you said do you think she's

gonna remember what you said because it

wasn't impactful you know that's that's

why we're telling you start with five a

day man I know listen I know it's gonna

be scary I know it's gonna be hard I

know it's gonna be tough but I swear to

you in a few weeks or a month depending

on how dedicated you are you will get to

that fuck you Steve mama you're like man

I'm telling you that age bitch fuck you

Steve I'm going to the ten fish fuck you

Steve I'm going to bitch number 20 fuck

you Steve I'm going to 30 and then

what's gonna happen is real quick I'm

sorry that last thing what's going to

happen in CAC how many

there's a bit like this you get around

your friends and y'all laughing and

giggling hey man yeah I heard you're a

diamond sharp show is tight man yeah

he's talking about that bitch yeah and

he smacked Devin's ask me look at it it

did a beautiful woman walked by

y'all get quiet y'all watch your walk by

then you look at y'all selves and start

giggling then she'll go yeah I fucker

well HC let me tell you what's gonna

happen with you friend you'll bring

around your friends y'all gonna be

telling about this dope ass Donovan

Sharpe show a bad bitch is gonna walk by

all the other guys are gonna look at her

and you know what you're gonna do a see

you say guys I'll be right back hey were

you going to me excuse me how you doing

how you doing my name is that you see I

don't mean to be rude but you know I saw

you walking over there and I felt like

come over and introduce myself are you

doing that your name is hey how you

doing Shannon well like I said my name

is HC and I don't want to be rude or

take too much of your time but you know

what you know what your kind of woman

I'd love to take out some time maybe we

can go out for coffee or tea get to know

each other better

well why don't we do this is I know

you're busy here's my card you give me a

call and I'll talk to you soon okay see

you later Sharon then your boys don't

look like you have the plague like

you've got a disease and you gonna be

winning fam ain't see you gonna be a

sheik unless it was an autumn say AC if

you do this and you get some pussy

all I'm asking you to do when you got a

doggy style just a little bit of air one

time and say Steve is for you and

smacking ass morning one time Oh rock

solid game there drop by Steve HS Lee I

appreciate you call it in dude listen

man this this this is exactly why you

guys listen Steve just took you from

point A to point B and this is the thing


not only in that little interaction

Steve that took what 20 25 seconds

boom in a no you're not putting her out

there you're not setting yourself up for

rejection if she calls later on him fine

if she doesn't she doesn't here's a

question so Danny Puccini says do we

give her our number or do we ask for

theirs or both but saying that we'll

call them this is the thing this is one

of the this is one of the fundamental

differences between Steve and I I'm not

a guy who gives who used to give girls

my phone number I'm the guy who tells


put your number in my phone write that

listen but there's more than one way to

skin a cat there's more than one way to

fuck girl

diamond let me say this let me say this

to the guy who asked that question he

needs to understand this Donovan can ask

her what let me tell you what dama can

do dynamic an ask for a woman's number

Donovan could take a woman out to dinner

down we could buy a woman a drink

Donovan I know diamond go do this shit

but on this explain it to you Donovan

can do whatever the fuck Donovan wants

to do because Donovan does the one thing

that a lot of you guys are not doing

right now

Donovan never puts a woman in front of

him Donovan doesn't work see the thing

is whatever you put in front of you you

worship so Donna me can do whatever done

if it wants to do because Donovan

worships Donovan and that's the

difference once you begin to worship

yourself the way Donovan worships

himself you can do whatever the fuck you

want to do because you're not doing it

for the pussy you're doing it because

you want to do it that's the difference

Wow dude that's the difference if you

just stole the show bruh no you stole

the show he's living it

I'm just paying up listen ma'am your

world's paying rent you man like I got

to add I ain't got to add to that but

listen who are afraid to and you're not

really afraid to talk to girls you're

just afraid of rejection listen this in

this day and age that is a natural

listen you don't think dives back in the

50s and 60s were afraid of rejection of

course they were but they knew if they

put they put up they put up their

fucking drawers and they go and they

talk to girls men and women have been

the same for eons thousands of years

back to the caveman days this is how

this is how this goes okay but if you

are afraid to talk to girls it is on you

it's on you to ass

accountability yes listen Steve once

again you came in here you drop the

knowledge today is a special special day

I'm actually taking Devon out to dinner

right after the show would you like to

know what the occasion is

Donavan day today is the last day that

Devin is a sex that today is the last

eight Devin is a six because tomorrow

Devin starts with her personal trainer I

hired a personal trainer for Devin she's

going to she's going to train one-on-one

with Devin

once were a day three days a week it's

gonna be right here in our building

we've got a gym in the in the lower

floor of our building of our building

tower awesome yes to go from a six to an

eight if I got him dude if I got if I

got a fucking killer that's all you guys

know Devin's attractive but she's 34

she's gonna be 35 here in just a few

days right guess what he's on the wrong

side of 30 she's got good genes she

needs to take advantage of that so today

is the last day that Devin sharp is a

six so I'm go out to dinner tonight and

we are going to celebrate the occasion

well done I just want to say thank you

for having me on and everybody listening

look I would do this for you guys

because again y'all too worried about my

wife and not yourselves but if any of

you guys that are listening to the

daughter this Donna Bisharp show this

show right here put Donovan sharp and

send me an email from at the man mindset

at gmail.com put Donovan sharp in the

subject and if you are talking to a

woman on or texting a woman send me the

text messages send me your number and

uncle Steve because I'm rolling with my

dog Donovan it's not gonna get you out

of that shit okay only for the Donovan

sharp motherfuckers that's it this way

the code this is what he call this tough

love Thursday's by the way I'm almost

done with via with the script that we're

gonna play for the intro yes sir I'll be

fired Youngman that is gonna do it for

this edition of TS are live at Donovan

sharp I will be back on the air tomorrow

with Kevin I don't know what the topic

is gonna be but I missed Monday and I

want to give you guys four shows a week

so because I missed Monday I'm gonna do

a show tomorrow big big huge

announcement coming up this Monday Steve

you already know what it is don't let

the cat out of the bag I got up I got a

big time announcement coming this Monday

Steve you brought the pain you drop the

knowledge I appreciate that just for

getting off on the trolls you guys know

that that's a weakness of mine but after

after we for

the member we Skype them all out of the

air we didn't really see we didn't

really see too much of that stuff so

again listen I'm an imperfect human

being you know listen trolls are

weakness of mine I got to work on it it

is what it is

sir and thank you very much for making

night and have fun listen listen here


uber ring or your your your I'm about to

the I'm about to yeah

so that would cold me I have to go to

dinner sorry I could tell that yeah I

mean I just hope you eat yeah you know

yeah I love me we got we got you know

yeah me you guys man we are out

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